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bestie, i need a ride (on that dick)

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This is weird - Jimin thinks to himself, eyes glued to the ceiling, the wet sounds of mouth around his dick almost louder than the TV. 


He hisses, moving his hips a tiny bit up as the suction gets stronger before it slows down a bit. It’s a slow and deep blowjob, wet and messy. His sweatpants and boxers are barely down enough, hooked under his balls to stay in place. 


Jimin takes a look down his torso, a quick one before his head snaps back up again. He can’t believe this is happening. Min Yoongi, his hyung, though that term he uses very deliberately since they don’t ever talk. Min Yoongi is on his couch, lazily sucking his dick, looking all comfy. Too comfy for how little they know each other.


How did that happen? Jimin can’t exactly point out. All he knows is that Yoongi never texts him, there is no reason for them to text. But he did text, asking if he can come over because he is bored. And Jimin… Well Jimin is nice and didn’t see a reason why to forbid Yoongi from coming over. He has never been at Jimin’s place, and Jimin doesn’t even know where Yoongi lives.


Somehow, they got here, from silently watching a movie, sitting as far away from each other as possible to this. Jimin feels a bit bad, since Yoongi isn’t just a random guy from Grindr but a man he will have to face again. But he felt very horny for the last few days, and Yoongi was right there looking as handsome as always with his delicate features. 


And here they are.


The place where his balls meet his sweatpants Jimin can feel a cold, wet patch. It seems like Yoongi has never ending pools of saliva to coat Jimin in, slurping and licking. Jimin never thought of Yoongi like that, he never thought of him at all, but this is the best blowjob he got in a while.


He groans, throwing his arm over his eyes, trying to focus on the way Yoongi’s skilled tongue massages his dick. It feels so good. He is close, has been for a while.


For how weird, and kind of awkward this is, it’s a very long and enjoyable head. 


Yoongi doesn’t speak a lot to Jimin ever and hasn't said a word other than occasional deep sound or a gag since he casually pulled out Jimin’s soft dick and took it into his mouth. It’s good, easier to not think about who he is here with. 


“I’m close,” Jimin warns Yoongi, not the first time, yet this time instead of slowing down Yoongi sucks him in deeper, harsher. Jimin gasps as the sudden change, his chest rising and falling quickly as his breath becomes uneven. 


He hates the way he gasps, breathy and high, his thighs clenching around Yoongi’s head. Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind, humming as Jimin’s head hits the back of his throat. Jimin finishes like that, down the throat of a guy he's known for a year, yet never had a one on one conversation with. 


He keeps his eyes closed as Yoongi pushes himself up, peaking with one eye when the movement on the couch stills. His eyes grow wide as he watches Yoongi wipe his mouth with the sleeve of his hoodie, eyes back on the TV. He doesn’t look bothered at all.


In any other situation Jimin would be mad at the lack of a kiss, a cuddle. But it’s Yoongi, this is a brand new situation, and he really appreciates the causality. His hyung doesn’t look bothered at all, as if they haven’t done that at all. 


Finally, Jimin lets himself simply enjoy how light he feels, the itch he felt for so long finally gone. God, he haven’t had sex in a while, instead trying to keep up with the beginning of the semester. He takes a deep breath in, his body limp, a small smile on his lips. 


Fuck, it was a great blowjob.


He has no idea when Yoongi leaves, his eyelids getting heavy as soon as the orgasm cloud passes. When he wakes up, he doesn’t feel guilt or regret, maybe a bit of stress over their friends finding out about what happened. 


He isn’t sure why it makes him nervous.




Jimin isn’t sure when or why he gets the idea but once it’s in his head, he can’t get rid of it. It’s stupid, and maybe it’s purely fuelled by his need for sex. It’s a dumb fucking idea, yet Jimin actually thinks about it. 


Maybe it comes from his laziness. Lately he has been becoming more and more lazy when it comes to hooking up. It’s simply not a good deal to spend hours talking to someone for maybe half an hour of fun. It sounds logical to have one person you can turn to if you have a need. 


But why Yoongi of all people? That’s a great question that he keeps on asking himself for the last few days as memories of Yoongi’s wet mouth around his dick keep on flashing behind his eyelids. It was a good blowjob, skillful and confident. Just how he likes them. Maybe that’s the reason, or maybe it’s his sudden curiosity about his hyung. 


So weird, he calls Yoongi hyung because he told him so, but then he never feels like he should call the older so familiar. They never speak. 


Two weeks after the incident Jimin meets Yoongi again, this time with other people around them. It’s a rowdy party, packed full of people he knows, and people he might never see again after tonight. Soju bottles empty fast, the iconic green bottles standing at any given surface. It’s not hard to spot Yoongi, although in Jimin’s mind the older isn’t so social, the older is always surrounded by people while in the crowd. Everyone seem to gravitate towards him, laughing at his jokes, having serious conversations. In Jimin’s eyes Yoongi is a bit cold, distant, never speaking if not spoken to but that’s just how they are to each other. 


Yoongi is the centre of social life when he wants to. And Jimin never wanted to be part of that, he isn’t sure why. 


Jimin feels like an idiot as he circles around the apartment, all familiar faces, friends of friends. Everyone seems to be having a good time, everyone but him. He has been walking around with the sole purpose of finally catching Yoongi to speak to him but it’s not so easy. Whenever someone stops Jimin, he tries to not over boil with annoyance.


He is a man on a mission tonight.


Finally, after what feels like centuries Jimin manages to spot Yoongi alone, slowly making his way to the kitchen, eyes glued on his phone. He doesn’t even apologize as he leaves Seokjin mid-sentence, almost running after Yoongi. 


“Hi, hyung,” Jimin says right as he steps into the kitchen, quickly glancing around. They are alone. Finally.  


Yoongi opens the fridge like he is at his own place, making a small hum in the back of his throat, acknowledging Jimin. He closes the door behind himself, cutting the sounds of the chatter, leaving them in the silence he knows so well from their interactions. 


Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind, or notice, silently opening another beer. Just when he takes the first sip of the beer he turns around, leaning back on the counter. He sends Jimin a questioning look.


“What’s up?” Yoongi asks.


Jimin shrugs, not sure how to start this conversation. He still can back away, forget about his idiotic idea and ask his friends if they could go to a club. But they are already here, and for some reason Jimin doesn’t like not trying things. He would rather regret things he has done. 


Yoongi waits patiently as Jimin handles a fight with himself.


“I have a question,” Jimin says slowly, carefully watching Yoongi. The older nods encouragingly, taking another sip of his beer. Jimin finds it hard to speak with Yoongi watching him. He isn’t used to having Yoongi’s attention. “Actually, an offer.” 


Yoongi’s interest peaks. He puts his beer on the counter next to himself, tangling his arms on his chest, “I’m getting curious.” 


Jimin chuckles, he isn’t sure if it’s nervous or shy . No going back now, huh? “It might be dumb, but I have to ask.” He says in his own defence.


Yoongi rolls his eyes, “Just spill it.” 


Oh. Okay.


“Do you want to try friends with benefits?” Jimin spills , visibly taking Yoongi by surprise.


The silence in the kitchen stretches for way too long for Jimin’s liking. His eyes start to wander around, looking at everything just to not see Yoongi’s expression that seems to be going through so many emotions all at once. 


The door to the kitchen opens, almost slamming right into Jimin’s back. A vaguely familiar face slides inside, whispering to Jimin an apology before shuffling further into the kitchen. They seem to detect the weird atmosphere, giving Yoongi a pained smile with a nod before they open the fridge, pulling out a single can. They almost ran out of the kitchen, closing the door behind themselves. 


Jimin looks up at Yoongi to see his cheeks coloured pink. Yoongi looks right back at him before he suddenly starts to chuckle dryly, shaking his head, neck craning up, “Oh God.” He groans, putting his hands over his face.


Should Jimin laugh too? He isn’t sure if he finds this funny. 


“What?” Jimin asks, sounding rightfully confused. 


Yoongi shakes his head at him, “Do you know what you just asked me?” He asks, laughter still on his lips. 


“Yeah,” Jimin grumps defensively. 


“Wait, you’re serious,” Yoongi’s smile flattens. Jimin nods to that. Yoongi’s mouth opens and closes a few times as he searches for something to say. “With me?” 


Jimin just shrugs. Why the fuck not? 


Yoongi looks flabbergasted. Jimin has never seen him like this, it’s a bit weird to see him express so much emotion right into Jimin’s face. Suddenly Yoongi freezes, his face falls into an emotionless one as he takes a deep breath in.


“Okay,” Yoongi breathes out. “Have you thought about it? Pros and cons?” 


Jimin isn’t sure what he was expecting, other than a quick yes or no, but surely it wasn’t a whole interview.


Jimin cocks his hip to the side, lifting his eyebrow sassily, lifting his hand up, “Pros,” He starts. “I get to fuck, you don’t tell anyone.” He lifts two fingers. “Cons.” He says, hiding fingers back into his fist and staying like this for a while. He lifts his eyebrows at Yoongi.


Yoongi opens his mouth but doesn’t get to say anything before the door opens again, a group of people pushing past Jimin. They are all drunk and don’t seem to notice they were having a conversation here. 


Jimin groans under his breath, turning on his heel and leaving as soon as the drunk swarm surrounds Yoongi. Guess he won't be getting an answer.


He isn’t sure why he feels so nervous as he blends back into the crowd, looking for his friends. 




Just like the last time Jimin’s phone lit up with a text from Yoongi, he isn’t expecting it. Days after their little talk at the party, Jimin already made peace with the fact that his idea will stay just that. 


No sex for a call, he has to keep struggling. Jimin is in the middle of putting on eyeshadow, getting ready to leave for a club with friends, hoping to get laid, when the text comes in. He ignores it for a bit, focusing on his eyes, making sure it’s all blended out perfectly. 


When he finally reaches out for his phone the whole world freezes around him, the makeup brush almost slipping out of his hand.


yoongi hyung

i might be down for it

can we talk?


Jimin looks back in the mirror, staring right at his shocked expression. He already made peace with the fact that he will have to spend hours trying to get someone to come back home with him and pray they won’t suck in bed. The petty part of him wants to leave Yoongi on read, maybe respond tomorrow. But the horny itch and curiosity are way stronger than that.


Inviting Yoongi over might be a bad idea, not only because he has to leave in about two hours but also because Taehyung will be personally picking him up. Getting caught conspiring with Yoongi might be bad but he doesn’t think calling off on Taehyung is smart. In the end he didn’t agree, Jimin still might need a hookup for the night.


He invites Yoongi over anyway. He is making a lot of weird decisions lately. 


Yoongi takes much less time than Jimin assumed, announcing his arrival via a quick text before the doorbell rings. 


Jimin has no idea why he feels so nervous as he nears the door. Usually he is very calm, taking things with calmness, and this situation with Yoongi is really making him jumpy. Yoongi doesn’t look half as nervous at the door, dressed in a simple pair of ripped jeans and a dark hoodie. 


He gives Jimin an awkward smile as he steps inside, closing the door behind himself. They stay silent as Yoongi toes off his shoes, passively looking around Jimin’s apartment as if he has never been here before.


“Come inside,” Jimin invites him deeper, stepping further himself. He hears Yoongi following after him.


There is a certain level of awkwardness between them. The air is stiff as they sit down on the couch, far away from each other. Jimin side eyes Yoongi’s posture as he slides his hands up and down his legs. Maybe he isn’t the only one feeling weird about this all.


“So,” Jimin says after a moment, wanting to get this conversation going. They don’t have that much time to just sit here in silence. “You wanted to talk.” Jimin points out.


Yoongi scratches the back of his neck, giving Jimin a small smile, “Yeah.” He says, stretching it out into a lazy slur. 


“Then I’m all ears,” Jimin smiles, turning his whole body towards the older.


Yoongi clears his throat, “So let’s say I will agree,” He says, looking ahead of himself. Jimin hums. “You said you don’t see any cons, but I took some time to think about it and I have one worry.” 


Jimin hums again, the sound getting more of a curious undertone.


Yoongi sighs, “I’m finishing university this year, and I want to leave Seoul,” He states. Jimin tries not to show just how surprised he is by that. He knew Yoongi was in his last year, but he never assumed anyone would leave Seoul. He kind of wants to ask but he stops himself, letting Yoongi speak. “I want to leave with a clean head and conscience.” 


“I’m not sure I understand,” Jimin buts in. 


Yoongi turns to him, finally looking him in the eye, “I don’t want you to start this,” He points between them two. “Just to leave feeling like an asshole because harmless fun turned into feelings.”


Jimin sits there, staring into Yoongi’s eyes. Few seconds go by in complete silence as Jimin takes apart what Yoongi says. Then he starts to laugh, his body falling backward, “You don’t have to worry about that.” Jimin chokes out, trying to calm down. “I promise you won’t catch me falling for a guy because he had dick in my ass.” He rolls his eyes. 


Yoongi nods at that, “Okay.” He says lightly, shrugging. “Then I don’t have other worries.” 


