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No Gauze for Alarm

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Anne sat in the backseat of Sasha's car, staring at the open passenger door. Her nails scraped gently against the fabric, making a soft scratching sound.

"Don't do that." Sasha muttered from the driver's seat.

"They said anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. It's been two hours." Anne nervously flapped her hands against the seat, her gaze switching to the door of the small building in front of them.

"Lucky we didn't have to do this back there." Sasha joked, referring to the alternate amphibian dimension they had left just two years prior. Anne hummed nervously in response, it didn't seem to cheer her up at all. Sasha frowned a bit and continued scrolling through her phone.

Anne nearly jumped a foot in the air when she saw the door of the office open and a nurse emerged pushing Marcy in a wheelchair towards the vehicle. She had a clean white wrap around her head securing two ice packs to the side of her face, and pieces of gauze sticking out of her mouth. She smiled when she saw them, raising both her hands and waving sloppily. Anne could hear Sasha attempting to hold back a laugh.

"Hey Mar-mar, how're you feeling?" Anne leaned towards the passenger seat as the nurse helped her into the car and shut the door behind her.

"They sfole my teefh. An' my bloohd." Marcy responded, muffled by the gauze, as she held out her arm with a bandage taped to it.

"The teeth were too underdeveloped to keep, Marcy." Sasha lightheartedly retorted as she started the car.

"Thafs a GOOD thimg! Makes em easier to remofve. But I sphill wanthed them..." She whined, laying her head back against the seat.

"Does it... hurt?" Anne asked with a hint of anxiety, placing her hand on Marcy's shoulder. She shook her head, then proceeded to poke herself in the face.

"Marcy!" Anne gently grabbed her hands, pulling them away.

"Should we move her back there with you?" Sasha said, pulling over, though they'd barely made it out of the parking lot.

"Yea. C'mon, Marce." Anne got out of the car and opened the passenger door, wrapping her arms around Marcy and pulling her up. Marcy responded by completely hugging her as tight as she could.

"Ack- Marcy-" Anne mumbled, sortof half picking her up and half dragging her to the back seat. She buckled Marcy in and went around, getting back in the car on the opposite side. Sasha pulled back onto the road and resumed driving. Marcy flopped against Anne, resting her head on her shoulder.

"You're sho comphfy." Marcy mumbled, Anne making a nervous squeak-like sound.

"Uh... thank you?" Anne heard Sasha chuckle from up front.

"Havin' fun, you two?"

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Marcy slurred, half-tackling Anne, who squeaked louder in response. "Hah, squeaky." She continued, hugging Anne tighter.

"How are you still so strong-" Anne gasped out, feeling like she was being crushed to death affectionately. Marcy loosened her grip but still remained there, cuddling her and rubbing her forehead against the side of Anne's face. After a few minutes she stopped moving, only producing soft breathing.

"Wow, she's really affectionate when she's cheesed, huh?" Sasha whispered, glancing at Anne in the mirror. Anne could only shrug in response, not even able to move her hands to cover her flushed face lest she disturb her cuddly friend. Sasha's eyes turned back to the road and they drove in silence, Marcy beginning to softly snore.

"Really cute too.." Anne mumbled, glancing down at her.

"What?" Sasha snorted, much to Anne's surprise. She didn't expect her to hear that. Anne shushed her, and she shrugged and nodded in response.

"I meant that like, platonically. Yeah."





"Whatever you say." Sasha rolled her eyes, slipping back into silence. Anne glanced down at Marcy, who slightly twitched, burying her face further into her side. She broke.

"Okay, no, I didn't."

"I know. You're a horrible liar." Sasha replied with a smirk, pulling into the driveway of Marcy's house. Anne gently shook her awake.

"C'mon, snoozy. Let's get you inside." Anne mumbled, gently dragging her out of the car and up onto her feet. She groaned, leaning against Anne for support, and they slowly made their way into the house and up the stairs into Marcy's room, Sasha leading the way. Anne helped Marcy lie down in her bed, her limbs twitching and jerking as she relaxed.

