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Safety Pins and Filet Mignon

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By the time they return to the hotel room, Xie'er is glad that they splurged on having two king-sized beds. He is quite sure he doesn't want to have to spend another minute pressed up against more strangers. In this incarnation he is overall much better about the concepts of "crowds" and "daylight", but the longer he wears this cosplay, the stronger he feels his past self returning to the fore.

Right now he is feeling quite... stabby.

(They have different names than before, of course. He carries a proper ID and a passport with this lifetime's identity laid out on high-tech paper to prove he is who he says he is. These days, after the remembering, he occasionally puts them on his coffee table, side by side, and looks at them until Xie'er fades, and he can function as the man that looks back at him from the flat plastic rectangle.)

(But for now, they both can comfortably exist as Ye Baiyi and Xie'er. It is good to remember.)

"Let's never do this again," his boyfriend grumbles from behind, tossing the bags carrying their dealer's hall purchases onto one of the chairs near the window as the door hisses shut. Ye Baiyi, wearing none other than his own late-life outfit, sets his Changqing replica aside and starts shrugging out of his robes like they're on fire. His lacefront is peeling a bit from his temples, just like Xie'er's. "I'm shedding beads like crazy."

Xie'er glances over, spotting the offending bald patch on the beading. Something or someone must have caught on one of the carefully beaded lines and a good bit of the decorations are indeed ravelled off.

"Why didn't you tell me? We could have come back here earlier."

"I didn't notice until just recently. And anyway, you can't fix beading with a safety pin. It's all right."

They both undress in silence punctuated by their occasional sighs of relief. Xie'er plucks irritably at the edges of his wig where it separates from his cheeks every time he so much as twitches his lips, and sits on his own bed to begin the process of picking out all of his bobby pins. He's put it on and taken it off so many times, both with hours to spare and mere minutes before cosplay contests, that it's practically second nature. He's peeling the wig off of his capped head in no time, placing it on the styrofoam wig headthat Ye Baiyi defaced a year ago in Sharpie that says: "HANDLE WITH CARE, LIVE SCORPION".

"You want to wait until I'm done, or?"

Xie'er looks up. His boyfriend is naked, towel in hand as he heads for the bathroom.

Their age difference isn't nearly as marked this time around - Ye Baiyi is about seven years his senior, and his hair is just as black and thick as Xie'er's, his body more intentionally chiselled than he had been in his previous life - the result of many hours at the gym, rather than the functional heft one receives from vast cultivation and swinging a big damn sword.

"I'll be there in a minute," he says. Ye Baiyi smiles and goes on ahead, and because his boyfriend deserves the few minutes of solitude, Xie'er makes sure to hang up his cosplay with extra care.

Xie'er's still too selfish to give up too much of Ye Baiyi's time, though, so he still rushes a bit with stowing his accessories. Once he's bare and his nightclothes are laid out on his bed, he steals into the bathroom and joins his boyfriend in the shower. As payment for getting laughed at when he moans under the hot spray, he steals some of his boyfriend's shampoo, even though he doesn't particularly like smelling like a "Cliff Face" as the bottle boldly declares.

When they are both clean, Ye Baiyi corners Xie'er on one side of the shower stall and seals their lips together, not caring that neither of them have brushed their teeth in hours, that Xie'er tastes of cheap energy drink.

This Ye Baiyi has more sensitive nipples, one of which Xie'er thumbs at before getting pressed against the damp tiling. The attention makes the older man moan softly, his semi-hard cock twitching next to Xie'er's own rising interest. Right now it's not too in-the-way, unlike when it's fully erect and comically, disproportionately large for his boyfriend's relatively slender build. He takes advantage of this and slides his hands down to Ye Baiyi's ass, leisurely grinding their hips together as his tongue gets pulled on by the suction of his boyfriend's mouth. When he nips at Ye Baiyi's upper lip, his boyfriend hitches one leg, balls of his feet pressing against the low, shallow ledge along the outer rim of the shower.

"Put a finger in me," Ye Baiyi murmurs between kisses, hands cupping Xie'er's face. "Need to take the edge off after this fucking day."

"You were having fun," Xie'er accuses, but does as he's told and reaches between his boyfriend's legs, feeling more than hearing the deep sigh he receives when his finger enters the ring of furled muscle. After a few seconds, because Ye Baiyi is so loose already from last night, he slips another finger in and crooks it.

