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Dean’s Witchy Princess

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Dean sighed throwing his weapons back into the secret compartment, as he'd just finished up the case he was on, a rather awful poltergeist in Slidell in The Northshore. He was bone tired but he was determined to get back to his fiancée Simone Dubois. Fiancée? Wasn't that a strange notion. He, Dean Winchester; had a fiancée. They had met about two years ago now; when she was finishing up college with her friend Cassie and the pair had hit it off straight away. When she told him she was a powerful, natural- born witch from a powerful Coven in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Dean didn't care and loved her anyway. Besides, he knew they were different from the witches who got their power by selling their souls to demons.


Although, it had taken Bobby threatening to shoot his father, again, and show him the lore books he had before his father finally came around. Bobby and Sammy had been extremely happy for them, but now his brother was off at college, he'd left a year ago after a rather large fight with their father. Don't get him him wrong Dean was happy for his little brother and had tried to stay in contact with Sam despite his father's wishes; but Sam had never picked up his or Simone's calls, despite getting on really well with her. Dean had proposed to Simone just over two months ago when he had taken her out for a romantic meal, and gifted her a bouquet of mixed roses, her favourite flowers. When she had said yes, it felt to Dean:  that he could finally breathe easier for the first time all day. Afterwards, Dean had tried to call Sam and his father to let them know the good news but neither had picked up.


Shaking his head out of his mournful thoughts of missing his brother, Dean started the engine to baby and took off for the homey apartment he and Simone were renting in New Orleans. No matter where he was Dean would always drive straight back home once the case was finished, he wasn't afraid to admit that he loved her or that he missed her while he was away. But now he was concerned as for the last two months Simone had hardly been able to keep anything down and it was scaring him, he didn't want to lose her. After breaking the speed limit by quite a lot, Dean finally arrived at their apartment early the next morning; only to see Simone in her pyjamas pacing up and down their living room, chewing on her thumb anxiously.

"Baby?" Dean asked concerned, dropping his bags by the door startling her as he absentmindedly kicked the door closed.


"What's wrong?" He asked worriedly, noticing the tear tracks upon her cheeks. "Sweetheart?" He asked again, resting his hands on her cheeks brushing away the tears with his thumbs.

"I'm sorry." Simone said thickly, tears still pouring from her beautiful blue eyes as she tucked her blonde hair behind her ears.

"Sweetheart you're scaring me." Dean stated worriedly. "Just tell me what's the matter and we'll deal with it together, I promise."

"I -I...." Simone closed her eyes and took a slow, calming breath as she took something out of her dressing gown pocket and handed it to Dean. "I'm pregnant." She whispered, as if she was afraid of his reaction.


"Really?" Dean asked, shock, excitement and a bit of fear showing in his voice. He's always wanted to be a father but he was scared he'd be like his Dad and of the work he did. 

"Yes." Simone said uncertainly, before Dean gently titled her head up and kissed her passionately. "You're happy?" She asked, a smile starting to appear on her lips.

"More than anything." Dean agreed, laughing as he picked her up, spinning her around causing Simone to let out a loud squeal and peals of laughter. "We're going to be a family." He cried happily, getting a loving smile off of his love.


~ One month later: three months pregnant ~


Simone and Dean waited anxiously as the doctor set up the ultrasound.

"Let's take a look at this little one, shall we?" She asked kindly, to the two anxious parents.

"Yeah." Dean said, kissing Simone's hand as his leg bounced up and down anxiously.

"It's okay." Simone said loving, bringing Dean's hand up to her lips.

"I should be saying that to you." Dean said, smiling tightly, only to smile widely as their baby's heartbeat filled the room. It's the most wonderful sound he has ever heard.

"It seems you have one healthy little baby. In a few months you'll be able to tell the gender, if you wished." The doctor said, as she printed off a few scan pictures for them.

"Thank you." Simone said gratefully.

"You're welcome. I'll leave you to clean up and inform your families. Congratulations." She said, handing Simone some tissue.


"Call them." Simone said sternly, once she finished dressing.

"Okay." Dean said, taking a deep breath he took his phone out and tried calling his Dad only to get voicemail, sighing Dean left a message, before calling Sam only to get the same thing. Sighing once again he left the same message, before finally he called Bobby.