"Me and Sash will be right downstai-"

"Noooo! Shtay here. Pleafse." Marcy raised her hands up, gently grabbing Anne's face.

"I loooove you." Marcy mumbled. Sasha held back a laugh as Anne failed to pull away with more flustered squeaks. Marcy let go, causing Anne to fall to the ground. She pointed towards Sasha, and continued.

"...You too! I love you bofth... lots." Sasha froze, blushing.

"Hah." Anne teased, standing back up. Marcy suddenly jumped up, grabbing Anne by the sides and pulling her back onto the bed with her in a vice grip. Sasha laughed and moved over to them, flopping down on the bed. Marcy wrapped Anne in one arm and Sasha in the other.

"I loove you." She repeated, pulling them as close to her as possible. Sasha and Anne exchanged flustered glances.

"We love you too, Marbles." Anne mumbled as she snuggled closer to them both, Sasha humming in agreement. Marcy sighed contentedly and they all slowly fell asleep.


Marcy was the first to wake up. Loudly.

"Oogh... ow, owwww..."

"Mh. Marcy? Are you awake?" Anne held herself up on her elbows, gently nudging Sasha to wake up.

"U-unforshunately, augh..." She groaned, rubbing her cheek, then flinched. Needling pain spiked all along her jaw, replacing the numbness that was slowly ebbing away.

"What's happening?" Sasha mumbled, blinking awake.

"Shasha, dishd you pick up my meds?"

"Shit. I knew I was forgetting something."

"Nice going, Sash." Anne elbowed the blonde and sat up. Sasha swung her legs off the bed and stood up, stretching.

"That wasn't the most comfortable position, your arm was right against my spine..." Sasha muttered. Marcy glanced away from her sheepishly.

"Don't blame her. I'm surprised she didn't accidentally strangle us in our sleep."

"I'm right here." Marcy remarked, then winced in pain. Anne realized the ice packs secured to her face were melted, and gently slid off the headwrap. Marcy sighed in relief, but still looked a bit uncomfortable.

"I swear on my favorite boy band, I'm gonna go grab your meds and then I'm gonna mmm-bop right back." Sasha ruffled Marcy's hair and left.

"That'sh like, the dorkiesht thing I've ever heard her shay." Marcy chuckled then winced again.

"Yeah, what you said must've really softened her up or something." Anne turned towards her with a nervous look. "Uh, you do remember what you said, right?"

"Yesh." Marcy flushed, hovering her hand above her face to cover it, careful not to touch it.

"Don't be embarrassed, it was... sweet. Except the two times you tackled me."


"Eh, it's not your fault." Anne leaned back against the headboard, glancing over at the alarm clock on Marcy's nightstand. "Oh man, we were out for a while. Must've slept the whole night." Marcy just hummed in response, not wanting to risk hurting herself more. They sat in silence for a while, until Sasha came back, carrying a plastic bag.

"So uh, you weren't supposed to sleep with that gauze in your mouth. C'mere." Marcy sat up and opened her mouth, letting Sasha remove the blood-stained cloth and replace it with a clean one.

"Ick, that's a lot of blood..." Sasha mumbled with an incredibly uncomfortable expression, throwing it into the garbage. "Alright, now the meds." Sasha opened two containers, removing a pill from each, then took a small box out of the bag.

"Are... are those fruit roll-ups? Isn't she not supposed to have sticky stuff?" Anne glanced between the two.

"Yeah, but these aren't to eat. Not really anyways- just watch." Sasha tore up the snack, and wrapped the pills with them.

"Ooooh. So they don't taste bad? Clever." Sasha smiled proudly and gave them to Marcy.

"Should I get you some water or somethin-" Sasha began, but was cut off when Marcy swallowed the pills with seemingly no effort. "Nevermind, I guess." Sasha chuckled, receiving a shrug from Marcy.

