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Harry Potter and the Lust Genie

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Before I start this story I can't say it is 100 percent original. Whackybiscut the sword in the hot springs was a bleach fanfic that was kind of similar. With a genie granting sex wishes for some characters. For the model of the genie imagine Desiree from Danny Phantom. I always liked her as a kid and she popped into my head when I was thinking about this story so I decided to combine the two. I won't be labeling it as a crossover because she is the only character in it and the Danny phantom universe doesn't exist here.

Please comment if you like it or if you want to adopt the story.

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek {let me know if you have another idea for her casting}


Harry Potter was in trouble. When his name came out of the goblet of fire his life had fallen apart within seconds. Once again the whole school thought he was a villain so they whispered behind his back or the braver kids said the mean comment to his face. Even his own house didn't spare him. Every time he walked into the common room people would stop talking and treat him like he had Dragon Pox. The whispers of "Cheater" or "Attention seeking prat" were getting on his last nerves.

The first task was a couple days away and Harry didn't know what to do. Hagrid had shown him the dragons and for the first time Harry felt hopeless. How could he take down a fully grown dragon. This tournament was mental and was going to get someone killed. The cold feeling that it might be him took its toll on Harry.

On this night he was getting ready for bed when all of his dorm mates minus Neville ganged up on him hurling hurtful words and accusations at him before telling him he wasn't welcome there. Not being able to take anymore so he took his cloak and wand and looked for another place to sleep tonight.

As he searched the castle he couldn't find an empty classroom that wasn't too filthy to sleep in. The big problem was cobwebs and the idea spiders were going to be possibly crawling on him as he slept. Ever since second year and his run in with the Acromantula Harry was a little squeamish about magical spiders. After wandering around the castle for over an hour Harry was getting more and more tired. In a moment of desperation he called out, "Dobby!"

Said house elf popped into existence a meter away from Harry saying, "What does the great Harry Potter need?" He was over eager to help the wizard who saved him from his abusive first family.

Harry rubbed his eyes, "I need a place to sleep tonight and maybe the foreseeable future. Do you know anywhere that isn't a mess?" Since Dobby worked for Hogwarts he must know something of a secret bedroom or cleaner rooms that would suit his needs.

Dobby nodded as he listened to the question from Harry. "I know a place where you can sleep or and practice. Follow me." Dobby eagerly started to make his way towards the seventh floor. When they finally arrived Dobby extended his hands towards the wall in a ta-da gesture.

Harry wasn't in the mood for games and he was staring at a blank wall. "Does the room not have a door?" Harry was tired and being a sarcastic ass to his friend.

Dobby shook his head so hard his ears flopped, "The room has a door. You need to walk back and forth in front of the door three times as you think of what the room should look like." Dobby looked at Harry with a look of "did I do good?"

Harry didn't respond to that only in action by doing as the elf said. After three passes in front of the door a giant doorway slowly started to take shape. In astonishment he looked down at Dobby, "Thank you so much Dobby." Dobby just bowed his head before popping back to the kitchens.

Harry walked into the room to find a windowless room that was head to toe mirrors with a bed in the middle of the room. Out loud Harry said, "Beggars can't be choosers." In truth Harry had slept in much worse places than this but he was missing the warm comforts of his dorm. This was almost a jail cell with how clinical and cold it was.

As Harry sat on the edge of the bed he just rubbed his eyes before undressing down to his boxers. It was at that moment he noticed a black and green bottle on the end table where he planned to set his wand for the night. Seeing the bottle Harry's mouth felt dry so he grabbed the bottle and popped the cork off the top hoping it was water.

"Hahaha I am free!" A woman's voice almost screamed as green smoke started pouring out of the bottle. The green smoke quickly took the form of a buxom woman waist up. Her bottom was a ghostly tail. The next thing Harry noticed was her attire or lack thereof. Other than a tube top and the waistband of some silk pants she was wearing nothing else. He got an eye full of her skin which was tinted green which looked almost exotic. He snapped out of these thoughts when all the smoke was out of the bottle. The bottle then turned to black smoke before being sucked into Harry's skin.

"Ahh!" Harry screamed as the black smoke forced itself into Harry's forearm like a tattoo. The tattoo was a replica of the bottle that looked to be permanent. Harry rubbed at the tattoo not paying a second thought to the voice that came out of the bottle.

"Hello master." The voice was that of a sexy older woman who was openly ogling her new master. She might have been sealed away for a hundred years. It felt good to stretch out, not confined to her cramped bottle. Her new master looked young which was good for her. The longer she was bonded to a person the longer she got to be free from the confines of her bottle.

Harry's eyes went from his tattoo to the floating ghost in the room calling him master. "Hello?" His voice was meek as he was not sure of himself. He couldn't tell if this was real or not. Could this have been a figment of his imagination. 'The pain felt real and I still feel awake. What is that thing?' Harry wanted to choose his words carefully in case this thing was dangerous. It did look corporal and not as harmless as ghosts. No, this was something else.

"I am Desiree and I am a genie meant to grant you everything you have ever wanted." The boy looked to be pretty young so she imagined she was going to get a work out from all his wishes.

Harry didn't hesitate before blurting out his wish, "I wish Voldemort was dead forever." This was too good to be true. This was the answer to all of his prayers. Since summer he had been having nightmares that Voldemort had a body and was planning something.

Desiree put her hands up, "Whoa slow down there. I am not that kind of genie. I don't kill people. If you want that you would have to find a djinn and I don't know where one is." It unnerved her that her new master's first wish was to kill someone. What teenage boy would think that. She expected the usual wishes of money, girl, and eternal life. 'Maybe I should have been more specific. I thought the first wish would have been sexual after his eyes locked on to my tits.'

"Bring my parents back to life." Harry blurted out again hoping this genie would finally work.

Desiree just sighed and conjured a blackboard, "Again not that kind of genie." As she was talking she was writing all the things she could do. "I am a love genie so all my wishes have to be love related or in the pursuit of sex. So you can wish to be rich because women will want to have sex with you for your money. Also if there is a girl you like or just want to fuck I am your girl. All of the other stuff I can't do." For some reason the boy didn't seem as thrilled as some of her other masters. It was almost like he was a virgin. In all of her years of being a genie she has never had a virgin master. 'This is going to be fun.'

Harry was deflated hearing how everything he wanted was once again put beyond grasp. "Then I don't need you." Harry just laid down on the bed and acted like he was about to go to sleep.

Desiree couldn't believe her new master said that. Floating in front of Harry's eye line above his bed she said, "Really there is nothing you want? Men usually can't wait to make their first wish. There is no girl that you want on her knees choking on your cock?"

Harry had to admit his genie was attractive and the way she was hovering over him her breasts were nearly in his face. "I am fine. I have bigger things to worry about." With the tournament he couldn't be worrying about sex.

Desiree was happy to see that he was unable to hide his attraction to her. She saw a modest tent start to form in his boxers. It wasn't small exactly but she preferred it doubled. "Oh I don't think that is true. You seem to really like my breasts. Is that what you like, a nice big pair of breasts?"

Harry groaned knowing she saw his erection. "I am a teenage boy of course I love them, sorry I couldn't help it." He shouldn't have been so turned on but the more she talked in her sultry voice about sexual things he could feel his heart pump harder.

Desiree said, "Nothing to be sorry about but I think I can tell you how to spend your first wish. Why don't you wish for a bigger cock no offense but yours is just average. Women like a little more than that. I can give you the most perfect cock you have ever seen that will make any girl drop to her knees to worship it." As his personal genie she would be able to see all of his sexual escapades and see him break a woman's mind with pleasure.

Harry knew he wasn't going to get to sleep easy tonight, "So all I have to do is spend my three wishes now and it's over with?" If it meant getting out of this he could spend a couple wishes tonight.

Desiree laughed in her sultry voice, "Three wishes? No we are stuck together forever…what was your name again?" Her new master was quite rude for not introducing himself.

Once again Harry opened his eyes and got an eyeful of Desiree's chest, "My name is Harry Potter and what do you mean forever?" Harry's life was complicated enough without having to add a horned up genie to the mix. 'Why must fate torment me at every turn?'

Desiree liked the name and the boy it was attached to. He already had a nice athletic build with decent looks so she didn't have to do a lot of work fixing his body. She hated getting the fatter masters who needed a hundred wishes to fix a lifetime of laziness and bad habits. "We are bonded. When you opened my bottle I bound my bottle to you so I will be in your mind and beck and call until you are dead." She had never had a master this young before. Usually warlords or adult tomb robbers would find her bottle. Over time she could tell that men seemed to evolve and not be the beasts they used to be. Harry seemed to be a good boy unlike her master in 300 A.D who turned her human and threw her in the center of his camp and let his entire army of five hundred have their way with her.

Harry wanted to pull his hair out at yet another snitch thrown at him. "Great, just great we are stuck together forever. Can my life get any worse?"

Desiree narrowed her eyes as she started to take this personally. "Okay that is it I am demanding you make a wish now." She was hoping that if he made a wish he would loosen up and realize that she wasn't a burden. 'If I didn't see his erection I would be convinced he was a homosexual. Hopefully isn't a complete weirdo like my one master who was into feet.'

Harry just wished for the first thing that came to his mind, "I wish for the perfect cock. There. Happy now?" If one wish would get this to end so he could get to sleep he would take it.

Desiree waved her hands, "So you have wished it, so it shall be." Since he didn't mention size she took some liberties and gave him her ideal cock size that was around ten inches along with a girth that would stretch any woman to her limits. Nine inches simply just didn't hit as hard as he and as much as she wanted to make it eleven inches she thought about the fact that he was going to be fucking girls his own age. If it was up to her she would have made him eleven but she could ask him to adjust his size just for her later. With ten it would hit the cervix just right and make you feel his power. Her arousal was now pumping thinking about her master's new cock hitting her baby gate. For the icing on too she also increased the size of his balls. So the proportions were just right and he didn't have a massive cock with tiny balls. With bigger balls they were the perfect size that would make any girl want to pop one in her mouth. She also took another liberty by wishing away the hair. Girls liked to suck on a nice smooth cock without getting pubic hair caught in your teeth.

Harry felt his boxers get tighter as he felt something growing. It felt weird, almost like his first memory of getting an erection. When he was six and didn't know what was going on with his body. When he felt done growing his modest five inches was double that now. Sitting up he reached into the band of his boxers he felt his new cock and it even felt thicker in addition to length. "Wow this feels pretty good." There was a heft to his new cock that felt like a beater's bat.

Desiree was happy he was starting to come around a little. "See I am not a curse." Floating around his back she put her hands on his shoulders before whispering in his ear, "I can make all your dreams come true." Now she was hoping he would just wish for her to start blowing him. She wanted to feel her new master's cock hitting her throat as he fucked her face.

Her words sent a shiver down his spine along with a lightning bolt to his cock. "I take it I can't wish for you." In Harry's mind he hadn't thought about what girl would be his first. He has had sexual fantasies but never thought about it happening for real. Desiree was tempting him and right now he wanted to shag his genie so hard right now. She flaunted her skin and with her tits barely being covered by her tube top at the very least he was hoping she would wrap them around his new cock.

Desiree laughed as her hands went down his arms, "You can but you have to wish for me in human form unless you want a cold cock and as an added bonus you can choose my body. Is there a girl in your class that you have a crush on?" She didn't mind changing her body into another but deep down she was hoping he would just want her. If he wanted she could blow him in her genie form but it would make her mouth cold instead of warm. It bothered some masters but even she preferred to be in a human body for sex.

Harry couldn't help himself, "I wish for you to have a human body in your original image." Part of him wanted her with green skin but if he was going to have sex he wanted it to be as normal as possible. Her Arabian looks with hourglass contours never made Harry second guess his choice. While he could have chosen someone like Hermione it just didn't feel right. There was a small part of Harry that was romantic and he wanted to be with her and not treat her like a toy. She showed that she cared about him and he wanted to return the favor.

Desiree floated back into his eye line and said the magic words, "So you have wished it, so it shall be." Her green skin was disappearing and she was being replaced by a caramel complexion. Her beautiful breasts didn't change other than the fact that the Arabian strapless tube top was now gone and for the first time Harry saw a set of naked breasts. Her ghostly tail was now replaced with human legs which was almost unnatural since she has been in her ghost form for over a hundred years. As she became more real she was now sitting in her master's lap.

Harry groaned as he felt her weight settle on his lap and he could feel her pussy rub the underside of his clothed cock. Sadly his boxers were still on. "I wish I was naked." Even through his boxers he could feel the warmth of her pussy radiating through the layer of cloth. 'I can't wait to feel what a real pussy feels like.'

Instead of saying her famous words she kissed Harry instead. He wasn't the best kisser but it was clear this was his first time. 'Oh I can make this master into a god.' As they made out Harry got more bold and put his hand on her chest with his fingers finding her nipple. Breaking the kiss she said, "That's it Harry claim my breasts for yourself." Desiree got off on being claimed and dominated. She came from a time where men had harems and weren't shy in their lusts and desires. If she was honest with herself she would have preferred it if Harry just threw her face down on the bed and claimed her in the roughest manner he could think of.

Harry was now face to face with the first pair of breasts he had ever seen. 'I always wondered what this was going to be like.' All the boys his age were obsessed by breasts but if he had to take a guess Desiree had the best pair in the school right now. 'Susan Bones has nothing on these.' Harry thought as his hands roughly groped both of her breasts. This had to be his favorite thing he has ever touched. The squishy almost spongy feeling made Harry's cock throb.

Desiree felt Harry hesitate for a second and she had to ask, "Does my old body make you uncomfortable? You can wish me younger if you want. Believe me when I say I wasn't an ugly duckling when I was young." She saw a million thoughts and emotions flicker through Harry's face and eyes. In her last she had been given as a gift to younger men by their fathers and some boys had problems being with a woman that looks as old or older than their own mother.

Harry shook his head, "No I like you the way you are I just don't know what to do next." Harry's inexperience was shining bright right now. He had heard other guys talk about sexual things but as far as he knew no boy in his dorm had gotten this far. He didn't know if he should slide his fingers down into her pussy or he should try to penetrate her with his new cock.

Desiree liked her new master's hesitance and willingness to learn. She has had plenty of masters who just wish for sex and pin her down and pounding her as hard as they can. Not to say that didn't feel good but when you didn't know what you were doing it wasn't enough to get off. While she could take it she did have feelings and being seen as just a hole to fuck wore on her. She wanted to have more of an attachment before a master would do something like that. Harry was different and the kind of master she always wanted. 'I am going to enjoy teaching him how to please a woman before I watch him take what he learns and uses it on them.' That was one of her favorite activities. When she was alive and in a harem she was the member that pushed the sultan to his limits. She would let him do things to her that he had never seen before and tried to replicate with other harem members. When she introduced him to anal she enjoyed watching all the other harem members struggle before the sultan threw them aside and came back for her.

Harry was waiting for instructions on what to do next but instead of being told he just felt her hand push his head down until his mouth was on her nipple. Harry knew enough to know that she wanted his mouth there. So he brought her caramel nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it as he sucked. If he wasn't hard before he was now. Just as he thought about his cock he felt her start to grind her wet pussy against the underside of him. 'Holy fuck that feels so hot.' He wasn't expecting a girl's pussy to emit that much heat or for it to be that wet. The combination of the two must have felt amazing. As much as he wanted to just grab her ass and lift her onto his cock he didn't want to go too far. Instead he just kept swiping his tongue over her hard nipple even taking it between his teeth and giving it a light nip which made her hips jerk against his cock along with a long moan coming out of her open mouth.

Desiree was enjoying her new master's mouth. If she didn't know any better she would have thought he did this before. His actions were making her pussy so wet she knew he could feel it. After a few minutes she made him switch breasts as her hand went down in between them and touched his cock which was also starting to get wet from his precum leaking down the shaft. "Soon master. Soon you will feel your first pussy wrapped around you and you will understand the new power you hold. With me by your side I can make any woman submit to your wonderful cock."

Harry was now gritting his teeth as he brought his hands from her breasts down to her ass trying to grind against her harder. It didn't help him get relief but the more he did it the more Desiree moaned. Letting the nipple go with a pop he asked, "Does this feel good?" Part of him was clueless about how this felt good for her but hoped he could keep making her moan. It was a wonderful sound that he wanted to hear for the rest of his life. The hands on her ass were rough trying to keep pulling her against his cock as he kneaded her big backside. While her breasts might be softer her ass felt just as good to squeeze and play with.

Desiree nodded before grabbing his right hand off her ass and bringing it to her clit. "When you rub this it gives a woman a lot of pleasure so be sure to never neglect it." He was already taking the words to heart because his fingers weren't still as they rubbed her wet pearl.

Harry latched his mouth to her neck doing his best to please the genie. The way her hips jerked every time he pressed down on her clit gave him an indication she was close to cumming. "Merlin, you are perfect." He wanted more as good as this lesson was. His cock was raging and was ready to be buried in her perfect cunt.

Desiree never got tired of compliments especially from men. "I can't wait anymore." Without warning she pushed him back on the bed before moving his cock into position. Looking down she was pleased to see that she made such a piece of art. This cock was going to make her scream and cum all night long. Slowly she dropped her hips until the head of his cock was resting at the entrance to her magical pussy. Thanks to magic and mens wishes she was literal perfection when it came to sex. Everyone of her holes were made to fuck and bring the man the maximum amount of pleasure. Inch by inch his veiny and girthy cock started to slowly stretch her as it reached deeper and deeper. Halfway through she could feel master's hands rest on her hips and she was secretly hoping he would have the courage to just slam the rest of his length in her cunt.

Harry didn't have the courage and was happy letting Desiree do the work. That way he didn't mess anything up because if it was up to him he would be fucking her as fast as he possibly could until he made a mess out of her pussy. "Fuck you feel so good." Being fully sheathed inside of a warm and wet pussy made Harry forget about all the other pain in his life. Now he was just focusing on sex and his beautiful partner. In addition to her bouncing breasts his eyes found her brown eyes and they shared eye contact as she started to maneuver more cock inside her.

Desiree dropped her body the rest of the way and let out a small gasp as she felt his cock trying to bust through her cervix and into her womb. 'Doesn't matter what year it is, I will always be a big whore for cock.' Once he was fully inside her she started to ride him with all of the energy she could muster. It might have been a hundred years but she could never forget how to ride cock.

Harry was mesmerized watching her breasts jump up and down the harder she rode his cock. That wasn't to take away what he was feeling which was the best thing he had ever felt. Harry knew he was fucked because if he had unlimited sexual wishes there was no doubt he was going to have an addiction to this. Even though this was his first time he could see everyday finding time to sneak away and have sex with his genie. "Where do you want my hands?" He didn't care where they were, he just wanted a handful of something.

Desiree was moaning as she felt him brush her G spot before slamming against the back of her pussy. "Put them on my ass. I don't care if you smack it, squeeze it or even slip a finger in it." As she talked she put her hands on her master's chest as she pushed out her ass.

Harry had already felt it before but now his hands were a little rougher. It wasn't the timid little touches now it was him feeling his fingers sinking into her flesh. Harry didn't get a clear view of her ass when they started but it filled Harry's head with ideas. Besides spanking it he wondered what it would be like if he buried his face in it. If her breasts were anything to go by he would like it a lot. To try and comply with her wishes Harry brought his right hand back before bringing it down hard on her butt cheek.

The single spank had triggered her first orgasm in more than a hundred years and it turned her brain into mush. All the words escaped out of her brain and all she could do was just moan like the wanton whore she was. 'He's the perfect master and so young. He will be fucking me for the next hundred years every day if I have my way.' Her mind never dwelled on the fact that he was being hunted by someone who wanted to kill him. Luckily magical beings lived longer than regular humans. Her last master lived to be a hundred and five.

Harry felt her pussy have his cock in a vise as Desiree came on his cock. While he didn't know much he knew she just came. Knowing he was able to please another woman all he could think about was cumming. With a loud grunt he felt his balls tighten up before spilling two months of cum into her pussy. There was no where he had privacy in this school so he couldn't properly relieve himself. When the floodgates opened and two months of built up cum left his body. Harry had never felt so good in his life. Nine of his previous wanks felt this good if this is what sex felt like then he was going to get it as often as possible.

Desiree wanted to laugh, feeling the torrent of hot fluid that was rushing into her right now. It had been a while since she had a virgin but this had to be the biggest natural loads one of her holes had ever felt. "Congratulations on making me cum without a wish. That was an amazing first time master. With more work you should be able to make any woman yours without my help at all. Although I don't mind helping you if they need a little convincing." Laying down on his chest she didn't move to get off of him letting his cock stay inside her for the moment. She meant what she said about helping him find other girls to shag. Since this was a school this would be the perfect hunting grounds for her master. 'I hope there are some girls that he wants to get back at.' Revenge fucks were some of Desiree's favorites to watch. The anger and passion in her master's movements as they begged for forgiveness when they came.

Harry felt all of his energy leave his body after his orgasm. It was a struggle to keep his eyes open now that the exhaustion had finally won out. As his vision got dark he heard Desiree try to speak to him.

Desiree saw her master's consciousness fade away despite her pleas for him to stay awake. "I will have to make sure he wishes for unlimited stamina. I still wanted a couple more rounds." She had gone without sex or the feeling of a body for so long she hated that she would have to wait until the morning before she got some more. 'I was hoping to have one more go before I let him have my ass.'

After a few minutes of him passing out she felt his cock start to lose its hardness. While she was in human form she might as well experience some of the benefits. In this form she could sleep and feel his warm skin on her's. She enjoyed the warmth for a change instead of the cold of being a ghost. Being stuck as a genie was a curse but one she had come to get used to. Being with her new master she felt something more. She wished that she could be a real woman again to be with him. There was an attraction there that she hadn't felt until her first lover, the sultan. All of her previous masters saw her as a tool but with Harry it's like he saw her for her. For the first time in over two millennia.

All the men that she had the displeasure of working for before were almost always brutes and used her powers for the worst. Sadly she had no choice but this time was different. Harry was different she could tell that from the restraint he showed by not just fucking her anyway he wanted. He was also young enough she could mold him into the perfect lover. 'He has good instincts and doesn't get off on causing women pain like some men do. He was eager to please and if I asked him to lick my pussy he would have not hesitated.'

Desiree kept thinking as she stared at Harry's face before she fell asleep. Sleep felt so good after being awake for over a hundred years bored almost making you wish for the sweet release of death.

The next morning

Harry didn't know why but when he felt like he was coming out of a deep sleep he felt something wet on his groin. He just hoped it wasn't another wet dream. Slowly opening his eyes he saw long black hair covering someone's face as they bobbed up and down his cock. "Who are you?" Harry shakily asked.

Desiree let his cock fall from her mouth before sitting up on the bed. "You don't remember me master." It was honestly hurtful he didn't remember.

The night before came flooding back to Harry because he was convinced it was another teenage boy dream. "That was all real?" Out of all the weirdest things about magic this one took the cake. Looking to his forearm he saw the bottle tattoo that he remembered hurting him. Thankfully it didn't hurt the next day like a real tattoo.

Desiree didn't know if he wished it was a dream instead of reality or if he was elated that he lost his virginity to the sexiest genie ever. "Oh yes Harry it was all real. Now do you want me to get back to sucking your cock or do you want to talk about it?"

Harry couldn't stop the words coming out of his mouth, "Go back to sucking my cock please." This was his first time with a mouth on his cock and it felt fantastic. Even though he was asleep for most of it his body enjoyed it. His cock was inches away from her mouth and it took everything he had not to push her mouth back down.

Desiree wanted to laugh at the word please. She was bound to him and he could do what he wished to her but his use of please was a good sign. The power hadn't gone to his head yet but she imagined it slowly would especially if there were hot girls around. It's too much temptation to not use all of your skill and power to not get girls in your bed.

Harry groaned as he felt her lips kiss the tip before fully engulfing his cock into her mouth. What really surprised him was how she managed to fit all of him in her mouth. The deeper he went he could feel his cock lodged in her throat before she started bobbing up and down. "Shit I don't know a mouth could feel this good." He never even knew this was an option with sex. Since coming to Hogwarts they only gave them the minimal sex education possible. Penis goes into vagina and if you aren't careful kids will come out. That is it.

Desiree said to herself, 'You haven't seen anything yet.' For a little added pleasure she started to hum sending vibrations throughout his cock all the way up to the brain. The longer it went on the more his hips started to buck off the bed. Her hands quickly found his hands before she brought them to her head. She wanted him to take control; he was never going to have a harem if he kept from taking what he wanted. If a man was to have a harem he needed the girls to know at any moment he could take them and they would be begging for it a minute in.

Harry got the hints she was giving out and threaded his fingers through her silky black hair. Before using a little pressure to push her head down further. It was a little sudden so he heard her make a wet noise in the back of her throat. "Fuck Desiree I don't know how I am going to live with you knowing every moment of the day I want my cock in you." His words triggered something inside of her because she felt a warm feeling in her chest at these words. 'Oh master, even if you have a harem of twenty women your cock is mine at least once a day.'

The blowjob went on for about three minutes longer before Harry started to push Desiree's head down harder on the way down. He was a hair away from blowing his load and the thing that made him lose it was her light brown eyes looking back up at him. "Fuck." Was all Harry could say as he felt his balls pulse before shooting ropes upon ropes of cum into her waiting mouth.

Desiree had been waiting for this since she started and she wasn't disappointed. As she swallowed his seed she let out a muffled moan like this was her favorite part. She has swallowed plenty of cum in her long life but there was something even sweeter about doing it from a virgin. Even though she had sex with him last night this was just first blowjob which counted in her eyes.

It took Harry a minute to lose all hardness in his cock and for her to let it out of her mouth after she was sure she sucked everything out of him. Harry was gasping for air trying to recover from another amazing orgasm. "I think I love you." Harry blurted it out as he was on this euphoric sex high.

Desiree giggled, "I love you too master. I think you have a promising future in the art of sex and seduction." After the blowjob she crawled back up on the bed and wrapped her arms around Harry. "I forgot to ask last night but what is this room?" The full mirrored room was almost like a jail cell.

Harry couldn't help himself as he started to stroke Desiree's black silky hair, "It was a safe place to sleep. The whole school is mad at me right now."

Desiree let out a laugh in disbelief. How could anyone hate Harry? In her limited time here she could tell he had a good heart and wasn't a typical asshole like other kids his age. "Why? You don't seem like a bad kid."

Harry rubbed his hand over his face before he started his explanation. "There is a tournament being held at the school and it was supposed to be impossible for a kid my age to enter. Someone entered my name in an effort to kill me and no one believes that I didn't put my own name in. And to top it all off I have to fight dragons in a couple days which will fry me like bacon."

Desiree felt for the boy and she was thinking of any way she could help. Even if her wishes could only be sexual in nature there was a little wiggle room for loopholes. Thinking back she remembered a viking warlord who wished to be the best warrior in his village because in turn all the women in the village would want to be with him. It was a long shot but maybe that would work here. "Okay Harry I can only grant sexual wishes but there is a little wiggle room if you can justify your wish."

Harry was willing to try anything, "I think I get what you are saying so I just have to bring it back to sex." Desiree nodded with hope in her eyes that he would use this information correctly. Harry continued, "I wish I was the most dangerous wizard in the world. I have heard girls like bad boys which mean that girls would like me and want to sleep with me right?." If this works Harry would do whatever it takes to make it up to her.

Desiree felt her magic build in her hands, "So you wished it, so it shall be." She smiled as she felt the spell working. The red mist coming from her hands engulfed Harry and she could feel his magical aura get stronger. 'I can't believe this worked.' Harry thought as he felt his magical core triple along with new spells being added to his memory.

Harry had an equally wide smile as he felt a massive increase in his magical power. 'Maybe having a genie will be even better than I thought.' When the red mist faded Harry reached over to the bedside table and picked up his wand without his left arm leaving Desiree. With a twirl he threw a simple bombarda at the wall and heard the south wall of mirrors shatter into a million pieces. Looking at his wand in amazement he couldn't believe that he was responsible for that. Hugging his genie tighter he said, "Oh Desiree you have no idea how much this is going to help me." With this power he was going to be able to take on everything that came his way.

Desiree rubbed her body on him as she felt him now shaking with excitement. Her pussy was rubbing his thigh, "This is just the beginning Harry. This is only your second wish, just wait until you start getting more adventurous."

Harry brought his face to hers and gave her a big kiss before whispering, "Like what?" He wanted to hear what else she could do for him or vice versa. He wasn't a selfish person and would gladly help her in any way he could.

Desiree kissed his jaw which was smooth as a baby's bottom and had yet to see a single hair. "Anything you want. I have granted wishes for men who wanted two cocks, or sometimes a horse cock. One master even wished for me to have a cock and fuck him but that was towards the end of his life after he had done everything there was to do."

The horse cock was the part that made Harry's eyes widen, "A horse cock why?"

Desiree could see that Harry was completely clueless about the animal's anatomy. "Well it's because horses are very well endowed. I admit he used that wish on his wife and myself and I think I liked it more." She could feel her cheeks get hot at that admission feeling a little embarrassed.

Harry could feel his cock getting hard again, "Maybe someday we can do that." He wouldn't be opposed to trying that in the future. The part of having Desiree fucking him was one that didn't make his aroused at all. "Why did your old master wish to have two cocks?"

Desiree laughed at his boyish Innocence. She dragged her hand that was on his face down to his cock that was now standing tall at ten inches. "Because women have two great holes to fuck. With two cocks you can fuck a woman's pussy and ass at the same time." As she said that she felt his cock jump in her hand. "Oh you like that? You like the thought of fucking my ass? Is that your biggest fantasy right now? Me on all fours spreading my ass for you?"

Harry's mouth was dry at the mention of possibly fucking her ass. "I didn't know that it was an option." All of her holes so far felt like heaven so if her ass felt half as good as those he would love it.

Desiree slid out of bed and turned away from Harry giving him the first look at her nice and big round ass. "My apologies master for not showing you my whole body. Let me give you a proper look at everything my body has to offer." Bending over she spread her ass open and said, "Anytime you wish master my ass is yours. It is always ready for a cock. Would you like to try it now?" Looking over her shoulder she saw Harry nod before rising up like the dead and almost prowling towards her. She stayed still waiting for him to strike.

Harry was struck by her cute little brown crinkled hole that taunted him. He wanted to know how tight it was and what it was like to fuck it. When Harry finally got close enough he put his hands on her hips before pushing her towards the west wall and making her brace herself against the mirror.

Her hands went from spreading her ass to pushing back against the wall as she felt Harry's body press against her. A previous master had made the wish that whenever she was in human form her asshole had to be lubed and ready to take cock at a moment's notice. Before Harry that had been her favorite master. "Do it Harry, claim my last hole. If you are to be my master you need to try out everything my body has to offer."

Pressing forward he felt his cock press against her warm asshole. There was a small amount of resistance and Harry was worried about hurting her but when he started to push in that fear was misplaced. Her ass swallowed everything he could give. Desiree's tightness was on another level and something he could definitely get used to. "Shit Desiree, why didn't you tell me about this earlier."

Desiree laughed as she flipped her hair out of her face, "You can't just focus on a girl's ass Harry. You need to love everything else too." Her words had gasps in the middle of them as Harry started to thrust in and out after bottoming out inside of her. She could feel her arousal start to trickle down her legs. She hadn't had anal in over a hundred years and just like regular sex she missed it dearly.

Harry understood how Desiree was trying to help him and steer him in the right direction. "I promise to not neglect the rest of your body ever again. If you need your pussy fucked I will do it anytime you need and I promise not to focus on just your perfect ass." Harry was just trying to please the genie like he always did with anyone who had shown him the slightest attention. It was the damage of growing up neglected and unloved.

Desiree was fine if he wanted nothing but anal for the rest of his life because she was built for it but not all girls were. If he planned to take other lovers he would have to adapt. Of course he could use a wish on them but she was going to try and discourage that as much as possible. One of her master's in the 300's had made every woman he wanted into the image of his childhood love. Part of being a good lover was accepting a woman the way she was. "That's good Harry. Keep going, you are doing great." He was doing a great job of fucking her ass. It wasn't too hard and with every deep thrust she felt her toes curl. "Fuck Harry you are going to make me cum quick."

Harry responded to that by increasing his speed and power until her face was resting against the cold glass as the sound of their skin slapping echoed around the room. Harry couldn't stop looking down and seeing her caramel skin rippling from his thrusts. It made Harry feel powerful that he was able to do this. If he didn't just cum from an amazing blowjob he would have been done by now but this time he could hold on a little longer.

Desiree felt his cock twitching inside of her but he was holding back his climax until she had hers. 'Smart boy. He is going to be the best master I have ever had.' Desiree's voice reached a fever pitch as she cried out, "I'm cumming. You are making me cum Harry." Her orgasm came so quick if she didn't know better she would have thought he made a wish to make it happen so easily.

The pride that swelled in Harry's chest was similar to the first time Sirius told him he reminded him of his father. The tighter her asshole got around him the more he couldn't hold back and Harry buried himself to the hilt before firing off his load. He let out a loud groan but no words came out.

"Fuck I didn't know how much I missed having a man creampie my ass." As good as the first creampie felt, this one felt deeper and hotter which prolonged her orgasm. Desiree didn't expect this hard and fast anal fuck to take this much out of her as she leaned back and used Harry to keep her up. "Take us to bed Harry, my legs aren't working right now."

Harry grunted as he lifted the woman up, finding she was very light, almost deceivingly so. When they were once again back in bed Harry was panting, "I can't believe how good that felt. I never knew that was possible." While his mind was here with his genie his mind was also flashing images of him fucking other girls in the castle.

Desiree knew there was a lot she was going to have to teach him. "Yes but not all women are like that. It takes a while for a woman to get used to that. I have seen plenty of women not like that and bad men who force them anyway. While I cannot stop you, I hope you aren't that kind of man." Desiree had high hopes Harry would be the perfect lover for every girl he met.

Harry shook his head, "No I would never do that I promise." There was an awkward silence that happened after that little agreement neither knowing what to say. After a few minutes Harry realized he had to get to breakfast. "I have to head out, what are you going to do?"

"Well I am going to go back into my genie form and follow you around or you can summon me to the bottle on your arm. When I am in my genie form no one else will be able to see me. You can communicate with me with your mind. Now let's go. I want to get out of here." She had been in this school before. Her last master was Phineas Nigellus Black and he was so puritan he didn't use her in the last twenty years of his life. He only succumbed to her charms once but mostly stayed faithful to his wife. While her time with him was boring it was better than being trapped in her bottle for what felt like an eternity.

Harry was a little worried how this was going to work. He didn't want to seem distracted or act like a nutter looking at things that weren't there. "Okay but please just be normal and not work me up in public. I can't be getting erections all day."

Desiree smirked, "Sorry no promises." Desiree hoped there was a chance she could join Harry with another girl. Desiree did enjoy the female form and it had been over a hundred years since she has had the pleasure.

Harry groaned, feeling that he was going to regret opening that bottle by the end of the day.

Great hall

In stepping through the door to the great hall he had Desiree floating beside him green skin and all. It also didn't help that she was wearing her sexy genie outfit that he remembered tearing off last night. 'Okay it's just breakfast Harry just act normal.' The entire great hall was still decorated with the visiting schools regalia along with some decorations from Hogwarts like the different house banners.

Through the connection Desiree said, 'Act all you want but we both know the truth don't we.'

Harry ignored her and found an open spot at the Gryffindor table and piled some food on a plate. He needed the energy. Sex had wore him out more than he thought. Just as he was about to finish loading his plate he heard Desiree's voice come through their link, 'Eat some fruit believe me girls will thank you for it.' Harry rolled his eyes and grabbed two apples, one for breakfast and one for later.

Just as he was about to tuck in he heard her through the connection again, 'Fuck look at her.' Harry looked up and saw Desiree pointing towards the staff tables. She was pointing at Septima Vector, who was a professor he didn't have. 'I don't have her class Desiree and I don't think she would want to sleep with me.'

Desiree disagreed, 'I bet there is a way into her robes. Even if there isn't, I can take over her body and let you have her body anyway.' While Desiree would prefer to watch she didn't mind overshadowing a woman for her master. There was a small difference between bodies and the small things that each body liked. She had overshadowed girls who don't like pain or who lack the thrill from rough sex. If she had a choice though she wanted to see Harry shag her for real. 'I will make him wish for her soon enough. She looks like she hadn't had a proper fuck in ages. How can she be in a school of young hot studs and still look miserable. If I was a teacher here I would have a line of students out the door for me.'

Harry nearly spit out the mouthful of eggs he had, 'Stop that. And I thought you can just change into whoever I want.' He would be lying if he said that didn't interest him. She was the most attractive professor by far and now that he wasn't a virgin anymore he wanted to know what she felt like. While she didn't have Desiree's chest she was thinner and had a younger face.

'I can but it doesn't beat the real thing or so I have been told. I am just throwing it out there in case you have a thing for older women. And you don't have that many options here. Because no offense, the others aren't on your level.' Desire said through their link.

Harry just kept his eyes down and kept eating until he felt a poke on his shoulder. Looking over he saw that Hermione was sitting next to him. "Harry, where have you been? I waited for you in the common room but no one would tell me where you were."

"Sorry Hermione but the dorm kicked me out. They think I'm lying about putting my name in the cup. I slept somewhere else." He could feel his cock starting to get hard in his trousers as his eyes flicked from her face to her budding breasts that would be even bigger by the end of the year.

'Master you probably could have slipped into her bed and she would have let you stay the night.' To her it was clear the girl had some affection towards her master and she didn't sense any malice or dishonesty from her.

'Boys aren't allowed into the girl's dorm and we are just friends.' Harry thought as quickly as he could so he didn't miss anything Hermione said.

"Ronald didn't stick up for you?" Despite their first year Hermione liked to think they were all best friends.

"Ron led the charge. The only one who wasn't coming at me was Neville and he was afraid of what the others would do to him. I just left peacefully even though I wanted to hex them." Now with the power coursing through his veins Harry was looking for a chance to try it out.

Hermione sighed as she wished Ron wasn't this stupid. It was clear Harry didn't enter his name; she saw the look on his face when his name was picked. "We will get through this, Harry." To emphasize her point she covered his hand with hers and she could feel her fingers tingle as their skin met.

Harry was about to say something before Desiree came in first with, 'I think you two are going to have some fun later. I don't need to look into her mind to know that she wants you to fuck her. You could probably throw her on the table right now and have your way with her and she would thank you for it.'

Harry nearly screamed through his link, 'We are just friends.' Now images of lifting Hermione on the table and hiking up her skirt before fucking her filled his mind.

'If you believe that, wish to see her sexual fantasy.' It was an open bet for Harry to call. She had been around long enough to know a smitten girl when she saw one.

Harry was so sure of himself he wished to see Hermione's sexual fantasy just to shut Desiree up. As she granted his wish the next time he made eye contact he saw her biggest sexual fantasy. It was her bent over a library table being fucked hard by an exact copy of him. 'Desiree was right. Holy shit Hermione wants to fuck me.' Now his trousers were getting impossibly tight. With his new cock it was going to be painfully obvious if he had an erection.

Desiree saw what Harry saw and thought it was a pretty kinky fantasy for a girl so young. For her to be taken like an animal bent over a table in public was pretty out there when normal girls wished for their first time to be in a rose petal covered bed. She was just joking when she said that she wanted to be fucked in front of the entire great hall but she wasn't too far off. 'Why don't you focus on the tournament now and she can be your reward afterwards?'

'I thought you were going to be my reward.' Harry said. Harry was a simple boy who would have just been happy with Desiree but she was pushing him out of his comfort zone.

'Oh master I am yours for you to use anytime and in any way you wish. For a reward you want someone special. If you make it out alive during the first challenge I will make it so you will have sex with this girl.'

Harry didn't hesitate before agreeing to her terms, 'Deal.' Now he was wound up for Hermione and if he could get his rocks off with her he was going to jump at the chance.

"Harry, are you listening to me?" Hermione asked a spaced out Harry.

"Sorry Hermione. I have a lot on my mind." In his mind was nothing but images of him fucking Hermione in every way imaginable.

Hermione felt bad for getting mad about being ignored and said, "No no no Harry I'm sorry. I know the first task is coming up. How are your preparations coming?" She was worried for her best friend and hoped he was going to survive this. Every year his life was in danger but this year felt the worst in particular.

Harry finished up what was on his plate, "I plan to take a head on approach and have been training that way." It wasn't a lie that with his new power he could probably kill the Dragon in two seconds if he could hit the dragon's eye and send a spell through the brain.

"Be careful Harry. I don't want to lose you." She squeezed his hand tighter and held back tears thinking of the possibility of him dying in the first task. Champions had a habit of ending up dead in this tournament and it was barbaric of them to bring it back.

Desiree saw Hermione's body language and floated around the girl, 'You might not need my help after all Master.' She liked it when her master's used their own skill in the past and didn't rely completely on her magic.


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Chapter Text

Genie 2

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek.
Pansy: Lucy Hale

Please bear with me this chapter and read the end notes.


The few days before the first task had been great for Harry when he found Desiree. Everyday she played the part as his personal cock holster and relieved him of all of his daily anxieties. In the Room of Requirement every morning she would suck his cock to completion and would have no problem deep throating his entire length. While the sex was great during his down time they would also talk and would both learn things about the other. Her flirty personality had lowered all of Harry's defenses so he told her things he would have never told another person.

One day she even did the honor in her genie form which was like dipping his cock in a glass of ice water. That blowjob lasted longer than the others but it didn't stop him from pumping thick hot cum down her throat. Harry was being spoiled by his genie's depravity where she didn't care what he did sexually. She was his slave and it wasn't up to her what he did with her but she was happy he wasn't disrespectful or cruel. He always treated her like his queen and even asked what felt good and did his best to make it feel good for her. He quickly learned what it took to make her cum and he repeated it every time which left her a moaning, cumming mess.

The day before the first task Desiree hadn't changed into her human form instead she talked Harry into finding a new partner. Harry wasn't a greedy boy and was loyal to her but Desiree wanted him to use her powers for more. She had seen most of the girls around this school and even she had a few she wanted to see Harry use. There was a blonde big titted whore in his house named after colors that looked like she knew how to handle a cock.

Harry was still worried about using her power to take away a girl's free will but Desiree kept putting it out there. She could tell that it was slowly working because Harry was staring at his classmates more and more and since their minds were connected she could see his fantasies.

During lunch Harry had finally caved to Desiree and agreed to use her to find a sexual partner for tonight. If he was to die tomorrow he should have sex with a real girl his own age and not an immortal genie. All day Harry had thought about every possible girl which was a very long list with girls from every house. Desiree even made him wish that girls will be just as attracted to him as he was to them. While she didn't have to twist his arm he hoped to soon use it to his advantage.

Harry never paid attention to Slytherin girls but since his sexual awakening he had noticed girls like Daphne Greengrass. She was simply beautiful and in the top three girls in the entire school. If he had to pick it would be Hermione, Daphne and then Susan for his top three. Part of Hermione being on the list was because of their friendship. This is what Harry thought about for the last hour in charms class. Professor Flitwick prattled on about the summoning charm but Harry had already learned it with his wish. 'Now who to pick.'

Desiree floated around the room, 'Master I can see that you want your best friend but can I make a recommendation that you save her for your victory. She would make an excellent reward.' Desiree had seen inside her master's head enough to know that he had a real love for the girl but she wanted him to branch outside of his comfort zone.

Harry agreed with his genie and went back to looking around the room which he was sharing with Ravenclaw's. His eyes kept going back to Cho who was dating Cedric. Everytime he would try to avert his eyes Desiree would chuckle in his head, 'Master I see you have an eye for the more exotic girls.'

'It doesn't matter that she is dating Cedric and there is nothing I can do about it.' Harry resigned himself to thinking she was out of reach. He did have to admit thanks to Desiree a little exotic wasn't a bad thing.

'I wouldn't say that master you could wish for her not to remember or for me to overshadow her and pleasure you.' Desiree loved teasing Harry and she could see him shift in his seat as he imagined it. In front of his eyes she floated over to Cho and dragged her finger down Cho's cheek. 'She has a small mouth. I bet she wouldn't even be able to fit half of you in it.'

Harry tried to ignore that statement and keep his cock in a semi hard state. Class was ending in a few minutes and he couldn't be hard when they were dismissed. 'Just think about tomorrow Harry. Think about the dragon and what the fight is going to be like. Stop thinking of all these girls.'

Desiree didn't say anything more knowing that he was trying to hold off his erection so he wouldn't be embarrassed in front of everyone. While she was lucky for her new master she wished he would take a few more risks now that he had a wish fulfilling genie in his corner.

When the Flitwick finally dismissed them Harry gathered his notes and books back into his satchel before standing up to leave. He was one of the first out of the room. He wanted to get back to the dorm to put his bag away before dinner where he would pick the lucky girl for tonight. Desiree was right he needed something big before the first task.

On his way to the great hall for dinner Harry walked through the courtyard which had groups of Slytherin's wearing the "Harry Potter stinks" pin. Trying to keep his head down he wanted to walk through the crowd unnoticed but life never worked out that easy for Harry.

Blocking his way Pansy Parkinson, Millicent Bulstrode and Draco Malfoy got in front of Harry. "Where are you going, Potter?" This time Pansy was leading the group with Draco taking a backseat. It was almost as if she was showing off for him.

Harry just sighed before answering, "To dinner. Do you have a problem with that?" It was bad enough that people talked behind his back but the actual bullying of Slytherin made him wish he could just curse them to pieces.

Pansy stepped forward bravely like she wasn't afraid of any reprisal. "Enjoy your last day breathing Potter. We have it on good authority that you are going to die tomorrow." Pansy had a smug smile on her face like she knew something that he didn't.

Desiree was seething seeing this girl wish her master dead or having the gall to talk to him this way. 'Master you better not let her get away with this.' If she was in her human form she would have tackled the girl to the ground before punching this girl.

'What am I supposed to do? I can't fight her even though I want to curse that smug smile off her face.' Harry's eyes kept flicking back between the three aggressors but Millicent and Draco didn't make a move towards their wands while Pansy looked like at any moment she was ready to pull hers.

Desiree had an idea, 'Wish for me to punish her anyway I choose.' Over her thousands of years or life she has learned that sexual punishment was one of the best kinds. This girl deserved some of that.

Harry wanted to ask how that was a sexual wish but he wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. 'I wish you could punish her anyway you so choose.' What was the worst that could happen?

'So you have wished it, so it shall be.' Desiree waved her hands and green mist started to swirl around Pansy that only Harry could see. She had done this wish a few times. The last one was for a man that was angry at his mistress for trying to trick him into leaving his wife.

Pansy was on a rush from bullying the cheating half blood in front of her when she started to feel weird. Her stomach started to rumble as she felt something start to push deep inside her. It felt almost like large beads were inside her bum. She didn't know why she was feeling this but she knew it was serious. 'What the fuck is this?'

Harry watched the confident Pansy shrink as she moved her hands to her stomach. Harry didn't know what Desiree did but it almost looked like she was about to shit herself in front of the whole courtyard. After a couple of seconds she quickly retreated and was running to the nearest bathroom. 'What was that?' Harry asked Desiree through their link.

'Try to slink away unnoticed and follow her to the bathroom.' Harry did as he was told after Draco had hurled a few more insults before the crowd dispersed for dinner.

Harry followed Desiree as she led him through the hallways to the girls bathroom. When he arrived Desiree pushed him to go inside only to see Pansy facing him but her head was craned so she could look over her shoulder. She had her skirt hiked up and Harry could see that she had a black ring and string hanging out of her asshole. She was tugging at the string but it wouldn't budge and she was groaning at the sensation.

Harry's jaw dropped and mentally screamed, 'What did you do?'

Desiree said, 'They are anal beads and the only way they can be removed is by you. I want you to make this bitch to beg for your forgiveness.'

'You did what? Why did you choose this punishment? I meant a spanking for something not beads up her ass.' Desiree took a real liberty with this wish and he promised to be clearer in the future.

Before Harry could say anything Pansy had noticed him, "Potter what the fuck is this? What did you do to me, you pervert?" Pansy wanted to throttle him and was about to draw her wand only to have Harry hit her with an Expelliarmus which sent her wand flying away.

Harry didn't know where this confidence came from but the shock was gone and now he felt his libido surge, "You feel those beads inside of you? Those will only come out if I pull them out. Now I can leave right now and you can be stuck with those inside of you forever or you can get on your knees and beg for my forgiveness." He didn't know where this came from but he could tell it's what Desiree had in mind. Now he wanted to take this further.

Pansy wanted to scream at him and tell him to go fuck himself but he had her. With a few hesitations she finally got on her knees. The brick floor was painful on her bony knees as she bowed her head. She didn't know where this came from since she could have easily just run to Madam Pomfrey to take them out. "There. Happy?" She was humiliated being on her knees in front of this half blood.

Harry shook his head, "That was your one out now you are going to crawl over here and earn my forgiveness with your mouth." As he talked he opened his trouser fly and dropped his trousers to the ground so now he was standing in just his boxers. His cock was starting to push against it's cloth restraints ready for action. 'Fuck am I going to do this?'

Desiree just answered back, 'Just go with it master. Be dominant and take charge of this bitch.' She looked forward to the show this girl was going to put on to get those beads out. Desiree personally liked the feeling of beads inside of her but this was a lot for a first timer.

Pansy was scared. It was now crystal clear what he wanted and she had no choice. If she wanted these things out of her she had to do as he asked. She had already tried pulling the ring as hard as she could but it wouldn't budge. She had dug this hole and the only way out was pleasing Potter. She cursed herself for not taking the first chance to apologize now she had to suck him off. Luckily she wasn't a stranger to this having plenty of practice on Draco from the start of this year. Her mother was a good pureblood wife who had taught her "Blowjobs are a Pureblood woman's weapon".

Desiree was so hot watching this stuck up girl crawling on her knees to her master. Desiree hoped he wouldn't take it easy on the girl seeing as how she didn't take it easy on him with her words. Desiree hoped he would claim more than just her mouth but even if he didn't she was going to reward him tonight anyway.

As Pansy got closer to Harry she saw the bulge grow and grow. When she was inches away he pulled down his boxers and his cock spring up and slapped the bottom of her chin. 'No way this thing has to be a foot long. Draco is only five inches and that is trouble enough with my mouth.'

Harry saw her eyes go wide as she was now face to face with his cock. "Don't just sit there. Get to work." Harry should have felt bad that he was almost forcing her to suck his cock but Desiree wouldn't let him be weak. With her whispering in his ear he couldn't let this bullying slide anymore.

Pansy closed her eyes for a moment as she opened her mouth and pushed her head forward until she felt his cock push past her lips. Three inches in and she already felt his hands go to the back of her head. His cock pulsing on her tongue made her think that he was going to get impatient and start moving her on his own if she didn't start using her mouth.

Harry looked down and watched as her mouth went deeper and deeper until she had about half his cock in her mouth. He could feel her tight throat around the head of his cock as she tried to take him deeper. "There is a good girl. Take me as deep as you can. Use that dirty pureblood mouth on this perfect cock."

Desiree floated and watched the whole scene, 'Keep going master I want to see you fill her belly with your seed.' Desiree was getting so hot at the scene in front of her. It almost made her want to freeze time so he could give her a quickie before going back to the bitch.

This was only Harry's second sexual partner and while Pansy wasn't as good as Desiree in the oral department he was going to cum sooner rather than later. "Keep bobbing your head and wiggling your tongue." Now Pansy was doing a good job of bobbing her head up and down while working the shaft trying to get this all over as soon as possible. Her tongue was no slouch either and it was moving up and around his shaft. When the tip of her tongue traced a vein his hips bucked and he nearly lost his load too soon.

Pansy wanted to hate this more but she had to admit Potter's cock was exquisite. The size, taste and he wasn't a quick shot. While she thought she wanted him to be a quick shot the more she sucked the more she was enjoying it. His salty musk was its own treat and she could feel her pussy start to accumulate moisture.

Harry was now moaning as he threaded his fingers through her brown hair. "I wish I had pictures of this." This was Draco's girlfriend on her knees moaning around his cock the more she sucked. If Harry didn't know any better he would think she was loving this situation.

Pansy wanted to stop blowing Harry but she wanted these large beads out of her butt by any means possible. She didn't know how he managed to put them inside of her without his wand. Just as her mind kept wandering trying to figure out the puzzle she felt his cock twitching with greater intensity.

Harry felt Pansy try to pull back but Harry held her head on his cock so she would be forced to swallow. "I'm cumming Pansy." As Harry was lost in his own world his genie heard his wish and was snapping photos of the scene in front of her.

Pansy wanted to spit out the salty fluid that was shot in her mouth but she knew it was more trouble than it was worth. Instead like a good slut she just gulped it down the way she did with Draco. It pained her to have a half blood's cum in her mouth but just this once she could make an exception. His orgasm lasted a while as he drained every drop in her mouth and she was forced to swallow it all. When there was nothing left coming out she pulled her head off his cock and said, "Can you take it out now? I did what you wanted."

Harry smiled down at the girl and took extra pleasure rubbing his spit shined cock against her face. "Stand up and go bend over the sink." A blowjob wasn't enough and he wanted to up the stakes with one of her other holes.

Pansy rolled her eyes and did as she was told. She nearly skipped to the sink thinking it would finally be over. The beads that were inside of her we're starting to feel good and that scared her. A pureblood girl wasn't supposed to enjoy anything related to her bum. That was for muggles and mudbloods; those filthy animals liked to play with their dirty holes.

Harry watched as Pansy braced herself on the sink and stuck her ass out ready for him to extract the anal beads. Just as she was about to look back she felt his hands on her hips. Involuntarily she shivered feeling his hands on her hips. She wasn't a fool she knew this was the perfect position for him to fuck her if he wanted. "I am a virgin." Pansy blurted out in an effort to stop that line of thinking before it began.

Harry didn't respond, instead he slid her skirt down her beautiful legs. On the way down his fingers grazed her soft hairless thighs and that made his cock even harder. Her skin was even a little softer than Desiree's.

'I heard that.' Desiree said through the link. There was a flash of jealousy seeing her new favorite master with another woman. If she had her choice he would be chained to a bed and fuck her all day and night.

'Shit sorry I didn't mean it.' Harry said, trying to take back his initial judgement.

Desiree made a mental note to have him wish for her when she was his age. Back when she was younger there was no one with softer skin. 'I will show you soft next time we are alone.'

Harry refocused his attention on Pansy and didn't say a word as he slipped his finger in the ring attached to the bead string. Ever so slowly he pulled and watched as her tight asshole was stretched as he pulled the first bead out which looked to be two inches in diameter.

Pansy moaned and groaned as she felt her virgin asshole be pulled apart as Potter pulled out the first bead. "Fuck!" That was just one bead and it still felt like she had twenty left.

Harry was fascinated seeing her asshole gape for a second after pulling free the first bead. 'Desiree, how many more beads are there?'

'Seven more but eight in total.' Desiree got a sick pleasure out of watching the girl's face in the mirror as she felt her asshole stretched for the first time.

"Pansy do you want me to fuck your pussy or your ass?" Harry wanted to give her the option because he was ready for sex.

Pansy looked in the mirror and saw that Harry was looking back at her very seriously. It also didn't help that she felt his cock rubbing against her. "Potter I need to remain pure for my wedding." The taboo nature of a cock in her ass made her pussy quiver.

Harry smiled at her as he started to pull another bead free, "Anal is fine with me. I will just have to clear the beads first." With growing speed he started to pull the beads out of her clenching asshole.

The second bead was out before Pansy could respond to his comment. She didn't want to have anal sex with a boy as big as Harry. Why couldn't he be average like Draco? "Fuck!" She exclaimed again as she felt her asshole give way for the second bead. This time she actually got a jolt of pleasure as the bead was expelled from her body.

When the third and fourth came out Pansy felt her toes curl as her legs started to shake. When all of this first started she was firmly against anal but now her body was betraying her. Now she was starting to warm up to the idea of him fucking her ass. 'How good could a cock really feel up there?'

Harry could feel her shaking harder and harder with every bead he pulled out of her. 'What a good little slut. This was going to be easier than I thought.' He liked to think with every passing bead she might even ask him to push it back in. The way her hips were moving was almost as if she was pushing back into his hand.

'Master reach around and give her clit a rub on the last few beads and make sure you hold on tight.' Desiree had been on the other end of that move a few times and it never failed to make her cum like crazy.

"Just a few more Pansy. Then I can fill up your slutty ass with my big cock. Is that what you want?" Harry said as he moved his left hand around so his fingers were resting on her clit before he started rubbing in tight little circles.

It was what she wanted but too ashamed to directly ask for. Pansy screamed so loud it was bound to attract some attention in the hallways. Hopefully everyone was at dinner so no one came running to check on them. Pansy was so close to cumming just from the beads being pulled out of her and with his fingers in the mix she climaxed like never before. Not even Draco made her cum that hard before. Even though they hadn't had sex he tried his best with his fingers and mouth but nothing felt this good. "Ahhh!"

Harry did in fact have to hold Pansy up because she would have lost her footing and fallen on her ass if it wasn't for him. Harry was one bead away from her ass being free and clear for him to start on. "Last one Pansy. For this one all you have to do is say how much you want my half-blood cock in your ass."

Pansy was helpless and had no choice to do as he said. There was nothing more she wanted than for him to continue his work. "Fuck my ass you filthy half-blood." Her face had never been so red before than when she was crying out for him to fuck her ass.

Harry didn't appreciate being called filthy so he pulled the final bead with a little more force. It made Pansy cry out in bliss before he grabbed the back of her neck and pushed her face into the mirror. Dropping the beads onto the floor with a click clack he grabbed his cock and pressed it against her gaping hole. Pressing forward he plunged inch after inch into her stretched out hole. Since he had only been with Desiree he couldn't help comparing the two and while he liked Desiree more Pansy did have a nice ass. It was nice and warm while being tight enough to strangle his cock the way he liked it. 'It is probably because she has a fatter ass.' Pansy had a nice handful of cheeks but not compared to the way his hands sunk into Desiree's ass.

Desiree was flattered he liked her butt so much and that he was thinking of her while balls deep in a younger girl. 'Thank you master. Now fuck this slut's ass like you would mine.' Giving him this little push she watched his firm ass tighten as his thrusts long longer and harder.

Pansy could only moan as minutes dragged by and with each passing minute she felt Harry get bolder and bolder. His thrusts were slow and shallow at first and by minute four her butt cheeks were rippling from the force and speed of his thrusts. Her heavy breathing was fogging up the mirror near her mouth as she kept calling out his name and "Yes" or "harder". Pansy didn't know why she kept asking for him to go harder but she was glad she did.

Harry kept inching toward the cliff while every minute he pushed Pansy over. During her hard ass reaming she had already come twice. She had never thought something so dirty would feel so good. Now when she was alone at night she might even do this to herself if it meant she was going to cum this hard. 'Am I a mudblood anal whore?' Was all she could think the more her body responded to this intense shag.

'Desiree you were so right about this.' Harry was in heaven and if he could do this to any girl he wanted to he wasn't going to stop using this power. As he went through puberty every boy thought what it would be like to shag every fit bird. Now he was going to do just that. 'Hermione is next but I won't stop there.'

'Of course I was.' Desiree had been around long enough to know when and how a girl needed to be punished. 'This is my purpose Harry. I am going to make every dream come true and if you want to fuck every girl you see I will be there to help you.'

Taking his eyes off of Pansy he looked towards Desiree and had never felt so much love for a girl. 'I am going to make this up to you tonight. I promise my purpose is to be your best master ever.'

'Can't wait but right now you need to empty your balls in this slut's ass and get to dinner.' Desiree said as she watched this pale girl's ass ripple on every thrust.

Harry's hips were now moving like a blur as he fucked Pansy as hard as he could. If it wasn't for her moaning he might have been afraid of hurting her but it seemed those beads turned her into a little anal slut. "I'm going to cum Pansy. Do you want to swallow again or do you want me to cum in your ass?" He decided to give her a choice for where he blew his load.

Pansy didn't take a second to think about it. "In my ass." She had never had a cock in her ass before and she wanted to know what a hot load of spunk would feel like.

Harry felt her ass get impossibly tight around him as she tried to milk his balls dry. "Pansy!" Just for one added level of humiliation he brought his right hand down on her butt cheek leaving a crimson mark just before he came.

Pansy felt hot shots of cum start to paint her bowels. Her vision started to go blurry as her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she had an explosive orgasm to match Harry's. The more she came the more arousal she felt drip down her legs. Her pussy was sopping wet and craving Harry's massive cock but she couldn't cross that line. Her ass was one thing but if she let him claim her pussy she would be forever dishonored. Part of her still wanted to save her pussy for Draco. 'He can never know that Potter has taken my ass.'

Harry pulled out of Pansy and watched her asshole unable to close as his white cream started to pour out. "I think that was a proper apology. I hope you remember this and are nicer to me next time."

Pansy was drained. She had so many strong orgasms in a row she could barely think in addition to the warmth spreading throughout her intestines. Without words she just nodded, "I am sorry for wishing you dead. I have learned my lesson." There were definitely worse ways to learn a lesson but Pansy could live with this.

Harry pulled up his trousers and buttoned them back up, "The beads are on the floor, feel free to keep them if you want." Now that he was fully dressed he let out a small laugh seeing that she was still out of it bent over a sink looking like a proper whore. "See you tomorrow, Pansy. Let me know if you ever want to do this again. You have a nice ass that seems to love my cock." Taking one last look the image of his cum pouring out of her ass was one he would never forget.

Pansy didn't say anything as she heard his steps get further away as he left the girls bathroom. With wobbled legs she pushed herself up a little and managed to get a solid foothold. Turning around she saw the anal beads on the floor and for the first time she got a look at them. 'Fuck those are big. I still don't know how he managed to get them inside of me.' Looking around she found her wand a few feet away on the floor and she walked over and picked it up before cleaning herself up. A few scourgify charms and she was as good as new. Before she left the bathroom she picked up the beads and hid them in her robe. 'Maybe I will use these later. They did feel pretty good.'

After dinner

Harry popped into dinner for a quick appearance and ate a small plate of food before heading back to the Room of Requirement. The door had barely closed before Desiree was in her naked human form. She quickly pushed him to the bed before kissing him, "You we're so great today master." After a few more minutes of kissing she brought his hand to her pussy which was already soaked after watching him dominate that stuck up bitch. "This is for you master. You were a true master tonight and you made that girl yours. Her ass will always be yours forever. Now make me submit to your cock."

Harry kissed her some more before he felt his clothes vanish. Without breaking the kiss he felt her drop her pussy on his cock. He moaned into her mouth as he felt her tight pussy engulf his cock. As great as Pansy's ass felt, the feeling of sliding in Desiree's hot, wet, heat almost made him cum right there.

Desiree planted her hands on his muscled chest as she started bouncing up and down on his whore breaker of a cock. His cock was so perfect it made even his enemies get on their knees to worship it. Every time she dropped all of her weight on his lap she felt his tip smash against her cervix and she felt a little bad Pansy didn't get to feel that for herself. "We are all tools for your pleasure master. Every woman is a slave to your cock just like I am."

Harry let out a strangled groan as Desiree's tight pussy got even tighter. If he didn't know better he would have thought she was trying to break his cock in half. "I love you Desiree. Cum for my cock and I will cum for your cunt." He didn't know where that came from but to them the other was the missing piece and together they just fit. Since his first night with Desiree she had also improved his dirty talk so filthy words spilled out of his mouth effortlessly.

Desiree was riding her master with everything she had and on every pull back and slam down she was stimulating his entire cock. "Master, wish for our climaxes to be tied together just for tonight. I want you to cum when I cum." She was so close to an orgasm but she knew he just got done with another girl so it might have been a while for him. All she wanted now was to share the experience with him.

Harry did as his sexy genie asked and he felt a sudden tingly sensation in his balls two seconds before he felt himself explode with cum in Desiree's pussy. "Already?" He probably could have lasted a few more minutes but it seemed Desiree had other plans.

Desiree flipped her long silky black hair out of her face before nodding, "Yes master. Seeing you with that other girl made me so horny." At the same time she felt his white hot spunk fill her womb she shuddered as she came around his ten inch piece of meat.

Harry had his arms wrapped around his genie and was just enjoying her tightness as they took a breather. All this sex was starting to wear Harry out and he had a big day tomorrow. If his life wasn't on the line he would have been more reckless and spend the entire night fucking Desiree. "I think I need to save some energy for tomorrow."

Desiree was panting from her wild ride of his cock. Her human form might have been in good shape but she hadn't used it in over a hundred years so she was a little out of practice. "I suppose so."

Harry rolled Desiree off of him and maneuvered her so he was spooning her. "Is it too much to ask for you to wake me up with another of your amazing blowjobs?"

Desiree let out a small laugh, "Normally I wouldn't hesitate to shove your cock down my throat but I think it would be good for you to be a little on edge. During your task I want you to be thinking of that bookworm and what you want her to do after you win." Desiree had seen her master's mind so she knew that all he wanted to do was fuck Hermione's pussy all night long.

Harry breathes in the scent from Desiree's hair and when she was in human form she smelt of pure vanilla. As he sniffed her hair more and more he had an idea, "Does your pussy smell as good as the rest of you?" He didn't know where that came from but it just popped in his head before he blurted it out.

Desiree's small smile got wider and wider at his implication. Using her powers she cleaned the mess he made inside of her as she moved from her side to her back. "Find out for yourself." Spreading her legs she wanted to see if he was capable of making her cum with no help.

Harry kissed her neck and slowly kissed his way down her body taking a few extra moments at her breasts. When he finally was face to face with her pussy he couldn't stop himself from giving her clit a kiss before swirling his tongue around her nub. That small action alone made Desiree put her hands on the back of his head and cry out.

It was a solid indication he was doing something right. Next he licked from the bottom of her slit to the top getting a nice tongue full of her sweet flavor. While it didn't taste of vanilla like her natural scent her pussy almost tasted of berry. Whatever it was it made Harry want more so he started to eat her out with more intensity. As minutes passed the deeper he would shove his tongue in an effort to make her cum.

Desiree loved her master's enthusiasm but trying to fuck her pussy with his tongue wasn't enough to get her to cum. With her hands she guided his mouth back up to her clit. Thankfully he got the picture and started to work on her clit. At first it was just his tongue swiping over it but when he gave it a suck she moaned just as loud as if he shoved his entire cock inside her.

Once Harry figured out what made her moan he kept on her clit and brought up two fingers to fuck her with. Pushing his two fingers in her wet heat he could tell her back was arched off the bed as her hands kept pushing his head harder. She was so close even Harry could feel it. Their orgasms were still tied together.

It was almost by accident but when Harry curled his fingers it touched a special spot in Desiree that made her scream and cum. When he found the spot he hammered it with his fingers trying to make her cum over and over. Meanwhile Harry was helpless to stop his own cock from spitting out globs of cum on the bed as his mouth was coated with his genie's juices. In an effort to lick it all up when he thought she was done cumming he looked up at her as he pulled his mouth away. "Did I do a good job?"

Desiree smiled. Her master wanted her approval and did his best to please her without asking for anything in return. While she hadn't had a master in over a hundred years she also hadn't had her pussy eaten in over four hundred years. "You did great, master. Not many masters have done that to me but it is something that all women like."

Harry crawled up her body and planted a kiss on her mouth. He pushed his soiled tongue in her mouth and made her taste her own juices. Their kiss lasted for minutes before he pulled away, "I know you are supposed to take care of my needs but anytime you want let me know if you need this."

Desiree almost had tears in her eyes with how thoughtful her master was. "I love you master." With a sniffle she needed a moment before she continued, "Don't die tomorrow. I want to spend the next hundred years with you." She has never had this much of an emotional connection with her master's. Throughout time men clearly evolved and weren't the barbarians they were before but Harry treated her as an equal and made her feel like she mattered. The way his green eyes stared into her made her feel like the only one in his world.

Harry kissed his genie again, "If I do make it out it's going to be because of you. I promise you nothing is going to stop me from coming back to you." Harry already decided on his reward for the first task being Hermione but he was going to carve out time for Desiree also. Shifting in the bed Harry wrapped both arms around the Arabian beauty and held her to his chest like he was afraid she was going to float away in rough seas.

Desiree felt warm and loved in her master's arms. "Good night master."

"Goodnight Desiree. I love you." Harry had never really said those words to anyone but they felt natural with her.

Desiree smiled, "I love you too master." Slowly they both drifted off to sleep, both worried about what tomorrow may bring.


I hope everyone enjoyed this. I hope I didn't make the Pansy lemon/smut too rapey but it's so hard not to when you know they don't like each other. I made sure he didn't cross a line that would have been too mean like taking her virginity when she was begging him not to.

I also feel the need to explain Desiree who is thousands of years old so she has a very warped view on sex. What would be crimes now was normal back then. So Harry is still a good person and won't be abusing his power too much. Once he gains enough confidence and experience he can start to talk his way into women's pants.

This time it was mostly Desiree's fault for the wish and Harry was just along for the ride. Like my other story, Pansy is such a bitch Harry's crosses a line with her but then pulls back and doesn't do it again.

Let me know what you think. With this story I am able to have a lot more pairings than my last story so let me know who you want to see.

Chapter Text

Genie 3

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Hermione: Emma Watson


Desiree woke up first on the big day and for over an hour she just stared at her master sleeping. Not wanting to take him for granted and if something bad happened today she wanted to enjoy all the time she had with him. As she stroked his mop of black hair like a cat she saw that his cock was slowly filling back up. 'Master will be up soon.'

As Harry came to, he felt like he was floating on a cloud. His hands started to search for what was stroking his hair and he found his genie's hands. "How much time do I have?" He knew the task started right after breakfast but it still felt like it was early. If he was to die today he wanted to enjoy all the time he had left. He was fighting a dragon after all.

Desiree felt bad for her master. He looked stressed and he was extremely fitful last night. "We have an hour until breakfast. I would suggest you take a shower before then."

Harry pouted now feeling his cock fully engorged with blood demanding release. "I know you said no sex but I can't leave like this." While he could just demand her to service him he did respect her wishes. If he had to he could take care of it himself but he would much prefer Desiree to take care of it.

Desiree saw his monstrous cock and knew he was right. While he should save everything for his crush he did need a little relief. "I can give you a handjob but that is it. When you cum you better get ready for your task." Over her thousands of years she had mastered the art of a good handjob and knew it would only take a minute and be good enough to start the day. While she wouldn't mind using her mouth, her hand felt more appropriate in this situation.

Harry just nodded and watched as her brown hand went from his head to wrapping around his impressive girth. With a simple twist of her hand all the way up to the tip he felt a few drops of precum start leaking out. Her hand swiped the few drops of lube over the head of his cock before stroking him all the way to the base. At first she started slowly until he started lightly bucking his hips. From there she sped up until moans started flowing out of his mouth.

Harry had wanked off before but even his hand didn't feel this good. Hers was softer than his and had so much more experience. "Master don't hold back cum whenever you feel like it." As she said that more precum started to leak out so she added, "Cum master."

Harry's hips shot off the bed as ropes and ropes of spunk shot out of his cock and landed on his stomach. The second he came, that was the last second her hand was touching his cock. As she pulled her hand back she used her index finger to swipe up a dollop of cum and bring it to her mouth. This wasn't done for Harry's benefit since he still had his eyes closed while coming down from a quick and dirty orgasm.

Desiree sucked his seed off her finger as a prize for a job well done. It pained her to have wasted all of his seed since she would have much rather have had it all dumped down her throat. "Okay master, clean yourself up and go have a light breakfast. I will be in my bottle so you aren't distracted." She knew if she remained in her physical form he might extend his shower or be unable to resist and wish for something to relieve him.

Harry saw Desiree turn into green smoke and flow into the bottle tattoo in his arm. Even though he was the master he knew she was right. Harry swipped his wand off the end table and casted a cleaning charm on his stomach before thinking about the room having a shower. The room started to morph and a shower appeared in the corner of the room. As Harry was already naked he just walked over and turned it on. The warm water started to rain down on his tired but relaxed body.

As minutes passed in the shower he got into the zone. All he thought about was surviving and doing whatever it takes to survive. He didn't care about points or the competition. All he had to do was take care of himself and everything would be okay.

Before the task

Breakfast was uneventful but he had gotten there early and quickly ate before anyone else joined him. He wanted no distractions before the task. As such he was the first in the tent waiting for the other competitors and officials to show up.

Slowly the others started to pour in. First was Fleur and last was Cedric all of which looked a little nervous showing they already knew what they were facing.


Harry looked to the empty corner of the tent where the sound came from and saw Hermione peeking her head around the corner. It was obvious she was trying to get his attention so he walked over and covered them up with the flap of the tent. "Come to wish me good luck?" The comment was innocent enough but in his mind he had an image of her on her knees looking up at him with her soft brown eyes as she sucked him to completion.

Hermione blushed as Harry smiled at her, "Of course Harry. I wanted to talk to you this morning but I couldn't find you." She waited in the common room hoping he would come back. Then she checked the Great Hall hoping to find him there but no one seemed to know where he was. Finally she just decided to find him at the one spot where she knew he would be. Taking a deep breath she had to steady herself before saying, "I believe in you Harry. I know you can do this." Hermione couldn't bear to see something happen to her best friend.

Harry took a step closer and was tempted to just lunge forward and kiss her. Knowing she had faith in him felt like a boost of energy. "Thanks Hermione. I think I can do this." Part of him believed the words coming out of his own mouth.

Her hand instinctively shot to his arm, "No you will do this Harry."

Harry saw this as a chance to set the stage for tonight. "If I do this, how about we have our own little victory party tonight alone." For a second he saw a shiver race through her spine at his suggestion which let him know she was on the same page.

Hermione's mind went to a dirty place but she quickly reigned herself in. She had to remind herself they were friends and he didn't see her that way. "Of course Harry." She then embraced him, pressing her entire body into his. As they hugged each other she felt his loins stirring. His groin was pressed against her stomach and she felt a certain piece of anatomy get excited. She had no doubt her face was beat red now. 'Does he think of me that way?'

Before they could say another word they shot away from each other as the flap of the tent was ripped away and a camera flash went off. When Harry saw it was Rita Skeeter he wanted to draw his wand. She had humiliated him after the wand weighing ceremony. She wrote lies and made him seem like a complete nutter. "Ah young love."

'Master not now.' Desiree spoke through their link knowing that he was thinking about revenge of the sexual kind. Even though her master had a clear disdain for this woman she was attractive. She was a little older but had a cute enough face with a tight little body for a woman her age. Her master's mind was drawn to her red lipstick and the thought of smearing it all over his cock in revenge.

Harry felt his mind get carried away and quickly wished. 'I wish I can't get an erection until the task is over.' The last thing he needed was to face a dragon with an erection.

Desiree quickly granted that wish since the camera was still trained on him and the last thing he needed was his trouser snake to be on the front page of the paper tomorrow.

Crouch spoke up, "Gather up champions." Harry walked away from Hermione and Rita and joined the other champions in a circle around crouch who was holding a small pouch.

"Champions, your first task will be to retrieve a golden egg from a nesting mother dragon." There were gasps around the room and even from a few champions who were acting surprised. Harry had seen the fake shock written all over the French champion's attractive face. "I want each of you to reach into the bag and pick what dragon you will be facing and what order you will be going in." Crouch finished.

Harry watched as the other champions picked their dragons as the bag slowly made its way to him. After Krum picked the Chinese Fireball he had to reach into the bag for the last dragon left which also happened to be the most dangerous. "Of course." Was all Harry said as he revealed to the tent that he picked the Hungarian Horntail. 'Why can't I catch a break? If I didn't have Desiree I would be convinced fate is trying to make me suffer as much as possible.'

Crouch threw the empty bag away before clapping his hands, "Excellent. You all have your assignments so Mr. Digory will be starting us off when the first cannon goes off in five minutes." With that he cleared the tent to go to the judges box and wait for the task to start.

Harry decided to throw his feet up on a couch and wait for his turn. 'Benefit of not going first is to see how the others do.' All he knew was that he was going to take the kid gloves off. He didn't exactly know what he was going to do but it was going to be lethal.

Through the link he heard Desiree say, 'That French champion looks like she can handle herself.' As Desiree spoke Fleur bent over and tied her shoes extra tight so they wouldn't come undone during the task. The last thing you needed was to trip and make a fool of yourself the moment before the dragon cremated you.

Harry had noticed Fleur's beauty but didn't act like all of the other drooling idiots in the school. 'I might need your help with her.' He still didn't feel confident enough to think he didn't need his genie's help to pull girls.

Desiree gave a wicked laugh through the link. 'The one track mind of a teenage boy. Focus on the dragon and not a tight French ass. You can't fuck your way out of fighting a dragon.' Good thing he wished for no erection until the task was over because there would be no way of hiding it the dirtier his mind became with images of shagging Fleur like he would Desiree.

Harry knew Desiree was right and just closed his eyes and listened to the crowd noise as Cedric started the task. The cheers and gasps let him know it wasn't one sided so Cedric was putting up a good fight against the dragon. Desiree said, 'Let's see how pretty boy does.' Harry looked towards Desiree wondering if she meant it about Cedric being pretty.

It was almost half an hour until Cedric had finished the task and when Cedric walked back into the tent the golden egg was in his arms and he simply collapsed two steps into the tent. Madam Pomfrey rushed over to check him out. After a couple wand waves she told a Ministry official that it was magical exhaustion mixed with a little overheating from being near the intense heat of a dragon's flames.

Fleur was next, having drawn the Welsh Green Dragon. She seemed a lot more confident as she walked out to face her dragon. Being a Veela she was a creature of fire at least that was the rumor. Within moments of her walking out he heard the most wonderful singing which he imagined was to try and lullaby the dragon to sleep. She was done much quicker at around fifteen minutes before she walked in with her egg.

Harry noticed that her skirt was a little charred showing how close the dragon came to roasting her. Once she was checked over by Madam Pomfrey the contest continued with Krum going in next. Harry didn't know where it came from but he felt a small amount of jealousy for Krum. Maybe it was the successful Quidditch career or the fact he was the favorite to win this entire thing even by his ex friend Ron. He couldn't help himself which left him stewing inside the tent hoping that he could show him up in this task. It didn't help that half the school was wearing pins saying he stinks.

There was one final cheer when Harry assumed Krum finished his task. It was louder than the rest then within a minute Krum was walking through the tent flaps almost spinning the egg in his hands. Every reporter and guest in the room rushed over to Krum badgering him about his safety or what he did to complete the task. Harry just silently got off the couch and pulled his wand from his pocket before relaxing his shoulders. In his ear he heard Desiree. 'Do what you need to master.'

Harry heard the whine and genuine concern in her voice which made him respond. 'I won't leave you behind. There is still so much for us to do.' Harry had only used her powers a couple times and he had told himself that by the end of the year at least half of the girls in this school will feel the benefit of them.

Desiree purred through their link, 'Of course master. I have yet to show you everything I can do and trust me when I say you haven't seen anything yet.' Harry had only been her master for a couple days and it wasn't nearly enough time to fully showcase her skills. While he had taken control of all her holes there was still so much to learn.

Harry laughed back through the link as he walked out into the arena as his name was announced. While he didn't get the pop Krum received he did get more cheers than Cedric and Fleur. Harry just smiled and waved at some of the fans that were from the outside world. His fame seemed to be working a little in his favor here. Looking through the stands he saw the Slytherin stands were the only ones not clapping or cheering instead just sitting there stone faced. 'Wankers.' Harry thought to himself.

An earth rumbling roar snapped Harry out of his little entrance. Looking at his opponent he saw that the dragon was already itching to kill him. It's neck was strained against the thick iron collar that was chained to the arena floor. While Harry didn't see what the other dragons looked like in the arena he imagined this one was the most terrifying. Which meant he couldn't play around and that he was going to have to use lethal force right away and not toy with him. He couldn't sing it to sleep or sneak around no he was going to face this head on.

"Begin!" Crouch said through a sonorous charm. The moment he was done the cannon went off which was the official sign that the task had started.

Harry had to fight a smile from spreading across his face as he felt every camera and eye on him. He had to school his features to look carefree and almost casual because of what he had planned. Pointing his wand at the ground Harry started to push his magic into his wand and with one upswept arc he ended the task.

As his wand raced up 180⁰ a row of very sharp rock spikes started coming out of the ground. Transfiguring the arena floor into a weapon sharp enough to pierce dragon hide. The rock spikes shot up until they reached the dragon and three shot up through the bottom of the dragon. The first spike went through the bottom of the dragon's jaw. The second one went through the brain and the third went through the neck. It was so sudden and unexpected the dragon didn't even have time to let out a final death wail. The crowd had also gone silent as Harry walked to retrieve the golden egg. The arena was dead silent and you could have heard a pin drop as everyone was speechless at what they just saw. The only sounds people heard were Harry's shoes hitting the hard stone arena floor.

Once Harry picked up the egg and made his way back to the entrance the noise started to come back. The resulting cheers were almost deafening as people chanted his name.

Walking back into the tent he could see the other champions looking at him like a ghost. They all took at least fifteen minutes to complete the task while he took all of two minutes. Before anyone said anything Madam Pomfrey rushed over to him but he just waved her off telling her that the dragon didn't touch him. In fact he didn't even break a sweat.

After a moment of waiting all the champions were called back to the arena to receive their scores. The judges started in order of appearance and gave Cedric a twenty. Dumbledore gave him the highest score of six but the other schools nor Crouch were very impressed. Fleur received a thirty two which she looked a little miffed about. He wasn't stupid enough to miss the sympathetic look her Headmistress gave her. Krum received a thirty seven with his Headmaster giving him a perfect score.

Finally when it made its way around to Harry the crowd exploded again and Harry waved to the fans and he didn't miss the frustrated look on the other champions faces. As the judges went down the line he had a perfect score from Crouch and a near perfect score from Dumbledore but the others gave him sevens and that left him three behind Krum for the top spot. That resulted in boos and beers from the crowd who had their very strong opinion on who won. Crouch just dismissed the crowd and told them the date of the next task not wanting to make the situation any worse.

Before Harry could leave the arena the three champions surrounded him and pointed to the impaled dragon in the other end of the arena. They all had a million questions and wanted to know what spell he used. Harry enjoyed their disbelief in his ability and just smiled and walked away letting the results speak for themselves. Now they knew he was serious and the most dangerous competitor. He did his best to exude dangerous confidence while inside he was endlessly thanking Desiree for making this possible.

Gryffindor common room

As much as Harry wanted to go back to the Room of Requirement for some alone time with Desiree he had another special someone that needed his attention. It amused him how quickly his house had changed their mind about him. Two days ago they would scowl and whisper behind his back but now they were cheering for him and acting like anything was ever wrong. Harry played his part of acting like nothing was wrong but he did so just because of Hermione.

During his victory party his hand never left hers and he kept her close and constantly whispered in her ears that she deserved all the credit for believing in him and making sure he didn't slack off in his school work. Hermione was happy for the attention but she did have flashes of anger when all the attractive Gryffindor girls came over to congratulate him. Lavender being the most egregious. She hugged him and was sure to press her massive bimbo tits into his chest as she kissed his cheek before whispering in his ear, "How about I throw you a special party of my own."

Harry didn't turn her down and instead whispered back, "Maybe later." Other than that he kept his attention on Hermione which was hard when his Quidditch teammates came over and indirectly told him that they wanted to fuck him. If Harry didn't have his heart set on Hermione right now he would have gladly snuck away with the triplets and shagged them all night long. That proposition even had Desiree talking and in his head he heard, 'If those three are that comfortable to approach you like that I bet they have done it before. You have some real sluts at this school.' None of which she had a problem with in fact it would work in her master's favor later.

Harry just agreed as he talked to his housemates until the party started to unwind around ten. Once people were a little tipsy from the smuggled alcohol Harry dragged Hermione away. She asked where they were going but Harry didn't tell her instead he brought her to the old defense against the dark arts classrooms.

When they were inside and Harry casted a layer of privacy charms he kissed Hermione full on the lips. At first her hands went to his chest to push away but within seconds her hands went around his neck and she pulled him deeper. When she did that he pushed his tongue into her mouth and tasted his best friend's mouth. On her tongue he could taste the two butterbeers she had at his party. Starting out she was shy with her tongue but soon fell deeper and deeper.

The kiss eventually came to an end when they had to break apart for air. Both of them were panting and gulping down air clearly letting their passion get away from them. Before Hermione could say anything else Harry rested his hands on her hips before lifting her off the ground and setting her onto a desk and grinding his clothed erection against her clothed mound.

Hermione didn't expect things to move this fast. Kissing was one thing but sex was another. "Harry, wait. We are friends." Her voice was almost shrill as she felt him grind a big bulge against her damp center.

Harry didn't stop grinding but stopped his hands from pushing up her skirt and ripping her knickers off. "Yes we can, Hermione. I almost died today and the only thing that got me through it was you." It might have been an exaggeration even though he did have a love for Hermione.

Hermione was stuck between a rock and a hard place. "Harry, if we do this it will change us forever." She didn't want to lose Harry or have him be weird around her just because they had sex. This was actually the first time she even saw anything sexual from Harry. For her this meant a lot and since she hadn't seen Harry show interest in other girls it must have meant a lot to him too. Being a virgin she was scared but looking into her friends eyes took away her fear.


Harry kissed Hermione again before bringing his hand to stroke her face. "No it won't. I have always had feelings for you and there is nothing I want more than this." As he talked he was still and was happy to feel that she was rubbing her hips in tiny circles to get some minor stimulation.

Hermione blushed and nodded, "Okay just be gentle okay." She felt a little bit of his bulge and she could tell that he had a good sized penis and that it was bigger than the dildos she conjured in bed this year. She didn't like it when her lust overridden her logic and since sharing that ride on the hippogriff she had it happen often.

Harry unbuckled his trousers and let them hit the ground along with his boxers. Now with his cock free to the world he did the same to Hermione. He was happy to see that she was shaven and looked like she was ready for his massive cock. The glistening between her flower petals let him know that she was turned on. Gripping his cock in one hand he laid it on top of her smooth pussy before slapping it down on her clit a few times.

Hermione made the mistake of looking down to see Harry's cock and was now feeling a little faint. He was simply massive and hung like a horse. She was a virgin and while she didn't have her hymen anymore it didn't mean that it still wouldn't hurt. The biggest dildo she had ever used before had been six inches. "Harry." She said in a shaky voice.

Harry could see her eyes get as wide as dinner plates getting the first unimpeded view of his cock. "Don't be scared, Hermione, it will fit and I will go slow." Having plenty of practice he didn't need to rush it.

Hermione knew it would fit but that didn't mean it wouldn't hurt. Since she grew up muggle, she had seen porn before and had seen girl's take cocks this big. While some girls looked like the luckiest girls on the planet, some closed their eyes and grit their teeth as the man stretched them to their limits. She wondered which one she would be. "Just go slow Harry."

Harry knew she was placing all of her trust in him and he didn't want to break it. "Of course Hermione." As he talked he rubbed his knob against her dripping slit before pushing into his oldest friend. He loved that her moans were immediate and loud. "You sound so cute."

Hermione had never felt anything like this before. She was expecting more pain or strain as he pushed in but every inch deeper made her see stars. Due to her arousal it was easy for him to keep sliding deeper and deeper until she felt every inch inside of her. The last three inches it was like she felt organs inside of her shift around the giant intruder. Pulling her blouse up he felt her stomach and could almost feel the outline of his cock deep inside her. Looking up into Harry's green eyes she was at a loss of words.

Harry couldn't stop his cock from twitching or the orgasm that was threatening to rip through him. Most of the heavy lifting was being done by the fact he was with Hermione. "I'm not going to last long, Hermione. Can I cum inside you?"

Hermione shouldn't be surprised that a boy wouldn't last long. Thankfully there were no consequences if he let loose his seed inside of her. "Cum in me. Students can't get pregnant while at school." One of the benefits of reading Hogwarts: A History was that it said students were unable to get pregnant because the elves sprinkled anti pregnancy potion into their food.

Harry gave her a couple good pumps before he felt his balls contract before he shot a couple good sized ropes of cum inside her wet and warm pussy. "Sorry." Harry said a little embarrassed he was such a quick shot. When he fucked Pansy's ass he didn't cum this quick.

Hermione put her hand around Harry's neck and pulled him down for another long kiss before she let him go. "We have all night. Whenever you are ready then so am I." She thought that might be sooner rather than later given that she neeve felt his cock wilt. Even though her pussy was flooded with warm cum his cock never lost its stiffness.

Harry pulled back until just the head was just inside of her before he thrust back in and made her eyes roll into the back of her head. He also felt her pussy quiver around him. Seeing how she responded to his long and deep thrusts he repeated the action over and over. Hermione responded better than he ever could imagine.

Hermione almost felt her eyes cross as her vision went blurry as Harry kept slamming back into her. The way she was being forced to take every inch as hard as possible was making her legs shake. In an effort to make him go even deeper she brought her legs up and she gripped her legs under the knees. In this position she hoped he could reach even deeper. 'it is such a shameful position to be in but this feels so good.'

"Fuck yes Hermione keep spreading your legs for me." As he kept fucking her as deep as he could not being able to get enough of her body and without asking he ripped open her blouse. Her buttons popped off hitting the ground with tiny little clacks against the stone floor. He was shocked to see Hermione was wearing no bra. He didn't know how she hid that and no one saw her nipples poking through the fabric. While they weren't as big as Desiree's they were respectable for a girl her age. If he had to guess she might be a C cup by the time she stopped growing. "Do you like having your tits played with Hermione?"

Hermione just nodded when she had alone time she learned the harder she played with her nipples the harder she came. "Pinch them or pull them I don't care just don't stop fucking me." Harry was such an intense lover she was losing it more and more with every new discovery. Harry pinched her right nipple and he felt her pussy clamp down on his cock. She wailed as she came on his cock. "Harry!"

Her wet and wild orgasm made Harry lose control also and for the second time he came inside her pussy. Shooting cum even deeper in her womb claiming it as his. "You feel that Hermione? Who's pussy is this?"

Hermione knew what he wanted to hear and had no problem saying it. "It's yours. My pussy is yours." She couldn't deny him. His cock was perfect and made her feel things sexually that she had never felt before. In her two years of self pleasure she had never cum like she did today.

Harry took his hands away from her breasts and brought them to her nice and firm bubble butt. "I won't claim this today but this ass is mine also." He saw a little panic and fear flash through his friends eyes. Within a second he pulled his cock out of her pussy and flipped her over so she was now bent over the desk. As he did this he heard her rambling and begging him not to fuck her there. He could tell she was afraid of his size but he had something different in mind.

Hermione gripped the edges of the desk as she feared his mighty spear stretching her virgin ass until he tore it in two. He barely fit in her pussy now he wanted her ass. Instead of his cock she felt a wet tongue tracing the outside of her crinkled asshole. Before she could beg him to stop she felt his tongue actually penetrate her hole. "Ahhh noooo." She said, embarrassed that he was putting his mouth there.

Before Harry started eating out Hermione's most private place he wished that any girl that he had sex with was prepped for anal just in case. Now he had no fear shoving his tongue as deep in Hermione as he could. As he spread her cheeks wide open he tried to reach around and stroke her clit. Desiree had taught him sometimes a tongue was better than a cock for some girls and it was a safer bet. The fact Hermione was pushing back into his face showed him she loved what he was doing.

Hermione had to bite her lip so hard she drew blood to keep quiet so she didn't let it slip how much she was enjoying this. His tongue simply felt divine and something she didn't know she needed. 'I am going to be like those muggles in my dad's porno films that beg for a cock in the ass.' That was a line she never thought she would cross. Even alone she hadn't even tried to insert a toy there.

Desiree had been watching her master please his long time crush and admired the job he was doing. There were no mistakes and he had done everything he could to make this as enjoyable as he could for her. He even planned to give her time to practice anal on her own instead of forcing her like Pansy. While he didn't force her exactly Desiree didn't help by bringing her ass into it with the beads.

The more Harry ate Hermione's ass the more she started to let on how much she enjoyed it. Around minute six he felt her entire body shake again as she came all over the desk. Pulling his head out of her cheeks he saw that their cum was running down the side of the desk. "Such a naughty student Hermione. You made a mess all down the desk."

Hermione didn't respond, instead she was a little numb from all of her orgasms. If nearly dying made them come to their senses and finally let this happen they were both happy for it. Inside she was scolding herself for being such a slut. 'Only dirty girls like having their asses played with like that.'

Harry was hard again after eating Hermione's ass and thinking about taking her anal cherry. Other than her ass there was still one hole he had yet to have. Getting to his feet he grinded his cock in the crack of her ass. "Do you want to be a good girl and clean up your mess or do you want to be a bad girl and have me make more of a mess?"

Hermione wanted to be a good girl, "I'm a good girl." Before she knew it Harry had pulled her to her feet before pushing her to her knees bringing her face to face with his glistening cock that had been in her pussy. Knowing what he wanted her jaw dropped and she braced herself.

Harry threaded his fingers through her hair as he brought her mouth down on him. She was able to take him much farther than he thought she would. With no struggle or choking she was able to take close to seven inches down her pretty little gullet. As expected her throat was a tight fit but she had no problem keeping him there. "That's it. Keep this up and I will cum in no time." While she didn't have Desiree's deep throating abilities she was competent enough to suck an orgasm out of his balls.

Hermione lit up at his words and worked harder sucking his cock. This was her first real cock but she has had practice with her dildos. She usually cleaned them off with her mouth when she was done using them even though she would just vanish them. She didn't mind her own tangy love juices on her toys. It was a little trick her mum taught her when they had the sex talk. Her mum had told her the importance of giving a good blowjob and how to practice. It was also an excellent way of saving your virginity for someone special, but Harry was as special as they came for her.

As she bobbed her head up and down she moaned, sending shocks up his shaft. That talk was after her father told her mother that his porn wasn't where it was supposed to be. Suffice it to say her mother didn't give her the anal talk but she did give her a few pointers to have a fuffiling sex life when the time came.

Harry kept staring into her eyes as she blew him with an astonishing amount of enthusiasm. "So good Hermione you are a good little slut." He saw her eyes narrow at being called a slut. "I meant slut in a good way. There is nothing wrong with being a slut." Inside he was cursing Desiree for getting him so comfortable with saying those kind dirty words to a girl. Desiree had no limits when it came to what he said to her and it was starting to bleed out to his real life.

Hermione didn't like being called a slut but it did give her a small jolt of pleasure. It was like a secret dirty word that she didn't know would excite her. Instead of rising to it she kept blowing Harry. 'This is Harry's first time and he grew up in the muggle world like me so he probably heard it in a porn.'

Minutes went by and with each one the slurping and wet sounds got louder. Hermione had spittle and strands of saliva dripping off her face as she sucked Harry's cock to the best of her ability. Now Harry was almost pulling her hair the more his cock twitched and she knew he was close.

With one final thrust Harry plunged his cock as deep in Hermione's throat as she could and with a loud glurk sound he unleashed his hot load in her throat. "Fuck." There was no other word to capture the feeling of climaxing down a girl's throat. Not to get carried away he pulled back a little so the rest of his cum painted her mouth.

Hermione got her first taste of a boy's cum and it didn't taste as bad as her mum said it would. While it was a little salty there was a tinge of sweetness to it. When she was sure he was done hosing down her mouth she pulled away and licked her lips before showing off her empty mouth. "Am I a good girl now?" She couldn't stop her constant need for approval.

Harry was so turned on if he wanted to he was sure he could have gone another round but his body had hit it's limit. With the task today and the sex he was beat. Before he answered Hermione he noticed that the side of the desk still had their fluids starting to dry on the side of it. Pointing to it he said, "You missed a spot." He almost said it as a joke and what happened next surprised him.

Hermione just nodded and leaned over to lick the side of the desk and clean it up. When it was spotless she bowed her head waiting for his answer. 'Where the fuck did that come from?' Hermione thought to herself as she got carried away.

"You are the best Hermione." Over the course of the night she had gone with everything he wanted. No matter what she was everything he wanted her to be. In his head Desiree popped in and said, 'She is your devoted servant master. She loves you.'

