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The night Jae Chan finally returns home from Hong Joo’s—it’s then, when the hum of tension between the three of them finally crackles into a spark. The evening starts normally enough, with Woo Tak and Jae Chan watching some stupid game show on the couch as Seung Won leaves with his homework and an overnight bag, banging through the kitchen on the way out.


There’s been an undercurrent all day, during all the joking and teasing as Woo Tak helped bring his stuff and also a full meal back from Hong Joo’s. Jae Chan’s been feeling it, not sure what it is but not wanting it to stop, really, and he doesn’t know what he’s expecting. Still, he startles a little when Woo Tak picks up the remote and clicks the TV off as the front door slams, turning to look at Jae Chan. All Woo Tak does is look, dropping his polite smile to consider Jae Chan’s face with a quiet expression that nevertheless goes miles deep. It’s…Jae Chan feels the hair on the back of his neck prickle, just a little.


“I’m alive,” he points out, as Woo Tak stares and stares, seemingly doing nothing but watching Jae Chan breathe, “I’m even mostly better, you know?” 


He’s trying to break the tension. It’s unsettling, to be looked at so closely—to have Woo Tak so near, but so quiet. His expression is…intense.


Jae Chan,” Woo Tak says, clearly trying for scorn, but falling woefully short. Half a second later, Jae Chan belatedly realizes it’s actually the very first moment the two of them have had in private since before he was shot. This becomes abruptly relevant when Woo Tak’s face sort of crumples, and he leans in, sliding his arms very, very carefully around Jae Chan’s upper chest.


“You were shot,” he breathes, his usually calm voice going thready with strain, as Jae Chan stares down at the top of Woo Tak’s head, stunned, “What is this, America? You are a prosecutor. Don’t do this to m—to us, Jae Chan.”


“I didn’t mean to,” Jae Chan grumbles, trying to think through his anxiety, gingerly wrapping one arm back around Woo Tak and patting him on the shoulder, “I wasn’t trying to get shot.”


The front door opens and Seung Won shouts up, “Hong Joo wanted to come by! See you tomorrow!


Jae Chan goes stiff as a board as Hong Joo’s footsteps clatter up the stairs, but Woo Tak won’t be deterred, pressing his face into Jae Chan’s shoulder, arms firmly wrapped around him well above Jae Chan’s gunshot wound. Giving up on having Woo Tak take the hint, Jae Chan grins weakly at Hong Joo as she pauses on entry, eyes widening and flicking over the two of them as she catches sight of their embrace.


“Hi?” Jae Chan says, as her eyes linger on them both. He can’t quite decipher her expression; she doesn’t seem angry, or even annoyed, but Jae Chan isn’t sure what Hong Joo’s face is doing.


Still wrapped around him, Woo Tak doesn’t even twitch, even when Jae Chan makes an aborted move to squirm and then flinches; right, movements with his abdomen, still not recommended. His stitches may have dissolved, but he’s sore. As it turns out, being shot is terrible!


“Good, you’re both here,” says Hong Joo after barely a moment’s pause to study them, coming into the room fully and dropping a small backpack to one side. “Woo Tak, did he finish whining yet?


“No,” says Woo Tak, his voice muffled in Jae Chan’s shoulder. His voice is still unsteady, and Hong Joo’s face softens as she looks at him. “No, and he’s just about to tell me to let go and buy him pork belly instead.”


Jae Chan opens his mouth indignantly, then shuts it, realizing anything he’d say would add to Woo Tak’s argument. Hong Joo comes around the end of the couch and sits behind him, leaning up against Jae Chan’s back. Her arms come up too, and suddenly he’s being hugged from both directions at once, as Hong Joo rests her face against his back and carefully lays her arms over Woo Tak’s. Something in Jae Chan’s chest squirms, and he’s suddenly glad they’re not looking at him; he doesn’t know how to deal with this much affection at once.


“What are you two doing?” he asks nervously, trying to move his arms, failing, and giving up, “Hong Joo… Woo Tak… I’m fine, I’m recovered, mostly, what is— what are you doing?


“I thought you were dying,” Hong Joo says quietly into Jae Chan’s back, and he freezes again, “I thought…Jae Chan, I was so scared that night, I thought I...thought we...would lose you.”


“She fainted, you know,” says Woo Tak, turning his head from where it’s been buried in Jae Chan’s shoulder to speak more clearly, and Jae Chan blinks down at him. “When we learned you’d be okay. It was—” he draws a long, shuddering breath, air gusting against Jae Chan’s neck, “It was a bad night. I hope you don’t remember it.”


Jae Chan can’t move his arms except to bend them at the elbow, but he twists one of them up to kind of pat at Hong Joo and Woo Tak’s layered forearms, where they’re both wrapped around his chest. “I lived,” he says, awkwardly, “I’m here.” He squeezes at Hong Joo’s forearm, and she rubs her forehead against his back a little. Woo Tak’s breathing is steadying, gradually.


After another second, Jae Chan says, carefully, conscious of the weird mood hanging thick in the air, “So… can you let me go?”


“What if we don’t want to?” asks Hong Joo, her chin digging into Jae Chan’s back, “Woo Tak, do you want to let him go?”


“Nope,” says Woo Tak, lifting his head a little to rest his chin on Jae Chan’s shoulder, talking over it to Hong Joo, and hey, rude! Jae Chan wiggles his shoulders experimentally, and sighs when that continues to have absolutely zero effect.


They sit quietly that way for a few minutes more, both Hong Joo and Woo Tak providing a steady pressure. Even though Jae Chan doesn’t hug—or get hugged—by that many people, let alone by two people at once, it’s… nice. Grounding. He finally lets himself relax into it, leaning his head on Woo Tak’s, for lack of anywhere else to put it. The two of them are warm, snuggled up to him, and Jae Chan finds an anxious little knot inside him unwinding, slowly, comfortably.


“Jae Chan, we’re so glad you’re alive,” Hong Joo says, eventually, and her voice is serious. That anxious knot in Jae Chan’s stomach winds right back up. “Let us show you, okay?” Her hand has been rubbing Woo Tak’s shoulder, and pats it now, just in front of Jae Chan’s face. Jae Chan feels Woo Tak’s wrist move, but can’t tell what happens behind him. He sighs again in response, more gently this time. He doesn’t really want to talk about this, but…it’s not as if he can leave, not with the two of them physically wrapped around him, and it’s clear that Hong Joo is going to be her usual self and walk straight into the uncomfortable conversation.


Not to mention, it’s Jae Chan’s house.


“Fine, fine,” he says, turning his head to peer backwards, though he still can’t see her, “I’m listening, Hong Joo.”


Internally, Jae Chan braces. He’s off the good painkillers now, the ones that let him float above the shock and fear of being shot, but he’s figured out how to channel all that into his determination to bring justice, now—he’s got it, really. Jae Chan’s fine now, and he’d thought Hong Joo and Woo Tak were dealing in their own ways.


He’s not at all prepared for her to lift her head from his back, kneel up, and kiss him, one hand moving to his shoulder—no, moving to Woo Tak’s face, just below his own, because he’s resting his cheek right on his friend’s head. Jae Chan manages not to splutter into her mouth, but he definitely makes a surprised noise as she first presses her lips lightly to his, then pushes further, nibbling at his top lip before drawing back and looking into his face. Hong Joo’s expression is uncharacteristically solemn.


“You’re here,” she breathes, “You’re here.