He should be putting on his shoes, or finishing up his makeup because he surely licked off his gloss by now. - Jimin thinks, the slow clapping at the back of his head, the slow drag of dick inside becoming better and better. 


But why would he be putting on his shoes? Once he locked the deal with Yoongi there is no longer a reason for him to go out and talk to boring dudes. Yoongi was already there, on his couch, with dick in his pants. So, why would he push him out to go out? He should have at least text Taehyung that he isn’t going out.


Getting Yoongi to bed was so fucking easy. All Jimin had to do was to ask once before they smashed their lips together. He loves when men are easy, it reminds him just how much power he has over them. 


When Yoongi pulls out Jimin turns onto his back, spreading his legs nice and wide. They aren’t talking, haven’t exchanged any words other than short questions and commands needed for this to even happen. 


Yoongi pushes back into him with ease, grunting softly. Jimin quickly realizes he isn’t looking at him, keeping his eyes glued below Jimin’s collarbones. It’s okay, he gets that it’s weird to think about who they are fucking right now. He himself struggles a bit, his eyes wandering around the room and down Yoongi’s body. It's a nice body, milky white, lean with a bit of muscles. Is Yoongi into a gym? Maybe.


The hip movements become faster, the slapping louder. Jimin’s body starts to move up the bed. He lets out a stained moan, throwing his head back, closing his eyes. This is becoming very good. He clenched around Yoongi’s dick, just thick enough, just above average length. Perfect fit, hitting the right places, stretching just enough for Jimin to feel full. 


Jimin’s breath becomes harder to control, breathy sounds leaving his mouth as Yoongi starts to slam into him, making Jimin’s dick jump on his stomach. He is starting to see stars, gripping into his own thighs, keeping himself spread so Yoongi can keep hitting just the right spot.


The doorbell rings. Yoongi freezes above Jimin, their eyes meet. Fuck, Yoongi looks so fucking good above him, sweaty, his hair sticking to his forehead. Jimin’s ass clenches on it’s own. Yoongi hisses.


The doorbell rings again.


“Who’s-” Yoongi asks but doesn’t get to finish as Jimin slaps a hand over his mouth. Yoongi’s eyes grow comically wide.


Jimin throws his thighs over Yoongi’s hips, bringing him closer, “It’s Tae,” Jimin whispers. “We were supposed to go out tonight.” 


Yoongi nods, unable to speak.


“Keep going,” Jimin orders Yoongi just as the doorbell rings again.


It takes Yoongi a moment to brace himself before he starts slowly fuck into Jimin, trying to make as little noise as possible. The thrusts are deep and short, continuously rubbing against Jimin’s prostate.


Jimin can’t stop small, quiet gasps from leaving his mouth, muffled by the doorbell ringing non-stop. Finally, Jimin has to drop his hand from Yoongi’s mouth, digging his blunt fingers into Yoongi’s arms as the sensation becomes overwhelming.


“Maybe you should text him,” Yoongi grunts right into Jimin’s ear, sounding upset. 


Jimin denies in a breathy sound, shutting his eyes tightly, “Better not.” He breathes out, circling his arms around Yoongi’s neck, pulling him closer. 


This whole time they keep such a big distance from each other. It’s weird.


“Faster,” Jimin demands, swallowing loudly.


Yoongi grunts, “He will hear it.” 


“He won’t,” Jimin says, although he isn’t sure. He never had sex with someone at the door.


Yoongi doesn’t fret over it, his hips starting to move faster and faster. The slapping of skin becomes loud, aggressive, quick and repetitive. Jimin bites on his bottom lip, trying his best to keep the sounds in. 


He isn’t sure when the doorbell stops ringing, too focused on the heavenly feeling of dick slamming against his prostate until he finishes all over his stomach, untouched. 


“Just a bit more,” Yoongi sneers through gritted teeth, slamming into Jimin’s stretched hole. 


Jimin lets him finish like that, feeling the drag of a full condom as Yoongi pulls out right after.


Yoongi gets back into his clothes quickly. Jimin gets that, they are fuck buddies, not in a committed relationship. He wouldn’t even know why he would want Yoongi to stay around, practically speaking they don’t know each other.


“You think he’s still there?” Yoongi asks as he zip ups his jeans.


Jimin covers himself with his shirt laying on the bed, not caring if it will get dirty with his own cum. “No,” He says, already half asleep. 


Yoongi grunts, “Need help cleaning up?” 


Well, that’s nice of him. “I got this.” Jimin looks from the ceiling to see Yoongi standing unsurely in the room. “Thanks for the sex.” He chuckles deeply.


Yoongi chuckles with him, “You got my number. Just hit me up anytime you need me.”


Jimin laughs, “Thanks.”


In the end, it’s not that bad, or maybe it’s the blissful feeling of finishing that keeps him unaware of any awkwardness.




Sometimes Jimin feels like he is leading a double life. One where he doesn’t speak to Yoongi, only talking around him because he has to act the usual. And second where they are still relatively silent, not keeping up any valid conversations but with dicks out.


It quickly becomes transparent how hard it will be to keep hidden from his friends, who are usually mostly informed. But with whatever he is having with Yoongi it feels wrong to include their friend group into this. He would rather keep it private, and Yoongi agrees with him. 


But the questions appear pretty early on. Just the next day after Yoongi had his dick shoved into Jimin, Taehyung asks. Of course, he asks, why wouldn’t he? He was standing at Jimin’s door for way too long. He gets out of that one easily, already having a past of falling asleep while waiting for his friends to arrive. 


He isn’t stupid, he knows they need to change location before someone will stumble upon Yoongi shoving his dick back into his pants. Their friends are not idiots, they would definitely connect the dots if they would ever find Yoongi at Jimin’s apartment. They wouldn’t believe that suddenly they decided to become besties.


Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind, easily inviting Jimin over instead when Jimin raises his concern to the older. They don’t really keep in touch, although Jimin has moments when he wonders if he maybe should try to get to know his hyung even a bit. 


Today Jimin finally managed to work around his friends, cancel some stuff and he is able to have a night for himself. He texted Yoongi as soon as he knew, palms a bit sweaty and shaky as he sent the text. But Yoongi responds almost right away, informing Jimin he is on his way back home from work, attaching his address. 


That’s easy. It’s the whole point of the deal, to have an easy access to sex, yet it feels so bizarre to Jimin. He should have get himself a fuck buddy years ago. 


Yoongi opens the door with his jacket still on, clearly just got home himself. It makes Jimin feel a bit awkward, desperate. “You’re fast.” Yoongi chuckles as Jimin steps inside with a small smile on his lips.


He has never been here, never knew where Yoongi even lives. Frankly, he doesn’t know shit about the older. He doesn’t feel particularly bad about it, fully fine with just the knowledge of the size and girth of the dick attached to the older. 


Instead of jumping right into the business, Yoongi invites him in the kitchen, turning on an electric kettle. They sit in awkward silence, soaked in heavy tension. They both know why they are here. It’s weird, and the horny itch under Jimin’s skin surely doesn’t help the atmosphere. 


But the tea Yoongi makes is good. The older tries to fill in the silence, chatting around absolutely nothing. Jimin sees it as a waste of time.


“You don’t have to do that,” Jimin smiles at Yoongi, pushing away his empty cup.


“Do what?” Yoongi asks, sounding confused.


Jimin shrugs nonchalantly, “Be all nice and pretend we aren’t here to fuck.” Yoongi crunches his eyebrows at him. “Leave all of that for guys who don’t know why you invite them over.” 


Yoongi nods, “That’s straight forward.” 


Jimin laughs, watching Yoongi make his way towards him, “Do you mind?” 


“No,” Yoongi says simply before he leans down to where Jimin is seated, kissing Jimin.


The kiss is wet, rushed, hungry. It fuels Jimin’s need to get his guts rearranged. With the first step behind them, things progress quickly. Yoongi pulls Jimin into his bedroom, hands roaming all over Jimin’s body, grabbing on everything he can.


When Yoongi pushes Jimin on the bed he laughs, pushing himself upwards on his elbows, throwing Yoongi a smirk. “Horny?” He asks.


Yoongi grunts, fighting with his belt, “For days.” 


Jimin takes off his own jeans, leaving the shirt on. He stretched earlier but he probably will need a bit of help with how long they took sipping tea. Without waiting Jimin gets on his hands and knees.


“Just stretch a bit,” He informs Yoongi. 


The bedside table opens aggressively. Jimin holds in a chuckle as he watches Yoongi climb behind him with his jeans only down to half of his thighs, lube and condom in hand. Thankfully, he doesn’t play a gentleman this time, shoving into Jimin two lubed fingers. They go in almost easily. 


From there on it’s only grunts, panting and small moans.


Yoongi doesn’t waste time, pushing his dick inside Jimin as soon as the stretch is good enough. Jimin almost melts as the dick slowly breaches his walls, pushing inside bit by bit. He rocks back and forth, pushing it deeper inside until their bodies are flush together. 


“Hard,” Jimin orders. 


And Yoongi goes hard, fast. He holds onto Jimin’s hips tightly, rocking both of their bodies. When a hand snakes around his hip, grabbing onto his hard dick Jimin almost loses his mind. He almost wants to beg Yoongi to let him last longer but at the same time he keeps chasing the release, his jaw set, his body rocking onto his hyung’s dick, slamming into his body. 


He fucks himself onto Yoongi’s dick even as he soils Yoongi’s sheets. Yoongi freezes deep inside him with a grunt just as Jimin was losing his strength to keep going, his body overstimulated.  


Yoongi lightly manoeuvres Jimin onto his side, away from the stain of cum he left. He has to say that he appreciates the thoughtfulness. He lets himself lay a bit, breathing deeply, his hips twitching. 


Soon he is jumping back into his jeans, his shirt sticking to his sweaty body. Yoongi walks him to the door in complete silence. 


Jimin isn’t sure if he appreciates it that much. Maybe it is a bit weird, the way they go about this.




Sex with Yoongi is addictive. 


One time turns into ten times, and ten times turns into twenty. Jimin isn’t counting, he just guesses. His ass hurts often, his hips screaming for a break but that’s how you know your sex life is good.


It’s not easy to ask for a hook up, even if Yoongi assures him that this is what this deal is about. Jimin doesn’t want to seem like too much, doesn’t want to look desperate. But he is, and if he had the guts, he would text Yoongi every single day. Maybe even twice a day.


Sometimes it’s Yoongi who texts him, which he tries to treat with a dose of calmness, always waiting for about fifteen minutes before he opens the text. Yoongi always opens his texts immediately, which Jimin is thankful for.


He likes sex with Yoongi, even if the conversations are stiff. They often skip talking completely, getting right to the issue at hand. It’s not ideal, sometimes Jimin wishes he could have a better relationship with his hyung. If anyone was to look at them from the side they would definitely say they are strangers, not in the same friend group for a while now.


Those thoughts haunt him especially when they all meet up, and Jimin sees just how easily Yoongi interacts with the rest of the group. That’s why he starts to listen to those conversations, feeling the urge to find what Yoongi is interested in so they can talk.


It’s most likely why one day, over a month into meeting with Yoongi for sex, Jimin asks his friends a very rhetorical question.


“In theory,” He starts as they sit at the cafe, waiting for their orders. “If you would be fucking someone regularly,” He drags on, carefully watching the five pair of eyes curiously watching him. “Would it be weird for you two to never speak?” 


Seokjin twists his face, “Woah, cold.”


“Bleh,” Jungkook shivers.


Namjoon ponders for a moment before he speaks, “That’s so weird to know someone so deeply physically but not speak to them.” Everyone at the table seems to agree, nodding along.


Hoseok adds his own opinion, “Like friends with benefits but no friendship? Like complete silence?” Hoseok asks, which Jimin answers with a nod. “That sounds uncomfortable.”


Taehyung watches Jimin with curiosity, “Why are you asking?” 


Jimin shrugs, obviously he can’t tell them Yoongi fucks his brain out almost every day but never asks how he is. 


It has been irking him for a while now, the silence that he first found comforting. It’s no longer nice, lately he wants to have a chat with Yoongi before he rides his dick babbling absolute nonsense.


“No real reason,” Jimin says just as Yoongi walks into the cafe, rushing to their table.


“Hyung!” Cheer booms around the table. Jimin sends Yoongi a single smile, the usual.


Taehyung looks at him a bit confused but quickly gets sucked into some sort of conversation around the table.




Bringing up to Yoongi the fact that Jimin might want them to be more friendly is easy only in theory. In practice Jimin can’t really do that, he backs off from it multiple times, and he doesn’t know why. 


Yoongi isn’t an asshole, he isn’t overly cold to him. Jimin knows, mainly from everyone around him, that Yoongi is friendly, caring and respectful. But he doesn’t feel like this to Jimin, not when they barely speak and fuck like rabbits before they part ways without even a few minutes of cuddles. 


So maybe that’s because Jimin finally hits the breaking point, the lack of human touch. He is very touchy, loving to be close to people. He really didn’t mind them parting ways for a long time, and he still doesn’t think he minds it. But he wishes for them to be a bit warmer, to at least keep up a civil, friendly conversation. 