Harry knew she was right. Part of him was unnerved with how serious she took the role of his slut. While part of him liked it, the more logical part told him it wasn't normal. 'This must be part of my previous wish.' Girls were molding themselves into what he wanted and he didn't know how to feel about it yet. Looking down at Hermione he said, "We need to get dressed but can we do this again soon?"

Hermione smiled as she pulled out her wand to repair her clothes, "Of course Harry. I might be sore for a little while but I will tell you as soon as I am ready for more." She could already feel a dull throbbing deep inside her from where Harry's big cock pounded her cervix. Luckily there weren't classes tomorrow so she could have a day to rest before classes started back up on Monday. She was still in a little shock that she just had sex with her best friend and crush. While it was happening it was like a very vivid dream and it was now only setting in.

Harry got dressed also and even gave Hermione another kiss before they went their separate ways. Harry still wanted the privacy of the Room of Requirement. He wanted as much alone time with Desiree as possible. When he was finally alone Desiree appeared about the green smoke coming out of his tattoo. Desiree said, "Well done, master another girl down."

Harry liked to think Hermione was more than just a number. "I don't know how to feel about what happened. Was she only willing to have sex with me because I wanted more." While sex was fun he didn't want to hurt Hermione.

Desiree could see this was the first real dilemma. "Master, you can have both. I know they aren't as popular as they used to be but this is what harems are for. A young and powerful warrior like you isn't supposed to be with just one woman. In fact I would love it if you were more liberal with your wishes. If you want to fuck then there should be no limits to your choices." Desiree was used to master's having their pick of women and she didn't expect this one to be any different.

Harry was still new to the whole genie thing so he didn't know how to act yet. The thought of a large harem interested him as well as any red blooded boy his age. What boy could turn down ultimate sex power? He could have a giant harem and no one could say a word. Now his mind was thinking of Hermione eating out another witch like Lavender. He knew that Desiree saw that through his link. "Okay I wish that all the girls in the world have no problem with me sleeping with any witch I want."

Desiree said, "So you have wished it, so it shall be." She felt the wish working but it was also a wish that had no visible effect. "It is done. Now do you have any other wishes?"

"Yes, I wish I could control my erections and when I can cum." He hated that he came so quickly inside Hermione or that he couldn't keep going. If he could control those two things he figured his sex life was going to get much better.

Desiree repeated her famous words before saying. "I have been waiting for that one. Normally after the first night with me most men wish for semi permanent erections." It was a wish she didn't mind and even without it Harry was above average in the department. She was very proud of him with his work so far but if he could last longer all the better for her.

Harry felt the wish effect him and he planned to test it out tomorrow but now he needed sleep. Getting naked he slid into bed and wished for Desiree to be in her real body. Harry liked using her as a body pillow and bed heater at night. She didn't seem to mind him reaching around and feeling her up while they slept.

Desiree liked sleeping in bed with her master especially if she got to jump him in the morning. She wasn't looking forward to when she wasn't the number one in his life. Once he found his wife and harem she was going to be on rotation. Before then she had better do her best to milk out as much sex as she could.


This chapter was very tough to write. Hermione is harder to write than I thought. I tried to make her not too slutty while in her mind she had a little slut in her that was waiting to come out. Also part of that was his past wish working against her. That will be addressed in future chapters so women don't lose all free will.

I also think other characters are easier to write so she might not appear too much more or be glossed over in favor of other girls. I have a long list of girls I want to get to and I hope I hit all the ones you like. Let me know who you want to see.

Chapter Text

Genie 4

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Amelia Bones: Christina Hendricks

Happy 4th of July. It's a little early on my update schedule but I want to give everyone a gift.


The days after the first task Harry felt like he had finally had a breakthrough. He was being perceived as stronger than older and more experienced wizards and witches. Which caused the entire school to be a little scared of him. He had killed a dragon like it was nothing and it made all the students wearing "Harry Stinks" pins think twice about opening their mouths to jeer or talk behind his back.

The fact he had also had sex with Hermione the day before had been a big bonus also. When he awoke all he could think about being balls deep in Hermione's pussy. Much to Desiree's chagrin before she decided to turn on the charm and take all of his attention by sitting on him ass first. It was Desiree's go to move after seeing how much Harry loved a good anal fuck.

It was one thing she had on all these girls Harry's own age. She didn't care if he fucked her ass from sunrise to sunset as long as his mind was on her. This was a common phase in the beginning for Desiree. But she wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible. She wanted to be the one he thought about and the one he compared all others to. Like envy and lust, pride was her other biggest sin.

Through the link Harry heard her inner thoughts while he was in the shower and she was still laying on the bed with cum leaking out of her red stretched backdoor. Harry called her through the link to join him in the shower which she quickly obeyed. Two steps in the shower and Harry had her pinned to the wall with his mouth on hers as his hand went down to her pussy. Touching her soft hairless skin he circled her clit. "You are mine Desiree, nothing will change that." Plunging two fingers inside of her he seemed out her G spot as his thumb rubbed her clit. "I will never tire of this body." His left hand went to her breast and gave it a firm squeeze which made her moan even louder.

Desiree was needy for an immortal magical being. Hearing him reassure her that he wasn't going to tire of her was a welcome change to some of her master's. Some masters quickly became bored with fucking the same woman multiple times and with their passionate lovemaking she couldn't let that happen. He hadn't even asked for her to change her body yet. Normally men always wanted the image they had in their head of their childhood crush or a dead lover. As long as Harry liked her for her she was happy. It was going to make the next hundred years bearable.

It didn't take long to get Desiree to cum and afterwards she felt looser and more free. "Thank you master." Having an attractive master had its perks. One perk was she was always wet and ready to jump on his cock for a long ride.

Harry just kissed her before saying, "Anytime Desiree. I don't want you to feel as if I am abandoning you. Trust me I know how that feels and I wouldn't do that to someone I love." While he was bound to Desiree it didn't mean he saw her as anything less than. She was his first in many areas and Harry would never forget that. "I have to get to breakfast."

Desiree nodded as Harry had to get dressed for breakfast and she transformed back into her genie form and out of her human body. In her ghostly body her skin went back to its green coloring and her sensitive bits were covered by her standard tube top and silk bottoms. Also I. Her ghost form had her arms bound by thick strong chains around the wrists indicating her imprisonment to the power of the bottle.

At breakfast Harry carried on like usual and kept to herself but that didn't stop him from sneaking glances around the great hall taking in all of the girls. In his mind he was running down on who he would turn his attention to next. While he would have liked to try a few girls in his house there was still a much bigger selection at other tables. At Hufflepuff alone they had Susan and Hannah while Slytherin had Daphne and Tracey. That also didn't include Ravenclaw who had the French delegation sitting at their table which included Fleur Delacour.

There was no doubt in his mind he was going to sleep with her by the end of the year; it was just a matter of how. As much as he wanted to ask her out now it was too soon after the first task. For this one he might have to wait until around the holidays. At the Ravenclaw table there was also Cho Chang and Su Li both Asian and very exotic. Cho was already dating Cedric and he liked Cedric enough so he wasn't going to try and steal her from him. Su Li was even smaller than Cho and Harry imagined it would be a great little shag.

'You can always erase her memory master.' Desiree said through the link. 'Or if you are thinking of the smaller girl I bet one look at your cock will make her strip down and hop on. Trust me master, small girls love a big cock more than anyone." She had seen it throughout her thousands of years on the planet. Cute little girls who look like they couldn't take more than a finger but hop on a big cock and take it to the base with no issues.

Harry knew that was an option with Cho but that felt too scummy when she already had a boyfriend. 'Cedric has never done wrong by me so I have no intention to fuck his girlfriend behind his back. That's why I had no problem fucking Pansy behind Draco's back.' He had taken Pansy's most personal hole and there would be no love lost if Draco had found out about it. With Cedric that would probably turn the whole school against him.

'Master there is still that delicious teacher up there. She strikes me as a woman who would love to ride your young cock all night long.' Desiree said through the link. She could tell the woman was lonely and working around young men all day she must have certain fantasies about them. She would know you can only be tempted for so long before you take a bite of the forbidden fruit.

Harry once again took a look at Septima Vector and he had to admit she had a point. 'I promise I will find a way to get her alone by the end of the year.' While he had sex with Desiree who was an older woman he had yet to have sex with a real older woman. Harry was so lost imagining what it would be like to fuck Professor Vector he didn't notice that Professor McGonagall was behind him until she cleared her throat. Turning around she said, "The Aurors would like to speak to you about your performance yesterday. I told them they can use my office so when you are finished eating, go to my office and answer their questions." There was no other small talk, just a quick list of directions.

Harry groaned knowing this was going to be about the way he killed the dragon. As far as he knew there were no rules against what he did but that didn't matter to some people. 'I am bound by magic so it's not like they can do anything about it. They can't disqualify or take me out of the tournament without risking my magic.'

Desiree just told him to relax and finish up his toast and bacon before heading out to meet the Aurors. Because of this Harry gave up on trying to find a girl for today. 'Maybe I should just focus on finding out the clue to the egg today.'

When he walked to Professor McGonagall's office he saw that there was a woman with purple hair standing guard outside while her boss waited inside for Harry. Harry's eyes couldn't help but look the girl up and down and she had a body to die for. Nice full D cup tits with a thick backside and an athletic body. Harry hoped for a reason to talk to her one day and work his magic. During their alone time Desiree has also been teaching him how to charm girls and not have to rely on her wishes. She thought it would give him a sense of accomplishment for doing it on his own. She could tell that it meant a lot to him to learn something and get positive reinforcement.

Inside the office he wasn't expecting a stunning redhead with the biggest bust he had ever seen. The woman wasn't what he was expecting and caught him so off guard all he could do was just stare at her marvelous rack. They had to be bigger than his head and were pushing her Auror robes to their limit. 'How can she fight with those things?' On top of her amazing tits she had a beautiful face along with deadly curves. He wasn't the only one with a dropped jaw even Desiree was floating next to him looking at the woman.

"Hello Mr. Potter I am Head of the DMLE Amelia Bones and I thank you for joining me. I saw your performance yesterday and just had a few questions about the spell you used." While she was talking she saw that his attention was solely on her chest. It was of course part of the drawbacks of having a rack like hers. Every bloke was rendered speechless and she could see that they were thinking of doing all manner of things to them.

Harry didn't hear a word the woman said all he was focused on was her massive tits. 'I wish those tits were wrapped around my cock.' The words came so quickly out of his brain he didn't even notice that he thought the words "I wish" which Desiree granted.

Amelia Bones felt a strange feeling wash over her before she undid her Auror robes which consisted of a cloak over a tight leather form fitting shirt slash corset. When her breasts were finally free she kneeled on the floor in front of Harry's chair as her hands went to his zipper. Her mind went blank and the only thing inside was a mission she didn't remember wanting. Just as Amelia was about to say something a loud THWAK of skin hitting skin echoed in the room. Harry Potter had a massive cock that had sprung up and hit her on the chin. Amelia's breasts had rendered Harry speechless. His pillar of flesh was a work of art that was warm to the touch with big swinging balls that had a load of cum with her name on it. It made her pussy tingle imagining where the load would go over her tits. In her mouth or all over her face.

Amelia couldn't stop what she was doing and the only thoughts going through her head was she wanted to wrap her tits around this glorious piece of meat. Even with her F cup tits it couldn't fully contain his cock. The head was poking out of the top of her cleavage.

Amelia wanted to say something but was unable to vocalize anything. It was as if she wasn't in control of her body right now. Harry noticed the dead look in Amelia's face and how his wish was taking away all of her free will so he thought. 'I wish women were attracted to me.' Harry wasn't thinking right; the soft tit flesh massaging his length up and down was so euphoric he was loopy.

Desiree was about to grant the wish but it would be one that was too broad and would cause more problems than it would solve. 'Before I grant that wish I want you to rephrase it. Remember that you have a teacher in her eighties.'

With this wish if he wanted to fuck a girl then they wanted to do the same to him. He didn't want a braindead sex puppet. 'I wish Amelia was now her true self and not mindless.' If Amelia was more into this he would feel better about progressing things further.

Desiree was happy to grant this wish and as the green smoke flowed out of her hands she could feel the energy in the room change. After the spell washed over her Amelia looked more alive or at least that's what it looked like when her tongue peeked out to trace the crown of his cock.

Right now all he wanted was for the busty older witch to start moving again. The wish had made her stop moving for a moment. So far this felt better than his or Desiree's hand. Amelia's tits felt softer than anything he had ever felt before.

Harry stayed silent and just moaned and whined as Amelia started to press her breasts together and move up and down. It was almost like fucking two silk pillows attached to a woman. "Oh Merlin, your tits are perfect." Looking down he even loved the way her pink stiff little nipples looked. Before the night was over they were going to be in his mouth.

Now that Amelia could think straight she said, "Call me Amelia and these tits are just for you. I haven't done this in years but seeing you kill that dragon yesterday made me so horny." She was wanking off a schoolboy with her tits and she never felt so sexy. The look of pleasure on his face was the biggest reward she could imagine.

Harry was glad he wished for her mind back. Hearing her say that only made his cock twitch as his orgasm started to build. Looking down at her tits pressed together around his cock he saw that her nipples weren't the soft pink nipples he saw when she began. Now they were hard and evident of her arousal at the situation. Reaching down using both hands he pinched both of them and gave them both the smallest twists that made Amelia cry out and shut her eyes. If he had to guess she was soaking through her knickers right now.

Desiree had to remember to ask Harry if he wanted her to change her breast size. One of her previous masters wished for her to have G cup tits and that was a fun size for sex but a pain to walk around with the rest of the day. Seeing how Harry reacted to Amelia's chest it was clear her master thought the bigger the better. 'I bet if I went up to a G he would miss a day of school by fucking and sucking them to death.'

Harry could feel himself get closer and closer to the finish line but this time he wanted something a little special. "I wish I can cum as much as I want." If he was going to cum he wanted enough to cover every inch of Amelia's massive chest. A few shots of spunk wasn't going to do it.

Desiree heard the wish and her magic instantly responded to him and granted his wish. She imagined that she wanted to properly paint her chest and she couldn't blame him. Although he had never done that to her tits and she had a pretty big set of tits.

Harry heard Desire bemoaning the fact that he hadn't cum on her tits even though she always offered her one of her other holes to fill. 'I will cum on your tits if you want it that badly.' If she wanted him to cum on her he had no problem with it.

Amelia was just grunting the more effort she put into this titfuck. If the heat of his cock and twitching was anything to go by he was close to cumming. Even though it had been a while since she had a lover she still knew what that meant. "Cum for me Harry!"

Harry tilted Amelia's head down as he came. Rope after rope fired out of his cock the first jets hit her face and covered her features in white cream. The rest shot through the air before coming back down all over her breasts. Harry had enhanced his load so he shot rope after rope until she was completely painted white from face to tits.

Amelia took the spunk covered fingers in her mouth and moaned at the taste of this schoolboy. It tasted better than all of her other lovers which wasn't saying much since she had only had seven. But this was by far the most she had ever seen a man cum. 'How powerful is Harry Potter where he cums like a faucet.' It was a mystery she wasn't going to solve. She wasn't a healer so she had no idea what this size of a cumshot meant so best to just take it as a compliment. If anything it showed that she had completely milked his balls all over herself. The small smile that spread across her face at the feeling of his dripping warm cream dripping down her face onto her breasts had to be the dirtiest she had ever felt.

Harry watched Amelia, who was a spunky mess before wishing for Desiree to take pictures for later. While he didn't wank all the time like a normal kid his age he wanted proof of his exploits to enjoy later. Maybe Desiree could wank him off while he flipped through the pictures. Speaking out loud he said, "That was amazing." That was his first titfuck. Surprisingly Desiree hadn't gifted him with that but she had given him many better gifts in the last week.

Desiree said through the link, 'Bend her over the desk and fuck her. You know you want to master.' Desiree felt her ghostly body reacting to all of these sexual acts. Her pussy was soaking wet and even her asshole was throbbing. The feeling of her cold hand touching her cold pussy didn't feel as good as when she was in human form but that didn't stop her. While she was indulging herself Harry had pushed Amelia back onto the desk before bending her over the desk. Her master knew what to do when a woman was in this position.

Harry noticed Amelia still had some clothes on and he didn't know how to get everything off so he took a shortcut. 'I wish Amelia was naked.'

All of her Auror robes were folded neatly on a chair behind them when Desiree granted the wish. Amelia shivered as the cool wood touched her nipples. It was a small shiver and Desiree couldn't wait to see her really shiver when Harry pressed all ten inches inside her cunt. Desiree could tell Amelia had never been with someone this big before.

Amelia was in a haze. She just came to Hogwarts to ask a couple questions and she was bent over a desk and fucked like she was an animal. "Yes. I haven't had sex in a while and never with someone so big. I want to know how good a big cock feels. Stick it in Harry fuck my pussy." The biggest she was with was a boy with eight inches in her seventh year and that was the best sex she had ever had. Her body was so needy. She hadn't been fucked since she took over parental duties on Susan and she was about to see what she had been missing.


He guided her up and down his cock like she was a virgin who didn't know what she was doing. He dominated her and fucked her like he knew what was best for her.

While fucking Amelia's pussy Harry was surprised at how nice the redhead's ass looked. It was just as big as her tits. His hands couldn't stop from roaming over her milk white soft skin. Just for fun he spread her cheeks and got a look at her puckered hole and it looked untouched. This woman didn't strike him as the kind of girl who liked a cock in her bum. "I can't wait to try this hole next." His thumb slipped into her ass which was already lubed and ready thanks to a past wish.

Desiree could see the redhead shiver at the thought of him taking her ass. 'She needs a little push master. Show her how good your cock feels and she will be spreading her ass for you soon enough.' Desiree knew the signs of a strong woman who had never thought about getting her ass fucked but if her master applied pressure in certain places like she taught him he could flip her. When Desiree worked on her charm classes she made sure he knew when to apply the most pressure to turn a girl into clay in the palm of his hand.

Amelia was now gripping the edges of the desk with white knuckles as she bit her lip hard enough to draw blood. The dual sensations of his cock fucking her hard enough and then add on top of that his wet thumb tracing around her puckered hole before popping in was too much. After a few seconds of this she let out a loud whorish moan when she felt his cock start to gain even more speed into her at the same time his thumb pushed past her ring of muscle. 'Why does my bum feel so good?'

Harry didn't stop pushing inside the redhead until all ten inches were inside and his full balls were resting at the opening to her pussy. While this woman wasn't as tight as Hermione she was still tight enough that he wasn't going to last too long. Pulling back he heard her gasp before his hips snapped forward harder and she couldn't help in moaning out, "Yessss!" Harry smiled knowing that she was enjoying it. Since she was enjoying it so much he pressed his thumb deeper until it was entirely in her virgin ass. The pressure around his thumb was a good sign and he was looking forward to fuck her ass after he was done with her pussy. Harry guided his cock in and out while one hand went to Amelia's shoulder which was guiding her back and forth on his cock. It was almost like he was fucking a virgin the way he slammed into her and made her gasp out in surprise. He dominated her and fucked her like she was his personal slut.

Desiree loved watching her master she looked from Amelia's face back to Harry fucking the older woman with everything he had only made pride fill her chest. The older woman had a little more meat on her bones so every thrust made a ripple and wave that showed her master was showing her no mercy. 'I love being on the other end of that. The power he has in that lean body of his is perfect.'

Amelia couldn't put into words how much she was enjoying this rough shag. She should have been ashamed that the boy wasn't of age yet but he fucked like it. This was Harry Potter so he must be getting tons of girls throwing themselves at him. 'I might have to make up excuses to keep coming back here if it means I can get this again.' Amelia thought to herself as the coil in her stomach got tighter and tighter ready to explode.

Since the wish was still active Harry planned to fill the older Auror with as much cum as her body could take. The flutter of her warm slick walls around him let him know she was close. Speeding up his thrusts he even switched his thumb with his index finger as he started to move it back and forth in her ass. "Let go, Amelia. Cum for me and I will cum for you. Don't you want me to fill you up with a nice hot load?" As his cock flowed in and out of her every thrust was pushing him to his limit. Her wet and tight heat was too good to resist.

Amelia nodded, unable to speak as her body was starting to come undone because of the massive ten inch cock stretching out her pussy. She wanted to tell him not to cum inside of her but her stupid mouth wouldn't work. Instead she just kept panting as she took the best shag of her life. On every thrust she felt him press against her womb and smear his hot precum against her cervix. The second she felt the final thrust and the first jet of warm spunk entered her womb her legs locked up as she came.

Harry took pleasure in her wail of pleasure as he rode out his orgasm and he pumped as much cum as he could inside the woman. Around the twelfth shot he felt her hand reach around and try to push him back. "Shit shit that's too much." Harry was gracious enough to do as she wanted and got a great look at her as he pulled out. With her pussy stretched his cum started to rush out of her. 'How could a boy shoot that much cum?' Part of her was a little humiliated to have been so difiled that the sheer amount of fluids presently inside her kept her in the highest planes of pleasure.

Amelia felt that there was no free space inside of her when Harry was done cumming. There was too much warm seed inside of her and when he pulled out it all came rushing out. As it did her legs started shaking as a mini orgasm raced through her. Panting and sapped of energy she went boneless against the desk. Now she was laying against the cool wood unable to move. 'Holy shit did that really just happen? Did I really drop to my knees for a Hogwarts student as old as my niece.' She didn't know why she was so attracted to Harry, maybe it was the fact he killed a full grown dragon. She had a bad habit of only going after wizards who were strong and there were very few stronger than herself. And even fewer who could kill a Hungarian Horntail in less than a minute.

Harry decided to give the older woman's pussy a rest. There were other parts of her he had yet to try. At first his hands just massaged her big round cheeks before he sandwiched his cock in her ass cheeks. His cock was already nice and slick with her fluids so it slid in and out of her cheeks with no issue. Her hot skin felt so good and very similar to her tit fuck he used the globes of her ass to fuck without entering the hole. He did this for minutes all the while Amelia was moaning, looking back and trying to catch her breath. Finally after using her warm skin for stimulation he shot off a few ropes of cum up her back. Making her back a beautiful canvas for his seed. "Are you ready for what comes next?" He just couldn't stop touching the older witch.

Amelia knew that this was just a starter and that he wanted to take her most private hole next. Turning her head she looked at Harry and saw his boyish face staring back at her with zero malice but a love that she hasn't seen in years. "Do it. Fuck my ass if you think you can handle it." Teasing him might have not been the best idea but she couldn't be totally submissive to keep this shag going.

Amelia saw her opening and wanted to take it so she flipped herself over on the desk and brought her knees up to her desk as she spread her legs giving Harry a clear invitation.

Harry saw what he was being offered and he took a step to his left and asked, "Are you sure you can handle another round?" This was a big step for her and he wanted her to be sure before he took her anal cherry. Amelia was a beauty like Harry had never seen before and he was much more excited to dive into her over his time with Pansy.

Amelia nodded, "I want to try it. Your fingers felt good but I need more. I want to feel every inch of that broomstick hanging between your legs." She really wanted to try anal and see if it felt as good as his thumb and fingers felt earlier. She was just supposed to come to Hogwarts to ask questions and here she was asking to get buggered.

Harry's smile now spread as wide as possible as he took his cock in hand and got closer to Amelia's virgin hole. Once he was close enough he rubbed the tip of his cock against her clit for a few moments before touching the tip to her puckered hole. Pushing in he felt that thanks to his previous wish her asshole was prepped for him. It was already lubed up and he slid in easier than he was expecting. At the halfway mark he saw Amelia's eyes roll into the back of her head as she tried to look back at him. It was clear he was stimulating parts of her that she had never felt before or had the courage to touch before today.

Amelia knew she wanted to try this but she didn't expect it to feel so fucking good. As he explored her virgin hole she felt feelings she had never felt before. Every jolt pushed her to the edge and she knew she was going to cum first and hard. "I'm so close. Harry keep fucking my ass!" Spurring him on she felt his thrusts get a little faster and harder. Now she knew what a rabbit felt like being quickly fucked into an orgasmic heaven.

Harry felt her asshole get even tighter around him and out of a moment of kindness he didn't move and let her enjoy her first anal orgasm. After a minute she was finally back in reality and he started to move again only to find her even more responsive. Every thrust and he felt her body quiver and quake. "Should I stop or keep going?"

Amelia quickly blurted out. "Don't stop. Keep going, don't stop until you fill my bum the way you did with my cunt." Amelia had the decency to blush after demanding a creampie and using the word cunt. She didn't know where all of this was coming from. Maybe it was just finally having the shag she deserved.

Outside the room

Tonks thought she was going crazy when she heard her boss begging for cock and cum. Tonks took her eyes off the hallway and now pressed her ear against the door hearing grunts and moans a plenty. 'I want to go in and stop this but Madam Bones will be upset if I break up this amazing shag. At least from the sound of it I mean I haven't heard moans like that outside of porn.' More thumping sounds emerged along with new details of how she was taking it in the bum. 'Holy shit I never thought Madam Bones would have gone for that. That's one lucky kid.'

As a Metamorphagus she knew what a good bum looked like and her boss had a great bum. 'I will have to pump her for details because I need to know if this feels as good as it sounds. It's been so long since I had a good shag. Why couldn't I have come alone and asked him about that spell then I could be the one getting my brains shagged out.' Tonks loved sex and by sex she meant all sex. Since she could stretch her body in any shape she had no problem letting a bloke use any hole he wanted to as rough as he wanted to. Her last great shag she went to a muggle nightclub and let two young men take her home.

Tonks wanted to run in there and join them the more she listened, especially as the wetter she became. 'Let Madam Bones have this, then find an excuse to come back to get a little yourself.'

Harry leaned down and kissed the older woman, getting his first taste of the older woman. When his lips touched hers she just melted and felt more connected than when he was deep inside her most precious place. She was the first to slide her tongue in his mouth and she was pleasantly surprised at how good of a kisser he was. Even with the cum dripping down her legs and feeling like a boy's cumrag she felt as if she was his mistress. A woman to be used to satisfy his desires before he goes back to his loving girlfriend who isn't half as filthy as her. An older woman feasting on a younger man even though it was the other way around.

As Harry kissed the older redhead he sped up his thrusts into her soft pillowy ass. It wasn't too long before he felt his balls stir indicating he wasn't able to hold on. His hands were on Amelia's ass which he quickly switched to her chest so he could squeeze those funbags as he filled her up for the second time. He pounded the older woman into the desk with everything he had as he felt the cum inch it's way out of his balls. The pressure of claiming her ass for himself was so intense. He needed to make it a good one and he wanted her to always think about it every time she was alone or even sat down. He wanted to think about the time a boy her niece's age filled her bum with so much cum it made her explode.

Desiree could hear her master's thoughts and desires and she agreed with him. Harry understood the gift he was given and always tried to use it to cause the most pleasure he could. While most master's abused her powers for evil Harry was using it for good. She could tell that from the way he wanted the girls to cum before him. That was rare since most men wouldn't care about if a woman came or not.

While Amelia's tits were jiggling back and forth from the force of the thrusts Harry couldn't resist and grabbed both of her wet and sticky tits harder and harder. Together he gripped, pinched and massaged them as Harry plundered her ass. 'Fuck I love these.' Amelia's became louder and louder the more he played with them.

Desiree responded, 'Understand master. I promise to take that into account next time we are alone. I promise to give you my best titfuck.'

Amelia couldn't handle having her butt being fucked as her breasts were being toyed with. "Cumming!" The climax hit her so suddenly it proved how sensitive her breasts were. Her whole body was humming with every touch from Harry. He knew how to play her body like an instrument for his and her pleasure.

Amelia felt the biggest orgasm of her life hit her like a ton of bricks. While it was true she liked a nice shag {even though it had been a long while} now and then she had never felt a man as well endowed as Harry or a man who knew how to use it like Harry. After the first couple shots of spunk she felt Harry put all of his weight on top of her and bury every inch inside her ass as he filled her to her absolute limit. 'Why does it feel like he won't stop cumming? Fuck I have never felt so much warmth inside me before.'

Harry didn't stop cumming and she didn't tell him to stop so a minute went by and by the end he finally heard Amelia give one whine of, "Too much." Harry quickly pulled out of the Head Auror and his essence dropped out of her onto the floor and this time he couldn't avoid stepping into it.

Desiree could see that her master was pushing himself. 'You are doing a good job master. You satisfied an older woman and sometimes those are the toughest. You should be very happy about all the work you put in. Now why don't you wrap this up and take me back to the room because my cold and wet pussy needs a nice hot cock to warm it up.' While he hadn't had sex with her in ghost form she still wanted to get alone so she could get what Amelia just received.

Amelia had closed her eyes and was enjoying her first anal creampie and with the feeling of the creampie from earlier she looked forward to a shower after this. 'What a turn today took. How is it that I couldn't resist Harry Potter?'

Once Harry had everything drained out of his balls he pulled out of Amelia's ass and fell back into one of the chairs looking at the desk. Once in the chair he was eye level with the mess he had made in the older Auror. "Sorry if I got a little carried away." Was the only apology Harry could give as he felt his body burning from having to pleasure Amelia so hard and so fast.

Amelia saw his softening cock and breathed a sigh of relief. "Are you done?" She could feel both of her lower holes throbbing and the only thing to sooth them was the warm fluid still sleeping out of her.

Harry nodded as he caught his breath and as he felt the sweat pouring off of him. "Yes. Unless you still need a little more. If you give me a few minutes I can get it up again and make sure you are satisfied."

Amelia was satisfied but she thought back to her fifteen year drought and she didn't want this to end. She didn't know if she was going to get another chance and she could push herself for one more. "If you can I would like you to properly fuck my pussy the way you did before. I need one more to last me for another fifteen years." As she talked her fingers smeared his white sticky cum all around her clit.

Harry was completely spent and with a broken body he looked to Desiree who was just floating with a big smile on her face at his predicament. 'Well master, are you going to make a wish or are you going to risk the anger of this woman?'

Harry rolled his eyes before wishing, 'I wish that I could have sex again.' This was the price he had to pay for getting into this situation in the first place. If he just answered her questions without letting his penis do the thinking he could have been out of here by now.

Amelia was happy to see her words were having an effect because his soft six inches were once again turning into a massively thick ten inches. While he was still sitting in the chair Amelia sat on his lap and rubbed the underside of his cock against her cum dripping honey pot. She planned to give him the best fuck of his life. While she was sure he had fucked some girls his own age no one could compare to a real woman's pussy.

Harry groaned as she lifted her hips and slowly pushed down on his cock. Just pushing the head inside her pussy felt like he was pushing into a tighter pussy than before. He could tell she was tightening up as much as she could making it difficult to try and move. "I can't move if you keep that up."

Amelia coyly smiled as she loosened up a little so he was able to fit everything inside of her. Once he was fully inside of her she just grinded her hips on his cock as she let her muscles do all the work. While she would have loved a nice and long stroked shag this was good enough because of the way his cock was brushing against her G spot and making her moan.

Harry had grabbed fistfuls of her ass and let her hips do the work as she fucked herself on his cock. Although it did feel amazing with how tight she was. "You are so fucking tight like this Amelia." For a split second he thought about Susan and wondered if she was this wild of a shag. Did this kind of slut run in the family? 'I will have to add Susan to the list.' During History of Magic Harry had made a list of all the girls he wanted to shag before he graduated or died. Which he didn't know would happen first. Susan wasn't in the top five but top ten for sure.

"You like my pussy? You like fucking older woman's holes you dirty boy?" As she talked she brought her hands to his face. For a second she was reminded of James Potter. Her face felt hot thinking what would James and Lily say if they saw her fucking their son. That thought should have turned her off but instead it made her upcoming orgasm feel more taboo.

Harry nodded because he very much liked fucking older women. "Do you older women like fucking a young cock?" He flipped the question back on the woman and felt her response around him.

Amelia nodded and moaned as she felt his cock twitch at his words. If she didn't know any better she would have been sure that it had been a dream or a weird sexual fantasy that had gotten out of hand.

Amelia started moving her hips harder trying to get him to cum inside her the way he filled her up before. "Hurry up and fill me up. McGonagall should be back any minute and Tonks should be getting worried soon."

Desiree calmed Harry through the link, 'Don't worry master, her partner would have come in if she could hear what is going on. Don't get distracted, focus on her and make sure she cums.'

Harry squeezed her ass harder and was now slamming her down as hard as he could trying to cum. "Getting close." As he spoke he looked at her bouncing breasts and made a request. "Can I please suck your tits?"

Amelia nodded and she wasn't surprised to see Harry bury his head in them or for his mouth to find her nipple and give it a nice hard suck before a little bite. All of that mixed together made Anelia cum. "HARRY!" Her breasts were so sensitive and even the smallest suck or bite would have pushed her over the edge. There wasn't an inch he didn't try to get in his mouth.

Harry lost his composure when he heard her scream along with the way her pussy got impossibly tight. Soon another flood of his cum rushed into Amelia's pussy.

Amelia felt all of the molten fluid rush into her womb and she couldn't stop the loudest scream from escaping her lips. With each passing second she felt him break the capacity of her body she felt like she ate a big meal instead of having a draining fuck. I bet my corset will be extra tight after this.' As she stood up off his lap and his cock flopped out of her she felt heavier.

Amelia quickly casted cleaning charms on her dripping lower half and ground. "Hurry up and get dressed, we can't be caught like this." While it wasn't against the law McGonagall would have expressed her disappointment and she couldn't deal with it. That woman's disappointment was legendary and never failed to make the recipient feel bad.

Harry begrudgingly got dressed even though he wished they had more time. He just couldn't get enough of the older redhead much like his first few times with Desiree. Once Amelia was dressed she could feel her robes were a little tighter due to the deposits Harry made inside her. 'If I wouldn't be busted for having sex with a teenage boy I would drag him to Madam Pomfrey and demand to know if his cum quantity was normal. That's a mystery on its own.'

Before they left Amelia asked, "Oh I almost forgot to ask the question I needed to ask. What spell did you use against the dragon?" It was the only question she had but somehow they got distracted with sex before she could ask it.

Harry was pulling on his clothes when she said, "Oh I just transfigured the arena floor into spikes that were sharp enough to pierce the dragon hide. Nothing special besides doing it without an incantation." He could see that Amelia had a small pink blush in her cheeks which only added to her beauty.

Amelia was a little cross that this wasn't as easy as she was hoping. "Was that so hard?" Amelia said in exasperation at the situation. Before she could start a small rant about how he seduced them she felt his lips on hers. She let out a muffled moan as his lips molded to hers.

When they broke the kiss Harry said, "I hope you come back to visit me soon." He hoped Amelia would find reasons to come back and visit him. He did like the redhead. Something about her just made him feel safe and loved. He just hoped next time he would have more time and maybe a bed for their activities.

Desiree heard her master's thoughts, 'I can always change into her and you can have your fun that way.' She liked Amelia's body well enough she wouldn't mind being in her skin and getting fucked as her. She has done it before and while she loved her own body above others Amelia's body put hers to shame in certain areas. Knowing her master the way she did she knew he liked bigger breasts.

Harry ignored his sex genie and listened as Amelia said, "You better not say a word about this. I don't want Susan to think I was so desperate for a man that I jumped you." Susan always told her how she needed a man but she didn't mean Harry bloody Potter. There was also the added betrayal because Susan had a crush on Harry. 'Harry might be too advanced for Susan. He managed to satisfy me for Merlin's sake. In my later years I have been a little bit of a tough customer. Is it so hard to find a bloke who can give me what a fourth year student just gave me. I can't imagine what he would do to a young virgin like Susan.'

After they said their goodbyes they went their separate ways and Harry went back to the Room of Requirement for a nap. He had worn himself out after yesterday's big day and all of today's wild sex. 'I swear I'm going to shag my way into an early grave.' Though that would be his preferred way to go and even Sirius said he would rather die during a crazy shagging accident than in Azkaban.

Desiree floated next to him, "And you are going to love every minute master. After your nap, is there something I can do to make you feel better? Maybe we can even reminisce about today and I could give you some pointers to make the next time even better.' Harry had shagged Amelia with a whirlwind of force but there were things that could have been better. He lacked knowledge of positions that could have given him an edge. While it was all well and good for an old fashioned bend over there were certain positions that would have driven women wild.

The last part she said as seductively as she could which only made Harry groan. She was angling for a quick shag right now, desperate to try out Harry's new wish for bigger ejaculations. She saw her words affect him. Harry couldn't resist her when she talked like that. 'If I feel better after my nap we will see.'

Desiree just smiled to herself knowing that it was a definite yes. Thankfully her master was young and had the stamina to go with it. 'Thank you master.' While he slept she played around in the mirror finding the perfect size for her tits that Harry would like. While Amelia was a F cup Desiree liked the way a G cup felt. 'When master wakes up he is in for quite the surprise.'


I hope everyone liked this chapter. I wanted to do an Amelia Bones chapter for a while and I hoped people liked this one. I originally had Tonks in this but changed it. But trust me Tonks will show up later. Harry putting all of his focus on Amelia seemed like the right thing to do. Also I don't think she would have done anything in front of Tonks.

I also don't want it to seem like Harry is forcing these women. Just think of this wish as training wheels and Harry is going to cancel it soon and just use his charm when he gains some more experience. Right now he has been introduced to a new world and hasn't got the hang of it yet.

Also a little funny story. I write this in Google docs because they handle punctuation and grammar which has really helped my writing. But their new "Woke" filter is making this story hard to write because anytime I write "I Wish" it wants to change it to "I Hope" it is so fucking annoying and I have to reread everything more than twice to make sure they didn't change it. Makes it hard to write a story about wishes.

Chapter Text

Genie 5 Sinistra

Desiree: 30 year Salma Hayek

Aurora Sinistra: Lesley-Ann Brandt {Maze from Lucifer}


"Wake up Master." Was the sound he heard almost every morning before she felt something wet and hot engulf his cock. Some days it was a mouth and some days it was a pussy. Desiree never started with anal first thing in the morning instead she teased him with that and made sure he was wide awake for that and preferably in the shower. She liked him to have enough energy to really work her ass over to the point where she would have to be the one to call it quits first. Namely because he needed to be somewhere else.

The day after he had Amelia his genie hadn't let him rest the next day before she went right back to work. That was Monday and now it was Friday and Harry felt overwhelmed by all the new sex he was having. Desiree aside with his new sexual awakening he couldn't get away from thinking about sex all day everyday. Part of him even forgot about the tournament which he couldn't tell if that was a good or a bad thing.

After Desiree had milked out her two loads from his balls as soon as he awoke from his deep slumber. One with an enhanced pair of tits and one with her mouth. Which expertly took him to the root and with the permission to use her throat like a pussy. With her mouth Harry had free reign to thrust and fuck her mouth as hard as he wanted which was something he couldn't do with every girl. After he grunted and came down her gullet he let go of her long hair. She willingly cleaned him up before he had to start getting dressed. "Okay Desiree, thank you for your morning service but can I ask you a favor?" He nervously asked.

Desiree was still in her human form and when she perked up her entire chest jiggled which drew Harry's eyes. "Anything master. Are you up for round three? Because it's been two days since you have taken my butt."

Harry had the decency to blush as he shook those thoughts from his head. "I need to focus on school today. Can you please just stay in this room until I come back for you after dinner? It would mean a lot to me." As he talked he saw Desiree's shoulders slump.

Desiree was a little hurt that only after a week Harry felt as if he needed a break from her. "Is there something I have done wrong, master?" She thought they had great banter and that he liked talking to her during his boring classes.

Harry shook his head, "No Desiree you haven't done anything wrong. It's just that I need to focus on school and I can't be thinking about sex all the time. With you on my shoulder it drives me insane." He thought back to all of her classes where she kept whispering dirty things in his ear. "The other day in herbology I nearly asked you to freeze time so I could shag you in the middle of class when you kept pointing out Susan's big tits and if they would be as big as her aunt's. So can you just give me space during class today?" By the end he was almost out of breath having a mini anxiety attack thinking about angering or hurting his new friend.

Desiree didn't like it but if this is what her master wanted she had to live with it. "Do I have to stay in this room all day?" Looking around the room looked more like a prison cell and she couldn't imagine staying in here all day with nothing to do. If she was stuck in here she would just play with herself all day and would be worn out by the time her master returned. "Can I at least explore the grounds or maybe head to the library?"

Harry didn't want to be her warden or so strict that she could resent him. "You can explore but just don't get caught. I can't explain you and I don't think Dumbledore would let me keep you." Harry did love Desiree and it would pain him to lose her. Since finding her their connection was stronger than anything else that he had ever felt before. They were closer than all of his friends and definitely his family.

Desiree saw that her master had a fear of losing her but there was nothing anyone could do about it. When she was bound to a master it was for life. She was lucky her master was giving her freedom and not jailing her in this room all day where she would be so bored she would probably flick her clit all day.

After he dressed for class he grabbed his book bag and waved goodbye to Desiree which she took as an invitation for a kiss. She liked to leave her master blushing and flustered. "Goodbye master. Call my name if you need me." Desiree silently added, 'You even say anything close to my name and I will come running...I mean I will just be there.'

At breakfast Harry focused on his breakfast and looked over his notes from yesterday's potion class. He was distracted due to Desiree asking him if he would shag a Slytherin and why there was a house rivalry. He could see where his writing became progressively worse to the point of illegibility. If he had more time he would have cracked his book and done a little reading but his first class was in ten minutes. Putting his notes away he quickly shoved the rest of his toast in his mouth before washing it down with pumpkin juice before heading to his first class.

The first class went by without incident and there wasn't a hint of sexual thoughts or fantasies in his head. He even answered a few of the teachers' questions and received a few house points. After lunch he had planned to go check on Desiree but lunch had run a little long with Hermione talking to him about the tournament. Surprisingly she didn't once mention the sex they had before or even hint at doing anything in the future. It made Harry a little sad but he didn't push it. 'Merlin knows I pushed it plenty after the first task.'

After lunch he had potions which was the one hour a day that he dreaded above all others. Today was extra terrible because he accidentally added a fire seed too early which caused his potion to turn black before spouting fire all over the desk. Snape had berated him in front of the entire class for being a helpless student and one of the stupidest potion students he had ever had. The only silver lining was that he assigned Daphne Greengrass to babysit and hold his hand through making another potion. This time the correct way.

Harry was embarrassed at needing her help in the first place but she was calm and collected. She did her best to teach him as class went on. Not the least bit burdened by his lack of potion prowess. The longer class went the closer they became and when he was stirring or adding ingredients he was able to smell her. Her hair smelled like apples which was very distinct in a room smelling of burnt charcoal.

Before class was over he could swear he wasn't the only one leaning in to get a whiff of the other. Over the last twenty minutes he noticed she was doing the same thing. When they managed to finish their potion they were third to last and dismissed. As they walked out of the dungeon Harry was trying to small talk Daphne and she seemed to be engaged and even glad he was talking to her. With a few questions he managed to break through her ice queen persona and had her giggling. By taking the mickey out of himself it gave her the chance to make a few jokes about how he was hopeless in potions. She even said he was lucky that the tournament didn't have a potion making task or he would end up in last place.

Just before they entered the main hallway with the other students Harry hopefully asked, "Can we be partners again tomorrow?"

Daphne nodded and even had a small blush unable to vocalize her answer of yes. That's when Harry remembered that he had wished for girls to like him as much as he liked them. Daphne must be aware of his schoolboy crush and while he had thought of her in a more sexual way before he held those thoughts off. He didn't want to get carried away in the hallway. Daphne seemed like a nice girl and not like the other Slytherin's so he didn't want to rush his way into bed. "See you tomorrow Daphne."

She nodded and turned to walk away at a crisp pace, clearly a little scared about what she was feeling. For her this was the first time she ever felt her icy heart melt for a boy. In her house all the boys were pigs and weren't worth the trouble but Harry seemed nice and it was clear he liked her. 'I thought Granger had his heart and here he was flirting with me. Potter isn't a bad catch rich and famous, the only downside is that he seems to be cursed.'

Harry didn't have much time to dwell on this before he had to go to his last class which was Astronomy with Professor Sinistra. This was one of his easy O classes and one he didn't have to put a lot of effort in. With this class he could just daydream about something else. Which is exactly what he was doing before he heard a stern voice calling out his name, "Mr. Potter. Mr. Potter, can you answer the question?"

Harry's eyes went wide as he felt everyone looking at him, some even snickering at the fact he got caught with his trousers down so to speak. "Um...stars." The entire class started to snicker at him while Hermione slapped her hand to her face at his stupid answer. She wished she had more of an influence on him to the point where he would be so well prepared he could answer any question.

Aurora Sinestra looked very cross at his answer. "Very bad guess. Just because you are a Tri-Wizard champion doesn't give you the right to slack off in my class. Stay after class so we can go over your punishment for not paying attention." While she couldn't give him detention she planned to make him think twice before slacking off in her class. Moving on from him she then looked around before calling on Dean Thomas who answered, "Jupiter."

Professor Sinistra congratulated Dean before turning to glare at Harry in hopes of him taking notes. While she understood why Harry was distracted he was never a star pupil who gave it his all anyway. She couldn't give him a pass because of his situation. He had to at least be competent and give a tiny bit of effort. She knew that students took this as opposed to Ancient Runes and Arithmancy for the easy grade.

After class Harry stayed sitting until everyone was out of the room. Before he could stand and walk to the front of the room Professor Sinistra stood in front of his desk while crossing her arms. "Mr. Potter, while in class I need your focus here." She took a thrill in the flicker of fear in his eyes from her stern tone and demeanor.

Harry nodded while trying to avoid eye contact he hated when people were disappointed in him. He had suffered enough of that growing up. "I know but I have a lot on my plate right now. In case you haven't noticed I am risking my life in a tournament I don't want to be in and no offense your class isn't going to help me in the arena." Harry was a little angry by the end of his mini rant but he was at the end of his rope for his sanity.

Aurora felt a wave of sympathy for her student and while he wasn't one of her best she could see he was troubled. "You entered the tournament. You broke the rules to enter so you can't blame that as the reason for slacking off with your school work."

Harry groaned finding out she didn't believe him when he said he was entered against his will. "No, someone put my name in the goblet. I would never enter this tournament on my own." The thousand galleon prize wasn't worth the possible death in his eyes. His trust vault had fifty thousand galleons in it so the prize money was a drop in the bucket for him.

Aurora leaned back and leaned back on the desk behind her looking at Harry in a new light. Now thinking of him as a victim instead as a troublemaker. "If that is true why haven't you withdrawn?"

"Because my magic is tied to the goblet and if I don't compete I lose my magic." While he answered his eyes went up her legs and saw that as she leaned back on the desk her skirt rode up a little and he had to avert his eyes to not get caught looking up her skirt. This was the first time he noticed that she wore her skirts a little higher than other professors.

An "oh" face washed over the professor as she understood why he was so distracted during her class. "Okay I think I understand the situation now and I think I can help you."

"How?" Harry asked, hoping for the long shot that she had the answer to all his problems. If he was honest with himself he hadn't been putting a lot of thought into his problems since finding Desiree. His buxom personal sex genie wasn't the best for concentration. 'Fuck now I'm thinking about her big tits.'

"How about when you come into class I will let you work on other things. You can read or do homework for other classes and I just won't call on you." Halfway through her generous speech she felt her body get hot. For a second it was like she was hit with a warming charm but neither one of their hands were on their wands.

Harry was grateful for the offer and jumped at it. "That would be so great Professor. I think I need all the help I can get if I'm going to survive this." He didn't like thinking about his death but if the dragon was the first task he didn't think it was going to get easier in the second task.

When her students' deep green eyes met hers she felt the irresistible urge to kiss him. 'Stop it Aurora, this is a fourth year student. He probably hasn't even had sex yet and you don't want to be his first. There is also the fact that no one can find out about it.' Clearing her throat she said, "If that will be all you are free to go."

Harry was about to stand up and leave when he felt his cock pressing against his zipper. Looking down he saw that he had a very visible erection. 'Fuck I am rock hard right now. When did that happen? Oh yeah there is a beautiful woman in front of me and one in my head.' Now Harry had to think of an excuse to not get up or risk showing his erection to his teacher. Professor Sinistra had stood up off the desk behind her and Harry asked, "What about the tests? How can I pass those if I'm not working on Astronomy?" All he was thinking about was extending this conversation as long as possible to give his cock a chance to soften.

"We can think of something." She didn't mean that to come out sexy but it did and suddenly she felt that her knickers were damp and sticking to her hairless mound. 'I need to get him out of here so I can relieve myself. That's what I get for ignoring my body's needs for the last month and a half.' Pointing to the door she said, "You can leave now Mr. Potter, I have things to take care of."

Harry's whole face was red as he was trapped between a rock and a hard place. "I can't get up." If he got up then she would see that during their conversation his mind got away from him.

Professor Sinistra didn't understand why he was refusing her until she saw his face and the fact his hands had moved from the desk to under the desk where he was touching his crotch. "Mr. Potter, stop touching yourself."

Harry blushed even harder being caught. He had never felt so humiliated than he did right now. "I am just trying to hide it, I swear." Here he was touching his cock in front of a teacher which had to be against school rules.

Leaning over the desk she looked down to see a massive tent in between her students legs. From this angle she couldn't tell exactly how big he was but he was bigger than an average student. Of course she had seen male students get them during her classes; she had never taken an interest like this before. It was a line she hadn't crossed and now here she was unable to think of anything else. "You can't leave my classroom like that so you can just stay here until it goes away."

Harry didn't breathe a sigh of relief at that because if he was stuck in the same room as her it was never going to go down. Since finding Desiree he had sexual thoughts about everyone including his Astronomy teacher. "Can you leave the room so I can just take care of it myself?" Wanking himself was humiliating enough but doing it in the presence of a teacher was too much.

Aurora was flabbergasted; he even suggested that. "No I am not going to leave the room so you can wank in my classroom. Just wait a few minutes and it will go away." She was hoping by staring her student down his cock might get intimidated and go back to its flaccid state.

Harry groaned and was seconds away from calling his genie to take care of it, "Trust me when I say it won't go down that way. It needs help for it to go down."

The words fell out of her mouth before she could stop them, "I can help you." As she said those words her mind opened and she had images of his big cock stretching her lips before it stretched her lower lips. Her legs clamped shit as she rubbed her thighs together trying to get relief.

"Are you sure?" The situation was almost too good to be true. He was about to have sex with a professor and he didn't need Desiree's help.

Aurora Sinistra was too deep in this hole she dug for herself and nodded, "I have never helped a student like this but why don't you lay on the desk and let me help you." Her eyes went wide as he followed her command as he stood up. Her eyes went to his bulge and she saw it was even bigger than she thought. If it was possible she felt her knickers get even wetter. 'Just focus on Harry and once he leaves you can satisfy yourself.'

Harry laid down on the desk and before his hands went to his belt and button her hands stopped him. She undid his trousers for him as she sensed his frantic nervousness. Pushing his pants down she wasn't prepared for the giant cock that sprung out and even went all the way back and slapped his clothed stomach. In all honesty it looked like a piece of art. The thick veins that traveled from the base to the tip looked pulsing and promising. Quickly her hand wrapped itself around his cock and she gave him one pump which made a clear dew drop appear at the tip. "Why don't you close your eyes and think about a girl you like, why I finish this okay."

"Why would I do that? I want to watch you." He didn't want to pretend she was someone else. He liked Professor Sinistra and wanted to watch everything she did to him. Even now he looked from her darker hand around his pale cock.

Aurora felt a chill go up her spine at that as she started to work her hand up and down his shaft. Even with a few drops of precum he was much too dry for this to feel good so she spit in her hand. With that added lubrication her hand started to glide up and down.

Harry started to moan the faster her hand went and he got even louder when she added a twist towards the tip. While it wasn't as good as Desiree it was good enough he was going to cum soon. 'I can't believe this is happening.'

Aurora spent a couple minutes wanking this massive cock and with each passing minute he kept twitching and she thought this was the end but it never came. "Stop holding back and cum."

Those were the magic words because ropes of cum started flying out of his cock with such force the first one actually hit her chin. It made her flinch and stop her hand motions as she watched as he made a mess on himself. His seed stained the bottom of his dress shirt and stomach. Unable to help herself she wiped her chin with her hand and was face to face with a dripping finger. She brought it to her mouth and instead of being disgusted the slightly salted taste lit a fire in her. With no hesitation she lunged forward and engulfed his cock in her mouth. From tip to ¾ of the way down her tongue licked up all of the seed it could. She was even lucky enough to feel his hips buck and for another couple sticky drops to trail down her throat.

While Harry could have kept cumming due to his wish earlier this week he just kept everything normal so he didn't have to answer questions.

After Aurora was done she pulled back expecting to see his cock start to wilt but instead it looked even stronger and more rigid. "That wasn't enough?" Was youth stamina really so strong that an orgasm can't deflate a young cock. 'Its been so long since I have been with a younger man I don't remember if they were always this quick.'

Harry looked a little sheepish now, "That was amazing." While she did her best it was going to take more than that to get him soft. "I think I can sneak back while everyone is at dinner. You don't have to continue if you don't want to."

He made a move to get up but her hand pushed his chest back down on the desk. "No, I can try once more." Now it was a challenge and she wanted a chance to see if she could finish the job she set out to do. Bringing her filthy hands to her shoulders she pushed off her robe before ripping off her blouse and pushing her skirt down. Due to her small bust she didn't even bother wearing a bra. The dark colors of her blouses and robes camouflaged her nipples during the school day. Under her skirt she had a regular pair of knickers that were nothing special except for the big wet spot showing her arousal. She saw his eyes fixated on the spot and with embarrassment she pushed them down to show her hairless, wet mound to him. "I am not your first am I?"

Harry shook his head, " that a problem?" He hoped he didn't come off as too green.

"No, I just wanted to make sure that your first time was special and not with someone you didn't love." With that said she mounted him on the desk and rubbed the length of her wet slit against his saliva slick cock. Even just this was making her moan wantonly. "It's been so long."

Harry could feel her hesitating, "Then what are you waiting for?" While he could have gripped her hips and brought her down on him this time was different. He was forbidden, a student someone she was supposed to shepard into adulthood and here she was about to mount him.

Not one to back down from a challenge she raised her hips and placed the head at her entrance before dropping her hips and letting his long hard cock penetrate her pussy. "Fuck this feels so big." This was by far her biggest cock and she didn't need to measure it. If she wasn't so horny that she would have asked more questions about it because it almost felt unnatural. He was only fifteen and if he kept growing then he was going to be a foot long when he was done with puberty.

Harry's hands went to his Professor's hips as he took in her ebony skin. It was darker than Desiree but not too dark. She had a lean and athletic body and small breasts. While he usually liked them bigger she had an amazing butt where his hands currently rested and groped. Thanks to all the stairs in this school it was nice and tight while staying firm. The more he squeezed the harder she rode him.

'How did this happen? How did I end up fucking a student?' This was a line she never imagined she would cross. 'Merlin, why does his cock feel so good?' If she wasn't feeling the effects of a proper shag she would have stopped herself but everything she was feeling was making her body tingle. The familiar coiling in her stomach let her know she was going to cum sooner rather than later. 'Fuck it feels better than when I am alone and use my wand.' Part of her wished Harry was worse at sex so she wouldn't be tempted to come back for more. This so far was the most toe curling sex she has ever had.

Just before she was about to cum Harry held her butt in the air and wouldn't let her push her hips down and in a moment of brilliance he thrust his hips off the desk roughly shoving all ten inches into his teacher. When he did he saw Aurora Sinistra's eyes go wide for a split second before her legs started to shake. He felt her pussy gush with even more fluid and he knew that he just made her cum. While he could have given her a moment to enjoy it he still wanted his climax so he never let up in his hard and deep thrusts.

Aurora Sinistra was getting fucked harder than any of her partners had the balls to do before. Every thrust her student made in her honey pot was long and full. The last inch especially almost made her see stars every time. She had never had a man or toy reach that far before and it made her feel a pleasure she had been missing. His rough treatment made her ask herself. 'Does he shag other girls his age this hard? I would think I would see girls with limps around school if that was the case. Or is he doing this to me because I'm older and can take it.'

Harry was almost biting his tongue as he was about to finish up in his teacher's wonderfully tight pussy. The wet squelching sound of their union bounced off the stone walls of the classroom along with the sounds of his bare bottom clapping against the wood desk. As he remembered he was about to cum inside of a teacher it was like he could feel his cum churn in his balls as it shot it's way up through the tip of his cock before being deposited in the dark skin beauty above him. "I'm cumming."

Aurora Sinistra didn't even blink at his declaration. While in Hogwarts all girls including staff had their food and drinks laced with anti pregnancy potions. She didn't know why the staff also had it mixed in their food and drink. Maybe it was for this exact situation. Maybe the old founders were shagging their students also. Which meant Harry could cum inside her as much as he wanted with no consequences. Each warm splash of seed in her womb enhanced and prolonged her orgasm. When she felt his orgasm end he let go of her ass and she was able to lay down on her student no longer held up by his strong hands. With a moment of self reflection she asked, "How did this happen?"

Harry smiled back at her as he brushed some stray sweaty hair out of her face. "Your idea." He said laughing. This ended so much better than he was expecting.

Aurora narrowed her eyes thinking that there had to be more than that. "It's not all on me, part of the blame lies with this." When she said this she squeezed her pussy around his still half hard cock. The little twitch he gave in response lit another fire inside her. 'Merlin help me.'

Harry felt the squeeze and gave her a low growl, "Be careful remember I am young and still have enough for another shag if you keep that up."

Aurora trembled at the threat and her body was getting hotter imagining what it was going to feel like if he shagged her again. "If you had to shag me again how would you do it?" This part was just for her wanting to see the thought he would put into it.

Harry grazed his hands from her firm bottom up her sides tickling her ribs before resting on her back. "Well you got to ride me I think it would only be fair if I returned the favor. Would you prefer to be thrown over your desk or how about we go upstairs to the tower and I bend you over the railing. Would you like to get fucked where someone might see or hear you?" He could make his professor scream loud enough the whole school would hear especially if he took her up the bum.

His words had an effect on her and she couldn't imagine anything hotter than being fucked where there was a chance someone could look up and see her. In a hushed whisper she said, "Yes." With her hips acting on their own she started moving trying to get the shagging started again. "I like the sound of that."

Harry felt everything she was doing, "Don't start something you can't finish." Was his warning even though he could always go back to his room and finish with Desiree he didn't want to walk out of here with a noticeable bulge in his trousers.

Professor Sinistra just surrendered all logic and control to her student. Kissing him full on the lips she put in everything she was currently feeling before she said, "Fuck me anyway you want." Now she thought of her student filling her up in a multitude of ways all of which made her juices flow. She usually had sex once a year but so far this was better than the last seven years put together.

Those were the magic words to Harry because before she knew it she was being held by her student in the air as he stood up. Now she had all of her hundred and ten pounds bearing down on the cock inside of her. With all of this weight pushing down it felt as if his cock was trying to go even deeper than before. "Ahhh so deep." Septima moaned, feeling as if his cock was about to split her womb in two.

Harry ignored her words and focused on bouncing his teacher on his cock. If this was his last fuck of the night he was going to make it count. "You feel so tight. I can't wait to fill you up again. Are you ready to get another load in your perfect pussy." With his erotic declaration he felt her cunt trying to massage his cock as it impaled her roughly.

"Yes. Fill up your professor like the slut she is." The only word to describe her was a slut because only a slut would shag a student and let him finish inside of her. Even with his warm seed inside of her she could feel an ache for more. His words hit a nerve that she had to admit felt good. Having an attractive student tell her how perfect her body was and how much he wanted it made her purr like a kitten.

The sounds of their skin slapping was even louder than before and Harry was grunting due to the exertion of carrying this much weight. 'I wish she wasn't so heavy.'

'So you have wished it, so it shall be.' The suddenness of Desiree's entrance made Harry jump and almost drop his teacher on her ass. Thankfully her sudden weight loss allowed him to hold on. He only missed a beat and she didn't even notice. 'Desiree what are you doing here? I told you to wait in the room.' Harry didn't appreciate being startled and now he was putting on a show for his sex genie.

Desiree was dejected at her master's anger about being interrupted. 'You made a wish so it's my job to make it come true. I was wondering why you weren't back yet but I shouldn't be surprised that you would be in this position.' With his wish of girls liking him as much as he liked them it wasn't a shock that he was balls deep in a witch. She just wished that she could have watched from the beginning.

Harry was having trouble carrying on a conversation while trying to focus on the dark skin beauty in his arms. He could feel her insides tighten up while he was having this inner conversation and hear her screams get louder. 'Just let me finish up here and we can go back to the room to talk about this after.' Thankfully Desiree stopped talking then she started floating around them and even got a close personal look where he was connected to his teacher.

After a few minutes Harry felt the familiar tug in his balls and he was close to filling up his teacher again. "I'm gonna cum professor. Are you ready?"

For the last few minutes Aurora was just a pile of bones as Harry used her like a toy. She had already come twice while in this position and a third was right around the corner. "Cum inside. Fill me up. Fill up my slutty pussy." Her student did just that and she felt another full load of cum rush inside her. This one even felt bigger than the last and she had a full feeling that she had never felt before. While panting she said, "Set me down on the desk I couldn't stand if I tried." Harry did as she asked before pulling out of her and she felt everything he gave her start flowing out making a mess all over the desk. Looking at his groin she saw that he was finally soft and it made her want to celebrate with a stiff drink in bed while recovering from the best shag of her life. "Looks like you are finally ready to head back to your dorm."

Harry sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. "Sorry it took so long, I hope it was okay for you." It was a little intimidating being with an older woman and Desiree had gotten in his head that he needed more experience. With Amelia he knew that she had rose colored glasses on and he hoped Sinestra would be honest.

Aurora smiled at her student, "You were amazing Harry. Honestly I had never been shagged like that before. In fact I think this can be our deal. With every test we have in this class you can shag me for your grade." There was usually a test every couple of weeks which was the perfect amount of time. But maybe she could increase it to every week depending how she felt tomorrow.

Harry smiled at his teacher, "I can do that." As he pulled on his trousers he playfully asked, " What grade did I earn today Professor Sinistra?"

Aurora answered, "Call me Aurora and you got full marks. That was an O if I have ever seen one." She was happy to praise him for a job well done but had to add something. "I think it goes without saying that you can't talk about this with anyone. Not with your friends or blokes in the locker room and definitely not Hermione." She knew kids talked but this year Harry Potter has been alienated and most of his friends had turned on him. She had to single out Hermione as someone not to tell because that girl would never look at her the same. The disappointment would be written all over that sweet girl's face.

Harry gave her his brightest smile, "I can keep a secret." As he talked to her his eyes kept flicking down to the mess he made between her legs. Harry wasn't the only one either. Desiree had looked at the mess and felt a little horny herself. All day she was floating around school grounds peeking into random classes or in the library reading boring books. She was thinking of what she was going to do when Harry came back.

After Harry looked presentable Aurora did as well before casting a cleaning charm on the desk and gingerly walking to her attached room. Harry left the room also after a quick goodbye peck.

When he was alone in the corridor he struck up a conversation with Desiree, 'You are being pretty quiet.' He hoped he didn't hurt her too much by excluding her from his shag with Aurora.

Desiree floated next to her master as they walked back to their private room. 'You said we would talk about it when we got back to the room.' She didn't want him to be angry at her. She just wanted to be the best genie she could and answer him every time he called or made a wish.

'Sorry if I was a little short back there I just wanted to give Aurora my full attention.' Harry sighed as he trudged through the halls on the way back to the Room of Requirement.

'I understand master. Sometimes alone time is good but I am not going away. We are bound forever. So you better get used to me following you around.' They were still in the early stages of their bond so it was natural he wasn't fully comfortable yet.

Harry nodded agreeing with Desiree. This was something he was going to have to live with. 'I didn't expect to have sex with another girl today but it just happened. I was looking forward to having a day to myself before going back to you.'

Desiree smiled at his kind words. 'Thank you master. Is there any chance I can get any satisfaction tonight?' She was horny all day waiting for him to walk through the doors and fuck her the way she wanted.

Harry was pretty exhausted but didn't want to be an asshole. While Desiree was his slave he didn't want to be a bad master. 'A shag is out of the question right now but how about I use my mouth on you.' Desiree always used her mouth on him it was only fair if he would return the favor.

Desiree tried to hug her cold ghost body around her master, 'Thank you master.' She couldn't remember the last time a master had eaten her out with no sex attached. His kindness would be rewarded because before he left for breakfast tomorrow she planned to do something special.

'No problem Desiree.'


I am starting to get the rhythm of the story and am doing my best so I'm sorry if the first few chapters didn't go well but that's the adjustment of getting an all powerful sex genie as a teenage boy. Soon Harry will mature more and more so be patient.

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Chapter Text

Genie 6

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Katie Bell: 18 year old Anna Kendrick


After his romp with his professor the next month flew by with weekends rarely leaving his room and spending every moment with Desiree in his room. Desiree had taken the next step in his sexual education which was bondage. She had him tie her up with her arms to the bedposts or behind her back as he mercilessly shagged her. Sometimes he would even blindfold her and she would instruct him what to do to drive a woman wild. While he couldn't do that with many girls yet she imagined he would find great use for these lessons in a couple years.

By the end of the weekend Desiree was lucky her body was magical because he had roughly fucked everyone of her holes. She never told him to slow down or go softer for her; the harder the better. She made sure to teach him that he should be aware of women's needs and not push too hard if they couldn't handle it. Thankfully Harry was a wonderful student and never did anything out of cruelty.

When he wasn't spending time with Desiree during the weekends he was sleeping with Sinistra. Pansy had yet to take him up on his offer to shag again but he caught her making eyes at him during class. The look was a little different than Daphne's look which was more flirty. Pansy still had a scowl on her face even though her eyes had a sparkle while watching him.

On Monday morning her master allowed her to sleep in. Like always the night before he had worked her out plenty and might have even been too tired to ask her to join him. She awoke to the shower running in the room provided by some ancient magic. Steam was billowing out of the makeshift stall and as Desiree stretched out her human back and cracked her spine before she slinked off to join him.

Harry was in the middle of washing his messy raven hair when he felt the familiar naked body of Desiree press against his back. Her big breasts were smashed against his back as her hands reached around stroking his soft cock into something she could work with. "You know we don't have to have sex every morning." After the weekend they had he wanted to give her a break.

Desiree purred in his ear, "I know but I like being your first load of the day. I also don't want you to be stressed all day. Having sex relieves stress and trust me when I say you have a lot of it. I have never had a master so stressed after dumping a big load inside me and I have had warlords as master's." Her hands were roaming his slick body, her favorite type of body.

With her hand gliding up and down his slick shaft she was happy it took no time at all to get him hard. She could tell he was fighting his arousal since his cock was probably fucked raw over the course of this wild weekend. Once he was at his full length she ran her fingers over his pulsing veins before going down and cupping his full balls and purring to herself. 'I really outdid myself when I made these.' His cock and balls were the perfect size and so much fun to touch.

Harry finished washing the shampoo out of his hair before turning around and seeing his caramel goddess standing naked in the shower. Her front was wet and her hair was dripping wet which only made her look even sexier. While they had shower sex before it was only a quick blowjob or handjob. The one time she blew him while he washed her hair was the best thing she ever felt while sucking cock. His hands were almost magical as he rubbed the shampoo over her scalp. "How do you want it?" He asked his genie.

Desiree smiled and stepped around him so she was under the spray of the shower as she braced herself against the wall and pushed her butt out. "Anyway you want, master."

Harry never got tired of seeing her wide hips and big ass. Seeing the water run down the crack of her ass he spread her cheeks to see her puckered hole. "Anyway I want it?" He asked in a questioning tone hoping she really meant that.

She felt him spread her ass open and she couldn't hide her grin. "Yes master anyway your heart desires. If your heart wants to split my ass in two I'm not going to stop you." Normally she didn't like to have anal first thing for breakfast but to honor their first real shag in the shower why not.

Harry didn't ask twice and pushed forward and pierced her puckered hole with his impressive girth along with his massive length. He noticed her body shiver whenever he got to the halfway mark. It was one of her quirks that she did every time he entered any of her holes. Like she had to remind herself that there was more coming and her body gets too excited.

Desiree moaned in the small shower stall as she felt her asshole get stretched. Even though it happened all weekend all of her holes felt brand new thanks to her genie magic. She spent most of her immortal life hating this job but now it almost made everything else worth it. "Yes master, you know the way I like it."

Harry did know the way she liked it and with a strong slap he brought his hand down on her wet glistening butt. The loud wet smack had to sting the way she clenched around him. When she told him that she enjoyed this Harry never missed the opportunity to mark up her cheeks with his hand. Over the weekend when she was tied up he even gave her butt a big bite to the point where you could easily make out his teeth marks on her big butt cheek.

'Fuck that feels so good. I wish he would go harder.' Desiree thought to herself, forgetting that they could hear each other's thoughts. The next thing she knew his left hand came down harder as his thrusts got rougher and harder. With this mix she was very close to creaming herself. His nice and big balls were slapping her exposed pussy and everytime they did she felt her climax get closer and closer. Desiree's hands searched for something to hold onto as she felt her entire body seize with pleasure before she climaxed.

Harry felt Desiree's analgasm but that didn't stop him chasing his own climax. Never letting up he kept pumping his ten inches in her scorching hot asshole every second. "Keep cumming, I'm so close." With his previous wish of cumming as much as he wanted he planned to truly fill his genie to the brim.

Desiree did keep cumming and towards the tail end of her massive anal orgasm she felt his hot white seed start to shoot through her lower half. After the ropes of cum wouldn't stop she knew he was doing this on purpose. "Fill my ass." She encourages as she feels her bowels get filled with a hot and slimy liquid.

By the time that Harry had stopped cumming he almost felt light headed. That was one of the biggest orgasms he had ever felt right after waking up and with that much fluid rushing out of him he needed to hydrate soon. Pressing his body against hers he pinned her against the wall while still buried balls deep inside of her. Her master's head was next to hers as he whispered how much he loved her in her ear. She loved it when he gets all lovey dovey after sex.

After they cleaned up and she washed out everything he deposited inside of her she returned to the bed still naked almost as if she wanted him to join her one more time. Harry watched as she swayed her hips and wanted to join her but he had fifteen minutes to go eat breakfast before class. "I have to go, I am so sorry Desiree." He felt bad because he could tell that she wanted more.

Desiree did want more but didn't want him to get in trouble for her. "Go to school master. I will be fine. I'm sure I will find something to occupy my time." Over the weekend they had discussed it and Harry had decided that during classes he had to focus so she wouldn't bother him unless he wished for something. After classes were done she was free to join him unless he asked for more personal time to study. He expressed how impossible it was to study while she was around flashing her skin. Even if it was green, the cleavage she had made it impossible to ignore.

Once Harry was dried off and dressed in his uniform he went over and kissed his genie on the lips. He liked to show his affection in the normal ways which Desiree had no problems with. It was almost like practice for a real girlfriend. That was something that scared Harry. How could he have a real girl if he was sleeping with another woman and how could he explain he had a real genie. Was Desiree supposed to be his dirty little secret forever?


The first few classes went by normally until Transfiguration where he was pulled aside by Professor McGonagall who asked him if he had a date for the Yule ball yet. She then reminded him the second task was soon after the ball so he had better not forget and the sooner he figured it out the better. She kept imparting the importance of finding a date.

Harry felt like an idiot for being reminded that the Yule ball was so soon. He had a clue to solve the egg but was too distracted by sex. He told the professor not to worry and that he would be ready for both. It was time he had to buckle down and get to work. If the dragon was the first task, who knows what the second task was. Deep down he just hoped it didn't involve dementors or spiders. The Yule ball wasn't as big of a worry because he felt like he could easily find a date. After everything Desiree taught him he was feeling confident.

Professor McGonagall also paid him a compliment for his practical work and never needing a second try before he would effortlessly transfigure. To her it looked like he was taking training seriously and was finally reaching his full potential. To Harry it wasn't hard work instead it was the wish he made that increased his skill so that he wouldn't die prematurely and thus miss out on sex.

After classes Harry had gone to his room to retrieve his egg and Desiree. While he could have used the Room of Requirement Cedric had given him the password to the prefects hidden bathroom. Taking his recommendation he carried the golden egg under his arm sneaking to the secret bathroom entrance and said the words, "Pine fresh." to the painting. Entered the bathroom he was greeted by the biggest bathtub in the school. It was almost pool size, a pool that only went up to your knee but could also fit ten people comfortably. There were five shower stalls that all had no doors. 'So students shower and bathe in front of each other. I guess I will need to be a prefect sixth year.'

Desiree whistled and said, "You have to be...a perfect. What was the word you said?" She was still getting used to this magical terminology. That's one thing she hated about the long times between masters was because there was so much to catch up on.

"Prefect and only the best students get to be those." Harry's low self esteem kicked in and he was once again underestimating himself.

Desiree didn't know enough about the magical schoolwork side but her master had to be well above average. "Well you have something to work towards. Because if you walk around here swinging what I gave you the girls will flock to you." She couldn't imagine a girl seeing Harry and not wanting to drop to your knees to worship that magnificent cock.

Harry blushed imagining the possible orgies happening in the room. As he was lost imagining this orgy his cock started to get hard as he was getting naked to get in the bath. Stepping into the hot water he dropped the egg into the water. It sank to the bottom with a loud splash. Once sitting in the bath he said, "Here goes nothing." Taking a deep breath he submerged his head under the hot water before he opened the top and the egg opened. A soft golden glow then lit up the darkness of the tub.

"Come seek us where our voices sound,
We cannot sing above the ground,
And while you're searching ponder this;
We've taken what you'll sorely miss,
An hour long you'll have to look,
And to recover what we took,
But past an hour, the prospect's black,
Too late, it's gone, it won't come back." The dragon egg sang.

Harry's lungs were starting to burn trying to hold his breath while listening to the clue. Once the clue was done playing he rose back up to the surface and greedily started gulping air. Once he caught his breath he saw that Desiree was in her human form and sitting naked in the tub with him. She was stretching out having her first bath in well over a hundred years. "No. Back in your ghost form I have to focus on the task right now. I can't afford to be distracted right now." He didn't want to get distracted by sex with Desiree which would have inevitably happened.

Desiree pouted hoping for a nice shag in a hot bath. She hadn't had a bath in so many years and the water in this one was just right. "Fine but don't think too long. I want a chance to enjoy this bath." With that she poofed back into her ghost form and started floating around the room out of his line of sight.

Harry was racking his brain on what the clue meant. He understood that it had to take place in water. That's the only place he could hear the voices. "Prospects Black...Black Lake." With one piece of the puzzle down he thought about what would be taken from him. The thing he most treasured now was now Desiree and there was no way of them taking that. Maybe they were going to take his Firebolt which was one of his most treasured items next to his invisibility cloak. 'No way they are going to take something that is alive or else they would drown Hedwig or Hermione. Hermione was his only friend that stuck by him and even then she didn't outwardly support him. She just buried her head in the books and avoided the subject of him shagging her. Since he was busy training slash shagging everything he could he didn't spend as much time as he should have with his friend. 'Should I ask Hermione to the ball? Who else could I ask? I bet Lavender already has a date.'

As he was thinking to himself he heard a chuckle through the mind link as he thought of Lavender's name. He narrowed his eyes at Desiree who floated back into his eye line. 'What?' He frustratedly asked through the mind link.

'Nothing master. It's just funny where your mind goes. You aren't thinking big enough. If I was you I would be aiming for that blonde champion.' She didn't expect for him to think of asking the class whore. While she was in her genie form she flew around the room of his classes and she overheard many things about that girl. She had just started coming into her sexuality and has taken multiple boy's virginities. Not that there was anything wrong with that but if he was to parade this girl in front of everyone it needed to be a girl that was worthy of him.

'Fleur? What makes you think I have a chance with her?' Even with his wish he couldn't see why Fleur would even look at him twice. She was otherworldly beautiful while he needed a genie's help to get a date.

'Master, trust me as a woman she would be interested. You are the only one that doesn't drool around her and the only one she sees on her level. You are a fellow champion and slayed a dragon. Doesn't hurt to ask and if you want to see if she likes you for real I can reverse the wish if you want.' While he could have anyone he wanted she didn't want it to breed laziness. He also hasn't been able to showcase all the skills he learned from her.

Harry did want to see if he could get a date without the wish active. 'Okay. I wish that all girls have to like me for me and not because of any magical influence.'

'So you have wished it, so it shall be.' This wish didn't make him feel any different and now there was just a small awkward silence. He was just about to say something when he heard the door behind him open. With lightning reflexes his head whipped around to see Katie Bell walk in the bathroom. "Ahh Katie. I'm naked in here."

Desiree started cackling through the link about how her master went to a shy little boy in two seconds flat.

Katie was surprised to see another person using the prefect bathroom. As far as she knew everyone else was on patrol and she was supposed to be alone. Seeing the familiar mop of black hair she saw it was Harry in the bath. "Harry, what are you doing here?" She asked, wondering how he managed to get in here. This was supposed to be a private bathroom no regular student was supposed to have access to.

Even though the bath was filled with bubbles and soap Harry was gathering as much as he could to cover himself. "Cedric gave me the password to help me solve the egg. I managed to figure out the clue so I guess I can go." Once he was adequately covered he turned back around to see that Katie had her robes shut and she had a blush on her face.

Katie had planned to take a bath alone but she wasn't alone. "I can come back later. I can't ask you to get out." Just before she turned around Harry reached out and said, "Wait."

Katie turned back around and looked at a wet Harry Potter. She had always had a crush on the boy but she was a year older. Seeing his naked chest she started to imagine if he was wearing swim trunks or not. "I was planning on bathing naked." She just blurts it out without thinking.

Harry answers, "Me too." This was his way of letting her know he was already naked in the bath. It was also an invitation for her to join him. He watched as Katie's hands shook as they went to the buttons. Slowly she undid her robes to reveal her naked body. While she thought she had nice enough breasts they didn't compare to some of the other girls around school. As she peeled off her robes she saw his eyes lock onto her hardening nipples. 'Harry Potter is looking at my tits.' Once his eyes flicked downwards she saw that he saw her slit. As all the girls she was totally hairless so he could see her lower lips. Quickly crossing the room she stepped into the tub. To get under the soapy water and cover her body from his intense stare.

Harry had quite the eyeful, especially when she spread her legs to get into the tub. Seeing her petals spread to reveal the sweet pink center made his cock throb wanting to know what they felt like when they were spread around his cock.

There was an awkward moment in the bath where for a few minutes they didn't talk. They just stared at each other's bodies. Katie stared at his well defined chest and arms from playing Quidditch. Harry wouldn't stop staring at her breasts and was waiting for her to make a move on him.

It took close to five minutes but eventually he felt her toes touch his legs. When he didn't flinch or move she started dragging them up his hairy legs before moving them towards his crotch. Soon she felt something big and hard. Pressing her heel against him she did a quick measurement and found that he was bigger than her whole size seven foot. She saw him smile as her jaw dropped. "Is this for real?"

Harry nodded, "Yes and it's all yours if you want it." He let her make the first move and wanted her to be sure since she was a friend and teammate. The last thing he needed was to be awkward during team practice or to lose a friend.

Katie bit her lip as she used both feet to try and get a gauge on how big he was and even his girth seemed too big for a boy his age. She was no virgin but she had been with boys who had teenager cocks. Ones that didn't make her sore the next day or the ones you gossipped about. "Am I your first?" She needed to know because if she was going to be his first she would have to be on top so he didn't hurt her with that thing. An over eager boy wielding this kind of power could be dangerous.

Harry shook his head, "No you wouldn't be my first. If you are wondering who let me tell you I have had no unsatisfied customers." Harry had made sure everyone of his partners had cum and had a good time.

Katie could live with that and she nervously gulped, "Can you stand up so I can see what you are working with." Even though she felt him with her feet it was nothing compared to seeing it in the flesh. His cock was almost a piece of art with all of the angry veins crisscrossing around the shaft and the enlarged tip that promised a wide spread. "Oh wow...that is big." It was so much bigger than big it was massive.

Harry smiled at the compliment, "Why don't you touch it." He watched as she kneeled on the tub floor as her hand reached up and wrapped around his pillar of flesh. "Yes, like that."

Katie had only given one handjob during third year and since then she found blowjobs being easier to get a boy to cum quickly. The thing about Harry was that she wouldn't be able to fit all of him in her mouth. As her hand started working him up and down she felt his hips buck so she knew she was doing something right. "You like that Harry? You like me wanking your cock?" Harry just gave her a nod as his groans replaced words. "Have you wanked this big cock to the thought of me in the shower after the game with Alicia and Angelina?"

Harry had thought about that but had never wanked to the thought. "I thought about it. I wished I could have joined you one time." He hoped she would talk more about the team showers. Girls had their own showers compared to the boys but even George had made jokes on what goes on in there.

"Oh Harry I wish you did too. We all think you're cute and with this cock all you had to do was drop your towel and we would have lined up for you." The wet sounds of her hand stroking his cock up and down was a nice calming rhythm.

Harry now was imagining three young witches on their knees begging for him to fuck them. "Which one of you guys is the biggest slut?" It was a vulgar question but one he needed to know.

Katie smiled up at Harry batting her eyes at him, "Angelina definitely. Let's just say I have walked in on her on her knees with both Fred and George taking turns in her mouth." That happened during the last house cup winners after party. They weren't together but it was just some team fun.

Harry had an image of a cock hungry Angelina in his mind blowing the twins. 'That is a good sign, maybe I should visit her later.' While Harry was in his own head he felt her wrist start to twist and her strokes get faster. "Shit Katie, that feels good."

Katie was pleased he was responding so positively to her hand job. "That's it Harry. I can feel you getting close. Do you want to cum?" In her current position his cum was going to land on her face which was fine with her.

Harry nodded, "Yes, keep going." He was seconds away from cumming and looking down he looked into her doe eyes as he felt his balls tighten and white spunk started shooting out of the tip.

Katie quickly closed her eyes the moment she saw cum start flying towards her face. First few drops hit her cheek before painting a line on her forehead and down the side of her nose. The last rope had hit her lips and her tongue involuntarily peeked out and tasted a few drops. All she could say was that it wasn't the worst thing she had tasted. With her job done she was expecting him to get soft but even after a minute of washing off her face she saw he looked as hard as ever.

Harry looked at Katie's face which was now clean and he asked, "So do you want to keep going?"

Katie just nodded and turned around and laid her chest over the side of the tub. Her perky ass was now presented to him like his favorite dish. She quickly felt his hands massaging her cheeks and she had never felt a boy do this. Usually they just squeezed her butt as hard as they could or tried to give them a slap. She couldn't stop the moans from flowing out of her mouth. 'I know it's wrong and it's like he's my little brother but I want that big cock inside my body.' Katie had to say what was on her kind and that was, "I want your cock"

Harry smiled at her confession and he asked, "Where do you want it?" He was hoping for a chance to split her ass in two. It looked nice and tight, which was his favorite combination.

Katie was confused. 'Where does he think I want it? There is only one option.' It took her longer than it should have before she remembered her asshole. "My pussy. Just fuck my pussy."

Harry wanted to press her about the possibility of fucking her ass but the urgent way she said to fuck her pussy he let it go for now. Taking his cock in his hand he rubbed the tip against her wet petals. It wasn't just the heat from the hot water he felt. Pushing in slowly he felt the tip of his cock get swallowed up by her tight and hot pussy. "That's it Katie."

It was a small praise but to Katie it meant the world. She could feel him enjoying her body and the more he pushed in the more she enjoyed it. By inch eight she felt like he was about to push into her womb and forever imprint her body with the shape of his cock. She has had sex before but she had never craved sex like she did right now. Right now she didn't care if Harry started fucking her as hard as an animal would. She just needed him to start moving as soon as possible. "Fuck me Harry."

Harry smiled at her words and started to pull out of Katie until just the head was left inside before thrusting everything back into her. As he was focused on what he was doing he heard through his mind link with Desiree, 'Oh master keep it up. The faces she is making are beautiful.' Harry thanked Desiree and returned all of his focus on the chaser taking all ten inches of his cock.

During this amazing shag Katie couldn't help but remember some of her first sexual experiences and nothing had felt like this before. Her last boyfriend talked her into the broom closet and gave her a very mediocre shag. Now if she knew what Harry was packing last year she would have dragged him in a few broom closets herself. In fact she still might. "That's it Harry keep fucking me." Over and over she felt his cock slamming into her body and every passing second she was getting closer to her climax.

Harry felt her walls get tighter and he knew she was cumming. Unable to help himself he brought his hand down on her shiny wet ass cheek and with a loud smack he felt her get even tighter which pushed himself over the edge. Once again ropes of cum spring forth from his cock but this time they ended up in Katie's womb.

Katie rested her face against the cool stone run of the tub as her body twitched from the orgasm and mini orgasm that followed after feeling the creampie. 'Gotta love Hogwarts free birth control which means boys can cum inside you as much as we want.' In third year every witch and wizard are made aware of the birth control precautions in the school.

Harry didn't pull out of the chaser and instead laid his body on top of Katie's. Whispering into her ear he asked, "Did you like that?" He felt that she liked it but he liked to ask to be sure.

Katie nodded and said, "You bet. My body had never had such a workout before." All of her core was tense from clenching and being used to stabilize herself as she got fucked with the biggest cock in the school.

Harry pulled out of Katie and watched as his seed flowed into the dirty bath water. His hands went back to massaging her butt cheeks even spending extra time on the one with a big red hand print. "You up for a little more fun?" As he talked his index and middle finger sought out her puckered ring and before she could answer he was penetrating her with his fingers.

Katie's eyes went wide when she felt his first knuckles slip past her ring of muscles. She couldn't believe that this was happening with someone she almost thought of like a little brother. While their relationship wasn't that of a real family it was her first thought as Harry was exploring her most personal hole. She had never even thought of ever taking something back there and now she was taking his fingers. 'Shit that doesn't feel half bad.' That feeling only got better when he got to the second knuckle and was curling his fingers inside of her.

Harry felt her resolve slipping and with a little more work she could start begging for more. While his right hand was busy thrusting his fingers in and out of her asshole his left went around her hip to seek out her clit. Her wet pearl felt perfect under his fingers and made Katie spasm and cry out for more. The more he rubbed her clit the more she pushed her ass back trying to get more of his fingers inside of her.

Soon both fingers were as deep in her ass as they could go and Katie had begged for more. "More please. I need more of your fingers back there." He was touching parts inside of her she didn't know she existed.

Harry pulled out his fingers and rubbed the tip of his cock in the crack of her ass before saying. "Sorry my fingers aren't long enough but I have something else that can go in there."

Katie blushed knowing what he was talking about. He was going to make her beg for his cock. Begging for him to fuck her ass would make her feel like such a whore. 'This must be what Angelina felt like when she asked the Weasley twins to suck both of their cocks or who knows what else. You could do a lot with two cocks.' Looking over her shoulder she caught Harry's eyes and with a shred of shame she asked, "Please stick it in."

Harry started to do just that and soon had popped the tip of his cock inside her tight hole. She was just as tight as he imagined. "Fuck Katie your ass is perfect." With his previous wish anytime he fucked a girl's ass she was already prepped and lubed so his cock was able to slide deeper and deeper until he had all ten inches inside of her.

Katie's eyes started to cross as she felt all of Harry inside of her butt. This was so much farther than she was willing to go but it felt so damn good. Letting out loud moans she was almost afraid someone in the hallway could hear and come investigate. How would she explain that she was getting buggered or why she was enjoying it so much. As he just savored the feeling of her ass pulsing around him she tried to push back and start moving on her own.

Harry laughed at her eagerness and responded by doing what she wanted. Harry started to withdraw half his length before thrusting back into Katie a little harder than the last time. Every time he did she moaned like the perfect little slut she was. "If someone told me you were this naughty I wouldn't have believed them."

Katie blushed a deeper red at his words. She wasn't this naughty usually but she was drawn in by his massive cock and all it could do to her. It was also Harry, someone she looked out for and wanted to make feel good. Now here she was getting her butt fucked against the edge of the tub by someone who was like a little brother to her. 'Merlin helps the girl who dates him.' If he shagged this hard every time that girl was going to need a cane to get around. Katie already could imagine tomorrow and how hard it would be to sit in class with her ass throbbing. "Believe it. I'm your naughty girl Harry." She didn't know where this was coming from but she meant them. If he ever wanted to do this again she didn't care where they were she would drop her skirt and let him have at her.

The harder Harry fucked the louder Katie's moans. The more the bathwater shoshed around him. They made plenty of waves the more time went by. He didn't expect to go this hard with her first time but every time he tested the waters she responded. She never once hissed in pain or asked to stop when it was too much. "I'm getting close, Katie. I can't wait to fill this hole up too."

Katie was moaning and when her brain thought about getting an anal creampie she clamped her legs together as she came. "Ahhh bugger." She wanted to hold on a little longer so she could cum with Harry but anal was too intense. Once she was alone in bed she was going to experiment and see if anal really felt this good or if she was caught up in the moment with Harry. Maybe he just had a magical cock that made everything feel good.

Harry felt her ass clamp down on him and before he knew it he cried out, "Here it comes Katie. I'm going to fucking cum." This time he used his wish and came twice as much as usual inside Katie's ass. He saw her hands clenched into fists at the first shot of hot spunk in her bowels and by the end her whole body was shaking.

Katie's mind pretty much blanked out after feeling the crazy amount of pleasure going through her body. By the time she came too she couldn't feel him cumming inside of her anymore but there was still the fact he was inside of her. The warm feeling in her belly was a pleasant sensation. Just as she was enjoying the full body high she was on she felt him pull out of her now defiled ass. His seed started to flow out just like it did her pussy. It took her many minutes to get her bearings back and she now felt a little cold from being wet and the top of her body being outside of the water. Slinking back into the water she enjoyed feeling the warm water soothe her stretched holes. "Holy shit that was intense."

Harry smiled at his teammate, "You are telling me." They shared a small laugh together both blown away that they actually just had sex and not just sex but very dirty sex. Harry had done things with her she never thought possible.

"So...still friends?" Katie asked a little worried that they just ruined their friendship.

Harry smiled back at her and stuck out his hand, "Always." They shook hands both wearing a small blush. Katie was happy that he was still being very kind and not shooing her away like some blokes after sex. "Maybe we can do that again later."

Katie hoped that later didn't mean in ten minutes. Curfew was coming up and she still needed to get clean before bed. "Not tonight but who knows what the future holds."

Harry nodded at her almost philosophical answer, "Of course. Anytime you feel the need let me know." He was putting it on her and since he already had numerous partners and future partners so he didn't need to bug her for sex and/or ask to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Being single right now was in his best interest.

Katie got out of the bath and said, "Sounds perfect. Now let's get showered so we can head back to the dorm." Katie didn't waste time and quickly moved to a shower stall to wash off all the bath water which had Harry's cum floating in it from his three cumshots.

Harry jumped in the shower stall next to hers but showered faster than her so he could sneak back to his room instead of going back to the dorm and raising anymore questions. When he was done he said, "See you tomorrow Katie." Getting dressed and grabbing the egg he quickly escaped from the prefect bathroom and made his way to his private room.

Katie wanted to walk back to the dorm with Harry but maybe it was for the best that they weren't seen coming out of the Prefect bathroom together. While there were some instances of platonic interactions in this bathroom most of the time it made an excellent hookup place. You were less likely to get caught than a broom closet. This was her first time having sex in here but she had a little make out session with the Hufflepuff prefect which led to a blowjob. But this was the furthest she had ever gone with a boy in this room before. 'I can't wait to tell the girls. They aren't going to believe I shagged Harry bloody Potter. Or that he was an amazing shag.' Angelina and Alicia were going to be so jealous of her for sleeping with Harry Potter. Although she might have to leave out the part of him taking her ass and how easy she made it for him.

Desiree floated next to her master on the way back to their room. She was sure to keep her interruptions during sex to a minimum. She knew that he didn't like when she was too involved unless he was doing something wrong. 'Very good job tonight master.'

'Thank you Desiree.' He had just wanted to solve the egg but Katie came in and jumped into the bath with him. 'I got really lucky there.'

Desiree smirked at him thinking it was luck. He was an attractive boy and even without his wish any girl would be crazy not to fall for him in the moment. His big green eyes and lean body along with this edge that stimulated the part in girls brains who like bad boys. All of that was after he undid his wish that made it even easier for girls to sleep with him. Now he was going to find out how many girls really wanted him. Desiree was curious to see if Sinistra was still going to fuck him white the wish being gone. She seemed to really lust after her master's body. His young and lean frame or his giant cock. Whatever it was she would bet that it was real. 'Anything you say master. I take it you don't have anything left for me tonight.'

Harry felt bad when he disappointed Desiree and it seemed like sex with him was her favorite thing in the world. 'I will make it up to you in the morning.' As he said that he walked back into the safety of the Room of Requirement. Throwing the egg aside he turned to see Desiree was back in her human form.

Desiree could live with that, "Promise?"

Harry stripped down and climbed into bed and waited for Desiree to do the same. Desiree slipped her naked body next to hers in bed as he used her as a body pillow. "Promise. Tomorrow morning I'm all yours." Harry said as he closed his eyes feeling the fatigue hit his body.

Desiree smiled as she felt his hard body against hers as he slipped into a slumber. She was able to stay up for a little longer and she had come up with a plan for tomorrow. He was going to start wooing his date for the Yule ball. With her guiding hand he was going to make that Veela champion his.

Hogwarts Girl's Dorm

By the time Katie had made it back to the dorm she walked through the front door with wet hair and a permanent smile. Alicia and Angelina had been waiting for their friend since eight and it was close to ten now. They would have been worried if she didn't come in with a big smile. "Where have you been Katie? We were supposed to be working on our six inch essays for tomorrow." Alicia said

Angelina had had enough sex to recognize that look. "What did you do?" As far as she knew Katie wasn't dating anyone and she didn't seem like the girl to drag a random guy to a dark corner for a shag.

Katie was blushing at being caught. She needed to work on her acting skills. Looking around the common room she saw one other pair of students who were in their own little world. With a hushed tone she leaned closer to her best friend's. "I found Harry in the prefect's bathroom."

Angelina's eyes went wide at the news as she put it together. "You shagged Harry Potter." Angelina said in a harsh whisper.

Katie's face was crimson as she nodded confirming what happened. Alicia almost fainted at the news. "How was he?" Alicia was curious about how the boy was in bed. If she had to guess he wasn't a selfish lover but maybe a little clumsy. That was all fourth year boys and she didn't expect Harry to be different minus the selfish lover part. Harry was so sweet they were sure he was the type of boy to go down on you all night if you asked.

Katie's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she licked her lips, "He was amazing. You wouldn't believe what he did to me." She was loving the chance to brag to her friends especially Angelina who had the craziest sexual experiences with the twins.

Alicia leaned forward needing to know more, "What did he do?" Katie usually was never this free with her sexual experiences usually wanting to keep them to herself.

Katie was still naked under her closed robe and could feel her arousal come back full force. "In the prefect bath I felt his cock with my feet. Before I knew it I'm bent over the rim of the tub getting fucked like Harry's personal toy." There was more to that but it was inconsequential when talking about the real sex.

Angelina asked, "How big was he?" She wasn't a stranger to big cocks; the twins were a solid seven inches and Oliver Wood lived up to his name at about eight and a half inches.

Katie spaced out her hands to the appropriate length of about ten inches to a foot. While she didn't know the exact size she knew it was big.

Alicia's jaw dropped, "No way. Did he use magic to get it that big?" She had never heard about a boy's cock being that big and she knew all the rumors around school. She could have made a chart with all the boy's sizes and none of them would even come close to Harry.

Katie shook her head, "I never saw him draw his wand. He didn't even go soft after the first time he just kept going. I lost count of the amount of orgasms I had." Sex was the perfect treat today and it was so big it was probably going to hold her for a while.

Angelina pouted hearing how good Harry was. While the twins weren't bad, if they both came at the same time then she had to wait ten to fifteen minutes before they got hard again. "Do you think Harry has done anal?" Since she had started seeing the twins she wasn't shy about getting a cock in the ass. That was the best way to enjoy twins was with one in your pussy and one in your bum.

Katie blushed a deeper red, "He has...he did it with me." She didn't plan to reveal that since it was so intimate and personal but her best friend asked. 'Now they know I took it in my bum.'

