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FYI, Love Hurts, But We Still Smile Through (Sometimes)

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"I think I like Deku..." Katsuki admits, scoffing as he stays sprawled out on Eijirou's bed.

The redhead purses his lips, "'re just now realizing this..?"

Katsuki grunts, not saying anything else until he hears Eijirou's next response, "I me it seems like you've liked him even longer than I've known either of you..." He lets his words fade as he drifts into a small memory of Katsuki yelling at the poor, sheepish, green-haired boy.

The blond groans a, "Shut up," as he sits up on Eijirou's bed.

"Maybe just tell him. It's Midoriya. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?"

"Deku could finally snap and shout at me for all the awful shit I did to him when we were kids..." And for some reason Eijirou expects him to keep going, to ramble about all the shit that could go wrong in that scenario. Maybe he's been hanging around Izuku too much.

The redhead chuckles lightly, "For some reason, I doubt that he'd do that..."



"Kacchan's been really...different lately..." Izuku inquires, biting his lip.

Eijirou takes a deep breath, letting his exhale come out as a sigh, "Like...a good different, or a bad different..?"

Izuku's face morphs into one of uncertainty, "I'm not sure...but I like it," he says, face flushing a light shade of pink.

The taller boy smiles, "You like Bakubro..?"

"Ye-" Izuku stops himself quickly, "I meant... I like the way he's acting!"

Eijirou's eyebrows raise and his tone is teasing, "Sure. That's all it is, Midoriya..."

Izuku whines and falls back onto Eijirou's bed dramatically, "I think I like Kacchan."

"Thought so..."





"I didn't say anything..."

"The look on your face makes it seem like you were going to," Katsuki explains, glaring at his friend.

Eijirou lets silence fall for about 20 seconds before he finally replies, "I just think you should ask Midoriya out..."

Katsuki groans, "Fuck off..."



Eijirou's stomach twists at the thought. He was so fucking happy for his friends, he was. He was extremely proud of them for realizing their feelings for each other. Yet, another part of him is screaming for him to tell them something.

He doesn't know if he can get used to seeing them together. The only two people he's 100% sure he's ever been in love with. He figured he might've had a small chance to be with at least one of them.

Izuku was so nice and caring. He was genuine and sweet.

Katsuki was confident and outgoing. He was authentic and admirable.

Eijirou loved them both.

And, now, that small chance he thought he had has seeped away. Because Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugou are actually fucking dating. Eijirou smiles brightly, but he can't deny the painful ache in his chest.



"Hey, Kirishima?" Izuku asks, a worried look on his face. He walks up hand in hand with Katsuki, who looks like he really doesn't give a shit—Eijirou knows he does, he knows Katsuki's worried about him.

Eijirou smiles and gives a lighthearted, "Yeah, I'm fine, Izu- Midoriya!" He fumbles, catching himself just in time. He's always wanted to call Izuku by his first name, though. Like a lover would.

Izuku blinks, confusion resting on his features. His cheeks are bright red and he squeezes Katsuki's hand, " can c-call me I-Izuku if you want, Kirishima..." the boy stutters out.

The redhead grins, "Then it's only fair you call me Eijirou, Izuku!" and his heart flutters as the name rolls off his tongue so easily.

"Y-yeah!" Izuku nods.



"Hey, Shitty Hair..." Katsuki calls out to him across the field. Inside the arena-like foundation, Izuku and Iida are battling.

Eijirou doesn't look away from the fight as he waits for Katsuki to stand next to him before speaking, "What's up, Bakubro?"

Katsuki grumbles, "Deku and I need to talk to you after class."

For today, Aizawa made them do some last-minute training instead of giving them a lecture.

"Okay! Where you wanna talk, Bakubro?" He asks, grinning.

"Outside my dorm room..." The blond mumbles.

Eijirou finally turns to look at Katsuki as the fight ends, Izuku being the winner. He nods, "Sure, dude."



Eijirou's stomach feels like it's filled with butterflies, and his chest is tingly, and his nerves are shaky. He's all over the place.

After getting dressed, finally out of his uniform, Eijirou heads straight to Katsuki's dorm room.



"Hey, Izuku," the redhead greets, giving a small wave as he stops outside of Katsuki's door, right in front of Izuku.

The older boy perks up, "Oh, hey, Eiji!" He responds excitedly. Eijirou blushes a dark red, for some reason.

Katsuki's door opens and he looks back and forth at Eijirou and Izuku before finally saying something, "Come on, losers..." He commands, opening the door wider and moving out of their way. Izuku walks in first, Eijirou right behind him.




"We both like someone else," Katsuki repeats calmly.

Eijirou is, by all means, confused. He thinks for a moment, "Okay...does that mean you two want to break up?" He asks sadly.

They both shake their heads and Katsuki rolls his eyes, Izuku's head shaking simply more frantic. The green haired boy sighs, "We still love each other," he smiles, "We just...want to incorporate another person into our relationship..."

Eijirou's less confused now, but he still has questions, "Why'd you want to talk to me about it, though?"

Izuku takes a deep breath while Katsuki answers, "We wanted to know what you thought about it."

I wish I was that person. That's what I think.

Being in a relationship with both Izuku and Katsuki would be a dream come true. Whoever that person was; they were lucky as hell. Eijirou shakes his head a little, but he's smiling, "If you all want that and feel the same way, that's a fucking great idea."

Izuku grins, "C-cool. So...would y-you be okay with that?"


"Would you be okay with being both of ours' boyfriend?" Katsuki finishes, looking up at Eijirou hopefully.

The youngest boy's eyes widen, "Wh-what?"

Izuku bites his lip anxiously, "Will you go out with Kacchan and I, Eijirou?"

The redhead blinks quickly, shocked into silence.

The blond and the greenette are starting to look worried.

"Fuck yeah!"



"I swear to god, Deku," Katsuki rumbles. Izuku cheers , pumping his fist up in excitement.

Eijirou laughs, "My turn, my turn," the red-head reaches out to grab the controller from Katsuki's grip.

The blond smirks, holding the controller above his head, "Kiss first," he demands.

Eijirou's face flushes pink as he pecks Katsuki's lips and grabs the controller, "Thanks," he whispers into Katsuki's ear.

"Ewwwwww," they hear Izuku groan, "You guys are gross!"

"You're just jealous," Eijirou winks.

Izuku's face scrunches up, but it's red, "Bleh," he sticks his tongue out.

Katsuki shakes his head, "Fucking five-year-olds."

"Ew! Kacchan, that's even worse!"

"What Izu said."

The explosive teen takes a deep breath, "I'm considering opting out of this whole relationship thing."

Izuku pouts, but Eijirou continues, "You'd still have to deal with us," he chuckles, and his comment allows Izuku to giggle.

And Kirishima knows that the throb near his heart isn't an ache for love, this time. Because he has all the love in the world.