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Emerald Rabbit's Warren

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Hey, guys! This is BD (Big Diesel) and Sorasentry with our first collaboration together. Sorasentry serves as the brainchild of this project as he was the one that wanted to create a harem with Izuku and his UA/Beacon maidens. Let's say this is a story that we don't want to spoil. Read and see and enjoy the story.

This story was inspired by: All girls for one Deku, Faunus Jaune's Fuck Frenzy and Jaune the conqueror by AzureGigacyber, For the Cause by Selene_Sokal and Sweet Cute Green Obssesion by guyNumber23. Shout out to them and their amazing stories about harems!

A Rabbit's Awakening.

The sun was rising on the horizon, a new day was breaking for everyone in the U.A. High School's Alliance Heights.

The emerald child, known as Izuku Midoriya, was slowly stirring from his restful slumber. He opened his eyes and was met with the ceiling. He tried to sit up in the bed, but felt all of his limbs held down, in fact he felt weight all over him.

He moved his head up slightly and was met with the sight of a pile of girls, sleeping peacefully on top of him. Many of their dainty, feminine hands latched onto a part of his body.

Izuku slowly and gently moved his body, removing his arms from the girls' grip. He carefully removed the heads of the girls that rested in his chest and laid them down on the bed. Lastly he sat up and gently put aside the hands of the girls holding his legs and with all his limbs free, he slowly stood up from the bed, lucky the girls were too deep into sleep to notice the movement.

Once he stood up, he stretched his arms up before he let out a silent sigh in relief. The boy scratched up his emerald-colored hair with his left hand, brushing his fingers through one of the rabbit ears on top of his head as he scratched his lower back with his other hand, reaching into the cottontail above his rear.

He glanced at the floor and saw a pile of clothes scattered in the floor, many being girls' clothing. He reached through for a few minutes until he found both his boxer and black shorts and put them on. There are four things Izuku wants right now, a shower, a can of orange juice, a carrot and katsudon for breakfast.

The boy glanced back at the bed where the many girls were still sleeping happily… All naked, with white stuff gushing out from their holy passages and back doors…

As he tried tiptoeing, he heard a light smack from the lips. He carefully turned and saw it was the very woman that literally kept him from falling on the first day, Ochako Uraraka.

"Good morning, baby!" Ochako was in all smiles. She had such a glow that it was attractive to those who seek it. Grabbing the covers to hide her nakedness, she was playing shy. To think it was less than a few hours where that shyness was nonexistent. Izuku wanted to laugh, but didn't want to disturb the others.

Izuku put his finger to his lip, inciting silence. He didn't want to disturb the others. "Morning," he said in a whisper.

The brunette smiled. "What are you doing?" She was cooing happily. "Why aren't you keeping your ladies warm?"

"I wanted it to be a surprise, but I wanted to make a huge breakfast for you all." He put his hands in a pleading position. "Don't tell the girls, please? For me?"

"Mum's the word," she replied. "However, it is gonna cost you." She winked as she pulled down the covers, exposing her luscious body. Izuku blushed as she blew a kiss before turning over to the others as she wanted to return back to her slumber. He watched as Momo laced her arms and legs around Ochako. Kyoka was snoring loudly as her ear jacks were moving with the flow. Toru's head was on the floor as Mina was using Toru's leg as a pillow as a river of drool was being created.

Izuku smiled peacefully at such a beautiful sight, many beautiful girls, all naked, their assets exposed... and all were his beloved girlfriends. "Heh… Hard to believe how far I've come, sometimes I believe it's still a dream all of this. First I met All Might, my all time Hero, he made me his successor, I inherited his Quirk, One for All, I entered my dream school, made friends and grew stronger as I strived to become the greatest of all Heroes… I thought it would all be perfect if I could work up the courage to ask Ochako to be my girlfriend, well… She did become my girlfriend, just not the only one…" He thought to himself as he glanced at the pretty round face of Ochako, sleeping with a smile on her face. "Who would have thought that only  almost 3 months ago things would got even more crazy and unreal for me when I suddenly woke up as a rabbit Faunus, an alpha one at that and then not only Ochako, but all girls from my classroom, the girls from Class B, Mei, Nejire and even surprising Melissa end up becoming my girlfriends and becoming my 'Warren'... and those are only the ones right here at the moment… Life sure is full of surprises, eh?" Deku glanced up at the ceiling of Momo's room, looking back at the day that changed his life forever again…


Almost 3 months ago…

Several days after the huge success of the Cultural Festival, Principal Nezu summoned everyone to U.A.'s. auditorium.

The anthropomorphic animal stood behind the podium before he cleared his throat. "Greetings, everyone. Thank you all for coming." He acknowledged all students present in their seats, paying attention to the school principal. "I called here today to make an important announcement, in 3 months' time we'll be starting a pilot exchange student program with students from Beacon Academy, one of the most renowned Huntsmen academies in the world of Remnant." The principal announced with his ever present smile.

All alumni reacted surprised at this announcement. As it turns out, this universe wasn't the only one there is in existence, in fact there is another.

Around the Fourth Generation of Quirks, it was discovered the existence of an alternative world known as Remnant due to an unusual time space event that causes dimensional rifts in the fabric of reality, working as gateways into this new world.

The world of Remnant was totally different from Earth. Where as Earth strived from the genetic gifts known as Quirks and was protected by Pro Heroes against Villains, Remnant, instead, strived from the mystical, nearly magical gifts from the soul known as Auras and Semblances and was protected by Huntsmen and Huntresses, warriors that harness these gifts and wielders of incredible anime-like weapons, from the Grimm, soulless creatures of darkness that are drawn to the negative emotions from people.

At first glance, Semblances are not so different from Quirks. They both share similar principles, people are born with this, both can be unique for the wielder and these can be any sort of power or ability. However, Quirks originate from the genetics of people and these are physical abilities, all limited and with a flaw or setback. Semblances on the other hand can range from physical to nearly magical and these run on the Auras, the energy from the soul, being the determining limit. On top of that Auras can also be used as protection from otherwise deathly attacks and accelerate healing. Another major difference is that virtually anyone can awaken their Auras and Semblances in Remnant with the proper methods, but on Earth not everyone has a Quirk, being a now rare 20% of population, which onced included Izuku and the former Symbol of Peace himself.

In Remnant there also exist Dust, crystals of elemental properties that have many uses for the people of Remnant, and quite more valuable their currency from known as Lien, being the most common serving as ammo for Huntsmen weaponry.

Remnant also has quite the different story and setting, being that of a blend of high technology that surely gives the ones from the likes of I-Island a run for their money, and mysticism, an almost fairy-tale-like vibe. It's history is also quite intriguing: The world once had a different name, but it was lost to time after a catastrophic event millenia ago that left it destroyed, a mere remnant of what once was, even the moon of the planet has been left with a massive crater, being visible at night when the moon comes out. The myths also state that the world before Remnant was created by the Gods of Light and Darkness, the brothers creators of the world.

Remnant is home of many myths and legends of many kinds, but also two species of humanoid life. There are the humans from that world, basically the same as humans from Earth, except for the obvious differences that are Quirks, Auras and Semblances. And then there are the Faunus people, these species are nearly identical to humans, however they all are born with at least one animal trait that varies depending on the parents, these can be an extra pair of ears atop of the head, a tail, horns, marking on the skin, ect. Most Faunus posses only one trait, but there are Faunus who posses more than one trait of their corresponding animal species, these are Alpha Faunus, who are usually stronger than their common place counter parts, these Alpha Faunus are uncommon occurrences, but not to the point of being completely rare.

In the long history of Remnant, there was being many instances of racism and discrimination against the Faunus all the way to present day, something that people on Earth find almost incompressible, as the concepts of discrimination and racism of old had all but died out with the coming of Quirks. Curiously enough, there can be an argument that people with animal traits on Earth, either due to a mutation-type Quirk or inherited genetics, can be seen as Faunus themselves in Remnant.

During the Fourth Generation of Quirks, first contact with Remnant and their people were performed and vice versa. After period of research and successful results, both parties from the governments of the nations of Earth as well as the four main kingdoms of Remnant came to the agreement of making the discovery public to the general populace of both worlds after successfully proving of amicable relationships between both worlds, it took a period of time for the peoples of both worlds to settled to the new reality of not being alone in all of existence, but with time it became general knowledge.

Nowadays, both Earth and Remnant act up as neighboring countries towards each other, maintaining an amicable relationship. However, there are strict rules to travel between both worlds, as both parties came to the agreement, that despite being on good terms towards each other, they must not interfere with the affairs of the other unless with expressed permission, which is why Huntsmen and Huntresses are not allowed to operate on Earth, nor can Pro Heroes in Remnant. And to travel between worlds, one must possess an especial passport that can be acquired after extensive legal processes, making it twice as long and tedious as acquiring a normal passport, unless these are requested by people of special interest such as royalties, high members of government or high class civilians, which is why it's not so commonplace seeing people from Remnant visiting Earth and the other way around.

It was believed that both worlds would remain mostly isolated from each other for a long time, with not much in terms of hope of flawless integration due to the district rules in which Huntsmen and Pro Heroes operate. Huntsmen are trained to hunt and kill their objectives in order to protect the people first and foremost, as long as the people are safe that is all that matters. Pro Heroes, on the other hand, are trained to save people from any sort of situation and apprehend the Villains that commit vicious crimes, however there are consequences for the Pro Heroes that violate such as killing and causing grave collateral damages. In short, Huntsmen have more lax sets of rules to operate while Pro Heroes have very strict rules, hence the reason as to why there aren't attempts of integration between the two, until now it seems…

Nezu let the alumni react briefly at the news before resuming his announcement. "Now, I understand that you all are surprised about this announcement as you might be under the belief that it is impossible to make true and successful integration between our world and that of Remnant, however both myself and Headmaster Ozpin, from Beacon Academy, came to the agreement to make this experiment as an attempt to make such integration in light of recent events occuring of both worlds, the escalation of Villain attacks in here on Earth and the ever increasing rate of Grimm attacks in Remnant, the hope of this experiment is that integration can be archive, bring both worlds closer together and stand together against such adversities." The principal explained. "When the exchange student program starts in a few months, we will host two teams consisting of four students each of 2nd semester as well as a team of four senior students and two teachers of Beacon's faculty in charge of watching over the teams, each team will be assigned to the dorms of the Hero Course classes. In the meantime we will prepare everything for the arrival of our guests and I hope everyone does their part to ensure the success of this experiment." Nezu elaborated on the details. "That will be everything for now, you are allowed to leave now. Thank you for your time." The principal concluded as he bowed down his head and with that the alumni stood up and left the auditorium.

A lot had to be prepared and organized before the arrival of the Beacon students on both sides of the isle. U.A. had to create spaces of the exchange students to accomodate in the dorms of Classes 1-A and 1-B, something that Cementoss can take care of without much difficulty. Beacon had to ensure the students they will send to Earth are familiarized with the culture, customs, traditions and history of Earth as well as being taught about everything related to Hero Society. U.A. also had to make sure their own students are well-educated about Remnant culture and history to make it easier to acclimate to the newcomers and vice versa. The paperwork for the people of Remnant was already in the works as well as reorganization to accommodate the Huntsmen and Huntresses in training to their usual classes schedule among other specifics that the U.A. staff as well as the Beacon staff are working for the sake of the success of this first inter-universal exchange program.

The day continued as normal for Class A, but many were talking about the exciting possibility of meeting people from Remnant and even more so about that four students of Beacon will be staying with them in their dorm. Right now the class was walking back to their dorm after classes were finished for the day.

As they walked, many were still chatting about the exchange students they will host in the upcoming months. Aizawa-sensei informed them told them about one of the teams that will be staying with them, Team RWBY (Pronounced: Ruby), as well as the teacher assigned to them, Professor Goodwitch and two members of the senior team, Team CFVY (Pronounced: Coffee), assigned in providing support to the team and teacher. However, the homeroom teacher didn't tell the Hero Students the genders of these people, apparently Principal Nezu wanted to save that until everything was set.

"Bad ass! As Tokoyami would say, this will certainly be a mad banquet of darkness." It was Denki that was whistling as he was heading back to his dorm room. Comic books, potato chips, and copious amounts of anime were calling his name. "I sure hope to God that there is a babe or two coming from that magistrate." He made kissing noises. "A great way to learn each other's culture in the ways of love."

"My goodness, Kaminari! Keep your pants on. This is a cultural exchange, not a dating pool." It was the earnest, overbearing, yet fair genius and class president, Tenya Iida as he held onto books containing Remnant history. "The purpose of this program is understanding each other, not fertilizing the gene pool."

"It can be both! We must learn how to play the system." As the two looked downward, it was the grapehead and class pervert, Minoru Mineta that spoke. Holding a handheld game, he looked at his classmates after ear hustling them about the upcoming cultural exchange. "I think somewhere in the international rules of being a playboy there is a saying that we can't beat the system, we can surely pimp it."

"Amen to that," responded Kaminari with a happy grin. "I am really excited." He whistled loudly as he was becoming giddier. "To think if there are babes, there could be neko babes."

"Don't you mean a Faunus?" retorted Tenya.

"Faunus. Excuse me," replied Denki apologetically.

Mineta rubbed his stomach excitedly. "Amen to that! And better yet if it is a Faunus beauty! I mean I really don't get why people over in Remnant are racist to them, talk about uncultured!" Minoru ranted. He put his finger on his lip. "That's probably why they call it Remnant. Anything civil must have been destroyed as well. Heck, even their moon looked like it had been blasted by buckshot shells."

"Couldn't agree more, buddy." The electric blond agreed with him. "To think there is a whole race of people with animal traits, meaning neko girls and bunny girls, and people over there treat them badly? The nerve of those people!"

"Positive objectification is still objectification! You must respect others equally regardless of race!" Tenya shouted at them in his usual over seriousness. He rubbed his glasses at the bridge of his nose. "And once again, gentlemen, they are called Faunuses. Not your neko-bunny girls." He turned to Denki and Minoru. "Seriously, Kaminari. I think you have been spending time with Mineta a bit too much. Don't let him rub his shine on you and rob you of your ambition."

"Not unless my ambition is chasing ne-, I mean Faunus beauties and making them my wives," interjected Kaminari happily.

"Amen," said Minoru as he and Denki slapped hands.

"Simpletons!" Tenya knew any further arguments would end in defeat. He paced his way forward as he wanted to head back and prepare his studies for the Beacon arrivals. "It's moments like these in which I need to expand my circle of friends. Jesus!

Minoru blew a raspberry as Serious-kun darted along. He looked at Denki. "I am thinking maybe we can discuss techniques. Game plans, you know."

"Normally, I would not even give that a thought, let alone saying it to you," he said as he scratched under his chin. "But hey, this is a new adventure to embark on." He was in a cheeky grin. "Let's discuss plans over pizza at my dorm. Your treat."

"Why is it my treat?"

"Minoru. Do you want an ally or a date with aloe?"

Minoru lowered his head. "I think I can spare some cash. The cam girls won't be seeing me for quite a while." He gripped his fist and raised it high. "For the sake of neko babes, it is for a good cost!"

"Faunus," interjected Denki.

"Faunus, yes," retorted Minoru.

"And don't you mean cause?"

"Cause, cost. It's all the same. We are paying for it, aren't we?" Minoru pointed his finger toward the hallway. "Today, the dorm. Tomorrow, to places where no human has gone before."

"Bad ass!" exclaimed Denki.

As Denki and Minoru headed to his dorm, a certain group of students were trailing behind them.

"God, boys! The only time they want to think is when Uncle Willy comes to visit." It was the rocker chick, Kyoka Jiro, that was speaking. She was walking along with the pinkette Mina Ashido, class vixen Tsuyu Asui, and the adorable invisible moe, Toru Hagakure. "To think I had some kind of interest in that big lug."

"C'mon, Jiro, ribbit," said Tsuyu. "Thanks to your ear jacks, we could hear the entire conversation. You must have some kind of interest if you didn't care so much."

The purple-haired chick blushed. "No! Just wanted to be sure if there weren't any ulterior motives is all." She pointed at the hallway at Mineta. "Did you see who Kaminari is allying with?"

"Sus," commented Toru as she was playing with her cell phone.

"Sus or no sus, we can't pretend and say that the boys are the only ones speculating." Mina was leading the path as she was stretching out her arms. The girls were going to go and get frozen yogurt before heading to Yaoyorozu's dorm for girls night. "A girl can't help but be curious about the guys as well." She rubbed her hands. "Especially a guy with a certain trait like us."

"This is a cultural exchange! Not a dating pool," blurted Kyoka. "Plus, we can't be certain if it is all boys or all girls!"

"Likeability of even it out, ribbit," said Tsuyu. "We can never be too prepared." She placed her hand on her chest. "I, for one, think if there are boys in the mix, let's make them feel comfortable."

"Hear, hear," commented Mina.

"Affirmative," concurred Toru.

"Really?" said Kyoka as she was stunned by the responses of the girls. "You are not any better than the guys."

"Aw, don't play dumb, Ms. My-Panties-Look-Lacy-Although-It's-Cobwebs," interjected Mina. "We can pretend that we are looking out for the best interest in building relations."

Tsuyu wrapped her arms around Mina's arms. "However, us girls wanna have fun, too, ribbit!"

"Especially if they are brown-skinned tall drinks of water," commented Toru.

"Rabbit, tiger, lion, cats, it doesn't matter, ribbit," said Tsuyu. "This froggy is always on the prowl and on the hunt." She, then, felt her stomach growl. "But this frog needs to put some food in her system."

"Froyo on me, ladies," said Mina. "We can discuss plans on how we can prepare to have our fun for the Beacon arrivals."

Steam was appearing from Kyoka's ears. "Ignore every single thing I say, why don't you?"

"Look, you can resist or bitch," said Mina as she turned to the others. "We are going to get froyo. And you can go home with that attitude." She winked. "Positive vibes only." The girls headed for the main exit so they could get their frozen treat, leaving Kyoka alone.

She pouted. "Ever heard of turning the other cheek? I'm hungry," she shouted as she began to run after the girls.


Tenya and Momo decided to go to the library to study the books they were given about Remnant and then teach that to the others, at this point they figured it'll be easier this way for the… less studious of the bunch. Izuku and Shouto came along with them since both had no plans for the afternoon other than doing homework, but as two of the top 10 students of the class, homework was something they could do without issues.

Also they themselves also thought it would be interesting to learn more about Remnant along with the Class Rep and Vice Rep.

The group sat on the table as they went through some books with information about Remmant, going from history, geography, government system, traditions, costumes, culture, myths, legends, population, concepts about Huntsmen, Auras, Semblances and Grimm, ect.

"It's quite intriguing the history of Remnant. It's like a world of fantasy, but made real." Tenya commented as he read through the very early history of the world, it's origin.

"You can say that again. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there's another world out there." Shouto replied in his ever calm expression, he was reading about the Four Kingdoms. "The world of Remnant is almost like something out of a fairy-tale book or a fantasy JRPG or that's at least how we people of Earth might see it as. Makes you wonder what the people of Remnant see our world as." He added as he glanced at pictures Atlas, the Kingdom situated at the Solitas continent, a literal flying city.