Alicia was an anal virgin but Angelina always went on about how good it felt especially with another cock plugging your pussy at the same time. "Are you okay Katie?"

Katie nodded, "He was sweet and as gentle as he could be. I might be sore tomorrow but when he made me cum through my ass I almost passed out."

Angelina made a mental note to corner Harry after practice one day. 'Too bad there is no Quidditch this year.' That was something she needed to try. "Who knew Harry was like that?"

"He offered to share the tub with me and the way he looked at me made me want him and before I knew it we were having sex." Katie usually never moved that fast when she usually slept with boys she would start with a kiss or two to see if they had an attraction. With Harry they both felt it and she couldn't stop from spreading her legs for him.

Alicia was now the least experienced out of the three of them and she vowed to fix that. She liked Harry and hoped he would give her a chance. Angelina said, "Too bad we don't have Quidditch this year, maybe we could have dragged him into the girl's showers."

Katie shifted on the couch feeling a little embarrassed that she could feel her arousal sticking to the back of her robes which was on the couch. "I asked him if he ever thought of us in the shower and he said he's wanked to the thought."

Angelina felt her knickers getting wet at that idea. She hadn't had sex in the showers there and doing so with Harry would be amazing. "For that we might have to wait for next year since the tournament cancelled all Quidditch this year."

The girls kept talking more and more about Harry and by the time they all went to bed all the curtains were drawn on their beds. Angelina and Alicia had gone to sleep after a go with the vibration charms on their wands. Both girls thought about being pinned to the cold tile wall by Harry and cumming over and over his massive cock. While Katie was too exhausted to play with herself and was asleep quicker than usual. Apparently after multiple orgasms and a nice hot bath and shower you are so relaxed you fall asleep easier.


Hope everyone liked this and beared with me as the story took shape. I don't think I will be doing all three of the girls anytime soon. I might wait for next year if it goes that far.

Harry has also cancelled the "girls all like me" wish and from here on out it will all be charm and the gift of gab.

Thank you for reading.

Chapter Text

Genie 7 Daphne

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Fleur Delacour: Kathrine McNamara
Daphne: Sydney Sweeney


On Monday students started to pair up for the Yule Ball. There was a flurry of gossip on who was going with who. Boys were nervously asking out girls and girls were trying to act like they weren't thrilled that they didn't have to go alone. Hermione even came up to him and asked if he was going to go with her. Before he could answer and possibly break her heart she said Viktor Krum had asked her. He tripped over himself and encouraged her to say yes to Krum. Which left him open to finding his own date. They had been awkward since the first task and since he cancelled his "girls love him'' wish Hermione hadn't made another move.

During breakfast on Wednesday he saw three boys gather the courage to go and ask the beautiful and angelic Fleur Delacour to be their date. One boy from Ravenclaw even had flowers delivered via post for her. Each time she turned someone down he saw the same signs. Their shoulders would slump after being held high and they would bow their heads as if they were defeated. Harry watched what every boy did and took notes on what it would take to get a yes.

He had already reversed his wish with Desiree so now no women were drawn to him. At least more than normal and not overly so. To him the wish was training wheels like the bike Dudley used to ride. There was no need for it anymore with him. He had learned so much from the girls he had already slept with he knew what it took to get them in bed with him.

Desiree had told him a great piece of advice one day after his morning shag. "With every woman there is a series of things you can say that will make them jump into bed with you." She joked, "Mine just happen to be the words 'I wish'."

Besides the sex they were constantly having Desiree was sneaking in lessons on courting a girl. She would teach him special compliments that weren't generic and that women would respond to. She also taught him all the sensitive spots on the body that would drive any woman mad. From a simple touch on the arm to a featherlight touch on her back and ribs. Or how to grope a tit or ass that that didn't make you seem like it was your first time doing so. He soaked it all up like a sponge wanting to be the best lover he could be and be able to seal the deal with any girl he fancied. Fleur Delacour was at the top of his list right now and not just because of her beauty.

Back in the Great Hall Harry realized he couldn't ask Fleur in front of the entire school so it would be best to get her one on one. Desiree had also put the idea in his head he should get her a present. Women loved presents and it would be a grander gesture than flowers or chocolates preferably something shiny and expensive.

Give out so few gifts in his life he had no clue what would make a good gift. Also, never having a girlfriend made this a harrowing test. The only gift he had ever given a girl was books to Hermione. While Fleur might like a book he wanted something more personal and special. Once Desiree suggested jewelry he knew he had a winner but then was narrowing it down. There were rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Harry was so clueless he eventually gave up and went to the library during his free hour to do some research. Asking Madam Pince for any books on French wizards, France and jewelry. Since his mind was on his task he didn't notice the look of disdain he was getting. He had been caught in this library goofing off one too many times. Madam Pince did not like students who did not treat the library like the reverence it deserved.

Setting down her own book and coming around her desk she led Harry towards the last row of bookshelves just before the restricted section. Her heels were angrily clicking against the stone ground all the way to the back before she pulled two books off the shelves and set them on the table without a word. With her job done she walked back to her desk at the entrance to the library and her book.

Harry picked up the first book on the table. "Great French Wizards of the 1700s". Opening to a random page there was a profile on a wizard named Michel Ney who was Napoleon's second in command and secretly helped win wars and battles with his magic. Quickly scanning the page he saw nothing that would help him find a gift.

When he closed the book he noticed on the back of the book there was a giant Fleur de lis. 'There is an idea. A Fleur for Fleur' A Fleur de lis necklace would probably be the perfect way to start as an invite to the ball. While he was in his own head Desiree wasn't paying attention, instead reading all the titles of the books on the shelves.

Looking down to the second book he saw the title. "Guide to Jewelry Enchanting." Harry opened the book to the table of contents and went through the enchantments. Some were easier and had very minor effects like keeping your clothes dry in the rain or having a permanent warming charm. The further he got towards the bottom of the table of contents he saw more complex enchantments like ones to shield the wearer from spells to the back or someone being unable to read the wearer's mind. All of these were useful but the one to protect against spells was the most useful considering they were in a tournament where their lives were on the line. 'Desiree.'

Hearing her master's call she stopped her browsing and floated back to her master. 'Yes.' She hoped he made up his mind on a gift. She was dying for a chance to show off her magical skill.

Harry held up the back of the book with the Fleur de lis. "I wish for the most beautiful Fleur de lis necklace with an enchantment to protect from spells to the back.'

Desiree felt her magic flare up as she granted his wish. 'So you have wished it, so it shall be.' Being discreet as possible green smoke flowed out of her hands and formed a black velvet box on the library table. Kind of reminded her of a previous master who was a warlord and had wanted to marry a princess. In order to make that come true he needed an offering for her value so he wished for a ruby the size of a human head.

Harry quickly snatched up the box and looked inside. As soon as the necklace was exposed to the light it was shimmering and sparkling. The Fleur de lis was silver and covered with diamonds while the top loop had an oval sapphire that made the piece look even more elegant. To Harry there was no doubt this was going to blow her away.

Desiree could feel her master's excitement through the link. 'She is going to love it master.' The piece was also going to make every other girl in the school jealous. If Desiree was honest with herself it was the most beautiful piece of jewelry she had ever made. 'Amazing how far humans have come with jewelry when I was around at first everything was crudely made out of gold. With her last master she had gotten to see how far jewelry had come. As man figured out new ways to refine metals and mine for shiny stones it really did make for the most beautiful pieces. While Harry was flipping through the book she saw all sorts of examples to draw inspiration from.

With his only reason for coming to the library done he stashed the necklace box in his school bag before heading to his last class of the day. During that whole class he was barely paying attention instead running through what he was going to say to Fleur. He would be lying if he said his mind didn't wander down the more lascivious paths.

Having enough time to think of it after class he called Desiree out of this bottle. The Yule Ball was next weekend and he needed to make his move soon. 'There is no time like the present. I wish I knew where Fleur was.'

With her standard wish making words she told Harry, 'She is on the shore of Black lake.' The wish made sense to grant because Harry planned to have sex with the girl. While Desiree hadn't met the woman in question from Harry's memories the girl was stunning.

Harry had the jewelry box in his school bag. Making his way to Black Lake Harry nailed down exactly what he wanted to say. At first he wanted to compliment her beauty but then figured every bloke did that. Next he made sure not to ogle her body and try to stare into her eyes. As he walked towards Black Lake he saw someone in blue robes sitting on the shore staring at the water.

Fleur heard footsteps approaching and quickly looked to see if it was a threat. Some of the boys in Hogwarts were getting more aggressive in their desires to take her to the ball. She didn't know why but boys here were uncouth and pigheaded. 'Maybe it's just the English in general.' Every time a boy looked at her she could almost see in their minds and see that they only saw her as a pretty face or as just a tight hole to fuck. When she saw Harry approaching she was a little relieved. At least he seemed to be immune to her allure and not become a drooling idiot in her presence. It was very rare to find a boy with that power. Part of her thought he might be a wizard's wizard but threw that aside when she saw him strutting up to her. 'Wonder if he knows about the second task yet. Did he come down here to scout the lake or is he here for me?'

The closer Harry got to Fleur he was debating on whether to stand or sit down next to her. That part Desiree helped with by telling him to sit so he wasn't lording over her. She even had to remind him that when you propose you always get on your knee so she is above you.

Desiree was able to speak and think but the closer her master became to the Veela the more she felt her head get hazy. Desiree was attracted to the opposite sex but this girl was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. While she didn't say anything her mind was flashing through sexual fantasies. One was her master taking the girl roughly like she taught him. The second was herself with a wished cock and she was fucking the Veela with her master. All she knew was that she wanted to feel and taste this girl's pale flesh. As she was thinking about this she heard her master yell through the link, 'Stop that!'

Harry could see what she was thinking and he couldn't afford to get an erection right now. That would be the worst first impression. "Hi Fleur." He tried to keep any hint of nervousness out of his voice.

As he approached her shoulders tensed but the warm smile on his face with the soft way he said her name made her relax. "Hello Harry." She used his real name instead of "leetle boy".

Harry knew why she was out here and it was clear she figured out the clue, "Worried about the second task?" While he didn't know a lot about Veela he knew they had an affinity for fire. That made water their natural enemy and was going to be a drawback in the task. While that could be an advantage for him he didn't care about winning the tournament anyways.

Fleur breathed a sigh of relief that he already solved the clue. "Are you?" She didn't want to seem weak and was hoping he was worried so they could share the same feeling. To her this was going to be worse than the dragon given the feud between Merpeople and Veela.

Harry joked, "I am more worried about the Yule Ball to be honest. I don't want to be the one to open the dance and have everyone watching me." He hoped a little joke would get her to drop her guard a little.

Fleur could understand the fear of everyone watching you wanting you to screw up. When she thought that Hogwarts cheated to have two champions she wasn't expecting their entire student body to turn on Harry even going so far to wear pins that said he stinks. That was the first time she felt bad for the boy and started to believe that this might not have been planned. What student wants the entire school to turn against them. "We are champions, we are always going to have eyes on us." Fleur said, trying her best to hold her head up. Part of the reason she entered the tournament in the first place was that she was always stared at anyway. Now when people gawked at her she could lie to herself and say it was because she was a champion. She wanted to be the fiercest witch in France and if she won this tournament she was one step closer to her goal.

Harry grimaced as he started to open up, "I wish that was the case. I have been looked at like that since I was eleven." All he ever wished for was that he could have had a normal life. It was finally working for him now as a way to connect with Fleur.

Fleur felt her heart ache for the boy. It made her feel weak for a second and she couldn't help but ask, "Did you just come down here to commiserate with me or did you need something?" Harry was quickly becoming the best company she has had in the last week.

Harry saw that she was putting up a wall. She didn't want to get attached or reveal anything more to a possible competitor. Reaching into his bag he pulled out the velvet box. He could feel his hands get a little clammy around the box. "I… I wanted...hoping you would consider going to the ball with me." Fleur was looking out on the water and the light bouncing off the surface but when she heard him ask for her hand for the ball she turned to look at him. At first she noticed the pink on his cheeks but second she noticed he was holding a box. Before she could answer Harry extended his hands and presented her with the box. "You don't have to say yes but I also had this made for you."

Fleur has practiced in the art of saying the word "No" since coming to Hogwarts or more accurately since she had her maturity. At least half of the boys in the school must have asked her out and she said no but no one has gotten her a real gift before. She didn't open her mouth and instead she took the box from Harry's hands and felt the velvet. She was high class enough to know what a jewelry box felt like. It wasn't a ring or bracelet. Based on the size she estimated it was a necklace or a tiara. Opening the box she was right only she was stunned by what was staring back at her. It was a beautiful silver Fleur de lis pendant covered in diamonds with an oval sapphire for the top. "Um...I ...this is magnifique..." She touched the pendant and could feel some residual magic on it like it was enchanted. 'Oh Morgana what a sweet and thoughtful gift.'

In the setting sun he could almost see that her eyes were getting teary at the sight of the pendant. 'Good job Desiree you really outdid yourself. If this actually works I will go down on you as long as you want.' She really outdid herself with the gift. "I had it enchanted so it repels spells that are cast behind your back."

Fleur had been hit in the back by spells before but that was from stinging or jelly leg jinxes from jealous girls growing up. This necklace could be an advantage in the tournament and here he was just giving it to her. His request to be her date to the ball was one she thought about before the gift and now she couldn't say yes fast enough. "I would love to wear this for you as your date for the ball."

Harry breathed a sigh of relief, "So that's a yes?" He couldn't believe he received a yes without Desiree's past wish of girls falling for him with just a look. If he could get Fleur on his own then he could get any girl he wanted.

Fleur leaned to the side and gave Harry a quick peck on the cheek. "Yes I will be your date." When she thought of her date for the ball she had an image of a taller boy with a prettier face but all of those boys weren't worthy of her time. The "pretty" boys in this school had all asked her for her hand to the ball and all of them rubbed her the wrong way. In five minutes Harry had broken down her walls and wrangled a hard earned yes out of her. She found herself intrigued by Harry and the prospect of being his date. While she did feel safe that he wasn't obsessed like the other boys after hearing what he did in the first task she knew he was dangerous. No one expected him to kill the dragon, much less the most dangerous and strongest dragon out of the four.

Harry smiled at the peck and stood up off the shore, "Let me walk you back to your carriage." Harry was pulling out all the gentleman's stops. Some Desiree had taught him and some he remembered other boys talking about. Pulling out a girl's chair, holding open a door or walking hand in hand or arm in arm.

Once Fleur had gotten to her feet she accepted his arm as he led her back to her school's carriage. On the way they had some more small talk before she told him that he had better be a competent dancer by the time the ball rolled around next week. She refused to be embarrassed and she also imformed him about finding dress robes that would compliment her dress. Before they went their separate ways Fleur kissed his cheek again. For the first time in her life she was being wooed.

After she headed into the Beauxbatons carriage and he was alone he wanted to jump for joy. He didn't need a wish to control her and he managed to get a date all on his own. This had to be the biggest moment in his life since finding Desiree. In his head he was already thinking about the ball and them dancing in front of the entire school. Everyone would have to watch as he danced with the prettiest girl in the school.

'Are you sure about that master? I did make the necklace. Are you sure that I didn't get the date?' Desiree said through the link as he walked at a leisurely pace back to the castle. She didn't mean to rain on his party but she wanted her master to stay grounded to reality. 'It is one date master, don't get ahead of yourself.'

Harry turned to mock glare at his genie. 'Doesn't count because I could have just bought her another gift.' While he wanted all the credit he knew she had a small part in this. That wasn't including all of her seduction lessons.

Desiree knew her master was just being stubborn but let him have his small victory. 'Whatever you say, master.' When they were about half way back she asked, 'Are we going to dinner or are we going back to the room? I have to admit seeing that angel has put me in the mood. And I seem to remember you promising to eat me out for as long as I want.'

Sometimes Harry didn't know who was hornier him or his genie. 'I guess I will need practice if I want to make an impression after the ball.' In his head he had was fantasizing about Fleur's pussy and what it must taste like.

Desiree chuckled, 'Are you talking about the sex or dancing?' She was an expert dancer but not the kind you could do at a school dance. She had yet to break out some of her more risque moves but that was coming eventually. Dancing for a man was its own reward but with some of her tricks she could get him to explode without touching him.

Harry's soft footsteps on grass soon changed to loud clapping against the stone floor. Just as he was about to turn to the hallway leading to the stairs he heard a voice call behind him. "So even the great Harry Potter fell for the Veela's charm." It was an incredibly snarky thing to come out of nowhere.

Harry's head whipped around to see a familiar attractive blonde sitting in a window with a book in her hand. When he saw the blonde hair he was ready to draw his wand thinking it was the ferret. Since Moody had transfigured Draco into a ferret that was his new nickname. It took him a second to recognize the owner of the blonde hair as Daphne Greengrass. "I don't know what you are talking about." Harry said defensively. They had been flirty in class and now he had his hand caught in the cookie jar so to speak.

Daphne hopped off the window and said, "Come off it I saw you walking her back to her carriage. Let me guess you asked her to the dance like all the other boys." While she didn't usually enjoy all the male attention she received for her looks when the Veela arrived she was no longer the most beautiful girl in the school. Some guys stopped even giving her the up and down look but instead always searching for the Veela or ignoring her completely. 'If I could be seen with a Gryffindor I would have asked Harry myself.' Daphne thought wishing things were different. Dressing up and going to a dance with Harry sounded like her ideal night but the way things were it wasn't meant to be unless she wanted to look over her shoulder for the rest of her life.

Harry stepped towards the jealous blonde and said, "What if I'm just trying to keep an enemy close?" He took a few extra steps towards her. "What if my only focus is winning the tournament?" Not wanting to sound like every other boy he thought this would be enough to throw her off his trail.

Daphne smiled at the deviousness of that statement. "Oh really Potter. That doesn't strike me as something a Gryffindor would do." When he was within arms distance she touched up the side of his arm. Hearing Potter act like a Slytherin had lit a fire in here. In her house there wasn't one single boy who struck her fancy but Harry did at this moment. She enjoyed lightly flirting with him in class and she wasn't oblivious to the looks he gave her.

Harry felt her fingers graze his arm through his dress shirt. 'Holy shit is she flirting with me?' This was not the way he expected this conversation to go. Desiree cut in to answer his question, 'Yes master she is. From what I know about your house rivalries you are her forbidden fruit. Quickly close the deal and find an empty classroom.' Desiree could see Daphne was clearly aroused and didn't need much coaxing to get her in naked.

Daphne waited for Harry to respond and for a second she thought he was clueless but that changed when he leaned in. She could feel her breasts press against his chest and his mouth got so close to hers she could feel his hot breath. He was a few inches taller and looking up at him she saw he wasn't backing down. He almost looked down at her and challenged her to make the next move. His green eyes pierced hers and she remembered that her body was pressed against his.

'Holy shit Daphne really likes means that's without the wish. A Slytherin likes a Gryffindor who would have thought that would ever happen.' Harry knew she was waiting for him to muster up some Gryffindor courage and kiss her but she made it clear she liked his Slytherin traits. He didn't have to wait long before she lunged forward and kissed him before lightly biting his lip. When he felt her bite down she also grinded herself against his growing bulge.

Daphne didn't expect him to react so quickly to the kiss but when she felt his bulge getting bigger and bigger she broke the kiss. "Is that what I think it is?" Last summer she fooled around with Tracey and they had broken each other's hymens with a hairbrush. It didn't feel anything like this. Tracey said the hairbrush was a little smaller than a boy's cock would be. 'Well I guess she was right that the hairbrush had nothing on the boy's cock. Harry made it look silly now.' What she felt against her stomach was anything but average. Pulling away she looked down to see him straining against his trousers.

Harry was a little embarrassed he reacted with just the tiniest bit of skin contact but Fleur and Daphne both stoked the fire inside him. He was on his way back to his room to take it out on Desiree but it looked like Daphne was interested in him. "Yes it is. Is that something you would be interested in?" He was a little nervous with how quick they arrived in this situation.

Daphne couldn't stop her hand from palming his bulge and saying, "Why don't we find a broom closet?" This would be her first hook up in Hogwarts and with a Gryffindor no less. She never thought this would happen since the last thing she wanted was rumors flying around the school that she was easy or a slut. But with Harry she could tell he wasn't like other boys who would blab the second he managed to get her knickers off. Since the start of this year getting paired with him in potions she fell for his charm. A humble and powerful wizard who wasn't an arrogant prick like Malfoy. There was also the way he looked at her like he wanted more than potions pointers.

Harry didn't want a dark and cramped broom closet if he was going to have sex with Daphne. Grabbing the hand she had on his clothed erection he led her to the stairs before leading her to the abandoned second floor girls bathroom. "In here." Once they were inside he casted a layer of privacy spells so no one could hear what he was about to do.

Daphne wanted to protest doing it in the haunted bathroom but she was too far gone to stop now. As they walked up the stairs all she could think of was having him inside of her. She hadn't been with a big cock like his before but she wanted to try. 'I'm going to let Potter do whatever he wants with that thing. Fuck I sound like one of Tracey's trashy romance novels.'

On the way up the stairs he had mentally had wished for Desiree to take care of Moaning Myrtle so she wouldn't ruin this. The last thing he needed was Myrtle ruining the mood. Just before he entered the bathroom Desiree had confirmed the needy and annoying ghost was taken care of. Desiree had to use her magic to trap Myrtle out of the bathroom for what her master had planned.

Two steps in the bathroom Daphne felt Harry lead her over to the sinks before lifting her up so she was sitting on the sink. His lips attacked hers and even went to her neck a few times. Daphne couldn't believe how good Potter was at kissing. If her knickers weren't wet before they were wet now. She could feel the fabric stick and even ride up her slit. 'Lucky I always wear sexy knickers. A Greengrass woman is always meant to look her best.' When his lips were on her neck she moaned, "Oh yes Potter just like that."

Harry smiled into her neck before he pressed his clothed erection against her clothed mound. Her skirt rode up enough so he rubbed against her wet knickers. Her lacy knickers were rubbing against her clit in the roughest way imaginable. "If you are going to fuck me Potter just do it. Take me." While she was a girl who usually liked to take charge there was nothing she could do here. She could tell Harry knew what he was doing. A boy who could kiss like that had to have done this before.

Harry could feel his underwear get sticky with all the precum being smeared in his boxers. Being around Fleur then Daphne it was impossible not to be this aroused. Taking his hands off of her hips they went to his belt and zipper. He undid his trousers and pushed them down while watching her reaction to his naked lower half.

Daphne knew he was big but seeing his full glory bouncing up and down it looked almost too big. It was also well groomed which she didn't take for granted. Witches were expected to keep their cunt hairless and wizards rarely put any thought into their own grooming. Seeing Harry's smooth and hairless balls made her want to put them in her mouth. 'How can Potter keep that thing hidden? How has no one noticed that thing before?' Girls had started rumors about boy's cocks before, some being big and others small but there was never a word about Harry. Some girls hoped he was big but no one had any confirmation. That wasn't going to be the case soon. As soon as she met back with Tracey in the library she was going to corner Tracey and tell her all about this. She wasn't going to believe this. "I think I'm dreaming."

Harry smiled, feeling her reach down and wrap her hand around his girth as she wanked him up and down. "Is that your dream Greengrass? A nice big cock ready to stretch your pussy wide open."

Daphne's face went completely pink at his accusation. It made her sound like she was a bigger whore than she really was. "No, call me Daphne." She wanted to be called by her name and just happened to love the way it came out of his mouth.

"Call me Harry then. Now are you ready for the shag of your life?" He hoped she liked his confidence because he knew he could back it up. Looking down he saw her lacy green knickers had a large wet spot proof of how aroused she was. His fingers traced her lacy covered pussy making the blonde moan out in frustration wishing for more.

Daphne felt her face heat up even more as he looked directly at her clothed pussy before his hands started to pull them off. As the knickers were pulled off it was like they were being peeled off. As her naked pussy was revealed she was so happy that her daily routine included using the hair removal potions and spells on her nether regions and legs. Having Harry look at her most private of areas made her heart race.

When Harry freed her knickers off her legs he spread her legs a little wider to get a good look at her. As he expected her pussy looked exquisite just like the rest of her. If he wasn't in such a rush to stick his cock in her dripping pussy he would have loved to dive in head first. Instead he settled for taking two fingers and gathering some of her essence on his fingers before licking it off his fingers.

Daphne's eyes lit up seeing his tongue come out of his mouth to lick her off his fingers. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen. 'Please just stick that massive cock inside me already.' She wanted those words to be said aloud but the only thing that came out of her mouth was a pitiful whine. A wave of arousal like she never felt before was coursing through her body.

Wrapping his hand around his own cock Harry brought it to her glistening pussy and rubbed his tip up and down her slit before circling her clit. He liked teasing his partners until they begged for more. A Slytherin begging for his Gryffindor cock was like a new turn on for him. To the point where he might have to take another look at all the Slytherin girls.

Daphne fell into his trap Daphne's mouth dropped open as she cried out, "Do it Harry. Fuck me." She never thought those words would come out of her pureblood mouth so easily but she needed this. It also didn't help that she hadn't had any alone time with herself lately. Since coming back to Hogwarts she hadn't been masterbating as much as she did over the summer and it was working against her now. Right now Harry could ask anything and she would do it if it meant that he would put her out of her misery.

Harry pressed forward and started to sink his cock in her scorching wet heat. Daphne had an amazing pussy it almost made him forget that he was hitting on Fleur earlier. Right now the only thing he wanted was more of Daphne. If Fleur walked in here right now he wouldn't leave Daphne's tight cunt. "Fuck Daphne you feel amazing." The deeper he went the louder her moans rang out. Good thing this floor was almost always abandoned on top of the privacy charms. If sound could escape surely someone would have come running to investigate.

Daphne bit her lip to stop her moans from getting any louder as Harry was close to bottoming out inside of her. She was expecting more discomfort or pain from the initial penetration. When their skin met and she felt every inch crammed inside of her she felt a strong tingle race through her body. Daphne didn't know if it was the excitement of taking his whole cock or if it was the fact he was so deep it was hitting spots she didn't know she had. She had never felt anything so deep inside of her before but she really liked it.

Harry savored the moment and just enjoyed the feeling of her around his cock. As Harry looked down his eyes went from her face to her chest. Under her uniform he knew she had a great set of tits and he wanted to see them. His hands went to her tie and loosened it and pulled it over her head before unbuttoning her shirt. She had teased him with these during potions some of it on purpose and some was just him staring at her tits without her noticing.

Slowly he exposed her matching green bra and from there Daphne did the rest and showed him what he wanted to see. Besides Susan Bones, Daphne had the best set of tits in school. She was quite proud of her bust and took pride that they were bigger than that french tart's.

Harry's fingers circled her pink areolas and watched as she had a sharp intake of breath. "You are beautiful. The hottest little Slytherin slut I have ever seen." As he said the words he saw her smile get wider and his hand palmed her breasts before squeezing them. He was so distracted by her breasts that he almost forgot he was still buried in her pussy.

Daphne loved the compliments and feeling his rock hard cock twitching and pulsing inside of her was the biggest compliment. "Come on Harry. Stop fucking me like a Hufflepuff and fuck me like the Slytherin I know you can be."

Not waiting to ask what she meant Harry pulled out until just the head of his cock remained inside before thrusting all ten inches back into her as hard as he could. He was surprised he didn't crack the mirror with how hard her back pressed into the mirror. Harry started repeating that action over and over until Daphne started clawing at the back of his neck and shoulders.

Daphne didn't think she would enjoy sex this much but she provoked Harry until he gave her his best. The long hard thrusts were hitting every spot inside of her that made fireworks go off in her head. Besides feeling her arousal drip out of her and into the sink the whole bathroom could hear the wet sounds of his cock plugging her weeping hole. "Yes Harry. Use that Gryffindor cock to make me cum. You are so big. That big cock is ruining my pussy." She was being honest she felt like he was ruining her for every other boy. No boy could compete with this giant cock that was filling every inch of space in her tight pussy.

Harry smiled at the mention of his Gryffindor cock knowing she was getting close. He could feel her clamping down more and more the quicker his strokes became. "Am I fucking you like a Slytherin or do you need more?" He was curious on how far she would take it or how much more she needed.

"More! Keep fucking my cunt!" Just as those words came out of her mouth she felt Harry's hands go to the back of her knees and raise her legs so he could reach even deeper than before. Daphne couldn't stop the toe curling orgasm that ripped through her body. Letting out a muffled moan there was nothing she could do as Harry fucked her through the most powerful orgasm of her life.

Harry never stopped and just watched as her eyes rolled back in her head and her legs trembled in his hands. "Cumming already Daphne?" Daphne didn't respond unless you counted louder moans as a response. "I'm close too, Daphne. Get ready I'm about to fill your filthy snake cunt with my cum." Before today he never imagined talking to her like this but she sure took to the dirty talk quickly.

Those words made Daphne try to milk his cock with her pussy wanting to feel the feeling of being filled with cum. Within twenty seconds of him saying he was going to fill her up she felt a splash of warm seed shoot inside of her. The smug bastard even smiled when her jaw dropped as he rapidly filled her womb with his scorching seed. 'This feels so much more than I ever imagined. Am I a total slut for loving a boy's warm cum sloshing around inside me?'

Harry gave her a triple load wanting to fill her to the limit. As he kept her pussy plugged with his cock the cum had nowhere to go and the intense feeling even made her eyes flutter. "Did I fuck you like a Slytherin?" He could feel that she enjoyed the taunts because her pussy never let his cock go from it's death grip.

Daphne regained her bearings enough to say, "Pretty good for a Gryffindor." Those were the wrong words to say because Harry promptly pulled out of her which made her groan at the loss of his cock. Her pussy suddenly felt empty and all of his cum started rushing out. Before she knew it Harry had contorted her until she was bent over the sink with her face pressed against the mirror. She was about to complain but she felt his cock press against her virgin asshole. All the words died in her mouth. 'No way he can't be serious.'

Harry didn't wait and pressed forward and looked down to see her ass opening up and swallowing the tip of his cock. With his previous wish it made Daphne's asshole prepped and ready to take his entire cock. He moved slowly but within two inches she let out a loud moan indicating she liked it. He had read her body to know she wanted more and he was glad he was right. "That's it Daphne relax your ass and let me in. Since it's your first time, tell me how deep to go." It was a courtesy he awarded her but not Pansy. Because he actually liked Daphne.

Daphne was loving the stinging of her asshole as it was stretched to accommodate his massive cock. While it wasn't as pleasure filled as when he fucked her pussy she liked to think it would get better with time. It also wasn't the time to back down. "As deep as you can go. Fuck my ass with everything you have." Even with the discomfort of her first bout with anal sex it was still giving her enough pleasure she was sure she could cum given enough time.

When Harry was fully inside her ass he felt her squeeze down as hard as she could and even looked in the mirror with a sexy smile. Harry smiled back as he pulled out half way before thrusting right back in. Both of them moaned at the feeling for Harry; it felt better than most girls he had been with so far. While she couldn't compete with Desiree given time he was sure she could at least make the competition close. Daphne put Pansy's ass to shame and he had to admit he was enjoying this more than his time with Hermione.

'I heard that.' Desiree said through the link hearing him compare Daphne's ass to her own. She liked to think there wasn't another girl on the planet who had a better ass than her's. It wasn't in an angry tone but one that was almost teasing. Her words made his movements stutter before his thrusts found the rhythm again.

Daphne was losing her head to the intense anal fucking she was receiving. Her body quickly adapted to this kind of sex and her body liked it even more than she thought possible. Her hands were gripping the white porcelain of the sink while she looked at her own reflection. She was able to see her own slutty expressions as she took her first anal shag. Looking up she saw Harry's sexy and cocky smile as he kept switching his view from her stretched asshole back to her face in the mirror. "That's it Harry. You are finally fucking me like a Slytherin. I knew you had it in you." She had never fucked a Slytherin but this is what she imagined it would be like if all the current Slytherin's weren't such wankers. 'Maybe I should find him a Slytherin uniform and have him fuck me in it.' If she did this again she planned to do that and maybe change his hair and those glasses could go too.

Harry was happy for the praise and rewarded her with a firm spank on her pale bottom. Doing that even drew out a deeper moan. Looking down he didn't know what to look at the ripple of her ass to his hand or seeing her asshole stretched to the limit around his cock. Repeating his actions over and over he felt her ass get even tighter.

Daphne was biting her tongue to stop her mouth from letting him know how much she was enjoying her spanking. Being disciplined like this was getting her off. She was hoping to keep quiet until she came but she felt his thrusts get faster. Afraid he was going to cum before her she cried out. "Keep smacking my Slytherin ass. Make me cum on your cock." Some more loud smacks had brought her right to the edge of her climax and with one final thrust she felt like the world swallowed her whole as her body fired off another hard climax. "Yes! Fill my ass like you did my pussy."

Harry complied with her request. With her ass clamping around him he was no match for her tight ass and he let loose. Just like with her pussy he gave her an enhanced load and he saw her eyes go wide in the mirror.

Daphne thought the first time was a fluke and that it had just been a while for him but Harry had filled her ass to the point she could feel warmth deeper than she thought possible. 'Getting your holes filled shouldn't feel this good. Fuck I am a real whore if I am already craving a repeat performance tomorrow.' While she might give her ass a break she would love to have him again tomorrow.

Harry rode out his orgasm in Daphne's ass before finally pulling out and watching her gaped hole struggle to close as his white cum started to pour like a faucet. Looking back at Daphne's face he saw it was pink in embarrassment of having him watch her leaking holes. He saw her white knuckles gripping the sink as hard as she could and without prompting he flipped her back around so she was sitting on the sink facing him. Now face to face Harry leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

Daphne wasn't expecting a kiss, much less one filled with so much passion. After the intimate first she just experienced she felt her heart melt into the kiss. The fact her holes were leaking his seed into the sink wasn't relevant. The only thing that mattered was this kiss. His tongue was almost soothing hers as it penetrated her mouth like he did for both of her other holes.

When Harry broke the kiss he said, "You are so amazing Daphne." He didn't expect this when she was giving him shit for talking to Fleur. Although this is what he wished would eventually happen after being her partnered with her in potions. He even had a few dreams where she would drag him to an empty broom closet before dropping to her knees for him. Those dreams usually ended by waking up and seeing Desiree's head bobbing up and down. Funny how that influenced most of his dreams nowadays.

Daphne felt her sweaty forehead making her hair stick to it and she imagined she looked quite unattractive right now. Not that you could tell it the way Harry looked back at her. "We should do this again soon." In her head she was just happy that she had him before the Veela did. Daphne hoped to set the bar so high that French tart couldn't possibly beat her. It's part of the reason she just let him take her virgin bum.

Harry gave her a small chuckle, "Yes we should." His hands couldn't resist going back to her amazing double D's and giving them one last squeeze. "Let me know when you can sneak away. I take it you don't want anyone to find out." He wished it wasn't a social death sentence for her to be seen with him. If Draco found out he knew Daphne would never live it down and she might even be in danger. To be fair most of the males in Slytherin hated him but mostly because he would beat them in quidditch every time they played each other.

Daphne was thinking the same thing and hated that she had to hide this. If it wasn't for the little death munchers she could walk hand in hand with Harry and do other teenage things. "We have to be careful but I want to do this again." Her brain then came up with a real devious idea. "Do you want to do it before your date with Fleur?"

Harry smiled at her suggestion. Fucking Daphne right before the ball was probably the hottest thing Daphne could imagine. The thought that Fleur could smell her on him during the dance or maybe even later that night made him hard. That was one wish he didn't get rid of which was that girls didn't get jealous or care that he slept around. "Shit Daphne. I am going to promise you that I am going to fuck you even harder than this before the dance." He imagined her thinking about him every time she danced with another boy or when she sat down tomorrow.

Hopping off the sink Daphne finally stood on to her own two feet before she started to pick up articles of clothing before putting them back on starting with her knickers. Harry's smile faded when she put on her bra and cast a scourgify on her lower half. "Don't look so disappointed Potter, you were lucky enough to have all of my body. No one has ever had my arse before you." She hoped that he would treasure it the same way she did. This was going to be an erotic memory she was going to use anytime she was alone for the rest of her life.

Harry moved right behind her and cupped her ass through her skirt. "So this ass is mine. Does that mean I could have it anytime I want?" Now images of him bending her over in class was the only thing in his head.

Daphne smirked as his hands cupped her and even gave her a few squeezes as his finger slid in her crack. "Depending who is around, maybe." While anal felt good she didn't want to give him an open invitation. She had yet to feel what the next day felt like and after taking a ten inch basilisk in the ass she might be a little sore tomorrow. Harry was still naked and getting harder by the second thinking about fucking Daphne's ass again. Daphne just looked at his towering erection and giggled, "I have to get back before people notice we are both gone. You have to take care of that on your own."

Harry's half smile was completely gone hoping she would at least let him try her mouth since he already had her other holes. Gripping his cock in his hand he waved it towards her, "Come on one quick blowjob."

Daphne took more time than she should have answering. "I promise to make it up to you but not now." Throwing on her cloak and picking up her book bag she looked over her shoulder at a still naked Harry in the bathroom, "See you around Harry." Throwing his first name around he half expected her to use his last name as she put her ice queen mask back on.

He didn't expect her to leave him standing there naked and alone in the bathroom. The further her steps sounded, eventually Harry called, "Desiree." If she wouldn't do it he had a woman who was very well willing to do it.

Said genie came out of hiding and appeared next to Harry. With a smirk and a satisfaction in her voice she said, "Yes master." Her green genie skin was exposed and she even used her arms to push her tits out to entice him to ask her for release.

Harry couldn't leave here like this. "Get in your human form and take care of this please." He didn't need to wish because he knew she was more than happy to take care of this with no compulsion.

Desiree didn't say a word and just appeared in her naked human form on her knees before she leaned forward and swallowed every inch of his cock. There was no gagging or stopping. Every time she sucked his cock she never hesitated putting her nose against his groin.

Harry threw his head back feeling his cock enter her throat. It was warm, wet and tight just the way he liked it. Looking down he saw her brown eyes looking up at him filled with more love than he had ever seen before. "Are you that turned on from watching me fuck Daphne?" He just got done fucking Daphne's ass and Desiree was sucking it down like it was the best thing she had ever tasted.

Desiree didn't take the cock out of her mouth and just nodded before she started bobbing up and down. She even pressed her tongue on the underside of his cock and got a taste for Daphne's ass. Thankfully with Harry's wish every girl's ass was lubed and cleaned before they had sex. It was still a little dirty but it only fueled Desiree to suck harder. The harder she bobbed a vulgar slurping sound was heard by all she she tried to fuck her own throat with her perfect cock.

Harry's hands went to Desiree's long silky black hair and gripped tight as she throat fucked herself. "Shit Desiree. I love your mouth." While he loved all of her, her mouth and ass always fought for number one of his favorite holes. Right now he felt as if this was the best blowjob he had ever received. Now his only thoughts were about dumping as much cum as he could down her throat.

Desiree could see his face scrunch up as his cock twitches increased. She could tell he wanted her to swallow his load but she wanted it on her face. She was going to have to compromise and do both.

Just as he was on the edge Harry gripped the back of Desiree's head and thrust everything he had into the back of her throat as he hosed his white cream down her throat. Just like Daphne he gave her an enhanced load and just before he finished Desiree pushed off. For a second he didn't know what she was doing but once she started wanking his cock over her face he knew.

Desiree smiled as she felt more ropes of cum pulse out of his cock and onto her face. He extended his orgasm for her to get the facial she so desperately wanted. She never got tired of his warm sticky cum landing on her face or when she looked up and saw the wonder in her master's eyes. Every time was like the first time in his eyes. Seeing his cock finally go soft she changed back into her ghost form which was clean if his cum. "Ready for dinner master?"

Harry was panting, after fucking Daphne twice and Desiree's mouth he could definitely go for some food. "Thanks Desiree. I don't know what I would do without you." Now fully relaxed and soft Harry embarrassingly fumbled to get dressed because that was the precise time Myrtle came back in the room. She just silently watched as he got dressed which was even creepier than saying anything. It was by far the creepiest moment so far in his short sexual history.

Desiree flew over to Myrtle, "Amazing isn't he?" Myrtle just nodded at the genie while she watched a pink faced Harry get dressed and walk out of her bathroom. Desiree couldn't resist slipping in one last shot on the poor virgin ghost. "You wouldn't believe how good that cock is and what it feels like when he pumps you full of his baby cream."

Moaning Myrtle just let out a big sigh as Desiree flew after Harry. It was eternally unfair that she had to die a virgin and be trapped in a school full of attractive students.


I don't know why but Daphne and some of the other girls are just easier to write than others. I like reading some Hermione and Harry fics but as a writer I just like Daphne so much better. She flows so much better and I can see her doing any depraved thing Harry would want.

Also I had to write a scene where Daphne didn't have a hymen and I have read some girls have done the hairbrush thing before so I went with that. She was too young to sleep around. In this part of the story Harry and Daphne had known each other for a while so they didn't just jump to sex out of nowhere. She will be a feature of Harry's life going forward.

Next chapter will be someone else before the Yule ball.

Chapter Text

Genie 8

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Fleur Delacour: Katherine McNamara
Rita Skeeter: Rachael Harris {Linda from Lucifer}


With the Yule Ball quickly approaching Harry had lost focus on the tournament and with school in general. Now he was spending every waking moment running through scenarios and plans for the ball. Fleur was going to be his date but that wasn't a sure thing to get into bed with her. If he wanted to seal the deal he had to be at his very best. So he had cut down the amount of sex he was having with Desiree and changed it into dancing practice. After their first lesson it was obvious it was a kind of dancing neither of them had experience with so he wished for the both of them to be experts in ballroom dance.

The drawback was that as even an expert in ballroom dance he had to get used to holding and dancing with a woman. The last thing he wanted was to accidentally pitch a tent for the entire hall to see and with his massive size there was no way to hide it.

Desiree liked sex more but dancing in her master's arms was a close second. Their moves were perfect as their feet effortlessly glided across the conjured wood floor in the Room of Requirement. While they were dancing her mind went back to their first practice and the shag they had afterwards. They were so worked up about halfway through the second song they had to rip clothes off each other and molest each other on the dance floor. They eventually built a resistance and stopped cutting their dancing lessons short to have wild and passionate sex.

Afterwards Desiree teased him saying he couldn't do that during the ball no matter how much he wanted to. She purposely left out the part about freezing time and letting him shag his date without her even knowing. That was a wish courtesy of a master from the 1600s. That was a weird guy who was so shy he couldn't have sex unless the woman was frozen in time or non responsive.

As the last song on the phonograph finished Harry twirled his exotic genie before pulling her back and dipping her. When the song ended they both returned to a standing position slightly out of breath. "So am I ready for my date?" Harry asked.

Desiree nodded and smiled at her master, "Yes. Just treat her like a queen and she won't be able to resist you. Maybe even dance with a few of her friends if you want to get on her good side." Desiree had been to plenty of parties in her life and if she learned anything it was that people became frisky after some drinks and some dancing.

Harry smiled at his genie and before he could stop himself his eyes trailed down and took in her glittery silver dress that pushed up both her backside and her beautiful tits. The silver contrasted her brown skin and only made it worse when he couldn't find the zipper with his hands roaming her back.

Desiree chuckled at her master for not being subtle in lusting her body. "There is no zipper, silly. I formed the dress to myself and can use my power to take it off anytime I want. Why would I need a zipper?" His hands went still at her words as her hand went to his jaw and brought her mouth to his. After a long passionate kiss Desiree said, "You are going to think I'm cruel but I have to remind you dinner starts in a few minutes and you already skipped lunch."

Harry groaned knowing that he couldn't miss that. Since his disappearance from Gryffindor Tower he was worried about a search party being called if he missed too much. While he had gone a few times without being caught Professor McGonagall had been looking at him closely after his romp with Amelia in her office. Amelia had cleaned up their mess but McGonagall must have still suspected something. "You are right but I do think you are cruel."

Desiree knew her master was joking, "Just see where the night takes you. I have a feeling if you just open up your eyes you won't be alone for too long." She had gotten better about sharing her master lately. In the beginning she wanted to hog him for herself but slowly she came to accept that she couldn't be the sole focus in his life. This was just her first master she fell so hard for.

Harry knew it was hard for Desiree to step aside and let him find a new girl to entertain him but he imagined it was easier because she could watch. During his time with other girls he had seen Desiree finger fucking herself. "Fine, we will see where tonight takes us."

Desiree nodded as she changed them back into their regular clothes and out of their dress/dance clothes. Now that Desiree was back in her cold ghost form she missed the warm touch of her master and the warm flutter she felt in her chest.

Harry was one of the first to the great hall for dinner. He wasted no time in loading up his plate. He expended a lot of energy with the hour and a half of dancing practice. He didn't have lunch trying to rush since he had Desiree blow him after class due to Daphne teasing him in potions. She even flipped up her skirt and showed him she wasn't wearing any knickers. It also didn't help that he had spent a couple minutes staring at Pansy's ass before Daphne caught him and glared at him. She wanted all of his attention for herself. If anything that was probably going to fuel her the next time they had sex and she would remind him who he should be looking at.

Back in the great hall he noticed that people were starting to pile in and chat filling the hall with a dull roar. Slowly picking at his food he was made aware someone was sitting across from him. He didn't need to look up to know who it was as he could feel her allure from five meters away. With a smile he looked up from his potatoes. "Hello Fleur." She was even wearing his gift around her neck drawing the eyes to her neck and cleavage.

Fleur could feel every set of eyes in the room on her. "Hello my love. I am looking forward to the ball this weekend." While she wanted to keep their date private after thinking about it for a long while she changed her mind. She wanted to claim her date in front of the entire school. There was also the added benefit of showing she had a date so boys stopped asking her. It was quite exhausting saying no dozens of times a day and seeing boys get sad or worse, angry.

Harry knew what she was doing so he played into it and spoke louder than he usually would. "Of course. I can't wait for our date, my lovely flower." He liked going overboard hoping that it would pay off for their date. With all the preparation he was putting into this date he hoped it was enough to get Fleur to come back to his room.

'Master there is a suspicious looking beetle on your robes. With your right hand, quickly grab it after you conjure a glass jar.' Desiree didn't like the look of this beetle. If it was anything else she would have worried that it could be venomous and possibly kill her master.

Harry did as Desiree said and conjured a jar under the table while just nodding his head to Fleur was saying. With his lightning quick reflexes he gripped the beetle in his hand and felt the bug fight and thrash. It was almost enough to get away but before it worked he shoved the beetle in the jar before charming it shut. Without Fleur noticing he slipped it into his robe pocket and waited for her to finish explaining the dress she picked out.

By the time she was finally done talking Harry quickly changed the subject. "Well I hope it's comfortable because I have been practicing my dancing and I promise we will have to be dragged off that dance floor." While he was doing his best to be charming Desiree had stressed the importance of dance and how if he did a good job she would be more likely to sleep with him. Because good dancing was a precursor to good sex.

Fleur liked to hear her date was ready to spend the night dancing. She had taken ballet and ballroom dancing since she was four and it was hard to find a date who could keep up with her. "Sounds wonderful. Although we shouldn't dance too long or we won't have any energy for the end of the night." She saucily looked at Harry hoping he picked up her hint.

Harry felt a tingle in his groin at her mention that she was already thinking after the date. "We wouldn't want that. I do have to warn you I have an impressive amount of stamina." If he was going to sleep with Fleur he could promise it was going to be more than once.

Fleur smirked at his confidence. "A lot of boys say that but after a few dances they are finished for the rest of the night." It was clear this was now a war of innuendos.

Harry leaned closer, "I haven't had any complaints. Usually I'm the one that wants to dance all night but the girl gets tired." All of his words were making her eyes twinkle brighter. He was sure his words were probably making her as wet as he was hard.

Fleur could tell this wasn't all smoke and that there was truth to his words. But that didn't mean a thing with a Veela. A Veela could drive any man to his limits and drain him of all the cum in his body. She wasn't a virgin by any means but no boy has lasted longer than two times with her. She had high hopes for Harry that he wouldn't disappoint her.

Harry could tell she wanted more but now his whole table was staring openly and hearing everything he was saying. This conversation was dangerously close to him just telling her what he planned to do with her. Like how he planned to rip her dress off before slapping his huge cock against her wet slit before pushing all of it in her tight Veela pussy. Before the conversation could get there Harry just went back to eating his food before Fleur went back to her table and threw him a sexy wink. This temptress knew what she was doing and it worked.

The whole Great Hall saw it and every boy in the school felt their jealousy grow even deeper for Harry Potter. Despite his tragic story people were shallow and only saw his fame, talent and luck as things to envy. They didn't know about his home life or the other tragic details of his life.

Before he finished dinner he shot a glance up to the staff table and saw that Professor Babbling was looking his way and blushing. Then he saw the reason why was Professor Sinistra sitting next to her whispering in her ear. Harry didn't have to imagine what they were talking about. 'Never imagined Sinistra would talk about it but what else could she be saying. Babbling is looking my way with pink cheeks probably imagining me shagging her like I did for Sinistra.' He didn't know that's what they were talking about but it made it hotter for him if Sinistra was bragging about his sexual prowess.

Desiree knew the lusty look well. 'Master, make a wish to see her fantasy. It wouldn't hurt to see what she thinks about.' Desiree hoped he would use this more often because even she found it arousing to see what was going on in a girl's head.

Harry agreed and thought, 'I wish you would show me Professor Babbling's fantasy.' He braced himself for the trip inside the woman's mind which could be filled with something vanilla or something really weird.

Desiree granted her master's wish and they were transported into what looked like a bedroom. It must have been hers because in the bed there was also Sinistra and Vector with her. All the women were touching, licking and sucking on each other's bodies. It was a mesmerizing sight but looking around he noticed three faceless hard bodies with big eight inch cocks. Suddenly they all walked in lockstep towards the bed before grabbing Babbling and filling all three of her holes while her fellow professors watched.

Harry's mind couldn't keep up with Professor Babbling. At first she wanted an all girl orgy before that turned to them watching her get fucked before every one of her holes being filled. This woman was beyond pent up if she had these kinds of fantasies. "Desiree, could I ask to clone myself to make a two-person orgy?"

Desiree just nodded and watched as inner Professor Babbling masterfully took a pounding from three men pulling her every which way. "Yes but you might have some explaining to do since that is not a normal thing to do even in your world." She had been cloned before and it was weird to feel multiple things at the same time.

Harry still was blown away by the sexual things he could wish for. "Well now I guess I have another person to add to my list." His list was constantly growing and seemed to have no end in sight especially when he kept going back for some of his past conquests.

With the fantasy scene over Harry was transported back into the Great Hall. Now Harry had to get his body back in control before he made his way back to his room. While he wanted to go up to the staff table and offer his services, the beetle in the jar was now his main concern. Desiree had stressed that this was a possible threat or a danger to him. He hoped she wasn't overreacting because she would have to make it up to him since he might have missed out on having sex with a different witch.

Room of Requirement

Getting back to the room he had sealed the door and set the bottle with the beetle in the center of the room. He didn't know if this was a spy, death eater or something as really insignificant as a regular beetle.

With his wand raised at attention he opened the jar and watched the beetle scurry around now that it was free trying to find a way out. It was looking for a window, for or even a crack. When it accepted there was nowhere to go the beetle slowly shifted into a form that made him frown. "Skeeter!" His fury raged after knowing it was her. That's how she was able to know things that she shouldn't know. Her newspaper had published several articles calling him all sorts of names for losing Hermione to Krum and for falling under the Veela's spell. Little did she know he already had Hermione and made sure that he was her first time. Krum would be the one getting sloppy seconds not him.

Rita had the smarts to at least act surprised by the turn of events while trying to play it off. "Harry this is just a big mis-."

Harry took a step towards her, "A mistake? You have been writing lies about me and turning the whole world against me. You said I was a cheater and glory hound who entered this tournament for attention." That wasn't even the worst of it but when she brought up his parents it really set him off. Desiree's ass took a rough pounding that day.

Rita tried to look sorry for that even though she got paid a lot of gold for those articles. That stuff sold thousands of copies and this was her job. Deep down she wasn't sorry. "It's a business, Harry. I'm sure there is a way we can work this out. Do you want me to write a few articles that make you look good?"

Harry was insulted thinking she could buy him off for such a low price. "You think a few kind words will make us even?" Harry was furious now his mind went to her first article about him where she mentioned his mother.

Rita sighed and knew this was going to be a shakedown. "Oh so that's what this is. The best I can do is a thousand galleons. Is that enough gold for you to drop this." The articles made her five times that amount. She had paid blackmailers before she made a lot of enemies over the years.

Harry threw it back at her. "I don't want gold. I am going to tell the entire world what and who you really are. By the time I'm done the world is going to hate you more than they hate me." Harry was ready to unseal the door and head to the owlery to send a letter to everyone he knew to get the message out there. If he told Sirius he was sure he would get it out there to the public.

Rita saw her life about to slip out of her fingers. She was an unregistered animagus and if the Ministry found out she would be spending some time in Azkaban. That alone was the one thing she was afraid of above all else. In her job she has been in her share of hairy situations along with howlers and death threats mailed daily. Quickly she moved in front of Harry and dropped to her knees. "Don't! Please don't tell anyone."

Harry unwillingly started to react to the blonde bespectacled woman on her knees. His cock was working against him as it started to fill with blood. 'Why is sex always on my mind? I am angry, why can't I just stay angry?'

Desiree chuckled through their link. 'You're young master, that's the way your mind works. Just go with it. She looks plenty willing, she didn't even need a wish before she dropped to her knees ready to please you.' Desiree had given her the critical look up and down when she first appeared and Rita wasn't the worst looking woman. Much older than Harry and didn't have what he usually liked. If she had to describe the woman's body it would be just average. She had B-cups, a small waist along with a small butt. The big glasses didn't help either but she could feel her master responding enough to have sex.

Rita saw his clothed groin shifting and she smiled like the cat who caught the canary. 'Boys are so easy.' She thought to herself knowing this was a way out. She could easily suck her way out of this situation. She hadn't been with a boy this young since she was back in Hogwarts herself but how hard could it be. It would take her all of two minutes and she could get out of here with her secret safe.

Harry watched as the woman crawled towards him and no matter how much he scolded himself he couldn't stop his erection. It was now pressing against his trousers wanting to get out. In this situation he looked at Rita differently. She was older but not unattractive. A little mousy and bookish but it was clear she took care of herself. Her hair was in a bun and shorter than he was used to.

Rita was finally face to face with his bulge and with a confident and experienced hand she reached up and cupped him through his trousers. From what she could feel he had a big one. She could already feel her knickers get soaked at the thought of his big cock. Rita was a little bit of a size queen which meant the bigger the better. When she first started writing stories she would have to some times use sex to get the scoop and with numerous partners she found herself enjoying it more when a man was over seven inches. After the first fifty guys she stopped thinking about the shame of it and now just enjoyed being a slag.

Harry felt her small hand start to stroke him through his trousers. He looked down to find her staring back up at him through her glasses. It was clear she was doing this to get a reaction or a rise out of him. Keeping quiet he decided to let her do this at her own pace and to take everything she tried to throw at him.

Rita was expecting him to cum in his trousers after a few strokes like most of the blokes back in her days. The fact he didn't buck his hips or beg for more showed her he had a little experience. Not surprising since he was the most famous wizard in the world and very attractive. She usually went for the more grizzled men but Harry had a certain edge to him which was more than enough to get her going. Having enough of the foreplay she brought her other hand up to his belt. Undoing it with both hands she then worked on his zipper and before she knew it his cock was revealed. It sprung out of its clothed prison and hit her in the chin.

Harry and Desiree both chuckled in their minds seeing Rita's shocked face. It was always funny to see the wide eyes, jaw drop and the look of shock in their faces as his cock was revealed to them.

Rita couldn't believe what she was seeing. This cock had to be close to a foot long and looked thick enough to tear a woman in two. "Holy shit look at this." Her shock was evident in her voice as she wrapped a hand around his cock and could barely touch her middle finger and thumb together. His length and thickness was almost as big as her forearm and this was meant to be taken in her body. Rita didn't know if this was a dream come true or a possible nightmare. When she crawled over to him she planned to just give the boy a blowjob but she had to take a ride on this broom. 'If my knickers weren't wet before they are now. Let's just hope my cunt will be wet enough for this to fit without tearing me in two.'

Harry could see the lust in her eyes as she inched closer and closer and was examining his cock with a critical eye. "It's all real." For a second she was acting like his cock was going to attack her if she was too close.

Rita scoffed at him, "Does giant blood run in your family or something? I can't believe a school boy would have a cock like this." As she took a closer look at his thick shaft she also took a look at his big balls which were soft to the touch. 'I am glad to see boys grooming standards have gone up since I was in school.'

"No giant blood, just luck." In his mind he thanked Desiree for the work of art she bestowed him. He was lucky for finding the genie bottle or else Rita would probably just want to get this over with. His old average sized cock wouldn't have gotten the same reaction.

'No thanks necessary master. If anything I was a little selfish with the wish and made you a little bigger than I should have. Most women like eight inches but I like it a little bigger so I gave you ten.' Not like it mattered because no woman ever complained. In fact she might have outdone herself because so far it never failed in making a woman cum.

Rita had given him a few strokes and milked a few drops of precum out of him. On the third drop she kissed the tip of his cock right on the slit and tasted her first taste of him. It was a slightly salty treat she wanted more of. Lifting his cock up higher she brought her tongue down to his base and licked from the bottom to the tip. Her tongue ran over strong pumping veins along with scorching hot skin. By the time she made it back to the tip she heard the boy moan which made her look up to see his green eyes staring back at her. Pulling her mouth away she said, "Do your best not to cum too soon."

Harry scoffed at that and put a hand on the back of her head and brought her back to his cock. Now his leaking cock rubbed against her cheek and nearly pushed up her glasses before she angled it so his cock would go in her mouth. Making a ring with her mouth she felt him push into her mouth. He wasn't rough or over eager just ready to get this blowjob started. When the tip was engulfed in her red lipstick covered lips he let go of her head and let her work. 'Nice to see he has manners and doesn't get his jollies from forcing his way down a girl's throat.' She has had that happen before and while she could take it with a cock this big it would probably give her a sore throat for the rest of the week.

Harry watched as the mousy blonde slowly started bobbing her head up and down, never taking more than half in her mouth at a time. Her red lipstick was leaving dark rings around his cock and now the only thing he wanted to see was one at the very base. While he was staring down at the blonde she wasn't looking up at him anymore instead she had her eyes closed putting everything into the blowjob. Thankfully she had started moving her hand on the lower half and trying to stimulate his entire cock.

Desiree liked watching her master have sex but even she had to admit this came out of nowhere. The woman was older and Harry didn't even ask for it. Not that she could blame the woman or Harry for that matter when he saw her drop to her knees. Thanks to her doing it daily Harry now had an automatic response to a girl dropping to her knees in front of him.

Rita no longer thought about the taboo or wrongness of sucking off a boy so much younger than herself. What made her upset was how much she was enjoying it. As she sped up her motions she felt more precum slide down her throat or out the corners of her mouth with her spittle. This was now the messiest blowjob she had ever given and some of it was even landing on the front of her outfit. She tried to slurp up what she could but it was no use with her mouth spread so wide.

Harry couldn't stop groaning and moaning as his hands massaged her scalp like he would with Desiree when she took all of him in her mouth. Even though a part of him was still angry with Skeeter he didn't take it out on her. He could have very easily slammed her head down and forced his cock down her throat but that would have probably just sent him backwards. In his head he was thinking if he could give her his best shag then it would get her off his back. So far the entire tournament had been articles about him cheating or seeking attention. "That feels good Rita. You are doing better than some of my classmates, that's for sure."

Rita smiled to herself at the praise even though it was obvious. His cock twitching grew in intensity and she knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. Though given he was still a young man he held out much longer than she was expecting. She didn't enjoy blowjobs for the first minute in case the bloke blew his load early but after the first minute she could get into it and try out all of her tricks. They were in minute six by now and she had run out of tricks. Now she was waiting for him to blow his load. Pulling her head off his now spit shined cock she said, "When you cum do it on my face." She wasn't stupid she knew that's what men liked and what made them most happy. All men liked to mark her face and it had the added benefit of not having bad cum shot down your throat. For her job she had sucked off some disgusting men who tasted worse than spoiled milk.

Harry liked that idea. Her blue eyes looking back at him through her quirky glasses made him want nothing more than to cover her glasses with his cum. With one hand he kept a hold of Rita's hair keeping her exactly where he wanted her as he took his cock with the other hand and wanked. Given the layer of protection to her eyes she didn't even close her eyes like Desiree would have to. She watched every stroke waiting for his hot spunk to start raining down on her. Within the first ten strokes it finally happened and the first rope hit her square on the lens of her glasses before making a streak down her cheek. He repeated this over and over covering both lenses before aiming towards her mouth which wasn't hanging open. It was such a beautiful picture he even silently wished for Desiree to take a picture.

Desiree did as her master wished and added it to the growing collection. Not that he needed to ever look at them for a wank considering he would always have her at his beck and call or be able to go find a willing partner easily.

Rita couldn't believe how much spunk was currently dripping down her face. Guys her age struggled with five small ropes if cum and here Harry Potter had painted her so thoroughly she lost count of how many ropes he shot on her. Unable to help herself she peeked out her tongue and got a small taste of the seed he had covered her lips with. 'Not bad.' She didn't abhor the taste and she tried to think to the last time she wasn't repulsed by the taste of a man's seed.

Harry watched as she slowly scraped her face clean while making a mess on the floor. He also didn't miss the one scrape she angled towards her mouth. After she was done with her face she took off her glasses and tried to clean them but the whole front of her outfit was wet with spit or cum. Just as she was about to find her wand she felt Harry take them out of her hand and clean them himself. Having glasses himself he knew all the maintenance spells. Once they were clean he took a step towards her and put them on her face himself. The action alone was more intimate than either one of them expected.

The predatory look in Rita's eyes had caught him so off guard he was a little flustered which led him to ask, " do you want it?" It was such a stupid question he could hear the face slap from Desiree who was floating a couple feet away.

Rita was taken aback by how different Harry was. She was expecting to just be thrown on the bed and have him crawl on top of her. He seemed unsure of himself which she wasn't expecting with how well he handled the blowjob. "Am I your first?" This would have been quite a scoop, being the chosen one's first time.

Harry shook his head, "No you are just a little older and I am at a loss for what you would like." He couldn't get a read on the woman and didn't trust his own instincts. His instinct was to pin her down on the bed and give her the roughest shag he could muster but another part of him thought she might like it slower and more sensual. Desiree had told him that the older a woman became the slower they like it. Although that didn't apply to women who always liked it rough like her.

Rita looked over to the untouched bed that had been in the room since they started. When she saw it she had flashes of ideas involving Harry shagging her. At first it was her on all fours with him pounding away at her but she usually reserved that for some of her uglier conquests who she didn't want to look at. Another flash was her on top of Harry riding him like her favorite broom. 'At that position he could see all of my age.' While she wasn't ashamed of her body she was putting herself against girls that were in their teens and she just couldn't compete. Now the only option was laying down and letting Harry do all the work.

Harry watched as Rita looked at the bed and went silent as she bit her lip. After about a minute her hands went to her outfit and undid the buttons one by one until she was in just her bra and knickers. Her breasts looked to be a fine size very similar to Sinistra's size. Looking down to her knickers he saw a big wet spot which filled Harry with pride. As she turned around to walk to the bed she undid her bra and threw it aside but from the back he couldn't see. Now all he had a view of was her big backside which looked much bigger not confined by her outfit. It was the type of ass he wanted nothing more than to dive into.

Desiree knew what her master was thinking and she had to agree. The woman had a very nice backside given her age and size. She also didn't miss the small twitch in her master's cock as he started walking to the bed.

Rita was now standing next to the bed as she slid off her knickers and they pooled at her feet before she turned around to see Harry a step behind her. Falling back she was on her back on the bed. "Take off the rest of your uniform before you get in bed." Harry was still wearing the top half of his uniform which wouldn't do. Now she had a show as Harry threw off his robes before taking off jumper and tie before undoing every button on his dress shirt. Rita knew Harry to be on the leaner side but she wasn't expecting the muscles he had underneath. 'Merlin's balls look at that body.' She couldn't resist licking her lips at seeing his abs or the definition in his arms and chest. 'It's official he is the most attractive man I have ever been with. His cock and that body are irresistible.'

Harry didn't expect to see her respond to his body the way he responded to hers. Just like him her eyes traveled up and down his body and she even rubbed her clit a few times before spreading her legs. It was a clear invite he was happy to take. Inching towards the bed he crawled over her before planting a hand beside her head. With his free hand he lined himself up with her dripping slit before he slid the first few inches in.

Even the first few inches was enough to make Ria see stars. She was being stretched wider than she ever had in the past. He wasn't even at the halfway mark and she could feel a coiling in her stomach. 'If he can hold out long enough I might get multiple orgasms out of this.'

With both arms on either side of Rita's head Harry slowly thrust the rest of his ten inch cock into her warm and snug cunt. He could feel by inch eight or nine she was starting to clamp down almost as if she couldn't take anymore. By forcing the last few inches when he was fully inside of her he saw her eyes roll into the back of her head. Giving her a moment to adjust to his size he slowly slid out about halfway before shoving all of it back inside.

Just one hard thrust was enough to push Rita over the edge. Her hands went around Harry's neck as she tried to hold him in that position as she climaxed. He had made her cum with barely any effort. Maybe it was the fact she was so aroused and ready that it happened so quickly. 'Shit that feels so fucking good.' It had to be the best orgasm caused by another man. She had an orgasm like this before but that usually involved her wand and a vibration charm.

Harry could feel her climaxing around him. The face she made was also one of beauty. Her mouth was open and her eyes were almost crossing. Putting all of his weight on the woman and crushing her breasts against his chest Harry pulled back his hips and was now repeating his thrusts as hard and fast as he could.

Rita was already in the throes of a climax and here it was being raised even higher as Harry didn't stop thrusting in and out of her. His giant cock was battering the end of her pussy and she was sure she would feel it tomorrow. He was making his mark inside of her that would never leave. She was going to remember the feeling of his cock head pummeling her cervix over and over until her vision went white.

Harry had kept this up for minutes and he felt her walls clamp down again. This time her climax made him feel like he was getting closer to the end. "Fuck Rita. I can't keep this up when you keep cumming like that."

Rita's eyes went wide at the realization he was getting closer to a climax. She hadn't taken an anti pregnancy potion in the last month. "Don't cum inside me!" The fear of him cumming inside of her had her adrenaline raving even more than it had before.

Harry heard her yell for him not to cum inside and he was so close to doing just that. With a couple more thrusts he quickly pulled out and started stroking himself until he exploded. Ropes shot out of him and made streaks from her breasts down to her stomach.

Rita breathed a huge sigh of relief not feeling him cumming inside of her. She has had a few close calls over the years but she couldn't become a mother with a father who was far too young for her. Feeling warm cum hit her breasts and drop down her stomach she looked down to see him still rock hard. "You have got to be kidding me." As great as the sex was she had already cum twice and her body was starting to feel it's age. Her jaw was starting to sting from the blowjob and her pussy had never felt so numb than having two amazing orgasms and being stretched so wide.

Harry could see she was now very aware of his never fading erection. He just couldn't help it. There was something very taboo and almost wrong with sleeping with Rita Skeeter. Part of him was still angry for all the bad articles about him but the other part of him was loving her body. Her wet and soft walls of her pussy massaging every inch as he fucked her along with how responsive her body was too good to stop. "Sorry but I think I can go one more time." He wouldn't be upset if she said no since he still had Desiree if needs be. Looking around he saw that Desiree was off to the side naked and was fucking herself with a conjured toy. 'Really?'

Desiree shrugged her shoulders. 'If you are worn out I don't want to wait until the morning to cum.' Sometimes she could just wait for Harry but sometimes it was easier to take care of her own needs while she watched a live sex show starring her master.

Rita was now looking at Harry's big cock with worry. She had given it her all but her body was now feeling it's age. "You wore me out, Harry. I don't think I can do it anymore."

"How about I flip you over and slide into your other hole?" Harry asked sexily, trying to hook her on his proposition. Her ass looked like a work of art out of her tight outfits. For her size it had a beautiful shape that was just perfect for what he had planned. In his mind he could already see it ripple from his thrusts as he gave her a shag she would never ever forget.

Rita had heard about witches taking a cock back there before but that was a relatively new phenomenon. Back in her day it was just something that was never done. "Harry with that thing there is just no way." If he was average she might try it but with a massive ten inch slab of meat she didn't want to spend all tomorrow limping. "Wait have you had that kind of sex before?"

Harry didn't think and just answered the question. "Yes. You would be surprised at how popular it is now." This was going to take some charm but he could tell she was on the fence.

Rita was blown away there were girls Harry's age that were requesting that. 'Wait a second Harry has no problem sleeping with an older woman. Maybe it isn't just girls his own age he is sleeping with.' Looking for a little more she asked, "So am I the oldest you have shagged or do you have a thing for older women?"

Harry had let his guard down and was honest, "I don't mind them older but so far you are the oldest. Why does that turn you on?" He knew Rita had an ego and maybe if she learned she was his first in a way she would be more open to do what he wanted.

Rita smiled at that piece of information, "Yes it does but not enough for you to fuck my bum." She said the last part followed by a giggle.

Harry was trying to think of another way to have sex with Rita before his eyes landed on her heaving chest. Her breasts weren't big enough for a proper titfuck but maybe Desiree could help with that. 'I wish I knew a spell to make a girl's breasts bigger.'

Desiree said the magic words and before they even set in, Harry had jumped off of Rita before finding his wand on the floor before climbing on Rita's torso. With a flourish of his wand and a few words in Latin that he didn't understand. "Maior ubera."

Rita tried to protest him pointing a wand at her but she suddenly felt her small breasts getting bigger until they were triple Ds. She was struck speechless at how massive her breasts looked now. Ever since she was a teenager she wished for a bigger bust size. She never received the kind of attention a stacked girl like Tara Fawley received. That was a girl her year that had double D's since puberty and had every guy tripping over themselves for her. After third year she never had to carry her books again because there was always a bloke ready to help. "How?" She asked before she felt Harry slap his cock in-between her new tits and wrapped himself in and started moving back and forth.

Harry had casually enlarged her breasts and started fucking them all in the same motion. Her soft skin tightly pressed against his cock was going to make quick work of him. "Fuck I out did myself these are perfect." Very similar to Desiree's, the skin was nice and soft and was ten times better than a hand.

With her new breasts there was a new level of sensitivity that had made her nipples tingle. Almost as if he could sense it his fingers found her nipples and lightly pinched them as he pushed her tits together. Now she chose to just enjoy it but she had a million questions when he was done.

Harry kept the titfuck going for a while before he felt the cum in his balls start to churn. He was getting closer and with the tip of his cock poking out the top of her cleavage he was going to be able to paint her face one last time. He did have to admit when she was covered in cum she did look twenty years younger. Maybe because you don't expect a woman her age to be taking large cumshots to their faces.

Rita had sensed the same thing as just closed her eyes and opened her mouth the faster and more wild his thrusts became. This time she opened her mouth hoping for some cum to land in it. His cum didn't taste half as bad as most of her old sexual partners. It wasn't long before she felt a hot spunk splash across her face once again. She couldn't see his smile but she knew he had to have a really smug smile on his face as he covered her face in cum all over again. She even had a few shots land in her mouth which she had swallowed as a little treat.

By the time Harry was done his cock had finally started to shrink back to normal before he heard a few clicks over his shoulder. Looking back he saw Desiree with a camera. 'Thanks I forgot to ask this time.'

Desiree smirked, 'Always master. These pictures are even better than the first if I do say so myself.' These ones also had Rita's new tits in the frame and it would be sure to drive Harry wild. Harry had also gotten just enough cum on her glasses so you could still see her eyes in the picture.

Harry let Desiree get a few pictures before casting cleaning charms on Rita's face and glasses. When she was finally able to see again she pushed against his thighs signalling it was time to get off. Harry threw his leg off and flopped over to the other side of the bed.

Rita jumped off the bed and went over to a mirror wall and looked at herself in the mirror with her giant new tits. Within a minute she could already feel the strain on her small back. "Are these permanent?"

Harry looked up at Rita fussing in the mirror. She was standing in different positions and even cupping her breasts. Looking to Desiree for an answer he received a quick nod. Looking back to Rita he said, "They can be. If you don't like those I can adjust them for you." Getting off the bed he walked behind her and smiled at her in the mirror.

"How about a nice full C-cup?" She was already a B-cup so what was one more.

Harry whispered the spell again before waving his wand around. Her breasts shrank to a much more manageable C-cup. Rita cupped them again and started posing and even bent over which bumped Harry in the groin.

Harry had to hold his mind back from getting aroused again and bending Rita over against the wall. "Those look good. But then again all tits do."

Rita did like them but wouldn't mind a little bigger, "Can you try the next size up?" A nice solid D-cup would be perfect for her. At her small stature that was probably the limit but plenty big enough to catch attention. Now she just had to find an excuse as to why her breasts grew so much in the span of a day.

Harry casted the spell again and her breasts grew. Now they did look like the perfect size for her small frame. He couldn't imagine how good she would look in her stylish outfits now. If anything she would probably need an entire new wardrobe. "These look nice." Harry said as he reached around also and cupped his work. Her breasts felt perfect in his hands; this had to be one of the best wishes he made.

Rita thought the same only she would have used the word perfect. "You are right. I don't know how you found this spell but it is a miracle. If you taught girls how to cast it you would make all the boys in the world happy." Rita knew a bunch of women who would be lining up down the block to learn the spell.

Harry shrugged, "Sounds like a lot of trouble, why don't we just keep this a secret for now." He hoped she wouldn't write or blab about this or else he would have every woman in the world banging down his door for this. While it wouldn't be the worst thing he had enough female attention for now.

Rita once again felt up her new breasts before looking back at Harry and asking, "So you won't tell anyone about me being an animagus?" She had hoped she earned his silence with everything she did to his cock. She hoped that all of this was enough because when he started talking about anal she was worried he would demand it for his silence.

Harry nodded she did have sex with him and he would be a real prick to say anything now. "Fine but I also want your work so that all future articles won't call me a liar or say I'm a cheat." He couldn't take being picked apart in the paper where every move he made was through the lense of something devious and sinister. That was the last thing he was. He was just a regular student trying to have a normal year before the Goblet of Fire ruined it.

Rita sauntered over to her crumpled clothes on the floor and started dressing herself. "Did you enter the tournament of your own free will or not?" If he entered himself then he had no right to complain. This was maybe a question she should have asked earlier but her usual quick draw assumptions sold papers.

Harry walked over and sat on the bed watching the reporter get dressed. "No, I didn't enter on my own. I don't know how my name ended up in that stupid cup but I didn't want it to. I have enough money and fame to last me a lifetime." Rita was in the middle of glaring at her old bra which made him crack a smile.

Rita was struggling to try and put her bra on while looking at Harry to see if he was lying. From the straight look on his face mixed with a little smile from looking at her chest she could tell he was telling the truth. "I will fix it but I expect more exclusives in the future. If you don't talk to me I will have to make things up to make my bosses happy." If she could get Harry Potter on the record more he could be a golden goose. Any article with his name on it made the front page and sold plenty of papers.

Harry just rolled his eyes as Rita threw her bra on the floor and tried to close her outfit over her bigger bust. "If I give you an exclusive I expect this level of service every time." He couldn't help himself trying to keep this going. She wasn't the worst shag and he actually found himself enjoying it more than he should.

Rita could get used to this arrangement. He had fucked several orgasms into her and had a beautiful cock she didn't mind sucking on. "I think we can make that work. How about after the second task we sit down again." The last part she almost purred as her body started to react to the thought of fucking him again.

Harry just nodded as she was now fully dressed and thankfully his erection hadn't returned. "Sounds like a plan."

Rita walked over to Harry sitting on the bed and leaned down to give him a little peck on the lips. Kissing him gave her a bigger thrill than having his cock in her mouth. She kissed a boy who was still in school but one who had just shagged her body better than anyone before him. Pulling away she saw he was stunned by her action. "Why don't you unlock the door so I can get out of here with enough time to get home and write a story for tomorrow's paper."

Harry flicked his wand at the door and the blue shield that covered the door faded and Rita soon walked out of it. That left Harry alone naked on his bed coming to grips with what had just happened. "Desiree."

Desiree had always been in the room but she popped back into her naked human form hoping for a quick ride herself. "Yes master, do you require my services?" She was already hot and bothered and was in the mood for anything in any hole.

Harry glared at the genie, "Did you cancel that wish like I said?" There was no reason that Rita Skeeter would have jumped into bed with him so quickly unless that wish was still active.

Desiree gave a condescending laugh at her master who thought she had something to do with what had just happened. "Master none of that was from my end. She is a slut who uses sex to get herself out of sticky situations. Once she was on her knees and you reacted she pounced thinking you would be easy prey." She was proud of Harry for having the upper hand for most of the encounter. He didn't let her lead him by the nose or trick him by threatening to stop.

Harry groaned and threw his body back on the bed, "Why can't I just have a normal life?" As great as sex was he was having it so much that he was almost manifesting it. He was angry at Rita and before he knew it she had her mouth around his cock. Looking down he even saw she had left a few thick rings of red lipstick about the halfway mark of his penis.

Desiree didn't like to see her master like this. "Master, I have seen your memories. When have you ever had a normal life in fact I would argue this is the most normal part of your life. Sex is normal and it's not as bad as killing someone when you were eleven."

Harry groaned again and looked away from the ceiling to look at his naked genie. She had a point he never had a normal life and had even been mistreated for the first eleven years of his life. "Since you aren't responsible I guess I will have to just be more careful. I can't shag everything in my way?"

Desiree wanted to scoff at that because he could definitely do just that. "Don't close yourself off from opportunities, master. Be open to everything and you never know what will happen."

Harry took her words in but his mind kept thinking back to his previous conquests. When he slept with Hermione he expected her to be the one. He thought she would be his girlfriend and that he wouldn't need to use his new sex genie as much. Sadly the sex was just okay and Hermione wanted to be friends. She was now all in on her date for the Yule ball. In fact the only person he had a relationship with was Desiree and Professor Sinistra. She was very serious about trading tests and homework grades for sex and he worked very hard for a good grade.

Desiree saw her master was in his own head and not paying attention but saw that his cock was finally starting to move and she quickly straddled him and started rubbing her wet hot pussy against him.

Harry snapped out of his thoughts and looked at his caramel skinned beauty. "If you must do it then do it quickly because I need to get to sleep." He was already tired and if she planned to have more sex in the morning like usual he needed rest.

Desiree smiled, "Quick and fast like a rabbit." With that said she quickly slipped him inside of her and tried to make him forget about his troubles for a while.

The next morning

After his obligatory morning shag with his genie he went to breakfast. He was halfway through his eggs when the post came and Hedwig dropped the paper in front of him. On the front page was a picture of his face under the words. "The Boy Who Lived Plotted Against" By Rita Skeeter. In the article she quoted him about being entered against his will. She also went into detail about how she expected him to win. She gushed about his body and skill and it almost deviated into a smutty romance novel. He didn't know how she could explain what his body looked like when there is no reason she should have been able to see his "Greek like six pack along with his well defined chest". That was going to be a hard thing to explain to people for both of them.

While he was reading he noticed a few female professors and students staring at him. 'Well that isn't going to help.'

Desiree was now openly cackling at her master who had every girl in the hall taking glances at him. 'Oh master this is just the beginning.'


I hope you liked this one. I wanted to do a Rita Skeeter smut chapter at least once. I was happy with the way this turned out and hoped people liked it as well. I know he didn't go completely wild and take her ass but in the future who knows she might come back for round 2.

Chapter Text

Genie 9 Fleur

Fleur Delacour: Katherine McNamara
Daphne Greengrass: Sydney Sweeney
Susan Bones: Sophie Turner with DD or DDD bust.
Hermione: Emma Watson


The Yule ball finally arrived at Hogwarts and Harry was a nervous wreck. To be honest the entire school was nervous, the boys and girls alike all for very different reasons.the boys were afraid of making a fool of themselves while girls worried about what to wear and possible after dance activities. The more Harry thought about it the more it sent him into a deep spiral of self-doubt. He was going with the prettiest girl in three schools and was also the center of attention. The champions had to open the dance in front of the entire delegation from all the schools. He could trip or mess up and be even more of a laughing stock than he already was.

The morning of the dance Desiree went to wake up Harry with her standard deepthroat blowjob but he stopped her and said he wanted to save it for later. Desiree grumbled in sexual frustration but eventually agreed with him. Despite her best wishes for her master she wouldn't mind if he struck out with Fleur and he only had her to warm his bed tonight.

As Harry dressed himself in the finest robes Desiree could make. Looking in the mirror with a look of pride. He filled out his robes nicely and Desiree had made him look like royalty with the quality of his dress robes. With all the sex and training he had gone through in the last couple months his body had changed. Much more lean muscle and chiseled muscle. Another wish was for her to take care of his hair and glasses. His hair was now tamed and looked styled with lots of hair gels and potions. His glasses were gone and for tonight he was able to see perfectly without them.

Desiree liked to think she outdid herself with his makeover and how any woman would be lucky to have him. While he made the final touches on his robes like attaching a flower to his lapel Desiree transformed back into her human form in an equally stunning dress.

Harry saw her in the mirror and turned to see her in a shiny blue almost silver dress. Smiling at his genie she wasn't exactly subtle in what she wanted. They had been practicing ballroom dancing for the last few weeks and it was clear she wanted one last dance. Closing the distance between them Harry slid into position and his hands found hers. It was at that moment Harry heard a tune start to play as he started to move as they practiced.

Desiree was melting in her master's green eyes as she felt his body against hers as their feet glided around the makeshift dance floor without a sound. When the song was done she kissed his cheek and said, "Just like that and that Veela's legs are going to be wrapped around you tonight."

Harry hoped she was right despite his good luck with the ladies. Recently he wanted Fleur above all. While Sinistra, Skeeter, Katie and Hermione were fun girls like Fleur and maybe Daphne just lit a different fire in him. One that made him want to shag them all day and night for the rest of his life.

With all the preparation said and done Harry made his way to the hallway outside the closed Great Hall. There was still about two hours until the dance started but Harry had nothing better to do. Ron and some of his old friends still thought he cheated even with Skeeter's article coming out. Then there was Hermione who was getting ready with all the other girls in her dorm.

Pacing in front of the door people slowly started to arrive. There were a few Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs who were the type of students to be ten minutes early to class everyday. The reason Harry was early so he didn't get tempted and shag Desiree before the dance. If he stayed in that room any longer he wouldn't have been able to hold back.

'I heard that.' Desiree said over his shoulder.

Harry flinched at her reminding him he was right behind him. 'Sorry I promise to make it up to you tomorrow.' If he could dull her frustration with some good old fashioned oral tomorrow he would do it.

Desiree knew what he meant by that and thought it was an equal trade. Since the first time of his tongue touching her he had become an expert in oral sex on a woman. He even had this nifty hissing tongue technique that made her cum like a fountain everytime. 'I will hold you to that.' With that taken care of she let her master pace around for another half an hour before she spotted a familiar face walking down the steps. 'Harry look.'

Harry flicked his neck in every direction until he found what had caught Desiree's attention. Daphne Greengrass was walking down the steps in the most beautiful green dress he had ever seen. It was form fitting and even did a wonderful job of pushing her big tits together and making her look like every boy's wet dream.

Daphne saw Harry's reaction to her and smiled. 'Well that's a good sign. If I can make Potter's jaw drop I can at least tie that French tart.' It was clear Fleur was going to be the hottest girl at the ball but if Harry's reaction was anything to go by she was tied for first or a close second.

Harry was trying to get his flopping tongue under control as Daphne sexily walked up to him. She added a little shake in her hips which made a few boys' eyes wander to her backside.

When Daphne was close enough to smell and touch Harry she needed to have him. "I'm glad you are here. What would you say if I wanted to drag you to an empty room and try something I didn't do last time?"

Harry smiled at her suggestion, "What would your date say about that?" He couldn't imagine any bloke going to be okay, maybe kissing her after she had just blown another bloke.

Daphne ran her hands over his silk soft robes, "My date is my best friend Tracey and she already knows about what you did to me last time." Leaning closer to his ear she whispered, "Who knows maybe after I let you fill up my mouth with your spunk maybe I will go kiss her."

The image of Daphne kissing Tracey with the taste of him still in her mouth made Harry grab Daphne by the hand and quietly drag her down the hall until they reached a broom closet. When they closed the door Desiree complimented her master on his quick work.

Once inside the broom closet Daphne casted a cushion charm on the floor before dropping to her knees in front of Harry. He was already about to drop his trousers by the time she made it to her knees but she slapped his hands away. She wanted to do the honors. She had seen his monstrous cock before and she wanted to greet it face to face.

Harry was now rock hard and as she tugged down his trousers and his cock sprang free it was millimeters away from slapping the bottom of her chin. 'Bloody hell this is so hot." It was at that moment he heard the imaginary clicking of a camera and looked away from Daphne who was now establishing her grip on him to Desiree who was snapping pictures.

Desiree just stared back at her master with a smug look on her face knowing this is what he would have wanted. After all this was every boy's dream.

Before Daphne leaned forward and tasted her first taste of this glorious cock she looked up to tell Harry. "Don't touch my hair, it took two witches and a lot of time to perfect."

Harry just nodded and put his hands up as she lifted his cock up and kissed each of his testicles before kissing the tip of his cock before engulfing the first five inches in her mouth. Right away he noticed her lipstick was smearing all along his shaft and around her lips. She was going to have to reapply the lipstick and he was going to have to clean himself up before the dance started. Fleur couldn't see his cock smeared with another girl's lipstick.

Daphne steadily increased her suction and depth and took the first half of his cock like a champ while her hand worked the bottom half as best she could. While she normally could take him deeper she couldn't have her eye makeup run from the few tears that come out when his cock fucks the back of her throat. 'Come on Daphne make him cum.' She wanted his first memory of the dance to be her on her knees while he waited for his date.

Harry was mesmerized by the dark red ring of lipstick she left at the halfway mark of his cock. There was nothing he wanted more than to shove her head down the rest of the way to leave a mark around the base. It also made him think of Rita Skeeter's blowjob where she had on lipstick but it never left a mark.

Daphne used her tongue to trace the veins on the underside of his cock before flicking the bottom of the head which made him twitch. She kept that up, doing her best to push him over the edge. She even used her left hand to reach up and cup his balls which were scorching hot ready for release. Lightly she squeezed and massaged them and wanted to milk everything out so the Veela wouldn't have anything after the ball. Daphne knew there was no way even a Veela could resist Harry. Just for the fact that when they dance she would be able to feel the massive snake he had in his robes.

Harry was so close to blowing his load and the small hand cupping his balls wasn't helping. His cock now wouldn't stop twitching as he felt the buildup of spunk ready to be released. "I'm cumming."

Daphne wanted to smile at her victory but couldn't due to the flood of warm spunk quickly filling her mouth before coating her entire throat on the way down. It took three big gulps to get it all down before she gave him a few more hard sucks to make sure she milked everything from his balls.

Harry let out a sigh of relief when she let his cock go with a pop from her mouth. While he could definitely go again he was able to let his cock go back to its flaccid state. "That was amazing Daphne."

Daphne smirked at Harry as she stood back up and conjured a mirror to reapply her lipstick. "That's what I was going for. And if that French prude won't let you do anything tonight, come find me because I would be happy to let you have all the holes you had last time." Last time anal was a first for her but she actually liked the stinging sensation the next day. Everytime she sat down she was taken back to Harry buggering her and the massive orgasm she had.

Harry made a note of her offer, "I will do that if Fleur doesn't want to be anything more than friends." Having a back up plan was nice so that way he wouldn't waste the best night to get laid. Word going around it was almost expected for every boy to get lucky with their date and Harry hoped that was the case.

After casting a few dozen cleaning charms Harry's cock was now lipstick free and clean as could be ready for Fleur. Both Harry and Daphne snuck back to the waiting area in front of the Great Hall. Now they pretended not to know each other as they waited for their dates.

Daphne arrived first with Tracey Davis who dressed a little more conservative than Daphne did. While Tracey had nice breasts they were smaller than Daphne's so she didn't highlight them with big cleavage. Instead Tracey seemed to highlight her waist and big bum. Daphne noticed the look he was giving it and just to mock him she rubbed her hand on her date's bum in front of him.

Harry had to look away before his body reacted. Now his eyes scanned the growing crowd and started to see dates together. Hermione was with Krum cozily talking and holding hands. Surprisingly Ron had even found a date Padma Patil who already looked like she was regretting it when she saw the rags her date called dress robes.

Then there was Cedric and Cho who looked like the perfect loving couple. They were giggling and chatting away like they were in their own little world. They had been dating before the year started and odds are they were already very familiar with each other.

It was minutes away from the start of the ball and his date still hadn't arrived. Just as he was about to freak out and set out to look for her he heard Desiree gasp. Looking to his genie he saw that she had a face that he had never seen before. Following her eyes he saw what had blown her away. Fleur Delacour was walking down the steps in a white dress with silver accents that made her look like the Queen of Winter. Her hair was even put up and looked like she should have been wearing a crown. His eyes found her to see her taking in all the stares as the chattering stopped and every eye was on her.

Harry looked down from her angelic face to see she was wearing the necklace he wished for her. The silver and gemstones went perfectly with her dress almost like they were made for each other.

When Fleur reached the bottom of the stairs the sea of people parted as she made her way to her date. She spotted him at the top of the stairs and he had the same expression as everyone else. The closer she came to Harry she saw him trying to straighten up and get his mind back in the game.

Harry extended his hand, "You look lovely." It was a cheesy thing to say but he couldn't think of anything better. When she put her hand in his he brought the back of her hand to his lips.

"That's all? I thought I looked better than lovely." Now she was teasing him since she could see pink flush across his face. She knew the effect she was having on the male population. This dress was skin tight and showed off every one of her curves.

Harry was about to say something but the Great Hall's doors opened and Professor McGonagall walked out, "The dance is about to start so stand near your dates in a single file line and be ready to make your way inside after the champions and their dates. So champions come to the front."

First in line was Cedric and Cho followed by Krum and Hermione then Fleur and Harry. As they walked inside the Hall it looked different. The whole room had a winter wonderland theme which made Fleur's choice of dress even more appropriate. Once all three dates took their position at center stage it was announced that the music would start and for everyone to watch as the champions had their first dance.

Harry hadn't been able to take his eyes off of Fleur since they walked into the room. When the music started to play his hands tightened on Fleur's hand and right shoulder. Not painfully so but just a little because of the nerves. Harry made the first move and started to lead her around the dance floor.

It was soon very clear that they were the stars of the show because they both could feel all eyes on them even over the other dates. By the time the song ended there was a massive applause from the people watching especially when Harry dipped Fleur at the end.

When Harry dipped her Fleur expected a kiss to end the perfect dance. She had taken ballroom lessons her entire life and she never danced with someone like that. Their bodies were in sync and they were dancing like they had been partners for years.

Once the first song was over the rest of the student body joined them on the dance floor. Neither Harry nor Fleur let go of each other and just continued where they left off when the next song started.

Desiree was giving her master space to work his own magic but she was close enough to snap a few pictures. While she normally just did this for his sexual acts she was sure he was going to want some of these pictures. A few even looked like works of art with everyone staring as Harry twirled Fleur around before dipping her. Magical photos were so nice in this regard able to capture a few more precious seconds than a standard single frame.

The dance went on for a half hour before it was announced dinner would be served. By then Fleur and Harry both took a break to sit at the champion's table.

They were barely in their seats for three seconds before the others started rattling off questions. Cho was asking Fleur about her dress and what it was like dancing with Harry while Hermione was asking Harry how he could dance like that.

Harry answered that he spent his alone time practicing but that was a lie. Although he couldn't be honest and say I wished to be an expert dancer from a magical sex genie. Speaking of Desiree he hadn't seen her around since they came into the Great Hall. Looking around he eventually found her floating over Daphne's table eagerly eavesdropping on their conversations.

"Can I have a dance, Harry?" Hermione asked, bringing his attention back to the champions table.

Harry barely heard her but his ears perked up when he heard his name. He was too busy looking at Desiree who was smiling like a madwoman as she listened to Daphne who was whispering in her date's ear. "I am sorry what?"

Hermione just sighed at Harry's lack of attention. He has been like this a lot lately but it was forgivable with all that was going on. "Can I have your next dance?" Harry smartly looked at Fleur who nodded before he turned back to his friend. "As long as you can keep up." He teased his friend knowing she could. She always seemed to pick up everything she ever set her mind to and he was sure dancing was no different.

After they finished their light chicken entrees Harry took his friend's hand and led her to the dance floor. When they started moving to the music he saw Hermione get a small blush, "What's wrong?" He asked, wondering if his friend was thinking about more than dancing.

Hermione hoped he wouldn't notice. "Nothing...I was just thinking about the sex we had a while ago." It was hard not to think about it when she could feel his bulge when their bodies met.

Harry smiled, "You never mentioned it again so I thought it wasn't up your alley. So to speak." Hermione didn't come begging like most of the women in his life. Professor Sinistra couldn't wait to find a way to maximize her time on his cock. Even Rita wanted more, not including Daphne. Katie wanted more but only wanted it if she could share him with Alicia and Angelina.

Hermione's blush was now all pink like her dress. "You are just a lot. Not in a bad way but I don't think I can be the sole focus of your... attention." She liked Harry but sex with him left her sore the next day and it took another week before she had the thought about more.

Harry smiled at his innocent friend. "It's fine Hermione, I have my attention elsewhere." While it could be assumed he was talking about Fleur it could also be applied to all the other girls in his life so far. Desiree's plans were far reaching and would have loved him to have a fifty person harem. Although that was after he talked her down from a hundred girl harem. No one had the time in the day, month or even year for that many women.

Hermione nodded, "I can see that but I just hope this doesn't change our friendship." She was worried he was pulling away since he didn't spend any time with her other than in classes. He didn't even come to the dorm anymore after Ron led the charge to kick him out for being a "slimy snakes cheater" his words.

Harry waved off her concern. "Of course not. You are still my best friend. I just needed a little space this year. Once this tournament is over things can go back to normal." He was just looking forward to next year when he didn't have to worry about the tournament and just have fun.

When their dance finished they went back to their table where a line of witches had gathered and from what Harry could guess they all were in line to talk to Fleur.

Fleur turned to Harry, "These girls would like a dance with you." Fleur had a devilish smile seeing all these girls beg her for a dance with her date. It made her feel quite popular.

Harry looked at the first witch and saw it was Susan Bones. "Would that be okay with you?" He had wanted an excuse to talk to Susan and charm her. She had the best tits in the school and after playing with her aunt's Harry fell in love with the famous Bones Bust.

Fleur just nodded, "One song each and I get the last dance." Harry nodded and took Susan by the hand to the dance floor. Fleur wasn't a jealous person but it had surprised her how much it turned her on to watch Harry dance with another woman. His moves were so smooth and sensual she could tell he was going to be an amazing shag. The more she watched the more damp her knickers became.

Harry was unable to help himself from holding Susan a little closer than necessary so her big beautiful breasts were pressed against his chest. Thankfully she wore a dress that showed them off. If Fleur hadn't said yes to be his date he would have asked Susan in a heartbeat. If Amelia was Susan's future then that was a future he wanted to be a part of even in the smallest way of shagging her.

The longer the dance went the more he could tell he was having an effect on her. By the end he was sure he could have hiked up her dress and had her right on the dancefloor and she wouldn't have protested. This pattern went on with every dance partner: Padma, Parvati, Lavender, Alicia Katie, Angelina and even a few girls from Fleur's school. By the end Harry was dead on his feet and the final dance couldn't come soon enough.

When Fleur joined him for the final dance she was even more flirty than she had been in the beginning and was now very obviously now just grinding every body part she could against his groin to make him as frustrated as he made her. He even had to warn her to stop or else everyone would be able to see his reaction. By the end of it she could feel how big he was and she was ready to drag him off for a horizontal dance.

Harry had to just slowly hold her in front of him and get his body under control before they made their exit. Fleur was leading Harry back to her carriage giggling and laughing on the way before a voice cut their fun short.

