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understanding the endgame

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I turn to face Sam, considering. Ok, then. Change of tactics.

“And what would you do, in her place? If it was your blood that let her kill Lilith.”

Sam works his jaw furiously. “Obviously I would give it.”

I roll my eyes. “Obviously, right. Self-sacrificing sap. You’re too good for this world.”

Sam flinches slightly at the words, but a backhanded ego-stroke is still an ego-stroke.

This is ridiculous. This is it, the final showdown, my one shot. This parking lot is not where it ends. I let my tone take on a hint of mockery.

“Shouldn’t you let her have some of the glory, after all? What makes you so much different than her, so much more important? What, you can make a sacrifice and she can’t? To stop the apocalypse? You know, where everyone dies?”

Almost too far. There’s anger in Sam’s eyes now. Well, anger can still be useful.

Not bleeding her dry while she watches because I don’t respect her. Right.” He laughs.

“Because you don’t have the stomach to do what you know is right. You can look away while I do it, but admit that’s what you’re doing!”

“I’m not taking advice on morality from a demon,” he snarls.

Ooh, touchy. The word monster hangs unsaid. He’s so transparent.

“I’m not saying that I agree with you. I don’t really care if she dies or not. You know, demon. I just want Lilith dead for my own selfish reasons. But I’m playing devil’s advocate. Weren’t you gonna be a lawyer? Isn’t this the logical conclusion?”

“Don’t you dare--”

Sam walks to the other side of the car. Always gotta take time to brood, as if that’s gonna change the facts. He sits in silence for a minute before clicks open his phone, his torso turned away as if that’s going to stop me from seeing.

I let him stew.

If I could trust him, could rely on him, this wouldn’t be so hard. If I knew he could do the job himself without screwing up or backing out last minute, we wouldn’t even need the nurse. He could just drain this body instead. All of this blood to let Lucifer walk the earth? No hesitation. Bodies come cheap. But Sam’s still weak mentally, even if his powers are strong now. I have to remain standing until Lilith is dead.

Plus I kinda want to see the payoff.

From where I’m standing I can hear the tinny sound of Dean’s voice through the phone. And oh boy, it’s nasty.

Sam shuts the phone with a click before he turns back towards me with grim resignation, and I feel a thrill of anticipation. The next move. Is he in, or is he going to kill me where I stand?

Gravel crunches as he walks in front of me, not making eye contact, and grabs the knife.

He spits, “Let’s do this, then.” And he walks heavily back to the trunk, god bless, like he’s the one walking to the chopping block.

There is absolutely nothing false about my grin now.

“Fucking finally.”

It’s time to get this show on the road. All glory now, to Lucifer.

Nurse Cindy starts screaming.