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Dean’s Witchy Princess

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Dean sighed throwing his weapons back into the secret compartment, as he'd just finished up the case he was on, a rather awful poltergeist in Slidell in The Northshore. He was bone tired but he was determined to get back to his fiancée Simone Dubois. Fiancée? Wasn't that a strange notion. He, Dean Winchester; had a fiancée. They had met about two years ago now; when she was finishing up college with her friend Cassie and the pair had hit it off straight away. When she told him she was a powerful, natural- born witch from a powerful Coven in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Dean didn't care and loved her anyway. Besides, he knew they were different from the witches who got their power by selling their souls to demons.


Although, it had taken Bobby threatening to shoot his father, again, and show him the lore books he had before his father finally came around. Bobby and Sammy had been extremely happy for them, but now his brother was off at college, he'd left a year ago after a rather large fight with their father. Don't get him him wrong Dean was happy for his little brother and had tried to stay in contact with Sam despite his father's wishes; but Sam had never picked up his or Simone's calls, despite getting on really well with her. Dean had proposed to Simone just over two months ago when he had taken her out for a romantic meal, and gifted her a bouquet of mixed roses, her favourite flowers. When she had said yes, it felt to Dean:  that he could finally breathe easier for the first time all day. Afterwards, Dean had tried to call Sam and his father to let them know the good news but neither had picked up.


Shaking his head out of his mournful thoughts of missing his brother, Dean started the engine to baby and took off for the homey apartment he and Simone were renting in New Orleans. No matter where he was Dean would always drive straight back home once the case was finished, he wasn't afraid to admit that he loved her or that he missed her while he was away. But now he was concerned as for the last two months Simone had hardly been able to keep anything down and it was scaring him, he didn't want to lose her. After breaking the speed limit by quite a lot, Dean finally arrived at their apartment early the next morning; only to see Simone in her pyjamas pacing up and down their living room, chewing on her thumb anxiously.

"Baby?" Dean asked concerned, dropping his bags by the door startling her as he absentmindedly kicked the door closed.


"What's wrong?" He asked worriedly, noticing the tear tracks upon her cheeks. "Sweetheart?" He asked again, resting his hands on her cheeks brushing away the tears with his thumbs.

"I'm sorry." Simone said thickly, tears still pouring from her beautiful blue eyes as she tucked her blonde hair behind her ears.

"Sweetheart you're scaring me." Dean stated worriedly. "Just tell me what's the matter and we'll deal with it together, I promise."

"I -I...." Simone closed her eyes and took a slow, calming breath as she took something out of her dressing gown pocket and handed it to Dean. "I'm pregnant." She whispered, as if she was afraid of his reaction.


"Really?" Dean asked, shock, excitement and a bit of fear showing in his voice. He's always wanted to be a father but he was scared he'd be like his Dad and of the work he did. 

"Yes." Simone said uncertainly, before Dean gently titled her head up and kissed her passionately. "You're happy?" She asked, a smile starting to appear on her lips.

"More than anything." Dean agreed, laughing as he picked her up, spinning her around causing Simone to let out a loud squeal and peals of laughter. "We're going to be a family." He cried happily, getting a loving smile off of his love.


~ One month later: three months pregnant ~


Simone and Dean waited anxiously as the doctor set up the ultrasound.

"Let's take a look at this little one, shall we?" She asked kindly, to the two anxious parents.

"Yeah." Dean said, kissing Simone's hand as his leg bounced up and down anxiously.

"It's okay." Simone said loving, bringing Dean's hand up to her lips.

"I should be saying that to you." Dean said, smiling tightly, only to smile widely as their baby's heartbeat filled the room. It's the most wonderful sound he has ever heard.

"It seems you have one healthy little baby. In a few months you'll be able to tell the gender, if you wished." The doctor said, as she printed off a few scan pictures for them.

"Thank you." Simone said gratefully.

"You're welcome. I'll leave you to clean up and inform your families. Congratulations." She said, handing Simone some tissue.


"Call them." Simone said sternly, once she finished dressing.

"Okay." Dean said, taking a deep breath he took his phone out and tried calling his Dad only to get voicemail, sighing Dean left a message, before calling Sam only to get the same thing. Sighing once again he left the same message, before finally he called Bobby.

"Hey Bobby." Dean greeted happily, when his father figure answered the phone. 'Least someone did.' Dean thought bitterly.


"Hey Dean. Everything alright?" He asked sounding concerned.

"Yeah I'm just leaving the hospital with Simone..." Dean started, but Bobby interrupted.

"Is everything alright?" Bobby asked, now he was concerned.

"Yeah everything's great. You're going to be a grandfather." Dean said with a wide grin.

" Congratulations, Son. " Bobby said happily, a wide grin on his face as he took a sip of beer and gave Rufus a 'shut it' look. "I'll pop up and see you two soon. You let your Daddy and Sam know?"


"Thanks Bobby, and it would be great to see you, it's been a while. Yeah I did but only got voicemail with both of 'em. How're you doing?" Dean asked.

" Just on a hunt with Rufus. He's making me wish the ghost would get us. Oh, quit complaining you idjit!" Bobby snapped to obviously Rufus; Dean smiled shaking his head at the pair. " I better get back to it but I'll see you soon Dean. Give my love to Simone."

"Will do. Bye Bobby." Dean said, as he hanged up the phone.

"We heading to your parents, baby?" Dean asked, as Simone finished talking to Cassie asking her to be Godmother.

"Yep. How's Bobby?" Simone asked.

"Wants to kill Rufus and he sends his love to you." Dean said, starting the engine.

"Ahh they're on a hunt." Simone realised.

"Yep." Dean agreed, as Back in Black started playing the pair singing along.


~ Five months pregnant ~


Two months later Simone and Dean were back at the hospital only this time to determine the gender of their baby and they couldn't be more excited. Dean had gone all out for their baby and their apartment was practically overflowing. When John had finally called Dean back about a month ago; it had been to get him to help him on a hunt. And he had been most displeased when Dean had refused especially when he told him he was about to be a father (and what he'd thought John was calling about), and was not about to leave Simone for days or weeks on end. They hadn't spoken much since then and Sam still hadn't called back.


"Hello Simone, Dean." Doctor Harris greeted, as she entered the room and started setting up the machine and pulling Dean from his thoughts.

"Hi Doctor Harris." The two greeted.

"Right let's see if it's a boy or a girl." Doctor Harris said, moving the wand of the machine over Simone's stomach. "Congratulations you're having a little girl. I bet Daddy's going to spoil her rotten." She joked, turning the screen towards them only to frown at something she's only just noticed.


"He already is spoiling our little Amélie Belle Winchester." Simone said happily, looking at the screen only to frown when Dean didn't reply and looked up at him her smile morphing into a deeper frown at the look of worry upon Dean's face.

"What? What is it?" Dean asked worriedly, staring at the Doctor and not his fiancée even though he could feel her eyes boring into him.

"There's a slight heart murmur with baby but it shouldn't be anything to worry about. But just to be sure we'll have regular check ups from now until birth just to be sure.


Don't worry nine times out of ten they repair themselves and it's nothing to be concerned about." Doctor Harris assured them.

The same as they had two months ago Dean called his Dad and Sam to let them know only to end up getting their voicemails and getting congratulations from Bobby and Cassie with promises from the pair to come visit them again soon, as well as assuring them to trust the doctor that Amélie will be fine.


~ Seven months (28 weeks) ~


Simone screamed holding on to Dean's and her mother's hands as she was told to push by the doctors and nurses. There had been a complication and now she was delivering her baby early. Two months early.

"No. No no no. It's too early. Too early." Simone sobbed, in between contractions.

"Everything is going to be okay, baby. I promise, you're doing so well." Dean praised, kissing her forehead. He was trying hard not to show how worried he was especially when he heard that she was losing a lot of blood. He shared a worried look with Simone's mother, Claudette, over the top of Simone's head.


"Okay I can see the head. Simone on the next contraction I want you to push as hard as you can." Doctor Harris instructed a few hours later. Five minutes later Simone screamed as she squeezed her hands around Dean's and her mother's feeling extremely drained with all the blood she's lost. She had a feeling she wasn't going to make it, but as long as her baby did that's all that she cared about.

Suddenly a very quiet, shrill cry wrenched the air as Amélie Belle Winchester was born at 8:30 am on the 22nd September 2002.


"Well done baby. Well done." Dean praised, kissing her forehead when he noticed Simone's eyes were drifting even though she was fighting hard to stay awake. "Simone?" Dean asked panicked. "Doctor!"

"Place her in the incubator." Doctor Harris said urgently, when she noticed the state mother was in and how small Amélie was.

"Wait." Simone called weekly. "Let me hold her. Please. Let's be real here, I'm not going to make it - no you all know it's true. Just...just let me say goodbye to my daughter." Simone said tearfully. Tears running down her cheeks much like they were Dean's and Claudette's.

"Very well." Doctor Harris said sadly, wrapping the tiny baby in two blankets to keep her warm and handed her to her mother carefully.

"Hi baby." Simone said tearfully, pressing a kiss to her tiny forehead and slipping a bracelet off her wrist and on to her daughter's with Dean's help, which resized as soon as it was around her tiny, tiny wrist.


It was a protection bracelet that would protect her from anything and everything, would stop her being possessed and couldn't be taken off unless Amélie did when she wanted to and not by force as it was keyed to her magic now.

"I love you so much my witchy Princess." Simone said, pressing a kiss to her forehead once again and allowing the doctors to take her baby to the NICU knowing this would be the first and last time she saw her. "Dean, tell her, her Mama loves her. And look after our baby, Dean. Promise me. Don't raise her like you were and use the sachets I made if you have to leave her alone in the room it'll protect her. She needs to be loved." Simone begged, growing weaker.

"I promise baby. I promise." Dean said, taking Simone into his arms and holding her close running a hand through her hair and kissing her forehead lovingly. "I love you so so much." Dean sobbed.


"I love...I love you too." Simone said, looking up and kissing Dean. "I want Dean to raise her Maman." Simone told her mother, who was about to leave the room to give them some privacy.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Petit ami." Claudette said, kissing her daughter's head. "I love you. Rest now." She said tearfully, and left to join her husband, Cassie and Bobby in the hall. Twenty minutes later Simone died in Dean's arms.


After professing love to each other one last time and talking about the wedding they never got to have that they had been planning. As Simone died, Dean let out a heart wrenching sob that was half a shout and half a sob, that those in the hall could hear causing their hearts to break in sorrow for Dean and little Amélie.

"Dean." Doctor Harris said softly, five minutes later. "I need to check her."

"She's gone." Dean sobbed, his head buried in Simone's hair.

"I know and I'm so sorry for your loss. Your daughter is in NICU and she's fighting strongly and seems to be doing well so far."

"I... I want to change her name to Amélie Belle Simone Winchester." Dean said, wiping away his tears but more still fell like a waterfall.


"Of course." Doctor Harris agreed, making the necessary changes and getting Dean to sign all the needed paperwork for Amélie and Simone. He kissed the love of his life one last time before letting them take her body away.

"I'm so sorry Dean." Bobby said gruffly, his own tears falling down his cheeks as he pulled him into a tight hug as soon as he left Simone's room.

"Here can you answer this Dad won't stop ringing and I... I can't right now." Dean said his voice breaking, handing Bobby the ringing phone before he headed to the NICU to be with his daughter. Bobby following along behind him.

"John." Bobby greeted tersely


"Put Dean on the phone, Bobby." John ordered.

"No I can't put him on the phone. If you were anything like a father you would be here for him instead of having your foot so far up your arse that all you care for anymore is revenge!" Bobby snapped.

"Look, this is important!" John snapped. "I know he's playing house but..."

"I should damn well shoot you, you know that!" Bobby snapped, smiling as a nurse looked at him weirdly as he walked by. "If you answered your phone you would know Simone went into an early labour at 28 weeks due to complications, she didn't make it and Amélie, your granddaughter, is in the NICU! If you care for him get here. Now! He's just lost the love of his life, his fiancée, maybe you can relate and he may still lose his daughter too!" Bobby snapped, hanging up the phone and not giving John time to argue or make anymore excuses.


"Idjit. Should'da shot him when I had the chance!" Bobby grumbled, before calling Sam's number and leaving a similar anger filled message on Sam's voicemail. Once he'd hanged up for a second time he slipped Dean's phone into his pocket for now and joined the silent vigil outside the NICU, staring at the newest Winchester through the window. Each of them praying that she would make it.




French to English translations:


*Maman = Mum.

*Petit ami = sweetheart.

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Chapter One, Trick or Treating with Daddy


~ Three years later (31st October 2005) ~


Dean smiled as he parked the impala in front of Claudette and Charles's house, he couldn't wait to see his precious baby girl again and go trick or treating with her. That Voodoo thing had taken to long for his liking, and he'd also gotten a weird voicemail from his Dad, but he'll deal with that later. First, he wants his baby girl. Opening the door he smiled when he saw Amélie bouncing on the top step with Claudette and Charles on either side of her. 

"Daddy!" Amélie shouted, running down the steps the moment Dean got out of the car. 

"Hey baby. Did you miss me?" Dean asked, crouching down with his arms open wide, as she ran into them holding on to him tightly. 

"Yes Daddy." Amélie whispered, making Dean's heart clench. It's only been two days as it was the other side of New Orleans but god did he miss her too. 


"I missed you too baby. I love you." Dean said, standing up and placing her on his hip. 

"I wuv you too Daddy." Amélie whispered, resting her head on his shoulder. "Coco missed you." She said, putting the cat in his face. 

"I missed you too Coco." Dean said, laughing when he felt her nod against his shoulder and made the cat do the same. 

"Was you good for Nana and Grandpa?" Dean asked sternly, walking towards the house. 

"Uhh huh." Amélie stated. Dean looked towards Simone's parents with an eyebrow raised in a silent question. 

"Good as gold." Claudette confirmed. "Do you want to have dinner before you take this little munchkin trick or treating?" 

"That would be great thank you. That person won't bother the Coven now." Dean said, following them into the house. 


"Thanks for that Dean. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, it's just a shame Fredrick's brother had to do that. I suppose jealousy makes a person do crazy, stupid things." Charles stated, grabbing a beer out of the fridge for him and Dean, a juice for Amélie and an iced tea for his lovely wife. 

"I suppose it does." Dean agreed, accepting the beer from Charles. "Cheers. Baby, why don't you go do some colouring before we have dinner." Dean suggested, crouching down to place Amélie on her feet. 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie said, as she skipped over to the kids table where her colouring was all set up. 

"What's wrong?" Claudette asked, hearing Dean let out a weary sigh as she started on meatballs and spaghetti for dinner.  

"My Dad is missing and he left me this..." Dean said, playing the voicemail on speaker so his would-be parents-in-law could hear. 


"There's EVP on that." Charles stated, once the message finished. 

"I heard it too." Dean agreed. 

"I think I've got a gold wave in my office, one moment." He said, taking Dean's phone and heading to his office down the hall. 

"I know you're going to go find your father and probably get your brother to help you. I don't blame you Dean, if my father was in trouble I'd do the same; as would Charles. And I know if I or Charles had been in trouble you and Simone would have looked for us." Claudette said, smiling sadly. 

"I don't know what to do. I don't want Amélie to grow up how I did and I won't let it happen... but I don't know to do about my Dad after all he's done... I don't know how to feel." Dean sighed wearily, running a hand down his face. 


"He's your father, no matter what he's done I know that will nag in your mind if you didn't at least try. You value family more highly than I've ever seen in a person. And we would never take her away from you, Dean. We know how much you love her and it was my daughter's dying wish. I know you'll do right by them both." Claudette assured, resting a comforting hand over the top of Dean's. 

"Thank you." Dean said gratefully, his voice tight. He missed Simone so much but he had a part of her in their daughter. Looking over his shoulder at her, Dean couldn't help but smile at the look of concentration on her cute little face, her tongue just poking out at the corner of her lips. "I'll get her to call you both every day and we'll be back for the holidays and birthdays."


"Good." Charles said, walking back into the kitchen with Dean's phone and a recorder. "Make sure you look after that precious little girl, Dean, she's all I have left of my beautiful daughter." Charles said sternly, a hard look in his eyes before he softened once Dean promised and stated the obvious that he was never going to break the promise he'd made to Simone, if he could help it. "I'll keep the house ready for you don't worry and you're always welcome here. If you need help call."

"We'll also make you a tone of amulets and protection sachets to add to the ones Simone made, and the ones we've already made you." Claudette stated, setting the timer for dinner after adding the meatballs to the pasta and sauce and setting it to simmer. 


"If you need to leave her in the hotel room if there's an emergency and she's not in nursery they'll protect her. Just set them at each point around her, like each setting on a compass and in front of the door and on the window sills behind the salt line, if the salt lines break then they'll stop anything getting into the room and near Amélie."

"Thank you, you've done so much for me." Dean said gratefully, his green eyes bright. 

"You're family son." Charles said, smiling at him. "Listen to this." He said, playing the recording. 


"'I can never go home.'" A woman's eerie voice came through the speaker before it broke up once again. 

"What does that mean?" Claudette asked. 

"Dad was hunting this ghost in Jericho. Men have been disappearing along the same stretch of road for the last twenty years." Dean explained with a frown. 

"Daddy! I made you a picwtue." Amélie cried, running over to them waving the picture around. 

"You did?" Dean asked in exaggerated awe, picking Amélie up and placing her on his lap so he could hug her and see the picture. 


"Yes!" Amélie cried, clapping her hands excitedly. "I drewed you a fower." 

"And it's a beautiful flower, baby." Dean said proudly, kissing the top of her head as he looked at the large red flower. "It's going on the fridge the moment we get home." Dean told her causing a wide, beaming smile to appear on her face. "Right let's go wash up as Nana is going to dish up dinner." Dean said, carefully placing the picture to the side, climbing off the bar stool as he went to the downstairs bathroom with his daughter in his arms.  




After they had all finished dinner and Dean had cleaned Amélie up the two Winchester's headed home to get ready for trick or treating, Dean promising they'd stop by before they left to say goodbye. 

"Baby, once we've been trick or treating we're going to go on a little trip." Dean told her as he changed her into her child's version of cat woman. 

"Where?" Amélie asked curiously, her magic reacting to her excitement as her waves danced around her head as if caught in a breeze and her eyes lighting up a bright indigo. Smiling Dean kissed his daughter's forehead tenderly, he loved her more than anything in the world. 

"We're going to go see Uncle Sammy and find Grandpa John." 

"Who dat?" Amélie asked confused, her head tilted to the side. 


"Uncle Sammy is my little brother and Grandpa John is my Daddy." Dean explained, it saddened him that his daughter doesn't know her uncle and grandpa because they choose not to be in her life. 

"Daddy sad?" Amélie asked with a frown, resting a hand on his cheek. 

"No baby. I'm okay, my sweet girl." Dean said, smiling at her. "There we go, all done my little cat."

"Cat girl! Cat girl! Meow." Amélie cried, curling her hand up and waving it at Dean as if it was a paw. Dean couldn't help but laugh at her proclamation, but he had to admit she wasn't exactly cat woman at the moment. And if he had his way she'd never ever, ever dress in a cat woman costume when she got older. 

"Amie, go play in your room while Daddy gets dressed as Batman and I'll come get you." Dean told her softly but sternly, so she knew he was serious. 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie smiled, picking up Coco and left the bathroom for her bedroom playing with her oven set while she waited. 


Twenty minutes later Dean was finally able to get the ridiculous costume on. He didn't realise how hard a Batman costume was to put on by yourself but it was all worth it when he walked into his daughter's bedroom crying in a deep voice, "I'm Batman!" She squealed happily and started laughing and babbling so rapidly it was a little hard for him to understand her, not that Dean minded. Her laughter was his favourite sound. 

"C'mere baby and we'll take a picture and send it to Grandpa Bobby and Auntie Cassie." Dean said, crouching down so she could stand in front of him and took a picture of the pair of them and saved it as his screensaver. "Grab your pumpkin bag and let's go." Dean told her, holding out his hand for his daughter to take. Making sure he had his phone and his front door key, Dean took her on their third trick or treating around the neighbourhood. 


An hour later Amélie's bag was nearly overflowing so Dean decided to head back home which was a good idea as he felt Amélie starting to lag as it was coming up to seven o'clock in the evening. Once they reached home Dean told Amélie to go play while he packed their bags and changed back out of his costume. Once the weapons bag, his duffle bag full of clothes, another duffle bag for Amélie's clothes, and her rucksack of things to keep her entertained on the ride (which she helped with) which included her Lego, colouring books and crayons, iPad to watch her Disney films, books and some school work, some toys and some snacks. Dean placed them by the door and ran her bath as it was starting to get late. 

"C'mon my little witchy Princess it's bath time." Dean said, leaning on the door frame. 

"Yay!" Amélie cried, jumping to her feet and clapping her hands. Laughing Dean picked her up and set her on his hip carrying her into the bathroom. 


As he stripped her out of costume and gently took the braids out of her hair, Dean made a mental note to pack the potty too as she was training to use the toilet along with some training nappies, extra nickers and some bath toys. He wanted her to be happy and comfortable while they searched for his elusive father. He was determined to keep the promise he'd made to Simone and to himself. 

"Close your eyes, baby, I've got to wash your hair." Dean said, causing Amélie to whine in protest. "I know, I know. But I promise I won't get soap in your eyes." Dean placated. "There we go wasn't so bad was it?" He asked, once he'd finished washing out the shampoo and conditioner. 

"I had fun Daddy." Amélie beamed at him, ignoring the question about the hair washing. 

"Me too baby." Dean smiled, as he helped her wash. "What?" He asked, when he spotted the identical mischievous look to the one he saw in the mirror when he would prank Sam. 


The next thing he knew he was sporting a bubble beard and his daughter was laughing like a maniac as she clapped her hands. 

"Ohhh. It's like that is it?" Dean asked, before he gave her a bubble beard too, their laughter spreading all throughout their apartment as they played around together. "Okay let's get you dressed." Dean said, standing from his crouched position, groaning a little as the feeling went back into his lower legs. "Don't get up until I get your towel, I don't want you nearly falling again." He said sternly, giving her a pointed look as he waited for her to reply. "Good girl." He praised, kissing her forehead. Quickly he grabbed her towel off the heated towel rack and turned back to face his little miracle. "Give me your hand baby." He said, holding out one hand and holding the towel in the other. Once she was carefully on her feet Dean quickly wrapped the towel around her, placing the hood on and lifting her out of the bath and on to the mat besides him. 


In one fell swoop Dean scooped all the bath toys out of the water, dropping them into the sink under the running water to rinse them off and pulled the plug out letting the water drain away. 

"Let's do your teeth, baby, then go get you into some warm pyjamas, huh?" Dean asked, grabbing the Princess toothbrush and the milk teeth toothpaste out of the pot on the shelf by the sink. 

"Pwincess ones!" Amélie exclaimed, jumping up and down. 

"Careful." Dean scolded gently, he did not fancy a trip to A & E tonight with his daughter or at all really. 

"I sowwy Daddy." Amélie apologised sadly. 

"Baby, I'm not angry I just don't want you to hurt yourself and have to go to the Hospital that's all. How about we make sure your teeth are all clean and go find some nice warm Princess pyjamas that Grandpa Bobby got you."


"Yeah." She cheered, before opening her mouth as wide as it could go making Dean laugh. Once she was all dried and dressed in Princess pyjamas that had a fleece over top, matching slippers, had her grey rabbit coat on that her Auntie Cassie had gotten her, and her hair dried and brushed. Dean let her play a bit more while he sent a text to Charles letting them know she'd had her bath so they knew to come over, then put the wash bags in the correct bags, added the extra nappies, underwear, toys and potty, and double checked and then triple checked everything while they waited. 


He tidied up the bathroom: washing away the soap and drying off some of the bath toys, putting the towels into the laundry basket that was surprisingly empty when he was sure it had been nearly full, when there was a knock at the door. 

"Daddy!" Amélie shouted. 

"I've got it baby." Dean shouted back, hurrying towards the door before she could open it. He peered through the peephole his hand hovering around his gun only to spot Claudette and Charles, the former holding their now clean washing. 


"Charles. Claudette." Dean greeted, as he opened the door allowing them entrance. They had anti possession amulets around their necks and he knew they weren't shapeshifters as he'd set up a silver door knocker and a light just above the door that would show if they were when he looked through the peephole. "You didn't have to do that but thank you." He said gratefully, taking the now clean clothes, wash mitts and towels and putting them in the right bags.  

"I wanted to help. You know we'll always help you Dean. Do you have any other clothes that need washing? You don't want to come back to the apartment smelling to high heaven due to dirty clothes." Claudette asked, helping him put the folded clothes away. 


"Just the costumes, towels and wash mitts in the bathroom." Dean replied. "But you don't -"

"Nonsense you're family Dean. Even without my little sweat pea you were... were engaged to Simone and you don't just stop being family. Here are the protection amulets and sachets. You need anything else call Dean and we'll get it to you as quick as we can or send someone from the Coven." Charles said sternly, handing over a medium sized bag that Dean put away in the weapons bag. 

"Thank you." Dean said gratefully once again, his green eyes darkening with tears he refused to shed. 

"It's no problem." He said, pulling him into a manly hug. "Now where is my sweet pea?"

"She's in her room. I let her play for a bit longer to wear her out it's gonna be a long drive." Dean said somewhat wearily. He really wished he could shoot his father or even had the ability to hex him sometimes. 


"Hello!!" Charles drawled out, "my little Princess. Shall we go make a magical fort?" 

"Grandpa!" Amélie shouted excitedly, despite only seeing him a few hours ago making Claudette and Dean laugh. 

"Come on, I'll help you check over everything and load it in the car while they play. Sometimes you'd think he was still a three year old." Claudette tutted, rolling her eyes but she had a smile fighting its way on to her face. 

"I heard that!" Charles shouted back to them. 

"You were supposed to dear!" Claudette returned, not batting an eyelid. 

"Nana is being mean to poor Granda." Charles moaned. 

"Dwont wowy Granda I Wuv you." Amélie said brokenly, but her speech was coming along well and they were so proud of her and how kind she was. 

"Thank you Princess." Charles said happily. 


Half an hour later after tearful goodbyes on all their parts; Amélie was strapped into her car seat in the Impala after Dean had promised her they'd see them again soon and she can call them every day they were finally off on their way to Palo Alto to collect Sammy. Claudette and Charles waving goodbye to them until they could no longer see the lights of the Impala. 


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Chapter Two, Picking up Sammy


Just over a day and a half Dean had finally arrived outside Stanford in Palo Alto, California. He would have arrived a few hours earlier but he wasn't going to keep his daughter in the car for all that time, it wasn't fair. As it was, it was now eleven at night and he hated waking up his precious little girl but he wasn't going to leave her alone in the car.

"Baby. Come on honey wake up, we're at Uncle Sammy's." Dean called gently, crouching down besides her brushing her hair from her face. 

"No Daddy." Amélie whined, rubbing at her eyes tiredly. 

"I know. I'm sorry sweetheart, but you can go back to sleep in a bit. You want to see Uncle Sammy, don't you?" Amélie sat there thinking about it for a moment before she nodded, pulling the Princess blanket off her and holding her arms out to her father. Coco held tightly in her hands. 


Smiling softly at her Dean undid the straps and picked her arm placing her on his hip. 

"Where we go, Daddy?" Amélie asked curiously, as Dean started to climb up the fire escape until he got outside the right apartment. 

"Into Uncle Sammy's but it's a surprise so we have to be super quiet." Dean said, putting a finger to his lips smiling as she copied him. "Good girl." Dean whispered, kissing her hair proudly as he wedged the window open with one hand the other holding his daughter. Once the window was safely high enough Dean leaned through the window to place Amélie safety on the counter and told her to stay very still before he quickly climbed through and accidentally knocked a window pot to the floor with a loud smash. 

"Shh Daddy." Amélie scolded, her finger still to her lips. Dean couldn't help but let out a little laugh as he closed the window and picked her up. 


"Sorry Princess." Dean whispered, sensing someone was watching them he quickly placed her on the ground and crouched down in front of her. "Honey, I want you to listen to me carefully, alright? I want you to hide under the table until I come get you. It's nothing bad just a surprise for Uncle Sammy, I promise." 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie whispered, hugging Coco close as she ducked under the table with Dean covering her head. 

"Good girl." Dean said, kissing her head and walking past the beads to lead the person away from Amélie and into the living room. Suddenly the tall figure attacked him and Dean fought back getting the figure to go further into the living room. They threw kicks and punches at each other; some that landed, others that missed. It was only when Dean managed to pin the figure that he realised it was Sam. 


"Woah. Easy, there Tiger." Dean said, with a wide grin. 

"Dean?" Sam gasped out of breath and confused. "You scared the crap outta me!"  Dean just shrugged his shoulders and smiled, "That's 'cause you're outta practice." and with that Sam returned Dean's previous courtesy and flipped him on to his back. Dean looked up at Sam, who now had smile on his face and was laughing slightly. "Or not. Get off me!" Dean grumbled, the pair climbing to their feet. Before Sam could speak Dean left the living room only to return a moment later with a little girl perched on his hip taking his breath away. 

"Is that-?" Sam gasped. 

"Oh, so you did get my voicemails then?" Dean almost snarled. 

"What're you doing here Dean? Where's Simone?" Sam asked confused. 


"Mummy's in Heaven." Amélie said sadly, her voice muffled as she had her head hurried in Dean's neck with one eye peeping out at Sam. 

"If you actually listened to my voicemails, as you clearly didn't, you would know that Simone past away the same day I almost lost Amélie!" Dean shouted, jogging Sam's memory of that particular voicemail and causing his daughter to whine at the loud noise. "Sorry baby." He apologised softly, kissing her forehead. 

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you and Amélie, Dean. I... I wanted out of that life and I didn't know what to say when I got the voicemail from Bobby." Sam apologised, "What are you doing here?" 

"We need to talk." Dean said seriously, he's missed his brother but he wasn't going to accept his apology just yet. "And don't say the phone you never picked up. Not even when you found out about Simone and Amélie, when I really needed you, Sam."


Before Sam could say anything else the light suddenly switched on causing them all to blink at the sudden brightness. 

"Sam?" A voice questioned from behind them. Both Sam and Dean turned their attention to the newcomer who turned out to be a woman around his beloved Simone's height with curly blonde hair and brown eyes dressed in smurfs pyjama shorts and top. 

"Hey Jess." Sam greeted, smiling reassuringly at her. "Jess, this is my brother and the little cutie is my niece Amélie. Dean, Amie this is my girlfriend Jessica." Sam introduced. 

"It's nice to meet you." Dean said politely, as Amélie buried her face fully into his neck. "Sorry she's shy." Dean explained. 


"It's nice to meet you too and she's adorable. How old is she?" Jessica asked smiling. "And I'm sorry about her Mum, she was your fiancée, right? I heard and Sam told me about the voicemail, I tried to get him to go to New Orleans." She explained at Dean's confused look. 

"She just turned three on the 22nd September and thank you. If you don't mind I've got to steal your boyfriend for a bit." Dean said with a tight smile. 

"No." Sam interrupted. "Whatever you can say to me you can say to Jess." Sighing wearily, he really didn't want to keep fighting with his brother. 

"Fine. Dad hasn't been heard from in a few days." Dean said seriously. 

"So? He's probably working Millar time. I'm sure he'll stumble in sooner or later or be heard from sooner or later." Sam said unconcerned. 


"No. Dad's on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a few days." Dean said, trying to get Sam to understand. 

"Jess, excuse us. We have to go outside." Sam said stoically. He raced off towards his bedroom and returned in a matter of minutes fully dressed and followed Dean outside, arguing all the way down to the car park. Amélie falling asleep on Dean's shoulder. 

"Dean, c'mon. You can't just break in in the middle of the night with your three year old daughter, and expect me to hit the road with you." Sam said, in an annoyed tone as they began descending the stairs. 

"You're not hearing me Sammy. Dad's missing. I need you to help me find him."  


But Sam wasn't convinced, "Remember the poltergeist in Amherst, or the Devil's Gates in Clifftown, he was missing both times, too. He's always missing and he's always fine."

"Not for this long." Dean stated with such a seriousness in his tone it was impossible to ignore him. Before Sam could say anything else Dean held his hand up and tucked his sleeping daughter into her car seat causing her to whine sleepily. 

"Shhh baby." Dean soothed, kissing her forehead and brushing some hair out of her face. "Go back to sleep." Once he was sure she was safely secure he tucked her blanket around her, handed her Coco and then placed his leather jacket over her to make sure she was warm enough before quietly shutting the door. Showing a completely different side of himself to his brother. 


"So, are you going to come with us or not?" Dean asked, as he stood up and closed the door. 

"I'm not." Sam said, as though he had the final say.  

"Why not?" asked Dean angrily.  

"I swore I was done hunting." Sam reminded his older brother.  

"Come on. I know it wasn't easy, and I'd never and nor will I raise Amélie like that, but he did the best he could." Dean tried to rationalise. 

"Yeah?" Sam asked sarcastically. "Would you give Amélie a .44 at nine years old because she was scared of something in her closet? Like Dad gave me?"


"No. I check her closet for her and make sure. I just told you, she's not in the life. I promised myself and Simone before she died, she stays home with her grandparents while I take jobs nearby New Orleans to keep her safe, than travel back home to her. If I have to take her with me as a last resort, like now, I do all the research and ganking while she's at nursery. She knows I save people and that's it." Dean explained. "Look, I'm not saying he's perfect; he's far from it. Especially the things he said about Simone, my fiancée, and about my daughter. Bobby even threatened to shoot him as he was more concerned with his revenge and hunting, then me grieving for the love of my life, and nearly losing my daughter, all in one day, his words were, 'I was playing house'." 


"That's my point." Sam said dryly, cutting Dean off with an eye roll. "You don't want Amélie to grow up the way we did, great. I'm happy you don't. But the way we grew up after Mum died. And Dad's obsession to find the thing that killed her! But we still haven't found the damn thing! So we kill everything we can find. We may save a lot of lives doing it but do you really think Mum would want this for us?" Sam questioned. Dean glared at his brother before walking around to the boot so Sam couldn't wake up his sleeping daughter. "The weapons training, and melting the silver into bullets. Man, we were raised like warriors!"


"So that's why you ran away. What're you going to do? Live here and ignore me and your niece? You know she didn't even know who you and Dad were despite me telling her. She had no face to put to the names. And that's your fault Sam, yours and Dads. You both chose not to be in her life, you can't say you didn't as you never called back, never visited." Dean said angrily. 

"No, I'm going to live safe." Sam denied. "And I'm sorry I wasn't there I already apologised but I know it'll take more than an apology. Besides, I was just going to college. It was Dad who said if I was going to go, I should stay gone. And that's what I'm doin'." 

"Look" Dean said in a much calmer tone, "Dad's in real trouble right now, if he's not dead already. I can feel it. I can't do this alone."


Sam looked at his brother and then to his niece asleep in the Impala and said with a small, sad smile, "Yes you can."

"Yea. Well, maybe I don't want to." Dean said, not looking at Sam. Sam let out the biggest sigh Dean had heard come from him. He looked at the ground before looking back at at Dean with a look of defeat.

"What was he hunting?" Sam asked with his bitch face on. 

Dean smiled and opened the boot of his beloved Impala to show Sam what he had. The younger Winchester walked over to his brother's car, watching as Dean popped both the trunk and the secret compartment open, that held all of their weapons.  

"Alright", said Dean rubbing his hands together and looking at the trunk. He began to rummage through everything, "Where the hell did I put that thing?"


"So, when Dad left, why didn't you guys go with him?" asked Sam, as Dean continued to search the for the object he was looking for.  

"I told you I live in New Orleans and was doing my own gig. This voodoo thing down in the other part of New Orleans."  

"Dad let you go on a hunting trip by yourself?" Sam asked in a very surprised tone  

"I'm 26, dude. I can take care of myself and my daughter." Dean said in sassy tone. "Remember I was living with Simone most of the time before you left. Alright. Here we go." He said, as he found the mystery object in the trunk. He pulled out a stack of papers and continued, "So, Dad was checking out this two lane black top just outside of Jericho, CA. About a month ago this guy," he handed a paper to Sam. 


"They found his car, but he vanished. Completely MIA." Sam studied the paper with an intense look on his face.

"So maybe he was kidnapped." Sam stated. Dean gave him a look before he continued. 

"Yeah, well, here's another one in April. Another one in December '04, '03, '98, '92, ten of them over the past twenty years. All men, all on the same five-mile stretch of road." Dean said, explaining the case to Sam who had a 'thinking face' on as he processed what his brother was telling him. "Started happening more and more, so Dad went to go dig around. He thought it maybe a ghost of some kind. That was about three weeks ago. Nobody's heard from him since, which is bad enough, but then I got this voicemail a few days ago." Dean explained to Sam as he pulled out his phone to play the message from their Dad. 


Dean played the choppy message that their Dad had left him.  "Dean...I think...I need to...something's starting I...going on...may very w... be the thing.... Be very careful Dean, we're all in danger." Dean hung up the phone and looked at Sam.  

"You know there's EVP on that?" Sam asked, slipping back into his hunter mode.  

"Not bad Sammy, kinda like riding a bike, isn't?" Dean said with a proud smile on his face. "I played it to Charles and Claudette and Charles slowed the message down and ran it through a gold wave, took out the hiss and this is what he got." He said, grabbing the recorder this time. 

"I can never go home." Came a woman's every voice. 

"'I can never go home?'" Sam questioned. Dean placed the recorder and papers back into the weapons trunk before closing it and the boot. 

"In the four years you've been gone, two of those I've never called you, never asked you for a thing." Dean said, as he leaned against the Impala. 


Sam looked at Amélie again through the window and let out a heavy sigh. "Alright. I'll go. I'll help you find him. But I have to be back by first thing Monday. Just wait here." Sam said, turning to head back to his apartment. 

"What's first thing Monday?" Dean asked curiously. 

"I have an interview." Sam said hesitantly. 

"What a job interview? Skip it." Dean told his younger brother teasingly, but Sam didn't seem to get the teasing part. 

"It's a law school interview and it's my whole future on a plate."  

"Law school?" Dean questioned. "Well done Sam." Dean stated proudly. 

