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A friend in a frozen forest

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A year has passed since subaru arrived, since then Emilia probably didn't pass a day without smiling, she remembered her past, and she got hold of her power, Subaru now was at her height, he was really good in yin magic, even if he only knew the basic spells, and he learned how to fight a bit, using both crossbow and a little sword, the two spent their days playing with the snow, exploring the forest, and at the end of the day Subaru would talk about his world while the two where on the bed, for then fall asleep next to each other, the two went outside Elior forest for the first time, they decided to go to the capital, on the way they walked all day, and in the night they would camp somewhere. On their way they usually stopped at a village, sometimes they were attacked by a mabeast, and they would sell some parts, one day they found a group of merchants, they asked for a ride and they let them in.

"Thank you sir, so you are merchants, what do you sell?"

"More or less anything we get, for now we have some crystals, and in the city we have a shop, what will you do at the capital?"

"We have a problem with powerful magic and we want to check if something can be done about it."

Said the girl, she was covered with her hood, so no one knew she was a half elf.

"In that case there is Roswaal, he is said to be the best magician in the country, but I doubt you will manage to meet him."

"Anyway we have a few crystals with us, would you like to see?"

"Sure, more objects can always help"

Emilia took the crystals, and showed them to the merchant, he looked at them for sometime and said

"I can give you 5 gold coins, these are good crystals, where have you found these?"

"In Elior forest, there are a lot more in there."

Suddenly the carriage stopped, and a voice was heard

"Give us everything you've got and maybe we'll let you live"

A group of bandits blocked the street, there were at least 20 of them, and even the few guards couldn't do anything about it. So Subaru and Emilia jumped down and went to face the bandits, while the merchant told them to come back, while a mix of blue and purple arrows appeared over the two.

"Go away now and we won't hurt you"

Said the boy, in the meantime the bandits shooted a few arrows that immediately touched the ground. After a few seconds all the magic prepared was launched by the two, and the bandits were all on the ground.

"That was amazing, I've never seen that purple magic, would you like to come working for us as bodyguards in our shop?"

"Fine for me, it's better if only I work though, we have also others things to do."

After sometime, they were at the gates of the city, the guards let them in, ignoring the racist comment of a guard, there was no problem in entering, the two had enough money for a month at least, and with subaru's new job they could go on for much more time, they wentto the shop and was shown the place, the merchant while a bit racist against Emilia, couldn't take back his word, and finally they bought a room in an Inn, so the two finally rested after a long journey.

"Finally a bit of rest, but we were really lucky with this new job."

Said Subaru while falling g on the bed, Emilia was looking a bit the room, it wasn't anything special, just a bed and a table, but it had a window where you could watch outside.

"Now we don't have to worry about money, but now, what are we going to do?"

"There was that magician, since you are so good with magic you could become his apprentice, and then ask for the forest."

Suddently a spirit appeared out of nowhere.

"Actually you both could become his apprentice, yin magic is extremely rare, and you already know the basics, but it will still be hard to contact him."

"So how can we get in contact with nobility?"

"Knights are usually very close with nobles, Subaru could become a Knight while Emilia search other ways, if things go well this Roswaal will become your teacher."

"Me becoming a Knight, that sounds awesome, but can I really? I'm not sure I'm strong enough."

"Well you are good with magic, and you can fight with a sword, more or less."

"So should I just go and try to become a Knight?"

"I doubt it's that easy, but it's the only thing we can do for now"

The spirit and the boy talked of what to do next, while Emilia watched the city, she thought of searching a library to study for a cure. For now she simply admired the city.

"It's really beautiful, Subaru was your world like this?"

"It's still day now, and in reality the buildings were much taller, but there were some cities like this"

"How much taller?"

"Like that castle"

"Wow, your world is fantastic, Should we go take a walk?"

"Yeah, we should also buy other clothes, I only have the ones from my home and the ones for the forest, maybe we can buy a sewing kit and make the clothes by myself"

"That would be really good, I didn't know you could sew"

Subaru smiled at Emilia, and the two went for a walk outside, they first went to buy new clothes, nothing special, Emilia had a simple white dress and Subaru bought a sewing kit and a new pair or pants and a shirt, then they explored the city for a bit.
After a few hours they went back to the inn, it was already night and the city was covered in darkness.

"In my world, the cities weren't dark like this at night, there were a lot more lights and you could easily go around without problems."

This was another curiosity from Subaru's world, even after a year he still had things to talk about, Emilia always liked his stories, there was always something interesting to learn. The two now were I bed, one next to another, and so they fell asleep, in the night sky, without any snowfall or blizzards outside, but only the sounds of a city.