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starlight and starcrossed

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Iruka examined himself in the mirror one final time, hoping to pinpoint whatever amiss detail was currently gnawing at the back of his mind. 

The outfit looked fine, a baby blue button-up and deep navy slacks paired with his sole set of dress shoes. No uniforms, not today. Even if this was just a ceremony for the two of them (plus Naruto and Yamato as witnesses), he still wanted today to be different. This wasn't a mission for Konoha, it was for them and he wanted to look nice for this.

Maybe it was his hair? He rarely wore it down outside of their home, but he thought it looked decent and he knew Kakashi's habit of running his fingers through it when he wore it down.

As if summoned, Kakashi slips into their shared room, sighing as he leans against the closed door, a familiar voice shouting encouragement from the other side. 

Iruka quirks an inquisitive eyebrow, unwilling to suppress his smirk. "Gai's here?"

"I swear I don't know how he found out. He should be in Iron Country right now."

There's a flutter of laughter in his chest, of course Gai would have an extra sense for any major event in Kakashi's life. Part of him was glad, Gai's special brand of enthusiastic affection would be a welcome addition to the day. Besides he was the closest thing Kakashi had to a brother and he deserved to share this moment with his found family. Iruka wouldn't have minded if the entire village had known, but only if they didn't have to plan accommodations for that. What truly mattered today was that they were getting married. Finally.

"He probably has a deal with Pakkun." He offered, fixing his collar once again. 

From Kakashi's feet they hear an irritable gruff and Pakkun shakes his head firmly. "Not me, Shiba took a liking to him and tells him almost everything."

Master and summons have a silent communication through their gazes before Pakkun huffs again, eyeing the bed as if sizing up its potential for a nap spot. "Yamato is out there already. He'll get Gai to the front desk."

Problem seemingly resolved, Kakashi's usual slouch is back and he makes his way over to Iruka. He's always found Kakashi attractive but this time he's dressed all in black except for the burgundy undershirt and Iruka feels his mouth go dry at the sight. Yamato must've helped too, considering the shock of silver hair looks like he's attempted to at least push it from obscuring his face entirely. In his hand there's a scroll, oddly out of place of the dress shirt and slacks and Iruka nods towards it inquisitively.

"Ah yes." Kakashi extends the scroll, body lax and lips quirked pleasantly. "For you."

“What’s this?”

The outside of the scroll offers no help, completely blank except for a tricky seal Iruka had shown Kakashi how to make years ago. Once opened, a brief glance over the contents doesn't clarify what he's seeing. There's just a list' somethings etched and written over, some doodling along the sides of things like ramen bowls and dogs. 

Reading the first few dots give him vague context clues and he hazards a guess, “A guide?”


"About me."

Kakashi nods, offering no further explanation. Probably content to let Iruka lead this conversation. 

“Kakashi, how long have you had this?” 

“Started it the day after our first date.”

They have vastly different definitions of their first date, but if it's from the other man's perspective....

"We were on a mission."

Kakashi shrugs his shoulders affably, "We had dinner, drinks, entertainment. I thought that classified it as a date."

Iruka rolls his eyes, used to this conversation. "You nearly bleeding out on me at the end of it didn't particularly seem date-like."

"It added extra excitement to the evening."

That had been almost seven years ago. The scroll felt heavier in his hand, and Iruka wondered where all Kakashi had carried the parchment over the last few years. Although the thought of Kakashi toting around a reminder of Iruka at all times did make his chest feel warm. Whatever mask Kakashi chose to put on, he was still a hopeless romantic at heart. 

"Gai said it was romantic," Kakashi explains when Iruka lapses into silence, hand scratching at his unmasked cheek and eyes watching dust motes whirling around the hotel's cramped space. 

Unfurling the scroll further reveals the entirety of the visible scroll has ink covering it. Even the most recent ones look old, faded around the edges and Iruka thinks he can remember some of the situations that lead to the words there.

-Disappearing for a week after an argument does not mean you’ve won. It just makes you both unhappy.

-Acceptable places to kiss: home, academy after hours, market..... Not acceptable: the academy during school. Hokage office, the mission room

-Cries a lot, but out of happiness more often than not. Keeps a stash of comfort tea above the fridge for such occasions. Mint is a popular choice.

-Gai’s Eternal Rival Challenges = “good teamwork-building” “entertaining”. Not allowed inside of the home

-Enjoys chapters 7,8 of Make Out Tactics

-Prefers hospital clearance before returning home from missions

The list went on, detailing tidbits Iruka hadn't realized would even be noteworthy. It was weird, something only Kakashi could come up with and somehow endearing and he was marrying the most ridiculous man. Iruka rerolled the scroll without reading further, preferring to watch his fiance over the paper, placing it back in Kakashi’s hands. He wraps an arm around the jōnin's waist, looking at the unmasked face there, and pushes back the escaped strands of silver from his face.

“You think you still need a cheat sheet?” 

"Haven't used it in months, found out that I kinda like these surprises."

"Me too, you ready to get married?"

The only answer he gets is Kakashi's hand slipping to cradle the back of his head, and a series of slow kisses that steal Iruka's breath for how exceptionally earnest they are. In the mirror, the reflection of the two of them embracing fills the frame and Iruka figures out what had been off earlier; there had been an empty space where Kakashi fit