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A friend in a frozen forest

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It was a normal day for Emilia, she had already cleaned the ice statues and now she is exploring the forest together with Puck, while drawing the map of the forest, she was chatting a bit with the spirit.

"So what should we call this area?"

"I don't know, I'll think about it for a bit."

Then she noticed something under a tree, a black haired boy, asleep in the fresh snow, trembling for the cold. She instantly ran next to the trembling boy and got him out of the snow.

"Why is there a boy in the middle of the forest?" She held him in a bridal carry, he was a bit smaller than Emilia, she thought he was really young.

"He apparently passed out for the cold, the village is too distant, you should bring him home"

The spirit spoke, he noticed that the boy was dressed in really strange clothes, and he was wondering how he just appeared in the forest, since he would have noticed anyone that entered inside of it.
Emilia took the boy in her arms, and started running to her house as fast as she could, once arrived she placed the boy under the blankets hoping he would wake up soon.

"Puck, will he be alright?"

In the meantime the spirit had already taken all the boy's belongings and started examining them.

"He has an high fever, a normal boy would have died already, but this boy is extremely resistant to illnesses for some reason"

"What do you mean? What is different with him?"

"It's hard to explain, but he remained alive even in the forest, and he isn't dressed for a cold environment, someone else should have died either for the cold or the illness."

"Will he get better?"

"Without a doubt, but it will take some time."

Emilia sighed in relief, she went near Puck and she noticed the boy's belongings.

"Puck you shouldn't watch other people's belongings."

"I know, but look at these things"

"What are these strange objects?"

She said, watching the unfamiliar things in front of her, there was a strange block that could be opened and lighted up, a curious wallet made of an unknown material, inside of it were a few coins, a piece of paper with an unknown language on it, and a drawing with the boy and two other people in it, apparently his parents, the most eye catching thing was the background, a really strange city with an immense mountain behind it.

"Emilia, I think that this boy is from beyond the Great waterfall, I have never seen a place like this in my life."

Emilia turned around to watch the boy, wondering if he would be OK.

"Can he go back home?"

"Probably no, it's better if you keep him with you, usually I would keep away boys, but he is too young." Answered the spirit.

"Why should you keep away boys?"


Emilia felt sad for the boy since he won't go back home, but she also hoped to finally have a friend other than Puck to pass the time with.
Puck thought that the boy probably never heard of the witch, so it was possible that he wouldn't discriminate against Emilia on sight.
After a few minutes, the boy started to wake up, he watched around him and found a beautiful girl with silver hair watching over him.

"Hello, where am I?" The boy timidly said.

"You are in my house in Elior forest, you passed away in the snow so I picked you up, how do you feel?" The girl answered.

"I'm fine now, just a little sick. So what's your name?"

"Emilia, just Emilia, so what's yours?"

"I am Natsuki Subaru, I'm unbelievably lost, and I have no idea where I am. Thank you for helping me."

"Hello Subaru, I'm Puck. Where are you from?"

Subaru noticed the spirit and almost jumped for surprise, he watched the spirit with glowing eyes.

"I'm from Japan, I was walking in the streets and suddenly I appeared in this forest, do you know why?"

"Apparently you were transported in this place from over the Great waterfall, before you ask, you can't go back."

Subaru stiffend for a bit and looked down.

"Emilia, we should go out for a bit, and let Subaru alone for a bit."

The two exited the house and waited outside letting the boy have some privacy. Subaru pulled himself together, took back his belongings and went out to meet the two.

"So what should I do now?" Asked Subaru to the two.

"You can stay in my house if you're fine staying around me"

"I should be the one saying this, you don't even know me and you are helping me this much, why should I have problems?"

"I am a half elf, and everyone despises me for my resemblance to the witch."

"Who is the witch?"

Puck answered "The witch of envy that almost enveloped the world in shadows 400 years ago, she was an half elf with silver hairs and amethysts eyes, she is named Satella"

Emilia looked down while Puck explained, and Subaru answered.

"I don't care who you resemble, for what I care it's really cool that you are a half elf, and I really like both your hairs and your eyes, they're unique."

Emilia looked at the boy for a bit, blushing and with a smile on her face, Subaru started coughing, and Emilia runned to him.

"Are you OK?"

"I'm just a little sick."

Then the three entered the house, Emilia took Subaru to the bed, and got him to rest.

"So Subaru, how is your country?"

"It's a beautiful place, there is no magic, but we have extremely advanced technology."

"What do you mean? How can you have advanced technology without magic?'

"Look at this"

Subaru got out his phone, the two watched it again.

"This doesn't run on magic. I don't think you have something like this here."

"Now that you say it, I can't feel any mana from this. It's really impressive."

"Subaru, you said that in your world there wasn't magic, so what else is different?"

"First of all there are only humans, I've never seen an elf or a talking cat in my life, so I'm pretty excited."

"So you don't fear me?"

"Why should I? You've only helped me, I can only be grateful."

"You're right, everyone hates me on sight for my appearance, I'm not used to it."

"That is just dumb, hate someone without knowing him makes no sense."

"Is it like this from where you are from?"

"No, a few are but generally no."

"So what else is in your country?"

And so the two talked about the more and the less, Emilia for the first time had someone she could talk to, while Puck sure made her company, it was for just a little during the day. But now she has someone to talk with.

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It was already morning and Subaru just woke up, he still had a fever but he was feeling a lot better than before, he remembered the last day and how he was sent to another world, how he met a new friend, that was peacefully sleeping right next to him, Emilia probably moved while sleeping and now she is right next to Subaru.
Last night Emilia forced Subaru to sleep in her bed, both for his high fever and the extreme cold. Subaru couldn't argue nor he had the strength to do so, and now he was relaxing with a beautiful girl keeping him warm. He was obviously embarrassed, but the cold outside the bed was far worse. He decided after a few minutes to wake up the sleeping beauty, tapping gently on her shoulder.

"Time to wake up"

"It's too early"

While saying this Emilia hugged Subaru, trying to persuade him from getting up, worried for his health, after a few seconds Subaru managed to get out of her grip and got out of bed, making sure to move the blankets.

"You're mean, why did you wake up? It's too early" said the girl, with puppy eyes.

"It's late, shouldn't we go to the village today? I don't want to end up in a blizzard again!"

Subaru remembered his first moments in this world, he was walking down the street and suddenly he was in a blizzard, he walked for a bit, but the cold made him stop, and after sometime he passed out.

"You're right"

Emilia got out of bed and went out to wash her face, Subaru started changing his clothes with something better and lit the fire, he remembered how Emilia lacked self awareness considering she almost changed clothes in front of him, she got schooled for a bit by Subaru and Puck. After breakfast Subaru started doing some strange movements outside.

"What are you doing?"

"Radio calisthenics, my father told me to do it every morning, you should do it too."

Emilia joined Subarus movements and in the end they screamed victory, Subaru noticed Emilia's hairs.

"What is it Subaru? Why are you touching my hair?"

"I just thought that you should treat your hairs better, do you want me to fix them up?"

"Fine, but don't lose too much time"

"Well give me a second, you sit down and I'll make your hair."

Emilia sat down on the bed, and Subaru was on his knees behind her, starting to fix her hair with his fingers.

"How do you want me to do it?"

"I don't know, I really don't care about how I look."

"Well you should, at least everyone around you can admire you a bit more."

"No one cares about how I look."

"I do"

After a few minutes Emilia had beautiful braids instead of her bed hairs.

"You're really good at this, where did you learn?"

"My mother taught me, sometimes I did her hair. Time to go now."

And so the two headed for the village together.
After walking for some time Subaru suddenly froze in place, sweating cold with scared eyes.

"What happened subaru!?"

Screamed Emilia worried, after a few deep breaths, Subaru calmed a bit and watched around, and then he immediately hugged Emilia for no reason, she simply hugged him back calming him down a bit more, after a minute she asked

"Subaru what happened?"

"Weren't we fighting the."

Subaru was immediately cut off and was gasping for air, and said right after.

"I just felt bad for a second, don't worry"

Suddenly a mabeast arrived, and was going for Subaru.

"What is going on here?"

Then a cat appeared and the mabeast was frozen, Subaru watched impressed, and then said.

"For some reason the beast attacked us, and that was really cool."

"Thanks, anyway mabeast shouldn't get in this part of the forest, why is it here?"

"I don't know."

"Subaru, it is possible that you have the scent of the witch"

"What does that mean?"

"You attract mabeast, and you have it for some reason."

"Dammit well time to go now"

"Yeah we still have something to do"

Emilia nodded and noticed how he was shaking and so, took his hand, the three walked for a bit more and found a group of people with a sled. Subaru's eyes widened and said:

"Emilia we can go on, you don't need to tell them to go away"

Emilia was impressed that Subaru already knew what she wanted to do and said.

"Don't worry, I can take care of it myself, you probably don't know it but I am really strong" With a wide smile on her face.

"I know that you are strong but promise me that you'll run if things go bad"

"OK, I'll be back"

Emilia started talking with the bandits and Subaru waited for a bit, and after a few minutes the bandits were running away from Emilia, Subaru came closer and noticed their weapons, and took a crossbow while saying.

"That was awesome, you surely teached them a lesson" Emilia turned around.

"Puck, why did you hurt him?" and suddenly a cat appeared.

"I didn't want him to hurt you, but for the future if something bad happens call me, ok?"

Both nodded to the cat and they took what the bandits had left, Emilia noticed how Subaru had a different expression compared to before, one that reminded her of someone, one that reminded her of a corpse almost, she didn't know who she was remembered so she simply went on.
Once they arrived at the village the two of them walked in silence, everyone around them stayed away, a few children were playing with the snow, one of them slipped and Emilia catched him, the boy runned away in fear, and Subaru took her hand, then they went to the merchant.

"You're here again, what do you want?"

"Em I need a few things, do you have some clothes?"

"I do"

"Hello Mister, I'm the one that needs clothes, could you show me please?"

The merchant watched the kid, he was a human, not someone from the forest.

"Why are you with her? Is she forcing you?"

The merchant asked, he was concerned for the boy, and whispered in his ear.

"No, why would you even think that, she is just helping me."

The merchant stayed silent, and gave the boy a few clothes, and he also gave him a black coat.

So the two paid and they started to go home. Subaru saw how she was treated and said.

"Why are they treating you like this? It isn't right!" Subaru screamed letting out his anger.

"There is nothing to do, that's how it is"

Emilia was a bit teary while saying this, she wanted to be accepted, but no one even dared to talk with her.

"Well I don't care if that's how it is, it's wrong going against a person only for his appearance, and even more if it's someone that doesn't deserve it"

Emilia was dumbstruck at the phrase of the boy and simply hugged him with a few tears in her eyes.

"you blockhead"

"You don't hear that one often"

The two of them after a bit started going back home, Subaru holded her hand for the travel, then took a bit of snow in his hand, and launched it towards Emilia.

"Why did you do that?"

"Snowball fight."

"Oh really? Then take this."

Emilia launched a ball towards Subaru, and on impact he was launched away, once touching the ground Emilia rushed next to him.

"Are you OK? I didn't want to do that."

Subaru started laughing at her display of strength and then said.

"Emilia, next time use less strength, I don't want to be launched anymore."

"I'm sorry, you're not mad, are you?"

"No I'm not, so for now just practise for a bit."

So Subaru got up, and prepared a few Snowballs for Emilia, she launched them around, and slowly she got used to using less strength.

"Ok let's try again."

So Emilia launched a Snowball to Subaru, this time the Snowball simply broke on impact and Subaru was fine.

"Guess now we can play."

So the two took some snow and started playing while going back home, Emilia was still better than Subaru so she won easily.

"That sure was fun"

"Yeah. I've never done this before."

"So what do we do now?"

"I go clean the frozen statues, you do what you want."

"It's not like I have much to do, want me to help?"

"No, I can do this by myself."

"I can clean the house if you want."

"Fine, but if you get tired, stop."