“He is,” Woo Tak agrees, and draws his head back a little, out from under Jae Chan’s chin. His gaze darts between Hong Joo and Jae Chan for a moment before he raises his eyebrows at Hong Joo for a second. The two of them seem to have a silent conversation that Jae Chan can’t read, in a quick series of eyebrow lifts, a little smile from Hong Joo, an answering one from Woo Tak.


Then—Jae Chan’s jaw is taken in Woo Tak’s hand, and before he knows it, Jae Chan is being kissed gently and thoroughly by Woo Tak, even as he feels Hong Joo’s chin settle onto his shoulder again, and one of her arms sneaks around his good side. Jae Chan’s arms are still completely trapped, so he settles for making a shocked noise that dies as Woo Tak continues to kiss him, thumb stroking Jae Chan’s ear, and damn it, why does Woo Tak remember that Jae Chan’s ears are sensitive?


Jae Chan feels his entire body go hot at that memory.


“I was right,” Hong Joo observes, as Woo Tak finally pulls back from the kiss, leaving Jae Chan speechless and bright red, “This is more fun in person.”


“H-hong Joo,” Jae Chan sputters, “Woo Tak, is—are—“


“Don’t worry, Jae Chan,” Hong Joo singsongs, smacking a kiss on Jae Chan’s ear as she stands up, shedding her earlier gravity with her usual capriciousness. She reaches to pull Woo Tak to a standing position; he goes immediately, traitor, though he trails one hand along Jae Chan’s arm“We’re going to take such good care of you tonight.”


With that, she turns to Woo Tak, who’s watching her with that soft smile of his, and rises on her tiptoes to—




—to kiss him. Woo Tak’s arms immediately go around her, no hesitation whatsoever, and Jae Chan feels himself go hot, then cold, then hot again as they kiss, and—and—


—is this jealousy? Jae Chan tries to tear his eyes away and can’t, tries to shut his eyes but finds them opening again, drawn to the soft sounds, the sheer presence of Hong Joo and Woo Tak, his eyes drawn to their lips meeting like iron filings to a magnet. Woo Tak has a hand braced at the small of Hong Joo’s back, the other cupped at the nape of her neck. One of Hong Joo’s hands is still on Jae Chan’s shoulder, but he can’t see the other, and it’s…maybe it’s bothering him? He wants to know where it is, and he doesn’t.


It’s not decent to stare at a couple kissing…but. But. They’ve both just kissed Jae Chan, and they’re right there, and—


As Jae Chan tries to flounder through his feelings, the other two separate, slowly, lips reluctantly dragging apart. Hong Joo smiles—no, grins—up at Woo Tak, then turns to Jae Chan, her eyes brilliant. “Come on,” she says, tugging a little at Jae Chan’s shoulder, “Woo Tak, tell him.”


“Come with us, Jae Chan,” says Woo Tak, softly, curling a hand around Jae Chan’s elbow and lifting him to his feet, and, and hnng, Jae Chan is only a man, susceptible as anyone to being moved so effortlessly. He follows, feeling himself stumble as he tries to take his weight, but Woo Tak steadies him easily, stepping into Jae Chan’s space like there’s nothing strange about this situation, like the intimacy of it, of having two people that he—feels some kind of way about—so near isn’t making him shake.


Hong Joo is watching the two of them, lips curved in a pleased smile, her eyes warm and lingering on where Woo Tak’s hands touch him. Jae Chan opens his mouth and finds he can’t even begin to figure out what to say. He eventually manages to sputter out, “Hong Joo, did, did you—dream about this?”


His hands open and close, grasping nervously at the air before Jae Chan finally settles one of them uncertainly on Woo Tak’s shoulder, reaching towards Hong Joo’s waist with the other before he loses his nerve and lets it drop again. The hand on Woo Tak’s shoulder is definitely trembling; Jae Chan doesn’t let himself examine why he calms when Woo Tak takes his elbow in a firm grip.


“Hmm,” Hong Joo says in response to Jae Chan’s question, taking the single half-step necessary to press herself up against his front, winding her arms around his hips, much lower than she’d usually embrace him. “Not exactly. I mean, I’ve dreamed of the three of us—“ Hong Joo pauses to grin again, shamelessly, as Jae Chan chokes on nothing, as beside him Woo Tak takes an unsteady breath and clutches his arm harder, “—but those are… not yet. I wanted… “ she bites her lip, looking suddenly a little uncertain, “For the—our—first time, anyway, I was hoping… not to see it first. That none of us would see it first, you know?”


“Yeah, I understand,” says Woo Tak, like that’s a sane thing to say, but to object now would make Jae Chan look like an asshole, especially with Hong Joo looking up at him with those big pleading eyes, with Woo Tak still holding him steady by his elbow—especially given that underneath his shrieking anxiety, Jae Chan does want whatever this is too—so he sighs instead and tips his head down to kiss her forehead, trying to get a grip. He lets the kiss linger, his eyes closing, as he breathes in, then out, letting his free hand come up around her, tucking it into the small of her back.


“Okay,” Jae Chan says, quietly, feeling himself give in, feeling the apprehension flare, paradoxically, higher as he admits his desire to himself and to them, “Okay.”


He really can’t say no to Hong Joo, no matter what craziness she’s leading him into.


Jae Chan can feel Hong Joo’s smile lighting up against his neck, and hears more than sees her kiss Woo Tak again, just a short one right under his chin. He scowls—unfair, to use his height against him like this—but doesn’t have time to protest as he’s suddenly pulled forward, Hong Joo seizing his free arm and tugging him towards his bedroom. Woo Tak follows, letting his hand slip from Jae Chan’s elbow to lace their fingers together, crowding in beside him like he’s cold, or, or…


Remembering the night he’d spent at Woo Tak’s, Jae Chan can’t help but blush—again— sneaking a sideways look at him. Woo Tak is already looking back up, and catches him—Jae Chan goes even brighter red, he can feel it, but Woo Tak only smiles that brilliant smile, and squeezes his hand.


How can Woo Tak be so cool with this? Jae Chan might be holding it together on the outside, but he still half-expects that he’s going to snap from the strain, that he’s going to see Hong Joo and Woo Tak get wrapped up in one another and he’ll have to make some excuse and leave them to it, that he’ll need to hide in the bathroom from—from whatever’s going to happen, Jae Chan doesn’t know, and it’s terrifying.


When they reach his room, Hong Joo immediately turns around and slips her hands under Jae Chan’s shirt, her hands light and gentle over his bandages. “Let us take care of you,” she murmurs. Jae Chan startles, but he’s caught immediately by Woo Tak, just behind him in the doorway. Woo Tak leans up against his back and looks around his shoulder at Hong Joo, and upon seeing what Hong Joo is doing, slides his free hand beneath Jae Chan’s shirt too. He squeezes Jae Chan’s hand again, drawing it backwards to kind of tuck against Woo Tak’s stomach, and—oh, Jae Chan can’t untangle his fingers, but he can still feel the definition of Woo Tak’s muscles against the back of his hand, and, hmm.


On Jae Chan’s own abdomen, Hong Joo’s hands are a little chilly; Woo Tak’s, on his back, is large and warm. Jae Chan shivers a little between the two of them, not sure what to do with himself, and ends up staying still, hoping one of them will give him a cue. With a faint hum, Hong Joo leans up to kiss him again, and he takes the direction offered gladly, settling his free hand on her waist; this, at least, is familiar territory. The kiss is long and soft before she starts to nip at his lips in the way he likes, and Jae Chan gets distracted enough that he doesn’t actually register until the kiss breaks that between the two of them, Woo Tak and Hong Joo have mostly maneuvered his shirt off.


