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A friend in a frozen forest

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The battle against the whale ended, Subaru was with the rest of the army, around more than half was going back to the capital, while the remaining part would follow Subaru against the witch cult, now they were reunited to decide the course of action.

"The witch cult is going to attack, I asked if someone could take a few carriages to evacuate the village, do we have those?"

"Yes, we managed to take a few, our troops will escort them to the capital."

"Good, for now prepare all troops, as for the sin archbishop, he can possess other people, so we kill the fingers first and then the archbishop"

"For knowing their position?"

"I can lure them out, in a way similar to the whale"

"That sure is useful"

"Well, all troops, let's get going"

The army went to the Mathers domains, a few soldiers were sent together with Ram to prepare everything needed, so when the army arrived they could evacuate the area.
When they arrived at the village everything was ready, all the villagers had a strange face though, so Subaru went in front of them and started explaining.

"Hello everyone, I am sorry for this inconvenience, but don't worry, we'll get you back to your houses in no time"

After a second the village chief went in front of Subaru.

"We know that you will fix everything, but is it the witch cult?"

"Yes, it wouldn't be correct for me to hide it, but please, give that girl a chance, it's not her fault, she can be your friend."

"Well, we saw that she isn't a bad person, so we can do it, the children even got a liking of her."

Subaru eard their answer and smiled, so the villagers went to the carriages, while Subaru went to the mansion.

"Subaru, you look anxious"

"Wilhelm, telling the truth, I promised to confess once I got back, do you know what I should say?"

"I'm not the best with words, I couldn't even confess properly to my wife, just tell what you think."

"How did you confess to your wife"

"I dueled with her, I defeat her, and I simply told her to become the reason I lift the sword"

"I doubt I can do it like this, she is 100 times stronger than me."

"Can you describe her a bit, you told us that she is a half elf with silver hair, and you wouldn't allow anyone to insult her."

"She is really beautiful, she is kind and I have known her for years, I loved her since I meeted her, but only now I realised"

"A lot of people would keep her away the moment they see her, I imagine your parents though you to respect others"

Subaru went silent, he left alone his parents for years now, he remember them well, but remembering them was always painful.

"Sorry for asking about your parent, I should pay more attention."

"Don't worry, it's not your fault."

The two continued their journey silently, so they arrived at the mansion, everyone was outside waiting, when Emilia looked eyes with Subaru, she almost jumped on him, hugging him.

"I've reeally missed you Subaru!"

"Me too, but now we have to go, we already prepared the carriages."

"I want to fight too, I can help."

"It's dangerous"

"I have you and Puck with me"

"Promise me that you will run if things get dangerous."

"Yes, same goes with you"

"Yeah, Beatrice isn't with you?"

"She has to stay in the mansion, don't worry about her."

"I'll go see her, Wilhelm accompany them to the village, I'll catch up immediately."

"See you later."

So Subaru entered the mansion, he went around, searching for the library, searching for Beatrice.

"So here you are, you really don't want to go out, do you?"

"I have my contract, I can't leave. I already told you this."

"So you want to go out"

Beatrice remained silent to his student comment, he stayed with her for quite some time, she told him all the time that she has a contract and he always remained silent, now he was reading through her.

"Yes, I want to go out, but I can't, so just go now, not much will change if I am with you."

"How does your contract end?"

"How do you know about it?"

"I heard about it right after one of our lessons, so if your contract can end, I'll help you finish it."

"That person will arrive, and my contract will end."

"That is a bit too generic, there really isn't anything else?"


"Well, I guess he never arrived, whoever this person is, he doesn't know that he should never make a lady wait."

Beatrice let out a slight cuckle, she stayed with the boy for a long time, he was only 15 years old, but he was really mature, in his eyes there was always a strange feeling, she liked the boy, he sure was noisy a lot of times, but he was also a good student, and always knew how to make the spirit happy.

"So what should I do? I stayed here for 400 years, Betty doesn't want to be alone."

"Do what you want, no one other than yourself is keeping you here."

"Do you think it's that easy for a spirit to break a contract? Should I just put an end to 400 years of my life? If you really want to do something, then either tell me you are that person or kill me."

Subaru remained silent at the girl words, he never thought she would have asked him to do that, so he carefully chose his words.

"Do you think I am that person?"

"No one is, so if your answer is a no, then kill me"

"Stop saying it as if that's easy."

"Then what can you do? I either live in complete isolation, or I die"

Beatrice was crying, it was the first time Subaru saw her cry, he noticed that she was sad, and he wanted to do something.

"If I asked you to kill me, would you do it?"

"Why are you telling me that?"

"Because I'd rather die, than live in a world without you."

"Stop lying, you have that elf with you."

After her comment, Subaru raised his sword, Beatrice for a second hoped he would kill her, then saw him pointing the sword to his neck, starting to cut it, without any fear. So she rushed to him and stopped him.

"Are you crazy?"

"Beatrice, if you know how hard it is to lose someone, then don't ever dare to ask me to kill you again"

"Shut up, and go kill those witch cultist instead"

Beatrice was crying all the tears she could, then she used her magic to make him go out the library.

Subaru then moved to the village, he looked behind, trying to see the girl.

"So, have you found some witch cultists?"

"Yes, one of them had a map, it could be the one with thir bases."

"Good, now I'll go to the sin archbishop, you continue to kill the cultists."

"Subaru what should I'll go with you"

"No Emilia, you go with them to kill the fingers"


"Because the sin archbishop is an expert in killing, but I can counter him."

"I see"

Emilia was a bit sad about it, but his couse of action made sense. So the squads separated, one to the sin archbishop, one to protect the villagers, and a few to kill the fingers. And a new battle begin.