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A friend in a frozen forest

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A few weeks have passed since the two arrived, Emilia has already searched for a few books, but none of them had a way to unfreeze the forest, in the meantime Subaru simply worked at the shop, a few times he stopped a robbery, but since then no one dared to do the same, the two managed to make enough money to buy a house for themselves, it was a simple house, it was a little worse than the Inn, but there was no one else in there, so the two had a bit more peace. Today Subaru didn't have to work, the shop was closed, so the two decided to take a free day. As usual the two woke up next to each other, when they bought the house, only Puck wanted another bed for Subaru, the two at this point didn't care anymore, so they still used one bed.

"Good Morning" Said a yawning Emilia, Subaru was already up and already prepared something to eat.

"As usual you can sleep for hours, so what do you want to do today?"

"I don't know, we can simply go around and do something funny"

"Alright" Saying this Subaru went behind Emilia and started doing her hair.

"Subaru, what do you want to do, not only today but in general. Since you arrived you have simply stayed with me, but we have done only what I want to do, so today you decide." Subaru thought about it for a bit and said without thinking.

"I want to stay with you, I'm always happy when we're together, so I'm already okay."

Emilia immediately became red, and after a few seconds, Subaru realised what he had said and he also got embarrassed, the two stayed in an embarrassing silence until they went down the streets, they both wondered why they got so frustrated, and why their hearts were going so fast.

"So are you two OK? You are really red in the face"

A cat like spirit spoke, as the two stiffend, Puck realised that the two weren't children anymore, Subaru was growing really fast and Emilia's mental age was catching up to her body's age, so the two were noticing a bit more of their feelings.

"Yes, we're ok, we were just going around"

Said Subaru, he was still embarrassed but they were still going around, with a bit of distance between the two, suddenly they heard a scream from a Street, the two runned and when they arrived they saw a guy robbing a noble lady, Subaru immediately launched a crystal and the thief runned away.

"Are you OK?"

"Yes I am, but now I have to go, goodbye."

The noble lady said these words after seeing Emilia, and she passed the two, and went away, in the meantime a red haired boy arrived in front of the two, he saw everything that happened before, then he walked towards them.

"So you two helped that lady, you did a really good job. I have never seen that magic before. Pardon me, I should present myself, I am Reinhardt van Astrea."

"Nice to meet you Reinhardt, I am Natsuki Subaru"

"I am Emilia, just Emilia"

"So can you tell me what magic was that?"

"It was yin magic, it's called minya."

"Incredible, so are you some kind of mage?"

"No I simply learned a few spells, in reality I want to become a Knight but they don't let me in."

"Maybe I can help you with that, I can't overlook someone that helps the others selflessly, and there aren't any yin magic users in the Royal guard, you could come to my estate and I could train you to use a weapon, obviously Emilia can come too."

Reinhardt noticed Subaru's potential, he had a good gate, and he was already decent in yin magic, he probably could get the title black in a few years, and for the sword, he could learn fairly quickly with him, even if he won't be the best, he still was useful. He also noticed Puck with Emilia so he decided to keep an eye on him for sometime.

"You really would do that? Thank you a lot."

"That's not a problem, tomorrow you can come to my estate and we'll start, I'll prepare for your arrival"

So the two separated, Subaru went first to his employer to tell him that he won't come anymore, and Emilia prepared their things to go to the mansion.

"We're really lucky that Reinhardt offered us his help, now you can become a knight, and maybe we can free the others more easily"

"Yep, I really want to start this training, I could feel his aura, if he is my teacher I wonder how strong I'll be?"

"Maybe I can search in his library if he lets me, that can help us even more."

"For now we should relax a bit, tomorrow will be fantastic."

The two went to bed, but today they were a bit separated, still embarrassed by today's discussion.

The two arrived at the gates of the estate, it was massive, there were Reinhardt and a few maids and butlers at the entrance, welcoming them in their new home.

"Welcome, this is my estate. I hope you'll have a good time here, especially the Great spirit with you."

So Puck appeared from his crystal.

"So you realized I was with this girl and you let her enter your mansion."

"I admit that I feel more calm, having a great spirit such as yourself in my mansion is better than having you scare people down the streets."

So the two went to their respective rooms, they couldn't simply ask for a room in common, since it wouldn't be seen as coherent in a noble place.

"So Reinhardt, what will be my training?"

"First we'll decide a good weapon you can use, and we'll see how good you are at using it, then we'll mix that fighting style with your magic, and after I'll contact lord Roswaal to see if he'll accept you as his student. And in the end you'll become a Knight."

"I can use a katana, I always wanted to use one."

So Reinhardt went to his personal armory, and took a katana, then he gave it to Subaru.

"Attack me, I'll see how good you are."

"Are you sure? Shouldn't we use a wooden weapon?"

"You should learn with the iron sword, otherwise you'll have some problems when you change from wooden to iron."

So Subaru launched himself against Reinhardt, he didn't know how to use a sword correctly, but he learned how to fight in general with Puck's help, he was immediately beaten, but Reinhardt had the idea of how strong Subaru is. So his new training started. In the meantime Emilia went to the library and started reading a few books, sometimes she would glance at Subaru and her heart would flutter. So the training started and life goes on.