"Going off to shag that creature Potter." A familiar grating voice said.

'Of course.' Harry thought as he stopped in his tracks before turning around ready at any moment to hex him to pieces. "What was that Malfoy?"

Draco scoffed at Potter's tough guy act, "You heard me. Go enjoy fucking that thing. That's all they are good for right?" Draco was angry partly at Potter and part because he didn't have a date as pretty as Fleur. He asked Fleur and Daphne and they both turned him down. He had to go with Pansy who wouldn't even let him shag her. She said the only way he could shag her is if they was a contract for marriage signed.

Fleur was furious at being called a thing and wanted to kill this stain of a wizard but just tried to drag Harry away. "Let's go, my love. Let this loser enjoy his hand tonight." It was clear he was jealous because she turned him down like so many others. This just went to show her how she was viewed by some of the pureblood contingency in this country. She was a creature or play thing in their eyes.

Harry made the mistake of turning around and following Fleur because he didn't see Draco pull his wand. Draco was even more furious with that Veela's comment about him pointing out his single status. With a flick of his wrist he sent a cutting curse at the Veela's pale and smooth back only for the spell to ricochet off and hit Potter in the back instead.

Harry felt the cut across his back and it was just deep and hard enough to send him flying into the floor.

'Master!' Desiree screamed out wishing she could kill this little boy from attacking her master. In her limited time with her master in his head she saw that he hated this Draco boy and she could see why it was a struggle to not kill him. This kind of attack shouldn't be allowed to go unpunished.

Fleur felt the spell voice off the shield from her enchanted necklace. If Harry hadn't given this to her she would have been hurt and worse maybe had a big ugly scar across her back. Turning around she pulled her wand and started sending every spell she knew. The first spell was a cutting spell which Draco dodged but the second was a bone breaker which hit his non-dominant hand. Stifling a scream he tried to send a few spells in return but their skill levels were too vastly different. Fleur batted each of them away before sending a spell that sent him flying into a stone wall with a sickening crunch. The force alone made his head hit the wall so hard it knocked him out when he hit the floor.

Harry was trying to get to his feet to help his date but she made quick work of Draco without his help. Soon he felt her arms around him as she helped him to his feet. She quickly asked where the nurse was and Harry had pointed the way.

On the way Fleur promised to make it up to him for the necklace since it saved her from taking a nasty spell in the back.

Hospital Wing

Madam Pomfrey planned to have a quiet night while everyone was at the ball. There were no injuries tonight but maybe a few hangovers in the morning. She was very surprised to hear her door open, much less to see Fleur Delacour supporting Harry who was leaving drops of blood behind him.

Madam Pomfrey nearly shrieked before pointing to a table while she grabbed her wand and a few potions. When she went over to Harry she saw that there was a nasty cut across his back. "Oh dear what happened?"

Harry just gritted out, "Malfoy tried to curse Fleur but it bounced off a shield and hit me." Before he knew it he felt his robes and top half of his clothes vanish before he felt a warm wand tip press against his back trying to mend the skin.

Madam Pomfrey was upset to see it was a dark spell. It resisted the mending but she was at least able to stop the bleeding. It was going to leave an ugly jagged scar for sure. Handing Fleur a potion she said, "Make him drink this while I go get some more supplies. It's a blood replenishment potion."

Fleur took the potion and fed it into Harry's mouth and saw him wince at the sour sock flavor. Madam Pomfrey soon returned with Murtlap Essence and soon started pouring it all over his back.

Harry groaned feeling the pain slowly start to fade the more it soaked in.

This went on for the next ten minutes before Albus Dumbledore and Auror Tonks burst through the doors. Harry groaned as more people entered the room but Fleur had jumped in and started to explain the situation while he just focused on healing.

Fleur was more angry than she had ever been talking to the headmaster. He seemed to not even react when she told him that boy had attacked Harry with such a dangerous spell. Fleur even went so far as to look at the Auror and demand she arrest the boy.

Albus knew he wasn't going to win this and just put his hands up. He would have to talk to Harry later to make him forgive Draco. But Fleur was angry and if he denied her then Headmistress Maxine could find out and they might try to extradite Draco to face French justice. Attacking the French Minister's daughter could be death by guillotine. For whatever reason the French seemed to keep that instrument of death around. 'Much kinder to just push someone through the veil than the bloody mess that came with a decapitation.'

Instead Albus told Tonks to just hold him in one of the empty classrooms until he could smooth this over with Harry. Since the spell hit Harry the decision was his if he wanted to press charges. He hoped Harry would see this as a moment to forgive instead of vengeance.

Once those two left the room Fleur was finally able to return to Harry's bedside to see that the cuts were nearly healed although it was going to leave a rough scar. "When is he going to be healed?"

Madam Pomfrey was good and it wasn't going to be long but she still wanted to keep him here in case it did reopen like some other dark magic cuts. "I would normally keep him overnight but if you can promise he won't be alone tonight and that you will come right back if it reopens I can let you leave tonight." This wasn't something she usually would have done but she didn't want to ruin these two young people's nights. She had also come to know Harry Potter pretty well and knew he had been through worse.

Fleur almost let out a squeak with excitement. She was afraid her night was ruined but now she had a second chance to end the night the way she wanted. And she wanted to end this night in her bed.

Harry was listening and was happy for the news but Desiree was floating next to the bed yelling at him to be more careful. He just had to sit there and take it because he deserved it. He was thinking with his cock instead of his head. If he was he would have put Draco down before following Fleur.

Madam Pomfrey handed Fleur one more potion, "This is a pain relief potion just in case he is a little….you know afterwards." Fleur took the potion gratefully before helping Harry to sit up. Although now he was shirtless. They had to cut his robes off him to heal the cut. There was no way he could make it to her carriage with no shirt in the winter. Taking a sheet off the bed next to his she transfigured it into a cloak that he could wear for the time being.

Madam Pomfrey didn't even blink at the loss of one of her blankets; instead she just wished them a good night as they walked off hand in hand.

The long walk to the carriage in the cold had soothed Harry's cut and before he knew it he felt as good as new. By the end of their walk Harry had wrapped himself around Fleur and they were walking arm in arm.

When they finally made it to her room which had its own bathroom she had asked for a moment alone to get more comfortable. Harry obliged and waited as she changed in the bathroom. Following her lead Harry also threw off some things so he was just left in his boxers on the bed. Just thinking about what Fleur was doing in the bathroom had made him harder than he could have ever imagined.

Desiree had kept her distance during their walk but now that she had a moment alone with Harry she said, 'Don't let her lead. Take control and show her where you want to go. Don't get blinded by her beauty. She doesn't want a weak willed little boy, she wants a man to take what he wants.'

Harry trusted the genie's advice and planned to do just that. Before he could answer, the bathroom door opened and Fleur stepped out. First thing he noticed was that she still had her makeup on but her hair was down and looked like she just rolled out of bed. The second thing was that she was stark naked and her body looked even better than he ever could have imagined. Her breasts while not as big as Susan's were a good handful topped with the pinkest nipples he had ever seen. Her body also looked perfect with not an ounce of fat. Her flat stomach leading to her pussy made his cock twitch and the twitching increased when he saw her dripping slit.

Fleur smiled at his reaction, "Why do you still have clothes on?"

Harry just nodded and pulled his boxers off revealing his fully hard cock to her. Just like him he saw her eyes staring at him. "Like what you see?" He teased her.

Fleur teased back, "You clearly do too." He had a magnificent penis and she had seen plenty at the nude beaches in France but his was bigger than most. Slowly walking to the bed she made the first move and wrapped a hand around him. She had touched a cock before but the last one she could fit her whole hand around. With Harry her middle finger and thumb barely touched. If she wasn't wet before she was now thinking about what he was going to do to her. "I know just what to do with this." Leaning forward she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of his cock before trying to take him to the base.

Harry wasn't ready for a deepthroat this early much rather one like Desiree who could throat his entire cock. Fleur was only an inch or two away from matching the genie. Harry's hands went right to the back of Fleur's head. "Yes, keep doing that." To him it almost felt like Fleur had a longer magical tongue that almost wrapped around his cock like a snake. There was also the gagging noises that came with taking a big cock like his down to the base which was helping Harry along to his climax. Looking down he saw the perfect creature that was a Veela doing what she does best.

Glurk glurk glurk was the only sound in the room besides Harry occasional moans from her intense blowjob. She was shocked he was able to hold out so long when she gave blowjobs in the past boys never lasted more than a minute. At minute three she felt the familiar twitch of his cock and tightening of his balls in her hand. Looking up at her date she held his eye contact as she slammed her head down one more time so he could dump that thick load of spunk down her throat.

Harry knew that's what she wanted and he complied with a strangled groan he gripped Fleur's head and held her in place as he let loose down her throat. Harry decided to give her one of his enhanced loads and fired what seemed like an endless supply of ropes of hot cum down her gullet. Around the eighth shot he saw her eyes widened, almost struggling to take that much.

Fleur was almost happy when she felt his climax coming to an end after she felt like she drank a big cup of hot tea. Pulling away from his cock strands of saliva still connected them as she coughed and tried to catch her breath. While she was gasping for air she felt her legs clamp together seeing his cock never lose its hardness. She thought he might have needed five to ten minutes to go again but Harry was one of those wizards who didn't need that. That was usually reserved for ultra powerful wizards. "Before our night was ruined I was going to tell you how wet you made me watching you dance with all those girls. Seeing their desire for you and having the satisfaction of taking you to bed myself. To do things those girls could only dream of." Fleur laid down on the bed and folded herself so her legs were bent so her feet were locked behind her head. It gave Harry a very intimate look at her pussy but she wanted to present him with his reward for the perfect night. "Do what you want to this pussy."

This was the first time Harry had a good up close look at Fleur's pussy and it was a work of art. Two plump little hairless lips looking like they were ready to be split by his pole. The sheen of moisture that was built up on her lips like dew also caught his attention. While he wanted to just plug the hole and get to work fucking her into submission there was something he wanted to do. Leaning down he put his hands on her spread lips as he dragged his tongue from the bottom of her slit to the clit. Her almost honey taste made him want to spend the next two hours eating her pussy but his cock desperately needed more. So to compromise he used his parseltongue ability and hissed on her clit to completion.

Fleur let out the loudest scream of her life when she felt his wet tongue on her clit start hissing. This was so much more than she was expecting. She has had a few girls and boys lick her there before but no one made her explode so quickly. Within a minute she almost felt ashamed that he lasted longer in her mouth than she did with his mouth.

Once Harry had left her legs quivering as her voice went hoarse. Before she could come down from the incredible orgasm he gave her he climbed up her body and thrust all ten inches inside her warmed up pussy. With one thrust he felt her entire pussy clamp around him as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. If he had to guess she just had another climax.

Fleur was still sensitive from her first climax and then when Harry thrust back into her she couldn't stop her body from having another. "Ahhh you are so big." She had never even put any toy this big into herself before and now when she actually felt this big cock tear through her she felt an incredible pressure against her cervix. There was also the fact that he touched every sensitive spot inside of her that a regular boy would have trouble hitting. "Don't stop. Pound my pussy all night long."

Harry was more than happy to fulfill that request. While he was fucking this sexy elf like creature he watched her eyes as they kept looking at him before rolling back into her head or how her tongue would keep peeking out of her lips like a panting dog. Even after a strong climax Harry wasn't able to hold himself back as his cock was massaged by Fleur's perfect velvet walls. He was only going to be able to last a little while longer before he had to cum. When he came he planned to fill her womb to the brim with his seed and give her a creampie she would never forget.

Fleur was drowning in an ocean of pleasure; she didn't notice how much Harry was struggling to hold on. She also failed to notice his thrusts getting faster and messier. All she did was moan but the moment she felt him start to shoot another hot load inside of her then her moans reached an even higher pitch. Feeling her womb get filled with such a large load of hot baby batter made her have the biggest climax of the night. It would also create a feeling that she needed more of.

Harry almost had to cover his ears from how loud he made the Veela moan as he ripped orgasms out of her like nothing. "Take all of my cum Fleur. This is what I wanted to give you since the moment I saw you."

Fleur knew that this is what boys thought of when they saw her but now this was going to be the only thing she could think of when she saw Harry. In fact she was going to convince Harry to do this for the rest of the year. 'A Veela knows it's impossible to pass up good sex like this. If Maman could feel this then she would probably try to steal him from me.'

Once Harry's climax finally waned and he had filled her he pulled out to watch it all come rushing out. That was when he saw Fleur let go of her legs and bring them back down before just laying there trying to catch her breath. Harry kissed his way up her stomach to her breasts where Harry spent a few minutes getting to know them. Sucking on her hard pink nipples and groping her silk soft flesh made it so tempting to just slide right back into Fleur's soiled pussy for another round. Deciding against that he kissed his way back up to her face. "So how was I?"

Fleur couldn't believe his audacity to ask that question. It was obvious how she felt after all she did have multiple orgasms and screamed through them all. "I think you broke me Mon Amour." She felt her pussy start to feel numb after the pounding it took.

Harry kissed Fleur and couldn't stop himself from shoving his tongue in her mouth which she sucked on along with massaging it with her own. She could even faintly taste herself in his mouth. All of which made her body ache for more of this treatment. After a few moments of the hot makeout she felt him rest his big cock against her stomach. It still felt so massive and hot laying on her skin and knowing what he could do with it. There was only one thing left to do. Pushing Harry off of her she didn't miss the hurt look on his face which quickly turned as she rolled over onto her stomach. With her hands she palmed her own ass and lightly spread her cheeks. "Since you took a spell meant for me I will give you the one hole I was saving for someone special." She wanted to save this hole for the love of her life but Harry deserved it after everything tonight.

Harry was giddy at Fleur offering her virgin hole. "Are you ready for a cock as big as mine?" He was looking to stretch out her cute little pink hole.

Fleur wasn't stupid and would have never offered it unless she was ready. Since she started masterbating she had always played with her ass, sometimes a finger or two before she moved onto bigger toys. Last time she checked she was able to take a seven inch toy with no problem. "Yes, just make sure I'm ready." It was at that moment she felt her asshole fill with lube as his tip pressed against her puckered hole. As he slowly pushed in as he stretched the hole to fit his giant knob she reached out to grip a pillow as she moaned out like a cheap whore.

Harry couldn't believe how hot and tight her ass was just like her pussy. It was just perfect. He had never fucked holes this perfect that made him want to spend his entire life inside them. "Fuck Fleur I love your ass." Pulling back until just the tip was inside he thrusts back down this time he had more than half his cock inside of her before repeating this until he had every inch inside of her. He was expecting a nice snug hole but nothing this perfect. 'Fuck Fleur has the best ass.'

Fleur couldn't breathe when she felt all ten inches inside of her. Every thrust felt like it was driving all the air out of her lungs. It also didn't help that it felt better than she ever imagined. When she did it herself it felt good but what Harry was doing felt amazing. She could already feel a coiling in her stomach that promised a giant orgasm.

Harry just kept thrusting in and out of Fleur's presented ass. He was thrusting so hard the sound of her metal bed frame and springs were squeaking. Mixed with the sounds of skin slapping together with her moans made it a cacophony of noises.

Fleur was finally able to find her voice and used it to ask for more. "Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me. Keep fucking my ass." The shock of getting her asshole stretched and fucked for the first time had worn off and now she wanted nothing more than him to do this over and over again. In fact she wouldn't mind if this became a regular thing. She usually had a friend who helped her with her urges but he didn't come along on the trip for the tournament but she had found someone better.

Harry wanted to fuck her harder and faster so he pulled out and left her with a gaping hole as he pulled her up and positioned her on her hands and knees before thrusting back into her perfect ass. Now her allure was only fuelling him to work harder and harder giving her everything he had. Liking this position more he built up more speed and power than before. Now he was getting closer and closer to his eventual orgasm.

Fleur was seconds away from the biggest orgasm of her life. Now it felt like her whole body was on fire waiting to be put out by her climax. Using her muscles she clenched down trying to milk his cum from his balls. It soon worked because she felt an equal massive amount of cum like before rushing into her bowels. Just like her pussy and throat her ass was filled to the point where it was only held inside by his cock blocking the way out. With a loud scream she felt her body seize as a load of girl cum rushed out of her coating her top blanket. She had never squirted like this before and was a little embarrassed to have it happen during a rough anal fuck like this. This was also the first time a boy took her this way usually she was doing the fucking but now she was being fucked and nothing ever felt so right.

Harry kept himself buried in her ass for a while longer but he felt his cock finally start to lose its hardness. While he could get it up if he needed to he just needed a rest for a while. Rolling his new favorite blonde he laid on the bed panting just as Fleur's legs gave out and she was back in her stomach laying on the wet spot she had made. Harry was blown away how good that went. It went so much better than he thought it would have. She even offered her ass with no prodding or asking. Looking around the room he noticed Desiree was floating in a corner of the room and was shoving what looked like a toy of himself inside of herself while she watched them. 'Couldn't resist?'

Desiree responded with, 'No master I couldn't especially when she spread her ass for you. I know you like it when I do that for you without asking.' With her trained ass she taught him how to master anal and use every inch of cock she gave him. As she flew around the room taking in this show from every angle she wished she was in Fleur's position so badly. She had also of course captured it all on magical film as well so he can relive the moment again later.

The jagged and mended cut on his back only enhanced the photos and made him look like the dangerous and impressive warrior he was. Harry had a few small scars but this one was big almost as if it was done by a sword and there was something about it that made Desiree even more aroused when thinking about her master.

Harry agreed with that sentiment, 'I didn't know Veela's felt so good. It was like the first time I fucked you.' That's all Harry could compare it too because much like Desiree Fleur had the perfect holes to shag. But wand to his head he might have to give the edge to Fleur.

Desiree heard that little private thought of his but didn't comment on it. While she didn't like being second place she understood that Veela were magical creatures that were only made to be the perfect sexual objects. They were born to be little more than cock sleeves which she could live with since she was worth more than that in her master's eyes.

Harry looked at Fleur, "That was amazing."

Fleur agreed, "Yes it was while I would like to claim all the credit you did most of the work. I never thought anal would feel that good." While she liked anal on her own she didn't think it would feel as good as him fucking her pussy. She also didn't think letting him plow into her with all of his force could be so pleasurable. She was so wrong this cock was just perfect for her in every way no matter where he put it.

Harry reached over and brushed some sweaty hair out of her face. "Minus the minor confrontation after the dance this was the perfect night." They both gave a small chuckle at that statement agreeing that tonight was perfect.

Fleur nodded agreeing with his statement. She had the best sex she probably will ever have along with the feeling of having each of her holes filled to the brim with hot cum. Just the thought of it made her toes curl while she could still feel his seed slowly dripping out of her. "You aren't the leetle boy I thought you were. You are so much more than I ever thought possible."

Harry laughed at that, "Was that or before you saw me naked?" There was no way a woman could call him little after seeing what he was swinging. 'Thanks Desiree.' The genie silently accepted her thanks with just a tip of the head.

Fleur scoffed at his answer as she laid on her side looking at Harry. "I saw it when you went to all that trouble to ask me out. You gave me a very special gift that saved me tonight from having a nasty cut like yours." She expected the enchanted necklace to come in handy in the arena not after the dance being assaulted by an immature child.

Harry felt his fury rise up at that because if Draco did manage to cut her and ruin her perfect skin he would have killed Draco then and there. Putting his hand on Fleur's shoulder he ran his hand up and down her arm just marvelling in the feeling of her skin. "I was worried you wouldn't have gone with me and I would have gone to the ball stag."

Fleur gave a beautiful laugh at his cluelessness. "Harry there was a line of ladies tonight that wanted to dance with you. Any one of them would have loved to go to the ball with you." She didn't know why but Harry seemed to have a low opinion of himself. She hoped that would change soon because he sure shagged better than anything she had ever felt. Some more confidence wouldn't be a bad thing. "Any woman would have been lucky to go with you and I am glad I said yes." She didn't think she would have said yes but the necklace had made her choice easy along with the fact he wasn't a drooling idiot. Why would you want to go on a date with a mindless idiot who can't think for themselves.

Just as he felt himself getting ready for another round Fleur got off the bed and walked to her attached bathroom. She looked over her shoulder before saying, "I'm going to take a shower but you are free to join me." She didn't have to wait long and barely had the temperature of the shower right before she felt Harry rubbing his hard cock in between her butt cheeks. "Still have another in you?"

Harry wanted a million more but would settle for one more. As they fell under the spray of the hot water Harry asked, "What hole do you want it in?"

That was a tough question. Part of her wanted it in her ass again but now that her pussy wasn't numb anymore and she could feel her arousal dripping, that was the hole she wanted filled. "Pussy. Shove that big cock in my pussy." The words were so dirty coming out of her mouth but fell out with ease.

With ease Harry lifted Fleur off the floor with a squeal before dropping her on all ten inches in one fell swoop.

Fleur didn't expect him to still be this forward. Wrapping her arms around his neck as her legs wrapped around his waist she braced herself for another amazing fuck. His hands digging into her ass were tight as he used it as leverage to drag her up and down his cock. She let out a series of expletives, some even in French.

Harry loved hearing Fleur lose it the harder and faster he shagged her. He had done this position in the shower multiple times all courtesy of Desiree who liked to get clean at the same time she liked to get dirty.

This standing fuck went on for over ten minutes which had made Fleur cum twice before she finally felt Harry cum inside her. Once he had drained every drop that could fit inside of her before setting her back onto her wobbly feet. It took her a moment to regain her footing and in the meantime Harry had taken it upon himself to clean her body. Soaping up his hands he rubbed them from her shoulders to her breasts where he spent most of his time before his hand trailed lower and tried to wash all of his seed away. His hands were rough with her breasts but she would have nothing less.

Fleur let Harry explore her body and before long she was doing the same to him. Her hands trailed all over his muscles feeling not an inch of fat on him. After she had her fill of his top half she went lower and washed his cock of all her fluids and remnants of cum. She spent a little more time than necessary on that part but she couldn't get enough of it. Part of her couldn't even believe it had all fit inside of her. Now she couldn't see having another average or small cock again. This one was just the perfect size for her. "You know Harry that this isn't just a one time thing. I want this often." When she said this she shook his cock making it clear what she was talking about.

Harry nodded as he let her lightly stroke his wet cock which was now soft but still felt very good. "I can do that. Just name a time and place and I will be there." Other than Desiree and Sinistra his schedule was pretty open. Fleur was also impossible to pass up.

Fleur rinsed off her body before starting on her hair, "I am free on the weekends."

Harry could do that, "Me too and I would love to spend them with you." Now he was sad she was leaving at the end of the year. "I can already tell I'm going to miss you when you leave."

Fleur felt the same because Harry was the type of boy she would introduce to her parents before dragging him into her room and shagging his brains out. "We will have to make every moment count and who knows we can even make things interesting."

That piqued Harry's attention, "Interesting how?"

Fleur finished washing the shampoo out before going to work on Harry's messy hair which fell out of its place during their lovemaking. "Well how about whoever does better in the tournament has to do what the other wants."

Harry now thought of tying Fleur and all the things he could make happen with a magical sex genie. "What would you want?" He wanted an insight into her deepest and darkest sexual fantasies.

Fleur looked scandalized, "That would be telling but trust me when I say you would enjoy it." In her mind she was thinking about tying him up and grinding her pussy all over his face until she came over and over. Also in her fantasy was him cumming without her touching him. Him cumming from just the pleasure of tasting her honey pot being dragged up and down his face.

Harry suddenly felt that he could go another round but Fleur saw his cock slowly rising and she put a stop to it, "No Harry you have to leave before you get caught by Headmistress Maxine. She said no guests could be here after curfew, which is in a few minutes." As champion she knew she got certain leeway but her Headmistress would be furious if she caught him well past curfew or in the morning. The curfew was extended tonight being a special occasion but as seen on the clock in her room it was coming to an end.

Harry wished he could sleep here and have another shag in the morning but being caught and scolded by the giant Headmistress was something he wouldn't find pleasant. "I guess I will just see you later." His hands were sure to touch every inch of her exposed skin, memorizing the soft feel. She even cracked a smile when his hands found her breasts again and gave her pink nipples another pinch.

Fleur wanted to laugh at his pouty face. "You are insatiable and I never thought as a Veela I would say those words." He was almost too much to handle on her own. "I am sure you can find someone to hold your attention until next time. That big titted redhead for instance I could tell she wanted more than a dance last night." It was getting her a little hot and bothered thinking about Harry shagging that cow and imagining her big tits flopping up and down. Fleur loved the female form especially those with a bigger bust than she had. While she loved her breasts she had groped a few friends with bigger ones and they felt amazing. She saw why all boys loved them so much.

Harry smiled back at Fleur, "Is that what you want? For me to fuck Susan and while I am thinking of you." Fleur was just the right kind of kinky for him. He didn't know if this was a general Veela trait but it was one he could really fall in love with.

Fleur smiled, "If you think about me that's on you but I don't mind you fucking other witches. I am French after all and am much more free about that sort of thing. You British are so oppressed when it comes to sexuality. Your cock deserves to be shared and inside of as many women as possible." To emphasize her point she gripped his soft cock again and gave it a swift stroke from tip to base before squeezing his balls making him jump. She just giggled at that but continued to roll them around in her hand for a moment just marvelling in their large size and capability to produce so much cum. If she had more time she would even love to suck on them for a while and show Harry how much she loved them.

It was at that point Desiree chimed in, 'See master this one gets it. She is like a woman after my own heart.' Desiree was attracted to Fleur but now she wanted to share her master's cock with her and take turns with him. If she had to choose this was the type of woman she saw her master being with.

Harry ignored his genie and said, "If you say so." With that said the shower turned off and they both toweled off before he got dressed and snuck out of the carriage without anyone noticing. On the walk back to the castle Harry felt all of his energy leave his body. Without sex and basking in Fleur's allure he slowly trudged his way to his private room.

Desiree saw her master's shoulders slump and his steps get slower and she knew that he wasn't going to have enough to finish her off when they got back to the room. After a long night of dancing and sex he was beat. When Harry made it to the room before the door closed Desiree poofed into her naked human form. "Please master."

Harry hated to disappoint her but even with a wish he didn't think he could do it again. "I promise tomorrow morning I will do whatever you want but I am too tired now." Quickly stripping down he just slid into bed and patted the side next to him. Hours of dancing and vigorous shagging had really taken it out of him.

Desiree slid into bed with her master and he quickly wrapped his arms around her like she was a pillow. "I am going to hold you to that. You have no idea how wet I was watching you fuck that pretty Veela. I came so hard when you put her in doggy and fucked her like you fuck me." Leaning into his ear she whispered, "I was so jealous."

Harry just groaned and snuggled deeper into her inhaling her subtle vanilla scent. "Tomorrow. Now let me sleep." Desiree made things difficult if he didn't do what she wanted. While some of it was good fun some of it would wear him out under the guise of building his stamina as Desiree liked to call it.

Desiree did let him go to sleep without further incident which didn't take long. He was asleep within minutes while she stayed up a while longer thinking of how she was going to start the day tomorrow besides the standard wake up blowjob. 'Just go to sleep Desiree you will be up before you know it.' Closing her eyes she just focused on her master's arms wrapped around her as she drifted off.


I hope everyone enjoyed that chapter. I hope it was as fun and memorable as people were hoping for. Trust me when I say things with Fleur and Veela in general are going to heat up even further in the future. The French Veela are just so more free in general and don't believe in any sexual taboos.

I know people wanted Fleur to smell Daphne on him but they didn't have full sex because that would have wrinkled her dress or messed up the looks the girls spent so long putting on. There is going to be plenty of Daphne in the future so don't worry.

Next chapter is going to be pretty fun. Not to give anything away but feel free to guess.

Let me know your favorite parts or who you want to see in the future.

Chapter Text

Genie 10

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Narcissa: Eva Green


The morning after the ball both Desiree and Harry had slept in. Harry's whole body was sore after the hours of dancing, amazing sex and having a dark curse hit his back. That turned out to be a mistake because now instead of waking up naturally or through pleasure a loud pop woke both of them up. Harry was the first to react and quickly reach over to the bedside table to retrieve his wand while trying to cover Desiree's body.

"Oh the great Harry Potter is needed in Dumblydore's office as soon as possible." Dobby said with his nervous eyes staring at Desiree.

Harry saw that and said, "Dobby please don't tell anyone about her. She is a secret and it is very important she stays that way. Do you understand?" If Dobby told Dumbledore then he would try to sever his connection to Desiree or lock her in another prison.

Dobby nodded eagerly wanting to please his friend, "Of course Dobby will be silent about her. Just hurry to the Headmaster's office. He has a guest waiting for you." When his message was done he popped back to the kitchen.

Desiree gave a loud petulant groan slash growl at being denied sexual release again. "Why couldn't they have waited until after breakfast?" Throwing Harry's arms off her body she stood up out of bed with her body jiggling from all the movement. "Is it too much to ask for ten minutes for a quick fuck?"

Harry groaned, feeling Desiree's frustrations and anger. "If I promise to skip breakfast and come back to the room to shag you will you stop your sulking?" While he talked he was throwing on a uniform shirt and his black slacks. His giant hand me downs from Dudley wouldn't do if this sounded as serious as Dobby made it out to be. There was a guest waiting and for all he knew it could have been the Minister or Amelia Bones again. He hoped it was Amelia so he could try and seduce her without the spell he used last time.

Desiree changed out of her human form back into her clothed genie form. "Since my morning was ruined tonight is all mine and I expect your tongue as an apology." This was the most demanding she ever behaved.

Harry did feel bad for her knowing how much she was really looking forward to this morning. "Fine tonight is all yours and I will lick whatever you want to be licked." He imagined it was going to be her pussy or if she was feeling really adventurous he would eat out her ass.

Desiree sighed with content, "Deal. I want at least two orgasms with your mouth first then you can do whatever you want with my body." No matter what he did it felt good anyway so it wasn't a bad deal. Normally she liked to have him start with her pussy before he jumped into her ass but she was so desperate she didn't care.

When Harry was dressed he walked towards the door with Desiree trailing him with a drool starting to come out of her mouth. She was thinking of all the ways tonight was going to go and she couldn't wait.

Harry could hear and see all of her horny thoughts and fantasies which about halfway to the Headmaster's office he had to tell her to cut it out. He couldn't walk into this meeting with an erection which was exactly what was going to happen if she kept thinking about him shagging her from behind while choking her with his belt.

Desiree listened to her master and stopped thinking about sex and instead just looking at all the magical paintings and pictures on their way to the office.

"Acid pops!" Harry said to the gargoyle standing guard at the office entrance. Upon giving the right password the gargoyle moved to the side to allow him entry. Walking up the steps he inhaled a deep breath before opening the real door to Dumbledore's office. Lifting up his shoulders and posture he did his best to strut into the room only to find Dumbledore and a very attractive older woman.

"Ah my boy it's good to see you got my message." Gesturing to the open seat next to the older woman with dark hair and blonde highlights. "Come take a seat, we have much to discuss."

Harry did as he was told but took an extra long time looking at the older woman sitting next to him. From what he could tell through her robes she had an impressive bust for her age. While it wasn't as big as Amelia's it was big enough to make his lower half stir. Add on top of that she had a beautiful face with high cheekbones and an almost gothic look made Harry want nothing more than to throw her on the desk and have his way with her.

Dumbledore was unaware of the inner thoughts going on in Harry's head as he talked about how she was here to beg his help to not send Draco to Azkaban or the French equivalent. When he reached the end of his speech he saw Harry just staring at Mrs. Malfoy. "-Harry, are you listening?"

Harry turned away from the attractive woman and made a mental note for Desiree to memorize her look because he was going to ask her to take the woman's form in the future. "Sorry Headmaster but I'm still a little tired. I had a long night last night."

Dumbledore sighed, "Yes I understand but that's what we are here to talk about. Mrs. Malfoy here would like to ask you not to send Draco to Azkaban or hand him over to the French." Dumbledore only allowed this because Harry hadn't interacted with Narcissa before and he hoped Harry could appreciate a mother trying to protect her child. It was a dirty manipulation but it needed to be done so Draco could redeem himself.

Harry scoffed at this attempt to prey on his compassion to free the menace that was Draco Malfoy. "No. He cursed my date which in turn cut me and could have killed someone. Money and guilt isn't going to make me change my mind." He was tired of Draco getting a free pass when it came to terrorizing the school.

Narcissa finally took this opportunity to speak up and put on her sad doe eyes. Just for an added measure she also pushed out her chest after seeing his eyes flick down to them when he first sat down. She wore a black dress for today but one that showed just enough cleavage to be considered good taste. "Mr. Potter I know Draco doesn't deserve forgiveness but isn't Azkaban too much for a schoolyard grudge?"

Harry was a little angry at the diminishing of what Draco did. He cursed them behind their back. "Maybe Azkaban will sort him out." It was a cold statement but Harry didn't care if Draco had his soul sucked out by dementors everyday.

Narcissa's head dipped down, "I will do anything for you to reconsider." It was said in such a defeated tone she literally meant anything which Harry picked up on right away. That was something he could work with. Now he wasn't thinking with his head but the one below the waist.

Harry tilted his head toward Desiree who heard it also. 'I wish Dumbledore had a reason to leave the room for a long while until I'm done with Mrs. Malfoy.' If this was going where he thought it was going then his day was going to start with a bang anyway. While Desiree granted the wish he could still see a small frown on her face wishing it was her instead.

A sudden urgency washed over Dumbledore as he made an excuse to leave the room but not before saying. "Harry, please find it in your heart to forgive. I need to supervise the clean up of the Great Hall before breakfast."

Narcissa wasn't expecting to be left alone with Harry Potter. For a second she thought about using the imperious on him but the smoldering look in his eyes told her what he wanted. Just to be sure she deftly hiked up her dress leaving most of her legs exposed before crossing her legs the other way. Like she was expecting, his eyes followed her bare legs. "So that's what it is going to take huh?"

Harry didn't bother to play dumb or deny her accusations. "Yes. You are lucky because if I didn't find you attractive I would have sent your son to Azkaban already but now you can earn his freedom." From her deep red lipstick covered lips he saw she actually smiled at that. Harry felt a little guilty trading Draco's attack on Fleur for sex but the spell hit him and he was fine with the satisfaction of shagging Draco's mum in retaliation.

Narcissa had been loyal to her husband her entire marriage but this was protecting his heir so she might as well have his blessing for what she planned to do. The fact this boy was her son's age was also a taboo that only served to make her knickers damp. In the boy's dress shirt she could tell he had a nice body and from the bulge that was pressing against the fabric of his trousers she was sure this was going to be better than okay. "Are you opposed to a blowjob?"

Harry smiled at the woman, "No it is the perfect place to start." The implication that was just the start made Narcissa's eyes widen but she slithered out of her chair onto her knees before him. Looking up at him he was still in his chair but was now undoing his belt and trousers before he lifted his butt off the chair and pushed them down. What she saw next would always be ingrained in her memory. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. It might as well have been a third arm poking out of his waist.

Harry took pride in the look of shock and wonder in the older woman's eyes. Harry even asked Desiree to take the picture just for fun. After she had managed to get her reaction under control she reached up and firmly gripped him around the base before giving him a nice firm stroke up and down.

Narcissa was touching this massive cock and she couldn't still believe it was real. As her hand went up and down her shaft she felt every pump of blood through the massive veins going up and down his shaft. 'Lucius is only five inches at the most and this is double that. I don't know how to suck a cock this big. At least with Lucius I can deepthroat him and let him use my face until he finishes. If I let Harry do that he could suffocate me with this cock.' Before she knew it she started to bathe his cock with her tongue licking every exposed inch.

Harry appreciated her tongue but his hands went to the back of her head and lightly pushed until she took a mouthful of him. "You don't have to go all the way down but you have to start really blowing me." He needed to be in her mouth.

Narcissa was lucky she has had so much experience with blowjobs since it was her prefered method of dealing with her husband. She would just drop to her knees and take care of him instead of letting him crawl on top of her at night. She was almost a master of blowjobs having to break them out whenever she spent more gold in their vault than she should have. Which happened often enough Lucius just dropped his pants when she arrived home after a big shopping spree. Now here she was blowing a boy her son's age and she couldn't believe he hadn't cum yet. She was bobbing her head up and down as fast as she could while sucking him with everything she could.

Harry groaned and kept a firm grip on Narcissa's head even going so far as to undo her hair so now instead of it being up it cascaded over her shoulders. Now it was the way he liked it and he planned to take advantage of it later. Not being too rough he tried to push Narcissa further down on him and then he heard her gagging and looking up at him with tears in her eyes. It scared him for a second, "You okay?"

Narcissa just nodded and let the boy use her mouth hoping he would finish soon. She never expected the blowjob to make her so horny but her knickers were soaked at just having this glorious cock push into her mouth. This never happened with Lucius normally; it was so mechanical that she didn't feel anything during the act. She couldn't imagine what it would feel like in her pussy. In fact right when she got home she planned to conjure a toy his size and use it on herself.

Harry was now loudly moaning as he felt her humming around his cock as she tried to speed up his eventual orgasm. While he didn't thrust into her mouth any deeper he did speed her up. "Such a good cocksucker for a mum. I'm getting closer. I can't believe I'm going to cum in Narcissa Malfoy's mouth."

Narcissa was happy to hear he was at his end and while she wanted to say something to him about cumming in her mouth. Before she could she felt the first dozen globs of hot spunk hitting her tongue at such a rate she was forced to swallow compared to what she usually did which was spit it out. While she wanted to be repulsed it didn't taste nearly as bad as her husband's. This one was just good enough it didn't make her gag as she was forced to swallow mouthfuls of his salty seed.

When Harry felt his orgasm end he let go of Narcissa's head only to see her glaring at him. "What?"

Narcissa could now see this is where his youth was a detriment. "You should always ask a woman what to do with your cum. You shouldn't make her swallow it if she doesn't want to."

Harry smirked as his hand cupped the side of her face. "I normally do but you are doing this for your son and I wanted to cum down your pretty throat. I want you to go home with as much of my seed in your stomach as possible when you tell your husband Draco won't be going to Azkaban."

Narcissa heard his speech but was staring at his cock which hadn't wavered or even lost an inch in size. Suddenly a feeling of nervousness came over her thinking she was going to have to do more. "Do I have to give you another blowjob?"

Harry looked down at the woman and shook his head, "How about you slip off that dress and I show you what you have to do next."

Narcissa would have refused at this point if her knickers weren't plastered to her skin due to her arousal. Standing up she brought her hand to her zipper but before she unzipped she had to add, "I would ask that you are kind about my body. I know I am not sixteen anymore but I still have feelings." Her body was the one part of her that she was still self conscious about. Her husband had taken a few shots at her age over the years and made it clear when he stepped out on her with a younger witch. Now she was stripping for a young boy who was used to seeing girls his own age with perfectly tight bodies with no signs of aging.

Harry was blown away at how vulnerable she was with him and as her dress fell to the ground he didn't see what she was ashamed about. Her body looked plenty nice to him. She even had a flat stomach under her big tits that Harry couldn't wait to get his hands on. The little patch of black hair above her pussy was also a nice touch. "Turn around." From her hips she looked as if she would have a nice bum.

Narcissa's face was now red under his intense stare and now he wanted to see her least favorite part of her body. Due to her age and having a child no matter how hard she worked she was never able to get rid of the big butt she now had. Not even Lucius had seen her naked backside in the last few years.

Harry saw her butt have a slight jiggle as she turned around which he couldn't resist in molding his hands to her cheeks and giving both of them a nice big squeeze. "You have a nice ass Narcissa."

That was a statement that blew her away and she thought he was making fun of her. "Stop it. I know it is a giant mess."

Harry couldn't believe what she was saying. "I am serious Narcissa, this is a very nice ass. Do you want me to show you how nice I really think it is?" He meant his words the way his fingers sank into her soft cheeks made him want to bury everything he could into it starting with his face.

Narcissa just nodded as she felt his hands inch closer and closer to the crack of her ass which was making her shiver at how naughty it felt. Before she knew it she was bent over Dumbledore's desk and as she craned her head to look back she saw nothing just as she felt something wet and squishy touching her untouched asshole. "What are you? Ahhh!"

Harry smiled as she responded with a scream to his ministrations. As he swirled his tongue around her puckered hole for a minute he then pushed deeper and stuck his tongue as far as it could go.

Narcissa had never been more aroused in her life than as she felt a tongue up her bum. From that alone she felt her pussy trying to contract on a cock that wasn't there. She also felt the familiar feeling of an orgasm starting to build just from having her dirty hole licked. This was something that simply wasn't done in pureblood circles. She wanted to tell him to stop just to put an end to the shame. If she came from a tongue up her bum then that would make her feel like an even bigger whore than she already was.

Harry's feast on her cute tight hole went on for minutes and when he felt that she had reached the tipping point he reached around and flicked her erect clit with his two fingers. He then also used his parseltongue ability and hissed on her puckered hole. It was at that moment he felt Narcissa's hand reach around to hold his head there so he kept his tongue playing with her dirty hole. 'Amazing how uptight these pureblood women are until I start playing with their bums then they are all smiles.' He did with Amelia and Rita and they were anal converts by the end of it.

Desiree agreed with Harry but part of that was due to the fact he had a mouth that was well trained and no woman could resist. 'You better do the same to me tonight.'

Harry just reassured her that she was next on his list today. When she went a whole day without cumming she was cranky and needy. 'I promise now let me work.' He had to stop himself from thinking anything else aloud that she might have heard.

Narcissa was catching her breath while relaxing her overheated body on the cool walnut wood of the Headmaster's desk. Her nipples were so hard they almost hurt being pressed so hard into the wood. Before she knew it Harry had rolled her over and flopped his massive cock against her stomach with the underside of his cock rubbing against her clit. Looking at his cock on her stomach it looked like it would go past her navel if he thrust into her. Sadly she was too far gone and didn't care if he ruined her pussy forever all she knew was that she needed that cock. "Please just stick it in."

Harry smiled down at the older woman who was begging him for his cock. "Planning on it. Now let's see if you are as tight as I was hoping." Rubbing the tip of his cock against her leaking hole made her moan louder than she had all morning. Pressing in he sank into her snug pussy inch by inch. For a woman who had a kid she was much tighter than he was expecting. While she wasn't nearly as tight as Fleur or Desiree he knew it would be plenty good enough to milk a load from him.

Narcissa's breath became shorter the deeper he went and by the time he had all ten inches inside of her she thought she was going to blackout from the pleasure. Sex had never felt this good for her who knew all of took was a big cock and an amazing tongue to get her over the hill. 'Why couldn't Lucius be like Harry. If he kept me this happy I wouldn't find the need to fill the hole in my heart with shopping.'

Harry heard his new partner panting as his thrusts picked up speed. "Don't hold back Narcissa. Cum as much as you want." He planned to make sure she came multiple times. While she was doing this for Draco and he could have been selfish he wanted her to leave here a different woman. He wanted her to go home and not stop thinking about being thrown on the Headmaster's desk and fucked like a proper slut. "You might as well enjoy this because I am nowhere near done."

Narcissa took his advice and came harder than anything she had ever felt before. Even dwarfing the last orgasm. Her head went all fuzzy from the two quick orgasms and for the first time today the thoughts of saving her son were out of her head. Now all she cared about was the cock inside of her making her feel things that she hadn't felt before. This big cock was slamming against her G spot on every thrust and each time she felt the tingle down to her toes.

Harry kept his eye on the prize and never let up in his thrusts and took pleasure in the look on Narcissa's face. She sometimes had her eyes crossed, or rolled in the back of her head and tongue out. She even had a little drool leaking out of her mouth. She looked like a mess. It was clear that he was unlocking things inside of her that she never felt before. "You like this Narcissa? You like me fucking your cunt like this?"

Narcissa had the decency to blush more when he used the word cunt. It was so vulgar and a word she would never use to describe her pussy. "I love it, keep fucking me."

Harry had her totally submit to him and she was no longer doing this out of a duty for her son. She wanted his cock more than anything more on Earth right now. "You close to another?"

Narcissa shamefully nodded, sensing that another climax was around the corner for her. "Yes I'm so close. Just a little more." In her mind she could no longer stop thinking this was wrong. This felt so right getting fucked by a young man who wanted her body. She didn't care how old he was, just that he never stopped doing what he was doing right now.

Harry was getting close also and felt his balls tighten up. "Me too, I'm going to cum. Brace yourself because I'm going to fill you up."

That woke Narcissa up to the thought that this virile boy could possibly knock her up, "Not inside!" She screamed and thankfully he heard it because before she knew it he pulled out and started spraying her entire body with his hot cum. His ropes were nearly hitting her face but instead ropes were landing all over her breasts and stomach. It was just enough that she clamped her legs shut as she had her own orgasm. Her empty pussy missed his cock and wished it could have clamped down on him but she was very aware she hadn't been on the potion.

Harry wished he could have cum inside her. She was primed and ready for a big creampie. But that wasn't to say she didn't look amazing with her entire torso covered with hot white streaks. Looking to the corner with Desiree he saw that she had the camera in her hands taking photos. 'I am going to reward you for that.'

Desiree smiled, 'Yes you will.'

Narcissa was gasping for breath, unable to stop the aftershocks of her orgasm shooting through her body. Looking down she saw that his cum dripping cock was still just as hard as when they started. "How can you still be hard?" Now it wasn't impressive, just annoying.

Harry chuckled but hovered over her with his face inches away from her's. "One or two more should do it...maybe" With that he leaned down to take her lips with his. For a second he knew he caught her off guard because she didn't respond right away but soon kissed back as best she could.

After an amazing kiss that took the breath out of Narcissa's lungs they broke apart and Harry looked at her like she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. It was at that moment she noticed that his hands had lifted her legs and held them up akimbo as his cock pressed against her virgin asshole. She was about to yell at him to stop but the loving look on his face had stopped her words in her throat. She had the decency to at least blush as she felt him start to pry open her tight hole with his hot pole.

Harry slowly pressed forward as he felt her asshole start to stretch around him. Her asshole was much more giving than he was expecting. Almost expecting this not to work but he had done such a good job relaxing her he just slid right in. The deeper he went he kept expecting her to set a limit but it never came. He kept plunging deeper and deeper until he had all ten inches in her tightest hole.

Narcissa couldn't believe how far this boy was inside her most sacred hole. She never planned to give this up but after feeling everything else he had given her body couldn't resist. Bringing her hand to his face she just whispered, "Be gentle."

Harry heard her words and planned to do just that. Slowly he pulled out before thrusting back in just hard enough for her to feel his power. Hearing her small moans at that he repeated the action over and over each time her moans became louder and louder.

Narcissa didn't want to believe her body would react so favorably to a deep buggering like this but here she was. She was being buggered and she was enjoying it. While it wasn't something she wanted everyday it was something that she could enjoy more and more if given the chance. Too bad Draco and Harry weren't friends. She could invite him over and find reasons to sneak around with him. Catching herself she now found herself fantasizing about having more time with Harry when this was supposed to be a simple quid pro quo and here she was thinking she was getting the better part of the deal.

While Harry established his slow and gentle rhythm he reached up and touched her cum covered breasts. Letting her legs go he was now just exploring her chest. He quickly found she was very sensitive and just the smallest touch or pinch made her moan. "Too bad we don't have more time. I would love to play with these and see what it would take to make you cum from that alone."

Narcissa was already close to her first analgasm and was so close she screamed out. "Pinch them harder, I can feel my bum getting tighter." She almost didn't recognize that she was about to have her first analgasm.

Harry did as she asked and pinched both of her pink nipples hard and her ass tightened so tight around him he was stuck where he was. Her screaming and wailing was also enough to push him over the edge. Without a word he let go of her tits and just grabbed her hips and thrust every inch he could inside of her before blowing the biggest load of the day inside her newly violated ass.

Narcissa was struck speechless as she felt what felt like cups of hot spunk being pumped into her bowels. It felt unnatural at the quantity his balls produced. The feeling of being filled so heavily also set off another orgasm for her and she came twice so quickly it made her head spin. 'This feels strangely satisfying. I wonder why I love this so much. I expected an inexperienced boy not a hulking brute who pinned me down on my back and fucked my poor virgin asshole with ten inches of steaming cock until he filled me with a large hot load of cum.' While Harry wasn't tall or overly muscular he had power and a whole lot of skill that made Narcissa easy prey for him. She was no match for this level of sex.

Harry was still hard and could go again. "I hope you liked that because if I can't cum inside your pussy I'm going to fuck this ass again." This time Harry pulled out for a moment to roll her over on the desk so he had a better view of her big round ass accepting all ten inches "There we go. I am not going to lie, I'm going to get a little rougher here, but this time you are really earning your son's freedom."

"Do you have to fuck my ass again?" Narcissa asked hopefully. While anal sex felt good she imagined it was going to do more damage and maybe make it so she can't sit comfortably for the rest of the week.

"Unless I can finish in your pussy or on your face this is my only option. I don't think you would like me ruining your makeup and covering your face in cum. You don't strike me as that type of girl." Harry said. Narcissa could agree with his assessment because she didn't want cum on her face really ever. She would much rather just swallow it down or spit it out.

Narcissa was still in a haze but felt him press his cock back at her gaping hole but this time he pushed in harder. It was also fast because before she knew it she could feel his big balls slap against her pussy as she was filled with ten inches of pure hard cock. "Fuuuuck!" She let out a loud curse feeling Harry stretch out her ass again but there was nothing she could do about it. She was his until he decided to not send Draco to Azkaban. She would do whatever it took short of having him knock her up. "You are so rough." While she was complaining about his newly found speed and power she had a dark voice in her mind moaning and loving this kind of treatment. Part of her couldn't get enough of this and the other part didn't think this was anyway a pureblood should behave during sex.

Harry took pleasure in her moans and curses. He was being rougher the second time in her ass. He couldn't help it the way her backside jiggled and rippled the harder he thrusted. "Sorry but your ass is so fucking good." Putting everything he had into shagging her ass he added, "Don't lie to me. You are enjoying this. Tell me how much you like being fucked in the ass like a good little slut."

Narcissa hated that she had to answer but also the answer itself was something she didn't expect. "I love it. Fuck my ass until you cum and fill me up like a good whore." While she would normally never call herself that given her large amount of pride, there was no other word for a girl who already had one big load of cum in her ass and wanted a second.

Harry leaned over Narcissa's body and put all of his weight on her back before whispering in her ear. "I want you to remember this. Remember when you begged for me to cum in your ass. Remember it when you talk to your husband and your son."

Narcissa thought about talking to her husband while being filled with another man's cum and she couldn't hold back anymore and came with a scream as she tried to close her legs tight. "I'm cumming!"

Harry was just as close as she was and was only to last a few more thrusts in the tight pink walls of her mature bum before his magical cum raced out of him to join the rest of the cum he already deposited inside her. For the final level of humiliation he gave each of her butt cheeks a firm slap and each time he felt her tighten up. "Ooohhh I wish I knew you liked spanking so much when I started. I guess that is something I can look forward to if Draco fucks up again."

Narcissa was out of all her coherent words. She wanted to argue back that she didn't enjoy this but her body begged to differ. She had two large loads of cum filling her bowels to their limit. There was also the numb feeling her whole bottom felt from the ridiculous amount of shagging that just took place. Taking big gulps of air she still couldn't believe that Harry Potter had just given her the shag of her life. It was so powerful she could even feel consciousness start to slip away.

Once Harry was sure he drained every drop inside her he fell back into his chair and watched Narcissa spread out on Dumbledore's desk nearly blacked out unable to move as his cum had started to pour out of her. 'I wish for a butt plug Desiree." A medium sized silver plug soon appeared in his hand and he started to push it in the hole he just stretched out. With the plug inside of the woman he started to clean them both up with some much needed scourgify charms before wishing for Narcissa to be dressed again. It was sad to see her all clean and looking like she wasn't just covered in his seed.

Narcissa was in a haze and felt her body being lifted off the desk before being sat in a chair. Suddenly she felt fabric covering her body again. Sitting down in the chair she was now aware she felt as if she was sitting on something that wasn't the chair.

As Narcissa was in the chair he cleaned the desk of all their fluids before getting dressed himself. Thankfully that last orgasm in Narcissa's ass had done the trick. With the office taken care of he walked over to Narcissa who's eyes were half lidded and almost muttering something. "Rennervate." Harry said.

Narcissa suddenly felt clear headed before taking a moment to check her surroundings for a second. It was like she just came out of the best dream she ever had. "What happened?"

Harry smiled at the woman, "When I made you cum you nearly passed out." It was at that moment he saw her shift in her seat uncomfortably. "I couldn't clean all of you so I used a plug in your bum. When you get home you can get in the shower and clean up properly."

Narcissa was now very aware of the plug in her asshole and she wanted to be angry but she didn't want to be leaking his seed all the way home. She could still feel the warmth he shot inside of her and it felt like it was going to take three showers to get clean. "So you won't press charges on Draco?"

Harry smiled at the older woman who he was reminded that she was the mom of the most detestable person on the planet. "I won't but you should have a talk with him so it doesn't happen again...unless you want this deal to keep happening. But I promise next time I will really punish your ass and fill your pussy with so much cum potion or not you will end up pregnant."

Narcissa shivered at the thought of this happening again in either pleasure or anxiousness. "I will talk to him." Biting her lip she questioned if she should say the next thing. "I hope we get a chance to do this again anyways." It was impossible to deny that she enjoyed this perhaps much more than she should have.

Harry smiled at the older woman, "Really? I thought this was just a transaction." She just cheated on her husband to keep her son safe. He didn't think she would want this again without something in it for her. Although if she did want a repeat he wouldn't say no but next time he hoped she would be on the potion so he could fill Draco's old room up with so much cum she will pass out again.

Narcissa scoffed, "It started that way but I never had a man do that to me before. As dirty as it sounds, I deeply enjoyed your tongue in my bum. If I could buy that kind of service I would at least once a week." It was funny she said man when he was really a fifteen year old boy with a man's body. 'Calm yourself Narcissa don't be too forward. You aren't a whore in Knockturn Alley trying to get a date.'

"Shag that ass?" Harry teased.

Narcissa blushed, "No...well yes but I meant make me cum so much. I lost count of how many times I came." Even when she was alone at home in bed with a wand she couldn't make herself cum that many times. This boy had made her body feel twenty years younger.

Harry suddenly had an idea. 'Desiree I wish I had an animated version of my cock that she could use by herself. And I wish I could feel when she uses it.' He liked the idea of feeling when she used his toy.

Desiree granted his wish and a giant fleshy cock appeared in his hand. Harry presented it to Narcissa, "Here I want you to think of me when you use it." The shocked face she gave the toy almost made him laugh out loud. It had to be pretty jarring to see her new favorite piece of anatomy severed and in his hand.

"That's an impressive piece of magic. Did you invent the spell yourself?" Narcissa asked as she took in the sight of a disembodied cock in Harry's hands.

"Yes it feels just like the real thing and I think you will find it helpful when you miss me." All he could think of now was her laying in her bed shoving this in either of her holes as she waited for another chance on the real thing. 'I almost want to tell her to practice her blowjobs because I bet if I could get into her pretty throat I would cum in no time.' The long and pale neck of Narcissa Malfoy was something he wanted to feel wrapped around the top half of his cock.

"What makes you think I will miss you?" She tried to slide back on her cocky aristocrat mask but Harry saw right through it and said, "Oh I have a feeling that you will miss me sooner than you think. I can't imagine that Lucius made you ever feel half as good as I did today."

Narcissa took the gift and couldn't believe it looked and felt like the real thing. He was right when she said she would miss him. There was no doubt in her mind as soon as the feeling came back in her lower half she would want him again. 'Now I have one for home and times where I miss the boy who I shagged to keep my son out of Azkaban. I swear my life has gotten so much more complicated recently.' Putting the toy in her handbag she couldn't wait to go home and clean up and use this in the future. "I will. Thank you." Looking around she remembered they were in Dumbledore's office and had been alone for the last hour. Did the old fool forget they were there? "Where is Dumbledore?"

Harry quietly wished for Dumbledore to come back. And within a minute he came through the door unaware what had transpired in his office not ten minutes ago. "I take it you have found it into your heart to forgive Draco." The only reason he agreed to letting Mrs. Malfoy speak to Harry was because he was sure Harry would want to please a mother figure.

Harry just smiled knowingly at Narcissa, "Yes it took some convincing. I think I can forgive Draco this once. Narcissa has assured me it won't happen again." Looking at the witch he still couldn't believe this was Draco's mum. 'Sex with Fleur last night and a fit mum the next. I love my life.'

Narcissa backed Harry up to the Headmaster, "Yes I will talk with Draco and make sure he knows what he did was wrong. While I'm sure he wouldn't make an apology I have apologized to Harry profusely and he accepted."

The double meanings weren't lost on Harry as if she was almost teasing him. "Yes she did. I didn't know she had such an apology in her but she really went above and beyond." Now he was giving her a smug smile that made her cheeks pink up from knowing his meaning.

Dumbledore looked at the pair strangely like they were having their own conversation. "Well good. I'm glad we can come to an understanding. Doesn't matter what side you are on, an apology goes a long way. My boy, why don't you go to breakfast while I take Mrs. Malfoy to see you g Draco and relay this information to him."

Narcissa planned to do a little more than relay and instead try to drive the point into his thick head with a blunt instrument if she had to. If it wasn't literally for her ass he would be in Azkaban right now. 'Not like I can complain too much. I did enjoy it so much I let Harry do whatever he wanted with me including taking my only virgin hole.'

Harry left the two of them in the office with a skip in his step on the way to breakfast. Desiree closely followed her master. 'You read that situation perfectly. She would have done anything to keep that cocky little worm out of jail.'

Harry had to give her credit because if this happened before Desiree he would have been clueless. 'Thanks to you. I never noticed all the signals girls put out before. One look from Narcissa had me ready to throw Dumbledore out of the room to bend her over his desk. You are also the one who taught me how to use my tongue that way.'

Desiree was always happy for the praise and accepted it with a bow. 'You are a good student. Now that you aren't wishing for all women to just drop their knickers when they see you I can see you actually trying. Some of my old masters were so lazy they would just lay in bed and wish for a line of women coming out of their room. In fact that master died from trying to fuck a hundred women in one day but his heart gave out at the fifty sixth woman.'

Getting used to sex was weird but now that he was used to it he could almost pull any girl he wanted. If he could snag a pureblood wife that was a good sign for what was going to come. At the very least he wanted to space it out and not have fifty women in a row.

'Remember master you even have a teacher who wants to fuck you at least once a week.' Desiree was now just antsy for her turn to start as soon as possible. Seeing that woman get what was supposed to be her's this morning made her a little cross.

Breakfast was a silent affair choosing to not talk to anyone and instead silently chat with Desiree. She was also flying around the room pointing out girls that he might be interested in out of the girls he danced with last night. Besides Susan being the obvious front runner Desiree also pointed out Romilda Vane. Harry didn't like Romilda that much because he could tell she was a fan girl.

Desiree reminded him he could use that to his advantage. After breakfast Harry went to class where he sent Desiree away so he could focus. Classes went fine until after lunch when he was in Transfiguration and he felt the feeling of sliding his manhood in a wet and familiar pussy. Harry snapped his quill that he was using to take notes before also exclaiming "Fuck!" The whole class turned to him where he had to pretend nothing was wrong. He even looked down expecting to see Desiree's head in his lap but his trousers were still zipped and there was no one there.

"Mr. Potter, watch your language. If you weren't representing our school I would be giving you a week's worth of detentions right now." Due to the little rule of the Triwizard Tournament, champions couldn't receive detention this year.

Harry did his best to act normal and apologize while squirming in his chair. 'Desiree get over here now!'

A second later Desiree poofed into existence in front of her master with a stretch of her arms. When Harry sent her away she liked to go back to the room and take long cat naps. 'What is it?'

Harry was glaring at his genie while nearly banging his fist on the table. 'It feels like I'm fucking someone in the middle of class which is impossible since I'm still sitting clothed.'

Desiree started cackling at her master, 'You wanted to know when Narcissa used your toy. What better way to let you know then to let you feel what your toy would feel.' She could see her master's face get redder and even a vein in his forehead start to pulse. 'I thought you would have enjoyed this part of the wish you can have sex without actually having sex.'

Harry would have liked that if he wasn't in class right now staring at his ninety year old professor. 'When I said let me know when she used it I meant like a tap on the shoulder not feeling what the toy was feeling for this exact reason. Just fix it.'

Desiree smiled some more, 'I didn't hear my magic words.' She put her hand to her ear as she tilted her head.

Harry had to stop himself from screaming it aloud. 'I wish that I didn't feel what my toy felt. There, happy now?' He was getting close to cumming himself and from how fast he felt the sensation of going in and out of Narcissa's pussy she must have been close also.

'So you have wished it, so it shall be.' With a wave of her hands his shoulders finally relaxed after the sensations stopped. 'Do you want me to finish you off under the desk master?'

Harry glared at Desiree again, 'No in fact I wish this erection would go away right now.' With another wave of her hands he felt his erection go back to normal. Breathing a sigh of relief he looked at the grandfather clock in the room and saw they only had a few minutes until class ended anyways. 'Only one more class until I am done and I will be skipping dinner to teach you a lesson.'

Desiree just smiled at her master hoping that he wouldn't let her off easy. While she liked how loving and affectionate he was she was hoping for a little punishment. The way she pushed her master today she hoped for his worst. 'Ooohhh can't wait master. I will wait for you in our room and don't be afraid to really show me what you can do.' After her little speech she poofed back to the room as quick as she appeared.

Harry had spanked Desiree a little here and there but he never planned to punish her like he did right now. All day she had been acting up almost as if she wanted him like this scheming on ways to punish her.

After classes

Desiree had turned their bedroom to a makeshift dungeon with the walls covered in her favorite sexual toys over the years. When she first came to the modern world with her new master she had explored the girls' dorms to see what new kind of toys they were using. She also explored the nearest muggle big city and found a sex store where she took some of her inspiration for this room.

Finishing his last class of the day Harry wasn't even able to focus during it. The class was even his favorite D.A.D.A and he couldn't even muster the bare minimum to participate or even read the board. All he was thinking about was Desiree.

When Harry arrived at the room and passed through the threshold he saw that Desiree was in the center of the room in her human form naked and with her arms bound above her head. If he didn't know this was consensual it would have looked like she was a prisoner. He also didn't fail to notice that the walls were covered with whips, paddles and other things he had never seen before. Walking over to Desiree he asked, "Are you serious?" He was in the process of also getting naked hoping he wasn't dreaming.

Desiree nodded, "Teach me my place. I want to be punished." Part of her wanted to annoy him all day for annoying her yesterday by not sleeping with her. She knew she pushed him over the edge with that wish today.

Harry was a little scared having this much power over Desiree at this moment. She was tied up and bound in such a way he could have done anything to her. To start out his hands touched her body starting with her breasts which rewarded him with a moan before his hands went down to her bum where he squeezed and she replied with, "Do your worst to your naughty slave, master."

He let her go and went to the wall picking up a few selections including a paddle, whip, anal beads, and a collar with a leash attached to it. Bringing it all over to the table next to his hanging genie he started off with the collar and even gave it a few firm tugs. That only made Desiree smile as Harry slowly dipped his toe in the water. Next Harry picked up the paddle and just touched it to her bum which made her shiver in anticipation.

Desiree closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of cool wood against her ass. She had to stop herself from telling him to start instead letting him figure it out for himself. She didn't have to wait long before she heard the paddle cutting through the air before she heard a loud SMACK before she felt the impact. To let him know he did a good job she moaned out signalling him to do it again.


Harry got a little lost paddling his genie's bum. Her caramel skin was even starting to get bright red after the tenth hit. He only went a few more before he put the paddle down and started to massage her red cheeks. They felt even warmer than usual and Desiree just continued to moan out like a wanton whore. Next Harry spread her legs and pried her cheeks open seeing his favorite hole closed shut staring back at him.

Desiree knew what was going to come next and even gave her hips a little wiggle letting him know it was okay. That's when she felt a hard and cool something pressing against her asshole. She was expecting to feel the warm and fleshy feeling of her master's cock but instead she felt something else. Soon she felt a bead that was just as big as the ones she put into Pansy be pushed into her own ass. "Oh you were listening."

Harry kept inserting bead after bead until he reached the end. At the end of it there were eight large beads that were buried in her. "Yes I was. I didn't care about Pansy, all I wanted was to impress you."

Since the spanking she had felt her pussy become a flood of arousal and now hearing Harry saying that he was fucking for her made her nearly lose it. The feeling of all the large beads pressing against each other while her ass was stinging was impossible to ignore. "You are the best master I have ever had." Those were words she meant.

Harry loved hearing those words and without any warning he was now in front of her and lifting up one of her legs before sliding into her wet pussy. He couldn't resist waiting any longer. In fact, since feeling Narcissa's pussy again during class and being edged for the rest of the day there was nothing he wanted more than to dump everything he had into the genie responsible.

Desiree's hands were closing around the air, desperately wishing she had something to hold onto. Harry was fucking her harder than what was comfortable in this position. She felt her one foot that was still on the ground shaking and it was close to giving out any second. She was lucky her body was unbreakable or else she would have been in a lot of pain right now.

Harry was in heaven while his cock was buried in his own personal sex toy due to the beads he pushed into her he felt that her pussy was even tighter than normal. There was also the fact he could feel the ridges from each bead on every thrust. The combination of those things almost made it on par with Fleur's pussy. "Get ready Desiree."

"Give me all of it Harry." She liked the feeling of a nice and full creampie thanks to his enhanced loads. "Give me your hot cum deep inside my pussy."

Harry couldn't stop himself from reacting to her dirty talk and just before he came he reached his hand around her back and yanked on her collar as hard as he could.

Desiree felt her collar jerk back in addition to her air supply getting cut off for a few seconds at the exact moment she felt all of her master's seed rush into her. Those things triggered one of the biggest climaxes she had since Harry became her master. Unable to fully vocalize her pleasure she just trembled and shook on her master's mighty cock as it set off a massive explosion of white in her vision. Her whole body was a flame feeling his hot spunk paint the entirety of her pussy. Not one inch was safe from him to the point she even felt her womb expand to keep it all inside of her. By the time he was done he let go of the collar which let her refill her lungs with air.

Harry was worried he had gone too far by choking Desiree but as soon as she caught her breath she kissed him on his lips. As she shoved her tongue in his mouth he felt her pussy keep milking his cock for more. After a heavy makeout session of swapping spit as their tongues kept invading the others mouth Harry finally pulled away including his cock. Seeing Desiree hanging there with his seed dripping between her legs was one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. Down to her eyes looking at him almost defeated. To add to her pleasure he walked around to her backside.

Desiree was hoping he was going to pull out the beads and give her a buggering harder than he did Narcissa this morning. Instead she heard a whistling before she felt a sharp pain across her butt. It wasn't a paddle but something smaller.

Harry had picked up the riding crop whip and had left an angry red mark across Desiree's still pink bum. "This is for teasing me during class."

Desiree felt sharp blows rain down on her ass and every single one stung more than the last. While she was able to take it there was a part of her that wished it would stop and he would just resume fucking her the way she wanted.

Harry didn't stop until her bum was even redder than before. When he was done he thought of the room providing a table before vanishing her binds and bending her over the table.

Desiree groaned in relief when her arms fell from the air. While it wasn't overly painful she felt her blood rush back into her limbs. She quickly found herself bent over a table that hadn't been there before and she knew what Harry had planned.

While he had Desiree bent over displaying her red hatch marked bum to the room he put his finger through the ring at the end of the string to her anal beads as he slowly started to pull them out one by one.

Desiree moaned louder and louder with every bead clearly enjoying it more than Pansy did. By the halfway mark he heard Desiree scream out in climax. That didn't stop Harry from pulling the rest of the beads out. After they were all out her asshole looked so open and inviting. He wasted no time before sliding into her.

Desiree was on cloud nine after two orgasms so close together added to the fact Harry finally dove into her again. "Yes that's it. A day is too long to go without this." She hoped he would never tire of this because she never would. She had spent thousands of years being mistreated and seen as less than human but Harry made her feel like a real woman. His perfect woman even when he was punishing her she felt the love with every strike. None of them were cruel or hurtful all he wanted was to drive her crazy with lust.

Harry wasn't gentle with Desiree's ass like he was with Narcissa's. With Desiree he gave her ass everything he had which if he looked down he could see her big butt rippling with every thrust or hear her grunt and pant from a job well done.

Moans echoed through the room Desiree's clearly being the loudest. Her stinging bottom feeling the slap against her master's skin on every thrust along with his cock pushing deep inside her. It was so chaotic she almost wished it would never end or that there was another Harry that could be in front of her using her mouth. But that was a wish for another day.

Minutes went by before Harry announced his eminent orgasm which Desiree just cheered on waiting to feel the same thing her pussy felt earlier. After a loud grunt she got her wish as she felt a tidal wave flow into her stretched out and well used ass. Before he finished she craned her head backwards, "Pull the chain." Harry did as he was told and felt her asshole constrict even tighter as he emptied his balls in her.

Desiree did love the choking tonight which pushed her over the edge again as she came undone. 'FUCK!' She screamed mentally as she came again but this time her body had reached its limit. She had cum close to ten times tonight at different points some big some small but she was satisfied. This was worth waiting a whole day for. 'I love you master.'

Harry pulled out of Desiree and said, "Love you too." As his cock slowly went flaccid again he changed their room back to a regular bedroom before laying Desiree in bed after casting a few cleaning charms so she didn't leave a puddle of love juices in the bed.

Harry decided to take a shower after all that crazy sex and almost laughed when he saw the hurt look in Desiree's eyes. She wanted to join him but she was too tired. Even in an immortal and unbreakable body it sadly still had a few stamina limits. While it was stronger than other bodies a few big orgasms turned it into jelly.

When Harry returned to bed all clean after the big day he had he slipped into bed and wrapped his arms around Desiree. "Well that was a fun day minus the little incident in class."

Desiree felt his lean body against hers and she melted into his arms. "For you I was frustrated most of the day."

"I made it up to you didn't I?" Harry said, hoping that she was now happy with the result.

Desiree smiled deviously, "And what if I say you didn't."

Harry pulled her tighter against him, "Then I can start over again." He could be talked into starting it all up again.

Desiree giggled and as much as she wanted to run it back her body would black out after another powerful orgasm. "Talk to me in the morning." Hopefully her body would be healed by then and they can have some more fun in the morning.


I hope people enjoyed the way I included Narcissa. I love her character and thought this was the only way I could get her in the story at the moment but who knows what the future holds for her character.

Wild ending I know but I wanted Desiree to push Harry a little further down the road of depravity. A little BDSM never hurts. I know there has been an abundance of older women lately but next one will be a girl Harry age.

Chapter Text

Genie 11

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Penelope Clearwater: Saoirse Ronan

I know Penelope isn't supposed to be in school anymore but there is a lack of known girls older than Harry in the books and movies.


The days following Desiree's punishment she had been even more ready to please Harry than usual. Quickly found out that she wanted to make him as happy as he made her the other night. The next day Harry had to push Desiree off so he could shower and get to class on time. He had to even banish her to the bottle in his arm or else she would keep trying to tempt him.

Once Desiree was taken care of she was like the angel on his shoulder again giving him advice or pointing out possible sexual partners. She even recommended him to send flowers to Fleur to keep her happy while letting her know he was thinking of her. She was a partner he didn't want to lose. While he wanted to spend more alone time with her the second task was coming up and their time was better spent training. Since Harry was spending all of his free time with sex he could tell he was falling behind. Even his wish to be more powerful only went so far this task was in a different arena then he was used to. It was in the water, a place where he spent the least amount of time. He probably only spent a couple of hours in a pool at the most, growing up and being dragged to the local pool with the Dursley's. 'How am I going to stay underwater for that long.'

Classes distracted him even though over half of the classes were useless to him. At least Sinistra let him read and study other things during her class. So far his research has been very little help when it came to finding a way to spend an hour underwater.

Snape wasn't that gracious and drilled him with questions he didn't know the answers to or breathing down his neck while brewing. While some teachers had sympathy for him Snape wasn't one of them. It was so much he couldn't even have a breather to stare at Daphne or any of the other hot girls in his class. The only good part was that Narcissa seemed to get it into Draco's head to leave him alone. She must have done a good job explaining the seriousness of the situation after being used as an anal fuck toy. The fact he had shagged Draco's mum had been the icing on the cake so to speak.


Locked away in an empty classroom all night and had been refused to go to the Hospital Wing. Draco was sitting at a desk fuming at his treatment. At the time Potter was being treated and Dumbledore didn't want any more confrontations. That filthy Veela had hit him with multiple spells that made him groan or flinch in pain throughout the night. Upon being thrown in the room he found that it was guarded by an Auror and a staff member. He tried to sneak away but was told that it has yet to be decided if he will be extradited to France for attacking a French diplomat's daughter.

Draco didn't know that halfbreed was that important but the spell had hit Potter anyway. 'That halfbreed should be so lucky that my spell hit Potter instead.' Draco soon had fallen asleep and waited to see what was to happen next. Although that wasn't to say he voiced his displeasure and threatened the people watching him that his father would hear about this.

The next morning it was a little before breakfast when the door to the classroom opened revealing his mum. "Mother. Where is father?" His father would get him out of this. His father had told him multiple stories of using gold and influence to get himself out of all the trouble he had been in before.

Narcissa sighed seeing her son look at her like a burden even after she had just earned him freedom. "Your father isn't coming and where are your manners." She wished he was a little more well behaved or at the very least acted like he was happy to see her. The most she ever wanted was that when she sees her son he would run up and hug her like he did when he was two.

Draco didn't understand why his mother was worrying about manners when he could be sent to prison. "Go tell father to get me out of this." Draco was now a little worried about his freedom if his mother was involved. Does she even know how to bribe someone like father?

Narcissa loved her son but now it was painfully obvious of his shortcomings. He was selfish, arrogant and a daddy's boy. "You don't need your father to get you out of this because I have already done so. I talked with Potter this morning and with some... convincing he is willing not to press charges." She expected him to thank her or at the very least look relieved.

Draco made a sour face that Potter was the one to let him go. "Ugh, being saved by Potter." It left a bad taste in his mouth thinking of Potter saving him. "Well I am not apologizing." Draco crossed his arms and turned his head in protest.

Narcissa couldn't believe Potter and her son were the same age. There was a night and day difference between the two and Harry was simply put special. He was the same age as her son but managed to give her a decent shag while making sure she understood what was at stake. In fact standing in front of her son now she could feel the silver plug inside of her along with the sharp sting from two big shags in the bum. "You don't have to apologize and that is because I apologized for you and trust me when I say it wasn't easy. I had to grovel and beg for you now to be sent to prison here or in France. Dumbledore even told me there was a chance you could be executed by the French."

The thought of dying was a sobering thought. He never thought about dying before but was curious as to why Harry didn't send him off to his death. "So grovelling worked with Potter? What a simple idiot to be swayed by a woman's pleas and cries."

Narcissa was now getting very angry at her son because he was diminishing all that she went through for him. She allowed a boy who wasn't her husband to shag her and bugger her no less. She even still had his seed inside her from both swallowing it and having her bum pumped with it. "Draco! Just because you didn't get in trouble with the French Ministry doesn't mean you won't be in trouble when you get home." She wanted to tell him what she went through so he would stop acting so flippantly.

Draco kept his arms crossed, "Father won't-"

Narcissa cut off her son with a slap to the head, "And I am your mother. If I decide you will be punished, that is my right. So for the rest of the year you are to be on your best behavior. If I get one more letter or floo message saying you are in trouble then I will make you write Harry multiple apologies by hand until it is perfect before sending them to the paper to be printed on the front page of the paper." She slipped up by calling Potter his first name but she couldn't help it.

Draco recoiled at the thought of writing Potter an apology. 'What has gotten into my mother for her to punish me like this?' He couldn't remember the last time he had been punished, especially by his mother who usually just listened to what father said.

Narcissa continued, "I want you to leave Harry alone and ignore him the rest of the year until the French delegation is gone. The French still use the guillotine for Merlin's sake and if you anger the Minister's daughter that's where you are headed." She hoped Draco would use this time to grow or else every time she came back her ass would be fucked like a Knockturn Alley whore. Next time she would just have to take a potion to avoid getting two very large loads of cum being shot into her backside. Those two loads were inside her due to Harry sticking a plug in her asshole.

There was also the small and dark voice in her head hoping Draco would screw up again in a few months so she could come back for another round with Harry. 'Stop that.' She told herself to stop the feelings of lust from coming back.

Draco was still pouting about being treated as the naughty child. It wasn't fair that his father wasn't here to fix everything instead of his judgemental mother who always babied him. "So I'm not allowed to do anything to Potter or his Veela whore?"

Narcissa nearly groaned hearing how her son was still acting. It also didn't help that her son was calling women whores much like her husband. While Lucius never called her a whore she had heard him mutter 'Mudblood Whore' multiple times while walking down Diagon Alley or the Ministry. "Yes because if you don't I'm just going to continue making your punishment worse and worse until you are cleaning the entire manor by hand. You don't want that do you?" The most punishment she had given him was taking away his broom or another toy but this called for drastic measures because she was sure Harry wouldn't be so forgiving next time. From the power Harry pushed into her body she was honestly a little scared of him. Along with the fact he killed a dragon for the first task she hoped Draco wasn't stupid enough to try and duel him.

Draco shook his head not wanting to clean their giant house by hand. Narcissa put her finger in her son's face and said, "Now leave him alone. Next time I might not be so lucky to convince him." She couldn't imagine what else there was for him to take as an apology but when she got home after her bath she planned to study his cock more. The fact she had one in her bag was a new matter entirely. She had her very own cock to play with. The thrill of having to hide it from her husband and use it in secret was already making her wet.

The creepy smile on his mother's face scared Draco because that wasn't followed by anything good. Within a few seconds he felt a series of stinging hexes hit him along with his mother repeating for him not to get in trouble or face her wrath. By the time Narcissa had left and Draco was allowed to leave the room he promised to be on this best behavior.

Flashback End

Draco shivered at the memory as he kept his distance from Potter but took pleasure in Snape ridiculing him in front of the whole class.


In due course Harry had to put his foot down with Desiree and devote the time before dinner to training. After a week of training Harry was not looking forward to the second task. Swimming with a bubble head charm was annoying at the very least and tense because the smallest thing could pop it. After the fourth day of the bubble popping he just swam to the surface while splashing and swearing in frustration.

Desiree loved watching her master train but she could see he was being demoralized by his failings. 'Master you can take a break I'm sure you will find a way soon.'

Swimming back to shore he dried himself out before the cold froze him solid. It was still winter but the lake refused to freeze over. After drying off Harry casted a couple heating charms before walking back to the castle dejected. 'This is where I wish you could grant any wish. I would just wish to breathe underwater.'

That had struck Desiree as a good idea. 'Why don't we go to the prefect's bathroom for a nice warm bath?' Inside she was hoping to try out the bath this time. Last time she couldn't due to Katie Bell walking in. While it wasn't the worst thing for her master this time she needed to point him towards a particular wish that would help him for the task. While she could just come out and tell him this was the more pleasurable way.

Harry was tempted to say no and just go find a corner to crawl in and die but Desiree led him by the nose to the bath. Muttering the password to the portrait he walked to to see someone was already using the bath. Said girl covered her exposed chest before turning around in the pool sized bathtub. "Who-" She stopped talking, seeing Harry Potter standing in the doorway shivering and looking miserable. "You aren't a prefect."

Harry now made out that the girl in the bath was Penelope Clearwater. He had never thought about her in any sort of sexual way but seeing her slim body in the bath covering her small breasts with her hands all the while dripping with bathwater. It was enough to get his cock hard. He just hoped it wasn't so obvious it drew her eye. "Cedric gave it to me. I'm sorry if I'm bothering you I can always come back later but I just finished getting out of Black Lake and am freezing." The steam rising out of the tub looked so inviting to his cold body. Even with his warming charms they just warmed the air around his body and not the cold that had seeped into his bones from the winter cold water.

Penelope couldn't say no to Harry; he looked almost like a kicked puppy just standing there. She also knew that since the tournament started he didn't have many people being nice to him. The way people would speak and whisper behind his back was cruel. "No no you can join me but keep your swimwear on please." That was the one line she could draw to keep this professional. She was three years his senior and Head Girl after all.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief as he shed his clothes by the edge of the bath before stepping in and dropping below the water. While never missing the look she gave his body on the way down. He could tell she definitely noticed the bulge in his swim trunks.

Penelope had dipped below the bubble filled water enough she could let go of her own breasts without worrying if he could see them. "I take it you are training for the second task."

Harry nodded as he stretched out and rested his arms on the edge of the bath. "Yes and I'm not looking forward to it. Let's just say it involves a lot of swimming."

Penelope had gotten a little lost while he was talking just staring at his defined upper body. She had only ever been with Percy Weasley and while he was skinny there wasn't a muscle on him. In fact she didn't see as much muscle in the wizarding world compared to the muggle. She grew up in the muggle so she had seen her fair shares of magazines that had a muscular man on the covers. "Well I'm sure you will do great. You killed a dragon in the first task. I still think you should have gotten first place for that."

Harry blushed a little bit at her compliment. "Thanks I did too." They both shared a nervous laugh together. "I just didn't want to be a charred corpse at the end of it and seeing the others after they were finished with the task I just let loose." Seeing all the other champions come in tired and soot covered with their uniforms burnt took all the fun out of it. That was where it really sank in that he had to be serious about it.

Penelope nodded, "That was pure transfiguration wasn't it?" She was in her final year at Hogwarts and she hadn't seen anything like that before. While McGonagall had taught them offensive transfiguration it was more smoke and mirrors than weapons.

Harry nodded with a happy smile that someone picked that up, "Yes I transfigured the stone floor into sharp spikes. I was lucky for it to work. If it didn't I was going to be in a tough spot trying to figure out what to do next." The way she laughed at his explanation was the first time Harry felt the energy in the room switch. 'Am I reading this right?' Harry asked his personal love advisor.

Desiree responded, 'Oh yes you are master. Be careful but I think you can make this happen if you want it to.' There was no reason he wouldn't want to because she was a very attractive girl.

Penelope's eyes then left his chest and shoulders to notice something on his arm. "Is that a tattoo?" It looked to be a bottle on his arm with black and green coloring.

Harry looked to where his tattoo was and was reminded of it. He always forgot it was there maybe because he didn't go through the pain of a real tattoo. "Oh this." There was no way around it; this was a tattoo. There was no way it could be a birthmark. "Yes it's a tattoo. I know someone in the muggle world who did it for me." It was a stupid explanation but the best he could come up with. Even when he explained it to Hermione he didn't come up with anything better.

Penelope tilted her head trying to think of why he would get a weird looking bottle on his arm instead of something scary or tough like most boys. "But why a bottle? Why not a wolf or a sword or anything else?" What else did blokes like? Not in her list of cool bloke tattoos she would have guessed the bottle.

Harry shrugged, "I don't know I really didn't think about it. Much like most things I jump into them without thinking." It was the best explanation he had because the truth was way more ridiculous. All he hoped was that this would be enough to put this line of questioning away.

Penelope just turned her attention back to his body and face. It was clear she wasn't going to get any farther with the tattoo questions. 'It does give him a little edge.' She could feel her body getting hot and it wasn't just the bath anymore. 'Stop it Penelope, he is a fourth year.' She was responding more than she did then her first time in a broom closet with Percy. She could already feel a small level of arousal in her core.

Harry was in the same boat while staring at her he felt his cock grow to its full length and Desiree's voice in his head didn't help either. "So what about you? How is it being Head Girl this year?"

Penelope was more than happy to answer this question because with the tournament it had been a nightmare. "Don't get me started. At first it was just dealing with Hogwarts students who knew the rules. Now you are dealing with two other schools who don't care about the rules and insist they can do whatever they want. I can't tell you how many times I have caught Durmstrang students doing things they shouldn't be. Then there are Beauxbatons who are so stuck up they act like you belong on the bottom of their shoe. I get that they are prettier than everyone else but that doesn't give you the right to treat people like trash." Penelope was on a roll and had no intention of stopping. "I know you went to the ball with Fleur but the way she just has to talk and boys just drop to their knees to help her is just too much."

Harry could see this was the anti-Veela jealousy that girls had towards Fleur. Hell Daphne had sucked him off before the dance just to prove she was better than Fleur. Clearly upset that Fleur had taken her title of hottest blonde in the school. Harry wanted to defend Fleur but knew that if he did it would turn Penelope against him and shrink his chances of having sex with her. "I didn't have any takers and she had too many so we just went as fellow champions."

"Well you both needed a date so that makes sense." Harry didn't seem to be blinded by Veela's beauty like other boys. "I would have gone with you. But I already said yes to another boy. " A second ago she couldn't see past their age difference but now that she talked with him he seemed so mature. Now she would have no problem being his date.

Harry smiled at the now blushing Head Girl, "Really? If I would have known that I would have asked you." His eyes were now very obviously taking in her body even though most of it was obscured by the bubbles.

His stare made Penelope blush but her body was now screaming for her to do something. He was so sweet and made her feel more attractive than she had in the last year. Her date for the ball didn't act this way if he had she might have given him more than a quick handjob before going back to her dorm.

Harry had noticed her eyes shifted and was now batting her eyelashes and giving him her sexiest look. Desiree's voice then popped in his head, 'Make your move now.' Listening to his own personal love teacher he crossed the bath and was now in front of Penelope after taking off his glasses. Now that he was close enough he saw her eyes get wide along with her body shivering in anticipation.

Penelope was a little scared when Harry was now in front of her. Now it was all real and their little bit of flirting was escalating to the point of action. Unknowingly she pressed her lips together just as Harry lunged forward. When their lips met it was nothing like Penelope ever felt before. In fact it made her closed legs open, almost inviting him to do whatever he wanted.

While Harry was kissing the older girl he noticed that she was now just as aggressive with her tongue as he was. Both of them deepened the kiss to the point of their bodies being mashed together. He could feel her hard nipples rubbing against his chest as his clothed bulge rubbed against her stomach.

Penelope could feel the clothed erection against her stomach and it felt big. 'Oh my god this is really happening. I am about to let Harry Potter shag me.' She never was on the Harry Potter bandwagon like most of the wizarding world but in talking with him he was impossible to hate. He was sweet and a great listener on top of being very attractive.

Just as Harry was about to slip off his swim trunks and plunge into Penelope, Desiree spoke up, 'Lick her pussy first.'

Harry didn't know why she would say that since they were already in water and she was probably wet enough. 'Why?' That suggestion was so out of nowhere he nearly asked that part out loud.

Desiree just insisted, 'Trust me just do it.' She hoped he would get the hint soon.

'But I can't breathe and preform oral sex in a tub at the same…' He trailed off, finally getting what Desiree was saying. 'You are a genius. Okay I wish I could breathe underwater.'

Desiree was happy her master put the pieces together even though she wanted to be on the receiving end of this wish. If Penelope wasn't here she would be the one in the bath with Harry's mouth eating her out. 'So you have wished it, so it shall be.'

Harry didn't feel the wish take effect but dipped his head in the water anyway and found he could breathe like he would on land. Not wasting any time he saw his prize in the water. Penelope's pussy was displayed as her legs were spread wide. His hands went to her thighs which made the girl jump a little before they went behind her and lifted her butt off the underwater bench. He angled her hips up a little so he could get on his knees and pleasure her properly.

Penelope wasn't expecting him to do this. She was ready for him to just shag her but here he was going down on her in a bathtub for fucks sake. She would feel embarrassed if it wasn't so hot. Her hands were now gripping the edge of the tub in a death grip as she felt a tongue lick her slit from bottom to top before his tongue swirled around her clit. "Oh fuck." She had only ever heard about this from other girls. Percy never did it to her and her date for the Yule Ball definitely didn't. Harry is so selfless when he could have just shagged her.

Harry could feel Penelope squirming the more adventurous he became with his tongue. Soon his mouth just focused on her clit while his fingers joined the mix. Rapidly fingering Penelope and sucking on her clit had made her thrash in the water. Her hand soon went to the back of his head as she tried to settle herself.

This went on for minutes before his fingers and mouth won out and she screamed as she came. "HARRY!" She was hopeless from stopping this climax; he had ripped it out of her with his mouth and fingers. With his fingers alone he found that special spot no boy had been able to find before.

With his job done and he could hear her scream in the water, he released her clit from his lips before rising back to the surface. He feigned gasping for air even though he could breathe perfectly fine in the water now.

Penelope had never felt anything like that and was panting for breath while staring at Harry with his black hair matted down from being submerged in the water. She couldn't believe he kept his head under the water for so long and made sure to stay there as long as it took to cum. "Wow Harry. I wasn't expecting that."

Harry was back in front of her as he pushed his hair out of his face before bringing his hand to her face. "A girl like you should always expect that." Once again he started to make out with her again as her hands now entered the situation and we're grabbing at his manhood.

Penelope couldn't believe what she was feeling right now. Even with both hands she couldn't feel the end of him. Breaking the kiss she said, "Show me what you have here."

Doing as she asked Harry stood up in the tub as he pushed down his trunks and revealed all ten inches of genie made glory. The wide look in her eyes was worth it before she quickly closed the distance and wrapped both hands around him and said, "Oh my god this thing is huge." Penelope liked to think of herself as a girl that didn't care about a boy's size. She had been with Percy and never mentioned his size which was smaller compared to this massive piece of meat. "It's so smooth." With Percy and her Yule Ball date she noticed wizards didn't groom themselves but Harry was smooth and it even made his cock look even bigger. Not like he needed much help there. "How big is this thing….don't look at me like that, all blokes measure themselves."

Harry smiled down at the witch marvelling his cock, "Ten inches." He saw her jaw drop at that information as a determined look came over her face vowing to take it all inside her. Starting with her mouth unable to stop herself she leaned forward and started to lick the head like a lollipop. After she bathed the tip with saliva she opened her mouth and tried to take more in her small mouth.

Penelope was upset to get stuck at six inches when she could still see a good amount of cock left. 'If I had more practice I could get there.' She was competitive even with herself and she knew she could do better given time. Bobbing her head up and down she let his cock push past her tonsils on every bob. 'Harry really knows how to take a blowjob. He isn't forcing my head down or demanding I take him deeper. He must be used to girls not being able to take all of this down their throat.'

Harry was happy with how deep Penelope was going because the tight first inch of her throat was edging Harry closer and closer to his first orgasm. Looking down he said, "You are doing so well. It won't be long now Penelope."

Penelope pulled her mouth off of Harry's throbbing manhood. "Call me Penny when you are inside me." She specified inside her because she didn't want this level of familiarity outside this room. Looking up she saw Harry just dumbly nod before she returned to her work.

Harry drew his orgasm for as long as he could but the building up of hot spunk in his balls was too much to ignore now. "I'm gonna cum Penny."

Penelope had a boy cum in her mouth before and she didn't like it. Pulling his cock out of her mouth she closed her eyes and angled him at her face. What better place to get a messy facial than a bathtub. One loud groan later she felt spurts of cum start to paint her face like a canvas. From what she could feel there wasn't a part that was safe. He even nearly shot cum up her nose after her eyes were plastered shut.

Harry enhanced his load for this facial and he wasn't disappointed. Looking to the side he saw Desiree with the camera. Looking back at Penny he was proud of his work and after she spent a few moments panting while the cum soaked into her skin he kneeled back in the bath and helped her clean up her face.

Penelope felt the warm water and gentle hands of Harry help clean her up. Soon the cum was washed off her face and she could see again to see Harry looking down at her and the heat she was feeling in between her legs wanted more. Her hands grabbed Harry by the shoulders and pushed him to the edge of the tub where the bench was sitting him down on it. She then crawled into his lap before firmly gripping his cock and getting it ready to drop herself on it.

Harry didn't expect her to work this quickly after her fantastic blowjob. A rest seemed most likely but she had other plans. He barely even registered when he felt her hand around the thick base of his cock before a tight warmth engulfed him. It was fast because his eyes never left hers and at about the ¾ mark he saw her eyes go wide before slowly pushing herself to take it all.

Penelope had taken this cock in her mouth but even then it didn't feel as thick and long as it did right now. The deeper it pushed it felt like it was rearranging her organs to fit it all. The way his tip was pressing against her womb was like it wanted to break the door down to get in. "What...fuck….Harry?"

"Sorry if it's too big but let me try something." His hands went to Penny's hips and slowly started grinding and moving her back and forth very little. Soon her face wasn't scrunched up but showing all the signs of a girl who was loving it. Her moans had returned.

With the smallest amount of movement she felt his giant cock rub against every sensitive spot inside her and just that alone was going to make her cum soon. "Don't stop. It feels so good I'm going to cum." He wasn't even properly shagging her yet and she was ready to lose her sanity from the big orgasm building in her stomach.

Harry wanted to laugh at how easy it was with a few minutes of grinding he felt Penny's pussy clamp down trying to milk him to completion. Letting her ride out her orgasm for a minute he didn't move as she rested her head on his shoulder as his hands went from her hips to her ass. Sad to say it wasn't big or nice as some of the others he had the pleasure of groping. It was flat and small with nothing to really grab onto. While this would usually be the point where he would tease her asshole he could already tell that was something she wouldn't like.

Penelope never had a bloke play with her bum like this before but his massage felt good. She knew she didn't have the backside like some other girls in school. Soon she felt his hands go from her bum to her breasts which were a small B cup. His fingers quickly found her nipples and we're pinching and lightly pulling. "Ah shit." She didn't know what else to say because other than regular bloke boob squeezes she had never felt something so focused.

Harry had her moaning just with his hands. He could even feel her small pussy flexing around his cock the more he played with her pretty pink nipples. Once he had his fill and whipped Penny into a frenzy he returned his hands to her hips and brought her up so just the tip of his cock remained inside of Penny before thrusting it all in at once.

Penelope let out a pleasure filled shriek as she felt the biggest cock in Hogwarts rapidly fill her pussy. It hit her G spot on the way down before crashing into her cervix and sending a wave of unimaginable pleasure throughout her body. Harry kept repeating this action over and over until she was ready to cum all over again. "Slow down I'm going to cum again...and again."

Harry didn't listen and was prepared to fuck her through her climax. He had done it to Desiree enough to know a climax was much more intense if you over-stimulated them all the way through it. Feeling the beginning stages of his own climax he just kept fucking Penny's sweet and tight pussy.

Penny was shaking more and more with every deep thrust that was going to make her cum any moment. 'Big cocks feel so good. I'm never going back.' Losing her virginity to Percy was now dwarfed by this and showed her how bad the sex truly was. Percy was a quick shot and just rubbed her clit for two minutes before she came. With Harry he made her cum repeatedly almost without effort. "Do it Harry fill me up. I want you to fill me up."

Harry liked the change in Penny as he could feel her pussy never stop pulsing and clamping down on every deep thrust into her. Edging closer and closer he finally reached the end when she took her head off his shoulder and chose to look him in the eye as he came. She even bit her lip in anticipation and just then she felt hot cum being shot into her at a rapid rate. His cum inside her felt hotter than the bathwater they were sitting in. Penny let out an audible sigh enjoying everything she was feeling while Harry was trying to get every drop deposited inside Penny. "That was amazing Penny."

Penelope let out a small giggle, "You are telling me? That was the best sex I have ever dreamed of having. I just needed a bath and then you walk in and I jump into your arms. I never thought as a seventh year I would have a fourth year inside of me." It made her feel a little dirty but a good kind of dirty. Harry was a mature boy who knew how to shag. She didn't know how he knew but he must have had a lot of practice for him to make her cum three monumental times.

"Well I didn't expect it either. While it would be weird for us to start dating I wouldn't mind if we made this a regular thing." He hoped he played that right and he could make this happen again.

Penelope smirked at being asked for another shag at some point in the future by the world famous Harry Potter. "If you can swing it with the tournament I'm game. Maybe we can find a broom closet on the weekend or something." With that said she pulled herself off his cock which was still rock hard to her amazement before swimming to the other end of the tub to finish her bath.

Harry could have gone again but Penny didn't offer or wasn't interested. Looking away from Penny he looked to Desiree before covertly pointing down to his erection. 'Can you help me out?'

