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You Love Me

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It was a bright and sunny day as Chen Yuzhi was sitting at his desk, counting pills to place in his different patient’s prescriptions, when Jin Dacheng burst into the clinic, his eyes wide as he panted heavily.

         “Dr. Chen.  Chen Yuzhi.  I…you need to come now” he panted.  Chen Yuzhi looked up at him in concern.

         “Jin Dacheng?  What’s going on?” he asked as he stood to his feet and walked around his desk, walking over to him.

         “Jiang Yuelou.  I don’t have time to explain, but you need to come right now or there’s going to be blood” Jin Dacheng panted.  Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widened.

         “Jiang Yuelou?” he breathed.  Jin Dacheng nodded before he reached out and grabbed Chen Yuzhi’s wrist, dragging him out of clinic.

         “Come on, Dr. Chen, we don’t have a lot of time!” he exclaimed.  Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widened as he was dragged along by Jin Dacheng, which was quite the sight to see to anyone passing by.

         “Jin Dacheng!  What’s going on?!  What has Jiang Yuelou done?!” Chen Yuzhi exclaimed as he and Jin Dacheng ran along towards the police station.  Jin Dacheng tsked.

         “For once, Jiang Yuelou didn’t do anything.  Well, not anything recently.  It was something that he did a few weeks ago” he explained.  Chen Yuzhi frowned.

         “What did he do?” he asked.  Jin Dacheng sighed.

         “He was called to deal with a domestic dispute” he explained.  Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widened.

         “Why was he sent to deal with that?!  You know how he is when it comes to domestic disputes and domestic violence” he snapped.  Jin Dacheng huffed.

         “Look, it’s not like I wanted to send him out there, it’s just that our ranks were pulled thin and he was the only one who could do it.  Trust me, if I didn’t have to, I wasn’t going to” he argued.  Chen Yuzhi groaned before he sighed.

         “Then what happened?” he asked.  Jin Dacheng hummed.

         “If I remember correctly, Jiang Yuelou and the husband got into a fight.  Jiang Yuelou had arrived when he saw the husband screaming at the wife and slapping her.  Set him off.  He yanked the husband off her and the two of them got into a fight before Jiang Yuelou basically turned to the woman and told her to pack her bags, he was getting her out of there.  The husband was pissed but Jiang Yuelou didn’t care; he just promised that he would protect the wife as she packed up her things and once everything was packed, Jiang Yuelou escorted her out of the house as the man shouted curses and threats at him, promising that he would get Jiang Yuelou for taking his wife away from him.  Apparently he’s making good on that promise outside the police station right now.  Got a huge crowd and everything” he explained.  Chen Yuzhi looked at him with wide eyes.

         “He didn’t…he didn’t shoot Jiang Yuelou, did he?” he breathed.  Jin Dacheng shook his head.

         “No.  Not yet, anyways” he answered.  Chen Yuzhi let out a soft whimper, just as he and Jin Dacheng came upon the large crowd standing outside of the police station.

         “Oh my god” he whispered, Jin Dacheng nodding in agreement.

         “He drew quite the crowd when he demanded Jiang Yuelou to come out” he explained.

Chen Yuzhi bit his lip as he glanced over at him before he turned to look at the crowd, trying to get a good look at Jiang Yuelou and the man.  He could only get glimpses, but he could tell that Jiang Yuelou was standing before the police station, a calm look on his face with his hands on his hips as the man stood before him, a gun pointed at his face.

         ‘He’s calm at least…that’s good’ Chen Yuzhi thought to himself, just as a gunshot rang out, causing his eyes to widen before he stormed over to Jin Dacheng and held out his hand.

         “Give me your gun” he ordered.  Jin Dacheng blinked in confusion.

         “What?” he asked. 

         “Give me your gun!” Chen Yuzhi roared.  Jin Dacheng’s eyes widened before he quickly took his gun out of his holster and handed it to Chen Yuzhi, who took it and checked the amount of bullets in it before shoving his way through the crowd.  Once he was in the middle of the crowd, he looked over to find Jiang Yuelou on the ground, clutching at his abdomen which Chen Yuzhi could tell was bleeding.  Chen Yuzhi let out a snarl before he pointed the gun at the man.

         “Drop the gun” he ordered.  The man turned and frowned at him in confusion as Chen Yuzhi slowly walked in front of Jiang Yuelou, using his body as a shield.  Jiang Yuelou looked at him in shock as he continued to point the gun at the man.