The two went to do their respective jobs, Emilia was always reminded of something by Subaru's eyes, even if she can't remember what, Emilia finished to clean the statues and went to Subaru.

"Subaru have you finished?"

"Yes, I just finished, so now what?"

"We can explore the forest. But you still have a fever, right?"

Emilia placed her hand on Subaru's forehead, Subaru blushed a little.

"You're getting better, but still not enough, we stay here for now."

So the two got near the fire, and chatted, played some games together, with whatever they had, and after dinner they went to bed, preparing for another day.

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A few days passed from the trip to the village, and Subaru got used to his new life, and as usual he was sleeping next to Emilia, he thought of that day, he remembered the fearsome power he had, return by death, he discovered it by getting pierced by an arrow in the lungs, and he remembered the feeling of death, but another thing came to his mind, and that was Emilia's power, the moment he got pierced by the arrow, Emilia froze everything around her except for him, she didn't even care of the bandits, letting her power destroy everything, the last thing he remembered was Emilia's tears dropping on his face, but while this thought run through his mind Emilia started to hug him, and so the day begun, the two did the usual, all while chatting of everything they had to talk about, and once outside they went to clean the elves, and a grey cat appeared in front of them.

"Good Morning Puck"

"Good morning. Emilia, when did you start doing your hair?"

"Actually, Subaru was the one doing them, now I don't have to worry about having my hair in the way."

"Really Subaru? You're really good at it"

Puck watched Emilia, with two braids on the sides of her head and a ponytail on the back, she watched the boy that smiled at the cat. Emilia went to clean the statues, she didn't want Subaru to clean them, as she thought this was her duty, in the meantime Subaru stopped the cat for a bit.

"Puck, can I ask you a favour?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Can you teach me how to use magic?"

The spirit remained silent for a bit, he watched the boy, he saw that he was actually armed with a crossbow and a little sword, small enough for the boy to use it, all of this under his black coat.

"Why do you want to use magic?"

"I don't want to be a burden for Emilia, if I learn magic I can at least help her a bit."

"Fine, so let's start, first with your magic affinity, there are four of them: wind, heart, fire and water."

The cat went to Subaru, placed his tail on the boy's forehead, and after a bit he answered.

"Your affinity is yin"

"Yin? That's pretty rare." The girl said having heard their conversation.

"Is it like a super rare type that only heroes have?"

Said the boy with a huge smile full of excitement.

"Yin magic is used for blinding your opponents and things like this"

Emilia said, at the same moment Subaru became a little sad, hearing what he could do.

"This is the common knowledge of that magic, it is actually used for time and space manipulation."

Said the cat.

"We just passed from simple debuffs to a world ending treat in a second."

"What do you mean world ending treat? What can you do to end the world with yin magic?"
Said the spirit, curious about the boy's statement.

"You can create a black hole and that should be enough already."

"What is a black hole?"

The two asked.

"It's hard to explain, in simple terms, it's the opposite of the sun, it can attract, trap, and destroy everything nearby, not even light can escape from it, with space manipulation it is possible to recreate one."

"I doubt that you have enough mana to make something so powerful, anyway let's start from the basics, you want something offensive or as you said, debuffs?"

"Something offensive and then the debuffs."

"Ok then look closely, minya."

A purple arrow appeared out of nowhere and struck a nearby tree, Subaru watched closely, and after a bit he did that same attack with Puck's help.

"For a beginner that's not bad, for now you can exercise your gate"

"I also want to learn how to fight, can you two help me?"

"Sure Subaru, I can help you a bit, I don't use weapons often but I can do something."

Subaru continued to create crystals, and slowly managed to use it by himself, then he realised he had no magic in his body anymore, and found himself collapsed, with his back to the snow.

"Subaru are you OK?"

"I'm really tired. Hey watch"

"What are you doing?"

Emilia saw Subaru moving his arms around, making a form in the snow

"I made an angel, anyway can you help me get up?"


Emilia took the boy in a Princess carry, and he instantly became red.

"You don't have to carry me like this, I can walk for myself."

"You used all of your mana, stop complaining."

Emilia took the boy into the house, and placed him in the bed. Subaru was too embarrassed to say anything, but he truly couldn't move a muscle.

"It's getting late, I'm preparing lunch, you can rest for now."

"But I want to help, I'm already being too much of a burden."

"Subaru don't say that, you aren't a burden at all, I like having someone with me."

"Well if you say so, but if there is something I can do, I'll gladly do it."

"Ok, here is the food."

Emilia sat down in bed while Subaru got up, or tried to get up only to fall back again, Emilia giggled a little and said.

"Subaru, don't overdo it, can you hold the dish at least?"

"Sure I can, no nevermind."

Subaru tried to get up and fell down, the two laughed a bit and Emilia took Subaru's food.

"Guess I'll have to feed you, say ahh"

"I'm not a kid, I'll just wahh"

"Here you go, come on take another"

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Maybe, take another bite."

"Stop it! It's embarrassing"

"No, I'm having fun, and it's not like you can do something, it will probably take the whole day for you to move again."

"At least let me eat by myself, and eat yours too."

"Ok I'll take mine, but here's another spoon."

Emilia went on with her pranks, Subaru couldn't move a muscle so he suffered everything she did.

"Ok have we finished eating, that was too embarrassing."

"Don't say that, I had fun."

"Good for you, now what do we do?"

"Well you can't move, I have no idea, maybe you have a story from your world."

"If you want me to tell you a story, say sorry for what you did before."

"Fine, I'm sorry for having fun, for an apology I'll tickle you."

"Wait what hahaha, stop it."

Emilia tickled Subaru under his armpit, having fun herself, Subaru instead started laughing to tears.


"Then it's my turn"

"No wait"

Subaru started tickling Emilia on the neck, and she started laughing too, for then moving on the other side of the bed, outside Subaru's reach.

"Come here and get tickled."

"No, I'm staying here."

Emilia stuck her tongue out and pointed it towards Subaru, and he replied in the same way. Then the two laughed for a bit and then Emilia got next to Subaru.

"So will you tell me that story?"

"I have a few stories, so which story do you want?"

"An adventurous one."

"Ok, let me think about it"

So Subaru thought of every story he knew, and started telling one at Emilia, and the two passed the day with the story of earth.

Another few days passed, Subaru already managed to learn a few spells, Puck noticed that staying in a place full of mana helped Subaru to use his gate better and expanded his od a bit, this also thanks to the fact that he was still growing up.
Staying so close to Emilia, helped him take a bit of fire mana inside of him, so that he could resist the extreme temperatures a little better, and he already managed to master shamak and minya, and now was focusing on murak, and vita, Puck didn't know how to use the el versions of these magics, Puck mentioned Beatrice to Subaru, he noticed how alike were the magic of those two, if they ever met they would probably become really close, another time he appeared while Subaru was training with the sword, he wasn't anything special but he was already starting to use the mana for enhancing his physical strength, he was being teached how to write by Emilia a bit, so the two spend the days like this.

"We are going low on supplies" said a bell like voice

"So we have to go to the village again?"

"Before we have to get the mana crystals, and then we can go"

"Alright, let's go"

On their way the two launched a few Snowballs to each other, and once arrived, the two started to take a few crystals.

"It always feels nice, it's like cleaning someone's ear."

"Have you even cleaned someone's ear before, or was that the first thing that came to your mind?"

"Actually I have never cleaned someone's ears." Saying this the elf turned around watching the boy with shining eyes.

"Ok if you want I will let you do it, can I try it too?"

"Ok, here's the tools, you can go on."

After a bit the two went back to their house with a few bags full of crystals, the two prepared everything for the next day, for in the end to go to bed.


A little fire shone in the forest, just to be put out by a grey spirit.

"Not now, she needs more time, forever if it's possible"

Chapter Text

Two figures were arriving at the village, one a black haired boy, cloaked in a black coat, with mean eyes always watching forward, the other was a silver haired half elf, a bit taller than the boy, it was the second time they arrived to the village together, the girl always arrived alone before, everyone wondered who was the boy, he wasn't from the forest, so why was he with the girl that resembled the witch, did he not know fear, or was he brainwashed by the girl, but never once he seemed forced to do something, every time someone watched the girl, the boy would grip her hand, calming her down, and so the look in his eyes would calm, this time the two didn't buy any clothes, only food, and so they went back to the forest.
After sometime 20 people appeared, they had a cage, and they asked for the girl, the merchant told them that they lived in the forest, they wanted to capture her apparently, they didn't mention the boy, so they went inside the forest.

"So what happened next?" A bell-like voice spoke.

"The Prince kissed the sleeping beauty and she woke up, so the two lived happily ever after, the end"

The boy was telling a few stories from his world to the girl, the two were exploring the forest, Subaru was drawing the map and Emilia was helping him one way or another, the two arrived in a zone full of fallen trees, as if blocking the path.

"Look who's there, the girl we were looking for, and who's the boy"

The bandits came from the trees with a cage, Subaru recognised the one leading them, since he was the one that killed him.

"So here's the thing, we discovered that the village help a dirty half devil, so either we'll have to make the village pay, or you can pay with your body"

At that phrase Subaru was filled with wrath and was ready to unleash his magic onto them, but Emilia spoke first.

"Did you hurt them?"

"Not yet, so either you enter or we will, and for the boy, he will make a fine slave"

At that statement, 10 purple crystals appeared over the boy, ready to attack, Emilia was hesitant at first but she also got in a battle stance

"Take another step and I'll send you to hell"

The boy said, ready to attack, he didn't want to kill them, but he was pissed enough to attack, in the meantime Emilia heard something in the distance.

"You have to go away now, it's dangerous here"

After saying this a few men runned towards the girl, she struck them in the chest, only to find metal armour.
The girl dodged a hit and went for the head, meanwhile a man attacked Subaru, who simply dodged and sent a little crystal in the man's leg.

"Only because you can use magic doesn't mean we'll back away, and don't you think that this cage is too big just for you?"

Saying that, from the cage emerged a dog like mabeast with two heads, at the same time, a pair of purple crystals struck the beast.

"Hell it is"

After a few seconds, a lot more crystals arrived and the beast shattered I a thousand pieces.

"How is it possible!? How can a child take down a mabeast"

"Subaru, when did you get this strong?"

Said the girl and the answer was a simple smile from the boy.

Right after a roar was heard from the forest and another mabeast arrived, this was a snow blight, which immediately attacked a few men, killing them almost instantly, painting the forest in red.
The beast was attacked by Emilia and Subaru, Emilia landed a punch in the beast stomach, for only being thrown away, and in the meantime he was struck by a dozen crystals that covered his armin a purple colour, right after the beast run to Subaru, hitting him with the remaining hand. Seeing this Emilia started to cry. And struck an arrow in the beast's back


Right after, an ice flower started growing in the beast injury, and in a few seconds the ice flower was painted red. Emilia was screaming, trying to stop her power, a few ice flowers started growing in the bandits, and suddenly she felt two arms embracing her. And a calm voice spoke.

"Calm down Emilia, take a deep breath. And don't think of anything else."

Emilia did as the voice told. She turned around and saw eyes similar to the ones her mother fortuna had, and she started screaming again, confused by her new memories.

"Calm down, close your eyes, take a few breaths."

"Subaru run, you will get hurt, I don't want to lose anyone else."

"You won't hurt me, now calm down."

Emilia did as she was told, and after a few seconds she managed to get hold of her power. Then she fell asleep.

"Nice job Subaru, she managed to get hold of her power, even if I had to help a bit"

"Puck, aren't you a bit late?"

"Didn't I tell you to call me if something happened?"

"Seem legit"

So the boy took the girl in his arms, and started going to their home.

"Can you take care of them?"

"Don't worry, I teached you how to use magic, I hope you can take care of Emilia."

So the boy disappeared in the forest, and the cat went to the bandits, and dissipated the ice flowers.

"For now I will let you live because the girl wanted so, but if she wasn't here, there wouldn't be anything left of you."