He wants to have a friend in Yoongi, he wants their texts to be more than short, dry booty calls.


“Hyung,” Jimin starts, shamelessly bending down to pick up his underwear. Yoongi makes a short sound from where he is laying on his own bed, letting him know that he is listening. “We should talk more,” Is all he can really muster out. 


As he thinks about it, he should have told this before they fucked but he was too horny for his own good. Yoongi makes a questioning sound from the bed, probably not even watching Jimin collect his clothes before he will go to the bathroom to clean up.


“You know,” He tries to be nonchalant about it. “Fill in the friends part of friends with benefits.”


“You want to?” Yoongi asks, sounding all but shocked.


Jimin turns to him, still naked, and very much comfortable with it. So weird to be this comfortable showing his soft dick to a guy before he knows if he likes cats or dogs more. 


“Why wouldn't I?” Jimin asks in the same shocked tone.


“I dunno,” Yoongi mumbles with a pout on his lips, slowly pushing himself into a sitting position, banket pooling over his groin. “You never really seemed that interested in getting to know me.” 


Jimin hums. He gets what Yoongi means. To be honest he isn’t that surprised with Yoongi’s shock, he would be just as shocked if Yoongi suddenly asked for a friendship.


“I guess I want to get to know you now,” Jimin shrugs, carefully watching for Yoongi’s reaction.


Yoongi looks a bit conflicted, biting on his bottom lip. He pushes himself into a sitting position with a deep groan, “We can,” He trails off, unsure. “But I don’t want this to complicate things.” 


Jimin gets that worry. It’s so much easier to slip when the lines get blurry, but with Yoongi he knows exactly where his place is. He is confident that he would never fall for his hyung.


“I think I got this,” Jimin smiles at Yoongi. “I’ll get a shower and get going.” 


He hears rustling of sheets, naked feet on the hardwood floor, “Wait,” Yoongi says after him. “Can I join you?” 


Jimin hesitates only for a second. 




Friendly and friends are very different from each other. 


Jimin never before paid attention to how vastly different two concepts are from each other. It’s easy to be friendly with Yoongi, easy to freely take water bottles from his fridge, ask a short question before he drops to his knees. But being friends? Never before Jimin found that funny.


Yet, he struggles so much to change their dynamic into warmer, more comfortable space. It’s probably the amount of time they spent together in their bizarre dynamic, barely speaking. Jimin feels awkward, a bit scared even, to ask questions that might help him to get to know Yoongi. He doesn’t want to cross any lines, and he is starting to get overly obsessed about it, analysing anything he says. 


“You’re taking this too seriously,” Yoongi says one day as they sit on his couch, trying to have a friendly chat before they will have sex.


It’s not only their newfound need to be friends that stresses Jimin. He has never before been this close to Yoongi without the pure goal of having sex. He isn’t sure how to act, sitting stiffly at the couch. 


Today he is simply Yoongi’s guest, a friend coming over to spend some time together. Jimin feels a bit winded up by all of this, his body not understanding what’s happening. Jimin isn’t even horny today but he knows once Yoongi will slide his hand down his side, he will be more than willing to part his legs. He is so easy for Yoongi, it’s ridiculous when he thinks about it. Honestly, maybe he should be embarrassed about his hyung seeing just how pliant he becomes under his hands, how he sounds when that dick pushes right when Jimin likes it the most. 


Jimin squeaks at the comment, “Hyung! I’m trying!” The truth is, the conversation is not going well.


It’s rarely smooth, often dragged by both of them by force, subjects drying off quickly even if it’s something they are passionate about. Jimin can’t comprehend how he can be this stressed about talking to someone who had their mouth lapping on his asshole.


Yoongi huffs, “That’s the issue.”


“That I’m trying?” Jimin almost raises his voice, getting defensive.


Yoongi nods simply, “It’s unnatural. We’re pushing it by force.” 


Jimin sighs, his body going limp against the cushion, “Then what do we do?” 


Yoongi pans his eyes away, slowly scanning his own apartment before he gets up from the couch with a grunt. Jimin watches him with curious eyes until Yoongi disappears in the kitchen. He can hear the chipping of bottles as Yoongi opens the fridge.


“What are you doing?” Jimin asks loudly. Is Yoongi really just dropping the conversation to eat? 


He gets an answer soon enough. Yoongi comes back with four bottles of soju in his hands, two hot classes somehow grasped into his long fingers. The older man looks very proud of himself as he puts down the drinks, giving Jimin a toothy smile.


Jimin rolls his eyes just because before he moves from the couch onto the floor, already reaching out for the bottle. He is a good-mannered person, so of course he will be the one pouring them drinks.


“We could play twenty questions?” Yoongi asks as Jimin pours them both a shot.


Jimin huffs, “That’s so basic.” 


Yoongi raises an eyebrow at him, “Got any other ideas?” 


Well, Jimin doesn’t have any other ideas. “Do we also get challenges?” Jimin asks, as if he wasn’t against it just a second ago, turning back to Yoongi after drinking his shot.


“Aren’t the challenges just an excuse for people to make out?” Jimin shrugs at that. “We don’t need those, do we? We’re having sex just fine but need to get to know each other.” 


“You’re smart,” Jimin just says, taking Yoongi aback. 


For some reason Jimin feels embarrassed as Yoongi starts laughing, throwing his head back. But Yoongi thinks it was funny, so he tries not to beat himself over it.


Jimin has never played this game to get to know someone. Yoongi is actually right, this game is used just to flirt with people. He struggles to find any actual questions to ask seeing that he knows absolutely nothing about Yoongi. It’s a blank card. He hates asking basic questions, but he starts there.


Somewhere during the second bottle stiff, short questions start to turn into a conversation. Alcohol finally brings up the social side of Jimin, easily finding any answers Yoongi gives him as a hook for a longer conversation. 


By the end of the third bottle they are just talking, and Jimin is loving it. It feels like a cold breeze. He finally starts to see the playful side of his hyung, the silly jokes and tones Yoongi has as he speaks about certain things. Jimin laughs a lot, throwing his whole body back.


With a bit more alcohol, however, Jimin is starting to lose focus on the conversation. His eyes keep jumping from holding eye contact to watching Yoongi’s pretty mouth move in pout. It’s hard to just sit there, just a hand reach away from Yoongi. He wants a kiss right now, and Yoongi kisses very well.


Jimin doesn’t even realize when Yoongi stops talking, watching with amusement as Jimin stares at his lips, leaning closer and closer. 


“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says in that deep, slurred tone that makes Jimin dizzy. “Come here.” 


So Jimin leans closer, connecting their lips in a close-mouthed kiss. He sighs deeply, his whole body melting as their lips start to slowly move. It’s teasing, light, chased. He loves it but he hates it at the same time.


But he doesn’t want more. He doesn’t want Yoongi to take off his jeans and stretch his insides. No, he is content to just stay like this, even if the arm he is leaning on is slowly having enough.


Yoongi pulls Jimin into his lap with a hum, a little sound Jimin has learned to associate with Yoongi getting annoyed. Automatically, Jimin starts to roll his hips. He isn’t sure why since he doesn’t want to have sex. Maybe it’s because he needs to justify to himself this closeness that between them exists only to create heat big enough for clothes to become useless.


“Hyung,” He groans as they part, hiding his face in Yoongi’s neck. “You’re so cool.” He mumbles in a drunk slur. 


Yoongi chuckles, hands softly sliding up and down Jimin’s ass as he keeps moving against him. They are both soft, he can feel it. Jimin’s body melts into Yoongi’s hands, vibrating with the delicate attention it’s being bathed in. Feels so nice.


“You’re cool too, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi says softly. Doesn’t matter if he says it only because Jimin said it first, it still makes Jimin smile like an idiot.


The alcohol does help them break the weird awkwardness between them. Suddenly Jimin can’t stop talking with Yoongi. It’s like an ice wall between them has been broken. 


It’s a good thing.




Yoongi is much better at sex than Jimin would have ever assumed. He would never pick a guy like this if he was just out in a club. He always picked guys much bigger than him, with muscles so wide he struggles to hold onto them.


But there is something so extremely sexual in Yoongi’s lean body, his healthy, milky skin. It drives Jimin insane to know that even if they are the same height, even if Yoongi has less defined muscles, he can push Jimin up the bed while shoving his big dick deep inside. 


There is not many occasions in which they have sex face to face. Jimin is always quick to turn with his back towards Yoongi, putting his ass in the air. He has been having sex like this for years, and no guy ever had any complains. They all loved to see his ass wiggle, he gets that.


As Jimin and Yoongi get more comfortable with each other, the sex becomes different. And this is how Jimin suddenly realizes they have other preferences in positions. 


“Do you like me from the back?” Jimin asks as Yoongi fingers him open.


Yoongi hums, wondering, “You like it from the back.” He says instead of answering. 


Jimin turns his head to see Yoongi’s face, “And you?” 


Yoongi stretches his fingers, eyes going up as if he is thinking about it very hard, “From the back is good.” He says but Jimin still can’t help but think about all of those times Yoongi tried to get him to turn around. And he succeeded a few times, and it wasn’t boring or weird - as Jimin always imagined that position to be.


So when Yoongi deems he is ready, reaching out for a condom, Jimin makes a decision to turn, lay on his back. Yoongi looks a bit confused but doesn’t comment, pulling Jimin closer by his hips, his hands sliding up Jimin’s body.


Jimin feels a sudden urge to cover himself. Is Yoongi always this slow with this? 


Yoongi keeps his legs wide open, pushing his head inside with a sigh. Jimin can’t help but to stare at Yoongi’s face, completely ignoring the dick pushing him open. 


“Fast,” Jimin orders, pulling his knees closer to himself, giving Yoongi more room to move. He gets it just how he asks for it, fast and deep. Jimin can’t stop hissing, gasping, moaning. “Deeper,” Jimin whines, hoping Yoongi hears him over the sound of slapping. 


Jimin doesn’t expect when Yoongi leans down, hiding his face in Jimin’s neck, their bodies flush together. He can’t do much more than to wrap his hands around Yoongi’s neck, his body completely restrained from moving. Yoongi fucks into him, groaning right into Jimin’s ear. 


Jimin feels hot, sweaty, his body vibrating with Yoongi’s deep sounds, his hips rolled off of the mattress, hold up by the sheer force with which Yoongi keeps moving into him. Jimin gets dizzy on Yoongi’s smell, his shampoo, the body wash he uses when they are done, the perfume he uses from time to time.


It’s so much Yoongi everywhere. He holds onto it, melting into what became his comfort, so familiar, so sexy. It’s overwhelming in the best way. Jimin no longer thinks about his asshole getting ripped open, right now it’s all about Yoongi’s body weight, the feeling on his sweaty skin under Jimin’s fingers, his scent all around him. 


Jimin feels like crying as he holds onto Yoongi, for the first time in his life feeling so secure while exchanging bodily fluids. His heart is hammering, his throat gets dry. And he just wants to keep holding onto that comfort.


After it’s over he lays in Yoongi’s bed feeling so content, his hand still holding onto Yoongi’s arm. 


“I get it now,” Jimin gasps out, letting his body cool down.


Yoongi hums a question.


“Why you like missionary,” Jimin elaborates.


“I never told you that,” Yoongi says. Jimin wishes he could see his face, but he doesn’t move, staring at the ceiling, still holding onto Yoongi’s arm.


“You didn’t have to,” It’s true. Jimin just knows Yoongi - something he never thought he could say. 


He shouldn’t be there, Yoongi has an early shift at his part-time work in the morning. But he is there, holding onto the headboard as Yoongi fucks into his missionary second time that night, holding onto Jimin’s waist, his hips snapping with precision. 




Asking for sex - something Jimin would cringe just few weeks ago. It always seemed like the concept of unwanted ones, the ones who have to beg to have hands on them. Jimin never asked but that’s probably because he never had a partner to ask, never shared daily life in which to get sex you need to signal it. For Jimin it has always been bodies in a club. In and out of the business.


Right now Jimin has… someone. They don’t share their life, not in a way Taehyung and Jungkook do, yet sometimes Jimin can’t help but spot the similarities in how his life is right now.


Taehyung was right, but Jimin can say that out loud since Taehyung has no clue where he gets his sexual needs fulfilled. But he was right - getting a partner you can start to grow more than comfortable with is more than good. He can see it, feel it. It’s not hard to pinpoint, the signs are there.   


Ever since Jimin’s first time he has never done closeness , it seemed scary. But there is no way to avoid getting close if you have time with one guy almost daily, a guy who asks you how you like it. Jimin did try to keep his distance, rather have it from the back where he can disconnect from the moment. 


He isn’t sure when they started to have a lot of sex face to face. It never dawned on him, which further proves just how comfortable he grew with his hyung. 


Jimin tries his best to not think about it too much, tries to enjoy their time together, and that newfound sexual freedom. And fuck does he enjoy missionary! It feels so good to just hold onto the sturdy body above him, lock those hips as close as possible and feel it deep inside. It sounds ridiculous to even think about how much he enjoys it that way. He, the one who swore doggy was the only way. 


“What are you laughing at?” Taehyung asks, side-eyeing Jimin, freezing with eyeliner almost on his eye.


