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A place with superheroes, villains and three strangers from different worlds

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“Power eat your veggies they’re good for you!” Denji tried putting the chopsticks into Powers mouth by force, but she was really good at dodging his attempts. “I don’t wanna, leave me alone!” Power cried out as he managed to get the vegetables into her mouth, making her eat them before she could puke them back out. Aki didn’t even look up from his breakfast as Power and Denji started to fight. Meowy looked at Aki waiting to be petted, both ignoring the fact that the two devils didn’t stop fighting. Denji won the fight yet he still didn’t let go of Powers’ head he had pinned on the ground. When Denji thought that Power finally calmed down he let her go while sitting back down at the table taking his chopsticks to keep on eating. How wrong he was to let her go. After puking out her food she bit him, feeding from his blood. “Power stop this I’m not your fucking food, let go.” The breakfast was continued as Denji ignored Power licking his arm and Aki who didn’t give the two a second thought and Meowy eating Powers food while being petted by Aki.

A normal breakfast, how nice.

If only it could have stayed that way.

Purple mist came out of literally nowhere and was now in their kitchen, all four of them looked at the weird mist then looked back at each other with questioning faces. “So what do you guys think we should do?” Asked Denji while his mouth was still full with food. Power just had a wide grin on her face as she screamed “power” and didn’t wait for the two boys to make a plan as she jumped forward and touched the purple mist. To their surprise her hand was now in the mist taking her inside. “Power are you ok!” Denji ran forward to see if he could find her inside, instead he fell in as well.

“I should have never let them stay at my place.” Aki said to himself as he also jumped in to get the two idiot devils out.


Kei waited for Kaito to come out of the café in the gas station where they stopped to buy something to eat. Kei was sitting on Kaitos motorcycle and was looking through the news on his phone. The news of his escape has been all over japan and a few people still looked for him for the money they would get from the catch. How annoying. After Sato’s death, Kei had searched for Kaito so they could start a new life. Kei still wanted to become a doctor but it wouldn’t be easy if they’d stay. So they both decided to leave.

Kaito finally came out after half an hour, doing what? “Kai why do you have so much food on you, you know we don’t have all the money in the world right?” Kei looked at his friend who had two bags full with what seemed to be snacks. “We won’t take a break for a while. If you don’t want anything you don’t have to eat what I brought.” Kaito said as he put the bags in the back of the motorcycle. They both just sat silently as they began riding again.

Kei had the feeling of being watched for a while and it only got stronger as they continued their journey.

“Kai I think we’re being followed” He said quietly while trying not to look back at the car who seemed to be his main suspect, since they’d left the gas station. “You’re right” Kaito looked on one of the mirrors as he said it. “You think those are Ajin hunters?” “Really that’s what you’re calling them?” Sometimes he asked himself how he even became Kaito’s friend. Not because he was dumb or anything, but yeah sometimes he was really stupid with his ideas.

“You have a better name for them?” Kaito huffed at him while Kei just glared.

“Yes I think those are ‘Ajin hunters’” Kei said as he rolled his eyes by his friends quit muttering of him saying he should appreciate the name more. The car in the meantime was getting faster every second and it seemed they wanted to corner them. As the car was driving right next to them the window was rolled down and a gun shot was heard before the two could even react. The bullet could have killed Kaito if he wouldn’t have had his helmet on. Another bullet was shot this time it hit Kei’s arm, it started bleeding right away soaking his shirt with blood. “Shit Kai pull over” without any questions Kaito did as told, the car right beside them.

“Give over the Ajin kid or we’ll take it by force” said one of the men as he came out of the car with a gun pointing at Kaito. Then another person came out of the car with, how surprising, a gun. Awesome. And since when was he an “it”, like dam didn’t know I was an object.

“Kai run away, if they shoot you your dead” He murmured as quiet as he could with confidence his friend could hear him. “First of all I know you won’t let that happen I don’t have anywhere to go and I don’t have an idea what I want to do yet. Second you’re my friend Kei I won’t leave you behind” Kaito turned around to look at him giving him a big smile and a thumbs up. Kei started cursing in his head as one of the men started shooting in their direction. So he jumped up with a bleeding hand before Kaito so no bullet could hit him. Just because he couldn’t die didn’t mean those bullets didn’t hurt, he still felt pain after all.