The cat terrified the remaining bandits, and after a bit he went to the boy, still on the way home.

"So can you tell me what happened? I didn't know that Emilia had such powers."

"She was born with a lot more mana than normal, so it is really hard to control, and now she is also remembering her past. But you should have no problem. In case I think I'll teach her how to contract lesser spirits."

"Should I contract with them too?"

"There aren't any yin spirits around here, and for the other types, you are too inexperienced to use them."

"Ok, can you tell me about her past?"

"She lived in the forest, but when it was attacked by the witch cult she froze it with all its inhabitants"

"In a certain sense she saved them"

"I wasn't there so I can't tell, I hope you can manage somehow, I have to go now."

"See you soon"

So the spirit disappeared and in the meantime, the two arrived home, the boy let the girl lay down in bed and after changing his clothes, he also fell asleep.

Chapter Text

A little girl wandering in the forest with two people accompanying her, one was a tall man with green hair, and the other was a woman with silver hairs and mean eyes. She remembered their names, Geuse and Fortuna, a little boy that reminded her of Fortuna helped her remember. And the strange power that surrounded the boy was slowly nullify the magic of the evil witch, but the girl didn't know that, so she woke up, next to her the boy, peacefully asleep, she was remembered everything, and so, tears started running down her cheeks, and from the cheeks, to the boy, that woke up instantly. The boy didn't know what to do, so he simply hugged the girl, waiting for her to calm down.

"Are you OK now? What happened?"

"I remembered my past, my aunt, Geuse, everyone, I remember what happened, and how the frozen was frozen."

"Calm down and explain, and vent everything you've got."

"Aunt Fortuna was the one that always took care of me, Geuse was like a father, and we lived here with all the others, one day, someone arrived and Geuse and Fortuna fought them, then Fortuna died and I froze the forest."

"And the ones that attacked the forest? Were they frozen too?"

"No they escaped, but it's my fault everyone is frozen"

"So you saved them"

"But it's my fault, Fortuna died because of me, it's all my fault!"

"Then stop crying and go search for something to save them, if you really have to say it's all your fault, start doing something about it."

After saying this, the girl raised her eyes watching the boy, she was still crying, filled with guilt, and still wrapped around his arms.

"But what should I do? Aunt Fortuna died trying to protect me, Arch died for the back serpent, the forest is frozen because of me. What should I do?"

"Don't let their sacrifice be in vain and go search for something to unfreeze the forest, if the others will be mad at you, just apologise until they will have to accept."

Emilia didn't know what to say, as she accepted what the boy said, and after crying for another few minutes, she pulled herself together and watched the boy, they stayed together for more time, and in the end got out of bed, and started a new day.
A cat appeared out of nowhere, watched the girl, with red puffy eyes, and then nodded to the boy that holded her hand.

"So what are you going to do today?"

"I thought of exploring the forest, maybe we can get a few crystals, if it's OK I thought of going out of the forest after sometime. I remember how to use my magic but I can't control it very well, so when I will learn we will go."

The cat's eyes widened at the girl's statement, never expecting her to say it, he realised that she was a bit more mature than before, and thought of helping her a bit.

"I can teach you how to contract with lesser spirits, they can help you control that power, and also help you fight, before you ask me Subaru, you will have a hard time with spirits of others' affinities as yours and there aren't any yin spirits around here, sorry."

The boy watched down with a sad look. Then the girl nodded at the spirit accepting his proposal, the spirit disappeared and the two started exploring the forest, while the girl was trying to use better her power, and the boy helped her with his own knowledge.

A few days have passed, the girl now had four blue spirits with her, and the boy even learned a defensive spell, the girl made sure that the statues where clean by covering them in an igloo, as subaru called it, so that for when the two exited the forest they didn't have to worry about it, they already prepared a few supplies, and even a backpack, and now they were preparing for the crystals. Suddenly the two noticed something in the distance.

"A mabeast, and what is that black water?"

"It's the black serpent poison, never touch it, or you'll die."

So the mabeast was easily killed by the poison and it passed from the beast to the two.


A few crystals arrived at the poison, and after it was frozen by the girl, the two took a piece of it and went home, to show it to the spirit.

"This thing is really dangerous, even now, the ice didn't kill it completely."

So a bit of poison exited the ice and was instantly frozen by the cat, that destroyed it with his hands.

"If it's Subaru's attacks then it should be dead, but the frozen part is probably still alive. You'll never get there in time."

"Then what should we do, we can't let it run free."

"I'll go there to check, you stay here, if something happens, call me"

So the spirit disappeared, and the two went to the village to tell them to escape, but in the way they met an immense amount of poison.

"Well, Puck didn't do is job, what should we do?"

"Make it follow us and freeze it."

"Ok then, I return by"

Suddenly, all of the poison changed direction and went for Subaru, Emilia created an ice skate and picked up Subaru.

"It worked too well" and so the two runned away as fast as they could, after some time the poison catched up to them and the two were launched in the air, Emilia with Subaru in her arms, watched him for a second, and she let loose of her power, freezing all the poison around her, her spirits helped her contain it. And once they touched the ground, the two smiled and said victory together. Right after, a fire appeared out of nowhere and burned Subaru's back and killed her spirits, and a great spirit arrived.

"You are the leader of the bandits"

"I really like that expression, finally I can take revenge."

"But why did you do this to Subaru, to the spirits?"

"To see you cry, half elf"

And so Emilia watched the boy in her arms, but instead of falling into sadness, or panic, only a burning fire inside of her lit up, a fire called wrath.

So the two sent their magic to one another.

"If you have to kill me, then just go against me, but don't you dare touch anyone else."

So her magic opposed the fire in front of her, but little by little she was slowly overpowered, so she called out to a spirit, that was almost a father to her.

"Puck, help me"


A blue light stopped the fire in front of her and was added to the immense amount of mana already used.

"Finally you called my name"

Right after the power of the two froze completely the fire spirit, and so Emilia started healing Subaru, and Puck was moving towards Emilia, then a laser like magic struck Puck various times, and a horse like spirit arrived.

Emilia held in both arms Puck and Subaru, both fighting for their lives, then five horse-like spirits spoke.

"I am the arbiter Melaquera"

"Why did you hurt them, why can't you just go against me."

"I removed obstacles"

"Melaquera, why can't you let her alone, what can a crying child do to the world?"

"She is an half elf, she is dangerous"

Then the spirit thought of something and turned around, and spoke.

"Emilia let's make a contract"

"Why now?"

"Shut it Melaquera, you are so obsessed with the world, so you know that you can't interfere."

"Thank you Puck"

Then the little cat was covered in ice and he became a beast, and so a battle against two great spirits started, it would go on until dawn, with the cat-like spirit as winner.

"Puck why now?"

"Before I had a contract that made me stop, but I simply broke it"

"Shouldn't that give you problems?"

"Yea, but it's better than losing you"

The two were together watching the sunrise, Subaru had his injury healed, and was asleep in Emilia's legs, normally Puck would have told something about it, but the boy also deserved to be a bit spoiled, at least until he woke up, and so the boy opened one eye, and first he saw his friend and smiled, then he noticed the immense beast and jumped from Emilia's legs.

"Puck, is that you?"

"Yes it's me, I got a little bigger while you were asleep, what do you think?"

The boy immediately rushed next to the beast and started petting his fur.

"So what happened? And why is Puck so big?"

"Me and Lia made a contract and then we destroyed the spirit."

"So what are we going to do now?"

"We go home, we relax for a bit, and then we go out the forest, my winter holiday was really good, but it's getting tiring"

"So when did you two decide to go out of the forest?"

"When I got my memories back, I can't stay here forever, if we go out we can at least search for something to unfreeze the others"

"Got it"

So the Great spirit turned back to his usual form, and the three went back home, preparing for their future journey.

Chapter Text

A year has passed since subaru arrived, since then Emilia probably didn't pass a day without smiling, she remembered her past, and she got hold of her power, Subaru now was at her height, he was really good in yin magic, even if he only knew the basic spells, and he learned how to fight a bit, using both crossbow and a little sword, the two spent their days playing with the snow, exploring the forest, and at the end of the day Subaru would talk about his world while the two where on the bed, for then fall asleep next to each other, the two went outside Elior forest for the first time, they decided to go to the capital, on the way they walked all day, and in the night they would camp somewhere. On their way they usually stopped at a village, sometimes they were attacked by a mabeast, and they would sell some parts, one day they found a group of merchants, they asked for a ride and they let them in.

"Thank you sir, so you are merchants, what do you sell?"

"More or less anything we get, for now we have some crystals, and in the city we have a shop, what will you do at the capital?"

"We have a problem with powerful magic and we want to check if something can be done about it."

Said the girl, she was covered with her hood, so no one knew she was a half elf.

"In that case there is Roswaal, he is said to be the best magician in the country, but I doubt you will manage to meet him."

"Anyway we have a few crystals with us, would you like to see?"

"Sure, more objects can always help"

Emilia took the crystals, and showed them to the merchant, he looked at them for sometime and said

"I can give you 5 gold coins, these are good crystals, where have you found these?"

"In Elior forest, there are a lot more in there."

Suddenly the carriage stopped, and a voice was heard

"Give us everything you've got and maybe we'll let you live"

A group of bandits blocked the street, there were at least 20 of them, and even the few guards couldn't do anything about it. So Subaru and Emilia jumped down and went to face the bandits, while the merchant told them to come back, while a mix of blue and purple arrows appeared over the two.

"Go away now and we won't hurt you"

Said the boy, in the meantime the bandits shooted a few arrows that immediately touched the ground. After a few seconds all the magic prepared was launched by the two, and the bandits were all on the ground.

"That was amazing, I've never seen that purple magic, would you like to come working for us as bodyguards in our shop?"

"Fine for me, it's better if only I work though, we have also others things to do."

After sometime, they were at the gates of the city, the guards let them in, ignoring the racist comment of a guard, there was no problem in entering, the two had enough money for a month at least, and with subaru's new job they could go on for much more time, they wentto the shop and was shown the place, the merchant while a bit racist against Emilia, couldn't take back his word, and finally they bought a room in an Inn, so the two finally rested after a long journey.

"Finally a bit of rest, but we were really lucky with this new job."

Said Subaru while falling g on the bed, Emilia was looking a bit the room, it wasn't anything special, just a bed and a table, but it had a window where you could watch outside.

"Now we don't have to worry about money, but now, what are we going to do?"

"There was that magician, since you are so good with magic you could become his apprentice, and then ask for the forest."

Suddently a spirit appeared out of nowhere.

"Actually you both could become his apprentice, yin magic is extremely rare, and you already know the basics, but it will still be hard to contact him."

"So how can we get in contact with nobility?"

"Knights are usually very close with nobles, Subaru could become a Knight while Emilia search other ways, if things go well this Roswaal will become your teacher."

"Me becoming a Knight, that sounds awesome, but can I really? I'm not sure I'm strong enough."

"Well you are good with magic, and you can fight with a sword, more or less."

"So should I just go and try to become a Knight?"

"I doubt it's that easy, but it's the only thing we can do for now"

The spirit and the boy talked of what to do next, while Emilia watched the city, she thought of searching a library to study for a cure. For now she simply admired the city.

"It's really beautiful, Subaru was your world like this?"

"It's still day now, and in reality the buildings were much taller, but there were some cities like this"

"How much taller?"

"Like that castle"

"Wow, your world is fantastic, Should we go take a walk?"

"Yeah, we should also buy other clothes, I only have the ones from my home and the ones for the forest, maybe we can buy a sewing kit and make the clothes by myself"

"That would be really good, I didn't know you could sew"

Subaru smiled at Emilia, and the two went for a walk outside, they first went to buy new clothes, nothing special, Emilia had a simple white dress and Subaru bought a sewing kit and a new pair or pants and a shirt, then they explored the city for a bit.
After a few hours they went back to the inn, it was already night and the city was covered in darkness.

"In my world, the cities weren't dark like this at night, there were a lot more lights and you could easily go around without problems."