 "So we got a deal or not?" He asked his brother with his bitch face. Dean nodded. 

Ten minutes later Dean was quietly drumming his fingers on the steering wheel watching Sam walk back up to the Impala with a duffle bag that he placed in the boot. 

"Ready?" Dean asked, as Sam got in the car. 


Sam nodded his head, casting a glance back at his sleeping niece who looked a little pink cheeked so he took Dean's jacket off her placing it on the seat besides her. 

"I really am sorry Dean." Sam sighed, feeling guilty. 

"Yeah I know." Dean stated, starting the engine as 'all star' by smash mouth started playing. "What?" Dean asked, noticing Sam's look out of the corner of his eye. "Amélie likes it. It's from that film Shrek, it's not a bad film actually." Dean said, as he pulled out of the car park. 

"You've watched a family's, children's film?" Sam asked incredulously. 

"Oh shut up. I do have a daughter you know, a daughter I actually let be a kid." Dean said, not sure how hard of a concept it was to grasp. 

Chapter Text

Chapter Three, Pilot 


The next morning Dean awoke in a motel bed with his sleeping daughter besides him and Sam in the other bed. Sam hadn't wanted to stop at a motel but Dean had needed to sleep and had ignored his brother and stopped at one anyway. Smiling gently at his baby girl he brushed some blonde curls away from her face making her let out a small whine and bat his hand away. She looked so much like her mother that it made his heart ache but she was such a Daddy's girl and always put a smile on his face. 

"I miss you baby, and I promise I won't let our little miracle hunt or let anything happen to her." Dean promised quietly, looking up at the ceiling as if he was talking to Simone, and unaware Sam was awake and watching him with a sad smile. 

"Daddy." Amélie's sleep filled voice pulled him from his thoughts. 


"Morning baby." Dean said happily, putting on a happy smile for his daughter. "Did you sleep alright?" He asked, as she curled into him, he smiled softly at her while running a hand through her hair. Amélie nodded her head against his chest as she held on tight to his shirt rubbing her eyes sleepily. 

"You can't still be tired?" Dean exclaimed in fake shock, a smirk appearing on his face that his daughter knew all too well. 

"No Daddy! Not tickle monstew!" Amélie exclaimed loudly, trying to squirm away as giggles already fell from her lips. 

"Oh, I think it is, baby." Dean said, pouncing on her and tickling her stomach as shrieks of laughter fell from her lips causing Sam to laugh. 


"Oh, heya Sammy. Did we wake you?" Dean asked, not even looking away from his daughter as they both laughed happily. 

"No, but I think we should get started. I'll go take a shower." Sam said, climbing out of bed. "Morning bug." Sam said, smiling softly at his niece only to sigh as she hid her face in Dean's chest. 

"What time is it?" Dean asked. 

"Little after six." Sam said, before he headed to the bathroom. 

"Daddy imma tired." Amélie yawned, once they stopped playing. 

"I know sweetheart." Dean sighed, kissing her head and holding her close. "But you can sleep on the way." Huffing Amélie kissed her Dad's cheek and cuddled into him while they waited. As soon as Sam was finished Dean quickly had a shower, brushed his teeth and other necessities before he got dressed. 


"C'mon, munchkin bath time." Dean said, throwing his clothes into the separate duffle bag they had for the dirty clothes, picked an outfit out for his daughter, and picked up his daughter. "Leave Coco on the bed we don't want him to get wet." He instructed his daughter. After helping her use the toilet, and brushing her teeth, Dean gave her a quick bath as she was falling asleep, deciding they can play like always tomorrow. He got her out and dried her off with one hand as she leaned against him sleepily, whining when he had to move or move her. 

"I know baby I'm sorry, but look I got you some Princess big girl pants." He coaxed, showing her the pink underwear with the faces of some of the Princesses inside a blue heart. But instead of becoming excited like normal Amélie just looked at them disinterested as she was too tired. 


Which Dean realised and quickly got her dressed in a pink floral dress with a matching bow headband which he put on after he'd brushed her hair, weaving two small plaits in it to keep it out of her face; a green denim jacket, white tights and pink faux ugg boots. 

"There we go baby." Dean said, picking her up, her small wash bag and her pyjamas. Entering the main room they saw most of the bags had been packed up and taken to the Impala as Sam paced around impatiently, giving his younger brother a look before he could start, Dean sat his daughter in the middle of the bed and handed her Coco, before he started packing her bag for the day making sure she had everything she could and would need. 

"Take these to the car would ya, Sammy?" Dean asked, picking up his sleeping daughter. "We'll need to stop to get gas along the way, unless you want us to break down?" Dean asked, noticing his brother opening his mouth to argue as he strapped Amélie into her car seat. 




Amélie had fallen asleep. Lulled to sleep by the purr of the engine and the music she knew meant her Daddy, but as soon as they were pulling into a gas station she woke up desperate for the toilet. 

"Daddy, I need potty." Amélie exclaimed, squirming in her car seat and stopping Sam's conversation with Dean. 

"Okay baby." Dean said, leaping out of the car and rushing around to his daughter. "Leave Coco with Sammy so he doesn't get covered in germs, baby." Dean told her, quickly unstrapping her as Sam reached back and held Coco. "Sammy, put the pump in." He asked. 

"I'll look after him, Amie." Sam assured, before Dean practically ran into the gas station getting the key to the disabled toilet off the cashier. 


"There we go, sweetheart. Good job." Dean praised, as he sat his daughter on the toilet. They'd made it. "Right let's wash your hands." Dean said, helping her pull bottoms and tights back up, and picked her up so she could wash her hands as the sink was too high for her. 

"All clean Daddy." Amélie smiled, showing Dean her wet hands that were now clear of soap. 

"Well done baby. Who's my big girl? Using the big girls toilet." Dean praised, kissing her head as his daughter beamed at him, as he set her on the floor and grabbed some paper towels to dry her hands as she was scared of the dryer. "How about we get some breakfast now?" Dean asked, taking her tiny hand in his large one. It always made him feel like the slightest pressure could crush her hand. 

"Yeah!" Amélie shouted, jumping up and down making Dean laugh. 


Leaving the bathroom after making sure he had the key he switched off the light and handed the key to the cashier, as he grabbed a basket. Walking down the aisles he pulled some funny faces at his daughter making her laugh as he picked up a small bag of sliced apple and grapes, an orange juice and a chocolate croissant after making sure there was no nuts of any kind in it for Amélie. For himself he also picked up a chocolate croissant but two of them, an energy drink and some chocolate. He got Sam a few bits and then some bits for lunch as he knew his brother wouldn't want to stop again. After checking everything had no nuts. 

"These and a twenty on pump two please." Dean said, setting down the basket at the checkout. 

"Daddy I'm hungwy." Amélie complained, her bottom lip sticking out. 


"I know baby, I'm sorry I've just got to pay." Dean said softly, running his hand through her hair to calm her. 

"Here." The cashier said, handing over the fruit bag. "Let her have it now. I've already scanned it." He said, holding it out to Dean. 

"Thanks." Dean said gratefully. "Baby, what do we say to the nice man?" He asked. 

"Tank you." Amélie beamed, accepting the delicious fruit from her Daddy. 

"You're welcome sweetheart." The elder man smiled. 

"Bye." Amélie said, waving her hand frantically as her Dad picked up the bag making her Dad and the man laugh. 

"Hold my hand baby." Dean said firmly, as they were leaving the shop spotting Sam sitting sideways with his legs hanging out while rifling through the cassette box. "Hey! We got breakfast." Dean shouted to his brother. 


"No thanks." Sam said, without even looking. But then looked up as Dean helped Amélie back into the car and strapped her in as she munched on an apple slice. 

"You got her fruit?" Sam asked confused, he'd figured Dean wouldn't let her eat healthy things. 

"Well yeah. She's three." Dean said, rolling his eyes as he poured the orange juice into her sippy cup and made sure the lid was on tight enough before placing it besides her along with her croissant. "If you need help, baby just ask, okay?" Dean asked, as he checked the straps. 

"Otay." Amélie said, with a bright smile. 

"Good girl." Dean praised, kissing her head and shutting the door as he went to take out the pump when his phone started to ring. 


Looking at his phone he saw that it was Charles. 

"Hi Charles. How're you and Claudette?" Dean asked, the phone held against his ear with his shoulder as he put the pump back.  

'Hi Dean. We're fine thanks. How're you and how's my little Princess?' Charles asked. 

"I'm good and she's been as good as gold. But she's wary of Sam." Dean said, as he screwed the cap back on.  

'That's to be expected Dean. You know she's shy at first. I'm sure she'll come around.' Claudette explained gently. 

"Your right. Hang on I'll give her the phone." Dean said to his in-laws. "Princess," he said, as he opened her door. "Nana and Grandpa are wanting to talk to you." Dean told her, smiling as she squealed excitedly and reached out for the phone. 


"Hi Nana. Hi Gwandpa." Amélie said excitedly. "I miss you." 

"We miss you too, pumpkin. Have you been good for your Daddy!" They asked. 

"Yep." Amélie stated, making everyone laugh. She was just too adorable. Sam and Dean just sat there listening to her talk to her grandparents about who knows what, but it put a smile on their faces anyway. 

"Bye Wuv you." Amélie said, blowing a kiss to the phone and gave it to Sam who was closer and could take it without dropping it. 

"You okay baby?" Dean asked worriedly, slipping his phone back into his coat pocket. 

Amélie nodded smiling brightly at her Dad as she went back to her breakfast. 


"I swear man, you've gotta update your cassette tape collection." Sam said, changing the subject. He holds the box full of tapes on his lap.

"Why?" Dean asked, putting on his seat belt as he looks at Sam confused. 

"Well for one, they're cassette tapes. And two." He holds up tapes and calls them by name. "Black Sabbath? Motor Head? Metallica? It's the greatest hits of Mullet rock."

"House rules Sammy." Dean says. "Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole." Amélie giggles in the back. 

"Where Coco?" She asked Sam, interrupting the small argument between her father and uncle. 

"Sorry Princess." Sam apologised, picking up the cat that lay besides him on the seat when he noticed the inscription and felt his guilt increase, as he handed it to her and watched her hold it tightly to her chest. 


"Sammy is a chubby Twelve year old. It's 'Sam' Okay?" He added to Dean to distract himself from his guilt. 

"Sorry, can't hear ya." Dean shouted over the blaring speakers that played, Back In Black from AC DC, although he made sure it wasn't too loud for his little Princess. "The music's too loud." Dean shouted, as he started the car to head to Jericho to search for his wayward father. His thoughts drifting to his daughter in the backseat. He really didn't want to put her in danger and he didn't know if the sachets would work against everything, but he'd do anything to keep her safe. As a last resort if there's no groups she could go to for the day he'd leave her in the motel and stay with her while Sam completed it. Even with the sachets there was no way he was leaving a three year old alone in the hotel. 


They were on the Highway and Sam was talking to the hospitals, and Amélie was watching Beauty and the Beast by the sound of it, and softly singing along which always made Dean smile. 

"Thank you." Sam says, closing his phone with a sigh. "Well, there's no one matching Dad's description at the hospital or the morgue so that's a good sign." He whispers, so Amélie doesn't hear when Dean spots an abandoned car on the bridge in front of them with several police around it. Pulling over Dean opens the glove compartment with a box full of fake ID's with his and Simone's faces on them from when she used to come with him sometimes before they had Amélie. 

"Baby." Dean called, rolling down her window a little and catching Amélie's attention as she paused the film. "Uncle Sammy and I are going to talk to the policeman but we will be back in a minute. I want you to stay here and finish watching Beauty and the Beast, okay?" Dean asked sternly. 


"Otay Daddy." Amélie agreed, smiling brightly at Dean before she went back to her film. 

"All right, let's go." Dean said, to Sam giving him one of the fake IDs. The police officers were stood in front of a parked, abandoned car that sat in the middle of the bridge. As they came closer to the crime scene Sam and Dean caught the last part of the conversation.  

"It's clean. In fact it's almost too clean." An officer observed, with his head in the car. 

"You fellas had one just like this just last month, didn't you?" Dean interrogated, as if they belong there. 

"And who are you?" Deputy Jaffe asks. They flash their badges, but Dean's eyes make a quick flick back to the car spotting Amélie talking to Coco then pointing at the iPad, which made him smile. Looking back at the police officer, Dean put his "badge" away. 

"Federal Marshals." Dean explains. 

"Aren't you a little young to be marshals?" He asked suspiciously. "And who's the kid?" He asked, spotting where Dean's eyes had gone. 


Dean laughs politely and in fake flattery. "Thanks, that's awfully kind of you. And she's my daughter, the babysitter cancelled at the last minute, and as we didn't know the state of the car, so we figured it was safer for her to wait in mine." Dean continued, as he walked around the car looking at the officer. "You did have another one just like this, correct?" He pressed. 

"Yeah, that's right." Jaffe replies, even though he looks reluctant to. "About a mile up the road. There've been others before that."   

"So, this victim you knew him?" Sam asks, as Dean looks over the car. 


Jaffe nods. "A town like this, everybody knows everybody." Dean circles the car some more, looking in from a different direction trying to spot something, anything. 

"Any connections to the victims besides the fact they're all men?" Dean asks, standing back up. 

"Not as far as we can tell." A second police officer sighed, frustration clear in his tone. 

"So what's the theory?" Sam asks, coming to stand next to Dean. 

"Honestly." Jaffe sighs. "We don't know. Serial killer? Kidnapping ring?" 

"Well that is exactly the kind of crack police work I'd expect out of you guys." Dean said sarcastically. Suddenly Sam steps on his foot causing Dean to suppress a yelp as he glared at his younger brother. 

"Thank you for your time, gentleman." Sam says kindly, as they start to walk away. Only for Dean to smack Sam around the back of the head. 


"Ow!" He complains. "What was that for?" 

"Why'd you have to step on my foot for?" Dean hissed. 

"Why do you have to talk to police like that?" Sam counters.   

"Come on! They don't really know what's going on here. We're all alone in this. We don't know what we're facing, so we don't know what to protect my daughter from, and if we're gonna find Dad, we've gotta get to the bottom of this ourselves."

"So you do--" Sam suddenly stops and clears his throat as he looks past Dean with a pointed look. Dean spins around to see Sheriff Pierce and two FBI agents.   

"Can I help you boys?" Pierce snaps.  

"No sir we were just leaving." Dean replies quickly. "Agent Mulder, Agent Sculley." Dean names the two officers as they walk to the car acting as if they know them. 


As soon as Dean opens the car door a sweet little voice greets him. 

"Hi Daddy." Amélie said happily, glad he was back. "Sammy." 

"Hi baby, were you okay?" Dean asks, turning to look at his daughter as Sam says. 

"Hi honey."

"Hmm." Amélie hums in agreement, as she holds out two sweets, one for Dean and the other for Sam. 

"Thanks baby." Dean said, taking the sweet and popping it into his mouth. "Did you have one? What about the lunch?" Dean asks, she shook her head no to both questions. "How about after we've spoken to someone we go get some at a diner?"

"Yeah." Amélie cheered, she liked going to those places as she got to draw. 


"Where'd you get the sweet from, honey?" Sam asks, still holding it in his hand. 

"Cat girl." Amélie said, pointing to herself and confusing Sam more. He looked towards Dean. 

"We went trick or treating before we came and got you. She was dressed as a child version of cat woman or cat girl and I was Batman." Dean said with a wide grin, showing his brother his screensaver before he started the engine. 

"Thanks honey." Sam said, thanking her for the sweet and getting a shy smile in return, as he popped it in his mouth. All the while, feeling guilty on how much he'd missed out on because he'd stubbornly ignored his brother, Simone and now his niece because of a fight he had years ago with his father. 


They drive two more miles up the road, before Sam spots a woman putting signs up. Parking and switching off the engine Dean smiled as he saw Amélie bouncing in her car seat excitedly, Coco held tightly in her hands, her eyes going a deep indigo as things started to float in the car. This often happened and Dean wasn't the least bit shocked by it unlike Sam. But Dean knew as she grew she'd get a hang of her magic, but right now she's only three, a toddler and her magic reacted to her emotions. 

"Hold on Princess." Dean laughed, quickly getting out of the car and making his way round to her. He switched off her iPad and put it in the rucksack, noticing none of the food had been touched, and slipped it over his shoulder. "Come here my Princess." Dean said, unstrapping her and picking her up quickly before throwing her in the air and catching her. Laughing along with her. 


Once Dean had finished playing with his daughter, he hurried to catch up with Sam, Amélie perched on his hip. 

"You must be Amy," Dean asks, as they approach the young woman. Amélie hides her face in Dean's neck shyly; Amy smiles softly at her.   

"Yeah." She answers.  

"Troy told us about you." Dean lies smoothly. "We're his uncles. I'm Dean, this is my brother Sam, and this is my daughter Amélie." Amy looks at Amélie, as she smiles slightly and begins to walk away as the brothers walk behind her. 

"He never mentioned you to me." 

"Well that's Troy, I guess." Dean chuckles.  "We're not around much, we're up in Modesto." 


"So, we're looking for him too, and we're kinda asking around." Sam says gently. Another young woman joins Amy's side placing a hand on her arm, obviously concerned for her friend. 

"Hey, are you doing okay?" She asks concerned. Amy nods in response and Sam takes over. 

"You mind if we ask you a few questions? In the diner, Amélie needs to have some lunch." He asks.

"Okay." She agrees, leading the way to the diner with her friend. Amy and her friend sat on one side of a booth and Sam and Dean on the other with Amélie on Dean's lap playing with his fingers and Coco making everyone smile at her. 


"What can I get ya?" A waitress asked, bringing over a colouring and crayons for Amélie. 

"Thanks." Dean said, not even looking at her as she tries to flirt but instead interacting with his daughter. A few minutes later everyone had their orders. Dean had ordered a kids chocolate milkshake with a ham and cheese sandwich, and a coffee for him and Sam and the two girls had a coke. With Amélie distracted with her drawing, Dean quietly asked Amy what had happened. 

"I was on the phone with Troy," Amy explained. "He was driving home. He said he would call me right back, and he never did." 

"He didn't say anything strange or out of the ordinary?" Sam asks. Amy shakes her head. 


"No, nothing that I can remember." 

"Here's the deal, ladies. The way Troy disappeared something's not right. So if you've heard anything...." The girls look at each other with worry on their faces, immediately letting Sam and Dean know they're not telling them something.

"What is it?" Sam and Dean ask at the same time making Amélie giggle. 

"Continue your drawing baby, I bet it's going to be amazing, huh?" Dean asks, successfully distracting her. 

"Can Daddy and I see it?" Sam asks, cottoning on to what Dean is doing and wanting to bond with his niece. 

"Not yet." Amélie said sternly, glaring at them as she tried to cover it with her small arms. 


"Okay, baby we won't look. But you have to eat your sandwich too." Dean promised, smiling as she gave him a look similar to what her mother did before she went back to colouring. 

"Well it's just... with all these guys going missing people talk." Amy's friend said softly, so only Sam and Dean would hear. 

"What do they talk about?" Sammy and Dean asked at the same time. 

"It's kind of this local legend. This one girl? She got murdered out on Centennial, like decades ago. Well supposedly she's still out there." Sam nods getting them to continue. "She hitchhikes, and whoever picks her up? Well they disappear forever."          

"Thank you." Sam said, placing down a few bills for everyone's food and drink as the two girls left. "I guess we'll have to hit the library." Sam said, as Amélie took the last bite of her sandwich as she finished drawing. 


"Finished!" Amélie exclaimed, holding up the drawing that was of her family, which was really good. There was Dean, Simone, and Amélie with Coco, her grandparents Claudette and Charles, Bobby and Cassie, and finally Sam and Jessica. "I don't know Grandpa. I sorry Daddy." Amélie apologised, explaining as best she could about why there was no John. 

"That's okay baby he can be added when you meet him." Dean assured, kissing her head. "But this is so good Amie. It's amazing! You definitely take after Mummy." He praised, getting a beaming smile in return. 

"For Sammy." Amélie said, holding out the picture. 

"Thanks honey. It's so good and I know Jessica will love it too." Sam smiled, as he carefully folded it up and slipped it in the inside pocket of his jacket. 


After taking Amélie to the bathroom Dean joined Sam outside who had been looking up where the library was, which turned out it was only two streets away so they decided to walk. Once they get to the library they find out there's a children's reading group going on in the children's section so Dean immediately signed her up for it. 

"We'll just be over there okay, Princess?" Dean asks, kneeling down in front of her as he pointed to the computers. Amélie shyly nodded her head holding tightly on to Dean and Coco. "You're going to be okay, baby, you'll have fun and I can see you at all times but I want you to stay here till I or Uncle Sammy come get you."

"She's going to be fine, Sir." The woman running the reading session said reassuringly, as she smiled at them. "We're going to have a lot of fun." Dean smiled tightly at her but kissed Amélie on the head and made sure she still had on her bracelet, before joining Sam. 


"What'cha got?" Sam asked, after a while spotting the look of frustration on his brother's face. 

"Nothing.... yet." Dean said frustrated. 

"Let me try." Sam said. 

"I got it." Dean assured, as he typed in: 'female murder hitch hike.' Only to come up with no results found. Sam having had enough pushed Dean out of the way and wheeled his chair in Dean's place. 

"You're such a control freak." Dean complained, punching Sam's shoulder. 

"Evil spirits are born with some type of tragedy right?" Sam said, looking at Dean and ignoring his earlier comment. 

"I guess so, yeah." Dean said unsurely. 

"Maybe it isn't murder." Sam says, as he begins to type: 'Centennial Highway Suicide.' Which comes up with one result. 


"'In 1981, Twenty-Four year old Constance Welch drowned after she had jumped off of Centennial Highway bridge in Jericho California. An hour earlier she called 9-1-1, to report that her children had drowned in the bathtub. She turned around for one minute and she found her kids face down into the bathtub. Both of them aren't breathing. Then authorities conducted an Interview with her husband, Joseph Welch. He says 'our babies were gone and Constance couldn't bear it.' "  


"I feel sorry for them. If that happened to Amélie I wouldn't be able to bare it either. Does it say where she's buried?" Dean asks. Sam scrolls down further to see nothing. 

"No." He said. 

"I guess for now we take Amélie to the park, and check out the bridge tonight."  Dean concluded. Sam logs out of the computer, while Dean went to the children section to pick up his daughter. "C'mon Princess we're going to the park." Dean said, holding out his hand. 

"Yay!" Amélie cried, jumping up, putting the book back, and grabbing Coco as she took his hand. 

"SHH!" The librarian hissed at Amélie, causing Dean to glare at her. No one messes with his daughter.


"Daddy." Amélie complained, pulling Dean from his staring contest with the librarian as she tugged on his hand eager to get to the park. 

"Coming baby." Dean said, swooping down and picking her up. Making aeroplane noises as he ran to the park with Amélie in his arms, Sam shaking his head at them but he had a smile on his face as he heard them laugh. Once they got to the park Sam sat on the bench as he watched Dean run around the playground with his daughter with a smile on his face. He watched them make up games as Amélie climbs the climbing frame with Dean's help, catching her at the bottom of the slide and tickling her, and pushing her on the swings. After awhile, when they were both hot and sweaty but had large smiles on their faces they came back over to Sam and had a picnic for dinner with the food Dean had brought earlier that day. Sam was amazed how normal his brother could make it for his niece despite being on a case, and he had to admit his brother was an amazing father, and he was reluctant to leave them. 




Later that night Dean was parking the Impala back at the bridge a smile lighting up his face when he spotted his sleeping daughter in the backseat. Turning off the engine, Dean rolled down her window a little but covered her with her Princess blanket so she didn't get cold. 

"I'll be back in a minute baby." He promised, kissing her forehead before getting up and quietly closing her door. 

"So, this is where Constance took the swan dive." Dean said, looking over the bridge to see rushing waters. No way anyone could survive that. Sam looks around and stands next to him looking over with him. They haven't found anything on the bridge so far, but they didn't really expect to. But they had to check, however, as sometimes you had to go back to the source while on a hunt. 


"Do you think Dad would've been here?" Sam asked.

"Well, he's chasing the same story, and we're chasing him." Dean replied, as he walked back to the car, to stay with Amélie.

"Okay so now what?" Sam asks.

"Now, we keep digging until we find him. It might take a while." Dean replied, hinting that he wanted him to stay when they find him.

"Dean, I've told you I gotta get back by--" Sam starts. 

"Monday." Dean interrupted. "Right. The interview." He adds with a sigh, talking about his law school interview.

"Yeah." Sam replies.


"I forgot. You're real serious about this aren't you? You think you're gonna become some lawyer, marry your girl?" Dean asks with an eyebrow raised.

"Maybe. Why not? You got half out!" Sam asks, not grasping the concept.

"Does Jessica know the truth about you? I mean, does she know the things you've done?" Dean asked, although he knew his brother hadn't told her which he didn't get. He could never lie to Simone which was why he told her the truth after only a few weeks of dating. And he would always be incredibly thankful that she believed him and didn't think he was some stark raving lunatic. 


Sam steps closer towards his brother, hinting that he was angry and that he was trying to show dominance.

"No, and she's not ever going to know." Sam replied annoyed. 

"Well that's healthy." Dean scoffed. "You can pretend all you want Sammy, but soon you're gonna have to face up to who you really are." Dean said sarcastically, turning around to keep a closer eye on his precious Princess as something was starting not to feel right. And he would never risk her, not ever. 

Sam followed him.

"Yeah, and who's that?!" Sam demanded.

"One of us." Dean replied.


"No. I'm nothing like you. This is not going to be my life." Sam said angrily, getting in front of Dean, blocking his view of Amélie sleeping in the back. 

"Look, you have a responsibility to Am-" Dean starts but is interrupted. 

"To Dad? And his crusade?!" Sam demands, completely ignoring the start of his niece's name in his anger. "If it weren't for pictures, I wouldn't even know what Mum looks like. And what difference would it make? Even if we do find that thing that killed her, Mum's gone, and she isn't coming back. And what about Simone? Do you really think she'd want you to raise your daughter like this!?" Sam added hurtfully. 


As soon Sam mentioned Simone and basically questioned his love for both his fiancée and his daughter, Dean felt this unimaginable rage course through him as he grabbed Sam by the collar of his shirt and slammed him against the railing. Sam looked at his brother stunned as Dean stares angrily into his eyes, his green eyes darkening with his anger. 

"Don't talk about Mum like that. And don't you dare question how I feel about Simone and my daughter they were my world and you weren't there when I needed you. And as I told you when I picked you up I'm not raising my Princess into this!" Dean spat. He let Sam go, and look at the car checking on a sleeping Amélie. As he was turning back to Sam, Dean spots what appears to be Constance standing on the bridge railing. 


"Sam." Dean says shocked. As Sam came to stand besides his brother, obviously having spotted Constance as well, said woman looks over at the two brothers, and then ever so calmly and slowly steps over the railing. Sam and Dean run over to look and see where Constance was. 

"Where'd she go?" Dean asked, when all they can see is the rushing water; the bad feeling in the pit of his stomach increasing. 

"I don't know." Sam replies worriedly. When they suddenly hear the engine of the Impala start, and the headlights come on.   

"Amie!" Dean shouted, darting forward to get his daughter out of the ghost controlled car. Before Dean could run more then a few steps forward the car roars into action heading straight for them; Amélie's crying face clear as a bell through the windscreen. 


"Dean! GO! GO! GO!" Sam shouted, as he grabbed his brother back so they could take off running. The car was gaining on them as Amélie's crying face etched into their minds as they had one option open to them. They had to jump. Sam managed to hold onto the railing on the bridge. Dean however, was not so lucky, and he plummeted right into the muddy water. Sam pulled himself back up with effort and looked around for Dean but he couldn't find him. Knowing Dean would want him to check on his daughter first spurred him into action as he ran to the back door and pulled it open. What he saw broke his heart. Amélie was in her car seat bawling her eyes out as she hugged Coco tightly to her chest, with a terrified look on her face. 

"Hey. Shhh. It's okay, it's okay." Sam soothed, as he got his beautiful niece out of her car seat and held her close to his chest, bouncing her up and down to try and calm her down. 


"Honey, are you okay?" Sam asked concerned, checking her over as best he could with the dim lighting as she buried her head into his chest. "Dean? Dean? DEAN!" Sam shouted, concerned once he'd calmed her down a little bit she kept asking for Dean. Not that he blamed her she was terrified and wanted her Daddy, he was essentially a stranger to her. And he had no one to blame but himself, he thought bitterly. 

"What?" Dean asked, as he crawled out of the mirky water and on to the muddy riverbank. "Amélie? Is she alright?" He asked concerned. 

"I've got her. She's terrified but not hurt." Sam assured. "Are you alright?"

"I'm supper." Dean said sarcastically, heaving himself back up. He wanted to check on his daughter with his own eyes. 


When Dean finally made it back on to the bridge the first thing he did was check on his daughter. 

"My Witchy Princess, are you alright?" Dean asked concerned, his eyes flicking over her rapidly, assessing her. 

"Daddy." Amélie sniffled, reaching her arms out for him and Dean felt his heart break that he had to turn her down. 

"I'm sorry baby I would love to cuddle you but Daddy is all yucky." Dean said, pointing to himself. Amélie pouted but then she got the whiff of the smell coming from her Dad and her nose wrinkled up cutely. 

"Daddy smell like a potty." Amélie complained. 

"I do don't I baby." Dean said, wrinkling his nose making her giggle. "Sam pour some water over my hands so I can check baby out." He ordered holding his hands out. Sam strapped Amélie back into her car seat making sure she had Coco before grabbing a water bottle and doing as asked. 


"Your car all right?" Sam asked, as Dean closed the bonnet. 

"Yeah. Whatever she did to it, it seems okay now. That Constance chick, what a BITCH!" And then he turns to Amélie who is looking at her Dad with wide eyes, "bad word don't say that." Dean said sternly.

"Well she doesn't want us digging around that's for sure." Sam stated the obvious. "Where do we go from here, genius?" Sam asked Dean. Dean just shrugged his shoulders in irritation. 

"You really do stink." Sam said. Dean just gives his brother a deadpanned state before getting in the car. Once Sam was in he takes off for the nearest hotel, Sam holding his breath for the journey or sticking his head out the window making Dean roll his eyes. 


It was nearly morning when they finally arrived at the hotel. Amélie was fast asleep on Sam's shoulders while he and Dean went to check in. 

"One room please." Dean asks, throwing down his card that says, 'Hector Aframian' and ignoring the look he got from the clerk. 

"You guys having a reunion or something?" He asks, as he examines the card. 

"What do you mean?" Sam asks confused. 

"One guy; Bert Aframian brought a room for the whole month." The clerk informs them. 

"Ahh that's our Dad. He likes to be early to everything." Dean muses, stopping the man's suspicious stares as he just smiles and nods. 


After paying for a room to avoid suspicion and getting their father's room, making up a story that he forgot to tell them and isn't answering his phone, the brothers thanked the clerk and headed out to where the rooms were located. As Amélie was still asleep Dean picked the lock to John's room while Sam keeps watch. The door swings open and a whole assortment of items greet the two brothers. There's salt under the door, windows and around the bed, cat's eye shells, and papers and newspaper clippings of all sorts of lore, and the missing guys taped to the walls. 

"Whoa." Sam and Dean mutter together. 

"Place her on the bed Sam and put one of the sachets besides her on the bedside table, as well as a pillow on either side of her." Dean ordered, as he picks up a half eaten burger and sniffs it, only to quickly pull his face away in disgust. 


"I don't think he's been here for a couple  days at least." Dean whispers. Sam moves away from the bed after placing a few pillows around Amélie so she doesn't fall off and examines the salt on the floor. "Salt, cats eye shells, he was worried. Trying to keep something from coming in." Sam says, rolling the salt in between his fingers before getting up. "What have you got?" He asks Dean, when he looks at the wall with the news articles on them.   "Centennial Highway victims." Dean replies. "I don't get it. I mean, different men. Jobs, ethnicities, ages. There's always a connection right?" Dean rants, as Sam looks at a different wall. 

"Dad figured it out." Sam exclaims. 


"What do you mean?" Dean asked, turning to where Sam was but making sure to keep his voice down when Amélie murmured in her sleep. 

"Constance Welch. She's a  woman in white." Sam replied. Dean looked back over at the news clippings of the missing men. It made sense why all the victims were men. They were men that had been unfaithful. Dean used to be in that category, but since meeting Simone he had changed his ways and he was never unfaithful to Simone. She was the love of his life. It was why he never got with anyone else or went back to his old ways. All he cared about now was loving and raising his daughter. No one could ever compare to his beloved Simone. 


"Alright." Dean starts, pulling himself from his thoughts. "So if we are dealing with a woman in white, Dad would have found the corpse and destroyed it." Dean said, looking over the news article critically. 

"Maybe she has another weakness." Sam pointed out.

"Well, Dad would make sure." Dean argued, "He'd dig her up, does it say where she's buried Sam?" 

"No, not that I could tell. If I were Dad though, I'd go talk to the husband." Sam replied, as he taps on the article. "The caption says he's thirty, it dates back to 1981. He'd be sixty four, if he's still alive." He finished. 


"Watch Amie for me will you? I'm going to go get cleaned up, see if you can find an address." Dean said. 

"Dean." Sam starts, as Dean stops by the doorway of the bathroom. "About what I said about Mum and Simone, I'm sorry." Dean stops Sam from speaking with his hand up. 

"No chick flick moments." He said seriously. Sam let out a sound that was half a laugh and half a sigh as he looked at his older brother exasperated. 

"Alright, Jerk." 

"Bitch." Dean replied, casting a glance at his daughter nervously, only to sigh in relief when he noticed she was still asleep. Dean had only been in the bathroom for five minutes Amélie woke up. 

"Daddy?" She asked sleepily, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. 


"He's having a shower pumpkin." Sam said, noticing a picture stuck to the mirror opposite them. 

"Who dat?" Amélie asked, crawling to the end of the bed where Sam now sat. Sam smiled wrapping his arm around her, pulling her on to his lap. 

"That is your Grandpa John." Sam says softly, pointing to a man with black hair and brown eyes and wearing a baseball hat. Sam then points to the boy on his right with blonde hair and green eyes. "That is your Daddy when he was a little boy," he then moves to the little boy sat on the man's lap who had light brown hair and hazel eyes. "And that's me when I was a little older then you." 

"Oooh." Amélie cooed interestedly, taking the photo from her uncle as she stared at it. 


Sam chuckled as his niece, kissing her head as he took out his phone realising he's got several missed calls from Jess and she had left him some voicemails. 

"Hey, it's me. It's about ten twenty on a Saturday night...." Jess starts over the phone.   

A moment later Dean came out of the bathroom slipping on his jacket; clean once more. It was like a switch had been set within Amélie, as soon as she saw Dean she lit up, a wide smile on her face as soon as she saw him. 

"Daddy!" Amélie cried, her arms reaching towards her father, the photo now lay forgotten on the bed. 

"Hey baby." Dean said happily, picking up his daughter and kissing all over face making her giggle. 


"Hey Sam, I'm starving, I'm gonna go grab something to eat for Amie and I. Want anything?" He asked. Sam who was still listening to his voicemails from Jessica shook his head. 

"You sure? Aframian's buying." Dean said coaxingly. 

"No." Sam repeated. Dean shrugged and lifted Amélie up higher on his hip as she was slipping a bit, and walked outside. However, as soon as they stepped outside Dean noticed the clerk talking to Deputy Jaffee and another police officer. Dean shifts Amélie on his hip and quickly taking out his phone to call Sam. 


"Dude, Five-o take off." Dean said quickly, as he squeezes his daughter tighter to him. "They kinda spotted us. Go find Dad." Dean closes his phone, and turns to Amélie just before the police approached them. "Baby, I don't want you to talk to them okay?" He asked quickly. 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie whispered nervously, hiding her face in Dean's neck. 

"Problem officers?" Dean asks, spotting them standing besides him in his peripheral vision. 

"Where's your partner and who's this?" Deputy Jaffee asks. 

"Partner? What partner?" Dean asks. "And this is my daughter we were about to get some breakfast." Deputy Jaffee asks the other police officer to go look in the room. The officer nods and watches the other officer come back. 


"Ahh, the kid from the car. So, fake U.S. marshals, fake credit cards, you got anything that's real?" Jaffee asks.

"My boobs." Dean replied grinning sarcastically at them. Jaffee takes Amélie away from Dean causing Amélie to scream for him and Dean to shout at them to give her back before trying to soothe his distraught and scared daughter. 

"It's going to be okay, Princess." Dean said soothingly, noticing the indigo blue starting to appear in her blue-green eyes. Just before he was slammed on his the hood of the Impala. 

"You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in the Court of Law." Jaffee reads him his rights. "Do you understand your rights?!" They ask him, before they took him into the car. "Yes, sir." Dean replied tersely. "Where are you taking my daughter?" He demanded, but he received no answer. 




Amélie was sat in a room in the police station clutching Coco tightly, tear tracks down her face as Sesame Street played but she wasn't interested in that. All she wanted was her Daddy. 

A kind lady with light brown hair came and sat next to Amélie, she felt sorry for the toddler besides her. 

"Hi, I'm Lindsey Smith, can you tell me your name?" Lindsey asked, but Amélie remained silent and only clutched her cat cuddly toy tighter and moved away from the woman. 

"Did you come with your Daddy?" Lindsey tried, Amélie just nodded her head. "Where's Mummy?"

"In Heaven." Amélie whispered. 


"I'm sorry. You don't have to be scared your safe here and with good people." Lindsey tried again. 

"I want Daddy." Amélie cried, tears pouring down her cheeks. The woman just sighs and tries a few more times but Amélie just repeats the same phrase, 'she wants her Daddy.' She left a few minutes later when she was called out by another police officer. A few minutes after she leaves the door opens again but Amélie pays it no mind thinking the lady had come back until she hears her Daddy's voice. 

"Sweetheart." Dean whispered, causing Amélie to whip around with a muffled cry as she darted into his arms sobbing.

"Oh baby," Dean sighed, picking her up and holding her close with a hand in her hair. "I'm sorry. Everything is okay, I'm never leaving you again. Let's go find your Uncle Sammy, he's a genius." 


