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Attitude Adjustment

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“This is stupid.”

“Well it’s your own fault, so suck it up.”

Geralt looked down at the slim brunette next to him, her heels clicking against the sidewalk.  Yen was his best friend, had been for years after deciding that a relationship just didn’t work for them, but she also refused to hold back her feelings on anything.

“But anger management classes, really?”

Yennifer side-eyed the giant idiot next to her.  “You punched out your boss, Geralt.”

“He was being you .”

Tossing her hair back over her shoulder, she rolled her eyes, “Yes, and I could have gotten him fired.  Instead, he still has a job and you were arrested for assault... again … and have to go to anger management classes.”

“Still think it’s a waste of time.”

“Yeah, well how do you think I feel?”

Geralt couldn’t say much to that.  She was taking time out of her day off to come babysit him during this meeting thing.  The information he’d been given said they could bring a close friend or relative who could help assist with their progress.  And considering his two foster brothers thought Geralt was in the right and didn’t see a problem with what had happened...well, they probably wouldn’t be the best at helping.  Though they might get something out of it themselves, especially Lambert.

Stopping in front of the door to the community center where the meeting was being held, Geralt looked down at Yen, reaching out to touch her arm briefly.  “Thanks, Yen.  I’m sorry I got you dragged into this with me.”

Yen just rolled her eyes again and walked through the door he held open. “Come along, Geralt.”

Geralt shook his head, a smile tugging at his lips, and did as the lady said.


Stepping inside the meeting room, Geralt unintentionally froze, only Yen’s impatient tugging at his arm getting him to move again.  For some reason, he hadn’t expected quite so many people and he’d never been overly comfortable with people in general. And that smell, it smelled like some kind of flower,… “What’s that smell? Is that…”

“Lavender? Yes! Good nose.  It’s supposed to aid in relaxation. Hi, I’m Jaskier, and you’re new.”

Geralt blinked in surprise at the colorful little whirlwind that came out of nowhere. Big blue eyes and thick, dark hair, broad shouldered and narrow hipped, and lips just made for…

“You’ll have to excuse Geralt; there’s a reason he’s here after all.”

Jaskier laughed, and Geralt stared, knowing he should probably say something, but feeling completely blindsided.  How was this colorful, bubbly person in an anger management class? Was this how he was supposed to act once it was over?

Jaskier tilted his head, looking curiously between Yen and Geralt...and the hand she still had on his arm. “And you are…?”

Yen sighed and looked heavensward; the things she did for the big oaf next to her. “Yen, just his emotional support human.”

“Oh! Well then! It’s good he’s got such a good friend to help him. I need to go greet the others, but I look forward to speaking with you both more.” 

Yen watched as Jaskier eyed Geralt hungrily before reluctantly tearing his gaze away to go meet some other people that had walked in behind them.  Looking at the dazed expression on Geralt’s face, she elbowed him, none too gently, in the side. “Snap out of it, you’ll have all meeting to ogle the twink.  Maybe next time you can even find some words to go with the eye-fucking.”

“Hm. Wait. What?” Geralt looked down at her in shock.

“You are not as subtle as you think.  Now, go fetch me some coffee while I find us some seats.”