'You do know what happened last time I blew you in my cold genie form right?' She remembered him not being too thrilled with the cold feeling of her ghost mouth on him.

Harry was desperate for a release and if he had to sit in this bath staring at Penny naked he needed more. Wanking himself felt like an aggressive move that might turn her off. 'The water is nice and warm so can you please just try it again.'

Desiree rolled her eyes before invisibly flying into the bath and wrapping her lips around her master's cock. He didn't even shiver that much when she swiftly brought him to the back of her throat. 'Good idea master.'

Harry just melted against the edge of the tub and tried to make it look like he was enjoying the temperature of the water and not the ghostly blowjob he was receiving. 'This doesn't feel too bad in the bath. In fact your cold mouth almost feels like ice cream on a warm day.'

Desiree ignored his silly metaphors and just focused on pleasing her master. While that girl did a good enough job for a normal boy her master was special and needed more than two orgasms.

Penelope saw Harry zoning out with his head back in the bath almost as if he was ready to fall asleep. Both of his hands were resting on the edge of the tub with his arms draped along the edge taking in the intense feelings going on near his groin. "Just going to sit there and enjoy the bath?"

Harry's head shot up remembering there was someone else in the room. "Yes, long day... training." The last word he said strangely as Desiree had taken that moment to squeeze his balls while she deepthroated him.

Penelope looked at Harry weirdly, "Are you okay? Or did sex scramble your brains?" Harry was acting a little weird for a boy who was so smooth a few minutes ago.

The second part was truer than she knew. "No, I just need a soak." This time Desiree didn't pull any tricks so he talked normally.

Penelope had finished washing away all the seed Harry deposited inside of her. Getting out of the tub she saw Harry's eyes take over her body up and down as she walked over to the showers for a quick rinse before heading out to dinner before patrol.

Once Harry was alone he moaned out, "Fuck Desiree I think I'm starting to love your ghost mouth." Those words only made her work harder and she was fucking her own face on his cock and within a minute of being alone she felt his molten hot load paint the back of her throat as she swallowed it down. As a ghost it felt weird swallowing a load of cum because it was like a warm heat inside of her ice cold body.

Harry had just felt her mouth release his cock before Desiree emerged from the water in her human form. Like always her wet hair drove him wild along with her wet skin. It gave her a shine and look that he wished was permanent. Looking at his genie he smiled, "I take it the 'breathe underwater wish' was your plan all along for coming here?"

Desiree nodded, "I was hoping to be the one you were going down on in here but it all worked out in the end anyway." She was a little sad she didn't get the pleasure of being the first one to feel it.

It never failed to touch Harry how much Desiree cared about him as she did her best to help him. To show her how much he appreciated it he pinned her to the seat of the tub before taking her hands and bringing them to her own thighs.

Desiree smiled knowing what was going to happen next. Lifting her legs out of the water now she was wide open for sex. What had shattered her expectations was Harry's head going under the water before she felt his mouth on her submerged lower torso. "Oh thank you Master."

Harry had eaten Desiree out enough to know exactly what she wanted. So after spending time on her clit he also went a little lower and teased her presented asshole before going back to her clit. Within minutes he had her screaming just like Penny screamed earlier.

Desiree had never had such a relaxing and satisfying climax. She was in a bubble bath with water at the perfect temperature and her master's mouth sucking her clit or prodding her asshole the way she liked. When his head reemerged from the water she just melted into the water. "Oh that felt good. We need one of these in our room. As good as shower sex is I like bathtub sex much better."

Harry agreed he has had sex twice in this bathroom and both times was amazing. "We will see if we can later but let's enjoy a nice and relaxing soak for once."

Desiree just smiled at her master, "You sure you don't want any more sex? I still have your favorite hole waiting to be filled." She loved tempting him with her ass, especially if he was just with a girl who didn't let him shag their's.

Harry wanted to but also just wanted a breather. Sitting next to Desiree on the bench in the tub he just threw his arm around her. "Let's just enjoy the moment. I can always do that before we go to sleep." Desiree cooed at that, clearly liking the idea. Harry leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Why don't we celebrate me figuring out my plan for the second task."

Desiree smiled as she cuddled deeper into her master's arms. "You are going to do fine in the second task. You have been training hard and I know it's going to pay off." As she talked she ran her hand up and down his defined chest and abs ignoring the one part of his anatomy she really wanted.

Both Harry and Desiree spent another half hour in the tub just enjoying each other's company before getting dressed and heading to the Hogwarts kitchen for some food before going back to their room. In the room the pair wasted no time before falling into bed again.


People wanted Penelope Clearwater so I hope I did her right. I didn't make her too slutty or an anal slut. I think she was pretty measured and just happy to have Harry listen to her before they had sex. I think I nailed the casting with Saoirse Ronan but let me know what you guys think.

I hope people love the way Harry is set up for success for the second task. Not needing Gillyweed or Neville Harry won't have any interactions with him.

Chapter Text

Genie 12

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Aurora Sinistra: Lesley-Ann Brandt
Daphne Greengrass: Sydney Sweeney


The second task was less than a month away and since Harry had figured out how to breathe underwater he had taken his foot off the gas so to speak. Besides spending his usual morning or night with Desiree he had started sleeping with some of his past conquests more frequently. He just couldn't help but say yes to any attractive witch who gave him a sign.

The could be small signs like a kind smile or a long gaze upon his body but it all led back to sex. He always found a way to be near an empty broom closet or classroom where he could work his magic.

Sex had been a fantastic way to take his mind off of his problems. He never realized how good sex was until he had it and now he couldn't imagine his life without it. Desiree made sure to remind him how lucky he was when he had her pinned down as she allowed him to use her body as he wished. At first he didn't know what to think about Desiree but now he knew he loved her. He couldn't live without her and go back to his bleak and stressful life. Worrying where danger was going to pop out of until he was practically tearing his hair out.

Lying in bed while Desiree "slobbed his knob" as some of the boys his age would put it he let his mind wander.


It was a normal Tuesday for Harry but everything changed in Astronomy. Professor Sinistra was dressed even sexier than usual. He could tell she was wearing hints of makeup and seemed to be wearing more form fitting robes. Since he started sleeping with her he noticed that she took an increased attention to her appearance. While he had free reign to do other work he found himself just staring at the Professor. From her face to her medium bust to her bigger ass he couldn't help but devour her body with his eyes. His mind was thinking of all the different ways he could take her body and shag her while touching every part of that body.

Since he reversed his wish that made women find him irresistible he was surprised to see it didn't stop Professor Sinistra from continuing their deal. She would still have sex with him at least once a week minimum. It went to show Harry how sex deprived some women were even very attractive witches. That wasn't the same for Hermione who had kept her distance since their first night together and he had been so busy they haven't talked about it yet.

About halfway through class she noticed his stare and just gave him a smile while she tried to teach all of the students too unaware of the fact he was shagging his teacher. By the time class finally ended he waited for everyone to leave before locking the door behind them. Professor Sinistra was unaware of the fact Harry was still even still in the room. She was facing her black board writing things on it for tomorrow's first lesson of the day.

Harry snuck behind the woman and his hands found her hips. For the split second she didn't know who it was she flinched but she turned her head and saw it was her favorite student. "Oh Harry, you scared me." For a second she thought it was someone else, someone who she hadn't given permission to touch her body in the way she allowed Harry to touch her. His hands on her hips felt wonderful and with just his hands touching her she could start to feel her arousal start to trickle into her knickers. Within minutes she was always ready for Harry to take her.

Harry pushed his body against hers and grinded his now hard cock against her bum while his hands snaked around and touched her clothes breasts. "Sorry but I felt that I couldn't wait until Friday like usual. I want you now."

Aurora could get behind that. She didn't realize how essential sex was to her mood until she was getting one good shag a week. It had relaxed her so much she was like a different person. Her friends Septima and Bathsheda had noticed the change and noticed she was a little more chipper. If only they knew that a student was responsible for lifting her spirits. Aurora couldn't stop herself from moving her bum in circles trying to get as much friction as possible for the both of them.

Harry loved feeling her ass get into the action. "I haven't taken that hole yet." He moved her from the blackboard to her desk before bending her over her messy desk and hiking her long skirt up past her waist before pulling down her knickers. Her black ass was now exposed to him and he was ready to split it open with his cock.

Aurora had never even thought of that kind of sex before. "Wait I have never-" She was cut off by a long wet finger being pushed into her tight puckered hole. It felt so much better than she was expecting. She didn't know why she let Harry dominate her like this. Usually she was the aggressor but it was nice to be shagged hard by a strong young man from time to time. Harry was an animal he shagged her in every possible way doggy, against the wall, standing with her legs wrapped around him, or with legs held in the air while he pounded her pussy from above. All of it was amazing and there were still times where she was taken like a bitch in heat over a desk and afterwards sucking the cock that had just pumped a load of cum in her depths.

Harry sawed his finger in and out loving how tight her ass felt and how responsive she seemed to be. "You have been showing off your ass for the last month I bet you were waiting for the right time to ask me to fuck it." During his speech he added a second finger which made her moan louder than before.

Aurora hated to admit it but she was showing off her ass she just didn't think this is what it would get her here. Now with two fingers inside she felt like a cock wasn't that far out of the question but Harry's cock was going to stretch her to the limits. "Do you promise to be gentle?" During her meetings with Harry he was never a gentle lover. She could only describe him as a maelstrom of sexual energy. When he shagged her normally it was always hard and fast.

"Of course now let me show you what you have been missing." Without any further ado he dropped his trousers and stood behind Aurora's dark fleshy cheeks before pushing into her virgin hole. He was going so slow and gentle he heard her make a small whine at how slow he was going. "A little faster." Harry teased going at a snail's pace.

Aurora nodded her head feeling humiliated to answer. So far it felt good but the slow torturous pace was driving her crazy. She felt her backdoor stretching to accommodate him and get greedy by swallowing every inch with no issue. Even at the halfway mark she was expecting her body to start resisting but it never did. Instead it was just all pleasure the deeper he went.

"I knew you had a fuckable ass. Tell me how good this feels." He wanted to hear from her mouth how much she was enjoying it. Her ass wouldn't stop contracting trying to get something out of him.

Aurora's face felt hot from Harry saying she "Had a fuckable ass". He was right, it did feel good and it was something she was going to have him do again if it kept up. "It feels good. I like your cock in my ass." While being bent over her own desk she pushed a hand down the front of her body to start playing with her clit to add to the sensations. The dual feeling of getting a deep buggering and the bliss of having her clit rubbed by her own hand was setting off fireworks in her head.

Desiree was hovering a few feet away watching her master turn another girl into an anal slut. Some girls never think about doing this and one hour with her master and now they can think of nothing else. 'I taught him well. All kind of sex can be great and with the right partner anything can feel good. Master can fuck any hole and make a woman cum in minutes.'

Harry kept pushing deeper until he was down to the base. He was burning the shape of his cock into her ass forever. The way her ass just accepted it and conformed around him was just perfect. All the while Aurora kept giving him deep-throated howls telling him how much she enjoyed it. "You ready for the big one you haven't lived until you have had your first anal orgasm." Harry teased as he couldn't get enough of massaging her black cheeks. If he could get away with it he would have given her a little spanking but he was already pushing it by taking her anal cherry.

Aurora wished she could argue that point but it did feel amazing. The building of pleasure throughout her lower half was starting to overflow and she knew it was coming very soon. 'I can't believe I'm having anal my a student. Fuck I needed a man for so long and I found one in a well hung sex god of a student.' Aurora tried to crane her head back to look at Harry expecting to see his face scrunched up in concentration but he was looking back at her with a cocky smile as he kept pumping ten hot inches into her burning stretched hole. "Fuck that's it. I can't take it anymore. Just fill me up." Aurora managed to sneak a few breaths in before she felt him speed up and she howled out one last thing, "Inside me!" Her fingers were rubbing her clit with an intensity never seen before as she felt the last shred of decency leaving her body.

Harry had no problem with that and with a few well placed thrusts he felt Professor Sinistra let loose with her first anal orgasm. That did a fantastic job of milking a heavy load built up the entire class of watching her and dreaming of doing this exact thing. It worked even better than he imagined because each pump of cum in her bowels made her let out the cutest whine. He made sure to give her double of what a usual load would feel like but not as much as he gave Amelia Bones during their time together. Pulling out of the professor Harry had to turn around and lay on her desk next to Aurora who was catching her breath. Harry looked at his professor. "That was amazing. You are amazing." His hand went to cup his professor's face in a loving and not professional way.

Aurora huffed all red-faced and pouring sweat, "You are lucky it was because I would have given you a troll for the year if it wasn't." She never even thought of letting a man take that hole before but here she was with cum leaking out of her well fucked hole and she couldn't be happier about it. "It felt good enough I might let you do it again." Harry leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips clearly taking that as an invitation right now. Pulling away from the kiss she added, "Later. Let my ass rest for a week. You are lucky I'm on my feet most of the day."

Harry chuckled at his professor who was trying to stay tough which was hard after he just claimed her ass. "I'm glad you liked it. I had a feeling you would like it, most of the girls do by the end."

Aurora was blown away that he had done that to a student. How could a young girl take that monster and spend seven hours the next day sitting down? 'Of course he has done that before. He is a master of it and didn't hurt me with that giant cock of his.' She had rolled over and was now openly staring at his semi hard cock glistening with the lube she felt in her ass moments before his cock entered her. Must have been a spell he used because it made his cock slide in and out with no issue.

Harry saw where her eyes were looking and teased, "Who is your favorite student with your favorite cock?" He wiggled his cock hoping that she would change her mind because he would love another go in her wonderfully tight bum.

Aurora slapped his arm, "I still can't believe I was so mesmerized by that thing I just had to have it. I don't know what I was thinking the first time but after that I just couldn't stop thinking about it. Before I knew it I was wearing no knickers to class before straddling you in your chair." It was all too good to pass up. Part of her wanted to tell Septima at the very least since she knew Septima was just as sex starved as she used to be. Teaching was their life nine months a year which didn't give them a lot of time to date or find a man. They were around students all day and they even talked about what boys were fit and who they would let in their bed if it was allowed. While it was true she was breaking the rules by sleeping with a student it was worth it.

Harry smiled at Aurora with an even more cocky smile, "You didn't answer my question. Who is your favorite student with your favorite cock?"

Aurora sighed knowing that she had to answer. Her cheeks felt increasingly warm as she looked into his green eyes and said, "You are. You are my favorite student and my favorite cock. Happy now?"

Harry leaned forward to kiss her again, "You have no idea how happy I am."

Flashback End

Harry liked thinking back to that memory often or at least whenever he was in Astronomy. He almost couldn't look at his professor's desk without getting an erection. He could barely look at his own desk remembering that's where she touched his cock for the first time, or the blackboard he had pinned her against once or twice. The entire room was his sexual playground and by the end of the year he was going to shag her on every surface of that room.

Looking down he saw silky long black hair bobbing up and down his pole. He had already cum a couple times this morning and for this last load she was working really hard. It reminded him of Daphne who he had sex with recently. She wanted his cum just as much as Desiree did now.


It was a Thursday night and instead of heading straight to his personal sex room with his knock dead beautiful genie he decided to go to the Library to do some research. Finding a table at the back, she set up shop with a pile of books on creatures who lived in the lake starting with the Merpeople. From what he read it seemed they didn't have magic at least magic like he knew. At most they used runes and brute physical force. Their tridents were the sharp pointy things he would have to be on the lookout for. If they came near him with those he wouldn't hesitate to put them out of the game.

Just as he was about to pick up his book about giant squids he heard the voice of a past conquest. "Look who has their nose in a book." Harry looked up to see the stunning beauty that was Daphne Greengrass standing there. Her blonde haired shimmered in an almost unnatural way like she did it just for him.

Harry set the book down before leaning back in his chair. "What can I do for you Daphne?" He was curious what she was doing here. This wasn't a safe place and there were ears everywhere.

Daphne strutted over and stood next to Harry while leaning back on the table and letting her skirt ride up just enough he could see some of her pale skin stick out. "Other than class I haven't seen you around much. I have been on the prowl so to speak to get you alone." Her hand found his and in initiating skin to skin contact she could already feel a dampness in her knickers.

Harry arched an eyebrow, "Really and why is that?" He was playing dumb wanting her to fill in the blanks.

Daphne smiled down at the cocky Gryffindor. "Oh I don't know, I thought you might be interested in this." Her hand found his and brought it under her skirt to her knickers which had a wet spot on the front. The feeling of the damp cotton touching her soft hairless lips felt good as Harry rubbed the whole front of her slit. Knowing exactly what to do he spent a few seconds teasing her clit. Just long enough to make Daphne almost growl when he stopped.

Harry felt around and could feel her arousal, "Couldn't take care of that yourself?" He teased again. He wanted her to beg him for his cock. This was a new fetish of his making Slytherin girls beg for his cock.

"Try as I might, I can't make myself feel as good as you did in that bathroom." She had tried to make her wand, fingers and even a toy recreate that feeling but she couldn't. Even after the Yule Ball she spent the night with Tracey and she couldn't make her cum as hard as Harry did.

Harry smiled as his hand palmed her thigh as he rubbed it up and down just teasing her. "What was your favorite part? Where I filled your pussy with my filthy Gryffindor cum or when I took your ass for the first time?" Even Harry had a hard time pinning down his favorite part because her body was nearly perfect. Both of her holes were tight and formed to his cock like a glove.

Daphne melted at his words. This is what she needed was to be talked to like the little dirty girl she was. "As much as I loved it in the ass, by the end of it you filling my womb with your hot seed set me off the hardest." Flipping her hair back she looked down at his clothed crotch to see it reacting just like her pussy reacted to seeing him again. Slipping off her shoes she sat on the table and brought her feet to his clothed erection.

Harry shifted in his chair as he felt Daphne's feet trace the length of his cock that was pushing on the confines of his trousers. "Don't get me all worked up if you can't deliver." Harry said making sure she really wanted to do this.

"Oh I wouldn't dream of walking away now. On the way over here I threw up some privacy charms so no one would hear how loud you make me scream." She was being extra flirty right now hoping Harry would just tear off his clothes and give her the pounding she desperately needed. Hard and fast she didn't care as long as she was able to feel him inside of her.

Harry stood up out of his chair and dropped his trousers quickly before getting in between Daphne's legs while grinding the bottom of his cock over her clothed cunt. She loudly moaned as she felt the fabric of her knickers rubbed against her needy clit. "You want me to make you scream. Then how about I keep fucking this pussy until you beg me to stop."

Daphne smiled in a demented sexy way. "I would never beg you to stop. Now rip off my knickers and just stick it in." She was a little demanding not being able to wait any longer.

Harry did just that and grabbed the front of her wet knickers before ripping them off her. Once he saw the wet and shined pussy lips of the Slytherin he quickly rubbed her lips with the tip of his cock. She loudly moaned, feeling his warm cock brush her clit just before he thrust all ten inches in one go. Her pussy made the wettest squelching sound either of them ever heard. "Merlin that feels good." Daphne moans feeling the pipe of hot meat press against her cervix.

Harry agreed as his hands went from her waist to her clothed breasts. "Undo your shirt or I am going to rip it off. I need to see those amazing tits again."

Daphne wanted him to rip it off her. She could easily mend her shirt but she wanted Harry to dominate her. "Rip it." She said looking in his eyes as it registered. The animalistic side of his came out because when he brought his hands up to rip away her shirt she felt his cock pulse inside of her.

Harry did as Daphne asked and his hands found both edges of her shirt before ripping them in opposite directions sending buttons everywhere. Underneath he saw she wasn't wearing a bra. Harry didn't know how girls did this without their nipples poking out of their shirt all day. 'It must be a special spell they are taught.' He was just happy to see her big breasts again.

Daphne loved the feeling of his big hands molding into her soft breasts as he roughly squeezed them as his thrusts became harder and faster. 'Fuck I missed this. I need to share this with Tracey and she will realize why you need a boy every now and again.' Being in Slytherin as a half blood meant you were low on possible matches so they latched onto each other for companionship. Tracey had never been with a boy but if she was with Harry then she would understand why Daphne was so hung up on cock.

During their special night together after the Yule Ball they went back to their dorm and did a little more than friends should. It started with kissing and before she knew it they were eating each other out. By the end of it Daphne had conjured a couple toys to use on each other. While Tracey did participate she didn't use the biggest toy which was around Harry's size.

The sounds of skin smacking together would have been enough to alert the whole library if it wasn't for the privacy charms Daphne had put up. Slowly but surely her pants turned into loud moans the longer this shag went. Daphne couldn't keep up with her own body as she felt her orgasm building so quickly. "Keep going Harry, I'm going to cum."

Harry heard the blonde and didn't stop thrusting in her wet and tight heat. "Cum for me Daphne. Cum on my cock and I might cum in you too." He was close also but he wanted her to work for it.

Daphne tried to clamp her pussy tighter around him wanting the feeling of another creampie after so long. "Do it. Do it just cum in me." Daphne's mother would be having a heart attack if she could hear how she was talking as she got fucked by the biggest cock in school. How she was begging for cum like a cheap whore that let you fill her holes up for a few sickles. 'If I was a whore and saw a cock like this I would let him fuck me for free. Fuck I love this cock.' Daphne thought to herself as the table under her shook from the pounding she was taking.

Harry brought a hand from her breast to the back of her neck and brought her up for her filthy mouth to find his. When their lips touched they both felt Harry's orgasm hit them in different ways. Daphne just moaned into his mouth as the molten hot cum filled her to the brim with everything he had. For Harry he felt a little weak at the knees for how hard he came. Maybe it was the taboo of doing it in public or the library but he came so hard regardless.

Both partners stilled as they both enjoyed the feeling of the other. They stayed that way for a few minutes before Harry started moving again. Daphne moaned even louder than the first time, feeling the cum in her womb slosh around having nowhere to go. His cock was so thick it blocked it's way out, sending an amazing feeling spread throughout her body.

Harry saw Daphne's eyes roll back into her head as she no longer held her body up with her arm instead laying all the way down on the table. "Does it feel good or do you need more?" Harry asked.

'He can do more?' Daphne was tripping over herself to answer. "More. Give me everything you have. I want it all."

Hearing that Harry lifted Daphne's legs and raised her hips up so when Harry thrusts he is doing so at a downward angle so he could really fuck her with everything he had. As soon as he did her moans had turned into screams and he felt her pussy get even tighter from this angle. He didn't let up in his thrusts and from this angle he could feel the spongy spot in her that made all the women scream. The table was creaking and screaming at all the weight being put on it. It had to be charmed to be unbreakable because it didn't break no matter how hard Harry thrusted into it. 'Nice and sturdy table.' Harry thought.

Daphne was losing her mind as she felt his cock slam against her G spot on every thrust. It was so sudden she didn't even feel the build up for her climax instead she just exploded. An explosion was the right word because she felt herself squirt all over herself. From this angle all of her girl cum landed all over her breasts and face. It was the most humiliating moment during sex to cum that hard all over herself.

Harry didn't expect Daphne to squirt like that. He had only seen it happen a couple times and that normally happened during a rough anal fuck. Harry made a mental note of this position to use it in the future.

Desiree had been watching her master work and when she saw the reaction from this position she said, 'Master we are doing this as soon as possible. I want what you just gave her.' Desiree had been fucked on her head before but she hadn't had that type of reaction before. She was usually a slave for doggy style but this position piqued her interest.

Harry just agreed with his genie while never breaking eye contact with the wet faced blue eyed beauty. "I am getting there, where do you want it? Do you want it inside or on your face."

Taking a load in the face would be humiliating when she already did the job herself. "Inside. Just do it inside." She was already filled to the brim with cum and she wanted to know what it would feel like if he did it again.

Harry picked up the pace and kept delivering hard and deep thrusts and each one kept hitting her G spot head on before going deeper and slamming against her poor cervix. This was going to be a shag she felt for days as his relentless pace never eased up. The table never stopped creaking and squeaking from all the pressure being applied. They were lucky it was rock solid and able to take a couple hundred pounds of weight although the maker most likely thought it would be heavy books on it and not a boy driving his hips down into a girl's spasming pussy.

Daphne felt a third orgasm build just as she felt another hot load of cum be spilled into her. All the while his cock never stopped thrusting. It's like he knew she was getting close somehow. Even while more warm fluids pumped into her it was also being furiously fucked deeper filling her to the point where she saw nothing but stars.

Harry felt her cunt squeeze down on his cock in a futile attempt to stop him. She had just cum again and this one was the breaking point. Her body was now boneless and he slowly pulled out of her letting her body relax against the table. His cum had started flowing out of her like a river forming a puddle on the table before falling off the edge and creating a bigger puddle on the floor.

Daphne felt everything and she couldn't believe she survived that rough shagging. Her heart felt like the first time she went full speed on a broom. It took her almost ten minutes before she felt clear headed enough to move. Lifting her head up she saw that Harry was sitting in a chair just watching the mess she was making. Her face went red as she closed her legs. "Stop looking at me like that."

Laughing Harry said, "Sorry it is a beautiful sight." Seeing the hole he just fucked leaking all the white sticky fluid he just pumped into it leaking out was one of his favorite sights to behold.

Daphne at this point noticed his still hard cock. Probably from watching his handiwork. Knowing what to do she hopped off the table and slid to her knees. She saw his eyes light up as she gripped his cock with both hands as she licked his cum covered tip before taking the first three inches into her mouth. Tasting herself wasn't new but mixed with the salty taste of cum was a forbidden type of treat.

"Can I touch your hair this time?" Harry asked.

Daphne glared up at the smartass boy who had his cock in her mouth. 'Obviously I didn't spend three hours doing my hair this morning.' She thought before nodding. Before she knew it there were big hands lightly massaging her scalp as he urged her to take him deeper. Following his guiding hands she kept going until the seven inch mark. Hearing him groan while his cock twitched in her throat was the kind of encouragement she needed.

'Shit Daphne is good. Too bad she doesn't like Fleur because the two of them together would be my perfect three-way.' He was just thinking out loud but Desiree heard him and talked back, 'It's possible master. If you talk to both of them and play to their competitive sides you might be able to make it work. See who can get you to cum more or team up with the girls on the other. I think it is possible if you set your mind to it.'

Daphne didn't know what Harry was thinking about but his eyes looked to be glazed over. 'Zone out on me will you.' Going deeper she took his cock all the way down her throat. Suppressing her gag reflex she kept pushing deeper and deeper while making the most obscene gagging noises as she finally managed to take all of his cock in her throat. That got a reaction because Harry's hands tightened their grip in her hair as his cock started twitching with greater intensity.

Harry brought her head off his cock for a second to catch her breath before pushing her back down all the way and saying, "I'm gonna cum."

Daphne didn't think he would cum like this right down her gullet with a straight shot to the stomach. He was right because before she knew it she felt ropes of cum shooting down her throat coating it with warm sticky cream. She gagged loudly before Harry pulled back and shot the few remaining shots in her mouth.

Daphne was lightheaded coming off her biggest deepthroat ever. As she swallowed the last bit of cum in her mouth she felt his cock start to soften and she let it fall out of her lips with a pop. With an empty mouth Daphne looked up and said, "I might need your help to be presentable when I leave."

Harry chuckled as he pulled his wand and started casting cleaning charms and the repair charm on her clothes. It took a while before the deep red left Daphne's cheeks but by the end she looked just as she did before she walked back here. Minus the slight wobble in her legs after so many powerful climaxes.

End Flashback

Thinking back on that memory he felt himself lose control and cum inside the warm mouth currently latched onto his cock like a pacifier. The mouth belonging to his personal sex genie that was responsible for the biggest change in his life.

Once Desiree was finished sucking him dry she climbed up next to him. "That took a little longer than normal. Are you thinking about the task again?"

Harry shook his head, "No, I was thinking about the last week or so with Daphne and Sinistra."

Desiree didn't frown or react to the fact he was thinking about other women while he was getting an amazing blowjob. "I will let you have that because those were pretty sexy. Seeing you with both of those girls I couldn't stop wishing it was me. Oh that reminds me." With a wave of her hand a book suddenly appeared in her hand before she handed it to Harry.

Harry took the book not knowing what it was. Why would Desiree bring a book into bed with them? Unless it was the Kamasutra thing Desiree talked about. Opening the book to the first page he saw the pictures he asked Desiree to take. Flipping through the book he saw plenty of memories that he was glad she captured. The one of Narcissa Malfoy would be the perfect one to send to Draco anonymously but if he did that it would ruin Narcissa's life and while he didn't like her husband or son he respected her. She did whatever he wanted for the word he wasn't going to send Draco to Azkaban. A deal he would have happily made again.

Desiree saw her master flipping through the book. "You have an impressive collection so far and I'm sure it will only grow from here."

As Harry flipped through the book he noticed a lot of older women. Aurora, Rita, Narcissa, Amelia and of course Desiree. That was so much more than he expected but that was pretty split between old and young. Harry also didn't seem to have a type having done girls of different races, hair colors and body types. While he liked bigger tits and asses he had fucked his share without those things. "Why is it I like older women just as much as I like young girls?"

Desiree sighed because her master was trying to figure out his body's automatic response to a beautiful woman. "They are all beautiful, it's not hard to see why you would like them. If I had a cock I would fuck them all too." If she allowed herself a little longer she felt her heart break for her master. 'So sweet and loving any girl would be lucky to have you.' She ran her hand along his smooth jaw before leaning in for a small kiss. She had seen his memories and knew that this was the most love he had ever been shown in his life and it was all hitting him at once when confronted with all these pictures.

Harry understood what she meant, all of the women were very beautiful. "Sorry I just didn't expect to like sleeping with an older woman so much." He found her kiss eased some of the mental torture he was putting himself through

"I am over three thousand years old and you have no problem fucking me." At least she hoped not. While she could always make her body younger he seemed to have no problem with her body the way it was. If she did change to her body at his age her breasts and bum wouldn't have been as big. From what she could tell he liked more curves at least that's what his hands told her. Never stopping touching, groping, pinching and squeezing.

"I guess it is just a big adjustment still. A couple months ago I was a virgin and now I have a book filled with women and I have an over sexed up genie in my corner." Flipping through the pages again he stopped at Amelia Bones who he felt a little bad for because he wished for her to give up all free will and fuck him.

Figuring it all out Desiree realized what was bothering him. He was lonely. Besides her he had no one on his side and even then she was a genie not an actual person to stand next to him. He didn't have parents or a mother that taught him what love was supposed to be. After his first time with his crush Hermione she had asked him not to mention it again and for them to remain friends. He had yet to even tell anyone about her which was the longest she has ever been kept a secret before. Men usually told their wives, lovers or friends much sooner. Thankfully he wasn't one of those men who passed her around to friends or strangers. She hated that because once they were told she was magical and immortal, men became very cruel.

Taking the book out of his hand she said, "Master I promise you won't be alone forever. From now on I will help you take more steps to find a long lasting partner." Her work already helped Harry catch the previously uncatchable Veela. "I promise you aren't alone."

Harry just nodded, getting a little choked up. He didn't realize how alone he felt until this moment. Feeling Desiree's arms wrap around him sex was forgotten as he just hugged the second most important person in his life. The first was Sirius but he was on the run and had only had one chance to talk since he was entered against his will in this bloody tournament.

Desiree just held Harry for hours doing her best to comfort him almost like a mother minus the wild sex they had. Sleeping next to Harry for the last few months she knew that he used her like a big pillow but now it was clear he needed someone to just be there for him. Someone who he can hold and tell him they love him.

Within an hour Harry was asleep and Desiree was just stroking his dark raven hair even caressing his lightning bolt scar. Since being bound to Harry she could feel the dark and evil connection with this scar. Desiree was able to lock Harry's mind down so he wouldn't get bad dreams or these visions that were constantly trying to be pushed in his head. She never asked about them and instead worked in silence, as his protector.

"I love you master." She said the words aloud and Harry shifted in his sleep and hugged her tighter as he buried his head deeper into her chest. 'That's a good master. Let your slave take away all your worries.'


This was a lot more serious than I expected at the end but I am setting him up to find more long lasting relationships. But that doesn't mean he will stop shagging everything he can.

Next chapter is the second task so let's see what happens.

Chapter Text

Genie 13

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Fleur: Katherine McNamara
Apolline Delacour: Katheryn Winnick with DD cups



The morning of the second task Harry woke up without the usual feeling of Desiree's mouth around him. Much like the first task she had taken a no sex policy. This time he had to remind her they were going to be in swimwear and he couldn't risk popping an erection while looking at Fleur in her bathing suit. His pleading eventually worked and she laid down on the bed after making her breasts three sizes bigger and pressing them together. Desiree didn't view skin on skin or more like skin on penis a type of sex. Also Harry needed to get out one climax so he was clear headed for the task.

Harry didn't need to be a genius to figure out what this was. Quickly he climbed on his genie and stuck his cock in between her massive brown tits as she wrapped them around even tighter as his hips slowly started to move. Harry quickly found himself moaning at the feeling of soft skin encapsulating his manhood, stroking him up and down. "Shit Desiree, this is just what I needed." He didn't consider this sex either and just like a hand a much softer hand that wasn't attached to him.

Desiree wished he could wait until after the task but he was conditioned for sex every morning which was partly her fault. She didn't help matters by taking his cock in her throat before he even opened his eyes. "That's it, master, use my tits, then get ready to come in first for the task." If he did come in first she planned to reward him with something really special. But that could wait until after Fleur or Rita since they were going to be around during the task.

Harry's hips were moving in a blur as he thrusted in and out of Desiree's perfect tits. "I'm gonna cum first alright."

Desiree chose this moment to let his cock poke out of the top of her cleavage so he shot his seed all over her face which was her preference. Soon she felt hot ropes of cream start to lay themselves over her Arabian features. All the while she stuck her tongue out hoping for some to land in her mouth. She moaned as she felt two ropes land on her tongue as the raining of hot cream stopped. Swallowing what she had in her mouth she opened her eyes and saw Harry staring down at her with that loving look he sometimes had after he cums. "What do I have something on my face?"

Harry just nods his head, "You could say that. You could also say this is how you are supposed to look." Desiree always looked her happiest when she had a cock in her or was covered with cum.

Desiree laughed at that remark. "Anything for you master." She had no issue with her face being covered in cum. The dirty feeling that came along with it was one she would always cherish. It was the same as when her master would repeatedly cum in her ass and then watch her gaping hole leak all over the bed.

When Harry was done he climbed out of bed before heading over to the shower the magical room provided. Starting his day he needed to get clean before going down for breakfast before the task started. While this was the point where Desiree usually joined him he knew he had to shower alone.

Desiree slowly cleaned her face of all his seed with her finger and tongue. Without Harry watching there was no chance of him watching and getting aroused. Once her face was clean she changed back into her genie form.

Harry finished his shower and stepped out to see Desiree had laid out his clothes on the bed. After drying his body he even took his time after seeing Desiree staring at him. Just for fun he decided to tease her back for all the times she teased him.

Once he was dressed he made it to breakfast where there was a visible panic buzzing in the air. Heading to his table he noticed Hermione and Ron weren't there. Looking around he saw Cedric talking to the Ravenclaw table clearly looking for someone. 'He must be looking for Cho, which means they must be something dear. If they chose Ron to be my something dear then they are mistaken. If I wasn't so dead set on winning I would let him rot down there.'

Eating a simple and light breakfast mainly toast, fruit and bacon Harry finished up before heading down to Black Lake. Now there were stands of people roaring and cheering waiting for the task to start. They seemed very enthusiastic even though it was going to be another hour or so before it started.

Stepping into the champions tent he already saw that Krum and Fleur were there. The latter ranting and yelling at Dumbledore and Crouch. Harry walked up to the group, "Fleur what's wrong?"

Fleur looked to Harry while happy to see him she was still very angry she couldn't find her sister. "How could you use my sister in this task? She is a child and the Merpeople hate Veela."

Dumbledore did his best to calm the fiery witch down, "Miss Delacour I assure you nothing will happen to her. We have a treaty with the Merpeople and they will not harm your sister. Now it is all up to you to rescue her."

Fleur was about to start yelling again but she felt Harry's hand on her arm and she stopped herself from raising her voice and threatening them. Looking at Harry who had a pleading look in his eyes she calmed down and just walked away in a huff.

Harry was upset at Dumbledore and Crouch for putting Fleur's loved ones in danger especially if things were that tenuous between the Veela and Merpeople. Choosing to keep his mouth shut he just chose to follow Fleur instead of giving those two a piece of his mind.

Following Fleur outside the tent he saw she was shaking with rage. "Are you okay?"

Fleur turned around with fury in her eyes which seemed to dissipate when she saw it was Harry. "I just want my sister to be safe and I can't think straight if she is in danger."

Harry wrapped his arms around Fleur and brought her in for a hug which she accepted. "I promise nothing bad will happen to your sister. If I have to, I will save your sister first if I have to."

Fleur didn't expect that. 'He would throw this task for me?' Pulling away she found that his face was very serious. "What about your hostage?"

Harry waved it off, "He is a prick. He can be fish food for all I care. What matters is you and your family." Ron had turned the whole house against him so as far as he was concerned Ron was dead to him anyway.

Fleur breathed a sigh of relief, "If you rescue Gabrielle I will be in your debt and I promise you that is a place you want me to be." The last part was said in a very suggestive tone.

"Then it's a promise now let's get back to the tent." Before he could say anything else Fleur gave him a quick peck on the lips as a thank you before storming back into the tent. Harry was about to join her when he heard a familiar voice say, "Well that was touching."

Harry turned to see Rita Skeeter appear out of nowhere meaning she was just in her beetle form and had heard everything. "I hope you learned your lesson from last time Rita."

Rita smiled at the young champion. "Oh maybe it didn't stick and I need a refresher." She teased. The days after that amazing shag from this student she had been desperate to feel that again.

Harry rolled his eyes seeing the reporter flirting with him. "I didn't expect for you to be so eager to be punished." While he found her annoying he equally found her sexy. Remembering being inside Rita all he wants to do is take her to the grass and shag her all over again.

Rita was now in arms distance from Harry and was pushing her enhanced breasts out. "I didn't see it as a punishment. In fact I think it was a reward." She purred since she got a new pair of tits out of it and the best shag of her life.

Having more experience with BDSM with Desiree lately he wanted to give her a repeat with everything he learned. "Fine, next time I will make sure it sinks in properly." If she kept being defiant he could tie her up and lay I to her with a whip or paddle before giving her the roughest shag of her life.

Rita could feel her knickers get a little wet from the threat. "Anyway I just wanted to thank you for these." She said, jiggling her new tits. "I have gotten so many free drinks and men falling over themselves because of it. You know if you were to open a shop on Diagon Alley you would make millions." She wanted him to do that so she could tell people and brag about how she was the first of many who had Harry Potter enhanced new tits.

Harry crossed his arms, "You are welcome. I take it you are still aware of our deal and won't publish anything you heard between Fleur and I?"

Rita scribbled in her notes, "Yes but I will have to write a little something for the paper and I might have to add something about you but I promise it will be the truth." In her head she was already imagining possible headlines of Harry Potter in love with a Veela.

Harry knew she was up to something but he didn't have time to figure out what since the task was starting soon. "Be careful Rita or I won't hesitate to take it out on your ass."

Rita just smiled at that, she would gladly take a punishment from him. Last time she ended up cumming so many times she lost count. So any repeat performance was worth it to her. "Don't die. It would be a shame for that cock to go to waste." Rita said flippantly as she changed back into a beetle and flew away.

Harry scoffed and walked back into the tent to see the other champions sitting on couches waiting for the task to start. Cedric and Krum had taken off their jumpers and we're now just wearing their short sleeved shirts that they planned on swimming in. Following their lead he pulled off his jumper and noticed that his genie bottle tattoo was on display. Turning around he quickly casted a few glamours over it before turning back to the group. Fleur noticed that tattoo after the ball but was too busy paying him back for the amazing night to say anything.

Just before Harry was about to sit next to Fleur, Crouch announced, "Can all the champions join me outside so we can start the task?" Mindlessly and anxiously the champions started to make their way out of the tent. All of them were thinking of ways this could go wrong as they stood on the starting platform. The cheers from the crowd were loud enough to drown out some of their inner thoughts. 'Desiree I want you to stay on the surface. Let me do this task alone like the dragon.'

Desiree wanted to talk him out of it but knew that he needed to do this on his own. 'I will master but be safe. Come back to me unharmed.' She was just as nervous as Fleur was for her sister seeing Harry face certain danger without her. Not like she could do much but be there for moral support.

While Harry couldn't promise that, he could at least not die by drowning thanks to her. 'I will.' With that said he focused back on the lake and was ready to jump off the moment the cannon went off.

"Ladies and gentlemen are you ready for the second task of the Tri-Wizard Tournament?" The applause and cheers were even louder at the question. "Well give it up for our four champions Cedric Diggity, Victor Krum, Fleur Delacour and the dragon slayer Harry Potter." The crowd became deafening at the mention of Harry's name. He was now the biggest draw of the tournament if these people were wearing his merchandise and waving banners with his name on it were anything to go by. "The champions will be given one hour to swim down into the lake and save their hostages. If they don't then they will be lost forever."

At that Harry felt Fleur grab onto his arm and squeeze so hard he was sure she was going to break skin with her nails. He just mouthed it was going to be okay.

"When the cannon sounds the second task will begin so get in positions!" Crouch was nearly screaming at the end of the speech clearly amping up the crowd.

The cannon going off a moment later was the only thing to cut through the sound of the roaring crowd. Not a moment later all the champions jumped into the water head first. In the water he saw Cedric and Fleur use the bubble head charm while Victor made himself a half shark. Harry didn't have to bother and started to swim towards the center of the lake where the Merpeople would most likely be.

He was out in front with a considerable lead for a minute before Krum sped past him fast as a real shark. 'Why didn't I think of that?' Harry asked himself just before he was being passed by the others. 'Okay so I'm not the strong swimmer I thought I was.'

The rest of the trip he was behind Fleur and Cedric which wasn't the worst thing at least that's what he told himself as he stared at Fleur's backside. His trance was broken however when he saw a spear whiz past Fleur just barely missing her. Harry and Fleur both looked to see where it came from while Cedric continued on with the task.

Fleur had barely avoided the thrown spear which could have been fatal if it had hit her. Looking down she saw the streets of the underwater city lined with Merpeople soldiers all with spears staring hatefully at her. Deciding to just try and reach her sister she kept swimming as fast as she could. Her arms and legs were starting to burn but she fought through the pain.

Harry now had his wand in his hand ready to strike down any creature that tried the same with him but no one even made a motion towards him. 'Goes to show how real the hate is between Merpeople and Veela.'

Fleur kept swimming and in the center of the city she saw that the hostages were tied up. As she went for her sister though four Merpeople soldiers were waiting for her and blocked the way each of them pointing their spears at her. She readied herself and fired off a quick stunning spell which hit one of the soldiers but the other three quickly advanced on her. One had lunged so quickly he cut open a large gash on her left arm and before she could react to him another soldier swiped at her with the intention of cutting her throat open. As she moved out of the way his spear was lucky enough to cut her bubble. With her bubble popped there was no choice but to retreat.

Harry saw Fleur in trouble and was seconds away from her but she quickly started swimming up to the surface. Seeing Fleur retreating along with the blood left in the water he wanted to follow her to make sure she was okay. Just before he made a move to follow he saw that one of the soldiers she had been fighting winded back his arm and was about to hurl his spear in her direction.

Feeling nothing but rage Harry swam right behind the unexpecting soldier and casted a piercing hex at his throwing shoulder and a orange color spell came out of his wand and went right through the soldier's shoulder causing him to drop the spear. The soldiers turned to him and quickly scattered when they saw the magic pooling at the tip of his wand indicating he was very serious and wouldn't hesitate to kill them.

With his obstacles gone he swam to the center of the city and saw there were only two hostages left Ron and Gabrielle. The latter he found looked very much like Fleur. Starting with the closest to him which happened to be Ron he cut the rope tied to his ankles. He let Ron float to the surface and once he was half way up he turned his attention to Gabrielle only to notice that there were now upwards of twenty soldiers surrounding him. Looking around he heard someone say, "You can only take one."

Harry refused to be told what to do at this moment. There was a life on the line and he wasn't going to leave Gabrielle here. "You aren't going to stand in my way." With that said now every spear was pointing at him. Not taking his eye off the weapons pointed at him he flicked his wand towards Gabrielle's bindings before grabbing her and trying to swim away as fast as he could. It was useless though with how slow of a swimmer he was. Letting Gabrielle go he tried to let her float to the top while he fought the Merpeople.

Flicking his wand down he cast a severing charm on the arm that was currently attached to the hand around his ankle. Like expected the arm was soon severed and blue blood started to pool around them. That soldier quickly retreated just as another lunged forward intent on impaling him with his spear. With a quick Expelliarmus he disarmed the soldier before stunning him. With two down they soon started to line up and try to overwhelm him with their numbers. Unable to keep this going Harry used elemental magic to turn some of the water around him into ice spikes before launching them at the soldiers. With many of the spears hitting the Merpeople soon knew that they were outmatched and swam back to the safety of their city. Swimming away with shards of ice impaled in their skin.

Harry was out of breath after casting so many spells in a short amount of time with the added stress of having his life on the line. Once the Merpeople were far enough away he swam back to the top. Once he broke the surface he looked to the stage to find everyone silent. As he swam to the stage he saw that Gabrielle was awake and being hugged by her sister.

The crowd's silence was soon over as the crowd erupted in cheers for the fact Harry was alive. The fact that both of his hostages returned to the surface without him wasn't a good sign.

As Harry pulled himself out of the water he noticed that he was covered with a sheen of blue blood from the Merpeople. Once he was on the stage he just laid there on the dock panting. Now that he was breathing fresh air he could feel his body relaxing a little more. Before he could even regain his bearings he was pounced on by Fleur who kissed him on the lips for saving her sister. Harry accepted the kiss before she whispered in his ear that this wasn't his reward.

Crouch used a sonorous charm and announced, "Harry Potter ladies and gentlemen. He saved two hostages when Miss Delacour couldn't save her own." His words were a direct jab at the Veela champion who fell short.

Harry eventually managed to make it to his feet and noticed that Ron hadn't come over to even give him a thank you. Walking over to the sulking red head Harry just said, "You're welcome."

Ron scoffed, "Didn't ask for your help Potter." That response made Harry wish he could punch Ron in front of the entire school and audience. Harry should have just saved Gabrielle at least then he wouldn't have had to fight an army of assholes with spears.

Hermione wrapped in a blanket came over and pulled Harry away, "Don't listen to him Harry." Once they were out of ear shot of Ron Hermione said, "Don't let him ruin this for you."

Hermione was right, "Let's go wait for the scores."

Everyone waited as the judges discussed before eventually coming to their scores. Krum earned a nearly perfect score for being first along with the complex magic used. Cedric was second so far and received a modest score for being the most simple. Fleur received almost nothing because she didn't retrieve her hostage, getting a one from every judge.

The judges gave Harry a high score only two points behind Krum for saving both hostages and for the never before seen spell used to breathe underwater. During the points section Harry had Madam Pomfrey fussing over him and checking his body for injuries while cleaning the blue blood off of him. As it turns out Merpeople blood was magical and couldn't be washed off with only water. You needed to vanish it or scrub it off with a scourgify. She glossed over his arm glamour that was covering his bottle tattoo.

Once the scores were given Crouch announced that the next and final task would be on the twenty fourth of June which was the day before the end of the term. Harry was glad it was that far away because he was going to need time to recover after this. His whole body already felt sore for swimming so long along with the fact Madam Pomfrey told him he had minor magical exhaustion.

Just before Harry was about to call Desiree, Fleur dragged him over to her sister and family. "Harry, come meet my sister and parents." She was excited for Harry to meet her family because this just compounded how much she cared for Harry and how much he really cared about her. Boys who were simply attracted to her wouldn't risk their lives for her sister.

Gabrielle lit up when she saw Harry Potter walking her way. She had grown up on his stories and this was like a dream being told she was rescued by her idol. She felt her face get hot the closer he approached. Before Fleur could properly introduce him she pounced like a lion by wrapping her arms around him.

Harry was nearly knocked over by the force of which he was hugged. "Hey there. Are you okay Gabrielle?" He was happy she didn't seem hurt with how hard she hugged him.

Gabrielle nodded with a wide smile, "Yes thanks to you." Hugging him tighter she said the next thing loud enough for only him to hear, "You are my hero." She rubbed her cheek against his neck nuzzling him as she enjoyed his body pressed against hers.

Harry slowly managed to get untangled from the young girl much to her chagrin. If it was up to her she would have never let that hug end. Looking to what were clearly Fleur's parents he stuck out his hand. "I'm Harry, pleased to meet you."

Minister Delacour shook his hand, "Thank you for saving my daughter's. I didn't know this was going to be so dangerous." While he was Minister he was stupid for thinking this tournament wasn't going to be dangerous. When he was convinced by the British Minister about entering the Tri-Wizard Tournament he was told it would be completely safe.

Apolline Delacour didn't look happy though and in fact looked very irritated at her husband. "Didn't think it would be that dangerous? Did you forget that the Merpeople hated Veela when you agreed to use our daughter as a prop in this task?"

Minister Delacour suddenly looked six inches tall compared to his wife who was angrily questioning him. "Dumbledore and Fudge said it would be safe."

This had Fleur a little upset now. "If it wasn't for Harry I might have died along with Gabrielle." When she arrived at the surface she had to get mended by the nurse and her arm was still killing her. The cut went far deeper than she had ever been cut before and she was told it was going to be a while before the pain would completely subside. She was given a pain reducing potion but she could still feel the cut.

Minister Delacour just shrunk his shoulders and shut up. Clearly he was going to be in the doghouse for a while. Harry just bowed his head, "I am always happy to help a friend and Fleur is a good friend." Looking over at Fleur she still looked radiant even though she was cold, wet and upset.

Apolline could see what her daughter saw in this boy. What she didn't see at first was his heart. While he wasn't bad looking, he wasn't what she had imagined for her daughter but now seeing him pull off that feat of heroism made her feel like he was perfect for her daughter. In fact seeing him emerge from the water covered in the blue blood of Merpeople had her a little aroused. Stuffing those feelings down she said, "Why don't you join us for dinner tonight in our carriage?" They had of course come with their own and besides a dining room it had three rooms in it.

Harry could get behind a good meal because right now he felt dead on his feet. After he was done talking with them he planned to go back to his room and take a nap. Besides casting the world's largest patronus last year he had never felt this magically exhausted. The elemental magic mixed with swimming until he was sore wasn't a good combination. "Sounds great Mrs. Delacour."

"Oh, call me Apolline." She even said it with a little wink which made him look at Fleur who saw it too but said nothing.

After Harry wished them all a goodbye he made his way back to the castle. When he was away from everyone he heard, 'So how do you think that went?' Desiree had seen every moment of the task and was curious to know what he thought of the whole thing.

Harry sighed, 'It was a mess. That was tougher than the dragon. I would have died if I used the bubble head charm. Those Merpeople were relentless.'

Desiree just nodded as she followed, floating behind him up the steps to the seventh floor. 'Yes I have never seen those creatures before and I certainly don't like them after that. I understand why the Veela have had feuds with them.'

'Me either. I hope I never see another one of those assholes again.' He was still furious just thinking of those fishy monsters. He didn't know if he killed any of them but he would have killed them all if they managed to hit Fleur with that spear as she swam to the surface.

Desiree could hear his inner thoughts and agreed that if they managed to seriously wound Fleur then he would have scorched earth in retaliation. 'Lets just calm down before your big dinner tonight. I'm not sure if you know this or not but Fleur owes you and you know what that means.'

Harry agreed tonight should be interesting. 'Yes I do but it also means I shouldn't expend too much energy before tonight.'

Desiree saw his reasoning and pouted, 'I see your point. You will just have to make up for it tomorrow morning.' When master made it up to her it usually meant his amazing tongue would do the work.

Harry knew what that meant and was fine with that arrangement. 'Fine. You win, now let's think about things other than sex before tonight.'

Later that night

When Harry arrived at the elegant carriage that was parked right next to the Beauxbatons carriage. While the school's carriage was bigger both looked like they were pieces of art that had been hand carved and cost hundreds of thousands of galleons. Knocking on the door he had to wait a moment before the door opened.

Gabrielle had been waiting by the door so she could be the one to answer it and be the first one to see Harry. "Hello Harry, come in." She quickly grabbed his hand before dragging him in only to get scolded by her mother. "Gabrielle calm down, stop yanking the boy around like he is your dog."

Fleur was about to scold her sister for the same thing as she walked over to her "boyfriend". While she didn't use the term that's what he felt like right now when she got close enough she kissed him on the lips before whispering, "Just go with it tonight."

Harry didn't know what she meant by that but he assumed he was meant to play the loving part of her boyfriend. "Can do." He replied before they were ushered to the dining room table which had a giant buffet of food that would make the Hogwarts elves blush. He did however notice there were only four chairs. "Where is your dad?" He asked Fleur.

Apolline answered, "I sent him back home to France. I am too angry to even look at him right now. He should have known better and shouldn't have put Gabrielle in that lake." Even after the task they had a blown out argument on Veela history that she had told him about throughout the years. Facts he just ignored when he let Gabrielle be bound at the bottom of a lake. While she still loved her husband it was going to be a while before she forgave him.

Harry admitted that Apolline was a little scary and he would hate to get on her bad side. Looking at Fleur he asked, "How much trouble is he in?" He didn't know how a Veela temper differed from a regular personas temper but Apolline was pretty scary.

Fleur shook her head, "I don't know but the last time I saw maman this upset papa had let Gabrielle eat her weight in ice cream before she threw up all over her favorite rug." While she laughed when it happened her mother made them all clean it up by hand.

Harry wished he could have seen that, "Well I am sure he will be fine." Smiling at Fleur she smiled back and filled his heart with a happiness he hadn't felt in so long.

Once they were all sat down they started to load up their plates. Apolline started, "Be sure to eat up, you both need your energy." Both Fleur and Harry needed a big meal after the day they had.

Gabrielle didn't need to be told that since she always ate more than anyone else. Since Veela never had to worry about gaining weight Gabrielle was a little black hole for food. Her plate was already full by the time her mother warned Harry and Fleur. Meanwhile Fleur had a little decorum and didn't pig out like her sister and gathered enough food for a modest dinner.

Harry did as he was told and loaded up on meat. Looking for something to drink he noticed his cup was filled with a red liquid. "What's this?"

Apolline and Fleur giggled as they took a sip out of their own glasses. "That's wine. Have some, it goes quite nicely with all that meat on your plate." Apolline said.

Harry took a sip and found that it tasted pretty good. 'She is right this goes perfectly with the meal.' This was his first time having anything alcoholic that wasn't Butterbeer.

Desiree took that moment to reappear. 'Oh I forgot how much I missed wine. Next time we are alone you have to wish for some.'

Harry just looked at his genie and thought. 'Why don't you find a bottle here and take it back to the room. I will meet you when I'm done.' While he loved Desiree right now he just wanted to be alone with Fleur and her family.

Desiree liked his idea and went to search the carriage for a bottle of wine. When she found a few bottles she liked (the kind she liked being hundreds of years old and expensive) she had to have Harry wish her back to the room because she couldn't carry the bottles while in her genie form. He first questioned how that was sex related but Desiree just answered she was going to enjoy her time alone in a sexual way not able to wait for him any longer. Harry breathed a sigh of relief when she was gone as he continued to eat, enjoying dinner with a real family.

Apolline waited for Harry to be close to done with his plate before she started digging into the more personal questions. "So Harry Fleur tells me you are an adequate lover." She asked the question while swirling her wine in her glass almost as if she was asking about the weather.

Harry nearly spit out the sip of wine that was in his mouth. Choking and gagging on the wine currently traveling down his throat it took him a moment before he could swallow it and not cough it back up. Looking at the matriarch he was almost confused at her question. "Umm….I don't-"

Fleur cut him off, "He is a fantastic lover, mother." Fleur couldn't gush about Harry enough to anyone that would listen which included the two only other women in her life who would understand being her mother and sister. Veela were sexual creatures so talking about sex with her mother and sister was considered natural to them. While her sister couldn't have sex until her maturity she eagerly listened.

Gabrielle was excited for the turn this conversation took. "Oooohh does that mean I can share him with you sister?" Gabrielle was excited that her sister and Harry were so close. She had wanted to shag the boy since as early as she could remember. Whenever she read his stories as a child she imagined the pillow she hugged at night was him and that he was sleeping next to her.

Apolline cut in, "Not until you go through your maturity young lady." It was very important she not lose her virginity before her maturity or it would ruin her brain. When she took her daughters to the Veela reservation she showed them the Veela that had sex before their maturity. They were all whores and had to nearly have their hands chained behind their backs to keep from rubbing themselves raw. It's the reason young Veela's before their maturity were so sought after on the black market because once they had sex they would become addicted to it and crave that feeling for the rest of their lives. Most of the time it wasn't the Veela's choice to become this way but some select young Veela were always too charged with sexual energy. Of her two daughters Gabrielle worried her the most because she was thinking about sex so much earlier than Fleur who always focused on her studies. If anything Gabrielle was going to wait for Harry so she didn't need to worry about anyone else taking her virginity.

Fleur looked at her sister. "He is mine but since we are family I guess there is no harm in sharing with family." Fleur gave Harry a saucy smile which promised him a lot of fun in the future.

Harry didn't know how to react to the fact that they were talking about sharing him like he was a cute jumper. 'This must be from my wish that girls don't care if I sleep with other girls because unless Veela are absolute sluts then this doesn't make sense.' Clearing his throat Harry asked. "What do you mean by sharing? Are you talking about what I think you are talking about?"

Apolline set down her glass and refilled her cup with wine. "Veela are very open with their partners and other Veela. When a Veela has a man like you they have a need to show them off. If you do well enough there might even be a chance you could be a guest at the Veela enclave in France where we would present you to the royal court. I don't have to tell you what happens from there but it is very pleasurable."

'What did I get myself into? I thought Veela were like everyone else but they have their own culture and traditions that revolve around me.' Harry downed the glass of wine in front of him starting to feel a little buzz coming on. "Well I like Fleur."

Apolline giggled, "Oh Harry we all know you like her as well as other women. As Veela we can smell the other women on you. For someone so young you have a smell of someone twice your age. I think you are just the right kind of boy for our family."

That stunned Harry into a moment of silence as they gave him the okay to sleep with other women. "So you are saying you don't mind if I sleep with other girls?" Even though he knew that wish was still active this was the first time someone was so open about it and it threw him for a loop.

Apolline nodded, "Yes take me for example my husband and I have an open relationship. He can shag other witches and I can shag other witches and men." Now she was openly ogling Harry and was starting to feel a familiar need under her knickers.

Harry was blown away by that and from the look Apolline was giving him he sensed his night was far from over. That's when he felt her foot touching his before it snaked up his leg and the arch of her foot found his bulge. Harry could feel his face get a little red feeling the older woman's foot on his manhood. "Fleur, are you okay with this?" He was talking about her mum flirting with him.

Fleur nodded and just smiled at her mum, "My arm is still a little sore and tender so you can have him tonight maman." Apolline smiled at that and said, "Let's finish up so we can go to my room Harry. Fleur told me about what happened after the ball and I want to see if she was exaggerating."

Harry scarfed down the rest of his plate before also downing another glass of wine. He was now four glasses deep and had a wonderful buzz to go along with his raging hormones. Apolline soon stood up and walked around the table to him before taking his hand and leading him towards the master bedroom. Looking over her shoulder she said, "Put your sister to bed Fleur and get some sleep. If he isn't too worn out in the morning you can join us." This received a "no fair" from Gabrielle who wished to be apart of this act of sharing.

Inside the master bedroom Apolline started to strip out of her clothes before the door even closed. With one zipper pull her dress fell and her body was revealed. She wasn't wearing a bra but she was wearing a black G-string now the only piece of clothing in the way of him seeing how aroused she was.

Harry was stunned at how beautiful the woman was. While she wasn't as beautiful as Fleur, she was still beautiful enough to get a reaction out of him. Without thinking he started to strip also and when he pushed down his trousers and boxers together he heard Apolline gasp. Her eyes were glued to what was swinging between his legs. Gripping himself around the base he taunted her, "Your daughter seems to like it."

Apolline smirked as she closed the distance between them and had her right hand join his around his cock. "She is like all Veela who think bigger is better. I bet she moaned like a whore when you took her ass for the first time." Harry just nodded at that wondering how she knew that. "As Fleur's mother it was my job to make sure she was ready for any sexual challenge and since she reached her maturity I have taught her about the joys of anal sex." Leaning forward into his ear she whispered. "I want it in my ass too." She had gone a year without a good buggering since her husband had been busy with work and she hadn't found a bloke who met her high standards. For a buggering, an average wizard wouldn't be enough for her. If she was going to get her ass fucked she really wanted it fucked.

Apolline spared a thought for her husband who had a cock she couldn't be mad at but was a few short inches away from what was in front of her. The biggest she had ever been with was her husband's eight or maybe a nine along the road but never a ten or bigger. Her body hummed in excitement to see what kind of damage this fat cock was going to do to her Veela holes which were made for big cocks like this.

Harry pulled in her hand at the mention of taking her ass. "Do you want me to start right now?" If she wanted to skip to the dessert he was more than happy to oblige.

Apolline giggled as she pushed him back on the bed, "Not yet. Let me taste you first. Anal is always a treat not the starter." Just as he flopped back on the bed Apolline put her head in his lap and started to take him down her throat. Being older and with so much more experience she didn't struggle as she put her lips around the base of his cock as her nose poked his stomach.

Harry groaned loudly as his hands went to Apolline's hair and held her there. Her throat felt perfect and even if she didn't move he was sure within a couple minutes he could have cum. Especially with her blue eyes staring up at him. Letting go of some of his pressure he felt her mouth retreat until just the head was in her lips before she slammed her head back down. She was fucking her own face on his cock and he wouldn't be able to last minutes with this kind of treatment. The blowjob reminded him of Desiree who had a thousand years on Apolline, though he couldn't tell that if he wasn't told.

Apolline enjoyed all of his little reactions to her amazing blowjob. Being an older Veela she had long since mastered everything there was about the blowjob. So it made sense his hips bucked or his hands wanted to hold her head down for as long as possible. Thankfully over time he became more bold and started to fuck her face. 'Yes give it to me Harry. Show me why I should let you keep seeing my daughter.'

The blowjob went on for longer than either one of them expected but Harry was holding everything back trying to savor the feeling of the older woman's throat around him. It was very similar to Desiree's blowjob just without the love his genie put into it. "I'm gonna cum Apolline."

Apolline didn't slow or stop her movements. She had wanted to have him finish down her throat. Her daughter told her about his bigger than average loads and she had to try it for herself. Veela absorbed magic through virile semen and Fleur told her after one night with him she felt an increase to her energy.

Feeling the woman not letting up he just stared into her blue eyes as his hands were wrapped in her blonde locks as he came with a groan down the throat of his girlfriend's mother. Apolline kept swallowing everything that was shooting down her throat and about halfway through she could feel the warmth from his magic spreading throughout her body. 'Oh he does have plenty of magic to spare. I can taste the power in this load.'

Once she felt the torrent of cream down her throat end she pulled herself off the boy. Sucking her way off she was rewarded with a few drops of salty cream on her tongue and she didn't mind his taste. It was leagues ahead of her husband in fact if Harry was going to be a permanent addition to their lives she might come back for more. 'Maybe add some more fruits to his diet.'

Harry was panting on the bed after the day he had he was still a little wiped out after that big orgasm. "So what next?" He asked wondering how this night could get any better.

Apolline crawled on top of Harry and slid his still hard cock in her pussy. She was so wet he slid right in with no issue and she could feel every ridge and vein on his magnificent cock. "Yes Harry. Let me do all the work for the boy who saved my daughters." As she raised her hips she quickly dropped them and felt him lightly tap her G spot and she already knew she wasn't going to last long.

Harry was in awe of what he was feeling. She was an older woman and yet her pussy felt just as tight as girls his age. Even though she had children her pussy was just as tight as it was when she was a teenager. Now there was no doubt in his mind he needed to keep Fleur forever. Harry saw that Apolline's tits were jiggling up and down the harder she rode his cock so he reached up and cupped them. 'A little bigger than Fleur's.' That aside he loved how soft they were and how easily his hands sunk into them.

Apolline smiled when she felt his fingers find her nipples and started twisting them along with pinching them. She had always had a weakness for her nipples and he found it. Sometimes she would even twist her own nipples during sex with her husband or during her alone time with her wand. "Yes Harry!" She was seconds away from an orgasm of her own. "You are hitting so fucking deep, my daughter is so lucky. Your cock is magnifique."

Harry could feel the older woman tighten up so he pinched her nipples harder in addition to bucking his hips harder and harder. All this came to a head when Apolline screamed out in ecstasy, "I'm cumming!" Harry felt her orgasm around him but that didn't stop him from chasing his own. Moving his hand away from her breasts he brought his hand to her clit. Without warning he started rubbing and lightly pinching all these things kept Apolline cumming over and over.

Apolline didn't know what to do but she kept having orgasm after orgasm like never before. Multiple orgasms has always been a dream of her's and here she was having it with her daughter's boyfriend while she was in the other room with her sister. No doubt they were both listening to what was going on in this room. 'Get an earful girls, this is what a real man is supposed to feel like.' Flipping her sweaty hair out of her face she said, "Keep going. Keep fucking me until you fill me up." She needed a creampie right now. That was Veela's weak spot. When cum is shot in their womb besides pregnancy they absorb the magic quicker.

Harry kept thrusting into the Delacour matriarch's pussy but he had a sudden moment of clarity. "Are you on the potion?" He couldn't afford to have kids right now.

Apolline wished she wasn't. "I am so do it cum inside me." She felt his speed and power increase for a few seconds before she felt jets of hot cum shoot inside her. His cock was smashed against her cervix so he deposited every drop right in her womb. Apolline felt her eyes roll up into the back of her head as his orgasm never stopped and soon she couldn't take another drop.

Harry heard her cute little whine when she felt enough of his climax. Pushing her off of him she rolled off him next to him in the king bed. After a minute or so they had both caught their breath enough Harry turned to her and said, "One last hole to take."

Apolline smiled and rolled off her back onto her stomach. "Take it. Consider it a gift for saving my Gabrielle." She was excited to feel this big real flesh and blood cock in her ass. The biggest she had ever gone was with her husband. When she slept with other men it was an honor most of them never had the pleasure of having.

Harry almost wanted to make a comment of "like mother like daughter" because like Fleur they both started off on their stomachs. And much like Fleur, Apolline had an amazing ass for someone her age. Harry brought both hands to her cheeks and gave them a little squeeze before prying them apart and seeing her pink asshole. Getting into position he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her crack getting her ready for what was about to happen.

Apolline was worried that he was about to thrust in with no lube but she felt her asshole being filled with plenty of lube which made her almost giggle at the squishy feeling inside of her. "Ah fuck." Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt his fat cock start to push its way into her tight hole. It didn't hurt by any means but it had simply been a while and it was like she almost forgot what it's like to have a cock up her ass. The stretch from her hole to accommodate his girth or the feeling of his cock reaching so deep in her bowels it felt like he was in her stomach. It was all amazing and orgasm inducing.

Harry groaned and moaned feeling her hot insides wrapping around the top half of his cock. 'Shit Veela's really are the perfect girls.' Once again he felt her tight ass was just as tight as Fleur's. It seemed every Veela was born with the perfect holes that cause the maximum amount of pleasure.

Apolline felt Harry shove the last half of his cock inside her ass which drew out a moan from her whore mouth. Here she was getting buggered and the rougher he was the more she responded. "Don't hold back Harry. I can take it just fuck my ass." As a Veela she was built for sex and didn't care how rough he wanted to be, she would take it.

Harry did just that, bracing both hands on each side of Apolline's head; he brought his hips back before snapping forward and burying every inch back inside her. He repeated this over and over enjoying her moans the louder they became. They were bouncing off the walls and even penetrating them so everyone in the carriage could hear them.

Apolline was in pure heaven feeling a massive ten inch pole giving her asshole the work out of her lifetime. It made her remember how much she enjoyed anal. 'If I make up with Sebastian I will have to ask for more of this in the future.' She couldn't fight the tight coiling in her stomach which let her know an orgasm was imminent.

Harry heard her wails get louder and he knew both of them were at the breaking point. Much like her he couldn't hold on much longer. "I'm going to cum Apolline. I'm going to cum in your fucking ass." He said the last part aggressively but that was the moment he felt the floodgates open and a rush of cum flew out of his balls into her bowels. Just like the last two orgasms he made sure to enhance his loads.

Apolline couldn't believe how much the boy could still pump into her. She felt more spunk shooting up her ass than she ever felt before. All she could do was groan and take it. By the end it felt as if he shot a cup and a half worth of cum inside of her which somehow soothed her body in magical ways. She had never felt as calm and euphoric as she did then right now with a hot large load of cum shot in all of her holes with her body absorbing the residual magic.

When Harry was done he pulled out of the older woman and laid back on the bed next to her. Catching his breath once again, "So was that good or do you need more?"

Apolline felt both of her lower holes throb after being stretched wide around a fat cock. "In the morning. You successfully wore this old Veela out, congratulations." Now this was her age because if she had been Fleur's age she would have ridden him until he broke and was begging for his mommy. 'Ooohhhh there is a fun thought. Making him call me mommy.' She thought. 'And if Fleur and Harry get married I will be sure he calls me mommy for the rest of my life.'

Harry smiled at the compliment. "I really didn't expect this when I came to dinner tonight but I have to say it's been an amazing night." Harry was loving the way his life was starting to unfold. Besides the unpleasant start to the day with the second task this more than made up for it.

Apolline agreed, "Any time Harry. You really are an amazing boy." She reached out and ran her hand over his cheek, "Fleur is lucky to have you. I hope you two can last because it would be a shame if we couldn't do this again." If he was around she couldn't help herself from leading him to an empty room in the house and having him shag her brains out.

Harry nodded as his hand ran over her skin taking every soft inch. "Me too. Although I can't promise it will be easy. I seem to have bad luck with most things besides getting girls into bed." At least he hoped that his life wouldn't get any more troublesome. In his mind he was just unlucky and since entering Hogwarts it's been one unlucky year after another.

Apolline moved closer to Harry and started to cuddle into him enjoying his warmth. "Veela can deal with crazy and we can be more understanding than most. I know Fleur doesn't care who you sleep with which works out for me and eventually her little sister." She knew her daughter could handle anything life could throw at her including Harry's supposed bad luck. "Gabrielle's crush on you is kind of my fault having read her all your children's books as a child."

Harry couldn't help but think this was because of his wish but decided to just go with it. "I think I love Fleur."

Apolline kissed him on the jaw before kissing him on the lips. After a steamy mini snogging session she broke the kiss. "You will love many women. I felt that when we were together but you put love into every thrust and climax. You are going to be the first male wizard in over three hundred years to have a coven of witches as partners. You will love them all equally and they will in turn give you all the love you need. I can tell your life hasn't been like the stories I used to read to Gabrielle. You have a pain inside you that can only be repaired with the love of many women."

Harry had always dismissed Desiree when she pitched him the harem idea. He just thought in the modern day it was ridiculous but if Apolline and in turn Fleur is telling him to start one maybe they were right. Right now the only other girl he could see inside of it would be Daphne. "So you are saying I should start a harem?" Desiree always said the same thing but she was a genie who has been alive for thousands of years and didn't understand the complexities of the modern world.

Apolline laughed, "Yes but I wouldn't use that word too much. Stick with coven is a more acceptable term nowadays. Just love my daughter and let your heart guide you to the rest." The hope starting to spread on this boy's face was something that made her happy to see. From just tonight she could see how serious and dire the boy usually was but now after a few rounds of sex he seemed like every other boy. Climbing up the bed she brought his head to her chest and held him against her bosom. His hot breath on her nipple was even enough to make her wait for tomorrow morning that much harder.

Harry relaxed as his head was resting on her two big globes of flesh and suddenly he felt much more relaxed. Not another word needed to be said and they just laid there until eventually they both fell asleep.


Hope people like this one. It had more action and plot in it than others so I can't wait to see how it is received.

Apolline has convinced Harry to find a harem. So Harry will be looking for more partners. He will continue to fuck everything that moves but he will start to open his heart a little more for the special ones.

Gabrielle won't be happening this year but I will figure out a way to get her to Harry after she goes through her maturity.

I took some liberty with the Veela's stories and history but I had to think of a reason to make sure she didn't have sex before her maturity and that was the reason I came up with.

Chapter Text

Genie 14

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Fleur: Katherine McNamara
Apolline Delacour: Katheryn Winnick with D cups.


Groaning Harry felt something wet slobbering on a certain piece of anatomy. A hot wet mouth was tightly sucking and lathering his morning wood with equally hot saliva. Not ready to get up yet he tried to wave her off. "Not now I need to sleep." In his mind he was in bed with Desiree but when he opened his eyes to scold the genie he was face to face with Apolline who was looking down at him past her big tits in his face with a big smile on her face. 'Wait I'm in bed with Apolline. Then who is sucking my cock right now?' Looking down he saw Fleur looking back at him as she bobbed her head up and down. With him being awake she took the moment to push his cock down her gullet into the deepest parts of her throat. With how tight and hot her throat was it was almost like fucking a pussy. Even as he was deep in her throat she was leaving a few inches exposed. 'I love Veela.' Harry thought to himself. Fleur's mouth was much hotter than the average mouth and it complimented this blowjob perfectly.

Harry was speechless as he was now wide awake and liking what he was feeling. Choosing to just go with it he brought a hand to her head and rubbed her head as a good job as Apolline tried to smother him with her big tits. Harry took it without a complaint as his mouth found one of her pink nipples and latched on. Not being gentle he sucked so hard it was as if he expected milk to come out which only made Apolline giggle. Harry did like sucking nipples even Desiree knew this because when she rode him her tits would swing in his face and he couldn't resist sucking her nipples. Sucking on Apolline's he kept sucking and rubbing his rough tongue on her hard nub as the one hand that wasn't on Fleur's head came up to squeeze her breast. Apolline's body was so soft and fun to play with.

Fleur continued her blowjob but suddenly felt a different hand on her head. Looking up she saw her mum putting her hand on her head and pushing her down deeper. "Fleur you're a Veela and you should be able to take that entire cock in your mouth. The first thing I did last night was suck all of the magnificent cock. So now it's your turn to do the same." Apolline looked quite disappointed in her daughter for not blowing him the way she would have.

Fleur had no choice but to quickly learn how to take all of Harry's massive length. Loud wet gagging noises echoed in the room due to his cock going even deeper. Her eyes were even watering. 'Come on Fleur don't let maman come and take over. Suck Harry's cock the way it was meant to be sucked.' Feeling his cock pulsed in her mouth meant she was doing a good job and that any moment he was going to cum.

Apolline saw her daughter finally deepthroat his entire ten inch length and was proud of her daughter. "That's it Fleur. You have to really worship a cock like this. I will be sure to have your sister start practicing now so she is ready next year." They all stayed like this for a while with Harry sucking at Apolline's breast while getting a deepthroat blowjob. He did his best to ignore the comment. Thinking about Gabrielle was too much right now.

Fleur could tell Harry was getting closer to the end because his hips were bucking up in her warm mouth. Using her tongue she massaged everything trying to milk out his first orgasm of the day before her mother took over. She even used her free hands to go to his big smooth balls and try to milk out his magical cum that way. With gentle squeezes, tugs or just rolling them between her fingers. When Fleur came into the room her mother said she could join but they would be taking turns so she needed to make her turn count.

Harry's hand was next to Apolline's and tightened as he held Fleur's head down as he groaned, "I'm cumming." More gagging noises escaped Fleur's mouth as his hot spunk was shot down her throat. Much like her own mother last night Fleur felt his magical cum warm her stomach and start to spread throughout her body. His magical seed was being absorbed in her stomach giving her a burst of energy.

Apolline smiled at her daughter, "That's it Fleur swallow everything he gives you but save some for me." The purpose of this whole morning was giving something Harry would never forget. Last night was thanks for saving Fleur. This morning was more thanks for saving Gabrielle. 'Well I gave him my ass for Gabrielle so I guess this is just an encore.'

Fleur finished gulping most of the hot spunk down but pulled off last second just enough she could have a few spurts in her mouth. This would be the first time since she was a child she was about to kiss her own mother.

Harry had let go of Apolline's breast and just stared as Fleur looked back at him with a look that promised more. He didn't know what time it was but this was going to be a majority of his morning.

Once the stream of cum had stopped Fleur climbed up the bed and kissed her own mother. Her tongue pushed the hot gift Harry had given her in her mother's mouth. The French weren't shy with their kisses but this kiss was a forbidden one for a mother and daughter to have. Using their tongues to swap Fleur's boyfriend's cum between them was a taboo that only made it hotter.

Apolline enjoyed the kiss with her daughter taking note of her skill. It was clear Fleur was an excellent kisser and that was due in part to lots of practice. The warm cum pushed into her mouth and it tasted a little sweeter than last night with the addition of her daughter's mouth. Their mother and daughter kiss lasted more than it should have because when they broke for air she saw that Harry was stroking himself to the sight of them. Slapping his hands away, Apolline said, "Stop that. This is for us." If it was up to Apolline he would never have to take himself in his own hand again. A specimen like Harry should always have a woman ready to relieve him at a moment's notice.

Just before Apolline was about to swing her legs over Harry's waist and let him slide in her pussy Fleur cut that off, "Maman did you have him use his mouth on you last night?"

Apolline giggled, "No it was his reward not mine." If her daughter was bringing up his tongue ability he must have a pretty good one.

Fleur enthusiastically said, "You have to lay on your back and let his tongue do the work. His tongue is magnifique." She was already wet from the blowjob but the image of her mother getting tongue fucked by her boyfriend was making her drip arousal all over the bed.

Apolline looked to Harry, "I would like to try that." He didn't even respond before pouncing on her until she was on her back. Then he lifted her legs while spreading them wide so he could see the older woman's slit which he knew was just as tight as Fleur's. With her legs wide and spread he even had a view of her pink little asshole that he was in last night. Apolline was the epitome of a hot and fit mum. Harry wasted no time before lunging forward and dragging his tongue up and down her wet lips before circling her clit with his tongue. Deciding to draw this out a little he went even lower and swirled his tongue around her crinkled hole that he stretched last night. Even though now it looked completely untouched as if it didn't have his cock make it gape and leak cum all night long.

Apolline was a little embarrassed feeling his tongue go down to her asshole. Having it fucked was one thing but looking down to see a young attractive boy put his tongue there was another. It definitely made her feel her age. She knew she was beautiful but from that angle she had doubts about that beauty. 'His tongue is pressing into my asshole. It feels so dirty but good at the same time.' Not even her husband has eaten out her asshole before.

Fleur had never seen her mother squirm like this before. Crawling next to her mother she teased, "Doesn't his tongue feel wonderful? And he hasn't even shown you the best part yet." Looking down at the black mop of hair in between her mother's legs she said, "Harry hiss on her clit."

Harry followed Fleur's commands and abandoned the older woman's puckered hole for her pussy. Finding her clit he put his tongue against it and hissed. Not one second later he felt both of Apolline's hands on his head pushing him deeper. 'He is a parseltongue. Oh Merlin how could something so dark feel so fucking good.'

"Aaiiieee!" Apolline let out the most undignified and unladylike scream as she felt a million tiny vibrations against her clit. Within twenty seconds she felt the small coil in her stomach from the earlier oral sex get replaced by an explosion.

Harry felt the older woman lose herself and actually squirt in his face covering his entire face in her girl cum which was just a sign of a job well done. Just to add a little extra, his mouth returned to her asshole and started hissing again.

Apolline wouldn't stop screaming as she tried to ride Harry's face and his tongue vibrated against her sensitive hole. 'In all my years a tongue has never made me squirt like that or made my body sing like it is right now.' She was so blown away by this skill and climax she wanted to take Harry to the Veela coven and have him go down on every Veela there to show them the best oral sex in the world. In her mind she could see hundreds of girls lined up with their legs in the air as Harry pleased one after the other all day and night. And after he was done pleasing all the Veela then they would take their turn to please him.

Fleur couldn't believe her mother who was usually so dominant and confident was reduced to a twitching, wailing woman who loved a tongue in the ass. "Keep going Harry make her do it again."

Apolline now had a red face partly from the orgasm but partly because her daughter and her boyfriend wanted to sexually torment her by making her squirt again. Now she was just along for the ride as Harry's tongue was now in control of her body.

Harry kept up the hissing but for the ace up his sleeve he used two fingers and slid them inside Apolline's soaked pussy. With his fingers inside he quickly found her magical spot and wouldn't stop hitting it the louder her wails became.

Apolline was unable to stop her second climax much like the first from coming out and going all over Harry's face. This time she let out a scream that made her voice crack before she felt Harry stop everything altogether. Unable to hold her legs up anymore she just lay on the bed defeated. For the first time in her life she was sexually defeated. Seeing Harry with her cum all over his face after showing him in it made her feel so low to be broken by a teenager.

Fleur picked up her mother's wand from the bedside table and cast a few cleaning and drying charms on Harry before she kissed him. On his lips and tongue were the sweet taste of her own mother which made her ready for her turn. Breaking the kiss she just whispered in Harry's ear. "How do you want me Harry?" She wanted Harry in control because it was the least she could do for saving her sister's life. He could do whatever he wanted with her body and she would take it with a smile.

Harry's cock had been rock hard the entire time he was eating out Fleur's mother and it had been leaking precum ready to go. Looking over at Apolline he wasn't one to pass up an opportunity. "Go lay on top of your mum and I will shag you while you look her in the eyes."

Fleur did as Harry asked and crawled on top of her mother. She even made her mother moan a little as their boobs were mashed together, hard nipples digging into the other's skin. Fleur took a moment to wipe all of her mother's sweaty and messy hair out of her face before peppering kisses along her jaw. This definitely wasn't a standard mother and daughter activity but for Veela it could be.

Harry stood behind Fleur and her mother and Harry had the perfect view of the two Veela. Both mother and daughter with their pussies and asses exposed to him. Getting on his knees he was behind Fleur and brought his cock to her dripping core before thrusting all ten massive inches in one go. He knew her pussy was perfectly able to accept everything he pushed inside it.

Apolline was still a little out of it but she saw the moment of pure pleasure written across her daughter's face as Harry slid inside of her. If Apolline had to guess it was similar to her own look last night. While her body still felt numb from two big orgasms she still had enough energy to run her hands along her daughter's soft curves. "Which hole did he choose?" Apolline asked her daughter. Not waiting for a reply her hands went to her daughter's ass and checked to see if that's where Harry had his cock buried.

Fleur couldn't speak because it was at that moment she felt Harry start moving. Each thrust felt even better than their first time together. Maybe it was because last night she had to share a room with her sister and listen to Harry shag her own mother. Or that just this morning she watched as Harry pleased her mother so good it was as if he did it to herself. Finally finding her voice she could only say, "Just like that Harry. Fuck my pussy like only you can."

Harry just grunted in response as he never stopped pistoning out of Fleur's tight pussy which he just learned will be tight like this forever. Fleur's pussy was so fucking tight as it wouldn't stop milking his cock on every thrust trying to milk every drop of cum from his balls. 'I love Veela.'

Apolline's hands went from her daughter's tight firm ass to under her searching for the little pearl that would really set her off. Her hand quickly found her daughter's clit and started to rub it vigorously which made Fleur throw her head back.

Harry didn't know what was going on but he felt Fleur get even tighter. After a moment it was clear she had cum and was being muffled by her own mother's mouth. Not deterred, Harry never let up in his thrusts and in fact he went even faster trying to chase his own climax.

Fleur was letting her muffled screams into her mother's mouth as her mother's tongue massaged her own. Apolline had let off just as her climax was ending which still wasn't enough for Harry who was shagging her so hard the whole bed was shaking.

After a few more minutes of roughly shagging Fleur's tight pussy he exclaimed, "I'm gonna cum Fleur." He hoped she was ready because he planned to make this the biggest cum shot his balls had ever produced.

"Do it Harry, fill my cunt up in front of my maman. Show her how big of a slut I am for your cock." The fact she was laying on top of her mother and even looking at her in the eyes while Harry was about to fill her body with warm spunk was enough to push her head first into another climax.

With one final thrust Harry gave it everything he had so his cock was as deep as it could go before letting go of the floodgates. With a grunt he felt himself shoot rope after rope inside of the perfect blonde Veela. By shot ten he felt Fleur start shaking as she let out a whine. When he felt her clamp around him again he knew that she just came from just having a hot load spill inside of her.

Apolline knew that Harry was cumming inside of her daughter and she couldn't help but feel a little jealous. She felt that last night and it felt amazing. She couldn't wait to push her daughter off so she could have her turn again.

Fleur was unable to hold herself up anymore and just had her strings cut as she laid on top of her mother who wrapped her arms around Fleur as if she was comforting her. Fleur had her head in the crook of her mother's neck as she asked, "Did you have Harry take your bum last night?"

Apolline laughed at her daughter's silly question. "Of course my little flower. He saved my daughters. You better believe I offered him my ass. He was so eager too. I take it he has a real thing for anal." It wasn't a stretch to see why he enjoyed it so much but she didn't understand how a boy so young could be so good at it. Normally young men just tried to go fast and hard when the girl wasn't ready and tore them open. Not Harry he went slow until your noises let him know he could move faster then you better have a firm grip on the bed for what happens next.

Fleur nodded, "Oh yes I felt that as well. When he took my anal virginity I didn't expect it to feel like that." Fleur was talking as if Harry wasn't in the room. Harry said, "I am right here."

Apolline giggled at him for being a little sensitive about being a little anal fiend. "We know just a little girl talk. How about we make it up to you? I let you have my bum one last time." It was still early but she imagined he had to get back to the castle soon so this would be the final time.

Harry took that deal quickly, "I will never say no to that." While Fleur had a much tighter and firm ass Apolline had a bigger and softer ass. Apolline's rippled and shook with every thrust and was just as tight as any of the others he fucked over the last couple months. "But I am not done with Fleur yet." Taking his cum dripping cock out of Fleur's pussy he then pressed his slick cock against her asshole that had only ever been claimed by him.

With a scream of pure pleasure Fleur felt Harry plunge ten hot inches of cock into her ass while pushing her down harder on her mother. "HARRY!" Fleur screamed as she had her asshole gaped and stretched to the limit. Once she felt all ten inches inside of her she felt him give her bum a little smack before he started moving in and out. His still full ball sack was slapping her cum dripping pussy on every thrust as she was forced to look into her mother's eyes as she got anally fucked.

Apolline could honestly say her daughter was beautiful and even when she was getting shagged in the ass it was no different. Her daughter was able to take all ten inches with no difficulty and as she looked past her daughter she could see Harry's face scrunch up in pleasure. "That's it you two. Keep fucking my daughter's ass Harry. Give it to her nice and rough before you do the same to me."

Fleur almost wanted to curse her mother for encouraging her boyfriend because she felt Harry speed up even more as he started to rain down blows on her pale white ass. "Shit Harry!" She had to lay on her mother and just take Harry pile driving into her ass.

Harry was getting close being inside Fleur's tight ass was too much and feeling her clamp down anytime his hand came down on her bum was too much. "I'm going to fill you up Fleur. I'm going to fill your slutty ass and then do the same thing to your mum. Both of you are my little anal queens today."

Apolline liked being called a queen and her ass was definitely worthy of that level of praise and her daughter's was the same. "Fill her Harry. We need your cum. It's so potent and full of magic your cum could sustain us for the rest of our lives."

Fleur agreed with her mother, her pussy was already tingling feeling her body absorbing the magic from the load he dropped in her womb and now he was going to dump another magical hot load of spunk in her ass. "Aaiiieee!" Making the same scream as her mother Fleur screamed as she felt ropes of hot spunk fill her bowels. She already had all of her weight on her mother as her mother rubbed her head and held her during this rough fuck but Fleur could no longer control her body. She was just forced to take every drop of her boyfriend's magical cum.

Harry kept inching back and forth making sure to drain everything he could before he moved on to Apolline. "Fuck I love you two." Harry couldn't help but confess his love for the two blondes because they were perfect in this moment. Looking down he saw Apolline with her blonde hair spread out around a pillow, while he looked down at Fleur's slim and perfect back leading to her bright red bum.

Apolline pushed her daughter off of her by rolling her over onto her back on the massive king sized bed. In the process Harry's cock had also come dislodged from Fleur and Apolline had a close look of all that Harry had pumped into her daughter. If Fleur wasn't on the anti-pregnancy potion she would have definitely gotten pregnant from that much fertile cum pumped directly into her womb. That wasn't counting the load he had also pumped into her asshole. Apolline crawled on her daughter just like how Fleur crawled on her. Mounted on her daughter, Apolline looked back at Harry, "Give me your best because I want to remember this for the rest of my life." In fact sharing a bed with her daughter was already something she wouldn't forget but this was a memory she planned to pull on when she was alone or even with her husband when he comes back grovelling for her forgiveness.

Still on his knees with his hard ten inches sticking out he crawled over and said, "Fleur can you help spread your mother open for me."

Fleur did as Harry asked and snaked her hands around to her mother's backside before spreading her plushy cheeks wide for her boyfriend's cock. She wanted to see the look in her mother's face when his cock stretched out her ass. Her mother already had a front row seat to the faces she made when Harry forced her to do the same.

Apolline still felt a slight tingle in her tight ring from his parseltongue trick. Feeling his warm soft head of his cock press against her puckered hole she focused in on her daughter's eyes which were the exact same as her own.

Fleur saw the moment Harry had started to enter her mother and Fleur was so in tune with her mother it was like she could feel what her mother was feeling. Even with her asshole gaping and leaking all his cum she could still feel the vivid feeling her mother was feeling. "Maman, take my boyfriend's cock in your slutty ass." Fleur teased her mother.

Harry was in heaven as Apolline's ass felt just as it had last night which was perfect. So hot and tight around him almost as if she was trying to choke the life out of his cock. Looking down he saw Fleur's hands holding her mother's cheeks open so he was able to have a front row seat to her pink ring stretching around the girthy invader. 'My cock feels like it's melting between shagging these two. Their holes are just so hot and tight. I love Veela.' Harry couldn't say those words enough because Veela were the perfect bed partners.

Apolline was grunting and moaning as Harry sped up his thrusts. While his speed increased the depth of his thrusts didn't. Since his first thrust every one following was hitting as deep as they possibly could. His cock was so big she was sure he was rearranging her insides to fit all ten inches inside of her while bumping every sensitive spot inside her. "Shit it's so deep. Fuck his cock is so deep in my ass." The smile on her daughter's face widened at that admission. Fleur was taking pleasure in seeing her mother trying to act normal as Harry rearranged her insides with his massive cock. "But it feels so good." Apolline added at the end.

Fleur loved hearing her mother's dirty admissions. Letting go of her mother's bum she then chose to bring her hands down hard on both cheeks echoing the room with a loud smack. The sound both shocked Harry and her mother which didn't stop Fleur from doing it again and again. Harry did the same to Fleur and now Fleur wanted her mother to feel the same thing she did.

Harry had stopped thrusting deep inside the elder Delacour so he could watch as Fleur's hands rain down hard spanks on her own mother's butt. The ripples and red hand prints only added fuel to his fire. Apolline's pale cheeks were now marked with her daughter's hand print and it was beautiful.

Apolline was moaning when every spank made contact with skin. Her daughter was spanking her like she was a child. "Stop that Fleur." If she was to be spanked she would rather it would have been from Harry with his bigger and stronger hands.

"Why maman? Doesn't it feel good?" Fleur teased. She was enjoying the feeling of her mother's skin getting hotter the more her hand came down on her soft ass.

Apolline hated to admit it felt wonderful. The deep throb in her ass from his cock and the sharp sting across her cheeks by her daughter's hand was going to set her off in a matter of seconds.

Harry felt the Apolline tighten up. Slapping Fleur's hands away he went back to making deep thrusts in Apolline's ass and making her moans ring out through the room. With ungodly speed he thrusted in and out as fast and deep as he could hoping it was enough to get her to cum.

Fleur was put out by Harry slapping her hands away but did the next best thing and found her mother's clit. Rubbing her clit with her arousal slick fingers she saw her mother trying to bite her lip to keep quiet but that all fell apart when she felt her climax.

Apolline screamed as she felt her body shake from a massive anal orgasm. "Fuck!" She screamed, unable to hold back from the dual assault of her daughter and her daughter's lover. Much like Fleur, Apolline went slack and was unable to hold herself up crushing her daughter beneath her as Harry never stopped pounding away at her ass.

Harry was now visibly sweating from all the work he put in to satisfy both Delacour women. Both of whom were sexual succubi if he ever met one. From the little research into Veela he did in the library legend was that they were descendants from the succubus or sirens but that could have just been legend. Anything to explain how they attracted men with very little to no effort. After another two minutes of roughly pounding Apolline through a big orgasm he finally reached his own and gave Apolline just as big of loads as he gave Fleur. Filling both of these Veela women with so much cum he nearly felt that his balls were empty. Two tight Veela asses had drained him of everything he had.

Apolline felt what had to be at least a cup and a half of hot spunk coat her bowels. Looking down at her daughter she just saw Fleur's smiling face as she knew what she just felt.

Harry's cock had finally started to deflate and with a groan he pulled out of the elder Delacour. Rolling off to the side he laid on the king sized bed panting and trying to catch his breath after that workout.

Apolline climbed off her daughter, "You will have to marry him flower. That is too good to pass up. Poor Gabrielle doesn't know what she is missing." Maybe she would even visit them on their honeymoon for a repeat of this. She was a little scared of what Harry was going to be in a few years. If he kept getting better at sex by the time he is in his twenties he could submit any woman with that cock.

Fleur slapped her mother's arm for bringing up marriage so soon. "Maman stop it." She didn't want to scare Harry and what she did know was that marriage scared boys.

Harry had heard it and couldn't ignore it. "Is that something you are interested in?" He had never even thought of marriage before, much less to someone as beautiful as Fleur.

Fleur blushed, "It's too early for that and we aren't even dating unless you count the Yule Ball as a date." She didn't want to scare him away because she was afraid of losing this. In her head she called him her boyfriend but that was because he would have been the perfect boyfriend for her and she liked to dream. She has had mind blowing sex with Harry twice and both times she couldn't think it could get any better.

Harry shrugged, "We can try it but I have to warn you I have never dated anyone before." He didn't know how to be in a relationship or if that would even mean if he had to stop shagging everything he could. Fleur's mother mentioned something last night that he didn't have to but he wanted to hear that from Fleur.

Fleur gave him a bright smile before leaning over to kiss him on the lips. "It's similar to what is happening right now, just that we will spend more time together. Maybe eat a meal together every now and then or maybe even spend the weekend together when we aren't training for the tournament."

Harry nodded but had to ask his next question which he hoped didn't ruin anything, "Does this mean I have to stop shagging other witches?"

Fleur just giggled while Apolline cackled. Apolline cut in, "No Harry. As long as you don't shag other witches instead of us we don't get mad about affairs. We are sexual creatures so we know how lust can take over."

"Does that mean you will sleep with other wizards?" Harry asked, hoping for a simple no.

"I think you set the bar too high Harry. I have only had two sexual partners before you but none of them made me cum like that." Fleur was getting increasingly worried about what would happen when she had to leave and go back to France. How could she survive without Harry? 'I don't want to go back to Paul who could make me cum but nothing like the way Harry could. Add to that Paul's cock is just average and I might be in for a long couple years.'

Apolline cut in again. "I have the same deal with my husband which is why I plan to rub this in his face the next time I see him. But I'm sure he found someone to share his bed with last night and if I had to take a guess it was his secretary...anyway this is what it's like being with a Veela. Sex is a free thing so feel free to bed who you want and maybe have Fleur join you. She seemed to know her way around another woman."

Fleur blushed at her mother's praise. "Let's talk more about this alone tonight. I will meet you in the Great Hall at dinner." This was a conversation she wanted to have in private without her mother laying next to them.

"Okay before you get a chance to get hard again you need to get back to your castle." Apolline woke him up early so he would have a chance to not miss breakfast and raise any questions.

