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A friend in a frozen forest

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It was another day at the Astrea mansion, as usual Subaru was being humiliated by Reinhardt, and Emilia was reading books in the library, more than a month has passed, Subaru didn't notice but he was clearly a lot stronger compared to the last month, Reinhardt was always unbeatable, but thanks to his divine protections, he managed to teach a lot to Subaru. The two became friends real quickly.

"So how was I today?"

"You have always more control over your mana inside your body, so you are slowly becoming a lot stronger, you are already stronger than common guards, without counting your magic."

"Well I can't really tell the difference against you, we've trained for a month and I've never hit you once"

"Don't worry about it"

"So how far are we until we get to my limits?"

"Actually you are already close in physical strength, I've already sent a letter to manegrave Roswaal to inform him of you two."

"I'm happy to hear that."

"Emilia also trained a bit in the last month, she has an immense amount of mana, if she becomes a magician she will surely become the best in fire magic."

"Well Emilia is amazing, for her to be the best it's clear."

"You really like her, don't you?"

Subaru immediately went red, Reinhardt was always curious of their relationship, they clearly liked each other, but none of the two realised their feelings, so he started pointing that out to Subaru, he even fought better in Emilia's presence, he was like his grandfather, when he fought while feeling love in his heart, he had an unbreakable determination in his eyes, as if even death would bend to his will.

"Subaru have you finished, do you need healing?"

So after a second the one Subaru loved appeared, making his blush a lot stronger, and also making him swing his sword towards Reinhardt, usually Subaru would never even think of doing something like that, but Reinhardt was another case.

"No I'm OK, Reinhardt didn't break any of my bones today."

"That time was your fault, you had the Great idea of blocking an attack of a club with your arm."


"No one says Dunderhead these days"

So the three laughed at their little chat, Subaru turned on how to use a sword, and Reinhardt usually changed his weapon, so that Subaru could adapt to every situation"

"Master Reinhardt, the Knight Julius has arrived."

"Finally he is here."

"Who is this Knight?"

"He is a friend of mine, he can teach you how to behave as a Knight better than me, and he wanted to meet the Great spirit, so you'll train for another week with the both of us, then if the noble accept, you'll go train with magic with him."

"Cool, I wonder what we will do with magic."

The three went inside, to meet the young Knight, Subaru watched Julius for sometime, the moment he kissed Emilia's hand Subaru was ready to obliterate him, Reinhardt noticing this, went next to Julius and whispered something in his ear, so Julius went to Subaru.

"So you want to become a Knight, first of all I would like to test you, if you don't mind."

"Well I just finished training with Reinhardt, so going against you, will at least make me remember that not everyone is a God of war."

"Should I be offended by that statement or was it a compliment."

"You decide"

So the two went to the training ground, this time with wooden swords, Julius was stronger than Subaru, so for balancing Subaru could use magic, he sometimes used it against Reinhardt, but it never worked.

"So are you ready?"

"Let's see if everyone in this country is a monster"

So the two faced each other, Subaru attacked various times, a hit on the head, one on the leg and so on, each attack was reflected by Julius, some of those were trickier to deflect, and so Julius also started attacking, he was superior in strength and skill, so Subaru was already at his limits, Subaru kicked Julius while he was attacking his left, hit that was blocked by another kick by Julius, that made Subaru loose his balance, so he used murak to leap upwards, for then use vita on his sword, that managed to break Julius sword, so Subaru landed an hit on Julius.

"I've never seen that magic before, that sure was unexpected." Said the Knight, that fell on the ground.

"Well, surprise. Having magic that no one else knows is surely useful"

"Well now you win, but next time you won't take me off guard"

The two finished their duel, Emilia cheered for Subaru, while Julius went to Reinhardt.

"That was sooo good Subaru, you really got stronger."

"Well I'm not that big deal, you are much stronger than me."

"Stop saying these things, if you had half of my mana you would be stronger than me."

"If you say so"

Emilia knew that she was far superior to Subaru, sometimes they would train together, and Emilia always won, either with her ridiculous strength or her ridiculous mana, at least Subaru created a few magics that she could use, like ice brand arts. Subaru started studying with Julius for behave as a Knight, that was boring, luckily Subaru learned quickly so he managed to get the bases in a few days, and in those few days, a letter from Roswaal arrived, saying that he was curious to meet the two, and since Subaru was a yin magic user, he would have taught him more advanced spells, in the letter was stated that in his mansion there was a great spirit of yin magic, better than Roswaal, so if Subaru managed to become the Great spirit student, he would surely be even better in yin magic. So after a few days, a carriage was prepared, and the two went to the estate, it was a simple journey, exept the moment were Subaru almost fell off the carriage, from that moment onwards Emilia always held Subaru's hand, so that he wouldn't do anything stupid, the two arrived at a village, there were a few little children, they had around 7 years old, and a lot of other people, they were really close to the masion, so they arrived.

"Welcome to my mansion" a clown spoke, apparently he was Roswaal, Subaru bowed and gave his name, as a Knight would do.

"Pleased to meet you lord Roswaal, I am Natsuki Subaru, I hope I won't be a burden to you"

"Don't worry, so the young lady is?

"Emilia, just Emilia, I am Subaru's friend, I hope I won't bother you."

Subaru watched next to Roswaal, there were three maids, two twins almost identical except for the hairs, and a third maid with golden hairs, a bit older than the two. Subaru approached the three,

"Pleased to meet you three, please take care of us, miss?"

"I an Frederica, a maid in this mansion, these two are Ram and Rem"

The three bowed together, Subaru noticed how Rem watched him in a strange way, he didn't know why, but for now he wouldn't talk about it.

"I am Puck"

"So you are the Great spirit."

Suddenly a blonde girl exited from the mansion and went to Puck, calling him brother, Subaru immediately though of Beatrice, Puck talked about her in the past.

"Hello, I think you are the Great spirit Beatrice, correct?"

"Indeed, it seems that Puck already talked about me, I suppose."

"Betty, I see you are OK."

"So Puck, you managed to find your objective."

"Yes, now I am contracted to Emilia."

"Sorry for stopping you two, but now let's talk about what you came here for. Subaru can you show me a bit of your magic?"

"Sure, minya"

So Subaru created a few crystals, Beatrice watched curiously at the boy, for a bit she hoped, that person maybe arrived. So Subaru showed his magic, and after a few minutes, he showed everything he got.

"That was quite the show, I think that you learned from the Great spirit."

"Puck, you taught him that?"

"Yes, I was wondering if you could teach him something more, that could help a lot."

"If Puck asked me, I'll give you a chance."

"Thank you teacher"

Subaru started teasing the spirit, so the last part of his training started.