"They would see our world as that out of a comic-book, that's for sure." Izuku said to him as he read about Beacon Academy itself. Nearby he had other books with information about other Huntsmen Academies in the rest of the world and a book focusing on Faunus history.

"You know? There is something peculiar about Remnant..." Momo called to the other boys, in her hands was a book about the Huntsmen and Huntresses.

"And what is that, Yaoyorozu-kun?" The engine teen asked her with curiosity.

"There's apparently a discrepancy between the number of Huntsmen and Huntresses. There's more Huntresses currently than Huntsmen operating." Momo pointed out.

The boys looked surprised to hear this, the class rep himself was a bit stunned.

"So there's more women in the field than men?" Todoroki asked her.

"Apparently." The mature-looking girl shrugged before giving a peace sign. "How's that for girls rule, boys drool?" She smirked at them before resuming her composure. "Sorry couldn't help the joke. All with due respect, of course." She smiled at them.

"Well it does sound like the ideal place for feminist." Shouto shrugged, his expression remained the same. Momo giggled at that.

Tenya cleared his throat, a blush of embarrassment manifested in his face. "I believe that it shows opportunities for both genders. But we should get back to the subject, shall we, everyone?" He said looking composed, but his face was still red so he hid behind his book.

"Heh. Very serious as always Iida-kun." Izuku said to him with a smile as he and the others went back to their reading. The emerald child picked up a book about Auras and Semblances and started to read it. "It's interesting to see that despite the vast differences, our worlds have things in common, just like Semblances and Quirks as well as Pro Heroes and Huntsmen." The boy commented with a bright smile, his eyes were glittering as they always do with something related to Pro Heroes.

"Yes. You have a point, Midoriya-kun." Tenya nodded at him with a smile. "At the very core, Pro Heroes and Huntsmen strive towards the same objective, save and protect people. Just like Quirks and Semblances at the end of the day are superpowers born from each and everyone of us." He continued. "It is also fascinating how they made such a vague and abstract concept like the soul into something more tangible… knowable. Making it the source of their powers unlike ours that come from our genes."

"That's true, but Huntsmen are that, huntsmen, trained to hunt and kill the enemy and they can get away with things that would be heavily chastised in our society." Shouto argued.

"While you are correct in that, Todoroki-san, they also have strict rules for the formation of these warriors. First they are to attend combat schools during middle school before they can even get enrolled in a Huntsmen Academy, they are exceptions but that it's usually how it always goes. On top of that, their entrance exam are at much more dangerous than our entrance exam as for example, in Beacon, the potential applicants are literally thrown into the forest around their perimeter, which is infested with the Grimm, so in short one might die in a entrance exam like that." Momo explained with a slightly dismayed expression as she pointed at her book.

Iida and Midoriya looked frightened while Todoroki was slightly eye-widened. "So they would laugh at our own entrance exam…" Izuku muttered.

"Pretty much, yes." Yaoyorozu nodded.

"It makes sense though, Huntsmen and Huntresses constantly face off against monsters such as the Grimm all the time, it makes sense that the formation and education of the next generations has to be way harsher than Pro Hero formation." Tenya wore a serious expression before he glanced back at his history book. "Despite it's fantastical nature, Remnant is a cruel and dangerous world…"

"Yeah… While for us it seems like Huntsmen have advantages like laxer behavior rules and more abilities like Auras and their cool weapons, in truth those are what they have to barely survive against those Grimm…" Deku said in a reflexive manner.

"The people of Remnant must think we have it better than them, we only have to deal with Villains and other types of criminals, we don't have to wall off our cities and  specially don't have to fear for being attacked by monsters." Shouto said as he glanced at the ceiling. "It should make us grateful to live in this world." He glanced at his classmates, who nodded in agreement.

There was silence for a while as they all continue with their study.

"You know, this might be the very first time ever for many of us to come into contact with people from Remnant as well as the first time the Beacon transfers might have come into our world. All the more reason to make the experience as comfortable as possible for them and memorable for us! After all, this could represent a great progress for both worlds in ways of dealing with both of our predicaments together as Principal Nezu said." Tenya said to his classmates with a smile.

"Yes. I agree with you, Iida-san." Momo nodded at him. "Speaking of which, I hope you might not think wrong of me, but I did go to Remnant a few times in the past on vacation with my family." Momo commented with a slightly shy smile and a small blush on her face.

Todoroki and Midoriya looked at her surprise.

"Really? So did I!" Tenya was pleasantly surprised. "We visited Atlas when I was younger."

"Me as well." Momo smiled back at him.

"Really? And how is it?" Shouto asked him with curiosity.

"It's a beautiful place. However it's not hard to see the cold and lack of color in the kingdom." Tenya explained to him.

"Yes. And they are very proud about their high technological advancements and militaristic nature." Momo added.

"Mind you, it was certainly a pleasant time I spent there with my family, but not the most warm and welcoming." Tenya clarified.

"I feel the same." Momo agreed. "It's a shame we never get the chance to visit the rest of the kingdoms. I would love to see Vale." Sadly due to many family manners as well as the decision of her parents, Momo never got to see other places in Remnant.

"Same here. My own family was too busy for planning vacations there." Tenya nodded. "What about you, Todoroki-kun? Surely the family of Endeavor might have got the chance to go to Remnant." He asked the icy hot teen.

"We could have… If my father cared. He was never interested in Remnant, for him, they are just neighbors, also he's a cheapskate." Shouto replied bluntly.

"That's too bad." Izuku said to him and Shouto just shrugged in response. "But it's amazing to hear that you both had experienced sights from beyond our world." He smiled at Iida and Yaoyorozu. On the outset it might look like he was acting like he is known for, but in truth he was actually keeping silent about something, playing coy about a certain experience he had when he was a child. "Good to know I'm not the only one that has been to Remnant…"

It was true, when he was 5 years old he and his mother went on vacation to visit Remnant, to land of Menagerie to be exact, unfortunately his father was too busy that one time.

A few years before he was born, after the settling period between Earth and Remnant, his mother, Inko Midoriya, met a Faunus woman who came to Japan for Honeymoon along with her newlywed husband. Her name was Kali Belladonna, she and Inko were quick to become good friends. They often hung out with or without their husbands during Kali's visit along with her husband, Ghira Belladonna.

Inko and Auntie Kali, as Deku calls her, maintained contact even after their children came. When Izuku was 5, he and Inko were invited to the Belladonnas' hometown, Kuo Kaunna at Menagerie. It was a godsend for the Midoriyas as Izuku was having a rough time after he discovered he was Quirkless, which left the child devastated and Inko herself was wrecked with guilty, something that wasn't helped at all with Hisashi's absent due to work overseas and the constant bullying little Izuku suffered at the hands of Katsuki and his lackeys. The change of scenery, of world, was in order for vacations so Inko packed up and she traveled with her cherished son to Remnant, where Kali received them with open arms, she was quick to spoil little Izuku and be the 'cool auntie' for him.

That day, Kali brought the mother and son to her household at the center of Kuo Kaunna and that was when Inko and Izuku met Kali's precious daughter…

"Why do you have ears like a kitty-cat?"

"You baka!"

"Midoriya-kun?" Izuku was snapped back to reality when he noticed Iida's hand waving in front of him.

"Y-yeah?" He asked, seeing the inquisitive looks of his classmates.

"You seemed distracted about something, is everything all right?" Tenya asked him.

"Yeah, I'm fine… Guess I was just lost in thought." The emerald haired teen responded, he got so lost in his flashback that he forgot where he was. The boy was feeling butterflies in his stomach as the memories flash through in his mind.

"Strange that you weren't muttering this time." Shouto pointed out the absence of the greenet's habit.

"Really? I guess I had to break with the habit at some point." Izuku wore a sheepish smile as he scratched the back of his hair.

"Midoriya-san?" Momo noticed that there was something weird with him all of the sudden and this was not missed with Todoroki and Iida.

"Excuse me, but I want to go back to my dorm. I can study more of Remnant later." And with that Deku got up of his chair, grabbed his yellow backpack and walked towards the exit before the others could say anything else.

"You think he is okay?" Iida asked with a bit of concern.

"Let's leave him for now, if he feels like sharing his thoughts he will do so on his own." Shouto wanted to respect his friend's privacity, if he doesn't want to talk about it that he won't pressure him about it.

"I suppose you're right." Tenya nodded in understanding.

Momo looked at her phone and saw the hour. She stood up. "Excuse me guys, but I have to go now. I agreed with the rest of the girls to have a girls' night in my dorm so I have to go now and get ready." She explained as she grabbed her bag and put some of the Remnant books inside to study later.

"Very well, then we'll continue at some other time." Tenya nodded in understanding.

The raven-haired beauty bowed in gratitude before turning around and leaving.

Izuku was walking to the entrance to Class 1-A's dorm. The whole time he had his head tilted down as he held to his bags' handles. His mind was still flashing memories of what was the silver lining of his harsh childhood.

"C'mon Izuku, don't be a scaredy cat!"

"I-I'm not!"

"Say that to your jelly legs."

"W-well… You're a neko so you should be scared too!"

"For the umptenth time, you baka, I'm a Faunus! Now c'mon!"


The emerald child walked through the hallway until he reached his door, he entered his room.

He took off his backpack, put it on the ground and sat on his bed. He let out a sigh as he still devle to those tender memories. However, this was interrupted when his phone rang.

Izuku pulled out his cellphone from his pocket. "Mom?" His mother was calling him, he picked up the call and put the phone in his ear. "Hi, Mom." He greeted.

"Hello, Izuku." Inko greeted him with a happy tone in her voice.

"What's going on? Normally you wouldn't call me this early in the week. Are you sending me more underwear again?" Izuku joked a little, but it was weird that his mother would call him all of the sudden. She usually does during weekends.

Inko giggled on the other end. "No sweetie… today, I was calling you because I have some great and exciting news." She said to him happily.

"Oh, okay. What kind of news?" Izuku was curious now.

"Well, I was talking to a dear old friend of mine…" Inko began.

"Yeah?" Izuku was getting more curious now.

"Well, this old friend of mine wanted to let me know to let you know something very important." Inko was clearing teasing him now.

Izuku didn't like how she was leading him on, he was starting to get impatient. As much as he wanted her to just spit it out already, he wouldn't dare say it to her face. "Well, what is the news, Mom?" He asked his mother again, maintaining his patience.

"Do you recall a big sis of yours that you used to call Kitty Cat?" Upon hearing those words, Izuku clamped to the phone. Sweat was quickly perfusing out of his body. His heart hitched in his chest. He nearly dropped the phone when he heard this.

He slowly put his phone back on the receiver. "Yes…" His voice strained. "I recall calling someone Kitty Cat at some point in a time that was forgotten…" He continued in a deeper tone as he glanced down. He was just remembering those times but a few minutes ago…

"Well, she certainly didn't forget about you." Inko responded happy, unaware of her son's reaction. "I just finished speaking with her mother and she told me that she is planning to come to Japan soon. Isn't that great?" She revealed in an excited tone.

Izuku froze in shock, his eyes widened like saucers and his heart started beating like a jackhammer, threatening to burst out from his chest. There were two pivotal moments in which fear struck best - When he was told to swan dive off the school roof and his first interactions with his long lost sister… "...Blake?" Izuku muttered softly as he recovered his voice.

"Yep!" Inko confirmed excitedly. "Your Auntie Kali says Blakey's going there in a few months with her teammates to U.A., you probably were told already about the exchange program you'll be having. Ooh I bet you must be surprised and happy to hear this as much as I am! It'll be the first time you'll meet each other in almost 6 years! You'll be meeting her new friends and she'll be meeting yours, let's hope she doesn't try to beat down Katsuki!" She continued happily as Izuku just stood utterly voiceless to hear this. "I might pay a visit when she arrives, I would love to see her in person again. Hopefully Kali also comes around if she's not too busy, she is dying to see her favorite nephew after all."

"...R-right…" It was all Izuku muttered, his bottom lip trembled slightly.

"Listen, darling, I have to go now. We'll talk soon, love you!" Inko said to her son happily.

"Same, bye…" Izuku ended the call and as soon as he did he dropped into his bed, his eyes fixed on his ceiling. His brain was still processing through the shock. "I'm… seeing Blake again…" He muttered to himself.

Several times he went with his family to Menagerie to spend time with the Belladonnas, several times the Belladonnas came to Japan to visit the Midoriyas. It became a tradition between the families to do this during vacations and each and every single time Izuku spent the vacation playing with his childhood friend, Blake Belladonna, the daughter of Kali and Ghira.

Izuku sat down on his bed and brought his phone closer to his face. He went to his album galler and searched through the pictures until he found the one he was looking for… It was a picture of himself, Blake and their mothers at one of the beaches at Menagerie, this was during his first time ever in Remnant, when he was 5 years old, Blake was a year older than him. For such a cute looking little cat girl with that purple sundress, bright amber eyes and black hair, she was sure a handful for him.

Many times she kicked his shin or pushed him or flicked his forehead when he called her Kitty Cat, always correcting him in the process. The little Faunus also liked to tease him and pinch his cheeks or mess with him with wet willies or indian burns.

Not only that, she was bossy, always calling out what they would play and dragging him around to places such as a dark part of the forest on Kuo Kauna where they would play 'Hunters and Grimm' and guess who was always the Grimm that always ends up pinned in the ground?

At first glance, she was barely better than Kacchan… At first… Sure she liked to play rough, but she at least said sorry, helped him up and even accepted his help when she stumbled or scraped her knees and in the end he always had a lot of fun playing with her.

The first time they met was… well, it was terrifying, as soon as Deku asked about her cat ears, she got mad and pushed him to the ground and angrily started to pinch his face to force him to apologize and boy she was very angry at him. Auntie Kali should have warned him that she hates being compared to an actual cat…

However, after that they started to get along until they became best friends.

The times they spent together were some of the best in his life, the best time he had in his childhood. The two of them were inseparable and always waited for the next time to see each other… They were…

"One day I'll become a great Huntress that will make Remnant better for Humans and Faunus and I'll lead the White Fang like my parents did!"

"Wow… That sounds amazing Blakey! ...Although I don't think I might become a Hero like All Might…

"Don't say that, Icchan! I know that one day you'll be a great Hero like him, you just have to believe and you might get a Quirk one day!"

"You think so?"

"I know it! Hey, maybe one day we both can save both our worlds and bring them closer together!"

"Yeah… That would be great."

That happened a night in which both little Izuku and Blake were gazing at her balcony at the starry night sky and talked about what they wanted to become when they are older, she even promised him that would teach Kacchan a lesson when she ever see him.

Deku let out a sad sigh as he kept looking at the picture, his eyes fixed on the smiling face of little Blake beside his younger self. "Blake…" He glanced at his ceiling again. "We really became distant, haven't we? I still wonder how we get here…"

Sadly, as they became older, they grew distant. Blake was growing out faster than him as she was older than him, she started getting involved in White Fang rallies for Faunus rights even against her parents wishes and when Izuku and his family came to visit, things just weren't the same between them anymore. Izuku was still shy and Quirkless and Blake seemed not as much interested as spending time with him as before and more focused on wanting change for her people and being more politically involved.

They still talked, hung out and played video games or watch movies and anime, but she seemed to not be completely present. Letters were lessening, emails were far in between, and phone calls were little to none.

Last time he ever saw her was in his last visit when he was 11 and by then Blake just seemed eager to join the White Fang and outright leave home even if she was 12. She wasn't cold towards him, she was nice and polite, but it was obvious that she would rather focus on her goal, she didn't need to say it, he could see it.

She still appreciated him and liked being with him, but why did she have to waste time with a Quirkless loser like him? She had a dream, a goal, and the means to get to them, he never told her any other things of course, but that's how he felt. They barely did stuff together and mostly just talked, but it felt like they were distant acquaintances…

Auntie Kalli and Uncle Ghira tried to keep this tradition going, but Blake wasn't having it. By then they felt lost and hopeless to see their daughter trailed in another direction, leaving them as well as Izuku in the dust. The visits eventually stopped after that last one, only for the Belladonnas and Midoriyas to periodically check on each other. Life just moved on and little by little, the string was lessening by the thread…

Blake just started to fade more his memory and he went his own path, which miraculously led him here, on his path to become the next Symbol of Peace… Only now is that he's starting to remember her…

"It's been almost 6 years… And now we're seeing each other again…" Izuku said to himself. During all this time, his mom kept him up to date about how the Belladonnas were doing, even now she talks constantly with Auntie Kali.

Izuku was aware of what Blake has been doing, but never paid it too much attention. So far he knows that, a few years back she fled her home, he remembers the night when his mom stood hours by the phone consoling Auntie Kali. Apparently she ended up joining the White Fang, just like she wanted, however it was no longer the peaceful organization her parents once led...

Under the new leadership of Great Leader Sienna Khan, it became a terrorist group, attacking humans, causing vandalism and stealing, things that only made the gap wider between Humans and Faunus in all of Remnant… And Blake was a part of all that… It pained him and his mother, but obviously it wreaked her parents…

But then, around the time Deku made into the U.A., Auntie Kali called his mother and told her the joyful news that Blake left the White Fang, Blake called home and apologized to her parents, expressing great regret for leaving between tears, her parents accept her apologizes and told her she was always welcome back home. However, Blake said she didn't want to return, not yet at least, she was still adamant on become a proper Huntress, so she left to join a Huntsman Academy, but didn't say where, just that she now has to atone for her misdeeds.

That was the last thing he learned about his long lost childhood friend, he hadn't heard anything from her since. But since she is now talking with her parents again, she might be aware of how he is doing, Auntie Kali always asked about him and how he was doing, he remembers the joy and excitement his mother had when she said to Kali about Izuku getting a Quirk or how extremely concern Kali and Ghira were for him after what happened at the Sports Festival or how Kali almost had a heart attack when she learned what happened during the raid at the training camp.

What would Blake think of him now? Will she clobber him for being too reckless? Will she be happy that he is on his path to archiving his dream? Can they even reconnect at all? Hell, he doesn't even know what she looks like now, he wasn't interested in knowing so he never asked. But a part of him still latched on to what both they shared, he still kept that picture in his phone after all...

"Hmm. If she's coming here, then that means she must have fled to Beacon Academy at Vale. R.W.B.Y, the 'B' must stand for 'Blake', so that means she and her team are the ones assigned to our class…" Izuku started to put the pieces together quickly in his mind, filling out the gaps with ease. "So… Blake and her teammates are coming here to the U.A. in three months… and she'll be staying here in our dorms no less!" He gulped nervously at the knowledge that Blake and her teammates would be living here with the rest of Class A for who knows how long and that only made him even more nervous of what might happen, he is seriously hoping she forgot about the part of 'teaching Kacchan a lesson' because she must have been trained like Huntress and factoring how aggressive she already was… Yeah that won't end well for his explosive friend, who seemed uncaring about the Beacon transfers as long as 'those extras remained out of his way', his words not Deku's.

Before the emerald haired teen could ponder more on the subject of his 'big sis' coming to visit, his phone vibrated in his hand. "A text from Hatsume-san?" He clicked on the notification and read the text the eccentric gadget girl sent him.

"Hey, Midoriya-kun! Come now to the support department now! I have a surprise for you!" That was what the text said with smiling emojis. Izuku cooked an eyebrow wondering what this 'surprise' was, hopefully it wasn't something that wouldn't explode in his face but knowing Hatsume's 'babies'... He wouldn't hold his breath.