Jimin shakes his head, “Missionary?” He answers, shrugging. 


Jimin can see in the mirror Namjoon furrowing his eyebrows at him. Well, maybe room full of people pre-drinking isn’t the best place to think about one of their friends fucking him. Especially if he will be bringing their attention onto himself.


“What’s so funny about missionary?” Namjoon asks, earning a slap from Seokjin, just because. “What for?” Namjoon whines.


Taehyung chuckles, “Jimin hates missionary,” His best friend informs the room loud and clear. Jimin keeps his eyes stuck on his own reflection, even if he really wants to take a peek to see if Yoongi has any reaction to it.


Why does he care? He keeps his eyes on himself, even when there is a snort that he recognizes. Fuck.


He can feel Taehyung turning from where he sits right by his side, “Even Yoongi hyung thinks you are weird.” Taehyung comments.


Jimin’s whole body freezes. He wasn’t expecting anyone commenting on Yoongi’s reaction. It’s not unusual for Yoongi to react, he is part of the group, so he is part of the conversation. Jimin is all ears, his heart hammering. 


This could be the day when the truth comes out. Yoongi can just throw it out there, that he knows Jimin loves his prostate abused in missionary, begging for more.


But he doesn’t say anything at all, letting the conversation move forward, past whatever Jimin just got them into. Jimin thinks Yoongi deserves an award for that, maybe some nice blowjob. Not tonight though. Tonight he pretends everything is exactly how it has always been, even if he wants to dance with Yoongi.


Nowadays they rarely go to a club all together. Jimin is excited to go out there and have some fun but not for the same reason he used to enjoy clubbing. Taehyung is excited for him, which he doesn’t hide.


“Jiminie will finally fuck something,” Taehyung says as they near the club, Seokjin cheering for that as well. It’s just two blocks down from his and Jungkook’s shared apartment, no reason to take a taxi. 


Jimin shrinks into himself, trying hard to not glance behind, where Yoongi is walking with Hoseok. “You two are way too into my sexual life.” He bashes his friends playfully.


“It’s pure entertainment!” Taehyung laughs. “It’s so much different from what we have.”


Seokjin scrunches his face, “Yeah.” He shakes his head with a fake sadness. “It must be so disgusting for you to watch us cook together and have missionary sex.” Taehyung laughs as if he said the best joke ever. 


His hyung isn’t wrong, Jimin used to watch his friends and think that he could never do that. All that commitment, the cozyness. It seemed suffocating. Right now, as he thinks about it, he starts to understand why they love it so much. It’s nice to have someone to talk to, joke with, someone who knows your body and knows exactly what you need in bed. 


Of course, it’s not the same. Yoongi isn’t dating him, they are free to go and do whatever they want. Even tonight, Yoongi can leave the club with someone else and Jimin wouldn't bat an eye at it. 


The club is loud from the first second they walk in. It’s almost overwhelming, the vibrations of the floor going through Jimin’s whole body. It’s not as packed as it will be in a few hours from now, when people will drunkenly jump from one club to another. 


Jimin scans the dancefloor as they walk to their table, his eyes landing on Yoongi. Their eyes lock, Jimin almost stumbles over his own feet. Yoongi sends him a smirk before he looks away, leaning closer to hear whatever Hoseok is screaming over the music.


It’s much better in the booth, the music sounds lighter here. Jimin can easily hear his friends talk as they put together money for a tray of shots. They didn’t drink much while getting ready, which makes their thin wallets cry.


They go hard on drinks as soon as they sit down. Taehyung is on a mission to get them all drunk, and Jungkook is there to support him on that. The vodka is good, cold and goes down smoothly, too smoothly. Jimin isn’t a lightweight, but he knows this isn’t a good idea to get stupidly drunk. 


“Man,” Jimin groans after the third vodka shot back to back. “I don’t think I can do this tonight.”


Hoseok looks at him funny, as if Jimin lost his mind, “We’re just starting!” He opposes. “You’re not dumping us tonight to fuck.” Hoseok says in a much harsher tone, sliding Jimin yet another shot. 


Ah, yeah. The thing Jimin usually does, disappears into he night to fuck. 


Jimin throws Taehyung a glare, “So are we for it or against it?” He lifts his eyebrow at Taehyung.


Taehyung looks a bit unsure, “Both?” 


Jimin chuckles, “So you want to join me?” 


“No,” Jungkook basically slides across Taehyung’s body, as if he is shielding him from a bullet. “Taehyung is not joining you. He is going home with me.”


Jimin can’t help but roll his eyes, “I know that.” Jimin turns around towards the dancefloor below him. He really doesn’t feel like hunting tonight, or to have sex at all. He is well fed from yesterday’s night. “Tonight, we’re having fun together.” He states, turning around to see nothing but joy on his friends faces. 


“But I’m not drinking vodka,” Jimin ads, the sunny smile on Hoseok’s face drops. “I kind of want a sweet drink.” He sighs dreamily. He takes one specific drink ever since he got one while drunk, it’s sweet, it kicks, and it looks nice. 


But it’s expensive so he settles on drinking beer. 


Jimin doesn’t know how long it has been since he drank those shots and a whole bottle of beer, but he starts to feel it in his blood while on the dancefloor. He keeps away from strangers, after all he decided to make it a night for his friends. 


There are attempts, it’s not Jimin’s first visit here, and his face is known around. Every so often someone tries to grab him, invite him for a dance or a drink but he wiggles his way out every time. Taehyung looks so happy, playfully pulling Jimin into his own arms. H lets that happen with an annoyed pout.


Although it is good to feel wanted. 


They go back to their table once they get too sweaty and out of breath. Jimin drags Taehyung behind him, his best friend whining all the way up about his sore legs. Well, Jimin’s whole ass is sore, and he isn’t complaining! 


At the table it’s just Jungkook, slowly sipping his drink. It’s a bit weird, usually it’s Yoongi alone at the table, the only one who never goes down to dance.


“Where is everyone?” Jimin asks, not wanting to say any names, even if his eyes land on Yoongi’s spot specifically.


Jungkook just shrugs, collecting Taehyung into a tight hug, even if his boyfriend whines about being too hot for a hug. Jimin doesn’t feel like sitting here all alone with them, watching them lazily make out as if no one else is here. He at least does it in private.


Jimin bumps into someone as soon as he turns around, “Oh, sorry.” He rushes, looking up to see Yoongi, one step away. Jimin kind of wants to close this distance, almost does it. 


“Sit down,” Yoongi nods to their table.


Jimin does so without asking any question. Right now, Jimin wishes the music would be a little louder here, just a bit, so they don’t have to hear Taehyung and Jungkook making out like there is no tomorrow. Yoongi almost doesn’t seem to notice, playing with his glass of whiskey, eyes following the ice cubes rolling around. 


“Hot Summer Anal,” A female voice speaks, getting the attention of everyone at the table.


The waitress holds Jimin’s favourite drink, and his eyes light up.


“Here,” Yoongi speaks.


Fuck, if Jungkook and Taehyung would go even for a bit, Jimin could drink for Yoongi’s glass. But instead of the glass landing by Yoongi, the waitress puts it down right in front of Jimin.


“For me?” Jimin asks, his eyes growing wider.


The waitress smiles at him, “It’s from a handsome guy.” 


Jimin’s eyes grow even wider but before he can ask more, she runs off, probably busy with other orders. Jimin turns his eyes from where the waitress disappeared to the pretty glass, He slowly turns the glass around, admiring.


“They pile on you like dogs,” Taehyung laughs. Jimin almost jumps, not realizing they stopped kissing, and are just staring at Jimin. “You get drinks for dudes for denying them a dance!” Taehyung cheers, taking the drink without asking, knowing Jimin will let him anyway.


Jimin furrows his eyebrows, eyes slowly finding Yoongi’s. His hyung knew the drink was for this table, which made him wonder. He gives Yoongi a questioning look that he answers with a simple smile.


The straw is almost shoved into his mouth, and he takes it willingly, still staring at Yoongi. It makes him feel happy, the sweet taste but most importantly, the fact that Yoongi got him a drink. 


Taehyung pulls Jungkook out of his seat, finally leaving them all alone. Jimin waits only three seconds before he moves across the table with his drink in hand, lips attached to the straw, “She called you handsome.” He says, instead of thanking Yoongi for the drink like he should.


Yoongi hums, shoulder bumping into Jimin’s, “She’s right.” 


Jimin nods, finally releasing the straw, head turning to the side to look at Yoongi, “She is.” He says simply.


They lean into each other like magnets, their lips locking together with ease. Jimin whines into it, sucking on Yoongi’s bottom lip like his life depends on it. Yoongi is the one to pull away, giving Jimin one small kiss with a chuckle.


“They will be back in a bit,” Yoongi rumbles against Jimin’s lips.


“Yeah,” Jimin sighs, eyes still closed, mouth slightly parted. He wants more. 


Yoongi doesn’t have to be asked, leaning to kiss Jimin again. It’s messy, heated, their tongues pushing against each other. Jimin wants to climb into Yoongi’s lap so badly. They part with a loud, wet sound, both panting. 


Jimin moves on his own, getting back to his seat just as Namjoon’s blue hair pops into view, a wide smile on his face. 




Stuck in his sex and talking cycle Jimin almost loses his focus from university, and it’s a bad idea to do so. 


“How the fuck did you get this behind?” Jungkook asks over Jimin’s shoulder.


They were supposed to play games tonight but one of Jimin's course friends texted him, asking for help with one question. Which sent Jimin into a spiral of realization: he has shit ton of work he just didn’t do. He forgot to text Jungkook, too deep into trying to catch up on all his missing assignments, fuelled by all those red dots in his online grading system.


“I don’t know,” Jimin grunts, even if he knows exactly how. Fucking Yoongi and his willingness to let Jimin into his bed any time he felt like it.


It gets only more frustrating the more Jimin thinks about it. He never puts course work to do later, always doing everything as soon as the professor tells them to get it ready. No matter how many weeks he has until it has to be done. But now he just pushed it all aside, deciding to do it later.


It’s not just for sex, some assignments he pushed back only to get fingered for fun not ever carrying about finishing or getting fucked. What’s wrong with him?! And just how many hours he wasted just texting Yoongi? But now it’s over, he needs to get back into his mindset.


“Can you help me?” He almost begs, turning on his chair towards Jungkook who sits comfortably on his couch, eating sour jellies. 


Jungkook furrows his brows, “I’m here to have fun.”


Jimin feels targeted since it’s his need to have fun that brought him here, “Just one assignment.” He asks, putting his hands together in a prayer.


At the end Jungkook agrees, not without whining. He’s a smart guy, even if he is a year below Jimin and doesn’t have most of the classes Jimin has. Even if Jimin asks for help only with one assignment, Jungkook ends up finishing three, proudly showing Jimin that you don’t have to know anything about the subject to Google it.


By the time Jimin submits the last one he is tired, his neck hurts and his fingers are cramping.


“Well,” Jungkook huffs as he gets up from where he was kneeling for God knows how long. “Now I’m tired and want to sleep.”


“I’m so sorry,” Jimin apologizes truthfully. “I’ll buy you dinner.” He calls after Jungkook who sends him a thumbs up before bending down to put on his shoes. 


Jungkook sucks in air through his teeth, “Someone got you fucked up.” He chuckles, sending Jimin a knowing grin.


Jimin furrows his brows, closing his overheating laptop, “What do you mean?” 


Jungkook snorts, “Please,” He begs jokingly. “Taehyung and you are the same, and I had to run through half of his semester when we first started to see each other.” He leans down to tie his shoe in perfect time to miss Jimin’s red, shocked face.


His mind immediately goes back to the lazy, weirdly intimate fingering he got from Yoongi the other day.


“It’s not like that!” He protests.


Jungkook sighs as he stands up straight again, “I’m not gonna dig into your business, hyung.” He gives Jimin a smile. “Just next time make him do your missed assignments.” 


“I’m not seeing anyone!” Jimin swears, his heart hammering. Jungkook doesn’t seem to buy it, even if he swears he believes Jimin.


He isn’t seeing anyone. They’re friends who fuck.




He has no idea how he obtained the knowledge, but Yoongi likes iced americano, yet he can’t just point that out to his hyung. So he watches with his lips sealed as Seokjin orders cappuccino for Yoongi. 


Jimin orders iced americano, which he hates.


Lately he has been realizing how much information he knows about Yoongi just by them being close for some time before they part ways. Maybe it’s because their casual sex-and-go changed a bit. Not much, nothing Jimin should be worried about, just casual conversation he would have just with any of his friends.


Sometimes they talk after sex, and they always talk before. It seems to be just useless chatter but the more it happens the more friendly it gets. It feels like a natural progression of their relationship, not too much but the conversation doesn’t feel any more like it’s being dragged by force. They even have their own jokes that they sometimes use even when others are around. No one seems to notice. 


But Jimin never thought about how much he might actually know about Yoongi. They don’t have deep conversations, staying in lines of simple exchanges about their days. Yet, Jimin finds himself aware of exactly what coffee Yoongi likes.


