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A friend in a frozen forest

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A little girl wandering in the forest with two people accompanying her, one was a tall man with green hair, and the other was a woman with silver hairs and mean eyes. She remembered their names, Geuse and Fortuna, a little boy that reminded her of Fortuna helped her remember. And the strange power that surrounded the boy was slowly nullify the magic of the evil witch, but the girl didn't know that, so she woke up, next to her the boy, peacefully asleep, she was remembered everything, and so, tears started running down her cheeks, and from the cheeks, to the boy, that woke up instantly. The boy didn't know what to do, so he simply hugged the girl, waiting for her to calm down.

"Are you OK now? What happened?"

"I remembered my past, my aunt, Geuse, everyone, I remember what happened, and how the frozen was frozen."

"Calm down and explain, and vent everything you've got."

"Aunt Fortuna was the one that always took care of me, Geuse was like a father, and we lived here with all the others, one day, someone arrived and Geuse and Fortuna fought them, then Fortuna died and I froze the forest."

"And the ones that attacked the forest? Were they frozen too?"

"No they escaped, but it's my fault everyone is frozen"

"So you saved them"

"But it's my fault, Fortuna died because of me, it's all my fault!"

"Then stop crying and go search for something to save them, if you really have to say it's all your fault, start doing something about it."

After saying this, the girl raised her eyes watching the boy, she was still crying, filled with guilt, and still wrapped around his arms.

"But what should I do? Aunt Fortuna died trying to protect me, Arch died for the back serpent, the forest is frozen because of me. What should I do?"

"Don't let their sacrifice be in vain and go search for something to unfreeze the forest, if the others will be mad at you, just apologise until they will have to accept."

Emilia didn't know what to say, as she accepted what the boy said, and after crying for another few minutes, she pulled herself together and watched the boy, they stayed together for more time, and in the end got out of bed, and started a new day.
A cat appeared out of nowhere, watched the girl, with red puffy eyes, and then nodded to the boy that holded her hand.

"So what are you going to do today?"

"I thought of exploring the forest, maybe we can get a few crystals, if it's OK I thought of going out of the forest after sometime. I remember how to use my magic but I can't control it very well, so when I will learn we will go."

The cat's eyes widened at the girl's statement, never expecting her to say it, he realised that she was a bit more mature than before, and thought of helping her a bit.

"I can teach you how to contract with lesser spirits, they can help you control that power, and also help you fight, before you ask me Subaru, you will have a hard time with spirits of others' affinities as yours and there aren't any yin spirits around here, sorry."

The boy watched down with a sad look. Then the girl nodded at the spirit accepting his proposal, the spirit disappeared and the two started exploring the forest, while the girl was trying to use better her power, and the boy helped her with his own knowledge.

A few days have passed, the girl now had four blue spirits with her, and the boy even learned a defensive spell, the girl made sure that the statues where clean by covering them in an igloo, as subaru called it, so that for when the two exited the forest they didn't have to worry about it, they already prepared a few supplies, and even a backpack, and now they were preparing for the crystals. Suddenly the two noticed something in the distance.

"A mabeast, and what is that black water?"

"It's the black serpent poison, never touch it, or you'll die."

So the mabeast was easily killed by the poison and it passed from the beast to the two.


A few crystals arrived at the poison, and after it was frozen by the girl, the two took a piece of it and went home, to show it to the spirit.

"This thing is really dangerous, even now, the ice didn't kill it completely."

So a bit of poison exited the ice and was instantly frozen by the cat, that destroyed it with his hands.

"If it's Subaru's attacks then it should be dead, but the frozen part is probably still alive. You'll never get there in time."

"Then what should we do, we can't let it run free."

"I'll go there to check, you stay here, if something happens, call me"

So the spirit disappeared, and the two went to the village to tell them to escape, but in the way they met an immense amount of poison.

"Well, Puck didn't do is job, what should we do?"

"Make it follow us and freeze it."

"Ok then, I return by"

Suddenly, all of the poison changed direction and went for Subaru, Emilia created an ice skate and picked up Subaru.

"It worked too well" and so the two runned away as fast as they could, after some time the poison catched up to them and the two were launched in the air, Emilia with Subaru in her arms, watched him for a second, and she let loose of her power, freezing all the poison around her, her spirits helped her contain it. And once they touched the ground, the two smiled and said victory together. Right after, a fire appeared out of nowhere and burned Subaru's back and killed her spirits, and a great spirit arrived.

"You are the leader of the bandits"

"I really like that expression, finally I can take revenge."

"But why did you do this to Subaru, to the spirits?"

"To see you cry, half elf"

And so Emilia watched the boy in her arms, but instead of falling into sadness, or panic, only a burning fire inside of her lit up, a fire called wrath.

So the two sent their magic to one another.

"If you have to kill me, then just go against me, but don't you dare touch anyone else."

So her magic opposed the fire in front of her, but little by little she was slowly overpowered, so she called out to a spirit, that was almost a father to her.

"Puck, help me"


A blue light stopped the fire in front of her and was added to the immense amount of mana already used.

"Finally you called my name"

Right after the power of the two froze completely the fire spirit, and so Emilia started healing Subaru, and Puck was moving towards Emilia, then a laser like magic struck Puck various times, and a horse like spirit arrived.

Emilia held in both arms Puck and Subaru, both fighting for their lives, then five horse-like spirits spoke.

"I am the arbiter Melaquera"

"Why did you hurt them, why can't you just go against me."

"I removed obstacles"

"Melaquera, why can't you let her alone, what can a crying child do to the world?"

"She is an half elf, she is dangerous"

Then the spirit thought of something and turned around, and spoke.

"Emilia let's make a contract"

"Why now?"

"Shut it Melaquera, you are so obsessed with the world, so you know that you can't interfere."

"Thank you Puck"

Then the little cat was covered in ice and he became a beast, and so a battle against two great spirits started, it would go on until dawn, with the cat-like spirit as winner.

"Puck why now?"

"Before I had a contract that made me stop, but I simply broke it"

"Shouldn't that give you problems?"

"Yea, but it's better than losing you"

The two were together watching the sunrise, Subaru had his injury healed, and was asleep in Emilia's legs, normally Puck would have told something about it, but the boy also deserved to be a bit spoiled, at least until he woke up, and so the boy opened one eye, and first he saw his friend and smiled, then he noticed the immense beast and jumped from Emilia's legs.

"Puck, is that you?"

"Yes it's me, I got a little bigger while you were asleep, what do you think?"

The boy immediately rushed next to the beast and started petting his fur.

"So what happened? And why is Puck so big?"

"Me and Lia made a contract and then we destroyed the spirit."

"So what are we going to do now?"

"We go home, we relax for a bit, and then we go out the forest, my winter holiday was really good, but it's getting tiring"

"So when did you two decide to go out of the forest?"

"When I got my memories back, I can't stay here forever, if we go out we can at least search for something to unfreeze the others"

"Got it"

So the Great spirit turned back to his usual form, and the three went back home, preparing for their future journey.