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The Next Best Thing

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The first thing Caitriona registered as she awoke was the urgent need to pee. Scrambling out from under the duvet, she hustled across the bedroom, hoping she would make it in time. Bursting through the closed bathroom door, the sound of running water has her nearly pissing on the floor. Ripping her underwear down, she reaches the toilet just in time.

“Oh thank God,” she mutters. Blessed relief.

With the urgency of the situation resolved, she realizes that Sam is taking a shower. Glancing at the wall clock, she frowns. It is nearly 2 am. As she takes a breath to call his name, she hears it.

Just under the sound of water splashing against wall and body, there is the sound of a breathy gasp. A shuddering moan. Her whispered name choking in his throat.

A shiver courses through her body. She knows, intimately, the sounds Sam makes when he is close. The intensity of it is usually what sends her over the edge.

Finished with her toilet duties, she kicks her panties to the floor and rounds the corner of their open shower to see Sam leaning against the tile wall. She has a perfect profile view of his sculpted body. Water running in miniature rivers down the valleys and ridges of his musculature to pool on the floor around his feet.

Leaning back against the wall opposite him, Cait takes in the view. She has always enjoyed looking at her husband and tonight is no exception. His long, slender feet (even if he was flat-footed as a duck) with long, gripping toes. She loves that he is horrifically ticklish, oh how she lives to take advantage of that fact. He will thrash, howl and laugh until he cries.

Smirking with the memory, her gaze continued up his long calves. He would lament about the lack of muscle definition in them, but she secretly loves how graceful they are. He is incredibly light on his feet despite his height and bulk, but his legs are long and lean. They remind her of a thoroughbred racehorse.

Knees. Now, lusting over a man’s knees might seem a bit bizarre, but Sam has beautiful knees. The perfect mechanism of those joints as they knelt before her, asking her to be his wife, made her fall in love with them. Seeing them framed by his kilt and tall boots makes her want to sink her teeth into the tender flesh that runs along the back.

Watching his powerful thighs tremble and bunch under the ministrations of his pumping hand gives Cait a sudden tightening in her chest that is answered by a pulsing throb deep in her belly. She is hypnotized by the rhythm of his hips, pumping into his own grip. The lines of his forearm cut deep into the solid marble his arm has become. A bomb detonating in the bedroom couldn’t tear her eyes from this vision.

His large hand is wrapped firmly around the length of his cock, the head retreating and reappearing with each drive of his hips. Sam’s whimpering gasps and stuttered moans set her blood on fire and she cannot resist letting her fingers find their way between her legs. Stroking over her own clit, Cait jerks back against the wall supporting her. Risking a glance up to his face, she is relieved that his eyes are still clenched shut. She wants to watch him.

This beautiful man pleasuring himself is the most erotic and scorching thing Cait has ever seen. His body was built for power. Memories of that same body hovering over her own, driving deep and without taking any care flashed through her mind. He knew she could take anything he wanted to give. She knew he wouldn’t hurt her, no matter how desperate he was for her body.

One hand buried between her legs, she lets the other drift to her breast, tugging and pinching at the engorged nipple, remembering the sight and feel of his perfect mouth devouring her. His soft lips at odds against the sharp nip of his teeth before being assaulted by the laving warmth of his talented velvet tongue. Everything he did brought her more sensual pleasure than she knew possible. She was addicted to him and couldn’t be happier for it.

“Cait… Oh God, Cait.”

Sharpening her focus on him, she realizes his face is falling lax, a sure sign his orgasm is near. Every bit of energy is directed to achieving release, all other systems forgotten. Caitriona is torn about where she wants to look; watch his face while he falls apart, or see the way his cock bucks and throbs as it drains his heavy balls.

Debauchery wins out and she fixes her gaze on the sight of his cock slamming through the grip of his fist. Despite the size of his palm, there is plenty of length left to admire and Cait thrusts her fingers into her cunt, desperate to get off with him. Whining under the breath at the lack of them, she nearly bites through her tongue to keep herself from begging Sam to fuck her on the shower floor.

Sam’s body shudders from head to toe. With a final few trembling thrusts into his fist, Cait watches, transfixed, as his cock swells, the head flaring and blushing nearly violet just before thick white streams of his seed hit the floor. The base is pulsing, his balls drawn up tight in their effort to drain themselves. Just when she thinks he can’t possibly have anything left to spill, his cock gives one last jump in his fist. He rips his hand away, she knew he had grown too sensitive to withstand touch, and she admires the view as his thick cock hangs heavy between his legs. Twitching and pulsing so that it bobs before him under its own weight.

He once told her that he had been nicknamed Sam Huge-one in the locker room while in school. She had to say, they weren’t wrong in their assessment.

Her own eyes drift closed for a moment, seeking her own release but in the next instant, she feels the solid heat of her husband before her. Lips attach themselves to her neck while long probing fingers join hers between her legs, twisting and driving her to the orgasm she so desperately wants.

As always, Sam is exactly what she needs and she is coming on his hand with a whimpered cry of his name.

Once she returns to her senses, she can see the apology in Sam’s eyes. Placing a shushing finger against his lips, she shakes her head. “Don’t you dare. That was the hottest thing I’ve seen in ages.” Her lips replace her finger in a tender kiss, doing all she can to drive that guilt from his mind.

Breaking away to gasp for air, she continues. “I’m sorry I’ve left you wanting for so long.”

“No. It isn’t your fault.” Sam’s hand, large and comforting, soothes over the gentle curve of her hardened belly. “This one has had you bent over the toilet more often than not, it didn’t feel right to make even more demands of you.”

Lacing her fingers with his, she pulls him closer, “It is getting better. I’ve heard the best part is next.”

Blonde brows arch over bright blue eyes that are looking at her with so much adoration she is sure her heart will break, “Oh? What is the best part?”

Reaching down with her free hand to cup his semi-erect cock, she smirks against his lips, “A libido on fire.”