“Don’t even try stupid tricks” one of the men shouted as he watched a weird purple substance form out of nowhere. Kei looked at it as if it was an alien. What the fuck was that? This wasn’t something an Ajin could do. “Kei I think that’s a portal” “A portal to where?” he whispered as he watched cars drive by seeing some of them stop to look what all the commotion was about.

“No idea but most likely somewhere else” well what else portals do if not bring you somewhere else?

“We don’t have a choice but to go through it you know? I think we can handle what’s gonna be on the other side better then what we can’t handle here I think” Kaito said while taking his friends’ bleeding arm and they both started to run towards the portal hearing people screaming at them in panic, and some in anger. Well too late. Both boys were already inside the portal, waiting for new light to get out of.



Izuku walked near the Takoba municipal beach park on his way back from school, because he didn’t want to see his mother at the moment, he didn’t want to make her worry when he came home looking like he was just hit by a car. Which would have been much nicer then what really happened. He signed at the sight of all the trash covering the probably once beautiful beach. What a shame. As he started looking more carefully he stopped for a moment thinking he saw what looked like a person? He started looking for stairs or something he could go down with, yet he had no luck, so he just walked on top of the big trash parts which looked stable enough to carry a person. He had a few new cuts, but they weren’t that bad.

When he finally made it down he could see the person much clearer. It was a boy who looked about his age or a bit older and when he started to come closer it seemed like the boy was shot, multiple times. Oh no what should he do! He didn’t have bandages that he could work with and the boy was bleeding out. Izuku started to tear his uniform to be able to stop the bleeding somehow.

As Izuku managed to close some wounds, the boy started coughing out blood. It occurred to him a little bit late that he should call an ambulance. “Don’t worry I’ll help you just wait a little bit okay?” his hands were shaking when he looked through his bag finding his phone easily. Izuku looked at the boy, the words that came out of his mouth were probably to calm him down more than his patient. But what could he do? He was just a quirkless kid who dreams of being a hero without a quirk, and the only thing he was good at was hiding his wounds from his mom. The tears came out and he felt so down, a boy was dying before his eyes and he couldn’t do anything but waiting for help to come.

“Kill me” the boys’ voice was so weak and shaky it made Izuku feel even worse.

“It’ll heal after you kill me” Izuku looked at the boy, hands on a wound which started bleeding again. Then Izuku realized that it could be the boys’ quirk. “Bu-But h-how?” he had never killed anything, not even a bug, because he was always told they had more worth then him (not that he would kill them even if no one told him that). They had a purpose after all. “Give me something sharp” his voice wasn’t more than a whisper and Izukus hands were bloodied, but he listened and ran to the trash piles searching for broken glass pieces finding something in less than a minute. He went as fast as he could back to the boy giving him the broken glass piece. Izuku shouldn’t have looked as the boy took the piece, because it was terrible.

The boy stabbed himself, right in front of him. Izuku probably had a terrified expression on his face as he saw the scene in front of, until the boy stopped breathing. Nothing happened after that. The boys’ wounds didn’t heal and, and he was dead. Izuku sat there looking at the now lifeless body as he heard the sirens coming in the distance. He just saw someone kill himself and it was terrifying. Why would someone do that? Didn’t that person have people who would care if he died?

Then bullets started to come out of the persons’ wounds, falling down coloring the sand red. After the bullets were removed the wounds and bruises healed, black sand flowing out of them. Izuku heard people come down and calling him but he couldn’t remove his eyes from the weird healing process that occurred in front of his eyes. The medics paid less attention to the healing boy but more to Izuku as they saw his bloody hands while he was sitting on the sand. But it wasn’t his blood it was the boys’. They should help him not Izuku.


Kei looked around him laying his eyes on the green haired boy. Then, as he kept on looking around he saw a medics and he could hear more sirens in the distance. Fuck they probably saw him heal. He jumped up ready to run at any moment, just to see that not a single person was paying attention to him except for the green boy. That was weird because he was 80 percent sure that they saw how he healed.

The green boy seemed to have regained his senses as he started to have more colors on his skin. “Ar-are you okay?” the teary viridian eyes looked at him while asking. “Yes thank you for your help” Kei said looking at the boy. He had totally overlooked the bloody hands. He saw him kill himself and then come back to life. Probably not the best experience for a middle schooler. (acting as if he isn’t one :V)

The medics left after patching up a few of the green haired boys’ wounds that where probably from a fight or something, saying it was a false call leaving the two boys alone on the trashed beach.

