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a dare for two classmates

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If Alya had known that all it took to get Adrien and Marinette together were two overly competitive classmates, she would have made the dare way earlier.

Seriously. She had been trying to get her OTP (well, OTP behind Ladynoir since they were obviously made for each other) together since the start of school 2 years ago, and yet it seemed that the world was against them. Marinette forgot to sign something, assistant stole the gift, random akuma attack, Adrien has a last-minute photo shoot, embarrassing voicemails, Marinette just doesn't do it for no reason at all...

It seemed impossible.

So, after another failed attempt of a love confession and a whole night of planning (which ended up resulting in nothing because there was a late-night akuma that tore off Marinette's roof), Alya was exhausted. Marinette had gone to the bathroom just a minute before and Alya wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in the middle of class, but Alix and Kim's constant bickering made that a lost cause.

"-Oh please, I totally won that!"

"No, I call a rematch- "

"Because you can't comprehend the fact that you lost?"

"No! Because you obviously cheated -"

"Will. You. SHUT UP?!" 

Both Alix and Kim froze from their argument, watching as the ladyblogger turned her frustrated gaze to them.

"You want an impossible mission? A dare that there's absolutely no way that you can complete it? Set up the two oblivious idiots- that's it!"

She smirked for a moment as her eyes lit up.

"I dare you to get Adrien and Marinette together."

Alix and Kim accepted.



It started off as a competition. Kim made it clear that he thought he'd be able to do it first and made a bet, which Alix obviously agreed to. 

However, it was seriously harder than they thought.



Alix left some flowers in Marinette's locker from 'A'. Technically, it was still her, but Alya would obviously think that it was from Adrien and convince Marinette the same. 

"Oh, wow!" exclaimed Marinette as soon as she saw them, "These are so beautiful -"

"Look!!" Alya squealed, just as planned, "It's from 'A'! Do you think -"

"It was a very nice gift, Alix," said Max just as passing. Alix froze.

Alya looked confused and Alix chuckled, "Whaaat? I don't think -"

"Oh. Was it supposed to be anonymous? I'm sorry, Alix, I thought I had seen you put the flowers in the locker."

Alix narrowed her eyes for a moment before folding her arms and looking at Marinette. It wasn't Max's fault, after all. "Yup. I got the flowers for Marinette. As a friendship gift. Just me. Not anyone else with a name that starts with 'A'."

Of course, Marinette, as the lovely person she was, thanked Alix profusely and made her some new fingerless gloves as a thank you for the friendly gift.

Alix was happy, of course (all of Marinette's gifts were amazing), but Adrien had no idea the incident ever happened.

Alya gave her a look as Alix glared at the gift in her hands.

"Told you it was impossible."



Kim clearly tried the same approach; but he actually left a love letter to Adrien.

He obviously had not taken into account that Adrien was a celebrity and received about a hundred love letters a day.

"Hey, Adrien..." he said casually as said boy entered the school, "Did you get any interesting mail yesterday?"

Adrien looked thoughtful for a moment before shaking his head. "I don't think so."

"Really? Not any-uh love confessions or anything -"

Kim was cut off by a chuckle, "Oh, those usually go to my PR team. My friends actually give me letters or text me; it's way easier."

And then Nino came along and Adrien said a cheerful goodbye.

Alix smirked in victory.



Alix decided to go further this time, deciding that rather than setting up a confession, she would plan a date. She was obviously not a romantic- but spent enough time around Nathaniel and Marc and Juleka and Rose to know how to set up a basic picnic date. It certainly wasn't going to be as extensive as 'Operation Secret Garden', but she would invite them both to the park to work on a new graffiti project. Then, she would cancel and they'd both be stuck together and finally confess feelings.

There was absolutely no way it could go wrong.

Until she remembered that she had gotten this idea from Nathaniel and Marc's date because they were doing a picnic date at the same time.

And Adrien and Marinette invited them over.

Turning the 'date' into a friendly hangout.

Just perfect.



Kim's next attempt was a race: He had randomly challenged everyone in the class to attempt to race him, and the winners would then race each other. Of course, usually, he would have totally beat everyone, but he was planning on ensuring that Marinette and Adrien would win. Then, he would set up a rope to make them trip on each other. 

Alix thought it was convoluted. Kim assured her that it would work, seeing as 'simple' hadn't worked before.

The first surprise came when he wasn't 'letting' Marinette and Adrien beat him. He was actually running the fastest he could and Marinette seemed miles away. He was in shock as he finally reached the finish line, nearly a minute after Marinette, who was cheering with Alya and not looking tired at all.

