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Raspberry Kisses

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“And then I…” Sam stops himself, when he hears that somebody is knocking on his front door. Castiel looks just as confused and Sam apologizes, before he gets up.

He didn’t invite anyone else and just wanted to have a calm evening with his best friend. Seems like not even that is granted to him.

Sam opens the door and his mouth falls open.


Dean looks up at the mention of his name and he looks… horrible. There is mud all over his onesie and the knees seem bloody. There are little twigs in his hair and he is crying badly. Sam doesn’t know what to do.

“Sammy.” Dean whimpers and holds his hands up. Sam hastily takes a step forward and lifts Dean up. He’s heavy sure, but not as heavy as he should be, Sam thinks while he closes the door.

“What’s wrong bud? Where’s your daddy?” Sam asks and somehow that seems to be the wrong thing to say, because Dean starts to cry only harder. He even hides his face against Sam’s neck, his own shoulders shaking.

“Dean, are you hurt? Do we need to call a doctor?” Sam asks, but Dean shakes his head again and again.

“D-Daddy doesn’t love me a-anymore.” Dean cries and Sam grimaces, when he feels that Dean is also wet. The poor boy is incredibly cold and Sam hastily walks towards his living room. Castiel seems surprised.

“Cas, sorry. Uhm this is my little brother and… it seems like he ran away from home.” Sam stutters out and he tries to shush Dean, who is still loudly crying. Sam isn’t a caretaker, but he had babysitted Dean lots of times before.

This though feels like a bit much.

“Ohh poor baby, hm?” Castiel says and gets up. Dean seems surprised to hear a different voice and he slowly looks up from Sam’s neck. Castiel smiles at him and Dean just stares. He’s always been rather shy in his little headspace.

“Dean, this is my friend Castiel.” Sam says, because what else is he supposed to do? Dean nods and wipes over his face, Castiel’s smile turns even softer. Castiel is a caretaker, so he surely knows what he is doing.

“Hey Sweetbee.” Castiel says and waves his hand. Dean’s face gains a bit of color, but he still looks so hurt. Sam wonders what happened, normally Michael is always with Dean and it’s been at least two miles to where Michael lives.

Did Dean run alone through the night?

“Sam, do you have some clothes for Dean or a changing table?” Castiel asks and Sam nods slowly. He has everything that Dean needs.

“Yeah he has his own room here, for when he sleeps over. His Daddy is often away for business.” Sam says and Dean starts to cry silently again, when he hears Sam talking about Michael.

Sam carries Dean towards the last room on the right and opens the door. It’s not much, just Dean’s old baby bed, a changing table, a few toys and a wardrobe with a few spare clothes. Even though Sam registered only as a baseline, he’d always wanted to be there for his brother once he got adopted.

Sam had been so afraid that he’d never see Dean again, but Michael seemed generous.

“Lay him down here please.” Castiel says and Sam lays Dean on the changing table. Dean doesn’t even move there, he only cries more into his hands, by now it sounds almost hysterical and Sam strokes over his leg to calm him down.

“Dean, Sammy is here, hm? Your brother is here, everything will be okay.” Sam whispers, but that doesn’t really help. Castiel had left the room for a moment, only to come back a minute later with something in his hands.

“Dean, baby look what I got.” Castiel says and his voice is so soft. Dean looks at him with teary eyes and Castiel holds out a small plush bee. Dean just stares at it.

“It’s for you Sweetbee.” Castiel says and he presses the bee in Dean’s hand. Dean sniffles quietly and then takes the bee into his hands. He seems a bit wary, almost like he expects Castiel to take the toy away, but Castiel just keeps smiling.

Sam busies himself and searches for a warm onesie for Dean. It’s cold outside and Sam hopes he won't get sick. He still doesn’t get why Dean ran away, though.

When he turns back around, he sees that Castiel is looking at Dean’s knees and carefully cleaning them, Dean cries silently in his new stuffed animal, looking so miserable. Castiel coos at him, because that surely must hurt.

“Oww.” Dean cries, but Castiel kisses his left knee, where the wound is a bit deeper. Sam’s own heart aches for his brother.