"Ah, fuck. Fuck yeah."

Ye Baiyi rides his hand carefully, those beautiful abs flexing as he seeks more direct attention to his prostate. His plush mouth is slack, eyes closed as his brows are furrowed in concentration. The trust, the vulnerability in the expression and the quick demand go straight to Xie'er's dick. It's not impossible for Xie'er to come completely untouched, but with Ye Baiyi so wanton and wanting he's thinking he might want to fuck his boyfriend tonight as well, long and slow, like they don't get to back home. So he holds back. Like a good boy.

It's a little hilarious how easily Ye Baiyi comes. He must have been worked up for a while, because after about a minute of riding Xie'er's hand he grabs at his cock and starts jerking it roughly, firing three violent jets of hot white spunk all across the tiling.

"Hm," is all Xie'er says, watching Ye Baiyi pant and smirk back. He slips his fingers out of his boyfriend's hole and Ye Baiyi leans against the perpendicular wall, still stroking his angrily flushed dick.

"So I told you I'd been working on a surprise for you."

"And what was that? You've resolved to never reciprocate again?" Xie'er's hand strays to his own neglected cock, giving it a few perfunctory strokes. He bites his lower lip against a moan.

"No. Look." Ye Baiyi stops jerking off, letting his dick bob free. It's started to lose its purple tinge, but he's staying hard.

Oh, god. Xie'er lets go of his own dick immediately, barely staving off a premature orgasm. "That's what you've been working on?"

"Had to entertain myself somehow."

Since they have both been busy with work, unable to meet until this weekend, Ye Baiyi has teased him for weeks with news of his "special project". With how carefully his boyfriend had cultivated the mystique surrounding the endeavor, Xie'er had anticipated something rather serious... but he had failed to account for how absurdly ridiculous his boyfriend could be.

Xie'er would roll his eyes if he weren't so damn impressed. (Or aroused.)

"Now," Ye Baiyi says, a conspiratorial gleam in his eyes. He crowds back in, grins sharply as Xie'er instinctively bares his neck, and ducks to nip at it sharply. "My turn on top."

"We're doing it in your bed," Xie'er husks back, pushing Ye Baiyi away from him so they can towel off. "I had to change the sheets myself after you fell asleep last night."

"A credit to your manly prowess," Ye Baiyi replies cheerfully, and laughs when Xie'er slaps his chest. They dry off and take a few of the remaining unused towels to Ye Baiyi's bed because they can't be bothered to blow dry their hair. As soon as the pillows are appropriately protected, Xie'er lets himself get shoved to the bed and kissed within an inch of his life, all while he squirms, trying to get some sort of contact on his dick. Taking pity on him, Ye Baiyi lets him rut against his thigh while he finds the lube and condoms in the backpack beside the bed. Meanwhile he refuses to let Xie'er touch his own cock, stalwart and at attention despite having just fired.

Gods, his boyfriend is so hot.

This whole trip was a very good idea.

"Hm? What'd you say?"

"This trip was a good idea," Xie'er repeats himself, not having realized he had spoken aloud before. "But you're taking so long, I think I'll just-"

He hisses when Ye Baiyi bops his dick lightly.

"I waited how long for you to get your autographs?"

Xie'er pouts. "It was only fifteen minutes!"

"I still had to watch all of our merch! Everyone wanted to take my damn picture, even though I told them you would come back, this is a couple's cosplay-"

"I told you Ye Baiyi is a fan favourite-"

"Quiet, brat," Ye Baiyi snarls, rolling a condom onto his dick with a flourish. "Keep talking back and see where that gets you."

"Where's it gonna get me?" Xie'er pushes.

"I just might fuck you until you cry, and you won't get to come at all until we get back home. And I'll make you change the sheets after," he says with a grin.

"Not the sheets."

Ye Baiyi leans over, his hand loudly squelching lube all across his sheathed dick, and leers directly in Xie'er's face. "And the pillowcases, and the duvet cover. Can't waste the manpower."

"Where are we going to get the replacement duvet covers? There aren't any in the closet."

"I'll march you down to the lobby after I'm done with you and make you ask for them from the front desk. Won't even let you dress." Xie'er shivers at this patently empty threat. "Oh - maybe I'll put my cosplay back on beforehand. That'll make those shippers go nuts, seeing their precious Share getting humiliated by the Mount Changming Immortal."

