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A friend in a frozen forest

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The day has come, after months of training, both with the sword and magic, he could finally become a Knight. Subaru was already dressed accordingly, and he was called to be Knighted, the fact that Reinhardt was the one training him, made so that a lot of people would come, and a lot of magicians were interested in his yin magic, so the hall would be full, Emilia wasn't accepted inside, so she couldn't go with him.

"Subaru, I hope you'll be fine, I can't come with you, but once you arrive we will have a great celebration."

"That sounds beautiful, I wonder how Puck will dress you that day"

"Subaru, the carriage is ready"

"Yes Ram, give me a second"

"Subaru, can I ask you something?"

"Anything, if I can answer I'll surely tell you"

"Why are you doing all of this? You are simply helping me, but going this far only for me."

"Em, I promised to tell you after I come back, so you'll have to wait."

"Fine then, do your best there"

"Sure I will"

The two hugged, and after Subaru got in the carriage, there was Roswaal and Ram with him, the rest remained at the mansion. So they departed, they passed the village and the kids waved their hands at the soon to be Knight, in the forest Subaru noticed someone in the trees, he was a guy with green hairs, he was strangely dressed, but Subaru thought he was a traveler, they passed the Flugel tree, and in the end they arrived at the capital, at the castle they were greeted by Julius.

"So you've made it, Subaru"

"Yeah, now it's my time to shine, anyway where is Reinhardt?"

"He went in a mission, but he prepared a gift for you"

Subaru took the gift, it was a black katana, the sword was prepared for Subaru, it fitted him perfectly.

"This is incredible, he bought this for me?"

"Yes, he wanted to make sure you were well equipped, now let's go inside"

Once in the hall Subaru was meet by a great number of Knights and magicians, at the end of the hall there were a few nobles, he noticed a green haired girl, accompanied by a cat girl, so the ceremony started. First of all he had to show his strength, he had to face another experienced Knight. He didn't need to win but to at least hold his ground. So they went to the training grounds.

"Kid, I hope you're ready, I will give my all"

"Your move"

The two went against each other, Subaru was blocking all of the attacks, then a hit to the head, one to the heart, and so on, then the Knight, with a swift movement, got the sword out of his hand.

"Do you surrender?"

"I just started"

Subaru used minya and created two twin blades, with those he started attacking, he made his attacks stronger with vita, and dodged in the air with murak, the Knight attacked the leg, so Subaru covered his leg with minya, destroying the enemy's sword with a kick.

"Not bad kid, that magic sure is incredible, I couldn't imagine you had this tricks under your sleeve"

"Well I had a great teacher"

"Lord Roswaal, he was trained by a great spirit, you said, how is his magic?"

"He managed to learn the el spells in a few months, when he finishes his studies, he'll be a lot stronger than now."

"Well you pass the trial."

So the ceremony starts.

"Natsuki Subaru, will you protect the kingdom and his inhabitants with all your might?"

"I will"

"Do you swear to protect the king even with your life?"

"I swear"

"Then, you are now a Knight"

After a round of applause, he was finally Knighted. Subaru looked at Julius, that simply nodded, he took out the phone and took a picture, he learned to charge it with yin magic, then he was approached by a girl.

"So you are the new Knight, I am Crush, this is Felix, you were trained by Reinhardt, well you are pretty good with the sword, and your magic is unpredictable."

"I was well trained, I heard about you, skilled in sword and great noble, meanwhile Felix, I heard that you were extremely good in water magic"

"I just have a good affinity, I hope we can be friends, anyway what is that object?"

"It's a metia that lets me create a perfect drawing of something in a second, look"

Subaru pointed the camera to the two, then a flash got them blind for a second

"Why did you do that, wait it really made a perfect drawing"


Subaru then went to Roswaal, he was waiting for him to go out.

"So Roswaal, how was I?"

"Really good, now I have to go away for sometime, Ram will stay with you, we'll meet in a few days, for now you can go back to the mansion."

"See you later"

So the margrave went away flying, Subaru could only levitate in the air, so he was a bit jealous. The two went to their temporary residence, which was in the middle of the city. Tomorrow the two would go back to the mansion, so after a quick dinner they went to bed.

"What do you mean we can't go back?"

"This night the fog of the whale appeared, around the Flugel tree, going that way is impossible"

"Isn't there another street?"

"Yes but it will take 3 days"

"Then we'll go that way"

"So be it"

The two took another street, the travel was silent, Subaru learned how to ride a ground dragon, but he didn't take a specific one, he thought of buying one now. Then the carriage stopped.

"Ram what happens?"

He didn't hear a reply.


Then he got out and saw Ram, she was decapitated. Subaru let out a scream, and started crying, then something hitted him in the head and he passed away. He found himself chained to the wall, he didn't have his sword with him.

"So follower of love, welcome between us"

"Who are you"

"I am the sin archbishop of sloth, Petelgeuse Romanee Conti."

"What do you want from me"

"You are a follower of love, are you pride perhaps?"

"Why did you kill Ram?"

"She was in the way, now will you join me, we found a half elf, so we have to decide whether or not she can be a vessel for the witch."

At the last statement, Subaru used minya to break his chains, he created two twin swords and decapitated the sin archbishop, that wasn't expecting an attack.

"Damn you, why did you destroy my body?"

"What, did you posses that guy"

"Indeed, now die"

Subaru noticed some movements in the air and kicked the ground, suddenly he saw between the dirt, hands coming out of the archbishop's body. He dodged a few hands, and cutted a third with his swords, then he was attacked by another cultist, he managed to block his hit with one sword and with the other kill him, then something took his leg, and suddenly he was in the air.

"Why why why, I tried to be gentle with you, now you have to die"

He felt his leg being crushed and turned, he felt his bones cracking, his flesh destroyed, then the leg, his arm, and so on. Between his screams, a madman laughed and he felt pain, and a sensation he didn't feel for years, the sensation of death, he finally died.

He found himself in the building, he let out a quick scream, then Ram arrived.

"What happened Barusu"

"Ram, we go back now."