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When you awoke it was to a chirping of birds outside the normally closed window, a stream of sunlight through the normally blackout curtains of your bedroom. It was only after a moment of your senses coming to that you remembered you weren’t at home. You instead, were in Casey’s bedroom. While things hadn’t been going on too long, you both knew you cared about each other, and had no issue spending nights at each other’s apartments.

You rolled over, smiling at the sight of her next to you, snuggling into her arms, wrapping one of yours around her. You did your best not to disturb her, wanting her to be able to sleep as long as she needed, you knew she’d had a long week. You fell back into an easy slumber at the feeling of her body against yours, a smile on your cheeks you weren’t even aware of.

Casey’s eyes squinted for a moment, cursing herself for not getting proper curtains as the sun streamed through the bedroom. Though that was soon brought to a halt as she smiled down at the image of you curled into her frame. She left a gentle kiss on your head, trying to stretch her body out the best she could without disturbing you. She let out a small groan as her muscles stretched, joints cracking before she rolled back onto her stiff shoulder, stroking at your cheek softly.

You stirred in her arms, a yawn breaking through your cheeks before you body shifted, stretching out and you groaned. Your eyes slowly fluttered open, glancing up at the shining green ones gazing down upon you.

“Sorry…” she murmured, stroking your cheek, “I really didn’t mean to wake you.”

“S’okay.” You mumbled, burying yourself into her frame. “Besides…it’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”

“Oh really?” Casey teased and you laughed, prodding at her ribs.

“Yeah. I should stay over more often.”

“Maybe you should never leave.” She smiled, the words leaking out of her before she even realized it. Your head shifted up to look her in the eye.

“You mean that?”

“Well..I ..uh..”

You laughed heartily, kissing at her skin before you spoke again.

“Casey Novak, you were never one to be ballsy when it comes to relationships.” You nipped at her skin again, “if that’s your way of asking me to move in….the answer is yes.”

“Really?” The redhead replied, baffled by your response, pulling another laugh from you.

“Yes baby.” You shifted up, eager to kiss her lips this time, “I’d love to share a home with you more than anything. You’re the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. And to wake up to your stunning face every day? Only I could be so lucky.”

“Oh stop it” she swatted at your arm and you giggled.

“But you gotta get some black out curtains. I will not stand for early morning wake ups on the weekends cause you have a sheet over your window.”

“Hey! It’s not that bad!” She defended and you raised a brow that she immediately surrendered to, “okay, okay. Black out curtains it is.” Casey leant forward, kissing you gently, “start looking for places on Monday?”

“You’ve got yourself a deal Counsellor.”