“Hey!” he squawks, as Woo Tak neatly flips the shirt off his head and skims it off the arm on his good side, “Hey, that’s—you cheated!”


“Of course we did,” says Woo Tak, from behind him, and—oh, Woo Tak is also shirtless now, huh, and Jae Chan’s brain fritzes for a second as Woo Tak leans against his back again, miles of smooth, warm skin pressing up against his. In front of them, Hong Joo giggles and starts unbuttoning her own shirt, backing away from them a little. “Otherwise we’d never get anywhere with you.”


Woo Tak follows this outrageous lie by looping his arms around Jae Chan’s chest and forestalling any other protests with a kiss to the side of his neck; Jae Chan’s objection stutters out, a faulty match.


“I, uh,” Jae Chan says, weakly, as he reaches up to grab at one of Woo Tak’s hands and ends up just…holding it…while Woo Tak runs his lips up the side of his neck, making him shiver involuntarily, making him lean in for more of that warmth, “That’s…”


“True and you know it,” Hong Joo says mock-sternly, and oh, hey, her shirt’s open now. Jae Chan blinks at her as she holds his gaze and shrugs off the layer, revealing a utilitarian bra, albeit one with pretty lace details on the cups. He hasn’t seen this one on Hong Joo before, though it might have been on the floor when he first stayed at her place, before she’d run in and started cleaning up.


Woo Tak pauses where he’s kissing Jae Chan’s neck, and his hand turns in Jae Chan’s grip to cling in appreciation; they exchange grips in mutual understanding for a long moment. Hong Joo’s eyes flicker between Jae Chan and Woo Tak, and her grin turns shy. She goes pink as she drops her shirt on the floor. “Don’t just stand there,” she says, a little shake in her voice clashing with the firmness of her gaze, “Woo Tak, get him on the bed.”


Jae Chan finds himself being pushed gently forward, Woo Tak’s presence behind him turning into a pressure he can’t ignore. Experimentally, he firms his stance just a little, remembering how the...other time...Woo Tak had effortlessly moved him, even injured, and he just went. Woo Tak snorts, quietly. “You’re injured, Jae Chan,” he says, his voice soft, even as he does something with one hip to knock Jae Chan off balance, forcing him to move, “I’m not going to manhandle you like a, a suspect.


“Ooh, is he resisting?” asks Hong Joo, brightly, as Jae Chan surrenders and lets Woo Tak push him down beside her on the, on Jae Chan’s own bed, “Not tonight, Jae Chan, tonight we’re being nice to you.” She winds her arms carefully around him and puts her chin on his shoulder, pressing her torso gently up against his bad side. The rectangle of bandage is held in place by neat lines of tape, not wound around his whole torso like Woo Tak’s—being fair, Jae Chan’s ribs hadn’t been injured, as he hadn’t been kicked twelve or fifteen times by a murderer—but Hong Joo still settles her arm carefully above it, not exerting any pressure.


“I’m not resisting,” Jae Chan protests, even though it’s kind of a lie, but whatever else he was going to say is lost when Hong Joo kisses him again. He tries to continue, but after making one or two muffled noises where she doesn’t let up, he gives up and puts his hands on her, too, sliding one hand up her now-bare back, running one thumb along her bra strap before letting his hand drift down again, along the smooth line of her shoulders to the small of her back.


Jae Chan’s so lost in it, Woo Tak’s hand sliding into his hair kind of integrates into the whole mass of pleasant sensation—at least, until Woo Tak grips his hair near the roots and pulls, not too hard at first, but with an unforgiving grip. Jae Chan can’t stop the gasp that tears out of him, nor the groan that follows as he instinctively pulls away from the kiss, tucking his chin to seek a harder tug, and Hong Joo breaks away to first look up in confusion, then to stare, propping herself up on her elbow where she lies next to them.


“He likes this a lot,” Woo Tak says, and how can he sound so conversational? He lets go of the first handful of Jae Chan’s hair, strokes along his head for a moment, then gets another good grip and pulls again. Jae Chan bites his own lip, closing his eyes and letting himself really feel the burn on his scalp, the way his head is, is inevitably pulled in the direction of Woo Tak’s hand, even as he fights the pull, just a little, just to experience it.


“Look at his face,” says Hong Joo, and only the hushed...the almost awed tone to her voice keeps Jae Chan from feeling self-conscious, keeps his eyes closed as he lets his head loll in Woo Tak’s grip, letting the drag on his hair take the weight of his skull.


Woo Tak lets the pressure off slowly, dropping his head down to the pillow, and Jae Chan lets his eyes blink open, surfacing from the sensation only to see the two of them looking down at him from either side, nearly identical expressions of fondness on their faces. It’s so much to take—Hong Joo’s open fascination, the half-lidded eyes and small smile that all but shout Woo Tak’s satisfaction. Jae Chan slams his own eyes shut again, and tries to stifle the exposed whine that tries to escape his throat—it doesn’t completely work. He clutches at Hong Joo’s shoulder, makes another sound of loss as she sits up and his hand falls to his side.


But then— “I want to try,” says Hong Joo, and Jae Chan feels her hand stroke the side of his face before slipping into his hair too, and oh, oh, this is, this is, he can’t stop his back from arching a little, tilting his head pleadingly as she threads her fingers into a grip further from the roots than Woo Tak had taken, and tugs.


It’s—it’s still good, but, but—Jae Chan opens his eyes again, and tries to summon up the right thing to say. He doesn’t need to, though; Woo Tak is watching him carefully, and says, “Closer to his scalp, Hong Joo, right by the roots. Start slowly.


Jae Chan lets a breath escape and smiles a little at Woo Tak, and just as Hong Joo adjusts her grip, just as he’s closing his eyes as she pulls again, this time the pain hotter but duller, the way he’s finding he likes it best—just as he lets himself gasp, feels his neck curve with Hong Joo’s pull, someone’s lips meet his.


It’s Woo Tak this time; Jae Chan can feel the faint scritch of his stubble. Jae Chan whimpers, can’t stop himself, and his hands fly up, one of them landing on Woo Tak’s bicep, where he clutches helplessly; the other flails through the air and gets caught, and from the coolness and the size of the fingers, he’s also been captured by Hong Joo.


“Oh, just look at you two,” Hong Joo says, and her voice is low and rich with satisfaction as Woo Tak kisses Jae Chan. The kiss starts casual, gentle, but turns dirtier by the second. Jae Chan doesn’t…can’t…mind it, when Woo Tak’s tongue swipes along his bottom lip; he lets his mouth fall open, greedy for more, and feels Woo Tak’s smile as the kiss grows wetter and, and there’s only one word for it—sexier.


When Woo Tak lifts away, Jae Chan has trouble opening his eyes for a minute. Hong Joo chuckles softly, letting the burning tug on his hair go to stroke through it instead, then to run her nails across his scalp, leaning in and smooching his cheek briefly; when Jae Chan finally does blink his eyes open, she’s kissing Woo Tak, leaning across his chest to do so.


This time, Jae Chan feels...he feels better about watching them kiss. Woo Tak’s free hand cups Hong Joo’s jaw, angling her face, but Hong Joo’s hands are both on Jae Chan; one still in his hair, fingers threaded gently into it, one holding his hand low on his belly, and suddenly he’s all too aware of his hard-on, which throbs as Hong Joo makes a quiet, hungry noise, and Woo Tak hums in answer.


They’re both breathing faster when their lips part, and Jae Chan swallows hard as they both look down at him again. Woo Tak glances down at where Jae Chan’s hand is still on his bicep, and takes him by the wrist, gently disengaging his fingers. “What are we going to do with you?” he asks, a smile tugging at the edges of his lips. Jae Chan makes a soft, wordless noise, unsure of what to say in answer, but before he can form words, Woo Tak shakes his head, mock-sternly, and presses his captured wrist to the bed.