Harry groaned wishing he had more time with the sexy pair. Mother and daughter in the same bed was something that was a forbidden treat he wanted more of. Begrudgingly Harry got out of bed and drew his wand out of his trouser pocket before cleaning himself before getting dressed. Once dressed he looked back on the bed and both Fleur and Apolline hadn't moved just watching him. He looked back at them and almost gave a pitiful whine at being forced to leave. They both looked perfect and he wished he had a picture. He waited a moment but his faithful genie hadn't arrived and he looked like an idiot just standing at the door gawking at the mother daughter duo.

Apolline just pointed to the door forcefully guiding him to leave which is something he clearly didn't want to do. Harry seemed to be etching the image in his head before turning around and walking out of the room.

Once Harry walked out Fleur turned around to her mother, "He could have skipped breakfast."

Apolline rolled her eyes at her slut daughter, "You will have plenty of time for more of that. And how do you think I feel? I have to pack up the carriage and leave today while you get to stay here and get him in your bed anytime you want." She wished she could swap places with her daughter and stick around that stud and get fucked anytime she felt like it. Fleur seemed to let it go. "Do you think Gabrielle is awake?"

Fleur scoffed, "That girl barely slept, we shared a room and I could smell that she wouldn't stop touching herself listening to the two of you last night."

Apolline realized her youngest daughter had it in for Harry badly. " You know that she is going to want him to take her virginity when she finishes her maturity?" A Veela's maturity was special and their first sexual partner was something to be cherished even. Though they might have other lovers after that, the first one was always special.

Fleur nodded, "And I will hold that over her head until then." She wasn't opposed to letting her sister have a go with her boyfriend considering she just shared him with her own mother.

Apolline found it funny what kind of situation they were in. "She would let that boy do anything to her. You better be careful she doesn't upstage you." Apolline teased her daughter knowing that Gabrielle was going to be relentless in her efforts to get Harry to her bed.

Outside the Master Bedroom

Harry took two steps out of the master bedroom before being face to face with Gabrielle who was wearing an oversized white T-shirt with nothing underneath. He could even see the faint outline of her pink nipples through the shirt. "Umm hello Gabrielle."

Gabrielle gives Harry her biggest smile before skipping over to him and kissing him on the lips. He was so stunned he was speechless and stiff as a board. After her quick peck she said, "Next year when I go through my maturity I want to thank you properly for saving my life." Leaning forward she whispered in his ear, "I will let you do anything you want to my body. I don't care what you do as long as I get a piece of this cock." With that said she skipped away back to her room giving him a half covered view of her bum. That was of course after she palmed his groin to give his package a squeeze.

Harry didn't know how to react to what just happened. 'This family is insane sex crazed maniacs.' He thought he was sex crazed but all the Delacour women wanted nothing but sex from him. Even Gabrielle was showing off her body to him. 'No wonder boys like Veela so much.' Choosing to ignore anything else he walked out of the Delacour's carriage and made his trek back to the castle. His first order of business back is going to be to see what happened to Desiree. He called for her and didn't show up, which was a first for him.

Walking up seven flights of stairs Harry finally made it back to the Room of Requirement with his legs burning half from the stairs and the other half from all the hard sex and from swimming during the task. Walking into the room a wave of sex smell hit his nose. Just looking in the room it looked like a wild party happened last night. Desiree was splayed across the bed on her stomach with something bright silver peeking out of her butt cheeks above where she had a dildo shoved inside of her. Around the bed there were four empty wine bottles along with other dildos in an arrangement of sizes and colors.

Walking closer to the bed he noticed that she looked almost angelic the way her face looked while she was sleeping. It was a look he rarely saw considering she usually woke him up in the morning for a blowjob.

Just as he was about to shake her awake Dobby popped into the room. "Harry Potter, the headmaster wants to see you as soon as possible."

Harry just groaned knowing Dumbledore was going to be angry at him for hurting the Merpeople even though they were going to try and kill Fleur and Gabrielle.

Desiree heard some talking around her, "What...what is going-" She was cut off by a hand on her back rubbing her and saying, "Sleep Desiree I will be back soon." Desiree relaxed hearing her master's voice which was a feat considering she had a small headache from all the alcohol she consumed last night. She was so drunk and out of it she couldn't even change back into her genie form at the moment without being sick to her head.

Harry left his genie sleeping on the bed before heading to the Headmaster's office. On the way he was preparing all of his arguments for what happened yesterday. 'He better not think I will be apologizing for protecting two innocent girls over some spear throwing fish monsters.'

"Acid pops." Harry spoke to the gargoyle in charge of protecting the office. Once hearing the password it moved to the side and passed letting him walk up the stairs to the office. Upon walking in he was greeted with a disappointed look aimed at him.

Dumbledore didn't let Harry get three steps inside the office before starting in. "The Merpeople voiced their concerns after the second task that a certain champion attacked them unjustly. While they didn't know the name of said champion I'm going to go with the one that came out of the lake covered in their blood." His disappointed grandfather routine was in full effect as he gave Harry a chance to respond.

Harry sat across from the Headmaster. "They attacked Fleur and tried to kill her. What was I supposed to do, stand by and watch it happen?' Normally the Headmaster loved his "saving people thing" as Hermione calls it.

The Headmaster pinched the bridge of his nose, "You have killed a dragon in the first task and nearly killed nine Merpeople in the second. I just worry that you are going too far."

Harry breathed a deep sigh of frustration, "Someone is trying to kill me and I was entered in this tournament against my will. You haven't even found who did that and you want to lecture me about the way I am competing. Top it all off with dangerous tasks meant for people years older than me. Sorry if I'm a little angry about it."

"You are starting to use dark magic Harry." The Headmaster warned.

Harry scoffed and crossed his arms, "No dark magic. I used transfiguration for the first task and a severing charm along with a simple freezing charm in the second nothing dark about it. You even teach all of those spells here." The Headmaster was grasping at straws by trying to call him dark when nothing he has done has been dark. Professor Moody even taught them the unforgivables and Harry didn't use that and he really wanted to use them in the lake.

Dumbledore gave Harry a once trying to gauge if all of that was true. The Merpeople did tell him that he had cut off some limbs but thankfully no one died. "I warn you to please reign yourself in. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. These are sentient creatures who have feelings and lives that shouldn't be cut short."

"Then get me out of this tournament. Because as long as I'm in this tournament I'm going to keep trying to stay alive." He didn't mention that he would do the same for Fleur even though it should be obvious right now.

Dumbledore didn't like what he was hearing but now he realized he pushed Harry too far. First year he killed a teacher that was Voldemort and the second year he nearly died fighting a basilisk with the third year almost having his soul sucked out by dementors. "Just try to not be so quick to rush to violence."

Harry stood up, "Then stop putting things in my way who want to kill me or people I care about." Harry was now letting him know that he cared about Fleur and he was going to destroy anything that harmed her.

Dumbledore sighed and decided to take it as a minor victory that he didn't hurt the Merpeople out of malice but out of protection of another champion. Now that he thought about it the French champion seemed to come up a lot recently with Harry. She was his date to the Yule Ball and had been attacked by young Draco. He was thankful that Harry managed to forgive Draco because an international incident like that could have ended up with a death sentence for attacking the Minister's daughter. "Just be safe my boy. That will be all."

Harry stood up out of the chair and walked out of the office and back towards his room. 'Now let's figure out what happened to my genie to make her useless.'

When Harry finally made it back to the room he opened the door to see Desiree now laying on her back. She was barely conscious because she still had a dildo shoved up her pussy. Walking over to the bed he kneeled down on the ground next to the bed and ran his hand down Desiree's face. "What happened to you?"

Desiree gained a little more energy, "Sorry master I took a few bottles from the carriage and was so bored I kept drinking and before I knew it I drank four bottles." She felt bad for disappointing her master and that he saw her as a mess. This wasn't her first time drinking in her human form. Sometimes when she was alone with alcohol she just couldn't stop drinking especially if her master wasn't around.

Harry leaned in and kissed her on the forehead, "Would it help if I wished you were better so we could have sex?"

Desiree nodded, "That might work. Give it a try. I'm willing to try anything to get this headache to stop. I swear you people have made wine so much stronger in the last hundred years."

"I wish Desiree was free from the effects of alcohol so we could have sex." He hoped that would do the trick.

Desiree felt her magic working as green smoke flowed out of her hands that enveloped her entire body. Before she knew it the pounding in her head stopped and it felt amazing. "Oh thank you master. I feel so refreshed."

It was now Harry's job to complete his part of the wish. Not bothering to take off his clothes he climbed on the bed between her legs until his head was at her toy filled pussy. His hand went to the base of the toy and started to slowly pull it out which caused a series of moans and curses to come out of the genie's mouth.

Desiree couldn't believe her body was responding so strongly to a toy she shoved in herself last night. Looking down she saw that Harry finally pulled all ten inches of fake cock out of her. When he was done with that she saw him pull his wand from his pocket and before she could ask what he was doing he pressed the tip to her large silver butt plug before casting a strong vibrating charm on it. "Fuck!" She screamed as she felt the plug come to life inside her ass.

Harry had to press down on her hips to keep them from flying off the bed. "The plug is your punishment. You are going to wear it all day but I promised you my mouth so enjoy this." Much like earlier this morning he was face to face with another woman's pussy. Doing the same thing he did for Apolline he dragged his tongue up and down her slit getting a taste for it before diving deeper. Plunging his tongue as deep as he can he could feel the vibrations through the skin separating the pussy and asshole.

Desiree was regretting going so big with the plug last night. 'Fuck this plug is going to get annoying if I have to wear it all day. I can't even sit down with it.' She went wider than Harry but not nearly as long.

Harry had enough teasing and went right to her clit which he didn't waste time before using his hissing trick. Funny how Desiree was the first one to tell him about it and now she was going to be punished with it. Never letting up he could feel that she was getting close to the finish line but even if she did cross it he wasn't going to stop. He planned to keep going until she came multiple times.

Desiree felt the first climax hit her hard and with a wail and a scream she let Harry know she came. But he didn't stop, his tongue never stopped vibrating against her clit. "Master I can't take anymore." Her words were in vain because Harry kept going.

This went on for almost another twenty minutes where Desiree had cum three or four times and couldn't take anymore. Everything was now just one long orgasm as the hissing on her clit never ended. It was as if she ate an entire cake on her own while it tasted good too much was bad for you.

Harry could feel Desiree's body close to its fourth or fifth orgasm in the last half hour and Harry kept hissing with this one being the last one. Her orgasm wasn't nearly as loud and bombastic as the first one but when he used his finger to attack her G spot she gave it up. Her back bowed off the bed as her hands pushed Harry's head away from her almost numb pussy. Now Desiree's voice was hoarse and she was drained.

Harry finally stopped hissing and crawled up the bed with Desiree. He had never done Parseltongue for that long so his tongue felt like it was on fire. 'Okay maybe don't use it that long again.'

Desiree accepted her master's arms around her even though she wanted to push him away for making her cum so many times. "I take it you had a good morning. Did the Delacour's pay you back for saving their lives?" She knew that Fleur would sleep with him but during dinner she got vibes from the whole family. Even the youngest daughter wanted to fuck her master.

"Apolline gave me a reward I wasn't expecting and then Fleur joined us this morning for the most amazing sex I have ever had. I take it from the bottles and sex toys you also had a good night." Harry shot back.

Desiree was shaking from the vibrations, "No because you weren't here with me. I tried to please myself but it's hard to do when you aren't around. I only came twice and even then I had to look at that book with all your sexual escapades. Then that just made me drink more and before I knew it you were in the room being loud." She didn't even remember going to sleep last night.

"Well just rest up for today, it's the weekend so I think I can manage without you. Now I have to get to breakfast." Harry didn't even need to get changed. Making his way to the door he heard Desiree stammering.

" you turn the plug off before you go." This plug was going to keep her in a state where she couldn't concentrate or relax with it buzzing non stop.

Harry took pity on the woman, waving his wand he said, "I will stop it but I want you to remember this the next time you don't notice me trying to get your attention. Because if you don't answer me I will leave it in for a day with all the power I can put into the spell" He could have used her this morning to take some more photos, in fact the image of Fleur and Apolline in bed together was one that he wanted as a framed picture.

With a wand wave Desiree felt the plug cease vibrating. With a sigh of relief she pulled out the plug. 'Whew, it seems master isn't as upset as I thought he was.' When she asked him to turn it off she was half expecting him to leave it on for the rest of the day. "I guess his amazing Veela three-way loosened him up." She was going to have her master wish for her to turn into a Veela one of these days. She had never changed into anything other than human other than the time one of her old masters wanted her to have fur instead of skin. 'That was a weird master but the pets and belly rubs were nice.'


Harry was at breakfast getting handshakes and praise to a point where it was getting annoying. 'Why couldn't I still be in bed with Fleur and her mum right now?' If he had to choose anything it would be being in their bed for the rest of his life. 'I know Apolline is happily married but the thought of having a mum and daughter is so hot.' In the future if he is going to assemble a harem or coven he is going to have a few older women. 'I don't know what it is but older women are just as fun as a girl his own age. Aurora, Rita, Amelia, Narcissa and now Apolline some of them would make great harem members. While Apolline was out he would have loved to make Amelia and Narcissa a part of his harem. While Narcissa was married her body was like an open book for him. During their short time together he could tell that she would be a competent member of a possible harem.

Amelia was an interesting thought because she had a body that was made for sin. Giant tits that made him go loopy along with wide hips and a big ass that felt so good to slide into. Harry also didn't know why but the red hair also made his groin tingle for an unknown reason. 'I guess I will keep doing what I'm doing and will just evaluate girls harder to see if they can be in my harem.'


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I hope everyone enjoyed that chapter as much as me. The mother daughter team is a hot idea I just had to add. The fact they are Veela made it easier to happen. Veela are sexual creatures and probably have very few limits on sex if any.

Let me know what girls you think would be good in his harem going forward.

Chapter Text

Genie 15

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Fleur: Katherine McNamara
Rita Skeeter: Rachael Harris {Linda from Lucifer}
Luna Lovegood: Blonde Maisie Williams

Warning very fetish stuff and I don't know if everyone will like it but if you don't like beastiality or certain elements of it skip this chapter. Although I did add a little Rita Skeeter smut in the first half for you.


The week following the second task was one Harry wished could have lasted forever. He spent every moment he could with Fleur. They even started having sex in semi public places as they snuck around away from everyone's prying eyes. Not to say Fleur didn't let Harry pin her to the wall on the seventh floor and let him shag her. The sex was so quick and dirty she had to shove her hand in her mouth from letting her moans carry down the corridors where the entire school could have heard. There was also a shag in the courtyard after curfew. Harry was just walking her out of the castle when they looked up to the stars which led to a kiss that got out of hand.

She was bent over a stone bench with Harry crouching behind her fucking her pussy so hard and fast she was sure to get bruises from the hard stone against her pelvis. Not that she would trade it for anything else in the world. Getting fucked underneath the beautiful sky by her perfect man was worth a hundred bruises. There was also the fact that when he came inside of her she had to quickly pull up her knickers which left them a mess for the walk back to the school carriage. By the time they made it to the carriage if you looked close enough you could clearly see the white fluid dripping down her long pale legs.

But like all good things it had to come to an end. Fleur told Harry that she had to spend the weekdays training for the tournament so they were only able to spend time together on the weekends but not the week or two leading up to the third and final task which was in June.

Harry hated this tournament in the beginning but it did bring him Fleur who was the most amazing person he ever met. His heart would flutter whenever she was near and she filled him with so much love and self confidence he felt like he could take on the world.

When Fleur delivered the bad news she reiterated the fact he could fill his time with other girls. She also told him she wanted to hear all about it. Harry of course agreed and planned to talk to Desiree on who he should go after next. She had kept a running list of who she wanted him to shag next.

That was also something Harry felt bad about, which was hiding Desiree's existence from Fleur, who was his new girlfriend. He was still figuring out how he was going to introduce Desiree into the world. It was a selfish thought but he wanted her to stand next to him in flesh and blood and not the ghost hovering around him that only he could see like a crazy person. Sometimes he was wondering if he really lost it when he was having conversations with Desiree that no one else could hear.


After the second task Rita had found him for an exclusive. He was just at lunch when a beetle landed on his shoulder and was poking him. At first he thought it was a normal fly and nearly squashed it.

It was the weekend so he was able to leave lunch and not worry about classes. Sneaking out of lunch with a beetle on your shoulder was pretty easy. Going back to his room as soon as they were alone Rita shifted back into her human form. He had seen her at the task but wasn't focused on her like he was right now.

Rita saw Harry's wide eyes as he looked her up and down. For this meeting she came only wearing a sexy pair of bra and knickers. Since getting her new tits she had gone shopping and now was able to wear the sexiest little items as possible. "You like?" Pushing out her chest in her sheer bra that left very little to the imagination.

Harry just dumbly nodded as he closed the distance and let his hands touch the older woman's body. Her breasts were still big and looked perfect, all pushed up and ready to pop out of that bra. His hands trailed down her sides and he took note of her shiver. "So what kind of questions do you have for me?" He didn't think she was here for an exclusive but he wanted to see her stumble through her questions while he teased her body.

Rita brought one of his hands to the front of her lacy panties and made him feel the wet spot. "I think that can wait. Right now I want you to fuck me with that huge cock of yours." She had been craving Harry since their first night together remembering every touch he laid on her body and how she wanted to feel it again.

Harry wasn't done looking and spun her around to look at her backside. Before she got her new tits this was her best feature. Harry couldn't stop his hands from groping her ass like they were a pair of tits. Big, round and warm globes of flesh molded to his hands as he squeezed and kneaded them.

Rita just moaned as his hands roughly squeezed her bum. After a couple seconds she remembered that he really wanted to fuck it the last time they were together. Biting her lip she was honestly thinking about letting him do it. Since their first meeting her life had changed for the better. Her new pro Potter stance has sold more papers than ever and their subscriptions have tripled. Then there was her new tits that made people look twice or even thrice at her.

Harry pushed Rita over to the line bed in the room and on the way he slid down her knickers before putting her on her knees with her butt up in the air. Rita quickly said, "Wait don't fuck my ass." To which Harry replied, "I have something better in mind."

Rita didn't know what that meant until she felt him spread her cheeks and she felt something that felt like lips touch her asshole. 'He can't be putting his mouth there.' Soon it wasn't just his lips but she felt what definitely felt like a tongue circling her virgin asshole. "Harry?"

Harry didn't look up and continued to lick around her asshole. Eventually he heard her moaning as she was slowly getting into it. Next he started to push his tongue past her tight ring of muscles. He could tell that she was fighting him but once he had his tongue as deep as it could go she started to relax. 'That's a good girl. Open your ass for me.'

Rita felt her whole body flush with embarrassment with how much she was enjoying a tongue up her bum. She had started moaning and these were her most shameful moans ever. 'Merlin, does it always feel this way? Could a cock feel better than a tongue?'

It was at that moment Harry reached around with one hand and felt around for her clit. Once he found her little pearl he rapidly started rubbing it as he started to use Parseltongue to make his tongue vibrate.

Rita heard hissing and for a second she felt her body tense but that worry was replaced by euphoria. The tongue in her ass was vibrating and wiggling around and for a second she understood why a cock in her bum might feel good. Because all she wanted was for his tongue to go deeper and deeper. "Fuck that feels good." Within a minute she felt a coiling in her stomach. "I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum from your tongue in MY ASS!" She screamed the last part at the moment of climax.

Once her orgasm waned Harry removed his tongue from her clenching asshole. Standing back up he started to undress himself. Rita moved to roll over but Harry firmly slapped her ass and said, "Don't move I'm not done."

Rita was red-faced as his hand made her stay in her current position which was face down ass up. "I'm still not ready for it in my ass yet." She reiterated.

Harry had just thrown off his shirt before grabbing his cock and rubbing it against her wet and dripping pussy lips. "Just give me a minute." With that he thrust in all of his throbbing cock in one go in her pussy.

Rita screamed as she felt his massive cock push past everything and was now resting against the entrance to her womb. It didn't hurt but it was enough to knock all of the thought out of her head and just moan like a thoughtless whore. Well not thoughtless just with a single thought which was about the big cock spearing deep in her pussy right now.

Harry took her moans as confirmation to continue. With that he started to saw his massive piece of meat in and out of her soaking wet hole. 'Rita feels better than I remember. Her pussy isn't bad at all.' While she couldn't compare to Fleur or Daphne. Rita wasn't a lost cause because it seemed like she practiced clenching her silk walls around him to give him the best fuck possible. "I love your stuck up reporter pussy."

Rita didn't enjoy being called stuck up but she could respond due to her biting a pillow as Harry shagged the fuck out of her. His thrusts felt even more rough than their first time together and they were making her ready to cream herself at any moment.

Harry saw his opportunity and spread her big butt cheeks with one hand before he pushed his two longest fingers into her pink and unused asshole. It was an almost instant response because before he heard her scream he felt her pussy clamp down as she came all over his cock.

Rita screamed into the pillow as she had the biggest orgasm of her life. His fingers were a surprise but one that pushed her over the edge and cum harder than she ever did before. 'Fuck fuck fuck I'm cumming.' She thought as she tried to fight the pleasure coming from his fingers impaling her poor virgin asshole.

Harry kept pushing his fingers in and out of her tight ass and that mixed with the feelings of her cunt fluttering and clamping around him he was about to cum also. "Can I cum inside you this time?"

Rita managed to take an anti-pregnancy potion this time knowing that she was going to shag Harry again. "Yes it's safe. Cum in my pussy." When she said that she expected a little cum but she wasn't ready for the tidal wave that followed. Warm and sticky cum quickly filled her womb and gave her the biggest creampie she has ever felt. The sheer amount of cum he pumped into her made her scream as she felt another but smaller orgasm wreck her body.

Harry felt her tighten up all over again along with her body shaking like she was left out in the cold for hours. She had cum again and there was nothing she could do about it. "Did you like that Rita? Do you like having your pussy filled with a hot load of cum?"

Rita had to pull away from him because with each passing moment her womb felt like it was pushed to its limits with the amount of hot cream he pumped into her. Falling forward she pulled away from his cock before falling face first into the bed with her leaking pussy making a mess on the bed.

Desiree was watching everything and felt for the woman. Her master was pushing her limits and it wouldn't be long before she gave in. Rita would soon surrender her whole body to keep this level of pleasure going. Harry was a drug and all girls craved the rush that came with him.

Harry let Rita rest but before letting his intentions be known. Straddling her he slapped his still hard cock in between her big butt cheeks and laid on top of her while grinding himself against her soft skin. In her ear he whispered, "Feel that? Are you ready for me to take your final hole." Before he said the next part he made sure to nuzzle her neck and kiss her all over her shoulder and neck. "If you tell me to stop I will stop."

Rita was lost in the dual feelings she was feeling. On one hand she had never been more aroused and turned on by this level of ass play and on the other hand she was scared. She almost wanted to ask him to fuck her pussy again but that was still in the process of draining copious amounts of his hot seed. Not trusting her mouth she nodded as she felt his body leave hers.

Harry pulled back and pointed his cock at her tiny 45 year old virgin hole. Pressing his cock to her hole he felt the woman tense as he pushed forward as it slowly started to open for him.

Rita was taking deep breaths as she did her best to relax her asshole for him. As he pressed deeper and deeper she was waiting for the moment where she would scream "stop". Even when she felt half his cock in her she still felt as if she could take more. Even on the last two inches when he was stretching out her bowels to their limit she didn't stop him. All the new sensations of getting buggered were too strong to resist. 'Oh Merlin's balls this feels good. Fuck he was right when he said I would enjoy this. I wanted to hate this so much more.'

Once Harry's hips met her bubble butt he congratulated her. "Good girl. You took the whole thing. Looks like you are enjoying this after all." With that he pulled back half his length before burying it all back in her tight ass all over again. Her succulent ass was sucking him in like it was trained to take his cock. He could tell she wanted this more than she knew. The way her insides molded to his impressive size was forever going to be imprinted into her. Her ass will never find satisfaction with anything less

Rita grunted at the feeling of his cock pushing back inside her. She could feel his cock pressing through her stomach and pressing against the back of her cum filled womb which was making her tremble. She didn't dare open her mouth which was a big change for her instead she only moaned and screamed into a pillow.

Harry didn't let up his thrusts but wasn't going nearly as fast as he would inside of Desiree. He was still being a gentleman and going just fast enough for a girl's first anal fuck. "I knew this ass would be perfect for anal. Your ass is just as tight as some of the girls in here." Rita needed compliments like most girls so he kept complimenting her on her impressive feat. He knew comparing her to girls in Hogwarts would stroke her ego and keep her wanting to keep this going as long as possible.

The fact he again told her that he fucked girls in the ass at school blew her away. How could girls smaller and younger than her take this thing? She was in her forties and she could barely take it. But his compliment did make her feel better about this whole thing. She hoped that he would think of her ass fondly as he shagged girls his own age. "I'm almost there." She moaned out as she felt a building in her stomach right around where she felt his cock end.

Harry cheered her on, "Your first anal orgasm. I wish I could get a picture of your face for this." He was swept up in the moment and forgot he had a magical genie who would grant this wish.

Desiree stopped playing with herself and started taking photos of the two partners locked in a sexual act. She them invisibly hovered in front of Rita's face and waited for the moment her first anal orgasm was about to hit.

Harry could feel her ass getting tighter and tighter and he wanted to tie her orgasm to his. When he thought she had just enough, with no warning he grunted as he started cumming. As he did so his hand went to Rita's hair and held her face up for the camera so she didn't bury her head in a pillow.

Rita felt another giant climax from Harry as she braced herself for the blasts of hot cum shooting it's way up her bowels. It was such a new sensation mixed with his hard thrusts that her body couldn't take anymore. "I'm cumming!" She felt her entire body tingle as her asshole got so tight Harry could no longer move freely. Instead he laid all of his weight on her as he kept shooting cum deep inside her.

The pair laid there catching their breath from that crazy sexual experience. For Rita it was her first time doing anal and for Harry he was doing his best to make it special. Once Harry had caught his breath he pulled out of her tight ass and watched as her gaping hole leaked a river of cum much like her pussy. Behind Rita's back he pointed to her ass and Desiree flew around the bed to take a picture of his handy work.

Rita couldn't feel her legs as she was recovering from her first anal experience. She planned to sneak out of the castle after a quick shag but there was no way of her getting up and leaving anytime soon. Looking over at Harry laying on the bed next to her. "Can I stay the night? I don't think I can move on my own after that."

Harry smiled at the reporter, "Of course but I have to warn you that I get horny in the morning. Will that be a problem?" He was basically telling her that if she stayed she would have to take care of him in the morning.

"I don't know how I will feel in the morning but I still have my mouth. It's actually the only hole you didn't fuck tonight." Rita joked as she ran her hands over Harry's well defined chest and torso. "We still need to talk about the second task."

"I guess we can do that. Let me fix the bed quick." With that Harry picked his wand out of his bunched up on the floor trouser pocket before casting a clean up on the cum all over the bed and the cum that was caking Rita's lower half. Once she was clean she retrieved her Quick-Quotes Quill as she started the interview while being snuggled in Harry's bed.

After some questions Rita cuddled up to Harry and made sure to press her breasts against him. He made them so he should feel them at the very least and just for good measure she threw her leg over his.

It was funny he was sharing a bed with Rita Skeeter for the night. Rita fell asleep first, clearly the most exhausted after a night of firsts. Harry was up for a little while longer and silently talked to Desiree who was showing him the photos she took. The one of Rita's face during her first anal orgasm was so good he told her to make a copy to give to her tomorrow. While she did look beautiful in the photo the real treat was seeing her eyes cross and the open scream her mouth was in. 'Too bad you couldn't run this in the Prophet.' This was a picture he could see getting framed in his house in the future.

Next morning

Like she promised Rita did blow Harry to completion in the morning and even swallowed half of his load before it became too much and she spit the rest out on his lap. That was when he went to the shower and she joined him and she was unable to resist letting him pick her up and slide into her pussy one final time.

After a long shower the pair dried off before getting dressed and that was when Harry showed her the picture. Rita was a little angry at the photo at first and didn't know he had a camera. He lied and said he was able to make photos through magic. She didn't think that was possible but there was no one else in the room with them last night and there was no other explanation. So she just pocketed the photo and as much as she wanted to rip it up but she did want a memento of the occasion besides her sore bum.

They gave each other one last kiss before she left the room to head to the office to write up their interview. Harry and Desiree both chuckled imagining her sitting down at her desk with her sore bum thinking about him the entire time.

Flashback end

Great Hall

Harry had gotten to lunch early and the hall was almost empty as he ate his lunch. Looking down at his shepherd's pie he didn't notice someone had sat down in front of him. "Hello Harry, hello Desiree." That made Harry's head snap up and look at the person across from him. What he saw was a small stature blonde girl who was waving at Desiree who, like him, had her jaw dropped. "Wait, you can see her?" Harry asked with amazement in his voice.

The blonde nodded, "Of course I can see her. Hard not to notice a girl with fun bags like those floating around in a skimpy bikini." The descriptions of Desiree's body went to prove that she wasn't lying.

Desiree huffed, "It's not a bikini." She was wearing a blue silk tube top.

"Wait, who are you?" Harry asked. He had never seen this girl before and she just came up to him talking to his genie.

The blonde pushed out her hand for him to shake before answering, "I am Luna Lovegood." Desiree scoffed at the name almost as if it was a joke. While Harry shook the blonde's hand. "I am Harry but you already know that."

Luna nodded, "Oh yes I did already know that. I decided to come over here because I was hoping you could help me out with a-" Luna looked around carefully before whispering, "sex wish."

Harry leaned closer to hear the blonde and couldn't believe she said what he thought she said. "What is it you want?" It was at that moment he was forced to look at Luna in a different light. Now his eyes took in the soft features in her face along with her body which was petite with small budding breasts. She looked like she was in her third year and Harry was reminded of Gabrielle Delacour.

"Can you meet me after classes in the forbidden forest? I'm sure Desiree can guide you where. There is something I need to show for the wish." Luna had a very specific plan for the way she wanted today to go. By the end of it she was going to get the shag of her dreams. For her entire life since puberty had been consumed by her need for good sex. It was a female Lovegood curse. All the women in the family was overwhelmed with the need to find a man to give them the sex they needed and Luna was no different except she hadn't found anyone that struck her fancy. Instead she had to take care of herself which was boring after a while. A girl's wand could only do so much before she needs a real man to satisfy her needs.

Harry didn't know why they had to meet out in the forest but he was too curious to not show up. "I will meet you there but I need to know how you can see Desiree."

Luna clapped her hands together, happy that Harry would meet her in the forest. Today was the day she was going to lose her virginity. "I can see things others can't or simply refuse to believe. We can discuss this later tonight." Almost as quickly as she came she left leaving Harry more confused than he was when she arrived.

'What the hell was that?' Harry asked Desiree through their link.

Desiree honestly didn't know and had never heard of anyone ever seeing her while he was in her ghost form. 'I don't know myself master, but she is interesting. I am curious if she will live up to her namesake because for your last name to be related to sex her ancestors must have been some big whores.'

Harry almost laughed thinking about being so good at sex or so horny that it became your surname. His name was Potter so his ancestors were pottery makers, nothing exciting. Maybe her's came from being the best whores at a brothel or something equally slutty. 'Do you know why she wants to meet in the forest?' He asked before going back to his pie.

Desiree made a hmmm sound as she tried to think of a reason for the cloak and dagger. 'I don't know but I am definitely interested in seeing what she has planned. How kinky could a girl like that really be?' Desiree had known some good girls who were really bad girls behind closed doors and this must be another one.

Harry laughed it off just thinking she was into nature and wanted to have sex in the forest. Or she liked to have sex in creepy or dangerous places all of which was fine with him. Harry's mind filled with fantasies as he continued his lunch.

During classes Harry was blind to other girls with his mind being solely on Luna. When she stood up from the table and walked away, he got a good look at her backside and he liked it a lot. She had a nice tight body that he couldn't wait to feel beneath him. Her ass looked so tight that he wouldn't be able to get more than half his cock in without tearing the poor girl in half. She was so small that his giant cock would probably fill her to her limit. It would be hard to believe a girl so small could take all of his ten inches.

Desiree was in her master's mind and saw everything he was thinking and it had gotten her worked up. Now that another person knew about her existence that means she could possibly join in. It had been a while since she had been with another woman but it was something she enjoyed. 'I hope she doesn't mind me jumping in and showing her how good my tongue is.' She had gone down on so many of her master's conquests or wives she was the most experienced female oral sex expert on the planet.

That didn't help Harry as he was fixed to sit in class with an erection thinking about Desiree and Luna eating each other out. He even had to wish her to hide his erection before class ended so he could head to the room and drop off his bag before heading down to the forbidden forest.

Time skip

Harry made it down to the Forbidden Forest but had to wish for Desiree to help him find Luna. Since he planned to have sex with her the wish worked flawlessly and she led him deeper into the forest until he came upon Luna petting a giant horse. It was one of the Abraxen that flew in front of the Beauxbatons carriage. "Uhh hi Luna." Harry dumbly blurted out expecting Luna to be alone.

Luna never stopped petting her new friend. "Hello again Harry. I want you to meet Dashiel or Dash for short." She saw Harry did not know how to react to this situation so he slowly walked towards the winged horse and started to pet it despite the little whinny it gave the closer he came. "Hello Dash." Harry said.

Desiree narrowed her eyes at Luna trying to piece the puzzle together. 'Why would this girl lure her master out here to show him a horse? This couldn't possibly mean what I think it means.' Now Desiree was paying extra attention to what was about to come out of this little blonde mouth.

Luna gave the horse a few more pets before turning her attention to Harry. "I wanted to show you Dash because he is a part of my wish." Luna said in a far off voice.

Harry looked at the horse not knowing how this horse could possibly be involved. "I don't think he would like it if we had sex on his back. I don't want to be bucked off and end up in the Hospital Wing." That was the only sensible thing he could think of in this situation.

Luna shook her head, "No silly I want this." With that she kneeled down on the dirty forest floor and pointed to under the horse. Harry saw where she was pointing and his mind almost exploded thinking of the implication. Bending down to look at where she was pointing he was soon face to face with a semi hard twenty inch massive horse cock. 'What the fuck?'

Desiree almost started laughing because she had been in this situation before. 'Oh master you are in for the best night of your life.' She had been around long enough to know what this feeling was like. Before there was books to occupy people's free time previous masters had Desiree entertain them by dancing, sex and sometimes sex shows in front of a crowd or battalion of troops. While some of them were less than ideal, the horse was one of the few high points. While horses couldn't listen to your pleas to be more gentle their cocks felt so good it was almost a good thing they couldn't understand. Those animals just never stop thrusting until they cum no matter how many times the girl cums.

Harry was simply stunned at the sight of this giant cock and Luna's desires, "Do you want me to wish you into a horse so you can have sex?" His boyhood innocence was showing because he couldn't put it together.

Luna shook her head, "No silly I want you to wish for the horse's cock. There is something about it that appeals to me and I want to try it and who better with than someone with a magical sex genie." She had come to have a deep attraction to big cocks and Dash's was one that she needed to try. Ever since she went through puberty she had a hole inside of her that she needed to fill with cock. Right now that hole could be filled with twenty inches of hot equine cock.

Harry just turned to Desiree who had a perverted smile on her face. 'Are you hearing this?' He had never heard of a girl being attracted to a horse before. How could you with that weird looking cock.

'Yes and you should do it. I came so hard the last time I fucked a horse.' Desiree had been in Luna's situation before and from experience she could say that at that time there was no better feeling.

Harry almost fell over from that little piece of information, 'What do you mean you fucked a horse? When we were sharing I asked you what was the most fucked up thing you did in bed and that wasn't your first thought. How can you not have fucking a horse in your top three stories?' Harry and Desiree talked a lot when they weren't having sex and while it was impossible to cover her thousands of years of life this seemed too big to blow over. Her top story was about one of her master's that would whip her bloody before making her suck his cock after he shagged all of his concubines in the bum. All the while he would make her beg for it and this was at a time hygiene wasn't as prevalent as it was today. That was just the one Desiree had a modicum of pleasure out of because there were other times from certain evil master's nthat we're more fucked up but ones she could never share with Harry. 'Okay maybe it's not your number one story but I feel it's something you should have at least mentioned once.' Harry thought.

Desiree shrugged, 'It wasn't in bed it was in the center of two thousand soldiers. Me and this whore were charged with entertaining the troops and she had done this before and trust me it was a crowd pleaser. That was back when there was nothing to do but fuck and fight. Up to that point it was the hardest I have ever cum especially when the horse finished inside me.' She had fond memories of that day and was even getting a little wet right now.

Harry just pushed all that aside and promised he was going to talk to her about it in much more depth later. He hated himself for feeling his cock slowly fill. Turning his attention back to the horse cock hungry girl in front of him. "Okay, skipping past the what and why, let's go to the how. How can your body take that thing that's half the size of you?" He was mildly exaggerating the size but if he laid it on her stomach it wouldn't stop until it reached her ribs.

Luna smiled wider and turned to Desiree, "I want a second wish where my body can handle any sized cock I want." Luna had been a little bit of a nymphomaniac when she hit puberty. She had quickly learned the limits of her body which was that she could only take a seven inch cock comfortably in her pussy and about an eight inch in her bum. That simply wouldn't do because she wanted more.

"Is this a prank? Because if so, you got me." There was no way this was happening, it had to be a dream. Harry couldn't believe he was having this conversation.

Luna shook her head again, "No and in addition to those two wishes I also wish for a large bed. So you can shag me right here." Luna hoped now Harry would just agree and wish for all those things and they could start with her fantasy.

Harry just sighed and wished, "I wish Luna's body could take any cock it wants." A green smoke came out of Desiree's hands and was visible to the pair as it swirled around Luna's body.

Luna felt a tingle in her stomach and now had a desperate urge to put this wish to the test. "Now wish for the cock and the bed."

Desiree quickly added, "You might want to get naked before you wish for this so it doesn't rip your uniform." As fun as it would be to see Harry tear through his uniform she knew that would frustrate him to have to mend it.

Harry did as his genie suggested and once he was naked he saw Luna eyeing up his hardening cock. "Not good enough." He teased as he wiggled his hips hoping to entice her.

Luna's smile stretched across her face. "Oh yes it is but I want my first real cock to be this one." If she was to lose her virginity she wanted it to be the biggest one she could find.

Harry sighed again and turned to Desiree, "I wish for Dash's cock and a giant bed." He still didn't know how to feel about this whole thing. It was pretty weird and he hoped it would start to feel normal soon.

Desiree laughed at her master, "Don't sound so sad master. I promise you are going to enjoy this. So you have wished it, so it shall be." Magic flowed through her and she saw her master's perfect cock change into Luna's perfect cock that was just a giant tube of flesh that even made her naughty bits tingle. The flared tip promised to stretch her wide and be the perfect shape for battering her insides. Unlike the horse's cock it wasn't spotted but it was Harry's skin tone and even had a medial ring at the halfway mark. With the wishes granted she changed into her naked human form and laid on the bed waiting for the others to join her.

Harry just stood there looking down at the simply monstrous length between his legs. It looked even bigger on him jutting off his lean muscled frame. He was unable to stop himself from touching it and trying to wrap a hand around it. It was so big even his hands didn't go all the way around. When he first had Desiree wish him a ten inch cock that felt big but it was something he got used to. Just for a test he slapped it against one of his hands feeling the weight and power in his new cock. It was simply massive and like he had a hammer in between his legs. Stroking it from base to tip he found the flared tip wasn't what he was used to and it was flat instead of a mushroom cap. 'This is so fucking weird.' That wasn't even commenting on his balls which were almost the size of bludgers.

Slapping the horse on the ass it whinnied and trotted away leaving the three of them alone in the woods. Luna slowly shed her clothing and when she reached her knickers she had to peel them off her hairless mound which was sticky with her fluids. She had been wet all day thinking about this and she was a minute away from having her dreams come true. Walking over to the bed she laid next to Desiree who was naked and in human form. "Do you want a turn when I'm done?"

Desiree nodded, "Oh yes and I have a feeling we are both going to enjoy tonight. Good wishes little one you have the makings of a good little whore." Desiree leaned forward and kissed Luna on the mouth which the girl furiously kissed back. Desiree found herself drawn in by the kiss enjoying the blonde pixie's mouth on hers. By the end of this she hoped Luna didn't disappoint because she might earn herself a spot as Harry's personal cumdump in his harem.

Harry was standing in front of the bed watching this tight young blonde kiss his genie and Harry could feel a few drops of precum leak out from the tip. Walking closer to the bed he asked, "Okay Luna what next?" He would be lying if he said he wasn't super aroused and wanted to start shagging with this mighty cock between his legs. The taboo quickly being forgotten and now the pure pleasure being the only thing on his mind.

Luna stopped kissing Desiree and got on her hands and knees in doggy or in this case horse position. "Start with my pussy please." Luna reached around and spread herself with two fingers showing him her pink center where she wanted that giant equine cock.

Harry was blown away looking at Luna's perfect backside which was just as tight and pale as Fleur's. If he didn't know better he could see them all being related. Without a word of confirmation he rubbed the flat tip of his cock up and down her wet lower lips. She was so soaking wet he easily could have slid inside of her. But not before he teased her pussy by rubbing it up and down gathering beads of arousal all over his cock before rubbing the top of his cock over her clit. The moan he pulled out of her as he dragged most of his twenty inch length along her clit was beautiful.

Luna was moaning like a whore and he hadn't even penetrated her yet. "Do it Harry. I need it so bad. I need that horse cock in my pussy." She had never wanted anything more in her life than to feel twenty inches of hot cock enter her body.

Harry listened to her pleas and answered them by slowly sliding the first ten inches inside of Luna making sure he didn't hurt her. "This hurt?" He was at the medial ring and didn't want to go any further unless she was ready.

Luna didn't feel any pain whatsoever in fact she had never felt better than feeling the hard and hot cock being piped into her. "Keep going, give it all to me. Fuck me with every inch Harry." Thanks to Desiree's powers Luna was now able to take any sized cock with no difficulty. There wasn't a groan or hiss that escaped her lips only mewls and little sounds of pleasure as his cick scraped over her G-spot.

Harry looked over to Desiree who was rubbing her own wet pussy as she watched her master and this little blonde whore. 'Oh she would make a perfect addition to any harem. A girl as kinky as this would be so fun to sexually experiment with. I am going to have to convince my master to keep a close eye on this one.'

Harry listened to Luna and slammed the remaining ten inches into her pussy and it felt amazing. Her entire pussy was massaging all twenty inches. Her body stretched to accommodate everything he pumped into it because after inch eight he was pressed against her cervix and the more he pressed it eventually gave way. He could feel the tip of his cock enter her womb as he pushed even deeper rearranging all of her internal organs. When his hips met hers Harry cried out in pleasure because he could already feel his balls starting to churn. Pulling back he pulled close to ten inches or until the medial ring before slamming it back in with varying intensity trying to find the one that made Luna moan the loudest.

Desiree could see on every thrust that Harry had her stomach stretched around his massive cock. The wish was clearly working and working overtime at that. Luna had a perfect petite body that was now being so lewdly stretched now all that was left to see was the cumshot. "That's it, master, give it to this little slut." She was past the point of arousal herself and when she finally gets her turn she wouldn't last long before she creamed all over that cock too. It didn't help she wouldn't stop touching her own pussy watching the scene in front of her.

Luna couldn't argue with that because she was loving it. He wasn't even two minutes in and she could feel herself ready to cum at any moment. "So close." Luna said under her breath which Harry and Desiree both heard.

Harry increased his thrusts and now the slapping of his big balls against Luna's thighs were adding a new noise to the forest. Harry felt her pussy flutter and clench around him and it was making him lose all control. His thrusts were now as hard as he could physically make them and it only increased Luna's moans. "I'm cumming!" Harry yelled in a strangled voice almost not believing what was about to happen.

Luna heard Harry scream out his climax and it was at that moment she felt what was like multiple pints of hot slimy cum shoot inside her body. What she didn't expect was that her body was taking every drop inside of it like it was meant to take giant loads of horse cum all the time. Luna felt her stomach expand and balloon from the hot cum and she let out the loudest scream of her life as she came harder than anytime before. It was as if her body was coursing with lightning as she felt her orgasm almost cook her brain. It was such a big pleasure rush even after that giant orgasm she was ready to go again and again.

Desiree had a front row seat to the girl's sexual demise and even conjured her magical camera and captured the look on Luna's face when she felt her master's cum along with her own orgasm. Desiree even took a picture of the girl's growing belly which could have been mistaken for a pregnant woman. Desiree might have taken a few liberties with the wish by making Luna's body more stretchable. In addition to taking every size cock she was also able to take any amount of cum dumped inside of her. When she gave Harry the horse cock she also gave him the horse orgasms as well. 'Luna could thank me later.' Desiree thought.

Speaking of Luna her legs had given out and she was laying on her expanded stomach. She had stayed in that position as she let most of Harry's cum flow out of her. While it felt good Luna soon rolled over and spread her legs. "Once more in my pussy then you can have my ass. I know that's what you want the most isn't it. You want my tight ass fucked by your big horse cock?"

Harry blushed the fact she knew him so we'll without really knowing him. Looking down at Luna he slapped his cum dripping cock on Luna's stomach and it passed her belly button and did make it up to her small little tits. "How can such a small girl take such a big cock." He said that bit out loud when he meant to think it.

Luna giggled, "Because you wished for it silly. It's the only way you could shag me with this thing." As she talked she dipped her finger into the small puddle of spunk forming on her stomach. "Mmmm Desiree you should try some."

Desiree did as the girl asked and dipped her finger in the white seed of her master before putting it in her mouth. "It tastes the same as it usually does." She didn't mind his semi salty taste and it was a flavor she had been used to over the course of over a hundred blowjobs.

"Can you wish for it to taste like a sweet?" Luna was curious to see if the taste could be improved because why it tasted good now it could taste even better.

Desiree burned to her master, "There is an interesting thought." While she didn't mind swallowing cum if it tasted like a sweet she might be encouraged to do it more. Even when she was in human form she hadn't really eaten anything in hundreds of years besides a man's fluids.

Harry rolled his eyes at the two girls working together. "Fine, I wish for my cum to taste like the best sweet." Harry was wishing for more things with Luna than he had on any other day.

Desiree waved her hands and said the magic words and a shimmer passed over Harry. Luna took another dip of her finger in the spunk puddle on her stomach and this time it tasted like her favorite sweet in the world which prompted her to keep going back until there was nothing left.

Harry turned to Desiree, 'I think this might be a problem.' Luna seemed to already be addicted to the taste and the last thing he needed was her following him around trying to get more.

Desiree didn't see the problem and didn't get why her master was being so negative. "What's the big deal? Do you think girls don't deserve a treat every now and then for sucking your cock? It isn't a treat for every girl to get a mouthful of salty fluids after spending a couple minutes with you stretching out their throat." Now she was looking forward to blowing him later. While she always enjoyed it and swallowed every drop, a new taste might be welcome.

Their conversation was cut off by Luna shaking her hips, "Put it in now. I need more. I want you to fill me with all that sweet cum." The first climax was just a taste of what was to come. Now she needed it just as hard if not harder than before and she needed to know this wasn't a fluke.

Harry did just that and leaned back until the tip was once again rubbing her cum dripping opening up and down. Pushing forward he pried her tight lips apart and pushed in twenty hard inches of cock into this little blonde spitfire. This time Harry was fully able to appreciate the feeling of her tight wet pussy wrapping around him. It felt like her body was made for this which it kinda was if he thought about it. He had never felt a tightness like this before due to her size mixed with his giant cock. Moving back and forth his eyes were now drawn to Luna's stomach which had a clear outline of his cock going in and out. His eyes also looked at her budding B cup breasts which jiggled and shook with every thrust into her. Her little gumdrop nipples looked good enough to suck but she wasn't here for that she was here for a big cock to fuck her.

He wasn't the only one staring at Luna. Harry and Desiree were both mesmerized by the sight. For Desiree she was getting anxious for her own turn while Luna was trying to memorize every feeling of this giant cock inside of her. From the way his flat head penetrated her cum filled womb or to the way the head scraped her walls on the way out and in which hit her G spot on every thrust. All of it together was making her moans louder and louder the more her orgasm built. Harry was surprised Hagrid couldn't hear them all the way in his hut.

Harry wasn't close and just kept thrusting into the tiny blonde. He had never thought he would be here in his wildest dreams. With a horse cock fucking a girl who is moaning like a she beast. This lasted for minutes as loud wet noises escaped Luna's well fucked hole after every thrust. She was so wet and the cum didn't help matters in making the noise travel around the forest.

Luna finally exploded and came with an intensity that almost made her black out in pleasure. All the while Harry never stopped fucking her. His cock was raging inside of her and pushing her small body to the limits. "Fuck this is so deep. It feels so fucking good." With her hands she reached down and touched the stretched part of her belly whenever he thrust all twenty inches inside. Feeling his cock through her skin along with her still semi bloated belly was an experience she was never going to forget.

Desiree admired the girl's little foul mouth who let out dirty words as she had her pussy fucked harder than most girls could ever dream of. Desiree envied the girl's orgasms and couldn't wait for her turn. She had never thought about horse cock again since the mid 500s when that happened but now she was thinking about making this a semi-regular thing especially if Luna was going to stick around. 'No way she can be with a regular boy after this. This is just too good to walk away from.'

Harry kept fucking Luna as hard as he could with sweat starting to come off him to the point he was almost glowing in the moonlight. He kept inching closer to his climax with every thrust and he knew this was going to be a big one. "Get ready I'm about to fill you up again."

Luna stopped him, "No in our faces. Desiree get over here now." She said having already felt a creampie but wanting more. This time she wanted to feel what it would feel like to get cum all over her face.

Desiree quickly moved over next to Luna laying down next to her side by side. Desiree even moved and put her face cheek to cheek with Luna as they waited for Harry to come up and cover them with his sweet sticky spunk. She saw her master waddle over to them and point his massive meat pipe at them before she saw the bright white cum race towards them. They both shut their eyes and just enjoyed the warm shower of hot spunk rain on their faces with their mouths wide open.

Harry looked down at the two girls clearly cut from the same cloth because they both even had their tongues out with hints of smiles as he painted both their faces white. He groaned as he stroked his cock with both hands trying to milk every drop he could out on the two. "Holy shit you two." He aimed for both their mouths after he had generously coated their faces which they eagerly gulped down.

Neither girl hesitated before starting to clear their faces of cum by scooping it into their mouths. Now that Harry's cum tasted of sweets there was no use wasting it. Once they had cleared their eyes both girls turned to look at each other before leaning in for a kiss. Their mouths found each other and they wasted no time in massaging the others tongue with their own. They could taste the sweet cum on the other's tongue mixed with the other's saliva.

When Luna broke the kiss she climbed on top of the genie and licked the side of her jaw leading down her neck, "Missed a spot." Luna said flirty with the genie.

Desiree soon mirrored the girl and licked a spot around Luna's right eye, "You too." They then proceeded to snog again.

Harry suddenly felt like the third wheel watching the two girls have fun without him. That's when he saw Luna shaking her bum at him invitingly before turning around, "What are you waiting for Harry's take my last hole? And make sure you don't hold back an ass like mine deserves your best." Her bum never stopped shaking impatiently.

Harry found himself on his knees behind Luna. Spreading her perky and tight ass he saw her tiny pink hole and for a second he wasn't sure he would fit until he remembered Desiree had made her body to do just this task. Rubbing the tip of his long and fat cock up and down her crack he had to place his cock at her asshole and press pretty hard until it gave way and slowly started to open.

Luna felt her asshole stretch and soon his cock started to slide deeper and deeper. "Desiree! It feels so good. Does anal always feel this good?" She never thought it could feel this good. When she practiced it on her own it always felt weird but now it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

Desiree smiled at the girl on top of her and stoked her cum soaked hair, "Of course it does. Just wait until he creampies your ass for the first time. There is going to be no better feeling than that. And with that big horse cock you are going to be filled beyond your wildest imagination."

Harry heard the two girls talking and couldn't help but agree with Desiree. He couldn't wait to see how hard she came when he finished inside of her. He could already feel her ass getting impossibly tight at points like her body was having multiple orgasms at once.

Luna was shaking with pleasure. Her eyes had long since rolled into the back of her head as she struggled to keep her arms under her. They were close to giving out because she was getting fucked so well. Moans were constant and never stopped as she took the greatest ass reaming Hogwarts has ever seen.

Harry kept going as long as he could, enjoying her tight and eager ass wrapped around him. He hoped he would have a chance to fuck her with his regular cock because while a horse cock was fun the tip wasn't as sensitive. Now he was really feeling the massage of her walls along the entire length which was the biggest part about sex with this kind of cock.

Luna's arms had finally given out and she just backed up so her head would come down on Desiree's pillowy boobs while she angled her ass higher for Harry. With her head buried in soft pillows she was in a much more comfortable angle as Harry slammed twenty inches of hot equine cock inside of her anal cavity. She could even feel Desiree lightly petting her hair like she was a pet who was being a good girl. All of this happened while her pussy was squirting all over the bed and Desiree's legs. She couldn't contain herself anymore. The feeling of a cock stretching her asshole past it's limit was too much and when she lost control over her body. It was an endless wave of girl cum that shot out of her as the flared tip of his cock was trying to rip it's way through her stomach.

Harry saw the change in Luna's posture and took advantage of it really driving himself down into her tight ass. Using all his weight he made sure she felt every inch driving down into her as he reshaped her ass to his twenty inch cock. "Here it comes Luna. Here comes all the cum you can handle. I'm going to fill your slutty ass so fucking hard." Within a few thrusts she felt what that meant because like all the other orgasms of Harry's he dumped a horse like load of hot cream inside her ass. Pump after pump and after the first ten it almost seemed never ending as it quickly filled her intestines. Looking down at Luna's pale ass accept everything he pumped into her just once he brought his right hand down hard on her right cheek and left a mark so she would remember this later.

Luna had to stop herself from moaning slash screaming her head off by wrapping her lips around one of Desiree's soft brown nipples. She felt every pulse of Harry's cock which came with another rope of hot seed sprayed inside her colon. There was simply so much of it much like her womb she felt her stomach expand a little. There was so much cum she was surprised she wasn't throwing it up. Right now she felt so inflated that she could just pop in a giant cum explosion. She didn't even register has spank at first but soon felt her right cheek throbbing in the shape of his bag hand. Luna liked the idea of being marked by Harry both inside and the outside.

Harry stayed buried in the blonde's enjoying her constant tightening ass around him as it tried to milk every drop out of him. After about a minute or two of basking in her tightness he pulled out of the girl and saw her widely gaping hole immediately start leaking cum. Much like her pussy her body couldn't keep the massive loads inside of them for long. Flopping back on the bed he felt exhausted from so much exertion. Welding a cock this big and long was a lot of work. His thrusts were much longer and the power he needed to generate was massive especially when it was never hard enough for Luna. Every time he thought it would be too much for the girl she just moaned louder and wanted more.

Much like Harry, Luna flopped off Desiree and laid there exhausted. She had just had a marathon of sex she could only dream of she had like four big orgasms along with a dozen tiny ones. Her stomach was now full to the brim with hot cum and she has never been happier. If she had to guess a fourth of her weight had to be cum from everything that Harry pumped into her. Rubbing her hands around her swollen belly she giggled thinking that she must look like a pregnant whore right now. Looking at Desiree Luna joked, "Your turn."

Desiree lifted her head to look and see that Harry's big horse cock was still standing proud. Harry himself looked like he just finished an all day training session. He was panting and out of breath while being covered in a sheen of sweat that made him glow. Crawling over to her master she straddled him and started to rub her wet and naked pussy against the bottom of his cock. Her hands went around the cock and she had to use both hands to get around it as she stroked it up and down.

Harry bucked his hips but his body felt like he just got done fighting a dragon for real. "Desiree I want to go again...scratch that I wish I can go again maybe even multiple times."

Desiree smiled at his smart use of her powers. "So you have wished it, so it shall be." With a wave of her hands she saw that Harry had stopped breathing heavily and that his hands went to her hips. Lifting her up until the tip of his mighty cock was pressing right at her dripping pussy.

Desiree gave him an affirmative nod before she felt his hands drag her down this amazing length. While she deeply enjoyed her master's normal enhanced length the way this hit her was amazing. Much like Luna's body hers stretched to accommodate this massive cock also. While she didn't want it everyday this was a fun treat to enjoy. And boy did she enjoy it. Desiree moaned just as loud as Luna and had even had a mini orgasm when she felt him bottom out inside her. Much like Luna she even changed her own body so his cock could actually pry open her cervix and penetrate her womb. Feeling him stimulate the deepest part of her was a pleasure she never felt before.

Harry couldn't believe the almost obscenely lewd look of Desiree who's big tits were jumping up and down as the bugle in her stomach kept getting bigger and smaller. They really were perfect because even while he was in the middle of fucking her tight pussy he wished he could spend a couple minutes sucking them. "Fuck Desiree I love your pussy." With this enhanced cock Desiree felt just as tight as Luna did and if he was blindfolded he couldn't tell the difference. They were both cramped and tight against the massive twenty inch invader. "Tell me how much you love it."

Desiree's body was in heaven, "It feels so good. I love this big cock. Thank you Luna for showing me how much I missed this. I love big horse cocks." She was having flashbacks to the first time a horse entered her which wasn't as big as this one at only to about a foot and some change. This was a stallion's cock and one that she hoped Harry wished for again.

Harry kept thrusting up into Desiree's hot and needy pussy and with every thrust he was inching closer to the finale where he planned to fill her body much like he already did with Luna. "Beg for it. Beg for my cum." This was a game he played sometimes. He wanted to hear how much she wanted him to cum inside of her. How she enjoyed the warmth or how she wanted to be his whore. Whatever explanation was fine with him.

Desiree was fine with begging for his climax. "I need it master. I was so jealous watching you fill up Luna. Please cum inside me. I need to feel my womb full of your seed. Fill this slut's body with all that hot cum." For emphasis she reached around and lightly cupped one of his big balls teasing him to unleash it all inside her. It was moments like this where she wished she could get pregnant. She imagined there was no better feeling than a nice full creampie and knowing you just created life. With her hand on her stomach she massaged the tip of his cock through her skin just as she felt warm jets of cum shooting out of his cock and into her belly. She had creampies this big before but it had been seven hundred years or so. "MASTER!" She screamed as she felt an ejaculation not just her master's but her own, a burst of girl cum shot out of her all over his lap while hot globs of cum filled her womb more and more. Much like Luna it was impossible to hold back when a twenty inch cock is fucking you so deep you can't tell which way is up. With his cock blocking the way out of her womb all of his cum was stuck in her ever expanding belly.

Luna looked impressed at the caramel angel that was in front of her. She looked so beautiful as her body surrendered to the feeling of the giant cock inside her claiming her body. There was no other word for it because that's what it felt like. It felt like it owned you because your entire body reacted to it. Your body wants more and you would do anything to get it. She would have let Harry do anything to her if it meant getting more of this.

Harry couldn't close his eyes and found his eyes glued to Desiree who was wiggling on his cock as each shot of cum inflated her stomach a little bit more. By the end of it she looked four months pregnant much like Luna did. Harry's hands went from Desiree's hips to her big ass and now he was just squeezing it almost like he was tenderizing it for what was going to come.

Desiree felt his hands work her butt just the way she liked it with nice firm squeezes. "You know what to do next master." Leaning forward she put her mouth next to his ear, "You know what you want. Do it. Take it." Before she knew it she was pulled off his giant appendage before being flipped over and put on her hands and knees on the bed. She could feel his cum ooze out of her leaving a puddle on the bed. 'Lucky we don't have to sleep on this thing when we are done. This mattress is going to be a giant cum rag by the time we are done with it.'

Harry loved the little jiggle in Desiree's cheeks as he maneuvered her into position. So much so he gave her a few spanks on each cheek letting her big brown ass jiggle before he went to work. "Ready Desiree? Ready to get your naughty little ass fucked?" It was rare he was this vulgar only saving it for times where they were really naughty. Like when she was tied up or being punished. Usually their lovemaking was loving but hard enough to be a little rough. This was going to be real rough and he planned to roughly shag his genie's ass so hard she wouldn't be able to think about her ass without remembering this moment.

Desiree nodded as she tried to look back. She could feel him sandwich his thick cock between her two butt cheeks which was something he couldn't do with Luna. His hands pushed her cheeks together giving him a little friction. "Stick it in master. Show me what you learned with that big horse cock." She had taught him everything he knew about sex and now was a perfect time to see what he learned and how to apply it in all situations. She taught him the perfect way to fuck an ass and what to do to maximize pleasure and now she was hoping it would be the same with the monster twenty inch cock inside her.

Harry took that as a challenge and quickly entered Desiree's ass and thrust everything into her in one go. She howled like a beast when she felt every inch of his twenty inside her. "Fuck you love a cock in your ass don't you?" Harry taunted as he pulled back and repeated the action over and over.

"I do! I do! I do! I do!" Desiree repeated the answer over and over because her insides were being pleasured like never before. This was the biggest spike of pleasure she ever experienced. Harry even twisted his hips on one of the trusts that nearly made Desiree lose her balance. Her face even became hot like she was a blushing virgin again as she was being raised by her master.

Luna decided to get in on the action so sliding over she sat in front of Desiree with her legs spread. "Would you mind Desiree?" She hoped the older woman would be willing to help her because watching these two she was so aroused.

Desiree didn't mind and dove head first into the blonde's cum filled holes. Both holes had trails of cum leaking out of them and even her ass wasn't back to normal yet. With her head down she raised her ass up higher and she felt Harry react by driving downwards inside her. That drew a moan out of her as she tried to focus her tongue on the task of licking Luna's pussy. With the new sweet taste it was easy to suck the girl's holes clean while pleasuring her at the same time.

Luna moaned, feeling another person's tongue on her. She had never felt it before but it felt good. Part of her hoped Ginny was going to be the first girl to eat her out but Desiree beat her to it. The way Desiree licked up some of Harry's mess before latching her lips around her swollen clit was pure bliss. Luna's hands even went to the soft black hair that much like hers had some cum starting to dry in it. Thankfully there was a spell to fix that so she didn't have to walk back to Hogwarts a complete cum covered mess. This kind of a mess needed at least one shower to clean up.

Harry just kept thrusting in and out of his genie's ass. In their most intimate moments Harry always felt the love Desiree had for him and he hoped she could feel the love he had for her. His long thrusts in her ass were while he ran his hands over her body in the most sensual ways that he could, trying to add as much pleasure as possible. While he didn't say it out loud in his head he kept thinking over and over, 'I love you.'

While Desiree didn't respond she could hear him. It warmed her heart for him to feel this kind of love while he was doing something so debaucherous. He didn't think of her just as his standard cock warmer; he really loved her. When she could finally think straight she was going to tell him how much she loved him but right now she was having a fuck for the ages. Her asshole was being stretched to its limit and he was hitting spots so deep inside her she felt that at any moment she could black out in pleasure. But that didn't stop her hips from pushing back trying to meet his thrusts and get even more of that cock in her hot anal tunnel.

Harry kept riding Desiree over the course of about ten minutes and in that time he felt three definite orgasms from her all of which he heard a whine out of her as she kept eating Luna's pussy. He even heard Luna call out her own orgasm thanks to Desiree's tongue. 'Makes sense she knows how to pleasure women. I'm sure she has been with countless women.' She had also taught him how to eat pussy which was something every girl he had been with since seemed to love. Gritting his teeth Harry finally reached his final orgasm of the night and with a grunt he unleashed everything he had into Desiree. Her hot anal cavity was no match for the wave that was coming.

Desiree felt her master's orgasm and the following flood inside of her bowels. Once again she felt her insides fill to overflowing when she felt her stomach start to get bigger. One hand went to her stomach and for a moment she felt her stomach like she was expecting. Pregnancy and children was something she was never destined to have but it still made her wish. It was at the moment she didn't think she could get any bigger when she felt Harry pull out. Her whole head went numb feeling all this hot cum sloshing around in both of her well fucked holes.

He would never tire of seeing Desiree's asshole gape for him as his cum ran out but this time it was a wave like he had never seen before. A hot wave of his seed came rushing out of her extra gaped asshole as it fell to the growing puddle on the bed.

Desiree just fell onto Luna completely drained of all life. This human body had limits and she had pushed them before but nothing like this. Looking up at Luna she breathlessly said, "Thank you Luna for sharing this wish with me." Even she would have never thought of something like this. But you can bet she was going to experiment more with this in the future.

Luna smiled at the genie, "No problem, thank you for making it possible. I always thought I would never be fully satisfied sexually and I can say it now for the first time in my life I am satisfied." With how she kept pushing herself sexually she knew that no toy could satisfy her like a real cock could.

Desiree felt for the girl, she had gone hundreds of years without being sexually satisfied, which was one of the worst times in her life. "I hope you can be in the harem." If this girl was in Harry's harem they could have more fun like this all the time.

Luna's eyes just twinkled, "Soon." Was all she said as she closed her eyes with a serene smile washing over her face. Luna had glimpses into the future and for the first time this was a future that she was happy to see. She saw herself in the middle of a group of girls getting fucked by two Harry's with horse cocks while the other girls cheered. While she couldn't see their faces this was clearly Harry's harem.

Harry finally came from around Desiree and laid next to the pair in bed. "So everyone is happy? Did I do a good job for my first time with a horse cock?" He was just checking because he just gave the two of them a shag harder than anything he had ever done before. He knew he was happy he had multiple strong orgasms and even his giant balls felt somewhat drained.

Desiree snuggled into Luna's chest, "Oh yes in fact when we get back to the castle I think I'm just going to go to bed. I might not even wake up in the morning to give you your usual blowjob."

Harry chuckled, "I might not even want to get up tomorrow either." Looking down at the still hard twenty inch cock he just cleared his throat, "I wish for my old cock back."

Desiree smirked, "You sure? I'm sure Fleur would love a crack at this thing." As she said "thing" she ran her hand down the length of his massive tower of meat. This was just one of Desiree's classic teases meant to work him up for another round.

Harry slapped her hand away, "I'm sure. Get me back to normal because I can't fit this thing in my trousers anyway." When Desiree mentioned Fleur he wondered what she would say if she saw this. Desiree just rolled her eyes and said, "Fine, so you have wished it, so it shall be."

With a familiar cloud of green smoke his cock returned to its normal state which was a relief to Harry and he almost felt a stone lighter. That twenty inch cock had some real weight to it. "Now should we head back to the castle?"

Desiree groaned but Luna said, "I think I need a shower. My roommates won't like it if I come back smelling of your semen Harry." While it had a new sweet taste the stale smell was still there and people would pick up on it. While she didn't care about being called weird this was an easily solvable problem. "But thank you for clearing my head of Nargles. Next time I find myself infested with Nargles I will find you. I know you get rid of yours with Desiree or any other witch nearby."

Harry stood up from the bed and started to get dressed, "Sounds like a plan. I would be happy to clear your Nargles anytime you want. I could definitely use a shower right now." He didn't know what Nargles were but if that's the way to fix it he was more than happy to help her out. Looking around the empty forest it gave him the creeps and he felt like he needed a shower for that alone.

Luna and Harry had cast a few scourgify charms on each other before getting dressed. Luna's uniform even felt a little tight which would hopefully be taken care of by tomorrow. While Desiree just changed into her genie form and looked all mopey on the way back to the castle.

Before they split up and went their separate ways Luna had grabbed Harry and pulled him down for a kiss. There was no tongue but it didn't diminish the passion there. Once they were done with a little snog they went their separate ways. When Harry made it back to the Room of Requirement he trudged his way to the attached shower. While Desiree just changed back into her human form which was now a perfectly clean body and just curled up in bed and waited for her master to join her. 'I love you master.'

From the shower she heard a voice in her head, 'Love you too.' Scrubbing off all the sweat and dried cum he couldn't get over the warm feeling in his chest or the smile on his face as he thought back to what just happened in the forest.


Hope everyone enjoyed this one. I know it's a little out there but this is the first real stretch of Desiree's powers. I always liked Luna being super kinky and slutty and with my personal sex toy tester story I liked the idea of her getting off on the creature toys.

Also the sweet cum will be staying and other girls are going to notice.

I know this chapter isn't for everyone but I hoped the people that liked it, really liked it. Next week will be a regular week but let me know if you like these kinds of chapters. I might do more in the future.

Chapter Text

Genie 16

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Luna Lovegood: blonde Maisie Williams
Fleur Delacour: Katherine McNamara
Madam Rosmerta: Hannah Waddingham
Aurora Sinistra: Lesley-Ann Brandt
Septima Vector: Jaimie Alexander


In the weeks since Harry's wild time in the woods he had only seen Luna a handful of times and she would always say something weirdly sexual and then just skip away. He couldn't tell if that was normal or their time in the woods broke her. One time she even joked about being bunnies And what it would be like to be bred a hundred times. Desiree didn't seem to understand either which was weird because she was usually right on with what women were thinking.

Other than that weird little outlier he had spent weekends with Fleur and almost every weekend they would have some wild {not as wild as the forest} sex. They seemed to be growing closer and that wasn't just because of the sex. They spent time talking to each other with Fleur even teaching him a little French. It was slow going but if this relationship was as serious as he was hoping the French would come in handy. Sometimes during her more powerful climaxes she slipped back into French and Harry didn't know what she was screaming. If she wanted it harder, faster or maybe to stop.

One time he even had a quick meetup with Daphne Greengrass an hour before he met Fleur in her carriage and Fleur could smell it. Fleur then demanded to know the details. He thought she would be upset but as he told the story he could see that she was reacting the dirtier the story became. It quickly led Fleur pushing him on her bed and just unzipping his trousers before sucking the remnants of Daphne's pussy on his cock. She cleaned his cock with her mouth and throat before climbing on him and riding him until both their bodies seized in climax over and over.

Laying on the bed Fleur once again said, "Shag who you feel like Harry but if any of them are serious I would like to meet them." After a couple more moments of catching their breath she started again, "When I leave I don't want you to be alone. It could be a while before I see you again and I need to know you are taken care of." As she talked she loved to drag her fingers up and down his cock trying to get him hard again for more sex.

Harry just looked at Desiree who was floating nearby. 'Don't worry Fleur, I already have someone looking out for me.' Desiree smiled at her master. She truly loved her job with this master. "Want to go again?"

Fleur smiled, "My asshole is ready for you mon amour." Fleur let Harry stay on his back while climbing on him and slowly dropping her puckered hole on his cock.

'Fuck I love my life.' Harry thought as he brought his hands to her hips before he started to really give it to her.

Time Skip

The second Hogsmeade weekend was the first week of April and as much as Harry wanted to go with Fleur her Headmistress said no. Fleur needed to increase her training schedule now that spring started and the snow had melted. The French Headmistress had even reserved the quidditch pitch to train Fleur for the day.

Harry understood and like Fleur no one had a clue what the third task was going to be. So it was better to train for everything. From what he heard Viktor was training like it was going to be a dueling match between all the champions. Harry didn't know what Cedric was doing but Cedric has done pretty well not being the flashiest one.

Besides the constant stamina training sex provided Harry had practiced some spell work. His room doubled as a training room so he was testing out spells on dummy's. Desiree had even given him a few tips from warriors she has seen over the years. He even practiced dodging while Desiree shot balls of water at him.

Desiree seemed to be taking his training seriously, wanting him to be the best he can be even if that meant they cut down some of the sexy time. By the time he was done training he usually only had enough for one good fuck or two if he was lying down and she did all the work.

For Hogsmeade Harry tried to find someone to go with and even asked Hermione but she had already promised to go with Ron. The same jerk who didn't thank him for saving him from the lake. He was clearly still jealous of him and probably the fact he had two Veela all over him in thanks. It wasn't a secret Fleur and Harry were closer than just friends and it hurt Ron. Once again he felt betrayed like he even stood a chance with her or that dibs meant he couldn't be with her at all.

Whenever he thought about Ron he became enraged because they have been friends since first year but this year he acted like a complete arsehole. Hermione was caught in the middle and since those two spent more time together she was stuck on Ron's side which meant he couldn't get any closer. Since their first time together they had never really talked about it and she never pressed for it to happen again. If Harry had to guess it was because he pushed too hard for the first time. He was much more possessive and even told her he was going to fuck her in the ass next time when he should have asked if that was something she would be interested in. Looking back on it he didn't know how to act and speak during sex and the only other girl he had sex with was Desiree.

Harry wanted to go with Daphne but since she was in Slytherin there was no way of doing that without her whole house turning against her. Then Harry went through his list of possible girls and even asked Susan but she just blushed and stuttered around him. It was weird but then Desiree reminded him he slept with her aunt so there was a small chance that they talked about it. He even caught Susan checking out his crotch like if she was trying to check if a part of her aunt's story was true, but that could have just been a coincidence.

Going to Hogsmeade stag though wasn't the worst thing in the world. There was always a chance he could pick up a straggler who was ditched from her group or something. Taking the carriage into town Harry looked around for any shops he might have a need for. While there was nothing for him Desiree wanted him to go into the sweet shop and pick her up a few things. Since her sweet tooth came back thanks to Luna's wish Desiree had wanted to taste how far sweets have come in the last couple hundred years. While her human body didn't need food that just meant she could eat and drink as much as she wanted.

Going into Honeydukes, Harry picked up a range of sweets like Chocolate Frogs, Fudge Flies, Sugar Quills, Chocoballs, Acid Pops, etc. All of them Desiree couldn't wait to try out. Thankfully he was able to shrink it all down in a box so he didn't have to carry it around all day.

Besides sweets there was nothing else he really needed. So to spend the rest of his time he decided to get a drink at The Three Broomsticks. If he wanted to find a girl to talk to, that was his best shot. Walking into the almost dark bar he took a look around the room and spotted many of his classmates. All who seemed to be in groups talking animatedly to each other. There were a couple small groups of girls he could talk to like Katie, Angelina and Alicia or Lavender, Padma and Parvati. Turning to the bartender he quickly noticed her very large bust being pushed up by a corset. While the woman wasn't as stacked as Amelia Bones it was still a little bigger than Desiree's natural set.

Madam Rosmerta just sighed as the boy stared at her chest. She had gotten used to it and it was why she dressed this way during Hogwarts weekend in hopes of more tips. Clearing her throat she saw his head snap up to look at her as if he wasn't just openly staring at her tits. "Can I get you anything?"

Harry just quickly blurted out, "Butterbeer please." He knew he was caught looking but he knew that was the point of her having her tits pushed up by a corset to the point her cleavage was practically at her neck.

Madam Rosmerta grabbed a chilled mug from behind the bar before putting it to the taps and filling it to the top. Once it was nice and full she slid it over to the boy. "That will be two sickles."

Harry looked in his Gringotts bag and he didn't have anything less than a galleon so he just took one and slid it across the bar. "Keep the change." That made the woman smile as she took the coin and dropped it into the tip jar that was near her.

Madam Rosmerta didn't think much of the boy before but tipping her in addition to sitting up straight and looking her in the eyes as he overpaid was more of a turn on than she was expecting. She gave the boy a smile and said, "Let me know when you need another." With that said she had to get back to work for the three other kids that walked up wanting to order. And of course there were the couple boys who tried to purchase something stronger than Butterbeer.

There was a time when she was allowed to serve students firewhiskey and rum but that was a long time ago. Main street was a sight with children puking and nearly passed out after two strong drinks. McGonagall had come down and yelled at her so hard she changed her policy. While it was an unpopular move it was easier than defying Minerva.

Harry was sitting on his stool looking around but Desiree was talking to him silently. 'Master if you are looking for a girl to have sex with I think your best bet is behind the bar.' Desiree openly oggled the woman's deadly curves for a woman of her age. Desiree could see she was still a woman who could still fuck like she was in her twenties.

Harry looked back at the bartender and he was looking at her face instead of her chest. The woman wasn't unattractive and despite her age she was still very much in his range. His oldest so far being Narcissa and she was just as good as a girl his own age. 'How do you propose I do that?'

Desiree looked at the woman up and down. 'Just butter her up for now and wait a while. I bet before you leave if you just ask to take her in the back store room she would accept.' Desiree knew a fellow slut when she saw one. If Desiree had to guess Madam Rosmerta had slept with many of the customers.

Harry did as his genie recommended and ordered three more Butterbeers every time tipping a full galleon and each one her smile kept getting bigger. Harry was starting to see what Desiree saw which was a chance at this working.

Once some of the other students filed out of the bar there were only a few groups of boys left. Harry was now the only one sitting at the bar when he made his move. Calling over Madam Rosmerta he worked up all of his courage. She was a little intimidating and he was a little worried about making a fool of himself. "What would you say if I asked to come in your back room for a shag?" He tried to ask with his smoothest voice and not have a tremor in his voice despite her intimidating attitude.

Madam Rosmerta wasn't expecting this but she didn't let it slip her up. Leaning her elbows on the bar she looked at Harry and saw that he was a confident boy who seemed to know what he was doing. This wasn't a stupid bet or a boy desperately trying to lose his virginity and would ask anyone. "Is that supposed to be a euphemism for something?" She loved teasing the young boys to see them flustered before they ran away in fear.

Harry cleared his throat not expecting for her to hit it back to him. "I was wondering if you and I could sneak away for a little shag." He tried to focus so his voice didn't crack because she was giving him the most stern look he had ever seen while trying to make a move.

Madam Rosmerta turned around and picked up a bottle of firewhiskey and quickly poured herself a glass and downed it as she thought about his offer. 'He is young but clearly experienced. He is also famous and I have never shagged someone famous before. Let's just hope he can actually please me first.' Pouring herself another glass she turned back to Harry and leaned towards him so only they could hear the next part of the conversation. "If we do that I want to know if you will be able to please me. So tell me what you are working with."

Harry saw her taking a sip of her whiskey and he said, "Ten inches." He didn't miss her eyes going wide before she turned her head to react.

That made Madam Rosmerta spit out the mouthful of whiskey she just had and thankfully looked away so she didn't spray it all over Harry's face. Turning back she tried to keep quiet, "You are kidding me?" She had never been with a guy bigger than eight before and if the kid really had that then she would be willing to drop to her knees right now.

Harry shook his head, "All real I swear and I promise you I know how to use it." He felt his cock starting to press against the front of his trousers as Madam Rosmerta was now openly flaunting her chest at him.

Madam Rosmerta narrowed her eyes, "We will see about that. How many sexual partners have you had?" If it was as big as he said then he should have a line of witches in school wanting to fuck him. When she was in school all the girls knew all the blokes cock sizes.

Harry shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know...a lot but I will have you know I can fully satisfy a Veela." He was proud of that accomplishment even though technically he could satisfy multiple Veela's at once.

Madam Rosmerta knew about him taking the Veela champion to the ball and it was clear something happened afterwards like all fancy dress balls. All the papers had done a good job of subtly suggesting that anyways. "Okay last question, have you shagged an older woman before?"

Harry smiled as he finished his last Butterbeer. "A couple here and there. I can tell you I love the look of an older woman. The confidence, the way they can expertly ride my cock and show me things schoolgirls can't do." Harry didn't have a specific type. He had a very open view about sex with anyone but now he was trying to butter her up like Desiree suggested.

Madam Rosmerta was dying to know the older woman he was talking about but just downed the rest of her drink. "Delia." At that moment a house elf popped into existence next to her behind the bar. "Delia man the bar for a little bit." The next part she whispered to Harry, "Go towards the bathrooms. The first door on the right is my store room. Meet me there in a couple minutes." With that said she strutted from behind the bar to the back room even taking a look back at Harry as she added a little extra sway to her hips.

Harry impatiently waited and after a minute and some change he stood up from his stool and followed her. No one seemed to notice him getting up and heading towards the back of the bar. Down the hall he could feel his cock start to press against his zipper. If anyone were to walk out of the bathrooms right now they would have seen the massive tent in his trousers. Quickly finding the door to the back room he opened it to see Madam Rosmerta sitting on a giant crate. Still fully clothed but staring at him with more lust in her eyes. Her corset was off and her shirt was loose but he could still clearly make out her breasts and even saw she wasn't wearing a bra.

Madam Rosmerta saw when Harry entered the room that he was ready to go. His supposedly ten inch cock was showing itself. Harry quickly tried to close the distance but she stopped him with her foot to his chest. "Un-uh mister first you are going to drop those trousers and show me you weren't just lying to get me back here. I want to see that ten inch cock." She would have come back with him even if he was fudging the details a bit but she was all hot and bothered thinking about a cock that big stretching her out. Harry looked down between her legs and saw she wasn't wearing any knickers and what looked to be a freshly smooth pussy. He didn't know the spell girls used for that but he loved the baby smooth skin and feeling it produced.

Harry found the button of his trousers and undid it before unzipping his fly before just dropping his trousers the rest of the way in addition to his boxers. He loved seeing the older woman's eyes go wide at the sight of him. "That big enough for you?"

Madam Rosmerta nodded with her mouth salivating at the sight, "Oh yes. I think I'm going to enjoy this very much." She already felt an adoration for the monster that was swinging between his legs. She had never been so excited to please a cock before. If she could take that big snake it would be one of her biggest sexual accomplishments. Even more so than the time she blew three blokes on a stag party who stayed until closing and were all very charming. She even let them all finish on her big tits. They gave her the biggest tip for giving them a stag party to remember.

"Can we start with you using your tits on me? I have been staring at them for the last couple hours and am dying to feel them." Harry was a touch impatient wishing she would already be touching him by now.

Madam Rosmerta shook her head because all the boys wanted to get off first and some lacked the stamina to pleasure her. Sorry to say it but her titfuck was legendary and did a thorough job of milking boys dry. "I will give you one after you satisfy me. That shouldn't be hard with a cock that big." Harry advances and tries to flip her over only for Madam Rosmerta to resist. "Harry, I can't tell you how many times I have been bent over this crate. Why don't you do something different?"

Harry nodded and thought of a wish, 'I wish I could lift her up like a toy.' If she wanted something different he was going to show her something different. She was a tall woman and he was sure she had never been picked up and fucked like a toy. He had done this enough with Desiree to know exactly how to maximize the pleasure in the standing positions.

Desiree cackled and granted his wish and as soon as it was active she saw her master's hands go to the older woman's waist and started tugging her skirt off before lifting her up.

Madam Rosmerta wasn't expecting Harry to put her legs on his shoulders and have the strength to lift her up like this. While she wasn't a heavy woman she was for sure top heavy with her triple D cup she was also a little taller than the average schoolgirl. His hands were strong and didn't even shake as he brought her off the crate and held her in the air. Warping her arms around his neck she felt his hands go from her ass to her hips. Looking down she saw that his cock was pointing up at her ready to penetrate her deeply. With both of his hands on her waist he couldn't line it up with her now soaking pussy. Reaching down herself she wrapped a hand around his personal wand and it felt like a powerhouse. It was thick and unyielding, it was not going to have a problem satisfying her. As she moved it around she quickly found his bulbous tip touching her wet lips. Looking back at Harry she saw he felt it and just gave her a confident and sexy smile.

Once lined up Harry pressed the woman down on his cock and with just the first three inches alone he felt her pussy fluttering around him. "Cumming already?" She kept sucking him in deeper and deeper making him want to shove the rest of his cock in.

Madam Rosmerta's face went red at that but it was true. She was worked up and after seeing his massive cock she was already halfway there. Just as he entered the first few inches she felt him brush a special spot inside of her that pushed her body over the edge. "Shut up and keep going." She wished she chose her words a little more carefully because he decided to keep going by dropping all of her weight on his cock. Within a second she felt all ten inches impale her in the most glorious way she had ever felt. The feeling of his tip pounding her cervix made her orgasm triple in size. Letting out a loud slutty moan it was at that moment she realized she hadn't put up any privacy charms. The entire bar could have just heard her response to having her pussy filled with ten hard inches of cock. "Harry put up some privacy charms." It was hard to talk as her legs were trembling from her orgasm.

Harry just wished for privacy charms through Desiree and said, "I put them up before I walked in so be as loud as you want." Harry wasn't able to reach his wand with his hands full so he had to be sure by wishing for it.

Desiree had granted the wish but quickly went back to watching Harry fucking this bartender. The woman seemed to be a high judge of her sexual partners and if she knew Harry he was going to get high marks by the end of this.

Madam Rosmerta kept loudly moaning the more Harry dragged her wet cunt up and down his hard cock. Loud wet noises could be heard as he brought her down on every thrust with such force it was as if she was fucking something more animal than man. "Yes fuck my cunt. Keep making me cum and I will do whatever you want."

Harry liked the sound of that. Bringing the woman up until just the head of his cock was remaining in her heat before slamming her down was breaking down all of her defenses. "Anything?"

Madam Rosmerta had to try and find words in between moans and saying "Fuck" over and over the faster and harder he shagged her. "I love this cock." She had no problem openly admitting that because her body didn't lie. She knew he knew that he was very effective.

Harry never stopped thrusting up as he brought her down on every thrust making sure his cock went as deep as it possibly could. "When I cum where do you want it?" He wasn't close yet but he wanted to hear her say where she wanted it.

"Inside. Inside me cum inside me." She was ranking the more and more she felt the thrusting massive piece of meat come in and out of her cunt. She was past her brat making years so she had no problem letting him cum inside her. In fact that was her usual for her because she normally had to get back to the bar and couldn't afford the time it would take to clean her face and reapply makeup. Plus there was the added benefit for the rest of the shift she could feel the warmth inside her or dripping down her legs. Taking orders while she felt cum slowly dripping out of her was one of the biggest thrills she ever felt.

Harry had a wet sheen of sweat on his forehead as his hair started to stick from all the force he was putting into this shag. While Madam Rosmerta was lighter his body still had to drag her up and down his length over and over with an increased intensity. "I can't wait to fill your pussy up."

Madam Rosmerta moaned out at just the thought of being filled up by Harry. If his cock was this big then what did his ejaculations look or feel like. "Cum in me. It's been so long since I felt a hot load of cum in my cunt." That was partly a lie because it wasn't a month ago when she took one of her regulars back here. It was just one of her favorite feelings and even a month felt like an eternity.

Harry felt her wet pussy start to flex around him as she tried to hurry him along. She had already cum multiple times and was just enjoying the hard shag. "I'm gonna cum." That was all the warning he gave before he felt his balls tighten as cum shot forward out of his cock inside of the older woman. He saw her give a sharp intake of breath as the first rope painted her womb. He would never forget the look in her eyes as he filled her up with one of his enhanced loads. He wanted to fill her to the limit with hot batter. The look in her eyes wasn't shock like most girls hers was pure lust almost as if she was asking for more.

Madam Rosmerta moaned deeper and deeper the more seed he pumped into her. After the first seven shots she felt her smile get wider as he felt him keep going. Throwing her head back she let out a deep guttural moan when she reached her limit and from feeling the more hot seed he shot inside of her had triggered another climax for her.

Harry felt the bartender tighten up again just as he stopped cumming inside her. Just from being filled with hot cum she came just as hard as she did before. "Again? You really are just a cum slut aren't you?"

That was a word she had never been called before but in this situation it was very accurate. "I can't help it. This feels so fucking good." Now she just remained stuck in the air with his cock pressing against her cum filled womb. Once he pulled out it was going to come rushing out. Just as she was thinking that Harry laid her back on the crate as he dragged his cock out of her brushing her G spot for good measure on the way out. The way he stared at her when all of his seed came rushing out was by far one of the sluttiest things she ever experienced.

Harry watched as his seed came rushing out of the bartender. With his cock still standing erect and ready he smiled, "So was that good enough for you?" From her red cheeks, hand prints around her waist and cum pouring out of her he liked to think that was enough to satisfy her.

Madam Rosmerta was still trying to catch her breath after that amazing fuck. The look of pure cockiness that was on Harry's face made her scowl. "No one likes a smart ass. And if you must know, yes that was good enough." After a few more heavy pants she added, "It was great in fact. I have never cum so hard and that fast before."

Harry approached her again but this time he got close enough to lay his cock on her clothed chest as he started popping buttons to reveal her massive tits. "You were good too. To be honest I was looking for a girl my age today but there was something about you I couldn't resist." As he said the last part he cupped her bare tits that were braless under her shirt. "You have amazing tits so soft and smooth but I'm sure everyone says that."

Madam Rosmerta was still feeling the effect of her last orgasm leaving her but the feeling of his hard cock laying on her stomach was riling her up again. "Well I guess I couldn't resist either. I usually go for sixth year students and above but you were so sure of yourself I had to see for myself. Then you told me about this and I couldn't resist." As she said "this" she grabbed his cock and lightly stroked him. When she reached the top she felt a few drops ooze over her hand and she couldn't resist bringing it to her mouth. When her tongue came out of her mouth and touched the cum she was expecting something salty and a little bitter but instead it was sugary and sweet. She almost didn't believe what she was tasting. "What the fuck is that?"

Harry blushed and was a little embarrassed that he forgot about Luna's wish. Now he just had to come up with a valid excuse why his cum tasted so good. ""

Madam Rosmerta dipped her hand to her dripping pussy to get more on her fingers to see if she was crazy. Tasting some more it tasted like a sugary sweet. "Is there a potion I don't know about that makes your cum taste better? If I had this in Hogwarts I would have let more boys finish in my mouth." During her time at Hogwarts she was very popular but after the first bitter mouthful of cum she just let boys finish on her chest.

Harry went with her explanation. "Yes, it is a potion I'm working on. Why do you like it?" Luna and Desiree seemed to love the wish but Luna was still a little childish and Desiree usually sucked him off everyday.

Madam Rosmerta nodded, "This is so much better than the salty taste blokes usually have. With this I would even let you finish in my mouth and I never allow that." She had a strict no swallowing policy but this tasted so good she would suck it directly from the tap.

"Okay well I guess the potion was a success then." While he tried to lie all he heard was Desiree cackling in his head. He was trying to act like this was all normal because he hadn't worked out a cover story for his magical cum. Since having sex with Fleur she hadn't sucked him off lately but had been giving up her bum more often.

Madam Rosmerta patted the spot next to her on the crate. Harry picked it up and hopped on the crate ready for what she had promised earlier. Getting up off the crate she felt that her legs were almost jelly and just like she was expecting she felt his cum start to run down her legs. Sliding over in front of Harry he had laid back on the crate letting his cock stand tall for her. "Sit back up. I want to try something."

Harry sat back up and before he could ask what her hand went to the back of his head and pulled him in for a kiss. He held back his shock and did his best to snog the woman. His tongue fought back against hers and explored her mouth as he brought his own hand to the back of her head trying to pull her deeper. On her tongue he could taste of himself but thankfully it was sweet and not salty like he had tasted on Desiree's tongue a couple times.

Madam Rosmerta did this as a test she didn't expect him to pass. She never expected him to be this good of a kisser. But it had made sense that he had a lot of practice if he could shag as good as he did. 'Fuck why does he have to be so fucking perfect.' During their make out session she felt his hands go to her breasts and started groping them. When his fingers found her nipples she gasped in surprise not expecting him to be so rough.

After a few minutes of the hottest snogging session Madam Rosmerta had ever had she pushed him back down. "Enjoy this." Without another word she leaned down and wrapped both of her big breasts around the tower of fuck meat between Harry's legs.

Harry couldn't help but compare her to Amelia and while Amelia had bigger tits Madam Rosmerta was more confident in her movements. More like a woman who has given plenty of titfucks over the years. The tight seal of soft skin around him was perfect. She even took to licking his tip every time it peeked out of her cleavage.

Up and down her she stroked his pulsing and twitching manhood with her breasts which was the best part of her body. Within minutes she heard Harry's breathing get harder and with the twitching of his cock she could tell he was getting close. "Tell me when you are about to cum. I want to swallow it all this time."

Harry was now bucking his hips up as his hand went to the back of Madam Rosmerta's head ready to push her down at a moment's notice. Close to thirty seconds later he pushed her head down and felt her lips seal around the tip of his cock as spurts of cum started to fly out of the tip.

Madam Rosmerta moaned at the warm and sweet cum hitting her tongue. She had to quickly swallow to keep up with the flow of hot cum he shot into her mouth. After the first three gulps she finally felt his flow start to wane. When he was done she gave him one last hard cock to make sure she got everything before she let him go with a pop. Standing up she watched his eyes look at her up and down as if he was trying to memorize the moment. 'I still have it. In my fifties and still can score with a younger man.' Madam Rosmerta lied about her age to everyone and always claimed to be younger than she really was. No one wants to shag a fifty year old. They would much rather shag a desperate forty year old.

Harry couldn't tear his eyes away from her body, especially her heaving breasts. His cock was still hard though, "So are you ready for more."

Madam Rosmerta couldn't believe what she was hearing and seeing. He wasn't soft yet and he still wanted more. When she wanted stamina she didn't mean this much stamina. "What more is there?"

Harry just looked down at her groin and said, "Why don't you turn around and I'll show you."

Madam Rosmerta wasn't stupid enough to let that comment fly over her head, "You can't be serious?"

Harry nodded, "I promise I will be gentle." He tried to give her a little reassurance.

Madam Rosmerta had to draw the line there, "I have never done that before and your cock would tear me in two." She had been asked many times to do that but thanks to her breasts she could always settle for a titfuck instead.

Harry thought she would have jumped at the chance. "Really? I thought you would jump at the chance to take this back there." He would have guessed she would have done this before because even though her breasts stole the show her bum was still a piece of art.

Madam Rosmerta had the decency to blush. "I would need a lot of practice before I even attempt taking that thing back there." She looked at his cock up and down and the thought of taking it in her virgin hole looked like too big of a task.

Harry hopped off the crate, "How about you practice and the next time Hogsmeade rolls around we can give it a try." Next Hogsmeade was fifth year so that would give her plenty of time to practice.

Madam Rosmerta couldn't believe he wanted to do this again. "You would want to shag again?" She thought maybe he was just horny and looked to her as a quick and easy fuck. She never imagined he would want to do it again when he could easily find another girl his own age.

Harry nodded, "Of course didn't you have fun? I had fun and I never turned down a fun shag." Harry had come to love shagging no matter who with as long as they caught his fancy. Madam Rosmerta had caught his fancy in a major way and if he could convince her to take his cock up her bum it would make his domination of her body complete. Harry loved to claim every inch of a girl and know that he forever marked them with his big cock.

Madam Rosmerta looked away for a second and thought about making this promise. If she had until next school year she was sure she could practice enough to try it. "Okay next Hogsmeade during your fifth year I will be ready to give you my ass." With the promise made she closed the distance between them. "But that is only after you fuck me like you did today."

Harry suffered at her seductive voice in his ear. "I can definitely promise that." Madam Rosmerta then climbed on the crate with him and started to roughly ride him with her cum slick pussy. Feeling him stretch her out one last time could keep her satisfied for the next month. While she rode Harry his hands found her tits and even his mouth which greedily sucked from them like she was his personal wet nurse. "Ah Harry you suck so hard." She was sure to have purple nipples by the end of this. That was when she felt his fingers start swirling around her clit before he started to gently bite and pinch her nipple in a way that made her explode.

Harry felt Madam Rosmerta cum from having her tits played with as well as her slamming herself down on his cock over and over. He was still a little ways away. "I'm going to need a few more minutes Madam Rosmerta so I hope you have another in you." With that said his hands went to her wide sexy hips and started to drag her up and down his cock at a much greater pace and depth. Now he lifted her up until just the tip was remaining before slamming her down. He could still feel her thighs shaking as he fucked her through her orgasm.

Madam Rosmerta almost couldn't breathe as she was experiencing a big orgasm while Harry was shagging her just as hard as he did in his arms. While her orgasms were normally short and sweet he was extending this orgasm by the minute. It never fully went away as he just kept shagging her harder and harder. By the time it finally started to wane she felt another building. "Oh fuck I'm gonna cum again. You are making me cum too much." She never thought those words would come out of her mouth but she didn't think she could walk by the time he was done with her.

Harry didn't respond and kept grunting as he kept inching closer to the cliff. "Here it comes." That was all the warning he gave her before he came again but this time he came with everything he had and didn't hold back. Her pussy was just so inviting and with his previous cum shot it was so slippery and warm he slid in and out with no issue. Her pussy molded around his in just the way which made him cum the hardest. 'I have yet to find a pussy I haven't liked but there is something special about doing it with an older woman.'