After they made it out of the police station, Dean walked a few streets until he came across a payphone booth, and dialled Sam's number off by heart. He didn't have time to snatch his phone back, all he cared about was getting his daughter and getting out of there. 

"Fake 9-1-1 call? I don't know Sammy that's pretty illegal." Dean said, as soon as Sam had picked up the phone.   

".... "

"Yeah, I've got her. She's upset which is understandable but she's okay." Dean assured, holding his daughter closer to him as she was drifting off to sleep and sliding off his hip. "Listen we gotta talk."   



"Sammy, would you shut up for a second!?"  


"Well that's what I've been trying to tell you. Dad's gone. Dad left Jericho."   


"I've got his journal." Dean continues the conversation, as he places the journal on top of the phone and flips through a brown leather bound book that seems to be falling apart.   


"Yeah,well he did this time." 


"Ah, you know all that ex-marine crap, when he wants to let us know where he's going." 



"I'm not sure yet."


"Sam? Sam?!" Dean suddenly slams the phone back to where it was, scooped the book back up, slipped it into his pocket and held Amélie tighter as he began to run. About twenty minutes later, they arrive at an abandoned house with the abandoned Impala sitting outside . 

Dean puts Amélie down. 

"Cover your ears and close your eyes, Amie!" Dean said sternly.   


Amélie sat down on the ground and covered her ears but she still heard the muffled gun shots. Amélie was tempted to look up but she listened to her Daddy and kept her eyes closed with her ears covered but that didn't stop the muffled cries of her Dad reaching her as he screamed for the uncle she was just starting to know. 


"Sam?!" Dean screams, as the Impala drives through the house taking out half the wall along with it. "Baby, I want you to stay here and hum our song as loud as you can, while I rescue Sammy, okay? I don't want you to get hurt." Dean said worriedly, placing two of the protective sachets in front of her, then take behind her and two on either side of her. That'll stop Constance and anything else coming to get his daughter. 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie whispered terrified. 

"Don't be scared baby. Everything is going to be alright." Dean promised, kissing her forehead before running into the house. 

"Sam are you alright?" Dean shouts, running into the house. 

"Yeah. Help me?" Sam asks. "Where's Amie?" He asked concerned, as he could finally be free from being trapped in the car. 


"Outside in a protective circle." Dean replied, just as dresser was slammed into him and Sam trapping them against the car curtesy of Constance. She gave them a dirty, anger filled look as she threw down a family picture and was about to come over to Sam and Dean to attack when water started trickling down the stairs. Forgetting about the Winchesters she had pinned to the car, Constance flitted over to the bottom of the stairs as two children appeared at the top. A little girl the same age as Amie, holding hands with a boy who was a little holder then her. 

"You've come home to us, Mummy." They said at the same time, a terrified look appearing on Constance's face. As she turned to leave the children appeared behind her and hugged her causing her to let out agonising screams as the three dissolved into a puddle of water. 


"This is where she drowned her kids." Dean said in disgust, he couldn't understand why anyone would do that. 

"This is why she couldn't go home. She was too scared to face them." Sam replied.

"You've found her weak spot. Nice work, Sammy." Dean said, as he slaps Sam on the chest. Sam laughs through the pain.

"Yeah I wish I could say the same to you, what were you thinking about shooting Casper in the face, you freak?" Sam said with a laugh.

"Hey, saved your ass. I'll tell you one thing man, if you screwed up my car I'll kill you." Dean said, as he quickly checked over the car to make sure it was safe for his daughter. "Get the car out while I go see to my Princess." He added, leaving the broken down house before Sam could argue. 




The three Winchesters were back in the Impala on the way back to Stanford, Amélie was fast asleep in the back worn out from the events of the day, Dean was humming along to 'Highway to Hell' by AC DC while Sam was looking over a map. 

"Here's where Dad went." Sam said, looking at the map. "It's called Black Water Ridge in Colorado." He finished.

"Sounds charming, how far?" Dean asked.

"About six hundred miles." Sam guessed.

"Hey, if we shag ass we can make it halfway by tomorrow." Dean replied.

"Dean.. I... um." Sam hesitated.

"You're not coming?" Dean asked, slightly annoyed Sam was leaving for a normal life when that's all he wanted for his daughter.


"Look, I'm sorry. But the interview is in like ten hours, I gotta be there." Sam replied hesitantly, knowing he was forcing his brother and niece to give up their life in New Orleans. 

"Yeah. Yeah, whatever. I'll take you home." Dean said disappointed and annoyed. Sam turned off the flashlight that he was using to look at the map, leaving them in the dark. About an hour later they finally stopped in front of Sam's apartment building.

"Hey, you know we made a hell of a team back there." Dean tells Sam.

"Yeah we were." Sam agreed with a smile. "Tell her I love her and I'll call. I promise. Maybe when you find Dad I can meet up with you. Or even before to see you and Amélie, I have three years and a lot to make up for." Sam suggested hopefully. 


"Yeah. Yeah." Dean agreed, but not daring to get his hopes up. After Sam walked away Dean took off. He had only made it around five miles when his watch froze and static came over the radio and he knew what that meant. A demon and a powerful one to affect this far out. Immediately Dean did a U-turn and sped back towards Sam's apartment. When he got there he could see the window was lit up with orange flames, panicking he looked in the rear view mirror at his slumbering daughter. He didn't want to leave her in the car alone, but she was safer here then in a building that was on fire. 

"I'll be quick." He said to both himself and his sleeping daughter, and took off after locking the car, he sprinted up the fire escape as it was the quickest way and burst into Sam's apartment where he could hear his brother screaming for his girlfriend.  


"Sam!" He shouted, as he picked his brother up off of the floor while trying not to look at the burning figure of Jess on the ceiling. He pushed a fighting and screaming Sam out of the apartment all the way to the car. Once he got there he immediately unlocked the car and held his daughter in his arms just breathing in her strawberry scent from her bubble bath and shampoo which always had the calming effect on him. He was so glad his daughter was safe and nothing had happened to her while he was rescuing his brother, he couldn't bare to think of the alternative it killed something inside of him to even contemplate it. A fireman, Dean's dream job, came and checked the three of them over for smoke and burns despite Dean stating Amélie wasn't in the building they said it was precaution which he appreciated. 


Once the fireman had treated Sam's small wounds and apologised for his loss, he left them to it and Sam quickly opened the trunk and started loading guns with all sorts of bullets. 

"We've got work to do." Sam said, slamming the lid to the secret compartment and the trunk shut. Dean sighed and let Sam drive them to the nearest decent hotel for a change which shocked his brother out of his anger filled grief but Dean didn't want to let his daughter go just yet. He knew their life as they knew has changed and not for the better.

Chapter Text

Chapter Four, Wendigo


Dean was humming along to himself to the song currently playing on the radio; he was bored. He had been playing I spy with Amélie, but she had fallen asleep a little while ago as it was time for her afternoon nap, and Sam was also asleep. He hadn't slept well last night nor the last few weeks, actually, ever since Jessica died. They had been breaking up the journey by staying in a hotel and letting Amélie blow off steam in a park with either himself or Sam playing with her, and had set off for the last bit of the journey this morning. Suddenly Sam jumped awake in the seat besides Dean making him jump and the car to swerve a little before Dean got it under control once again. After checking on Amélie through the rearview mirror to make sure he was alright, he turned to his brother. 

"You okay?" Dean asked concerned, sparing Sam a glance before turning back to the road. 


"Yeah, I'm fine." Sam said in robotic and monotone voice.

"Another nightmare?" Dean asked. Sam cleared his throat not answering his brother.

"You want to drive for a while?" Dean asked again, hoping to make him feel better.

"Dean, never in your whole life have you once asked me that." Sam replied, with a laugh.

"Just thought you might want to, and I could've cuddled with my Princess, but never mind." Dean responded with a sigh. 

"Look, man, you're worried about me. And I get it, and thank you, but I'm perfectly okay." Sam said, lying through his teeth.

"Mm-hm." Dean replies, obviously not believing him. 

"Where are we?" Sam asks, changing the subject. 

"We're just outside Grand Junction." Dean replies. 


Realising Dean doesn't believe him, Sam grabs the map and continues to examine it, folding it over until it showed Colorado and revealing a large, red X that marks where their Dad had marked the coordinates in his Journal. Sam folds the map down again, after checking they were on the right course. 

"You know," He says with a sigh, lowering his voice so he doesn't wake up his niece. "Maybe we shouldn't have left Stanford so soon." Sam sighed. 

"Sammy", Dean starts. "We looked around there for a week. We came up with nothing, if you wanna find the thing that killed Jessica-"

"We've gotta find Dad first." Sam sighs, interrupting Dean.

"Dad disappearing, and this thing showing up after over twenty years later? It's no coincidence." Dean points out worriedly, sparing a glance at his peacefully, slumbering daughter. 


"Dad will get to the bottom of this, he'll know what to do." Dean said, trying not to show the hope in his voice, but it sounded more like he was reassuring himself than his brother. He wanted to find their Dad so he can deal with all this and he can take Amélie back to New Orleans and the pair of them stay there, where she's safe. 

"It's weird man." Sam admits. "These coordinates he left us."

"What about them?" Dean asked.

"This Black Water Ridge, there's nothing there it's just woods." He concludes.


"Why is he sending us to the middle of nowhere?" He finished.  

"Who knows." Dean sighs, as he pulls into a woodsy area that has a sign that reads: 'Welcome to Lost Creek Colorado National Forest.'

Dean parks in front of a log cabin with a huge sign that has big bold letters stating; 'RANGER STATION! Lost Creek Trail, Lost Creek National Forest.'


"Sweetheart." Dean said softly, turning around in his seat to wake up his daughter. Amélie whines causing Sam and Dean to smile at how adorable she is. "Come on baby, it's time to wake up now." Dean coaxed, smiling as she woke up with a yawn rubbing her eyes. 

"Did you sleep alright, Amie?" Sam asked, laughing when she put a thumbs up to her uncle. Dean quickly got out of the car slipping the keys into his pocket as he made his way to his daughter's side, unbuckled her and lifted her into his arms so she was perched on his hip with her head resting on his shoulder sleepily. 

"Coco." Amélie whined, reaching for the cat that was still in the car. 

"I got him." Sam assured, grabbing the cat and closing the door so Dean could lock the car. "There you go, honey." Sam said, handing her the cat. 


"Ta Sammy." Amélie said, holding the cat as close to her as she could, as they entered the Rangers Station. Dean protecting Amélie from the sights of the dead animals, as he knew she would be greatly upset as she loves animals. 

"So, Black Water Ridge is pretty remote." Sam said, looking intently at a 3D map of the vast forest that surrounds Lost Creek. Dean vaguely listened to him, as he looks around at all the decorations, hiding his daughter's face from some of them. "It's cut off by all these canyons here, rough terrain, dense forest, abandoned silver and gold mines all over the place." Sam informed. 

"Dude, check out the size of this friggin' bear. Bad word, baby." Dean said sternly, to Amélie as she giggled softly, before he turned back to observe a picture of a man standing behind a much larger than normal bear.  


"Daddy, Yogi bear is huge!" Amélie cried, her eyes widening dramatically making Dean chuckle. 

"He is, isn't he, sweetheart?" Dean chuckled. 

Sam walked over to the other side of Dean, rubbing Amélie's back gently. 

"And," Sam adds, "a dozen or more grizzlies in the area. It's no nature hike that's for sure." He concludes. Dean was about to respond to him, when a sudden voice behind them makes them jump.

"You boys aren't planning on going out near Black Water Ridge, by any chance, are ya? Especially with that little cutie." Sam and Dean turn to face the owner of the voice. Amelie hiding her face in Dean's neck and hugging him tightly. 


"Shh baby." Dean soothes, running a hand up and down her back. The voice belonged to a gentleman that looked old enough to be the boys' Dad. He was obviously a ranger due to his green uniform. The Ranger had short, dark brown greying hair, shrewd but also kind blue-grey eyes, and a white mug of coffee in his, wrinkly and vainey hand. 

"Oh, no sir, we're environmental study majors from UC Boulder, just working on a paper. My brother couldn't get a sitter for my niece while we completed the paper." Sam replies, lying smoothly. Dean grins and raises a fist.


"Recycle man." Dean said, raising a fist in the air, smiling when Amélie let out a small laugh.

"Bull." The ranger says sharply. 

'Crap, what now?' Dean thinks slightly panicked. Sam's eyes flick towards Dean, most likely thinking the same thing as he is. 

"You're friends with that Hailey girl, aren't you?" The ranger asked. Dean considered this and how it would work if he agreed, he decided to see how it would play out. 

"Yes." Dean replied, lying. "Yes we are, Ranger....." Dean looked at his badge that reads, Wilkinson. "Ranger Wilkinson." Dean replied respectfully.


"Well, I will tell you exactly what we told her. Her brother filled out a back country permit saying that he wouldn't be back from Black Water Ridge until the 24th, that's not exactly a missing person now, is it?" Ranger Wilkinson snapped. Dean shook his head. Neither of them knew who either of these people were, but it's making them look like they at least have a believable reason for being here, and it seemed to be involved with the case they were on. "You tell that girl to quit worrying, I'm sure her brother's just fine." He says softer more reassuring this time. 

"We will. Well, that Hailey girl's quite a pistol, huh?" Dean said with a small laugh.

"That is putting it mildly." Ranger Wilkinson responds with a sigh. They still needed to figure out what they were dealing with that was causing these disappearances in this town and there was no way Dean would ever put his daughter at risk. 


"Actually, you know what would help, is if I could show her a copy of that back country permit. You know so she could see her brother's return date." Dean put his plan into action. He wanted this solved as quickly as they could or at least discover what it is as quickly as they could, so there was less of a chance of his precious daughter becoming injured or worse. A few minutes later Dean was leaving the Ranger Station with Amélie in one arm and the permit in his other hand, Sam following behind them. 

"What are you cruising for a hookup, or something?" Sam asked snidely. Dean glared at his brother. Never in his whole life did he ever want to hit Sam as much as he did now. Throwing his brother another nasty look, Dean strapped Amélie into her her car seat pressing a loving kiss to her forehead. 


"I love you baby, so much." Dean whispered. 

"I wuv you more Daddy." Amélie stated sweetly. 

"Not possible my little witchy princess." Dean argued, rubbing his nose against hers making her laugh while Dean smiled widely at his favourite sound. 

"Don't ever say things like that." Dean hissed at Sam, as soon as he had closed Amélie's door and moved to his own. "I've told you already that I've never been with anyone since Simone died and I never will. Amélie is my life, and don't say things like that around her." Sam looked at his brother in surprise but didn't apologise. Sure Dean had said he's never been with anyone but Sam hadn't actually believed him, until now that is. 


"The coordinates point to Black Water Ridge, let's just go find Dad. I mean why even talking to this girl?!" Sam asked irritated, and changing the subject. 

"Oh, I don't know, maybe we should know what we're walking into before we're walking into it." Dean replied sarcastically. "Especially when my daughter could be put in danger." Dean paused as he stared at Sam.

"What?" Sam snapped irritated. 

"Well, when are you all 'shoot first ask, questions later', anyway?" Dean asked. 

"Since now." Sam replied, getting in the car.

"Oh really?" Dean scoffed, as he got in the car.        

"Daddy?" Amélie asked, her head tilted in confusion. 


"Yeah, baby?" Dean asked, turning to face her as his anger bled out as he stated at his daughter. 

"Wat a hoo' uppy?" Amélie asked, making Dean freeze and send a nasty glare at his brother. 

"It's a very bad word baby. A word that Uncle Sammy should've never have said anywhere near you. I hope that even when you're older you'll never have to find out what it is." Dean replied vehemently, while Sam gave him 'a really?' look. 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie said, beaming at her father satisfied with his answer as a yawn passed her lips. 

"Why don't you get some more sleep, baby." Dean said, leaning over to cover her up with her Princess blanket. Within moments she was fast asleep.


As Dean parked outside of the Collins' house Amélie slowly started to wake up rubbing at her eyes tiredly. 

"Hi pumpkin." Sam smiled at his niece, he really wanted to make up for lost time despite how he acted earlier. "Did you have a good sleep with Coco?" Amélie nodded tiredly, looking around for her Daddy with a frown on her face when she didn't see him besides her Uncle Sammy. 

"I'm here baby." Dean said, carding his hand through her hair while skilfully unbuckling her with one hand. In a matter of minutes the three Winchesters were standing outside of the house, Dean holding Amélie on his hip. A few seconds after Sam had knocked, the door opened to reveal Hailey Collins.


"You must be Hailey Collins. I'm Dean, this is Sam, and this cutie is my daughter Amélie, we're, ah, we're rangers with the Park Service. Ranger Wilkinson sent us over. He wanted us to ask a few questions about your brother Tommy." Dean introduced, but Hailey hesitates looking at Amélie.

"What about your daughter?" She asks not impolitely. 

Oh, I couldn't find a sitter last minute." Dean said bashfully.  

"Lemme see some ID." She demands. Sam pulls out a fake ID with the name 'Samuel Cole' and holds it up against the screen door. Hailey looks at it, then at Sam, then at Dean.

"Come on in." Hailey said, opening the door. 


"Thanks." Dean said, adjusting his baby girl on his hip as she buries her face in his neck shyly. "Sorry, she's shy." He apologised, when Hailey caught the movement. As the door swings open; Hailey catches sight of the Impala.

"That yours?" She asks intrigued. 

"Yeah." Dean said, as Sam looks back at the Impala. 

"Nice car." She complements. Hailey turns to lead Dean, Amélie, and Sam into the kitchen, where a teenage boy is sitting at the table on a laptop.

"So, if Tommy's not due back for a while, how do you know something's wrong?" Sam asked carefully. Hailey comes back into the room with a bowl she places on the table.

"He checks in every day by mobile. He emails little things very day like: photos, stupid little videos etc, we haven't heard anything in over three days now." Hailey explains, dishing up some food for her brother then herself. 


"Well, maybe he can't get reception." Sam suggests. 

"He's got a satellite phone, too." Hailey argues, shaking her head. 

"Could it be he's just having fun and forgot to check in?" Dean suggested, trying to think of every possibility. 

"He wouldn't do that." Ben said agitated, making Amélie jump, and Dean to glare at Ben as he rubs his daughter's back soothingly. Ben looked away a little ashamed that he'd made a toddler jump. Hailey puts more food on the table as she explains her brothers sudden outburst.

"Our parents are gone. It's just my two brothers and me. We all keep pretty close tabs on each other." Hailey explains.

"Can I see the pictures he sent you?" Sam asks.

"Yeah." On a laptop, Hailey pulls up some pictures.


"That's Tommy." Hailey explains, pointing to a boy around Dean's age with Hailey's dark hair and Ben's eyes. Hailey clicks twice and another picture comes up, then opening up the latest video.  

"'Hey Hailey, day six, we're still out near Blackwater Ridge. We're fine, keeping safe, so don't worry, okay? Talk to you tomorrow.'" 


Dean spots the shadow flicking past unnaturally fast, and looks to Sam who notices it as well.

"Well, we'll find your brother. We're heading out to Blackwater Ridge first thing." Dean said. 

"Then maybe I'll see you there. Look, I can't sit around here anymore. So, I hired a guide. I'm heading out in the morning, and I'm gonna find Tommy myself." Hailey states passionately.

"I think I know how you feel." Dean sighed, looking at his daughter and holding her tighter, then over to Sam. 

"Hey, do you mind forwarding these to me?" Sam asks. 

"Sure." Hailey said, jotting down Sam's email so she can send over the pictures and videos.




Later that night Sam and Dean sit down at a table in bar so they could get something to eat and check over what Hailey had sent them. Dean holding Amélie on his lap while she eats her chicken nuggets, chips and beans, and drinks her apple juice they brought her, Dean had just finished his large bacon burger while Sam had a veggie burger. 

"So, Blackwater Ridge doesn't get a lot of traffic. Local campers, mostly. But still, this past April, two hikers went missing out there. They were never found." Sam says quietly, and opens John's journal.

"Any before that?" Dean asks, wiping the ketchup off Amélie's face. Sam pulls out newspaper articles to show Dean.


"Yeah, in 1982, eight different people all vanished in the same year. Authorities said it was a grizzly attack." Sam explains, as Dean reads the headline in The Lost Creek Gazette. Dean spares a glance at his daughter but smiles when she's too busy with her food and talking to Coco, he kisses her head and goes back to reading the newspaper: GRIZZLY BEAR ATTACKS! UP TO EIGHT HIKERS VANISH IN LOST CREEK AREA HIKERS DISAPPEARANCE BAFFLE AUTHORITIES' Families continue search and rescue efforts in spite of disappointing [...] Sam pulls out his laptop after taking a sip of his beer. 

"And again in 1959 and again before that in 1936."  Sam opens the laptop, which already has a window open to Tommy's video.


"Every twenty-three years, just like clockwork. Okay. Watch this. Here's a clincher. I downloaded that guy Tommy's video to the laptop. Check this out." Sam pulls up the video and goes through three frames of the video one at a time. A shadow crosses the screen.

"Do it again." Dean says, adjusting Amélie on his lap so she doesn't slip, Sam repeats the frames.

"That's three frames. That's a fraction of a second. Whatever that thing is, it can move." Sam said. "I got one more thing." Sam adds, and hands over another newspaper article. "In 'fifty-nine one camper survived this supposed grizzly attack. Just a kid. Barely crawled out of the woods alive." Dean looks at The Lost Creek Gazette.

"Is there a name?" Dean asked, and Sam nods. 


"Daddy?" Amélie whispers, squirming a little.

"Yeah Princess?" Dean playfully whispered back. 

"I have to go potty." Amélie said, and Dean paused for a second worried about letting her use the bar restrooms. 

"Okay sweetheart, don't touch anything let's go." Dean said lifting Amélie as she wraps her legs around his waist. "Leave Coco here with Uncle Sammy okay, we don't want him to get any germs on him." 

"Otay, Coco stay with Uncle Sammy." Amélie says, handing Coco to Sam who smiled. "You wook after him Sammy? Mummy gave me him."

"Of course, baby." Sam smiled, and Amélie nodded letting Dean take her to the bathroom.  




Later that night after finding the address they needed the three Winchesters headed towards Mr Shaw's house. After explaining why they were there and Amélie's presence they were finally allowed in. Mr. Shaw was speaking to Sam, but Dean hardly paid any mind as he held a sleeping Amélie, while leading them inside his house. Mr Shaw has a cigarette in his mouth.

"Look, ranger, I don't know why you're asking me about this. It's public record. I was a kid. My parents got mauled by a—,"

"Grizzly? That's what attacked them?" Sam interrupts, as Mr Shaw takes a puff of his cigarette, he takes it out, and nods.

"The other people that went missing that year, those bear attacks too?" Dean asks, bouncing Amélie to soothe her back off to sleep as it was past her bedtime. 


His daughter looked so cute while she slept and, so precious with her thumb in her mouth and Coco held tightly to her chest. 

There was a pause as Mr Shaw tried to decide whether or not to say anything.

"What about all the people that went missing this year? Same thing?" Dean pressed. "If we knew what we were dealing with, we might be able to stop it."

"I seriously doubt that especially with your baby daughter. Anyways, I don't see what difference it would make." Mr Shaw sat down in his old armchair with a heavy sigh.

"You wouldn't believe me. Nobody ever did." Mr Shaw sighed, as Sam crouched down in front of him.

"Mr. Shaw, what did you see?" Sam asked gently.


"Nothing. It moved too fast to see. It hid too well. I heard it, though. A roar. man or animal I ever heard." Mr Shaw explained quietly so Amélie didn't hear, although you could tell he was still traumatised. 

"It came at night?" Dean asked, running his hand gently through his daughter's hair making sure she stayed asleep on his shoulder. 

Mr Shaw nodded his head.

"Got inside your tent?" Sam asked. 

"It got inside our cabin. I was sleeping in front of the fireplace when it came in. It didn't smash a window or break the door. It unlocked it. Do you know of a bear that could do something like that? I didn't even wake up till I heard my parents screaming." Mr Shaw said, lowering his voice further so Amélie didn't hear and wake up. 


"It killed them?" Sam pressed further, ignoring the look he got from Dean. 

"Dragged them off into the night." Mr Shaw shakes his head. "Why it left me alive...been asking myself that ever since." He paused as his hands went to his collar. "Did leave me this, though." Mr Shaw opens his collar to reveal three long scars. Claw marks. Sam and Dean look at them, the elder Winchester feeling thankful Amélie was asleep and didn't see them. "There's something evil in those woods. You protect her at all costs. It was some sort of a demon." He said sternly to Dean. 

"Don't worry I intend to." Dean said, looking down at his daughter. "She's everything to me and all I have left of her mother. Thank you for your time Mr Shaw." He said politely, shocking Sam at how much his brother had changed. 




After leaving Mr Shaw's apartment, the Winchesters head back to the Impala to head for the hotel as Amélie was fast asleep on Dean, and despite her being so small and light in sleep she was dead weight. 

"Spirits and demons don't have to unlock doors. If they want to get inside, they can just go through the walls." Dean whispered, as they walked towards the exit of the apartment complex. 

"So, that means it's probably something else, something corporeal." Sam stated. 

"Corporeal? Well, excuse me, Professor." Dean teased. 

"Shut up." Sam snapped. "So, what do you think?" He asked, after taking a calming breath. 


He knew his brother was teasing him but he was so mad right now and he also knew that he had kinda ruined his relationship with Dean for not being there when Dean needed him, which just made him angrier. 

"The claws, the speed that it moves... could be a skinwalker, or maybe even a black dog. Whatever, we're talking about, we're talking about a creature, and as it's corporeal; it means we can kill it." Dean says, leaving the building. Reaching the car park Dean puts Amélie in her car seat and straps her in, covering her with her blanket and making sure she had Coco. Smiling softly at her, Dean brushed some hair out of her face and kissed her forehead. 

"Come on." He said to Sam, wanting to let his daughter have some proper rest. As soon as Sam was in the car, Dean took off for the hotel they were staying at. 




Parking outside of their room in the hotel car park both Sam and Dean climb out of the Impala; after Dean had checked on his daughter. Seeing she was still asleep he joined Sam at the boot. He opens the boot, then the secret compartment that held their large weapons box which he props open with a shotgun. The pair pack some duffel bags full of weapons and amo they think they'll need, in silence, until Sam breaks it. 

"We cannot let that Hailey girl, go out there." Sam argued. 

"Yeah? And what are we going to tell her? That she can't go into the woods to look for her missing brother because of a big scary monster?" Dean asked sarcastically. 

"Yeah." Sam said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. 


Dean looks at Sam incredulously. 

"Her brother's missing, Sam. She's not gonna just sit this out. Now we go with her, we protect her, and my daughter, while we keep our eyes peeled for our fuzzy predator friend."  Dean said, as he picks up the duffel.

"Finding Dad's not enough?" Sam slams the weapons box shut, then the trunk making Amélie wake up startled.

"Now, we not only have to protect Amélie but we gotta babysit too?" Sam demanded. Dean glared at Sam for waking up his daughter while speaking soothingly to her. "What?" Sam snapped.

"Nothing." Dean shakes his head, not wanting to fight in front of his daughter who was trying to stare at them. 


"And what about Amélie you can't possibly think it's a good idea to bring her with us." Sam asked. "What bout your whole, 'she's not gonna be like us. I promised Simone and myself'?"

"One: don't talk about Simone in that way or my daughter as a matter of fact. I get your angry but don't take it out on us! It's your fault you have no relationship with her and ours is fractured. Two: we don't know how long we're going to be in the woods and she can't stay in the hotel alone. 


She's three, Sam! She can't even take a bath by herself. And if you think I'm leaving her alone, you are sorely mistaken. We may have the sachets, but they are not for when she's alone in the hotel. She's staying with me where I can protect her, end of story." Dean said hotly, throwing the duffel bag at his brother and got his precious out of the car. Not even looking at his brother as they head to the hotel so he could give Amélie a bath and get her ready for bed. Ignoring Sam for the rest of the night, despite his eyes never leaving him. 




Next morning, Dean gently shook Amélie awake as he peppered her face with kisses, making her giggle uncontrollably. 

"No Daddy." Amélie giggled, making Dean laugh. 

"Come on Princess, it's time to get dressed." Dean said, picking her and taking her into the bathroom. "Alright, let's get my baby dressed." Dean said, as he pulls of Amélie's pyjama top and pyjama bottoms. After getting redressed into a white and grey stripped leggings with a matching long tunic dress that had a navy bottom, white socks, white converses and a green jacket, he helped her brush her teeth and then grabbed a hairbrush. 

"What shall we do your hair like today, baby?" Dean asked, kissing the top of her head as she sat on his lap. 


"Can you bwaid it pwease, Daddy? Two." Amélie said sweetly, holding up two fingers. 

"Clever girl." Dean praised her for her counting and her longer sentence. "And of course I can my clever girl."

As soon as Dean finished and had packed up their things in the bathroom they joined Sam out in the main room, who was back from getting breakfast. 

"Tank you Daddy." Amélie said, kissing Dean's cheek. 

"You're welcome baby." Dean smiled at his Princess. "Did you make sure there was no peanuts in anything?" Dean asked Sam firmly, as he packed up his and Amélie's things smiling as she helped him. 

"Yeah, and I even asked them to make sure." Sam said, as he set the breakfast out on the table. "Here you go pumpkin. Pancakes, strawberries and milk."


"Ta Sammy." Amélie said shyly, as her uncle lifted her up on to the chair. Seating her in between himself and Dean. Both of them had pancakes too but he had blueberries while Dean had bacon and they both had some coffee. 

"Thanks Sammy." Dean said, seating opposite him after he'd cut up Amélie's pancakes into tiny bites for her.

"Right, let's hit the road." Dean said, once everyone had finished, and once he'd finished packing Amélie's rucksack full of water bottles to top up her sippy cup, all of the sachets (he'd rather be prepared), extra knickers and leggings in case she had an accident, and a lot of snacks. 


He cleaned her hands and face, before he picked her and Coco up and headed to the car. In a matter of minutes the Impala was packed up with all of their belongings and they had checked out of the hotel as they weren't sure how long they'd be gone, and were on the road heading through the trees to the entrance to the forest. Amélie was watching intrigued out of the window watching all the trees pass by as she played with Coco until the Impala came to a stop behind Hailey, Ben and a man with peppered hair. Slipping the keys into his pockets, Dean got out and kneeled down in front of her before he got her out. 


"Baby, I want you to listen to me very carefully, alright?" Dean asked seriously, causing Amélie to pay extra attention when he used that voice. "We're going to be walking in the woods which can be very dangerous. Daddy will protect you from everything like I do with your nightmares, but I want you to listen to me and to Uncle Sammy and always hold our hands if we're not carrying you. Do you understand Princess?" 

"Yes Daddy." Amélie replied, hugging Coco tight to her chest. 

"Good girl." Dean praised, kissing her head before he stood up to undo her straps. "Leave Coco here baby, we don't want him to get lost or dirty." Amélie looked sadly at her beloved cat before she placed a kiss to its head and placed it in her car seat as Dean picked her up. "He'll be safe here I promise, Amie." Dean assured his sad daughter, grabbing her bag that he put on his back before joined Sam at the boot. 


"How about Daddy give you a piggy back to make up for no Coco?" Dean asked her, chucking the keys to Sam so he could get the duffel bag out. 

"Yay!" Amélie cheered, attracting the trios attention as he carefully swung Amélie around on to his back, her arms wrapped around his neck as he held on to her legs that were around his chest. Chuckling as Amélie cheered excitedly he turned to the trio watching them. 

"Got room for three more?" He asked as he rounded the car, Sam besides him trying to make conversation with Amélie. 

"Wait, you're gonna come with us?" Hailey asked, smiling at Amélie and offering her a wave but the little girl hid in her Dad's neck. 


"Who are these guys? And why do they have a toddler with them?" The peppered haired man asked rudely, making Amélie wrinkle her nose. 

"Apparently, Roy, this is all that the park service could muster up for the search and rescue." Hailey explained to him, causing Roy to look at the two of them skeptically.

"You're rangers?" Roy asked, but Sam didn't answer so it was left to Dean. 

"That's right and she's my daughter. Couldn't get a sitter at short notice." Dean explained. 

"And you're wearing jeans and biker boots?" Hailey asked skeptically, looking over his and Sam's attire. 

"I don't like shorts." Was all Dean said, making Amélie giggle. 


Turns out Roy did not like that answer. 

"Oh, you think this is funny? It's dangerous back country out there and you decided to bring your toddler? What an awesome parent. Her brother might be hurt!" 

"One; don't comment on my parenting I just told you why she's here. Two; we know how dangerous it can be. We just want to help them find their brother, that's all. Three; don't tell me how to raise my daughter when you obviously have none, by the look of annoyance on your face when she so much as breathes too loudly for your liking." Dean ranted, before he caught up with Sam who offered him a small smile. To distract his daughter from the argument Dean started galloping and neighing making Amélie's giggles ring all around them. 




They were walking through the forest. Dean and Roy upfront, Hailey and Ben in the middle and Sam now holding Amélie on his hip bringing up the rear. Amélie was eating apple slices, while asking Sam what lived in the Forest as he smiled at how her eyes lit up in fascination over his answers. 

"So, Roy, you said you've done hunting before." Dean asked, not watching where he was going as he and Roy spoke about hunting until Roy grabbed him by his shirt and moved him in front of him.

"What you doing, Roy?" Dean asked cautiously, subtly waving to Sam to stay back where he was with Amélie. Dean raised an eyebrow as Roy picked up a nearby stick while releasing Dean's jacket and stuck it in the ground revealing a hidden bear trap. 


Hailey and Amélie flinched at the sound. Roy dropped the stick and turned to Dean.

"You should watch where you stepping, ranger." Roy told him with a smirk before walking off. Dean turned back to the group sheepishly.

"It was a bear trap." He told them with an awkward smile. They started walking forward again and Amélie turned to Sam.

"Can we pway I spy?" She asked him. Sam looked down at her before looking in front of them.

"Not now, okay. Maybe later." Sam told her. Amélie pouted and crossed her arms before reaching for her Daddy who happily took her back into his arms, just as Hailey walked up behind Dean.

"You didn't pack any provisions. Apart from what you have for your daughter." She said harshly, making Dean look back at her. 


"You guys are carrying a duffle bag and a rucksack you brought for your daughter. You're not ranger's, so who the hell are you?" Hailey demanded, while turning him around to face her. Sam stopped behind Hailey and nodded to Dean to say if he's got this . Dean nodded and Sam walked away with Ben. When Dean saw they were gone he turned to Hailey.

"Sam, and I are siblings. Amélie is my daughter, her Mum, my fiancée, is in Heaven." He lowered his voice so she didn't hear the last bit he didn't want to upset her. He kissed the top of Amélie's head as she played with his necklace before he continued. "We're looking for her grandfather, our father. Now, he might be here or he might not be we don't know." 

All hostility had left Hailey as she heard his explanation especially the bit about his fiancée, Amélie's mother, she could sympathise. 


"Why did you tell me that from the start?" She asked curiously. 

"I'm telling you now. And what do you mean I have no provisions for myself?" He asked, showing a water bottle in one pocket before pulling out a large bag of chocolate M&Ms. 

"Can I have some pwease Daddy?" Amélie asked, using her manners he'd taught her. Dean nodded and opened the bag. 

"Remember you have to chew them before you swallow them, baby." Dean reminded, remembering the heart attack he'd had a year ago at Halloween when she swallowed some without chewing first. 

"Tank you Daddy." She said, before she started chewing on the one she popped into her mouth. 

"You're welcome princess." Dean said, kissing her head before he popped some into his own mouth. 




They had walked further into the woods with Roy leading them, Sam just behind him and the two Collins siblings a little behind him. Dean was at the back with Amélie on his hip. They had been playing I spy but she had fallen asleep ten minutes ago as it was her nap time. Suddenly Roy stopped taking something out of his jacket pocket and looking around them before back down at the device. 

"This is it. Black Water Ridge." He told them, looking up as Sam walked past him looking around cautiously. 

"What are the coordinates?" Sam asked, holding the duffle bag strap tighter as if he was prepared to open it at a moments notice. Roy looked back down at the device in his hands. 

"35 minus 111." He replied, as he slipped it into his pocket. 


"She asleep?" Sam asked, nodding to Amélie. 

"Yeah. Do you hear that?" Dean asked, looking around him cautiously and holding his daughter closer to him, his hand covering her head. 

"No crickets, nothing." Sam replied. 

"I'm going to take a look around for the campsite." Roy stated. 

"You shouldn't go off alone." Sam argued. 

"Aww, that's sweet." Roy mocked. "Don't worry about me." He added, pushing his way through the brothers and walking deeper into the Forest, Dean's glare boring into his back for making Amélie stir. 

"Right, we need to stick together. Let's go." Dean said firmly, to the Collins siblings. 


They had only walked a few paces forward with the Winchesters in the lead when Roy's voice shouted ahead of them. 

"Hailey, over here!" Hailey and Ben took off towards Roy's shout with the Winchesters following behind, Dean's hand holding Amélie's head still as he ran so she didn't whack it on his shoulder. When they came to a stop Dean was so glad his daughter was asleep as he knew this would give her nightmares, but just in case he covered her eyes. 

"Oh my god." Hailey breathed in shock. Everyone started searching the remains of the campsite looking for some sort of clue as to what happened. The tents were ripped to shreds, there was blood splattered on near enough everything and the supplies had been scattered everywhere. 

"Tommy!" Hailey shouted, taking of her rucksack off and dumping it on the floor as she got into front of everyone. "Tommy! Tommy!"


"Shh." Sam hissed, as he raced over to her. 

"Why?" She asked confused. 

"Whatever did this could still be out there." Sam whispered. 

"Sam." Dean called. He was kneeling down rather awkwardly at the edge of the campsite due to Amélie in his arms, he was looking at something. "The bodies were dragged from the campsite. But see here, it just stops. Disappears. It's weird there's no other marks leading off from it." Dean explained, standing with Sam's help. "I'll tell you something: it's no Black Dog or skinwalker, that's for sure." Dean remarked uneasily. As they reentered the campsite they spotted Hailey holding a broken and bloody phone with tears in her eyes. 