Luckily he has a medical kit at home and Castiel bandages both knees. It looks so bad, but Sam is sure it’s nothing major. Still Dean should’ve never been hurt in the first place. Sam would call Michael later, just to let him suffer for now. He’s probably worried about Dean, but he should’ve watched him better.

Castiel is already changing Dean, who’s bright red by now - maybe even a bit out of his headspace - but also watching Castiel with big eyes.

Castiel seems happy and relaxed and he murmurs soft things to the Baby the whole time. Sam can feel himself smiling at the scene in front of him. He’d never seen Dean so relaxed like this.

“Sammy.” Dean mumbles around a wing of the bee, which somehow found its way into his mouth. Sam hopes he still has some pacifiers left.

“I’m here, Dee.” Sam says and he walks back over to them. He hands Castiel the onesie, because it seems like he will do the better job with this anyway. It’s weird that Dean even let Castiel change him in the first place.

He doesn’t know him, but somehow he seems to trust him. Sam smiles, it has been the same with him and Castiel, just not that Sam has a little headspace, but he was just as awed when he first met his best friend and coworker.

Castiel is one of the best lawyers in their company and his heart is twice as big as everyone else's.

Castiel dresses Dean in the onesie and even cleans his face with a washcloth. After that Castiel picks Dean up, who is still looking so fascinated at Castiel. Sam would laugh, if this whole situation wasn’t so weird.

“It’s all good now, hm?” Castiel says, when they walk back into the living room. Dean seems confused but he nods, before he slowly reaches out and puts one of his hands in Castiel’s hair.

It’s so cute Sam wishes he could take a picture.

“Daddy mad.” Dean says then quietly and his lower lip wobbles dangerously. Castiel strokes Dean’s cheek, as he sits down with him on the couch. Sam sits next to them and boy is he glad that Castiel is here tonight.

“Why is your Daddy mad, Dean? Did you run away?” Sam asks, but Dean shakes his head, rubbing his fingers over his eyes.

“Daddy s-said I should go bye bye.” Dean whispers softly and Sam can clearly hear how his heart breaks. At first Dean had hated it with Michael, he’d been calling Sam everyday but there was nothing Sam could really do.

Michael had legally adopted Dean.

After a year Dean had said, everything had been fine and Sam had been sure that Dean was just nervous and embarrassed to be in his headspace. He had tried to keep his little status a secret for years.

“He sent you away?” Castiel asks and Dean nods, new tears falling from his eyes. Castiel presses the boy closer to himself and Sam can see that Castiel is already furious.

Dean nods and he looks so small and miserable. Sam tries to calm himself down or otherwise he would upset Dean even more.

“Did he say why, Dee?” Sam asks carefully and Dean nods again. Suddenly it seems way too quiet in the living room, even though the TV is still playing. Dean seems to struggle to answer, he squeezes his bee.

“I u-uh wet myself a-at his party.” Dean stutters out and Sam frowns at that. Why would Michael throw out Dean over something like this? And why would he even throw a party in the middle of the week.

“Oh baby.” Castiel says softly and before someone else can say anything - not that anything would probably lessen Dean’s pain, Dean continues quietly.

“I told him and he was so angry, cause everyone heard. They a-all laughed. I- I couldn’t sleep anyway, because it was so loud and I didn't have any dinner and…” Dean stops himself and closes his eyes.

He looks older now, worried lines all over his face. Sam carefully takes his hand in his own and Dean looks up, big green eyes full of tears.

“Dean, I’m so sorry.” Sam says and Castiel holds him even tighter in his arms. Sam doesn’t know what he should do. He really thought Dean was happy to be Michael’s baby. He could kick his own ass for this.

“P-please don’t make me go back.” Dean says and with that he’s already crying again. Castiel looks worried but he strokes over Dean’s hair, carefully bouncing Dean a bit on his lap, but it doesn’t help.

“You don’t have to go back.” Sam says and he means it. He has no idea how this is going to work, but his brother is clearly stressed over his caretaker and Michael doesn’t seem to want him anyway.

“Could you make him a bottle? I feel like he’s now overtired and still hungry on top of it all.” Castiel says and they both can hear Dean’s stomach growling. Overall he doesn’t look too healthy.