The boy stood up and walked out of his room. He walked into the living room en route towards the door.

"Oh, hey Deku-kun!" He heard Uraraka's voice. He turned around and saw her approaching with her usual cute smile. "Where are you going?" She asked him.

"Hi, Uraraka-san. I'm going to see Hatsume-san at the support department now, she says she has a surprise for me." Deku explained.

"Oh… I see, so Hatsume-san has a surprise for you, huh?" Ochako replied, her tone turned ever so slightly sad and of course Deku-kun didn't notice. "Well, I hope it's a good one." She smiled at him, but inside she felt a little… bad because he was going to see Hatsume.

"Thanks, me too. I'll see you later." Izuku then resumed his way and left the dorms.

Ochako watched him leave with a slightly sad look on her face.

"Mm-mm! That ain't gonna cut it, girl!" She turned around and saw Mina, Tsuyu and Tooru. The pink-skinned girl was shaking her head at her in disapproval. Tooru was still eating froyo, the girls were on their way for girls' night at Momo's when they noticed what just happened. "At this rate you'll totally gonna get cucked by that big-breasted crazy chick, where are you balls Ochako?" Mina said to her with a serious frown.

"W-what? I don't know what you are talking about." Ochako feight confusion, but her redder cheeks were betraying her.

"Ribbit. Ochako-chan, we all know you have the hots for Midoriya-chan, everyone here knows even Bakugou-chan and Todoroki-chan." Tsuyu was blunt in her comment. "As one of your best friends, I'm telling you that you should get you man before a bitch does. It's for your own good and his." She added.

"What she said. You're lucky we respect the girl code of not going for a guy who's been called dibs and trust me when I say some of us did look at Midoriya-kun with not so 'only friends' thoughts in mind." Mina said as she put both hands on her hips. "But don't you think any of the other girls out there will respect it, especially the crazy ones like that Toga girl that tried to kill you during the raid. God knows what happens when a yandere puts her mind up to something."

"Amen to that. Ribbit." Tsuyu nodded in agreement.

"W-wait! You guys got it wrong, I don't have feelings for Deku-kun or anything like that, we're just friends!" Ochako shook her hands feverishly as his face turned redder.

Each of the girls looked at each other before turning to Ochako. "Liar!" They shouted at her at the same time.

"I'm not lying! I just like him as a friend!" Ochako insisted, but the other girls saw through her

"Uh-huh, sure… And the sky isn't blue, Earth isn't round, Bakugou-kun isn't always angry, Mineta-kun isn't a creep and Monoma isn't annoying as heck." Tooru said sarcastically.

"I'm serious!" Ochako stomped her foot down, but her face was still red.

"And we're serious that you'll regret missing out on the chances you have with Midoriya-kun now." Tooru said sounding serious as she continued to eat her froyo.

"L-let's just go to Yaomomo's to start our girls' night, shall we?" The round-faced girl suggested getting out of this embarrassing and awkward conversation.

"Don't say later that we didn't warn ya." Mina shrugged at her before she and the others walked towards the Momo's room.

Ochako sighed in relief as she slumped her shoulder. Her thoughts diffeted to Deku-kun and the time she spent with him… He saved her from that Zero Point, he was with her in the first battle training, he offered her a strategy on her match at the Sports Festival, he went to check up on her after her loss afterwards, he talked to her after the Hosu Incident… Those were some of the things he did for her… Deku-kun is truly amazing… But she promised herself that she would lock up these feelings… Deku-kun has already so much on his plate, she can't weigh him down even further, but… It gets harder and harder everyday he sees his bright emerald eyes and precious smile of his… "Stop it… Just stop it Ochako…" She shook her head off and walked after friends in hope of getting these thoughts of her head.

Izuku walked the hallways until he reached the familiar door that led to the workshop that Hatsume is constantly seen in. He knocked a few times. "I'm here, Hatsume-san." He said as he slipped the door open, finding the pinkette working on something on her work table, but he couldn't see what it was due to the angle, so he was only looking at her back.

"Oh, Midoriya-kun! You're just in time, come in!" Mei looked at him from over her shoulder, she was wearing her usual goggles over her crosshair eyes. She wore her usual grin. Izuku walked in and closed the door behind him before approaching Mei. "Okay! Are you ready for your surprise?" She asked him as she turned around, her hands behind her back, covering whatever she was working on.

"Only if you promise it won't explode all over my face." Izuku replied with a slight pan.

"It won't! Hopefully…" She muttered the last part.

"What was that, Hatsume-san?" Deku deadpanned at him. He's already regretting this…

"Nothing!" Mei grinned sheepishly at him. "Now close your eyes." Izuku did as told. "Okay, open them up." Izuku obeyed. "Ta-dah!" Mei presented her 'surprise' for him.

"My Air Force Gloves?" Izuku cocked an eyebrow seeing the case with his newest support item. "Well, thank you, but you could have just said that you fixed them." He smiled at him as he took the case off her hands. Last time he used them, they needed fixed and modifications after the whole Gentle thing during the Cultural Festival a while back.

"Ooh, I did more than fix these babies." Mei grinned at him as she removed her goggles off her eyes.

"Huh?" Izuku tilted his head in confusion.

"For you see, I outfited them… with a bit of this bad boy." She turned to her work table to grab something and turned back to the boy with a vial filled with…

"Is that… Dust?!" Izuku was shocked to see real Dust. Hatsume was wiggling the vial in front of his face.

"Pin-pon! Good thing you know what this stuff is, it spares me the effort of explaining it to you!" Mei grinned at him happily.

"Where did you get that?!" Izuku asked her still in shock, more for the fact she has in her hands magical powder that can be very lethal in the wrong hands.

"Don't worry, I didn't get it illegally or anything." Mei smiled casually at him. "You see, since we're now prepping for these Beacon folks coming here and all, we at the Support Course were being told to familiarize with construction of Huntsmen weaponry and their ammo, which is Dust. Our school just received a lot of Dust, generous gifts from Beacon, just as long as we don't use it outside the school grounds." She explained as she put back the vial on her table before looking back at him and wink. "We are allowed to experiment with Dust to learn how they work as ammo, obviously we must try to not cause a big mess, Power Loader-sensei told that to me specifically." She elaborated with a slightly annoyed face.

Deku blinked a few times. "I see…"

"Anyways, I'm really excited about all of this, because I LOVE Huntsmen weapons, they are so cool and versatile and this is finally my chance to learn how to make one and how they work! Just think of the possibilities, Midoriya-kun!" She grinned widely as she grabbed the boy's shoulders and shook him a bit. Izuku was getting scared alright… "That is the reason I called you here. As I told you, I outfited your gloves with Dusts in hopes of being able to fire element rounds just like Huntsmen guns." She explained as she then pointed at the Air Force Gloves.

"That would actually give me a lot of advantages in any situation... It's brilliant, Hatsume-san!" Izuku smiled brightly at her as he understood the implications.

"I know, right?! If they work, then you will be able to modify your attacks by adding whatever Dust you desire, giving you ample range for any situation!" Mei grinned at him again.

"Wait… 'If they work'...?" Izuku repeated with an arched eyebrow.

"Yeah… Hehe… You see, I haven't tested yet, and you are the only one who can make them work, so that's why I need you to test them out now to see if they work." She grinned sheepishly at him, she sweatdropped as she scratched the back of her hair. Izuku deadpanned her.

"So...I am a guinea pig for a contraption that could go extremely wrong," he said with worry.

She gave him a stare. "No."

"No?" Izuku tilted his head

"No, as in I wouldn't consider you a guinea pig." She put her finger on her lip. "Maybe a hedgehog or a roadrunner or a bunny rabbit…"

He dropped to the floor.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Put them on and see if they work!" Mei told him as the boy stood back up again.

He sighed. "Fine. It might be worth the shot…" He complied with Mei's little experiment. "It's moments like these that I need to expand my circle of friends…" He thought to himself.

Izuku put on the gloves. "Okay, now follow me!" Mei ordered as she walked towards the exit and Izuku followed her. Once outside, they went towards a large pile of metal junk, it wasn't hard to guess that it was the many, many failed 'babies' of Hatsume. "Now then, try to shoot at this pile over here. I'll be nearby to watch." She pointed at the pile before walking many steps behind the boy.

"And to avoid the explosion?" Izuku deadpanned.

"It won't explode! I'm mostly sure it won't!" She shouted from where she stood.

Deku sighed. " Mostly isn't promising, Hatsume." He pointed at her failed 'babies.' "Do you care to change that probability for me?"

Mei nervously rubbed the back of her head. "Just go on with it, Midoriya-kun. I'll throw in a free dinner to your favorite katsudon stand with all of the fixings."

" A free dinner?"

"Three free dinners and I will throw a complimentary practice outfit if you do this." She put her hands in a praying position. "Please, please, please, Midoriya-kun?"

Sometimes, it pained Izuku to never deny a friend's request. Even if that friend could be a bit of a loose screw. "Alright, Hatsume-san!" He looked at the pile in question. He swallowed the lump in his throat. "Well, I guess sixteen years has been long enough." He then activated his Full Cowling and aimed his right hand forward, he held his wrist with his left hand as he charged up One for All in his ring finger. "Air Force: Smash!" He flicked his finger and…! Nothing happened… "Huh?" He blinked in confusion. He tried again but nothing happened, it was as if the gust of wind that would have normally come out was stuck. "Weird… Nothing happened." He looked at his glove until he saw it bolt. "Oh no…" He knew he was coming now… There was a sudden blast of smoke in the area!

Mei quickly approached as she coughed on her right hand and waved off the smoke with her other hands. "You okay, Midoriya-kun?!" She asked with concern. The smoke faded and revealed Izuku. He was still standing, thankfully intact but now his body was covered black dust and most importantly the magical Dust was all over him. His Air Force Gloves blew up in his face, scattering the Dust contained within all over him… The gloves themselves were now heavily damaged. Izuku opened his eyes and coughed out smoke and Dust. "Well… To be honest this came out better than I thought!" Mei grinned at him. Izuku growled at her angrily. "Hey, I make mistakes alright?!" She shouted at him. "At least now I know that the Gloves need further modifications to allow the proper exit of your guts of wind along with Dust so it's still a win!" She put her hands on her hips trying to put a positive spin on this.

Izuku then looked at his body. "Oh no! I have Dust all over me!" He entered in panic as he knows that Dust can be very dangerous even when not used as ammo.

"Calm down, Midoriya-kun. In its powder form, Dust is harmless for people if not used. You'll be okay." Mei smiled calmly at him.

Deku sighed in relief. "I'll still need a shower." He calmed down as he looked at his dirty school uniform as he dust off the Dust off his body.

"Mm-hm. You do that while I'll fix up and upgrade these babies." Mei then took the gloves from Izuku's hands.

"You better not forget your end of the deal." The emerald teen frowned at her.

"I won't, promise!" Mei winked at him. Izuku started to walk towards his dorm to get clean up. "And don't worry next time it will work! It's all part of science, trial and error!" She shouted in a happy tone as the boy walked away.

"I might need to double the deal if I have to go through this again…" He knew that would be the case so he better make it worth it for him.

Izuku walked back into his dorm with a sour look on his face, he saw some of his classmates in the living room. They looked surprised to see him coming back dirty and dusty.

"Lemme guess… Hatsume again?" Eijiro asked him.

"Yeah…" Izuku replied as he walked towards the bathroom to take a shower.

"Pay me." The hardening teen grinned as he extended his right hand.

"Damm!" Hanta pulled out a bill and handed it to Eijiro.

"Aw yeah, baby." Kirishima smirked please with the money in his hands.

After taking a warm shower and putting on a clean change of clothes, he put his dirty uniform on the washing machine and went to have dinner with everyone else.

The night continued as normal, Izuku did his homework in only half an hour and used his weights for an hour before deciding to call it a night.

He laid on his bed. "Guess I'll see you soon, Blake…" That was his last thought before he closed his eyes and let slumber take him.

While he slept soundly, his body started glowing emerald green, but not the usual glow he has when using One for All… Also he twisted in his bed as he felt discomfort on top of his head and tailbone…

The next morning…

Izuku slowly woke up from his sleep, he lazily sat up before he yawned as he stretched his arms up, he then rubbed the sleepiness off his eyes before he opened them.

He scratched the back of his head, but then he felt something else other than his hair… Izuku brought his other hand up and felt up two things on top of his head, seemingly glued to his skull… Also, he felt something on his lower back that wasn't there before…

Izuku shot out from his bed and towards his full-bodied mirror to check himself and when he did he was utterly shocked… The issue wasn't his body, that was all the same, the problem was the parts that weren't there before... Over his head was two emerald-furred rabbit ears he turned around and saw a bulge on his shorts, he pulled down a little and saw an emerald cotton-tail….

Deku looked at himself in the mirror with shock and dread "Wha-what happened to me?!"

This is the moment where Deku's life changed forever once more…

To be Continued…

BD: A lot has happened in this chapter alone. Actually, I am amazed and speechless at the same time.

SS: Yeah… Sometimes I go overboard with the number of words… But hey, like to treat the readers well!

BD: Still, very impressed. This is definitely a series in the making. Excited to be writing this project with you.

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Chapter Text

Hey, guys! BD and Sora Sentry with the next chapter of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, Izuku learns how to adjust to his newly formed body as a Faunus. Meanwhile, Ochako shows concerns about Izuku and decides to act on it. Later, Izuku learns first hand about the gifts of being a Faunus. What will happen? Read and see!

The Emerald Rabbit.

Emerald Rabbit's Warren

SS: Here were have how Deku looks like a Faunus, I like to call him DekuBun. Kudos for Mf_uncen for this amazing piece of work, please go check his amazing art.

Izuku stared at his reflection in disbelief. "Rabbit ears and a tail…?" He checked himself over the new features on his body. "Is this for real?" He questioned before he tugged on the extra pair of ears on top of his head. He winched slightly when he did. "Ow…" He let go of his new ears, they denefly felt real and they were sensible to boot.

Izuku tried to do something and then his bunny ears went down and then up again. He glanced at his emerald cottontail as it flicked quickly. "Okay… it's real…" He muttered to himself still in dismay, he went through a lot of freaky stuff in his time here at the U.A., but this is certainly the freakiest of them all… Inexplicably he woke up as a bunnyboy… "I need help…" It was the only thing he could really do to figure this out so he walked out of his room and towards the living room and hoped the others wouldn't laugh at him, well being realistic, he expects Kacchan to laugh at him…

Never did he feel the walk to the living room to be so slow and dreadful. It was like he was marching along the Bataan Death March. No matter which way he would end up, his demise was certain. He wanted to be hopeful, hopeful that his classmates and peers could have an understanding, compassionate eye. But, they were teenagers and teenagers were going to look at something to poke fun.

He made that sharp corner to the common room. The smell of fried grease and the sound of cartoons was attracting the masses. He could hear classmates like Sero, Kirishima, and Tokoyami in boastful laughter after one of them was telling a joke. He could see Kaminari cooking something from the kitchen. Todoroki was deeply concentrated in a book and Tenya was neck deep in his Remnant studies from yesterday.

He took a deep breath. It was a calm, yet tranquil breath. That was because he didn't hear the sounds of a certain spiky-haired blond in the vicinity.

He took another breath. "I can do this. I can do this. This is like a mutation of quirks. Yeah, like Peter Parker or something. Tokoyami-kun can understand. Ojiro-kun knows the struggle." He was becoming a bit chipper, immediately erasing his fearful thoughts. He tightly wrapped his fist. "I think I can do this. I think I can do this."


It felt like a bolt from the blue. It was too good to be true.

Izuku spent too much time covering his front where instead he should have been covering his rear...literally.

He felt the mighty force of wind that involved two hands and a set of gravity. Izuku immediately yelped the moment he felt the force hitting his backend, which sent him flying dead and center of the living room.

The emerald rabbit hissed as he held onto his newly-formed tail. "My God," he hissed once more. "Kacchan,…" He paused. Everything in the living room became a standstill. All eyes were now on him. It became silent with the exception of the sound of the frying pan and syndicated American cartoons.

Izuku blinked a few times. A nervous smile appeared from his face. "Morning," he strained to his classmates.

Another pregnant silence ensued. Each student gave passing looks. It was then Sero stood up from the couch and approached the emerald rabbit.

He had a serious look on his face. The black-haired teen steadily approached Izuku, which made him gulp. Once in contact, he kneeled at eyesight with Izuku. His serious look remained - flat and reserved.

"Sero," he said nervously.

Sero extended his hand and patted Izuku's head. A smile then appeared. "I think you should be saying, 'eh, what's up, doc?"

Those words created a wave of laughter from the masses. An astounding roar filled the living room and Izuku felt that there was an earthquake. If only there was an actual earthquake so he can be swallowed up.

Teardrops appeared down his face.

Sero wiped the tears in his eye. He looked at Katsuki as he stood nearby. "Classic comedy gold, Bakugo. Wouldn't expect anything less."

"The best part of waking up!" Katsuki raised his finger as if it was a gun and blew on it.

"What did you do to stick those ears over Midoriya's head?" Denki asked him as he rubbed his stomach from so much laughing.

"Huh? I didn't do it, I thought it was one of you." Katsuki arced an eyebrow in confusion.

"Sure you didn't, bro. We know if someone would have pulled a prank on Midoriya it would have to be you." Eijiro smirked at him.

"But I'm telling you, it wasn't me. As much as I like to mess with that shitty nerd over there, I didn't do it." Katsuki was now frowning at his friend, Kirishima.

"That is enough, everyone!" Tenya shouted loudly, inciting the silence of those who were laughing. "I can understand that pulling pranks is part of normal teenager behavior, but we are Pro Hero prospects and such behaviors are shameful for people like us! On top of that, can you see how much distress you are putting Midoriya-kun through? You should be ashamed of yourselves!" He then approached the emerald teen, who still knelt on the ground, before he helped him back up on his feet. "Whoever did this to our fellow classmate better take responsibility for their actions now!" He shouted with authority and glanced at the rest of the Hero Students, who remained all silent.

"Um…" Izuku broke the ice, making everyone glanced at him. "It's… not a prank…" The bunnyboy moved his rabbit ears up and down and when he did, pretty much everyone glared at him with shock, their eyes as wide as saucers.

"Oh…" It was all that Tenya uttered.

A few minutes later, the boy sat on the couch of the living room while everyone else either sat or stood nearby, their expressions ranged from inquisitive to concerned. Except Katsuki, who only stood there with his arms crossed and a frown, no one was surprised.

"...And you just woke up like that?" Shouto asked him after Midoriya explained what happened.

Izuku nodded in response.

"And you have no idea how this happened?" The icy hot teen asked him again.

Izuku shook his head in denial.

Kacchan scoffed. "And here I thought you couldn't look even more sissy and stupid." He commented bluntly.

"Dick move, bro!" Eijiro glared at him, upset. "This is not the moment to make fun of the situation, this is serious!" He added as he gestured to the crestfallen Midoriya.

"I call it what how I see it, and what I see is a sissy." Bakugo replied uncaringly.