"So you do appreciate the costume," Xie'er purrs.

His boyfriend yanks Xie'er's knees up and over his shoulders. "That's enough out of you. The next thing I hear out of you better be 'more, daddy'."

And then he drives himself in to the hilt.

Xie'er plays with himself enough that he can take Ye Baiyi without any preparation at all. It's painful, to be sure. But he likes the pain. He gasps against the sudden intrusion, clutching at the bedcovers, as Ye Baiyi sets a quick pace. It's hitting him right where it counts each time, but he can't help but goad his boyfriend on further:

"Can't you go any faster? I can do better with my own toys."

"Hah!" Ye Baiyi slows, deliberately angling away from Xie'er's prostate now. His face and chest are flushed with wanting, but Xie'er's boyfriend is a stubborn sonofabitch and he loves him so incredibly much. "Sure you can. You haven't been using any of your bigger ones, that much is obvious. You're so tight."

"Fasterrrrr," Xie'er complains, canting his hips to meet his boyfriend's thrusts.

"I told you what I wanted to hear. Now say it."

"Ungh- faster!"

"Wrong again." The slide of his cock in and out is now absolutely glacial.

Xie'er lets loose a soft yet unmistakable whine, looking up at his boyfriend through his lashes. He knows he makes a lovely sight - he works out, too, and he's not lacking in the size department, either. Ye Baiyi must be suffering right now. Good.

But... not only has Xie'er been such a good boy tonight - Ye Baiyi was so very patient as he followed Xie'er from panel to panel to dealer's hall to panel to photoshoot all day, allowing congoers to take his picture in the hall, and, in general, putting up with so much more than anyone else Xie'er has taken to a convention...

They both deserve to come now.

"More, daddy," Xie'er breathes, absolutely revelling in how Ye Baiyi's breath punches out a split second before Xie'er's choking back a scream. He comes just as swiftly as Ye Baiyi had in the shower, spangles of pleasure racing outward from the base of his spine to all of his extremities and back again.

But Ye Baiyi just keeps going. Xie'er struggles a bit against the other man's hold, but not enough to truly break free, even though he's quickly reaching the painful side of overstimulation.

"No, please, come on-"

Ye Baiyi's voice is low and resonant. "I think you've got another one in you."

"Nnngh, ow, hurts. Hurts."

"Use your word if it's too much."

"Pipa," Xie'er gasps, and Ye Baiyi stops immediately. "But let me suck you off."

He thinks Ye Baiyi's hands are trembling as they peel off the condom and throw it into the trash, and then his boyfriend is trying to climb on top of him, but he's not having that. No. In this lifetime, he can manhandle Ye Baiyi just as much as he gets manhandled, so it's easy for him to push his boyfriend over onto his back and put his mouth on the latex-flavored dick. It's disgusting, but soon enough, his boyfriend's cock is leaping against his tongue, and the unpleasant acrid taste gets drowned out with bitter liquid that he swallows reflexively.

To his embarrassment, his stomach growls as soon as he's consumed the last of his boyfriend's come, but he just faces the other man with red cheeks and asks airily, "Are we getting room service?"

"Of course we're getting room service," Ye Baiyi says immediately, even as his dick gives one last twitch in Xie'er's grasp. At Xie'er's expression, he says, "I can't last more than twice right now so don't even think about it."

Xie'er sets about cleaning them off with one of the unsullied towels. "Then I want steak."

"Oh yeah? Do I still have that kind of money?"

Yes, yes he does. Ye Baiyi's not exactly poor in this life, but he likes to complain about what he lets Xie'er spend his money on.

"If you had persevered and lasted for a third time, I might have been able to settle for a vegetarian dish, but now I want meat and you can't give it to me. So I want steak."


"Filet mignon."


"Well?" He lets his lip jut just so.

When Ye Baiyi relents and picks up the room phone, he rewards the other by cuddling next to the older man and listening to his resonant voice order two filet mignons with all the sides. His boyfriend's arms enfold him once the order has been placed, and pair of plush lips press to the crown of his head.

"Thank you," he says.

Ye Baiyi holds him closer. "Where are you going to put your Angemon figurine?"

"I was thinking he should go home with you."


"He'd look superb on your bookshelf."

"Just move in with me already-"

He laughs, softly, and they lay there, entwined, until they rise to accept their room service (clothed, of course).

In the end, Angemon does go home with Ye Baiyi.