Yoongi still takes the coffee with a grateful smile, scrunching his face at the cup only once Seokjin isn’t looking. Jimin chuckles, silently sliding on the table the iced americano he never planned on drinking. 


Yoongi’s eyes grow a bit wider as he stares at the cup, jumping up to Jimin in a question. Jimin just nods, giving Yoongi a simple smile that Yoongi reciprocates before sliding to him the cappuccino. 


Jimin bites down his lip, trying to suppress a smile as he leans to take a sip. It feels good to know something about Yoongi, to be able to do something nice for him other than let him cum on Jimin’s face. 


That’s the only exchange they have that day at a cafe, yet Jimin feels better about their relationship than ever. 




Yoongi never thought that getting Jimin out of bed would be such a struggle. But he manages to somehow pull him out of Yoongi’s sheets and convince him to put some clothes on.


“Why?” Jimin whines as he jumps into his jeans. “The ass pain didn't even settle.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes at the younger, “Hyung won’t always run for you to the store.” 


Jimin whines again, stomping his way to the front door like the brat he is, “Who said I want something from the store.” He mumbles with a pout.


Yoongi watches with a smile as Jimin shoves his shoes on, looking like an angry baby chick. So fucking cute. He still rolls his eyes at Jimin.


“You complained about being hungry though the whole time we fucked,” He points out. Just few months ago he wouldn’t be this comfortable talking about sex but he is very comfortable around Jimin. Never thought that would happen.


Jimin throws him a glare, “Why won’t we order something.” 


“It’s rush hour,” Yoongi informs him, as if Jimin forgot it’s the middle of the day and take out would take forever to arrive. “You want to go to class hungry? If so, that’s fine by me.” Yoongi shrugs, closing the front door after them.


“Ugh,” Is all Jimin says, well aware that Yoongi is right.


They walk down a very familiar route to a nearby store. They come in here often when they both go the same way, to have sex at Yoongi’s, of course. Sometimes Yoongi barges in here in the middle of the night to buy extra lube or condoms, mainly condoms.


Sometimes Jimin just barks at him to fuck him raw, but that’s not a smart idea. They never said anything about being exclusive, he doesn’t have any right to ask Jimin who else he sleeps with. But he assumes there are other people. Why would Jimin not sleep with other people? Yoongi assumes he does whenever he is out clubbing with the rest of the group.


It doesn’t bother him, even if his jaw sets sometimes. If it would bother him he would… He would stop sleeping with Jimin because that’s a red flag. But he isn’t bothered so he will keep looking at that pretty face, mouth wide open as he fucks Jimin like he never fucked before.


“What do you want?” Yoongi asks as soon as they walk in.


Jimin turns the corner immediately, making Yoongi huff out a chuckle. Jimin turns around with a lifted eyebrow, “What?” 


Yoongi shakes his head, not hiding his smile, “You always go for the same stuff.” 


The younger shrugs, “Why would I change things up if I like what I get?” 




Snacks. For someone with a physique and exercise regime like Jimin, he eats a lot of those. It’s good, Yoongi is happy to know that Jimin isn’t cutting himself short of foods he likes. He loves to see that Jimin doesn’t stress about his body, that he knows he looks good. He deserves those honey chips. 


Yoongi’s phone vibrates in his pocket. He tears his gaze away from Jimin, standing in front of the chips as if he doesn’t know exactly which ones he will pick.



are you in the store? i think i saw you lol


Yoongi’s eyes snap up from his phone, head turning to the front windows. He doesn’t see anyone, thank God. He throws Jimin a quick look.



i’m in the middle of a lecture. you know i don’t miss classes


Yoongi sends the message with his fingers crossed, hoping Hoseok’s curiosity won’t lead him inside the store. The last thing he needs is getting caught lying with Jimin by his side. He doesn’t know how they would explain that.


Thankfully Hoseok leaves him on read, and no one walks into the store before they leave with two bags, glass bottles ringing loudly. Yoongi has lectures to attend, Jimin has something as well. Yet Yoongi lets those puppy eyes convince him that they should just drink soju and relax instead of going to classes.




Jimin works his wrist slowly while taking careful sips of his coffee. Yoongi sits right by his side, enough for Jimin to reach him without putting too much stress on his muscles. 


They are watching a drama Jimin has been whining about for ages now, always excusing himself with lack of time to watch. It's the only reason why Yoongi decides to be a good hyung and watch the drama with him, even though he swears he hates romantic stuff.


Sometimes they just like to watch something together. They are friends, it’s okay to spend quality time together.


The friction is dry, but Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind that at all. He got a bit horny during third episode, but Jimin didn’t really feel like having sex tonight. Weird, maybe he is finally getting satisfied. It doesn’t mean he can’t give Yoongi a friendly handjob as he keeps watching.  


Yoongi chuckles under his breath, Jimin throws him an asking glace. There is nothing funny happening on the screen.


“I was just thinking,” Yoongi says in that calm, deep tone that gives Jimin shivers down his spine. Jimin waits patiently for him to keep going, his thumb teasing Yoongi’s head, spreading the drop of precum that dripped out. “This doesn’t seem like a classic friends with benefits.” 


Jimin hums in a question, trying to split his attention between Yoongi and the action on the screen. It looks like the girl is about to find out her boyfriend is cheating, it makes Jimin stressed, his wrist starting to work almost as fast as his heart starts to race when she opens the door.


Yoongi groans,” Jimin-ah, slow down.”


“Oh,” Jimin gasps, eyes dropping to the dick in his hand. “Sorry.” It was supposed to be a lazy handjob, Yoongi liked them to last. At first Jimin thought it’s weird but then Yoongi gave him one of those, just lazily stroking him as they eat.


“What you were saying?” Jimin asks as the credits start to roll, the cheating plot unresolved.


Yoongi wordlessly reaches out for the TV remote, clicking at the next episode. He drops his head back with a sigh, fixing his hips a bit lower for more comfort. “What we have,” He points out. “I just randomly thought it’s more like an old marriage than two horny dudes fucking like rabbits.” Yoongi chuckles at his own words, Jimin joins him.


He ponders on it for a bit. Maybe Yoongi is a bit right. 


Jimin takes in this moment, the comfort he feels while he is here, the ease with which he just slowly strokes Yoongi’s dick while drinking coffee and watching TV. It feels kind of like domestic bliss.


“Don’t over think that,” Yoongi says, easily seeing Jimin’s brows slowly starting to crease. “We’re good, comfortable. Just exploring ourselves in ways different than hard fucking against a wall.”


“Yeah,” Jimin agrees quietly, his mind still away from here. 


What they do is so far from how it started. It used to be so silent, a bit awkward, and maybe even stressful. He didn’t know a single thing about his hyung. They used to rush to sex then rush to part ways, especially Jimin. 


But lately he even starts to wonder if Yoongi would let him stay over for a night. He is yet to ask, and maybe he shouldn’t. Maybe they are too comfortable.


“Babe,” Yoongi chokes out, his breath becoming uneven.


Jimin isn’t even watching the drama, too deep into his thoughts.


Jimin is back here and now, ready, “Where?” He asks.


Yoongi groans, his hips twitching. Jimin speeds up his hand a bit, watching Yoongi slowly fall apart.


“Give me that pretty mouth,” Yoongi finally says, hand grabbing the back of Jimin’s head, pushing him down.


Jimin wraps his mouth around Yoongi’s head without complaining, lightly sucking. His hand starts to move as fast as he can. He swallows it all, used to the salty taste of Yoongi, he likes it.


He pushes up as soon as he knows Yoongi is done, surging right for his lips. Their kiss is slow, deep and makes him feel warm and fuzzy. 


Maybe he should start to worry about how easy he feels when Yoongi pulls him for a cuddle.




The doorbell ringing at an ass-o’clock on Tuesday can mean only one thing - Jimin decided to come around. It’s nothing new to Yoongi by now, Jimin’s late night visits becoming part of his weekly routine. He doesn’t even pretend to be surprised when he opens the door to Jimin, giving him an innocent looking smile.


“It’s late,” he dead pans, no anger behind his words. He moves from the open door back to his room, where he left his laptop in.


Jimin comes inside with ease, pushing his shoes off of his feet. Yoongi smiles as he hears Jimin’s socked feet padding to his bedroom. “I was bored,” Jimin explains himself, falling down on Yoongi’s bed with a groan.


“So you came across the city to lay in my bed in your sweaty workout clothes?” Yoongi asks, eyes glued to the screen, searching for the paragraph he stopped reading at.


Jimin makes a happy sound of agreement, “Your bed is better.”


Yoongi just huffs, leaving that without a comment, instead focusing back on the reading for his morning class. Jimin stays quiet, occasionally turning from side to side, or leaving to the kitchen to make tea. He puts one cup by Yoongi’s laptop without a word, getting back on bed as quietly as possible. 


The older one really tries to focus, he wants to get some participation points right now, before the rest of the group will remember they need those to pass. But it’s hard to pay attention to some old man’s smart words when Jimin is in his bed. 


Just fifteen minutes ago Yoongi was completely fine, not a single sign of horniness in his body. Yoongi bites down on his pen as he glances towards Jimin, resting by the wall, comfortably stretched, scrolling on his phone with a slight double chin. 


Fuck he wants to have sex.


“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi starts slowly, eyes jumping from his laptop to Jimin.


Jimin looks up from his phone, his eyes owlishly big, “Huh? You’re done?” He asks.


Yoongi groans, twirling in his chair so his body faces Jimin, “No.” Jimin just nods before going back to his phone. “Don’t ignore me,” Yoongi whines. 


Jimin looks more than confused, “I’m not supposed to distract you from studying?” He points out, lifting his eyebrow. “I’m not listening to you whine that you failed something.” After a second of silence Jimin smiles like he just won something, unlocking his phone, and going back to whatever he is doing.


Yoongi sighs, his body deflating. Jimin is too good at respecting his rules, always patiently waiting for Yoongi to finish whatever he needs to get done. Yoongi pushes himself off of his hair, slowly dragging himself to the bed, climbing up the bed on all four.


Jimin moves without asking, opening his legs, lifting his arms so Yoongi can fit between. Yoongi can feel Jimin chuckle as he presses his cheek to the younger’s stomach, hands coming around his waist to hug him closer.


“You don’t want to study?” Jimin asks, fingers pushing into Yoongi’s black hair.


Yoongi hums.


“Then what do you want to do?” Jimin asks, the hand combing through Yoongi’s hair making him sigh in content. 


Yoongi hums, as if he doesn’t have an answer already, “I actually want to have sex right now.” 


Jimin laughs, his whole belly shaking, “Yoonie wants some ass?” He coos.


Yoongi swallows around the way his heart skips a beat, deciding to ignore it right now. “Yeah,” He drags out, his voice getting deeper. 


The laughter dies down, leaving them in silence for a moment. Yoongi is about to push himself up, go back to his notes when Jimin speaks again, “Let me get lube.” 


It doesn’t take them long to get Jimin out of his sweats, legs wide open with a coy smile on his face. Yoongi loves to see him like that, all spread out for him. Jimin is soft, his shirt still on but he doesn’t mind that. Yoongi knows it. 


Yoongi is still fully dressed, his jeans unbuttoned just to give him more comfort for when he will start getting hard. He leans down to kiss Jimin, something he does often, something he would call a hobby. 


Kissing Jimin is always good, no matter if it’s slow, deep, wet, rushed. It just feels right, and every time makes his blood rush, his heart speed. It’s addictive. Jimin hums into the kiss, his hips loose, softly circling in the lubbed fingers Yoongi presses over his hole but doesn’t push in. 


“Come on,” Jimin whispers softly, hands running up and down Yoongi’s chest. “Don’t be shy.”


Yoongi chuckles against Jimin’s lips, placing a wet kiss on them before he slowly pushes one finger in. Jimin tenses, his breath hitching. Yoongi smiles, biting on his bottom lip, eyes glued on Jimin’s expression that slowly melts into bliss as he starts to move his finger in and out. 


“Good,” Jimin mumbles. “More.” He follows right after, asshole clenching around Yoongi’s finger.


Maybe a few months back Yoongi would put up a fight, would argue about Jimin’s comfort, but they know each other well. Yoongi knows what Jimin likes, how he likes it. And he can see his eyes, shining, glassy, hungry. He pushes second finger inside with a struggle, Jimin holding onto him. 


“You’re getting hard,” Yoongi murmurs into Jimin’s ear, making him whine softly. “Hyung’s getting hard too.” It’s true. Jimin makes it so easy to get hard, all he needs to do is say and Yoongi is fully hard, ready to give him whatever he wants. 


“Wider,” Jimin whines, pushing his own shirt higher, eyes closed, bottom lip bitten. 


Yoongi listens, working his fingers faster, stretching them wider. He is rushing it but who is he to tell Jimin no? Watching Jimin moan and gasp gets to him, blood traveling south. 


“You’re so pretty like this,” Yoongi compliments Jimin, completely out of breath, spreading his fingers inside, eyes glued to the wide, wet stretch. 


Jimin freezes, his chest rising and falling quickly, “Put it in.” He demands.