Desiree smiled at that, liking to think her adult body has something to do with that. He learned to please a woman with her adult woman body and learned every trick and secret of her body. She was proud of Harry for not discriminating like some of her old masters who wouldn't fuck a girl who was over the age of twenty. Men who would just replace women as if they had no meaning. Harry cared for every woman in a special way. Even Draco's mother affected him in some way that made him treat her with a loving affection instead of giving her his roughest shag possible as a form of revenge. While it might be considered rough for Narcissa, Desiree knew it wasn't a third of how rough he could be. Those were lessons she loved teaching because it always ended with her getting her brains shagged out.

Madam Rosmerta let out a final wail as she felt her cunt being filled with another cup of hot spunk. In her head she called it her cunt because he had fucked it like he was paying for it. Even with her on top he dominated her in such a way that made her feel so dirty. She nearly collapsed in his arms but instead rubbed her stomach almost not believing how full her womb felt. Her midsection had a little jiggle to it and now that she was feeling it with her hands she felt self-conscious about it. Had it been jiggling in front of Harry the whole time she was riding his cock. All these thoughts were running through her head and she nearly forgot about the wonderful orgasm she had just had. 'Focus on this feeling, Elizabeth. Savor the feeling of all this cock and spunk filling you up because it's going to be another year before you feel it again.'

Harry pushed some of her sweaty hair out of her face before bringing her in for another kiss sealing an end to what was the perfect shag. Both parties kissed the other with a deep passion for the moment and how they made the other feel. Madam Rosmerta was thanking him for the multiple orgasms and Harry was thanking her for just being her and giving him access to her body. While he didn't get her bum he was more than happy with the way this turned out.

Slowly Madam Rosmerta pulled herself off Harry's cock with a small whine because her body was gripping it so tight it almost didn't want to let him go. She took pleasure that he also made a small groan and they were both probably thinking the same thing. Standing in the center of the store room Madam Rosmerta stared as Harry slowly stood up and his cock bobbed up and down. 'Any girl should count themselves lucky to feel a cock like that at least once.'

Now with the fact there was no more sex to be had he felt his cock slowly start to go back to normal. Madam Rosmerta started to get dressed and had to cast a few well needed cleaning charms on herself. Harry followed suit and by the time he was dressed he added, "I will see you next Hogsmeade." With a turn around he silently wished for a exact replica of his cock in sex toy form in a gift wrapped box.

Desiree came through in a second and he turned around and presented her the box. Madam Rosmerta gave him a curious look before unwrapping her gift like an excited child on Christmas morning. Opening the box after tearing the gift wrapping off she saw what looked like a cut off piece of anatomy. She nearly dropped the box but she realized that it was an exact replica of Harry's cock and it looked to almost be life-like. She swore she could see a pulse through the big veins that crisscrossed down the shaft. Picking it up she could feel it's warmth and she gasped, "How is this possible?"

Harry smiled, "Let's say when you have a cock like mine girls want to have it all the time. I'm giving this to you to practice so you are ready for the next Hogsmeade or when you just feel lonely and want a reminder of my big cock." Harry smiled wider as she gave him a small glare at his cockiness.

Madam Rosmerta didn't know what to say but she was going to put this to good use as soon as possible. This might even curb her need to bed customers which she only did when her wand didn't do the job or was super horny but now Harry had set the bar so high she didn't know if she could go back. Half of the blokes she shagged couldn't make her cum anyway at least with their cocks or tongues. Most just played with her clit until she came, which was almost cheating. "Thank you for the gift. I can assure you I will be using it regularly." She hated the smug smile that had washed over him as she knew he was picturing her using it when she felt lonely. Madam Rosmerta smiled back at him, "Will now get out of here it's suspicious enough already. I'm sure people are looking for you." The Hogsmeade trip had to be close to ending soon. Students were already leaving by the time they came back here.

Harry gave her one last small peck on the lips before heading out of the room first with Madam Rosmerta waiting in the room for a few minutes so they didn't come out together. Madam Rosmerta blushed red at the peck because it was almost hotter than some of their other kisses. It was almost like they were a married couple leaving for work in the morning. 'That boy doesn't know how he affects a girl's feelings. An afternoon with him and I am tempted to get down on one knee and ask him to marry me. Who wouldn't love to have that stud in their bed every night for the rest of their lives.'

Harry quickly left the bar and made it out on main street and barely took two steps before he heard. "Mr. Potter, where the bloody hell have you been?"

Harry turned to see Professor Vector come storming up to him clearly upset. "" Harry stammered out not knowing how to answer. He wasn't expecting to be yelled at so soon and when he was feeling so happy a second ago.

Professor Vector looked at Harry Potter and saw he was sweaty and his hair was more messed up than usual. As she stormed closer and closer she could smell the smell of sex on the boy. It was so shocking to her that she tried to not even address it. "You are the only student not back at the castle and I have been looking for you for the last fifteen minutes. I have been in every shop."

Harry pointed to the bar, "I was just having a drink in there." He kept his answers short trying to not anger the woman anymore than she already was. He hadn't seen a woman this angry at him since his aunt Petunia whenever he burned the food.

Septima looked to where he was pointing and saw it was The Three Broomsticks and she knew for a fact that was one of the first places she checked. When she walked into the bar Madam Rosmerta wasn't there and neither was Harry she even went and checked in the bathrooms. Narrowing her eyes she wanted to be more inquiring but at the same time she didn't get paid enough to delve into the sex lives of students. It was bad enough when she patrolled and she caught students in broom closets. "We just need to get back to the castle, dinner is starting soon."

Professor Vector led him to the last carriage at the edge of Hogsmeade. Once inside Septima could definitely smell what she knew to be sex on the student. Part of her wanted to tell and scold the boy but with her running late for dinner with Aurora it wasn't worth the trouble. The most she said after a few minutes into their ride was, "Skip dinner and go take a shower."

Harry had the decency to blush. Desiree was also in the carriage and was talking to Harry through their link, 'This is your chance master.' Desiree wanted to steer her master into the arms of this woman. She was a dark haired beauty that was someone Desiree felt an intense attraction to. She knew her master felt the same but he didn't have many opportunities to make a move. If he was in her class he could stay after and work his charm that she cultivated.

Harry saw the look in the Professor's eyes and saw she wasn't in the mood for any shenanigans. It was not the receptive mood he was hoping for. "Thanks for the advice, professor. I must have forgotten to take a shower before coming down here."

That made Septima angrily tap her first on the floor of the carriage as she held back from saying anything. This was the longest carriage ride of her life because she was holding back from yelling at the boy. She had a good idea of what went on in that bar in being friends with Madam Rosmerta or at least acquaintances. Sitting in silence the rest of the ride back to the castle once back in the courtyard they went their separate ways without another word said between them.

Aurora Sinistra was waiting for her best friend Septima Vector to join her for dinner in her classroom which had a perfect view of the night sky and the school grounds. The elves had already brought the food and it was under stasis as she waited. As far as she knew Septima had Hogsmeade duty but the students should have been back by now. There must have been a lollygagger who needed a kick in the butt to get back to the castle.

Another ten minutes went by before Septima burst through the doors undoing her scarf and throwing off her thicker robes. "Sorry. Sorry I'm late." Septima was polite and overly apologetic.

Aurora poured the woman a goblet of wine that she looked like she needed, "It's fine. Long day at Hogsmeade?" She said the last part sarcastically as Septima took the goblet and started sipping the wine. The teachers always drew straws on who would chaperone and this was Septima's second loss in a row. It was at that moment Aurora joined her in partaking of the wine.

Septima finished half the goblet before saying, "There was one student who held me up Harry fucking Potter. He was supposed to head back to the castle close to an hour ago but no one could find him. I searched all the shops on the street and was about to message Dumbledore but the little shit came out of The Three Broomsticks with his hair all messed up and reeking of sex." That made Aurora nearly choke on the sip of wine that she took. Coughing up the wine that had gone down the wrong pipe she needed multiple coughs to clear the problem. Septima had run around the table and put a hand on her back and checked she was okay. "Aurora, are you okay?"

"I am okay...I just wasn't expecting that." She didn't know what to expect to be honest. Part of her knew that Harry Potter was too good at sex for him to not be getting practice elsewhere. There was also the fact that if what Septima said was true he didn't have sex with a student. "Are you sure you aren't being a little paranoid?"

Septima leveled a serious look at her best friend, "Yes. I can even guess who it was with." Taking another big sip from her goblet she prepared for the big reveal. "Madam Rosmerta."

Aurora gasped, "No way she is like in her early fifties. Harry wouldn't go for someone like that."

Septima tilted her head at the familiar tone her friend used when talking about Harry Potter. "She is a well known slut with giant knockers. I think that is every boy's type." Her friend had a look of disbelief so she continued, "You know the rumors about her. There are a bunch of students over the years who have said they shagged her. Remember Bill Weasley? The rumor with him was that he was tipsy on nine Butterbeers and asked her for a blowjob and she took him to the back and dropped to her knees. That isn't counting all the other rumors we hear about. All I know is that I checked the bar and her elf was behind the bar and neither of them were to be found." While she was friends with Madam Rosmerta didn't mean she had to like all of her choices. Septima couldn't imagine putting it out in the open how easy she was.

Aurora just wanted this conversation to end. "Let's just eat dinner and talk about something else." Septima agreed as Aurora waved her wand over their meal, cancelling the stasis charms.

They quickly dug into their meal and talked about other school related topics. As they talked both of them had started drinking more and more wine. Within the meal they had finished a bottle of wine between the two of them. Septima had made the decision to call an elf to get them another bottle.

By the time they made it halfway through the second bottle of wine their meal was finished on the table and Aurora and Septima were sitting in the classroom part of the room. Funny enough Aurora had chosen the desk where Harry had shagged her their first time together. Her mind went back to that moment and she felt her face and body get hot remembering the feeling of touching his big cock.

Septima was staring at her friend who had gone silent and was lost in her own little world. She also swore she could see a little blush pushing through her dark complexion. "You okay Aurora? You look a little lost there."

Aurora couldn't stop the next words from coming out of her mouth. This was her eleventh goblet of wine and she was well past tipsy. "I had sex with Harry Potter." The words fell out of her mouth so fast she couldn't put them back in.

This time it was Septima's turn to start choking on her sip of wine. Septima kept coughing while her brain tried to comprehend what her friend just said. Once she got a hold of herself she put down the goblet. "Are you taking the piss?"

Aurora put her head down feeling her best friend judge her. 'Good job Aurora you couldn't just keep your mouth shut.' Trying to think of a lie or an out she realized there was no use running from it now. Looking up into her best friend's green eyes she said, "It's true."

Septima was tipsy also and didn't know how to react to that news. Part of her wanted to be angry and another part felt for her friend. "Why would you sleep with a student?" While it was true she had a few cute students over the years she never thought of sleeping with them.

Aurora shifted in her seat. "The first time I couldn't tell you. He had an erection and he couldn't get rid of it so I just helped him out." Thinking of that day she just attributed it to her being so sex starved she had a major lapse in judgement.

Septima rolled her eyes at that explanation, "You wanted to help him take care of an erection. Come off it Aurora just wait a few minutes and it would have gone down on its own."

Aurora put her hands up in defense, "You didn't see it Septima. He is so big I just couldn't help myself." She wasn't that big of a slut but when she saw that big bulge her mind quickly let it happen.

Septima couldn't believe it, "How big could it possibly be, he is a fourth year?" She had caught many students mid sex and they are all just average at best. She had never once seen a cock that she would want.

Aurora spaced her hands out about ten inches or maybe a bit more, "He is big Septima and he really knows what he is doing. He did it so well I let him keep doing it."

Septima then picked up her goblet and downed what was left inside before pouring more in. She needed a drink to make this make sense. "You let him do it more than once?" She could almost forget this being a mistake and this was her best friend's confession but if it was ongoing then it wasn't a mistake.

Shamefully she nodded her head, "I couldn't help it, Septima. I even let him shag my ass and he made me cum so hard." The last part she revealed because her mind couldn't stop it due to the alcohol. That wasn't something she wanted to reveal to her friend.

Septima was in the middle of a drink but spit it out hearing her friend confess to being buggered. "Aurora! What has gotten into you?" Septima never thought her friend would like something that dirty.

Aurora felt humiliated the way her friend looked at her, "Don't judge me. You don't have him as a student so you don't see him everyday. This year I have seen his house turn his back on him and half the school is wearing pins that say he stinks. Add on top of that he is in a tournament that could kill him so excuse me if I might have felt bad for him and wanted to cheer him up." Her stern friend was taking this just as hard as she imagined.

Septima couldn't argue with what her friend said and she knew that Harry had a hard life, certainly harder than any other student. "Okay, setting aside the why, let's talk about how it was."

Aurora definitely blushed now and couldn't wait to go into detail. She had been dying to talk about this with someone. "It is amazing Septima. He has this charm that is boylike but also he has a confidence that he knows what he is doing. I promise you if he did shag Madam Rosmerta then she has never had it better than she did today."

Septima couldn't believe her friend was talking so highly of a student's sexual prowess. "He is a fourth year student, how good can he be?"

"He is good, almost too good. I don't know who taught him but they did an excellent job. I have a deal worked out with him that he can do other work in my class and I will pass him on every test if he shags me at least once a week." Aurora could feel her knickers start to get wet talking and thinking about all the times Harry took her in this room.

Septima's jaw dropped at that reveal, "I can't believe this." Part of her now was very interested in Harry Potter. Maybe it was the alcohol talking but she could feel her knickers get a little wet at the mental images of Harry Potter shagging her friend. "I want specifics. What does he have that is so special besides his big cock?"

Aurora didn't have to think long, "Everything. He has eaten me out pussy and asshole all and each time he makes sure I cum before he moves on. His power that he puts into his thrusts make it seem like he is going to break you in half but it feels too good to stop. I have had bruises from the desk on my legs from how hard he pounded me."

Septima made a small whine at that description. That was everything she ever wanted but never found a man who could give it to her. "You said he buggered you, how did that feel?" She needed to know how and why her friend let him do that to her.

"I wasn't on board at first but he did enough prep and teasing it was impossible not to enjoy it as he slid it all inside me. It felt weird at first and different from regular sex but you quickly get used to it." She always wondered how he knew about it and how he was so good at it. "Again I don't know who taught him but he clearly had someone who taught him all this stuff because he really enjoyed buggering me."

That was something Septima wouldn't think she would be into. "So he is just a little sex god walking the halls?" It all seemed too good to be true like all the other legends wrapped around Harry Potter.

Aurora nodded, "Yes. I don't know if he goes for girls his own age because even Fleur Delacour was older than him and a Veela. I would put my entire salary betting on the fact that they shagged after the ball." That Veela was always on Harry when they were in public and she was sure that was because he made her purr like a kitten.

"So he needs a woman or a Veela to keep him satisfied?" Septima asked.

Aurora shrugged, "I don't know but it's hard to believe him doing everything he did with me with Hermione Granger for instance." She just couldn't see Harry doing anything with her on a student his own age without breaking them in half. The Hospital Wing would be filled with girls who had trouble walking after one of his shags. She even had a limp after a few and she was an adult.

Septima had Hermione in class and couldn't see her or any fourth year doing the wild sex that her friend talked about. "No wonder he seeked out Madam Rosmerta. She probably didn't say no to anything and let him bugger her all day long."

Aurora nodded, "I don't blame her. His body is pretty incredible when you get the uniform off. You should see his chest and abs." She was almost drooling thinking about the first time she saw him naked. His abs and lean body leading to his enormous cock looked almost like it didn't belong in a body his size.

Septima had seen the second task and saw his body in a tight swim shirt and could see what she meant. "I can see what you mean. I saw him during the second task although I'm sure most people were paying attention to the Veela."

"Have you ever thought about shagging a student?" Aurora changed the subject by asking a prying question.

Septima blushed, "No. No. No." She said defiantly but after an intense stare from her best friend she cracked. "Once he was one of my best students before Hermione Granger. He had a love for Arithmancy and while he looked a little above average I really thought about it." She still talked with that student from time to time and wrote him numerous recommendations. He was hired by the Ministry and kept her up to date with what they were doing in their experiments.

Aurora saw her friend getting a little flustered. "When you were around Harry today did you feel anything?" She was curious to know if Harry was her friend's type.

Septima thought about it and while she was angry she did feel a small pull for him in the carriage ride back. "Maybe but I was already angry thinking I was going to be late for this dinner."

Aurora had an idea and it was a very bad idea. "Septima, I want you to look through my memories. I want you to see what I see."

Septima went wide-eyed at her friend opening up her mind to her. "Are you sure?" Part of her was too curious to turn this down. She wanted to see why her friend was so taken by a fourth year student. 'She says it's the best sex ever so let's see if she is telling the truth.'

Aurora nodded, slouching her shoulders in surrender, "Do it." This was clearly the wine talking but she didn't see the drawback of showing her friend all of her sexual memories.

Septima pulled her wand from her pocket and pointed it at her friend which was something she had never done before. "Legilimens." She soon felt an out of body experience as she was transported in her friend's head. The first memory she entered Harry Potter was laying on a desk with Aurora wanking him off. Septima was blown away by the size of Harry's cock and now seeing it first hand her friend wasn't lying. Then when her friend demanded he cum she didn't expect the quantity of cum that shot out from just her hand. 'Wow that's a lot of spunk.'

When she saw her friend lick her hand she thought 'slut'. Then her friend climbed on top of him and let his giant cock slowly penetrate her. It was amazing her friend was able to take something so big. Septima would have been a little worried something that big could have hurt her. She has never had anything more than an inch or two above average.

As it progressed Harry became more aggressive and even held Aurora's bum in the air as he thrust up and shoved every inch into her as hard as possible. She never thought she would see her friend's orgasm face but she saw it clear as day right now.

The memory quickly changed to Aurora bent over her desk with Harry behind her shagging her slower than he was in the memory before. As Septima walked around she saw why it was slower his cock was buried in her asshole. Slow rhythmic pumps made Aurora moan and even say how much she enjoyed being fucked in the ass.

After a few minutes of this Aurora even asked for him to fill her ass up with his seed. Watching she saw Harry's orgasm face as he pumped a load inside her friend's tight ass. After another minute he pulled out to lay next to her on the desk. Septima had a front row seat to see her friend's asshole gaping and leaking a large amount of cum.

It was at that moment Septima felt her friend push her out. Now back in the Astronomy classroom she felt that her knickers were soaked and she imagined Aurora's were in the same state. Aurora broke the silence first, "So do you see what I am talking about?"

Septima was panting, "Yes. I get it. I have to say I'm even a little jealous." She didn't expect to feel this way but watching her friend lose herself like that was something to behold.

"I know I shouldn't say this but ask him to come by your office after dinner one night. I promise you won't be disappointed." Aurora said. Her friend needed to unwind and personally she never felt more unwound than after Harry paid her a visit.

Septima was a little nervous about openly propositioning a student like that. "I will think about it." She would see if she felt the same way tomorrow when she was sober. Right now she was almost so drunk and she would tell an elf to bring him to them right now if she still didn't have a shred of self control left.

The two professors soon said their goodbyes and Septima went back to her room while Aurora went to her's. Both of them had spent some time with their wands and a strong vibrating charm thinking about the black messy haired student. One feeling then times more guilty than the other.


Way longer than I was expecting but I saw this as a chance to introduce Septima for a future chapter. She won't be the very next one but soon enough.

I hope people liked it. I know in my last story they loved Madam Rosmerta and in this one I made her a little different personality wise. Much more dominant and flirty where she was calling the shots instead of the last one where she fucked Harry because they were both drinking and she felt bad for him.

Chapter Text

Genie 17 Tracey

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Tracey Davis: Hallie Steinfeld
Daphne Greengrass: Sydney Sweeney
Luna Lovegood: blonde Maisie Williams


After Hogsmeade Desiree had taken to teaching Harry more things starting with the erotic art of massage. After classes Desiree would make Harry come back to their room before getting naked on a massage table provided by the room and conjuring a gallon of body oil. She liked lots of oil and wanted to be completely covered in it from her neck to in between her toes. She was ultra responsive to his touch and was sure to let him know what she and other girls wanted.

Harry didn't understand why this stuff was important to learn at first but quickly understood when he found some of Desiree's more private erogenous zones. During the massage he couldn't stop his hands from dipping into her from time to time despite her warnings not to. She tried her best to teach instead of just quitting the lesson for a quick and wet fuck. But she also saw that as a learning opportunity to teach him some of the finer arts of fingering.

Their first lesson lasted for hours before Desiree finally gave him the okay to do more. Before she knew it he jumped on the table after rubbing his cock with oil and shoving it in her well oiled asshole. She had to grip the sides of the table due to how good it felt after hours of teasing. She also had to try and hold on so he didn't fuck her right off the table onto the hard stone floor. While she would have rather had him attend to her dripping and needy pussy this was just as good. Desiree would be lying if she said when he covered her asshole with oil she didn't see this coming. All that ran through her head was desperation the longer the massage went on waiting for the moment he would enter her body.

Harry of course gave her a shag that she would be feeling for the rest of the night. He even had to carry her to the shower by the end of it due to her body being jelly. Partly because of the massage but of course his rough fuck in both of her holes. He didn't stop shagging until his whole front half was covered in oil and she was very well satisfied after being filled with enough of his seed to start an army. In the shower she was able to stand as her master washed all the oil off using some of the same skills she taught him which was just unfair. Having another massage while in the shower just made her spread her legs and whine for another. She was so wanton and made her almost regret teaching him all of this stuff because now he was going to be insufferable. She might have even created a monster.

This time she was pinned to the cold shower tile. Her face was pressed against the cool tile as she felt a hot ten inch cock press into her still dripping pussy. She could feel her nipples being pressed against the tiles and how hard they were. They almost stung being pressed so tightly to the tiled wall. The hot water rained down their bodies as Harry thrusted softly inside her, this time taking his time and making sure she felt every thrust and twitch of his cock.

While Harry was behind Desiree he switched his attention from her wet ass. From playing with it to instead snaking his hand around her and finding her clit. When his index and middle finger found her stiff clit he rubbed her the way he knew she liked. In hard and fast circles. It worked marvelously because she came within a minute and had squeezed down so tight it managed to push him over the cliff also. Those were some of her favorite orgasms when her climax pushed him to cum also. It always felt like a major accomplishment for her and made her feel even more connected to him.

Once the sex was done Harry had managed to clean up the mess he just made inside his genie before carrying her to bed. The only words she had for him before she went to sleep was a simple, "Good job." She even added a little head rub like he was a dog who learned a new trick.

Harry accepted the praise and told her they were going to do it again tomorrow. Desiree lightly whined at that because he seemed to learn all the tricks of a good massage. She knew it made him so worked up the shag was going to be rough. 'I will gladly take any fuck he is willing to throw me but four rounds in my ass before he even touched my pussy was a pleasurable form of torture.'

Next time she was going to have to be a little more firm in her directions and tell him what she needed. If he was doing this to another girl he should always start with her pussy.

Next day

Harry was in potions and Snape had assigned them random Slytherin partners. Hermione unluckily was paired up with Pansy which was almost comical because he could see Pansy holding her tongue every time he looked at her. She even had the decency to blush when he looked at her. He made sure to keep an ear out because if she called Hermione Mudblood he was going to punish her again. 'At least without me shagging her.' He could always wish for her to be spanked by an invisible hand for the rest of the day.

For Harry's partner he was paired up with Tracey Davis who he knew to be Daphne's best friend. They even went to the ball together and Daphne had told him that they were closer than sisters. 'She is cute.' Tracey Davis was a good looking girl with brunette hair and lean body. While she didn't have much on her chest her backside made up for it. Her bum was perky and tight just the way he liked it. She quickly saw him staring at it by leaning back while they were standing up and working. While she was stirring the sickly green potion he would lean back and just stare which eventually earned him a slap on his arm. "Pay attention Potter." She at least had a smile showing him she didn't mind his stares as long as they didn't interfere in his work.

Tracey never expected Harry to be so brazzen to the point where he could be caught ogling her. Daphne had told her everything about her time with Harry and it had made her interested in the boy. Daphne gave Tracey her blessing if she wanted to try him out. Daphne knew Harry was sleeping with other witches and she didn't seem to care.

Harry tried to focus and cut his potion ingredients into neat and equal sized chunks for this potion when he felt Tracey get closer. Looking next to him he saw Tracey close the distance so their faces were inches away. "Am I doing this wrong?"

Tracey shook her head. "No, just curious as to what Daphne sees in you." She knew what her friend saw but she wanted to sweat Harry. She wanted him to be eager to prove to her what Daphne said about him was true. Tracey had only ever been with girls because of her unrealistic standard for boys. Although that standard was just don't be a stuck up asshole prick. Daphne convinced her Harry was the best and that she should give him a try. In Daphne's words it wouldn't hurt to broaden her horizons.

Harry finished his dicing before dropping them in the cauldron and watching the green turn to yellow. 'That seems right I think.' Looking back at Tracey he responds, "You won't see it here but if you know somewhere private after class I can show you."

Tracey scoffed, "I didn't take you for a smartass Potter." She kept stirring the potion counter clockwise. "If you want to show that to me I need you to answer some of my questions." With that she threw up some one way privacy charms where she could hear the sound around her but they couldn't hear her. It was imperative that no one overheard what she was about to talk about.

Harry was fine answering questions, "Sure ask away. I have nothing to hide." In his head he was excluding Desiree who he very much had to hide. During her speech he saw Daphne from across the room mouth "sorry" at him. It seems Tracey was going to be a little bit of a challenge to get into bed.

Tracey looked up from the potion, "What is going on between you and Daphne?" She understood what her friend saw in his looks because Potter had really filled out this year. Besides his looks he also had an edge and radiated power after killing the dragon.

'Wow hard questions right out of the gate. I was hoping for a favorite position question.' Harry took a second to answer trying to think about the best way to put this. "I really like Daphne. We have fun together and while I think we could be more in the future I'm just having fun right now."

Tracey wasn't expecting him to be so honest, almost expecting him to lie. That's how it was in Slytherin where lies are so common you can't believe anything. "So you want to sleep with all the girls you can?"

"Um...yes. You are only young once and I think it's a good thing. If Daphne wanted to date other boys I wouldn't have a problem with it." A two way street approach was the best for that question. He already knew Daphne wasn't interested in any other boys. For the Slytherin princess there was a lack of choices who met her high standards and who wasn't a complete wanker.

Tracey scoffed, "There are no boys in Slytherin worth sleeping with and she can't go date out of her house without fear of reprisal. She shouldn't even be sneaking around with you but she says you are quiet. She doesn't even think you told Granger."

"I didn't tell her. If Daphne wants to keep us a secret I can do that. There hasn't even been a rumor in the school of any of the girls I have been with." Harry said in defense of himself. He was proud the word hadn't spread about him yet. With his current numbers he was sure he was sleeping with more girls than anyone else. Not to mention his attraction to older witches which propped up his numbers a lot.

That part was true, there were no rumors about Harry with other girls. Usually that stuff spread like Fiendfyre especially if it was about Harry Potter. "How many other girls have you slept with?" Daphne said he was the best sex partner ever but she had only been with one other bloke. You think if he was so good he would have been recommended by every girl in the castle unless they try to keep him a secret for themselves.

Harry smiled at her prying question, "A few but I don't like to kiss and tell." If she knew who he had slept with them he was sure her brain would explode.

Tracey wanted him to be more specific, "What about the Veela you were seen going to her carriage after the ball." Tracey knew Daphne wasn't a fan of Fleur Delacour. Daphne didn't like being number two. It bothered her in classes when Granger was at the top of the class and now it bothered her when it came to looks.

Harry chuckled at her cunning because he knew they weren't because after getting stitched up in the hospital Wing no one was out that time of night. "Nice try. But since you are so interested I guess there is no harm in telling you so you can relay it to Daphne. I did sleep with Fleur." He left out the fact he also slept with her mum.

Tracey didn't look forward to telling her friend that piece of news. "So why aren't you just with Fleur isn't Veela supposed to be the best sex ever. What's the point in sleeping around anymore?" She knew if she met the perfect bloke that could shag her perfectly she wouldn't be looking around for more.

Harry shrugged, "It's fun that's for sure but I enjoy other girls just as much. Daphne for instance is one of my favorites. And believe me when I wish that the house rivalries didn't exist so we could be more open." He wished he could get closer to her and even show affection. The other day he saw her in the courtyard and there was nothing he wanted more than to embrace her from behind and rubbed himself against her bum. The last part was more for him but it was a move he had seen before in school between boyfriends and girlfriends.

Tracey wasn't expecting such a sweet answer. She also didn't expect the small feeling of arousal to start to spread through her body. Daphne was her sister and she was worried when she started to see Harry thinking the Gryffindor just thought of her as a cheap slut. That's what she believed about most boys, that they didn't care about the girl, only her parts. At least that was her jaded view being in Slytherin for the last four years. In first year she saw a seventh year boy shag a sixth year girl in the common room and no one batted an eye. The boy even spent the whole time degrading her and telling her to tighten her pussy for his cock and how lucky she was to be getting a shag. Since then Daphne and her have been inseparable, almost wishing they were sorted in a different house. "Daphne goes on and on about your shagging ability and wants me to try it out. I imagine that won't be a problem for you?"

Harry just smiled as he had to fight his erection from reaching full volume. "Of course we can do it whenever you like." He was trying to act cool but the images of them in bed together filled his mind and it was making him wish he could throw her on their workstation and start right now.

Tracey took a deep breath, "Meet me on the fourth floor after dinner. There is an old out of the way classroom that most people don't know about." Since Daphne first had sex with Harry she didn't want to do it in the bathroom again so she had been scouring the castle for a nice place to shag.

"I will see you there. Now let's finish this potion so we can get out of here." With the sensitive conversation over the privacy spells were dispelled. Within a few minutes after that they had a perfect silver colored potion mostly due to Tracey's skill over his. Even Snape had to give them a decent grade on it before dismissing them to leave.

After Dinner

Under his cloak Harry made it to the fourth floor and the classroom Tracey must have been talking about. The room was dusty and filthy and looked to be a storage room instead of a classroom. While there were plenty of things he could have sex on none of it looked comfortable. The best thing being a table he could sit Tracey on. Thankfully he had a magical sex genie. "I wish this room was clean and that there was a bed."

Desiree quickly granted the wish saying her magic words as her signature green smoke filled the room. Once the smoke cleared all the miscellaneous items were organized neatly adding plenty of space for the bed. Desiree being the cheeky genie she was, made the sheets for the bed Gryffindor colors. 'Much better.'

Tracey was nervous about her meeting with Harry. He was going to be her first wizard. She had only ever been with a boy she met over the summer but both Tracey and Daphne had torn their hymens by using toys on each other before then. She could remember after Daphne slept with Harry because she made a big toy the next time they were together and used it on her. While it hurt in the beginning once she became used to it she quite enjoyed the stretch and full feeling.

The corridors were empty so it was easy to sneak away and head to the meeting point. 'It's going to be fine Tracey, just calm yourself.' Her body was shaking a little the more she thought about having sex with a real boy. Part of her was still a little scared not having the courage to do what Daphne did and just take the boy she liked.

As she opened the door to the abandoned classroom she was taken aback by the candles and bed in the room. The last time she saw this room she was ready to get splinters in her bum from an old desk or table.

"Tracey good to-" Harry was in his boxers on the bed and smiled to see Tracey but behind her was Daphne. "Daphne?"

Daphne smiled at her past lover. "I am just here to watch. We don't go to the common rooms alone and the library is closed so here we are." It was going to be a little awkward to sit and watch without joining in but promised Tracey she wouldn't. Because if she did she would take over being the dominant personality she was.

Tracey looked to see Harry on the bed in his boxers and she licked her lips at his body. She was a half-blood, she had seen muggle magazines and Harry looked like he came off the cover. His body was muscled and well defined it made her want to spend all night touching it. Running her hands up and down his well defined muscles. But she noticed something on his arm, "What is that?"

Harry followed her finger and noticed she was staring at the bottle tattoo on his arm. Harry always forgot about that and also to throw a glamour over it. "You like it, I had it done last summer." He lied.

Daphne didn't believe that for a second, "Who tattoos a fifteen year old?" Tracey agreed with her friend, "Yeah and why a bottle. Why not something cool like your house mascot or something?" She noticed the tattoo wasn't moving so it wasn't a magical tattoo.

Harry wanted to groan at the turn this has taken. "I thought it was wicked alright and there aren't many tattoo artists willing to tattoo a teenager. So can you cut me some slack on the tattoo?"

Daphne and Tracey both closed the distance and examined the tattoo. It was a bottle that was black and green almost like it was a vase. "It's just a bottle? Nothing special?"

Harry just shrugged and tried to play it like it wasn't a big deal. "It was a stupid kid thing to do. I keep it covered for a reason. Can we just go back to what we had planned?" He wanted to move on and tried to ignore Desiree laughing at his misfortune.

Tracey agreed not wanting for Harry to get upset she changed the subject to the room. "Harry what did you do to the room?"

Harry rubbed his head a little bashfully, "Do you like it? I had a little time before you arrived so I did some redecorating. I hope you like the bed. I figured you would prefer a bed." While he didn't care what he fucked on it was mostly a girl issue. He had no problem bending a girl over a sink, table or even just holding them up and giving them the best shag possible.

Tracey nodded as she dropped her outer robe now just in her uniform minus the jumper. "I like it a lot. It's perfect really." Besides her dorm bed this was the perfect place to lose her wizard virginity. It was almost the perfect level of romance.

It was at this point Daphne moved away from Tracey and pulled a stool off a nearby table and set it down near the bed. She wanted a front row seat to both of her lovers having the time of their lives. She didn't even wear knickers tonight so she could touch herself freely. "Don't mind me, just focus on Tracey tonight."

Harry nodded as he looked away from the blonde beauty who he had slept with multiple times. "Get some of those clothes off and join me Tracey."

Tracey hesitantly started undoing buttons before pushing her shirt off leaving her in a black bra showing off her small breasts that were nowhere near Daphne's size. She was embarrassed that they were so small. They had to be the smallest in her house. Even the Carrow twins who were a year younger than her had bigger breasts with a high B-cup compared to her A-cup.

Harry saw Tracey try to cover her chest even though she was already wearing a bra. "Tracey what's wrong? Do you not want to do this?" He was trying to be sensitive and not completely think with his cock. Having used wishes to control girls in the past he didn't want to force a girl to do anything they didn't want.

Daphne spoke up, "She doesn't like her tits. She thinks they are too small even when we are in bed together, she gets all embarrassed about it." Daphne could see her friend's problem especially with her in the room with her perfect breasts all the boys stared at.

Harry hopped off the bed and drew his wand from his trouser pockets near the bed before walking over to Tracey. "Move your hands away."

Tracey did as he said and looked up at him not knowing what he was going to do next. That's when she felt him cut the front of her bra before pushing it off her shoulders.

Harry waved his wand and casted the same spell as he did on Rita Skeeter. "Tell me when to stop." Watching he saw her breasts start to slowly grow.

Tracey didn't know what he meant until she felt her breasts start to grow. From her A-cup she quickly saw that it was going into a B-cup. Speechless she didn't say anything as they kept growing into a C-cup. Now she could feel the heavy weight and light strain on her back. "Stop!" It felt weird that her body had such a drastic change in such a short amount of time. Breasts were supposed to grow over years and Harry had done it in seconds. This was going to take a while before her body was able to compensate for her new chest.

Harry stopped the spell just as Daphne shot out of her seat and ran over to see what was happening. "What the fuck did you do?" Daphne had never seen anything like that before and she had scoured the library with Tracey to see if there was a spell or a potion to make her breasts bigger. All girls besides the incredibly gifted ones like Susan Bones had tried to look for a magical way to enhance their bodies.

"It's a spell I found." Harry twirled his wand in his hand smugly, "So how do you like your new tits?" He hoped that this would boost her confidence. There was nothing better than a confident woman in bed. He could see a difference between girls like Madam Rosmerta and girls like Penelope who were a little shy and not sure of themselves.

Both Tracey and Daphne were touching and squeezing her new breasts and both of them couldn't believe it. "Is it going to wear off?" Tracey asked scared for the answer. She already loved her new tits and didn't want to part with them.

Harry shook his head, "No as far as I know. I only did it once before and she was a very satisfied customer." Rita's tits looked just as good when he made them as they did after the second task. Rita didn't have any complaints about them reverting back to their old size.

Daphne loved her breasts but she wouldn't mind another cup size to turn her D's into double D's. While she didn't want to give Susan's triple D's a run for their money she wouldn't mind having the second best set in the school. "Can you give me a little boost?" Using both her arms she pushed out her chest and strained her shirt to the limit by pushing against the buttons.

Harry shrugged, "Sure." With another wave he increased Daphne one more cup size and he saw her shirt get tighter to the point her buttons looked close to popping off. "You might have to do some more shopping."

Daphne giggled as she started groping her own chest, loving the extra size. "Oh we will. I guess I will just play with these while you two have your fun." She then sat back on the stool as she cupped her breasts and dropped them to see the jiggle. While she was sure she was going to get more attention she did this for herself. Her mother had a nice set of tits and they were the same size as hers before Harry's spell. Now she could rub it in her mother's face about how she had the best tits in the house since Astoria wasn't even close to passing her. Even just a year behind her Astoria was more petite and didn't get the big breasted gene.

Pushing her new breasts out Tracey drew Harry's attention back to her. "Feel them. I want to feel your hands on them." He made them so it only made sense he was able to play with them. She would let him do whatever he wanted to them right now.

Harry threw his wand onto his pile of clothes before bringing both hands to Tracey's new soft globes. His hands sank into the soft flesh and he even heard Desiree in his mind admire his work. Harry chose to ignore the genie and just play with Tracey's tits. Groping them was fun enough especially the more Tracey fell into it and she started moaning and mewling. Taking his hands off her tits he brought them to her hips before lifting her off the ground and throwing her onto the bed.

Tracey squealed as Harry picked her up like he would pick up a book before throwing her on the bed. She then watched as he crawled up her body and brought his lips to one of her pink nipples. Tracey could just moan as he started to suck. His mouth was different to Daphne's who always kissed or licked. Harry's was more demanding like he almost expected milk to come out. Looking over to Daphne she cried out. "He's sucking my nipples so hard and it feels good." She didn't know how to feel about it.

Daphne smirked at her friend as she stopped playing with her own enhanced breasts. "He does that. I don't know what it is but he really loves tits...and athe bum" Given most boys loved tits it was always the first thing they even looked at on a girl. Not to say Harry was a one trick kind of boy. He had all sorts of ways to party attention to every part of her. From the way his hand ghosted over her stomach to the way he tightly gripped her hips before reaming her asshole. It all felt good and her best friend was about to find that out.

Harry let go of the nipple in his mouth with a pop. "I can still hear you." Hearing girl gossip while he was in the middle of snogging Tracey's new tits was annoying.

Daphne laughed, "Why don't you get back to work and let us girls talk." Looking down she could already see he was pushing against his boxers. It wouldn't be long before he pushed for more.

Harry grumbled before switching nipples and bringing the other into his mouth as one hand slipped under her skirt. Deftly pushing her knickers aside he inserted two fingers in her dripping snatch and started curling them. His fingers were seeking out the special spot that made all girls scream when touched.

Tracey let out a very loud scream that made Daphne panic and start casting privacy charms on the door. 'Fuck that was a close one.' Turning away from the door she saw her friend moaning as she fisted the sheets and Harry's messy black hair as he started fingering her. 'Tracey must be really wet because I can hear his fingers going in and out.'

Tracey heard it too and her face kept getting redder the more she felt her climax build from just his fingers and a mouth on her nipple. Tracey looked at her friend and as expected she was just smiling as she hiked up her skirt as she started rubbing her own dripping petals up and down. 'You bitch.' Tracey thought as she looked at Daphne's smug smirk.

The smell of these two aroused girls was filling the room with their scents which only fueled Harry to work harder. There was something about the smell of a girl's arousal that lit a fire in him. Harry felt her wet walls start to contract around his fingers with a gaining intensity and it was at that moment he chose to hiss on her nipple at the same time he brought his thumb to her clit. Just like he expected Tracey let out another scream as her back arched off the bed only this time she came.

Daphne had seen Tracey cum before mostly thanks to her own skill but as expected Harry made it look easy. While Daphne didn't mind fingers she much preferred his cock or a tongue. This was almost a little painful to watch Harry have sex while she sat on the sidelines.

Tracey used all of her strength to push Harry's vibrating mouth away from her new tits. "What the fuck is that?" She didn't know how a boy could make his mouth vibrate like that. Was that another spell he invented that no one else knew about. How could this boy invent all these sex spells while still in Hogwarts.

"You remember that I am a Parseltongue right?" Harry said with a cocky voice. He loved that he found a way to make that dark ability into something useful.

Tracey rolled her eyes. 'Of course that whole second year was about him talking to snakes.' Tracey narrowed her eyes at his cocky attitude. "You know what I mean. That came out of nowhere. How is it you know all this stuff?"

Harry was a little anxious to start with the main event because he was still in his boxers and his hard cock was ready to rip a hole through them through the big wet spot from all his precum. "Just picked up things along the way. Do you want me to sit here and tell you every sex trick I know how to do?" His eyes were now openly looking at her body, taking in every inch waiting for a chance to dive in.

Daphne wished he would, everytime they had sex it was like she was learning something new. 'Wonder what he did on the Veela. I bet that slut was no better than us and she came like the big cock loving whore she is.' Daphne thought to herself as the mental image of Harry making that slut cum over and over was making her rub her clit harder. Even though she knew she was just the same she had a deep love and adoration for Harry's big cock also.

Tracey bit her lip as she looked down to his boxers which were red and looked painfully tight holding in his trouser snake. "We want to talk after but right now you can go on." She was now very curious to see the famous cock that Daphne talked about.

Pushing his boxers off his ten inch erection sprang out of the clothed prison to reveal itself to the room. Not wasting a second his hands went to Tracey's skirt and quickly pulled it off along with her little black knickers. When she was naked Daphne said, "Get her Harry. I have made sure she has taken something that big before so you can be a little rough with her."

Tracey blushed and looked at her best friend who was sitting on the stool next to the bed playing with herself. "Daphne!" Turning back to Harry she spared a glance to his battering ram of a cock. "Start off slow please." With his beater's bat of a cock she worried about him tearing her poor pussy in two.

Daphne chuckled, "Spoilsport." Harry just nodded at her directions and moved a hand down and gripped his cock with one hand as he started to rub the tip of his cock up and down her moist lips. Tracey was really into this and ready for the main event.

All thoughts fled Tracey's head as she felt Harry start to plunge his impressive girth and length inside her. This was her first time with anything this big that wasn't glass or Daphne's hand. Harry's cock felt bigger than any of the toys that Daphne had made even the one she modeled after Harry didn't feel like this. 'Shit Daphne was right I am going to like this.'

As Harry's cock sank deeper into Daphne's best friend he felt her jump every time he hit a sensitive spot like her G spot or finally when he touched the end of her pussy. Tracey's mouth was open as she sucked down air trying not to lose herself on the first thrust. He stayed pinned to her for a few extra moments so she could get used to him. Tracey was happy he did so and after about a minute she gave him the nod to start moving.

Harry pulled back his hips with practiced ease until just the head remained before plunging everything back inside her pulsing pussy. With one big thrust her hands went from gripping the sheets to having a death grip on his arms. "Too hard?" He asked.

Tracey shook her head, "It felt good, keep going." With one big thrust she could see why Daphne kept seeking him out. She could already feel her walls gripping down on him ready to cum any minute. Even Daphne couldn't even make her cum this quickly. "Fucking Fuck." She moaned out as he sped up his thrusts.

Harry was now pistoning out of Tracey with his usual speed and he could feel his orgasm start to build. It helped that if he looked over he saw Daphne and Desiree watching him fuck Tracey with their fingers playing with themselves. He was used to fucking in front of Desiree but having Daphne watch was a new thrill. 'Enjoying the show Desiree?'

'Oh yes master, although I think you should spread her legs wider.' Desiree suggested.

Harry took her advice and leaned back, taking all of his weight off his hands before spreading Tracey's legs and pulling her into his cock.

When Harry changed the angle of his thrusts and now she felt him hit her G spot head on, it was too much. "I'm cumming!" Tracey screamed.

Daphne mirrored her friend and came around her own fingers seeing Harry make her friend cum. 'This is so fucking hot. I can't believe I convinced Tracey to do this.' This was her new favorite thing to watch.

Harry never stopped thrusting into Tracey as her body kept shaking as she came. With his hands on her thighs he felt her legs twitch as he fucked her through her orgasm. There was still a way to go before he came but this was a good start.

Daphne saw that Harry wasn't letting up or even showing any signs that he was close. Right now he was just drilling her friend with everything he had. "Harry put her in the position you put me in at the library."

Harry smiled at Daphne's suggestion and pulled out of Tracey before pulling her hips off the bed and bending her into position.

Tracey was freaking out as Harry started to lift her lower half up and bend her legs back as all of her weight was pushed down on her shoulders. "What is this?" The question was soon answered for her when she felt Harry thrust his cock back inside of her. She let out a string of curses as she felt him start driving all of his weight down on his cock. Now what was once a hard kiss on her cervix was a punch as it almost felt like he was trying to break him way into her womb. His thrusts were rough and to Tracey's shock she enjoyed it. There was no way anyone in the room could deny it because the wet sounds of her pussy being fucked rang through.

Daphne had a little chuckle to herself as she watched Tracey's face go from scared to whorish as her best friend felt what she felt in the library. There was simply no better feeling than Harry putting all of his weight behind those thrusts. 'So that's what I looked like.'

Tracey felt another big climax approaching and she couldn't believe he was going to make her cum twice before he had one. "Come on and just cum Harry."

"You first." Harry shot back confidently.

'I already did.' Tracey thought back to her first orgasm as she was on the razor's edge of another. Tracey felt her legs tremble as she screamed out as another climax wrecked her body. As her pussy clamped down on his length she felt that he started to twitch and pulse before she felt a warm spray inside of her.

Daphne saw the moment Harry lost himself and came inside Tracey. His face scrunched up in pleasure as he maybe even tried to hold back before he started to coat Tracey's womb with one of his impressive loads.

Tracey felt herself being filled with Harry's hot seed and after the seventh shot it almost felt never ending. "How much do boy's cum?" Daphne hadn't told her there would be so much of it. Daphne always went on and on about his cock but never what came out of it. 'Do wizards cum more than muggle boys?'

Harry was about to answer as he started to pull back his orgasm. If this was her first sexual experience with a boy she wanted to give her something she would never forget. Daphne answered her friend, "Harry is special that way too. He cums like a horse."

The mention of horses made Harry shiver as his cock twitched remembering what he did to Luna and Desiree. It also made Desiree remember because she said, 'Oh master, wasn't that a fun day?'

Harry agreed but tried to keep his focus on the girl in front of him and not the sluttiest blonde pixie on the planet. Pulling his cock out of Tracey he let her lay back in a much more comfortable position. "Ready for round two?"

Tracey looked down to see he was still rock hard. "How is that possible?" How did Daphne handle this thing multiple times in a day. Two big orgasms and she was ready to go to sleep. "Can you just let me rest for a moment?"

Daphne took that as an invitation to jump in bed and pushed Harry on his back before moving her head to his lap. With a practiced ease she was able to take every inch down her throat. 'Someone has been practicing.' He thought to himself. "You enjoy tasting your best friend on my cock?"

Daphne felt his big hands hold her head for an extra few seconds when she took all of him in her throat. Moaning affirmative answers around his cock she did enjoy tasting Tracey smeared all over his cock. Daphne had her head between her friends legs before so it was a familiar taste but mixed with the unique taste of Harry's cock it was her new favorite taste.

Tracey was watching her friend take every punishing inch of Harry cock down her throat and Tracey couldn't believe what she was seeing. 'Daphne can do that? Since when can Daphne suck cock like that?' Daphne had no boyfriends but if you went by this she has had plenty. The longer the blowjob went on the more she was cheering on her friend.

Harry eventually sped up Daphne's bobs and was now using her mouth purely for his pleasure as he fucked the girl's face. The more he felt himself racing for the edge he finally had to give her a warning. "I'm gonna cum Daphne."

Daphne heard him and pulled back until just the head was in her mouth before furiously wanking him into her mouth. She wanted his hot cum in her mouth so she could share it with Tracey.

Harry lost it when her free hand went to his balls and lightly squeezed as she tried to coax the load from him. He was only able to groan as he lost it and filled Daphne's mouth with a big load she had to swallow if she didn't want it to come shooting out her nose.

When the warm cum hit her tongue she was ready for his slightly salty taste but not the pure sugar concoction that hit her tongue. It was such a surprise that the load she wanted to share with Tracey was forgotten as she swallowed every drop.

Tracey saw her friend's cheeks expand for a moment before she started gulping down mouthfuls of what Harry was pumping into her mouth. The moans that Daphne made as she drank him down were moans that she never heard before so deep and guttural.

Once Daphne had sucked down every drop of cum from his still hard cock she pulled away. "What the fuck was that?"

Tracey saw that her friend was upset. "What's wrong Daphne?" Did his hands force her friend's to stay on his cock? Did she not want to swallow all that cum? These were the new questions in her head as she watched her friend's throat bob trying to swallow the remnants of cum left in her mouth.

Daphne could describe it so looking down she saw that Tracey's cunt was still dripping cum from Harry. So with two fingers she scooped some up before shoving it in her friend's mouth. Tracey thought it was gross and winced as her friend did it but she expected something bitter and disgusting but instead it tasted sweet. Opening her eyes she sucked the rest of the seed from her friend's fingers. Daphne pulled her fingers out of Tracey's mouth so she could talk. "What Daphne said. What the fuck is that?" Tracey asked, turning her attention from Daphne to Harry.

Harry kept forgetting about that wish from Luna but Desiree didn't want to get rid of the wish. She was enjoying sucking him dry every chance she got. With a red face Harry tried to explain why his cum tasted like melted ice cream. "I was experimenting with potions and this is what happened." He thought his lie was flawless but the duo quickly spoke up.

Tracey spoke up first, "You are terrible at potions." She didn't buy that he could make a potion that sophisticated or even create a potion.

Daphne was next, "Yeah are you telling us you invented a potion that turns your cock into a sweet dispenser." This was by far one of her favorite surprises ever but it was still a little weird and needed to be investigated.

Harry didn't expect to be called on his lie and turned to the invisible Desiree with a "what do I do" face. Desiree took pity on her master, 'Tell them Hermione helped you.' Harry nodded and mentally thanked her. "Hermione helped me. But don't ask her about it because she is embarrassed. This was supposed to do something else and she doesn't know about this side effect."

That made both girls stop as they tried to digest the answer. Now that made more sense but what was the potion trying to do if this was the side effect. "So Granger made your cum taste like this and she doesn't know?"

Harry nodded which caused both girls to burst out laughing. They even were muttering words like "magic cum" "sweets" "Granger messed up" "Thanks for the sweet cum Granger." Harry wasn't expecting that reaction but they seemed to buy it. Both girls were laughing so hard Daphne nearly fell off the bed from laughing not watching how close she was to the edge of the bed. The laughing went on for much longer than he was expecting to the point even Desiree was laughing at their laughter. Harry just crossed his arms and waited for them to be done while he silently cursed Luna. She was responsible for all of this and he was having trouble explaining it to girls.

Daphne and Tracey were eventually able to get a hold of themselves, both were out of breath for laughing so hard. When they looked back at Harry he looked a little cross. His arms were crossed and he had a sour expression on his face. It was a funny sight because his cock was still rock hard and it was hard to take his anger seriously. "Cheer up Harry now you could have a line of girls ready to blow you when they find out about this."

Harry put up his hands, "No no no no don't tell everyone about this. This needs to stay between us and the girls I choose to sleep with." If the entire school found out he could only imagine the nicknames and humiliation.

Daphne and Tracey nodded. "I guess we will have to keep this a secret. You took all the fun out of this." Daphne said. She wished she could see girls scramble to try and find out if this rumor was true for themselves.

"I would offer you a sincere thank you but I already gave you both new tits." Harry reminded them. He hoped that was enough to buy them off for their silence.

Tracey blushed and looked down. She was thankful for her new breasts and looked forward to flaunting them soon. "We will keep it a secret."

Daphne was getting tired of this sappy stuff, "Harry try Tracey's ass next. I made sure to stretch it out since the Yule Ball." On the night of the Yule Ball Tracey had surrendered completely and let Daphne use anything she wanted on her. It started slow and gradual but the later they were up the more adventurous Daphne became. Soon she had their seven inch toy shoved up her well lubed asshole. While she admitted it felt good she wasn't sure she was ready for what Harry was packing. Slapping her best friend with her big balloon tits Tracey screamed, "Daphne!"

This time it was his turn to laugh, "You think you are ready for this Tracey?" Daphne had a strong desire to see Harry take her best friend's bum. The look on her own face in the mirror when she saw her face when Harry buggered her was so hot. She wanted to see that same look on her best friend.

Tracey's gaze went from her friend to Harry's troll cock. "Maybe but can you make sure it won't hurt?" She was worried about the pain. When Daphne had taken her ass for the first time there were hints of pain feeling her asshole stretch that wide. With Harry's beater's bat she was even more worried about this being a painful experience.

Harry smiled kindly at the nervous girl and replied, "Of course just lay on your stomach." As she turned over to lay on her stomach Harry silently wished for the magical massage oil Desiree had taught him with. A bottle of clear oil soon appeared in his hand which Daphne didn't miss. 'He didn't even have his wand. Where did that come from? Is he so powerful he can do wandless magic? And what is with that tattoo and sweet cum?' She had so many questions she needed answered.

Tracey felt something drip on her bum. She felt as if her bum was being glazed as oil drizzled all over her. Soon she felt his hands cup her bum as he started to massage in the oil which had started to get warm and tingle. Some oil had even started dripping down her pussy and was making her pussy tingle. Tracey had to bite her cheek from moaning out like a whore for getting her bum played with.

Harry had both of her round cheeks glistening with oil as he kneaded both firm cheeks to try to relax her for what came next. Soon his fingers dipped in her crack and for the first time he heard her moan as she shoved her head in a pillow. "You like that Tracey? Do you feel this?" As he said the last part he circled her pink little hole with a finger as he spread her cheeks. "You have a cute asshole Tracey. Don't you think so Daphne?"

Daphne was watching Harry like a hawk after seeing how quickly Tracey moaned and fell into the massage. Kneeling next to Tracey she saw what Harry meant about her having a cute asshole. "Yes and I can't wait to see it take your cock."

The words from her friend made Tracey blush as she tried to push her ass out for more contact. Harry saw that and started to push a finger inside of her. There was no trouble sliding in a finger and feeling her hot inviting hole around him so he added a second finger. He spent the next couple minutes trying to stretch her with two of his fingers making her moan louder and louder. That was when Tracey felt a third finger but she could tell it wasn't Harry's. Trying to crane her head around she saw that Daphne was next to Harry and had her hand out of view. Feeling both of them fingering her was too much and then she felt Daphne use her free hand to go further down and rub her pussy which was dripping arousal and massage oil. Daphne started to rub the oil into her clit and Tracey felt an orgasm that was just as big as the first two. This time she had to bite a pillow to not break the windows with her scream.

Daphne and Harry both felt Tracey's ass get tighter as she came. They even both gave each other a smile for a job well done. Daphne pulled her fingers out first and like Harry by the end she had two inside her friend. Harry pulled out next to see her asshole had a light gape but quickly closed. "Are you ready for the real thing?"

Tracey stopped biting the pillow and pushed herself up to her knees. "Yes go ahead and fuck my bum." They did a superb job of making sure she was ready for what came next.

Daphne liked to see her friend really let loose and even ask for the buggering which she was about to receive. 'Since we started having sex this year Tracey has really came out of her shell.' Despite being half-blood she always felt on the outs with her house. With her being Tracey's only friend she was the only one who saw the girl on the inside.

Harry massaged her wet cheeks before giving one a medium hard spank to the right cheek which made the girl jump before he grabbed his cock and lined it up with her lubed and ready hole. Pushing forward he felt her asshole spread open up and swallow his tip. Seeing how she wasn't giving any protests he sank deeper and deeper.

Tracey was feeling everyone of those ten inches and once she felt like he didn't have anymore he would still press more and more inside her cramped hole. Finally she felt his hips touch hers and she let out a sigh/moan of relief. With all ten inches inside of her she had felt the fullest she had ever been which was an almost euphoric feeling.

Harry let her take as much time as she needed to get adjusted. After a minute he felt her push back letting him know that it was time to start moving. On his knees Harry pulled back until just half of his cock remained inside before thrusting back in with the slowest thrust he could manage. With just one thrust he heard muffled moans coming from the pillow Tracey had her face buried in. He kept repeating the motion over and over and over time slowly sped up.

Daphne watched her friend in the throes of pleasure and had never been more envious. This would have been the kind of fuck she would have enjoyed. "Keep fucking her Harry because I want a turn when you are done."

Tracey lifted her head out of the pillow indignantly, "You said tonight was my night."

"If his cock is still hard he is fair game and I bet after this you will even push him onto me yourself." Daphne could see that her friend wouldn't be able to last after this final fuck. Harry was simply too much for one girl, especially one so inexperienced.

Tracey took that deal. "Harry you better fuck me with everything you have." Those words were quickly taken to heart because Harry's thrusts seem to get deeper and harder immediately. Now she was openly moaning like Knockturn Alley's biggest and cheapest whore while being buggered. It felt so much better than she expected and there was only a slight burning from her tightest hole from stretching around his girth. This was something she could definitely get used to.

Harry was lost in her tight ass it felt so good and just as tight as he imagined. He didn't know why but her perky firm ass was one of the best he has felt from an anal virgin. 'I guess Daphne had her ass first. But that doesn't count since it wasn't a real cock.'

Tracey felt her first anal climax building and Harry didn't have any intention of slowing down. Much like her first orgasm Harry wasn't going to stop until he had his. "Daphne I'm cumming. Fuck I'm cumming with my asshole." Tracey screamed. She had never had an anal orgasm before so she didn't know how to put it into words in am eloquent way. When Daphne did it she wouldn't stop rubbing her clit so that's what made her cum the first time. Now she wants coming undone from a long and thick cock reaching so deep down he was stimulating sensitive spots she didn't know she had.

Daphne laid down next to her friend and brought Tracey's mouth to hers. Daphne instigated the kiss and both girls quickly had their tongues in the other's mouth. Tracey almost bit Daphne's tongue off when she felt the orgasm hit her. Pulling her mouth away Tracey almost howled. "Cumming!"

Feeling the vice that was Tracey's asshole Harry had to stop for a moment and just let her enjoy it before he could start moving again. It took a minute for Tracey's asshole to regain some give before he started sawing in and out.

Daphne saw Tracey's eyes start to space out as she kept taking Harry's hard cock even though her body was coming down from a big climax. "Hang in there Tracey. If you hang in there I will promise to clean you up after he makes a mess out of your ass." She was still coming out on top. She liked eating out her best friend and adding that with Harry's magical sweet cum while he was going to be filling her backside with. This was going to be the best night ever.

That got Tracey's attention remembering how good Daphne's tongue felt the night of the Yule Ball. "Deal." For a second she thought Harry might actually shag her unconscious because she could feel her body start to get numb from all the orgasms he forced out of her.

Harry heard the girl's deal and he wanted to see that in fact if Daphne had her face buried in her friend's ass then Daphne's ass would be wide open for him. Speeding up he started to fuck Tracey with an increased intensity feeling his orgasm start to build quickly.

Tracey was in the clouds as she felt Harry fucking her as well as her friend was groping her new tits. While they weren't as big as Daphne's they were now a very nice handful. 'Thanks Harry. Fuck I love these tits and the cock isn't too bad either.' She was afraid to make that joke aloud because he could really make her regret it. His cock seemed to never get soft and she couldn't handle another round with this beast.

The sounds of skin clapping together was loud as Harry was getting more frantic the closer he became. "I'm so close. Fuck I'm so close to filling this ass up."

Daphne and Tracey both tried to push him over the edge. "Do it fill me up." Tracey said while Daphne said, "Cum in her ass Harry."

With a loud groan Harry did just that as his cock started to spray his molten seed all through her bowels. She gave a loud elongated moan as she felt it all hit her at once. His hot seed had drawn another climax out of her that she wasn't expecting. "Ahhh!" Once again her ass tried to milk every last drop from her lover's balls.

Daphne hadn't seen Tracey's eyes roll into the back of her head so hard before. "You did it Tracey. Didn't I tell you how good it felt to get your ass manhandled by Harry?"

Tracey was panting, still trying to come to grips to what happened to her body. Her legs felt numb and in both of her holes she was filled with so much cum she wasn't sure she could walk back to the dorms without a bad limp from having her asshole so expertly buggered. "Fuck you Daph."

Daphne chuckled at her friend's choice of words, "You won't be saying that in a second." Daphne knew her friend loved her tongue and Daphne wanted to show her how proud of her she was. It was going to be her pleasure to lick her clean.

Harry took that as his cue to pull out of Tracey and flip her over so she was back on her back. He backed up out of the way so Daphne could get in there and do what she said she was going to do.

Daphne was a woman of her word and climbed between her friends legs and pushed her friends legs up so she had a better angle so she could clean the mess from her friend's dripping holes. With Harry's sweet taste this might as well have been a dessert for her. She didn't have to look back to know Harry was staring at her bum. She gave it a little extra shake for good measure which seemed to work because he grabbed it.

Pushing up Daphne's skirt he saw that she wasn't wearing anything underneath before he brought his still hard cock to Daphne's pussy and thrusting in. While he wanted her ass her dripping pussy was too good to pass up. Without a shred of gentleness he roughly claimed her pussy. Planting his flag in her so to speak.

Daphne was having trouble keeping up with licking her friend as she tried not to moan as Harry fucked her pussy like he owned it. She half expected him to go for her ass but since he just got done fucking Tracey's maybe that sated his anal fetish for a while.

Harry soon found his fast and hard rhythm and Daphne's thicker ass was rippling on every thrust. Her body really showed the effect he was having on it. He was even sure her breasts were bouncing nicely as he shagged her for everything he was worth. Since her cup size increased he hoped to see them in action soon. Maybe she could even try to give him a titfuck.

"Daphne!" Tracey kept screaming to deeper her friend shoved her tongue in her well fucked asshole. Tracey even held Daphne's blonde hair like a handle to keep her there. Daphne didn't mind and had no objection to keep pleasuring her friend. Daphne had always been generous with her tongue but this was by far the best time. 'She is cleaning my cum filled holes.' Tracey thought not believing how deep Daphne's tongue was reaching in her gaped asshole.

Daphne was having the time of her life Harry was giving her a shag that was rivaling her first time with him in the bathroom. While it didn't feel as wild as the library it was still well above expectations. Add to that she was eating out her best friend that had the sweetest cum ever dripping out of her. This was the best day ever. And to think she had to spend time convincing Tracey to give Harry a shot.

The three-way went on for a while before Daphne and Tracey came with loud screams. Even though Daphne hadn't been on the main action she had multiple orgasms watching the pair so one big orgasm pushed her over the edge to the point she just collapsed on the bed.

Harry didn't push his luck and pulled out of Daphne and got into bed with the pair. "You two seemed to have a good time." While he didn't finish he was happy to just give the girls a nice night.

Tracey looked at his still hard cock. "Does this thing ever go down?" She had always heard that once a boy cums once it took over five minutes for their erection to come back. How was Harry negating that? It must be another one of his spells or secrets.

"With one more it probably will. I'm getting pretty tired myself." As he talked he felt Tracey's hand wrap around him as well as Daphne's hand resting just above Tracey's.

Daphne looked at Tracey, "You thinking what I'm thinking?" She knew her friend well enough to know they were both thinking the same thing.

Tracey nodded as both of their heads went down to meet each other at his cock. Both of them peppered the stick of pure meat with kisses and small licks as their hands never stopped moving. They felt Harry respond and even buck his hips as they found a nice rhythm.

After a minute Daphne suggested, "Take him into your mouth."

Tracey listened to her friend and engulfed his cock in the warmth of her mouth. While she didn't have the experience that Daphne had she was able to get half in her mouth and savor the taste of her friend's pussy all over his skin. Bobbing her head she started working towards the goal of getting one of those sweet loads for herself.

Harry's hand went to the back of Daphne's blonde head as he pushed her towards his balls. She picked up on what he wanted and started to kiss and suck on his big cum filled balls. They felt so soft and smooth in her mouth she vowed to spend more time on his balls in the future.

Both of the girls using their mouths on him was too much and within a few minutes he said, "Get ready you two." In his mind he could see a vivid mental picture of painting both of these girls' faces white with cum.

Tracey did what Daphne did and kept the tip of his cock in her mouth while her hand wanked him off. She made sure she had a tight seal with her lips so she didn't miss a drop. With a groan from Harry and his hand tightening in her hair she soon felt a warm wave of the sweetest milk enter her mouth. Even her gulps weren't enough to keep it all in her mouth and soon she had to pull back so she could stop herself from getting overwhelmed.

Daphne quickly moved in and took her friend's place to get the rest of his orgasm which was just a stray quick burst of cum. Once she felt his climax wane she started to lick up the drops that Tracey let fall from her mouth.

Tracey wanted to pump her fist in the air when she saw that Harry's erection was finally shrinking. She was thankful her friend was here because there was no way she could have handled Harry on her own. He simply was too much of a boy or man for one girl. Licking her lips she still couldn't believe that he could cum something so sweet. From everything Daphne told her cum wasn't a fun treat and even Harry's was just better than normal with most men being bitter. Now all she wanted to do was send Granger a thank you card because that was delightful.

Daphne was in the same boat as she flipped over on the bed. She had eaten so much more cum than she was expecting. It just tasted so good that she couldn't get enough. "I can't move."

Tracey flopped next to her friend, "Me neither."

Harry was next to the pair, "We can stay here for the night but I would recommend we get up early to sneak back to the dorms to take a shower." While he didn't go back to the Gryffindor dorms he would still need a shower in his room.

Daphne agreed, "I second that but right now I need to sleep." She sat up for a moment and stripped out of the rest of her uniform before just getting into bed naked with the others. She even conjured them a blanket to use for the night since Harry just made a bed with sheets and pillows. Although the blanket was Slytherin colors to offset the other Gryffindor colors on the sheets.

Once in bed both girls curled next to Harry like little well fucked vixens. Harry wrapped his arms around both of the girls as they both wanted to use him as a pillow for the night.

'Well master it looks as if I won't get my morning blowjob tomorrow morning.' She always sounded bummed when she missed out on a little sex.

'I will make it up to always.' Sometimes he swore she had him wrapped around her finger, not the other way around.

Desiree thanked him before snapping a photo of the three of them naked in bed together. 'That's a keeper. I think I will put this one next to the one where you had Luna's stomach bulging from that big Abraxen cock.'

Harry let that comment slide and just said, 'Good night Desiree.' He pushed all thoughts out of his mind and just tried to focus on going to sleep. It was easier said than don't with two girls curvy bodies curled up next to you and a sexy genie hovering a few feet away looking radiant with a tube top showing off her big tits. Harry had even fallen in love with the green skin of her genie form but it was too bad this body was ice cold.

Desiree could hear all of his inner thoughts about her. 'Good night master.' She loved how no matter her form he could find some way to fall in love with her. With that she retreated back into the bottle on his arm. Sadly that was all she could do with no spot next to him in bed.


I hope everyone enjoyed that. Now people are starting to figure out there is something off with Harry. Daphne being so smart is starting to notice some weird things happening.

I know a lot of people wanted Tracey and I hope I delivered. I like that she is with Daphne more than friends and they have sex and that Tracey is a little Bisexual at least just for Harry.

Chapter Text

Genie 18 Vector

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Septima Vector: Jaimie Alexander
Aurora Sinistra: Lesley-Ann Brandt {Maze from Lucifer}
Madam Rosmerta: Hannah Waddingham


Since his wild night with both Tracey and Daphne Harry had noticed they were a little chipper and seemed to be walking around with bigger smiles than usual. They had to try and not give anything away when they were around him in class but both had been the brightest stars in Slytherin at least in terms of demeanor. They were the only ones with smiles or the ones who looked happy to be in school.

Trace and Daphne had both told him that they had slowly started wearing tight clothes to show off their new breasts and all the girls in their dorm were jealous of them. Daphne was able to laugh it off saying they were always that big while Tracey had to say it was just a massive growth from puberty. The boys had also noticed but didn't dare say a word because Daphne wouldn't hesitate to curse them. They had also noticed other boys in different houses started to notice. Together they had to be every boy's wet dream but only Harry was lucky enough to know what it was really like to be with both of them.

Harry hadn't asked anyone new out since that night instead choosing to wait for this weekend for more time with Fleur. Also there was the fact Desiree was more than happy to fill his free time. Like always she was his perfect slut doing anything he wanted and vice versa. He was so lucky to have her because she made this year bearable. Instead of constantly worrying about the tournament or the backstabber Ron. He could just be happy in bed with Desiree. The same went for Desiree who liked the simplicity about Harry and not having to be on her toes with an impulsive and cruel master. There were times in the past she was afraid to sleep with the horrors of the next day but with Harry she couldn't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

However that all changed Friday night when he received a weird summon from one of Hogwarts house elves. The elf told him to meet Professor Vector in her Arithmancy classroom. He even had to ask directions because he didn't know where it was. He wasn't a student of her's and besides meeting her in the carriage he hadn't spoken two words to her.

That had made Desiree all excited; she was practically jumping up and down in excitement. "You are going to fuck her right?" Desiree needed to see her master fuck this woman. She was simply beautiful and Desiree hadn't felt this way in a long time. There had been some women over the thousands of years she has lived who caught her eye and Septima was one of those lucky few.

Harry pushed those thoughts out of his head, "This is probably a school matter she isn't going to have me summoned to her classroom to shag her out of nowhere. Besides the carriage ride where she told me to take a shower we have never said a word to each other."

Desiree held firm on her position, "I am telling you master she wants to fuck you. It's almost curfew on a Friday night. I bet she is feeling lonely and needs a good hard fuck." Desiree even was doing hand motions to prove her point which made Harry roll his eyes at her wild antics.

Harry had to not let her crass words affect him so he didn't walk into her office with a full on erection. "It is probably something else. I took back that wish where girls wanted to have sex with me if I wanted to shag them."

Desiree rolled her eyes at her master's naivety. "I am telling you master she wants you. I bet she heard one of the girls talking about it and wants to try it out for herself."

Harry threw up his hands, "Who would she hear it from?" He was careful and never let anything slip and most of his conquests are the same way. The only one he could think of was Fleur who was quite open and might spill her guts to Septima about their sex life. Fleur had already done so with Gabrielle which ended up with him getting a very explicit letter of what Gabrielle wanted him to do to her after she had gone through her maturity.

Desiree started out listing out girls while counting fingers. "Daphne, Tracey, Katie, Penny, Madam Rosmerta, Hermione, and maybe Sinistra who is a fellow teacher."

If she heard it from Sinistra then that worried him because she wouldn't want sex but to maybe castrate him. "Let's just hope it's something else because I don't think she would be too happy if she found out I was sleeping with her fellow professor."

Desiree changed back to her ghost/genie form, "Then let's go see but before we do let's have a wager." Desiree had this plan for a while and it was a game she played with all of her master's in the last thousand years at one point or another. It was a way to get a little enjoyment which was to wager on something and once she wins she gets to get as much pleasure as she wants. Like a full day of nothing but oral sex for her or a few days where her master would have to take care of his own needs. Her best record had been a full week off of sex duty which her master honored but made her pay for it later.

Harry scoffed, "Wager? You don't have anything I already haven't had." It was a callous but truthful statement.

Desiree crossed her arms over her cold buxom chest. "If I win I will get to tie you down and use you anyway I please." If she won she had something planned that would make him beg for a release.

"Fine but if I win we are doing the horse cock thing over again but it is going to be a twenty inch version of this." To emphasize his point he grabbed his already big package. He had to admit that he had a good time with Luna and having both of them with that giant cock was one of the best times he had next to having both Apolline and Fleur at the same time or his first time with Desiree.

Desiree shivered thinking of him doing that again, "Deal." Now she didn't know which one she wanted more. 'I guess I'll win either way.'

'I heard that.' Harry said through the link as he gave himself a once over in the mirror to make sure he looked his best for this meeting. Once he was satisfied with the way he looked he made his way to the Professor's office. The whole way he was rehearsing what to say and answers to any possible questions.

Septima's Classroom

Septima couldn't believe she was actually doing this. It had been a week since Aurora spilled the beans to her about her relationship with her student. Since then she hadn't been able to get it out of her head. Every night she was visited by an erotic dream or vision. Some started out normal and she was in her own bed and he started slow. Then there were some nights like last night where she was teaching in class and he walked in before ripping open her robes exposing her breasts to the class. All before she gets bent over her desk in front of the entire class and gets shagged so hard she shamefully cums in front of her students.

That one should have been a nightmare but she woke up soaking wet every time. On Wednesday she even went to Aurora's class to speak to her and she had clearly been shagged right before she arrived based on her disheveled appearance. Septima didn't even ask since she already knew who the culprit was.

Now here she was wearing no knickers under her teaching robes sitting at her desk waiting for Harry Potter to arrive. Just as she started to get impatient he walked into her classroom and stood in front of her desk. "Sit down Mr. Potter."

Harry was taken back by her stern tone but did as she asked. Looking back he ground the closest seat and sat down. Professor Vector was just staring at him. Almost in a way that made him uncomfortable. "What's this abo-"

Septima cut him off, "Just be quiet and sit for a moment." The boy shut his mouth and just sat there while she stared at him. Taking in his appearance she noticed he put in an effort to tame his wild hair. Those green eyes of his pierced hers and she almost melted right there. He wasn't even looking at her and she could feel their power. Now all she could think about was staring at them at the moment of climax. 'Thank Merlin I'm not wearing knickers or they would be ruined right now.'

Harry was now definitely uncomfortable the way Professor Vector was just staring at him. He kept his mouth shut and just sat there almost trying to avoid eye contact but eventually gave in and connected with her. He never noticed before but she had green eyes as well but a different shade than his own. Hers were a little darker and not the almost pale or bluish green shade his eyes were.

They sat like this for close to five minutes almost as if they were having a conversation with their minds. Professor Vector broke first, finally clearing the last hurdle in her head as to why she shouldn't do this. That voice was now quiet as her body started to respond just from his presence in the room. It was hard to not be aroused as she thought back to the memories Aurora showed her. Now she wanted to see it for herself. "Stand up and drop your trousers. Let me see your famous cock and see if it is as great as people say." She decided to throw an insult his way hoping he would make her eat those words later.

Harry narrowed his eyes at the professor as he stood from the chair. Without hesitation he was ready to just follow her demands. Bringing his hands to his belt he took his time as he undid his belt before pushing both his trousers and boxers down. It revealed his semi hard cock which wasn't fully erect but still looked impressive at eight inches. It wouldn't need much to raise it to its full length.

Septima licked her lips when she saw his cock revealed to her. 'It looks even better than it did in Aurora's memories. A little more pink and even his balls look a little bigger now.' Clearing her throat from the frog she had in it she stood up and walked around her desk. The closer in proximity she was to him the quicker it filled to its maximum length. By the time she was in arms reach it was bobbing and twitching demanding her touch. She didn't disappoint and wrapped her hand around him. In her palm she could feel his angry veins pumping blood under her touch as well as the heat he was throwing off. His cock felt like an inferno that would surely scald her insides in the best possible kind of way.

Harry saw her eyes on his cock as she explored him as she started to stroke him up and down in a loose grip not for stimulation but exploration. "Is it up to your standards, professor?" On certain days he would call Aurora professor instead of her name which made her cum extra hard at the taboo of a student fucking her in her own classroom.

Septima looked into his green eyes, "We will see, but so far you are above all my past lovers. Now let's hope you don't pop too quickly." She knew he wouldn't because from the memories she saw Harry had the stamina to give Aurora multiple orgasms for every one of his.

Harry couldn't resist moving his hand behind Professor Vector's head and bringing her mouth to his. She was surprised and resisted for a moment until she felt his tongue licking her lips wanting access. She opened her mouth desperate to feel what skills he had. Within moments their tongues were dancing together in a heated battle. She was still clothed so she couldn't feel the heat of his body against hers but she could feel his cock pressing against the front of her robes.

Harry felt Professor Vector pull away from their kiss if only for a moment so she could start to undo her robes before slipping them off. Revealing her naked body to him, she could feel her face heat up as his eyes looked her up and down. His eyes focused on her breasts for a moment before looking down her flat stomach to her wet pussy. While she was hairless she hoped he wasn't able to see how aroused she really was. Looking down herself she saw that his cock now had clear drops starting to leak out of the tip.

Harry was expecting her to resume kissing him but after she looked down at his cock again she fell to her knees in front of him. "Oh professor." Harry said as she kneeled under his cock.

Septima looked up at the boy as she had to lay down some ground rules. "No professor. Call me Septima." She saw him nod so she turned her attention back to his cock which looked even bigger when she was eye level with it. Looking up at him past this pillar of cock she said, "This cock is outrageous. How is it so big?"

Harry chuckled, "Thanks I guess. Are you having second thoughts?" He ignored the question of how it was so big because that would be hard to explain.

Septima felt her face get red in embarrassment like he was taunting her. Squeezing her grip around his cock harder she said, "No I just have never met any man with a cock this big before. It's almost not natural." Septima said suspiciously.

To stop the questions his hands moved to the back of Septima's head and guided her to his cock. She accepted his guidance and opened her mouth wide as he pushed his cock past her lips. Within a second he could feel his cock at the back of her throat being blocked by her gag reflex. He was only half way in but he would have to make do with that.

Septima felt his cock hit the back of her throat and thankfully Harry's hands weren't pushing her to go deeper. That showed a level of maturity that lent itself to his vast sexual experience. She knew his sexual experiences must be much larger than the average student. This was something boys usually didn't learn until they were out of Hogwarts. When she was in school boys were very eager to try and get every girl to deepthroat their entire cocks in one go. Using her right hand she started to stroke the half she couldn't touch with her mouth. With her left they went to his big balls which were larger than average. She enjoyed rolling them back and forth in her hand and even lightly grabbing them which made his cock jump in her mouth.

The wet sounds of Septima's mouth slurping on his manhood was a glorious sound. Looking down he saw that she was looking up at him. "I really didn't expect this when you summoned me to your office. I thought you were still upset about Hogsmeade and now you have my cock in your mouth." He had to admit Desiree was right.

'Thank you master and I hope you listen to me in the future.' Desiree said as she moved around the couple with a camera taking shots of Septima with her master's cock in her mouth. She wished Septima was able to get more down her throat but this was better than nothing. Desiree didn't know why but she was very attracted to the professor. But now Desiree was going to have so many pictures to choose from anytime she wanted some alone time while Harry was in class.

Harry ignored his genie and just focused on his blowjob. "I'm gonna cum." He felt her trying to pull back but his hands kept her there. "You don't want to miss this."

Septima felt his strong hands hold her mouth on the tip of his cock and she winced waiting for the bitter taste of a man's seed on her tongue. It was something she wasn't a fan of but she was forced to go along with it for now. When he was done filling her mouth she planned to let him have it for cumming in her mouth. That was until she felt the first glob of cum hit her tongue and it tasted sweet. It tasted amazing and she didn't know how to wrap her head around the fact it was coming out of Harry's cock.

Harry saw Septima's eyes go wide when he started filling her mouth with a baby load instead of what he gave Tracey and Daphne the other night. Then her eyes looked back up at him questioning if what she was tasting was real. This load was only a mouthful at the most. Seeing her cheeks puff out as she swirled it around her mouth as she tried to understand what was happening was almost comical. After a few moments she swallowed every drop before pulling away without Harry's hands holding her down.

"Explain." Was all Septima said as she got off her knees and crossed her arms as strands of spittle dripped off her chin.

In these situations it was hard not to laugh, "It's a little side effect of a potion. Did you like it?" That was the best excuse he had for this wish from Luna.

Septima had a million more questions but the throbbing need she felt from her pussy was getting too hard to ignore. She could feel her arousal dripping down her legs now. The potion answer was enough for her at the moment. "We will be talking about this later but right now I need that cock."

The slick smile of satisfaction came over Harry's face as he closed the distance and pressed his cock against her tight stomach and he whispered, "How do you want it? Do you want it the way I gave it to Madam Rosmerta during Hogsmeade weekend?"

"I knew it." Septima said in triumph she knew he had sex and she had a hunch it was with the busty bartender. "I have a dream of you bending me over my desk facing the class." Harry was willing to make that dream come true as he walked them behind her desk before turning her around and pushing her on her own desk. She had cleaned it off for tonight so her breasts were pressed against the cool and soothing feeling of smooth wood. Being bent over the desk she felt Harry fixate on her bum now. His hands were all over her bum and she could even feel him spread her cheeks for a look at her virgin hole. "You have to earn that hole. Don't think for a moment I would let you start with that hole without you proving to me that you can handle it." She had watched Aurora's memory of anal sex with Harry and since then she had tried it by herself and it wasn't the worst feeling in the world. Her friend spoke of it so highly she was going to have to try it.

Harry brought his hand down on her pale ass with a loud smack as he spread her legs wider. "Fine, how many orgasms do you want?"

Septima turned her head, "You think it will be that easy?" The serious look on his face showed that he wasn't kidding. "Five. Make me cum five times and you can be my first in my bum." It was almost laughable that he could get her five times in one night. The most he has seen from Aurora is three.

Harry smiled, "Done." Without any more build up she rubbed his cock up and down her plump folds before slowly thrusting into her wet heat. He expected the woman to be tight and not just from her attitude but body I'm general and he wasn't disappointed. Pulling back the first few inches he pushed back and went a little deeper this time. He did this over and over until he was fully inside her and could already feel her walls pulsing and twitching around him. The second full thrust he went a little harder making her moan wantonly.

Septima had words she was about to say but it was all caught in her throat as she felt Harry plunge all of that massive cock in her pussy. Her fists found the edge of the desk trying to hold on before she shot off the desk in surprise. It was so sudden but so welcome her body lit up with pleasure. "Fuck!" She said in response to his penetration. She wished she was able to take a deep breath before he started because with just one big thrust he knocked everything out of her. 'Oh no.'

Harry let her get used to the feeling of his cock as it burning into his shape. Like most girls he was the biggest they had and they needed a second to get used to him. Her warm wet walls did feel good and plenty tight enough for him. "It really must have been a while for you because you feel as if you haven't been shagged in years." His hands massaged her ass before going up her sides as he pulled out and pushed back in slowly. Like expected she moaned loudly as she felt his cock scrape out her insides.

Septima felt her body reacting to his cock like none before him. With just a couple thrusts she was close to her first climax and there was no way to stop it. 'He made me cum so easily.' Grunting with every deep thrust Septima had to let him know what he was doing to her. "I'm so close. Just a little more." The climax was just out of reach but once Harry heard that he started moving his hips faster and even harder to the point she felt her body tremble with every thrust. "I'm cumming. Fuck I'm cumming on a student's cock." Septima moaned as she felt her pussy tighten around her student's cock. 'Not my student, just a student.'

Harry didn't stop thrusting into the professor even as she came. He saw her hands pound on the desk as she even rested her head on the desk. She just resigned herself to taking his cock. "One down, four more to go." He really wanted her ass. He watched it jiggle and shake as he fucked her juicy pussy and he couldn't wait to take her anal virginity. It was always a special thing when a girl gave up that hole. It made Harry feel powerful and let him set a standard no man could hope to match. Some witches think they wouldn't like it and within minutes he can feel them get tighter as if they are trying to keep his cock inside of them forever.

Septima wanted to groan at the fact she challenged him with five orgasms. She didn't know why she said five but one already had her head spinning five might have made her head explode. Even now Harry never stopped using her body as his own little wet hole meant for his pleasure. She was his toy, he wasn't her's.

Both of them were lost in their own thoughts as loud clapping and slapping of skin drowned everything out. While Harry was doing most of the heavy lifting Septima had started to push back and try to meet his thrusts. It seemed to be working because less than five minutes later she was ready to cum again. "Fuck I'm cumming again. Your cock is too good."

"Yes it is. My cock is perfect and made for little slut professors like you. Professors who dream of their students to just take them and give them the shag they never had." Harry taunted her, throwing away her request of not mentioning the fact she was a professor.

Septima couldn't be mad right now, not when the entire lower half of her body was shaking from an impending climax. In her mind she wanted to tell him to stop but she did feel a small rush of arousal to her already soaking pussy. "Yes I'm a slutty professor who needs your cock. I can't live without it."

Harry loved hearing Septima just accept her place in life which was under him taking his massive cock in her pussy. "I promise to come around as much as you want. I can give you orgasms anytime you want. Maybe I can even hide under your desk and eat your pussy in front of your class. Would you like that? Would you like to show your students how big of a slut you are?"

All his words hit Septima like going head first into a brick wall. When she first called Harry to her office she planned for it to be a one time thing but this was going to be impossible to quit. "I don't care what you do. You own my pussy. Just make me cum and you can do whatever you want."

Harry was a little worried he broke her. The once proud and stern professor was now a sexually broken cock hungry slut. Harry tore his eyes away from her pale and jiggling backside to look at Desiree who almost had her own fist inside herself. 'Are you hearing this? Did I break her?'

Desiree didn't stop fucking herself with her hand as she answered her master, 'She will be herself tomorrow but right now you are giving her something she has never felt before. She has been sexually frustrated for years and now she has you so don't go thinking she needs anything more than sex right now.'

Harry took his genie's advice and continued to pound the professor's pussy. Right now it had to be one of the wettest he had ever fucked because the squelching sounds were so loud he was sure if he could see her face would be red. On every hip pullback he was worried about slipping out and thrusting forward and maybe entering the wrong hole. So he tightened his thrusts and was now in what Desiree taught him as rabbit thrusts. With his big cock now all he was doing was slamming his entire cock into her cervix over and over. Sometimes this wasn't the best feeling for a girl so he also thought to stimulate another part of her body.

Septima was convinced Harry was going to fuck her though the desk. Her legs even started to get a little numb from the corners biting into her thighs. She had let her mind wander for a moment but was quickly brought back to reality when she felt his fingers touch her stiff and aching bundle of nerves. She let out a scream as she felt him start to rub it in tight circles as he gave her pussy a pounding.

'I wish my fingers could vibrate.' He said to his genie through their mental link.

Desiree didn't take her hand out of herself but used her free hand to grant the wish. He barely had it for a second before she heard the professor's pitch change to a much higher tone as she screamed in what had to be another climax. 'I will have to try that out tomorrow before he goes to visit Fleur.'

Septima screamed herself hoarse as she came for a third time. She didn't know how but his fingers were vibrating like it was a wand. Trying to look she craned her head to look back. Only his cocky smile greeted her as he said, "That was three, only two more to go."

Septima didn't understand how he hadn't cum yet, "Why haven't you fucking cum yet?" It came out more demanding than she intended but she was pouring sweat and felt like a mess and that wasn't including the juices she had running out of her on every climax. She was sure there would be a puddle of her fluids on the floor when he was done.

Laughing Harry responded, "You want me to cum? Okay this time I'm going to cum and fill you with so much hot cum that it will make you think twice before questioning me again." He had been holding off his climax which was hard but on her fifth and final orgasm he wanted to fill her to the brim. Now he was going to cum and make her beg him to move onto her ass.

Once again he started moving but this time it was back to deep and hard thrusts all the while her pussy was still trying to milk him from her last orgasm. Septima could feel his cock get stronger as it started to twitch and hit her insides even harder than before. 'Shit you might have bitten off more than you can chew. Now he really means it and is going to give me a creampie I will never forget.' She hadn't had sex or even been cum inside since about five years ago. Then she was drunk and didn't even remember the feeling of him cumming inside her; she just woke up with his dry seed on her thighs.

As Harry never stopped thrusting he decided to kick it up a notch by fisting Septima's hair and lightly pulling it back. Just enough to get her attention. "You like this professor?"

"Yes, pull my hair like you own me. Your cock owns me. I'm such a bad professor." She felt him pull her hair harder and it was at that moment she reluctantly came again. She didn't know what it was but she had snapped and all of her sexual frustration was coming out the most whorish of ways. Thankfully he wasn't her student or else she would never be able to look at him without blushing or acting normal.

Harry chuckled as he felt her cum from the hair pulling. "Ok here it comes, Septima." This time he wouldn't give her a normal load. This was going to be one of the big ones that would forever be burned into her brain. Slamming his cock back inside her tight pussy for the last time he started to fire rope after rope inside her waiting womb. He quickly filled her up to the point where Septima just collapsed.

Septima expected a few ropes of hot cum but what hit her was a storm of cum that filled her to the limit. 'How can he have this much cum inside him?' It was simply too much and even made her question if the anti-pregnancy potion would work with this much cum. "Fuck too much. Pull out."

Harry followed her directions and watched as he left her pussy gaping as his white seed came running out before falling onto the floor. His cock was still hard and glistening with all the love juices from this slutty professor. Walking around the desk he got his first look at the satisfied look on her face. Her stern face was now one of bliss.

Septima was happy that the monster cock was out of her now numb pussy. 'He fucked my cunt numb. I might not even be able to sit down tomorrow and he hasn't even touched my ass yet. Fuck I made a promise.' While in her head she had her eyes closed as she basked in this feeling. That was ruined by a warm sticky thing pressing against her cheek and lips. Opening her eyes she was once again face to face with the giant cock that hadn't lost an ounce of hardness. She just accepted his cock and dropped her jaw for him to slide it in her mouth.

As she sucked him she managed to milk a few drops of his sweet cream and with that mixed with the tangy taste of herself it was a pleasant taste that she wouldn't mind more of. Now she just had an image in her head of sucking his cock after he fucked her pussy every time after this one.

Harry enjoyed her light suckles and tongue work. She was clearly a little out of it because it wasn't as enthusiastic as before. Looking down at his black haired teacher he took in all of her soft features. Her cute nose that led into her high cheekbones along with her green eyes made her the hottest professor. No offense to Sinistra but Septima Vector had her beat. 'That is a secret I will take to my grave.'

He let her enjoy the moment for a minute. "I counted four. So do you want one more before I take your ass?"

Septima couldn't take another one in her pussy. It had been fucked so well that it needed a week of rest after the pounding it took. While she wanted to go climb into bed she did make a promise to him. Letting his cock pop out of her mouth with a loud pop she said, "You can fuck my ass but you better be more gentle than you were with my pussy."

Harry smiled at the woman before she rolled her eyes as he walked around to her behind. Presented to him was her nice and round bum. Clearly she was in great shape because it was firm and round just the way he liked it. He gripped her firm ass while not as firm as Tracey's; it was still plenty firm for what he had planned. Sliding a finger down her crack he saw her shiver. "Let's just try a finger for now."

Septima nodded and as soon as she felt his finger start to prod at her asshole she felt her insides be coated with a slimy layer of lube. 'I didn't even hear him mutter a spell.' She was distracted about the slimy feeling she almost missed as he pressed his finger forward and penetrated her puckered hole. 'That didn't hurt at all.' She moaned as she felt his finger slide in and out of her and just when she was about to ask for more he added a second finger. Together those two fingers stretched her out and made her feel more comfortable about what was about to come next.

Harry heard Septima's moans get louder and faster showing that she was clearly into this and ready for the real thing. Pulling his fingers out he gripped his pulsing cock and pressed it to her virgin hole. Slowly pushing forward he heard her gasp before she started groaning. "Still feel okay?"

"It feels weird. A good kind of weird but different." She could see why this was attractive to Aurora; it was a new kind of feeling that could only get better.

Harry was enjoying her tight ass wrapping around him just like all the others that came before her. He liked being the first. The first to be given the honor of their forbidden hole. The wizarding world still had a small taboo about it but he was doing all he could to dispel it. He hadn't had a complaint yet.

This slow anal fuck went on for minutes as Harry let Septima control the pace and would only speed up when she told him. A few more minutes after that Septima finally gave him permission to move a little faster. She moaned like a whore as she felt him sheath all ten inches in her ass on every thrust. It was going so much better than she thought it would go. "Keep going Harry, I think I'm starting to love this." Every muscle felt like it was stretched around Harry's cock.

Pulling out of the witch for a second Harry rolled the professor over on her desk so she was now laying on her back. Spreading her legs wide he hooked his arms underneath her knees. "I want to see your eyes when I make you have your first anal orgasm." With that he thrusted back in and found a spot that made Septima's face change. Finding that spot again he started to hammer it. Hilting himself on every thrust and impaling her beautiful perky ass on every hard thrust was the highlight of his day.

Septima had to close her eyes and bite her inner cheek as Harry found a spot inside her that she didn't know she had. Being flipped around his cock now hit it perfectly. All she could do was moan because she didn't want to sound desperate while getting her ass fucked. Right now she didn't care how this ended but she was sure it was going to end up with her waiting and able for this to happen all over again.

Harry picked up on her hints and kept hitting that spot over and over. "I can see you trying to keep it in. Just tell me how good this is."

Septima crumbled, "Fine I love this. I love feeling your big cock in my ass. Just don't stop." While it wouldn't be as quick as her pussy she was going to cum eventually and it was going to be hard. 'I'm just a whore and I don't think I have felt happier.' Years of boring days of teaching students half of which were too stupid to carve a simple rune array. All of those headache inducing days were worth it if it led to the shagging she was currently receiving.

He couldn't put into words how beautiful Septima looked. She was covered in sweat and even some of her hair looked wet from sticking on her sweaty face and neck. The way her small breasts bounced on every thrust or the way her pink nipples had hardened. Or the look in her green eyes was also something that was a treat to see, it was submission. She submitted to him and now he had claimed every one of her holes. Unable to help himself he took a moment to go down and kiss her. When his lips met hers she fought for a second before she melted into it.

When the sloppy lust filled kiss broke she asked, "What was that for?" Not that she wasn't pleased with the kiss, it just seemed to come out of nowhere especially when his manhood was buried in her ass. 'It just feels weird to kiss someone who is doing something so dirty to you.'

Harry resumed thrusting, "You have no idea how beautiful you look right now." He wasn't lying; she had an angelic glow and looked like a woman half her age. If he didn't know her he could have almost believed she was Tracey's mum. Both had dark hair and tight bodies that he could make moan and cum over and over again.

His words made her face heat up worse than before because she felt exposed. Besides his vast sexual prowess it was clear why she imagined so many women would want to sleep with him. He genuinely cares and treats you like a queen...a slutty queen. There was no mistaking that he would make you admit to him and to yourself how much you loved what he was doing to you. She said things tonight she never dreamed of saying. For tonight she imagined that she would have been more silent and just enjoyed the ride. Because who would want to admit to a student your most sexual thoughts.

This went on for a few more minutes but Harry increased his speed a little more the more responsive she became. He felt her milking his cock which meant she was getting close to her own climax. "That's it, Septima. Merlin I love fucking this ass." While it was true he said that to every girl it didn't diminish the truth of the words.

"I'm cumming!" Septima screamed as she felt her asshole get impossibly tight from her first anal orgasm. 'Oh Merlin this feels good. I'm going to have to apologize to Aurora.' Aurora was right. While it felt weird and uncomfortable at first but it quickly turned to an unbridled joy.

"I'm gonna cum too, get ready." Harry grunted out as he felt himself about to reach his end. He could almost feel his balls getting ready to fill Septima with her first anal cumshot.

"Cum on my face." Septima blurted out. She couldn't take another big load in any of her holes. Her pussy was still struggling with his first one. It still hadn't completely drained out of her yet. Her hungry womb seemed to be keeping a tight hold of everything it could.

Harry did as she asked and pulled out of her now gaping hole and climbed into the desk before aiming his cock at her face. She closed her eyes and let him fire his hot seed all over her face. This was a compromise she could live with. Not one inch of her face wasn't covered by his hot cum. She was convinced this had to be some sort of spell to be able to cum this much.