"He's got a point though! Only girls should have bunny ears like that, it's cursed if it is a guy!" Minoru said with angry passion as he pointed at Izuku.

Denki slapped the back of his head. "Not now, dude!" He shouted at him.

"Hey! What are you guys doing? Are you messing with Midoriya-san again?"

The boys turned to see their female classmates entering the living room. Each had a combination of stunned and disapproving looks on their face, especially when there were those who picked on Deku.

"Don't listen to those meanies, Midoriya-kun! You look totally cute like that!" Tooru said to him in her usual bubbly tone.

"I second that! They are just jealous because now you can have an easier time with girls. I mean, look at you, which girl wouldn't be an adorable bunnyboy for a boyfriend?" Mina grinned at him. "Am I right, Ochako-chan~?" She glanced at the round-faced girl, who sat beside the emerald-haired teen, wearing a knowing grin.

Izuku said nothing, only blushed deeply at what the girls said about him. Ochako glared at the pink-skinned girl angrily, but with a red blush appearing on her cheeks.

She then glanced back at her not-so-secret crush with concern. "And are you okay, Deku-kun?" She asked him with nothing but concern and care.

Deku looked at her. "Well… On top of freaking out about this, for the most part I feel normal. I still have my normal human ears and nothing else seems different." He explained as he looked over his body. "But I do feel like wanting to eat a carrot…" He rubbed one of his red checks with his finger.

"I still can't believe that those ears are real." Ochako commented as she glanced at the rabbit ears on top of Deku-kun's head. She then carefully touched one of them. "Wow… They're so soft and fluffy…" She said surprised as she softly caressed his rabbit ear.

"Ooh! I wanna try too!" Tooru said before Izuku felt another hand on his remaining bunny ear. "Just like a real bunny, how kawaii!" She gushed as she gently caressed his fluffy ear.

"C-careful, they're sensitive…" Izuku said to the girls. It took all of his mental fortitude to not show that he was shuddering from the delicate touch of femenine hands, his face was turning a crimson red from both embarrassment and the admitally pleasurable sensations coming from his ears.

Thankfully they let go of him. "You even have a rabbit tail now." Tsuyu commented. She stood behind the couch and noticed the cottontail coming out from his shorts.

"And you have no idea how this happened?" Tenya asked the greenet.

"Yeah, cause it's really strange that you went from the normal Midoriya to Mirko's little brother overnight just like that out of nowhere." Denki commented.

"Is there something that happened to you recently that might have been the cause?" Momo asked him with concern.

"Hmmm… Not that I can think of, except…" Izuku cupped his chin and recalled everything that he did before today and that's when it hit him... "*Gasp* Hatsume-san!"

"Hold on, did she do this to you?" Ochako asked with a surprised look on her face.

"No…! Well, sort of… You see, she modified my Air Force Gloves to fire Dust rounds and she asked me to try them, but when I did they blew up, covering me head to toe with Dust." Izuku explained what happened yesterday. "At first I thought nothing happened, but clearly that wasn't the case." He concluded as he gently tugged his rabbit ears.

"Wait, but I thought Dust was used as ammo by the Huntsmen. How come that turned you into this?" Hanta scratched his head in confusion.

"Well, while that's true, Dust itself can have many uses and the effects it has on people can differ depending on the make up, but even so it's sometimes hard to tell what can happen if one were to be exposed to it." Yaoyorozu explained.

"Well, at least we know now how you ended up like that." Shouto said serenely.

"In that case, then the next course of action is for you to go see Recovery Girl immediately!" Tenya said with seriousness and concern for his friend as he chopped the air as usual.

Izuku hissed as he covered his rabbit ears "Not so loud, Iida-kun. I'm right beside you." He replied as he uncovered his top ears.

"Oh. Apologies, Midoriya-kun. I should have figured that now you have a more sensible hearing sense." Tenya apologized.

"It's okay." Deku shrugged it off as he scratched the inside of one of his top ears. "Is this usually how it is for you guys?" He turned to Jiro and Shoji.

"Pretty much." The rocker girl replied while the masked teen nodded in response.

Izuku sighed. "Anyway, Iida-kun's right. I should go see Recovery Girl, hopefully there's a way to fix this." He stood up from the couch.

"All right, we'll inform Aizawa-sensei what happened." Tenya said to him. as he stood up from the couch as well "If you don't want to go to class today, that's alright, we can bring you the notes of today." He put his hand on his shoulder with a compressive tone.

"Thanks." Deku nodded in gratitude. "Guess I'll see you later." And with that he walked towards the exit and left the dorms.

Many of his classmates watched leave with concern, most notably the gravity girl. "All right, everyone. We must get ready for classes today. I'm as worried about our fellow classmate and friend as you, but we can't do anything but hope for the best." Tenya said to the rest of his classmates calmly. Many of the teens nodded in understanding at this and walked towards their rooms to change and set for the day.

"Psst! Kaminari!" Mineta whispered at him while they walked towards their respective rooms.

"What?" Denki replied in a low tone.

"We're gonna need to get our hands on that Dust thingy and use it to turn the girls into bunny girls!" The midget grinned pervily as vapor came out from his nose.

"Dude…" Denki deadpanned at him. "Where would we even get that thing without getting into trouble?" He asked back at him, bringing out the glaring issue with that plan.

"Dammit… You're right." Minoru cursed under his breath. He bit his thumb in frustration.

Izuku went to Recovery Girl's infirmary, he even called his mentor, All Might, for emotional support and because he felt like he had to show him what happened.

And well… When the skeleton-like man saw his protege as a rabbit person, he choked out blood from the surprise, but quickly recovered his composure.

Recovery Girl was taken aback by what happened to him, but quickly got to perform some exams on him. Checking his temperature, his reflexes, taking X-rays, taking a sample of his blood, checked both sets of ears and other medical exams.

One of the first things she asked the boy was to check if his Quirk still worked. Izuku tried activated OFA and fortunately it worked, his Quirk was still working as usual, which was a huge relief for both him and his mentor.

After the exams, Izuku sat in one of the beds of the infirmary with All Might standing nearby as they waited for the results. Over an hour has passed since the emerald rabbit boy came in.

The tiny old nurse then approached the master and student duo with a paperclip on one hand and her syringe-shaped crane in the other. "All right, I have the preliminary results." She declared. "The good news is that you are in perfect health so you don't have to worry about that." She informed them.

Both teacher and student sighed in relief. "That's good to know." All Might said relieved.

"The bad news, however, is that you are no longer a human being." Recovery Girl continued with a calm and professional tone.

Izuku and Toshinori looked at her with their eyes widened in shock. "I'm… not a human…?" Izuku asked her as he tried to wrap his head around what he just heard.

"That's right." Recovery Girl nodded at him. "Judging from your results, your genetic makeup is no longer that of a human, but instead that of a humanoid species with animal traits, the Faunus. I believe you know who they are and that you already suspected this, correct?" She explained calmly.

Izuku didn't verbally reply, instead he titled his head down and nodded.

"So then is Midoriya-shounen a Faunus now?" All Might asked her.

"Yes. A Rabbit Faunus, to be exact. And an uncommon alpha one at that since Midoriya has more than one animal trait." The nurse explained. Like the rest of U.A'.s staff, she became familiarized with Remnant concepts, including the biology and anatomy of the Faunus race. "You said that you became like this due to being exposed to a large quantity of Dust, correct?" She then turned back at the boy, who glanced back at her. Izuku nodded in response. "It has been known that Dust can have many sorts of effects on people when not used as ammo, which includes cases of people ending up being transformed or mutated due to overexposure." She explained to her paciente and his mentor. "Fortunately these cases were able to be treated by experts in Remnant." She elaborated.

"Then is there a way to reverse this?" All Might asked her with a hopeful tinge in his tone. Izuku's eyes reflected this too.

"Sadly I don't have an answer for that at the moment." Recovery Girl replied with a noticeable sad look. Izuku and his teacher were taken aback by this statement. "You see, until now there has never been a case of someone transforming into a Faunus like Midoriya here did, it's not like someone turning shorter and having their skin change into a different color, we're talking about a complete change in his genetic make up. He may look normal outside of his ears and tail, but Faunus has many things that set them apart from regular humans, hence why they are treated as a different species in Remnant all together, his DNA has been heavily mutated, making him no different than people in our world with mutation-type Quirks it'll be hard to figure out a way to reverse the effects, if there is a way to do so at all." She elaborated.

"So… Is it permanent…?" Izuku asked her.

"It's too early to tell yet. However if I'm frank with you, it's highly probable so you should prepare yourself for that possibility." The nurse had to be totally transparent with him. "But like I said: it's still too early to tell yet so there is still a possibility for you to return to normal." However, she also wanted to give him some hope, even if it was faint.

"Okay, I understand. Thank you, Recovery Girl." Izuku thanked her with an understanding tone.

"You're welcome." The nurse nodded back at him as the boy stood up. "Hold on, one more thing before you leave." She told him.

"Hm?" Izuku tilted his head in confusion, but his face quickly twisted in pain as he was clobbered in the shin by the crane of the tiny old lady "OW! What the hell was that for!?" He shouted at her in pain as he held his shin in pain.

"That's what you get for going around playing with a volatile and dangerous substance! You first go around breaking your bones recklessly and now you play with stuff that shouldn't be played with and end up all mutated because of it!" The nurse shouted angrily back at him.

"In my defense, it wasn't entirely my fault, Hatsume-san was the one with the idea." The boy excused himself as he rubbed his shin.

"And you still went along with it. *Sigh* The kids of today…" She grumbled as she pinched her temples. Seriously, this boy always gives her headaches. "Anyway, I still have to run some more tests with the samples you gave to learn what sort of other changes came with your transformation. If you feel something is off and weird is happening to you, come here quickly. We don't know the full extent of your changes after all, is that clear?" She told him with a serious tone.

"Hai." Deku nodded in understanding.

"Alright, you can leave now and All Might, make sure he doesn't get in any more trouble." She turned to the skeleton-like man.

"I'll do what I can, Recovery Girl." All Might replied.

And with that, both said their goodbye to the nurse and left.

Izuku and All Might walked through the hallway, the former No.1 Hero saw that his successor was quiet and crestfallen. "Say, Midoriya-shounen." He called his attention. The boy hummed as he glanced at his mentor. "Have you eaten breakfast yet?" He asked him. The shounen shook his head in denial. "If you want, you can come with me to eat at the teacher's lounge." He suggested with a gentle smile.

"...Okay…" Deku nodded in understanding.

A few minutes later, All Might took his student to the teacher's lounge. The boy sat on the couch as the skinny man prepared a simple breakfast for the both of them: Bacon and eggs with a few vegetables.

"Here you go, my boy." All Might gave him a plate as he set it on the table.

"Thanks." Izuku took the plate in his hands.

"Do you want barley tea?" All Might offered, Izuku nodded in response. "Is there something else you want?" He asked again before going to fetch the drinks.

"Um… Do you… have carrots in here?" The newly-transformed Faunus asked his mentor.

"Oh. Well yes, we have a few in the fridge." All Might replied.

"Can you give me one?" The emerald Faunus asked for a tinge of blush on his cheeks due to embarrassment.

"Of course, Shounen." All Might smiled at him like a caring father. He poured two glasses of barley tea for himself and his student before picking up a carrot from the fridge. "Here you go." He handed him the drink and carrot.

"Thank you, All Might." The emerald child thanked him as he grabbed the items. He glanced at the big orange carrot before he bit it. Never before in his life did he enjoy a carrot as much as now, but even so, he still looked sullen.

"Midoriya-shounen, I understand that all of this is a big and sudden change for you, one that might be for the rest of your life and as such it must be hard for you to come to terms with and assimilate. But I want you to understand that this isn't the end of the world, regardless of the species, you are still the same Izuku Midoriya that I passed on my Quirk. The next Symbol of Peace." All Might said with a compassionate tone as he put a hand on the boy's shoulder in an attempt to lift his spirits, but of course it must be quite the shock for the shounen to suddenly wake up no longer a human, but as an otherworldly species and learn that it might be permanent. "Remember, you can always count on me and others to help you if you're down." He smiled at him.

Izuku looked his mentor in the eye. "I know that, All Might. It's just… I don't know how to feel about this, what to make of all of this. This is so strange and unreal..." He tilted his head down again. He glanced at his scarred hand before closing it into a fist.

"It's okay to feel lost and confused, this is something that has never happened before." All Might replied in an understanding tone. "But I promise you that everything will be alright." He assured him with a smile.

"Thank you, All Might…" Izuku thanked his mentor.

"I'm your mentor, it is my job to ensure the wellbeing of my pupil, after all." The former Symbol of Peace replied.

"Right." A tiny smile was drawn on Izuku's face.

They eat breakfast in quiet peace. After they were finished, the skeleton-like man asked his successor. "Do you feel better now, Shounen?"

"Yeah, I do." Deku nodded with a smile. "Guess I'm just worried about what to do now that I'm a Faunus, but like you said, I'm still me. I still feel normal for the most part so I guess it's just a matter of getting used to these changes." He continued with a shrug.

"That's the spirit, my boy!" All Might grinned at him. "Now then, I suggest you lay low for a while until we know everything about your new body." He said in a more serious tone.

"That would be a little hard. I don't think I can hide these." Izuku tugged at his upper ears.

All Might chuckled slightly. "That's not it, I meant for you to be careful with whatever other sort of changes you have due to your new Faunus physiology, do as Recovery Girl told you and go to her should you feel anything strange is happening to you." He clarified. "You can also come to me if you feel like you need guidance through this trying time of your life." He added.

"Alright. I get it." Izuku nodded in understanding.

"Take all the time you need to acclimate to your new reality." All Might said to him with a fatherly tone.

"Thanks." Izuku thanked his mentor once again. "Um… I guess I should probably tell my mom about what happened to me. Let's hope she doesn't have a heart attack or flood the house again. Better yet cause a tirade with Principal Nezu. She already had concerns about my enrollment into the school. Now isn't the time to give her the reason for doubt." He now realized that he must inform his mother about his new situation, it would be wrong to hide this to her and he is already hiding too much from her.

"Wait, Midoriya-shounen. While I agree that your mother must be informed of this, I suggest not doing it now, at least not yet until we are certain of everything about your new body. And we are certain of everything, I promise you that I will tell her myself." All Might told him calmly. He knows how much Inko Midoriya worries for her son and telling her about this would only cause her more stress than she already went through, after all with what face one tell a mother that her son is no longer a human and that it might be forever? Yeah… that's not an easy conversation indeed. So for the moment at least, it's better to spare her from it, until at least they have all of the facts and hopefully a way to change young Izuku back to normal.

"Okay, if you say so…" Izuku complies with his teacher. "I guess I should head back to my dorm now ." The emerald Faunus stood up from the couch.

"Very well. Take care, Midoriya-shounen and remember what I told you." All Might stood up from his seat.

"I will and thanks for the breakfast." Deku thanked his mentor yet again. "Excuse me." He bowed down his head and walked to the door and left.

The teenagers of Class A tried to go about their day as usual, but they all felt Izuku's absence and it just felt off. Izuku's friends were worried about him, even Kacchan seemed concerned, of course he pretended to not care but they knew it was his way of caring.

Aizawa-sensei was informed what happened to Midoriya and just sighed and pinched his temples. That kid never stops getting into trouble, doesn't he?

Classes continued as normal, mostly everyone tried their best to pay attention and take notes, but a certain gravity girl in particular wasn't paying as much attention as she should. Her mind just tuned out of Midnight's Modern History lesson as her attention drifted towards Deku-kun.

Ochako was growing concerned about him. Did Deku-kun look absolutely cute and adorable as a bunnyguy? Absolutely. Did she enjoy cassering his fluffy and soft furred rabbit ears? Of course.

However she couldn't help but worry about him, Deku-kun seemed distraught and confused and who could blame him? it's not normal to suddenly wake up with rabbit ears on top of your head and with a tail on your lower back after all. Part of her was angry at that pink-haired bi- at Hatsume, it was her fault that Deku-kun is now like this!

Before she knew it, the last period was over for the day. Everyone was packing up their stuff ready to head back to the dorms and relax.

She got up from her desk and grabbed her backpack, her face remained saddened.

Ochako then felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around and was met with Tsu-chan, her usual blank face wore a slight, but noticeable concerned expression. "Are you still worried about Midoriya-chan, ribbit?" The frog girl asked her.

Ochako couldn't pretend even if she wanted to as her cheeks were a dead giveaway. "In so many words, Tsu-chan. In so many words." She took deep breaths, trying her best to hide her sullen feelings about the boy she deeply cared and admired.

"Midoriya-chan is a tough nut to crack, ribbit," replied Tsuyu in a consoling manner. "Just another mountain to climb and conquer is all." She rubbed Ochako's shoulder. "I wouldn't be as concerned. It isn't like he has a deadly virus. We aren't even sure if it is irreversible yet, ribbit."

Ochako puffed her cheeks. "It still makes me so mad at how much a boy can climb and still get dropped on a peg." She gripped his fist. "What's to stop me from going to the Support Department to give mophead a piece of my mind?"

"Ochako-chan," interjected Tsuyu. "Getting mad at Hatsume wouldn't do any good. Yes, she can be off-centered, reckless, and somewhat irresponsible, she was only doing her job, ribbit. Even Deku is aware of her irregularities and the tendencies of her babies literally blowing up in smoke."

"She couldn't have hurt him."

"Look, Deku is okay, ribbit. He's an awesome wonder. He can pull through this, I believe in him. If it helps, why not go and see him." Tsuyu smiled. "I think he wouldn't mind having a visit from a caring friend."

That comment made the teen blush. That didn't go unnoticed from the vixen. "What? Afraid of rabbit-kun." She bumped Ochako's side with her elbow. "Or afraid of what you might do."

"Tsu-chan," exclaimed Ochako with her beet red face.

"Aw, c'mon, Ochako-chan. For all I know, this might be an act so you can enjoy Izuku's personal carrot…" Ochako covered Tsuyu's mouth.

"I think a dab of soap is needed to wash that filthy mouth of yours," interjected Ochako. Sometimes it still surprises her how much dirt hides behind that seemingly cute and calm face of Tsuyu's.

"Or some of his hot and sticky carrot juice," muffled Tsuyu before using her tongue to lick Ochako's hand. The teen took a step back as she wiped her hand on her skirt.

Tsuyu giggled. "In all seriousness, pay him a visit."


"How about this? I think Iida-kun is supposed to bring his homework sometime this evening. Instead of him, why not do it?"

Ochako dropped her head, feeling a bit of shyness returning.

"He wouldn't mind. He has so much to do with Remnant history to the point that I thought I'd heard him speaking Mistrali, ribbit."

"I don't wanna pry."

"Don't be a scaredy cat, Uraraka, ribbit." She gave her a glare. "Better yet, let me go and do it instead."


"Yeah." She gave Ochako a sly look. "So, I can check on him and get a taste of the carrot myself."

"No," she blurted out, which caused other students to stare at her. She lowered her tone. "I'll do it."

"Neat," replied Tsuyu. "I'll call Yaoyorozu and we can meet at the library to give you his homework. I know her, Todoroki, and Iida are there." As the froggy vixen she is, she knew a bit of nodging would push the round-faced girl in the right direction. Nothing gets a girl more worked up than the sign of a treat to what she considers hers, after all.

