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The Bloody Paths Of The Future

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*Year 2043*
*20 years after Thanos*

It smells like a mixture of gunpowder and smoke; Like blood and sweat; Like despair and desperation. The buzzing of broken machines, and obnoxious warning alarms echoed around them. The building rocked and shaked, making another set of lights go out.

A man clenched the table tighter with his bare hands, gritting his teeth as he closed his brown eyes just for a second before opening them back up. “How long until they get here?” He asks, swallowing the fear back down.

“There about 30 miles off. That gives us about a 15-20 minute window, Director.” One of his agents said, staring at the computer screen above.

If possible, his fists clenched tighter against the metal. “Shit.” This was all happening too fast. He was completely unprepared for their attack. “Shit.” he says again, louder.

He should have been ready.

He should have been ready.

It was his fault that some of his unit was dead, and it would be his fault if he allowed these kids to die.

His father would be disappointed in him if he did.

“Peter.” Someone said from his right.

The director perked up at his first name, looking at the woman next to him. “Morgan.” He said, his tense muscles relaxing only a bit.

With a look that reminded him of their father, she continued to speak. “I think it’s time.” She replies, but the way she said it sounded more like a demand than a suggestion.

Yep, a total Stark move.

Peter frowns, “Morgan-”

“No, She’s right, Director Parker.” Another person spoke, appearing into his view. He had on his black and red suit with the wings ready to go on command. “We’re running out of places to hide, we need to do this.”

“Torres, I’m not so keen on the idea.” Peter says, truthfully. “I mean, time travel? Who knows if it’ll even work.”

“It will.” Morgan stated, determination in her eyes. “I ran the numbers, and I also studied the hell out of our father’s journal, it can be done.”

“She’s right again, I mean the previous Avengers managed to do it in order to retrieve the Infinity Stones. We have a strong chance that it’ll work.” Torres agreed again.

A mixture of emotions flashed in Peter’s eyes, still unsure. “But the kids-”

“Will be fine.” Torres reassured, kindly gesturing to Morgan. “They’ll have me and Morgan out there with them. Come on, Parker. You know this is the only way.”

Before anything more could be said, an agent spoke up, “They’re 20 miles away, sir.”

Peter frowns some more, sighing heavily as he scratches the stubbles on his chin in a frustrating thought. “Damn it…” He mumbled, as the ground shook for the millionth time again. “We really don’t have a choice, do we?”

Torres shakes his head slowly. “It’s either that, or we die in the fight.”


Nah, that doesn’t sit right with him.

The world needs the Avengers, and it was his job to make sure they live.

Peter sighs again. “Okay.” He nods, but not for them but for himself. He needs to finally embrace the real world. “Okay. Let’s do this. Torres, get the kids.”

“Yes, Director.”

Falcon left the room, and Peter faced the rest of the remaining agents in the room while feeling Morgan’s titanium covered hand on his back.

“Alright, listen up. We’re going with plan B after all.” He says, watching a few of them swallow harshly and grow pale. But they all somehow still managed to nod at their boss with a sense of understanding. “It was an honor working with you all. I thank you for your services to SHIELD-”

Peter finds himself also swallowing down the bile in his throat, a stinging sensation in his eyes as he tries to keep his composure up to the very end.

“And goodbye…”


The door to one of the many board rooms in the building opened up, and Torres saw several people staring right back at him. Kids of various ages looked back with concern and determination as they were dressed in their uniforms for battle.

“Plan B. We’re heading for the chamber now.” He announces, and they immediately wasted no time to get up from their chairs, and the places they stood, to leave the room.

He holds the door open, watching them all leave except for one. A girl stopped right next to him, an expressionless face that nobody could ever tell what was truly there.

“Torres?” She said, standing straight like the soldier she was.

“Yeah, Kiddo?”

“Why don’t you just let HYDRA have me? Maybe they’ll go away if we do.” She nearly shook at the name, and there was a small flicker of fear in her navy colored eyes.

It made Falcon’s heart clenched.

He places comforting hands on her shoulders in a matter of no time, making her meet his gaze. “Listen, they’ll keep coming no matter what we do. Even if we handed you over, they will never stop until we’re all dead. Understood?”

“But they’ll-”

“Hey.” He gives her shoulders a reassuring squeeze. “They will not take you back, I can promise you that. We will make sure you’ll stay out of their program. Okay?”

She nods slowly with understanding, and he gives her shoulders another squeeze before letting her out of the door.

Torres met up with the rest of them in the hallway, along with Peter and Morgan. He faces the director, while watching as SHIELD agents gather around them for safety.

“How long until they’re here?”

Peter’s face fell again, the words slipping out so easily. “They already are.”

An explosion rocked the building, lunging them all forward. Many of them fell while some slumped against the hallway walls. Groaning and cursing at the impact, they were struck with a few more waves, back-to-back. Lights flickered out, as the siren grew louder and louder, while FRIDAY alerted them of their enemies presence.

“Shit!!!” Torres said, helping his boss up who’s head started to bleed. He immediately started trying to cover up the cut, fear written across his features.

Peter brushed the hero’s hand out of the way, ignoring the blood, and with a wave of determination, and horror in his undertone, he yelled, “Everyone up! We gotta go now!!”