"Hey, he could still be alive." Dean told her, trying to offer some semblance of comfort. 


"Quick, Sam, she's waking up. Get rid of that tent and anything bloody. I won't have her having nightmares." Dean ordered, feeling Amélie starting to wake up. Quickly with Hailey and Ben's help they removed anything bloody by chucking them into the bushes behind them while Roy just stood there scoffing and rolling his eyes. 

"Hi baby." Dean said softly, kissing her head as she rubbed sleepily at her eyes. He was about to ask her how her sleep was, when a deep guttural yell sounded making them all jump. 

"Help!" A voice screamed. Thinking quickly Dean sat his daughter in a bush and laid her down surrounding her and the bush in the powerful sachets. He didn't want to leave her but he didn't know what they were running to and he would not expose her to some gruesome injuries.


"Baby, I need you to stay right here, okay? I'll be right back but I have to help someone first. They're hurt bad it's why they screamed." Dean explained quickly. Amélie whimpered, she didn't want her Daddy to leave her and it showed by her eyes turning a deep indigo. "Shhh. Daddy will be right back. It's like a game Princess. You have to hide here and come out once the injured person is okay."

"Otay Daddy." Amélie whimpered. Dean kissed her head before running after the others and the direction of the scream. Amélie tried to stay as still as she could but her magic felt like it was going crazy creating an itchy feeling all over her skin, when a horribly, tall monster appeared above her causing Amélie to let out an ear piercing scream that stopped Dean's heart. The next thing Amélie knew was black. 




The next thing Amélie knew she was being woken up by a hand running through her hair gently and her Daddy's voice, pain and darkness. 

"Come on baby. Please wake up. Wake up for Daddy. I'm so sorry I never should have left you alone." Dean sobbed. 

"Dean you weren't to know the sachets wouldn't work against a Wendigo. That's some powerful magic in them and you completely surrounded her in them in three different layers, plus the pattern you put them in would have amplified it thrice fold had it been something else. Now, you can get Charles and Claudette to adjust them." Sam said, trying to ease his brother's guilt. 

"Not the point Sam!! My baby is hurt!!" Dean snapped, hating seeing the blood in her blonde hair, he calmed down when he felt her stirring in his arms. "That's it baby come back to Daddy." 


"Daddy?" Amélie whimpered, before she burst into tears. 

"Shh. Shhh. It's okay, it's okay. Daddy has you you're safe now. I'm so so sorry baby, Daddy thought the magic would protect you." Dean said sadly, holding her to his chest as he rubbed her back soothingly, pressing a kiss to hair not caring it was dirty. "Are you okay, baby?" He asked, he'd noticed the bump and cut on her head where it had knocked her out, the scrapes and busies and the bruised wrist where it had held her. 

"Owie Daddy." Amélie said, a little calmer as she pointed to her head and held up her right wrist. Dean leaned forward and gave both injuries the 'magic kiss'. "Daddy hurt." Amélie said sadly. 

"No Daddy's fine baby but you scared me. I'm so sorry." He apologised again. "I love you so much I don't know what if do without you." He whispered the last part. 

"Wuv you too Daddy. It Otay, magic no wor' on monster." Amélie said sweetly, kissing his cheek. 


"No the monster is stronger but Granny and Grandpa will fix that once Daddy gets rid of the monster." Dean assured, kissing her forehead again. While the father and daughter were having their moment, Sam had just cut down Hailey's brother, Tommy.  Dean noticed a bag full of supplies just opposite them next to their own supplies that had been stolen. He stood up with his daughter in his arms and reached into it, pulling out a couple of flare guns. 

"Hey." He called attracting Sam's attention. "Check it out." He held up the two flare guns in his free hand with a smirk. 

"Flare guns. Those will work." Sam said with his own smirk. 


The group were making their way out the mine's. Hailey and Ben supporting their brother, Sam and Dean with flare guns up front and Amélie on Sam's back much to her protest. She wanted to stay with her Daddy, but Dean had a suspected dislocated shoulder and couldn't carry her.  A growl was suddenly heard and the brothers held their flare guns up and looked for the Wendigo, as Amélie whimpered quietly into Sam's neck. 

"Looks like someone's home for supper." Dean commented.  

"We'll never out run it." Hailey exclaimed scared and worried.   


Dean looked towards Sam a mischievous expression on his face.

"You thinking, what I'm thinking?" He asked. Sam nodded while keep his eyes in front of him.

"Yeah, I think so." Sam replied.

"Alright, listen to me. Stay with Sam he's gonna get you out of here." Dean said to the Collins family.

"What are you gonna do ?" Hailey questioned. Dean didn't answer.

"Daddy?" Amélie asked softly. Dean looked at her with a soft smile, kissing her head and giving Sam a look that said look after my daughter or I'll kill you, before running ahead of them.  


"Chow time , you freaky bastard! Yeah, bring it on baby. I taste good!" Dean yelled, and walked further away. Sam walked down a different path and checked it before turning to the trio.

"Okay, come on. Hurry." He told them, as they made their way down the passage. However, as they were half way down the tunnel they heard the Wendigo's growl behind them. It seems it hadn't fallen for Dean's trap after all. Sam carefully pulled Amélie off of his back and handed her to Ben. 

"Go!" Sam ordered. 

"Sam, no."

"Sammy." Both Hailey and Amélie said in unison, the latter whimpering his name. She was absolutely terrified. 

"Go!" Sam ordered firmly. He watched them go while he hid and waited for the Wendigo looking down the way they had come when he felt eyes on him from a different direction. 


Sam span around and saw the Wendigo standing practically over him, it roared as Sam shot at it but he missed the shot. He tried to shoot again but there was only one in the chamber. Throwing away the now useless gun, he took off running in the direction the Collins and his niece had gone down. 

"Sam!" Hailey called out half relieved and half startled. His running had scared them. 

"Go! Go! Go!" Sam shouted, ushering them away as the Wendigo was right on their tail. Only they came to a dead end. They quickly put Ben who still had Amélie in his arms at the back against the wall, then Tommy stood defiently in front of them he was not about to let that thing get his baby brother or the baby girl in his arms, Hailey stood in front of an injured Tommy and Sam stood at the very front with his arms spread wide shielding them. 


His heart clenched at Amélie's sobs and he knew her magic was starting to act up as a wind started to swirl around them, as the Wendigo ran towards them. The Wendigo let out a roar, and was just about to attack Sam, when Dean came up behind it.

"Hey!" He shouted, successfully getting the Wendigo to turn around, as soon as it faced him he shot it. The creature went up in flames as it let out one final roar. "Not bad, huh." Dean said, and everyone had small smiles on their face. Ben handed Amélie back to Dean who wiped away her tears and kissed all over her face getting small giggles from her as they made their way back to the cars. 




Later, Amélie was sat in the back of an ambulance getting checked out by a paramedic, Dean by her side as he watched on worriedly. 

"We'll, it looks like Amélie was very lucky. She's got a few scrapes and bruises, a concussion and her hand is sprained which is why I've wrapped it up. She should only need it in this compression bandage for about two weeks and make sure to ice it regularly. The head wound, although, not serious will need stitches which I can do now for you." The lady smiled at the worried father. She couldn't imagine what this poor little girl has been though. 

"Please." Dean agreed. 

"Daddy?" Amélie said in a worried tone, clutching tightly to Coco that she hasn't let go of since they got back to the car. 

"Everything's going to be okay, baby. I promise." Dean said, kissing her forehead. 


He had successfully distracted her as the paramedic wiped some numbing cream over the area after she'd cleaned it. After stitching Amélie up, getting some medicine for her and a lollipop and a sticker for being so brave. Dean thanked the paramedic and headed over to the Impala where Sam was waiting, after promising to take Amélie to the nearest hospitality if she got worse and told him what to watch out for. 

"Man, I hate camping." Dean complained. 

"Me too." Sam stated. 

"Me thwee." Amélie said tiredly. They chuckled at her and each kissed her head before they fell into silence. 

"Sam, you know we are going to find Dad, right?" Dean told him. 


"Yeah, I know." Sam sighed. "But in the mean time; I'm driving." 

"Was gonna let you anyway." Dean said, handing over the keys without a fuss. "I'm sitting in the back with my daughter. The paramedic said we need to keep an eye on her and I have to let Charles and Claudette know. They called whilst we were with the paramedic, said I'd call them back once we'd finished." 

Dean buckled Amélie in her car seat and covered her with her Disney Princess blanket. Dean gave her Coco again which she quickly latched on to as she started to drift off. 

"Wove you Daddy." Amélie whispered. 

"Love you too, baby." Dean smiled kissing her forehead. He watched her first for a moment longer before he got out his phone and called Charles knowing he'd put it on speaker so his wife would hear. 


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Chapter Five, Disneyland 


While Dean was waiting for his precious baby girl to heal from her ordeal in the woods which he felt immensely guilty over - despite Sam, Charles and Claudette telling him otherwise - they were back in New Orleans at his flat so Amélie could see her grandparents and they could make the updated sachets. Waking up early a week after they've gotten there, Dean sat at the dinning room table on his laptop, but he wasn't looking up a case or porn (he hasn't done that since before Simone) he was actually booking a few days in Disneyland for them, as a surprise to his baby girl. 

"Case?" Sam asked, entering the kitchen without a good morning. 

"Good morning to you too." Dean said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "Nope. I'm booking us a trip to Disneyland." He said, feeling excited himself. 


"Dean -" Sam started annoyed, raising his voice. 

"Lower your voice! Amélie is asleep!" Dean hissed, glaring at his brother. "I've booking us a few days in Disneyland, I want to give my daughter the chance to be a normal kid; unlike we were. But if you want to go back to hunting by all means, go." Dean said firmly, turning back to the laptop and ordering himself an outfit: grey Mickey Mouse ears that had the old Mickey on them, and Amélie a Rapuzel dress as she's obsessed with Rapunzel and Elsa at the moment, he ordered them on express delivery with Amazon prime, so it'll get here on time. Sam opened his mouth to argue but he sighed and just nodded. 

"Can I come?" He asked uncertainly. "I'll give you the money."


"Sure. I already brought you a ticket, anyway." Dean said shrugging his shoulders, before he suddenly became serious. "But you are not to get angry for any reason and ruin this for my daughter. Oh, Claudette and Charles are coming too." He added, pointing a finger at Sam before he went back to printing off the confirmation as a knock sounded on the front door. "Get that would you? It'll be Claudette and Charles. I've got a system above the door so they won't be able to touch the door if they're a shifter or a demon." Dean said, getting up and stretching. Sam frowned curiously at his brother who went to the kitchen to start on breakfast. Not wanting to leave them outside Sam peered through the peep hole and saw the protection system that Dean had been talking about; opening the door he smiled at the elderly couple. 


"Hi, I'm Sam." He said, opening the door wider as he introduced himself at their strange and curious looks. But instead of smiling, angry looks appeared on their faces at his introduction. He was confused for all but a second until realisation hit him, and he was suddenly filled with guilt. He wasn't there for them; Dean or Amélie, when Simone died but Dean and Amélie had been there for him when Jessica died. And it must have appeared on his face. 

"I see you've realised your mistake." Claudette said coldly. 

"I'm sorry -" Sam apologised. 

"It's a little late for that don't you think?" The man, Charles asked. "Besides they mean nothing unless your actions prove otherwise." He said, sounding so much like Bobby it was scary. Or perhaps they were just similar, Sam wasn't sure. 


"Charles, Claudette c'mon in. I'm making breakfast and coffee." Dean shouted from the kitchen. 

"You had me at coffee, Dean." Charles grinned, heading towards the kitchen. 

"You and your coffee addiction." Claudette sighed, following after her husband. While shaking her head with a fond smile on her face and leaving Sam to shut the door. Sam sighed he knew he'd messed up he just didn't realise how much. Not wanting to hide and make things worse, no matter how much he wanted to, he leaned on the doorway to the kitchen watching his brother who was so relaxed and so happy. Why didn't he or his Dad see this? Was he like his father? As Bobby had stated he was in that voicemail he left when he didn't show up for Simone's funeral. 

"I'm sorry I didn't -" Dean was apologising, again. 


"Dean stop." Claudette said gently, holding up her hand. "It's not your fault and we told you that the first time. None of us knew it wouldn't work especially as you put it in the formation to amplify it thrice hold, but that won't be a problem anymore." She said, pulling out a large grey fabric bag from her black handbag. 

"The whole coven helped make them so they'll be more powerful now. Plus, you now have triple the amount you had before. Simone wouldn't blame you either Dean." Charles added, knowing what the root of all this was. 

"I don't know why. I do." Dean sighed wearily. "When I heard her scream I thought my heart had stopped. She sounded so scared. I tore through those woods searching non stop -"

"Dean!" Sam interrupted, loudly, stopping his brother's rambling. 


"That's Dad's brainwashing talking. He raised you to think you weren't good enough if you did one thing wrong, if you made a mistake because he made you care for me, raise me rather than do it himself." 

There was no more talk of what had happened or about John as they heard little feet heading towards the living room. 

"I'm in the kitchen Princess! And I have a surprise for you!" Dean shouted, smiling as Amélie entered the kitchen in her pink Princess pyjamas, bedhead and Coco in hand as she rubbed her eyes sleepily. 

"Daddy." Amélie shouted, running into his outstretched arms. 

"Hi baby." Dean said, standing up with Amélie on his hip and kissing her forehead. "Look who's here." He said, pointing to the table, after they did their usual morning greeting. 

"Nana! Gwandpa!" Amélie said excitedly, despite seeing them yesterday. 


"Hello my Princess." Charles smiled, both he and Claudette getting up to kiss Amélie in greeting. "Guess where we're all going?" He asked. 

"W'ere?" She asked, sleepily with her cute little lisp, her head tilted to the side. 

"We're going to Disneyland, pumpkin." Sam said, inserting himself into the conversation. Dean winced a little as Amélie screamed excitedly. 

"Tank you Daddy." Amélie exclaimed, hugging her father tightly. 


"You're welcome baby. Daddy also got you a Rapunzel dress and shoes, Daddy's got grey Mickey Mouse ears and a T-shirt that has Mickey on the front and on the back it says, 'Princess Protection'. It's coming today and then we'll head off, it's a long drive to Orlando." Dean said, kissing her head as he sat her in the booster seat at the table and cut up her toast with raspberry jam on it, placed banana slices on her plate next to the toast, and her sippy cup full of orange juice next to her. 




Dean smiled at how excited Amélie was as he got her out of the car in the car park of Disneyland. She loved beautiful in her Rapunzel dress with the golden crown in her hair, that matched her golden shoes, her blonde hair in a plait and he'd pinned the flowers into her braid.

"Let go Daddy." Amélie said excitedly, clapping her hands and jumping up and down. 

"Calm down sweetie, we have to check in first." Claudette laughed, smiling at her happy granddaughter as she climbed from the Impala. 

"Hold my hand Amélie. It's very busy and you don't want to get lost." Dean said firmly, holding out his hand. Eyes widening a little Amélie quickly took her Dad's hand and held it tightly but still bounced on the spot. Coco held tightly in her other hand. 


After checking into the hotel in Magic Kingdom so they could drop off their bags and getting their tickets, they headed towards Fairytale Hall so Amélie could meet Rapunzel, Tiana and Cinderella. Then Merida in her Fairytale Garden and Ariel in her Grotto. Despite being excited all the way there Amélie suddenly became very shy and hid behind Dean's leg hugging it tightly. 

"Don't you want to see Rapunzel and show her your pretty dress, baby? You were excited all the way here." Dean coaxed, as Rapunzel, Tiana and Cinderella crouched down and smiled gently at the small toddler. Slowly Amélie came out from behind Dean's leg but she grabbed his hand, so he had to come with her. 


"That is a very pretty dress. Much prettier than mine." Rapunzel said, smiling at Amélie. 

"What's your name? I'm Tiana." Tiana introduced kindly. 

"Amehle." Amélie said, trying to say her name. 

"Amélie." Dean translated for them. 

"Amélie. Why that is a name fit for a Princes." Cinderella cried. "How about us Princesses all have a picture together? Daddy can come too." She added, noticing the uncertain look on Amélie's face. Claudette smiled at them as she pulled her camera from her bag and then snapped a picture of them. 

They visited more Princesses and other characters, and slowly Amélie got more confident and had picture of them on her own but mainly with her Daddy. 


They visited Fantasyland and went on King Arthur's Carrousel this time Claudette went on with Amélie, sitting behind her on the horse as the pair waved to Dean, Charles and Sam who took a picture of them. Next; Dean tried to pull the sword from the stone but he couldn't so he asked for his special girl to help him and they did it together pulling out the stone - Sam, Claudette and Charles cheering for her and taking another picture of the pair. Next, they went on the Alice in Wonderland ride and, It's a Small World ride, before they stopped to have some lunch. While they were eating Sam visited the gift shop and brought Amélie an Olaf and Bruni stuffed toy, while Dean brought her Pascal. 


Sam had to admit he may have went overboard, slightly, and he may have possibly gone the wrong way about getting Amélie to open up to him but he was trying. 

"Tank you Daddy. Tank you Unca Sammy." Amélie said happily, squeezing the stuffed toys and Coco tightly. 

"You're welcome sweetie. Shall we put Coco in the bag with the toys Sammy and I got you." Dean asked, kissing her head but shooting a look at his brother saying they'd talk this tonight when she was asleep. "We don't want Coco to get lost."


Looking uncertainly for awhile, Amélie finally relented and placed Coco in the bag but she was not happy about it. 

"It's just so he doesn't get lost. You'll be upset otherwise and that'll make Daddy sad." Dean said, kissing her head and tickling her to cheer her up. 

"No Daddy!" Amélie giggled, trying to squirm away from him but her Grandpa was on the other side of her and he joined in too. Once the trio had calmed down and they had all finished their lunch and used the bathroom, they went on Dumbo the flying Elephant ride which Amélie loved but Dean hated, but he loved seeing the smile and laughter come from his daughter so he endured it with a smile on his face. 


When they could finally get off much to Dean's relief they moved on to ToonTown where they went into Minnie's House which was interactive for Amélie. Afterwards they went to Adventureland and went on the Jungle Cruise which Amélie thought was amazing as she gasped and looked around in awe and wonder much to the amusement of her family. All of them snapping pictures of Amélie, or all of them together, but the most of the pictures that been taken were of Amélie and Dean. He'd hold up in the air and spin them around the both of them laughing, there was picture of Amélie on his shoulders, in his arms as Dean placed a kiss on her head, or just waking together. Anyone looking at the father and daughter duo could clearly see how much they loved and adored each other and it warmed their hearts and left them with wide smiles upon their faces. 


Over the course of the three day stay at Disneyland they'd all had a wonderful time and taken a lot, and they meant a lot of photos. Dean loved the one of him and Amélie in front of the castle where he's holding her in the air. It had been an amazing break for all of them and a time where they could bond together. Dean and Amélie had seemed to become closer if that were possible as she was already a Daddy's girl. And they definitely agreed of returning next year. As they were leaving Dean couldn't help but smile at his daughter was already fast asleep in her car seat, Coco and Pascal clutched tightly to her chest and Minnie Mouse ears upon her head. 

"Thank you for inviting us, Dean, it's been an amazing break." Claudette said happily, brushing some hair gently out of Amélie's face. 


"You don't need to thank me." Dean said, as he pulled the Impala out of the car park, starting the journey back home to New Orleans. They'd have a couple of days to recuperate before starting to look for his Dad again. Not that he really wanted to, Dean admitted to himself quietly. "You're family. You know Amélie and I will always invite you to everything." Dean said passionately. 

"Thank you Dean." Charles said, gently clapping Dean on the shoulder. There was silence for awhile as everyone just listened to the music and relaxed from the hectic but fun time in Disneyland. They were all exhausted. 

"Dean," Sam said, breaking the silence. "What's it's gonna take for you to forgive me or Amélie to warm up to me?" Sam asked quietly, weariness in his tone. "Dean?" Sam asked again, slightly annoyed this time. 


"I'm thinking. And don't you dare wake her up." Dean whispered but firmness was clearly heard in his tone. "I don't know Sam. You say your sorry but it's actions, man. When you were carrying Amélie in the Forest, she asked you to play I spy with her and you said no. I heard you." Dean said, giving his brother a look when he opened his mouth. Sam closed it and sighed. 

"You want her to be with you like she is with me, Claudette, Charles, Casey and Bobby, but when she wants to play with you, you turn her down. You could've easily played while keeping an eye on things around you, that's the perfect opportunity to play it. I did it. So, I'm sorry but until I see you making an effort with my daughter, that doesn't include splashing money on her but actual quality time and effort, I can't forgive you." Dean said firmly, putting an end to the discussion. 

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A/N: I don't know what the school system is like in a America as I'm from the UK so it'll be the UK system. Ages 6 months to 4 is nursery. Then it's reception. Then Primary School is years 1-6 (ages 6-11). Then High School is years 7-11 or 12 in some schools (ages 11-16/17). 



Chapter Six, Dead in the Water


November 25th - 30th 2005


Dean smiled as his precious daughter gave him another shot, the third one. They'd been having a tea party when he coughed and Amélie decided she'd be a doctor and make him all better. 

"Thank you baby. I'm all better now." Dean said, smiling at his daughter. 

"No. One more Daddy." Amélie argued, just as Sam walked back into the apartment to see his brother having a doctor tea party by the looks of it. 

"What's going on?" He asked confused, a newspaper held in his hands.

"Daddy's sick. I made him better." Amélie said proudly, sitting back at the table and drinking her imaginary tea. 


"You did, thank you, baby. I mean Dr Amélie Winchester." Dean said, beaming when Amélie giggled.

"Daddy, two pwincesses pease?" She asked excitedly, giggling a little. 

"Dean I need to show you something." Sam interrupted. "Why don't you go play in your room Amélie."

"No Sam. You don't get to tell my daughter where to play. And second we will talk about whatever it is when Amélie has her nap. Not before." Dean said coldly. 

"Fine." Sam huffed, jealousy coursing through him as he watched them. 

"Of course baby." Dean said to his confused daughter, putting the wig and crown back on his head, making Amélie beam at him. "Come on Sam. You said you wanted to get along with Amie, but so far you've played with her once and for ten minutes." Dean said firmly, glaring at his brother.


"Fine." Sam sighed, accepting the red wig that had a crown attached, but acting very put upon as he followed Dean's lead. Amélie smiled and giggled at her Daddy but frowned at her Uncle Sammy. Which Dean noticed. 

After they'd had some lunch it was time for Amélie's nap. 

"Come on baby." Dean said, holding out his hand which Amélie took without argument. Entering her bedroom Amélie was yawning and rubbing her eyes, Dean smiled softly at her as he tucked her into bed with Coco. 

"Sleep well my Witchy Princess. I love you." Dean whispered, kissing her forehead. 

"Love you Daddy." Amélie mumbled sleepily. 

Smiling softly at her, Dean switched on her nightlight and gently closed the door. 


He'd barely made it back into the living room before Sam jumped on him before Dean could have it out with Sam himself. 

"Here, take a look at this." Sam said, handing Dean a newspaper with a circled article about a teenager. "Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin. Last week, Sophie Carlton, 18. Walks into the lake .... doesn't walk out. Authorities dragged the water. Nothing. Sophie Carlton is the third Lake Manitoc drowning this year. None of the bodies were found either. Had a funeral two days ago." Sam explained. Dean looked at the newspaper. 

"Funeral?" Dean asked, looking up from the newspaper.

"Yeah, it's weird. They buried an empty coffin." Sam said. 

"Maybe, for closure. " Dean suggested, shrugging his shoulders, taking a sip of his coffee. 


"Closure? What closure? People don't just disappear, Dean. Other people just stop looking for them." Sam said hotly. 

"Keep your voice down." Dean hissed. "And is there something you want to say to me?" Dean insisted.

"The trail for Dad is getting colder everyday." Sam said agitated.

"Exactly. So, what are we supposed to do?" Dean asked.

"I don't know. Something. Anything. Instead we're here, with you playing Princesses, playing baby with her doll and having tea parties." Sam argued.

"You know what, I'm sick of this attitude!" Dean snapped.


"I told you could leave if you wanted! But do you really think I'm going to deprive my daughter Thanksgiving with her grandparents? With me? No I don't think so! Do you not think I want to find him as much as you? And I saw how you acted while playing with Amélie! You acted like it was such a hardship! Well news flash! I play princesses because I'm all she's got and it makes her happy. That's all I care about. Not hunting! Not Dad, especially after what he said about my wife and daughter! I care about Amélie's health and well-being!" Dean snapped in a heated whisper. Trying to keep his voice down so he doesn't wake Amélie. Before Sam could say anything Dean's phone started ringing, it was Bobby. 


"Hey Bobby." Dean greeted, his voice still tight with anger. 

"Hey Dean. Sorry I couldn't make Thanksgiving yesterday. Rufus and I were up to our necks in Ghoul." Bobby said annoyed, while someone, likely Rufus, mumbled in the background. "Oh, shut it you, moron!" Bobby snapped to Rufus. "Anyway, what's wrong why do you sound so angry?"

"I'll put you on speaker." Dean answered instead, nodding to Sam with a glare. 

"Hiya Bobby." Sam greeted hesitantly. 

"That would explain it. Why the hell did you do this time, Sam?" Bobby asked annoyed. "I don't know what you did, but do you really think behaving the way you are is going to get Dean and Amélie to trust you? You idjit! 


You're a stranger to her, boy! You really think she's gonna warm up to ya with the way you've been? You've missed three birthdays, two easters, three Halloween's... you get my point! Stop acting like John before I come over there and shoot you myself! You weren't there when you were really needed and that breaks trust! Now buck up you idjit!" Bobby shouted down the phone besides himself with anger. "I'm sorry for your loss." He said more calmly to Sam, before he turned to Dean. "Where's my little pumpkin?"


"She's having a nap at the moment." Dean said apologetically. "So, what happened on the case?" Dean asked, talking with Bobby and sometimes Rufus when he pitched in until Amélie woke up so they can talk to her. While Sam sat quietly mulling over his berating from Bobby. There's only one time he's seen Bobby that angry and that was at his own father. 

Was he really acting like John Winchester. II?


"Daddy." Amélie called sleepily, an hour later as she padded into the living room Coco in one hand while the other rubbed her eyes. 

"Hi baby." Dean said, picking her up and kissing all over her face making her giggle. "Did you gave a good sleep?" Amélie nodded snuggling into her Dad. "There's someone on the phone for you."

"Hi Pumpkin." Bobby said, both he and Rufus laughing when Amélie squealed excitedly. 

"Grandpa Bobby!" Amélie said happily, her little face lighting up. 

"I'm here too." Rufus added. 


"Unca Wufus!" Amélie squealed again. Dean beamed happily as Amélie babbled away happily to them. 

"I miss you." Amélie said, making Dean's heart clench. 

"We miss you too. But it's Christmas soon so we'll see you then, pumpkin." Bobby assured, his own heart clenching. He missed that sweet little girl. 




Two hours later, they were packed up and saying their goodbyes to Claudette and Charles while Dean swore they'd be back for Christmas. 

"There's no way she's not having a Christmas. I promised you we'd be back during every birthday and holiday, if not before." Dean said strongly, strapping Amélie into the Impala after she's said her goodbyes. 

"We know Dean. We'll see you soon." Claudette said, pulling Dean in for a hug which he returned. 

"If you need anymore sachets give us a call and be careful." Charles said firmly, clapping Dean on the back. 

"I promise." Dean swore. 

After Sam got another stern talking to by Claudette and Charles they were on the road with Charles and Claudette waving to them until they were out of sight. 




Lake Manitoc, Carlton Residence. 


The Impala pulled to a stop in front of a wooden house near the lake. The brothers got out of the car with Amélie held on Dean's hip. As they walked past the lake Amélie shivered as she heard a cold voice come from it. 

'Come play with me.' 

Amélie whimpered and buried her head into her Daddy's neck. 

"What's the matter baby?" Dean asked concerned, looking around them to see what had spooked his baby girl so badly. Amélie just snuggled as close as she could to Dean and pointed her hand to the lake. 


Dean frowned as he looked at the lake wondering what Amélie had sensed coming from the lake with her magic. Well, whatever it was; it was not getting his light. He will keep his daughter away from it at all costs. 

"Come on Dean!" Sam shouted, he was standing by the door of the house waiting on Dean so he could knock. Casting a another cursory look around him specifically at the lake; Dean walked up to the door as Sam knocked. 

"Don't worry baby. I don't let anything get you." Dean promised, kissing Amélie's head as the was door opened by a short man in his mid twenties. 

"Will Carlton?" Dean asked.


"Yeah, that's right." Will nodded.

"I'm Agent Ford." Dean introduced himself. He motioned to Sam. "This is Agent Hamill. We're with the U.S wildlife service." He explained, while showing his badge.

"And the kid?" Will asked, motioned towards Amélie. 

"It's bring your kid to work day." Dean explained, as Amélie smiled shyly at Will her face still half buried in Dean's neck. Will took them near the lake where an elder man was sitting on the dock looking out into the water. Amélie looked at the lake with wide eyes, she didn't want to go near it. Dean rubbed her back soothingly. 

"She was about 100 yards out, that's where she got dragged down." Will explained, while looking at the lake.


"You sure she didn't just drown?" Dean asked carefully. Will looked at the lake before looking back at them. 

"Yeah. She was a varsity swimmer, she practically grew up in that lake. She was safe out there as if she was in her own bathtub." He told them.

"So, no splashing, no signs of distress?" Sam questioned.

"No. That's what I'm telling you." Will said agitated.

"Did you see any shadows in the water. Maybe... some big shape coming up to the surface?" Sam asked again.

"She was really far out." Will replied, as he crossed his arms.


"Have you seen any strange prints on the shoreline?" Dean asked, pulling Amélie higher up on his hip.

"No I haven't. Why? What do you think's out there?" Will wondered concerned. 

"We'll let you know as soon as we do." Dean told him, as he and Amélie made their way back to the car, who was not taking her eyes off the lake.

"Don't go near the lake okay." Dean said sternly, wanting to be sure she'd be safe. 

"Otay." Amélie said, wrapping her tiny arms around his neck and holding Coco tightly.  

"What about your father?" Sam asked , still standing in front of Will. 


Dean turned back to him as they looked at Will's father by the dock. Dean felt sorry for the man, as he held his own daughter closer as if he could protect her from everything by that one act. 

"Can we talk to him?" Sam asked again. Will looked at his father then turned back to Sam.

"Look, if you don't mind. He didn't see anything and he has been through a lot." Will explained.

"We understand." Dean assured, and walked back to the car. As Amélie was being strapped in she heard the voice again. 

'Come play with me.'




Police station. 


"No, I'm sorry. But why does the wildlife service care about an accidental drowning?" asked the Sheriff, as he let the brothers walk in. Amélie was holding Dean's hand as they followed the man into his office.

"Are you sure it was accidental?" Sam asked, as he was was behind the Sheriff. "Will Carlton said he saw something drag his sister down." Sam explained. A weird emotion flickered across the Sherif's face as he turned back to face them. 

"Like what?" He asked, as they entered his office. "Please sit." He said, as he motioned to the chairs. Sam and Dean sat down in the chairs, the latter with his daughter perched on his lap, Dean halting the conversation while he got the iPad out so Amélie could he distracted by her Disney films. Once Tangled was playing he turned back to the others.


"Sorry I don't want her to hear this. She's three." Dean apologised, motioning to the Sheriff to continue. 

"There's nothing in that lake and there's nothing big enough to drag a person down. Unless it was the lockness monster." He finished sarcastically.

"Yeah. Right." Dean said with a chuckle. Sam and Dean exchanged a look before turning back to the Sheriff.

"Will Carlton was traumatised, sometimes that can play tricks on the mind. Still we dragged that entire lake, even ran a sonar sweep. There was nothing down there." He explained, as he sat down in his chair.

"That's weird though." Dean said confused. "That's the third missing body this year." He continued.


"I know. These are people from this town. These are the people I care about." The Sheriff told them.

"Oh, I know." Dean said sympathetically.   "Anyways. All this won't be a problem much longer." He told them with a sigh, while leaning back into his chair.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked, tilting his head.

"Well, the dam of course." He stated, Dean leaned back in his seat.

"Of course. The dam, has sprung a leak." Dean said, smiling a little as Amélie giggled at something in the film.

"Its falling apart." The Sheriff continued. "The government won't give us the money to repair it, they've opened the spillway. In another six months." He leaned forward. "There won't be much of a lake, there won't be much of a town either. Well, being federals of wildlife, I bet you already knew that." He finished.


"Exactly." Dean admitted. A knock came from the door and everyone looked towards it spotting a lady with brown hair and brown eyes. 

"Sorry. Am I interrupting something?" She asked, as the men stood, Dean slower than the others as he got Amélie to pause and turn off the film then slipped the iPad into her rucksack. "I can come back later." She told them.

"Gentleman, sweetheart. This is my daughter." The Sheriff introduced, the three.

"Pleasure to meet you. I'm Dean and this is my daughter Amélie and my brother Sam." He introduced himself. They shook hands.

"Andrea Bar." She replied. "Hi Amélie." Andrea smiled gently but Amélie hid her head in her Daddy's shoulder. 


"She's shy." Dean explained, rubbing his daughter's back. 

"They're from the wildlife service. About the lake." The Sheriff explained.

"Oh." Andrea replied, as her voice cracked. A little boy, around four years older than Amélie, with shoulder length brown hair, stood behind her and looked down shyly.

"Well, hey there. What's your name?" Sam asked, as Amélie smiled shyly and waved at him. The boy gave no response and just walked away. Amélie sighed sadly and put her hand down. Andrea smiled apologetically before she too turned away and followed the boy.

"His name is Lucas." The Sheriff explained.

"Is he okay ?" Dean questioned.

"My grandson has been through a lot. We all have." The Sheriff told them, as he made his way to the door. "If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know." He continued.


"Thanks." Dean replied.  He walked out the door with Amélie now holding his hand and Sam following behind. "Actually, can you point us to a reseasonably priced motel?"

"Lakefront motel, around the corner and two blocks up." Andrea explained.

"Thanks." Dean said gratefully. He bid goodbye to the three, and left the police station talking rapidly with Amélie and leaving Sam to follow along behind them. 




In the motel room, Sam was doing research on his laptop, Dean was watching the rest of Tangled with Amélie as she snuggled into him with Coco. 

"There's been three drownings this year." Sam stated, still looking at the laptop.

"Before that?" Dean asked, absently, only half listening. 

"Uh... yeah. Six more, spread over the past 35 years. Those bodies were never recovered." Sam explained, as he looked at the information. "If there's anything out there. It's picking up its pace." Sam pointed out.


"So, we've got a lake monster on a binge?" Dean questioned.

"The whole lake monster theory, bugs me."Sam said. Dean gave Amélie a water before putting it in her cup and having her drink it, and went to stand behind Sam.

"Why?" Dean asked. Sam shook his head.

"Lochness. Lake Manitoc, there is a hundred of eyewitness accounts. Down to almost nothing. Whatevers out there, no one is living to talk about." Sam explained.

"Wait." Dean paused. "Bar." Dean pointed towards the screen. "Christopher Bar, where have I heard that name before?" Dean asked. 


"Christopher Bar, victim in May." Sam said, as he clicked on the name and it opened to an article with a picture showing Lucas wrapped in a blanket. "Christopher Bar was Andrea's husband, Lucas's father. Apparently he took Lucas out swimming. Lucas was on a floating wooden platform, when Chris drowned. Two hours before the kid got rescued." Sam finished explaining.  "Maybe we have an eyewitness after all." Sam said, as he scratched his head.

"No wonder that kids so freaked out." Dean stated. "Watching one of your parents die, that's something you can't get over." He confessed. "But there is definitely something wrong with that lake, Amélie freaked out when we went near it. I think she sensed something with her magic." Sam looked at his brother dubiously but said nothing as he was already on thin ice with Dean. 


"Well, it looks like we going to the park." Sam said, getting up from his chair. Dean walked over to Amélie who was sitting on the bed drinking her water and playing with Coco while they watched the film.

"Come on sweetheart we're going to the park." Dean told her. Amélie immediately looked up and jumped off the bed, grabbing Coco. She ran to put on her shoes, eager to go to the park. Sam and Dean watched her with amused expressions. Amélie finished putting her shoes on and stood at the door with a wide smile, not noticing her shoes were on the wrong feet.

"Let's go to park." She cheered, jumping up and down. Dean chuckled at his precious little girl and walked over to pick her up.


"Well, first we may need to put your shoes on the right feet." Dean said, gently bopping her on the nose and sitting her on the bed, before taking her shoes off and putting them back on the right way. "All done." Amélie jumped back off the bed, grabbing Dean's hand and jumping up and down excitedly. 

"Daddy come on." Amélie said, making Dean chuckle as he scooped her up and held her above his head making aeroplane noises while Amélie screeched with laughter. 




At the local park, kids were running around and Andrea was sitting on a bench watching Lucas who was drawing on a small table, surrounded with army men and paper. Amélie was skipping by Dean's side holding his hand as the Winchesters walked. Hopping from one foot to the other as she jumped over the cracks giggling, especially when Dean joined in. 

"Can I join in Amie?" Sam asked. 

"Yeah yeah." Amélie said sassily, giving him a look identical to Dean's. 

"You brought it on yourself, Sammy." Dean said, shrugging his shoulders and not even bothering to tell her off. "She saw how you acted at home when she asked you to play. Come on my Princess." Dean said to Amélie, fed up with the same conversation with Sam. 


"Can we join you?" Sam asked, as they reached the bench. Andrea turned to face them and smiled politely.

"I'm here with my son." She replied. Sam and Dean turned their heads to look where Lucas was drawing.

"Mind if we say hi?" Dean asked, but didn't wait for a response as he walked towards Lucas with Amélie. "Hows it going?" Dean asked, as he crouched down in front of Lucas.

"Hi Lucas." Amélie smiled. Lucas didn't respond and just carried on drawing. Dean reached over the table and picked up one of the army men.


"Oh, I used to love these things." Dean stated. He made a machine gun noise in Amélie's face which made the girl giggle.

"Silly Daddy." Amélie giggled. 

Dean smiled at the sound of her giggle and put the little man down. Lucas didn't react and was still drawing.