Izuku walked back to Class A's dorm and went to his room as per his mentor's orders to lay low for the time being.

It was very quiet at the time due to the others being at classes, so all the boy could do now was just wait for the others to come back in a few hours. So to kill time until then he sat on his computer chair and turned on his laptop.

He goes onto his social media and sees people making comments of him being a rabbit person among other things like jokes and stuff. Izuku growled in slight irritation before closing his laptop.

He decides to watch TV, but either by coincidence or some sort of universal joke, every channel he flips to has something rabbit-related. The boy growled again in irritation. He turned off the TV and walked to his bed.

The emerald Faunus dropped face first into his pillow, he flipped around and faced the ceiling.

He didn't feel like doing anything right now, his mind kept coming back to the fact that he might be stuck as a Faunus forever. But would it be that bad? Not really, like he said several times, he feels mostly normal, his hearing sense is more sensible now with an extra pair bunny ears on top of his head, but it's just a matter of getting used to it. So it would be fine even if he can't go back to normal. Like All Might said: He is still Izuku Midoriya, regardless of the species.

He should probably feel angry at Hatsume for being pretty much the cause of this, but he can't blame her for this. It was an accident and she probably had no idea this could have happened, besides it would make him actually feel bad if she would feel guilty about this, Deku was just that type of guy to worry more about others than himself.

He sighed as he closed his eyes and relaxed, he wanted to not think about any of this for a while, so a nap might do some good. The emerald teen let sleep take his consciousness away...

Izuku was running away as fast as his legs could take him, but he was looking for a way out of the forest that 'she' dragged him into again…

"Why are you running away, you baka?" He could hear Blake shouting at him from a relative distance. He could hear her steps coming at him. Again she wanted to play with him 'Hunters and Grimm' and as always didn't take 'no' for an answer.

"Blake, I don't wanna be the Grimm anymore!" Izuku shouted back at her. "I'm ALWAYS the Grimm!"

"You're whatever I tell you to. I'm older than you, so there. Ha!" Her voice was starting to get closer and Izuku's was growing tired.

It was true, she's older than him and that's why she felt entitled to say what games they would play together, when and where, she was so bossy about it… It's like she doesn't even care about his opinion… It was just unfair and he was getting sick of this! "I'm telling Mom and Auntie Kali!" He shouted back at her with anger, he didn't want to play that card because he didn't want Blake to get into trouble, but like when Kacchan and his lackeys were bullying that kid, he had to make a stand.

"Don't be a tattletale, you tattletale!" The Faunus girl shouted back at him.

Izuku was running out of breath so he made several twists around the trees in an attempt to lose her, but he could still hear her rapid steps. "Blake, stop!" He begged loudly.

"I'm gonna catch you, Icchan! You can run, but you can't hide!" She said with confidence in her tone. Was this funny for her? Well, it sure seems that way from what he came to learn about her in the past week or so knowing her since he and his mother came to Menagerie.

"Leave me alone!" The little emerald child shouted as he forced his legs to run faster.

"I'm your senpai. I will never leave you alone. Ever!" The black haired girl shouted back with seriousness in her voice.

After that, Izuku glanced over his shoulder and was surprised that he didn't see Blake in hot pursuit after him. The little boy continued running towards the exit until Blake suddenly dropped down from tree branches above him. Izuku came to a sudden halt, making him stumble into his rear. "B-Blake? How did you… how…?" He stammered, perplexed as to how she got ahead of him that quickly.

"I'm like a ninja, duh!" The little girl produced a sickening grin as she put her hands on her hips. Izuku whimpered as he trembled, dragging himself backwards slowly. "I think a punishment is in order, for making your senpai run like that…" She walked to him slowly as she eyed him like prey….

Then everything blurs into darkness…

"Blake…" Izuku muttered in his sleep. "Blake…" He said once more. It was amazing how impactive this Faunus was to the young teen. As if her arrival opened memories that were kept deep in the depths of his conscience...

Izuku was hearing a tapping noise. Still stirring from his slumber, it had taken him a moment to realize that was a knock at the door.


He recognized the voice. "Uraraka-san? W-w-why w-w-would she…" Even in his thoughts, his stuttering returns. Rubbing the sleepiness in his eyes, he was in a panic.

"Deku-kun? Are you there?" Uraraka's voice sounded concerned

Initially, he didn't want to answer. He didn't want her to see him like this, especially her out of all people. Of course, she had witnessed him earlier in the day, but he was already out in the open. However, alone...with just him and her?

He slowly got out of his bed. He began tiptoeing to the door. Could it be a dream? It wouldn't be the first time he had such lucid encounters. Maybe it was the trick of the brain, he thought. Thinking of Blake's return was subconsciously making him think of Ochako. Taking steady breaths, he made his way to the door. As he pressed his face at the peephole, he realized that this was no dream, but reality.


Yelping, he failed backwards, landing on his butt. No way she didn't miss hearing that noise.

"Deku-kun? Are you okay?"

"No reason to hide now", he thought to himself. "Hey, Uraraka-san. I'm here."

"Well...good! So, listen. I knew you weren't at school today," she said as she spoke through the door. "I...I...I have your homework...and...and…"

Izuku began sweating. However, because of his newly formed body, it made things much cooler to the skin, which made him shiver. "H-H-homework, y-y-y-you s-s-say?"

"Yeah. I...I...I know that you might be a bit nervous about showing yourself. If you want, I can slide your homework under the door."

He could tell that she was nervous. For what, he thought. Nervous because of his appearance? Or else,...

He stood up and gripped his hand around the knob. "I-I-I don't w-w-want t-t-t-to b-b-be r-r-r-rude," he said to Ochako. He slowly turned the knob, feeling his heartbeats radiating through the knob. He opened the door.

Upon opening, he was face to face with her. She wasn't wearing her school uniform - a simple white t-shirt and thigh jean shorts. On one hand were documents of his homework and on the other hand looked like a bag from the nearby convenience store.

"Hey, Deku-kun," she said with a pleasant smile. "Y-y-you look…" Her rosy cheeks were a crimson red.

His eyes were shut. He was ready for whatever name he was going to be called. Although he had doubts as he wouldn't expect that from his dear friend. Say it! Say something! I know I look ridiculous... As if what she said earlier in the living room was nothing more than an aberration.

Suddenly, he heard the growling of his stomach that interrupted his thoughts.

A pregnant silence ensued.

Ochako and Izuku gave each other blank stares in that intermittent moment.

Ochako produced a smile as she lifted the convenience store bag. "Like a little birdie was telling me that a hero was starving."

Ten minutes later….

Ochako was right. Izuku felt like he hadn't eaten in a dog's age, the sun was already setting outside so he slept for quite a while. Sitting in his computer chair, he was slurping on his third cup of instant noodles. Of course, it was his favorite katsudon. Good thing that one thing that hasn't changed about him is his love for katsudon, even with his newfound liking for carrots, cliche? Maybe, but it's a craving from his new body so it can't be helped.

Ochako sat on his bed. His bed, she was thinking to herself. To think that she was living her fantasy, but wish it wasn't under these types of circumstances.

"Wow! Talk about putting it all away, Deku-kun," she said to him. "Do you share any kinship with a certain Saiyan or a pirate in search of the ultimate treasure?"



Izuku covered his mouth as he belched. Wiping the remnants of the katsudon with his arm, he placed the empty containers on the desk. "Thank you so much, Uraraka-san." He bowed apologetically. "Sorry for accidentally eating yours."

She giggled. "That's okay! This was more for you than it was for me."

"I'm grateful for your consideration." He bowed again. "Allow me to make it up to you."

She waved her hands blushingly, trying her best not to float. "No, you're fine! I would have done this for anybody."

You sure?" Izuku titled his head and the round-faced girl nodded fervently. "Well, if you say so…" The emerald rabbit scratched the back of his head, he still felt like he should pay her back, but he didn't want to be pushy if she was insisting that it was fine.

There was a brief silence between them before Ochako finally decided to address the elephant in the room. "So Deku-kun… about… w-well what happened to you…" She said shyly as she pointed at his rabbit ears.

"Oh…" He uttered softly.

She noticed that his face turned off significantly. "I-I mean…! Y-y-you don't have to tell me if you don't want to…!" She spewed out nervously as she waved her hands frantically.

"N-no, i-it's okay, Uraraka-san." Izuku shook his head in denial. "I get it if you're curious about… all of this…" And so the emerald teen took a deep breath before starting to explain to her what he was told about his condition.

Ochako clung to every word he said, she listened as it was damning, riventing. She didn't utter a single sound until he finished

"...And that's about it." Deku finished his explanation.

"..." Ochako remained silent briefly as she took in all the information. Deku-kun was transformed into a Faunus due to overexposure to Dust and it's highly likely he will stay like this… The girl stood up from his bed, there was a deep frown on her face and she clenched both her fists tightly. She then silently walked to the door.

"Where are you going?" The emerald teen asked her. He already had a hunch though.

The gravity girl stopped and turned around to face him. "Now, I want to give Hatsume-san a piece of my mind." She said with an upset tone.

"Wait, Uraraka-san. You don't have to do that. It won't do any good." Izuku stood up with a concerned look in his eyes.

"SHE is responsible for making you like this. Therefore, she is going to pay!" She replied angrily as she gestured at him. It was that bitch that caused this to Deku-kun, she can tolerate her being handy on him, but turning him into an alien species for playing around with Dust is crossing a goddamned line!

"To be honest, if anything… it was 50/50?" The former human boy replied, trying his best to dissuade her. "I mean I sorta expected something to blow up in my face and I can't really blame her because she had no idea this would happen so…"

"Well… I will be sure to get at her 50% of Plus Ultra with this ass-kicking. She is worried about her 'babies?' She needs to be concerned if she will have babies after what I'm gonna do to her!" She barked enraged, an anime-like vein was appearing on her forehead. The fuming girl turned back to the door and walked towards it.

"Uraraka-san, wait!" Deku reacted fast and grabbed her by the shoulder and forcefully turned her around. "Listen, I get you're upset, but I don't want you to get in trouble because of me on top of giving Hatsume-san more troubles. I bet by now she's receiving the earful of a lifetime from Power Loader and other teachers." He looked her in the eye.

"That's not enough, Deku-kun! You could be like this FOREVER! How can you not be enraged at her?!" Ochako angrily slapped away his hand from her shoulder.

Deku then grabbed her by both shoulders, applying a little force on his grip. "Calm down, Uraraka-san!" He shouted on her face. Making her flinch in shock. "I get it, okay? I know I might be stuck like this for the rest of my life… but it's okay, I'll always be me, that won't change even if I can't go back to normal. And you know? Being a Faunus is not that different, sure I might have extra ears and a tail now, my hearing is more sensitive now and I feel like eating carrots more than before, but for the most part, I haven't changed that much, so it'll be alright, okay? I'll get used to this." He continued with a calmer, more soothing voice.

Ochako looked him directly in the eye again, his calming, beautiful emerald eyes… Her rage was decreasing and felt more at ease with those shining gems in his eyes, just a part of his adorable freckled face.

The gravity girl sighed in defeat. "You're too nice for your own good sometimes…" She whispered softly as she glanced at the floor. Deku heard her clearly. She glanced back at his face. "Okay… I won't beat her bitch ass to the moon and back, but I won't forgive her for a long time." She wore a small frown on her round face.

"I understand. Thanks, Uraraka-san." He let go of her only to be surprised by the girl suddenly hugging him tightly, causing the boy to blush profusely.

"I hope that you can return to normal again…" She whispered as she buried her face on his shoulder. "Not that you're any different than now." A pink blush was manifesting on her face.

Izuku nodded, instinctively placing his hand over her head. "I'm still the same old Deku. Maybe not on the outside, but on the inside for sure."

Ochako smiled, remaining to keep her face buried on his shoulder.

Then suddenly both of them heard a knocking on his door, making them flinch in surprise. "Midoriya-kun? Are you there?" It was Iida from behind the door. "You hadn't come out for quite a while, I just wanted to let you know that dinner is ready, if you want to come down, of course." He informed him.

"O-okay, Iida-kun. I-I'll come down in a moment." Izuku replied as he and Uraraka glanced at the door.

"Glad to hear it! Did Uraraka-kun give you your homework?" Tenya asked again.

"I-I did, Iida-kun." Ochako replied.

"Oh! You're in there too, Uraraka-kun? Well, thank you. Hopefully you're both not doing something inappropriate." Tenya replied in his ever serious tone, he was most likely flipping his right arm.

"W-we're not!" Both shouted at the same time out of embarrassment, their faces were turning hot red.

"Good! We'll be waiting for both of you." The two teens then heard steps getting fainter and fainter from the other end, meaning that Iida walked away.

Ochako and Izuku glanced at each other with their faces fully red, both were still hugging each other before letting go of each other awkwardly as they were looking in opposite directions.

"…" Izuku uttered softly as he scratched the back of his head. Ochako was poking her fingers together, she tried to think of something to say, but she was too flustered and nervous to open her mouth. "Uh… I… I think we should get going…" He said to the girl looking at her from the corner of his eye.

"Um…yeah! Don't need Sensei to give me a demerit or something." She replied with a sheepish grin.

Both of them chuckled nervously before walking to the door, their hands touched when both went to grab the doorknob at the same time, both shot their hands back as soon as they touched, only making their awkwardness and blushes turn deeper.

"G-go ahead." The emerald-haired Faunus said.

"N-no, it's your dorm." Ochako shook her head in denial.

"I insist." He shot back.

"No, I insist! Please, Deku-kun!"

"Ladies first!"

"Age before beauty!"

They went like this for a minute or so before Izuku opened the door and let Ochako walk out first.

Izuku and Ochako went to the living room to dinner with everyone else.

As they sat with the rest of their classmates to eat, Iida asked the emerald haired teen about his condition, many of his friends also seemed to want to know as well. It was inevitable that the others would ask about it.

Izuku then explained everything to everyone, many gasping in shock while others remained calm and silent.

"So… will you remain like that?" Shouto asked him calmly.

"It's not definitive yet, but it's very likely." Izuku shrugged.

"I see…" The icy hot teen replied, maintaining his cool.

"The irresponsibility of Hatsume-san!" Tenya flipped his arm up angrily. "I hope that she is punished accordingly for such a grave mistake!" It wasn't like him to wish ill will to others, but when someone messes with someone important to him that's a line crossed. And honestly he already had resentment towards the crosshair-eyed girl.

"Same." Ochako agreed with a frown.

"Guys… Like I said, it was an accident." Izuku said to the two of them.

"Accident or not, she has to take responsibility for her actions!" Tenya, flipping his arms angrily.

"Yeah!" Ochako agreed again, looking more angry. Izuku sweatdropped at this. He was flattered that two of his closest friends were just trying to defend him, but like he said before, he didn't want his friends to get into trouble because of him.

"Yandere alert?" Mina whispered to Kyouka, who deadpanned at her.

"Anyway, how are you feeling about all of this, Midoriya-san?" Momo asked him concerned.

"Well, I'm coming to terms with the possibility. Honestly, it wouldn't be so bad, you know? Besides these and the tail, there's not much of a difference." Izuku replied, tugging lightly at his rabbit ears. "So, you guys don't have to worry, I'll be okay. In Remnant, the Faunus kind struggled through a lot and yet they persevere, so why can I do the same?" He reassured everyone with a calm smiling expression. "Either way, I'm used to fighting uphill battles."

"It's good to hear that bro." Eijiro smiled at him. Most of the teens from Class A smiled at the boy as well. "Don't you think, BakuBro?" He gently nudged at his friend beside him.

Katsuki scoffed. "Who cares if he's now a sissy Rabbit Faunus or whatever? You guys stop treating this as if he's gonna die. I'm fed up with all of you talking non-stop of him all day." He said with his usual frown. He was getting irritated that others were so concerned about the nerd, he was fine.

"Will you shut your ass up, Bakugou?" Sero frowned at him

"You do know the whole world doesn't revolve around you, right?" Fumikage crossed his arms.

"If it did, God help us!" Denki commented.

"You're just jealous that Midori here looks cuter for us girls! He will definitely score it with a girl!" Tooru chimed in

"Yeah, you'll never get a girl like that! And your hand doesn't count by the way! And if it could, it too, would file a restraining order!" Mina roasted him with a mocking grin. The group burst into laughter at the sick burn towards Katsuki.

"DIE, YOU FUCKING EXTRAS!" The explosive blond shouted furiously as sparks came out from his palms, he would have jumped to blast everyone in the face were it not for Kirishima restraining him from behind.

"Calm down, bro! They were just joking!" The hardened teen pleaded as he struggled to prevent Bakugou from causing an explosive massacre.

"OOII!" Then there was a sonic blast that rang through the room, making everyone cover their ears as they hissed from the loud ringing in their heads.

Then Bakugou felt something wrapping around his body, dragging him away from the others.

Everyone opened their eyes and saw Aizawa-sensei beside Present Mic, the former was using his bindings to restrain and drag Katsuki away as he used his Eraser Quirk.

"Geez Louise, Eraser! I'll never get what's wrong with your class, a second later and would have the aftermath of a mindfield!" Mic said to his friend an co-worked in his usual loud and over the top manner.

"Sometimes I question the same things, Mic. You didn't have to shout though, I could have taken care of it myself." Aizawa replied lazily.

"Naw. Always up to give my friend a hand!" The Voice Hero patted his back cheerfully.

"A little louder and you would have broken every single glass in the dorm." Shouta deadpanned at him.

"Eh hehe… Sorry." Mic apologized sheepishly.

Shouta then turned to Katsuki, who was pissed off alright. "At this point I'm not surprised, you get into as much trouble as Midoriya. I hope you don't mind standing on your feet all night because there are two heavy pails of water with your name on them." He said to him with his deathly glare before turning around and dragging Bakugou away to impart the punishment on him.

Kacchan growled angrily as he was being dragged away like a bag of trash.

Present Mic looked at the rest of the class who were still reeling from the ringing in their heads. "Okay, ladies and gentlemen! Party's over for tonight. Time for y'all to hit the hay. Good night!" He ordered before waving at them and walking off.

The teens then decided to do what they were told and walk to their rooms for tonight.

"Um, Uraraka-san?" Izuku approached her.

"Yes?" She turned to look at her.

"Do you mind if I walk you to your room? I mean, it would be rude to leave a girl walking to her room alone." He asked bashfully as he rubbed the back of his head with a blush and a small appearing on his face. He wasn't totally sure why he wanted to do that or where he got the courage to ask this to her. It was true that he has a crush on her, but usually the nerves would get the better of him at the mere thought of asking for a date, but now he wasn't as nervous as he would be. Weird, but he wouldn't complain for this sudden burst of confidence, God knows he needs it at times like these.

Ochako blushed at this. "Oh! Um… w-well, I wouldn't mind." She smiled shyly back at him.

Deku chuckled softly before Ochako walked with Izuku right beside her.

This was noticed by Tsuyu, Mina and Tooru, who were glancing at each other with knowing smirks. (Assume that's Tooru's expression.) Were they expecting confessions and kisses or paint brushes broken? No, of course not, even if Midoriya is now a Rabbit Faunus, he wouldn't cross that line yet, despite what people say about Rabbit people. However, this is a start, which is always good.