The two men along with the agents grabbed a hold of each kid, dragging them to their feet and down the long hall towards the room. More explosions happened, along with the sound of gunfire and ear piercing screams. The smell of more smoke and burnt skin filled their lungs as they stepped on glass and chunks of the ceilings. A wave of guiltiness filled the heroes' guts as they were allowing innocent agents, one who had no powers like them, to fight against the new wave of HYDRA villains.

It was sickening.


But they had no other choice, they have to do this plan now or it’s over for the Avengers and the world.

[FRIDAY: HYDRA agents heading eastward, Director Parker]

The man’s brown eyes widened, a chill rupturing his spine. “Fuck. They’re on their way here.” He said, biting the inside of his lip hard, tasting the metallic copper in his mouth (A real nasty habit he’s picked up since taking this director’s job).

“We’ve gotta hold them off!” Torres said, knowing damn well it was time to part ways with the younglings.

“You’re right.” Peter says, him and the Falcon stopping together. “Morgan, take the rest of them to the chamber. Get your suits on and go.”

Morgan and the others stopped, the evidence of shock upon their faces were quite clear to the rest of the adults.

“Peter-” She begins, but her brother cuts her off.

“No. You have to go. We’ll hold HYDRA off long enough so you can travel out of here.” He replies, standing his ground.

“But… they’ll kill you both!” A girl stepped forward, tears in her eyes.

“Miss Lang, we understand your concern, but we have no other choice.” Torres response, the truth cutting them like a knife. “We made a promise to your mentors and parents that we’ll protect you until the very end, and we will tend to keep it.”


“No buts! You guys need to go!” Peter yells, not wanting to drag on much longer. Because it hurts, hurts to have to see the people he helped raise go away so soon (and maybe see them for the last time in his life).

[FRIDAY: HYDRA has enter the eastern wing, Director Parker]

“Shit…” He curses again, facing the opposite direction. “You guys go now!!!!”

He touches the watch on his wrist, and soon his vibranium Spider-man suit covers his body, his mask being the last thing to come on. The lights in his eyes flickered on, the gold colored arms coming out of his back, ready for action. Torres flickered his goggles down, wings ready for flight, as the remaining agents beside them drew their guns.

Soon, the sound of rapid footsteps were heard, and everyone sucked in a breath.

“GO NOW!!!” Peter yells for one last time, making Morgan set her jaw, and face her teammates.

“Let’s go.” She said, waving them to go forward. None of them wanted to move, but she said again with such force that it made them practically run away with anticipation.

Not long they heard more gunfire, and the voices of Peter and Torres, some were fighting words, others were painful screams that almost made them turn around a head back.


“Halt!!! Avengers!!!” A group of crazed men said, rounding the corner.

Golden eyes snapped back, and Black Panther stopped in his tracks, fingertips lighting up with electricity. Without a second thought, he sent a wave of it at them. They grunt in pain, and their bodies dropped like rocks to the floor, but it wasn’t going to be the last of them, because the children heard more coming.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll hold them off!” He said, already heading off into the enemy's direction.

“Azari!” Morgan said, freezing in her step. “Azari, get back here!”

“He’s right. We’ll hold him off!” Another person said, drawing her bow. “Come on, Jason!”

“Right behind you, Lady Bishop!” The Asagardian said, unsheathing his sword.

“Guys! Don't do this!” Lang said, as the three of them got further away. She took a step to follow, but someone’s hand stopped her. Her eyes snapped up to the other adult, almost pleading. “Morgan, we can’t let them do this!!”

Morgan frowns sadly. “I’m sorry, but we have to move on.” She replies, waving someone over. “James, help me out.”

A blond boy comes over, and whispers an apology as he helps Morgan take Lang away from the scene. They soon find themselves at their destination, and seal the door tightly shut. With a triplet security system on the thing, along with FRIDAY’s help, no one would be bothering them anytime soon.

James finds himself grabbing a few duffle bags, throwing them by their feet.

“Take your suits on, and put the other ones on.” He replies, gesturing to the red, black, and white body armors.

Without even nodding to confirm they understood, they all did what they were told, striping off the costumes that represented them for who they were, and replacing them with special suits that their parents and mentors once wore to win a war against Thanos. Such a long time ago, but it felt like it was only yesterday.

Once they were done, they all walked up to the platform, just as yet another explosion shook the building.

Quietly, Morgan’s eyes scanned over everyone, a bittersweet look on her face. She starts pointing her finger at each one of her teammates. “Let’s see, we got… Cassie, Henry, Billy, Tommy, Sarah, James, Thea, and me.” She said, a bit of defeat in her undertone. “That’s only eight.”

“Eight? Is that even going to be enough?” Billy said, worriedly.

“Maybe or maybe not. But will have to make due with what we have.”

“But what if HYDRA finds us? I mean they’re even more advanced than we are, so what if they figure out we time traveled and they follow us?” Tommy asks, agreeing with his twin’s worriedness.

“If they do, then they do, and will fight back.” James said, standing tall and strong for his team. “Remember who we are, we’re Avengers; We’re this world’s only hope to stop a major world war. We need to stay strong. Together. Are you with me?”

A collection of fearsome faces were returned, but they all muttered that they were with him, and James gave the green light to go. With a simple push of a button, Morgan activated the machine. The floor beneath began to glow, and their helmets appeared over their faces; and with a bright orange light they were suddenly sucked in, shrinking to perfect size to disappear in time. And just as they vanished…
The whole base discentagrated in an instant.