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A friend in a frozen forest

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Two figures were arriving at the village, one a black haired boy, cloaked in a black coat, with mean eyes always watching forward, the other was a silver haired half elf, a bit taller than the boy, it was the second time they arrived to the village together, the girl always arrived alone before, everyone wondered who was the boy, he wasn't from the forest, so why was he with the girl that resembled the witch, did he not know fear, or was he brainwashed by the girl, but never once he seemed forced to do something, every time someone watched the girl, the boy would grip her hand, calming her down, and so the look in his eyes would calm, this time the two didn't buy any clothes, only food, and so they went back to the forest.
After sometime 20 people appeared, they had a cage, and they asked for the girl, the merchant told them that they lived in the forest, they wanted to capture her apparently, they didn't mention the boy, so they went inside the forest.

"So what happened next?" A bell-like voice spoke.

"The Prince kissed the sleeping beauty and she woke up, so the two lived happily ever after, the end"

The boy was telling a few stories from his world to the girl, the two were exploring the forest, Subaru was drawing the map and Emilia was helping him one way or another, the two arrived in a zone full of fallen trees, as if blocking the path.

"Look who's there, the girl we were looking for, and who's the boy"

The bandits came from the trees with a cage, Subaru recognised the one leading them, since he was the one that killed him.

"So here's the thing, we discovered that the village help a dirty half devil, so either we'll have to make the village pay, or you can pay with your body"

At that phrase Subaru was filled with wrath and was ready to unleash his magic onto them, but Emilia spoke first.

"Did you hurt them?"

"Not yet, so either you enter or we will, and for the boy, he will make a fine slave"

At that statement, 10 purple crystals appeared over the boy, ready to attack, Emilia was hesitant at first but she also got in a battle stance

"Take another step and I'll send you to hell"

The boy said, ready to attack, he didn't want to kill them, but he was pissed enough to attack, in the meantime Emilia heard something in the distance.

"You have to go away now, it's dangerous here"

After saying this a few men runned towards the girl, she struck them in the chest, only to find metal armour.
The girl dodged a hit and went for the head, meanwhile a man attacked Subaru, who simply dodged and sent a little crystal in the man's leg.

"Only because you can use magic doesn't mean we'll back away, and don't you think that this cage is too big just for you?"

Saying that, from the cage emerged a dog like mabeast with two heads, at the same time, a pair of purple crystals struck the beast.

"Hell it is"

After a few seconds, a lot more crystals arrived and the beast shattered I a thousand pieces.

"How is it possible!? How can a child take down a mabeast"

"Subaru, when did you get this strong?"

Said the girl and the answer was a simple smile from the boy.

Right after a roar was heard from the forest and another mabeast arrived, this was a snow blight, which immediately attacked a few men, killing them almost instantly, painting the forest in red.
The beast was attacked by Emilia and Subaru, Emilia landed a punch in the beast stomach, for only being thrown away, and in the meantime he was struck by a dozen crystals that covered his armin a purple colour, right after the beast run to Subaru, hitting him with the remaining hand. Seeing this Emilia started to cry. And struck an arrow in the beast's back


Right after, an ice flower started growing in the beast injury, and in a few seconds the ice flower was painted red. Emilia was screaming, trying to stop her power, a few ice flowers started growing in the bandits, and suddenly she felt two arms embracing her. And a calm voice spoke.

"Calm down Emilia, take a deep breath. And don't think of anything else."

Emilia did as the voice told. She turned around and saw eyes similar to the ones her mother fortuna had, and she started screaming again, confused by her new memories.

"Calm down, close your eyes, take a few breaths."

"Subaru run, you will get hurt, I don't want to lose anyone else."

"You won't hurt me, now calm down."

Emilia did as she was told, and after a few seconds she managed to get hold of her power. Then she fell asleep.

"Nice job Subaru, she managed to get hold of her power, even if I had to help a bit"

"Puck, aren't you a bit late?"

"Didn't I tell you to call me if something happened?"

"Seem legit"

So the boy took the girl in his arms, and started going to their home.

"Can you take care of them?"

"Don't worry, I teached you how to use magic, I hope you can take care of Emilia."

So the boy disappeared in the forest, and the cat went to the bandits, and dissipated the ice flowers.

"For now I will let you live because the girl wanted so, but if she wasn't here, there wouldn't be anything left of you."

The cat terrified the remaining bandits, and after a bit he went to the boy, still on the way home.

"So can you tell me what happened? I didn't know that Emilia had such powers."

"She was born with a lot more mana than normal, so it is really hard to control, and now she is also remembering her past. But you should have no problem. In case I think I'll teach her how to contract lesser spirits."

"Should I contract with them too?"

"There aren't any yin spirits around here, and for the other types, you are too inexperienced to use them."

"Ok, can you tell me about her past?"

"She lived in the forest, but when it was attacked by the witch cult she froze it with all its inhabitants"

"In a certain sense she saved them"

"I wasn't there so I can't tell, I hope you can manage somehow, I have to go now."

"See you soon"

So the spirit disappeared and in the meantime, the two arrived home, the boy let the girl lay down in bed and after changing his clothes, he also fell asleep.