This time, Jae Chan whines. The little smile on Woo Tak’s face breaks into a full grin; on his other side, Hong Joo giggles, softly. “I’ll get his pants if you hold him down,” she says, her voice breathlessly mischievous, stroking his hair again, “Jae Chan, sound like fun?”


Oh no, oh no, she wants him to talk—Jae Chan turns his head to stare up pleadingly at Hong Joo, biting his lip and trying desperately to pull his scrambled brains together. “Yes,” he finally rasps, “Yes, please—“ and is rewarded with her smile, with a swift kiss to the corner of his mouth, as Hong Joo moves his hand from his belly to stretch his arm up and release it into Woo Tak’s custody.


Jae Chan is subsequently very distracted for about twenty seconds as Hong Joo briskly undoes his belt, then his it’s-my-day-off jeans; meanwhile, Woo Tak has taken both his wrists firmly in his hands and pinned them above his head, and that’s so hot, Jae Chan can’t even fucking think. He gapes up at Woo Tak, his mouth opening and closing without his input, as Woo Tak smiles down at him.


“Why?” Jae Chan blurts, unable to stop himself, straining against Woo Tak’s hold and feeling his dick throb, unable to stop the question from boiling up even as the pleasure of being kept in place makes him want to melt, “I can—you don’t need to—Hong Joo, Woo Tak, I can, I can do… things, I can—ahh—“ 


Hong Joo has finally, finally taken hold of his dick, tucking herself back against Jae Chan’s side, and oh, her bra’s off now too, presumably on the floor with his pants—her breasts are pressed against his ribs—he can’t suppress the sigh of relief as she pumps his dick a little, and his hips twitch up towards her hand without his input.


“We want to,” says Woo Tak, shifting to lie along Jae Chan’s other side, still keeping his arms pinned with one hand on his wrists—Jae Chan tests his grip a little, but not seriously, not enough to get away, and Woo Tak squeezes back, his thumb petting along Jae Chan’s forearm. “Jae Chan, you’re—it’s—“ Woo Tak bites his lip, and looks up at Hong Joo, where she’s released Jae Chan’s dick for the moment and is tracing her hand up his belly, sliding her hand along his skin. She holds his gaze for a moment, then rolls a little to plant her chin on Jae Chan’s chest and look up at him.


“You’re precious to us,” Hong Joo says, like that’s a thing people say, and Jae Chan almost splutters, “We want to show you. Right, Woo Tak?” She glances sideways without moving her head, and it, it really should look silly, with her hair tousled and her eyeballs straining to meet Woo Tak’s gaze looking sidelong, but Jae Chan can’t...he can only love her, helplessly, his heart going soft with the way she finally scrunches her nose and lets her eyes relax. She tilts her head to rest her cheek on Jae Chan’s chest, and he’d reach down for her, but he still can’t move his arms, and that sends another little bolt of warmth through him—and, and Woo Tak is talking now. Jae Chan both doesn’t want to look and can’t stop himself from looking into Woo Tak’s gaze, intense like a too-warm sunbeam.


“Exactly,” Woo Tak is saying, letting his free hand trace lightly—so very, very lightly—over the tape holding Jae Chan’s bandages down. “Jae Chan, you don’t need to do anything for us tonight. There…” he’s blushing, and Jae Chan is fascinated, watching Woo Tak’s ears and face go bright red, “There will be other times for that. Let us take care of you, okay?” Woo Tak finally meets Jae Chan’s eyes again, and even though his cheeks are red, his gaze is steady, his eyes soft with affection. Jae Chan squirms a little under the heat in them. “Like Hong Joo said, you’re precious to us,” Woo Tak finishes, his voice soft, “I...we...want to show you how much you mean to us—how glad we are you’re safe. We’ve got you, Jae Chan. Let us do this, okay?”


Jae Chan can’t—he can hardly breathe, with the weight of both their gazes on him, and he’s suddenly way too aware of how he’s the only one who’s completely naked in the room. He shuts his eyes, his breathing going shaky, and flexes against Woo Tak’s grip again—Woo Tak presses him down, and Jae Chan breathes out, slowly. He feels Hong Joo press her lips against his chest, her sharp little chin digging into his pec, and the not-quite pain…settles him, grounds him in the moment. Hong Joo’s hand is rubbing gently at his thigh, so close and yet not touching his dick. Jae Chan lifts his hips a little, hopefully, but—nothing.


He’s going to have to say it.


“Okay,” he says, and it’s barely a whisper, “Okay, Hong Joo, Woo Tak. You can…you can…I don’t know. Whatever you’re planning.” Jae Chan opens his eyes, and looks from one of them to the other. “I… I trust you.”


He doesn’t like how…soft, how vulnerable his voice sounds right now, but Jae Chan doesn’t have time to ponder it, because Woo Tak has leaned in to kiss him again, and swallows the gasp Jae Chan releases as Hong Joo takes his dick in hand once more. He’s distracted, caught between Woo Tak’s warm lips and Hong Joo’s careful grip, and Jae Chan doesn’t realize Hong Joo has moved until, until—


“—oh!” he wrenches out, tearing away from the kiss as Hong Joo closes her lips around the head of his dick and sucks, and Jae Chan’s never, no one’s ever done this to him without a condom, and he’s, it’s maybe a good thing his side isn’t healed yet or he might be rude and thrash upwards. As it is, the automatic clench of his abdomen brings a warning spike of pain that brings Jae Chan back from the edge, though it makes him pant a little, wincing.


“Okay?” Woo Tak murmurs, from just beside Jae Chan, giving an appreciative glance down Jae Chan’s torso towards Hong Joo, who’s pulled off for a moment, looking back up, “Not too much?”


“I just—I’m still sore,” says Jae Chan, when he realizes both of them are waiting for him to answer, and he turns to hide his face in his own arm, “It’s not too much—please—ohh—“ Hong Joo has taken his affirmative answer and run with it, and Jae Chan can’t stop himself from shuddering with pleasure.


Woo Tak moves Jae Chan’s hands until they’re at his bedframe—what?—and wraps his fingers around the bars. “Don’t let go until I say you can,” he says, taking Jae Chan’s chin in one hand so that Jae Chan has to meet his eyes; his voice is firm and has a tone that Jae Chan’s never heard him use before.


“Okay,” Jae Chan breathes, a squirmy bolt of heat entirely unrelated to what Hong Joo’s doing to his cock shooting down his spine; he wants to writhe, wants to thrash, but both his injury and his manners keep him in place, so instead he stares into Woo Tak’s eyes and hopes for…hopes for…ohhh, he doesn’t know, but he’s starting to think that Woo Tak might.


Woo Tak smiles at him, then, and smooths his thumb over Jae Chan’s lips—Jae Chan opens his mouth a little, tries to catch it, misses—and lets go of his jaw, and before he knows it, Woo Tak is shifting again, down the bed so he’s settled close to Hong Joo, and…Jae Chan’s stretched out at the top of the bed, his hands holding the bars of his bedframe, and both of them still have their pants on, and he’s never felt so exposed in his life.


“Hong Joo,” Woo Tak murmurs, and she lifts her head away from Jae Chan’s dick, dragging her lips off slowly—Jae Chan makes a small sound of loss, can’t help himself, but he can’t stop looking at them—and oh, they’re kissing again, right there, right over his hips, and their other kisses were sweet and lingering but this one is, this one is filthy, tongues and teeth and wow, Jae Chan…is really glad he’s allowed to watch, even though he can feel himself blushing.