"So crayons is more your thing?" Dean questioned, but got no response. "That's cool, chicks dig artists." Dean told him. Amélie looked at the drawings Lucas made and Dean followed her gaze. He picked up a picture of a black swirl and a red bicycle. "These are pretty good." Dean complimented. "Do you mind if Amélie and I join you?" Dean asked him. He didn't get a response so he picked up a crayon and a piece of paper and gave it to Amélie who sat down opposite Lucas. She started drawing with her tongue sticking out on the side.  


'Just like her mother.' Dean thought sadly, kissing her forehead before he too grabbed a crayon and a piece of paper. 

"I'm not bad myself." He told him, as he started drawing. "You know, I'm thinking you can hear me. You just don't wanna talk. I don't know what exactly happened to your dad, but I know it was something real bad." Dean glanced at him. "I think I know how you feel. When I was your age, I saw something ...." he trailed off, and he stopped drawing. "Anyway. Maybe you don't think anyone would listen to you, or believe you . I want you to that I will and I'm sure Amélie will too." Dean told him, as he looked at the children who were busy colouring.


"You don't even need to say anything. You could draw me a picture about what you saw that day. With your dad. On the lake." Dean suggested. "No problem. Here I drew this for you." Dean showed him the picture he drew of eight stick figures. "This is my family. That's my Dad." He pointed to a stick figure. "That's my M-Mum." He pointed to the second one. "That's my geek brother." He pointed to the third one. "That's my adorable daughter and that's my w -wife, Amélie's Mum." He pointed to the fourth and fifth ones before he pointed out the rest. "That's me and these are Amélie's grandparents from her Mum's side." He finished explaining. Lucas didn't acknowledge him and Dean took the hint. "All right, so I'm a sucky artist. Not like Amélie and her mother." Dean said, setting down his crayon. 


"See ya around Lucas." Dean said goodbye, as he got up placing his drawing on the bench. Dean turned to Amélie and saw his beloved daughter was engaged in her drawing. He didn't want to bother but he didn't want to leave her alone either. After deliberating for a moment he leant down and kissed the top of her head. 

"I'll be right over there when you finish your drawing, okay Princess?" He asked, only to receive a nod from the little girl. Dean stood up straight and walked back over to Sam and Andrea. When Dean left, Lucas picked up the drawing and looked at it. He looked at Amélie before going back to finishing his drawing.

"Lucas hasn't said a word, not even to me. Not since his Dad's accident." Andrea explained, as Dean walked up to them.   


"We heard. Sorry." Dean responded sympathetically.

"What are the doctors saying?" Sam asked.

"That its some post traumatic stress." Andrea replied.

"That can't be easy. For either of you ." Dean shook his head.

"We moved in with my Dad, he helps out a lot." She told them. Andrea looked at Dean before looking at her son. "Its just, when I think about what Lucas went through. What he saw." She admitted. There was a pause.

"Kids are strong. You'll be surprised,what they can deal with. Even if we wish they didn't have to." Dean stated.


At the bench Lucas stood up and held his hand out for Amélie. Amélie looked at his hand unsurely before she grabbed it and allowed him to help her up. They both grabbed their pictures Amélie also grabbing Coco, and started walking back towards the adults.

"You know, he used to have such a life. He was hard to keep up with, to tell you the truth." Andrea explained, with a sad smile. "Now he just sits there drawing and with his army men." She stopped, as Lucas came next to them, still holding Amélie's hand. "Hey sweetie." She said, as she looked down at Lucas. Lucas stared at the ground and held his picture up to Dean.   "Thanks. Thanks Lucas." Dean said, as he took the picture of a house. Lucas dropped Amélie's hand and turned around and walked back to the bench they'd been drawing at. 


The adults exchanged looks. Amélie waved and Lucas waved back and the adults all looked at her shocked. 

"You ready to go, Amélie?" Dean asked.  Amélie nodded her head.

"I draw picture for you Daddy, you too Sammy." Amélie smiled, and handed her Dad and Uncle the drawings. Dean picked her up and took the picture.

"Aww, thank you, baby." Dean told her. Amélie smiled happily, kissing her Dad's cheek. 

"Thanks Pumpkin." Sam told her, with a smile as he looked at the picture of a flower.

"We'll see you around." Dean told Andrea, who was watching the moment with a small smile. Amélie waved as they started walking away, Andrea smiling and waved back.


"Can we pweaseeee get ice cream Daddy?" Amélie begged, hanging off of Deans neck.

"I'm not sure you need anymore sugar." Sam said, Dean and Amélie gave him matching glares making him raise his hands in surrender. 

"Do you promise to lay down for your nap without arguing?" Dean asked seriously. 

"Yep!" Amélie nodded. 

"I guess we can get ice cream." Dean agreed.

"Yay!!" Amélie squealed, and her Dad and Uncle laughed along with her. 




At the motel, it was just Dean and Amélie while Sam went out. As promised, Amélie was taking a nap and Dean was sitting on the bed running his fingers through her hair. He was looking at Amélie's drawing while smiling sadly. It was like the picture she drew a few months ago but this time it only had him, Amélie, a large cat he guessed to be Coco and Simone but she didn't have angel wings this time, she was alive. And they were all standing in front of their house in New Orleans. Tears in his eyes he leaned down and cuddled with his Princess while sending another silent promise to Simone. Just then the door opener and Dean put the drawing away in one of the folders he'd brought for Amélie's drawings and school work while they were on the road. 


Sam walked in pausing for a second when he saw the tears on Dean's face before he spoke. 

"I think it's safe to say we can rule out nessie." Sam stated, as he closed the door behind him. He walked over to the bed next to Dean's.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked, brushing away his tears and turning to look at him.

"I just drove past the Carlton's. They have an ambulance, Will Carlton is dead." He reported, as he sat down.

"He drowned?" Dean questioned.

"Yep. In the sink." Sam replied casually.   "What the hell? So, you're right this isn't a creature, this is something else." Dean said.

"Yeah but what?" Sam questioned.


"I don't know." Dean said. "Water wraith, maybe?" He suggested. "Some kind of demon? Something that controls water." He paused.  "Water that comes from the same source." He realised. 

"The lake." Sam catches on.

"Yeah." Dean agreed. 

"Which would explain why its upping the body count. The lake is draining and it will be dry in a few months. So whatever this thing is and whatever it wants, its running out of time." Sam explained.

"And if it can get through the pipes, it can get to anyone. Almost anywhere, it's going to happen again soon. Remind me not to let Amélie have a bath tonight by the way. I'm not losing my daughter too." Dean stated, as he got up and walked over to his shoes.


"Yeah good luck with that. She likes having baths especially playing with the bubbles and you. Anyway, we do know one thing, that's for sure. It has something to do with Bill Carlton." Sam said.

"Yeah, it took both of his kids. Poor bloke." Dean responded, while putting on his shoes.

"Well, I've been asking around. Lucas's dad, Chris. Bill Carlton's godson." Sam revealed.

"Well, let's go pay Mr Carlton a visit." Dean stated. He made his way to the bed Amélie was sleeping on and picked her up, not forgetting to grab Coco. She stirred a little but didn't wake up. They made their way out of the room and to the car. Dean put Amélie in her seat before joining Sam in the front and drove to the Carlton's house.  




After driving to the Carlton house and striking out with Bill Carlton, Dean decided that they needed to pay Lucas another visit. Where they quickly arrived at the front steps of Andrea's house, Dean holding a cranky Amélie who was not happy about being woken up, she was like both her parents that way. Dean was now trying to talk Andrea into letting him speak to Lucas.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think it's a good idea." Andrea told Dean, who was bouncing Amélie.

"I just need to talk to him." Dean said. "Just for a few minutes."

"He won't say anything. What good's it gonna do?" Andrea asked. 


"Andrea, we think more people might get hurt. We think something's happening out there." Sam jumped in. 

"My husband, the others, they just drowned. That's all." Andrea shook her head unwilling to believe otherwise. 

"If that's what you really believe, then we'll go. But if you think there's even a possibility that something else could be going on here, please let me talk to your son." Dean said. Finally, Andrea led the Winchesters up the stairs and to Lucas's bedroom, Dean handed Amélie over to Sam before approaching Lucas.

"Sammy?" Amélie whispered. 

"What is it Amie?" Sam asked. 

"Why don't you wike me?" Amélie asked sadly, shocking all those who heard her, including Dean who paused his conversation with Lucas to look at his daughter concerned.


"Why would you say that?" Sam asked shocked. 

"You don't pway with me wike Daddy does and don't wike too." Amélie explained as best she could. 

"Sweetheart," Sam said, crouching down in front of her knowing Dean was listening. "I do like you. I just feel bad because I wasn't there for you and your Daddy when your Mummy went to Heaven. I missed so much I don't know how to make up for it." Sam confessed. 

"You say sowwy." Amélie said as if it was obvious, making Sam and Andrea laugh but Dean did not laugh. 

"I'm sorry Amie." Sam apologised, the little girl seemed to assess him before she nodded but didn't accept it as Sam thought she would.


And he realised then he's never actually apologised to her before. This will take more work than he thought. Sighing he tuned back into the conversation Dean was trying to have with Lucas. 

"You're scared. It's okay. I understand. See, when I was your age, I saw something real bad happen to my Mum, and I was scared, too. I didn't feel like talking, just like you. But see, my Mum - I know she wanted me to be brave. I think about that every day. And I do my best to be brave. And maybe, your Dad wants you to be brave too." Dean said, as Sam looked at his brother sadly. Lucas dropped his crayon and looked up at Dean, and handed him a picture of a white church, a yellow house, and a boy with a blue baseball cap and red bicycle in front of a wooden fence.


"Thanks, Lucas." Dean said, he stood back up and walked back over to his daughter and brother when Amélie heard the voice again.

"Come play with me." 

Amélie whimpered as she looked around, frowning when she saw nothing, but her eyes were slowly turning indigo. Amélie turned back around and locked eyes with Lucas, before Dean carried her outside.   




The Winchesters are back in the Impala, after stopping to get something to eat and Amélie can't stop thinking about the voice she heard. She wondered if Lucas had heard it and was barely paying attention to what she was watching. 

"Andrea said the kid never drew like that till his dad died." Dean said.

"There are cases— going through a traumatic experience could make people more sensitive to premonitions, psychic tendencies." Sam said. 

"Whatever's out there, what if Lucas is tapping into it somehow? Like Amélie with her magic. I mean, it's only a matter of time before somebody else drowns, so if you got a better lead, please." Dean said, looking at his daughter worriedly through the rear view mirror. 


"All right, we got another house to find." Sam said. 

"The only problem is there's about a thousand yellow two-stories in this county alone." Dean said, as Sam looks at the picture.

"See this church? I bet there's less than a thousand of those around here." He suggested.

"Oh, College Boy thinks he's so smart." Dean teased. 

"You know, um..." Sam said, "what you said about Mum, you've never told me that before."

"It's no big deal." Dean dismissed, "oh god we're not going to have to hug or anything are we?"

"But Daddy you said you loved hugs." Amélie said with a frown. 

"Only your hugs baby." Dean smiled and she nodded happily. 




Sam and Dean approach a white church shaped like the one in Lucas's picture, Dean holding Amélie who insists that she was too worn out to walk. When really Dean knew she was terrified over what was going on and he wanted to keep her close so he didn't complain. Dean held up the picture and looks at it, comparing it to the scene in front of him; there's a yellow house next to the church and a wooden fence near the house. Sam looks at Dean. They both look up at the church and cross the street to the house.

"We're sorry to bother you, ma'am. But does a little boy live here by any chance? He might wear a blue ball cap, has a red bicycle." Dean asked, before noticing how the woman's face paled. 


"No sir. Not for a very long time. Peter's been gone for thirty-five years now." Mrs Sweeney said. There's a picture of Peter on the side table. Mrs Sweeney sighs. "The police never— I never had any idea what happened. He just disappeared." She said soberly. Sam points out to Dean a number of toy soldiers on a table.  "Losing him— you know, it's... it's worse than dying." Mrs Sweeney said. Dean glances at Amélie.

"Did he disappear from here? I mean, from this house?" Dean asked, adjusting Amélie on his hip. 


"He was supposed to ride his bike straight home after school, and he never showed up." She said, as Dean picks a picture off the mirror. There are two boys in the picture, one Peter with a bicycle. Dean reads from the back of the picture.

'Peter Sweeney and Billy Carlton, nineteen seventy.' 

"Take care of that little one, while you've still got her." Mrs Sweeney said, making Dean hold on tighter to Amélie. 

"I will." Dean assured. 




After talking to Mrs Sweeney and finding that picture of Bill with Peter, the boys decided that they needed to talk to Bill again. 

"Okay, this little boy Peter Sweeney vanishes, and this is all connected to Bill Carlton somehow." Sam said. 

"Yeah, Bill sure as hell seems to be hiding something, huh?" Dean asked. 

"And Bill, the people he loves, they're all getting punished." Sam said. 

"So what if Bill did something to Peter?" Dean asked. 

"What if Bill killed him?" Sam asked. 


"Peter's spirit would be furious. It'd want revenge. It's possible." Dean nodded, he then looked back to Amélie who was sitting eating an apple and grape bag in the backseat. "Amélie, I want you to stay in the car when we get there okay?" Dean said firmly.

"Otay Daddy." Amélie nodded, albeit unsurely. 




The impala pulled up the the Carlton house, after making sure that Amélie would stay in the car Dean and Sam jumped out.

"Mr. Carlton?" Sam said, as they approached the house.

'Come play with me.' 

Amélie heard again, she frowned when she looked around and saw nothing before nervously going back to her colouring book of Disney Princesses that her Daddy bought her. The boys heard an engine roar before running outback.


When they get around the side of the house they see Bill going out on the lake in his boat.

"Hey, check it out." Dean pointed out. Sam and Dean run to the end of the dock, yelling.

"Mr. Carlton! You need to come back! Come out of the water! Turn the boat around!" Dean yelled.

"Mr. Carlton!" Sam yelled. Bill ignores them and keeps going. The water rises up and flips Bill's boat over. It and he vanish leaving the two brothers standing there gobsmacked while Amélie heard the voice again and again. 




After what happened back at the Carlton house, the Winchesters were then escorted back to the Police Station.

"Daddy, are we in twouble?" Amélie asked, looking at the police car behind them. 

"No baby, everything is fine." Dean said. They pull into the Station, Dean unbuckles Amélie and holds her to his hip and he and Sam follow the Sheriff into the station.

"Sam, Dean, Amélie." Andrea says, as they walk in, Amélie waved at her and Lucas. "I didn't expect to see you here."

"So now you're on a first-name basis. What are you doing here?" Jake asked. 

"I brought you dinner." Andrea told him.


"I'm sorry, sweetheart, I don't really have the time." Jake said. 

"I heard about Bill Carlton. Is it true? Is something going on with the lake?" Andrea asked. 

"Right now we don't know what the truth is. But I think it might be better if you and Lucas went on home." Jake said, as soon as those words were out of his mouth Lucas looks up and whines, looking stricken; he jumps up and grabs Dean's arm that isn't holding Amélie.

"Lucas, hey, what is it?" Dean asked, as he sat down Amélie so he didn't drop her with Lucas yanking him. "Lucas."

"Lucas." Andrea said, Lucas looked to Amélie as if he was trying to tell her something with his eyes.


"Lucas, it's okay. It's okay. Hey, Lucas, it's okay. It's okay." Dean said, as Andrea pulls Lucas away from Dean and leads him outside. Lucas doesn't look away from Amélie and the boys notice this. Jake throws down his jacket and goes into his office, the Winchesters follow.

"Okay, just so I'm clear, you see... something attack Bill's boat, sending Bill—who is a very good swimmer, by the way—into the drink, and you never see him again?" Jake asked, as Dean glances at Sam.

"Yeah, that about sums it up." Dean said. 


"And I'm supposed to believe this, even though I've already sonar- swept that entire lake? And what you're describing is impossible? And you're not really Wildlife Service?" Jake said, causing Dean to look surprised. "That's right, I checked. Department's never heard of you two."

"See, now, we can explain that." Dean said.

"Enough. Please. The only reason you're breathing free air and your daughter isn't under CPS, is because one of Bill's neighbours saw him steering out that boat just before you did. So, we have a couple of options here. I can arrest you for impersonating government officials and hold you as material witnesses to Bill Carlton's disappearance and turn the kid into CPS.


 Or, we can chalk this all up to a bad day, you get into your car, you put this town in your rearview mirror, and you don't ever darken my doorstep again." Jake said, Dean tensed holding onto Amélie tighter. 

"Door number two sounds good." Sam said. 

"That's the one I'd pick." Jake nodded. Amélie stuck her tongue out at Jake as they walked out of the station. 

"I can't believe that she's already reached the sassy phase." Dean told Sam. 

"Well, she is your daughter." Sam shrugged, and Dean rolled his eyes. 




Dean, Amélie, and Sam are in the Impala, waiting at a traffic light. A sign says I-43 North to Milwaukee is to the left. The light turns green. The Impala doesn't move as Dean seems to be lost in thought.

"Green." Sam said. 

"What?" Dean asked confused. 

"Light's green." Sam said again, Dean turns right. "Uh, the interstate's the other way." Sam said confused. 

"I know." Dean said. 


"But Dean, this job, I think it's over." Sam said. 

"I'm not so sure." Dean said. 

"If Bill murdered Peter Sweeney and Peter's spirit got its revenge, case closed. The spirit should be at rest." Sam said. 

"All right, so what if we take off and this thing isn't done? You know, what if we've missed something? What if more people get hurt?" Dean asked. 

"But why would you think that?" Sam asked  "Because Lucas was really scared. Amélie, my daughter is really scared." Dean said. 

"That's what this is about?" Sam asked. "Amélie I can understand. But Lucas?" 

"A kid is a kid. I just don't want to leave this town until I know the kid's okay." Dean said. 


Sam wanted to comment but knew it wouldn't be right as he wasn't around. Obviously having Amélie would've softened Dean. What Sam didn't notice was Amélie shaking in the backseat, but Dean did. 

'Come play with me.' 

"Baby? What's wrong?" Dean asked concerned, attracting Sam's attention. 

"It not gone. It not gone." Amélie muttered fearfully. Dean shared a fearful look with Sam wondering why Peter was going after his daughter and Lucas. 




The Winchesters pull up outside the Devins/Barr house, Dean turns around and looks to Amélie.

"Stay here." He told her, before he and Sam jumped out of the car. Amélie watched with a sigh as her Daddy and Uncle approached the house before the door opened and they ran in.   




It's the next morning, it turns out that the spirit of Peter Sweeney went after Andrea last night. Now Amélie is sitting in Lucas's room with him colouring in her colouring book. Suddenly, Amélie gets a weird feeling, like her body is moving by itself. She gets up and follows Lucas down the stairs. Lucas and Amélie walk down the stairs and stare out the window.

"Amélie?" Dean asks, as Andrea asks her own child, but neither child responds.  "Amélie, what is it?" Dean asked again, as Lucas opens the door and walks outside Amélie right beside him. Everyone gets up and follows the two.

"Lucas honey?" Andrea says scared.

"Amélie, what is it baby?" Dean asks scared as well. 


"Amie?" Sam asked. The two kids stop and look at the ground before looking up at the adults.

"You take the kids and stay inside." Dean tells Andrea, who grabs both kids hands before leading them inside. The kids are sitting on the couch staring off into space when Andrea gasps, looking outside seeing Jake pointing a gun at Sam and Dean.

"Lucas, sweetheart take Amélie and go up to your room. Now. Lock the door, wait for me. Don't come out. Till I or Amelie's Daddy comes to get either of you." Andrea said firmly. 

Lucas grabs Amélie's hand and they run off. Amélie and Lucas didn't go up to Lucas's room, instead they walked outside and listened into the conversation.


"Come play with me." Peter told Amélie and Lucas, who both have no choice but to obey. They both follow the voice, not being able to control themselves. Amélie and Lucas walk hand in hand down to the lake.

"Lucas!" Andrea shouted terrified. 

"Amélie!" Sam and Dean also shouted terrified. They all run up to the dock. Both kids are leaning over the side, reaching for a toy soldier in the water.

"Come play with me." Peter said. 

"Amélie! Princess move away from the water!" Dean yelled. 

"Lucas! Baby stay where you are!" Andrea yelled. 


Two hands come up and pulled Amélie and Lucas into the water.

"Amélie!" The brothers yelled. They both didn't hesitate to run to the end of the dock and jump in desperate to save both kids, but especially their daughter and niece.  Under the water Amélie and Lucas are trying to escape Peter's grip. It feels like forever and Amélie can see the top of the lake looking more and more far away, suddenly Peter lets go of both kids. Lucas started floating up still unconscious, Amélie tried to swim up but she had trouble as she's only had a few lessons. Amélie felt herself unable to stay awake and fell unconscious not hearing her Dad and Uncle yelling for her as Sam pulled Lucas up and on to the deck.


"Amélie!" Dean yelled, diving back down while Sam helped Andrea wake up Lucas. Sam stood up looking around the water for his brother and niece, holding his breath with tears in his eyes. Suddenly Dean bursts up through the water Amélie slung over his shoulder.

"Dear god!" Sam said, running towards the two. 

"Sammy, I don't know if she's breathing." Dean said, terror and panic raging through him as he handed her to him before pulling himself up. 

"Dean she's not breathing." Sam said, with watery eyes. 


"No, no!" Dean said, as he rolled her small cold body over and starting chest compressions. "Come on baby. I already lost your mother I'm not losing you too!" Dean gave her a breath of air before continuing compressions. Sam looked away wiping the tears off his cheeks, before he heard a gasp making him spin around.

"Oh thank God." Sam sighed with relief. 

"Okay baby, keep coughing come on." Dean said, rolling Amélie on her side as Sam rubbed her shoulder. 

"You're okay." Sam said, as Amélie stopped coughing and took a deep breath before laying back against Dean in exhaustion before she burst into tears.

"You're okay, you're okay." Dean said, not sure who he was reassuring as he wrapped her in his jacket and rocking her back and forth.  




After making sure both kids were okay Dean and Sam drove back to the motel.

"I'm going to give her a warm bath, so she doesn't catch a cold." Dean said. 

"Okay, I'll run to the pharmacy and get some medicine just in case." Sam said, and Dean nodded thankfully as he walked into the bathroom with a sleeping Amélie.

"Amélie, wake up baby." Dean gently shook her and kissed her forehead until she woke up.

"Daddy?" Amélie asked, Coco tightly clutched in her hands, aged thankfully left it in Lucas's room. 

"Hey baby, how are you feeling?" Dean asked. 


"Icky." She said frowning. 

"I'm sorry, Princess. How about we take a nice warm bath okay, Sammy went to get you some medicine." Dean said. 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie nodded, "can Coco come too?" Dean not being able to tell her no, nodded his head before undressing Amélie and wrapping her in a towel before turning on the water. After making sure the water wasn't too hot he put some of her favourite strawberry body wash into the water and made lots bubbles before gently sitting Amélie into the bath.

"I'm going to wash your hair, close your eyes, Princess." Dean said, before taking the coffee cup and running it under the tap before pouring it on her head.


After getting her clean and drying her off, Dean brought Amélie back out into the bedroom wrapped in her towel and sat her down on the bed.

"What pyjamas do you want today, sweetheart?" Dean asked.

"Can I pwease wear pwincess ones?" Amélie asked, and Dean smiled before pulling out her thick Princess pyjamas, Princess slippers and her dressing gown. 

"Let's get you into bed, we'll wait for Sammy to get back with your medicine before we hit the road okay?"


"Otay." Amélie said, Dean helped her under the covers before turning away. "Daddy, lay with me pwease."

"Sure baby." Dean said, sliding under the covers, Amélie rolled to lay on top of her Daddy hugging his neck. Dean smiled and kissed her forehead rubbing her back, lulling her to sleep. He'd never say no to cuddles with his Witchy Princess. Sam came through the door and smiled at the sight in front of him. Dean was stretched out on the bed with Amélie laying on top of him her arms around his neck Coco in the corner of Dean's neck. Chuckling to himself, Sam pulled out his phone and took a picture, knowing Dean would thank him for it he loved taking pictures with Amélie, before placing the medicine down on the table and taking a nap himself.




The next morning Amélie had a slight cold and took the nasty medicine. After they had finished loading up the Impala, Andrea and Lucas came to say thank you and goodbye to them, bringing with them a tray of ham and cheese sandwiches. After hugging Sam, Dean and Amélie, Andrea thanked the elder Winchesters once more and waved goodbye with her son as they drove off. Dean in the back with Amélie after fearing he was going to lose her he needed the reassurance of holding her tiny hand and it looked like she needed it too. 

Chapter Text

Chapter Seven, The Phantom Traveller 


(December 2nd- December 5th)


The Winchesters had headed to Bobby's after the events of the lake so Amélie could recover from her cold, but she often had nightmares about what happened and woke up screaming causing her Daddy and Grandpa Bobby to charge into her bedroom at his house, thinking she was being attacked. Dean often spent the rest of the night curled on the edge of Amélie's small bed keeping his Princess company and making sure she was safe even if he was stiff afterwards. Dean suddenly woke up when he heard someone walking around downstairs, praying that it was only Sam or Bobby he pressed a kiss to the top of his daughter's forehead smiling as she mumbled in her sleep before drifting back off. 

"Love you baby." Dean whispered, reaching under the bed to grab his gun he'd stashed there last night and quietly left the room and made his way downstairs avoiding the creaky steps and almost bumping into Bobby. 


Just as they were about to swing into the kitchen with their guns raised Sam appeared in the doorway holding a cup holder with three coffees and a bottle of orange juice for Amélie. 

"Morning sunshine's." Sam joked, not bothered by the guns pointing at him. 

"You idjit!" Bobby snapped, snatching the coffee Sam held out to him. "We could've killed you! And why do you have to go make such a racket!"

"What time is it?" Dean asked yawning, snatching the other coffee and following Bobby to the kitchen table where breakfast for the four of them was laid out from a local diner. 

"You're welcome. It's about 5:45." Sam replied sarcastically. "Yes, I made sure there was no nuts of any kind." He added, when Dean opened his mouth. 


"Just checking." Dean said, shrugging his shoulders. "Gosh where does the day go?" He asked sarcastically, taking a bite of his full English breakfast, Bobby had the same as him, Sam had an omelette and there was a box of coco pops cereal and a bowl on the table for Amélie when she gets up. 

"Did you get any sleep?" Bobby asked Sam. 

"Yeah, I grabbed a couple of hours." Sam replied, tucking into his breakfast. 

"Liar, cause I was up at three to get Amélie some water after her nightmare and you were watching a George Foreman infomercial." Dean glared, pointing a sausage at his brother. 

"She's still having nightmares?" Sam asked, Bobby and Dean nodded. 

"What do you expect after what's happened to her! She's three! And I couldn't protect her!" Dean hissed, trying not to raise his voice and wake up his daughter. 


"It ain't your fault Dean none of it." Bobby said firmly, daring him to just argue with him, but he didn't no matter how much he wanted to. 

"Anyway, what can I say, it's riveting TV." Sam said, shrugging his shoulders and changing the subject. 

"When was the last time you got a good nights sleep?" Dean asked firmly.

"I don't know, a little while, I guess, it's not a big deal."

"Yeah it is." Dean argued hotly.

"I appreciate your concern." Sam tried to argue but Dean cut him off. 

"I'm not concerned, it's your job to keep Amie safe and my ass alive so I can keep both of you safe, mainly my daughter safe. So I need you sharp, seriously are you still having nightmares about Jess?" 


Sam sighed as he dug into his breakfast.  "Yeah, but it's not just her, it's everything, I just forgot you know, this job, man, it gets to you." Sam admitted.

"You can't let it, you can't bring it home like that." Bobby said, stating some facts.

"So what, all this, it never keeps you guys up at night." Bobby and Dean shook their heads 'no'. "Really, never, you guys are never afraid?"

"No, not really."

"Nope." Dean and Bobby said simultaneously, Dean was scared of Amélie and Sam and Bobby getting hurt and Bobby was scared of all three of the Winchesters getting hurt, but they weren't about themselves. 


Sam scoffed and raised his eyebrows at them. 

"So you didn't come in here with guns then?" He asked. 

"That's not fear." Dean argued.

"That's precaution." Bobby concluded. "In case you forgot we have a three year old upstairs asleep who has been through hell because of your Daddy leaving you to pick up his slack and lead you on a wild goose chase."

"All right, whatever, I'm too tired to argue."  Suddenly Dean's phone started ringing. Raising his eyebrows at Bobby and Sam as only a select few had his number and this caller ID wasn't one of them. Not wanting to wake up his daughter he flipped it open and answered it. 

"Hello?" Dean asked confused.


"Dean, it's-a- it's Jerry Panowski." Dean looked at Bobby shocked wondering how he'd got his number. On the every last case he worked with his Dad before they had a big fight and he'd had Amélie, Dean and Simone had helped him with a poltergeist case as no one else would help his father. So he wondered what had happened? Dean tuned back in as Jerry continued talking. 

"You, and your dad, and your girlfriend helped me out a couple years back." Dean sucked in a breath that was the one and only case Simone had worked with his father and a few months before they found out she was carrying his Princess.

"Oh right, yeah up in Kittanning Pennsylvania, the poltergeist thing, it's not back is it?" Dean asked, his voice cracking a little. 


"No, no, thank god no, but it's something else, and, well, I think it could be a lot worse." Jerry replied, sounding troubled.

"What is it?" Dean asked. 

"Can we talk in person?" Jerry asked urgently. 

"Err yeah. Give us a few hours, day tops, my daughter is still asleep and I need to give her breakfast, and we're in South Dakota at the moment." Dean stated, not compromising on his daughter. 

"Of course, of course." Jerry agreed. "How's your girlfriend? Or is she your fiancée or-" 

"Fiancée." Dean said quickly, his voice breaking as tears filled his eyes. "Sorry don't mean to cut you off but... she passed away the night my daughter was born."

"Oh God! Dean I'm so sorry. Me and my big mouth, I'm sorry." Jerry apologised quickly, his wife said he talked too much sometimes. 

"It's alright, we'll see you soon." Dean replied before hanging up quickly. 


"You all right, son?" Bobby asked concerned, resting a hand on Dean's shoulder. 

"Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine." Dean said, clearing his throat and wiping his eyes as he went upstairs to wake Amélie knowing Bobby had a case in Minnesota with Rufus. He'd stopped by the day before to see Amélie and to inform Bobby of his case. He'd played with Amélie all morning wearing him and her out and when Amélie went down for her nap he'd asked Bobby for his help as he thinks it's a Wendigo. Something none of them wanted near Amélie again so she had to come with Dean and Sam. Not that Dean wanted to be parted from his daughter anyway. After gently waking up Amélie, dressing her in a blue floral dress, green trainers and matching jacket and her hair in two braids; Dean carried her downstairs for some breakfast after brushing her teeth. 




"Thanks for making the trip so quick, I ought to be doing you guys a favor, not the other way around." Jerry said, as they entered the airplane hanger. Dean carrying Amélie on his hip. He pulled a funny face at the shy little girl making her giggle before he looked over at Sam and continued. 

"Dean, Simone and your Dad really helped me out." 

"Mummy and Daddy did?" Amélie asked interested. 

"They sure did." Jerry smiled at Amélie making her beam back at him but still held tightly to Dean and Coco. "She's adorable." He added to Dean. 

"Thanks and yeah she is." Dean agreed, kissing her forehead. 

"Yeah, Dean told me. It was a poltergeist, right?" Sam asked. 


"Poltergeist, man I love that movie." A random worker claimed.

"Hey, nobody's talking to you, keep walking, damn right it was a poltergeist, practically tore our house apart, my wife was terrified, tell you something, if it wasn't for Dean, Simone and your Dad, I probably wouldn't be alive." Jerry admitted. "Your Dad said you were off at college, is that right?"

"Yeah I was, I'm taking some time off." Sam lied.

"Well, he was real proud of you, I could tell, he talked about you all the time." Amélie held her Daddy tighter. She didn't understand what had happened but she knew that her uncle Sammy wasn't there before and now he is. Dean pulled his daughter closer to him and kissed her head.


"I love you baby." Dean whispered. 

"Love you too Daddy." Amélie said, kissing his cheek and resting her head on his shoulder. 

He did?" Sam questioned, looking quite shocked.

"Yeah, you bet he did, oh hey, I tried to get ahold of him but I couldn't, how's he doing anyway?" Jerry asked looking up at Dean.  "He's, um, wrapped up in a job right now."  Dean replied quickly. 

"Well we're missing the old man, we get Sam and this cutie, even trade, huh?" Jerry remarked, turning towards the three Winchesters.

"No, not by a long shot." Sam commented, getting a glare from Dean. 

"I got something I want you guys to hear." Jerry stated. "But you might not want little Amie to hear." Dean nodded. 


Once they were all up in his office and Amélie was sat on the sofa in the corner and distracted by watching the Little Mermaid on the iPad, Sam and Dean gathered around Jerry's desk where he started playing a CD.

"I listened to this, well, it sounded like it was up your alley, normally, I wouldn't have access to this, it's the cockpit voice recorder for United Britannia flight 2485, it was one of ours."  The CD started playing the voice of the pilot. It was hard to make out whatever was going on, but whatever it was, made that plane crash. Suddenly a low moaning came from the recording, it sounded like screeching. Sam and Dean looked at each other with eyebrows raised, trying to figure out what the possible monsters was.


"Took off from here, crashed about 200 miles south, now they're saying mechanical failure, the cabin depressurized somehow, nobody knows why, over 100 people on board, only seven got out alive, the pilot was one, his name is Chuck Lambert, he's a good friend of mine, Chuck is, well, he's pretty broken up about it, like it was his fault." Jerry explained.

"You don't think it was?" Dean questioned.

"No I don't." Jerry replied, shaking his head. 

"Jerry, we're gonna need passenger manifests, a list of survivors-"  Dean cut Sam off. 

"Right, and any way we can take a look at the wreckage? When we do is there anyway you know of nurseries that will take Amélie for a day?" 


"The other stuff is no problem, but the wreckage, fellas, the NTSB has it locked down in an evidence warehouse, no way I've got that kind of clearance. As for nurseries I'm not sure I can ask around for you or at the very least watch over her while you guys work. Take her to the park etc, it's the least I can do." Jerry assured. "She'll be safe with me I promise." He added, when Dean looked unsure. 

"No problem and thanks Jerry." Dean stated, looking over at Sam and then over to his daughter who was giggling at what she was watching.




Sam was leaning up against the Impala for hours before Dean and Amélie finally walked out of the Copy Jack store.

"Dean, you were in there forever, what the hell?"  He held up a few pictures of him and Amélie pulling faces and two real looking Homeland Security ID's.

"You can't rush perfection, Sam. And I was spending time with my Princess."

"Homeland Security, that's pretty illegal, even for us." Sam sighed, as they piled into the Impala.

"Yeah well, it's something new, you know, people haven't seen it a thousand times, alright so what do you got?"

"Well there's definitely E.V.P. on the cockpit voice recorder."

"Yeah?" Dean questioned, strapping Amélie in as she was falling asleep. He kissed her forehead and handed her Coco. 


"Listen."  The sound erupted from Sam's laptop, playing through the headphones both brothers were listening through so Amélie didn't hear. An eerie voice sounded saying, 'No Survivors.'

"No Survivors, what's that supposed to mean, there were seven survivors." Dean asked.

"Got me." Sam uttered, leaning against the seat.

"So what are you thinking, a haunted flight?" Dean asked. 

"There's a long history of spirits and death omens on planes and ships, like phantom travelers, or remember flight 401?" Sam asked, looking over at Dean.

"Right, the one that crashed, the airline salvaged its parts, put it in other planes, then the spirt of the pilot and copilot haunted those flights." Dean remarked, sparring a glance at Amélie who was fast asleep. 


"Right." Sam nodded. "Maybe we got a similar deal."

"So survivors, which one do you want to talk to first?"

"Third on the list, Max Jaffey." Sam replied, pointing at his name.

"Why him?" Dean questioned.

"Well, for one, he's from around here-"  Sam said, "And two, if anyone saw anything weird, he did."

"What makes you say that?"

"Well I spoke to his mother, and she told me where to find him."

"Right you do that and I'll take Amélie to the park." Dean decided, following Sam's directions and dropping him off before heading to the park for some father-daughter quality time. 




Dean and Amélie had taken a break from running around the park for something to eat and drink when Sam called and filled him in on what had happened to Mr Jaffey on the plane and how he was going to speak to George Phelps's widow as he was the man who had black eyes, opened the emergency door during flight and was sat in front of Mr Jaffey. To Dean it was sounding more and more like demonic possession and he wanted to keep his Princess as far away from it as he could. They decided to meet up in a few hours before heading to the NTSB warehouse, so it gave Dean plenty of time to play some more with his daughter before dropping her off with Jerry. 

"Daddy push me on the swings please?" Amélie asked, bouncing in her seat. 

"Come on then baby." Dean said, swinging up into his arms after he'd cleaned her hands and face and running to the swings, the pair of them laughing. 




After dropping Amélie off with Jerry and making sure at least five times she would be alright and she had everything she needed; Dean pressed a sweet kiss to her forehead promising he'd see her soon and that he loved her before going to meet up with Sam. 

Sam and Dean exit the shop with in black suits, white shirts, black ties and black dress shoes. 

"Man, I look like one of the blues brothers." Dean complained.

"No you don't, you look more like a seventh-grader at his first dance." Sam said making fun of Dean.

"I hate this thing." Dean murmured.

"Hey, you want into that warehouse or not?" Sam asked, as they got into the Impala. "Amélie is going to be fine." He assured his nervous brother. 

"You don't know that." Dean grumbled, starting the engine and heading off to the warehouse.


Arriving at the warehouse  Sam and Dean flashed their badges and the security let them in without a second glance. They walked into the room that held the wreckage. It was huge. There was parts everywhere. Dean took out his E.M.F meter and started putting in his headphones.

"What is that?" Sam asked, looking at the device in Dean's hands.

"It's an E.M.F meter, it reads electromagnetic frequencies."

"Yeah, I know what an E.M.F. meter is, but why does that one look like a busted-up walkman?"