Izuku walked alongside Ochako until they arrived at her door. "Well, here we are. Thanks for coming along with me, Deku-kun." She thanked him with her usual cute smile.

"No, thank you for everything tonight." Izuku shook his head with a smile on his face. He bowed humbly. "I appreciate you looking out for me and I'm deeply grateful for your gratitude." He said grateful to her before looking back at him. "I'm blessed that I can count on you in the good and bad times." He smiled warmly at her.

"Deku-kun…" Ochako's eyes lit up, her cheeks turned deep red and her chest pounced like drum. She smiled warmly back at him. "I'm also blessed that I met you, Deku-kun." She then embraced him warmly before giving him a kiss on his cheek.

Izuku froze as his face turned tomato red.

Ochako then let go of him and glanced back at him with that same smile, then her brain registered what she just did when she saw how he stood still like a statue with his face so hot that vapor was coming out from his bunny ears. "Em... w-well, see you tomorrow, bye!" She grinned nervously as she quickly opened her door. "It was a friend's kiss! It doesn't count! It doesn't count!" She rushed into the room and closed the door.

"Bye…" Izuku uttered absentmindedly as he put his right hand on his cheek. "The first time a non-relative girl kissed me on the cheek…" His mind nearly crashed at what just happened. He then grinned from ear to ear and started to make his way back to his dorm, beaming with happiness. Things were starting to look up already and it was great!

Izuku enjoyed a happy night of sleep and woke up very early the next morning as usual. It was barely 6 AM, so he jumped out of his bed to do his usual morning routine before classes.

He went to his wardrobe to change into his training clothes. First thing in the morning was to go out an for a matinal run to the training track, usually twenty laps, however today he felt particularly full of energy so he ran for fifty instead and surprising he did it faster than he thought, he finished just a few minutes off the time he usually finishes with just 20 laps.

The boy then rushed back, went for a shower and put on his uniform before walking into the common room for breakfast.

He was met with Ojiro, Kirishima and Aoyama on the table. He greeted them before taking his seat and eating his bowl of cereal.

"You look happy today, Midoriya." Eijiro commented to him with a smile as he ate his breakfast.

"Well, I feel pretty good today." Izuku smiled at his friends.

"Good to see that, mon ami." Yuga said to him as usual as he smeared butter on his toast.

"Say, Midoriya." Mashirao turned to him. "I read that Faunus have different abilities depending on their species. You mentioned yesterday that you have a more sensible hearing because of your extra ears, but is that all?" He asked him out of curiosity.

"Hmm…" He cupped his chin. "Now that you mention it… Ever since I became a Faunus I have been smelling better, maybe not as good as a dog, but better than the average human." He could be smelling things clearer than before and significantly farther too. "And I just finished my matinal run of 50 laps instead of 20 that I usually run pretty fast and strangely enough I'm not too tired, in fact, I feel like I could run about another 50 laps." He explained to his friends. "Maybe this is the perks of having a Rabbit Faunus physiology." He glanced back at the other three boys.

"Wow. That sounds great, bro! Maybe you should keep training to see what you can do now. Who knows, maybe your new body is like Mirko's Quirk!" Eijiro grinned excitedly.

"Huh… I never thought about it like that. That it's actually really possible that my condition as an Alpha Rabbit Faunus gave me the physical abilities of a rabbit, similar to Mirko… Then what would happen if I used my Quirk on top of it...?" Izuku's mind started working as soon as he heard this, briefly going through a mutter spree.

Everyone on Class A was already used to this habit of his to the point of ignoring it unless he goes into it for too long.

"Good thing you are looking on the bright side of this, Midoriya." Mashirao smiled at him as the Faunus stopped his habit of looking at his friends.

"Yeah, it's like you have two Quirks now! I'm actually envious of you!" Eijiro grinned at him again and Yuga nodded in agreement.

"Yeah… Yeah, you're right." Izuku smiled excitedly back at them. "I need to see what else I can do with this body and see how far I can take this. Maybe this was a blessing in disguise after all." He looked at his hands before clenching them into fist with determination. He looked forward to practicing more later to see what he can do now, both with and without OFA.

Then the rest of the gang came for breakfast before heading to school. Take note that Katsuki had bags under his eyes for enduring the punishment that Aizawa gave him last night, so he barely slept and looked more irritated than usual.

Izuku greeted the others with a bright smile, which made many of his friends happy to see him in good spirits today. Although the emerald Faunus didn't notice that a certain round-faced girl had her eyes fixed on him as they all sat to eat together…

However, she wasn't the only girl that did… Perhaps there was more of Deku's new Alpha Rabbit Faunus physiology than meets the eyes…

To be Continued…

BD: Action-packed, humorous, and the shot of romance to make this an interesting series.

SS: A bit of everything that we're both good at, best of both worlds, baby!

BD: No doubt about that. Looking forward to the events that will unfold in the next chapter.

SS: Ah yes. It will be spicy indeed. The good stuff's about to come! Sit tight and enjoy the ride! As BD here would say, Team Greenshade and Long Live Midnight.

BD: Indeed! Stay tuned for more!


Chapter Text

Hey, guys! BD and Sora here with another exciting installment of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, the girls have literally gone 'Deku Crazy' since he has become a Faunus. Meanwhile, Izuku begins to discover that being a Faunus is a bigger responsibility than he had initially thought. Later, Denki and Minoru devise a plan to obtain their Dust from the Support Department. Then, All Might comes to Izuku with big news. What will happen?! Read and see! Enjoy!

What does it mean to be a Faunus?

It was a free period today in Aizawa-sensei's homeroom. Aizawa-sensei and his staff were at a meeting as they were having a tele-conference with the Beacon faculty and staff. What they were discussing, it mattered not to the teens as they were able to have a break from their teacher. However, it didn't mean they weren't going to have these moments to fool around as Recovery Girl was their substitute for the class.

"Sonnies and missys, I would advise you to catch up on whatever you've missed," responded the short, elder nurse as she sat on top of Sensei's desk. "Or, else I will give you something to cry about. Okay?" With a magazine in one hand and one of Hatsume-san's 'babies' in the other, it was best to comply with her demands, the entire 1-A class thought to themselves.

The sound of scribbling pen-on-paper filled the classroom as they worked on any make-up assignments. Unless you were Minoru who had an ero-manga hidden behind a textbook with Denki taking occasional peeps. Unless you were Bakugo who was doodling drawings of the Faunus Deku getting caught in one of his traps. Tenya, who was never behind on his work, took the opportunity to work on Remnant history. He had hoped that he would be able to communicate Remnant's old mother tongue before their arrival.

As for Ochako, her thoughts were still reeling on the only thing that keeps her going - her precious Deku-kun. Tapping her pen on her notepad, she would give glances over to Izuku who was studiously working on his make-up work. As she recalled, he was behind in Ectoplasm-sensei's class. The thought of derivatives, exponents, and various calculations mattered not to the teen as she didn't mind exchanging math equations with Izuku.

Homework wasn't being done, so why bother trying, she thought. She just couldn't keep Izuku out of her head since that sudden kiss they had over a week ago. Well, it wasn't really a kiss. It was a friendship kiss, so it didn't count, she was telling herself. She was excited, it was out of the blue, and wanted to give him a token of appreciation for walking her back to her dorm. Any warm-blooded person would have done that, she was telling herself.

"I wonder what's on your mind, Deku-kun?" She took another glance at him. He was attentive, focused, nothing showing any sign of distraction. Did his hair grow longer? Why did his skin look sleek and coated nicely? Were those ears that prominent and cute? Did his tail always have a tiny hole through the back of his clothes? When did his psychique….

Her rosy cheeks were glowing. Was she thinking alluring thoughts? She shook her head frustratingly, telling herself to negate those thoughts. She didn't want to be like a pervert. She wasn't sure if Deku-kun liked the idea of sex. She stopped again. Why was she thinking like this? She forced herself to turn away and to focus on her schoolwork. As she looked downward to her notebook, she saw scribbles of an umbrella with her name and his name under it. Immediately, she balled the paper and shoved it on her desk. She needed to get her mind out of the gutter and focused on schoolwork.

Hagakure began questioning herself on when did Deku become this adorable. Initially, she was being playful with his appearance. Like holding an adorable bunny for the first time at a pet store. But, this bunny was the same age and shared the same qualities as them. She turned red. "I know he is a Faunus, making him a different species. So, would that make me weird if I thought about him in ways other than just an adorable pet?" She held her cheeks together. It was obvious she couldn't hide her emotions well. Even the blind could tell she was hot to trot. She kept telling herself to focus on her schoolwork and not on Deku. It was rude to stare, but his charming appearance wasn't making it any easier. She really LOVES anything that's cute and adorable, and Midoriya was by far the cutest and most adorable boy ever! She just wants to hug him tight, pet his head, cuddle his adorable ears and shower him with kisses, all over his body!

Ashido was building a blueprint on Deku as a perfect man. In her notepad, she was thinking of ways she could have fun with her ripped bunny. Nothing turned the pinkette on like a man with muscles - ripped and shredded, a beefcake. Well, technically, he was a carrot cake. Ashido licked her lips as she was feverishly containing her inhibitions. Admittedly, the night before, she got off to the thoughts of Deku. She imagined herself being caged, vulnerable and exposed to the ripped bunny that was Deku. Unlike their Deku, her Deku took charge, ripping her clothes to shreds. Ashido, afraid, yet excited for him to take charge, awaited the very thing that would rid her virginity.

"Recovery Girl!" Ashido raised her hand to the nurse.

"Yes, Missy," replied the nurse.

"Can I be excused? Restroom break!"

The nurse wavered her hand as the pinkette excused herself out of the classroom. This was now the second pair of panties she had ruined since waking up this morning. She knew she shouldn't be thinking about Ochako's crush, buuut… in all fairness, she had plenty of chances to get him, and without much issue either, but never took a single one as she tried to deny what was planned to see for her and the rest of the girls. She can't be blamed for being an outright pervert for Midoriya when he is the perfect blend of sexy and adorable in one green, bunny Faunus package! And she can bet her horns that she's not the only one from the girls to feel this way, so to hell with the girl's code! It's fair game now! If Ochako won't take Midoriya, Mina would do it for her!

Asui didn't have the heart to tell Uraraka the truth. Everything she had said about Deku and his carrot...she meant it! She felt bad for the terribly shy brunette, but it was open season - Rabbit Season! And this frog girl in heat is out to hunt! It pained her to watch their interaction at dinner last week. It definitely pained her to watch her man walk Ochako home. However, she wasn't the only one. She, Hagakure, Yaoyorozu, Ashido, and even Jiro trailed behind Uraraka and Deku as they were heading back to Uraraka's dorm. They all blatantly lied about why they were spying on them, saying just to make sure Ochako would score it, but it was in fact to see what exactly would occur between her and Midoriya, Tsuyu could tell that the other girls were as much bothered about what would Ochako do with Midoriya as much as it bothered her.

Strangely enough, she is yet to understand why all of the sudden she was like this when literally the day before she and the others just wanted Ochako to get her crush already, in fact, during dinner that night was when it happened, at first she thought it was because Midoriya was now a cute Rabbit Faunus, but the thoughts persisted every time she tried to shake them off. And when she saw him leave with Ochako, the joy she seemed to share with Mina suddenly flipped to uncertainty and then jealousy. Each was filled with awe and jealousy when they saw that kiss. And that was the switch that flipped Asui. It was weird why this was happening to her and obviously to the rest of the girls, but she can't help it, nor does she want to. She has been in contact with her mother to help her make one of Izuku's favorite dishes.

Not without adding a bit of special ingredients.

Jiro couldn't believe how tantalizing it would be to take him to her father's studio. She would prefer to be alone. No producers, managers, audio engineers. However, she would like everything set up so she could have the recording studio alone to have their own personal session. Jiro recognized Izuku's groans even a mile away that day in the living room. Her ear jacks were able to pick up the sound as Bakugo did his usual foolery with him. His moans resonated through her body, creating a precious soundwave that even made Jiro moan from it. That was how she wanted her first time to be - in the padded booth, riding on his personal microphone as they created their own acoustic music. A personal mixtape filled with love so she could have as a personal keepsake on those nights whenever she felt lonely. Her eyes looked at Uraraka - lucky bitch! She didn't mean anything by it, but envy was in the cards. What was Uraraka wanting? An engraved invitation?! 'Make the move you pointy eyebrow idiot!' is what she wanted to say to her friend/classmate. She wasn't afraid to address her feeling of malcontent earlier that day about the expecting Beacon students, so why not now? However, she was too much of a caring, considerate friend. Let's face it, Jiro was much too excited to think about the arrival. But, now, seeing Izuku in this position, they were becoming more of an afterthought.

Midoirya was quite the looker now that he is a Faunus, now that she thought about it, he always was, she just never noticed. The ears and tail seem to be a compliment to make his cute side stand out. She couldn't get him out of her head, her legs quiver to the sound of his moans, regardless of the cause. Being brutally honest with herself, she had used her ear jacks to help herself get off at the sound of his cute, yet manly voice. Ooh and the thoughts of how easy he could bend her slender body with his raw power! She's just certain that whatever he packs is bigger than Kaminari's…! Okay, she needs to calm down or else she risks ruining her panties, again...

Of course there was always a huge wall that always pops out everytime she even has the thought of trying to make some move on him… Her smaller breast… Unlike a certain pesky grape headed midget would say, she's NOT flat, however her tits were definitely the smallest of the class - no - of all of the first year, she knows the sizes of Class B after all. It was always a bother for her, her only solace is that maybe she is a late bloomer or something like her mother. Regardless, she doesn't feel too confident to make a move on Midoriya with her tombish body, sure she has a good ass, but not way as close as Mina's, Ochako's, even less Tsu's. It doesn't help that overall, the rest of the girls are curvier than her, even Tooru and she's freaking invisible! But… she does have something the others don't: Her musical talent, her voice to be precise, everyone LOVED her performance at the Cultural Festival. Coupled with the fact that the emerald Faunus has a more sensitive sense of hearing just like her Quirk, it might give her a chance. Maybe writing a song for him would do the trick and hope her melodic voice will stir his heartstrings… and something else… She sometimes wonders how far he could hear her moans and what sort of effect that would have on him.

Yaoyorozu was a very bad girl… She was because she shouldn't be having these lewd, indecent thoughts about Midoriya, especially when he caught the eye of a dear friend of hers. But she couldn't help them, ever since a week ago she started to see Midoriya differently, she felt bothered and outright jealous that Uraraka had so much of his affections and how happy he was after she kissed him on the cheek. She's the genius of the class and she knew it also bothers the others, so she and the others started to feel attracted to him all of the sudden and she always questions herself why.

Does it have something to do with Midiroya's new Alpha Faunus physiology? She hasn't studied that race of Remnant thoroughly and honestly she started to feel less and less like reading, which is preposterous as that's one of the things she likes the most! Not only that, the more her disinterest in study was, the more interested she was growing towards the greenet as time passed. Good thing it wasn't affecting her grades.

She tried to busy her mind with homework or focusing on classes, but it was hard to study when Midoriya came to her mind. She tried shifting those thoughts into Todoroki, she liked him quite a bit and was fairly certain that maybe something could happen between the two… Sadly, everytime she tried to focus on Todoroki, it always ended up being Midoriya. Every. Single. Time. So she had no choice but to accept that Midoriya has won her over and seemingly the others inexplicably. And that's when the real raunchy fantasies came to her mind and her dreams. In most it was just her and Midoriya studying together, but then she made the first move on him and he just compiled and let her take charge, doing everything she says like a good bunnyboy and she would regard him with love and pleasure… For some reason it really turned her on that a guy as powerful as Midoriya would be under her and be a good boy for her… Even if she's the naughty girl here. …

Of course there were more… 'Out there' dream, that basically put her as a dominatrix like Midnight-sensei with a bound Midoriya, either on her bed in the classroom, with a whip in hand she 'tamed' that wildness within him. She honestly doesn't have any idea of where those come from, the only explanation she has is just that her subconscious takes her liking to be in charge to an insane extreme. She would never actually do any of that to anyone, even less a really good boy like Midoriya, her good boy. A good boy she wants to claim as her own to dote on him with everything she has! She would give him everything he could ever need so he would only need her!

...She admits that these thoughts might be a sign of a possible Yandere side in her and that concerns her a little, but so far she isn't plotting on how to get rid of the competition so that means she isn't in the deep end yet so that at least is a good sign. She honestly doesn't understand why the Schnee family is so racist and abusive towards the Faunus people, more so now than ever that she saw the beauty of one.

Momo would never enact the twisted visions of her most wicked dreams on sweet Midoriya, her heart aches when she remembers the instances he got badly wounded and she doesn't want to scar his beautiful body more than it already is… But if he is a bad boy… She might be forced to 'punish' him, but she is confident that won't happen. Good boys never misbehave after all and Midoriya is a good boy. Uraraka had her chance and missed it, now it's her turn, she doesn't care if the others are after him, he only needs a woman to love him: her. Even if she's a bad naughty girl for these thoughts, she can't help them… Midoriya is so good that it drives her mad with love and raging lust.

The sound of the bell ringing obliterated any perverted, lecherous thoughts with the girls. Recovery Girl sighed happily as her union-allocated smoke break could commence - and she wasn't even a smoker. The students grabbed their backpacks as they were preparing to head to their next class.

Not without watching their Adonis Rabbit Faunus leave the classroom first.

Each girl was synchronized as they took a breath before sighing. "He's so dreamy", each thought to themselves. Jiro was kind to grab Ashido's things as she knew that she wasn't going to return at this point. Yaoyorozu had an emergency Student Council meeting with the Big Three members as a student liaison was being established with fellow Beacon students. The other girls were heading for the gym. They were grateful that today's class was a swimming class. Each needed a reason to conceal scents and soak any articles of clothing.

As the remaining students gathered to discuss their affairs, there were two students, in particular, with affairs of their own.

Mineta felt he was floating on Cloud Nine. Was his nose deceiving him or was he smelling the fresh catch of the day? The grapehead played coy as he approached the desk that belonged to Ashido. She was quite the looker to the teen. There were plenty of withdrawals coming from his spank bank concerning the alien teen. He kneeled to the ground, nose planted as he detected some foreign substance on the seat.

"I knew my nose wouldn't lie." He looked skyward to the ceiling. "The gods are blessing me." He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a handkerchief. Making sure no one was looking in his direction, he took the handkerchief to wipe the remnants of Ashido's juices. "Another thing to add to the collection." He went into his backpack and grabbed an item that was a part of 'lover's toolkit' - a plastic baggie. He placed the handkerchief in the baggie and tightly secured it before returning it in backpack. He knew that tonight was going to be some sweet dreams. "Someone's legs have been hotter than fish grease," he said mischievously.

"Seems like there is somebody else trying to go deeper in the rabbit hole." The electric blond stood inches away from Mineta as the grapehead was poorly trying to be inconspicuous. "I would like to say something, but feel that I, too, have fallen short of grace."

Mineta stood up and holsted his backpack to his side. "It matters not," he said to Kaminari. "What does matter is what we discussed the other day."

Placing his hands on his hip, he looked downward to the grapehead. "What are you talking about?"

