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You're My Paradise

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You Are My Personal Paradise

Written for the Happily Ever After Fest

Destiel FIC

Fix it Fic post 15x19 (And Dean doesn't die!)

It was a hard fight. These vampires seemed to be stronger than most others. One had Dean by the collar. Dean tried to push him away, but the monster was persistent. Suddenly, Dean's legs lost their strength, and the vampire was able to win over pulling him back. The vamp's plans were to stab Dean with that rusty nail coming out from the wooden beam. Then, before Dean could react, Castiel appeared and shoved the hunter away, burning the vampire's brains out with a touch of his powerful hand.


Sam killed two more vampires  as Dean on the ground, staring in awe at Castiel.


Sam's eyes drifted over, and with a huge smile he approached them, "Cas! You are alive!"


"Yes, Jack rescued me when he… rebuilt the whole Universe," Castiel uttered, as he helped Dean to stand up. Dean kept staring at him with a frown. Their eyes met but Castiel looked away, "I'm good to see you both healthy, now… I have to come back to Heaven. There's a lot of work to do." Castiel wheeled around and smiled awkwardly at them.


"Yeah, sure, Cas. Maybe you can come to visit us someday, when you are not too busy," Sam grinned. 


Castiel bowed his head in agreement, and darted his eyes to Dean. Then he vanished.


Sam pursed his lips and ran a hand through his hair as he glared at Dean, "What was all of that?"


Dean side eyed him, "All of what?"


"You didn't even say a word to him, why?" Sam asked.


Dean huffed and started to walk away, "Nothing happened. He just was swallowed by the Empty and I didn't know shit about him since then."


Sam followed him, "Yeah, and now he is alive, which is a huge and nice surprise… and you just…" Sam waved his hands, trying to express his point.


Dean rolled his eyes and before opening Baby's trunk to put away their weapons, he turned around to face his brother, "Look, I prayed to him, okay? Thoughthe was dead… but he wasn't." Dean paused, and then turned around again to close the door, heading to the drive seat, "And all this time he was in Heaven with the kid, working or whatever they do." Dean finished saying this, slamming the door. 


Sam took a deep breath and raised his eyes to the sky in resignation.




"How was the reunion?" asked Jack. as his father Castiel entered his office in Heaven.


Castiel raised his eyebrows, not sure what to say, "Well… it was… Ahm… good ." The angel squinted as he put his hands in his pockets.


Jack was standing by a huge table with a map of the Galaxy and all of  it's constellations and planets. The kid straightened up and stared at Castiel with a frown, "I thought you'd stay with them a few days" the new god approached him, "I told you we already fixed the majority of the mess, you can take time for yourself."


Castiel flicked his eyes to him, "Yes, I know. It's just, there's work to do here, so… I'll go check paradise now." The angel smiled, putting a hand on Jack's shoulder and left.


He tilted his head in confusion.




Dean didn't want to eat. He just grabbed a couple of beers and went to his room. He wanted to drink and watch bad comedies and  fall asleep. He didn't even want to think about Castiel…


But Castiel was there in every single atom of his soul. 


He had to repress the need to pray to him. How could Cas say he loved him and then leave him? And then just pop up, as if nothing had happened? As if working on Heaven were more important than being with him?


That hit him the most…


All these months thinking he couldn't say it back. Dean had felt so guilty and sad, because he had the 'I love you too' stuck in his throat.


And now… Castiel seemed like he didn't want to hear it.


Dean was cool about it… if Cas wanted to forget about it. He was cool too… really…


Dean wiped a tear rolling down his cheek, and tried to laugh at the dumb joke a character was making to his partner in the classic on TV.


It was late, and in the morning Sam would go to visit Eileen. He was happy for them. Those visits usually  last a couple of days… he smirked to himself.


Then the pain in his chest was back.


If only he could be like that with Cas… the dream that always assaulted his mind since Purgatory was vanished now. It was now a broken illusion of a man who thought he could retire and go to the beach with the love of his life .


Dean rolled over and tried to sleep.




It was morning already, but Dean didn't have an appetite at all.  He stood up and made  himself take a shower.


He came back to his mess of a room and sighed heavily as he closed the door.


Dean decided it was time to clean up, and in the meantime, maybe send a message to the angel.


"Cas, You know what? I did notice you have wings, good for you. Because I know you missed them so much…" Dean put the empty pizza boxes inside a trash bag, "You can pop up anywhere, anytime you want" Dean chuckled, "Cool, really."

Once all the garbage was in bags, Dean put them outside the bunker, and went for the broom and shovel.


"You are helping the kid make this Universe a better place, and that's cool too, really. I mean… good for you." Dean wheeled around to stare at his room. He's bed was still a mess. So he took off the sheets and put them in the basket to wash later.