"Cause that's what I made it out of, it's homemade."


"Yeah I can see that." Dean punched Sam in the shoulder and gave him a aggravated look. Sighing, Sam followed Dean around as he stuck his E.M.F. meter closer and further from certain objects. Eventually Dean got to the handle of the emergency exit, where the device went haywire.

"Check out the emergency door handle." Dean commanded, putting away the meter. Dean lifted his hand and touched the handle. He rubbed his finger over the black stuff to see if it would rub off. Only to end up with it on his fingers, he sniffed and immediately gagged.

"What is this stuff?" Dean asked as he wiped his fingers on Sam's new suit, getting a bitch face from his brother.


"One way to find out."  Sam took out his knife and a small container, then started scraping off some of the black stuff. After Sam got his sample the brothers walked out the back door. They walked outside like they had belonged, until an alarm started blaring. Sam and Dean glanced at each other as they started sprinting. Only to pause in front of a fence with barbed wire at the top. Dean tossed his jacket over, before they both jumped over the fence protected by Dean's jacket.

"These monkey suits do come in handy." Dean said, as he grabbed his jacket and sped back to the Impala where he swung it in reverse as soon as they were inside. 




"Daddy!" Amélie exclaimed happily, running into Dean's open arms as soon as he stepped into Jerry's office. "I missed you Daddy." Amélie mumbled into Dean's neck. 

"I missed you too baby." Dean said, standing up with Amélie on his hip. "Was you good for Jerry?" He asked. 


"Good as gold." Jerry answered, glancing up quickly to smile at Dean before looking back through the microscope. 

"Good girl." Dean praised, kissing her head as Amélie smiled at him and snuggled closer. 

"Huh, this stuff is covered in sulphur." Jerry concluded.


"You sure?" Sam asked, just trying to be positive. While someone was banging and yelling in the hanger. 

"Take a look for yourself, if you fellas will excuse me I have an idiot to fire." Jerry walked out of the room and towards the yelling worker as Sam walked behind the desk and looked into the microscope.

"Hmm, not too many things leave behind a sulphuric residue." Dean muttered.

"Demonic possession?" Sam questioned.

"It would explain how a mortal man would have the strength to open up an emergency hatch." Dean announced.

"If the guy was possessed, it's possible." Sam agreed. 

"This goes way beyond floating over a bed or barfing pea soup, I mean it's one thing to posses a person, but to use them to take down an entire airplane." Dean sighed. 

"You ever heard of something like this before?" Sam asked Dean. 

"Never." Dean replied, holding his daughter closer in hopes to protect her. 


The Winchesters were staying in a motel and while Amélie was absorbed in Scooby-Do her Daddy and uncle Sammy had everything they'd found taped to their walls.

"So every religion, in ever world culture has the concept of demon and demonic possession, right, I mean, Christian, Native American, Hindu, you name it." Sam observed.

"Yeah but none of them describe anything like this." Dean replied looking up from his book, sparring a glance at his daughter who was absorbed in the show, giggling away. It brought a smile upon his lips. 


"Well that's not exactly true, you see according to Japanese beliefs certain demons are behind certain disasters, both natural, and man-made, one causes earthquakes, another causes disease." Sam informed him.

"And this one causes plane crashes?" Dean questioned sardonically, an eyebrow raised.  Sam stayed silent which gave Dean his answer.  "Alright so what, we have a demon that's evolved with the times and found a way to ratchet up the body count?" Dean asked, standing up from his side of the bed. He paused by Amélie and pressed a kiss to the top of her head as he got her some juice and himself a coffee.


"Yeah, you know, who knows how many planes it's brought down before this one?"  Both brothers stayed silent at that as Dean started pacing the floor and scratching the back of his head.

"What?" Sam asked.

"I don't know Sam, this isn't our normal gig, I mean demons, they don't want anything just death and destruction for it's own sake, this is big, I wish Dad was here. No matter how I hate him right now, least then my daughter would be away from all this."

"Yeah me too." Sam sighed. Dean's phone suddenly rang cutting off all silence and their thoughts.


"Dean, it's Jerry."

"Oh, hey, Jerry."

"My pilot friend, Chuck Lambert is dead."  "Wha- Jerry, I'm sorry what happened?" 


"He and his buddy went up in a small twin, about an hour ago, the plane went down."  "Where'd this happen?"

"About 60 miles west of here, near Nazareth."

"I'll try to ignore the irony in that."

"I'm sorry?"

"Nothing, Jerry, hang in there all right, we'll catch up with you soon."  Dean hung up the phone and looked at Sam. 

"Another crash?" Sam questioned.

"Yeah, let's go."


"Nazareth." Dean concluded. "Come on baby." Dean said, picking up his Princess and settling her on his hip after making sure she still had Coco. 




They were in Jerry's office yet again where they were examining the second sample we got from the second plane crash.

"Sulphur?" Dean asked, peering over Jerry's shoulder. He nodded. "Well that's great." Dean added sarcastically glancing worriedly at Amélie who was doing some school work the nursery had emailed him. "Alright so that's two plane crashes involving Chuck Lambert, this demon sounds like it was after him." Dean stated looking back at Sam.

"With all do respect to Chuck, if that's the case that would be the good news." Sam claimed.


"What's that bad news?" Dean questioned.

"Chucks plane went down exactly forty minutes into flight, and, get this, so did flight 2485." Sam explained.

"Forty minutes, what does that mean?" Jerry asked confused, as to what Sam and Dean were getting at.

"It's biblical numerology, you know Noah's Ark, it rained for forty days, the number means death." Sam cleared up for Jerry.  "I went back, and there have been six plane crashes over the last decade that all went down exactly forty minutes in."

"Any survivors?" Dean asked. 


"No, or not until now at least, not until flight 2485, for some reason, and the cockpit voice recorder, remember what the E.V.P. said?"

"'No survivors.'" Dean quoted. Sam nodded as Dean spoke again. "It's going after all the survivors, it's trying to finish the job. Jerry can you watch while we try and stop this thing? It means we may have to get on a... plane and I don't want to risk my daughter's life. If you don't hear from us in a few hours call one of these numbers, it's her grandparents." Dean said, quickly writing down Bobby's, Charles and Claudette's numbers. 

"Of course. I'll take good care of her Dean. Just make sure you come back for her sake." He whispered, Dean turned and looked at his daughter taking in every little feature as if it was his last even though he prayed it wouldn't be. 

"Don't worry I fully intend to come back." Dean swore, heading over to talk to his baby girl and hugged her for dear life. 




As Amanda was mouthing, 'thank you' to the two brothers Dean was eager to get back to Jerry's and never let Amélie out of his arms ever, ever again. Sam and Dean nodded to her and started walking out.

"Let's get out of here, I want my daughter. Are you okay?" Dean asked Sam, as they walked out.

"Dean, it-it knew about Jessica." Sam whispered heartbroken causing him and Dean to stop in their tracks.

"Sam these things , they read minds, they lie, all right." Dean said firmly. Sam slowly nodded up at his big brother.

"Yeah." He whispered. 

"Come on." Dean said, eager to get to his daughter. 




They picked up Amélie late that night before returning to their motel for some much needed sleep, Dean keeping his promise and not letting Amélie go once. 

The next day, after checking out of the motel the three Winchesters were standing next to the Impala, talking to Jerry.

"Nobody knows what you guys did, but I do, a lot of people could have been killed, your Dad's gonna be real proud."

"We'll see you around Jerry." Sam said, as he and Dean each shook his hand and Amélie waved goodbye to him. They got to the doors of the Impala when Dean shouted.

"You know Jerry, I meant to ask you, how did you get my number anyway, I've only had it for like six months."


"Your Dad gave it to me."  Sam and Dean straightened up at that.

"What?" Sam asked shocked. "When did you talk to him?"

"I mean, I didn't exactly talk to him but I called his number, his voice message said to give you a call, thanks again guys." Sam looked back at Dean and Amélie, although she looked confused. Dean pulled the car over on to the side of the road.

"This doesn't make any sense, man, I've called Dad's number like fifty times, it's been out of service." Sam complained, as Dean dialled then put the phone on speaker.

"This is John Winchester, I can't be reached, if this is an emergency call my son, Dean, 785-555-0179, he can help."  


"Was that your Daddy, Daddy?" Amélie asked, causing Sam and Dean to turn around to face her. 

"Yeah, Princess that was your Grandpa John's voice." Dean replied softly, brushing her lose blonde hair away from her eyes. 

"He sound grumpy." Amélie pouted, making both Sam and Dean burst out laughing. 

"He does doesn't he baby?" Dean laughed. "Don't worry Daddy will protect his Witchy Princess from everyone including his own grumpy Daddy." Dean promised, smiling when Amélie beamed back at him giggling. 

Chapter Text

Chapter Eight, Trip to Philadelphia Zoo


(December 17th 2005)


It's been a few weeks since the Lake Montico incident and the Demon on the plane, and a few days since the case involving Bloody Mary and during all this Dean has not let Amélie out of his sight, not that he hardly ever did. Just the thought of loosing his daughter is enough to make him physically sick to his stomach. Of course, Sam has been worried too, but he just doesn't have the connection with Amélie that Dean does, albeit, it was his own fault. That's what happens when you miss out of the first three years of a child's life. Now, Dean was driving while keeping an eye on Amélie who is asleep in car seat her with her blanket wrapped around her and Coco and Pascal cuddled to her chest. 


She loved Pascal and her other cuddly toys and often cuddled with them but Coco would always be her favourite as it was the only thing for her mother. Dean couldn't help but smile at the sight, he loves how innocent and pure his baby girl is. He just hopes that she can stay that way until she is older and maybe even longer than then. And he will endeavour to make damn well sure it stays that way.


Christmas was quickly approaching and Dean had already ordered Amélie's Christmas presents to be delivered to Charles and Claudette's house until they arrive. Right now, they were taking a beak and going to the Zoo as a family day out and they also had a Santa's Grotto there which was an added bonus. Hopefully this year he can a picture of his baby girl with Santa as the previous years she's been scared of him. Dean was excited. He always was excited to see his little Princess's face light up in glee and happiness. He was suddenly pulled from his thoughts by Sam jumping awake; another nightmare it would seem.

"Where are we? What case are we going to?" Sam asked, stretching his long arms as much as he could while still in the Impala while Dean let out a long sigh. 


"I've told you like a million times already, Sam!" Dean hissed aggravated, trying to express his anger and annoyance at his brother while also trying not to wake up his daughter. "It's nearly Christmas so I'm doing things with my daughter. Hunting can wait! We're going to the Philadelphia Zoo and to the Santa's Grotto, then we're going back to New Orleans for Christmas. Don't like it leave!" Sam sat there shocked at his brother's tone and how he'd practically told him to leave. Biting back the angry retort Sam nodded and sat there in silence as he stared out the window with his arms crossed. Dean thought he rather looked like a petulant teenager. It was rather tense in the car as the silence and tension could be cut with a knife; that is until Amélie woke up from her nap. 


"Hi baby." Dean grinned, looking at her through the rear view mirror for a second before turning his attention back on to the road. 

"Hi Daddy." Amélie beamed at him. She looked over at her Uncle Sammy biting her lip nervously but turned away when she spotted he had a scowl on his face. Dean, of course, noticed this and shot his brother an angry glare before he turned his attention back on to his daughter. 

"Did you have a nice sleep, Princess?" Dean asked, smiling when she nodded enthusiastically. He was so relieved that her nightmares seemed to have stopped. "Guess where we're going?" Dean asked. 

"Where Daddy?" Amélie asked excitedly. 

"We're going to the Zoo and they have a Santa's Grotto there so we get to see Santa too." Dean beamed when Amélie squealed excitedly practically bouncing in her car seat as she spoke rapidly to him, Coco and Pascal. 


"Daddy. Daddy, look." Amélie cried excited, pointing out the window as they pulled into the car park of the Zoo.

"I see baby." Dean chuckled, putting the Impala in park and turning off the engine. "Hold on. Wait till I come get you." He added sternly, when he saw Amélie went to undo her seat belt. Amélie huffed but let go of the buckle as she spoke excitedly to Coco and Pascal as she squirmed in her seat waiting for her Daddy. As soon as she was out she grasped her Daddy's hand bouncing in the spot as she held tightly to Coco and her Princess rucksack was on Dean's back Pascal had been left in the car. While they paid the entry fee, paying a bit extra so it could go towards the donation and paid to see Santa; Sam couldn't help but feel sad that Amélie wasn't this is excited with him. It's been two months and he was getting frustrated.


Much like they did at Disney Land Dean snapped up pictures of his daughter looking at the animals in wonder with a large smile on her face and her eyes sparking, and got Sam to take pictures of the two of them. They saw some feeding shows which Amélie found amazing and so did Dean as their own father never took them to a Zoo, or to anything normal and, before this Amélie was too young to understand so it was a new and amazing experience for both of them. They visited the Zoo gift shop and Dean treated his baby girl to a Penguin cuddly toy which she absolutely adored and dubbed 'Happy'. He then treated her to some books he thought would be good for her. 

"I thought you said buying her things wasn't a good idea?" Sam asked snidely. 


"If he wants to buy his daughter some things I don't see how it's your business." A tall red haired man said, as he walked past them with his own kids, who were a little older than Amélie. 

"It's fine don't worry." Dean assured the man. "He's a little sore my daughter, his niece, hasn't warmed up to him yet."

"Well maybe he should get that stick out of his arse and actually pay attention to what she wants." The man added, glaring at Sam. "If you want educational books for her check out that section over there." He added to Dean, pointing to a large white stand stood only a few feet from them. 

"Thanks. I'm Dean and this is Amélie." Dean said, holding out his hand. 


"No problem. I'm Tim and theses rug rats  are Ruth, Kim and Zack." Tim introduced, shaking Dean's hand before he headed to the check out with his kids, kissing his wife when he got there. Sam noticed the sad look on both Dean's and Amélie's faces as they watched Tim greet his wife, and his kids greet their mother happily. Shaking his head and turning away from the sight Dean looked down at his precious daughter. 

"How about we check out those books, baby?" Dean asked, holding out his hand which Amélie quickly and tightly latched on to. 




After lunch it was time to head over to Santa's Grotto. When they arrived the line wasn't too long thankfully and they only had to wait a few minutes before it was their turn. 

"Go on baby. It's okay." Dean said, crouching down in front of his daughter who was looking at Santa rather nervously while clutching tightly to Coco and to his hand. "I'm sorry she's shy." Dean apologised, to the man dressed as an elf. "It's okay baby. I know you can be brave for Daddy and there's other children waiting to see Santa."

"Would you like your Daddy to come with you, sweetie?" The elf asked. Amélie nodded her head quickly. "Come on then." He smiled, leading Amélie and Dean over to Santa while Sam stood by the queue waiting for them. "Santa, we have a shy little girl with her Daddy." The elf introduced. 


"Ho ho. Don't be shy sweetie I'm not going to hurt you." Santa said kindly, as he smiled down at Amélie who gave him a shy smile back. "Oh, what a beautiful smile. What's your name and whose that handsome cat in your arms?" Santa asked, crouching down in front of Amélie and Dean, the former who was trying to meld in with Dean's leg. 

"Amélie and Coco." Dean introduced, when Amélie whispered too quietly. 

"That is a beautiful name and a perfect name for a handsome cat. Did Daddy give him to you?" Santa asked. 

"No, Mummy did." Amélie said a little more loudly now, stepping closer to Santa. 

"Shall we have a picture and you can tell me what you'd like for Christmas." Santa said, smiling at the little girl. Once Santa was sat back in his chair Dean carefully placed Amélie on his knee, placing a kiss on her forehead before he stepped back reluctantly so a picture could be taken. 


"Now, what would you like Santa to bring you for Christmas?" Santa asked. But what Amélie said next caused not only Dean to tear up and his heart to break but also everyone in the vicinity too. 

"I want Mummy back. She in Heaven and Daddy's sad. I want Daddy happy." Amélie stated. Santa cleared his throat a couple of times blinking back his own tears as he had not been expecting that; and neither had her father by the look on his face. 

"I'm sorry to hear that but what would you like if I can't make that happen? A pony? A doll?" Santa questioned. Amélie sat there thinking about it for a moment. 

"A Pwincess Belle doll pwease Santa?" Amélie asked. 


"Okay then. How bout you and your Daddy come and see my reindeers and sleigh, and have another picture. Than my elf Toodles can give you your present." Santa said, leading Dean and Amélie to the back of the room where said sleigh and reindeer were. After another picture taken by the elf Toodles, Amélie and Dean got to stroke and feed the reindeer for a bit before they washed their hands, and accepted the present from Toodles with a Merry Christmas and headed back to Sam. 




After a fun day at the Zoo Amélie was asleep in the back of the impala as they headed to a nearest, decent motel before they continued their journey home to New Orleans in the morning when Sam brought up the dreaded question. 

"Did you know she felt that way? Or was going to ask that?" Sam asked Dean seriously, a frown upon his face. He was still kinda annoyed at being told off by a complete stranger; showing Dean just how alike his younger brother and their father really were. 

"No. No, I didn't." Dean replied, his throat tight as he looked sadly at his sleeping daughter through the rear view mirror. Despite her reply to Santa she was sleeping with a small smile on her face, so he at least knew she had a good day. But he knew he needed to talk to Bobby or even Charles and Claudette about this when they got to the motel. He needed advice before he spoke to his daughter. 

Chapter Text

Chapter Nine, Home for Christmas


After a very long drive back home, the three Winchesters were back in New Orleans. As Dean was pulling up outside of his house he spotted Bobby and Cassie talking to Charles and Claudette. 

"Baby we're home and there's some people waiting to see you." Dean said, gently waking up his daughter. Groggily Amélie moaned a little rubbing her eyes and yawning, but as she looked out the windscreen she let out an excited squeal as her eyes became a bright indigo and things started floating around in the car. 

"Calm down baby." Dean laughed, getting out of the car and waving to those on his doorstep as he went to get his daughter out of the car. 


"Auntie Cassie! Gwandpa Bobby! Nana and Gwandpa!" Amélie shouted excitedly, running over to them with Coco in her hands, her blonde hair floating around her along with small pebbles along the path. 

"Is that my little Amie?" Cassie gasped in exaggerated shock, which just made Amélie giggle as she flew into Cassie and wrapped her arms tightly around Cassie's legs. 

"I missed you." Amélie said sadly. 

"I missed you too sweetie. I'm sorry I haven't seen you, I've been helping my Dad." Cassie apologised. 

"It's otay." Amélie beamed at her, before she went to hug Bobby who picked her up and put her on his hip. 


"Hello pumpkin, have you been a good girl for your Daddy?" Bobby asked, kissing her cheek. 

"Yes Gwandpa Bobby." Amélie beamed at him. 

"That's my girl." Bobby praised. 

"Is that my Princess?" Charles asked. "No. It can't be." 

"Silly Gwandpa! It is!" Amélie admonished, her hand holding Coco placed on her hip. Reminding Charles and Claudette of her mother, Simone, at that age as they all laughed. 

"He is silly isn't it?" Claudette agreed, causing Charles to gasp in mock hurt as Amélie giggled now cuddling with her Nana after finishing cuddling with Bobby. 

"No ones loves me!" Charles bemoaned dramatically. 


"No! I love you Gwandpa!" Amélie shouted, reaching for Charles who happily took her into his arms and kissed her all over her face. "I know silly Grandpa. How is my little sunshine?" He asked. 

"Otay." Amélie said with a happy smile, as she rested her head on his shoulder, the bright indigo disappearing from her eyes as she calmed down - and so did her magic.

"Let's head inside, shall we?" Dean asked laughing at the pair. 




After they had put their things away, Dean set up the large plastic Christmas tree he had stored in the attic and they spent the rest of the day decorating the apartment just like they had done every year. 

"NO!" Dean shouted, when he saw Sam picking up the star. "You don't get to touch this. That is Simone's and only Amélie can put the star on top of the tree." Dean scowled at his brother and gently took the star from him and handed it to his daughter who had looked crushed when Sam went to put it on the tree. "Ready to put it on the tree, baby?" Dean asked, smiling as Amélie beamed and jumped up and down in place excitedly while clapping her hands. 

"Yes Daddy." Amélie said happily, smiling as he handed her the star and picked her up. Lifting her up so she could place the golden star on top of the tree. 


"Don't even say it Sam." Bobby reprimanded firmly, from where he was handing stockings on the fireplace, just knowing Sam was opening his mouth to argue about the star. 

Once all the apartment had been decorated and all the boxes and packaging had been put away back in the attic, ready for January when it all had to be put away, Cassie helped Claudette makes some hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows for everyone, and they settled down to watch some Christmas movies together. All of them feeling at peace, although, Dean couldn't stop thinking about what Amélie had asked for Christmas and held his daughter closer to him from where she sat on his lap. 


Once Amélie was in bed fast asleep later that night, Bobby called Dean out on what had been bothering him all day, despite trying to hide it from his daughter who was unusually perceptive on how her Daddy was feeling.

"You're not still thinking about what Amélie asked that Santa at the zoo are you?" Sam asked. 

"How can I not Sam!?" Dean snapped annoyed, running a hand through his hair and down his face. 

"What did she ask for?" Cassie asked concerned. 

"She asked for... she asked for her Mummy back." Dean said tearfully, a few tears falling down his cheeks, stopping everyone in their tracks. "She said, that she wants me to be happy. Am I doing something wrong, to make her feel that way? That I'm not happy!" He asked, his eyes begging for answers from Bobby, Charles and Claudette. While they and Cassie all blinked back their own tears. 


"No Dean." Claudette said, her voice breaking a little before she cleared her throat and tried again. "No. Children at Amélie's age will start to notice certain things now. She'll have noticed at the zoo or anywhere really, that children will generally have both of their parents and wonder about Simone despite you telling Amélie stories about her mother. It's nothing you've done I promise. That little girl thinks the world of you Dean. You're not only her Daddy who she loves so much, you're her hero, someone who she looks up to. When we call her you're all she talks about." Claudette assured, resting her hand over Dean's gently. 

"When I call her too it's always about her Daddy. What you did that day, either if it was saving people who just playing with her and making her laugh." Cassie told him. 


"Same here. After she'd ask how I was and how Rufus was. When I ask her what she's been doing it all revolves around you. She even said when the 'bad things' took her she knew her Daddy would save her because he is a hero. She was scared obviously, but it was you Dean. You're the reason why she doesn't have nightmares anymore. It's because she feels safe with her Daddy." Bobby told him, getting a small smile from Dean as he knew Dean still beat himself over the Wendigo and Peter Sweeny. 




Christmas Eve had arrived. Dean and Amélie were dressed in matching pyjamas as they got things ready for Santa's arrival. Dean was wearing red tartan pyjama bottoms with a white top with black sleeves, a red bear on the front and just above it it said, 'Papa bear.' Amélie had a matching pair but it said, 'Little bear' and had the bear on top of the writing instead of beneath it. 

"Let's get this magic glitter outside, Princess, so the reindeer's know to land." Dean said, picking up the tube of glitter and a small packet of oats, slipping both into his coat pocket so he can help his daughter get her coat and shoes on. Despite them only going to be out there for a few minutes, it was freezing out and he didn't want her to get sick. 


"Otay Daddy." Amélie said excitedly. 

"Remember baby we have to put them on different sides of the path as we don't want the reindeers or any birds to get sick by eating glitter." Dean reminded, as he zipped up her coat. Once the glitter and oats had been doubled on either sides of the path, Dean and Amélie headed inside to finish getting things ready so Amélie can go to bed, while Sam just watched. Bobby and was staying at Charles and Claudette's house while Cassie had gone home a few weeks ago; having stayed two days at Claudette's, and had now gone home to her parents for Christmas.

"Now, what else do we need to do baby?" Dean asked. 

"Say bye to Mr Sprinkles the Elf. Milk and a pie for Santa, Daddy." Amélie said. 


"Well done, sweetheart." Dean praised, kissing her forehead. "Now, before we do that Daddy needs to talk you to baby." Dean added, getting on his knees so he was eye level with her. "I know you have been a very good girl this year, Amie, but Santa might not be able to bring Mummy back no matter how much we both want her. I wish you could've met your Mummy, baby, she loved you so much. Just like Daddy does. But I don't want you to be sad because Daddy loves you so, so much. And Daddy will always be here."

"I love you too Daddy. But Daddy's sad." Amélie said sadly, tears filling her eyes. 


"No, I'm not sad baby. I have my little ball of sunshine in you, who always makes me happy." Dean assured. 

"Everyone at nursery has a Mummy and Billy is mean Daddy. He laughs at me as I don't have a Mummy." Amélie revealed, crying. As she finally revealed the root of the problem that made anger burn fiery hot inside Dean. 

"Shh it's okay baby." Dean soothed pulling his daughter into his arms, running a hand through her hair while she cried into his chest. 


Dean hummed the song he always sings to her to get her off to sleep, its always worked like a charm, especially when she was a baby or when she had a nightmare or calms her down when she's upset. It was a song that Simone used to sing while she was pregnant and Dean had made sure to learn it so he could sing it too, and in this moment he was so glad he had.  Sam looked at his brother in shock he didn't know he could sing, what else didn't he know about his brother and niece? 

"It's okay Princess calm down. Daddy's got you, your safe." Dean said softly, pausing his singing for a moment as the room was almost vibrating with her magic and emotions, he dried her eyes and sat on the floor and held her close. Kissing her blonde hair he continued. 


"Baby mine, don't you cry

Baby mine, dry your eyes

Rest your head close to my heart

Never to part, baby of mine


Little one, when you play

Pay no heed what they say

Let your eyes sparkle and shine

Never a tear, baby of mine


If they knew all about you

They'd end up loving you, too

All those same people who scold you

What they'd give just for the right to hold you

From your head down to your toes

You're not much, goodness knows

But, you're so precious to me

Sweet as can be, baby of mine."


As soon as Dean had stopped singing Amélie had stopped crying and the living room had returned to normal as she was almost asleep in his arms but was fighting it as they still had to get things ready for Santa.

"Don't worry baby that boy will get coal from Santa and Daddy will speak to your teachers after the Holidays." Dean assured, kissing his daughter again while keeping his anger at bay. 

"Love you Daddy." Amélie said, snuggling tiredly into Dean. 

"Love you too Princess. How about we finish setting up and get you to bed it's getting late and we don't want to miss Santa." Dean said, tickling her causing Amélie to laugh. 

"No Daddy!" Amélie shouted in laughter. "Can I sleep with you Daddy?" She asked, once they'd calmed down from their tickle fight. 


"Amélie I don't think -" Sam started, but Dean but him off. 

"Of course Princess. We do every Christmas don't we? Come on, let's say bye to your Elf." Dean said, getting to his feet and picking Amélie up so she could see her Elf that sat on the fireplaces' shelf. 

"Bye Mr Sprinkles." Amélie said, waving to the Elf. She squirmed to get down and ran into the kitchen with Dean right behind her as they got the plate ready with a mince pie for Santa, an apple for the reindeer's on the special plate that Amélie carefully carried while deliberately walking slowly to the living room making Dean laugh as he carried a glass of milk.

"All done." Amélie said happily, grabbing Coco off of the sofa once the plate was on the coffee table. 


"Good girl Princess." Dean praised, setting the glass next to the plate. "Say goodnight to Sammy then go grab a book from your room and get into Daddy's bed and I'll meet you there." Dean said, smiling at her as she's already had a bath and done her teeth. 

"Night Sammy." Amélie said shyly, before she skipped off to her room chattering away to Coco. 

"Dean, do you really think she should sleep with you? I know she does in motels but that's different and she has her own bed here." Sam argued. 

"Don't tell me how to raise my daughter, Sam!" Dean snapped quietly. "It's a tradition we do every Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. All the things we've done tonight you could've joined in and helped but you chose not to. So don't come moaning to anyone that she still hasn't warmed up to you when you make no effort to be involved." Dean glared at his brother one more time, before heading to his bedroom to get his daughter off to sleep.  




Christmas morning Amélie woke Dean up by bouncing on the bed excitedly. 

"Daddy wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Santa's been!" Amélie shouted excitedly. Dean groaned in half exaggeration making Amélie giggle. 

"Come here my litter bear." Dean said, grabbing Amélie down on to the bed and tickling her. "Are you sure you want to get up it's only six and normally my little Princess doesn't get up so early." Dean said, as he tickled her. 

"But Daddy, it's Christmas." Amélie said in between her laughs.

"That is very true. Happy Christmas, Amie." Dean said, kissing her forehead. 

"Happy Christmas Daddy." Amélie said, wrapping her arms around his neck in a big hug and kissed his cheek. 


"How about we go have some breakfast and open our presents. We don't have to wait for Uncle Sammy and later we'll be going to Nama and Grandpa's house to have Christmas dinner with them and Grandpa Bobby. Uncle Sammy is also invited." Dean explained, smiling when Amélie cheered loudly and quickly clambered off the bed only for the door to fling open suddenly startling both Dean and Amélie. Amélie screamed and ran back to the bed, unintentionally flinging the assailant out of the room with her magic, while Dean reached for the baseball bat by the side of his bed. 


He didn't keep guns lying around his house with his three year old daughter around. That was just asking for trouble. And he'd never ever put her life at risk in such a way. It was something he and Sam had argued about it, continuously for a few days, the first time he'd stayed here. Only stopping when Dean threatened to kick Sam out on his arse if he didn't accept how he lived and how he raised his daughter. 

"What the hell?" Sam's voice shouted from the hallway. 

"What the hell Sam!? Why would you barge into my room like that?" Dean snapped, picking up Amélie and holding her on his hip, as always making sure she had Coco. 


"I was coming to ask you to keep it down as it's six in the morning." Sam complained. 

"Well Happy Christmas to you too." Dean said sarcastically. "It's Christmas Day. Amélie always gets up at this time, she's excited so no I won't tell her to keep it down. Come on, Princess let's go see what Santa brought." Dean said, walking past his brother and into the living room. Smiling at Amélie as she gasped in wonder at the presents beneath the tree.

"Wow. Look Daddy! Santa got you a present from me!" Amélie said, her voice full of wonder which couldn't help bring a smile to Dean's face. 

"So he did. Thank you sweetheart." Dean said, kissing her forehead. "Let's go have some coco pops." He added, leaving the living room for the kitchen where poured them both a bowl of coco pops, Amélie a cup of milk and a coffee for himself.


"Sammy! You want a coffee!?" Dean shouted. 

"NO! It's too early! Don't come and wake me up until at least nine!" Sam ordered. 

"Grinch." Amélie said, making Dean burst out laughing and Sam to scowl and stomp off to the spare room he was using, not even wishing them a Happy Christmas. Dean laughed so hard at his daughter's comeback, that he had tears in his eyes; he was just thankful he hadn't taken a sip of coffee at that moment. Dean wondered for a second if he should let Amélie watch The Grinch so much, but then disregarded it as it was one of their favourite films to watch and not just at Christmas.

"Here you are, baby." Dean said, placing her breakfast in front of her and sitting besides her. 


"Tank you Daddy." Amélie said, beaming at him and resting her head on his shoulder for a moment before they both tucked in. 

Once they had both finished their breakfasts, they headed back into the living room and sat on the floor facing the pile of presents. They took it in turns to open their presents, Amélie not wanting her Daddy to feel left out, which made Dean's heart melt. He couldn't believe how kind and considerate his baby girl was and he was so proud. He hoped that Bobby, Charles and Claudette liked the presents that he and Amélie got them. For Bobby; they got him a glass ornament that said, 'World's Best Grandad. Thank you Grandad, for all that you do, you're so kind and funny, and we love you too! Love Dean and Amélie xxx' 


For Charles and Claudette; they got them a cushion each with photos of Dean and Simone when they first got together, a few when they got engaged and expecting Amélie but most of them had Amélie in them from the last three years either with Dean, Claudette or Charles. And in between the pictures was a little message. On Charles's cushion it said, 'Grandad Hugs and kisses.' With little blue and green hearts surrounding it. On Claudette's cushion it had the same pictures as her husbands and it said inside a big red heart , 'Nana I love you, love Amélie xx'. Dean was sure they would like it, well he hoped they would. 


When he got to his present or rather presents her was stumped. It seemed Charles and Claudette had the same idea he had as he had a cushion with pictures of him and Simone throughout the course of the four years they were together including pictures of a tiny Amélie, which said little girl didn't understand how that was her which made Dean laugh and kiss her head. But from Amélie (brought by either of her grandparents) was a new brown leather wallet with a pressed picture of him and Amélie on the front and him and Simone on the back, now he'd always have both girls with him. And just like Bobby's present from them, he had gotten a glass ornament from his daughter. It was a picture of them inside a heart smiling happily with the words 'Dad' engraved at the bottom.

"Thank you sweetheart. I love them." Dean said happily, carefully placing both in the middle of the coffee table for the moment. 


"You're welcome Daddy." Amélie said happily, kissing his cheek and hugging him tightly.

"Let's open more of your presents now, baby. You've got an interactive puppy from Rufus and a picnic basket set from Sammy. We'll have to phone Rufus and say thank you and wish him a Happy Christmas." Dean told her firmly, not negotiating on this but he knew she wouldn't argue anyway. 

"Otay Daddy. I love Uncle Rufus." Amélie reminded her silly Daddy. 

"I know you do baby. Silly Daddy." Dean said, kissing her forehead. 


From Charles and Claudette; they had gotten Amélie a blue and red kids trampoline and a Frozen my first scooter with matching helmet, knee and elbow pads which she loved and was so excited. 

From Cassie and her parents; they had gotten Amélie a box of hair bows, hair clips and hair bands, and they had also gotten her a pretend makeup set. 

From Bobby; he had gotten her a pink V-Tech camera and a unicorn cuddly toy. Amélie gave it a big squeeze and set it next to Coco on the sofa where they could watch them and immediately took a picture of her Daddy and then her two cuddly toys on the sofa. As she went to open the big present from her Daddy, Dean stopped her. 


"Hold on baby. We need to take a picture together." Dean said, picking up the camera. "Say cheese."

"Cheese." Amélie exclaimed, grinning widely as she hugged her Daddy. Chuckling Dean set the camera down and pulled the present back over to his daughter so she could open it. 

"Tank you Daddy. Tank you." Amélie hollered happily. Inside the wrapping paper from Dean was a pink jumper which on the back said 'Princess Amélie' in white with a crown above it, a big book on the Disney Princesses and a personalised Princess book that proclaimed Amélie as the Princess in the story. 

"You're welcome pumpkin. Do you want Daddy to read it?" Dean asked, picking up the personalised story.


"Yes please Daddy." Amélie said, grabbing her cuddly toys off of the sofa as she snuggled into Dean settling in for the story. "Love you Daddy. Happy Christmas." 

"I love you too Amélie, so much and Merry Christmas, baby." Dean said, as he opened the book. 

Chapter Text

Chapter Ten, Dean and Simone's Birthday 


Ever since the love of his life died Dean hated the 24th January, his birthday, but as a father he still celebrated it and Simone's birthday which was nearly a month after Dean's for Amélie's sake. Dean would not deprive his daughter of learning about her mother like he and Sam had been deprived. Instead they go to the cemetery with a bouquet of roses and light two candles in front of Simone's grave, afterwards they'd have a Daddy-daughter day. 

"Happy birthday Daddy." Amélie shouted, jumping on to Dean's bed and jarring him from his thoughts as his precious bundle of joy jumped up and down on the bed Coco in hand and giggles tumbling past her wide, beaming smile. 

"Careful my little monkey, you don't want to fall of the bed and bump your head." Dean said laughing , as he scooped Amélie into his arms as she giggled.


"Silly Daddy I'm not a monkey." Amélie laughed, snuggling closer to her Daddy and pecking his cheek. "Love you Daddy." 

"I love you too munchkin. What shall we do today after seeing Mummy and lighting her candles?" Dean asked, laying back against the pillows and holding his daughter close on his lap. 

"And roses Daddy." Amélie reminded. 

"And roses, thank you baby." Dean smiled. 

"Fort, scooby and cuddle?" Amélie asked, looking up at her Daddy. 

"Of course we can baby." Dean agreed, smiling at her and kissing her forehead. He loved building and laying in a fort with his daughter and watching Scooby-do, of course he'd been the one to start it but Amélie loved it, and that's all he wanted. Was his daughter's happiness. 


After cuddling and having tickle fights, and bowls of coco pops in bed it was finally time to get up. Dean changed into black jeans, a black T-shirt and his brown leather jacket and brown boots. He then changed Amélie into a pair of black leggings, a black jumper, a grey beanie, her grey rabbit coat and brown boots to match his own.

"Let's go and get Mummy some roses." Dean said, picking Amélie up and settling him on her hip.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked, looking up from his laptop as Dean picked up his keys. 

"Getting flowers for Mummy." Amélie said, her head on Dean's shoulder. 

"But I have us a case." Sam started. 

"NO!" Amélie shouted. "It's Daddy's birthday and Mummy's!" A wind picked up and the windows and cups started rattling. 


"Hey. Hey, hey, shhh. It's okay baby. Everything is okay. We're going to go see Mummy and then when we come back we're going to build a fort and watch Scooby-do like we planned." Dean said soothingly, running his fingers through her hair successfully calming her down.

"What was that?" Sam asked shocked. 

"Are you really surprised?" Dean asked. "You're still practically a stranger to her, even after your speech you've made no effort with her. Thanks for the birthday wishes by the way. Now, if you don't mind we are going to buy some roses and visit Simone. You can go on that case if you want or be here for us when we need you for a change. It's up to you." Dean said, giving Sam a look as he picked up the keys to the Impala and left. 




After stopping in the flower shop and purchasing their usual order of red roses, Dean and Amélie made their way to the cemetery in the middle of the French Quarter, Amélie carefully holding both the roses and Coco as she walked in front of Dean who was keeping a very close eye on her and his surroundings. He will not take any chances where his daughter was concerned. After they'd left their home Dean had gotten a call from Bobby and Cassie wishing him a happy birthday and giving them their thoughts as they knew what he and Amélie do for his birthday every year and how hard it was for them. Just like how Charles and Claudette always come round with a chicken casserole to have dinner with them every year, and then on Simone's birthday Dean and Amélie go round to Charles and Claudette's where they all make cookies with Amélie.