This was another curiosity from Subaru's world, even after a year he still had things to talk about, Emilia always liked his stories, there was always something interesting to learn. The two now were I bed, one next to another, and so they fell asleep, in the night sky, without any snowfall or blizzards outside, but only the sounds of a city.

Chapter Text

A few weeks have passed since the two arrived, Emilia has already searched for a few books, but none of them had a way to unfreeze the forest, in the meantime Subaru simply worked at the shop, a few times he stopped a robbery, but since then no one dared to do the same, the two managed to make enough money to buy a house for themselves, it was a simple house, it was a little worse than the Inn, but there was no one else in there, so the two had a bit more peace. Today Subaru didn't have to work, the shop was closed, so the two decided to take a free day. As usual the two woke up next to each other, when they bought the house, only Puck wanted another bed for Subaru, the two at this point didn't care anymore, so they still used one bed.

"Good Morning" Said a yawning Emilia, Subaru was already up and already prepared something to eat.

"As usual you can sleep for hours, so what do you want to do today?"

"I don't know, we can simply go around and do something funny"

"Alright" Saying this Subaru went behind Emilia and started doing her hair.

"Subaru, what do you want to do, not only today but in general. Since you arrived you have simply stayed with me, but we have done only what I want to do, so today you decide." Subaru thought about it for a bit and said without thinking.

"I want to stay with you, I'm always happy when we're together, so I'm already okay."

Emilia immediately became red, and after a few seconds, Subaru realised what he had said and he also got embarrassed, the two stayed in an embarrassing silence until they went down the streets, they both wondered why they got so frustrated, and why their hearts were going so fast.

"So are you two OK? You are really red in the face"

A cat like spirit spoke, as the two stiffend, Puck realised that the two weren't children anymore, Subaru was growing really fast and Emilia's mental age was catching up to her body's age, so the two were noticing a bit more of their feelings.

"Yes, we're ok, we were just going around"

Said Subaru, he was still embarrassed but they were still going around, with a bit of distance between the two, suddenly they heard a scream from a Street, the two runned and when they arrived they saw a guy robbing a noble lady, Subaru immediately launched a crystal and the thief runned away.

"Are you OK?"

"Yes I am, but now I have to go, goodbye."

The noble lady said these words after seeing Emilia, and she passed the two, and went away, in the meantime a red haired boy arrived in front of the two, he saw everything that happened before, then he walked towards them.

"So you two helped that lady, you did a really good job. I have never seen that magic before. Pardon me, I should present myself, I am Reinhardt van Astrea."

"Nice to meet you Reinhardt, I am Natsuki Subaru"

"I am Emilia, just Emilia"

"So can you tell me what magic was that?"

"It was yin magic, it's called minya."

"Incredible, so are you some kind of mage?"

"No I simply learned a few spells, in reality I want to become a Knight but they don't let me in."

"Maybe I can help you with that, I can't overlook someone that helps the others selflessly, and there aren't any yin magic users in the Royal guard, you could come to my estate and I could train you to use a weapon, obviously Emilia can come too."

Reinhardt noticed Subaru's potential, he had a good gate, and he was already decent in yin magic, he probably could get the title black in a few years, and for the sword, he could learn fairly quickly with him, even if he won't be the best, he still was useful. He also noticed Puck with Emilia so he decided to keep an eye on him for sometime.

"You really would do that? Thank you a lot."

"That's not a problem, tomorrow you can come to my estate and we'll start, I'll prepare for your arrival"

So the two separated, Subaru went first to his employer to tell him that he won't come anymore, and Emilia prepared their things to go to the mansion.

"We're really lucky that Reinhardt offered us his help, now you can become a knight, and maybe we can free the others more easily"

"Yep, I really want to start this training, I could feel his aura, if he is my teacher I wonder how strong I'll be?"

"Maybe I can search in his library if he lets me, that can help us even more."

"For now we should relax a bit, tomorrow will be fantastic."

The two went to bed, but today they were a bit separated, still embarrassed by today's discussion.

The two arrived at the gates of the estate, it was massive, there were Reinhardt and a few maids and butlers at the entrance, welcoming them in their new home.

"Welcome, this is my estate. I hope you'll have a good time here, especially the Great spirit with you."

So Puck appeared from his crystal.

"So you realized I was with this girl and you let her enter your mansion."

"I admit that I feel more calm, having a great spirit such as yourself in my mansion is better than having you scare people down the streets."

So the two went to their respective rooms, they couldn't simply ask for a room in common, since it wouldn't be seen as coherent in a noble place.

"So Reinhardt, what will be my training?"

"First we'll decide a good weapon you can use, and we'll see how good you are at using it, then we'll mix that fighting style with your magic, and after I'll contact lord Roswaal to see if he'll accept you as his student. And in the end you'll become a Knight."

"I can use a katana, I always wanted to use one."

So Reinhardt went to his personal armory, and took a katana, then he gave it to Subaru.

"Attack me, I'll see how good you are."

"Are you sure? Shouldn't we use a wooden weapon?"

"You should learn with the iron sword, otherwise you'll have some problems when you change from wooden to iron."

So Subaru launched himself against Reinhardt, he didn't know how to use a sword correctly, but he learned how to fight in general with Puck's help, he was immediately beaten, but Reinhardt had the idea of how strong Subaru is. So his new training started. In the meantime Emilia went to the library and started reading a few books, sometimes she would glance at Subaru and her heart would flutter. So the training started and life goes on.

Chapter Text

It was another day at the Astrea mansion, as usual Subaru was being humiliated by Reinhardt, and Emilia was reading books in the library, more than a month has passed, Subaru didn't notice but he was clearly a lot stronger compared to the last month, Reinhardt was always unbeatable, but thanks to his divine protections, he managed to teach a lot to Subaru. The two became friends real quickly.

"So how was I today?"

"You have always more control over your mana inside your body, so you are slowly becoming a lot stronger, you are already stronger than common guards, without counting your magic."

"Well I can't really tell the difference against you, we've trained for a month and I've never hit you once"

"Don't worry about it"

"So how far are we until we get to my limits?"

"Actually you are already close in physical strength, I've already sent a letter to manegrave Roswaal to inform him of you two."

"I'm happy to hear that."

"Emilia also trained a bit in the last month, she has an immense amount of mana, if she becomes a magician she will surely become the best in fire magic."

"Well Emilia is amazing, for her to be the best it's clear."

"You really like her, don't you?"

Subaru immediately went red, Reinhardt was always curious of their relationship, they clearly liked each other, but none of the two realised their feelings, so he started pointing that out to Subaru, he even fought better in Emilia's presence, he was like his grandfather, when he fought while feeling love in his heart, he had an unbreakable determination in his eyes, as if even death would bend to his will.

"Subaru have you finished, do you need healing?"

So after a second the one Subaru loved appeared, making his blush a lot stronger, and also making him swing his sword towards Reinhardt, usually Subaru would never even think of doing something like that, but Reinhardt was another case.

"No I'm OK, Reinhardt didn't break any of my bones today."

"That time was your fault, you had the Great idea of blocking an attack of a club with your arm."


"No one says Dunderhead these days"

So the three laughed at their little chat, Subaru turned on how to use a sword, and Reinhardt usually changed his weapon, so that Subaru could adapt to every situation"

"Master Reinhardt, the Knight Julius has arrived."

"Finally he is here."

"Who is this Knight?"

"He is a friend of mine, he can teach you how to behave as a Knight better than me, and he wanted to meet the Great spirit, so you'll train for another week with the both of us, then if the noble accept, you'll go train with magic with him."

"Cool, I wonder what we will do with magic."

The three went inside, to meet the young Knight, Subaru watched Julius for sometime, the moment he kissed Emilia's hand Subaru was ready to obliterate him, Reinhardt noticing this, went next to Julius and whispered something in his ear, so Julius went to Subaru.

"So you want to become a Knight, first of all I would like to test you, if you don't mind."

"Well I just finished training with Reinhardt, so going against you, will at least make me remember that not everyone is a God of war."

"Should I be offended by that statement or was it a compliment."

"You decide"

So the two went to the training ground, this time with wooden swords, Julius was stronger than Subaru, so for balancing Subaru could use magic, he sometimes used it against Reinhardt, but it never worked.

"So are you ready?"

"Let's see if everyone in this country is a monster"

So the two faced each other, Subaru attacked various times, a hit on the head, one on the leg and so on, each attack was reflected by Julius, some of those were trickier to deflect, and so Julius also started attacking, he was superior in strength and skill, so Subaru was already at his limits, Subaru kicked Julius while he was attacking his left, hit that was blocked by another kick by Julius, that made Subaru loose his balance, so he used murak to leap upwards, for then use vita on his sword, that managed to break Julius sword, so Subaru landed an hit on Julius.

"I've never seen that magic before, that sure was unexpected." Said the Knight, that fell on the ground.

"Well, surprise. Having magic that no one else knows is surely useful"

"Well now you win, but next time you won't take me off guard"

The two finished their duel, Emilia cheered for Subaru, while Julius went to Reinhardt.

"That was sooo good Subaru, you really got stronger."

"Well I'm not that big deal, you are much stronger than me."

"Stop saying these things, if you had half of my mana you would be stronger than me."

"If you say so"

Emilia knew that she was far superior to Subaru, sometimes they would train together, and Emilia always won, either with her ridiculous strength or her ridiculous mana, at least Subaru created a few magics that she could use, like ice brand arts. Subaru started studying with Julius for behave as a Knight, that was boring, luckily Subaru learned quickly so he managed to get the bases in a few days, and in those few days, a letter from Roswaal arrived, saying that he was curious to meet the two, and since Subaru was a yin magic user, he would have taught him more advanced spells, in the letter was stated that in his mansion there was a great spirit of yin magic, better than Roswaal, so if Subaru managed to become the Great spirit student, he would surely be even better in yin magic. So after a few days, a carriage was prepared, and the two went to the estate, it was a simple journey, exept the moment were Subaru almost fell off the carriage, from that moment onwards Emilia always held Subaru's hand, so that he wouldn't do anything stupid, the two arrived at a village, there were a few little children, they had around 7 years old, and a lot of other people, they were really close to the masion, so they arrived.

"Welcome to my mansion" a clown spoke, apparently he was Roswaal, Subaru bowed and gave his name, as a Knight would do.

"Pleased to meet you lord Roswaal, I am Natsuki Subaru, I hope I won't be a burden to you"

"Don't worry, so the young lady is?

"Emilia, just Emilia, I am Subaru's friend, I hope I won't bother you."

Subaru watched next to Roswaal, there were three maids, two twins almost identical except for the hairs, and a third maid with golden hairs, a bit older than the two. Subaru approached the three,

"Pleased to meet you three, please take care of us, miss?"

"I an Frederica, a maid in this mansion, these two are Ram and Rem"

The three bowed together, Subaru noticed how Rem watched him in a strange way, he didn't know why, but for now he wouldn't talk about it.

"I am Puck"

"So you are the Great spirit."

Suddenly a blonde girl exited from the mansion and went to Puck, calling him brother, Subaru immediately though of Beatrice, Puck talked about her in the past.

"Hello, I think you are the Great spirit Beatrice, correct?"

"Indeed, it seems that Puck already talked about me, I suppose."

"Betty, I see you are OK."

"So Puck, you managed to find your objective."

"Yes, now I am contracted to Emilia."

"Sorry for stopping you two, but now let's talk about what you came here for. Subaru can you show me a bit of your magic?"

"Sure, minya"

So Subaru created a few crystals, Beatrice watched curiously at the boy, for a bit she hoped, that person maybe arrived. So Subaru showed his magic, and after a few minutes, he showed everything he got.

"That was quite the show, I think that you learned from the Great spirit."

"Puck, you taught him that?"

"Yes, I was wondering if you could teach him something more, that could help a lot."

"If Puck asked me, I'll give you a chance."

"Thank you teacher"

Subaru started teasing the spirit, so the last part of his training started.

