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Negative Space

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Jess isn’t snooping. She isn’t. Really. She just wants to know a little bit more about the guy she’s going to go out with tonight. Sam is tall and handsome and sweet. He’s funny and has an amazing smile, but she still doesn’t know much about him. He rarely talks about himself. He’s always more interested in hearing about her. Which is flattering, but when she tries to get him to talk about himself he just sort of...shuts down.

She knows he’s an army brat, that he moved around a lot so he doesn’t really have any other friends outside of those he’s made at school...Leo and Kara and Brady. He did tell her once that Brady was the closest thing he’s ever had to a best friend. But the only thing any of them have gotten out of him about his family is that he has a sister and his mom is dead.

Now she’s standing in Sam’s dorm room, waiting for him to finish his shower, and she can’t help but look around a little, hoping to discover a few clues about the mysterious Sam Winchester.

There are books on his desk and others fill the bookshelf against the wall. There’s even some on the floor by the bed. So…he likes to read. That’s something.

She looks at the cork board over his desk but the only things pinned there is a copy of his schedule and a flyer for the Christmas concert they all went to last month. There are no posters on the walls, no pictures of family. In fact, the room is pretty bare. No hints at Sam’s interests, his loves, or passions.

There is a CD player on the nightstand next to his bed. Jess sits down next to it and flips the lid open. Dave Matthews Band.

After wrestling with her conscience for a moment, she pulls the nightstand’s drawer open. She’s sort of expecting porn or something but the only thing inside is a pile of photos. Finally something.

She can hear the shower still going, so she should have a couple of more minutes before Sam comes back. She pulls the photos out to get a better look at them.

They’re pictures of a girl. All of them...the same girl. Maybe an old girlfriend? Whoever she is, she’s pretty, with dirty blonde hair pulled back away from her face, and big, beautiful green eyes. She looks happy. Most of them look like they were taken on the same day, in a park, different pictures of the girl smiling into the camera, some playful poses, some more serious. Other pictures are more intimate. Most of these look like they were taken in a motel somewhere. Images of what looks to be the same girl without a shirt on, and kneeling on a bed in just her underwear. Definitely a old girlfriend then. Even if the intimate pictures feel almost voyeuristic, like they might have been taken on the sly, without the girl’s noticing.

Jess has only known Sam for a few months and this is only their second date, so they haven’t really talked about past relationships yet, but she’s sure he’s single. He said he was. Maybe this was the girl he had to leave behind. Surely, someday, Sam will tell her about her.

When Sam finally comes back to his room, Jess is sitting innocently in the recliner by the window, far away from the nightstand and the hidden pictures.

It’s weeks later when Jess finally gets to ask about Sam’s past girlfriends. She’s surprised though when he tells her he’s never been in a serious relationship. Jess frowns and tries to act like her confusion is only about how some lucky girl hadn’t snatched him up before. She’s really dying to ask about the girl in the photos, but Sam doesn’t know she knows about that, so she remains quiet and tries not to let it bother her that Sam is being less than honest with her.

Two years later, Jess finally meets Sam’s sister. The girl is pretty, with long dirty blonde pulled back away from her face, and big, beautiful green eyes, and Jess can’t shake the feeling that she’s met her before.