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Xenogamous Relations

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Luz spent the last 3 years on the Boiling Isles, well most of the last 3 years she still went home to her mom to let her know what things are like and to let her know that she’s doing well, but in those 3 years Luz has seen many things, some wonderful and others... pretty disturbing. So by this point it took a lot to make her uncomfortable. But right now she was.

She was sitting in the living room of the Owl House, across her was Eda, and next to her was Lilith. Both of them looked at her with their arms crossed with serious expressions.

“Am I in trouble?” Luz sure felt like she was although she couldn’t remember doing anything that would get her in trouble.

“No Luz. We just wanna talk about something important.” Lilith was a calm as ever, her tone serious but not angry. Which eased Luz’s nerves a bit.

“Its about you and little Blight.” Eda tried to act serious but her face broke into a teasing smirk near the end.

Luz blushed. She’s been in a relationship with Amity for a little over a year. When they got together Luz couldn’t believe that Amity was crushing on her for the past few years. Luz had a crush on Amity since they defeated the Emperor, which was about half a year before they got together. She admired Amity for a lot longer than that but it didn’t click for her that those feelings became something more until they all finally got a chance to relax.

The two witches couldn’t be happier in their relationship. They told their friends, who were supportive of course. Willow teasing Amity about the fact that she knew about her crush on Luz since the beginning and Gus, who was pretty much as clueless as Luz about Amity’s feelings, was shocked but overjoyed about his two friends.

Then there were Amity’s siblings who gave Luz the shovel talk. They knew Luz would never hurt Amity, but they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play the protective older siblings role. And of course took the opportunity to tease their little sister about it because of course they would.

Amity’s parents weren’t exactly happy that their daughter was dating a human, but they valued power and status over anything else and Luz had proven herself to be more than powerful enough. Still she didn’t miss the looks she received when she would walk Amity home or spend time at her place. Camila on the other hand was nothing but supportive, she asked Luz about Amity when ever Luz visited.

Yes, their relationship was well received all things considered. Its been going well, they’ve been on dates, bought little gifts for each other, they liked reading together, learning new spells together. Honestly sometimes just cuddling for a few hours was an amazing experience.

Recently they discovered they really enjoyed kissing. Not a single date went by without at least one make out session. Sometimes the whole date was one long make out session. It was new, it was exciting. And it got them caught.

“Is this... is this about us kissing?” Just saying the words and remembering the situation had Luz blushing with embarrassment.

Eda smirked and was about to say something before Lilith raised a hand, “Aw come on Lilith! I have to make fun of the kid, its part of “parenting” and I’ve been looking forward to it.”

“I’m not so sure Camilla would agree. Which is why I was the one tasked with having this conversation with Luz, since I’m the more mature one here.” Lilith had a smug tone for a moment before she turned serious again.

Luz was nervous, she didn’t know what to expect from this conversation.

“Now Luz, I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say that I’m happy that you and Amity are doing well in your relationship. You’ve been seeing each other for a while now and all of us want you nothing but the best. That being said you also need to make sure that you two are being safe.”

Luz’s eyes widened and she blushed deep red. “Yup! Safe as we can be! Besides its not like anything we do can actually result in a baby, so need to worry.” Luz just waved her hand nonchalantly.

“Oh boy. We should have talked to her sooner.” Eda leaned back, crossing her arms over her chest, eyebrows slightly frowned.

Luz was confused, did she miss something here, “What do you mean?”

“Well...” Now it was Lilith’s turn to look somewhat uncomfortable, but she straightened herself out quickly, “There are several spells that can be used to make offspring. Naturally they are only used in moments of... intimacy. Although they can be tricky since not all of them require casting, some are simply triggered in moments of... ecstasy.”

Luz groaned and hid her blushing face behind her hands, “Please stop. This really isn’t necessary. Amity and I aren’t anywhere near that phase yet.”

“But you will eventually. So you need to know about this stuff. Lily over here almost have our parents a heart attack when she started throwing up in the morning while she was dating her girlfriend. It was just an upset stomach though. False alarm.” Eda laughed and elbowed Lilith gently.


“I really don’t want to know any of that.”

“Anyways... what Edalyin is trying to say is that its better to know these things in advance so you can avoid any accidents or unnecessary scares. Having this conversation might be uncomfortable for you but its for your own good. And Amity’s.” Lilith looked at Luz with a sympathetic look, and Luz suspected that she was equally uncomfortable when her parents had to have this very conversation with her.

Luz decided that there was no getting out of this so she decided to listen to what Eda and Lilith had to say. They did seem to have their best interest at heart. Well Eda also seem to be there to make fun of Luz but still, best interest at heart.

“Ok kid listen, since Lily seems to be dancing around the topic I’m just gonna talk to you straight up. While some spells don’t need any incantations there are spells that prevent them from activating in the first place. And those are the spells you need to know for when you and little Blight get down to business.”

What followed was the most awkward and uncomfortable hour of Luz’s life. Luckily she had an excuse to leave since she promised Amity they would meet up in the library that afternoon.

As she was leaving she heard Eda shouting, “Remember what we talked about! Use protection spells!”

Luz started running, not wanting to get more embarrassed.

She arrived at the library and made her way to the secret hideout. Once the bookshelf slid open she was welcomed by the sight of Amity sitting comfortably on the floor reading a book, with a few snacks. The green haired witch looked up, “Hey.” Luz could see the little blush on her cheeks and she suspected that it mirrored the blush on her own cheeks.

“Hey.” Luz sat next to her. She could tell that there was a somewhat tense atmosphere around them. Most likely from the embarrassment of getting caught earlier, “So... did you have to have the conversation about protection spells?”

Amity hid her face behind the book and nodded, “My parents sat me down for it. Of course Edric and Emra made fun of me later, the jerks. It was the most uncomfortable moment of my life. And I tried to tell them that nothing happened but my parents wouldn’t hear it. They said they wouldn’t have any child of their getting pregnant outside of marriage.”

“Yeah kids are definitely not in my plan. For now I mean! I didn’t even know it could happen! I’m not saying I would be opposed to it, in the future of course! Cause you’re really pretty and smart and I think our kids would be really cute, if we had any I mean. In the future!”

Amity laughed, “You’re so lucky you’re cute.” Amity gave Luz a quick peck on the cheek, “I feel the same. I think we’d make some really cute kids. In the future.” Amity blushed as a smile spread across her face from thinking about that future.

“So I guess its a good thing we were told about the protection spells then.” Luz winked.

“I mean... I suppose. But we’re not there yet. Unless you really want to.” Amity shifted on the spot, avoiding Luz’s eyes.

“Oh! Uh... I’m cool with the way things are now, no need to rush into stuff. But I wanna do that with you, you know eventually.” Luz placed her hand on top of Amity’s, giving it a little squeeze.

Amity sighed happily, leaning her head against Luz’s shoulder. They intertwined their fingers. They had plenty of time to think about the future but for now they could just enjoy this. Reading and cuddling together. Just like they always did.