When they break apart, Woo Tak leans forward to whisper something in Hong Joo’s ear, and even though Jae Chan strains, he can’t make it out. Whatever it is, Hong Joo’s grin flashes bright and playful as she glances up at Jae Chan, and she nods to Woo Tak, leaning forward to kiss him again, briefly. Jae Chan wonders briefly if he should brace himself, but he doesn’t have time to tense before they—




both of them lower their heads to Jae Chan’s cock, and Jae Chan sobs as Woo Tak takes the head of his dick in his mouth, and Hong Joo licks up the side. The two of them lift away to kiss again, lips bumping right against Jae Chan’s dick, and he feels his entire body heat up, his palms go slippery with sweat against the metal of his bedframe. Hong Joo glances up and grins at him as Woo Tak licks down his cock again, and Jae Chan can only gape at her, clenching his fingers around the bars of his bed so hard his knuckles protest, a faint gasping noise tearing itself out from his suddenly desert-dry throat.


He alternates between staring and squeezing his eyes shut, torn between wanting desperately to watch, to see, and not being able to take the sight. Jae Chan has never done anything like this, not ever—he’s not a virgin, though his night over at Woo Tak’s had certainly, um, expanded his horizons—but this is, this is beyond anything he’s even ever fantasized about, and it’s, he’s—


“Stop, stop!” Jae Chan finally sobs as the two of them shift again, Hong Joo sucking the head of his cock into her mouth again, and both of them sit up immediately. Hong Joo shifts up towards his torso, smoothing her hands up his chest, and Woo Tak reaches up to tap at Jae Chan’s arms, tugging them free from where his fingers are locked around the frame. It takes a second for Jae Chan to unclench his fingers, and by the time he’s able to move his arms down, Woo Tak is sitting by Jae Chan’s shoulder, one hand instantly ready to take his, the other cupping his face.


“What’s wrong?” asks Hong Joo, reaching up and taking Jae Chan’s other hand; he clings, unable to stop himself, “Jae Chan, are you okay?”


Jae Chan can’t quite look at her, nor at Woo Tak. He’s trembling, and his breathing is too quick. “It—I was—“ he starts, and feels himself go scarlet, “I was going to be…done…fast, and…“ he trails off, turning and pressing his face into Woo Tak’s still-clothed leg, which reminds him…“I won’t be able to…y’know…more than once, I’ll probably just fall asleep, with this injury,” he mumbles into Woo Tak’s calf. He hears a “hmm” of understanding, hears Hong Joo start to make a noise he can’t quite parse, but he plows on. “I don’t want…I like you too, you know? I want…“ Jae Chan feels himself blush more, and pushes his head harder into Woo Tak’s leg, rubbing his forehead against the denim enough to chafe just a little.


“What do you want, Jae Chan?” Hong Joo prods, after he falls silent for a few long moments. She’s petting his side with her free hand, firmly enough not to tickle him. “We’re not mad, I promise.”


Woo Tak huffs a soft laugh, above him. “Definitely not,” he says, and leans down to kiss Jae Chan’s shoulder, which—okay, yes, Jae Chan has hunched his head defensively, pulling it under his own arm like a turtle.


“You two aren’t even naked yet,” Jae Chan grumbles, and freezes when Hong Joo releases a bright peal of laughter. His spine unlocks when he realizes she’s giggling at herself and Woo Tak, unable to keep herself contained.


“He’s right!” Hong Joo gasps, flopping over onto the bed. Somehow that breaks the tension, and Woo Tak joins her in laughing. After a minute, Jae Chan loosens further, enough to release a chuckle or two, though he still doesn’t lift his head. “Woo Tak, Woo Tak, that’s not fair at all,” Hong Joo continues through her giggles, rolling a little away, and this prompst Jae Chan to pick up his head a bit, enough to peek over at her—and then to keep his gaze on her as she starts wiggling her pants off without sitting up.


Woo Tak’s hand scritches through his hair, then curves to fit the back of his head and support Jae Chan’s neck as they both watch her. “Do you want us to slow down?” Woo Tak asks, as Hong Joo kicks free of one pant leg and rolls a little away to scramble free of the other, rolls back to see them watching and turn bright red, but still snuggle back in to Jae Chan’s side, propping her chin on his shoulder.


“I, uh,” says Jae Chan, as Woo Tak lets go of him, as his hands go to his own belt and he pulls it free, “I…yeah. I’ll…I’ll get there just fine, I haven’t had problems like you did—” wow, he is scarlet, he can feel the heat radiating off his face, and yep, his chest has gone pink too, but Jae Chan continues valiantly as Woo Tak steps off the bed for a second to let his jeans fall—“But I’m, I want to…I want to touch you too. I like you too.” This is as much talking as Jae Chan can manage, and he turns his face away again, tucking it into Hong Joo’s hair this time.


She makes a faint tutting noise, and threads her fingers back into his hair “Jae Chan, Woo Tak is giving us such a nice view,” she scolds, gently, and pulls his head back around. Jae Chan inhales sharply at the pressure on his scalp, and only barely remembers to keep his eyes open as Hong Joo points his face at Woo Tak.


It… it is a nice view. Woo Tak grins at both of them as he kicks off his underwear, and deliberately stands up straight for a moment, stretching his arms lazily above his head. His torso, his muscled stomach—the muscles flex and shift, and Jae Chan feels his face, where the blush hasn’t faded, flame red again as Hong Joo gives a muted cheer of appreciation right beside him.


“And you held his coat so I couldn’t see in the hospital!” she scolds Jae Chan as Woo Tak returns to the bed, his smile bright enough to light the room all by itself, “How selfish! Woo Tak, thank you for sharing with both of us!”


“Oh, it’s no trouble,” Woo Tak says politely, his sly grin—and his nudity—the only hints that this isn’t a perfectly normal exchange. He leans down and across Jae Chan’s torso to kiss Hong Joo softly, “You’re allowed to touch, too,” he adds, when he pulls back, looking down thoughtfully at Jae Chan, “He certainly likes it.”


Jae Chan groans and claps his hands over his face, but Woo Tak really, really isn’t wrong, so he gives up on hiding after just a few seconds and looks over at Hong Joo. She’s already sat up, giving them both a calculating look. “I don’t know what I want to do first,” she admits, when Jae Chan catches her gaze, reaching out and smoothing her hand down his chest, skirting to the side without the bandages when she reaches his abdomen.


“Huh,” says Jae Chan, catching her hand in his own again, “I mean… well… he did say we could touch him,” he continues, glancing sidelong at Woo Tak, hardly believing his own daring.


Woo Tak’s smile is a reward in itself, as he flops down on the bed next to Jae Chan and spreads his hands. “I’m not going to say no,” he says, and Hong Joo squeaks happily and climbs right over Jae Chan. She ends up with one knee between Jae Chan’s legs and one between Woo Tak’s, and Jae Chan has to stop and stare up at her as she leans a little and runs her free hand up Woo Tak’s chest, her face avid.


It’s… it’s something, to watch her face as she leans forward in concentration, to see her eyes flicking between the two of them as Hong Joo traces her fingers over Woo Tak’s chest. Jae Chan bites his lip, and he sees her eyes focus on his mouth, and darken.


“I think you two should kiss for me,” she says, and her voice is low and breathy. It takes a second for Jae Chan to parse her words through the sheer heat in her tone, but when he turns his head, Woo Tak is already looking at him, his eyes intent and fond, right next to him on the pillow. It’s… it’s heady, to see Woo Tak giving him that look, as Hong Joo grips his hand hard, making sure he can’t forget her presence—as if he could—and Jae Chan can’t suppress a shiver as he leans in.