Sam tries to calm himself down while he heats up some milk for Dean, glad he has the bottles and everything he needs. It doesn’t take him too long and he’s glad that Dean seems to be quieter too.

He’s staring in wonder up at Castiel again, who strokes his cheek.

“Here Dean.” Sam says and he shakes his head, when Castiel wants to pass Dean over to him. Instead he gives Castiel the bottle and Dean looks so damn cute, when he looks at Castiel and the bottle all crosseyed.

“Okay Sweetbee, ready?” Castiel whispers and Dean opens his mouth, when Castiel finally lowers the bottle. Dean has always been a messy eater, so Sam gives Castiel a cloth and just like expected, some of the milk spills out of the corner’s of Dean’s mouth.

“He’s really hungry.” Sam says quietly. Castiel nods, he looks just as worried as Sam feels right now. Sam knows he needs to find a solution for Dean and he also knows that Castiel would help him.

And not only because that’s Castiel’s job.

Luckily it doesn’t take long for Dean to slowly fall asleep. A bottle had always been the best trick for him, so his eyes already flutter closed a few times after a few gulps of milk and after a few minutes, he’s fast asleep.

Castiel puts the empty bottle away, before he carefully helps Dean up and clasps lightly on his back. Dean luckily doesn’t wake up, but he does burp quietly. Castiel grins up at Sam.

“We should put him in a bed.” Sam says and gets up. He knows Dean wouldn’t sleep in his crib tonight, not after this day. So he walks into his bedroom and makes room in his own bed for Dean.

Castiel easily carries Dean towards the bed - oh to have the strength of a caregiver, while Sam moves a pillow for him.

Dean makes a quiet sound, but otherwise stays asleep, his bee is still in his hands and Sam knows that he would never let go of it again. Sam smiles and presses a soft kiss against Dean’s forehead, hoping for sweet dreams.

Castiel tugs Dean’s thumb out of his mouth and replaces it with a blue pacifier, Sam had never seen before.

They quietly walk out of the room, turning off the light and letting Dean catch up on his much needed sleep. They both seem to be a bit speechless, when they’re back sitting in the living room.

Sam feels sick.

“Okay uhm. What the hell was that?” Sam asks no one in particular, but he feels like the worst person on earth. How had he not seen how bad Dean had been?

“Sam, stop that. It’s not your fault. I’m sure this Michael made you believe that he took good care of your brother.” Castiel says and he sounds so calm again. Sam nods, but he doesn’t really believe it.

He’s not even sure when he had seen Dean the latest. Has it been a month already? Probably. Sam had been so busy with work and everything, but that wasn’t an excuse. He should’ve protected his brother.

“I’ve never seen him like this.” Sam whispers and he strokes his forehead, already feeling a huge migraine coming up. Maybe he deserves it.

“Sam. When I… when I changed him - his whole left side is blue and black. Maybe he did fall while playing, but… it looked worse.” Castiel says slowly and it sounds like it pains himself to say this. Sam closes his eyes.

“We need to help him. That’s your job, Cas. You’re a lawyer for abused Littles.” Sam says and he’s nearly begging Castiel.

“I know and I will help him, Sam. I will drive home now but tomorrow, first thing in the morning, I will make a few calls. Just - don’t let him be near Michael again.” Castiel says and he’s already getting up.

Sam follows him to the door and they hug for a few minutes, before Castiel leaves. Sam tries very hard to blink his own tears away, when he’s alone.

Instead he walks to his bedroom and lays down next to Dean, who’s still sleeping. Sam cuddles against him and falls asleep to Dean’s soft snuffles behind the pacifier.

They’d need to help him. Dean deserves better.



Sam nearly had a heart attack, when he’d woken up and Dean hadn’t been there right next to him. Instead he’d woken up to a cold bed.

“Morning Sam.” Dean says, clearly out of his headspace, wearing a shirt with a cartoon and Sam’s sweatpants. He’s sitting at the kitchen table and seems pretty exhausted. Too tired to even get himself something to eat.