Chapter Text

The Roswaal mansion, this was the place Subaru and Emilia would have trained, Emilia would read a few books of the forbidden library, then she would go to Subaru and watch him study with Beatrice, Emilia was still impressed by how Subaru became close to the spirit, the first day wasn't the best.

"That child is really unbearable, I suppose."

The spirit was in her library, she just finished watching Subaru's showcase of magic, but right after he started teasing the spirit, she snapped at drill loli, she didn't know what was the term lol, but she didn't like it, so Beatrice simply entered the mansion, and retreated in the library, right after Roswaal explained that it was impossible to find the girl, so everyone entered the mansion, after a bit, Subaru stared at a door.

"Subaru what's the matter?"

So Subaru opened the door, finding the library with Beatrice and Puck on the inside.

"How did you find the library so fast, I suppose?"

"I just felt something strange and I opened it"

'This child, he has yin magic affinity, but does he has an affinity with my magic in particular? It was probably luck, I suppose.'

"Get out"

So Subaru was launched by Beatrice, and was catched by Emilia on the way out, the two fell on the ground, watched each other for a second, and then jumped embarrassed by the unwanted hug.

"Thank you"

"I couldn't have you hit the wall"

So Subaru looked around, then runned to another door, opened it, and found the library again.


"How did you do it two times in a row!? I suppose."

"I don't know"

"That was really impressive, Subaru."

Puck spoke from Beatrice's arms, so Subaru went in front of them, and took Puck from Beatrice, then started caressing him while watching Beatrice.

"Don't steal my brother from me. I suppose"


"Share a bit"

So there was Beatrice jumping trying to get Puck from Subaru, she didn't use magic because Puck was in there too, so Emilia entered and took Puck from Subaru.

"Technically Puck is my spirit, so I should decide who plays with him"

"Emilia, I can decide for myself, and you three stop treating me as a doll"

"No, I treat you as a cat"

So Puck flew to Beatrice again, then Subaru was sent out of the library, and Emilia walked out next to him.

"That was quite impressive Subaru, my staff usually takes a lot of time to find her"

"Then from now on I will go find her, so she is the one that should help me with magic."

"While she has the aspect of a child, in yin magic she is better than me."

"So why does she stay in that library?"

"She has a contract, she has to defend the library with all of her strength."

"For how long does she have to protect the library?"

"Until someone worthy of the library arrives"

Roswaal for a second was stunned, as if he said something he shouldn't have said, the two continued walking, the maids showed them their rooms, Rem was with Subaru, and Frederica with Emilia, the rooms were really close, so that the two could have meet in the evening without problems.

"Rem, why do you look at me like that?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean, it's like you hate me, but if you have to hate me, at least tell me why."

"You have the smell of the witch"

"What is that?"

"A smell that only people connected to the witch have, usually witch cultists, but I know that you aren't one, otherwise the sword saint would have killed you already."

"I imagine you know I stayed with Emilia for more than a year, if that doesn't confirm my innocence, then nothing can. I hope we can be friends"

"I'll tell Emilia you are trying with another woman"

"Shut it"

Subaru became red at the girl's last statement, he didn't have the courage to confess, and he didn't want to ruin everything. The two exited the room, as they went out they saw a red Emilia together with Frederica.

"Are you OK, Emilia?

"Yes, yes, I'm ok"

She said that with a high pitched tone, while turning her head from Subaru, Frederica behind started giggling a bit, same with Rem, the two went around the mansion, both Emilia and Subaru were a bit further away from each other, I the end they had dinner, Subaru seated next to Beatrice, while Emilia was on the other side of the table, Subaru was chatting around, making a few jokes, then after sometime, everyone went to bed.

Emilia remembers the discussion she had with Frederica.

"So this is my room, it's a bit different from the one in the Astrea mansion, I'm still not used to all of this luxury."

"How was before? You lived with Subaru right?"

"At the start we lived in the forest, everyday was similar, but with Subaru there was always something funny to do, one day he could have sang a song, for then trying to teach me how to sing, the other we have built an igloo, as he called it, and at the end of the day, we would go to bed, he would have told me a story and then we would fell asleep together."

"So you two even shared the same bed, no wonder you are so close."

"Now it is still funny, but I always wonder why he does so much for me, I just want him to be happy, but he always answers that he is already."

"Do you love him?"

"Uh!?" Emilia became instantly red at the girl's statement, while raising her arms extremely embarrassed.

"Why would you say that?"

"Just a girl's instinct"

"I don't know, I never loved someone before, in a romantic way at least, but I really care for him, when I am with him I am always relaxed, I can stay calm even when the world is against me, but I don't know how love someone, I can't tell if i love him"

"Well you just described what you feel when you love someone"

"Stop it, I don't want to look weird. If he says no, what should I do then?"

"Well trying won't hurt, but don't worry for now, we have other things to do"

Then the two exited the room, Emilia tried to ignore what Frederica said, but sometimes, she would just run away from Subaru.
Subaru managed to have Beatrice as his teacher, it was mostly force his way in the library and continuously asking if Beatrice would teach him magic, one day at the end of their lesson Beatrice kicked out Subaru, saying:

'if you enter again, I'll punish you by making an hell of a lesson, I doubt you'll even have enough mana to walk when I finish with you'

Beatrice actually liked Subaru's company, while sometimes noisy and annoying, he was quite the student, and he also told some interesting stories to Beatrice, she wouldn't admit it in a thousand years, but now they were working on el magic, and in the meantime Emilia would take a book, and search for a way to unfreeze the elves, sometimes Subaru would come up with a game, and we all would play it together, learning until the day subaru becomes a Knight.

Chapter Text

A few weeks have passed since the two arrived, Subaru got used to it already, usually he would wake up, wake Emilia, chat with her for a bit, even if both of them were always more embarrassed, everyone else in the mansion took the abit of teasing one of them daily, Frederica teased a lot Emilia, while Beatrice and Rem made Subaru's life hell, today the two were walking down a corridor, right after waking up, they didn't even change their clothes, and meeted Ram on the way.

"Good moring, I hope you two didn't destroy your bed this night"

"Shut it, you know we sleep in two different rooms"

"Why we should destroy our beds during the night?"

Ram laughed a bit at Subaru's red face, while Emilia was still too innocent to get the joke, the two asked to be treated in a friendly way by the maids, even if Ram sometimes was a bit extreme.

"Well you two asked to have the rooms the most close as possible, someone could easily think that you love each other."

At the last statement the two blushed like never before, Ram was always direct in her comments, while the other maids limited to little jokes, Subaru started walking to a door, opening it he found the library.

"Well for now I'll stay with Beatrice a bit, you two can go do whatever you want"

"See you later Subaru"

"I hope you won't destroy the library Barusu."

So he turned around and meet a little girl with blonde hairs, she was ready with a few books about yin magic.

"Good morning sensei, what are we going to do today?"

"Good morning, if you have finished messing around with your loved one, we can start"

"Stop it, I don't even know if she loves me"

"I'll admit that you are quite the student, but you seriously can't notice some things, don't you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Noting, today you'll have to practise el murak, the maids have to go take some supplies at the village, you can go there, and use murak to help you take something, for now you'll be training it with me"

In the meantime Emilia was going with Ram, she would usually study with her, Emilia told Roswaal about her goal, he thought of a few ways, fist the dragon blood, but she needed to ask the king, the sage could have helped her, but no one managed to enter the tower for 400 years, so the only way was to become someone extremely important in the kingdom, and have an audience with the king, and ask them to unfreeze the elves, but it was almost impossible to achieve, even if they would become heroes, the request was far too greedy, since the dragon blood was used for helping the people, they couldn't ask for just a few elves.

"Emilia, today we have to go to the village, would you like to accompany us?"

"Yeah, I should go outside once in a while, last time i went to the village, the kids played a lot with Subaru, but they also stayed with me for a bit, the villagers that gave me problems were also scolded by Subaru."

"He is an idiot, but sometimes he gives valid arguments"

"I still remember what he said, 'that all humans are bad if you only take the worst, the same is for everyone else', the villagers, after thinking about it for a second, apologised, and then we had a lot of fun together"

"Subaru really cares for you, he really tries to change other people's minds just for you"

"But I always wanted to do something for him, since we meet we always did what I want, I wonder what he want to do, it's not fair like this"

"Well for now we can have breakfast, then we'll go to the village"

The two separated, after a few hours they meet at the entrance to go to the village.

"Subaru, you come with us?"

"Beatrice told me to train with magic by transporting what we have to take, so I'll carry everything"

"You'll probably run out of mana midway, useless Barusu"

"Have a bit of faith in me"

The three, once arrived at the village, started doing the usual, first the exercises, then Subaru and Emilia started playing with the kids, Subaru would make them fly with murak, and Emilia would create a slide, so after finishing with the children, Emilia created some ice for the summer, that the villagers collected after thinking the girl, Subaru noticed that she watched the children thinking of something.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Where do babies come from"

Subaru started sweating cold, he knew someday she would have asked that question, but not out of the blue like this.

"Babies come from em, just ask Puck, he is the one that should tell you"

"Why he should be the one telling me?"

"He said he is your father, explaining how babies are born is your parents job"

"Ok, Puck can you come out"

"What is it Emilia?"

"Can you tell me where babies come from?"

Puck had the same reaction as Subaru, so he entered the crystal, and probably talked about it with their contract.

"Puck I hope you aren't lying about it, or making it worse than it seems."

So the three started walking back home, Subaru used el murak on the supplies, in the meantime Emilia had a surprised face, she looked weirdly at Subaru once.

"Can you tell me what he said? I don't want misunderstandings"

"He said that all boys at your age want to do that"

"Can't argue with that, but not as much as Puck is telling you"

Subaru remembered that he already talked about it with Puck, they knew one day Emilia would have asked, one day in the forest, the argument came up, the two talked about it while Emilia was cleaning the statues, and they already prepared how much say and how much hide, they decided that when she would ask, she would know simply the basics, enough to have the minimal idea of what happens while making a baby, Subaru also taught Puck of some scientific facts about it, so he could use them to dodge a few questions. Now Puck appeared from Emilia's crystal, she had an extremely red face.

"I hope that we have finished, I have to go study now, bye."

Emilia runned away from Subaru as fast as possible. She now has lost her mental innocence. Puck turned around, he had an orribile face, as if he committed a grave sin.

"As we have said, she now knows about it, I hoped she would have never asked"

"You didn't tell her something strange about me, didn't you?"

"I said that she is really lucky that you didn't do anything while you were together, but also warned her about bad people, the only one allowed to do that is the one she loves, and only if she also want to do it, now I'll go to sleep, I want to forget this day."

The spirit followed Emilia, Subaru went to a nearby door and entered, he found the library inside, with the girl at the entrance as if waiting for someone.

"Were there any problems with el murak?"

"No, I managed to use it quite decently, so what do we do now?"

"We'll see a few variants of this magic, then we'll pass to el vita"

"Yes sensei, but why don't you come with us sometimes, that would be even better"

"I have to stay in the library, my contract is about it"

"Getting out one day won't hurt you, when you go out a thief won't comes and steals everything"

"Well I didn't want to annoy you and your girlfriend"

"Why you all say that she is my girlfriend"

"Because you two practically are, everyone except that girl understood that you love her"

Beatrice managed to get the argument of her library out of the way, and Subaru was shouting while being stupidly embarrassed.

"Ok I admit it, I love Emilia, but what should I do, i can't just say that I love her, she probably sees me as a brother."

"Well you should try instead, it's not like you'll die if you try"

"I will die of embarrassment"

"Let's make a deal, after you become a Knight, you confess to her, if you say no, I'll stop teaching you magic"

"Why are you asking me to do this?"

"I'm sick of seeing you two a embarrassed all day, even Puck is uneasy about her daughter and her first friend being so separated"

"I preoccupied Emilia? Damn it, I'll apologise later."

