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Buck's Ba-Bee Sister

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To say Buck was close with the kids from the 118 would be an understatement. Maybe it was because he was closer to them in age than everyone else. Or maybe it was because he was the more childish one out of the group. It didn’t matter because he loved those kids so much. 

Everyone knew he had a soft spot for Christopher, but that didn’t mean he didn’t love the other kids. He was the one Harry went to to show off new video games. Buck was always first to play soccer with Denny so he could practice for his games. Even baby Nia had him wrapped around her finger and had all 6’2” of him shoved in a tiny chair with a tiara on his head sipping from empty cups. 

His and May's relationship was a bit different. He didn’t treat her like the other kids because she wasn’t. She wasn’t a kid who’s idea of a good time involved going down the slides at parks. 

With May being the oldest out of all the kids it put her in an awkward spot. She was too young to hang out with all the adults but she was too old to play with the little kids. Because of his and Maddies eight year age gap Buck could relate. 

Whenever the team had family dinners Buck always made sure to involve May as much as he could. If she wasn’t in her room he would hang out with her and talk. 

Instead of her seeing him as the “fun uncle” the other kids did, they shared more of a sibling bond. 

Buck became the one May felt comfortable talking to when she didn’t want to talk to her parents or her friends. Which is why when May came to him asking for a favor he wasn’t that surprised. 

“Will you take me to get a tattoo?” She asked over breakfast. 

“Does your mom know?” He put down his fork. 

“Buck I’m over 18,” she rolled her eyes. 

“Yeah but I’d rather your mom not kill me if she found out.” He wasn’t wrong. He loved Athena and she saw him as another one of her kids but she could be terrifying. He didn’t want to find out what she would do if she knew Buck was the one to take her daughter to get tattooed and didn’t tell her. 

“Yes she knows,” she sighed. It had taken months of convincing but her mom had agreed to let May get a tattoo. 

“Okay let’s do it.” 

After that Buck took time to look into local tattoo shops and artists in the area. If he was taking May to get her first tattoo he wasn’t about to let her get tattooed in a sketchy shop by someone who couldn’t draw a straight line. 

He learned that one the hard way with a tattoo lucky enough to be hidden by clothes. 

It was about a month later when Buck had found a shop he deemed fit and showed it to May. Once she met with the artist and set up an appointment for a few weeks later it was go time. 

“What are you getting anyway?” He asked her on the ride to her dads. 

“May?” He asked again when she didn’t respond after a few minutes. 

“The date I almost died,” she said so quietly Buck wasn’t even sure he heard her right at first. 

“Oh. Where are you getting it?” 

“I was thinking about my chest,” she trailed off. He didn’t want to press on figuring if she wanted to talk about it more she would. 

Once the day came to get tattooed he could tell May was nervous. When she saw the gun set up he watched as her eyes grew wide. 

“Actually I don’t know if I wanna do it anymore,” she continued to stare at the machine. 

“It’s not that bad, unless you really don’t want to, we can go,” Buck wasn’t going to force her to get something she didn’t want. He’d still have to pay the deposit and cancelation fee for the artist but that was the least of his concerns right now. 

“What if I get one with you?” 

“You would?” He wasn’t planning on it but he could see the way she visibly relaxed at the suggestion. 

“Why not?” He spoke to the girl supposed to be tattooing May and asked if there was anyone available to do one for him right now. 

Soon enough he was sitting across from May, both of them getting their own pieces. 

May was finished first and he could see her smile as she looked in the mirror, seeing her tattoo for the first time. 

“Look!” She turned and went up to Buck, showing off the ink just under her collar bone. 

Still beating 1.10.18

“It looks good! Do you like it?” He asked over the buzzing from the machine still working on him. 

“I really like it,” May hadn’t stopped smiling. “What are you getting?” 

“It’s a bee,” the guy was almost done with his. 

“A bee?” May raised her eyebrows.

“May, do you have any idea how important bees are to our environment? I’ve been learning about them lately, it’s crazy how much they do. And a friend in Texas has one, I figured he’d get a laugh out of seeing I got one too,” Buck said with a shrug. 

“Right,” she said with a laugh. 

May might have questioned the decision of him permanently getting a bee tattooed on him but she knew why. It was something he could come up with quick and simple enough so he could get one with her. 

Buck got something permanently on him so she would feel better and didn’t bat an eye at it. 

“Hey May? Can you take a picture of it?” He handed her his phone so she could take the picture of his newly finished tattoo on his side. 

She handed back the phone and watched as he sent it to someone, receiving a string of bee emojis back in return with the words team bees!! at the end. 

It was a few days later when they were having another team dinner that Athena pulled him aside. 

“So I heard you got another tattoo,” she raised a brow at him. 

“Yeah, you wanna see?” He pulled out his phone to show her the picture because as much as Athena loved him he didn’t think she’d want him practically taking off his shirt in front of her. 

“Thank you,” she pulled him in for a hug. 

“You’re welcome?” He wasn’t sure what he did, at this Athena gently slapped his arm. 

“You didn’t have to get anything when you went. May told me what happened. Thank you for making my baby comfortable while she was there,” and she meant it. 

She had talked to Buck before about his tattoos and he told Athena he wasn’t going to get anymore. If he was to get something, he wanted one with a lot of meaning behind it rather than some of the others he had. 

Yet he got a honey bee tattooed on his side so May would get what she wanted that meant something to her. 

It may not seem like a lot, but this was something neither Grant women would forget him doing.