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A friend in a frozen forest

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Today Emilia woke up in the mansion as usual, with Subaru waking her up always in a different manner, today he was singing a song, it was in a different language, Subaru said it was English. A memory of the past came to Emilia's mind, one of the days in Elior forest, passed with the company of a spirit and a boy.

She was in her bed, and woke up next to a young Subaru, he always woke up before her, but that day she woke up first, she stayed in bed, admiring the little boy next to her, he was cute, as a child should be, he looked innocent and defenseless while sleeping, Emilia hugged him with even more strength, she didn't even notice when she hugged him during the night, but she liked it.
Emilia's one and only friend, she remembered how lonely she was before he arrived, staying in the forest was simply a duty for her, a place where she would protect all of her frozen companions, then the boy arrived, if she simply guided him outside the forest, he wouldn't have a place to go, he would be alone, so he stayed with the two, Puck gave her a bit of company, but he couldn't stay for too much time, and he was fairly boring compared to the boy, he always had a story, always had a game to play, and made so that the time in the forest passed a lot faster.

"Good morning, I slept a bit too much, didn't I?"

"No I woke up before, but staying here like this is really comfortable."

Emilia hugged the boy even more, and now they were cheek to cheek, the boy was almost dying crushed, so he screamed.

"Too much, stop crushing me"

"Sorry, I didn't hurt you right?"

"No, you only destroyed my body"


Emilia looked down in regret, she still couldn't control her strength well, so she was extremely scared of hurting her friend, Subaru went out the bed and started moving a bit.

"So what do we do today?"

"We clean the statues and we explore the forest"

"What did i expect"

The two had a fast breakfast, then went outside, Emilia cleaned the statues, and Subaru was simply around her.

"Are you sure you don't want me to help?"

"I have to do this, it's the only thing i can do for them, if you helped me, I couldn't do anything"


Subaru watched the statues, they were extremely beautiful, even better than Greek statues, it was normal, Emilia told him that the statues are actually frozen people, so she cleaned them everyday.
Subaru remembered a song from his world, one known by everyone, he started humming it, and the forest was filled with a joyful song.

"Emilia, Subaru good"

A spirit appeared and while was greeting the two, stopped and let the song go on.

After a minute the song ended, with both Puck and Emilia applauding to the boy.

"Subaru, what song was that? It was really beautiful."

"It is called ode to joy, I just had it on my mind and simply singed it, I have other songs, but I need a guitar."

"I can create one with magic, how is a guitar made?"

"It's better if I draw one in the snow"

Subaru started drawing a guitar, he learned a bit how use it and still remembered how one was made."

"Ok here you have it, obviously it won't feel too cold to handle"

A guitar made of ice appeared, Subaru took it and started to play a few notes, then he started singing again, this time it wasn't simply humming, the song was really different from the last one, but it was still beautiful, he spoke a different language, so Emilia cleaned the statues again, and Subaru singed.

"Subaru you are really good at singing, why didn't you tell me before?"

"Surprise, so you want me to go on, or i need to stop."

"Now we have to do the map, but you can go on if you want, at least until we arrive"

"Then I do the map"

"You are better than me in drawing it, but if you want I can do it"

The two went on, the boy singed more songs, Emilia tried once to sing too, but Subaru stopped her immediately.

Today Subaru woke her up with the same song, almost 2 years passed since he arrived, and he always kept her happy.

"Puck come out, create a guitar for Subaru"

"Right away"

A guitar appeared and the boy took it, he singed, then three maids arrived and listened to the boy, then a blonde spirit, in the end, a clown. And all of them listened to new songs never heard before.