Yoongi chuckles, “Thought I’m the one horny.” He teases Jimin, quickly getting off of bed to take off his jeans. 


Jimin throws his arm over his eyes, giving Yoongi a perfect opportunity to look, to take in the beauty that is Jimin. he almost stops moving as he takes in Yoongi’s tanned skin, his muscles, his thick legs, and his fat dick curved towards his stomach. He stays longer at Jimin’s beautiful neck, and plush lips. 


“Hyung,” Jimin groans, spreading his legs even wider.


Yoongi is brought back to the moment, Jimin throwing him a knowing look. He grabs a condom, rushing back between Jimin’s legs, pulling his shirt off of his back with one hand. He tries to be careful as he rolls on the condom.


It’s not something he would do with anyone else, but with Jimin he feels comfortable. It only feels right to lean down, kiss Jimin with passion as he positions himself against the tight entrance.


“Relax for me,” Yoongi mumbles into the kiss, pushing his hips forward. 


The slide is a bit dry without extra lube. He is quick to correct that, blindly pouring lube, too busy kissing Jimin to look down. 


“Make it quick,” Jimin says into the kiss as Yoongi bottoms, Jimin’s hips rolling up as Yoongi pushes as far as he can.


“Why? You’re in a rush?” Yoongi chuckles, simply enjoying the sensation of Jimin’s hot, tight hole around him. 


“No,” Jimin says in a sassy tone. “You have to study.”


Yoongi’s face goes blank for a second, “Right.” He can’t argue with that. 


Jimin wraps his hands and legs around Yoongi’ keeping them as close as possible, “Go for it, honey.” Jimin cheers for him, the nickname something they both ignore. 


So Yoongi goes for it. It’s deep, it’s sharp, it’s fast. Yoongi doesn’t move further away than he needs to get friction, fucking into Jimin like his life depends on it. Jimin sounds like he loves it, whining, moaning, gasping, groaning. Yoongi hisses when Jimin grabs a fist full of his hair, almost screaming into Yoongi’s ear how much he likes it. 


He doesn’t last long, not with the way Jimin’s hole tenses around him. He finishes with a gasp, his brain going blank. Yoongi comes off of his high with a swallow, slow thrust inside, savouring the feeling.


Jimin’s whole body relaxes, giving Yoongi enough room to pull away. It’s hot between them, with no air to breath. But Yoongi doesn’t want to leave. “I’ll make you cum.” Yoongi says, kissing Jimin’s ear.


The younger tries to make him go back to studies but they both know once Yoongi’s mouth is around his red head, Jimin can’t say no. It’s always busting Yoongi’s ego, how much Jimin loves to get those lazy, sloppy blowjobs Yoongi enjoys giving.


“Are you staying the night?” Yoongi asks sometime later, back at his computer, as he realizes just how late it is.


Jimin looks to be almost asleep in the bed, just in his boxers, “I should probably go.” He says, his voice barely out. 


“You don’t have to,” Yoongi assures him. “I don’t see a reason for you to walk around at this hour.” 


He feels anxious as he waits for an answer. Jimin has never stayed around long, always came back home even if it would be almost light outside. He hates it, it makes him feel awful. Yoongi isn’t sure what is the reason for this, never can put a finger on it.


“I don’t have a toothbrush,” Jimin tries to argue. 


Yoongi smiles, watching Jimin slowly melt into his sheets, “I’m sure I got a spare.” He informs Jimin. “So?” 


Jimin hums, his eyes blinking open, as if he fights sleep, “I’m clingy.” He warns.


Yoongi laughs, the laptop going into hibernation, leaving them with only a lamp at the desk as the source of light. “I already know that.” Yoongi jokes.


Jimin gives him a small smile, “If you don’t mind…” He says weakly, his voice getting quieter with every word.


“No, I don’t,” Yoongi assures him softly, his own smile growing wider.


He feels so incredibly happy and content as he watches Jimin softly drift off to sleep. He feels the need to tuck him in, kiss his forehead one, maybe twenty times. Yoongi twirls on his chair from side to side, watching Jimin with a soft smile, and full heart.


“So cute,” Yoongi chuckles to himself, barely keeping at bay the strong need to squeeze Jimin tightly and kiss all over his face. 




Having Jimin around simply feels normal, which is the thought that slowly starts to get Yoongi worried. 


On one hand it’s good, it’s good that they got comfortable, that they became friends. But on the other hand, it means trouble, a lot of trouble that Yoongi has been planning on avoiding. This whole thing is temporary, it’s just for some light fun as he finishes his thesis. It’s here for him to wet his dick, play around with a pretty guy who won’t make him issues when he will want to leave. 


But there is a problem.


It’s not Jimin who is making a problem out of Yoongi’s plan to leave. No. It’s Yoongi.


It takes him a while to notice just how his thoughts change from complete ecstasy while thinking about leaving Seoul, possibly even leaving South Korean, to less and less excitement. Yoongi hates changing plans, and he has been dreaming about leaving this city ever since his second month here. He just never felt like he belonged here. Yet right now more and more Yoongi wish to stay.


He can stay, of course. Nothing is forcing him to run from here, and he wants to leave… Or he keeps saying himself this, forcing himself to look into options for work outside of Seoul while his heart gets more and more rooted in where he is. 


He hates it, it floods him with anxiety. Yoongi can’t wrap his head around this feeling of complete comfort, of the way his heart skips a few beats happily when Jimin kisses him softly before he goes back to watching the movie Yoongi made him watch. When did empty sex became evening in front of TV, soft kisses and half-warm takeout after studying? 


Yoongi knows exactly what is out of this, how to hopefully get out before he will start daydreaming about cuddling Jimin every night and picking him up from classes. Hell, he is in here planning a way out of his newfound feelings while their mutual friends still have no idea they can talk to each other. Right now, Yoongi wishes Namjoon would know, so he could have someone to ramble to. 


So Yoongi knows it all, finally realizing that his deeply buried dream of having an amazing man by his side suddenly starts to push to the front of his plans and wishes. And he doesn’t do anything he should, he doesn’t run, he doesn’t cut off Jimin.


He simply makes sure Jimin is coming over before ordering their usual food and checking if he has condoms.


“We should go raw,” - Yoongi remembers Jimin saying to him the other night, watching Yoongi rush to roll on the third condom that evening. The proposition almost made the planet stop spinning as Yoongi’s head snapped up to look at Jimin, sweaty, wide open, smiling at him in this seductive way that gets him every time. 


There has been so much trust in those words, so much deeper meaning. It was the starting point for Yoongi’s thinking. Started from a simple sign of trust and I sleep only with you. It made him feel too good too deeply to be only sexual.


And so he is here, well aware that if Jimin were to ask him for a relationship, he wouldn’t hesitate for a second. Even if he would ask as Yoongi would be getting on the train, tearing up his ticket on the spot. For Jimin.


But the more he thinks about it the more he realizes that this is deeper than Jimin. Through those years he has learned to love Seoul, he got attached to this apartment, and the owner. He loves his friends, even if they annoy him and want to club way more than he has energy for. Seoul taught him so much, and he isn’t sure if he is ready to let it go. He has already left Daegu, coming into Seoul with no money, no friends, no place to stay. He built a life for himself, and maybe the old plan to run away doesn’t hold up anymore.


He has everything in Seoul, and he decided to leave when he still had nothing.


When Yoongi hears the door code being pushed in, he doesn’t even get up, long used to the sound of someone . Jimin walks into the apartment as if he lives there, allowing himself to Yoongi’s fridge but not before he takes a detour to the couch to place a soft kiss on the top of Yoongi’s head. 


He has never before paid attention to that gesture, it doesn’t happen every single time but sometimes, when Jimin feels especially touchy, he will do that as a greeting… Like a couple. And Yoongi just takes it, with warmth spreading through his body, a soft smile tugging at the corner of his lips, as if it’s how it is supposed to be. 


“Food will be here soon,” Yoongi informs Jimin, trying very hard to focus on his fucking thesis, to stop thinking, to stop feeling some type of weight where Jimin pressed his plump lips to his hair. 


Jimin groans, slamming the fridge, “Why is it always late?” 




Yoongi clears his throat, trying to swallow down his rising anxiety as he starts to really take in what they are doing, how they are behaving. This is not normal, not for what they are. If Yoongi would be more to Jimin, if their friends would know, if everyone would know. But not like this, not like that. Not in hiding, not locked in his rented apartment.


This is not how he wants to experience love.


But he still lets Jimin distract him from time to time, lets him play with his hair as they wait for the food. He lets Jimin eat out meat out of his portion, he picks out mangos out of Jimin’s desert. Yoongi just lets things happen, acting how they usually do. 


Tonight Yoongi kisses Jimin with a bit more bite to it, fucks him with more power than ever. Jimin loves it, moaning so loudly Yoongi has to shut him up with a deep kiss. He holds onto Jimin tightly, savouring the feeling of Jimin’s nails digging into his back, his heels digging into his side, keeping him as close as possible. 


In a way it serves as a goodbye, one that Jimin isn’t aware of. It makes Yoongi sad a bit, wishing to hold onto Jimin until the last day but he needs space. He needs to think through everything, make up his mind before he will make any mistakes that would ruin everything he has.


He doesn’t cut off Jimin right away. Instead, Yoongi cleans Jimin up, kissing him everywhere he can reach. Jimin is a sleepy, giggling mess, smiling at Yoongi so much he can barely see Jimin’s shiny eyes. It’s beautiful, his heart swells at the sight.


It’s already late at night when his phone starts to buzz somewhere under the pillows. Jimin whines, scrunching his face, trying to fall asleep while Yoongi tries to dig out his phone from under the pillows. 


“Who’s that?” Jimin asks, one eye opening, looking at Yoongi. 


Yoongi squints at the bright light coming off of his screen, one hand going back to where it was, lying comfortably on Jimin’s round ass. The younger doesn’t protest, still very much naked under the thin sheet, comfortably laying on his stomach.


“Hoseok,” He grunts, remembering they wanted him to go out tonight. Of course, he chose to spend the night with Jimin instead.


As soon as he picks up, he can hear muffled music, echoing footsteps, someone laughing in the distance. “Hyung!” Hoseok cheers loudly, drunk sounding Namjoon babbling something over him. “Where are you?” 


Yoongi gets comfier on the bed, hand squeezing on the plush ass. Jimin giggles softly, looking at Yoongi with curiosity. 


“Home,” Yoongi answers him simply, continuously squeezing Jimin’s ass. There is a bit of wetness between his cheeks, probably lube he didn’t clean up well.


Namjoon makes a weird sound in the back, “When are you coming?” Hoseok asks, as if he doesn’t already know Yoongi is definitely not coming.


Yoongi sighs, throwing a quick glance towards Jimin who slowly blinks at him, fighting sleep, “I’m busy.” Yoongi informs his friends, his tone getting hushed. 


For a while he just says there, holding onto Jimin’s ass, listening to sounds of a club corridor before Hoseok speaks again, “What’s up with you?” Yoongi makes a questioning hum. “It’s been a while since you went out with us.”


Yeah, it’s been. Yoongi has been spending most of his free time with Jimin, fucking or simply existing together. He hasn't been out a lot, not if Jimin isn’t coming, and it’s a rare occasion at this point. It’s just the two of them most of the time.


“Are you avoiding us?” Hoseok asks.


Yoongi rolls his eyes, “No,” He says softly. “I’m not. Don’t worry, things will get back to normal soon.” 


It doesn’t make him happy to say that, especially not as Jimin lays in his bed, sleeping peacefully. Just a few months back they would part ways as soon as their clothes were back on. Funny how far they came, how much closer they got. How much Yoongi feels right now as Hoseok ends the call, leaving Yoongi in silence.




Yoongi doesn’t stop right away, or the next day. It’s a slow process, letting go off something that makes his heart bloom, and cheeks hurt from smiling. Plus, the sex is amazing, it always was but ever since they grew so incredibly close its mind blowing. 


Yoongi lets Jimin slowly, like he doesn’t want to, but Jimin isn’t trying to get away, which makes it harder. Knowing that they are nearing their end makes Yoongi sad whenever they talk about plans, because Jimin always has plans ahead of the time even if he doesn’t go through with it most of the time.


Just like Jimin plans their days, or more like evenings, Yoongi starts to plan how he will do this. He is stressed about it, worrying about how Jimin might take it almost as if he is getting ready to break Jimin’s heart. Which is ridiculous, his heart is the only one that might get broken here. 


The plan takes two weeks to get fully rounded, every word planned out, every step. Yoongi has so much planned for it, so much he wants to say. He wants them to be friends even after they are no longer physical, he wants Jimin to know he spent some amazing times with him.


But just like Jimin, Yoongi seems to struggle with his plans. And maybe taking the old band aid slowly, feeling every hair under it pulling on your skin is not the way to go around. He has been doing it slowly for a while, quietly seeping in those last moments when Jimin unconsciously cuddles into him, and the way his breathy moans make Yoongi shiver with too much emotion.