Woo Tak’s lips are warm, and they open right away when Jae Chan’s meet his. Distantly, he hears Hong Joo make a pleased noise from where she perches on their legs, but Jae Chan is swiftly lost in how Woo Tak shifts to get an arm half under his shoulders to pull him closer, how he won’t let Jae Chan even crane his head up, instead meeting every slight press from Jae Chan with a greater pressure, keeping him still. It should be smothering, or domineering, or something—it isn’t, somehow, instead making a deep relaxation uncurl in Jae Chan’s stomach, making his muscles melt like ice in a hot spring.


“Oh, that’s, you two,” says Hong Joo, and Jae Chan feels…oh, on his leg, that’s…he feels heat. She’s shifted her weight to grind down on his thigh, and he can’t stop himself from moaning into the kiss, tensing his thigh underneath her to give her what she needs. He’s rewarded with a small, high whimper and—yes—she untangles her hand from his to thump it down on his chest, grinding her hips down again in a warm, slick little shift. Jae Chan shudders in desire, warmth dripping down his spine, through his entire body.


He pulls back from the kiss a little, panting, and flicks his eyes at Hong Joo; Woo Tak looks down at her too and Jae Chan watches his ears go red, the flush spreading over his cheekbones. “Hong Joo,” he breathes, and Jae Chan lets his head drop forward so he can kiss Woo Tak’s shoulder and take a long, steadying inhale. “Hong Joo, are you…oh, oh, I see, can we help?”


“Kiss again for me?” asks Hong Joo, her voice gone a little thready. “I—wait—“


Jae Chan feels more than sees her lean down to kiss Woo Tak, the shift of her weight off his leg to hover over them, mostly leaning on Woo Tak. He reaches down, one hand going to give himself a few strokes, just to relieve a little pressure as his dick throbs, then further to hold Hong Joo’s thigh as he slips his other hand between her legs. The back of his wrist bumps Woo Tak’s dick, but Jae Chan has another goal in mind right now, based on some semi-coherent things she’d said the last time they’d done this. Well. When just Hong Joo and Jae Chan had done this. Woo Tak wasn’t there last time—Jae Chan shakes off the thought, and curves his fingers, which she’d praised in rather disjointed but…extravagant terms.


Jae Chan hears her groan and it flashes through his body like a static shock, making his cock throb again as he strokes two fingers through the wetness at her center, getting his fingers slick. He feels her hand tremble on his chest as he settles them on either side of her clit and starts to rub in a fast, insistent rhythm. He lifts his head from Woo Tak’s shoulder and cranes down to kiss at the top of her head, the only part of her he can reach with his lips as she pants into Woo Tak’s mouth. “Hong Joo,” he murmurs, “Hong Joo, is this good? Do you want anything more?”


Woo Tak is mostly holding her up now with his free arm, the one wrapped around Jae Chan gripping him hard, fingers digging into his shoulder. Jae Chan moves his head back just enough to watch their faces, to watch Woo Tak press his lips against Hong Joo’s panting mouth as her entire body shudders, more wetness leaking out against Jae Chan’s hand as she comes apart on his fingers. Jae Chan keeps them moving, keeps the rhythm exactly the same as he feels her clit swell with her orgasm, watching her eyes squeeze shut and her mouth drop open in a soundless cry, only gentling his touch when she gasps in a breath and lunges down to kiss Woo Tak again, deeply and possessively. 


Woo Tak is also shivering, caught up in the ricochet of Hong Joo’s pleasure; Jae Chan lets his hand gradually still and drops his head to rest on Woo Tak’s shoulder, letting his hips turn a little so he can absently rub his dick along the outside of Hong Joo’s leg. It’s enough stimulus to keep him hard, if she wants him that way; her skin is soft and she and Woo Tak are beautiful as they kiss, Hong Joo sloppy with her teeth as she relaxes and Woo Tak meeting her with eager little noises.


“Jae Chan,” Hong Joo finally says, when she lifts her head away from Woo Tak, eyes dark and wild, “Jae Chan, look up, look at me.”


What can Jae Chan do but obey? He lifts his head and is immediately met by Hong Joo crashing into a kiss, shifting over to lean on his chest and nip at his mouth hungrily. Jae Chan kisses back eagerly, letting his lips fall open as Hong Joo licks into his mouth, making small, delighted sounds that he sighs in response to, moving his arms up to wind them around her back.


The hand that was between her legs is intercepted, so he can only embrace her with one arm; Jae Chan doesn’t tug it free, more interested in the way he and Hong Joo are pressing their tongues together. It should be weird, he usually doesn’t like this deep a kiss, but it’s not, it’s not, it’s warm and slick and she isn’t afraid to use her teeth, and she’s everything he wants right now.


Then he feels warmth on his wet fingers again, and Jae Chan loses his train of thought—what there was of it—as he gasps in reaction to Woo Tak taking the fingers he’d just used to make Hong Joo come into his mouth. He can’t look. He can’t.


He looks over at Woo Tak. Hong Joo shifts downwards to kiss Jae Chan’s neck, her mouth hot and her teeth sharp right over his collarbone, making him shiver in reaction as she nips at him.


Woo Tak is propped on his elbow beside them, and he’s watching Jae Chan’s face as he sucks the fingers that were just on Hong Joo slowly into his mouth. Jae Chan goes hot, then cold, then hot again with desire as Woo Tak gives him a filthy smile around his fingers, stroking between them with his tongue. Jae Chan opens his mouth to—to—he doesn’t know, maybe to protest that they’re too sexy, he can’t cope, but Hong Joo bites his chest, digging into the muscle the way he likes, and all that emerges is a weak, sort of questioning little moan. Helplessly, Jae Chan clutches at Hong Joo with his free hand, automatically bringing it decorously up to her waist before remembering their current circumstances and letting it drift down over her butt. She presses back into his hand, encouragig him to squeeze as she moves her mouth and bites him again, this time right on the nipple.


It’s a good thing she’s sprawled all over him, or Jae Chan would have tried to thrash; he barely remembers not to do anything that would jar his abdomen. Instead he releases a sound, and it’s definitely, definitely not a sob. He can feel Woo Tak chuckle faintly around his fingers, and that’s also—that’s—it’s so much. Jae Chan squeezes Hong Joo’s ass again and she hums into his chest, the vibration on his nipple making him go tense and shivery-hot inside. When she lifts her head, Jae Chan doesn’t, can’t, restrain the little sob of loss he makes. “Oh, Jae Chan,” Hong Joo says softly, cupping his face with her hand, “We’ve got you. We’re here.”


Woo Tak lets Jae Chan’s fingers slip free from his mouth and shifts closer, slipping his hand back into Jae Chan’s hair and giving it a little pull. “We’ve got you,” he echoes, kissing Jae Chan’s cheek and dipping his head to catch his earlobe with teeth—Jae Chan shudders and whines, tilting his hips up and totally failing to make contact with Hong Joo in any way as she slips her legs entirely off his body.


“I have an idea,” she says, her face going pink as she sits up, “I… you two still need to, um,” here Hong Joo makes a vague hand gesture that makes Woo Tak snort, as Jae Chan blinks and tries to collect his thoughts. Hong Joo looks down at him, her face soft as she considers them. “Jae Chan, roll towards Woo Tak a little,” she says finally, “Woo Tak, the same? I…” oh, she’s gone red now, fully blushing as she breaks eye contact to look at her fingers, resting on Jae Chan’s shoulder, “I’d like to…um…to see you two. You know.”


