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A friend in a frozen forest

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A few weeks have passed since the two arrived, Subaru got used to it already, usually he would wake up, wake Emilia, chat with her for a bit, even if both of them were always more embarrassed, everyone else in the mansion took the abit of teasing one of them daily, Frederica teased a lot Emilia, while Beatrice and Rem made Subaru's life hell, today the two were walking down a corridor, right after waking up, they didn't even change their clothes, and meeted Ram on the way.

"Good moring, I hope you two didn't destroy your bed this night"

"Shut it, you know we sleep in two different rooms"

"Why we should destroy our beds during the night?"

Ram laughed a bit at Subaru's red face, while Emilia was still too innocent to get the joke, the two asked to be treated in a friendly way by the maids, even if Ram sometimes was a bit extreme.

"Well you two asked to have the rooms the most close as possible, someone could easily think that you love each other."

At the last statement the two blushed like never before, Ram was always direct in her comments, while the other maids limited to little jokes, Subaru started walking to a door, opening it he found the library.

"Well for now I'll stay with Beatrice a bit, you two can go do whatever you want"

"See you later Subaru"

"I hope you won't destroy the library Barusu."

So he turned around and meet a little girl with blonde hairs, she was ready with a few books about yin magic.

"Good morning sensei, what are we going to do today?"

"Good morning, if you have finished messing around with your loved one, we can start"

"Stop it, I don't even know if she loves me"

"I'll admit that you are quite the student, but you seriously can't notice some things, don't you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Noting, today you'll have to practise el murak, the maids have to go take some supplies at the village, you can go there, and use murak to help you take something, for now you'll be training it with me"

In the meantime Emilia was going with Ram, she would usually study with her, Emilia told Roswaal about her goal, he thought of a few ways, fist the dragon blood, but she needed to ask the king, the sage could have helped her, but no one managed to enter the tower for 400 years, so the only way was to become someone extremely important in the kingdom, and have an audience with the king, and ask them to unfreeze the elves, but it was almost impossible to achieve, even if they would become heroes, the request was far too greedy, since the dragon blood was used for helping the people, they couldn't ask for just a few elves.

"Emilia, today we have to go to the village, would you like to accompany us?"

"Yeah, I should go outside once in a while, last time i went to the village, the kids played a lot with Subaru, but they also stayed with me for a bit, the villagers that gave me problems were also scolded by Subaru."

"He is an idiot, but sometimes he gives valid arguments"

"I still remember what he said, 'that all humans are bad if you only take the worst, the same is for everyone else', the villagers, after thinking about it for a second, apologised, and then we had a lot of fun together"

"Subaru really cares for you, he really tries to change other people's minds just for you"

"But I always wanted to do something for him, since we meet we always did what I want, I wonder what he want to do, it's not fair like this"

"Well for now we can have breakfast, then we'll go to the village"

The two separated, after a few hours they meet at the entrance to go to the village.

"Subaru, you come with us?"

"Beatrice told me to train with magic by transporting what we have to take, so I'll carry everything"

"You'll probably run out of mana midway, useless Barusu"

"Have a bit of faith in me"

The three, once arrived at the village, started doing the usual, first the exercises, then Subaru and Emilia started playing with the kids, Subaru would make them fly with murak, and Emilia would create a slide, so after finishing with the children, Emilia created some ice for the summer, that the villagers collected after thinking the girl, Subaru noticed that she watched the children thinking of something.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Where do babies come from"

Subaru started sweating cold, he knew someday she would have asked that question, but not out of the blue like this.

"Babies come from em, just ask Puck, he is the one that should tell you"

"Why he should be the one telling me?"

"He said he is your father, explaining how babies are born is your parents job"

"Ok, Puck can you come out"

"What is it Emilia?"

"Can you tell me where babies come from?"

Puck had the same reaction as Subaru, so he entered the crystal, and probably talked about it with their contract.

"Puck I hope you aren't lying about it, or making it worse than it seems."

So the three started walking back home, Subaru used el murak on the supplies, in the meantime Emilia had a surprised face, she looked weirdly at Subaru once.

"Can you tell me what he said? I don't want misunderstandings"

"He said that all boys at your age want to do that"

"Can't argue with that, but not as much as Puck is telling you"

Subaru remembered that he already talked about it with Puck, they knew one day Emilia would have asked, one day in the forest, the argument came up, the two talked about it while Emilia was cleaning the statues, and they already prepared how much say and how much hide, they decided that when she would ask, she would know simply the basics, enough to have the minimal idea of what happens while making a baby, Subaru also taught Puck of some scientific facts about it, so he could use them to dodge a few questions. Now Puck appeared from Emilia's crystal, she had an extremely red face.

"I hope that we have finished, I have to go study now, bye."

Emilia runned away from Subaru as fast as possible. She now has lost her mental innocence. Puck turned around, he had an orribile face, as if he committed a grave sin.

"As we have said, she now knows about it, I hoped she would have never asked"

"You didn't tell her something strange about me, didn't you?"

"I said that she is really lucky that you didn't do anything while you were together, but also warned her about bad people, the only one allowed to do that is the one she loves, and only if she also want to do it, now I'll go to sleep, I want to forget this day."

The spirit followed Emilia, Subaru went to a nearby door and entered, he found the library inside, with the girl at the entrance as if waiting for someone.

"Were there any problems with el murak?"

"No, I managed to use it quite decently, so what do we do now?"

"We'll see a few variants of this magic, then we'll pass to el vita"

"Yes sensei, but why don't you come with us sometimes, that would be even better"

"I have to stay in the library, my contract is about it"

"Getting out one day won't hurt you, when you go out a thief won't comes and steals everything"

"Well I didn't want to annoy you and your girlfriend"

"Why you all say that she is my girlfriend"

"Because you two practically are, everyone except that girl understood that you love her"

Beatrice managed to get the argument of her library out of the way, and Subaru was shouting while being stupidly embarrassed.

"Ok I admit it, I love Emilia, but what should I do, i can't just say that I love her, she probably sees me as a brother."

"Well you should try instead, it's not like you'll die if you try"

"I will die of embarrassment"

"Let's make a deal, after you become a Knight, you confess to her, if you say no, I'll stop teaching you magic"

"Why are you asking me to do this?"

"I'm sick of seeing you two a embarrassed all day, even Puck is uneasy about her daughter and her first friend being so separated"

"I preoccupied Emilia? Damn it, I'll apologise later."

"Well next week you will be knighted, then you'll confess to Emilia, then I'll have bubby for myself"

"So this is your plan"

The two laughed in the library, Beatrice always hoped that Subaru was that person, even if that was a small hope, she took a liking of that boy, and she hoped he could have been happy in his small human life.