So at the end, after weeks of trying to make it as delicate as possible, Yoongi dos it in the worst possible way. It’s not calm, he doesn’t take his time to make sure Jimin knows how much he means to him.


No. It’s in the doorway/ 


Yoongi jumps into action as soon as the door closes behind Jimin, not giving him time to make himself at home. He knows that once Jimin is shuffling his way towards him, that smile on his face as he goes for a warm hug - he won’t be able to say it. Today is not the first day Yoongi has been trying to end this. 


“We need to stop doing this,” Yoongi says, taking Jimin by surprise.


Jimin seems confused for a second, freezing in the spot, brows furrowing until it clicks. Yoongi can’t tell what emotions he sees on the younger’s face, even if he is trying very hard to detect them. “Why?” Jimin asks calmly, nothing like Yoongi has been fearing.


Yoongi shrugs casually, trying to keep the same level of calmness, the same unbothered expression. “I want to start packing up my life,” He says hoping it doesn’t sound as unsure as he feels about his leave. He always wanted to leave, and he stubbornly will leave even if something chained him down here. He won’t let that happen.


Or maybe he will run away.


“So?” Jimin asks, scrunching his eyebrows in the cutest way possible. “What does it have to do with us?” 


“It’s not a big deal,” Yoongi rolls his eyes, avoiding answering. If he would have to explain himself, he would have to expose just how much Jimin has been making his heart palpitate.


“Yeah,” Jimin raises his voice a bit, looking more and more confused. “We’re not that deep so why stop? Why not fuck me until you have to leave for your train or whatever you will be taking?” 


Yoongi is taken completely by surprise by the sudden change of energy, the angry look on Jimin’s face. This is more what he thought about while trying to think of a good way to end this, this is the type of emotions he didn’t want them both to part with.


Jimin is right. If it’s not a big deal, why is he cutting it off weeks ahead of time? Yoongi knows exactly the answer, but he can’t say that to Jimin. It all supposed to be simple fun, he let this happen so he can experience something crazy before his leave. So, he has to cut it now, weeks ahead of time to give himself time to simply accept that he won’t have Jimin, and it’s on him.


“I just want to focus on my thesis,” Yoongi says instead of telling the truth. He doesn’t feel that Jimin needs to know what’s really behind his decision. 


Jimin huffs, rolling his eyes, “Okay.” He says calmly, picking up his jacket that hangs by the door for a few months now, just in case. “Whatever you want.” 


With that Yoongi is left alone, and he hates it. Everything in him wants him to chase after Jimin, to pull him into his arms and hold him like he used to do for so long. It all felt so natural that it took him way too long to realize that he was falling. So now he has to climb up and move ahead with his plan like he wanted to. 


But it feels wrong, everything about this feels wrong. From the way they started, emotionless fucking, not even looking at each other, to ending things calmly yet with so much anger under it. Or maybe Yoongi is just wishfully hoping that under that tone was anger, that Jimin didn’t want them to end. 


Yoongi tries to push down the bitterness he feels at Jimin’s acceptance, at the lack of fight. Why would Jimin put up a fight? He wasn’t anything important to the younger. 


Yoongi chuckles at his own stupidity, his useless hopes that will get him nowhere. He should have let Jimin go a long time ago, way before kisses turned from part of the act to joyful moments that left him warm for hours. He should have known better when he started to invite Jimin over just to have him around. 


That’s all in the past right now, and all Yoongi can really wonder is if Jimin will allow him to be a friend for the time being. Or was the connection they had only there to fill in the awkward gaps between them.




What supposed to be a nice evening turned sour pretty quickly. And Jimin has no idea why the fuck is his bottom lip shaking, why his eyes feel spicy. The people around him seem to wonder the same, throwing him pitiful glances. 


There is so much happening inside his head, so many questions, and emotions. Quickly it’s becoming too much for him to wrap his head around. Jimin can’t help but feel the need to laugh at himself as he tries to sniff secretly, keeping his tears at bay. This is the most emotions he felt in a really long time, way more than he felt when his first boyfriend decided to break up with him via text. 


So stupid to get tear-eyed about a fuck buddy who decided to move on. Even if it hurts like it has been way more than simple sex. Even tonight, he wasn’t thinking about sex, he was excited for them to hang out. And maybe that’s what finally breaks the dam, making his tears run down his cheeks as he takes one last turn towards his apartment.


He already misses Yoongi.




Jimin tries his best to act normal, to act like nothing has happened. He tries mostly for himself, to prove to himself that it was nothing deeper than what they promised each other. It was a simple deal that they both were supposed to leave without a single scratch. Yet, Jimin left it feeling broken, something that really took him by surprise.


For days now he is trying so hard to prove to himself that he is okay, to push away those thoughts that come back every time he isn’t busy. Jimin’s mind is playing tricks on him, constantly pushing to the front proof that this was more, that it was everything he has ever wanted in a relationship. But there is no reason to make peace with that, not when there is no chance for it to happen.


For Jimin the official story is: the sudden cut of their relationship simply took him by surprise. He thought they got more time since Yoongi never seemed to mind writing his thesis on Jimin’s ass. But the plans have changed, and there is nothing to be sad about.


Jimin feels absolutely embarrassed with how much time he needs to even try to shake off this looming sadness. He feels like a complete idiot, getting angry at himself whenever he peeks at his phone, his heart anxiously speeding up, some weak hope that there will be a text from Yoongi making him nervous.


Tonight Jimin has decided to change things, to finally take a step forward and stop waiting for- He isn’t sure what he is waiting for. 


So, clubbing. Something he used to do a lot, until he started spending almost every evening in Yoongi’s apartment. Jimin used to laugh at Taehyung, and Jimin who rarely agrees to go out without their boyfriends. He used to roll his eyes at that, even laugh at them rather stay at home cuddled up then go out and have some fun. But then he started spending just as much time with one man, talking, eating, making out, having hard, deep sex.


He denied so many options to go out just because he wanted to stay in Yoongi’s small apartment, watch him write his thesis. 


Going back at it all makes his stomach flip, something warm spreading through his body. It was nice to have something like this, he might be starting to understand why people do that. 


“Who’s texting?” Seokjin asks from the doorway to Jimin’s room, arms folded on his chest.


Jimin almost jumps, so deep into his thoughts he forgot he was supposed to be getting ready. There is makeup all over his bed, three different outfits that he can’t decide between. Instead of getting ready Jimin is sitting still on his bed, makeup brush almost in his eye, just staring at his phone. Still waiting for a text that will never come.


“No one,” Jimin answers quickly, whipping his head around, going back to smudging dark eyeshadow around his eyelid. 


Seokjin doesn’t say anything else, but Jimin can see the weird look he and Taehyung exchange. 


“Jimin,” Taehyung starts softly, eyes glued on Jimin. 


Jimin makes a small hum, focusing on his makeup. He tries his best to act normal, but he got caught a few times with mind somewhere far away. His friends are not stupid, they know him for years. Luckily, they haven’t asked about anything until now.


But it’s about to change.


“Is everything okay?” Taehyung asks. Seokjin climbs onto the bed, staring right at Jimin. He feels surrounded.


Jimin huffs, rolling his eyes, “Why wouldn’t it be okay?”


“I dunno,” Taehyung mumbles, backing off.


Seokjin sighs tiredly, “Are you sure?” He pressures, not wanting to give up as easily as Taehyung did. Jimin shrugs in response. “Jimin-ah,” Seokjin scolds him. “We can see that something is wrong.” 


Jimin knows that avoiding eye contact won’t do him any good, so he puts down his makeup, glancing between his friends, “I’m fine.” He presses. 


“Is it about hyung?” Taehyung asks, earning a sharp glare from Seokjin. The younger cowards into himself.


Jimin’s eyes almost all out from his head for a second before he composes himself, “Hyung?” He looks at Seokjin, playing dumb. His heart is racing but there is absolutely no way they would know about him and Yoongi. Right? “Me and Jin Hyung are fine.” 


Taehyung looks like he is about to argue but he stops himself when Seokjin jumps in, “We are.” He agrees, giving Jimin a warm smile that makes his cheeks bunch up cutely. 


They don’t talk about it anymore, and soon Jimin tears himself away for his thoughts about Yoongi. First time in a long time his mind is free of those sharp eyes, big hands and deep voice chuckling into his ear. Jimin lets himself get lost in the buzz, letting his friends talk his ears off. 


Tonight, Jimin decides to go wild. It’s been such a long time since went out, which definitely helped him rebuild his budget. Why not spend it all in one night? Taehyung and Seokjin don’t seem too opposed to that, taking free drinks with big smiles on their faces. 


Jimin stays by their side, making sure to always be in the middle. He doesn’t feel like getting hit on, he just wants to have some fun with friends. 


His head is already buzzing with alcohol, the bass hitting just right. It’s amazing, he feels light, free from worries. Seokjin brings him back to earth when he leans closer, screaming into his ear.


“How long do you want me to pretend I’m stupid?” He leans away to throw Jimin a questioning look.


Jimin is confused with the sudden question, “What?” He asks, way too quiet for Seokjin to hear him. The older rolls his eyes as he leans back towards his ear, Jimin turns his head to the side so he can hear him better.


“I know,” Seokjin says, pulling away, leaving Jimin even more confused.


Behind Jimin Taehyung is still dancing, hands on Jimin’s hips, keeping him moving. Jimin isn’t sure if he is missing something or if he drank too much already but Seokjin doesn’t make any sense.


Seokjin rolls his eyes at him, pulling Jimin closer, “I saw you two kiss.” He says, and then adds. “Namjoon saw it too.”


The world stops, Jimin’s jaw falls on the floor. They kissed in public once, in this very club. His eyes wander up towards the balcony where they sat. Seokjin makes him look back at him with a gentle hold on his cheeks. 


Seokjin gives him a small smile. Behind him Taehyung stopped moving. Jimin is sure he didn’t hear them but it’s obvious that the atmosphere has shifted. Jimin turns his head around to find Taehyung giving him the same kind of a soft smile.


“You know too?” He mouths to Taehyung.


Taehyung lands in, “Jungkook.” Is all he says, making Jimin so much more confused.


Just how many people know? Part of him wants to get out, maybe run home and hide. He was so sure that no one knows, he kept his friends in the dark for months meanwhile they knew. Jimin has so many questions.


“I don’t know what happened, but I hope it will get solved soon,” Jin screams into his ear. “You looked happy.” 


Jimin feels almost annoyed at the music, so loud he can barely think, let alone process everything Seokjin just told him. Taehyung is right by their side, Jimin doesn’t think he heard them, but he looks at them both with eyes full of understanding.


“Happy?” He says, more to himself than to his friends. 


Jimin lets his friends lead him back towards the bar, buying him two rounds of pure vodka. They don’t talk as Jimin downs shots one after another, already thinking about ordering more.


He doesn’t think he can play dumb anymore, just how Seokjin couldn’t keep it in any longer. Jimin knows exactly why it hurts so badly that Yoongi just left him. He knows why he loved wasting his evenings away with Yoongi by his side, why his heart was racing any time he would touch him, hold him. He knew it all but chose to keep himself in the dark, basking in Yoongi like a cat taking a nap in the full sun.


And he misses it so fucking much. 


It hurts because even if he refused to admit it to himself, in his mind there was no deadline anymore. He already made himself comfortable right next to Yoongi, forgetting that this isn’t forever.


Seokjin slides him another drink with a pitiful smile. Jimin takes it without thinking, downing it immediately. 


By the bar it’s much quieter than on the dancefloor, Jimin feels like he can finally think.


“Let’s say we did kiss,” Jimin starts slowly as soon as the empty glass hits the bar top, eyes ahead of himself, eyeing colorful bottles of alcohol. Seokjin and Taehyung nod to that, eyeing him. “And let’s say it wasn’t just once.”


Seokjin waves over the bartender, Jimin sighs, dropping his head. His head snaps up only when another shot arrives under his nose. He downs it as both Taehyung and Taehyung stare at him with growing worry in their eyes.


Jimin thinks for a second, quickly deciding maybe it’s time to come clean, “Let’s say,” He approaches the subject slowly, not looking at his friends. “That one day I don’t think about him, and the next one I spend with him every single day.”


“Every day,” Taehyung echoes after Jimin, eyebrows scrunches as he tries to follow along Jimin’s very vague train of thought. 


Jimin nods to that, “And we kiss, and we cuddle, and we have amazing sex.” 


“And you stop going out,” Seokjin adds to that, to which Jimin freezes for a moment before he nods sharply. That’s right, he stopped.


Jimin looks to the side where Taehyung opens and closes his mouth a few times, “I think Jungkook knows less than he thinks he knows.” 


“Oh, I knew it all,” Seokjin wheezes. “Jimin’s stuff is all over his apartment.” 


Jimin just turns his head from side to side as his friends talk about him like he isn’t there, feeling more and more like a complete idiot. Of course, he isn’t the only one who goes to Yoongi’s place, their friends go there a lot. He just never bothered to join them. He got comfortable in their bubble, leaving his stuff there, his notes, and change of clothes.


Weird no one ever caught them red-handed.


“Really?” Taehyung asks. “Jungkook thought they were secretly friends.” 