“You like to watch, then?” says Woo Tak, reaching over to cover her hand where it rests on Jae Chan with his. Jae Chan is still a little too scattered to say anything, but he strokes up from where he’s been squeezing Hong Joo’s butt, smoothing his hand over her back. He blinks up at her and smiles when she looks at him, knowing it’s probably his stupidest grin, also knowing he doesn’t care in the least.


Hong Joo smiles back, a little, and squeezes Jae Chan’s shoulder under Woo Tak’s fingers. She’s still bright red. “I do,” she says, her gaze flicking over to Woo Tak, “I…can’t stop thinking about… “ she makes another gesture, “You two are so hot,” she finishes, pulling her other hand free to cover her face with both of them, “Oh, I’m so stupid. Don’t even look at me, I don’t—“


“No, no!” Jae Chan blurts, interrupting and grabbing at one of her wrists to try and pry her hand free. Beside him, against him, Woo Tak is suddenly pressed up against his side as he reaches for her other wrist. He’s warm, and Jae Chan can feel—at his hip, pressed against him—oh. Oh. He’s, he’s concentrating on Hong Joo right now, but—he is very reminded about how naked they are, suddenly.


“Hong Joo,” Woo Tak says, and his voice is so warm, so affectionate. Jae Chan feels a pang of relief sweep through him as Hong Joo lets her hands slide down her face a little, her eyes peeking out between her fingers. “Hong Joo, we want to know what you like. What you want,” he continues, as she blinks at him, “Right, Jae Chan?”


“Right,” Jae Chan agrees, finally prying one of her hands free and kissing the back of it, “Hong Joo, you’re—you’re so important,” he adds, trying desperately for the right words and, unfortunately, failing. He looks up at Woo Tak, trying to keep the panic off his face.


“Tell us what you want,” Woo Tak continues, his voice and face still calm, still so, so fond. The hand that isn’t holding Hong Joo’s wrist slips under Jae Chan’s shoulders to grasp the back of his neck firmly, and one leg hooks over his shin; Jae Chan relaxes, held in place. “You can want things,” Woo Tak continues, and Jae Chan sees him grin, “Conveniently, we both want to give you things. Why don’t we find out if they’re the same?”


Hong Joo bites her lip, and she’s quiet for a long, long second, but finally, she nods. “Okay. Okay,” she says, and lifts her chin, “I want…you two should kiss. And…use your hands. On yourselves, or each other, I don’t care, I just.” She swallows, her fading blush brightening again, “I want to see.


“Okay,” says Woo Tak, easily, and kisses her hand before letting it go and turning his attention to Jae Chan, who’s reeling a little bit, and glad he’s lying flat. Hong Joo, that’s. That’s!— Jae Chan can feel his own blush, but he’s not about to back down, not when Woo Tak’s already said—all those things.


Besides, he wasn’t lying either! Hong Joo is so important to him, and she’s…she’s already seen so much of him, in person and in her dreams. Next to everything else they’ve done, or will do…she’s already seen Jae Chan during sex.


Now she’ll see Woo Tak, too.


And then Jae Chan can’t ruminate himself in circles anymore, because Woo Tak’s grip on the back of his neck is gently urging him to turn just a little, onto his good side. “Yes, good, come here,” he’s murmuring, and whatever Jae Chan was going to say is obliterated when their hips come together and Woo Tak takes him—no, takes both of them—in hand.


Nnh—“ Jae Chan starts, as he registers the heat of Woo Tak’s dick right up against his, and he ends up more lurching towards Woo Tak mouth-first rather than smoothly kissing him. Woo Tak doesn’t seem to mind, though; Jae Chan can feel his smile as he corrects course to actually kiss, not just shove his mouth at Woo Tak’s face.


Woo Tak kisses him back, of course. The last time—the last time they hadn’t kissed very much, but now Jae Chan is learning that Woo Tak likes to take his time, likes to explore the shape of the mouth he’s kissing, to find things that make Jae Chan make a noise and return to it every now and then, at intervals Jae Chan can’t quite predict. The hand on the back of Jae Chan’s neck is steady and grounding; Woo Tak squeezes his fingers to tilt Jae Chan’s head a little, finding an angle more to his liking, but mostly leaves it resting in place, something that Jae Chan can lean into, can press against.


“Beautiful,” he hears behind him, feeling Hong Joo shift closer, and he can’t stop the whine of—protest? That doesn’t feel right, but Jae Chan doesn’t know what else to call it. Whatever the noise, Woo Tak swallows it, biting gently at his lower lip until Jae Chan goes quiet again, losing track in favor of following wherever Woo Tak is leading.


Meanwhile, Woo Tak’s other hand, the one at his—at their—at their dicks is, so. So warm.  His hand is smaller than Jae Chan’s, his fingers shorter, but his grip is strong, and—Jae Chan tries to focus and groans instead when Woo Tak squeezes them together, teasing at his foreskin with a finger, and Jae Chan can’t spare the brainpower to process how Woo Tak is coordinating that. Eventually, Jae Chan manages to fumble his own hand between them too, seizing a moment when they’re not kissing to tap on Woo Tak’s hand.


“Yeah?” Woo Tak murmurs, his breath hot on Jae Chan’s wet lips, moving his hand to lace their fingers together, “Like this? You want to help?”


“I—yeah,” Jae Chan rasps, over the blood rushing in his ears, feeling his heart race in his chest as he tries to steady his breathing for just a second, resting his forehead against Woo Tak’s, “Can I? Will this, will it work?”


“We can make it work,” Woo Tak promises, kissing his nose and looking down to shift a little, to adjust their hands, to do—something, and Jae Chan can’t stop himself from choking on air and bucking his hips up into their shared grip. It’s only a small movement, but he still winces where it pulls on his nearly-forgotten wound.


“Stay still,” Hong Joo murmurs behind him, her hands settling on his hip and his shoulder, pressing him down, “We’ve got you. We’ll take care of you.” Jae Chan shivers under her hands, but does as she says, letting his spine go lax.


“She’s right,” says Woo Tak, and follows it with a squeeze around their dicks that makes Jae Chan choke again, but he focuses on Hong Joo’s hands and stays still this time, “We’ve got you. Let me do the moving.” He leans in for another kiss, and Jae Chan tries to press back, but he’s utterly, utterly distracted by the movement of Woo Tak’s hips, the, the hot slide against him and the squeeze of their hands—he tightens his own grip a little, and Woo Tak sighs in pleasure against his mouth. “Just like that, Jae Chan,” he mumbles, squeezing the back of Jae Chan’s neck, “So good.”


Jae Chan feels a hot shock of bliss at the praise and can’t stop himself from whimpering, squeezing both their dicks again as Woo Tak rolls his hips into their shared hold. The effort of holding still has him trembling, just a little, but it’s a good kind of strain, and the grind up against his dick—Woo Tak is hot and panting against him, and oh, seeing, feeling how much he wants, how much both of them want him—Jae Chan lets another noise escape, but can’t bring himself to care. He’s close, he’s so close.


“Oh, Jae Chan,” he hears from behind him, where Hong Joo is pressed against his back, stroking his shoulders with one hand, “Woo Tak, tell him again, is he doing a good job?”


It’s really, really hard to focus, but Jae Chan thinks he can hear another wet sound behind him, different from the shared rhythm between him and Woo Tak, and he—his ears go hot, knowing Hong Joo is watching, knowing she’s, she’s touching herself and watching, this is, it’s so—he shudders again, and Woo Tak gasps this time as the shudder makes its way to his hand and Jae Chan’s grip tightens.