"Hey Bobby." Dean greeted happily, when his father figure answered the phone. 'Least someone did.' Dean thought bitterly.


"Hey Dean. Everything alright?" He asked sounding concerned.

"Yeah I'm just leaving the hospital with Simone..." Dean started, but Bobby interrupted.

"Is everything alright?" Bobby asked, now he was concerned.

"Yeah everything's great. You're going to be a grandfather." Dean said with a wide grin.

" Congratulations, Son. " Bobby said happily, a wide grin on his face as he took a sip of beer and gave Rufus a 'shut it' look. "I'll pop up and see you two soon. You let your Daddy and Sam know?"


"Thanks Bobby, and it would be great to see you, it's been a while. Yeah I did but only got voicemail with both of 'em. How're you doing?" Dean asked.

" Just on a hunt with Rufus. He's making me wish the ghost would get us. Oh, quit complaining you idjit!" Bobby snapped to obviously Rufus; Dean smiled shaking his head at the pair. " I better get back to it but I'll see you soon Dean. Give my love to Simone."

"Will do. Bye Bobby." Dean said, as he hanged up the phone.

"We heading to your parents, baby?" Dean asked, as Simone finished talking to Cassie asking her to be Godmother.

"Yep. How's Bobby?" Simone asked.

"Wants to kill Rufus and he sends his love to you." Dean said, starting the engine.

"Ahh they're on a hunt." Simone realised.

"Yep." Dean agreed, as Back in Black started playing the pair singing along.


~ Five months pregnant ~


Two months later Simone and Dean were back at the hospital only this time to determine the gender of their baby and they couldn't be more excited. Dean had gone all out for their baby and their apartment was practically overflowing. When John had finally called Dean back about a month ago; it had been to get him to help him on a hunt. And he had been most displeased when Dean had refused especially when he told him he was about to be a father (and what he'd thought John was calling about), and was not about to leave Simone for days or weeks on end. They hadn't spoken much since then and Sam still hadn't called back.


"Hello Simone, Dean." Doctor Harris greeted, as she entered the room and started setting up the machine and pulling Dean from his thoughts.

"Hi Doctor Harris." The two greeted.

"Right let's see if it's a boy or a girl." Doctor Harris said, moving the wand of the machine over Simone's stomach. "Congratulations you're having a little girl. I bet Daddy's going to spoil her rotten." She joked, turning the screen towards them only to frown at something she's only just noticed.


"He already is spoiling our little Amélie Belle Winchester." Simone said happily, looking at the screen only to frown when Dean didn't reply and looked up at him her smile morphing into a deeper frown at the look of worry upon Dean's face.

"What? What is it?" Dean asked worriedly, staring at the Doctor and not his fiancée even though he could feel her eyes boring into him.

"There's a slight heart murmur with baby but it shouldn't be anything to worry about. But just to be sure we'll have regular check ups from now until birth just to be sure.


Don't worry nine times out of ten they repair themselves and it's nothing to be concerned about." Doctor Harris assured them.

The same as they had two months ago Dean called his Dad and Sam to let them know only to end up getting their voicemails and getting congratulations from Bobby and Cassie with promises from the pair to come visit them again soon, as well as assuring them to trust the doctor that Amélie will be fine.


~ Seven months (28 weeks) ~


Simone screamed holding on to Dean's and her mother's hands as she was told to push by the doctors and nurses. There had been a complication and now she was delivering her baby early. Two months early.

"No. No no no. It's too early. Too early." Simone sobbed, in between contractions.

"Everything is going to be okay, baby. I promise, you're doing so well." Dean praised, kissing her forehead. He was trying hard not to show how worried he was especially when he heard that she was losing a lot of blood. He shared a worried look with Simone's mother, Claudette, over the top of Simone's head.


"Okay I can see the head. Simone on the next contraction I want you to push as hard as you can." Doctor Harris instructed a few hours later. Five minutes later Simone screamed as she squeezed her hands around Dean's and her mother's feeling extremely drained with all the blood she's lost. She had a feeling she wasn't going to make it, but as long as her baby did that's all that she cared about.

Suddenly a very quiet, shrill cry wrenched the air as Amélie Belle Winchester was born at 8:30 am on the 22nd September 2002.