How was that possible?

Either way, he actually tried harder with Adrien, knowing that he did fencing and had a literal rock wall in his room meant that he was definitely sporty.

And he was outrun. Again. While Adrien seemed like he was using no effort.

He was a good sport, of course, and then Marinette and Adrien were able to race together. Sure, he had been incredibly impressed by his classmates' stamina, but the plan was still going well, and his pride could really only be bruised that much if Alix was the one who beat him.

(But was he going to challenge them later again? Of course, he was.)

They made it past their first lap, neck and neck, though it looked like Adrien was leading by the smallest bit- or now it was Marinette? Were they doing some secret training that Kim didn't know of, because he would have to ask to join. Either way, he was completely focused on the rope, getting ready to pull it just as  the two passed by and-

And Marinette did an aerial.

A fucking aerial.

Adrien leaped over it.

Kim's eyes nearly bulged out of his head as the two students passed the finish line at the same exact time, acting as if their actions were completely normal.



It continued for days and weeks. Alix and Kim would both try something either really simple (Alix seriously thought about just confessing for Marinette, but that was also wrong and against her morals, so she didn't) or an incredibly complex plan that failed somehow along the way.

"Do you think we can just lock them in a room and get it over with?" Kim sighed, sliding down the wall.

"Doubt it," grumbled Alix, "They'd probably starve before confessing feelings."

At that moment, Alya came in the room, rapidly typing on her phone when she caught a glance of the two. She put her hands on her hips and smirked, "Give up, yet?"


"Absolutely not!"

Both of them scoffed and turned around while Alya only chuckled and sing-songed, "Good luck!" as she walked back out of the room.

Alix suddenly perked up.

"Wait... this isn't a bet between us, is it?"

Kim raised an eybrow, "This isn't some plan to get me to back out, right? Because if it is, there's not a chance -"

"No, no!" Alix scrambled to sit up straight, "This was a dare by Alya to both of us."

"Your point?"

"We need to team up!"


"We need to team up to get them together! Obviously, that is completely against anything we stand for but -"

"No, no, you're right. That's why I'm confused. You're right for once."

"Shut up."



And so, their final plan was put in place. it was basically a version of Kim's original idea of locking them up- but they had the perfect opportunity during the akuma attack. Really, it wasn't the best plan, but it was just a small thing while they worked out something else.

Marinette had gone into a closet (for a reason they didn't know) but then Adrien went into that closet a second later, not knowing that Marinette was in there, and it was just perfect.

They did the only logical thing which was to lock the door, stack chairs in front of it, and call out to them that they weren't going to let Marinette and Adrien out.

"D'you think this is gonna work?" Kim questioned after about ten minutes of the akuma still raging outside. Marinette and Adrien had been uncharacteristically silent for the past few minutes, but there hadn't been any announcements of love confessions, so Alix and Kim assumed they were just waiting it out. 

"Honestly, no. But it's worth a shot."

"ALIX! KIM! LET US OUT -" and they were back at it.

"Not a chance."


"And what? You don't need to fight it. We'll be just fine- AHH!" a giant foot stomped into the area, just nearly missing Alix and Kim. They both dived out of the day, not seeing the two superheroes who arrived just then.

"Alix! Kim! You need to get out of here -" called Ladybug, but the two were stubborn.

"Uh, no- we can't. See, we have these two friends -"


"Obviously," said Kim sarcastically, "But we also value getting these two friends together 'cause of this dare -"

"- and we think we're really close this time," finished Alix, but soon enough, Ladybug had picked up both of them and practically tossed them in an empty classroom.

"Stay." she ordered with a tone of finality that the two couldn't argue with.

They soon saw the ladybugs swirl around the building and burst out of the room, running back to the closet to find- Marinette and Adrien. Still there.

"Are you guys crazy?!" Kim burst out as soon as they saw them. "How did Ladybug and Chat Noir not take you somewhere else?!"

"Uh- they, um, didn't notice us?"

"Kim -"

"I can't believe it!" Kim continued, not noticing Alix still elbowing him. "How did those two superheroes think we wouldn't be able -"

"Kim -"

"- to handle ourselves and they just let you there -"

"KIM! LOOK!" Alix was pointing to Adrien and Marinette's hands.

That were interlocked.



They were both met with an eternally grateful but slightly awed Alya when school began the next day.

If Adrien and Marinette suddenly had a lot of inside jokes with cats and puns and princesses- that wasn't Alix and Kim's problem.