         “Drop it!” he roared.  The man scoffed and took a step forward towards Chen Yuzhi and Jiang Yuelou, still pointing his gun at Jiang Yuelou, when Chen Yuzhi pulled the slide back on the gun and fired a shot at the spot before the man, causing him to jump back and look at Chen Yuzhi with wide eyes as Chen Yuzhi slowly raised the gun, pointing at him.

         “I said drop it” he snarled.  The man’s eyes widened and he slowly placed the gun on the ground as the crowd around them slowly began whispering to each other.

         “Is that Dr. Chen?” one person whispered.

         “Isn’t he a healer?” another person whispered.  Chen Yuzhi glanced over at the crowd before he huffed and pulled the slide back on the gun again, pointing it at the man again.

         “I may be a healer, but I’ll gladly cross the line and become a killer to protect someone that I care about” he snarled.  Jiang Yuelou, who was still holding his bleeding abdomen, shook his head.

         “Yuzhi…no” he croaked.  Chen Yuzhi ignored him as he continued to point the gun at the man.

         “Why?  Why did you shoot Commissioner Jiang?” he demanded.  The man huffed as he pointed to Jiang Yuelou.

         “He ruined my marriage!  Everything was fine and then he caused my wife to leave!” he shouted.  Chen Yuzhi huffed.

         “I would have left too!  You were abusing her; Commissioner Jiang was saving her life” he exclaimed.  The man’s eyes widened and he pointed at Chen Yuzhi.

         “You!  You have no say in my marriage!” he exclaimed.  Chen Yuzhi nodded.

         “You’re right, I don’t.  But I do have a say in who hurts my loved ones or not” he snarled as he pointed the gun at the man.

         “And you had no right to shoot Commissioner Jiang!” he roared. 

         “Yuzhi…put the gun down.  Don’t…” Jiang Yuelou croaked before he coughed, spray blood.  Chen Yuzhi looked back at him with wide eyes, lowering the gun, and while he was distracted, the man decided to rush at him and hopefully attack him, but Chen Yuzhi had been attacked one too many times, so he knew the man was running towards him.  As the man got closer, Chen Yuzhi waited until the man was close enough before he raised the gun, pressing it against the man’s forehead.  The man froze, the crowd gasped, and Jiang Yuelou looked up at him with wide eyes before he reached out with his other hand and grasped Chen Yuzhi’s hand.

         “Yuzhi…” he breathed.  Chen Yuzhi was quiet before he sighed.

         “Jin Dacheng!” he shouted.  Jin Dacheng immediately pushed his way through the crowd and walked over to him and Jiang Yuelou.

         “Y-Yes Dr. Chen?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi gave Jiang Yuelou’s hand a squeeze before he looked at Jin Dacheng.

         “Take Jiang Yuelou to the hospital” he ordered.  Jin Dacheng nodded before he leaned down and carefully wrapped an arm around Jiang Yuelou and helped him to his feet.  Jiang Yuelou leaned heavily against him, still pressing his hand to his bleeding abdomen, before he looked over at Chen Yuzhi.

         “Yuzhi—” he started when Chen Yuzhi smiled softly at him.

         “I’ll be fine” he promised.  Jin Dacheng nodded and gave Jiang Yuelou a gentle tug before they both began to walk away, heading towards Jin Dacheng’s car so that they could head to the hospital.  Chen Yuzhi watched them walk away before he sighed and glared at the man.

         “I don’t want to ever see you near the police station again.  Do you understand?” he snarled.  The man was quiet before he nodded slightly, Chen Yuzhi nodding in agreement before he lowered the gun from the man’s forehead and walked away.  However, the man obviously didn’t want to go down without a fight as he rushed at Chen Yuzhi with a loud cry, making Chen Yuzhi sigh before he quickly step-sided the man and grabbed the man’s outstretched fist, quickly yanking it behind him before he pinned him to the ground, his knee in the middle of the man’s back.

         “You really should stop while you’re ahead” he murmured as the man squirmed beneath him.  He then looked up at some nearby officers and motioned for them to come over and take the man away.  The officers nodded and quickly rushed over, grabbing the man’s arms so that he couldn’t get away as Chen Yuzhi stood up, watching as they took the man away before he huffed and quickly headed towards the hospital, the crowd parting like the red sea so that he could get past.




At the hospital, Chen Yuzhi quickly walked over to where Jin Dacheng was pacing back and forth, a nervous look on his face.

         “Vice-Commissioner Jin” he called out, making Jin Dacheng look up at him with wide eyes.

