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Daily Magick

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Sal's point of view: 

I was laying in bed, peacefully asleep when I was suddenly startled awake with a vision.

An older man walked into a barn fallowing another younger appearing man. The older man pulled out a machete and sliced off the younger man's head. Suddenly five more men charged in and overwhelmed the older man. They had a mouth full of fangs and attacked him and tore him to shreds. He managed to kill one of the fanged creatures before another took his weapon and threw it across the barn and he was then killed. The fanged creatures leached onto him and drained him of his blood and tore him limb from limb. His screams were earth shattering. He was choking out a name in mad panic as he took his last breath. " Cas-castie-castiel...."

The angle of the vision changed. No longer looking at the violence, instead zooming in on the watch the older man was wearing. 4:38am

Then suddenly, the world came back into focus. I quickly looked at my phone for the time. 4:15am. Shit. I thought back to the vision trying to figure out if I recognised the barn. I lived in town so I wasn't really sure. I scurried over to my small, discrete, altar. To most, it just looked like a desk with notebooks and a few candles. I lit a purple candle after carving a protection sigil on the base. I closed my eyes focusing on the vision and muttered a quick spell I made up on the spot:

"Power of light

and all that is right,

please show me the way

so that I may 

help someone else live another day."

I said the little chant three times and opened my eyes again. I could see a faint, almost translucent white light floating in front of me. I quickly changed into some blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a grey jacket, and I grabbed a bag of salt and stuck in my jacket pocket. I grabbed my knife from under my pillow and stuck it in my black steel toed boot, and I put my phone in my front pocket and quietly sneaked out of the house, being very thankful that my room was by the front door. 

As I ran down the road in the chilly October air, I pulled my blue beanie cap down and zipped up my jacket. The glowing white light floating in front of me, leading the way. I held onto the tigers eye gemstone on my necklace and silently chanted a strength and courage spell as I ran. I am not a runner. But thankfully I quickly arrived at the barn on the edge of town. 

I looked at my phone. 4:27am. I quickly said the little strength spell once more, this time out-loud, before heading toward the barn doors. 

"Strength of stone, be in my bones. power of light, sustain my might."

I heard a man yell, "BALLS!!" and fighting. I ran in and quickly looked at what I just walked into. 

A man was laying on the gravel floor with his head disconnected beside him, the blood still seeping out. Then I noticed the older man, he quickly cut off one of the creatures heads as they were distracted by my sudden entrance. As the creature fell and his head landed beside him, the fight began again. I panicked out of fear for the older man and suddenly I was standing beside of him with my right hand around the nearest creatures neck. My eyes flashed green and the man's head was suddenly severed. I blinked and realised my hand had a green fire coming from it and that I had burned the creature's head off. The other three creatures and the older man looked at my in confusion and shock. I quickly took some salt from my pocket and threw it at the creatures while saying a spell out loud, my voice just above a whisper. 

"As they breath

so shall they freeze.

As they freeze

so shall they crumble to leaves."

And the salt floated to the creatures faces as if being carried by a breeze, and as soon as the salt touched them they were frozen, covered in a thin layer of ice, then they combusted and they turned into a big pile of leaves. 

"What the hell just happened here?" The older man beside me said.

I turned and looked at him and smiled softly. His face was a mix of fear, confusion, shock, and a bit of rage. 

"My name is Sally. You can call me Sal." And then I swayed and collapsed on the ground. The world around me going dark. The last thing I seen was the older man sitting beside me and saying, "Hey kid, stay awake," then he looked up to the ceiling, "Castiel, I could use your help." I was confused on why he was speaking to the ceiling but then I was out.