Harry was panting just having had his own explosive orgasm. As much as he wished he could have finished in her ass he didn't have a problem painting her face. "You look even more beautiful now." He even heard Desiree agree with him as she finished with herself and had taken up her camera to snap memento shots of this moment. Harry would want to remember but she had a feeling she was going to get more out of the photos than he was.

Septima chuckled at that as she wiped her eyes clean but left the rest on her face. "Thank you but I think it's time for you to go. Get back to your dorm without being seen. I won't be able to explain why I had a student in my classroom so late." Although she had a feeling she was going to have to explain this to Aurora sooner rather than later.

Harry nodded and did as she asked, walking around the desk he pulled on his trousers. It was throwing him off with how she went hot and cold after he gave her the best shag of her life. "Well, summon me anytime you need a good shag. I will come running with bells on." Harry said awkwardly as she didn't laugh at his joke. Now he just walked to the door leaving Professor Vector a cum dripping mess. "Bye." His parting words made him look like an idiot on the way out. As Harry closed the door he mentally berated himself for saying bye.

Desiree didn't know what the change in the professor was either but followed her master out of the room. 'She seemed like she was in a hurry to get master out. I wonder if she needed to be somewhere.'

Septima laid on her desk for a minute hoping that Harry was far enough away. "Alright come on out Aurora."

The side door leading to her quarters opened and her friend walked in with a big cat who ate the canary smiles. "How long have you been there?" Septima asked her best friend.

Aurora laughed at her friend's position. She was laying naked on her own desk after Harry bloody Potter fucked her into submission. "I asked the elves to inform me when and if you summoned Harry to your room. Then I used your Floo to enter your room and watch. I got here when you started blowing him."

Septima was embarrassed and if she could see past the white cum on her cheeks she would have seen it. "You didn't mention his cum tastes like sweets."

Aurora laughed, "I don't know what sweets you have but it isn't that good. I have swallowed a load here and there but it's just a crowd pleaser." Walking towards her friend she took in Septima's body. While Septima had seen Aurora naked in her memories this was the first time Aurora was seeing her naked.

Septima pointed at her face, "Taste this and tell me it doesn't taste like sweets." She had Harry cum on her face in part to show Aurora and in part to enjoy herself.

Aurora walked closer to her disheveled friend and swiped a finger up her face before shoving the dripping finger in her mouth. She was expecting his usual salty taste but instead it was pure sugar.

Septima wished she had a camera because the look on Aurora's face as she was trying to process this new development was priceless. "So this is new?" Septima said as she pushed some of his cum towards her open mouth.

Aurora finally was able to wrap her head around it enough to go in for seconds and with two fingers take a bigger scoop off her friend's face. To which Septima responded, "Hey!" Aurora sucked her fingers clean before she continued talking, "This is really new. I haven't blown him in the last three weeks. Have you ever heard of something like this happening before? Do you think it's a spell or potion?" She heard him explain to Septima it was a potion but she didn't completely buy it.

Cleaning her face of all of Harry's sweet cum she managed to suck it all up. "I don't know, I have never heard of it. He must have invented it because we have never heard of it."

Aurora sat in the chair in front of her friend's desk as she hopped off and slowly got dressed. "It can't be a potion. In our staff meetings Snape always goes on and on about how big of a dunderhead Harry Potter is when it comes to brewing. While most of that is biased I can't imagine learning anything from Snape when all he does is pick on you."

Septima was finally dressed and casted a cleaning charm on her face so it wasn't sticky in a second when it dried. "It's just bizarre. It has had to have happened more than just this time. Who do we know that has fucked Harry Potter in the last three weeks?"

They were both silent for a moment before they both blurted out, "Madam Rosmerta!"

The Three Broomsticks

Aurora and Septima walked into the bar to see a few regulars at the tables and Madam Rosmerta behind the bar cleaning and polishing glasses by hand. She spoke first, "Aurora come to have a little nightcap?" Madam Rosmerta swiftly poured a glass of firewhiskey before the woman could answer.

Aurora and Septima both sat at the bar on the stools. "No, we came here to ask you some questions." Aurora said in a hushed tone. Before she started to ask questions she looked around to make sure no one was listening before throwing up some privacy charms.

Madam Rosmerta was a little worried about how serious the two women were. "If you confiscated bottles of firewhiskey the students didn't get it from me." While it's true she sold a few to the Weasley twins a while ago they promised it would only be used in a celebratory manner in the privacy of Gryffindor tower.

Septima waved her hand, "We don't care about that. This is about Harry Potter." She saw Madam Rosmerta go stiff at that question and start looking around for an excuse to leave.

Aurora saw the panic in the older woman. "We don't care that you slept with him because we are guilty of the same thing." Aurora reassured the woman because Madam Rosmerta was acting like she was in trouble. She had only seen that look in students they caught in the broom closets with their bits out.

Madam Rosmerta's jaw dropped hearing that before she started cackling like a mad woman. Harry had said he had shagged older women before but he didn't mention that it was with two of his teachers. "Shit that little lady killer. I thought I was a pervert for sleeping with a fourth year but he is all man isn't he. You two would know that cock makes you feel things you have never felt before. I-"

Aurora cut the woman off, "Enough of that we just want to know if you sucked his cock." She could tell Septima was a little on edge and was getting impatient.

Madam Rosmerta drank the glass of firewhiskey she poured for Aurora. After she felt the sweet burn of the alcohol she answered, "Oh yeah. That wasn't the weirdest bit though that little bugger wanted my ass. Can you believe it? Kids these days, am I right?" Both women blushed and averted their eyes and gave enough of a tell for Madam Rosmerta to pick up on it. "Bloody hell he shagged you both up the bum. And I thought I was a pervert."

Aurora leaned towards Madam Rosmerta and put her hand up to hide her lips from Septima while whispering. "This one told Harry he could have her's after he gave her five orgasms and at four she just gave up and let him have it anyways." When she watched the pair from the other room around climax three she didn't know how Septima was going to take five and then add on top of that the definite anal orgasm that would accompany a buggering by Harry.

Both women laughed while Septima heard every word and just punched her friend in the arm. "Will you shut up Aurora? At least I knew it was going to happen and practiced. You just got bent over your desk and once he shoved his fingers and tongue in you were happy to let him shove his cock up there too." She didn't like to think of herself as so wanton. The only reason she even summoned Harry was because she hadn't had a real date in over the last year and hadn't had a proper shag in five.

Aurora shuddered thinking about how Harry had quickly convinced her to take him up her bum. "I shouldn't have shown you that memory. Would love to see how much you would have panicked when he tried to push that thing in your ass."

Madam Rosmerta was enjoying their bickering and it was all over Harry Potter. 'Who knew a fantastic shag would net me an even more entertaining cat fight between two grown women.' It almost made her wish they could summon him right now and they could all take this to her apartment up stairs. Both Professors weren't bad looking and it had been two decades since she shared a bed with another woman. "Well I promised him I will let him take my bum next Hogsmeade weekend next year. I have only used my fingers so far but I have a long way to go if I want to take all of his broomstick."

Septima couldn't believe the biggest whore in Hogsmeade didn't let him take her up the bum. Hard to believe Madam Rosmerta would even have a limit considering there was a rumor four years ago that she took on a group of seventh year Ravenclaws. While she didn't know if it was true it was something she didn't immediately wave off as a rumor. "Enough we want to know if his cum tasted different to you."

Madam Rosmerta shrugged her shoulders, "I only blew him once so I don't know how he is supposed to taste usually but he was unusually sweet. If that's what you mean." She thought back to that cumshot in her mouth whenever she had a sweet from Honeydukes. She even went on a mini shopping spree to find the exact sweet it tasted like.

Aurora asked the next question seeing Septima get more and more frustrated. "Did he tell you why he tasted that way? A spell or potion perhaps?" Both professors were hoping for an answer.

Madam Rosmerta tilted her head, having to think back. While she remembered the sex she had a hard time remembering what they talked about besides him wanting her ass. "I think he said it was a potion he was working on but that might have been a lie. He seemed to be stalling for a moment until he came up with an answer." Pouring herself another glass she added, "If he came out with that potion he would have a full vault by the end of the week." That potion would be a miracle in a vial that would help women everywhere.

"Did you see him take anything?" Septima asked.

"No, I kept serving him Butterbeers and had a pretty good eye on him when he started to flirt with me. I still can't believe he managed to get me in that back room. Those eyes really suck you in." Madam Rosmerta said. She didn't want to seem too easy and slutty but she had been talked into that back room by uglier men who were big and rough looking. While Harry was a little younger than what she would usually go for, his body was all man.

Aurora teased the bartender, "Are you sure it wasn't another part of him that drew you in?" Aurora agreed he had mesmerizing eyes but when she saw his erection that was what made her act.

Madam Rosmerta blushed for the first time tonight, "I will admit that was part of it and his looks certainly didn't hurt. Tell me how he got you two." She was dying to know what he did to bag two professors.

Septima wanted to leave right now but Aurora grabbed her arm and forced her to sit down. "We want your word that you won't say a word of this to anyone especially Minnie." Septima demanded.

Madam Rosmerta put up her hand as if she was in the Wizengamot. "I swear. Now tell me the story." She had never been so excited to hear someone at the bar to tell her a story before.

Aurora went first and told the bartender how she ended up being shagged by Harry on a regular basis. Madam Rosmerta seemed a little jealous of the professor by the end of the story. It hadn't even been a month yet and she was missing him. That toy he gave her got plenty of use and almost every night she couldn't wait to go upstairs and kick off her shoes and take off her corset before laying in bed and using the toy over and over. She had even brought it to that shower and used a sticking charm to the tiled wall before backing into it pretending Harry was behind her.

Septima went next and told the bartender how she became interested after being trapped in a carriage with him. She was forced to smell the scent of the two of them together and then when she saw her friends memories it broke her down. She eventually caved and invited him to her class for her own shag.

"That's quite the story, you two. I knew Harry was special but not that special. Who else do you think he is shagging? He can't just have a thing for older witches he must be shagging everything that can move. Do you think he put the moves on Minnie" Madam Rosmerta was confident Harry was spreading his seed far and wide.

Aurora answered while ignoring her comment about Harry seducing Minerva McGonagall, "We know the Veela champion for sure. They went to the ball together and he saved her sister from the lake during the second task. No way she didn't thank him for that level of heroism. Other than that I couldn't tell you. He is pretty isolated and doesn't go after girls in the open. He works in the shadows and is able to sneak behind the backs of everyone." She did admire Harry's discretion and there had been zero rumors about him shagging her.

Madam Rosmerta nodded trying to think back to Hogsmeade weekend. "He was at the bar looking for a girl but they were all in groups or dates. Which is why he chose me I guess." She didn't mind not being his first choice. She felt special for attracting his attention at all given her old age.

Septima was still trying to think about the question they came to ask. 'What is Harry's secret?' This boy had the charm and skill to pull three adult witches, two of whom shouldn't even think about sleeping with him. 'He is only going to grow from here. I would hate to see him in seventh year. By then he will have half of the girls in school in his bed. If adult witches can't turn him down, what hope did a teenage girl have thinking with her hormones? Merlin knows when I was that age I shagged boys I still regret today. All of them weren't half of what Harry is today.'

The trio of witches did share a drink together before they parted ways and Madam Rosmerta made a toast for Harry's big cock which made the two professors blush. Now both of the professor's walked back to the castle a little buzzed asking each other questions as they tried to piece together this mystery.

Once in the castle they went to their own rooms, each promising they were going to go to the library's forbidden section tomorrow and look for any books about potions or sex magic.

Room of Requirement

Desiree had demanded sex when they arrived back at the room. Harry was more than happy to comply but Desiree put up a wall of mirrors and changed her body into the form of Septima Vector.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked. This was his first time seeing Desiree change her body into someone else's.

"You have no idea how turned on I was watching you fuck her." Desiree in his professor's body wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her slim body into his. "Come on master fuck me in her body. Let me watch as you make me cum over and over."

Harry groaned as his resolve crumbled as Desiree's hand went to his trousers. "I guess I have no choice." When Desiree was this horny he was just along for the ride as it was almost his job to help her get through it.

"No you don't and don't think I forgot our wager. Once your Veela weekend is over your cute ass is mine." She roughly claimed his lips before he started stripping down. Soon they were both naked and he turned her around.

In front of the mirrors she had a view of this body being lifted up and being dropped down on her master's cock. The sex lasted another two hours and by the end Harry was so drained he had to almost crawl to bed. Desiree and the real Septima had drained him to the point where he didn't even want to get up tomorrow to go visit Fleur. Right now he felt like he could sleep three days straight. 'Insatiable slutty genie.' Harry thought loud enough for her to hear.

Desiree had changed back into her regular human form with a smile on her face. "Love you too master. And I think you fucked me so well I won't need to wake you up early for more." While she was insatiable he didn't hesitate or say no to her demands. If anything he was holding back earlier with the real Professor Vector because with Desiree he spanked, slapped and fucked her so hard she felt that her human body was going to be sore tomorrow. He showed no mercy on her poor ass and had to have spanked her a hundred times on each cheek. Not to mention the pints of hot cum he made her swallow or take in each hole until his balls were completely empty. It was an end that truly was one of her favorites. To be a cum filled and covered mess for her master in the body of his teacher was simply divine.

Harry curled his body into his curvy genie and fell asleep almost immediately. Desiree stayed up for a little while longer stroking her master's head and playing with his eternally messy hair. 'There is a night and day difference between my master now and the day I met him. And I couldn't love him anymore for it.' Her body soon fell victim to exhaustion and joined Harry in sleep not long after.


Fun chapter I hope. I liked to add the comedy of girls finding out about Harry's magical cum thanks to Luna's wish. Are people going to figure it out? Who knows we will see.

Next chapter is Fleur's weekend. Let's see what happens.

Chapter Text

Genie 19 Fleur

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Fleur Delacour: Katherine McNamara
Daphne Greengrass: Sydney Sweeney


After a wild Friday night with a Hogwarts professor Harry awoke the next day very well rested. So much so that he didn't even feel the need to put his hands on the back of Desiree's head as she gave him his morning blowjob. Today he just let her go at her own speed as he put his hands behind his head and thought about what he was going to do today. 'I have to meet Fleur. I hope we can talk about the future and maybe fall into bed again.' The third task and therefore the end of the year was quickly approaching. Before he knew it school would be over and he would be headed back to Privet Drive. 'At least now I have Desiree. I hope she will be able to make this summer bearable.'

Once Desiree had finished with his blowjob she could tell her master's mind was somewhere else. Normally this would have bothered her but he was meeting Fleur soon and they didn't have much more time left before she would be heading back to France. 'At least he didn't call out another girl's name when he came.' That was always the worst and made her feel the worst. "Master, why don't you get ready and go meet Fleur. We don't need to have our usual morning sex. I can see you are thinking about her a lot this morning."

Harry snapped out of his thoughts. "Sorry, are you sure you don't mind? I know how much you enjoy our morning sex." Sometimes he didn't know who enjoyed it more, her or him.

Desiree changed back into her green skinned genie form. "Let's go see Fleur. I know you have to enjoy all the limited time you have left. She isn't going to be here next year so enjoy it." She had gotten over her jealous phase and was starting to be more open for him to spend time with other girls. It only took a couple hundred shags in every hole for it to happen.

Harry stepped out of bed thanking his genie who seemed to be in a good mood also. Walking over to the shower he stepped under the hot water and scrubbed his body clean because he didn't shower last night after he was with Septima. While taking a shower he noticed Desiree wasn't even watching like she usually did.

When walking out of the shower drying himself Desiree was waiting and said, "While you were showing off last night's filth I flew around and found Fleur."

Harry dried his messy rat nest of hair, "That's great. I hope she isn't training." He missed out on a couple of weekends with her because Headmistress Maxine forced her to train.

Desiree shook her head, "No but I left Fleur a note to meet you in that fourth floor abandoned classroom you cleaned up. I think you should have your breakfast there for today." Desiree had taken it upon herself to start pulling the strings in her master's life a little more. She knew what was the best for her master.

Harry raised his eyebrows at Desiree already making his plans. He had originally wanted to spend time with Fleur outside of the bedroom but Desiree giving them a private spot for breakfast was nice. It could almost be considered a date. "Okay. You already left her the note so I guess that's where I will go. I guess I will have to go to the kitchen to get them to send our door there."

Desiree shook her head, "No you can just wish for it. This breakfast will lead to sex so when we get to the room just wish for a breakfast and I will make everything."

Harry didn't know what was going on with Desiree today but she was being overly cheerful and helpful. Maybe it was just that she finally was able to see him shag her favorite woman in the school. Desiree did seem to have a lady crush on Professor Vector. "If you say so. I guess there is nothing left to do but get dressed and go." Harry pulled on one of the jumpers Molly Weasley made for him. It was one of the only things that fit him besides his uniform. The rest was handed down clothes from Dudley.

Desiree saw what her master was wearing and quickly vetoed against it. "That won't do. Wish for a new outfit."

Harry didn't know how that was a sex wish, "Wait I thought you were only supposed not grant sex wishes. Where is all this stuff coming from?" Harry was confused as to how any of this stuff was sexual. Harry still didn't know the true extent of Desiree's power or capabilities having never had the need to test them. Also he already had magic which cut down on some of his needs.

Desiree rolled her eyes, "A nicely dressed man is attractive to girls. So wishing for new clothes is more for them then you. Now wish and let me do my magic." She didn't understand why he was grilling her so hard for trying to do something nice for him.

Harry relented and wished, "I wish for a new outfit that Fleur will like." With a gust of green smoke his clothes were transformed into an expensive set of clothes. His trousers were the softest black material he had ever felt and his shirt was a dark grey button up that made him look like a young businessman. All that was missing was a tie and a suit jacket. Looking himself over in the mirror he looked quite nice and took note that this was something Fleur liked. When he went shopping for new clothes he was going to have to buy more of these kinds of clothes.

Desiree was quite proud of her work. Harry was dressed in an adult way that made him look like he was already of age. If he was walking down the street he would have drawn so many women's eyes. The shirt she made tight so he was showing off his hard battle earned body. Sadly there was nothing she could do about his hair but it was something every girl including her seemed to like anyways.

The Abandoned Classroom

Harry of course made it to the room first. Seeing as he made it to the room first he wished for a bed. The same one and size she made for Luna in the forest. It was big enough to fit four people comfortably and if Harry was going to have a harem he was going to need to have an even bigger bed in the future. Harry sat down in the bed already feeling his arousal start to form anticipating Fleur's arrival. He couldn't wait to sleep with her again. Part of this was her Veela heritage which was a siren song to him. Even though he was technically immune to her allure her body called out to him in a different more primal level.

Desiree had to snap her master out of his sexual daydream. "Master, now wish for the most amazing breakfast. Stop thinking of pussy and think with your heart for an hour."

Harry just went with his genie's suggestion and wished, "I wish for the most amazing breakfast." Harry said as he poured thinking that his heart was all about pussy.

Desiree's green smoke filled the room and when it cleared he noticed that there was a wide selection of food in the center of the table but there were three place settings. Looking at Desiree confused he asked, "Why are there three plates?"

It was at that moment Desiree turned invisible to everyone but him as the door opened and two girls came walking in. Harry had never felt his heart drop harder than when he saw Fleur and Daphne walk into the room together. Harry wanted to scream out loud but turned that rage inward. 'DESIREE!' Harry screamed in his head so loud it was sure to put a little fear inside the meddling genie.

Desiree was trying to calm her master. 'This is for your own good master. Now sit down and act like the gentleman I have taught you to be.' Besides the amazing sex skills she also took a few days to teach him a little etiquette and how to not act like a typical boy. If he wanted to seduce or court older women he needed to act older or at least come off that way.

Harry didn't trust his mouth at the moment so he just gestured to the table as he thought of what to say. What did you say to a girl who you know hates the other? Daphne's resentment of Fleur was evident since the first time he had sex with her. Daphne only did it to have him first.

Daphne sat in the chair opposite from the Veela leaving the only chair left between the two girls who were staring daggers at each other. Harry sat down and after taking a moment to collect himself he was about to open his mouth but both girls beat him to it. "What is she doing here?" Both girls asked at the same time.

Harry put his hands up, "Why don't we just eat first and get to know each other a little better." It was Harry's only move. If he could get them talking, maybe they could learn to like each other a bit more and give him more time to think.

Fleur broke eye contact with the piercing blue eyes of the blonde sitting across from her and grabbed an open bottle of elf-made wine off the table and poured herself a glass. 'Never too early for a glass of wine when you are French.' Fleur thought to herself.

Daphne was starving so instead of a drink she started piling her plate with crêpes. That was a French dish she didn't get to have much in Britain. But when she vacationed in France it was her favorite.

Fleur sipped the glass of wine before adding the toast, bacon and sausages to her plate. She normally didn't eat this much meat but since the tournament started she had been eating more meat than usual. It helped give her the energy needed for practice and more body mass that came in handy during a physical competition.

Harry saw both girls refusing to say a word. "So...Daphne, have you liked the tournament so far?" He struggled on who to talk about first hoping it wouldn't anger the other.

Daphne finished the bite of chocolate syrup covered crêpe in her mouth before answering, "I like watching you. I never believed half the stuff people told me about you but I can see that you aren't just a myth."

Harry was happy for the praise but was hoping she would say something nice about Fleur. "What about Fleur? Do you like watching her?" Harry asked Daphne hoping she picked up on it.

Daphne looked back to Fleur, "She is... entertaining." Harry sighed but moved his hand in a "more" motion. Daphne sighed, "I guess she is pretty good. I thought she was going to be burnt to a crisp by that dragon. I would have never thought singing would be an effective strategy."

Fleur took the compliment, "Thank you." Fleur wasn't naive to believe that girls didn't hold a prejudice against her for her beauty or for just being a Veela.

Harry was happy Daphne was able to say one nice thing. Now turning his attention to Fleur, "What have you noticed about Daphne?"

Fleur sipped a bit of wine to clear her throat and wash down the bit of food she had left in her mouth. "I noticed you at the ball. I think I can say we were the most attractive blondes in the room that night." Fleur softened the fact that she was the most beautiful girl in the room that night.

Daphne felt her heart lift a little hearing this perfect angel thought of her as beautiful as well. "Thank you. I didn't even know if I was going since I said no to all the boys who asked me."

Fleur could sympathize with her because if she was allowed to go solo she would have if Harry hadn't asked her. "Isn't it so annoying to be asked by boys who are so pathetic or arrogant that it makes your skin crawl?"

Daphne nodded, "All the boys in Slytherin are like that. I would have loved to go with Harry but then I would never be able to face my house again." She wished things were different so she could enjoy her time at Hogwarts a little more.

Fleur looked to Harry, "Would you have gone with her?"

Harry was caught in the middle with his mouth full of crêpe. Quickly chewing and swallowing he answered, "Well I already asked you by the time Daphne and sex." That revelation didn't seem to phase Fleur in the least. It struck Harry as weird until Desiree said through their link, 'You wished for girls not to care about who you sleep with.' Harry made an oh face as he vaguely remembered making that wish.

"Well lucky for me because without Harry I didn't think I would have had such a magical night." Fleur thought back fondly on that night while blocking out Harry taking a spell to the back.

"How did he ask you or did you just see his cock and had to have him?" Daphne asked in jest but that didn't stop Harry from nearly choking on the food he was trying to swallow.

Fleur pointed to her necklace, "He gave me this when he asked me and it was so beautiful how could I say no." She did love her necklace and spent so much time just looking at it in the mirror. It went with everything and made her so happy to wear.

Daphne was a little jealous at the gift but remembered that Harry gave her new breasts which was like a necklace because it drew the eye the same way a sparky diamond necklace would. "Harry gave my boobs a little boost."

Harry snapped his head at Daphne, "Daphne what did I tell you not to say."

Fleur was confused how Harry could do anything to her boobs. "What do you mean?"

Daphne saw Harry just roll his eyes and mine the continuous motion with his hand. "Harry is able to permanently increase your cup size. He did it for my friend Tracey and turned her A cup into a C cup. Then he turned my D's into double D's." Now that she looked down she had a bigger cup size than Fleur that filled her with a small sense of superiority.

Fleur looked to Harry, "How can you do that?" With all the things Harry has done she shouldn't have been surprised but it seems at every turn there was just another piece to the puzzle.

Harry blushed, having two very attractive witches looking at him with a critical eye. "It's a spell I made-"

Daphne cut in, "Wait a minute you said you found the spell when you had sex with Tracey and I."

Harry hated trying to keep all the lies straight while trying to cover up the fact he had a magical genie granting his wishes. "Now that you mention it I forget how I know that spell. It must have just been something I picked up."

Fleur and Daphne both didn't believe that lie. Daphne looked at Fleur, "That's not the only weird thing, have you tasted his cum?"

Fleur nodded, "A little salty but so much better than other boys I have been with. Why do you ask?" She didn't understand what was so special about his cum.

Daphne was shocked she didn't know about this change. It must have happened very recently nif she didn't know. Grabbing an extra goblet off the table she then slid out of her chair and went under the table to get a sample for Fleur.

Harry let his silverware clatter to the table as he felt Daphne unzip his trousers and fish out his cock which was still soft. That didn't last long however because she shoved every inch in her mouth and quickly got him rock hard within moments. Harry just looked at Fleur who continued eating like nothing was wrong. Looking down he saw a blonde head bobbing under the table as she was dead set on getting a sample to show Fleur.

Harry was trying to find something to grab onto as this blowjob caught him off guard. Fleur looked to Harry, "Harry what is so special about your cum? Me nor maman tasted anything out of the ordinary."

Harry was gritting his teeth while Daphne, much like Desiree, was able to get the entire length in her throat. " had...a potion... accident...and...oh...fuck!" The last part wasn't part of the answer but his response to Daphne's quick and deep blowjob as she quickly brought him to orgasm. Effectively taking him down the throat so rapidly it was almost he was actually having sex. The thrill of getting blown in front of Fleur was too much for him to hold on for long.

Daphne pointed his cock into the goblet and filled it to the top before cleaning him up and stuffing him back in his trousers. Although that was a difficult job with how hard he still was. Once she was done she climbed back up to her seat before sliding over the goblet filled to the top with Harry's warm seed.

Fleur looked at the goblet never expecting to have a cup of warm cum during breakfast to start the day. Bringing the cup to her lips she took an experimental sip and as soon as the sweet warm liquid touched her tongue she opened her mouth wide and let more hot liquid in. Before she knew it she had gulped it all down and the cup was empty. When she was done she looked back at Harry not fully understanding what just happened. "When did that happen?"

Harry was still coming down from an orgasm so he was a little bashful. "It was a side effect from a potion accident. I can't really go into it because it was a potion a friend was creating and she doesn't know about it. She can't recreate it and I'm stuck this way."

Fleur looked to Daphne, "Well thank you for retrieving me a sample. I hope that didn't ruin your appetite."

Daphne waved it off as she took another bite of her sweet crêpe. "Oh no but it makes me eager for dessert." Both Fleur and Daphne laughed at that while Harry stayed quiet. They seemed to be getting along which was a good thing.

"So have you let him take your ass yet?" Fleur asked casually which made Harry turn his head and spit out the pumpkin juice he just swigged.

Both girls ignored it as Daphne answered, "Of course. He really seems to like it. Do you know why?"

Fleur shrugged her shoulders, "No but he does a magnificent job to make sure you are enjoying it as much as him. My maman said he was the best anal sex partner she has ever had and she has had quite a few." Fleur was quite proud of Harry for everything he had done for her family on top of being the best lover.

Daphne didn't let the comment about him fucking Fleur's mum slide but the most it got was an eyebrow raise. "Wow Harry I guess I will have to keep you away from my mum."

Fleur just agreed with the blonde, "Harry is simply too irresistible. I know my sister is already planning on him taking her virginity." All of this sex talk was so casual it almost didn't make sense with how cold they were to each other earlier.

Daphne nodded, "I watched him shag my best friend. She is more of a witch's witch but Harry's cock made her come around on sex at least with Harry."

Harry wanted to shrink under the table because of all this talk about sex. Having two women discussing your sex life so openly was something Harry was not enjoying.

Fleur finished her glass of wine and poured another. "What do you think about his cock? As a Veela it's the bigger the better but how does a regular witch feel."

Daphne let out a small chuckle, "At first I was worried it wouldn't fit but once it's in it feels perfect. And when he cums in you it feels even better. I probably shouldn't say this but before the dance I sucked his cock because I was jealous of you."

Fleur seemed to just accept the jealousy probably having to deal with this her entire life. "I know girls find Veela intimidating but you are a beautiful girl you have nothing to be jealous of. There is enough of Harry to go around. In fact I was worried about him when I leave. I want him to be taken care of."

Daphne was happy to find out Fleur wasn't the bitch she built up in her head. Since Fleur came to Hogwarts for the tournament she has fallen victim to every tired Veela prejudice. "I don't think Harry will have a problem there. I don't know for sure but I know Tracey and I aren't the only Hogwarts students he has been sleeping with."

Now both girls turned to Harry to hear his response. Harry was ready to wet himself having two women looking at him basically asking him if he sleeps around behind their back. This was the most nervous he had ever been in front of girls before. Luckily Desiree was in his head to help him out, 'Be honest master about all your partners except for me. Tell them the truth and I promise these two will keep all your secrets.'

With a sigh Harry had to ask, "If I tell you two will you swear to not reveal this to anyone. It could get a lot of people in trouble." Desiree seemed to be pushing him to be honest with these two for a reason. Both girls nodded and gave him a quick "I swear". Harry had to take a deep breath before starting his list, "Okay there are seven Hogwarts students total including you and Tracey."

That revelation nearly made Daphne fall off her chair. "Who else have you shagged?"

Fleur was a little less surprised seeing how well he handled her mother. He seemed to have a lot of experience around a girl's body. That was rare for a boy Harry's age. "Harry, don't say yet. Let's make it a game. While I don't know all the students I say we should guess."

Daphne pointed at Harry as she fired off her guess, "Have you had sex with any other Slytherin than Tracey and I."

Harry had the decency to blush, "One but she wasn't herself and I promised not to tell anyone so I can't tell you her name." He was talking about Pansy of course but he couldn't afford to let that one slip because that was the one he felt the worst about.

Daphne's eyes went wide at that information, "One? What about Gryffindor?"

Harry just nodded as Fleur spoke up and took her guess. "I see that ditzy blonde with big breasts. I bet you have shagged her." Fleur knew that kind of girl well and it was a safe bet.

"Lavender." Harry shook his head even though he definitely would have shagged Lavender. There were no other blondes in his house and she definitely had big tits. Right now they had to be around Daphne's size and everyone assumed that's where her brains went.

Daphne's mouth dropped open before she guessed. "You fucked Granger?"

Harry nodded, "Yes and you can't tell anyone else about it. I shouldn't have even told you but we are being honest right?" Hermione had made it clear that she didn't want it to happen again because she had acted like it never happened. That was when Desiree had made it so every girl wanted to sleep with him if he wanted to sleep with them.

Fleur knew Hermione from going to the dance with Krum. She found that interesting because why wouldn't you want to go with Harry. "How about a Ravenclaw?"

Harry just nodded, "This one is a tough one." He doubted anyone of them was going to guess Luna.

Daphne went first, "Cho is with Cedric. Wild guess here but I think that maybe you managed to get Penelope Clearwater. Maybe she caught you after dark wandering the halls and she offered to not write you a detention if you pleased her." Daphne found it fun to think of Harry as a character in a novel trying to guess where the story was going to go.

Fleur liked that scenario and could see Harry doing that. Besides his strong magic she felt as if his cock weaseled him out of a lot of trouble with women.

Harry was shocked Daphne guessed right, "It was one time and we just happened to be in the prefect's bathroom together. One thing led to the other and that happened she wasn't a wild fuck like you two were." Harry kept trying to layer on the compliments to keep them as happy as possible.

That perked both of the girls up. Fleur leaned into Harry, "Who was your wildest fuck besides us?" Fleur didn't consider herself too wild unless having an incest filled night with Harry counted as wild. For even a Veela it was a little out there but not as rare as you would think.

Harry's head was unable to think of anything besides his wild time in the forbidden forest with Luna. "I can't go into specifics but Luna Lovegood was my wildest one." He could never explain that day to anyone without explaining Desiree. He also imagined the horrified or disgusted look in their faces.

Fleur had seen that girl around and felt bad for because she was an outcast in her own house. If she could, she would have brought her back to France with her. "That cute little girl was as wild as us?"

Harry nodded as he felt his cock straining against his soft trousers. Whenever he thought of his time with Luna he was unable to stop his erection. "She is pretty kinky but unless she wants to share that with you I promised to keep it a secret."

That made both girls have a moment of silence as they tried to think of what could be so kinky that he couldn't talk about it. "Hard to believe something is kinkier than sharing you with my own mother."

Daphne wasn't done guessing, "Give me some hints." Daphne liked this game and would be lying if his exploits didn't get her a little wet. She was already wet from taking his cock expertly down her throat but thinking of Harry with all of these other girls was doing the trick also.

Getting in the game he tried to think of clues. "One plays quidditch with me."

Daphne thought of the Gryffindor team and tried to think of their names. The only one she could remember was the brunette chaser. "Katie something?" Daphne wasn't the best at remembering names especially of Gryffindor's she doesn't have classes with.

"Katie Bell and yes you got it." Fleur gave the girl a soft clap in congratulations.

Fleur took this moment to keep going. "I know you don't discriminate based on age so tell us some of the older women you have had sex with." Fleur was curious how many times he has had the pleasure of a mature body. The way he pleased her mother showed that he had to have been taught something from an older woman.

Harry tried to think if there was any of the girls he could say. "I had sex with Madam Rosmerta." That was the only safe adult woman he could name without getting his professors in trouble.

Daphne once again was struck speechless but it worked out because her mouth was full of food at the moment. Thankfully Fleur followed up with. "She is the buxom bartender in town right?"

Harry nodded, "Yeah she was very fun but didn't come close to your mother." Harry did love his night with her mother and the two of them together was the best thanks he could ever get. I mean it had to be every bloke's dream to get two blonde sexy angels who opened their bodies to you.

Fleur smiled and planned to let her mother know that she had made such a large impression on her boyfriend. Maybe she would ask her mother to send her a pair of knickers for him with her smell on it. Boys seemed to like that so maybe Harry would as well. "You shared a bed with two Veela and satisfied them both, that is not an easy feat, Harry. That is why I will be happy that you won't be alone when I leave. I trust Daphne to keep your bed warm while I'm gone."

Daphne was touched that Fleur was okay with her sleeping with Harry. Normally this would have been a big no no but Harry was so pure hearted they knew he had no malice when it came to sex. He wasn't trying to hurt them by cheating but he simply had so much love it was too much for one person. "Thank you Fleur but I have a feeling there is going to be a lot more than just me."

Harry could agree with that, "I just wanted you two to get to know each other. Because I know Daphne hadn't had a conversation with a Veela before and believed some things about you that weren't true." Daphne had taken this meeting so much better than he was expecting. With some of the more cruel things Daphne had said about Veela it came out of a place of ignorance and jealousy.

Daphne had come to like Fleur which was a huge difference than when she walked in here. Now they weren't competing but Harry saw them as equals. Fleur even wanted her to keep an eye on Harry when she left. "What are you going to do when you go back to France?"

Fleur tilted her head as she thought about it because all she wanted to do was stay here forever. "I will be getting a job hopefully with Gringots where I can travel back here as often as possible. I can visit Harry during Hogsmeade weekends or other times when he can get away."

Harry was happy that she planned to come back to him. Part of him was worried that this was just a fling for her. A long distance relationship was going to be difficult but he vowed to make it work if she wanted it to. "We will write to each other often and I can always send her pictures with what I'm up to."

Daphne knew that meant sexual photos and that turned her on. Having her picture taken while she was under Harry and capturing the moment she came before being sent to Fleur. She could feel her more arousal pooling in her knickers. In fact her fantasy changed to all three of them using the bed behind them. The bed was just there taunting them to use it. If Harry planned for this then he was a genius because when she saw Fleur before coming in here sex was the last thing on her mind. Now it was the only thing on her mind.

All three of them finished their breakfast before Fleur looked to the bed with Daphne. "Mon amour can we please do what we all came here to do? As nice as breakfast was, I think we all could get to know each other even better."

Daphne fully agreed with the beautiful French Veela. "Yes but who gets him first?" The two blondes stared at each other waiting for the other to crack.

It was at that point Desiree spoke to Harry through their link. 'Harry, I have a plan. Ask Daphne to stand up and wave your wand around like you are going to cast a spell. Then I want you to wish for her to be wearing a magical strap on.' Desiree had this fantasy of Daphne and Harry making a French whore sandwich.

Harry listened to his sex genie and instructed Daphne to stand up. Daphne did as she was told and with a fake wave of the wand while mentally wishing for what Desiree told him a green smoke started to come out of his wand.

Fleur was curious to see what Harry had planned but she hoped that she would be the first one to get his cock. Daphne already had the pleasure of sucking it during breakfast.

Daphne felt her clothes disappear and leather straps tightly around her hips and bum. When the smoke cleared she looked down to see an exact replica of the cock she had in her mouth under the table. It was almost hard to believe but it was real but it was very real and she found that out when she stroked the cock up and down. While it felt just like the real thing she also felt a spike of sensation as if the cock was really hers.

Fleur was in awe looking at the wonderful new spell Harry created. 'Why couldn't he have done that with maman and me. I would have loved to fuck my mother with Harry or the other way around. I guess I will be getting it from both of them this morning.' Fleur stood up out of her seat and walked towards Daphne and before the blonde noticed Fleur's hand joined Daphne's on her new fuck stick. "Oh my this feels like the real thing. It even has a pulse and is just as warm as Harry's cock."

Daphne threw her head back feeling Fleur's hand on her the new sex toy. Daphne could feel every inch of her soft hand and it was so much softer than her own hand. Looking at Harry Daphne just moaned helplessly.

Harry let out a small chuckle seeing Daphne struggle to contain herself within a minute with a new cock. Desiree really out did herself because it looked just like the one she made for Narcissa and Madam Rosmerta. Just as realistic as the real thing only she informed him it didn't shoot any real semen. While she could have made them do that she wanted it to be a reason girls came back to the real thing.

Fleur stroked the toy attached to Daphne and she saw the younger blonde struggle to hold herself together just from a hand. Without thinking she dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around the thick tip of her sex toy before pushing forward and not stopping until her nose was touching Daphne's stomach.

Daphne couldn't help but let out a strangled scream at the feeling of Fleur's hot and tight mouth around her new sensitive cock. The Veela's mouth was just so perfect as it formed itself around this cock. She understood why Harry was so taken with this girl. Daphne looked down to see Fleur looking back at her. Daphne ran her fingers through the blonde's silk hair and held her in place as she pulled back a couple inches before pushing right back in. The gagging from Fleur mixed with the tears coming out of her eyes was too much and within a minute she felt herself cumming. "Fuck I'm cumming. You are making me cum with that whore mouth."

Fleur let the impatient girl fuck her throat the way she wanted because this was her first time. She had sympathy for the girl because if this was a boy she would have told them to not be so rough. Fleur felt the cock throb in her mouth but nothing came out of the tip even though Daphne was clearly in the midst of a powerful orgasm. Fleur tried to pull back but Daphne's hands held her in place with this ten inch cock in her throat. Fleur started lightly patting the girl's thighs until her hands finally left her head. Fleur completely disengaged herself from her favorite cock to start gasping for air.

Daphne could feel her love juices flowing down her legs from one of the biggest and most different orgasms she has ever had. Seeing Fleur on her knees trying to catch her breath with fresh tear tracks down her face made Daphne snap out of her lust. "Fleur, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you."

Fleur accepted the girl's apology, "It's fine. It's hard to hold back when you have your first taste of a Veela." Fleur stood up and wiped her saliva dripping mouth and looked back to Harry who was naked and had his cock at the ready. The only difference was that his was leaking precum and it looked like it was ready to blow with the tiniest amount of stimulation.

Harry felt the two sets of eyes on him and he confidently walked over to them. "Now why don't we use the bed for the next part." Both girls nodded at that. "So Daphne, which hole do you want?"

Daphne's mouth was watering at the idea of having the Veela's ass or pussy. "Both?" Daphne blurted out hoping there was a way to try both.

Harry looked at Fleur, "Think you can handle two of us at once?" He already knew she could from the way she handled her own mother the night they thanked him. The only difference was that there was going to be two cocks inside of her rutting like an animal.

Fleur nodded as she took both of their cocks in her hands. "Yes. I think I can do that but I want Harry in my pussy first. I haven't had my womb filled in almost two weeks. I need him to drain those big balls into me." To emphasize her point she cupped his balls and gave them a light squeeze. Just enough to make him shiver with pleasure. With her confirmation she felt her clothes much like Daphne's disappear so she was now stark naked and her wet pussy was exposed to the room.

Harry quickly took his position by laying on the bed with his hard cock standing straight up. Fleur wasted no time in mounting her boyfriend and letting his cock fill her body in the most fulfilling way. She didn't go slow or ease herself down, instead just dropping all of her weight on his cock and letting it slam against the end of her pussy. The moan that came out of her was so guttural it could be confused with some sort of magical beast.

Once Harry's massive cock was fully inside of her pussy Fleur looked behind her and said, "What are you waiting for? Come up and fuck my ass." Fleur kept watch and saw Daphne scramble to get on the bed almost as if her balance was thrown off having Harry's equipment swinging between her legs. It wasn't long though before she felt a familiar tip of a cock press against her puckered hole. She would have asked Daphne to cast an anal prep spell but she already felt like one was cast silently. When the cock pressed against her hole she felt the familiar slimy feeling of a lubricant coat the inside of her ass.

Daphne did her best to keep control of herself as she pushed into this Veela's asshole. With just the first few inches she understood why every man wanted to shag a Veela. This tight ass was simple perfection. When she was halfway in she felt the famous Veela allure wash over her. Now she had very little control of her actions and was just like every other brainless hormonal teenage boy. 'If this is what boys feel around her I now understand why the boys fawn over her. I want nothing more than to spend every waking moment inside this succubus.' Both Daphne and Fleur were letting out similar loud moans as they both felt the same pleasure in different ways.

Harry let Daphne put all of her toy in Fleur and he could feel an added level of tightness as he felt the toy press against his cock through the thin wall separating the two holes. The feeling of another cock almost massaging the back of his own cock while inside of Fleur's already magnificent silken walls was something else.

Fleur felt Daphne's hips rest on her own backside and it was at that moment she marvelled at how full she was. She had two ten inch cocks inside of her and they hadn't even started moving yet. Looking down at Harry she almost had tears in her eyes with how perfect this feeling was. "Start moving you two." That was said in between French curse words as she felt the two cocks grind against each other in her tight holes.

Both Daphne and Harry heard that and started pulling out half of their massive lengths before thrusting it all back into Fleur. Harry knew this must have been too much for the girl because he could already feel her walls fluttering and tightening like she was close to an orgasm.

Daphne felt the same thing but she just thought this was normal and never stopped pounding in and out of the blonde angel's asshole. With her hand on Fleur's back she used her hips to slide in and out of her perfect ass. 'I wonder if my ass feels this good when Harry fucks it. I can see why he likes this so much. If I was a bloke with a Veela girlfriend I would be doing this everyday. Every second of the fucking day.' Daphne couldn't believe how her body responded so well to this new kind of stimulation.

Fleur felt Daphne's hard thrusts and could tell a big difference between her and Harry. Daphne lacked the skill and rhythm of a well trained lover like Harry. Daphne's sloppy and hard thrusts were getting the job done though. Mixed with Harry's perfect thrusts and him hammering her sensitive pussy she was ready to cum. "Keep going you two. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum with two cocks inside of me."

That didn't stop either of Harry nor Daphne as they kept fucking the orgasming blonde. Harry was now almost doing the work for Fleur and had her by the hips and was dragging her up and down his cock as he felt her pussy cumming around him. Her orgasm seemed to last forever as Daphne and Harry never stopped moving and Harry felt a sudden splash of girl cum coat his stomach. He could see Fleur had pink cheeks and was a little embarrassed so she just bit her lip and kept her mouth shut.

Harry just smiled at his new girlfriend and looked to Daphne who was pouring sweat clearly showing fucking was harder when you were doing most of the work. "You close Daphne. I'm about ready to fill her up."

Daphne nodded, "So close. I wish I could fill this hole too. Fuck I love Veela ass." Daphne chose to take a moment to bring her right hand down on Fleur's tight athletic butt. A loud smack echoed around the room mixed with the grunts and moans of the three of them. As she spanked the French witch she felt Fleur tighten up around her cock and that was enough to push Daphne over the edge. With just a loud scream Daphne couldn't hold back and felt her pussy start to pour girl cum. The fake cock was blocking the front of her pussy so it was just running down her legs. 'Fleur made me squirt so much cum just not the way I wanted to.' Feeling her energy drain out of her Daphne just laid down on Fleur with all of her weight with the sex toy still lodged up her tight ass.

Harry had cum a little sooner than Daphne and with a groan his cock started to pour hot seed inside Fleur just like she wanted. With an enhanced load every shot made Fleur's eyes get wider and wider until her mouth found him and she showed how much she loved his gift. Their tongues battled as Fleur felt her womb be rapidly filled with the thick and sticky fluid.

With Daphne laying on top of Fleur and Fleur laying on Harry he felt both of their weight on him. "Too much. Roll over." Daphne heard Harry and pulled out of Fleur's tight ass with a whimper before rolling off of the two of them. Fleur stayed where she was enjoying the feeling of this massive creampie. "So how do you like having Fleur's ass to yourself?"

Daphne brushed her sweaty hair out of her face as she looked over to Harry and Fleur who was looking back at her. "It's amazing. Please tell me I can keep this thing because I plan to use this all summer on Tracey." She had always wanted to be closer with her best friend and now they could be closer than friends or even just lovers. Daphne could actually penetrate Tracey and feel everything Harry would feel.

Harry laughed, "As long as you send me pictures." Harry would love to get pictures of the both of them together enjoying his toy while they thought of him. He wasn't going to see them for three months during the summer and he wanted them to remember him.

Fleur was a little jealous, "Can I get one or maybe two. I'm sure Gabrielle would like to have one for herself." She felt Harry's cock throb and twitch with the mention of her sister. "Do you like that idea mon amour? Do you like the idea of her playing with your cock and imagining it was you with her? Or are you thinking of me playing you with my sister? Don't forget about maman who loves your cock as much as I do. I bet she is going to want a turn. Who would you want me to bugger first?" Fleur loved teasing her boyfriend and couldn't wait to share this toy out with her family.

Harry didn't know how to answer the question. Gabrielle was beautiful and clearly had a thing for him but it felt weird to admit this in front of her older sister even though he had slept with Fleur and her mother. "I can make you two if you want." He chose to just ignore her teasing. Though the same could not be said to his cock which was now raging and looked even harder and bigger the more blood he pumped into it.

Fleur just giggled at Harry not falling into her traps even though they were just there to tease him. She didn't care that he was attracted to her sister. In fact her mother even expressed wishes of having all three of them share Harry after Gabrielle's maturity. That was going to happen soon so maybe if they could find a way to have him visit for Christmas they could have that family orgy. "So Daphne, what was that about trying both my holes? Do you think you can handle my pussy next?"

Daphne let out a huff for being doubted, "I'm going to fuck your pussy as soon as Harry is done with it." Fleur's cocky attitude was something that used to annoy her the way she strutted around the school like she owned it but now it was something that motivated her.

Harry could see the friendly competition and he chose that moment to pull Fleur off of him and flip her over on the bed. Now Fleur was on her back in the middle of the bed with her legs spread and her cum dripping pussy ready for Daphne. "All yours Daphne."

Daphne didn't ask any questions and quickly positioned herself between the Veela's legs as she slapped her meaty ten inch pole on her clit. From that alone she saw that Fleur bit her lip and whimpered. Daphne rubbed the cock up and down her slit gathering Harry's sticky cum all over the tip of the toy before thrusting inside Fleur. Now face to face both of their eyes were wide feeling the amazing connection. While feeling different things it did feel amazing. Once again she felt the allure wash over her and a primal voice was screaming in her head which was 'Breed her.' Daphne wasn't even a bloke and she wanted to knock up Fleur. This made Harry's immunity to her allure all the more impressive.

Fleur was familiar with the shape and size of this cock seeing as Harry had already shaped her pussy to it just a moment ago. Much like Harry's it hit her sensitive spots just the same. It was a weird dichotomy feeling a cock but looking at a girl wielding it. Funny enough both of their hands went to the other's chest. Fleur was living the feeling of Daphne's swinging double D's. "Come on Daphne fuck me. Fuck me like Harry would." She punctuated her words by pinching the pink nipples of the other girl. Both girls kept squeezing and refusing to let the other go.

Daphne wanted to just enjoy the feeling of Fleur's hands on her chest but had a job to do. Pulling back she kept pulling until just the head remained before thrusting it all back in. "Like that?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Like that." Fleur moaned as she felt Daphne get what she wanted. Long and hard strokes filled her pussy every second and while they weren't as skilled as Harry it was enough to feel her orgasm start to build with a growing need.

Harry watched the two blondes go at it and he suddenly had an idea. Getting out of bed he went around until he was behind the girls and with a big pull he grabbed Fleur's ankles and pulled the two of them towards the end of the bed. Both girls let out a scream feeling the sudden change but it was Daphne who let out the biggest scream as she felt his cock prod her asshole. She became still on Fleur as she waited for Harry to slide inside her.

Fleur saw what Harry was trying to do and helped him by snaking her hands from the blonde Slytherin's big tits to her thick ass. Pulling both cheeks apart she was trying to make it easier to slide in so Daphne could continue fucking her. "Hurry up mon amour I need her to keep going."

Daphne was moaning as she was in the middle of this daisy chain of sex. Her asshole was being slowly impaled as the sex toy that felt real was wrapped in the velvet of Fleur's pussy. When the cock was a little more than halfway inside her Harry suddenly stopped moving. Craning her head back she saw a self satisfied smirk. "Why did you stop moving?"

Harry showed her by pushing her hips down into Fleur before pulling her back up to engulf more of his cock with her ass. "I am not going to move. You are going to fuck Fleur and every time you pull back you are going to fuck yourself with my cock."

Daphne bit her lip and looked back at Fleur who was just nodding and telling her, "Do it Daphne. Fuck us both at the same time." Daphne did as they both asked and started to move her hips and on every movement she felt Harry's cock go deeper or her's went deeper into Fleur's wet heat. To get the longer strokes that Fleur craved she had to nearly take Harry's entire cock. With the dueling stimulation she felt herself being pushed to the edge. "I'm cumming!" Her body was being hit with what felt like two orgasms in one and it even dwarfed the last big orgasm she had. None of this however stopped her from trying not to let Fleur down.

Harry and Fleur were both impressed by Daphne who now had trembling legs as her orgasm shook her body and that never stopped her from moving her hips to satisfy both her partners. Both pairs of hands on her body were handling her roughly from hard nipple twists and pulls from Fleur to Harry spreading and slapping her ass as he fucked it. Never before had she felt so lost it was almost too much to handle but her body was reacting on pure instinct as both of these sex gods fucked her into a drooling mess.

After a few minutes of this torture for Daphne, Fleur came first and her arms went around Daphne to hold her to her own body. Fleur couldn't part with this cock as she let her climax take over her body. Fleur had to give Daphne credit for doing as well as she did because even she didn't know how she would react to that kind of stimulation. Just thinking about feeling what Daphne felt made her body heat up like an inferno.

Harry was so close to his own climax and didn't want to wait so while Fleur held Daphne down inside of her he leaned over the two blondes and started thrusting down into Daphne with everything he had.

Daphne was about to scream in ecstasy but Fleur's mouth quickly muffled the sound as she shoved her tongue in her mouth. Both girls kissed as Harry was making the springs in the bed squeak from all the pressure he was putting on both of them it was as if he was trying to fuck them both through the mattress. Fleur just enjoyed the feeling of a big pulsing cock in her pussy as it grinded deeper and deeper inside of her thanks to Harry's thrusts.

The closer Harry was to his climax he grunted louder and louder. Daphne's ass was so perfect in this moment and knowing that she was inside Fleur only enhanced what he was feeling. "I am cumming." Grunting out those words was the final step before he felt another climax over take him and he pumped another enhanced load into one of his waiting girlfriends.

Daphne was in pure heaven now. Feeling Fleur's perfect pussy massage her cock as she felt the same cock giving her an anal creampie. It was just what she needed as her mind started to get dizzy as her vision started to blur.

Fleur watched as Daphne's eyes became heavier and heavier. Giggling to herself she couldn't believe they were making Daphne lose consciousness. Stroking Daphne's hair Fleur looked to Harry, "You might need to revive Daphne. It seems she couldn't handle the both of us."

"Are you sure you don't just want me to yourself now?" With Daphne passed out he expected Fleur to jump at the chance to be alone with him.

Fleur shook her head, "No I want to try what Daphne just did. It seems like she had more fun than the both of us." Seeing Daphne lose herself the longer the sex went on was too enticing to pass up. She wanted to be sandwiched between the two of them with Harry behind her and Daphne under her.

Just when Harry was about to pull out and search for his wand Desiree spoke up. "Just wish for it master." She saw Harry's eyes flick to her hovering off the side of the bed. Unsurprisingly she was touching herself watching the debaucherous three-way in front of her. She made sure to snap plenty of photos of the wild sex in front of her and quite a few of the pictures were almost artistic. Harry didn't even raise an eyebrow before wishing for Daphne to be awake.

Opening her eyes Daphne was brought out of the darkness of sleep. It was almost jarring to awaken on top of such a beautiful angel like Fleur and to feel Harry behind her. "Did I pass out?" Harry chuckled behind her as he slowly pulled out of her fucked raw asshole. "I need a break. I don't think I can cum anymore."

"Daphne give me the toy and I promise to make you feel as good as you made me feel." Fleur was desperate to strap on the toy and get inside of Daphne.

Daphne shakily pulled out of Fleur's perfect pussy and started to undo the straps of the toy before just pushing it towards Fleur. Almost happy to be rid of it. It was too much power to have that big cock with a Veela. Getting why Harry was shagging so many witches now she was happy he was spreading this joy to as many girls as possible. When the toy wasn't making contact with her skin she no longer felt the sensations of having a cock. She couldn't wait to feel it again with Tracey as soon as possible. Now that she felt what a bloke felt she understood why they loved sex so much. Having tried both of Fleur's holes she couldn't even say which one she liked more. They both felt tight and silky as they massaged the toy with both of her perfect cock sleeves. 'Veela just are the perfect cock sleeves.' Daphne thought like a typical bloke.

The ten inch toy was pushed into Fleur's hands as Daphne flopped on the bed. It was just mid morning and she felt as if she could sleep the rest of the day. All of that was cut short though by Fleur rubbing the tip against her wet pussy. It was the only hole that had yet to be fucked and now Fleur was about to take it. Daphne was a little relieved her ass wasn't going to get another pounding. "Shit Fleur go ahead. Go ahead and stick it in. You know you want to."

Before Fleur could do the honors of taking the blonde's Slytherin pussy Harry tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Lift her legs up and put them on your shoulders. Daphne likes it nice and deep."

Fleur did as Harry suggested and Daphne was a little worried that she wasn't going to last long. When Harry put her legs up and reached deeper inside of her with that big cock she hadn't been able to last longer than a few minutes. 'How good is Fleur going to be at shagging another girl?'

Fleur answered that question by pushing forward and slowly spreading Daphne's wet petals around Harry's new sex toy. Fleur felt every wet inch as she sank deeper and deeper into this girl. Daphne was plenty tight and with her blonde hair you could almost mistake her for a Veela. Harry had excellent taste. When Fleur was completely submerged in the glory of the younger girl's wet pussy was the same time she felt Harry make himself known. His cock was pressing against her tight asshole. Even after it took a pounding from Daphne it was already back to normal. Looking behind her Fleur challenged Harry. "Don't cum in my ass mon amour. Save it for our faces. We want that sweet cream in our mouths."

Harry groaned at the challenge. This was going to be his biggest challenge yet because Fleur's ass was too good not to cum in. He was going to have to pace himself and go slow instead of the fast pace he originally wanted. Not to be deterred Harry kept pressing forward and felt her asshole open for him and stretch to accommodate him. She was perfectly conditioned to easily take his cock. "I will do the same thing I did with Daphne. I will stay still and it's your job to move back and forth."

Fleur's smile spread as she tested that out by pulling out of Daphne by seven inches only to get those same seven inches pushed deeper in her bum. It felt so good it almost made Fleur sing a song. Moving her hips forward she then buried those missing seven inches back into Daphne who moaned at the feeling of having her pussy filled back up. Fleur kept repeating this swiftly, finding a rhythm which was smooth and deep on both ends. Feeling the feeling from the toy and being buggered was building an orgasm of massive proportions.

Daphne was in heaven feeling Fleur on top of her driving Harry's cock into her. While she was different from Harry it wasn't a bad difference. She had to give Fleur credit for moving her hips so much smoother than she did. Daphne was too lost in the sensation of having a fake cock she could feel. It seemed like Fleur was a natural and wasn't struggling to use the toy. "Fleur! You are so good at this. You are fucking my pussy so good."

Harry couldn't believe Fleur was making Daphne lose it already. He knew Daphne well enough to know she was over half way to her own climax. Meanwhile he could feel his own climax building and it was taking a lot of effort to not just start thrusting wildly in Fleur's perfect Veela ass. Taking his eyes off of Fleur's back and her round cheeks accepting his cock he looked over to Desiree who was clearly enjoying herself. 'Did you have this in mind when you invited these two for breakfast?'

Desiree had taken to fucking herself with a toy she magically conjured that looked very similar to the one attached to Fleur right now. "I didn't expect it to go this well. These two are perfect for you master and now we have a foundation to build out your harem. These two can be your queens and the others can be your concubines. Girls like Luna who will let you take them in any manner you choose.' Harry did have to admit that sounded nice. Having breakfast with Fleur and Daphne this morning made him wish they could do this everyday. Two beautiful girlfriends who seemed to love him. It was more than he could ever hope for. While his mind was still going through the events in his head Desiree added, 'It's only going to get better and better. There are so many more women who haven't been tamed by your cock. Your harem will be large and they will all love you the way I love you. The way you deserved to be loved.' Desiree loved him with all of her heart. She wanted to show him what real love was. He was a young man who clearly didn't have a lot of love growing up and she had fallen for him. Far more than any previous master who only saw her as a toy while Harry saw her for an actual person. Their late nights just talking, the loving pecks on her cheek or lips before he had to leave for class. The way he would ask her personal questions even her hopes and dreams before she turned into this. What her original life was like and what she would do now if she was free. Her favorite part of the modern world all of these things made them closer to the point it was like they were actually dating and she wasn't just his slave.

While Harry and Desiree were lost in their own little world Fleur was quite enjoying her position. Right now she could feel Daphne's pussy clamping down on her toy cock. If that wasn't a big giveaway that she was having an orgasm her wide open mouth and tongue hanging out did. "Cum for my Daphne. Cum for this Veela slut. Admit that this Veela slut made you cum."

Fleur's words was that little extra needed to push her over the edge as Fleur never let up pounding her pussy. "I'm gonna cum. You made me cum you Veela slut. I'm cumming for a Veela slut."

As Fleur felt Daphne's gushing walls close on her. Putting all of her weight on Daphne, Fleur kept her cock buried deep inside Daphne. While their hot bodies were pressed together both of these busty girls felt their sensitive breasts pushing against the other's. Their hard nipples digging into the other which added to their pleasure. Bringing her mouth to Daphne's they both pushed their tongues into the other's mouth. After a long kiss Fleur brought her mouth down Daphne's jaw leaving hot and wet kisses leading to her neck. Fleur's mouth found her pulse and as she sucked it she could feel Daphne's heartbeat was just as erratic as her's. Fleur was so close to her own climax but Harry wasn't moving to help push her over the edge. Bringing her mouth away from Daphne's neck she said, "Bugger me properly Harry. Make me cum then you have our permission to come up here and finish on our faces."

That was enough motivation for Harry to start driving his hips into Fleur as fast as he could. Fortunately his conversation with Desiree seemed to calm him down so he wasn't in danger of cumming too soon. That was when he felt Fleur trying to massage his cock by clenching her ass around him. "You close Fleur?"

Fleur had been moaning low and gaining in volume the longer Harry buggered her. Now the sensation of Daphne's pulsing walls and her own ass being impaled pushed her over the edge. Letting out the most undignified scream she felt her body give into the pleasure as she finally came. Much like Harry she was trying to hold back her orgasm to match Daphne's so they could cum together. Sadly she was too good at holding back so her climax came a little after Daphne's. As she came she could feel Harry's cock twitching and pulsing ready to blow any second. Before she knew it Harry pulled everyone of those ten glorious inches out of her before rolling her over and quickly crawling up the bed towards their faces.

Daphne had come down from her orgasm enough to be ready for her facial. Moving towards Fleur she moved her face so both blondes were cheek to cheek. "We are ready Harry."

That was all he needed to hear before his hand wrapped itself around his cock and within five strokes he came. Both girls managed to close their eyes just before the first shot hit them. The first rope laid across Fleur's face from her forehead and down her cheek. The next rope he aimed to paint the other side of her cheek before turning it towards her open mouth and giving her a big cum deposit. After Fleur's face was finished he pointed his cock towards Daphne and did the same with her after extending his orgasm so he had enough cum for the both of them.

Once he was done Harry was ready to pass out on the bed. As he turned around and crashed backwards he watched as Fleur and Daphne took their time cleaning each other's faces. It's a sight he would never get tired of.

Fleur and Daphne swapped hot saliva as well as hot cum between the two of them as they couldn't help their wandering hands. Both girls used their hands on the other's breasts. Fleur and Daphne both were pinching and pulling nipples while groping the other's like a horny young boy or more as Harry would.

It was five more minutes before the girls were done with their little snogging session. After they had separated both girls looked at Harry who surprisingly had a soft cock. Daphne pointed it out, "Well look at that we managed to slay the dragon."

Fleur giggled, "I like that name for his cock. It's mighty as a dragon and fights like one too." As she talked about Harry's cock she was taking off the replica that was strapped to her own waist.

Harry slumped his shoulders hearing the girls trying to give his cock a nickname. "Does it have to have a name? Can't we just leave it alone?" He even had to mentally scold Desiree before she got any ideas about a possible nickname for his cock.

Daphne shook her head, "I would think most boys would like that name. It's better than some of the others I have heard girls use for boys they know. Most of those nicknames have little in it." As Daphne talked she climbed out of bed and walked over to Harry's side to be on his left side and leave Fleur on his right. Climbing back into bed she rested her head on his chest and moved his arm to wrap around her. Fleur saw this and quickly copied it making a Harry sandwich.

Harry groaned, "Can we talk about something else?" He tried to desperately change the subject to point their lust addled minds somewhere else.

Fleur spoke up, "I think that toy was wonderful. I didn't think a boy could feel that good. I can now understand why boy's cum so quickly." Fleur looked down away from Harry and towards Daphne. "Your pussy was magnifique Daphne. I can see why Harry is so taken with you."

Daphne blushed hearing a Veela praise her. "You too Fleur. Your ass and pussy are both incredible. I wish I could have them both for myself." Daphne couldn't deny the legends were right about Veela. They were clearly the sexiest creature on the planet and sex was them was the pinnacle if pleasure.

Fleur reached over and ran a hand over Daphne's face and through her hair. "I didn't get to bugger you but there is always next time." That sexual threat had an effect on Daphne as she shuddered thinking about being fucked in the ass by the Veela.

Harry made a little groan hearing Fleur say she was going to bugger Daphne next time. "How about we rest a little and do this again before dinner?" Lunch was starting in a little while but they were all too worn out to bother leaving this bed for a couple hours.

Both girls nodded and even grabbed the other's hand. Having a wild three-way seemed like just the thing to create a bond between these two. 'I guess when you are actually inside one another you can grow a connection.'

Through the connection Desiree scoffed, 'You're just realizing this?' Desiree thought this was obvious because besides a few one off girls Harry had developed a connection with some of his repeat customers so to speak. If Harry would charge money for his sexual services he would be the richest person in the world by the time he was in his thirties.

Harry ignored the sexy genie who was now fully dressed in her blue silk tube top and lower pants that morphed into a ghostly tail. When she wasn't playing with herself she was always half tail. 'Okay I get it now. Let me enjoy this while I can before the school year is over and Fleur has to leave.'

Desiree felt a pang of sympathy for her master that Fleur was leaving soon. The third and final fast was rapidly approaching. "Of course master. Now how about I let you rest.'

Harry was so zoned out that Daphne and Fleur had been talking to themselves while Harry was conversing with his genie. When he focused back on them they were talking about his tattoo and Harry's body. All the while their hands were running up and down his well defined chest and abs. "Are you two going to let me rest a little more before we do it again?"

Both girls giggled before Fleur answered, "We will give you some more time. We were just talking about how much we love your body. You are quite fetching Harry. If you were a blonde I would be convinced you were the first ever male Veela."

Daphne added, "Yes and she was telling me how much she loves your tattoo. Have you thought about getting more?" In her head she could see Harry with more tattoos. When Tracey took her out to muggle London she saw a lot of people with tattoos and she had to admit some more ink would look great on Harry. Particularly on his upper arms and chest.

Harry just shrugged, "I don't know but I'm happy with this one." He never gave more thought to getting more but maybe he should. To fill in the space around the bottle so it didn't look so suspicious. It was a little jarring to see a young fifteen year old boy with a tattoo much less something that looked a little effeminate.

Soon the conversation just went to school work and the tournament and after an hour or so the girl's hands became more frisky. With both of their hands wrapped around Harry he was soon hard and laid on the bed as Daphne mounted him. She sank down on his length while Fleur put the toy back on before sliding into Daphne's hot and tight bum. Daphne wasn't able to hold it together as well as Fleur being in the middle of two cock thrusting partners. She came multiple times and was barely able to hold herself up right and by the end Harry was doing all the work by moving her hips up and down. Fleur was just as rough as Harry was with her ass and she had even made Fleur cum multiple times before Harry came and filled Daphne's pussy to the brim with hot seed.

After Harry rolled Daphne off of him Fleur couldn't wait and dove into Daphne's legs. Her mouth latched onto Daphne's cum seeping cunt. Tasting the blonde's love nectar mixed with the sweet taste of Harry's cum was something she eagerly gulped down.

While Fleur was keeping her mouth busy she felt Harry get behind her and give her another buggering only this time it didn't end until he filled her ass with just as much cum as he just pumped into Daphne.

After Fleur was done with her mid afternoon meal Daphne returned the favor to Fleur's creampied ass. The sex kept going from there and it didn't end until Fleur and Daphne had to get dressed and go back to their rooms. They even missed dinner in the Great Hall instead choosing to take the meal in the room. Both of them wished they could have had a shower because they all reeked of sex in the worst way. All their sweaty musk and pheromones could be smelled down the corridor. Running back to their rooms they both managed to avoid detection and anyone asking any questions as to where they were or why they smell of sex.

Daphne did get caught by Tracey who had been waiting near the dungeons for her friend. Tracey was a little worried because she disappeared this morning and she hadn't seen her all day. Once Tracey saw her friend's hair and smelled her. All she needed to say was, "Harry?"

Daphne nodded and added, "And Fleur Delacour." That nearly made Tracey fall over in shock but only made Tracey follow her into the girl's bathroom and talk to her as she was taking a well deserved shower. Tracey rattled off question after question dying to hear how it was. Daphne answered every question with more and more embarrassment.

Meanwhile Harry went back to his room and showered without Desiree. She could see that he was thoroughly and totally drained of everything in his balls. She doubted he could even get hard again without a wish and that wasn't taking account of his tired body. She just laid naked in bed and waited for him.

When Harry did finally come into bed he just laid his head on her breasts and used them as a pillow before letting sleep take him. Desiree was awake for a little while longer thinking about the future and ways to keep Fleur and Harry together. She could see the budding love between the Veela and her master and that was something that needed to stay intact. There was also the job of filling out his harem and next year she planned to start filling those spots. The rest of this year was needed to train for the tournament and spend as much time with Fleur as possible. 'Oh master what would you do without me?'


I hope people liked this one. The end of the year is coming soon and that means the graveyard will be coming soon. That is going to be a challenge to write but I already have some plans and I hope I can do it justice. I plan on one more chapter before the task.

Chapter Text

Genie 20 Septima Aurora

Desiree: 30 year old Salma Hayek
Septima Vector: Jaimie Alexander
Aurora Sinistra: Lesley-Ann Brandt {Maze from Lucifer}


The week before the final task Harry spent everyday training and even spent some days running around Black Lake. Desiree had taught him the importance of strong cardio exercise. While he was running he was thinking of his lost bet with Desiree that had drained his energy more than a five kilometer run.


After his weekend with Fleur and Daphne, Monday night was filled with pain as Desiree tied Harry down to the bed and sexually tortured him for upwards of four hours. She started slowly by dragging a feather up and down his twitching cock until he was leaking pre cum and begging for more. She just stuffed a pair of knickers Fleur gave him that were her mother's in his mouth to stop his begging. Fleur had given them to him Sunday after owling her mother who was more than happy to send a sexy pair of knickers she wore and even thought about him in.

From the feather torture she then created a ring around Harry's cock that turned it almost purple as it choked his cock and would stop him from cumming before the end. Then she drizzled some hot oil on his dark colored tower of meat before dragging her hand up and down his cock for almost half an hour. She watched his balls intently and saw every time they tightened as they tried to shoot out the backed up cum trapped inside.

After her hand job she teased him with the feather again for a while before she straddled him and rode him for over an hour. She came over and over as she watched Harry's face as his muffled moans and groans were covered by the arousal stained silk knickers in his mouth.

Harry had never wanted to cum more than around hour three then when Desiree was riding him while taunting him about how much she couldn't wait for his cum. He fought against the binds around his ankles and wrist but they didn't budge.

Once Desiree was satisfied and had cum over five times she leaned over him and pulled the knickers out of his mouth and said, "You should lose bets to me more often. Now tell me what you want me to do."

Harry just gulped down fresh air before answering, "Let me cum. Please just let me cum." Harry was desperate and had been trying to cum for the last couple hours. If he was denied any longer he was sure his balls were going to explode.

Desiree pretended not to hear and instead shoved the knickers back in his mouth. "Anal? You always want the ass Harry but if you insist." She pulled her pussy off his cock before leaning back and putting her hands on his thighs before lining his cock up with her asshole. She heard his muffled moans reach almost a muffled scream when he was fully inside her ass. She even felt him try to thrust upward which she greatly appreciated.

Once again she rode him for another hour before without warning she released the tight ring around his cock and almost instantly she felt his hot seed fill her bowels. Harry screamed into the knickers as he felt everything come out of his backed up balls in addition to enhancing his load to fill Desiree with more cum that he ever had before.

Desiree let him fill her belly to the point his load was as large as when he was in horse cock form. She even felt her belly get stretched out around the balloon of cum in her belly. "Ahhhhh that hits the spot like nothing else. Oh you can't talk." She leaned forward and pulled the knickers out of his mouth once again.

Harry was panting as he felt like her ass sucked his actual soul out of his balls like a dementor. "I hate you." He wanted out while he tried to catch his breath.

Desiree just cackled, "I love you too master. I think you learned your lesson." With the lesson learned she pulled herself off his rapidly deflating cock and felt all of his seed start to pour out of her and onto the bed. It was going to need a clean up spell before they went to sleep.

Harry's vision was even spotty as he tried to regain his bearings. "What lesson?" He asked in an exasperated tone.

Desiree just lightly smacked his face, "To not bet against a sex genie about sex. You are lucky I didn't add a thousand spanks to this punishment. I felt bad enough for you and I have a soft spot for you master. Thank me it wasn't much worse." She could have been much more cruel and she had with other master's but with Harry she just gave him a fuck that he was going to remember forever whether it be from frustration or pure bliss he felt when he finally came. The look of pure relief on his face with knickers shoved in his mouth was one she was going to cherish forever.

"That was you feeling bad for me?" Harry didn't want to think of what she would do if she was angry.

Flashback End

Shivering at the memory, Harry finished with his run and decided to go back to the Room of Requirement for a quick shower before dinner. It was just starting to get dark out and he was done exercising. He was pretty confident before the final task. The quidditch pitch was off limits so he knew that's where the final task would take place and he was ready for anything.

After his quick shower he was two steps out of his room on his way to dinner when a house elf appeared in front of him. The house elf just handed him a note before disappearing with a pop. Opening the folded the elegant font of the note read:

Dear Harry,

I know it isn't our scheduled meeting but can you come to my classroom for a little "test". I have a surprise for you that should help you before your final task.


Harry was willing to skip dinner for this. He could always swing by the kitchen on the way back to his room and get some food. After reading the note he turned to an invisible Desiree, 'Looks like Aurora wants to see me again. I never realized how sexually neglected teachers were. I guess they go nine months without sex which seems like an eternity now. I would hate to be a professor if I had to do that.'

Desiree just smirked at her master, 'Want to make another bet about what your surprise is?' Desiree even wiggled her eyebrows a little bit hoping that he would take the bait and give her another go at his body uninterrupted.

Harry actually vocalized his answer out loud, "No fucking way." That only made the genie cackle like she did every time when bets were brought up since the incident.

Sneaking his way to the Astronomy classroom he was sure not to be seen by anyone which was easy since most people were at dinner. Making it to the classroom when he walked in he found it empty. Looking around he was worried he walked into a trap. Drawing his wand he called out, "Aurora?"

The side door to Aurora's personal office opened and she walked out wearing nothing but a witches hat. Her dark skinned body was exposed for his viewing pleasure which was a change because when he shagged her after class he usually just pushed her clothes out of the way. He did like seeing her breasts exposed which always looked bigger when she was naked. It was clear she tried to hide them in her teaching robes probably to not distract the boys in her class. But the same could not be said of her big firm bum which was hard to hide even under robes. Although she has been flaunting her body more in the last few months almost exclusively for his benefit during class to get him worked up for what came afterwards. "Harry, so glad you joined me."

Harry kept walking towards the older dark skinned witch while sliding his wand back in his pocket. "You know I wouldn't have missed this." When he was close enough to touch her he put his hand on her hip. His fingers skimmed over her skin until reaching the apex of her thighs and he felt she was already wet.

Aurora smiled widely, feeling his fingers slide up and down her moistening slit. "So am I your favorite professor?"

Harry nodded as he pushed his fingers a little deeper inside her tight canal, "Of course am I not your favorite student?" He was getting into the teacher and student dynamic she was starting with. Normally she just wanted to be Aurora and not the slutty teacher who let him fuck her in exchange for test scores.

Aurora shook her head, "You have been a very bad student Mr. Potter." She had to pretend to be cross even though she was anything but right now. If there wasn't a script here she would have let him pick her up and throw her on a desk. Before shagging her so hard she sees actual stars.

Harry was now caught off guard, "I thought I have been a very good student. After all, would a bad student make sure you cum before he does?" He saw her fake stern teacher mask slipping.

Aurora tried to tamp down the feeling of lust spreading through her body and the desire to let him throw her over her desk and shag her the way she liked. "No, I have heard from another professor that you are a very bad student and cause a lot of trouble."

"You can't trust anything Snape says." After his answer he tried to lean forward to capture her lips with his but she stopped him and said, "Stop this is serious. I have an eye witness to your bad behavior." This time she pushed him far enough back his hand left it's cozy spot in between her legs.

Once again the side door to Aurora's office opened only this time Septima Vector walked out wearing the same standard Hogwarts formal witches hat and nothing else. "Mr. Potter we have been talking and we have to take action against you."

Harry was stunned to see Septima walk out of the office also just as naked as Aurora. "What is going on here?" Harry was honestly confused and almost swore he was dreaming. How are these two professors naked in the same room trying to seduce him?

Septima spoke up first, "Isn't that obvious we are here to punish you. What do you think is a good punishment, Aurora?" The two older women were playing along with their own script while Harry was still trying to come to grips with what was happening.

While Harry was trying to think he had Desiree in his head laughing while flying around Septima trying to memorize every curve and crevice in her body. 'What do I do?'

'What do you do? They are naked and want to have sex with you I think you are smart enough to know what comes next.' While it was a shock to see both teacher's together about to have a three-way with her master, this was also the chance of a lifetime.

Harry was still processing when he felt Aurora's and Septima's hands grope around his rapidly hardening cock. "Am I dreaming?" Never in his wildest dreams did he think this was possible.

Aurora shook her head, "No you aren't dreaming. What you don't know about us is that we are best friends. I saw you that night in her room and we got talking and we both agree that you are the best fuck we have ever had." She left out the part about going down to Madam Rosmerta's and talked to her about his magical cum.

Septima dropped to her knees first and unzipped his trousers. "The third task is next week and therefore the end of the school year. We have talked about it and decided to do this together." Pushing his trousers down his boxers went with them. Now his cock sprung out in the open looking like everything they remembered. Only Aurora has had much more of a close look at it. Septima took the initiative to lunge forward and wrap her lips around the tip and start to hollow out her cheeks trying to give him the best suction possible. His cock was wide and girthy which stretched her lips into a big O shape.

Aurora saw Harry throw his head back as his hips bucked. "I told you we were going to punish you Mr. Potter. This is the easy part because you aren't leaving here until both of us are satisfied and we don't care how long it takes." She peppered his neck with kisses before joining Septima on her knees. Together they started to attack the ten inch pole in front of them. Funnily enough they had actually strategized for this before Harry showed up. For Septima she honestly didn't remember if she sucked his cock last time everything was a blur before the four orgasms and her first analgasm. She didn't even remember what she had for breakfast that morning. So she had first crack at it so Aurora would focus on his magical cum giving balls.

Harry had a flashback to Fleur and Apolline who gave him a similar blowjob. All he could do here though was groan and moan feeling both of their mouths on him. Looking down he had a clear view of their heads due to them throwing off their hats to be able to blow him. Septima wasn't able to get all of him in her mouth which left Aurora plenty of room to kiss and suck his smooth balls.

Aurora didn't expect to love sucking and kissing his balls so much but they were so soft and she could feel them get tighter and tighter the closer Harry edged to his climax. Before Septima finished him off she alternated balls by popping each one in her mouth and lathering it with saliva with her tongue and giving it a nice big suck before letting them fall from her mouth before doing the other. There was no shame in her movements having fully accepted the fact she was shagging a student.

Septima felt as if she was doing an adequate job with her blowjob because Harry was massaging her head and not pushing her any deeper. That was one of the parts she hated most about giving a man a blowjob was the push on the head when she wasn't ready. With Harry's giant cock he could easily damage her poor throat if he was too eager. After a few minutes of bobbing her head up and down his pulsing cock she felt his cock start to twitch. Pulling her mouth off of his cock she just presented her face and started to stroke him ready for a facial. While she would have normally found it demeaning she enjoyed her last one by him very much.

Aurora soon joined her and put her face near her best friends and waited for his climax to overtake him. Both professors hoped his cum was just as sweet as the last time. Both of them had a craving for it while they refused to say it aloud because it would be the most slutty and embarrassing thing to ever come out of their mouths.

Harry couldn't resist letting loose and cum on his two professor's faces. Both had their eyes closed and their mouths open. Harry never realized how hot this look was but it was one of his favorites. Feeling his saliva covered balls tighten he felt the cum start to race up his cock and fly out of the tip and fall on Septima's face. After a few ropes he turned to Aurora and gave her a facial also. He had gotten good at facials after having given so many of them.

Both Aurora and Septima's mouths were filled with a little of the sweet treat. When they felt the splatters of hot seed stop landing on their faces they moved to clean it up. By cleaning it up they meant scooping the warm seed towards their mouths. Aurora even opened her mouth wide to show Harry it all before swallowing her's. She had found out he loved to see this when they were alone during their "tests" and it always amped him up for when he took her pussy next. Septima was much more subdued and just slurped hers down without the spectacle.

When both of their faces were clean they looked up at Harry with big doe eyes past his massive cock. Looking back down at them he just asked, "What's next?"

Both women looked at each other and smiled before walking over to the front desk. Behind closed doors Aurora and Septima played a game of exploding snap to decide who was to go first. Aurora won two out of three. So Aurora bent over her desk she knew the way Harry liked having been taken this way countless times.

Septima marveled at her friend's bum. It was a little larger than her own and looked nice and firm. One of the only benefits of living in a castle with eight floors and six towers. There was also enough distance between everything there was no risk of anyone hearing them right now. "For your punishment Mr. Potter you need to make Aurora cum. If you cum before her there will be consequences."

Harry almost felt like testing those consequences but decided to play along. "I'll be good, professor. Let me show you how good I can be." Stepping up to the desk he slapped his meaty cock against the dark butt cheek of Aurora Sinistra.

Aurora tried to look behind her, "If you don't the punishment is that you don't get to have our asses tonight." She hoped that would be enough motivation to keep him going all night. It was and she even received a horrified look from Harry telling her he understood the seriousness of her threat.

Harry took his cock and just brushed it against her pussy and felt that Aurora was soaking wet and was ready for a pounding. Having slept with Aurora so many times he knew she was able to take everything in one thrust. Snapping his hips forward he buried all ten inches into her sopping wet cunt in one thrust.

Aurora knew it was coming but it always surprised her to feel the sudden intrusion of a ten inch cock up her pussy. "Fuck!" With just one thrust she could already feel herself tumbling forward to an amazing orgasm. She used to think that her biggest sexual fantasy was to be made love to in front of a fireplace or on a blanket under the stars but now it was just being taken roughly by Harry in her classroom. There had been nothing in her sexual life as good as taking her student's giant cock in her classroom under people's noses.

Septima was shocked to see her friend take his cock so quickly and easily. Just for a note she said out loud, "Harry being serious here don't do that to me." She didn't think she could take something like that. She had only slept with him once and the more she looked at his cock it was as big as a beater's bat. Not having the experience of multiple sessions with Harry she needed to take things a little slower so she didn't have to go to Madam Pomfrey.

Harry smirked at the dark haired woman whose eyes were wide seeing such a level of brutality so soon. As he brought his hips back to do it again and again he said, "Don't worry, I think I know your body well enough. I just know that I turned Aurora into the perfect little cock slut who can take a rough pounding."

Aurora wished she could say something in her defense but he was right. All the sex they had prepared her for these kind of moments. All she could do now was moan out like the whore she was. She already felt herself getting ready to cum and he had only just started moving. 'He is right it was only a couple weeks before I asked him to go faster and harder. Now here I am getting fucked like an animal in heat.'

Septima tried to keep the roleplay going, "Don't speak that way about a professor." Her objections were cut off by Harry pulling her towards him and pressing his mouth to her's. The words die in her throat as his tongue invaded her mouth as his hips worked on making her friend cum. His hot and heavy breath in her mouth made her breathe harder at the same time his fingers found her clit. His fingers spread her own arousal as lube as he circled her clit with tight circles just the way she liked. Her hands went to his arms as she sunk her claws into him as he finger fucked her.

Aurora finally managed to find her voice at the same time she felt an orgasm rip through her, "Fuck I'm cumming Septima."

Now that his professor had cum Harry was free to cum so with a dozen or more thrusts he felt himself reach his end and with a groan he started to cum inside his professor's womb. Just like all the other times he was sure to paint her womb with enough cum she would be dripping for an hour.

Septima was about to cum also having seen Aurora and Harry just cum but also imagining what that creampie felt like. She couldn't wait for her turn and she could feel his hot seed in her womb for herself.

Harry pulled out of Aurora and rolled her over to her back before turning to Septima, "Have you ever eaten your friend's pussy?" Septima shook her head only for Harry to respond, "What kind of friend are you? Why don't you show her what your friendship means to you?" Harry then positioned Septima's head near Aurora's cum dripping pussy.

Aurora was scared to say anything as her friend listened to Harry and for the first time Septima brought her lips and tongue to her pussy. Aurora wished she could lie and say this didn't feel good but it felt so much better than good. There was something special about her closest friend licking her pussy. After Septima had a few licks she started to suck particularly around her clit. Aurora couldn't help her hands from threading themselves through her friend's raven dark hair and holding her down in between her legs.

Harry was behind Septima and took in her very pale ass that was a big contrast from Aurora's darker skin. Spreading her cheeks he felt her stiffen worried he was about to start with her ass but he kept his words and positioned his cock at her lower entrance. Ever so slowly he started moving in and inch by inch she stretched around this massive cock she had only had once before. With her mouth occupied all she could do was moan into her friend's pussy.

Aurora could see Harry's lean but muscular body start moving in her best friend and she could tell how much he was holding back. She had been lucky to see Harry when he was wild and nearly insatiable as he took her body roughly and made her cum over and over. He caught her looking however because he looked up from Septima's rippling and jiggling bum through his glasses he looked into Aurora's brown eyes. Feeling his green eyes boring into hers she couldn't hold back anymore and ground her hips into her friend's face before she let out an orgasmic wail as she came.

Septima was in a similar boat because Harry had been fucking her for minutes and she wasn't as strong willed as her friend when it came to Harry's cock. She wasn't used to it so he made her body react fast and fiercely. With her mouth busy she couldn't warn him that she was cumming but he had to have felt it because he increased his speed and power. Now her body was being shook back and forth so much so she could feel her breasts jiggling back and forth. All the while she was doing her best to clean her friend. She was being used at both ends like a couple was getting their money out of a whore.

Harry felt Septima lose the fight with herself and came all over his cock. Never giving her a moment to rest he just kept thrusting into her over and over. He was determined to make her cum again before he filled her with his hot seed. While he had already proven himself to Aurora he still felt as if he had to prove something to Septima.

Septima had to eventually give up on eating her friend's pussy and just raise her head out of her friend's legs. With her mouth free she was able to moan freely and boy did she moan. Septima's hands went from keeping Aurora's legs open to the edge of the desk as Harry started thrusting harder and harder. Bracing herself against the desk she had to look her friend into the eyes in her most personal moment. "I'm going to cum again." She couldn't bear to keep looking at Aurora so she just closed her eyes and embraced the feelings of a climax wash over her.

Aurora reached towards her friend and ran her hands up her arms to let her know it was okay. There was nothing to be ashamed about, at least not between the three of them. If McGonagall walked in here there would definitely be shame for what they were doing. Watching Septima she saw her body shaking and trembling as Harry's arms wrapped around her as his hips stopped moving. She watched as her student filled her friend with her first load of cum tonight.

Septima's mouth was just open as she took a creampie like nothing she has ever had before. It even felt bigger than the one he gave her their first night together. When she felt him pull out of her pussy she nearly collapsed on the ground like she was only being held up by his cock. Falling forward she landed face first on her friend's chest.

Aurora let Septima rest her head on her tits for a moment while coming down from the two gargantuan orgasms she just had. Looking at Harry his cum dripping cock was still hard and glistening from both of their pussies. "Why don't we give her a rest and you can have my bum." Those words made his cock bob up and down in approval. Pushing Septima over onto the desk Septima climbed on the desktop and just laid there.

Now free of the burden of Septima on top of her she showed him her holes as she rubbed her clit. "Septima did a good job didn't she?" Aurora said, taking pride in her cum free pussy. Septima had done an excellent job of sucking and cleaning all of Harry's sweet juices out of her.

Harry chuckled to himself at her question. "She did, you can hardly tell that I had just cum in it. Now lift and spread those legs for me." Doing what he said the professor roleplay long forgotten. Lifting her legs up she then spread them while leaning back a little so he could see his prize. This would be the first time he hadn't taken her ass while being bent over.

Harry slapped down his cock on her spit shined pussy before trailing the head down until it reached her crinkled and tight hole. "You are so good to me."

"I know I am. Now fuck my ass." Like always when she said that he took the words to heart and started to press forward. He seemed to always know what he was doing because it was just slow enough to let her get used to it and it was just fast enough to make her body crave more.

Once Harry had all ten inches in his professor's tight ass he brought one hand down to her clit and rubbed as he sped up his thrusts. Aurora maimed out, "Not fair." This dual assault was going to make her cum twice as quick. Harry smiled at his professor with a sexy smile no student should possess. "You are in for a treat, Aurora. I'm not going to stop until Septima is ready to take over for you."

Aurora looked over to Septima who just shook her head indicating she was going to need some time before she was going to be ready again. Looking back at Harry she just nodded and stupidly said, "Do your worst."

Harry just raised an eyebrow as he sped up his fingers while keeping his thrusts nice and deep. Her ass was already responding to him and he could feel she was struggling to keep it under control. Within five minutes she was already ready to cum but was holding back for her friend.

Aurora could feel her forehead get sweaty in addition to her whole body as she tried to hold back her orgasm for as long as she could. But that soon broke because it had become too much to handle. "I'm cumming! Fuck I'm cumming hard!" Turning away from Harry's self satisfied smile she looked to her friend who was looking back at her with wide eyes as she watched her best friend cum from having a cock in the ass. Having held back her orgasm for so long when her climax hit it was so much stronger than all the other times he had shagged her ass.

Harry gave her a moment to rest before he started moving again before Aurora had to stop him. "I'm too sensitive I can't take another hard fuck in my ass." She knew he would listen but even her pussy felt a little numb after feeling another orgasm from having her clit played with.

Harry turned to Septima who was now back in the world of the living. "I have an idea. Why don't you get on top of Aurora and make her repay you for licking her pussy clean?" He loved seeing girls together and seeing how far these two were willing to go with each other made him even harder.

Septima looked to Aurora who just nodded in affirmation. Septima then moved her body on top of Aurora and straddled her friend's face. Once she had mounted her friend's face that was when Harry pulled out of Aurora's tight ass. He didn't need to say a word as she laid down on Aurora's body and dove mouth first on Harry's cock. Even though it had just been in her friend's bum she couldn't help herself. She needed this cock in her as soon as possible.

Aurora didn't expect Harry to suggest this but she was happy he did. She could now show her friend how much she appreciated what she did for her. When her friend straddled her face she immediately felt Harry's cum start to leak out of Septima. Not one to shy away. Aurora reached her hands around to grip Septima's ass and bring her down closer so her pussy was right in her mouth. Harry's hot and sweet cum started filling her mouth and she thanked all her lucky stars. It was so appetizing. She had no problem drinking it down while her tongue explored her best friend's pussy. The more her tongue tasted the more she enjoyed it. Besides Harry's sugary cum there was a hint of something that wasn't sugary sweet and that was exclusively Septima's.

Septima gasped on Harry's cock as Aurora's mouth dug into her pussy. In this position she was unable to bob her head up and down Harry's cock in a rapid motion so he was thrusting in and out of her mouth. He was excellent about not going farther than she was comfortable with stopping right before he hit her gag reflex. The wet sounds her mouth was making as Harry thrust in and out of her mouth were so embarrassing. Though it seemed like it didn't matter because Aurora was busy with her face buried in her pussy. If her mouth wasn't full she would have given Aurora so many compliments on the job she was doing. Aurora seems to copy her own motions earlier and was licking up and down her slit while trying to scoop out the cum with her tongue before latching onto her clit like a nipple.

Harry was in heaven hearing the cock muffled noises that were coming out of Septima's mouth. It definitely didn't match her usually stern demeanor. He couldn't tear his eyes away from Septima's as they held eye contact through this intense blowjob. Part of him wished he could just finish deep down her throat like so many before her but he knew she couldn't take such a big load in her untrained throat.

Desiree heard the inner musings of her master and was very proud of him. He was handling himself with so much class and it earned him a night with the two sexiest teachers in this school. During this Desiree was taking pictures of the whole thing with these ones going into her own collection.

Harry was getting close to an orgasm that was stopped short when Aurora had asked him to stop fucking her bum. "Almost there Septima. You want this one in your face or are you going to swallow it?" He was fine with either and it was her choice how she wanted to take it.

Septima responded by throwing her arms around him and grabbing his tight little bum and keeping the head of his cock in her mouth as she sucked him with everything she had. She was quickly rewarded with his hot load of tasty seed hitting her tongue as she gulped it down. At the same time she was drinking down his magical seed she felt her own body seize as she came on Aurora's face. She felt her face go red thinking that she was cumming on her friend's face. It was a little embarrassing since she had never been with another woman before. 'This isn't how I imagined tonight going. I thought we would just be taking turns on Harry, not each other.'

Aurora felt her friend's pussy tighten on her tongue as she felt a small rush of girl cum coat her mouth and chin. 'I did it, I made Septima cum. She made me cum and I made her cum. Who knew doing things with a girl could be so fun.' She never gave much thought to another woman's beauty or looks but now she could appreciate her friend's body in a new light.

As Harry's orgasm trailed off Septima let go of his clenching bum and pulled her mouth off of him only to find he was still hard. "Fuck Harry. How can you still be hard?"

Harry put his fingers under Septima's chin and brought her face to face with him, "You still have one hole I want." In his mind Desiree was cheering for him to take her favorite teacher's ass.

Septima had the decency to blush and be flustered at his admission. She had given him her ass before but it was only her second time. Not able to form the correct words, she just nodded and climbed off her best friend before getting in position by bending over the desk and presenting her ass to him. It was a position she had been in before but it still felt brand new.

Harry let out a small laugh when he saw Aurora's face which had white cum smeared around her mouth along with a clear layer of fluid covering her mouth and chin. Aurora looked beautiful and Septima had noticed it also from her position. Harry decided to do something special for the nervous professor and for the first time tonight he dropped to his knees.

Aurora was wondering what Harry was doing when he disappeared out of view and quickly figured it out when Septima screamed out. "His tongue is going in my ass." If she thought she was embarrassed before nothing compared to having Harry stick his tongue in her most private place. She tried to fight the pleasure she was starting to feel as his tongue swirled around her crinkled hole before pushing inside her.

Aurora was a little jealous that she hadn't felt his tongue lick her there tonight. She used to think that was never an option or that any bloke would ever do that. She had Harry do that to her before and she loved it. Nothing had made her bum feel as good as his magical tongue at least until he put that magnificent cock inside her bum. From the look in Septima's eyes the technique was quite effective because there was a line of drool coming out of her mouth and onto her desk. 'I will have to be sure to ask him to do that to me again before the year is over. I can't ask him to do it now since he already filled me with his cum. Boys always have such a weird aversion to tasting their own cum. Although with his sweet taste you think he wouldn't have a problem with it.' That was a big reason women wanted oral first because blokes wouldn't do it after they filled a girl up with their spunk.

Once Harry was satisfied with his preparation he stood back up and rubbed his cock between her two tight butt cheeks before pushing into her tight heat. He let out a string of moans as the deeper he pushed the tighter she became. Much like her first time her anal canal had his cock in a death grip.

Septima let out a near silent whimper when she felt his hips press against her butt. She still couldn't believe she was capable of taking a cock that large in that hole. "Ah!" She kept letting out a string of those kinds of noises as Harry kept true to his word and moved slowly in and out of her bum.

Even though Harry had just cum for the umpteenth time he still felt ready for another climax. The way Septima's bowels wrapped around his cock in just the perfect way it wouldn't be much longer before he came. To help prevent coming too early he made a wish, 'I wish for my orgasm to be tied to her's.' Desiree wordlessly granted the wish and Harry felt like he could last a little bit longer.

Septima felt Harry increase his thrusts a little bit and instead of chastising him she just moaned in approval. Every time she had anal with she was convinced she wasn't going to like it but the two times they have done it she wonders why she hasn't done it sooner. The first time she thought it was a fluke but now she knew the pleasure was real. She liked a cock deeply fucking her ass. "I'm going to cum Harry. Just fill me up."

Harry was happy he made the wish because he would have cum right then but instead he was cumming at the exact moment she was a couple thrusts later. Seeing her ass ripple from the forceful nature of his thrusts only made his climax that much more sweet. As he felt her ass get even tighter and hold him in place he started to cum in the stern professor's willing ass. "Ahhhhh!" Harry let out a victory groan as quickly fired hot ropes inside Septima Vector.

After a minute of waning orgasms Septima felt Harry finally get soft before he pulled the still impressive six inch cock out of her bum.

Just as Harry was about to find a desk or chair behind him to sit down to rest, Aurora cut into the heavy panting or otherwise silence. "You can go now Mr. Potter. Thank you for being such a good boy in detention." She put back on the roleplaying character of a strict teacher.

Harry was expecting a little more love, "Seriously? I thought you two would want to cuddle more. If you give me some more time I can go again." He wanted more time to admire their