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A friend in a frozen forest

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Subaru was just Knighted today, everything seemed fine, we should go back tomorrow but now he asked to go back now.

"Barusu, why now?"

"The witch cult will attack the mansion"

"How do you know it?"

"I can re"

Barusu suddenly stopped, he then had his hand on his chest, as if something punched him.

"I just know it, we have to go back now"

"Fine, let me prepare the carriage."

So after a few minutes the two were on their way to the mansion, it was evening, and the two were going as fast as they could. Subaru checked his phone, in his world it would be practically high noon, but in this world it was practically midnight, he saw the flugel tree in the distance, he was anxious, he moved his knee up and down, preoccupied for the upcoming battle.

"Subaru we have a problem"

"What is it Ram?"

"We are in the mist"

"Don't tell me"

Subaru watched outside, he was in a thick fog, he knew what would come next.

"The white whale, go at max speed"

The carriage went as fast as it could, then Subaru jumped on the carriage, he didn't see anything.

Then he heard a sound, as if something was roaring, he saw an eye, an orange giant eye, so Subaru took his sword and slashed it, the beast let out a roar.

"Ram you go at max speed"

Subaru used murak to let himself float in the air. Hoping that the beast would focus only on him, he had an idea.

"I retu"

So the beast went against Subaru, he managed to get on the beast, so he started slashing around, the whale then made Subaru fall, so he used murak to not fall, only to be attacked by the tail of the beast, that launched him far away, Subaru never deactivated the magic, so after getting hit he passed away.
He woke up in a field, really far away from the tree, he watched around, then realised that he had a broken arm, he could easily see the bone, he let out a scream, when he standed, so he walked, going to the mansion, step after step, he blocked the blood with minya, so after a few hours he arrived at the village, he walked around, then he fell, he stumbled on something, he looked his hand, he saw blood, so he looked at what he stumbled on, it was a corpse, he screamed, seeing the people he knew dead, he saw everyone dead, but he went on, he runned to the mansion, and he saw Ram, dead slashed with a sword, but he went on, he saw Rem, a lot of her bones broken. He saw the witch cultists responsible for this.

"Welcome, I am Petelguese"

"I know your name monster, today you die"

"I see"

Subaru saw from the man five black hands appear, all of them directed towards him, he dodged them without problems.

"How is it possible? How can you see my unseen hands?"

"Subaru dodged all of the hands, then he went in front of him, and the sin archbishop was decapitated.

Then he watched forward, from the mansion he saw a beast, one he was familiar with, and he spoke.

"Subaru, you're here, but it's too late, I couldn't protect her"

"What do you mean you couldn't protect her"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't succeed in my only purpose."

The beast was in front of him, he didn't kill Subaru because he was the one that loved his daughter.

"She loved you"


"She waited for you to come, when Ram arrived, she told her that you died against the whale, Emilia became depressed"

Subaru fell to the ground, crying a thousand tears. He went on, he entered the mansion and then saw her corpse.

Then he felt something inside him.

"I am Betelgeuse Romanée Conti"

The sin archbishop took possession of his body for a second.

"Kill me"

"Emilia wanted you to live, I'm not killing you because of this."

"I don't want to live in a world without her"

"I liked you Subaru, you was the only one which I could entrust Emilia, even more than me, even Beatrice cried for you, she hoped you was that person"

So Subaru froze, he died a fast death.

He found himself in the building again, he was sad, but he knew what to do, he couldn't live in a world without her, so he would create one where she is with you.

"Ram, I'm going to the castle"

"Why so suddenly?"

"The white whale will appear around midnight tonight, and the witch cult will attack the mansion."

"Are you sure?"


So the two went to the castle, Subaru entered the throne room, where a few nobles were talking with the king, Crush was among them.

"Your majesty, I have an important information"

"I hope it is extremely important"

"The white whale is will appear near Flugel tree around midnight, and the witch cult is going to attack the mathers domains"

The room went silent at the statement, then the king laughed.

"You were Knighted today, you shouldn't say these kind of jokes"

"Your majesty he spoke the truth"

"Are you sure?"

"My divine protection didn't activate"

"Knight Subaru, can you prove that the whale is going to attack, and how do you know about the cult"

"This metia told me the precise time, and i saw a witch cultist on the road"

"Did he speak the truth?"


The king thought about it for a few seconds, and he spoke the truth.

"What should we do?"

"If this turns out to be true, and we didn't do anything about it, it would be far worse than having nothing to happen"

A member of the council spoke, the king remained silent and then

"Well then, reunite the royal guard, let everyone know of this news, and call the sword devil, I want an entire army ready to attack, and for you, if what you said is false, you will lose your title as Knight."

"The one I love is in danger, I couldn't care less now"

"I see, well you will be the one leading the army, together with Crush and the sword devil"

So the news was spread in the capital, and an army was prepared in no time outside hundreds of soldiers were ready to move, the number of the army was around a thousand.

"Dear friends, today this new Knight has given us the news of the Next appearance of the White whale, and of an upcoming attack of the witch cult, he will be the one leading this army."

Then the word was left to Subaru, and he spoke to the army.

"The White whale, a calamity that killed innumerable people, today this terrible monster will die against us, and so will the witch cult"

A scream was left, everyone was ready to fight, everyone had lost something from the whale.

"Kid, thank you for this opportunity."

Subaru turned, and saw an old man, he had a powerful aura, he was an experienced fighter.

"I am Wilhelm Van Astrea."

"I know your story, the sword devil, it's an honour fighting next to you"

"Natsuki, did you lose someone to the whale"


"So why are your eyes filled with wrath?"

"The one I love is in danger, and the whale is in the way"

The sword devil watched Subaru for a second, he started to respect the boy who treated the whale as a nuisance.

"I hope you can reunite with her as fast as possible"

"I hope so"

"Subaru, can you come with me?"

Subaru heard a feminine voice from behind, it was Felix, so he followed him.

"What do you want?"

"You don't have a ground dragon, Crush want to give one to you"

So Subaru was met by a great number of ground dragons, he looked at a few of them.

"I don't know what to choose, I'm not an expert"

Then he meeted a black ground dragon, and he petted the dragon for some time.

"I take this one, he really like me"

"Good choice, that species is usually really proud, for it to accept you like that is a good sign"

So Subaru took the dragon, and he departed with the army. There were a lot of great warriors, Subaru never led an army, but he wasn't nervous.

"So Natsuki, for your first day as a Knight it is really impressive."

"Julius, you scared me."

"You managed to reunite an army against the whale, then you want to destroy the cult, you will surely enter the legend after this"

"I don't care, I want to go back home, and these two things are in the way"

"There was a half elf with you, is she the one you love?"

"Yes, I still have to confess, but for now we have to kill a whale"


The army went on until they reached the Flugel tree, a base was set, so Subaru prepared for the fight. He met the sword devil in a flower field, the devil watched the flowers with a sad look.

"Natsuki, is everything ready?"

"Yes, I hope you will be the one killing the whale, what are you doing here?"

"My wife loved flowers"

"You really loved her, didn't you?"

"Yes, I loved her more than anything"

"Let's get ready, prepared to fight"

And the moment came. The army was in position, everything was ready, so music was heard.

"Where is it?"

"Are we sure it will appear?"

"Subaru where is"

As Crush asked Subaru a roar was heard, and so everyone raised their head, and saw the whale. Subaru rushed forward, and launched a few minyas.

"Everyone attack"

And the battle began.