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Holy Hammer

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When the curse lifted of the village, Shura Farl has disappeared in nowhere and Akemi has returned, Shimoko's life seems to went as usual, she just hanged out with her friends Ebiko and Akemi, but with some time Shimoko has began to feel something, something to Akemi, she remembered all things that Akemi did to save her, for all this time Akemi became for Shimoko a very important person, then, she understood, that feeling which Shimoko experienced to Akemi been love, in one day Shimoko been determined to confess to Akemi in her feelings, after time became pretty late and girls were ready to return in their houses, Shimoko made her move. 


"Akemi can I talk with you, alone?" 'Sure, I don't mind.' "Akemi, maybe we know each other not so long, but for this time you became a very dear person to me." 'Oh, Shimoko I don't know what to say.' "That's not all, Akemi I love you, will you be my girlfriend?" 


Without a words Akemi took and hugged Shimoko and then said. 


'You are very dear person for me too Shimoko-chan, and our feelings to each other are mutual, I must say we know each other longer than you think." 


Then Akemi kissed Shimoko in the forehead. 


'But someday you will understand, until tomorrow my green girl." 


And then she seems to disappeared, little embarrassed but also and happy, Shimoko went back to her home, she only could think about one thing, wishing that next day began sooner.