Arriving at the Dubois part of the cemetery Dean and Amélie stopped in front of a white square headstone on the side of the Dubois mausoleum, that read:


Here lies Simone Rowena Dubois 

Loving daughter, mother and fiancée

13th February 1980 - 22nd September 2002


Dean smiled sadly as Amélie placed the red roses below the headstone while he lit the two candles. 

"Happy birthday baby, we miss you so much and love you just as much. You would be so proud of Amélie she's amazing just like her mother and I know you're always watching over us, over her. I'll do right by her and by you, I promise." He kissed two of his fingers and pressed them to the headstone wiping away his tears. 

"You do Daddy. You're the bwest." Amélie beamed, as Dean picked her up and set her on his hip holding her close. 

"Thank you sweetie." Dean said, kissing her head. 

"I miss you Mummy and I love you so much. I wook after Daddy." Amélie said, kissing her hand and touching the headstone. 


The pair stayed in the cemetery for awhile as Amélie spoke to her mother, telling her all of the things they've been up to while Dean smiled sadly. He wished his baby girl didn't know what it was like to be without her mother, but unfortunately that was the cards they had been dealt with, but he would be forever thankful to still have one of his girls with him. 

Chapter Text

Chapter Eleven, Poorly Amélie and Skin


20th February- 28th February 2006 


Dean had decided after visiting Simone's grave that they needed to stay in New Orleans for awhile, so Amélie could go to Nursery and interact with kids her age, learn, as well as spending time with Charles and Claudette. During this time Dean had picked up a part-time job in construction; Sam didn't like it and was thankfully wise enough not to suggest leaving Amélie with her grandparents but Dean could see it on the tip of his tongue. However, Dean didn't particularly care so Sam went on hunts near the area alone, renting out his own car as Dean had baby. 


Normally after school, Dean would take Amélie to the park for a picnic lunch and to play for a bit before they head home for nap time. But, unfortunately, today was not that day. Today Amélie had an appointment at the hospital for a yearly checkup on her heart, which was good as she's been feeling a little poorly lately. 

"I'm off." Dean said, dumping his coffee mug in the sink. He used to barely be able to function in the mornings without three cups of coffee, at least. That was until he had to raise his daughter on his own. "Sam!"

"I'm listening. I'm just checking my emails from my friends at Stanford." Sam replied, not looking up from his phone. 

"You still keep in touch with them? What'd you tell 'em?" Dean asked curiously, as he slipped on his jacket. 


"I tell 'em I'm having done time off after Jess, catching up with my big brother and niece whose never met me. I tell 'em we take road trips during the holidays." Sam replied. 

"Oh, so you mostly lie to them. Well, you're a real straight shooter with your friends, aren't you?" Dean asked sarcastically, grabbing the appointment letter, Coco and his keys. 

"I'm not cutting them out of my life Dean and you're kinda antisocial, you know that? God..."

"What now?!" Dean snapped irritated. "I need to pick up Amélie." 

"I'll come with," Sam said, following Dean out of the apartment and to the Impala, and on the drive to Little Ducklings Nursery Sam explained what was bothering him. 


"I got this email from my friend Rebecca Warren. I went to school with her and her brother Zack. She says Zack's been charged with murder. He's been arrested for killing his girlfriend. Rebecca says he didn't do it, but it sounds like the cops have a pretty good case.."

"Dude, what kinda people do you hang out with? They are never coming near my daughter." Dean said firmly. 

"No, I knew Zack. He's no killer..." Sam protested, but Dean cut him off. 

"Yeah, probably as well as he knows you." Dean snapped. 

"They're in St Louis. We're going." Sam said firmly. 


"No we aren't. Look, I'm sorry bout your friend, Sammy, I am. But we ain't going. Before you start let me finish." Dean said sharply. "But if you actually paid attention you'd know I'm taking Amélie to the hospital for her yearly checkup on her heart." Sam promptly closed his mouth and looked down shamefaced. 

"Couldn't we go afterwards? Please Dean they're my friends." Sam pleaded. 

"Yeah and Amélie is your niece. Family first, Sam. Always." Dean snapped, but Sam just kept pleasing aggravating Dean. "Fine. Depends on what the results say I'll think about it." Dean sighed, pulling into the school's car park. Exiting the Impala while Sam stayed in the car, Dean headed towards the playground to collect her. 


He hadn't been waiting too long till the doors opened and out poured all of the nursery classes. Dean spotted his baby girl easily and quickly. She wore ripped denim jeans that had a floral pattern stitched underneath, green boots with a matching green bow headband, her hair in two ponytails which were slowly coming undone. And underneath her rabbit coat Dean knew she had on the dark pink top and white floral jumper. She was walking with her best friend, Celeste Evans, a little Hispanic girl and fellow Coven member (her parents were she was obviously too young at the moment), who was much taller than Dean's tiny daughter. 


A bright smile was on her face which only widened when she spotted Dean who held Coco. 

"Daddy!" Amélie shouted excitedly, running over to Dean, who crouched down with open arms to receive his baby girl as she flew into them. 

"Hi baby." Dean replied, enveloping his daughter in a big hug, and pressing kisses to her forehead. "Did you have a good day at nursery? Are you feeling better now?" Dean asked concerned. 

"It was fun Daddy. Este and me painted flowers. No Daddy I icky and I tired." Amélie said excitedly at first, until a large yawn escaped her lips and she tiredly rest her head on Dean's shoulder. 


"It's okay baby. We're going to see your special doctor now and I bet you and Celeste made some beautiful flowers." Dean said, taking out her hair bands and ran his hand through her hair as he picked her up and placed her on his hip. "Now, wave bye to Celeste." Dean encouraged, smiling politely to Celeste's parents Elizabeth and Andy, he headed back to the Impala and strapping Amélie in. 




Once they arrived at New Orleans General Hospital, and made their way to the Cardiology Department in the Children's Section, where Dean checked Amélie in and let her play with the toys while they waited. 

"Dean, I'm sorry I promise I'll ..." Sam started, but was interrupted. 

"Amélie Winchester." Amelie's doctor, Doctor Abby Patel called. 

"Wait here." Dean ordered. "Come on baby." He said, holding out his hand for Amélie who quickly took it, Coco held tightly to her chest. 


After being checked over and having an ECG, Dean and Amélie were sat in Doctor Patel's office for the results. 

"I won't lie to you Dean, but the heart murmur has increased slightly. Not enough to be overly concerned about but you should know. It could've been caused by the stress of the situation with her uncle you explained about, or just on its own; I can't say for sure. But you need to limit her stress and take this medicine twice a day." Doctor Patel explained, handing over a bottle full of yellow liquid, laughing slightly at the face Amélie pulled. 


"Don't worry it tastes like banana." She assured. "With this and reduced stress the murmur can and will heal itself. Don't worry Dean, you have raised a strong little girl and it's nothing you've done; these things can happen. It's why we have these yearly checkups, which I'll change to six months just to be sure." 

"Thank you." Dean said, shaking her hand and leaving the office with Amélie in his arms, the bottle now in his pocket. Stopping in reception he booked the appointment in six months then left with Sam following behind him. 


"The heart murmur has increased due to stress, she has to take this medicine twice a day and have a checkup in six months." Dean explained. 

"I'm sorry." Sam apologised, knowing without Dean saying that he was the cause of some of the stress. "When are we going? Please Dean! They're my friends." Sam begged when Dean didn't answer. 

"Fine. But the second Amélie gets stressed we're out." Dean said firmly. 

"Deal." Sam agreed. 

"You're so lucky it's now half term." Dean sighed, as they headed back home to let Charles and Claudette know and to pack. 




Pulling up to a grand house, Sam quickly got out of the Impala and made his way to the front door while Dean got Amélie out and put her on his hip, she was a little drowsy as she just woke up. As the father and daughter duo walked up to the door they saw a blonde woman open the door. 

"Oh my god, Sam!" She exclaimed excitedly. 

"We'll, if it isn't little Becky." Sam greeted. 

"You know what you can do with that little Becky crap." Becky stated smiling, as she pulled him for a hug. 

"I got your email." Sam stated. 


"I didn't think you'd come here. Whose this?" She asked, spotting Dean and Amélie who had buried her head in Dean's neck. 

"Rebecca, this is my big brother Dean and his daughter Amélie. Dean, Amie this is Becky." Sam introduced. 

"Hi." Rebecca said, shaking his free hand, her eyes trained on Amélie causing Dean to pull her closer. 

"Hi. Sorry she's shy." Dean apologised, he wasn't going to force Amélie to say hi plus he wasn't sure about this woman or her brother. 

"We're here to help. Whatever we can do." Sam stated. 


"Come in." Rebecca said. pulling the door wider. They walked inside the house, Dean closing the door behind them. 

"Nice place." Dean noted, adjusting Amélie on his hip and her rucksack over his other shoulder.

"It's my parents', I was just staying here for the half-term when everything happened. I decided to take the rest of term off. I'm gonna stay and help Zack's case, till he's free." Rebecca explained. 

"Where're your folks?" Sam asked. 


"They live in Paris for half the year, so they're on their way back home now for the trial." Rebecca said, as they entered the kitchen. "Do you guys want a beer or something? Something for Amélie?" 

"Yeah -" Dean started. 

"No, thanks. So, tell us what happened?" Sam interrupted. 

"Well, um, Zack came home, and he ..." Rebecca started but Dean interrupted. 

"Wait! Sorry, I don't want her to hear this." He said, as he loaded up the iPad and put the headphones on Amélie as she picked Brother Bear. "Right, sorry continue." Dean said, once he was sure Amélie could no longer hear them. 


"It's fine, I understand." Rebecca continued. "He found Emily tied to a chair. And she was beaten up and bloody, and she wasn't breathing." Rebecca started to cry, Dean handed her a tissue. "So, he called 911, and the police - they showed up, and they arrested him. But, the thing is the only way that Zack could've done that to Emily is if he was in two places at once. The police - they have a video. It's from the security camera across the street, and it showed Zack coming home at 22:30. Now, Emily was killed just after that, but I swear, he was here with me, having a few beers until at least after midnight." 


"You know, maybe we could see the crime scene. Zack's house." Sam stated. 

"We could?" Dean questioned sharply. - pointed look at Amélie in his lap. 

"Why? I mean, what could you do?" Rebecca asked confused. 

"Well, me, not much. But Dean's a cop." Sam said. 

Dean laughed a little sarcastically which thankfully or not - depends how you look at it - nobody noticed. "Detective, actually." 

"Really?" Rebecca asked, Dean nodded. "Where?"

"New Orleans." Dean replied. "But I'm off duty now to spend time with my daughter as it's the half-term. There's no way I'm taking her there, so you two will have to go yourselves and fill me in later." Dean stated firmly.


"You guys, it's so nice to offer, but I just - I don't know." Rebecca fretted. 

"Bec, look, I know Zack didn't do this. Now, we have to find a way to prove that he's innocent." Sam said. 

"Okay. I'm gonna go get the keys." Rebecca said, before walking away down the hall. 

"Oh, yeah, man. You're a real straight shooter with your friends." Dean said sarcastically, once she was gone. "Who doesn't even think of his niece in all this, although, I shouldn't really be surprised."

"Look, Zack and Becky need our help." Sam said, ignoring the last comment. 

"I just don't think this is our kind of problem." Dean sighed. 

"Two places at once? We've looked into less." Sam stated, Dean just sighed in defeat. 




After dropping Sam and Rebecca off at Zack's house, Dean headed to a motel to check in and drop off their bags before heading to a diner to have lunch with Amélie, and then headed to the park. Both of them had such wide smiles upon their faces as they played together that Dean could almost forget they were on a case; but he made sure Amélie did. That is until he got a phone call from Sam telling him to meet them at Rebecca's. 

"Come on, baby, it's time to head back." Dean sighed. 

"But Daddy." Amélie whined. 

"How about if you're a good girl now, then we can watch Scooby-Do before bed." Dean suggested, smiling as Amélie cheered and eagerly took his hand making him laugh. 




Once they arrived back at Rebecca's house, Dean set Amélie up with her colouring and crayons, kissed her forehead before heading over to the other side of the large living room where Sam and Rebecca filled him in on what they'd found out at Zack's and about the tape that Rebecca put in. 

"Here he comes." Rebecca said, as the tape showed Zack entering his house. Dean noticed the time stamp. 

"22:04, that's just after ten. You said the time of death was about 22:30?" 

"Our lawyers hired some kind of video expert. He says the tapes authentic. It wasn't tampered with."


Sam seemed to notice something on the tape. 

"Hey, Bec. Can we take those beers now?"

"And some juice for Amélie, please?" Dean asked. "Can you make sure there's no nuts in or near anything as she's highly allergic."

"Sure, but what do you think this is, Hooters?" Rebecca said, as she left the room. 

"What is it?" Dean asked Sam. 

"Check this out." Sam said, as he rewound the tape, then replayed it. One of the frames showed Zack looking directly at the camera. Zack's eyes flared silver, causing Dean to freeze throwing a fearful look at his daughter who was chartering away to Coco a smile on her face, too busy colouring as Sam paused the tape. 


"Well, maybe it's just a camera flare." Dean said, trying to remain hopeful. 

"That's not like any camera flare I've ever seen. You know, a lot of cultures believe that a photograph can catch a glimpse of the soul."

"Right." Dean muttered. 

"Remember that dog, I told you about, it was freaking out? Maybe he saw this thing. Maybe this is some kind of dark double of Zack's, something that looks like him, but isn't him." 

"Like a Doppelgänger or some kind of shapeshifter."

"Yeah. It'd sure explain how he was in two places at once." 




The next morning Dean and Sam parked the Impala behind Zack's house, after dropping Amélie off with Rebecca despite Dean's protests. 

"Alight, so what are we doing here at 5:30 in the morning, and why did I have to leave my daughter with your friend?"

"I realised something." Sam said. "The video tapes shows the killer going in, but not coming out."

"So, he came out the back door." Dean leaned against the hood of the Impala tiredly while worrying about his baby girl. 

"Right. So, there should be a trail go follow. A trail the police would never pursue."


"Cause they think the killer never left. And they caught your friend Zack inside. I still don't know what we're doing here at 5:30 in the morning. Without my daughter." 

Sam ignored him as he looked around the outside of the building and noticed blood smeared in a nearby telephone pole. 

"Blood. Somebody came this way."

"Yeah, but the trail ends. I don't see anything over here." Dean said, as an ambulance drove past them, and the brothers exchanged a look. 




Sam and Dean observed the scene in front of them as an Asian man was handcuffed and was stepping into a police car. 

"What happened?" Dean asked. 

"He tried to kill his wife." A woman explained. "Tied her up and beat her."

"Really?" Sam asked. 

"I used to see him going to work in the morning. He'd wave, say hello. He seemed like such a nice guy." 

They watched the man get taken away. 




Sam was by the side of the house looking around. He looked inside two bins but didn't find anything. Sam moved to the front of the house, where Dean came up behind him. 

"Hey." Dean said, causing Sam to turn around. "Remember when I said this wasn't our kind of problem?" Dean asked. 

"Yeah." Sam replied. 

"It definitely is our problem."

"What'd you find out?"

"Well, I just talked to the police who was first in the scene, heard this guy, Alex's story. Apparently, the dude was driving home from a business trip when his wife was attacked."


"So, he was in two places at once." 

"Exactly. Then he sees himself in the house, police think he's a nut job."

"Two dark doubles attacking loved ones in exactly the same way."

"Could be the same thing doing it too." Dean said, a note of fear in his voice. 

"Something that can make itself look like anyone." Sam said. 

"Every culture in the world has shapeshifter lore. You know, legends of creatures who can transform themselves into animals or other men." Dean explained. 

"Right, skin walkers, werewolves, and regular shapeshifters."

"We've got two attacks within blocks of each other. I'm guessing we've got a shapeshifter prowling the neighbourhood."


"Let me ask you this, in all the shapeshifter lore, can any of them fly?"

"Not that I know of." Dean shrugged. 

"I picked him a trail here. Someone ran out the back of this building and headed off this way."

"Just like your friend's house."

"Yeah. And, just like at Zack's house, the trail suddenly ends. I mean, whatever, it is just disappeared."

"Well, there's another way to go: down." They looked down and noticed a manhole. 




As Sam and Dean climbed down the manhole to look around, Dean was actually thankful that Amélie was with Rebecca as there's no way he'd ever bring her down here in a million years. 

"I'll bet this runs past Zack's house too." Sam said quietly. "The shapeshifter could be using the sewers to get around."

"I think you're right. Look at this." Dean said, as he bent down and examined a pile of blood and skin on the ground. 

"Is it from his victims?" Sam asked disgustedly, looking like he was going to be sick. 


Dean took out his pocketknife and held up some of the skin, shinning his torch at it. 

"You know, I just had a sick thought. When the shapeshifter changes shape - maybe it sheds."

"That is sick." Sam muttered in disgust, as Dean put the bloody pile back on the ground. 




Although, Dean was itching to get back to his Princess as they haven't been parted for this long before - he knew he had to deal with the shapeshifter. For there was no way in hell that he was going to let that thing hurt his baby. But a quick phone call couldn't hurt. Dialling his other phone that he always kept in Amelie's rucksack, so he had a way to track her if the worst happened. He smiled when he heard her sweet voice.  


"Hi Daddy." Amélie said happily. "I miss you." Dean chuckled sadly. 

"Hi baby, I miss you too. Daddy was calling to say goodnight as it's late and we're still working. I promise we'll have a whole day of Scooby-Do when Daddy's finished. Have you been good for Rebecca?" Dean asked, he knew she was sad he wasn't there for bedtime as he heard her sigh sadly which broke his heart. 

"Yes, Daddy. I took the icky medicine. When you coming home?" Amélie asked sadly. 


"Soon baby, I promise. I just wanted to tell you that I love you so much and to have sweet dreams." Dean batted Sam's hand away who kept patting his arm. 

"Otay, Daddy. I Wuv you too." 

"I love you more. Goodnight Princess, sweet dreams." 

"Night Nite Daddy." Amélie said, blowing a kiss through the phone, making Dean smile as he did one back before they hanged up. 


Slipping his phone back into his pocket and brushing away his tears, Dean opened the boot and took out some weapons. 

"Well, one thing I learned, is that no matter what kind of shapeshifter it is, there's one sure way to kill it..."

"Silver bullet to the heart." Sam finished. 

"Yep." Just then Sam's mobile rang. 

"This is Sam."


"Where are you?" Rebecca asked tersely. "And tell your brother I've put Amélie to bed." Sam mouthed the words to Dean who nodded thankful. 

"We're near Zack's, we're just checking some things out."

"Well, look, Sam. Just stop, cause I really don't need your help anymore." 

"What are you talking about?"

"I told the lawyers that we went to the crime scene.." 

"Why the hell would you do that?" Sam scoffed. 


"Well, I told them that we had permission from a police officer. And they checked it out, and they told me there is no Detective Dean Winchester." Rebecca snapped heatedly. 

"Bec -"

"No, I don't understand why you would lie to me about something like that." 

"We're trying to help..."

"Oh, trying to help? Do you realise that that was a sealed crime scene? This could have just ruined Zack's case!"

"Bec, I'm sorry but-"

"Just come pick up Amélie. Goodbye Sam!" Rebecca hissed, hanging up the phone. 




Sam and Dean were now back down in the sewer armed with more than torches this time. 

"I think we're close to its lair." Dean stated.

"Why do you say that?" Sam asked. 

"Because there's another puke inducing pile right next to your face." Sam turned and saw another pile of blood and skin on a nearby pipe. 

"Oh, god!" He exclaimed in disgust. 

"Looks like it's lived here for a while." Dean noted. 

"Who knows how many murders he's gotten away with?" Sam asked, turning to Dean only to see the shapeshifter, still in the form of the Asian man, Alex, standing behind Dean. "Dean!" 


Dean turned and got punched by the shapeshifter knocking him hard into one of the pipes, then on to the concrete floor shoulder first, causing a window for the shapeshifter to escape. Sam shot at it but missed as the bullets ricocheted off of the pipes. Sighing in defeat he turned to help Dean. 

"Get the son of a bitch! We can't let it get to Amie! I can't lose her too, Sammy!" Dean ordered, climbing to his feet his hand over his shoulder as the two ran after it. 


The shapeshifter came out of a different manhole and ran away. Seconds later, Sam and Dean came out and looked around at the multiple directions the shifter could've taken. 

"All right, let's split up." Sam suggested. 

"All right, I'll meet you around the other side." Dean replied, as they walked in different directions. 




Dean was looking around frantically, with his gun drawn. Passerby's turned away from him frightened. 




Sam was also searching while unlike Dean, he kept his gun hidden away in his jacket, but people still avoided him as he had one hand holding the open jacket and the other inside his inside pocket, ready to obviously draw a gun at a seconds notice. 




Dean was still searching the alley becoming more and more frantic by the second. He couldn't and wouldn't allow this thing near his precious daughter. The thought alone was killing him. 




Sam waited at the street corner where they were supposed to meet and was starting to get worried as Dean was still a no-show. Until, Dean suddenly came up behind him. 

"Hey." Dean called. Sam turned around in relief. "Anything?" Dean asked hopefully. 

"No. He's gone." Sam replied. 

"Let's go back to the car, we've got to find it Sammy! Amie can't get hurt she can't!" 

"Hey, calm down she'll be fine." Sam assured, as he turned to cross the street. 

Dean nodded and stopped as he waited for the passing car to drive by. As the car passed, Dean's eyes glowed silver for a moment. 




"You think he found another way underground?" Sam asked, as they stopped by the car. 

"Yeah, probably. You got the keys?" Shifter-Dean asks. Sam stopped and thought for a moment before he turned around. 

"Hey, didn't Dad once face a shapeshifter in San Antonio?"

"Oh, that was in Austin. It turned out not to be a shapeshifter, it was a thought form. A psychic projection, remember?"

"Oh, right. Here ya go." Sam threw shifter-Dean the keys and walked away. Shifter-Dean opened the boot and observed all of the weapons and couldn't help but laugh. 


"Don't move!" Sam ordered. Shifter-Dean turned around confused, only to see Sam pointing a gun at him. "What have you done with him?" Sam asked. 

"Dude, chill. It's me, all right? Now, can I go get my Princess?" Shifter-Dean asked. 

"No. I don't think so. Where's my brother?" Sam asked. 

"You're about to shoot him and leave my baby girl an orphan!" Shifter-Dean argued. "Sam calm down!"

"You caught those keys with your left. Your shoulder was dislocated." Sam noted heatedly. 

"Yeah, it's better. What do you want me to do, cry?"


"You're not my brother!"

"Why don't you pull the trigger, then? Hmm? Cause you're not sure. Dude, you know me. Now, can we stop this so I can get my daughter?!"

"Don't..." Sam started, but he never got to the chance to finish as shifter-Dean hit him twice with a crowbar. 




Sam woke up in a dingy, dusty room. His hands and neck were bound to a wooden post. The shapeshifter looked over to him and back handed Sam. 

"Where is he? Where's Dean?" Sam groaned. 

"I wouldn't worry about him. I'd worry about you." Shifter-Dean said.

"Where is he?" Sam demanded. 

"You don't really wanna know." Shifter-Dean chuckled. "I swear, the more I learn about you and your family - I thought I came from a bad background. Still, at least Amélie will have a better father now." 

"What do you mean learn?" Sam asked confused. "And leave Amélie out of this!" He demanded. Shifter-Dean froze and grabbed his head in pain as he grimaced. 


Sam looked at shifter-Dean confused as it then relaxed and turned back to face Sam. 

"He's sure got issues with you. You got to go to college. He lost the love of his life, his fiancée and he almost lost his daughter. I mean, I lost Simone and nearly lost Amélie. Where the hell were you?" 

"Stay away from her!" Sam growled. Shifter-Dean leaned in closer to Sam. 

"See, deep down, I'm jealous. You got friends. Me? I know I'm a freak. And sooner or later, everybody's gonna leave me." He stated, as he backed away. 


"What are you talking about?" Sam asked. 

"You left. You left Simone, Amélie and I when we really needed you. Before Amélie came into the picture I had to stay hunting you didn't think about if I had dreams too! Hell, up to him insulting Simone, I did everything Dad asked me to, and he ditched me and Amélie, too. No explanation, nothin', just poof. Left me with your sorry ass. Still, I know my little Princess would never leave me." Shifter-Dean laughed, and covered Sam with a sheet. 




There was a knock at the door the next morning, and Rebecca looked at Amélie who was sitting in a booster seat as they were about to eat. 

"Wait here, okay?" Rebecca said, as she moved to open the door. It was the shapeshifter still posing as Dean. "Oh, hi."

"Hi. I'm here to get my Princess and apologise on Sam's behalf." 

"Oh, really?" 




Sam was trying to get out of his ropes but he failed. 

"Damn it!" He froze when he heard movement in another corner of the room only to hear someone coughing. 

"That better be you, Sam, and not that freak of nature. Where's my daughter?" Dean called out. 

"Yeah, it's me." Sam laughed, until he sobered up. "Dean he's going to Rebecca's to go after Amie."

"WHAT!!!!" Dean roared, managing to uncover himself as he doubled his efforts in trying to untie the ropes. 




The shapeshifter had given Amélie a big hug which she happily returned, the pair giving each other a kiss on the cheeks, but Amélie was frowning slightly as she felt her magic humming under her skin dangerously making her skin feel all itchy. Until, the shifter posing as her Dad took Amélie into a bedroom upstairs and got her to listen and watch Pocahontas, while hugging Coco tightly. 


"It's okay baby. Nothing to be scared of." Shifter-Dean crooned, running his hand gently through her hair. "Daddy just has to deal with the bad person then we can go home." He kissed her forehead and left the room, locking the  door behind him. His eyes glinting silver he headed back downstairs with a wicked smirk upon his face. 




Sam and Dean were still working their way out of the multiple ropes. 

"Yeah, that's the thing. He didn't just look like you, he was you. Or he was becoming you." Sam explained. Finally, Dean worked his way out of the ropes. 

"What do you mean?" 

"I don't know, it was like he was downloading your thoughts and memories." 

"You mean, like the Vulcan mind meld?"

"Yeah, something like that. I mean, maybe that's why he doesn't just kill us."


Dean quickly got up and ran over to Sam. 

"Hurry! Maybe he needs to keep us alive. Psychic connection." He untied Sam's ropes. "Hurry! Let's go!"




Sam and Dean climbed out of the manhole and on to, a thankfully, deserted street. 

"Come on. We gotta find a phone, call the police." Dean said, looking around them. 

"Whoa, you're gonna put an APB out on yourself?" Sam questioned shocked. Dean glared at Sam. 

"The shapeshifter has my daughter, Sam!" Dean shouted. Sam nodded. "This way." Dean said, spotting a pay phone down the street. 




In one bedroom Rebecca was tied to a chair bloody and beaten, while in another bedroom Amélie was hiding in a closet holding Coco and her iPad close to her as tears poured down her cheeks. She thankfully couldn't hear anything due to the movie, but she knew something wasn't right and that wasn't her Daddy. She wanted her real Daddy who felt safe, whereas, this one felt cold and wrong. Hearing a loud crash over her movie made Amélie scream allowing a second team of SWAT teams to find her while the other teams were with Rebecca and shifter-Dean. 




Sam and Dean were standing in front of a shop window watching a news report that was being shown on one of the display televisions. 

"An anonymous tip led the police to a home in the Central West End, where a SWAT team discovered a local woman bound and gagged, along with a small three year old girl hiding in a closet. Their attacker, a white male, approximately twenty-four to thirty years of age, was discovered hiding in their home." A reporter explained, as a sketch of Dean appeared on screen. 


Sam looked over at Dean and was a little frightened of the fury he saw in his brother's face when Amélie was mentioned. 

"We'll check with Rebecca and Amélie in the morning see if they're all right. No, Dean. You gotta let the heat die down first." Sam argued, when Dean opened his mouth. 

"Fine!" Dean grumbled. "But I don't have to like it. If I can't have my daughter I want the son of a bitch to pay!"

"We have no weapons. No silver bullets."

"Sam, this thing is walking around with my face and went after my daughter. It's more than a little personal. I wanna find him!" 


"Okay. Where do we look?" 

"Well, we could start with the sewers." 

"We have no weapons. He stole our guns, we need more... the car?" 

"I'm bettin' he drove over to Rebecca's."

"The news said he fled on foot. I bet it's still there."

"Come on." Dean said, running off. 

"What, no comment about him in your car?" Sam asked shocked. 

"Amélie is my baby." Was all Dean said. 




Sam and Dean walked around the side of the house and saw the Impala. 

"Oh, finally, something went right tonight!" Dean exclaimed, only for a police car to appear. "Crap!" They turned around, but another police car was parked a few yards away. "This way."

Dean said, moving towards a fence. 

"You go. I'll hold 'em off." Sam said. 

"What are you talking about? They'll catch you." 

"Look, they can't hold me. Just go, keep out of sight and meet at Rebecca's." Dean started to climb over the fence. 


"And Dean." Sam called. "Stay out of the sewers!" Dean said nothing as he hopped over the fence. "I mean it!" Sam shouted. 

"Yeah, yeah!" Dean shouted in reply. 

"Don't move! Keep your hands where we can see 'em!" A police officer ordered. Sam raised his hands in the air. 




Once the coast was clear, Dean was back at the Impala taking weapons out of the boot. 

"I'm sorry Sam. But when my baby has been threatened and is still in danger - I can't wait." He closed the boot and headed into the sewer. 

Inside the sewer, Dean came across a chamber filled with a weird assortment of things. There were: candles and chains, revolting piles of blood were on the floor and old blood stained clothes were in a different area of the room. Dean heard a noise and moved to another area - where he saw a large figure covered with a sheet. Dean cautiously removed it only to find Rebecca whose hands and feet were bound. 

"Rebecca? Where's Amélie?" Dean demanded. 




Sam was sitting in the living room at Rebecca's having a beer. He was unknowingly talking with the shapeshifter who had now taken on Rebecca's form. 

"I should check on Amélie, otherwise Dean will literally kill me."

"It's been a pretty tiring day for us both. I was lucky enough to put her down for a nap. Where is Dean, anyway?" Sam smiled apologetically.

"Yeah, sorry about that. And Dean's trying to find the shapeshifter."


"Saying, this shapeshifter is real - which, by the way, you know is crazy, right? But, err say it is real... how do you stop it?" Shifter-Becky asked, replacing Sam's empty beer bottle with a fresh one. 

"Thanks. Silver bullet to the heart." Sam replied. Shifter-Becky chuckled. 

"You're crazy." Shifter-Becky said, hitting Sam over the head with the empty bottle, Sam slumped forwards on to the coffee table unconscious, beer spilling everywhere as the shifter's eyes glowed silver. 




"Rebecca, where. Is. My. Daughter?" Dean demanded crossly, his voice low and dangerous as he untied the ropes.

"Oh, my god! I'm so sorry! I left her at home taking a nap while I went for a walk, then someone hit me over the head, and I wound up here just in time to see that thing turn into me." Rebecca cried. 

"You left my three year old daughter in a strange house ALONE!!" Dean roared. 

"I'm sorry." Rebecca cried. 

"Let's just go." Dean ordered, turning tail and running out of the sewer all the way to Rebecca's where the shifter - who looked like Dean again - was chocking Sam. 


"Hey!" Dean shouted. The shapeshifter saw Dean and who quickly got off of Sam. Dean aimed his gun at the shapeshifter and shot him in the heart; twice. Dean walked over to the shapeshifter's body and took off his necklace, and replaced it with an amulet. 

Immediately, Dean's face, solidified and fell off the shifter and slid on to the floor as if it was some sort of silicone mask, and left the shifter with ginger red hair and vacant grey- blue eyes. A possible personation or the shifter's actual face they didn't know but they made up a name for it in any case. 


"Where's Amie?" Dean demanded frightened.

"Up-upstairs it said." Sam rasped, rubbing his throat as Rebecca rubbed his shoulders comfortingly. Dean took the stairs two at a time and burst through the door, only to be flung against a wall as Amélie looked at him with wide eyes, her hands were bound, she had duck tape over her mouth, headphones over her ears and tears running like a waterfall down her small cheeks. 

"It's me baby. It's really Daddy." Dean said heartbrokenly, as he felt her magic sweep over him instinctively and obviously without her doing as it was protecting her before it finally released him. 


As soon as he was free Dean untied his daughter, gently taking off the duck tape and headphones, before he swept her into his arms with Coco as she cried. Tears falling down his own cheeks. 

"Are you okay, Princess? Did the fake me hurt you?" Dean asked concerned, checking her over while simultaneously terrified that she would now be terrified of him and wondering what affect this would have on her? He felt like he'd failed her. 

"No Daddy. I knew it was playing to be Daddy. I thought you were with Mummy." Amélie cried brokenly, hugging Dean a little too tightly but he didn't care. 


"No, baby, no. I will always come back to my Witchy Princess." Dean said, peppering her face with kisses and getting a small wet laugh from her which made Dean smile. 

"Pwomise?" Amélie asked, holding out her little finger. 

"I promise, baby." Dean swore, linking his larger little finger with hers. "Now, let's go home and get in our fort and watch Scooby-Do all day." Dean said, packing up her belongings before he picked up his daughter, setting her on his hip. Once they were back downstairs, Dean nodded to Sam and Rebecca letting them know she was okay as they got his and Zack's name cleared thanks to the amulet. He was so ready to just have a Daddy-Daughter Day away from all of this where he can help her heal from this trauma, he only hoped Simone didn't hate him. 

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Chapter Twelve, Day out with Daddy


After the events with the Shifter, Dean decides to take them back home to New Orleans. He had never wanted to put his baby girl through that, and to hear and see her cry like that broke his heart. All because of Sam! He wouldn't deny that he held a grudge against his babe brother for that, and any time Sam tried to speak to either Dean or Amélie, he was met with an icy flare from his brother. 


Now after being home for a few weeks, getting back into a routine that Amélie and Dean craved, a semblance of normality, Dean decided as it was a Saturday they were going to go to the farm nearby. Sugar Roots Farm. He was really looking forward to it as it was a day out with his daughter and he always looked forward to those. Waking up early, as the farm opened at 10am and closed at 3pm, Dean quickly jumped in the shower before changing into jeans, a light grey T-shirt, a blue plaid shirt and his brown boots. Heading to the kitchen he packed up the lunch Chantelle had made them yesterday into the picnic basket, set the table with two bowls full of coco-pops (but didn't add the milk just yet), cups of orange juice and his much needed coffee. 


As Dean was drinking his coffee Sam came shuffling out of his bedroom with his laptop. As Sam opened his mouth, Dean held up a hand stopping him. 

"Before you start Sam, No we are not going on a case I have already planned to take my daughter to the zoo. As I told you yesterday, but feel free." Dean said, draining the last of his coffee and making Sam one and, himself another one before he went to wake up his daughter. Entering her bedroom, Dean paused and smiled at the innocent sight of Amélie curled up fast asleep while hugging Coco tightly. 


"Amie." Dean said gently, sitting on the edge of her bed and rubbing her arm gently. Smiling as Amélie groaned burying into the pillow. "Come on Princess. It's time to wake up if you want to have a day out at a farm with Daddy." Dean coaxed, at the mention of the words 'farm', and 'day out with daddy', Amelie's eyes snapped open excitedly. 

"Weally?" Amélie asked, sat up rubbing one eye while bouncing on her spot with Coco held in the other arm. 

"Of course Princess. Now, let's go have our coco-pops." Dean said, picking Amélie up and settling her on his hip as she giggled happily. 

"Yay!" Amélie cheered, giggling as Dean carried her to the kitchen. 

"Morning Amie." Sam said, looking up from his laptop. Amélie smiled shyly as Dean sat her in her booster seat next to him. 


"Hello." Amélie said shyly, picking up her beaker of orange juice and having a drink. "Tank you Daddy." Amélie beamed at Dean, as he added milk and a spoon to both their bowls. 

"You're welcome princess." Dean said softly, kissing her head as he passed to return the milk to the fridge. Dean sighed happily as he sat besides his princess and took a long draught of his coffee. 

"You alright there, Dean?" Sam asked, chuckling softly at the look on his brother's face as he drank his coffee. 

"I'm great. Got our special breakfast haven't we, Princess? And we're going to the farm today. What could be better? What're you doing?" Dean asked Sam, smiling when Amélie happily nodded to his question. He was trying to keep it less tense when his daughter was around not wanting to cause her any stress.   


"I've found a... job that I'm going to check out." Sam explained hesitantly, Dean just nodded enjoying his coco-pops and coffee while Sam just had toast. 

"Daddy." Amélie said sternly, reprimanding, pointing to the untouched glass of orange juice. "Thank you baby." Dean said smiling, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. The rest of breakfast was filled with silence as they all ate their breakfasts, eager to get where they needed to be today. Once both Dean and Amélie had finished he followed her to the bathroom helping her brush her teeth and to do his own, while Sam was doing the washing up. "Right, what do you want to wear today, Princess?" Dean asked, as they headed into her room, opening up the wardrobe. Amélie was silent as she looked from the wardrobe to her Dad with her head tilted to the side cutely. 


"Wike Daddy." Amélie exclaimed excitedly. 

"Okay then." Dean said with a happy smile on his face, selecting a pink ruffled skirt, a whit T-shirt with colourful patterns on it and a blue over shirt that was similar to his own. Next he selected her pink Princess underwear, white Princess socks, and pink sparkly converses. Once she was dressed Dean put her hair up into a braided ponytail that Amélie was fascinated with making Dean laugh. 

"Tank you Daddy." Amélie cheered happily, kissing his cheek. 

"You're welcome baby." Dean said handing her Coco. "Let's go." Dean said excitedly, slipping Amelie's coat on and taking her hand, picked up the picnic basket and, his own jacket in the other hand, before finally heading for the Impala. 




After a forty-three minute drive, with the father and daughter duo listening to the Disney soundtrack, they arrived at Sugar Roots Farm. Parking the car Dean turned to face Amélie with a serous look on his face. 

"Okay Amie, I want you to hold my hand as soon as I get you out of the car. The car park is very dangerous and I don't want you hurt baby." 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie said with a blinding smile. "Can I bwing Coco?" She asked uncertainly, Dean thought for a moment and nodded. Smiling as his daughter cheered and clapped her hands. 


