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Twist Of The Knife

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Noise filtered in first as he rose back to consciousness. The whir of machinery and the beep of monitors filled his ears. Hospital was his first thought before memory washed back in and he remembered. Or thought he did. Some things still didn’t compute. He was meeting his mom and then— she had— he didn’t want to consider it. Didn’t want to face the betrayal. He pushed it to the back of his mind and started focusing more on his surroundings, now knowing that this was danger. Once he focused he could hear voices in the room, just murmurs, not enough to discern what they were saying. He tried to move, minutely so as not to draw attention to himself, he didn’t want whoever was in here with him to know he was awake. He tensed as he realised he was restrained by his wrists and ankles to the bed. Not good. The voices stopped and he heard footsteps moving towards him.

“Ready to join us now, Samuel?”

He immediately knew who the smarmy voice belonged to and opened his eyes, no need for pretence anymore.

“The hell do you want with me, Ketch?”

Sam tried to inject defiance into his voice, call on that easy confidence Dean always found when cornered by the bad guy. But Sam was scared. He had no idea what the british men of letters had planned for him now, but whatever it was, he didn’t think he was going to like it. Ketch didn’t answer his question, just smirked and glanced over to the corner of the room. Sam followed his gaze and his breath caught as he saw who Ketch was looking at.

Mary stood almost casually at the edge of the room, her face blank of all emotion. Sam had been used to his mother being closed off this year, he tried not to hold it against her, but it was hard not to let it hurt a little. This, though, this was different from the traumatised girl holding back that he had known, if only a little. This was a pure absence.

“What did you do to her?” he threw at Ketch, who smiled wider, gazed still fixed on Mary.

“We simply helped her to reach her full potential, Samuel, as we plan to do with you”

The statement drove ice into Sams heart. So often had his actions not truly been his own, and the idea of being brainwashed or whatever like his mom had terrified him. He started squirming against the leather straps restraining him. Ketch laughed and motioned for a woman in what looked like a nurses uniform to come over. She was holding something. As she moved closer Sam realised that it was a vial, and that the liquid inside was thick, dark and red.

“Lady Bevel was useful for one thing, Sam. Her research into you and your brother was quite... thorough. Most of it meaningless of course but she did dig up one interesting tidbit about you...”

Sam stiffened, connecting the dots between Ketches word and the mysterious liquid, his purpose here. No no no no no. This was worse. So, so much worse. Ketch smiled again as he watched the horrified realisation dawn on Sams face, clearly finding joy in his increased struggles to get free.

“You, Sam, are about to become the most potent weapon against demons the men of letters has ever seen. You should be proud of the service you will do for humanity.”

Ketch’s words barely registered as Sam watched the nurse prepare the vial for him to drink. As she approached, his mind seized with fear and he turned towards his mom despite himself.

“Mom please. Don’t let them do this to me! Please you have to stop it! Mom you can fight it just do—“

His pleading was cut off as the Ketch grabbed the corners of his jaw and forced his mouth open. Just as the nurse prepared to tip the liquid down his throat, Sam saw a shudder run through his mom, a glint of something in her eyes. It was small, almost imperceptible, and gone as soon as he noticed it but it gave Sam a sliver of hope, as demon blood was once again forced down his throat.