“How are you?” Sam asks and he nearly kneels down in front of him. But he knows that sometimes Dean comes out of his little Headspace and then he hates to be treated like a Baby.

“Embarrassed mostly.” Dean admits and he looks down at his fingers. Sam smiles.

“No need to be, honestly. I’m your brother and Castiel is a caretaker and if I may say the best Lawyer for Littles.” Sam says and he sees how Dean’s head snaps up at this.

Dean tries to swallow his disappointment down. So that’s why Castiel had been so good to him. It had only been his job. Dean’s heart crumbles a bit.

“Sam - I’m sorry about what I said and I shouldn’t have disturbed you and Castiel. I should probably be going, before Michael looks for me.” Dean says and he already gets up. His whole body is still aching, but he tries to make it seem like it doesn’t.

He knows Michael wouldn’t look for him, he’d been pretty clear yesterday that Dean could rot in hell if he wanted. At first it had been bad at his place and Dean hadn’t really understood why Michael had adopted him.

Then he had heard him, how it would be good for his reputation to have a Little. His boss had promoted him and allowed him often to work from home. But he’d never really cared for Dean.

He’d never loved him. He’d used him to make it seem like he’s a good man. Dean’s little side had craved his love either way. Normally Dean falls under the age of 2 when he’s in his headspace, but Michael had hated that.

So Dean had tried to keep track of his bladder or to make himself something small to eat, but often enough that hadn’t worked at all. At least he should’ve learned how to change himself, then yesterday wouldn’t have happened.

The only thing Dean could do was to bring himself to bed. Pathetic.

Maybe he could find a motel room for now, but he doesn’t even have any money. Dean feels the tears come back.

“Hey no. Dean! No way are you going back to him. Castiel saw your wounds and I saw how hungry, dirty, and exhausted you were. He didn’t even try to call me to see if you’re here.” Sam says and somehow that hurts more than it should.

Michael really didn’t care. Daddy didn’t care.


“Nope. I don’t wanna hear it. You’re my brother and I would do everything for you. I’m sorry that I didn’t see sooner how Michael treated you. But I will help you now.” Sam says and he sounds so earnest again.

Dean nods slowly.

Everything sounds better than sleeping under a bridge. He would've gone crazy if he’d fallen into his little space there.

“Thank you.” Dean whispers and Sam smiles at him.

Sam starts to make them pancakes and they both just enjoy the other one's company. Dean is glad that Sam isn’t asking more questions. But he does put a bib around Dean’s neck when they start eating.

Dean growls when his applesauce does drip on it and it proofes Sam right.

“Oh that must be Cas.” Sam says, when the doorbell rings. Dean looks hastily up and tries to clean his mess up, but of course just when he’s stuck with the damn bib, Castiel walks into the kitchen.

“Hello silly boy.” Castiel says and Dean nearly shudders under the deep voice. Castiel laughs, when he removes the bib and then wipes Dean clean. He hadn’t even registered that his mouth had been full of applesauce, too.

He can hear Sam laugh, too.

“So do you have any news?” Sam asks and Dean’s heart falls back down into his tummy. It was only Castiel’s job.

“Yes, sadly not good ones.” Castiel says and Sam looks as disappointed as Dean feels. Castiel sits down next to Dean and strokes over Dean’s hair. He doesn’t seem to realize that Dean isn’t little.

Or is he? Dean’s not sure right now.

“Michael has given up custody. He’d called a few other lawyers this morning and he doesn’t want Dean back.” Castiel says and Dean isn’t sure how he should feel about that. On the one side that means, he’d never have to see him again.

But… that also means not even Michael wants him. Dean swallows dryly.

“That’s good! Did you tell him about the way he treated Dean?” Sam wants to know and Dean tries to busy himself with the plush bee that somehow has found his way into his hands again.

“I did and it will have consequences, already filed the complaint and everything. I will promise you I’ll do everything to make him pay for it.” Castiel says and Dean is a bit surprised at that outburst.

Nobody had ever fought for him.

“Good. Okay and can Dean stay here for now?” Sam asks and this time Castiel takes a moment to answer.