Seokjin laughs, slapping his hand on the counter, “More like boyfriends.”


Jimin’s eyes grow wider, his body straightening, “Boyfriends?! We weren’t!” He jumps to clear things up. He rests his elbows on the counter, dropping his face into his palms. “We were just fucking.” 


Taehyung hums, “You don’t sound happy about that.” 


And there it is, the bottom lip wobble, the blurry vision. It’s all back and it hurts the same if not worse than it hurt the day Yoongi ended whatever they had. 


“Yah,” Seokjin hisses. “Jimin-ah,” He says softly, running his hand up and down Jimin’s back. “You want a drink?” 


“I’ll buy you your favourite,” Taehyung offers.


Jimin’s mind goes back to the night Yoongi kissed him in this club. He got him his favourite drink and kissed him so well. He felt that light that night, the phantom feeling of Yoongi’s lips on him almost making him high with pure happiness. 


He was so happy, “I don’t want a drink,” Jimin tries to keep his voice normal even as the tears start rolling down his face. “I just want my hyung back.” 




Taking time off to think is always a good option. He does it often when he needs to rethink part of his thesis, when he fights with someone. But taking time off was never so he could run away from something for a bit, and he thinks like this is what he has done this time around. 


He doesn’t feel the need to think about staying or leaving, he has been reluctant about leaving for too long already. It’s a simple decision that he didn’t want to let himself make. Why? Only because he is stubborn and younger Yoongi said something so this is how it will be. But no, he isn’t the same person he was when he first got here.


It took Yoongi maybe two full days to come to many decisions, in which two of them were obvious to him for way too long by now. First being the simple fact that he isn’t leaving Seoul, for various reasons, that he likes the city and didn’t want to leave for a long time now. The apartment owner is more than happy to hear it.


And second of all he is fucking in love. And he misses Jimin.


The regret of their last conversation set in maybe an hour after Jimin left. It took everything in him not to call him immediately, or at any other time during the past week. And here he is, days later, not sure how to fix this. Because there were never more than friends with benefits.


But Yoongi hates leaving things unresolved, he hates not taking chances just to wonder about what would happen if he took it. But most importantly, he hates not fixing relationships. They are in the same friend group, they are about to meet anyway, and if Jimin won’t speak to him ever again he would rather it happen because Yoongi was honest when he needed to be.


So here he is, putting on a brave face as he climbs stairs to Jimin’s apartment. He hasn't been here in a while, a really long time actually. 


When he knocks the sound echoes around, making this situation way more stressful. He stands in complete silence for a few moments, only the rustling of the paper that the flowers he bought disturbing the silence. Yoongi feels like a bit of an idiot, standing there with flowers, anxiously bouncing on his heels.


Yoongi’s head snaps back up when the door opens. The second his eyes land on the person in front of him his eyes grow wide open, his mouth opening.


“Taehyung-ah?” He asks, completely shocked.


Taehyung doesn’t look even half as surprised as he is, simply raising an eyebrow at him, “Took you long enough.” He deadpans, leaving Yoongi speechless. Taehyung waves him in, “Come in.” 


So Yoongi comes inside, awkwardly standing by the door as Taehyung eyes him up and down, his eyes stopping at the flowers. Taehyung hums in a way that makes Yoongi proud of his choices.


“He’ll like them,” Taehyung murmurs to Yoongi before he turns around. “Jungkookie!” He calls for his boyfriend. “Come on, we’re leaving.”


“What?!” Yoongi can hear both Jungkook and Jimin, the latter’s voice making his heart skip a beat. 


Jungkook leaves Jimin’s small kitchen with a stuffed mouth and furrowed brows that relax into understanding as soon as he spots Yoongi. This whole situation focuses Yoongi and makes him very scared. He doesn’t understand why they both act like seeing him at Jimin’s doors with flowers is to be expected?


Taehyung pushes Jungkook out of the door with their shoes in hand, almost running out before Jimin can come around, “Bye!” He screams, almost slamming the door.


Yoongi jumps away from the loud noise, huge eyes glued to the door that just slammed after the pair.


“Guys, it’s not funny!” Jimin groans, coming out of the kitchen, probably sure to find his friends standing exactly where Yoongi is, looking like a deer caught in the headlight. “Hyung?” Jimin asks, as if he can’t believe what he is seeing.


Jimin’s already huge eyes drop to Yoongi’s hands. Yoongi just stares at Jimin, taking in everything about him, from that soft blonde hair to those huge, pretty eyes, plush lips, the cutest blush in the world. Just taking in Jimin, letting himself breathe out the anxiety and replacing it with a soft touch of happiness.


“Hi,” Yoongi says unsurely. “I wanted to talk,” He informs Jimin, which the younger takes with a calm nod, his expression hard to read. 


Jimin doesn’t come closer, doesn’t invite him inside, and Yoongi doesn’t have the guts to invite himself. So he stands where he is, clutching the bouquet in his hands. He clears his throat, making sure he can say his speech loud and clear, finally do something according to plan. 


Yoongi keeps on trying to start speaking but he can’t, words getting stuck in his throat. Jimin isn’t making it easier, staring at him with a bit of sharpness in his eyes. Yoongi looks away, unable to keep eye contact any longer, feeling the heat coming onto his face.


“So?” Jimin says when the silence stretches longer. “You wanted to talk, so talk.”


Yoongi almost shivers at how cold it sounded, clutching the flowers tighter in his hands, “Yeah.” He breaths out before he makes eye contact with Jimin once again. This time he does his best to keep his eyes on Jimin.


Once again, he thinks he has things planned, has a whole speech prepared but it’s much different to stand in front of Jimin than it was to imagine how this would feel like. Everything about this situation is intimidating, even if Yoongi knows the only two possible outcomes. 


“I’m not sure where to start,” Yoongi chuckles awkwardly, looking down at the flowers in his hands. He should give them to Jimin. “Those are for you.” He says, thrusting the bouquet forward. 


Jimin looks a bit unsure before he takes a step forward, taking the flowers from Yoongi, “Thank you.” He says in a quiet, timid tone. “Those are very pretty,” Jimin comments looking at the flowers with a small smile. “I should…” He points out behind himself. “Put them in some water?” 


“Yeah, yeah,” Yoongi says almost too quickly, and too loud. “Go for it.” He says much quieter, rubbing the back of his neck. 


The atmosphere between them is weird, it reminds Yoongi of the way they used to be at the very beginning. He isn’t happy with it, missing the warmth Jimin beamed at him, how close they were in every possible way. 


He stays put where he is, listening to Jimin pouring water into something before he comes back, awkwardly shoving his hands into his jeans. They look at each other in silence before Jimin raises his eyebrows at him.


Yoongi almost jumps, remembering he is here to finally tell Jimin everything he should have told him a long time ago, “I’m not leaving.” He says, throwing it out there.


Jimin nods with a tight, not-so-happy smile on his face, “Why?”


Yoongi almost sighs, his body sagging when Jimin asks just the right question. He really doesn’t know how he would go into this without it, he already forgot his speech. “I didn’t want to leave for a long time,” Yoongi explains himself. “I was just stubborn on following an old plan that definitely needed some tweaking for a while.”


Jimin nods, still the same straight smile on his face. Yoongi has a feeling he already knows how this will end. 


“I know this took me a while,” Yoongi starts, quickly deciding the quicker he will do it the less embarrassing it will be. “But I’m not quite good with feelings or changing my mind.”


“I’m getting confused,” Jimin says honestly. “What are you trying to say?” 


Yoongi chuckles nervously, “What I’m trying to say-” He stops, suddenly getting even more nervous. He has no idea what to do with his hands, constantly fidgeting with them. “If it would be possible, I would like to ask you for a chance.” He fires out almost too fast.


“What chance?” Jimin asks, eyes growing wider. 


Yoongi sucks in air through gritted teeth, “To date you.” He explains simply. 


Jimin blinks at him in shock, “I- Date me?” He chokes out, his face getting pinker and pinker. 


Yoongi nods, not sure what to do now. 


“Are you kidding me?” Jimin asks, making Yoongi’s last small bits of hope die. He shakes his head, pushing his hands into his back pockets, swaying on his heels back and forth. It’s hard to not show just how sad he is getting. 


“I just thought we could work out,” Yoongi explains himself. “It was worth asking.” he shrugs, giving Jimin a warm smile. “But I still want to be friends with you, if that’s okay.”


Jimin gasps, suddenly taking several steps forward, almost scaring Yoongi, “Hyung, wait!” He says loudly. “I didn’t say no.” He rushes to correct Yoongi’s wrong conclusion. “I was just making sure.”


Yoongi licks his dry lips, “Is that a yes?” He asks, completely shocked. 


The younger nods, smiling shyly, “Yeah.”


To be quite honest, Yoongi has played the bad outcome in his head all the way until he is back in his own apartment. The good one, however, he didn’t play in his head past Jimin agreeing for a date. So right now, he has no idea how to act, or what to do with himself. They are just standing, smiling at each other like idiots. 


“When can I take you out?” Yoongi remembers to ask.


“Right now?” Jimin asks, already pulling Yoongi by his shirt to the kitchen. “Think it’s still warm.” He starts talking.


Yoongi can see Jimin’s ears getting redder and redder. It makes him happy, his own shyness, the butterflies in his stomach suddenly feeling simply good. 


“I want to really take you out,” Yoongi tells Jimin as the younger reheats take out he ordered with Taehyung, and Jungkook. “Like, go out into public.” He speaks at Jimin’s reaction. “So people could see us.” 


He can see the way Jimin’s smile grows, his cheeks heating up once again. Yoongi giggles under his nose as Jimin turns away from him before he says a small, shy, “Okay.” He has never seen Jimin like this, his shoulders, cheeks red, shy glances. 


It makes him ridiculously happy.


“Would that be okay?” Yoongi asks, wanting to be sure that this is no longer them hiding in corners. “For people to know we are dating?” 


Jimin nods, busing himself with piling the takeout on plates. Yoongi just sits back, smiling like an idiot. Jimin almost doesn’t look at him, letting Yoongi get only stolen glances as he sits down on the opposite side of the small table in Jimin’s kitchen.


“What?” Jimin asks, catching Yoongi constantly looking at him with a smile on his face. 


Yoongi shrugs, his smile getting smug, “Nothing.”


Jimin groans, hiding his face before he slides from his chair. Yoongi doesn’t even have time to ask Jimin where he is going before he has arms full of him. Jimin whines into the top of his head, wrapping him in a tight hug, full of everything Yoongi is feeling as well.


Yoongi laughs, trying his best to hug Jimin back, “What is it, baby?” He braves himself to ask, earning a whine back. 


“I’m happy,” Jimin murmurs into Yoongi’s hair.


Jimin pulls away only enough to finally look at Yoongi up close, his soft palm laying on Yoongi’s cheek. They move in closer naturally, connecting their lips in a soft, chased kiss that makes Yoongi’s stomach swoop with giddiness. 


“So, they know?” Yoongi suddenly asks into the small space between their lips.


Jimin hums, easily understanding what he means, “Everyone knew.” 


Yoongi can’t say he is that surprised, for some reason.




“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi groans in a warning.


The younger only whines, pulling the blanket back onto his body, “I don’t want to go.” 


He knows he will most likely lose this fight, especially that Yoongi must work today. He never has mercy on Jimin if he has to work. 


“Come on,” Yoongi groans, fighting with Jimin to get him out of bed.


“No,” Jimin giggles. It’s getting harder to win with Yoongi ever since he started going to the gym, but he still holds onto the blanket with all his power. “I want to stay here.” 


“You have classes.”


“But it hurts to walk,” He whines, trying his puppy eyes on Yoongi.


The older only rolls his eyes, giving up on the blanket, “You said you will go to lectures if I’ll go harder.”


Jimin sighs, laying on the bed spread like a starfish, “I lied.” He says with a sweet smile. 


Yoongi gives up, falling on top of Jimin, making him laugh, “Why do I bother with you?” He asks into the mattress. 


Jimin hums, smiling as he starts tossing Yoongi’s styled hair, “You might be a bit in love with me.” He giggles, his toes curling with happiness as Yoongi hums in agreement.


“I do love you,” He sighs. “And now I’m stuck here trying to get you to go to class.” 


Jimin coos playfully, “We could stay in bed instead.”


Yoongi shoots up, throwing Jimin a glare, “Get out.” 


Jimin is taken by surprise by the sudden surge of motivation in Yoongi’s eyes. He can only scream as Yoongi carries him out of bed into the bathroom. 


While he brushes his teeth, he keeps glancing in the mirror to watch Yoongi carefully fix his hair. His heart is full of love as he watches his silly boyfriend pout in annoyance when he can’t seem to place one particular strand where he wants it to be. It’s such a huge change to who he thought Yoongi was two years ago.


“Let me help you,” Jimin says, freezing his hands, keeping the toothbrush in his mouth. Yoongi turns towards him right away, his pout only growing.


He wouldn’t have exchanged what they have for anything else, even if it didn’t start in the most romantic way possible, and there were some bumps along the way. It’s how he loves to have it.