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Power of Suggestion

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“Or maybe it's just the power of suggestion.”

Kate had quipped at Teyla and Elizabeth in the hallway, a hint of professional amusement in her tone.

But when reports came in that more and more people had seen apparitions in different parts of the city without having had any contact with Teyla or Elizabeth, her amusement had been replaced with confusion.

“Now you’re all seeing them?”

And oh, how she regretted she had made fun of them, even with, psychologically speaking, the power of suggestion being a proven theory. She had had her doubts about the validity of the reasons as to why the apparitions were appearing to certain people and not to others. However, the burned man in the hallway coming right at her, was all Kate had needed to believe that what was happening to Teyla, Elizabeth and the others was very real, very scary and very, very painful.


Her head had been throbbing for the last couple of hours now, and it seemed the painkillers Carson had given her earlier weren’t even making one bit of difference. She was feeling nauseous and the mere motion of walking, or more accurately, swaying left to right was making her feel more and more faint. If it wasn’t for the wall catching her every few steps, she would already have been sprawled on the floor in the middle of the hallway, doubling as a speedbump.


Someone was calling her but she couldn’t be bothered to look around. Kate leaned against the wall, waiting for the other person to catch up with her instead. Through blurred vision she could just make out the features of Ronon stopping at her side. How was he even still standing?

Looking up had definitely not been the right idea with the state she was in and before her brain registered what was happening, her legs gave out underneath her. She felt herself falling into oblivion and could do nothing to stop it, not even if she wanted to.


“Good morning Doc!”

Kate dared to open one eye, testing the waters before allowing the other eye to join in the fun. Her headache was as good as gone, but she was still feeling a little queasy. There was someone else, other than Ronon, standing by her side.

“The power of suggestion hey…”

Elizabeth’s voice echoed a lot of her own amusement when she had said it first. Kate cringed, finding that there was not actually much about the situation that was amusing, not even in a psychological fascination kind of way.

“Teyla sends her regards and Carson wants you to get some more rest.”

Kate half nodded even though Elizabeth had already turned away. She noticed Ronon pulling up a chair and managed a confused frown.

“Teyla’s orders,” he explained before he sat down.

Kate managed a smile before she sank back into a blissful state of unconsciousness.