“No. I tried everything but he has to get back into the adoption center and… wait for someone to adopt him again. He’ll get therapy there as well. I’m sorry Sam, if you’d be a caretaker it wouldn’t even be a question, but like this I can’t do anything.” Castiel explains quietly and Dean nods to himself.

He’d already guessed something like that. He hates the adoption center, because they’re not nice people either, but most people don’t care about Littles either way. At least he’d have a bed and some food.

“It’s okay.” Dean says quietly, when nobody says anything.

It feels like only an hour later, when the doorbell rings again. Sam had already packed the little stuff he had and Dean had sat on the carpet in front of the television, even though he hadn’t paid attention at all.

The worker looks as nice as they come. He’s dressed in all white and wears gloves. Dean sighs and gets up to meet him.

Sam looks furious, but he stays quiet as well. Castiel smiles softly at Dean and just like that Dean tears up again. He can’t even help the sounds he makes. The tall caretaker just picks him up and gets his bag.

“Dean, I will find a way.” Sam says, but they both know that he’s only saying that, to calm Dean down. There is no way for Sam to adopt Dean. He just hopes he’d be allowed to see Sam again.

Some caretakers don’t like the idea of their Little one seeing their old family, since it often brings a load of memories back up.

“Bye Sammy.” Dean says and he can see that Sam is also tearing up. Sam walks over to them and presses a kiss to Dean’s cheek. Dean feels like his heart is torn into two. He’d miss his brother.

“I love you Dean, don’t forget that. Don’t ever forget that.” Sam says and Dean nods, while he tries to swallow his wails down. He waves again, hoping Sam understands that Dean loves him too, when Castiel steps closer.

“Here, don't forget this, Sweetbee.” Castiel says and holds up his plush bee. Dean had thought he’d only lent Dean that for the time being. Dean didn’t have plush animals in ages, because Michael thought they were silly.

“T-thank you.” Dean says and Castiel seems so sad himself. Dean presses it against his face and closes his eyes. He doesn’t want to see Sammy crying again.

Only in the car does Dean open his eyes again and allows himself to cry for real.



“Cas thank god. I’ve tried everything by now, but they won’t let me see him.” Sam says and he sounds almost hysterical. His normally perfect hair is all over the place. They’re standing in front of the foster home for Littles.

“Okay I’ll take care of that.” Castiel says and he straightens his tie.

Castiel walks into the grey building and searches for his ID. He knows that they need to let him see Dean.

“Mister Novak.” The secretary seems surprised to see him here, but Castiel doesn’t have time for this.

“I would like to see the Little room.” Castiel says and she nods hastily. It’s a room where all Littles can play together after lunch. Castiel had been here a lot of times, hesitating to adopt some Little on his own, but it had never worked out.

Something Sam knows.

“Of course follow me.” The woman says and she doesn’t even try to keep Sam out of this again. They walk through the building and Castiel feels himself growing more nervous with each second.

“Would you leave us alone, please?” Castiel says, when they finally arrive at the Playroom. The woman nods and hastily walks down the corridor again. Her heels were clicking loudly.

“Do you see him?” Sam asks and he is already pressing against one of the huge windows. There are a lot of Kids here and Castiel’s heart squeezes for each of them. He knows most of them have tragic backstories.

“Oh no.”

Castiel can see most of the kids playing. Some are drawing happily together at a small table, others are playing hide and seek and a few are even napping. Cuddled together.

Dean sits alone in one of the corners, crying quietly.

“Poor boy.” Castiel says softly. Dean’s wearing some plain clothes, like the others, but he looks even more sick in them. He’s rubbing over his eyes, as if that helps to keep the tears away and he seems to be wet, from how he’s shifting on the ground. He’s missing his socks.

“Excuse you? I’m Naomi. How can I help you today?”

Castiel looks to his left, where a woman is standing. She’s wearing a suit and her smile already says that she’s actually more disgusted by Littles than anything else.

“I would like to meet your Littles.” Castiel says, because that’s the only thing he can do right now. Naomi’s smile falters not one bit.

“Of course. Do you already know what you are looking for? Maybe a girl? Anna here just came…” Naomi starts and she points at one of the girls who are drawing at the table, but Castiel shakes his head.