"Well next week you will be knighted, then you'll confess to Emilia, then I'll have bubby for myself"

"So this is your plan"

The two laughed in the library, Beatrice always hoped that Subaru was that person, even if that was a small hope, she took a liking of that boy, and she hoped he could have been happy in his small human life.

Chapter Text

Today Emilia woke up in the mansion as usual, with Subaru waking her up always in a different manner, today he was singing a song, it was in a different language, Subaru said it was English. A memory of the past came to Emilia's mind, one of the days in Elior forest, passed with the company of a spirit and a boy.

She was in her bed, and woke up next to a young Subaru, he always woke up before her, but that day she woke up first, she stayed in bed, admiring the little boy next to her, he was cute, as a child should be, he looked innocent and defenseless while sleeping, Emilia hugged him with even more strength, she didn't even notice when she hugged him during the night, but she liked it.
Emilia's one and only friend, she remembered how lonely she was before he arrived, staying in the forest was simply a duty for her, a place where she would protect all of her frozen companions, then the boy arrived, if she simply guided him outside the forest, he wouldn't have a place to go, he would be alone, so he stayed with the two, Puck gave her a bit of company, but he couldn't stay for too much time, and he was fairly boring compared to the boy, he always had a story, always had a game to play, and made so that the time in the forest passed a lot faster.

"Good morning, I slept a bit too much, didn't I?"

"No I woke up before, but staying here like this is really comfortable."

Emilia hugged the boy even more, and now they were cheek to cheek, the boy was almost dying crushed, so he screamed.

"Too much, stop crushing me"

"Sorry, I didn't hurt you right?"

"No, you only destroyed my body"


Emilia looked down in regret, she still couldn't control her strength well, so she was extremely scared of hurting her friend, Subaru went out the bed and started moving a bit.

"So what do we do today?"

"We clean the statues and we explore the forest"

"What did i expect"

The two had a fast breakfast, then went outside, Emilia cleaned the statues, and Subaru was simply around her.

"Are you sure you don't want me to help?"

"I have to do this, it's the only thing i can do for them, if you helped me, I couldn't do anything"


Subaru watched the statues, they were extremely beautiful, even better than Greek statues, it was normal, Emilia told him that the statues are actually frozen people, so she cleaned them everyday.
Subaru remembered a song from his world, one known by everyone, he started humming it, and the forest was filled with a joyful song.

"Emilia, Subaru good"

A spirit appeared and while was greeting the two, stopped and let the song go on.

After a minute the song ended, with both Puck and Emilia applauding to the boy.

"Subaru, what song was that? It was really beautiful."

"It is called ode to joy, I just had it on my mind and simply singed it, I have other songs, but I need a guitar."

"I can create one with magic, how is a guitar made?"

"It's better if I draw one in the snow"

Subaru started drawing a guitar, he learned a bit how use it and still remembered how one was made."

"Ok here you have it, obviously it won't feel too cold to handle"

A guitar made of ice appeared, Subaru took it and started to play a few notes, then he started singing again, this time it wasn't simply humming, the song was really different from the last one, but it was still beautiful, he spoke a different language, so Emilia cleaned the statues again, and Subaru singed.

"Subaru you are really good at singing, why didn't you tell me before?"

"Surprise, so you want me to go on, or i need to stop."

"Now we have to do the map, but you can go on if you want, at least until we arrive"

"Then I do the map"

"You are better than me in drawing it, but if you want I can do it"

The two went on, the boy singed more songs, Emilia tried once to sing too, but Subaru stopped her immediately.

Today Subaru woke her up with the same song, almost 2 years passed since he arrived, and he always kept her happy.

"Puck come out, create a guitar for Subaru"

"Right away"

A guitar appeared and the boy took it, he singed, then three maids arrived and listened to the boy, then a blonde spirit, in the end, a clown. And all of them listened to new songs never heard before.

Chapter Text

The day has come, after months of training, both with the sword and magic, he could finally become a Knight. Subaru was already dressed accordingly, and he was called to be Knighted, the fact that Reinhardt was the one training him, made so that a lot of people would come, and a lot of magicians were interested in his yin magic, so the hall would be full, Emilia wasn't accepted inside, so she couldn't go with him.

"Subaru, I hope you'll be fine, I can't come with you, but once you arrive we will have a great celebration."

"That sounds beautiful, I wonder how Puck will dress you that day"

"Subaru, the carriage is ready"

"Yes Ram, give me a second"

"Subaru, can I ask you something?"

"Anything, if I can answer I'll surely tell you"

"Why are you doing all of this? You are simply helping me, but going this far only for me."

"Em, I promised to tell you after I come back, so you'll have to wait."

"Fine then, do your best there"

"Sure I will"

The two hugged, and after Subaru got in the carriage, there was Roswaal and Ram with him, the rest remained at the mansion. So they departed, they passed the village and the kids waved their hands at the soon to be Knight, in the forest Subaru noticed someone in the trees, he was a guy with green hairs, he was strangely dressed, but Subaru thought he was a traveler, they passed the Flugel tree, and in the end they arrived at the capital, at the castle they were greeted by Julius.

"So you've made it, Subaru"

"Yeah, now it's my time to shine, anyway where is Reinhardt?"

"He went in a mission, but he prepared a gift for you"

Subaru took the gift, it was a black katana, the sword was prepared for Subaru, it fitted him perfectly.

"This is incredible, he bought this for me?"

"Yes, he wanted to make sure you were well equipped, now let's go inside"

Once in the hall Subaru was meet by a great number of Knights and magicians, at the end of the hall there were a few nobles, he noticed a green haired girl, accompanied by a cat girl, so the ceremony started. First of all he had to show his strength, he had to face another experienced Knight. He didn't need to win but to at least hold his ground. So they went to the training grounds.

"Kid, I hope you're ready, I will give my all"

"Your move"

The two went against each other, Subaru was blocking all of the attacks, then a hit to the head, one to the heart, and so on, then the Knight, with a swift movement, got the sword out of his hand.

"Do you surrender?"

"I just started"

Subaru used minya and created two twin blades, with those he started attacking, he made his attacks stronger with vita, and dodged in the air with murak, the Knight attacked the leg, so Subaru covered his leg with minya, destroying the enemy's sword with a kick.

"Not bad kid, that magic sure is incredible, I couldn't imagine you had this tricks under your sleeve"

"Well I had a great teacher"

"Lord Roswaal, he was trained by a great spirit, you said, how is his magic?"

"He managed to learn the el spells in a few months, when he finishes his studies, he'll be a lot stronger than now."

"Well you pass the trial."

So the ceremony starts.

"Natsuki Subaru, will you protect the kingdom and his inhabitants with all your might?"

"I will"

"Do you swear to protect the king even with your life?"

"I swear"

"Then, you are now a Knight"

After a round of applause, he was finally Knighted. Subaru looked at Julius, that simply nodded, he took out the phone and took a picture, he learned to charge it with yin magic, then he was approached by a girl.

"So you are the new Knight, I am Crush, this is Felix, you were trained by Reinhardt, well you are pretty good with the sword, and your magic is unpredictable."

"I was well trained, I heard about you, skilled in sword and great noble, meanwhile Felix, I heard that you were extremely good in water magic"

"I just have a good affinity, I hope we can be friends, anyway what is that object?"

"It's a metia that lets me create a perfect drawing of something in a second, look"

Subaru pointed the camera to the two, then a flash got them blind for a second

"Why did you do that, wait it really made a perfect drawing"


Subaru then went to Roswaal, he was waiting for him to go out.

"So Roswaal, how was I?"

"Really good, now I have to go away for sometime, Ram will stay with you, we'll meet in a few days, for now you can go back to the mansion."

"See you later"

So the margrave went away flying, Subaru could only levitate in the air, so he was a bit jealous. The two went to their temporary residence, which was in the middle of the city. Tomorrow the two would go back to the mansion, so after a quick dinner they went to bed.

"What do you mean we can't go back?"

"This night the fog of the whale appeared, around the Flugel tree, going that way is impossible"

"Isn't there another street?"

"Yes but it will take 3 days"

"Then we'll go that way"

"So be it"

The two took another street, the travel was silent, Subaru learned how to ride a ground dragon, but he didn't take a specific one, he thought of buying one now. Then the carriage stopped.

"Ram what happens?"

He didn't hear a reply.


Then he got out and saw Ram, she was decapitated. Subaru let out a scream, and started crying, then something hitted him in the head and he passed away. He found himself chained to the wall, he didn't have his sword with him.

"So follower of love, welcome between us"

"Who are you"

"I am the sin archbishop of sloth, Petelgeuse Romanee Conti."

"What do you want from me"

"You are a follower of love, are you pride perhaps?"

"Why did you kill Ram?"

"She was in the way, now will you join me, we found a half elf, so we have to decide whether or not she can be a vessel for the witch."

At the last statement, Subaru used minya to break his chains, he created two twin swords and decapitated the sin archbishop, that wasn't expecting an attack.

"Damn you, why did you destroy my body?"

"What, did you posses that guy"

"Indeed, now die"

Subaru noticed some movements in the air and kicked the ground, suddenly he saw between the dirt, hands coming out of the archbishop's body. He dodged a few hands, and cutted a third with his swords, then he was attacked by another cultist, he managed to block his hit with one sword and with the other kill him, then something took his leg, and suddenly he was in the air.

"Why why why, I tried to be gentle with you, now you have to die"

He felt his leg being crushed and turned, he felt his bones cracking, his flesh destroyed, then the leg, his arm, and so on. Between his screams, a madman laughed and he felt pain, and a sensation he didn't feel for years, the sensation of death, he finally died.

He found himself in the building, he let out a quick scream, then Ram arrived.

"What happened Barusu"

"Ram, we go back now."

Chapter Text

Subaru was just Knighted today, everything seemed fine, we should go back tomorrow but now he asked to go back now.

"Barusu, why now?"

"The witch cult will attack the mansion"

"How do you know it?"

"I can re"

Barusu suddenly stopped, he then had his hand on his chest, as if something punched him.

"I just know it, we have to go back now"

"Fine, let me prepare the carriage."

So after a few minutes the two were on their way to the mansion, it was evening, and the two were going as fast as they could. Subaru checked his phone, in his world it would be practically high noon, but in this world it was practically midnight, he saw the flugel tree in the distance, he was anxious, he moved his knee up and down, preoccupied for the upcoming battle.

"Subaru we have a problem"

"What is it Ram?"

"We are in the mist"

"Don't tell me"

Subaru watched outside, he was in a thick fog, he knew what would come next.

"The white whale, go at max speed"

The carriage went as fast as it could, then Subaru jumped on the carriage, he didn't see anything.

Then he heard a sound, as if something was roaring, he saw an eye, an orange giant eye, so Subaru took his sword and slashed it, the beast let out a roar.

"Ram you go at max speed"

Subaru used murak to let himself float in the air. Hoping that the beast would focus only on him, he had an idea.

"I retu"

So the beast went against Subaru, he managed to get on the beast, so he started slashing around, the whale then made Subaru fall, so he used murak to not fall, only to be attacked by the tail of the beast, that launched him far away, Subaru never deactivated the magic, so after getting hit he passed away.
He woke up in a field, really far away from the tree, he watched around, then realised that he had a broken arm, he could easily see the bone, he let out a scream, when he standed, so he walked, going to the mansion, step after step, he blocked the blood with minya, so after a few hours he arrived at the village, he walked around, then he fell, he stumbled on something, he looked his hand, he saw blood, so he looked at what he stumbled on, it was a corpse, he screamed, seeing the people he knew dead, he saw everyone dead, but he went on, he runned to the mansion, and he saw Ram, dead slashed with a sword, but he went on, he saw Rem, a lot of her bones broken. He saw the witch cultists responsible for this.

"Welcome, I am Petelguese"

"I know your name monster, today you die"

"I see"

Subaru saw from the man five black hands appear, all of them directed towards him, he dodged them without problems.

"How is it possible? How can you see my unseen hands?"