         “Dr. Chen” he breathed.  Chen Yuzhi smiled before he reached into his coat and pulled out Jin Dacheng’s gun, handing it to him.

         “Here.  Thank you for letting me use it” he thanked.  Jin Dacheng looked at the gun before he huffed and took it from him, slipping it back into his holster.

         “Never knew you were proficient with a gun, Dr. Chen” he mused.  Chen Yuzhi laughed softly.

         “Ah, Jiang Yuelou taught me how to handle one…if I never needed to” he explained.  Jin Dacheng hummed.

         “Well, it certainly came in handy this time” he mused.  Chen Yuzhi nodded.

         “It did” he agreed before he looked at Jin Dacheng.

         “How is he?” he asked.  Jin Dacheng sighed.

         “They just took him in for surgery.  He seemed to be doing okay, but he was fading in and out of consciousness when we arrived.  He lost a lot of blood, that’s for sure” he stated.  Chen Yuzhi growled before he took a deep breath; Jiang Yuelou’s bad habit of wanting to punch something was starting to rub off on him as he could feel his hands slowly curling into fists.

         “Dr. Chen—” Jin Dacheng started, making Chen Yuzhi look up at him.

         “Yes?” he asked.  Jin Dacheng looked at him before he sighed.

         “I genuinely thought you were going to pop a cap in that guy” he stated.  Chen Yuzhi smiled slightly.

         “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about it…but I know that Jiang Yuelou wouldn’t like it if I did, so I didn’t…I’ll leave the violence to him” he replied.  Jin Dacheng hummed before he motioned to the seat beside him.

         “Take a seat.  Don’t know how long it’s going to take” he murmured.  Chen Yuzhi huffed, he knew exactly how long the surgery was going to take but he knew that Jin Dacheng was just trying to be nice, so he took the offered seat and sat down.  He then looked at his watch, his eyes widening in horror.

         “Shit” he hissed, making Jin Dacheng look down at him.

         “What?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi let out a groan.

         “I have to pick up Keying from school, but I don’t wanna leave” he murmured.  Jin Dacheng was quiet before he shrugged.

         “I could always pick her up and bring her back here” he offered.  Chen Yuzhi looked up at him with wide eyes.

         “Would you?” he breathed.  Jin Dacheng nodded.

         “Sure” he replied.  Chen Yuzhi smiled.

         “Thank you, Jin Dacheng” he thanked.  Jin Dacheng nodded.

         “No problem” he replied, just as the doctor came out of the emergency room and walked over to them.

         “How is he?” Chen Yuzhi asked, looking up at the doctor.  The doctor smiled softly.

         “He’s going to be fine, Dr. Chen.  He lost a lot of blood, but we were able to safely remove the bullet from his abdomen.  He’s going to be weak for a little while, but he’ll be back on the streets protecting the city soon.  You can see him in a little while.  A nurse will come get you once we get him situated in a room” he stated.  Chen Yuzhi and Jin Dacheng nodded before Jin Dacheng clapped Chen Yuzhi on the shoulder.

         “I’m gonna go get Keying.  I’ll be back” he stated before he turned and walked out of the waiting room, Chen Yuzhi watching him walk away, just as a nurse walked over to him.

         “Dr. Chen?  You can see him now” she stated.  Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widened and he quickly stood to his feet, following the nurse to Jiang Yuelou’s room.  He dipped his head to the nurse in thanks before he walked into the room and over to Jiang Yuelou’s bed, sitting down in the chair beside his bed, reaching out to hold his hand.  As he held his hand, Jiang Yuelou’s eyes slowly opened and he turned his head, smiling softly when he saw Chen Yuzhi.

         “Yuzhi” he murmured, making Chen Yuzhi look at him with wide eyes.

         “Jiang Yuelou” he breathed, relief washing over him.  Jiang Yuelou chuckled softly.

         “You acted like me for once” he teased.  Chen Yuzhi chuffed and looked away before he looked back at Jiang Yuelou, his eyes serious.

         “Of course I did.  I almost lost you once when Zhan Junbai had his men shoot you with a sniper rifle.  I don’t—” he started before he paused and took a deep breath, looking away as tears welled up in his eyes.

         “I can’t…I can’t lose someone I love ever again” he whispered.  Jiang Yuelou’s eyes widened in shock.

         “What…what are you talking about?” he asked.  Chen Yuzhi sniffled and shook his head, a single tear rolling out of the corner of his left eye, which normally symbolized pain.  Jiang Yuelou’s eyes widened even farther and he quickly reached out, cupping Chen Yuzhi’s face in his hand as he wiped away the single tear.

