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A friend in a frozen forest

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A few days passed from the trip to the village, and Subaru got used to his new life, and as usual he was sleeping next to Emilia, he thought of that day, he remembered the fearsome power he had, return by death, he discovered it by getting pierced by an arrow in the lungs, and he remembered the feeling of death, but another thing came to his mind, and that was Emilia's power, the moment he got pierced by the arrow, Emilia froze everything around her except for him, she didn't even care of the bandits, letting her power destroy everything, the last thing he remembered was Emilia's tears dropping on his face, but while this thought run through his mind Emilia started to hug him, and so the day begun, the two did the usual, all while chatting of everything they had to talk about, and once outside they went to clean the elves, and a grey cat appeared in front of them.

"Good Morning Puck"

"Good morning. Emilia, when did you start doing your hair?"

"Actually, Subaru was the one doing them, now I don't have to worry about having my hair in the way."

"Really Subaru? You're really good at it"

Puck watched Emilia, with two braids on the sides of her head and a ponytail on the back, she watched the boy that smiled at the cat. Emilia went to clean the statues, she didn't want Subaru to clean them, as she thought this was her duty, in the meantime Subaru stopped the cat for a bit.

"Puck, can I ask you a favour?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Can you teach me how to use magic?"

The spirit remained silent for a bit, he watched the boy, he saw that he was actually armed with a crossbow and a little sword, small enough for the boy to use it, all of this under his black coat.

"Why do you want to use magic?"

"I don't want to be a burden for Emilia, if I learn magic I can at least help her a bit."

"Fine, so let's start, first with your magic affinity, there are four of them: wind, heart, fire and water."

The cat went to Subaru, placed his tail on the boy's forehead, and after a bit he answered.

"Your affinity is yin"

"Yin? That's pretty rare." The girl said having heard their conversation.

"Is it like a super rare type that only heroes have?"

Said the boy with a huge smile full of excitement.

"Yin magic is used for blinding your opponents and things like this"

Emilia said, at the same moment Subaru became a little sad, hearing what he could do.

"This is the common knowledge of that magic, it is actually used for time and space manipulation."

Said the cat.

"We just passed from simple debuffs to a world ending treat in a second."

"What do you mean world ending treat? What can you do to end the world with yin magic?"
Said the spirit, curious about the boy's statement.

"You can create a black hole and that should be enough already."

"What is a black hole?"

The two asked.

"It's hard to explain, in simple terms, it's the opposite of the sun, it can attract, trap, and destroy everything nearby, not even light can escape from it, with space manipulation it is possible to recreate one."

"I doubt that you have enough mana to make something so powerful, anyway let's start from the basics, you want something offensive or as you said, debuffs?"

"Something offensive and then the debuffs."

"Ok then look closely, minya."

A purple arrow appeared out of nowhere and struck a nearby tree, Subaru watched closely, and after a bit he did that same attack with Puck's help.

"For a beginner that's not bad, for now you can exercise your gate"

"I also want to learn how to fight, can you two help me?"

"Sure Subaru, I can help you a bit, I don't use weapons often but I can do something."

Subaru continued to create crystals, and slowly managed to use it by himself, then he realised he had no magic in his body anymore, and found himself collapsed, with his back to the snow.

"Subaru are you OK?"

"I'm really tired. Hey watch"

"What are you doing?"

Emilia saw Subaru moving his arms around, making a form in the snow

"I made an angel, anyway can you help me get up?"


Emilia took the boy in a Princess carry, and he instantly became red.

"You don't have to carry me like this, I can walk for myself."

"You used all of your mana, stop complaining."

Emilia took the boy into the house, and placed him in the bed. Subaru was too embarrassed to say anything, but he truly couldn't move a muscle.

"It's getting late, I'm preparing lunch, you can rest for now."

"But I want to help, I'm already being too much of a burden."

"Subaru don't say that, you aren't a burden at all, I like having someone with me."

"Well if you say so, but if there is something I can do, I'll gladly do it."

"Ok, here is the food."

Emilia sat down in bed while Subaru got up, or tried to get up only to fall back again, Emilia giggled a little and said.

"Subaru, don't overdo it, can you hold the dish at least?"

"Sure I can, no nevermind."

Subaru tried to get up and fell down, the two laughed a bit and Emilia took Subaru's food.

"Guess I'll have to feed you, say ahh"

"I'm not a kid, I'll just wahh"

"Here you go, come on take another"

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Maybe, take another bite."

"Stop it! It's embarrassing"

"No, I'm having fun, and it's not like you can do something, it will probably take the whole day for you to move again."

"At least let me eat by myself, and eat yours too."

"Ok I'll take mine, but here's another spoon."

Emilia went on with her pranks, Subaru couldn't move a muscle so he suffered everything she did.

"Ok have we finished eating, that was too embarrassing."

"Don't say that, I had fun."

"Good for you, now what do we do?"

"Well you can't move, I have no idea, maybe you have a story from your world."

"If you want me to tell you a story, say sorry for what you did before."

"Fine, I'm sorry for having fun, for an apology I'll tickle you."

"Wait what hahaha, stop it."

Emilia tickled Subaru under his armpit, having fun herself, Subaru instead started laughing to tears.


"Then it's my turn"

"No wait"

Subaru started tickling Emilia on the neck, and she started laughing too, for then moving on the other side of the bed, outside Subaru's reach.

"Come here and get tickled."

"No, I'm staying here."

Emilia stuck her tongue out and pointed it towards Subaru, and he replied in the same way. Then the two laughed for a bit and then Emilia got next to Subaru.

"So will you tell me that story?"

"I have a few stories, so which story do you want?"

"An adventurous one."

"Ok, let me think about it"

So Subaru thought of every story he knew, and started telling one at Emilia, and the two passed the day with the story of earth.

Another few days passed, Subaru already managed to learn a few spells, Puck noticed that staying in a place full of mana helped Subaru to use his gate better and expanded his od a bit, this also thanks to the fact that he was still growing up.
Staying so close to Emilia, helped him take a bit of fire mana inside of him, so that he could resist the extreme temperatures a little better, and he already managed to master shamak and minya, and now was focusing on murak, and vita, Puck didn't know how to use the el versions of these magics, Puck mentioned Beatrice to Subaru, he noticed how alike were the magic of those two, if they ever met they would probably become really close, another time he appeared while Subaru was training with the sword, he wasn't anything special but he was already starting to use the mana for enhancing his physical strength, he was being teached how to write by Emilia a bit, so the two spend the days like this.

"We are going low on supplies" said a bell like voice

"So we have to go to the village again?"

"Before we have to get the mana crystals, and then we can go"

"Alright, let's go"

On their way the two launched a few Snowballs to each other, and once arrived, the two started to take a few crystals.

"It always feels nice, it's like cleaning someone's ear."

"Have you even cleaned someone's ear before, or was that the first thing that came to your mind?"

"Actually I have never cleaned someone's ears." Saying this the elf turned around watching the boy with shining eyes.

"Ok if you want I will let you do it, can I try it too?"

"Ok, here's the tools, you can go on."

After a bit the two went back to their house with a few bags full of crystals, the two prepared everything for the next day, for in the end to go to bed.


A little fire shone in the forest, just to be put out by a grey spirit.

"Not now, she needs more time, forever if it's possible"