"Subaru dodged all of the hands, then he went in front of him, and the sin archbishop was decapitated.

Then he watched forward, from the mansion he saw a beast, one he was familiar with, and he spoke.

"Subaru, you're here, but it's too late, I couldn't protect her"

"What do you mean you couldn't protect her"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't succeed in my only purpose."

The beast was in front of him, he didn't kill Subaru because he was the one that loved his daughter.

"She loved you"


"She waited for you to come, when Ram arrived, she told her that you died against the whale, Emilia became depressed"

Subaru fell to the ground, crying a thousand tears. He went on, he entered the mansion and then saw her corpse.

Then he felt something inside him.

"I am Betelgeuse Romanée Conti"

The sin archbishop took possession of his body for a second.

"Kill me"

"Emilia wanted you to live, I'm not killing you because of this."

"I don't want to live in a world without her"

"I liked you Subaru, you was the only one which I could entrust Emilia, even more than me, even Beatrice cried for you, she hoped you was that person"

So Subaru froze, he died a fast death.

He found himself in the building again, he was sad, but he knew what to do, he couldn't live in a world without her, so he would create one where she is with you.

"Ram, I'm going to the castle"

"Why so suddenly?"

"The white whale will appear around midnight tonight, and the witch cult will attack the mansion."

"Are you sure?"


So the two went to the castle, Subaru entered the throne room, where a few nobles were talking with the king, Crush was among them.

"Your majesty, I have an important information"

"I hope it is extremely important"

"The white whale is will appear near Flugel tree around midnight, and the witch cult is going to attack the mathers domains"

The room went silent at the statement, then the king laughed.

"You were Knighted today, you shouldn't say these kind of jokes"

"Your majesty he spoke the truth"

"Are you sure?"

"My divine protection didn't activate"

"Knight Subaru, can you prove that the whale is going to attack, and how do you know about the cult"

"This metia told me the precise time, and i saw a witch cultist on the road"

"Did he speak the truth?"


The king thought about it for a few seconds, and he spoke the truth.

"What should we do?"

"If this turns out to be true, and we didn't do anything about it, it would be far worse than having nothing to happen"

A member of the council spoke, the king remained silent and then

"Well then, reunite the royal guard, let everyone know of this news, and call the sword devil, I want an entire army ready to attack, and for you, if what you said is false, you will lose your title as Knight."

"The one I love is in danger, I couldn't care less now"

"I see, well you will be the one leading the army, together with Crush and the sword devil"

So the news was spread in the capital, and an army was prepared in no time outside hundreds of soldiers were ready to move, the number of the army was around a thousand.

"Dear friends, today this new Knight has given us the news of the Next appearance of the White whale, and of an upcoming attack of the witch cult, he will be the one leading this army."

Then the word was left to Subaru, and he spoke to the army.

"The White whale, a calamity that killed innumerable people, today this terrible monster will die against us, and so will the witch cult"

A scream was left, everyone was ready to fight, everyone had lost something from the whale.

"Kid, thank you for this opportunity."

Subaru turned, and saw an old man, he had a powerful aura, he was an experienced fighter.

"I am Wilhelm Van Astrea."

"I know your story, the sword devil, it's an honour fighting next to you"

"Natsuki, did you lose someone to the whale"


"So why are your eyes filled with wrath?"

"The one I love is in danger, and the whale is in the way"

The sword devil watched Subaru for a second, he started to respect the boy who treated the whale as a nuisance.

"I hope you can reunite with her as fast as possible"

"I hope so"

"Subaru, can you come with me?"

Subaru heard a feminine voice from behind, it was Felix, so he followed him.

"What do you want?"

"You don't have a ground dragon, Crush want to give one to you"

So Subaru was met by a great number of ground dragons, he looked at a few of them.

"I don't know what to choose, I'm not an expert"

Then he meeted a black ground dragon, and he petted the dragon for some time.

"I take this one, he really like me"

"Good choice, that species is usually really proud, for it to accept you like that is a good sign"

So Subaru took the dragon, and he departed with the army. There were a lot of great warriors, Subaru never led an army, but he wasn't nervous.

"So Natsuki, for your first day as a Knight it is really impressive."

"Julius, you scared me."

"You managed to reunite an army against the whale, then you want to destroy the cult, you will surely enter the legend after this"

"I don't care, I want to go back home, and these two things are in the way"

"There was a half elf with you, is she the one you love?"

"Yes, I still have to confess, but for now we have to kill a whale"


The army went on until they reached the Flugel tree, a base was set, so Subaru prepared for the fight. He met the sword devil in a flower field, the devil watched the flowers with a sad look.

"Natsuki, is everything ready?"

"Yes, I hope you will be the one killing the whale, what are you doing here?"

"My wife loved flowers"

"You really loved her, didn't you?"

"Yes, I loved her more than anything"

"Let's get ready, prepared to fight"

And the moment came. The army was in position, everything was ready, so music was heard.

"Where is it?"

"Are we sure it will appear?"

"Subaru where is"

As Crush asked Subaru a roar was heard, and so everyone raised their head, and saw the whale. Subaru rushed forward, and launched a few minyas.

"Everyone attack"

And the battle began.

Chapter Text

The battle had begun, an army against a whale, a few magic cannons were hitting the beast, while a powerful magic was used to illuminate the night.

"All magicians, fire!"

Crush gave the command, Subaru and Wilhelm were ready to attack. After a few seconds the whale was visible again between all of the smoke.

"It's not going down, plan B! All soldiers behind me."

So the army entered a formation, Subaru and a few magicians in front, while the rest of the army, behind them, ready to destroy the enemy.

"I return by"

Another unfinished sentence, the whale now was focused on Subaru. They had already prepared a few strategies against the whale. Now the whale was following Subaru, while everyone else attacked from behind. The whale now was covered in wounds, Wilhelm was slashing all around.

"Prepare to die, you foul beast."

The whale was charging towards Subaru, and the magicians used earth magic to block his path.

"Everyone, retreat"

The whale suddenly went upwards, all the people that were on the beast fell to the ground.

"Not so fast. I'll take another thing. "

Wilhelm, while falling, attacked the eye of the whale, and managed to cut it off. Now the whale was in the sky, and his wounded body started emitting mist. Then all the army was dispersed.

"All units return to the tree."

For more information about the losses, the army was divided in groups, each of 25 people, with one having the lead, so in case a squad had lost one man, the leader would have noticed. Subaru arrived at the tree, Crush and Wilhelm were waiting orders.

"All wind magic users, clean the area."

A great wind was created, and now the mist was dispersed. A roar was heard, and a lot of soldiers started screaming.

"What is happening?"

"The mist is giving a for some soldiers an effect similar to mana poisoning, Felix can reduce it, but there are too many people that suffers it"

"I'll take away the whale, the ones that can follow me, prepare to attack, the magic users protect the injured."

Subaru once again went in the mist, a part of the army followed him right after, and everyone heard another roar.

"Come get me, Moby Dick, Wilhelm, is it following me?"

"It's coming"

The whale appeared from above, Wilhelm attacked first, with all the army after him, the whale once again attacked, this time with his tail, and Subaru was hit, all the people on the whale fell to the ground. After a few seconds the whale disappeared once again, for then reappear behind them.

"Wilhelm, run!"

Wilhelm was eaten by the whale, then the whale went upwards, and the mist dissipated, so everyone looked to the sky.

"Are you kidding me!?"

"We're doomed."

Everyone despaired, as their eyes landed on three whales, Subaru was getting up from the hit, and noticed how the whale seemed weaker than before, while on the ground he noticed the three whales. He was extremely calm, not because he knew he could win, but more because he couldn't do anything other than go on.

"Everyone get up, this is no place to die."

No one listened to him, everyone gave up.

"You all really came here just to die? Just to despair? No one wants to defeat the monster in front of us anymore?"

Some soldiers watched their leader. As if they watched a fool, but some of them stood up.

"If you really have given up, then go and die, if any of you still have the will to fight, if any of you still wants that beast dead, come with me, and prepare to become legends."

A scream was heard, some soldiers were standing up, and one after another got ready to fight.

"If you remember Wilhelm, he should still be inside one of the whales, so kill them faster."

Subaru went back to the three, the soldiers he left were attacking the whale, under the tree there were the injured, Crush was defending them againt the mist.

"Crush I have a plan, but it sounds crazy"

"If it can kill the whale, I won't care."

"First of all, for what I know, the whale split in three"

"How can you say this?"

"The whale is weaker, and every whale has the same injuries."

"Fair point, but we still have to kill three whales."

"Only one will be enough."


"Because two whale are fighting, but one is in the air doing nothing, and why is that?"

"That is the main body! So what is your plan?"

"I attract the whale, and you make the flugel three fall while the whale is under it"

"Ok let's do it, but how are you going to attract the whale?"

"Someone launch me upwards, for the rest I'll manage with magic"

In the meantime, a scream was heard, and a few people arrived.

"Wilhelm is here, make way"

"Is he all right?"

"He is injured a bit, he'll be fine"

"Ok so, who has the strength to launch me upwards?"

"Subaru, I could help with that"

"Julius, you're here, I thought you were fighting the whale"

"My magic can be used for healing them"

"Ok, so Crush, prepare everything, Julius launch me"

So the two went in position, Subaru used murak on himself, while Julius boosted his strength with the spirits, meanwhile the magicians were ready to blow up the three. So Julius launched Subaru, that landed on the beast.

"You sure are ugly, well for now just follow me, and try to get a piece of me, I return by"

Subaru wounded the whale a bit and attracted it. While falling on the ground he used murak to slow down, and his ground dragon catched him.

"Really good, I should give you a name, Patrasche sounds good"

The two started running at maximum speed towards the tree, while the whale was following them.

"Dammit, run faster or we're dead, aren't dragons better than whales?"

The dragon started running at maximum speed, and then an explosion was heard. And the tree was falling, the impact made a small earthquake, after a few seconds, an old man could be seen in front of he whale, Subaru didn't hear what he was saying, bit then, the man started slashing his sword, the man was attacking with a fury so great, that he was hardly a man, more like a devil, and so, under the hits of that devil, the whale died, and a victory scream was heard, Subaru watched the devil, and heard him scream the words, I love you.

The battle ended, everyone was reunited, Subaru went to Crush.

"So we won, guess this is a great achievement for all of us"

"Well, these are some pretty words coming from the hero that slayed the whale"

"But Wilhelm killed it"

"But you was the one that made all of this possible, everyone here can't doubt that"

"Well if you say so, but we still have something to do"

"Sloth, you asked to be the one fighting him personally, for what you told us he can posses some witch cultists when he dies and summon invisible hands, that you can see"

"Yeah, this is a great advantage against him, Ram should have already informed the people there, and with her ability she should have scouted the area"

"For now I'll accompany the injured to the capital, you go and defeat sloth"

"Well this will be a pretty hard battle"

"Well maybe I can help with that, this old man still has a debt to pay"

"Wilhelm, you will come with me?"

"You want to protect the one you love, I will make sure no one will stop you"

"Thanks, so we can go now"

"Subaru, Felix will come with you, he can be useful in the battle"

"I understand, thanks"

So the three separated, Subaru and Wilhelm prepared the troops, and Crush was going away. So a battle ends, and another starts.

Chapter Text

The battle against the whale ended, Subaru was with the rest of the army, around more than half was going back to the capital, while the remaining part would follow Subaru against the witch cult, now they were reunited to decide the course of action.

"The witch cult is going to attack, I asked if someone could take a few carriages to evacuate the village, do we have those?"

"Yes, we managed to take a few, our troops will escort them to the capital."

"Good, for now prepare all troops, as for the sin archbishop, he can possess other people, so we kill the fingers first and then the archbishop"

"For knowing their position?"

"I can lure them out, in a way similar to the whale"

"That sure is useful"

"Well, all troops, let's get going"

The army went to the Mathers domains, a few soldiers were sent together with Ram to prepare everything needed, so when the army arrived they could evacuate the area.
When they arrived at the village everything was ready, all the villagers had a strange face though, so Subaru went in front of them and started explaining.