         “Yuzhi.  Yuzhi, look at me” he whispered.  Chen Yuzhi sniffled again and turned his head to look at Jiang Yuelou, Jiang Yuelou stroking his cheek again.

         “What do you mean?” he asked softly.  Chen Yuzhi leaned into his touch before he let out a soft sob.

         “I love you, Jiang Yuelou.  And I can’t lose you again.  I thought I lost you once and it almost killed me.  I can’t…I can’t lose you again” he whimpered before he broke down in tears.  Jiang Yuelou’s eyes widened and he quickly moved his hand from Chen Yuzhi’s cheek to the nape of his neck, giving it a gentle squeeze before he tugged Chen Yuzhi down so that he was laying his head on Jiang Yuelou’s chest.

         “Jiang Yuelou, no, I’m going to hurt you—” Chen Yuzhi started when Jiang Yuelou wrapped his arms around him and held him against him.

         “Hurt me?  You could never hurt me, Yuzhi” he whispered.  Chen Yuzhi let out another sob and buried his face in Jiang Yuelou’s chest as Jiang Yuelou rubbed his back soothingly.

         “Shh…shh…it’s okay, Yuzhi.  It’s okay” he promised.  Just then, there was a knock at the door of the room, causing Chen Yuzhi to quickly sit up and wipe his eyes, making Jiang Yuelou look at him in confusion.

         “Keying” Chen Yuzhi croaked.  Jiang Yuelou’s eyes widened as Jin Dacheng slid open the hospital room door, Keying immediately rushing in.

         “Gege!” she exclaimed.  Chen Yuzhi quickly scooped her into his arms and hugged her before she looked over at Jiang Yuelou with wide eyes.

         “Gege, what happened?!” she cried.  Jiang Yuelou smiled weakly as he reached out and stroked Keying’s cheek.

         “Ah…it’s nothing, sweetheart” he assured.  Chen Yuzhi fixed him with a look.

         “It’s not nothing, you got shot in the abdomen” he hissed.  Keying’s eyes widened and Jiang Yuelou thought that if they got any wider, they’d pop out of her head.

         “What?!” she exclaimed.  Jiang Yuelou shot Chen Yuzhi a glare.

         “Now look what you did” he grumbled.  Chen Yuzhi smirked.

         “I didn’t do anything” he replied as Jiang Yuelou sighed and looked at Keying.

         “Gege got shot at work today.  But I’m fine.  Your brother stepped in and saved me” he stated.  Keying blinked before she looked at Chen Yuzhi.

         “Really?” she whispered.  Chen Yuzhi blushed slightly.

         “I suppose so” he replied as Jiang Yuelou chuckled.

         “You were very cool, Yuzhi.  Very badass” he teased.  The blush on Chen Yuzhi’s cheeks darkened and he reached out, gently pinching Jiang Yuelou’s shoulder.

         “Hush.  And watch your language” he scolded.  Jiang Yuelou rolled his eyes as Keying looked at Chen Yuzhi.

         “Gege, what does “badass” mean?” she asked.  Chen Yuzhi’s eyes widened before he looked over at Jiang Yuelou, pointing at him.

         “Bad influence” he hissed.  Jiang Yuelou smiled.

         “You love me” he declared.  Chen Yuzhi huffed, a mixture of exasperation and fondness on his face as he looked back at him.

         “I do.  But you’re still a terrible influence on Keying” he scolded.  Jiang Yuelou laughed and reached out, gently patting Chen Yuzhi’s cheek.

         “More like I’m a bad influence on you” he teased.  Chen Yuzhi huffed and gave him a playful, but gentle, shove.

         “That too!” he exclaimed.  Jiang Yuelou laughed again and Chen Yuzhi couldn’t help but laugh as well, Keying looking between the two men in confusion before she smiled slightly; she liked seeing Chen Yuzhi and Jiang Yuelou laughing and playfully arguing rather than crying or in pain.  Meanwhile, Jin Dacheng was watching from the doorway, leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed in front of him.  He watched as the Commissioner and the Doctor laughed with each other and cooed over Keying before he shook his head and pushed off the doorframe, turning and leaving the family to have some privacy.  As he walked away, he thought back to Chen Yuzhi with the gun in his hand, standing before Jiang Yuelou with rage and fire in his eyes, looking dangerously close to Jiang Yuelou whenever he was furious, and shuddered.

         ‘They really are made for each other…they’re both fucking crazy’ he thought to himself as he continued to walk away, shaking his head the entire time.