He went over to  his closet and took out new sheets and put them on the bed, "But, couldn't you just answer me once? Just once… I was… a wreck down here thinking you were dead and all… and suddenly, you are not… and then you decided to leave me again," Dean's voice cracked, he sat on his bed and put his head in his hands, his eyes filled with tears, "Why?" he whispered, "Didn't you love me? Or is your mission still more important than me? I thought I was… I thought I was your…" Dean broke into tears, "You happiness," he stuttered, with a small voice.


"You still are," Castiel replied, popping up at the door.


Dean stared at him in awe, and stood up slowly, "Cas?"


"I'm sorry, I didn't know how… or what to do, I thought that would be the last time…" Castiel rushed, as his cheeks blushed.


Dean opened his eyes in awe, was Cas being shy? What the fuck was that? Why did he have to be so cute?


"And then Jack was in charge and I thought that… if I helped him I didn't have to…" Castiel was avoiding Dean's eyes, but like two magnets, they were approaching each other.


"You created an excuse… to avoid me. Why?" Dean asked, trying to suppress the smile that wanted to be on his lips. Castiel was the cutest thing.


"I… I wasn't sure about… how I should … behave or… what the impact of my last words to you… I…" their eyes met, and their hearts beat simultaneously, "I'm afraid."


Dean chuckled as a tear rolled down his cheek, "You are a dumbass," he just said, cupping Castiel's cheeks in his hands and kissing him softly.


The angel remained still, eyes wide open. 


When Dean released his lips, he brushed his nose on Castiel's neck, and wrapped his arms around him, "I love you too, Cas…"


Castiel stiffened, he was so flustered, "I… I know. I heard your prayers…" the angel swallowed.


"Then, kiss me," Dean ordered,staring seductively. 


Castiel was shaking, but even so, he put his hands on Dean's hips, and pulled him closer for a kiss. A sweet kiss that became so passionate in just seconds.


Dean took Castiel's trenchcoat off, and then his suit coat. Feeling his strong muscles down the fabric made him desperate to see him naked.


"Cas… Cas…" he called him, as he kissed the angel's neck.


Castiel was on fire, he pushed the hunter against the mattress, and took Dean's t-shirt off, and hungrily kissed his chest.


Dean arched his back in pleasure, as he felt how Castiel was reaching his crotch. The angel bit Dean's length under his pants and Dean moaned loudly, thrusting against his mouth instinctively.


Dean reached Cas' shirt and almost ripped it to have a sight of his skin, once he had it, the hunter smirked and licked his lower lip, "You are so gorgeous, Cas…"


Castiel didn't reply, he just came for Dean's pants, unbuttoning them and shoved them away, together with his boxers.


Dean chuckled, "Cas, you are a beast…" he said biting his lower lip, and then gasped, because the angel was sucking his dick so roughly, he felt he was about to lose it.


Castiel opened Dean's legs, as he kept bobbing his dick with his angelic tongue.


Dean saw blue grace coming out Castiel's body, and wings spreading on his back.


"Cas… what…? ahhhhh" Dean was trying to speak but Castiel was now putting a finger inside of his rim.


"I'll use my grace to prepare you for our copulation," Castiel muttered, eyes brightening with blue grace, "This way you won't feel any pain or burden, just the pleasure," Cas explained, as Dean squirmed under his touch.


Castiel licked Dean's entrance and played with his finger there. Blue grace flowing from his mouth to Dean's hole. Dean was a mess.


"Fuck me Cas! Holly shit this feels amazing! Fuck me now!" He cried, grabbing Castiel's head with his hands and desperately pushing him against his ass.


Castiel put another finger inside of him, as he kept licking it and filled him with his grace, then three fingers and his fist. Dean was shouting his name and unintelligible things. Castiel unzipped his pants and released his hard cock, he brushed Dean's entrance with it, teasing him.


"Cas! Cas stop that and fuck me!" Dean asked desperately.


Castiel penetrated him roughly and Dean felt an electric pulse taking his whole body. It was the best sensation he had in his entire life. 


Castiel thrusted him, in and out, harder and harder, as Dean cried and cried each time louder.


The wings spread out at the same time Castiel came inside of him, and there was an electric explosion all over the bunker. Dean came after him in a loud shout, crying the angel's name.


They remained cuddling in silence, caressing each other and giving soft kisses on their foreheads and on their lips.


"Do you have to come back to Heaven?" Asked Dean, putting his puppy sad eyes.


"Actually, I don't have to…" Cas replied, smiling at him.


Dean looked now like a child with a candy, "Really? So stay here with me."


Castiel nodded, and then he frowned thoughtfully, "We'll have to get married now," he said and Dean flinched.


"What did you say?" 


"I said we have to get married now that we are a couple… isn't that the next step in human relationship?" Castiel stared at him puzzled, "I thought…" but Dean cut that crap with a passionate kiss.


"Yeah, we have to get married… that would be awesome," Dean smiled on Castiel's lips.


Castiel smiled back, and kissed him again.