“No. I’d like to meet this one.” Castiel says and he points at Dean, who’s still not aware that Castiel and his brother are standing outside the room.

“Dean? Oh well I can assure you he’s a lot more work than the others. He’s at best only two years old and has bad nightmares. He’s new here with us but we already know he’ll be a troublemaker. And he’s an old Little, if you know what I mean. He was born 24 years ago.” Naomi says and Castiel is glad that he has so much self control left that he doesn’t punch her in her stupid assbutt face.

She would’ve deserved it though.

Sam is luckily quiet as well.

“I don’t care. So would you mind explaining to me why no one gave him new socks or changed his diaper?” Castiel asks and he can’t help but sounds icy.

“As I said, troublemaker.” Naomi says and Castiel closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He may know Dean only from a few moments, but Dean is everything but a troublemaker. He’s the sweetest Baby Castiel had ever seen.

“Doesn’t he have friends here?” Sam asks now and he looks so hurt. Castiel wishes he could do anything to help his friends.

“No. The other Littles don’t seem to like him very much.” Naomi says and just as she says it, a small boy walks over to Dean and pours sand over his head, while other kids start to laugh.

Dean starts to cry harder at that, but doesn’t move. Doesn’t even defend himself.

“Open the door. Now.” Castiel says and this time Naomi finally opens the door. She seems to think they're crazy judging by the gaze she sends them, but Castiel doesn’t care.

“Dean, you have visitors.” Naomi says, but Dean doesn’t even look up.

“Sweetbee.” Castiel whispers, when he’s close enough and at that Dean looks finally up. He seems confused for a moment, surely thinking that he’s dreaming, but then he holds his arms up.

“C-Cas.” Dean cries and Castiel picks his boy up.

“It’s okay baby. We’re here.” Castiel mumbles into Dean’s hair. Not even caring that he’s got sand everywhere now. God he can’t believe how much he had missed him already.

Sam comes closer to them as well and kisses Dean’s cheeks. Dean sobs only louder, too overwhelmed by all of this. Naomi is watching them.

“Could we please get a room where we can get to know Dean a bit more?” Castiel asks and Naomi is so stunned that she can only nod. Maybe she hadn’t seen the kisses, because she’d been behind them.

“And maybe bring us new socks and a new onesie, as well as diapers and everything.” Sam says and with that Naomi is out of the door already. Castiel doesn’t care, he knows where the rooms for first meetings are.

They walk together to one of the small rooms. Dean is still holding onto Castiel with his dear life and Castiel feels something else form in his chest. He could never let this boy go to an abuser again.

Sam has a bag with him and opens it to pull out a bottle with water and some kind of snack. Dean takes it hastily and gulps the water down in one go.

“Thank you.” He says quietly and Castiel can’t believe how much pain the poor boy must face. Dean wiggles again, which reminds Castiel that he needs a diaper change. Hopefully he won't have a rash already.

The door opens again and Naomi stands there with the stuff they requested. She doesn’t look too happy when she sees that Dean is nibbling on some dry cookies.

“Naomi, I’m only going to say this once. I demand you treat your Littles better starting right now, or you will have a serious case on your butt.” Castiel starts and Sam catches Dean’s smile at the word ‘butt.’

Naomi waits.

“Dean is very special and I want him to be treated as such. He’s probably developing a diaper rash right now, he is cold, and dirty. He’s been bullied by the staff and other Littles. I could file so many cases against you and this center.” Castiel says and his voice sounds very different.

Dean whimpers into his hands.

“We’re doing what we can.” Naomi says and Castiel shakes his head.

“Where is Dean’s bee?” Sam asks then, because he is sure that Dean would never give up his plushed animal.

“We took it away, because it’s bad to get attached to something he won’t keep forever.” Naomi says but she seems more nervous this time.

“I gifted it to him and I want him to have it forever, do you understand that? Either way, I will send my colleagues emails about this and if I have to close this whole thing, then I will.” Castiel says and Naomi leaves without another word.

“How are you doing Dee?” Sam asks when the door is closed again. Dean shrugs, but he looks really bad. Castiel doesn’t waste another second and helps Dean on the changing table.