They looked at each other in silence until another of those weird portals showed up. Out of it came out a screaming boy who looked sick. Kei and the boy both looked the other person’s direction, who had just started puking. “Man I actually enjoyed this breakfast” the boy said while sitting down looking up to the sky.

“You guys know where I am?” The other teenager asked as he looked at them. “W-Was tha-that your quirk ju-just now?” The green boy asked looking fascinated at the ‘puke’ boy. He sounded like Kai right now, shit. Only now did Kei notice that his friend wasn’t there. But he was sure they both went into the portal.

“Na sorry I have no clue what that thing was except that it brought me here” said the ‘puke’ boy now seeming to search for something. “Did you guys maybe see a girl with long blond hair and horns?” he looked at them expecting an answer. Horns? What the hell does he mean? “No s-sorry” the green haired boy said.

“Then do you know where we are?” Kei had also wondered where they were since this place wasn’t familiar to him. “We a-are at Takoba beach” This made no sense how did he end up here. And why was there so much trash, wasn’t this a beach? “What did you mean by quirk? And how is it that you still haven’t reported me?” and there also was the silent question of telling him his name. The green boy looked at him with a questioning face. Kei just gestured him to say his name since he felt weird thinking of him as green boy. “I-I’m Izuku Midoriya nice to meet you and what a-are your name’s?” Midoriya asked as he looked at him and ‘puke’ boy, really creative with his naming skills. “I’m Denji nice to meet ya too!” Denji said looking like a puppy. “Kei Nagai, now I’m sorry but I have to go look for my friend who came with me through the portal” Kei said not waiting for a response out of the two. Midoriya watched him curiously until his face suddenly lit up. “Nagai-san why did you ask what a quirk is? Didn’t you use yours to heal your wounds?” Midoriya looked at him with big green eyes.

Kei just stared at him. “Wait don’t you know what an Ajin is?” he asked without taking his eyes off Midoriya. “I don’t know what an Ajin is either!” Denji said with his hand high up as if he was at school, now Kei looked at both of them like he just found aliens. “Then what do you know about the world” honestly it was a stupid question, but he still wanted to know.

“Stay away from devils if you don’t wanna die or aren’t a devil hunter” Denji said looking proud with his chest high and a smirk. “Wha-what devils? In this world eighty percent of humanity has superpowers called Quirks, where everyone can become a hero and fight villains to save people” now this was weird. Denji and Kei looked at Midoriya expecting him to show, well something. Midoriya who seemed too caught on to the fact that they wanted proof and made himself seem smaller then he already was as they eyed him. “I am one o-of the twenty percent wh-who doesn’t have quirks” his voice was so quiet and scared as if he expected them to attack. When nothing happened he looked up to see that Denji and Kei didn’t give off any disturbed or disgusted energy, they just looked more lost.

No harsh comments, no hate, no pity, just two lost boys who came out of an unknown portal and seemed to be lost. All of them having different story’s from worlds non off them seemed to agree of having the same.

Kei who found this all just too weird looked around again to see if maybe he could see Kaito somewhere. As expected, nothing. He just sighed. “Well like I said earlier I need to find my friend” “Me too” Denji jumped up enthusiastic and was ready to run off.

“I can h-help you guys look for them!” Midoriya now standing gave them a shy smile. “Cool then let’s get started!” Denji said while already looking through the trash. This was a big beach so it would probably gonna take a while so two more pair of eyes wouldn’t be a bad thing.

The now three boys started to look for their friends who also came with them through the portals.



Aki looked around the dark room he found himself in the moment he opened his eyes. As said, the room was dark but you could still see what was in it after getting used to the darkness. It was a small empty room with a door and no windows and when he tried to move his hands he found them being bound by a rope. How thrilling. As he kept looking around, he found Power sleeping on the ground also tied by a rope and right next to her was the body of a boy who seemed to be awake as well, but he pretended to be sleeping.

What Aki couldn’t find was Denji. That was a bad sign. Right now he wished he hadn’t followed those complete idiots into the portal.

He kept on sitting in the dark room waiting for something to happen as he tried to untie the rope, without success. So he just sat there for what seemed to be hours waiting and waiting. Maybe Power would wake up and they could chat a little since the other boy seemed to be cautious around them. Until then he could take a little nap.