"Hello everyone, I am sorry for this inconvenience, but don't worry, we'll get you back to your houses in no time"

After a second the village chief went in front of Subaru.

"We know that you will fix everything, but is it the witch cult?"

"Yes, it wouldn't be correct for me to hide it, but please, give that girl a chance, it's not her fault, she can be your friend."

"Well, we saw that she isn't a bad person, so we can do it, the children even got a liking of her."

Subaru eard their answer and smiled, so the villagers went to the carriages, while Subaru went to the mansion.

"Subaru, you look anxious"

"Wilhelm, telling the truth, I promised to confess once I got back, do you know what I should say?"

"I'm not the best with words, I couldn't even confess properly to my wife, just tell what you think."

"How did you confess to your wife"

"I dueled with her, I defeat her, and I simply told her to become the reason I lift the sword"

"I doubt I can do it like this, she is 100 times stronger than me."

"Can you describe her a bit, you told us that she is a half elf with silver hair, and you wouldn't allow anyone to insult her."

"She is really beautiful, she is kind and I have known her for years, I loved her since I meeted her, but only now I realised"

"A lot of people would keep her away the moment they see her, I imagine your parents though you to respect others"

Subaru went silent, he left alone his parents for years now, he remember them well, but remembering them was always painful.

"Sorry for asking about your parent, I should pay more attention."

"Don't worry, it's not your fault."

The two continued their journey silently, so they arrived at the mansion, everyone was outside waiting, when Emilia looked eyes with Subaru, she almost jumped on him, hugging him.

"I've reeally missed you Subaru!"

"Me too, but now we have to go, we already prepared the carriages."

"I want to fight too, I can help."

"It's dangerous"

"I have you and Puck with me"

"Promise me that you will run if things get dangerous."

"Yes, same goes with you"

"Yeah, Beatrice isn't with you?"

"She has to stay in the mansion, don't worry about her."

"I'll go see her, Wilhelm accompany them to the village, I'll catch up immediately."

"See you later."

So Subaru entered the mansion, he went around, searching for the library, searching for Beatrice.

"So here you are, you really don't want to go out, do you?"

"I have my contract, I can't leave. I already told you this."

"So you want to go out"

Beatrice remained silent to his student comment, he stayed with her for quite some time, she told him all the time that she has a contract and he always remained silent, now he was reading through her.

"Yes, I want to go out, but I can't, so just go now, not much will change if I am with you."

"How does your contract end?"

"How do you know about it?"

"I heard about it right after one of our lessons, so if your contract can end, I'll help you finish it."

"That person will arrive, and my contract will end."

"That is a bit too generic, there really isn't anything else?"


"Well, I guess he never arrived, whoever this person is, he doesn't know that he should never make a lady wait."

Beatrice let out a slight cuckle, she stayed with the boy for a long time, he was only 15 years old, but he was really mature, in his eyes there was always a strange feeling, she liked the boy, he sure was noisy a lot of times, but he was also a good student, and always knew how to make the spirit happy.

"So what should I do? I stayed here for 400 years, Betty doesn't want to be alone."

"Do what you want, no one other than yourself is keeping you here."

"Do you think it's that easy for a spirit to break a contract? Should I just put an end to 400 years of my life? If you really want to do something, then either tell me you are that person or kill me."

Subaru remained silent at the girl words, he never thought she would have asked him to do that, so he carefully chose his words.

"Do you think I am that person?"

"No one is, so if your answer is a no, then kill me"

"Stop saying it as if that's easy."

"Then what can you do? I either live in complete isolation, or I die"

Beatrice was crying, it was the first time Subaru saw her cry, he noticed that she was sad, and he wanted to do something.

"If I asked you to kill me, would you do it?"

"Why are you telling me that?"

"Because I'd rather die, than live in a world without you."

"Stop lying, you have that elf with you."

After her comment, Subaru raised his sword, Beatrice for a second hoped he would kill her, then saw him pointing the sword to his neck, starting to cut it, without any fear. So she rushed to him and stopped him.

"Are you crazy?"

"Beatrice, if you know how hard it is to lose someone, then don't ever dare to ask me to kill you again"

"Shut up, and go kill those witch cultist instead"

Beatrice was crying all the tears she could, then she used her magic to make him go out the library.

Subaru then moved to the village, he looked behind, trying to see the girl.

"So, have you found some witch cultists?"

"Yes, one of them had a map, it could be the one with thir bases."

"Good, now I'll go to the sin archbishop, you continue to kill the cultists."

"Subaru what should I'll go with you"

"No Emilia, you go with them to kill the fingers"


"Because the sin archbishop is an expert in killing, but I can counter him."

"I see"

Emilia was a bit sad about it, but his couse of action made sense. So the squads separated, one to the sin archbishop, one to protect the villagers, and a few to kill the fingers. And a new battle begin.

Chapter Text

Subaru was walking in the forest, aiming for the witch cult hideout, when suddenly some witch cultists appeared.

"Bring me to the archbishop, I'm quite sure I outrank you all."

So the witch cultists bought him to their hideout, Subaru saw a lot more people inside a cavern, and the sin archbishop in front of them.

"Welcome follower of love, I am the sin archbishop represen"

"I know, and if you don't mind, everyone attack the fingers"

So a few magics were launched on the entrance of the cave, killing all the cultists inside, right after Patrasche arrived.

"What have you done!"

"I simply killed all your fingers, and you're next"

"What are you?"

"I am Natsuki Subaru, the one that protects the half elf."

"So you're really pride. Ahhh my brain trembles"

After saying this Petelgeuse bited his fingers, and a few unseen hands appear from his body, Subaru mounted his dragon and dodged the hands.

"You, how did you see my authority?"

"I don't know, but I'm fine with it"

So Subaru took away the sin archbishop, so that he could be sure that all fingers were dead. A few cultists tried to attack, but he simply dodge them and countered, and so he arrived near the village, in a field where he could have killed him.

"Here will be your tomb."

"What do you think you'll achieve by getting me here."

"And I tried to find a romantic place for your grave, for you so obsessed with love."


So a few hands tried to attack Subaru, he simply dodged them and cutted them, other hands arrived from behind, for which Subaru used minya to block.

"I've been slothful, slothful, slothful!"

The madman continued to rumble, in the meantime, a few squads had arrived, just in time for seeing Subaru leaping forward and cutting the sin archbishop's head off.

"He did it!!"

A scream of victory was heard, then Wilhelm arrived with Emilia, so she was going towards him.

"Stay there!"

Subaru screamed, then he started to spasm.

"I am the sin archbishop of sloth, Petelgeuse Romanee Conti."

"No you're not"

"Subaru, what was that?"

"The sin archbishop is trying to possess Subaru, he is fighting him"

Puck answered Emilia's question, and everyone around him started panicking and going back, while Subaru was fighting the sin archbishop.

"Emilia go away! I don't want to hurt you"

"Subaru, I can't leave you here. I don't care if I get hurt."

Emilia started crying, while Subaru was rambling something, or better to say, Petelguese was rambling.

"Subaru, why are you doing all of this to help me?"

"I love you"

Emilia stiffened, then she walked up to Subaru.

"Emilia, go away! I don't want him to hurt you."

"You won't let him hurt me, so let me help you"

Subaru smiled slightly, all while fighting the sin archbishop, Emilia got next to him.

"Puck, you know how he is doing this?"

"The sin archbishop is a spirit, he is practically forming a forced contract with Subaru, but if he contracts with a spirit, the archbishop won't be able to possess him."

"Bring me to the mansion. Beatrice Can help me"

So Emilia helped Subaru, hr was fighting Petelguese with all of his might, while Emilia helped him get to the mansion.

"So how is the situation?"

"It's stupidly hard to keep this guy at bay. Puck if I lose control, make me an ice statue."

"Isn't there something I can do?"

"If you kiss me, I might get a bit more motivated."

Subaru joked with Emilia, while Puck was ready to freeze him solid, Emilia then got near his lips, Subaru got a bit surprised, got almost possessed, and then dodged.

"What are you doing!?"

"Didn't you tell me to kiss you?"

"It was a joke!"

"Why did you joke about it, and you said you loved me, why did you even dodge?"

"Well, when I get my first kiss, I would like to not be possessed, but I still want that kiss later"


The two were getting to the mansion, Emilia was extremely flustered for the last joke, so once entered, Emilia leaved Subaru, and he started searching for the library, after a minute, where Subaru was almost possessed, and even destroyed a wall with a unseen hand, managed to find the library.

"Why did you come back, I suppose?"

"Beatrice, help me. Why did you bring me to a spirit?"

Beatrice realised that Subaru was being possessed, and Petelgeuse started destroying the library.

"Geuse, Subaru what do you want me to do?"

"Contract with me"

"Why me? Couldn't you ask Puck to find you a spirit?"

"I want you to help me."

"But, you'll die eventually, you'll leave me alone."

"Then don't be sad because it ended, be happy because it happened."

Beatrice was crying, the library was being destroyed by the evil spirit. Then Subaru got hold of his body once again, and moved his end towards Beatrice.

"Beatrice, choose me"

Beatrice took his hand, and a contract was formed, Petelgeuse went away from Subaru's body, and he took a deep breath.

"Beako you did It!"

"Subaru, what are you doing!?"

Beatrice now is in Subaru's arms, spinning around.

"Wait, you finally called me by name!"

Beatrice became red, while Subaru hugged her happily. After a moment the two exited the library, or what remained of it, and went outside.

"Subaru, are you alright?"

"Yes, Beatrice did an incredible job."

So Emilia hugged Subaru, all while Beatrice was in his arms, then Subaru watched behind Emilia, and saw Wilhelm Julius, and felix cheering for Subaru.

"You did it Subaru, that was a really good job"

"And you even contracted with a great spirit"

"Stop praising me, praise Beatrice."

At this statement, he lifted Beatrice, and the three laughed, then he let her down, Puck got to her and the two started playing, and Subaru watched Emilia.

"Well, didn't you promise me something?"

"Not in front of eve"

Not listening to her lover, Subaru pulled her in a kiss, the two stayed together for a bit, and then separated.

"I love you Subaru"

"I love you too"

So the group went back to the village, and were welcomed by the army, all screaming for their victory, the group prepared to leave, Subaru stayed in the front carriage, with Emilia and beako at his side, and the three stayed together.

"Man I'm tired"

"Well you just slayed a sin archbishop and the white whale, everyone would be tired after that, in fact."

"You really worked hard Subaru, for now just relax, we can take care of the rest."

"I feel a bit spoiled, then what, you give me lap pillow."

At his statement Emilia got his head in her lap, Subaru got extremely embarrassed, and tried to get up, only to fall again for how tired he was.

"I won't joke with these things anymore, I get it."

"There is nothing wrong in getting spoiled a bit, you spoiled me for years, and now you are even too tired to walk, you deserved this,and if you want to do something, you can simply ask."

Subaru stayed like that, and in a few minutes, he fell asleep completely.

"He is cute when he sleeps, like a child."

"Indeed, in fact."

"You now, seeing my daughter into a boy so much will get me jealous."

"Bubby, you stay with me."

"Why is that?"

"If Emilia takes Subaru, then I'll have you for pass the time."

"Seems legit, I never thought you would go out of the library, why now?"

"I choose Subaru, without anyone to look after him, he'll do very stupid decisions."

The boy sleeped, the group then arrived at the flugel tree, and Emilia noticed something.

"Subaru is having a nightmare."

"I wonder why."

Beatrice took his hand, making him calm down, while Emilia was caressing his face slightly, then she kissed him, calming him completely.

"I hope he doesn't have nightmares anymore, he doesn't deserve it."

"Bad it goes, I'll have you stay with him together with me, I suppose."

"When he wakes up, I'll make him as happy as me, if not even more."

"You better do so, he loves you more than anything. In fact"

The three went on, and two new lovers were united.