Dean is still blushing, but he doesn’t fuss at all. Castiel is way more gentle than the caregivers here. There are first signs of a rash there, but luckily nothing serious. Castiel uses cream anyway.

When Dean is fully dressed again, this time with fuzzy socks and a warmer onesie, Castiel puts him down in one of the chairs.

“I missed you.” Dean whispers quietly and Sam presses another kiss to his temple. He was so sure that he would never see Sammy again. But Sam had always fought for Dean, even though he registered as baseline.

“We missed you too. And now I feel like we should play. Cas bought a lot of stuff.” Sam says and Castiel grins at that. He has his own bag, filled with books, toy cars and even a few blocks.

Dean gasps, when Castiel shows him the toys.


“Everything for you, Sweetbee.”

The next hour is mostly filled with Dean’s laughter. Sam had never seen his brother so carefree like this. Castiel had been reading silly books to him and each time he disguises his voice Sam has to laugh as well.

“Again!” Dean squeals each time when a story is over and Castiel not once seemed tired to start all over again. Sam could watch them for hours. Dean had even grabbed one of the dolls Castiel had, unsure at first, but Castiel had just helped him brush her hair.

When Dean’s eyes start to drop more than once, Sam knows the fun is over for today. They’d probably have to leave anyway.

“Visiting times are over.”

Sam looks up to see a new caretaker in the door. She looks younger and pretty nice, she even smiles at Dean.

“Hi, my name is Meg. And I heard someone has been missing their bee?” Meg asks and she holds the stuffed animal up. Dean wiggles with his whole body in excitement and holds up his hand.

“My bee, please.” Dean says, when he crawls over to her and that’s new. Sam had never seen Dean crawl before, but Dean looks happy. Meg gives him the bee and Dean cuddles it against his cheek.

“Here you go. Now we have to say goodbye to the gentleman, Dean. But I’m sure they will visit you more often.” Meg says and Dean looks up at Sam and Castiel. He waves sadly at them and then gets a bit wobbly up, before he takes her hand.

“We come back tomorrow Dean.” Sam says, even though he didn’t ask Castiel, but he is relieved when he sees that his friend nods as well.

“Okay. Love you.” Dean says and waves so shyly at them again. Castiel is sure that his heart just melted, but he waves back at Dean.

“See you tomorrow, Sweetbee.” Castiel whispers.

They pack the toys together and then leave the room. It’s quiet, neither of them are speaking until they’re at the windows again, watching all the Littles play.

“Cas, you should adopt him.” Sam says, when they just stand there. Dean crawls back to his spot, but this time he lays down on a blanket, the plush bee finally back in his hand. He’s sucking his thumb and closing his eyes.

Castiel had never seen something more adorable.

“You think?”

“Yeah, honestly. He adores you already and nobody had ever cared so much for him.” Sam says and Castiel can’t help his huge smile.

“Yeah I think so too.” Castiel answers.

He would adopt his Sweetbee.


“Dean, you're adopted.” Naomi says and Dean doesn’t understand those words at first. Who would adopt someone like him?

Sammy wasn’t allowed to and he and Castiel were the only ones visiting him in the last weeks. It was probably Castiel’s job to look after Dean until he’s adopted.

Which… would end now.

“Okay.” Dean whispers and he gets carefully up from the small chair he had been sitting on. It had been the first time this week that the drawing table had been free and Dean had wanted to draw something for Castiel and Sammy.

To say thank you.

The center will close in a few weeks. Dean doesn’t understand it all, but Castiel had fought for all of them at court and he had won. Now it was only a matter of time, until they would get treated better. Hopefully Miss Meg could stay. She’d been nice to him, but was rarely there.

Sam had said Dean would find a better place now. Maybe there he would find friends.

Dean looks down at his drawing again.

The flowers looked stupid anyway had the other kids said and Dean leaves his paper on the table, before he follows Naomi.

Dean presses his bee against his chest. He’d been so happy that he was allowed to have his bee back, even though the other kids kept trying to steal it. Naomi gives him a small bag with everything he’s got here. Which isn’t much anyway.