“So good, Jae Chan, holding on so well,” Woo Tak says, his voice taut and a little choked with panting as he leans in to kiss again, “You can let go whenever you want, we want to see you, we want you to feel good.“ His hips are moving faster now, and he’s holding Jae Chan’s hand harder, his dick rubbing against the underside of Jae Chan’s so hot, and so hard—


Hong Joo pulls Jae Chan’s hair, just as Woo Tak bites his lower lip, and Jae Chan loses it. His gasps are almost sobs as he comes all over his and Woo Tak’s hands; Woo Tak keeps moving his hips through it, a constant pressure that stretches the moment almost beyond what Jae Chan can take. He feels Hong Joo’s lips on his face as he shakes, light kisses on his cheekbone and jaw and forehead even as Woo Tak licks into his mouth again, his hips still moving in a steady grind.


“So pretty,” Hong Joo whispers, kissing his forehead again before sitting up. Jae Chan lets himself go limp, hiding his face in Woo Tak’s neck, curling in closer. Beneath his lips, Woo Tak’s pulse is still pounding, his hips still rolling insistently against Jae Chan’s, which—hm.


“You too,” Jae Chan mumbles, summoning the will to squeeze Woo Tak’s still-hard cock, even as he backs his hips out of the shared handhold. His own dick is rapidly softening, oversensitive and wet. “Woo Tak, please, you too.” He kisses Woo Tak’s neck again, curling his fingers tighter. They’re… covered, now, in his own come, but Jae Chan doesn’t let himself overthink it, keeping his grip steady, letting Woo Tak buck up into their tangled hands.


Behind him, he hears Hong Joo choke out a gasp, feels her grip his shoulder with her nails as she comes on her own fingers. “Ah… ah, Woo Tak,” she pleads, her voice breathy, “You’re so pretty—Jae Chan’s so pretty—come on, I want to see, please?” Jae Chan shivers, letting her weight pin him as she goes lax with pleasure, turning his head to kiss helplessly at her fingers where she still grips his shoulder


“Oh…oh,” Woo Tak manages, and whatever else he might have said is lost as Jae Chan turns back towards him, smears a kiss down his neck, and bites his collarbone—not hard, nothing that will leave a mark, but apparently the shock of sensation is enough. Woo Tak’s dick jumps in Jae Chan’s hand, and he feels his fingers get wetter—well, they were already a mess. Jae Chan kisses Woo Tak’s neck again, right over the spot he’d bitten.


He feels more than hears Hong Joo lean further over him to kiss Woo Tak through the comedown. As Woo Tak’s dick softens, Jae Chan loosens his grip, but Woo Tak keeps holding his hand—he doesn’t seem oversensitive, so Jae Chan doesn’t pull his fingers away yet. They’re a mess, and he hopes they don’t drip on the sheets, but also, wow, he’s tired all of a sudden.


It takes a gentle tug on his hair before Jae Chan realizes he’s sort of faceplanted into Woo Tak’s neck; Hong Joo turns his face upright and he blinks at her, dazed. She kisses him, long and soft, before she says anything; she barely draws away before Jae Chan feels another hand in his hair and Woo Tak’s claimed him as well. Jae Chan kisses back gently, his entire body feeling like it’s gone liquid. Even his gunshot wound doesn’t ache.


Woo Tak studies his face for a minute, after their kiss ends. Jae Chan rolls—okay, flops—from his side to his back, and opens his mouth to say something, but startles himself by yawning so hard his jaw cracks.


Hong Joo breaks into giggles. “He did warn us,” she says, shifting away from him; Jae Chan makes an incoherent whining noise as her warmth goes away. “Jae Chan, I’ll be right back, we’re a mess.”


“She’s right,” says Woo Tak, as Hong Joo gets off the bed and leaves for the bathroom, holding up a come-covered hand as evidence, “Do you have…ah, there they are.” He stands too, reaching for the tissues on Jae Chan’s bedside table.


“Don’t leave,” Jae Chan says, and he intends it to be an ordinary whine like they’re used to from him, but it ends up sounding much more earnest, much more honest, than he meant. Woo Tak looks back at him, startled, and then his face goes soft and fond.


“I’m not leaving,” he says, meeting Jae Chan’s eyes, and Jae Chan isn’t quite cognizant enough to freak out at the unbreakable devotion beneath Woo Tak’s words. The two of them hold eye contact for a long moment—and Jae Chan yawns again. He can’t help it. Woo Tak huffs a soft laugh, and returns to the bed.


He sits back down, without even making it to the tissues, and settles himself next to Jae Chan, trying not to make more of a mess. Jae Chan rests his sticky hand carefully on his own thigh, and turns his head so he can press it into Woo Tak’s side. He knows he should…maybe address Woo Tak’s promise, but. He’s too tired.


He’ll ask Hong Joo about it. Jae Chan knows Woo Tak meant it for both of them, anyway.


Hong Joo finds them still there a few minutes later, returning with some wet washcloths. “Really? Jae Chan, I know you have tissues, I bought them,” she says, with a huff that has absolutely no temper in it. She hands one washcloth to Woo Tak, but ignores Jae Chan’s lazily outstretched hand, settles next to him, and starts gently wiping down his belly. Jae Chan stares at her—or tries; his eyes keep sliding closed, and all his limbs are so heavy.


“You can sleep,” Woo Tak says, leaning over and kissing Jae Chan’s forehead, “I have to be up early to go feed Robin breakfast, but I’ll come back after that.”


“Bring him by,” Jae Chan mumbles, as Hong Joo picks up his sticky hand and wipes it down, the cloth moving carefully over each finger and his palm, “Dogs…are good for health. It’s science.”


“Science, huh? You’ve decided to stop prosecuting?” says Hong Joo, finishing with his hand and moving away. Jae Chan pries his eyes open long enough to see her go to his dresser, pull open a drawer, and pull out one of his t-shirts without asking for permission. She pulls it on over her head and comes back to the bed, bringing the blanket that lives on top of the dresser with her.


“Don’t be silly, he’ll be a scientist and a prosecutor at the same time,” Woo Tak says, in a tone so serious he has to be joking, “He can be his own witness in scientific cases!” As he speaks he maneuvers the sheet out from underneath Jae Chan’s body, then pulls it up and over them both.


“That’s not how it works,” Jae Chan starts, but yawns again as Hong Joo shakes the blanket out over him, then crawls in and plasters herself against his side.


“No, no, it definitely is,” she says, leaning in and kissing his cheek, “Do you need anything? Pajamas? Pain medicine?”


Hong Joo is warm and the t-shirt is soft against his torso, but her legs are bare; she was out of bed long enough for her feet to be freezing, but Jae Chan is too sleepy to make himself care as she brazenly sticks them right under his leg to warm them up.


“Don’t want to be a scientist,” he mutters, as Woo Tak climbs in on his other side. At some point, Jae Chan realizes as Woo Tak pulls the blanket up and snuggles in, Woo Tak acquired some underwear, but he’s still bare-chested and he’s much warmer than Hong Joo, the human with icicle toes.


“I think he’s okay for now,” Jae Chan hears Woo Tak say, as he lets his eyes fall shut again and curls his hands up over his chest, getting good handfuls of the blanket. A minute later, Woo Tak’s arm settles gently over his chest, a hand resting over one of his.


“He has us,” Hong Joo replies firmly, and Jae Chan feels her arm settle across his torso as well, adding her hand to the pile of them up by his collarbone, “He’ll be just fine.”




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