"Do you need anything else?" Anne turned towards Marcy again, who gave a thoughtful expression before glancing around the room. She didn't seem to find whatever she was looking for, and instead starting moving her hands in weird shapes.

"Uh... what is she doing?" Sasha raised an eyebrow, receiving an annoyed glance from Marcy.

"I think she's signing. Marbles, neither of us know sign language." Marcy gave her the most unimpressed look she could muster, then pointed to a poster by the door. It listed the sign language alphabet.

"Oh. Uh, continue." Marcy fingerspelled something repeatedly, both Anne and Sasha trying to decode what she was asking for.

"G... A? Marce, slow down." Anne sighed.

"Wait, I think I got it... uhm, Gatorade?" Marcy nodded at Sasha, then proceeded to fingerspell two Ls repeatedly.

"LL... What does that mean?" Sasha glanced between Marcy and the poster, even more confused than before.

"Is it a flavor? Uh... oh, oh! Lemon lime! I think that's a gatorade flavor, right?" Marcy nodded enthusiastically, fingerspelling 'Fridge'.

"Alright, I'll go get it." Sasha sighed and went back downstairs to get the drink. Anne leaned over and grabbed a piece of paper from the bag.

"Hm. This is all the post-operation stuff you gotta do. Hah, I hope you don't mind the taste of salt water..." Anne glanced at Marcy sympathetically, who groaned in response. Sasha returned with the gatorade and handed it to Marcy, who did a different sign than the fingerspelling, but quickly spelled 'TY' when she remembered neither of them knew what she meant.

"Oh, did that mean 'thank you'?" Sasha attempted to repeat the sign, tapping her fingertips against her chin. Marcy nearly spat out her drink with something that sounded like a laugh before shaking her head and putting her fingertips against her chin before moving her hand out in front of her, palm facing upwards.

"Gotcha. Uh, what did I say the first time?" Marcy smirked and fingerspelled 'bitch'. Anne erupted into laughter as Sasha flushed.

"Shit, sorry!" Marcy shook her head and waved it off, sipping the gatorade with a bit of difficulty.

"Anything else?" Sasha sat down on the bed, looking at Marcy. She shook her head and placed the drink on her nightstand, laying back into her pillows.

"I think she likes being pampered like this." Anne remarked, Marcy humming in agreement.

"You better do the same for us, Marbles." Sasha pointed a finger gun at her, then gently but swiftly slammed her hand back down against the bed. "Uh, that didn't mean anything, right?" Marcy shook her head.

"Yay, we're learning." Anne mumbled jokingly, leaning back against the headboard. Sasha just flopped down at the end of the bed.

"So, Marcy... You remember everything you said earlier, right?" Sasha turned her head towards them. Marcy nodded with a somewhat anxious expression.

"In... what way did you mean that?" Marcy closed her eyes and sighed, blushing. Anne sat up a bit, putting a hand on her shoulder. Marcy covered her face with a pillow before holding up a single letter: an R.

Anne and Sasha glanced between each other and Marcy's raised hand. She had told them about tone indicators before, and although this wasn't the conventional method to use them, they both knew what she meant. R for romantic. She wasn't just being nice, she loved loved them.

"...Both of us?" Sasha asked a bit shakily. Marcy's hand switched to a Y. They exchanged understanding glances before Sasha crawled up towards Marcy and laid down beside her, Anne doing the same on the other side. They both cuddled close to Marcy, who removed the pillow from her face and looked back and forth between them. Anne slid her arm under Marcy's waist, Sasha's beneath her neck. Their remaining hands both rested on her torso and interlocked, which Marcy brought up her own hands to meet.

"I love you bofth." Marcy mumbled, closing her eyes. Sasha moved closer, resting her head on Marcy's chest, while Anne buried her face in her shoulder.

"Love you too." They said in unison, Sasha quietly mumbling "Jinx, your turn to get the gatorade next time." which was met with soft laughs from the other two.