Dean takes the bag and holds out his hand for Naomi to take. But she just makes a disappointed sound and walks down the long corridor. Dean swallows down his tears and follows her.

He’s scared of his new home. Maybe his new Daddy would just be like Michael? Or his new Mommy would hate him? Dean takes a deep breath. He would be a brave boy. He would not cry over this.

Most adults hate it when he cries.

The door opens and Naomi pushes Dean inside when he doesn’t move on his own. The room is empty and Dean feels like this is some sick joke, but then Naomi speaks up again.

“Wait here.”

Dean nods and sits down on one of the chairs. His legs are shaking and he feels like his throat is way too dry. Maybe this was just a way to get rid of Dean. He’d heard the caretakers talking about him.

How he’s too old for this center and that nobody would adopt him anyway.


And then the door opens and Castiel is walking into the room. Sam is not with him this time, but Dean’s heart beats faster anyway. He tries not to get his hopes up and just stays in his place.

Maybe Castiel would just supervise the first meeting with his new caretaker.

“Sweetbee. What’s wrong? Don’t you wanna come home with me?” Castiel asks and he sounds worried, while he kneels down in front of Dean.

“What?” Dean whispers.

“I adopted you, baby. Isn't that great news?” Castiel cheers and Dean’s eyes grow bigger. Castiel had really adopted him?

“Dada.” Dean says and then promptly breaks into tears. He can see how Castiel tears up himself at that, but he doesn’t seem mad. Instead he picks Dean up and cuddles him against his chest.

“God baby, I missed you so much.” Castiel whispers into his hair, while Dean whimpers into his shirt. He had missed Castiel just as much himself.

“Dada.” Dean just says again, because this is all too much. Castiel shushes him.

“It’s okay Sweetbee. Dada’s here now.” Castiel whispers and Dean believes him.


“Hey Sam.” Castiel says and he seems a bit out of breath.

“The little rascal got you bad huh?” Sam snickers, when he steps inside. Castiel’s home had always been a bit on the colder side. But now there are toys everywhere and it’s clear that here lives a happy family.

“We both know he’s the sweetest baby. I’ve been fighting a pie. You know my baking talents.” Castiel says and Sam has to laugh. At least Castiel is a fantastic cook, but Dean loves pie more than anything.


Dean clasps his hands from where he’s sitting in his playpen. He carefully stands up, almost falling over before he holds his hands up.

Since he’s been with Castiel, Dean aged down a bit more than he had been with Michael. Seems like he really feels like home here. Sam scoops him up, before Dean can hurt himself and presses him against his chest.

“Hey champ. I heard it’s someone’s birthday. So I bought you some presents.” Sam says and Dean’s mouth falls open. He’d never had any birthday presents after he was taken the first time to the adoption center.

“Me?” Dean asks and points at himself.

“Sure thing. I’m sure Dada has some for you as well.” Sam says and Castiel behind them nods. Dean seems almost overwhelmed, but he presses a wet kiss to Sam’s cheek, before he wants to be let down again.

“If you want you can open them now.” Castiel says and he puts his own gifts on the ground, so Dean can reach them better. Sam puts his own presents next to Castiels and Dean giggles so adorable.

“Thank you Dada. Thank you Sammy.” Dean says and carefully opens his first present. Sam had always known that his brother wasn’t the brat Michael claimed he’d be. Luckily Michael can think over his mistake in prison for a few years, again and again.

“Anything for you Sweetbee.” Castiel answers easily, while the adults sit down at the coffee table.

Dean gasps happily at each present, even though they aren’t that special. But his favorite has to be the matching ladybug to his bee that he got from Sam. Dean smiles up at both of them.

He looks healthy and happy as he should be.

And Castiel doesn’t mind that Dean announces he needs to be changed ten minutes later, because they had worked a lot on that, after Dean tried to hide his accidents at first. Castiel just blows raspberry kisses to his tummy and Dean squeals happily.

And Sam doesn’t get mad when Dean accidently smears his pie over his new shirt. Sam just laughs and smears some whipped cream on Dean’s nose instead.

No, here Dean is at home

Here Dean’s loved.