"You know...the bump bump bump...b-b-b-b-b-bump?"


"You know...the bump bump bump...b-b-b-b-b-bump?"

Kaminari appeared confused as Mineta was singing...poorly by the way.

"Look, Mineta. I am not the captain of all references in the world. Can you just say it in plain English?"

"And another one gone, and another one gone," said Mineta. "Another one bites the…."

"Oh," interjected Denki. "That?"

"Yeah! I was trying not know let others know."

"I understand but you do know that there is a thing called cell phones. And in those phones are apps called text messages."

"They could be listening."


"Nezu, the Feds, Jesus, the people who made this stuff?! C'mon, we aren't taking any chances. We can't exactly buy this online, you know? Rarely does that stuff get here at all."

Denki scratched his chin. "We're already on a risky road, Mineta. We're practically stealing…."

"Shh!" Minoru covered Denki's mouth with his hands. Denki was alarmed as his nose detected familiar odors whenever he wanted alone time in his bedroom. "Do you want us to get in trouble?"

Denki shook his head in disagreement.

Minoru removed his hand from Denki's mouth. "We're not...stealing," he said in a lower tone. "We're just procuring it for...special interest." He snapped his fingers gingerly. "Yeah, that's it! Special interest."


"Hey! Look at this! You're going to thank me later after we procure this stuff. If you're lucky, you can join my harem."

Denki dropped his head, still in disbelief that he is going along with this. "Damn you, Mineta! But here's the thing. How are we going to obtain this stuff? Since Hatsume-san got suspended from school, they basically put the entire lab on lockdown until a full investigation is completed."

"Oh, ye little faith," retorted Minoru. "Just like any investigation, there are always gonna be leaks."

"What do you mean?"

It was the sound of Mineta's cell phone that interrupted their conversation. "And speak of the devil," he said as he picked up the phone. He answered it on the fifth ring.

"Mineta speaking."

"Yeah, we are still on."

"The money? Don't worry about it. You know that I gotcha."

"C'mon! You know that I am not low-budget."

"Right now? I think Kaminari and I can skip class to come and meet you."

"In the back of the Heights Alliance? Sure! Give us a few minutes."

"Thanks and by the way, this conversation never took place."

Minoru hung up the phone. He turned to Denki. "Okay, that was our leak. We have to meet her in the next few minutes."

"Dude, what about school?"

"School," he scoffed. "School, he says. After today, we're going to create a new school. School of Babes that will be serving us like Denny's. Babes dressing like maids! Sexy maids! Sexy neko maids!" He chuckled to himself. "But, in all seriousness, we have to go." He took hold of Denki's arm as they were heading out of the classroom. "Just think in a few minutes, we are going to be kings."

"For your sake, I hope you're right."

"Have some faith. You can count on me. Oh, yeah! Kaminari?"


"Do you happen to have $200 I can borrow?"

"Are you serious?!" Denki deadpanned at him.

"Hey, it's for a good cause!" Minoru frowned deeply at him.

"Fine, but again, for your sake, this better work or else…" His voice turned graver and serious, a dark ominous aura was surrounding him.

The midget paled at the threatening vibe "It will, trust me!" He wore a wavering grin. "I know some of our plans don't come out as expected, but this one will!" He reassured his friend and partner in crime.

"I know I'm gonna regret this…" Kaminari muttered. He pulled out two-hundred bucks and handed them to the smaller boy.

Mineta grinned in victory as he pocketed the bill. "You made the right choice, my friend! A worthy investment! We're on the verge of the birth of a new world!" He said in an over-the-top manner with fiery passion.

"..." Denki just glared at him expressionlessly. He was already thinking of ways to bail out at the first red flag. The perverted duo walked through the door and towards Heights Alliance. "Say…" Minoru turned to look at the electric blond. "Don't you think the girls' been acting a little… weird ever since Midoriya became a Faunus? It wouldn't be weird if it was just Uraraka, but no, it's all of them and that's the weird part, they often look at him when he isn't paying attention." Denki commented. All week long were acting noticeably different around Midoriya, overall paying much more attention towards him. It would make sense if it was just the gravity girl, but all of the girls? That's extremely odd.

"Pff! They're just like that because girls like things they consider 'kawaii'. They'll get over it eventually." He shrugged off as he made air quotes. "There's no way Midoriya would be a threat to my- I mean!- our master plan! Sure, there are those windmill rumors about rabbit people being 'frisky', but this is Midoriya we're talking about here, for god's sake! He just doesn't have what it takes to be a harem lord!" He grinned confidently.

"Well… You got a point." Denki scratched the back of his hair. "But it's still weird if you ask me. There's something just off about it. Because I'm pretty sure it's not normal for Ashido to stain her desk with… bodily fluids." He brought out that fact, which is the strangest part of this whole deal.

"Okay, yeah… I'll admit that was very strange, buuuut… you can't see the tusk of a gifted horse." The midget smiled nonchalantly with a shrug.

The electric blond rolled his eyes at this.

Ashido needed a cigarette, the coldest glass of water, and another dry pair of panties after what she did during the remainder of Aizawa-sensei's class. There were so many breaches from her dam that she knew it would not only take a custodian but a hazmat team to clean her messes. For safe measure, she found the 'Out of Order' sign and placed it in front of the restroom stall. A tiny window before anyone from the afterschool cleaning crew would find out. Bless the students who were on cleaning duty today.

Mina stepped out of the restroom with an exhausted but relieved smile on her face. "*Sigh* ...Much better… Damn… That adorkable sexy bunguy will have me with all my panties ruined before next week. Note to self, buy many pads, an air freshener for my room and a green dildo later. Getting him will take some time for careful planning." She thought to herself. She now badly needed a bottle of orange juice, preferably one of 1.5 litres, because holy shit…! She's been squirting hard ever since she started to play with herself with the emerald cinnamon roll in her thoughts, and every time she comes out of bodily liquids. "Ooh Midori~... You have no idea what you are doing to me… If only I noticed you from the start… No, no point crying over spilled milk, you can bet your sexy ass that I'm taking you to my bed!" She briefly slumped before perking up with a toothy grin.

"I was going to ask you if you were okay, but…" The pinkette looked over to see the rocker chick, Kyoka nearby as she leaned against the wall.

Mina nervously rubbed the back of her head. "How long have you been standing here?"

"Long little thot!"

"Hey," she retorted. "What is with the unnecessary name calling...bitch?"

Jiro dropped Mina's backpack to the side. "Where should I begin? For one, unless we are having seared shrimp for lunch or we live near a fish hatchery, you may want to…smell yourself."

Mina blushed embarrassingly.

"Two, your skirt is not only backwards, but inside out." Kyoka pointed at Mina's skirt. "And three, unless you sat on grease…."

"Okay, okay! Jesus," interjected Mina. Feeling the arrows hitting her at once, she turned away from the obviosity of being exposed.

Kyoka sighed, knowing she was being offensive since the feelings they had for Izuku were mutual. Also, how could she admit to the others that she has been a hypocrite in the last week? "But in all fairness I at least held it together until I got to my room." She might not be

better, but at least she knows when to let it out.

The purple-haired teen removed her sweatshirt and handed it to Mina. "To cover yourself...and I am sorry. That wasn't really called for."

Mina thanked her as she took the sweatshirt and wrapped it around her hips. It would do until she could make time to head back to the dorms. "It's all right, Jiro." She rubbed her arm nervously. "I...I...I just can't quite explain what happened earlier." She looked at the ceiling. "I was just sitting in class tending to my work and suddenly, this green mist descends and this don't know. Just feeling out of character."

Kyoka knew exactly how Mina was feeling. However, she wasn't going to admit that openly. "Self-control is key, Ashido. We're going to be Pro Heroes. Do you think people like Dabi or Toga would pause their battle so you can get off to God-knows-what?"

That warranted a laughter from the pinkette. "That would be funny. I could imagine Dabi sitting cross-legged and just focusing like I am an antique or something."

"Yeah...while Toga uses the handle of a dagger to get off to it."

"If anything, she is probably more of...the perv."

"With self-control, may I add," retorted Kyoka. "Fortunately, nobody is out here. Plus, you don't need to give the boys any more reasons. You should have seen Mineta in class today. He was looking quite feverishly flushed."

"Is there a day he is not?"

Kyoka looked at her watch. "Anyway...let's go to Gym. Thankfully, it's a swimming day. The chlorine should cover your fishy scent."

"Go to hell, Jiro! But before you do, do you have a spare pair of panties I can borrow?"

Kyoka shook her head. "Thank the Lord you and I are the same size." She waved her hand. "C'mon, I keep spares in my gym locker."


Things have been going great for Deku. Turns out it wasn't hard at all getting by now that he is a Faunus. In fact, things got better for him ever since! After extensive practice and training, he learned that on top of increased hearing and smelling senses, he can also see in the dark, which is plenty useful for night time situations. And of course the best part, he confirmed that he has increased physique.

His body looks the same, but he has way more energy and stamina for training, allowing him to train for long periods of time. Just yesterday he did 500 pull ups in the gym without stopping and it took him over an hour! He's been working out harder than before, but he wasn't over exerting himself. All Might was impressed with his more intense training routine, but proud all the same.

Also, with his increased physical, came other perks: He's faster and stronger than before without using One for All, of course he can jump higher too. Izuku estimated that without using OFA, his new base is equivalent to the 8% of his Quirk. And here comes the even better part, his new base stacks up with whatever percentage of OFA he uses, meaning that if he were to use 5% with his current body, it'll equal 13% in his old body!

It truly felt like he has now two Quirks and it made him feel great, powerful, confident. "Heh… I guess now I get why Mirko always seems confident in herself." Honestly, now he feels like he understands the No.5 Rabbit Heroine better. His new condition is virtually equal to her Quirk, after all. However he's not even close to her level yet. "Why wouldn't she when she is so strong… and sexy- Wait… where did that last part come from? I-I mean she totally is, but…" He blinked in surprise at this sudden thought. Sure, Mirko is one smoking hot bunnygirl that many would kill to even have the chance to talk to her and those thighs… "Okay, I have to stop now." He shook his head. He won't deny the sexiness of Heroines like her, but having thoughts like this out of nowhere…? That's a little weird. "Maybe it's just my teenage hormones. Guess it's different for Faunus, like people with animal mutations here, they have heat periods, makes sense that I would be more susceptible to them, good thing I have self-control." He shrugged as he walked to the dorms to change and train after finishing with his homework.

His classmates walked alongside him. He could hear the faint growling coming from Kacchan. He's more competitive than ever now that he knows Deku became stronger, if it weren't for the risk of another house arrest, he would have asked for a rematch already. "Yep. He's jealous, alright." Knowing his childhood friend, he would be. But kept it under control unlike at the very start when he nearly blew him up.

"I must say, Midoriya-kun. I'm happy to see that you're taking your new reality pretty well and even enjoying it. You seem happier lately." Tenya smiled at him, flipping his arm up as usual.

"Is it that obvious?" Deku smiled back at his friend.

"It's easy to see. On top of how your tail wiggles." Shouto pointed at his emerald cottontail, which was wiggling with happiness.

"Heh. Guess that's a telltale sign." Izuku rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish grin. Some of the others chuckled at the small pun. He had to make all his pants and boxer have a small hole for his tail to pass through because it was uncomfortable having a bulge over his butt. Under the emerald hairs, his tail was actually pretty thin, making it easy to pass through with no issues.

"Your game has significantly improved, Midoriya!" said Hanta as he gave him a thumbs up. "Sero approves!"

"Agreed. If anything, Midoriya, you're motivating us." It was Fumikage that spoke next. There is a smirk on his beak. "Seeing you working on your peak condition is making us want to try harder."

"It's about time those balls descended, Deku Bro," commented Eijiro while trying to keep a pencil balanced on his nose. "Hatsume-san should've come sooner." He produced a weak smile. "It's a shame that she is suspended."

Fumikage turned to Eijiro. "How is she taking it?"

"Think about Bakugou on his last house arrest. Only with her, think about her not touching or being near her babies." Eijiro tried to hide his grin. "It's like an addict undergoing withdrawal."

Katsuki scoffed to the side angrily. Deku is saddened at the mention of his friend, Hatsume. As he expected, she received quite the earful from Power Loader. The other teachers weren't too harsh on her though and Nezu understood that it was an accident and she really lamented the situation. However, Mei still had to be punished, so she was suspended with house arrest for three weeks, as well as being strictly forbidden to even witness Dust experimentation and Huntsmen weapon construction unless she takes a class on properly handling equipment with care after her house arrest ends. However, she vehemently refused. Due to her pride as an aspiring Hero gadget maker and aspiring scientist, she felt she didn't do anything wrong and it was for science, which involves unexpected accidents. So not only will she get really delayed with her studies, she is not allowed to leave her dorm; even tinker with one of her 'babies' in her room, but also she is pretty much banned from working with Huntsmen weapons, which she always wanted.

Izuku felt terrible for her. He wanted to visit her and check up on her, but he had been very busy with training and his own studies. Thankfully he didn't get into trouble, because it was an accident and he was considered the victim. He feels it's unfair, but that was his goodness speaking. Also, he felt it might be a bad idea to go see her at her lowest possible level and just make her feel even worse, because she really feels guilty about possibly leaving him as a Faunus. So he plans to go see her after her house arrest is over. He tried to call her and text her, but she never replied, only to be left on read. "Maybe then, I can convince her to take the classes. When she goes back to her usual rhythm, maybe she will be willing to put her pride aside."

"So what? I don't get all of the fuss," said Katsuki. "Just because he's a bit better, you don't have to make it that big of a deal. He's still the same Deku, even with those stupid ears over his head. He still can't use his full power without breaking his body." Katsuki frowned irritated at his stupid classmates treating that shitty rabbit nerd as if he's so great now that he is a Faunus. He is still better!

"And here comes Bakugou with his hating ass. Damn it, man! Can you let this man have his shine just for a bit?" Hanta complained. "Can't you let him be great just for a minute?"

"Bro, I get that you are jealous, but don't get bitter about it. Use it to be better!" Eijiro patted his back with a grin.

"Hell no! I ain't jealous of him!" The explosive teen barked angrily.

"That means he totally is." Shouto said bluntly.

"He's sounding pretty sus right now, man," commented Fumikage, concurring with Shouto.

"Fuck you, Shitty Halves!" Kacchan shouted at him.

"I rest my case." Shouto replied, feeling validated.

"Now, now." Izuku chimed in. "Kacchan's right. Just because I'm doing better these days, I should take it easier. I'm really flattered that you guys feel inspired by me, but I'm still a long way ahead of my truest potential. We are all striving to become Heroes." He glanced at his scarred hand before closing it. He still hasn't tested his new limits with OFA because he was first testing what he can do at his base and then experimenting with 5 to 8%, the percentages he grew the most. He is yet to go to his last limit of 20%. All Might says he can handle beyond that point now, possibly reaching into 30%. Last time he used 20% in his battle against Overhaul not long ago, even if his bones didn't break, his body was straining a lot. He needs to make time to at least test 20% of his power.

"Well spoken, Midoriya-kun. We should strive to aim higher together!" Tenya agreed as he put a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, maybe you can be some sort of icon for other Faunus's, you know? I mean, those folks have it rough in Remnant and they could use someone like you to inspire them!" Eijiro suggested.

"Me? An icon?" Deku blinked in surprise at this.

Shouto cupped his chin in thought. "That doesn't sound so bad actually. Someone like you can teach humans in Remnant why they should stop with the pointless hate towards them. Show them that most Faunus are good people, unlike the extremist of the White Fang." He commented to his friend with his ever present serene face.

"I agree with Todoroki-kun. The White Fang had done nothing but make things worse for their people, it's very unfortunate how they became such a terrorist group. Seeking equality through fear achieves nothing." Tenya commented with a more serious expression.

Deku widened his eyes at the mention of said organization. "It's not solely their fault they became like that…" Izuku said loud enough to be heard. His voice turned darker.

"Midoriya?" Shouto and the others glanced at him. Even Kacchan.

"Maybe those Faunus are deranged, but it's not as much their fault as it is from trashy humans like those from the Schnee Dust Company, those are the worst of all…" The emerald Faunus glanced down with a frown. He clenched his fists tightly.

"Well, that's true. If anyone should be blamed for how things turned out more than anything, it's that company. They exploited Faunus as slaves even if the practice was done away with after the Great War." Shouto agreed with him. "They are disgusting and utterly despicable." A tinge of anger slipped through his calm face. Due to having sympathy towards those people due to his own past.

"Hear, hear." Eijiro agreed with him.

"Unfortunately, the SDC is a necessary evil for the world of Remnant. It's unfortunate." Fumikage said as he crossed his arms. "We can only hope that things one day will change."

"While I agree with you, take note that most people in Altas are not like that, they are friendly, but still somewhat cold though." Tenya commented.

"..." Deku remained silent. "I wonder where that came from… either from my sensibility towards my own new kind or… Because of my history with those the closest to the White Fang… Blake to be exact." Before he felt as upset as the average person when learning the unfairness for the Faunus in Remnant, but right now he feels… anger. Anger at the SDC, those people thought that for the crimes against the Faunus, his people. The only reason he can think of feeling like this is how reconnecting with his past with Blake. When they were younger, she showed him the bad thing the SDC did towards her - their - people, the atrocities. He felt the same sort of anger he is feeling now, he understood the plight of the Faunus, he himself suffered discrimination too. And that he's connecting with those memories he put in the back of his mind, he felt those emotions again, maybe more intense since he is a Faunus now, one of them. So it was now his plight…?

"Midoriya-kun?" He heard Iida's voice, making him look back. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah… it's just… well, I'm not sure if any of that has something to do with me." Izuku replied with an unsure expression. He wasn't lying, however he didn't want to talk about his personal ties to the Belladonna family, at least not yet. He's not ashamed, he just wasn't to avoid unnecessary fuss at the moment. "I mean, I am a Faunus alright, but on top of being an uncommon Alpha Faunus, I used to be a human that was born and lives on Earth. So, do I even have a place at all with them? Are their struggles mine now? Or am I still just an alien outsider to them? I'm not sure if I can exactly be relatable for other Faunus if I would be an icon of sorts." These were valid questions in regards to his position as a Faunus. He might have the body of a Faunus, but he was still born human and raised as one, he still feels human on the inside.

He can't exactly say he knows the struggles of the Faunus people, one thing is seeing it, another whole thing is living it. He might have lived through years of bullying and being talked down due to being Quirkless, but he can't say he was oppressed like the Faunus are. There are just factual truths that cannot be dismissed when it comes to being Quirkless, unlike the more arbitaring issues that the Faunus go through.

"I think that's the best part about you. Exactly why you could be an icon for them" Shouto said to him with a tiny smile.

"Hm?" Deku glanced at him.

"You show exactly why the hate and discrimination is pointless. You were human and now you're a Faunus, it shows that you are you regardless of species. In the end, what does a few different traits even mean? What really matters is the character." He continued.

"I don't think it's that simple, Todoroki-kun." Izuku replied with a doubtful look. "I mean, will they even think I am one of them? I've only been like this for a week. Plus, the only people who know, it's you guys. It's easily acceptable because we have Quirks. It's easily acceptable because the world accepted Quirks and non-Quirks. But the same can't be said about it in Remnant, this here is a deeper root. Something even I can't unearth. This world is on the outside looking into the problem. We can sympathize, we can respect and love, but we can't ever empathize. It might be easier to point at the solution when you're not involved." He continued.