"But we'll keep Coco in your rucksack so he doesn't get lost or dirty but he's still with you, okay?" Dean said firmly, Amélie nodded grinning. "Okay wait there and Daddy come get you." Dean quickly exit the car, rounding the boot pulling out the picnic basket which he placed on top of the closed boot so he could get Amélie out. "Okay put Coco in your bag now baby." Dean said, opening the door. 

"Bye Coco." Amélie whispered, kissing the teddies head, slipping him into the open rucksack that Dean was holding with a soft smile on his face. With the bag zipped up and placed on Amélie's back, Dean helped his daughter out of the car, locked it up before slipping the keys into his pocket. 


"Let's go." Dean cheered, making Amélie giggle while ignoring the looks he got. He didn't care as long as his daughter was happy, that's all that mattered to him. Dean took Amélie's hand gently but firmly within his own, picked up the picnic basket and made his way to the entrance. 

"Hi," Dean greeted the bored looking cashier, who had a strained smile upon her smudged pink painted lips (which clashed a little with her red hair), as soon as he got to the front of queue. "One adult and one toddler please. And we'd like to get some feed for the alpacas, goats and chickens and a slot for the pony ride, please?" Dean asked politely, having looked at the billboard on the side of the hut the cashier was in as they waited in line. 


"That'll be $25.50 please." The cashier asked monotonously. Dean pulled out his credit card and paid for it, once it went through he slipped the bags of feed into his pocket of his brown leather jacket thankfully they were sealed and were labelled, and gathered his tickets and receipts once they'd been printed off. 

"Thank you have a nice day." Dean said politely, gathering Amélie's hand and the picnic basket once more. 

"Tank you." Amélie said to the person she couldn't see in the strange wooden house. "Tank you Daddy." Amélie said excitedly, skipping as they made their way through the gate. 


"You're welcome baby. How about we go feed some animals?" He asked. 

"Yeah!" Amélie cheered excitedly, pulling on Dean's hand to get him moving faster towards the animals she could see in the distance. 

"I'm coming. I'm coming." Dean chuckled, letting his excited daughter lead them towards the animals watching as her face lit up at all of the animals especially as some had babies. 

"Daddy! Daddy wook!" Amélie said excitedly, pointing to the bunnies and chicks in the petting area they'd just arrived at. 


The had just finished their picnic in the picnic area where Amélie had barely kept still enough to eat she was so excited. They first point of call when they’d arrived was to see some of the animals and feeding the feed to the designated animals. 

"I see them, baby." Dean chuckled. "They are very cute." 

"Do you want to come and pet them, sweetie?" The brunette supervising the petting area asked, she had been trying to flirt with Dean but he wasn't paying her or any other woman the slightest bit of attention. His attention was solely on his daughter, so she gave up.  


"Pwease Daddy?" Amélie asked, with big cute blue-green eyes. 

"Go on then Princess." Dean laughed. "But you have to be very gentle Amélie so you don't hurt them." Dean warned seriously. 

"I pwomise." Amélie said seriously, bouncing up and down on the spot as the lady let her in, giving her a glare as she was giving her Daddy weird eyes and she didn't like it. Sitting on a bale of stray Amélie swung her legs back and forth in anticipation as another woman brought over a white and brown bunny, called Toffee. Squealing quietly Amélie gently stoked the bunny as she would Coco. Not paying attention to her Daddy taking photos her attention was captivated by the bunny snuggling up to her, causing Amélie to giggle happily. 


After ten minutes of Amélie cuddling with the bunny, Dean checked the time and almost cursed as they were going to be late for the pony ride but he didn't want to pull Amélie away when she looked so happy and at peace. 

"Amie, say goodbye to Toffee now. We need to head to the stables otherwise we'll be late for your pony ride and miss your turn." Dean warned. Amélie sighed as if put upon but gave Toffee one last gentle stroke. 

"Bye bye Toffee." Amélie bid, at he was taken from her by the worker. 

"Right, let's wash your hands." Dean said, leading her to the stalls and helping her throughly wash her hands by rubbing them between his larger ones lathering them with soap as Amélie giggled. 


Luckily, the stables was only a short walk from the petting area and they made it in time for Amélie to get her turn on the Shetland pony, it was only a short lap around the small field with two volunteers with them, one to lead the pony around by the lead rope, and the second to walk beside so making sure Amélie didn’t fall off. As they walked round, Amélie had a wide, beaming smile upon her face as she waved to Dean who smiled and waved back, snapping up some pictures. 

"She’s adorable.” A woman besides Dean commented. 

“She really is.” Dean replied, not even looking at the woman causing her to huff and move away. When she came back, she thanked the two helping off, causing pride to surge within Dean. His Princess was such a polite little thing. 


“Come on Princess, let’s go see some more animals, we only have the sheep left. Then we can go to the shop and buy some eggs and honey and you can get one thing for besting such a good girl and using your manners.” Dean said proudly. 

“Tank you Daddy.” Amélie beamed. 

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. You having a good time?” Dean asked. 

“Yep! I’m with Daddy!” Amélie said seriously, beaming at Dean and making the breath catch in his throat. Can this sweet little girl adore him so much? Especially after all he’s done? But he wasn’t about to question it too much. He was very thankful for his little girl; she was the light of his life and she made his life so much more colourful, and richer. 


“Me too because I’m with my best girl.” Dean said, tickling his daughter causing peals of laughter to tumble from her lips. 

“D-Daddy!” Amélie screamed with laughter, Dean laughed kissing her head. 

“Okay. Okay, I’ll stop.” Dean laughed, getting in one last kiss and cuddle - which is daughter was more than happy to give - before they headed to see the sheep and enjoy the rest of their day together. It was perfect.  

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Chapter Thirteen, Home


When Dean entered the kitchen fully dressed with Amélie in his arms, also fully dressed - in a white floral dress, brown ballet shoes, a navy denim jacket to ward off the morning chill and her hair in two braids - they spotted Sam sitting at the kitchen table drawing a tree. 

"Hey." Sam said, looking to quickly then going back to drawing. As Dean and Amélie sat eating their Coco-pops chatting away happily after a small greeting to him, Sam opened his mouth to talk about the dreams before closing it again. He's finally learned to never talk about this stuff when his niece is around. Dean sighed, noticing Sam wanted to talk to him. Holding up a finger to his brother he placed all the used cups, bowls and plates in the dishwasher and turned to his daughter who was waiting to help him close it like always bringing a smile to Dean's face. 


"Thank you baby." Dean smiled as they closed the dishwasher together. "Why don't you go play in your room for a bit while I talk to Uncle Sammy, then Daddy will come help you clean your teeth and play with you." Dean told her. 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie beamed, hugging her Daddy before she picked up Coco from her chair and skipped to her room. Dean smiled, just listening to Amélie play with her toys, chattering away before turning to face Sam.

"What?" He asked. So Sam explained everything to him, which Dean denied. 


"Look, Dean. I dreamt about Jessica's death-- for days before it happened." Sam said, agitated. 

"Sam, people have weird dreams, man. I'm sure it's just a coincidence." Dean muttered, drinking another coffee. 

"No, I dreamt about the blood dripping, her on the ceiling, the fire, everything, and I didn't do anything about it cause I didn't believe it. And now I'm dreaming about that tree, about our house, and about some woman inside screaming for help. I mean, that's where it all started, man, this has to mean something, right?"

"I don't know." Dean muttered perturbed. 

"What do you mean, you don't know? This woman might be in danger. I mean, this might even be the thing that killed Mum and Jessica!"


"Precisely! And you want me to put my daughter at risk!? Against that thing!! Just, just slow down, would you? I mean, first you tell me that you've got the Shinning? And then you tell me that I've gotta go back to our old home? Especially when..."

"When what?" Sam asked desperately. 

"When I swore to myself that I would never go back there!"

"Look, Dean, we have to check this out. Just to make sure."

"I know we do." Dean sighed, leaving the kitchen for Amélie's room to play with her before they leave - once again - as promised. 




They drove most of the morning until they reached the old Winchesters' house. 

"You gonna be alright, man?" Sam asked Dean.

"Let me back to you on that." Sensing her Daddy was upset, Amélie wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and kissed his cheek. 

"Love you Daddy." Amélie said sweetly, bringing a smile to Dean's face. 

"I love you too, baby." Dean returned, kissing her cheek and blowing a small raspberry making Amélie screech happily. 

After knocking, a woman went to open the door. Sam was shocked to see that she was the same woman from his dream.

"Yes?" She asked, wary and confused. 


"Sorry to bother you, ma'am, but we're with the Federal--" Dean said - Amelie's head buried in his neck - but was interrupted by his brother.

"I'm Sam Winchester, and this is my brother, Dean and his daughter Amélie. We used to live here. You know, we were just driving by, and we were wondering if we could come in and see the old place and show Amélie where her Dad and Uncle used to live."

"Winchester. Yeah, that's so funny. You know, I think I found some of your photos the other night." the woman said.

"You did?" Dean asked and she nodded.


"Come on in." As they entered, following the woman to the kitchen, Amélie whimpered in fear clinging tightly to her Daddy and Coco. Dean, remembering her reaction to the lake and what happened with Peter Sweeny held Amélie tightly to him, while subtly looking around for anything that could be scaring his daughter. One thing he knew for sure, was that there was something here. Something Amélie was petrified of, he could feel her trembling in his arms. 

"Juice! Juice! Juice! Juice!" A little boy, around a few months younger than Amélie, cried.


"I'm Jenny and that's Ritchie. He's kind of a juice junkie." Jenny explained. "But, hey, at least he won't get scurvy." she walked over her daughter. "Sari, this is Sam and Dean and Dean's daughter, Amélie. Sam and Dean used to live here. Would Amélie like any juice?"

"Oh. Yes please. If you don't mind." Dean said gratefully, knowing she would be thirsty after being in the car since they left a hotel at six this morning. "Thanks." He said, accepting the toddler cup. 

"Tank you." Amélie muttered quietly. 

"You're welcome, sweetie." Jenny smiled. "She's adorable."

"Hi." Sari muttered shyly. 

"Hey, Sari." Sam and Dean greeted the young girl two years older than Amélie.


"So, you just moved in?" Dean asked, holding the cup for Amélie.

"Yeah, from Wichita."

"You got family here, or...?" Sam asked.

"No. I just, uh, needed a fresh start, that's all. So, new town, new job-- I mean, as soon as I find one. New house."

"So, how are you liking it so far?" Sam asked.

"Well, uh, all due respect to your childhood home-- I mean, I'm sure you had lots of happy memories here, but this place has it's issues."

"What do you mean?" Sam asked.

"Well, it's just getting old. Like the wiring, you know? We've got flickering lights almost hourly."

"Oh, that's too bad. What else?" Dean asked, noticing she needed to get it off her chest and they needed to know.


"Um, sinks backed up, there's rats in the basement. I'm sorry. I don't mean to complain." Jenny said embarrassed.

"No. Have you seen the rats or have you just heard scratching?" Dean asked.

"It's just the scratching, actually."

"Mum? Ask them if it was here when they lived here." Sari told her mother.

"What, Sari?" Dean asked gently.

"The thing in my closet."

"Oh, no, baby, there was nothing in their closets. Right?" Jenny asked.

"Right. No, no, of course not." Sam said.

"She had a nightmare the other night."

"I wasn't dreaming. It came into my bedroom-- and it was on fire." Sari said, causing Amélie to whimper in fear clinging tightly to her Daddy. Almost in tears which Jenny noticed and apologised.

"No. No, it's okay. Thank you for the juice and letting us see the house but I need to get back to the hotel for Amélie's nap." Dean explained. 

"Of course. You're welcome." Jenny smiled. 


"You hear that? A figure on fire. Amélie sensed something, didn't she?" Sam said, as soon as they were outside.

"And that woman, Jenny, that was the woman in your dreams?" Dean asked.

"Yeah. And you hear what she was talking about? Scratching, flickering lights, both signs of a malevolent spirit."

"Yeah, well I'm just freaked out that your weirdo visions are comin' true. And that you've brought us to another place where my daughter is endanger. If she was that afraid that means that thing noticed her just like Peter Sweeny."

"Well, forget about that for a minute. The thing in the house, do you think it's the thing that killed mom and Jessica?" Sam asked.


"I don't know. What do you mean forget about how that thing has noticed my daughter!?" Dean asked hotly. 

"Well, I mean, has it come back or has it been here the whole time?" 

"Or maybe it's something else entirely. Sam, we don't know yet. And I'm not charging in there and putting my daughter anymore at risk. Not for anyone or anything!"

"Well, those people are in danger, Dean. We have to get 'em out of that house."

"And we will." Dean assured him. 

"No, I mean now!" Sam argued. 

"And how you gonna do that, huh? You got a story that she's gonna believe?"

"Then what are we supposed to do?"  




After they left the old house, they drove to the gas station where Dean refilled the Impala and got Amélie something to eat and drink.

“Daddy?” Amélie asked squirming in her car seat. “I gotta go potty.” 

“Okay, baby. Hold on.” Dean said, leaping from the car. “Fill her up.” He ordered, throwing Sam the keys as he picked his daughter up and hurried into the gas station. 


"There we go, sweetheart. Good job." Dean praised, as he sat his daughter on the toilet. They'd made it. "Right, let's wash your hands." Dean said, helping her pull bottoms and tights back up, and picked her up so she could wash her hands as the sink was too high for her. 

"All clean Daddy." Amélie smiled, showing Dean her wet hands that were now clear of soap. 

"Well done baby. Who's my big girl? Using the big girls toilet." Dean praised, kissing her head as his daughter beamed at him, as he set her on the floor and grabbed some paper towels to dry her hands as she was scared of the dryer. "How about we get some lunch now?" Dean asked, taking her tiny hand in his large one.

"Yeah!" Amélie shouted, jumping up and down making Dean laugh. 


Leaving the bathroom after making sure he had the key he switched off the light and handed the key to the cashier, as he grabbed a basket. Walking down the aisles he pulled some funny faces at his daughter, making her laugh as he picked up a small bag of sliced apple and grapes, an orange juice and a ham sandwich he’d share with her (if she didn’t eat it all), after making sure there were no nuts of any kind in it for Amélie. For himself he also picked up a chocolate croissant but two of them, a water and some chocolate. He got Sam a few bits, after checking everything had no nuts. 

"These and a twenty on pump two please." Dean said, setting down the basket at the checkout. “Thanks.” He said, grabbing the bag and leaving after they’d paid. 


Once Amélie was back in the car eating her lunch Dean and Sam sat on the bonnet talking so Amélie wouldn’t overhear them. 

“We gotta chill out, that's all. You know, if this was any other kind of job, what would we do?" Dean asked.

“We'd try to figure out what we were dealing with. We'd dig into the history of the house" Sam said.

“Exactly except this time, we already know what happened.” Dean stated trying to hide the tremble in his voice as he looked back and smiled at Amélie. Chuckling at the face she pulled at him and pulled one back himself.


“Yeah, but how much do we know? I mean, how much do you actually remember?" Sam asked.

“About that night, you mean?" Dean asked. 

“Yeah." Sam clarified.

“Not much. I remember the heat. And then I carried you out the front door." Dean explained.

“You did?" Sam asked shocked, he’d always thought his Dad had carried them out. 

“Yeah, what, you never knew that?" Dean asked Sam, surprised. 



“And, well, you know dad's story as well as I do. Mum was... was on the ceiling. And whatever put her there was long gone by the time dad found her."

“And he never had a theory about what did it?"

“If he did, he kept it to himself. God knows we asked him enough times."

“Okay. So, if we're gonna figure out what's goin’ on now we have to figure out what happened back then. And see if it's the same thing."

“Yeah, but I seriously hope it isn’t.” Dean said desperately, looking back at his baby girl. “We’ll talk to dad's friends, neighbors, people who were there at the time."

“Does this feel like just another job to you?" Sam jibed.


“I'll be right back. Watch Amélie will you.” Dean said perturbed. 

“Daddy!” Amélie shouted upset and scared. 

“Hey, hey, hey. Shhh it’s okay baby.” Dean said hurriedly, opening the door and crouching down. “I’m not going anywhere. Daddy will never leave his Princess, not ever! Daddy just needs to go to the potty himself and I’ll be right back. Be a good girl for Uncle Sammy, okay?” Dean asked, kissing the top of her head. 

“Otay Daddy.” Amélie said softly, placing both hands on his cheeks and giving him a kiss making Dean feel a lot better. 

“Good girl and thank you sweetheart.” Dean smiled. 


He turned the corner and took out his cell phone. And he dialed a number.

"Dad? I know I've left you messages before. I don't even know if you'll get ‘em. But I'm with Amélie and Sam. And we’re in Lawrence. And there's something in our old house. I don't know if it's the thing that killed Mum or not, but... I don't know what to do. I don’t want to risk my baby girl. So, whatever you're doin', if you could get here. Please. I need your help, Dad." He hung up the phone. Scoffing in disappointment and headed back to his daughter and Sam. He didn’t know why he expected anything different. 




“All right, so there are a few psychic and palm readers in town. There's someone named El Divino. There's, uh-- there's the Mysterious Mister Fortinsky. Uh, Missouri Moseley--"

“Wait, wait. Missouri Moseley?" Dean asked.

“What?" Sam asked, confused. 

“That's a psychic?" 

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, I guess so."

“Dad's journal" Dean said, and he took the diary from the car, being careful not to wake Amélie who was sleeping. "Come here, look at this. First page, first sentence, read that."

“‘I went to Missouri and I learned the truth.’” Sam read.

“I always thought he meant the state." Dean confessed. 




Sam and Dean were sitting on the sofa waiting for Missouri to arrive while Amélie kneeled in front of the table in front of Dean colouring.

“All right there Don't worry bout a thing. Your wife is crazy about you." Missouri said, while escorting a man out of the house. "Whew. Poor bastard. His woman is cold-bangin the gardener." she said, while Amélie thankfully was too invested in her colouring to Dean’s relief.

“Why didn't you tell him?" Dean asked.

“People don't come here for the truth. They come for good news. Well? Sam, Dean and Amélie, come on already, I ain't got all day. Sweetie, you can bring your colouring with you. I know your Daddy will love it." She added, and left the room. 


The three followed her into the next room.

“Well, let me look at you. Oh, you boys grew up handsome. And you were one goofy-looking kid, too." she teased Dean. "Sam. Oh, honey I'm sorry about your girlfriend. And your father-- he's missing? Dean, I'm so sorry about Simone, your fiancée.”

“How'd you know all that?" Sam asked.

“Mummy.” Amélie said sadly from Dean’s arms. 

“Yes sweetie.” Missouri said sadly to Amélie. “Dean you are doing an amazing job with her you should be proud and I know Simone would be. I know how hard it is to raise a young child on your own. And well, you were just thinking about it just now." She added to Sam.

"Well, do you know where our father is?" Sam asked. 

“I don't know.” Missouri confessed sadly.

“Don't know? Well, you're supposed to be a psychic, right?" He asked.


"You see me sawing some bony tramp in half? You think I'm a magician? I may be able to read thoughts and sense energies in a room, but I can't just pull facts out of thin air. Sit, please." She said, laying out some more colouring on the table for Amélie.

"Boy, you put your foot on my coffee table, I'm a whack you with a spoon!" Missouri reprimanded Dean. “And you,” she rounded on a smirking Sam pointing a stern finger at him. “You want this sweet girl to have a relationship with you then put. In. The effort.” She annunciated. “Stop your whining at your brother.”  

“I didn't do anything." Dean protested, a smirk playing on his lips.

“But you were thinking about it." Missouri said firmly.

“Bad Daddy.” Amélie giggled, tapping his knee before going back to colouring, still giggling as Dean stuck his tongue out at her.


“Okay. So, our dad-- when did you first meet him?" Sam asked.

“He came for a reading. A few days after the fire. I just told him what was really out there in the dark. I guess you could say I drew back the curtains for him."

“What about the fire? Do you know what killed our Mum?" Dean asked.

“A little. Your daddy took me to your house. He was hopin' I could sense the echoes, the fingerprints of this thing."

“And could you?" Sam asked.

“I--" Missouri faltered, looking wary and scared. 

“What was it?" Sam asked. 

“I don't know. Oh, but it was evil." Missouri confessed, shuddering. “Dean, I know you don’t want Amélie back in that house with this new thing having sensed her and with how terrified she was, Amélie is more than welcome to stay here. 


I promise I’ve set up precautions so nothing can get into this house, albeit not as powerful as what you use but if we use those ingenious sachets at every window and door to the house, in and outside the guest bedroom and around the bed she’ll be more than safe.” Missouri assured Dean who looked uncertain.

“You swear she’ll be safe here?” Dean questioned, clutching Amélie close to him. “I don’t want to leave her on her own. Even if it’ll be her nap time.” 

“I understand perfectly.” Missouri assured him, patting his hand and not the least bit offended. In fact she looked pleased, if not proud.


“You can stay here with her and are more than welcome to watch my TV and anything to drink while Sam takes me back to the house.” 

“Thank you.” Dean sighed in relief, hugging Amélie close who was rubbing her eyes tiredly and holding Coco closer. 

“Look Daddy.” Amélie said, showing him her drawing. 

“It’s beautiful, baby, thank you. I love it.” Dean said happily, kissing the top of her head getting a tired but happy smile from Amélie. 




Sam and Missouri went to their old home, while Amélie and Dean were left at the psychic's house. Eventually when Sam and Missouri returned home, they began to prepare bags full of herbs and roots.  "So, what is all this stuff, anyway?" Dean asked, only recognising some of it from what Simone, Charles and Claudette and told him about. 

“Angelica Root, Van Van oil, crossroad dirt, a few other odds and ends." the psychic said.

“What are we supposed to do with it?" Sam asked.

“We're gonna put them inside the walls in the north, south, east, west corners on each floor of the house."

"We'll be punching holes in the drywall. Jenny's gonna love that." Dean said dryly.

"She'll live."

“And this will destroy the spirits?"

“It should. It should purify the house completely. Well, each take a floor. But we work fast. Once the spirits realise what we’re up to, things are gonna get bad."




The three Winchesters were sitting in the car, outside Jenny's house.

“All right, so, tell me again, what are we still doin' here?" Dean asked Sam.

“I don't know. I just still have a bad filling."

“Why? Missouri did her whole Zelda Rubenstein thing, the house should be clean, it should be over."

“Yeah, well, probably. But I just wanna make sure, that's all."

“Yeah, well, the problem is Amélie and I could be sleeping in bed right now. Amélie is tired." Suddenly Amélie started whimpering and repeated the same words she’d said with Peter Sweeny.


Dean’s heart to all but stopped in fear as he hurriedly set up the sachets in a formation around Amélie to magnify the protection around her thrice-fold, when Sam looked up at Jenn's window and saw her screaming.

"Dean. Look, Dean!"

“Princess, stay here! Daddy will be back." Dean said, and then he rushed out of the car and ran towards the house.




The next morning when it was finally over Sam, Dean and Amélie bid goodbye to Missouri, Jenny and her family after accepting a box of old photos of Jenny. They wanted to head to the nearest hotel outside of Lawrence so they could get a few hours of sleep as none had gotten any sleep as Amélie had been too sacred for her Daddy despite being comforted by Jenny throughout the night along with her own two children. In fact Sari had sat between Amélie and her little brother holding both of their hands. While Jenny sat in the front seats of the car watching them all shrewdly. 


“Don’t you three be strangers now.” Missouri said firmly. 

“We won’t.” Dean assured her, feeling indebted to Missouri for helping keep his Princess safe. 

“See you around.” Missouri bid, waving to the three as they drove off. She had one Winchester she needed to cuss out for how he’s treated his eldest son, his daughter-in-law and his sweet granddaughter.

Chapter Text

Chapter Fourteen, Home for Easter 


{Friday April 14th - Wednesday 27th April} 


After a trying few weeks where both his brother and his father were testing his patience; with their excessive need to hunt and not even considering the risks it poses to his daughter, Dean was glad it was the Easter holidays for two weeks and he was driving in the direction of home: New Orleans. 

"Daddy." Amélie called, bringing Dean out of his angry thoughts as an instant smile appeared on his face at her sweet voice and the beaming smile directed at him through the rear view mirror. 

"Yeah, Princess?" Dean questioned, pulling a face at her and getting an oh so sweet smile in return. 

"Wuv you Daddy." Amélie exclaimed. 

"I love you too baby." Dean replied happily. "Excited to see Grandma and Grandpa, Princess?"


"Yeah!!" Amélie cheered loudly, succeeding in startling Sam awake with a jolt. 

"Amélie!" Sam shouted sternly, causing Dean to suddenly pull over to the side of the road, quickly switching the engine off and spinning round to glare at his brother heatedly. He'd noticed his sweet baby flinch in the mirror as her sea blue-green eyes filled with tears which made his blood boil; it was as if a blood boiling curse had been placed upon him his fury was to that extent. And he had a personal encounter with such a spell when he had to deal with the voodoo thing a couple of months ago when that rouge witch was targeting his coven. 

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Dean hissed dangerously, trying to keep his voice under control as not to shout at Sam in front of his baby, despite how much he wanted to. 

"What?" Sam scoffed. "She woke me up! If you were any sort of parent you would be telling her off instead of having a go at me for doing your job!" 


"Don't you dare!" Dean growled. "Get out of the car Sam, now!" His voice shaking with the effort it was taking to control his anger until he couldn't control it anymore. Scoffing Sam climbed out of the car, walking a few feet away from the car glaring at Dean through the windshield like a petulant child. Dean ignored Sam for the moment, turning to his daughter only to see her sitting quietly with tears running down her cheeks clutching at Coco tightly which just made the anger strengthen tenfold. 

"Daddy will be back in a minute, baby." Dean whispered tenderly, leaving over the back of his seat, wiping away her tears and kissing her forehead lovingly. 


"I sorry Daddy." Amélie sobbed, wrapping her small arms tightly around Dean's neck. Tightening his hold on her, Dean quickly undid her seatbelt scooping her up in his arms. 

"No, no, no baby. You've done nothing wrong I promise." Dean whispered, running a hand through her hair soothingly. "Uncle Sammy should have never shouted at you he is wrong to do it Princess, I promise and you know Daddy never lies to you or breaks his promises." 

"Pwomise?" Amélie hiccuped, calming down a little. 

"I promise baby. Now, you stay here as Daddy needs to tell Uncle Sammy off. Then you can put on some Disney music and we can sing to it all the way home." Dean promised. 

"Otay." Amélie whispered, kissing Dean's cheek and hugging him tightly for a moment. 


Once Amélie had loosened her hold on his neck Dean started tickling her until she was laughing her little out heart which made Dean laugh. 

"No Daddy! No twickle monwster!" Amélie laughed, trying to squirm away but she didn't have much room what with the the steering wheel on her right and Dean's chest on her left. 

"That's better!" Dean declared happily, rubbing his nose against Amelie's. "I love you Amie, always." 

"I wuv you too Daddy, alwaws!" Amélie said happily, sliding from Dean's lap to sitting beside him. With one last kiss to her forehead Dean climbed out of the car taking his keys he unlocked the car and grabbed Sam's things from the boot and dumped them at his feet; his anger back at full force. 

"Seriously!" Sam scoffed incredulously. "All -"


"Shut up!" Dean ordered angrily. "You made my daughter cry, Sam! And that's not okay! Not now, not ever. And for what?! Because she woke you up from being excited to see her grandparents again. She's three!! And you don't care you made her cry, do you? There's not an ounce of remorse I can see in your face so you know what? Until you can actually show remorse for not only this but for continuing to segregate my daughter and putting her in harms way I don't want you around her. Actions, Sammy! Actions! You continue to say you want a relationship with her but have done nothing to PROVE IT! So, you can go hunt or go look for Dad yourself, I don't care, as that's all that matters to the pair of you anyway. You're John Winchester 2.0!"

"Dean, come on, I'm sorry it's just -" 


"No you're not!" Dean interrupted as he scrutinised his younger brother. "So go in there and get a coach to whether the next hunt is because that's all that matters to you anyway!" Dean shouted, pointing to the coach station five yards from them. 

"No it's not!" Sam shouted, shoving Dean angrily, but it was more that he was caught than anything else. 

"Yeah, Sam, it is." Dean refuted. "When it was Simone's birthday you argued with me about dropping everything to go hunt when I told you the night before what Amie and I would be doing the following day, the same happened at Christmas, and then yet again. It was a continuous pattern which I'm breaking. I'm not putting my daughter or myself through that anymore! 


Dad may have wore me down but you, you broke me Sam when you showed not only me but Simone and Amie such a lack of love and care that you weren't there for us when Simone died and Amie's life hang in the balance. Yet we dropped it all for you. No more! I'm being a better parent to my daughter than Dad was to us by just thinking of not being in the life for her, and to throw that back in my face... Until you can care for us as you should, this is goodbye Sam." After his impassioned speech and ignoring Sam calling him, Dean turned and walked back to the Impala which held his whole world, who was beaming widely, happily and lovingly at him which brought out the same smile upon his face. 

"Daddy!" Amélie cheered as her idol climbed back into the Impala making said man chuckle and kiss her forehead. "Daddy otay?" She asked frowning in concern. 


"Daddy's perfect, Princess." Dean promised, and despite telling his younger brother to stay away until he changes his act, he actually was better than okay. "Right little lady back into your seat and we can go." Dean exclaimed dramatically as he scooped her up, leaning carefully over the back of the sears to strap her in once again as Amélie giggled happily. Once Amélie was safely in her car seat, Disney was blasting through the cars' speakers with the father-daughter duo singing along (Dean putting on funny voices as he sang for the different characters) they were back on the road heading for home. It was long overdue. 




In record time the Impala was pulling into the familiar driveway of their home; Charles and Claudette waiting on the doorstep as per usual to greet the pair home. A relived and happy smile escaped Dean's lips as the tension practically bled out of him. Switching the engine off Dean waved to the couple as they approached the vehicle before turning to face his peacefully slumbering daughter. 

"Amie, wake up sweetheart we're home and there's two people here to see you." Dean whispered tenderly as he gently woke up his daughter. Blinking her eyes blearily Amélie slowing woke up rubbing at her eyes as a wide smile crossed her sweet features upon spotting her Daddy. 

"Hi Daddy!" Amélie beamed, earning a chuckle from said man and her grandparents who had just opened the door. 

"Hi baby." Dean chuckled, leaning over to kiss her nose. 


"Claudette I've been forgotten!" Charles wailed dramatically, dropping his head on to his wife's shoulder as she rolled her eyes fondly at her man-child of a husband. Why did she put up with him again? 

"No! No I didn't!" Amélie exclaimed frantically, her eyes wide and doe like. 

"He knows sweetheart your Grandpa is just being dramatic." Claudette assured, undoing the seatbelt and scooping Amélie up into her arms sitting her on her hip. 

"I'm only teasing Princess." Charles assured, kissing her forehead and tickling her when he saw she was a little upset. Remembering the phone call he'd had a few days ago with Dean over what had happened with Sam. 


"Silly Gwandpa!" Amélie admonished, tapping his nose like he'd often done to her causing Dean and Claudette to laugh as Charles was admonished by his three year old granddaughter; reminding them all of her mother. 

"Yes, silly grandpa." Dean agreed, teasing the darker haired male. "Princess I want you to be good for Nanny and Grandpa while Daddy heads to the supermarket I'll be back soon." Dean said firmly. 

"She'll be fine and good as gold as always, Dean." Charles waved off. 

"Otay Daddy." Amélie agreed, waving to her Daddy as she rested her head on her grandmother's shoulder as they headed inside the house. 


Once they were inside Dean pulled out his phone and called Andy and Elizabeth Evans, Celeste's parents who was Amelie's best friend from nursery. 

"Hi Andy, is Liz there? It's Dean Winchester, Amelie's Dad." Dean introduced once the man had picked up on the second ring.

"Oh, hi Dean. Let me just get her." Andy greeted. "Lizzie! Dean Winchester is on the phone for both of us!"

"Hi Dean. How's Amélie? Celeste has missed her a lot at nursery. How're you?" Elizabeth asked, once her husband had put the phone on speaker. 

"Hi. I was just calling to see if the three of you would like to come over Easter Sunday? I was planning a Easter Hunt and craft activities for Amélie and know she'd like to see Celeste. Yeah she's doing a lot better thank you and has missed Celeste too. And I'm okay, how're the three of you?"


"That's great to hear." Andy said happily, they had been worried for the sweet little girl and her obviously doting father. "Thank you what time would you want us to come round? We've just ordered Celeste a personalised bunny basket as we had the same idea too so we'll get Amélie one as well."

"Thank you but you don't -" Dean politely declined. 

"Nonsense. We'd like to as we know you're about to buy double the craft items." Liz refuted kindly. "If there's any food you want us to bring let us know and I'll start cooking. And if you don't tell us I'll just ask Claudette instead." Dean chuckled, embarrassedly mumbling his thanks as the trio hashed out the plans for the next few days deciding to leave it as a surprise for the two girls. 

"Great. I'll see you Sunday." Dean uttered his goodbyes as he hung up the phone pulling the car out of the driveway once more as he headed for Tescos. 




On Easter Sunday as the clock struck noon the doorbell rung announcing the arrival of their guests. Seeing Amélie was sufficiently distracted by her Grandpas Bobby and Charles and Uncle Rufus out in the garden, and Claudette and Cassie were finishing setting up Dean answered the door smiling at the small Evans family. 

"Hello Andy, Liz and little Celeste." Dean greeted, opening the door wider for them to enter. 

"Hello Dean." The trio greeted simultaneously only for a squeal to be heard from behind Dean and a blonde blur to crash into Celeste who barely stumbled under Amelie's smaller weight and height. 

"I missed you Celeste!" Amélie exclaimed. 

"I missed you Amélie!" Celeste exclaimed clutching Amélie tightly while the parents smiled at their kids taking pictures of the cute pair. 


"Hello Amélie. I hope you're feeling better." Liz greeted, crouching down behind her daughter. 

"Celeste has missed you a lot and we got you this!" Andy told her, crouching beside his wife and holding out two brown fabric baskets with a white bunny on the front. One had a checkered blue ribbon around the bottom with a blue bow tie and blue inside the ears on the rabbit, and with the name 'Celeste' printed in white. While the had a pink checkered ribbon, pink on the inside of the rabbits ears and a pink bow on its head, and just underneath printed in white was the name, 'Amélie'. 

"Tank you." Amélie smiled widely, as she accepted the basket. 

"You're welcome sweetie. I love your green dress." Liz smiled at the young girl who looked down at the green ruffled dress, grey leggings with a matching cardigan, white socks and green converse she was wearing only to look back up blushing shyly. 


"The Easter Hunt is all set up." Rufus announced as he entered the hallway. "Don't worry it ain't all chocolate. They've both got one large egg each, the rest is other things." He assured the two new parents but didn't specify as he didn't want to ruin it for the two girls. 

"Perfect thank you." Andy nodded gratefully, getting a nod off of Rufus. 

"Uncca Rufus, come help." Amélie exclaimed, taking the man's hand and dragging him into the garden while Celeste did the same with her Daddy much to the amusement of everyone else. 

"I see she roped in Rufus." Bobby chuckled once Dean rejoined them out in the garden. 

"That she did." Dean chuckled, smiling widely as he watched the two girls race against each other to find their items first. Aided by the two men who playfully tried to sabotage the other one. 


"You did the right thing with Sam, Dean." Bobby assured. "It couldn't carry on what he and John were doing to ya and that sweet girl. And if I'd seen him make that sweet girl cry over something so petty I'd have threatened to shoot him like I did your Daddy." He growled, he had been beyond pissed at the youngest male Winchester when he'd been informed. Once he'd ended the call with Dean he'd called Sam to shout some sense into him fortunately for Sam and unfortunately for him, Sam hadn't picked up; but that didn't stop him from leaving an angry voicemail. 

"Believe me Bobby I wanted to." Dean agreed darkly. 

"Perhaps this will kick his ass into gear." Charles commented hopefully from Dean's left side, though to be honest with himself he didn't hold out much hope. 


"Maybe." Dean agreed but he seemed to be having similar thoughts as Charles. "Anyway today ain't about them." He waved away, cheering when Amélie found another item. Both little girls’ magic reacting to their excitement causing flowers to bloom beautifully all around the garden. 

He may have gone over board on the presents but least he weren't the only one and besides his daughter deserved it. 




After a long and happy day of food laughter and fun Dean and Amélie settled into their fort after having a bath and changing into their pyjamas, (Dean in his blue checkered ones and Amélie in her new rabbit ones she's gotten from Bobby), to watch Peter Rabbit after everyone had gone home. Cassie, Rufus and Bobby were staying with Charles and Claudette wanting to let them have some Daddy-daughter time, plus they didn't have the room to house them all as they only had one spare room. But had been a good day, a smile had never once left Amelie's face which in turn had made Dean very happy and relaxed. Both girls had loved seeing each other after such a long time apart and had been spoiled by everyone there. 


On the Easter Hunt they'd found a unicorn Easter egg from Dean, a finger painting book and large Easter colouring book with egg shaped crayons from Rufus, a brown rabbit and pyjamas from Cassie, ABC flash cards from Andy and Elizabeth, Peter Rabbit story book from Bobby and Egg shaped music maracas from Charles and Claudette. They had done a lot of arts and crafts, most of which had ended up in the two girls, however, but no one minded. They had done plastic egg printing using washable paints, made an Easter Bunny with a paper plate, cotton wool balls, coloured card and googily eyes made made an Easter Bunny crayon holder using cardboard which were all currently drying in the kitchen and would decorate the living room once dry. Dean always pinned his daughter's drawings or arts and crafts somewhere in the house showing them off with pride. 


"Ready?" Dean asked, remote in hand as his daughter snuggled into him clutching tightly to Coco and her new bunny. Both were tired but we're having some down time, the plus being Daddy-daughter time in their fort. 

"Rweady Daddy." Amélie beamed, trying to hide a yawn as she didn't want to go to bed yet.  Smothering his laughter Dean pressed play as they settled down to watch the movie knowing it was highly likely neither of them would be away for very long and would have to re-watch it later but it would be worth it as today was just what the pair of them needed.