"Well done baby. Well done." Dean praised, kissing her forehead when he noticed Simone's eyes were drifting even though she was fighting hard to stay awake. "Simone?" Dean asked panicked. "Doctor!"

"Place her in the incubator." Doctor Harris said urgently, when she noticed the state mother was in and how small Amélie was.

"Wait." Simone called weekly. "Let me hold her. Please. Let's be real here, I'm not going to make it - no you all know it's true. Just...just let me say goodbye to my daughter." Simone said tearfully. Tears running down her cheeks much like they were Dean's and Claudette's.

"Very well." Doctor Harris said sadly, wrapping the tiny baby in two blankets to keep her warm and handed her to her mother carefully.

"Hi baby." Simone said tearfully, pressing a kiss to her tiny forehead and slipping a bracelet off her wrist and on to her daughter's with Dean's help, which resized as soon as it was around her tiny, tiny wrist.


It was a protection bracelet that would protect her from anything and everything, would stop her being possessed and couldn't be taken off unless Amélie did when she wanted to and not by force as it was keyed to her magic now.

"I love you so much my witchy Princess." Simone said, pressing a kiss to her forehead once again and allowing the doctors to take her baby to the NICU knowing this would be the first and last time she saw her. "Dean, tell her, her Mama loves her. And look after our baby, Dean. Promise me. Don't raise her like you were and use the sachets I made if you have to leave her alone in the room it'll protect her. She needs to be loved." Simone begged, growing weaker.

"I promise baby. I promise." Dean said, taking Simone into his arms and holding her close running a hand through her hair and kissing her forehead lovingly. "I love you so so much." Dean sobbed.


"I love...I love you too." Simone said, looking up and kissing Dean. "I want Dean to raise her Maman." Simone told her mother, who was about to leave the room to give them some privacy.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Petit ami." Claudette said, kissing her daughter's head. "I love you. Rest now." She said tearfully, and left to join her husband, Cassie and Bobby in the hall. Twenty minutes later Simone died in Dean's arms.


After professing love to each other one last time and talking about the wedding they never got to have that they had been planning. As Simone died, Dean let out a heart wrenching sob that was half a shout and half a sob, that those in the hall could hear causing their hearts to break in sorrow for Dean and little Amélie.

"Dean." Doctor Harris said softly, five minutes later. "I need to check her."

"She's gone." Dean sobbed, his head buried in Simone's hair.

"I know and I'm so sorry for your loss. Your daughter is in NICU and she's fighting strongly and seems to be doing well so far."

"I... I want to change her name to Amélie Belle Simone Winchester." Dean said, wiping away his tears but more still fell like a waterfall.


"Of course." Doctor Harris agreed, making the necessary changes and getting Dean to sign all the needed paperwork for Amélie and Simone. He kissed the love of his life one last time before letting them take her body away.

"I'm so sorry Dean." Bobby said gruffly, his own tears falling down his cheeks as he pulled him into a tight hug as soon as he left Simone's room.

"Here can you answer this Dad won't stop ringing and I... I can't right now." Dean said his voice breaking, handing Bobby the ringing phone before he headed to the NICU to be with his daughter. Bobby following along behind him.

"John." Bobby greeted tersely


"Put Dean on the phone, Bobby." John ordered.

"No I can't put him on the phone. If you were anything like a father you would be here for him instead of having your foot so far up your arse that all you care for anymore is revenge!" Bobby snapped.

"Look, this is important!" John snapped. "I know he's playing house but..."

"I should damn well shoot you, you know that!" Bobby snapped, smiling as a nurse looked at him weirdly as he walked by. "If you answered your phone you would know Simone went into an early labour at 28 weeks due to complications, she didn't make it and Amélie, your granddaughter, is in the NICU! If you care for him get here. Now! He's just lost the love of his life, his fiancée, maybe you can relate and he may still lose his daughter too!" Bobby snapped, hanging up the phone and not giving John time to argue or make anymore excuses.


"Idjit. Should'da shot him when I had the chance!" Bobby grumbled, before calling Sam's number and leaving a similar anger filled message on Sam's voicemail. Once he'd hanged up for a second time he slipped Dean's phone into his pocket for now and joined the silent vigil outside the NICU, staring at the newest Winchester through the window. Each of them praying that she would make it.




French to English translations:


*Maman = Mum.

*Petit ami = sweetheart.