"Isn't that the point, Midoriya," interjected Shouto. "You are a walking model, a living prototype of change."

"I know you mean well, Todoroki. However, this is a complicated maze. We have barely scratched the surface." He looked onto the others. "How many Remnant citizens do you see just casually walking down the street?"

The others looked onto each other. None could provide a response.

"Here's another question. To those who have visited Remnant, did any of you want to stay?"

Each gave him the same response of no. Even Tenya couldn't produce a rebuttal.

"Exactly! You saw the requirements, the laws. A huge contrast. At least we have the freedom to do what we want to do. We can choose whatever we want to be. We have chosen to be Pro Heroes." He pointed at them. "Out there, they don't have much of a choice. It is do or die with some of them. For some, it's mere survival day by day." He looked at the window behind them, looking at the overcast skies. "Their world is a living hell sometimes. Any moments of peace, they sure take advantage of it. We don't have monsters chasing us at any given second. Yeah, we have villains. At least they choose to go after us. Out, I bet there is one person who would love to take our place any day of the week."

"Midoriya..." Said Shouto.

"We can look at the moon and see it's beauty. There, even something simple as that has been battered by destruction." He looked at Shouto. "I know you mean well, and I appreciate it. However, this isn't as easy as we make it seem. No matter how I look, I will never be a part of them. On the outside, I look like a Faunus." He touched his chest. "But on the inside, I am still a human...mentally and spiritually that is."

"But… Isn't that the point of this experiment?" Shouto asked him. Izuku blinked at this. "The point of all of this is to try to bring both worlds closer together and we are to do that, we have to be involved even if we know nothing about Remnant problems, the same goes for them." He continued.

"And isn't the essence of a Hero to be involved in things you shouldn't? You said that once." Tenya smiled warmly at him as he put a hand on his shoulder.

"Yeah… I did." Izuku smiled. He remembered the words All Might said to him and when he spoke them when he saved Iida from the Hero Killer, Stain. "That is exactly what Heroes do and that is what we want the most." He glanced back at his friends.

"We can all be a link, you most of all, between our worlds. Getting involved, trying to understand and help in any way we can. We can show them through example, you can show them. We can advocate for a closer unity, not just between the peoples of Remnant, but from both worlds. Just think of how much it would benefit not just the Faunus but humans there in Remnant too that want peace and freedom, a world with no prejudice. Think how much we would benefit with their technological marvels, Dust and teaching of the soul. Think of how the Huntsmen and Huntresses could benefit from having Pro Heroes aid them with Grimm, how Pro Heroes would benefit from having Huntsmen and Huntresses aid them with the protection of the weakest parts of our society. No one says it's easy, it'll be a long way, but the journey of one thousand miles starts with one step and we're hard at work to make that step." Tenya continued.

"Yeah, you're right… Becoming the greatest Heroes requires a lot, helping everyone in need and inspiring them, just like All Might did for all of us…" He glanced at his right fist. "What better challenge than this to prove ourselves than this? It won't be easy, but we can try to be the link, together." He said with determination in his glowing emerald eyes. "If I stay like this, then to be the next Symbol of Peace, I might first become an icon of hope for the Faunus. It might be hard, but nothing comes easy in life, not for me and not for them." Perhaps more than a blessing in disguise, this was a sign of what he is meant to become, the path he must walk to realize his dream...

Deku now laid on his bed, his head rested over his hands as he looked at the ceiling. He is taking a break from homework. "I wanna help them… help her. Even if I'm not like the rest of them, I feel like I should. This is personal, for me and her. To be a Hero like All Might, is not just being the strongest, but also one that saves, helps and inspires others with a smile. The world of Remnant needs a Symbol like that badly, the Faunus need a beacon of hope, the humans need a proper example. The people need unity. Remnant needs help just as Earth needs help as well." Never would have Izuku thought that in his road to be the next No.1, he would realize that onto something much greater than this world. "I wonder what she would think if I tell Blake all of this. Hmm… Hard to know actually, I'm not sure if I know her at all, probably she doesn't know how I am now either. Guess that's what happens when you lose touch for nearly 6 years…" His thoughts drifted to the black cat Faunus.

She surely must have changed quite a lot since the last time he saw her. When they were little she was pushy and bossy, but a good heart, but when they were pre-adolescent, she turned more serious and distant. Who is Blake Belladonna now? He can't help but wonder how much she had changed. She should be 17 by now and she must have matured in some ways, those were the only certainties he had, but besides that, he might as well say he is meeting a stranger. "But…"

"I know it! Hey, maybe one day we both can save our worlds and bring them closer together!"

Izuku smiled at that memory. "I'm sure that's one thing that might have not changed, wishing to save the world. Maybe we can make that dream come true after all..." He then sat up on his bed. "Can't get too ahead of myself now, one step at a time." Now it wasn't the time to be thinking these thoughts, it was still too early, he shall focus on them when he finally meets Blake once more.

He stood up from the bed to resume his homework. After that is training time.

Izuku came back to his room after a good dinner with the rest of his classmates and friends. Today he worked quite the sweat so he showered before that. His immediate goal is to master One for All and his new body came in really handy for that, he grows more adept to it by the day and right now he's starting to feel like he is truly going somewhere.

He smiled at the prospect, yep, the future looks bright if he keeps up like this. Although there is one problem that he has to face sooner or later: His mother doesn't know that his condition might be permanent yet. If she did, she would have called already or All Might would have told him. It would be easier if he at least knew if this could be reversed, that way she wouldn't freak out that he got stuck like this, but rather that he chose so. That's right, after coming to get used to his new body and abilities, he really likes the way he is. Sure his eyes and tail make him look a little goofy and non-serious, but All Might is extremely comical all the time and people take him seriously! So yeah, he likes the way he is now so he wants to stay like this. However so far no word on Recovery Girl's studies of his condition. "Oh well, that's a problem for later, hope by then it can be easier."

Deku turned off the light and laid on his bed, he got comfortable and relaxed. Then a thought came to his head. "Now that I'm growing better and better, maybe I can finally work up the courage to ask Uraraka-san out." He's been feeling really good these days, less skittish and shy and more confident in himself and his abilities. Maybe he is finally ready to ask her long-time crush out on a date. Uraraka has always been really nice to him even before getting into the U.A. when she prevented him from falling over his face when he stumbled on his feet the day of the entrance exam. She became one of his best friends ever. She, Iida and himself became an inseparable trio, always together to back each other up. But Deku always wanted more than friendship with Uraraka, but was scared to take the next step. He still is, but now he feels like he is ready to take that leap of faith. "Hmm… Uraraka-san… She's not only the cutest, most adorable girl I've ever met, okay maybe after Eri-chan, but also the most beautiful… Her cute round face, framed by her hair… her rosy cheeks… her curvy body. God I almost nosebleed the first time I saw her on her Hero Costume, it really highlights her appealing body underneath. Hmmm… Uraraka-san~..." And without realizing he dozed off slowly, his eyelids slowly closed and the last thing he thought about was the gravity girl that he likes a lot…

"Deku-kun...Deku-kun...Deku-kun...Deku-kun, wake up!"

The voice sounded far away as if it was coming from a tunnel. However, the more he focused, the closer the sound.

"Deku-kun! Deku-kun! Deku-kun! Izuku!"

Upon hearing his first name, his eyes immediately snapped. It felt like a knot in his throat. Who was the mysterious individual to say his name without using an honorific.

He looked around. He was in his room. However, was it his room? He didn't recall seeing a purplish fog lingering on the floor. The lighting was dim. It, too, had a purple hue. "Hello?" He called out to the voice. "Hello?"

"I'm right here, silly!"

His head immediately jerked to the voice-in-question.


The rosy cheeked brunette was lying next to him. He didn't recall seeing his crush lying beside him earlier. Is this a dream? Did Uraraka have the keys to his dorm? Was this a penalty game?

"U-U-U-U-Uraraka-san?" His throat became dry. Nervousness filled within the synapses of his brain. Izuku had a great reason as the brunette wasn't exactly dressed for the occasion. She was lying on top of his sheets. She was only wearing her pink bra and lacey pink panties. He admitted to himself that Ochako had a sexy body. He liked how her nipples were protruding against her bra. He liked how her pussy was smoothly lined against her panties. Having those lecherous thoughts confirmed his arousal. She carried a pleasant smile, a smile that showed no shame. She continued giggling at him as if this newfound discovery was getting to him.

"Teehee! You know, Izuku! You're quite cute when you are nervous."

"U-U-U-Uraraka-san. I-I-I-Is t-t-t-this f-f-f-for r-r-real?"

"You know! You're quite attractive when you're nervous." The brunette pressed her body toward the teen. Upon touching him, he shivered. She giggled. "Why do you flinch when I touch you? It's only natural when you love someone." She blew into his face. "Besides, a little birdie told me that you have thought a lot about me."

She paused, only this time, pressing herself closer to Izuku. "What would you think of me…" She placed her hands on his chest. She positioned her body onto him, leaving no room for space. She put her lips around his neck. "...if I were...if we were have a little fun? To explore our true selves, my little rabbit-kun?"


"Shh!" She said to him, He felt the wettest muscle licking his neck. He groaned as this was the first to experience newfound pleasure. He tried looking away from the teen. But, how could he resist the beauty unfolding right in front of him?

"Uraraka-san," he said again.

"Call me by my name, I-zu-ku!"

He couldn't. It was too soon. Even if Izuku wanted to say her name, it would only produce word vomit. And Ochako knew that. She pressed her body closer to him. "Well, since you can't accept my seems that I have to make my demands known."

Before he could make a rebuttal, he felt her soft hands trailing from his chest down to his boxers. He tried producing the vowel of her name but he couldn't get the words out. He felt her hand touching his penis. He muttered Uraraka under his breath.

"Hmm! What was that?" she said teasingly. "Don't say anything if I can play with your Small Might."

Their eyes have met. Only thing different was her pupils were exchanged for hearts. She knew that he wasn't going to respond. All the more have her fun!

Izuku grunted when he felt her touching his penis. His breath began laboring. Her smile never faded, only watching him melt.

There were small strokes, enough to get him excited, but not to the point he would explode. He tried shutting his eyes, pretending that this moment was nonexistent. This was a dream. A perverted dream at that.

She flicked his forehead. "Didn't your mother ever tell you it was rude to turn away from a lady? Shall we have Auntie Inko make a visit? Hmm! I know that you know that I know you haven't told her about...being this adorable bunny rabbit."

"Y-Y-Y-You w-w-wou…."

"I-I-I w-w-would," she said teasingly. "Unless…"

She continued stroking his shaft. He felt the pressure as she squeezed the phallus, while using her other hand to apply pressure on his testicles. It was a shock as she knew how he wanted to please whenever he had his alone time.

"," she said with a low tone. "And we can have our fun without your mother knowing...the...truth." She blew into his face. "So...I-zu-ku!? Is there something!"

"O-O-O-c-c-cha-k-k-k-ko!" That in itself was mind orgasm. He had actually said her first name.

Hearing him say her name was the closest to an orgasm she had ever encountered. Her body shivered as his voice radiated throughout her body. The time for teasing was over.

She released her hands from his dick. He looked skyward, thanking God that it was over.

Or, so he thought.

Izuku turned his head and saw Ochako's lips meshing with his. He began shaking, fumbling. However, she gripped his arms and legs tightly, so he wasn't able to move easily. Izuku felt her tongue inviting itself into his mind. His first kiss. HIS actual first kiss! Not only was it non-relative, but not on the cheek. Their tongues danced together, creating a rhythm that Izuku couldn't even control. His body wasn't listening to him. His dick was attentive. His nipples were protruding. The scent of womanhood was lingering in his nose. Everything was happening so fast. Could he even get a minute to digest this?

After a minute-long kiss that felt like hours, Ochako pulled away, creating a trail of saliva between the two. She licked her lips, tasting the juices they had made together.

"Deliciously yummy, my little rabbit-kun," she said to him.

"Uraraka-san!" He was panting. "Uraraka-san!"

She produced octopus lips. "Aww! What did we say about calling me Ochako, Izuku?"

Ochako positioned herself on top of him. Izuku was trying to look at other ways but she took hold of his chin, making him look at her. "Look into my eyes, my love! Let my love envelop you." She blew onto him again. "Let me show you the proof that I am madly in love with you, Izuku Midoriya!"

Izuku flinched when she lowered herself to him. She began kissing his chest, using one hand to squeeze his nipple. He was squirming as he was feeling sensitive from the newfound pleasure.

Slobbering noises could be heard as she took time licking and squeezing each nipple, only to excite his Small Might.

Once she finished, she began pecking down to his abdomen, creating a trial of her hot, sweaty kisses.


She lowered his boxers, just enough to obtain what was rightfully hers. "Aww," she commented. "At least  this  Deku is honest with himself. I wish his father was more honest." She blew onto his dick. "My little friend!" She created a spool of saliva and covered his dick. Izuku hissed as her hot saliva made contact with his cock. His body was shaking. He wanted to move, to flee, but the fear of a woman took precedence. Ochako knew how to strike when he least expected it.

Ochako closed her eyes as she took in his dick. She had to widen her mouth as she didn't realize how thick his dick actually was. She knew that this dick could actually be literally a jawbreaker.

Nevertheless, it was her dick...a dick that belonged to Ochako and Ochako alone. She was going to take her time to savor what was rightfully hers.

Izuku was acting like a skittish kitten as he felt Ochako slobbering and thrusting her mouthpussy with his cock. Izuku was squirming, curling his toes, gasping for breath at this sensation. He began questioning whether Ochako was experienced or was she naturally inclined in pleasing a man.

She continued licking slovenly, wrapping her arms around legs, securing the assurance that he wasn't going anywhere.

Izuku was feeling the pressure building in his balls. Instinctively, his hips began bucking at her mouth. He knew that his body was choosing lust over reason. He could resist. He wanted to resist, but it was failing...and failing fast.

At least it was with Ochako, he thought to himself. His body was less tense, deciding to let her take over. His body was becoming victorious over the mind.

Ochako ingested the precum coming from his cock. She wrapped her lips tightly, creating a tight suction that made him flinch. That was what she wanted - to create confusion to the senses.

Suddenly, her slurping accelerated with great speed. "Where was this coming from?" He thought to himself. Izuku felt her mouth bobbing up and down from his phallus to his shaft. She used her free hand to apply pressure on his balls once again.

Izuku's eyes widened when his dick made contact with her uvula. The pressure was getting to him. He knew it wasn't going to be long before he was going to come.

"U-U-U...Ochako! Ochako! Oh the gods, Ochako!" He couldn't take it any longer. Out of instinct, he grabbed Ochako's head and applied pressure. 'I'm sorry,' he said to himself. He came without warning. Ochako was met with the withdrawal of hot spunk cramming into her mouth. Choking noises were being made from her. It sounded like she was drowning. It didn't matter to him as he was releasing his spunk into her mouth. Izuku continued to climax until the ebb and flow.

Ochako jerked her head back, pulling away from his dick. It wasn't finished as jetlike streams continued to spurt on her face. To Izuku, she looked like a glazed donut.

Ochako stared momentarily at him before swallowing his spunk. "Thanks for the yummy treat, I-zu-ku!"

Izuku immediately became red and turned away from Ocahko. Embarrassed and humiliated for allowing himself to do those kinds of things to her. "Uraraka-san, I am terribly sorry!"

When he turned around to see her, she was gone….Everything then started to blur…

"Uraraka-san… Ochako…" Izuku muttered softly, his head shook softly in his pillow. He was slowly waking up. He fluttered his eyes.

The emerald Faunus groggy and sleepy he sat up on his bed. He stretched his arms skywards as he let out a yarn. "Man… What a dream…" He rubbed the back of his head. He then suddenly opened his eyes when he registered a cold and wet sensation in his crotch. He knew exactly what that meant. However, when he glanced at his lower regions he was met with a surprise.

He did end up creaming himself in his sleep, the thing is that one top of being quite the big stain he left on his blanket, but also that there was a he uncounsly set up quite a tall tent. "..." Izuku was dumbfounded at the sight of his still raging erection. "What the…?" He removed his blanket and as expected his shorts were pretty soaked on his seed, however the fabric was being strained to the point it almost seemed that it would tear away. He slowly poked at the large blugde on his shorts. He felt that it was indeed his penis…

He reacted quickly in shock, jumping out of his bed and pulling down his shorts along with his boxers and his eyes widened as saucers when he saw his fully erect and throbbing cock. "What the-?! That's never this size before! What's going on?!" Izuku was shocked as last time he checked his penis was average size, barely bothering at 8 inches long, but now it was 12 and a half inches long! as well significantly thicker in width, seriously, it was almost as thick as a PVC Pipe made of flesh between his legs!

Izuku's left eye twitched as he stood frozen at the sight of his enlarged member. He took a deep breath to calm himself. "Okay, Izuku, just breathe and calm down." He took a few more deep breaths as he steadied his heartbeat until he was eased enough. He glanced back at his dick. "Is this part of my physical changes due to my Faunus physiology? That's got to be." That's the only explanation he had as to how and why his sex just engored so much. "Not only that but it looks like my sperm count has also increased to… nearly hentai levels…" He analyzed as he grabbed his flighty shorts and boxers, both were totally drenched on the front, he then glanced at his blanket and saw the huge wet spot in it. "All right… I guess it makes sense, considering my animal traits…" He summarized that due to having traits of a rabbit. Not to want to play into the stereotypes about Rabbit Faunus or rabbit people in general, but there is a reason why those came to be.

He grabbed his soiled articles and looked for his laundry bag. He glanced at his All Might-themed watch and saw that it was almost 6 AM. "Hmm… I think I have time to put these on the washing machine and clean them before someone notices." He thought before looking for his towel and wrapping it around his hip, he might as well skip his matinal run and take a shower. He hummed as his dick was still standing high in salute, making a large tent on his towel. "This will take some getting used to…"

Izuku put his sperm-strained stuff in the washing machine and went to take a shower. No one was up yet so he enjoyed peace and quietness for the time being. He returned to his room to put up his uniform, lucky his erection finally died down enough to stuff his boxer without much difficulty. He then went to the laundry and put his now clean stuff on the dryer. It was about 6 AM and anyone can wake up at any moment. Luckily for him the dryer completed the cycle quickly, he took his stuff and returned them to his room before someone would get out of their room.

He returned to the common room with his backpack in tow. He decided to prepare himself a simple breakfast, but before that he grabbed a carrot from the fridge and ate it.

"It's a little strange that I just had a wet dream about Uraraka-san, I can't recall the last time I had a wet dream like that at all.. But then again, is it that strange? I really like her and apparently my hormones are more active now that I'm a Faunus, so puting it that way, it's not that strange." Izuku thought to himself as he finished his carrot and got to make himself breakfast. "I guess that means I really like her a lot. I took a few peeks of her every now and again during last week." He thought to himself as he sat on the table and started to eat. During last week he glanced to look at Uraraka when she wasn't looking, to be exact at her rear and breasts. These were unconscious acts and when he realized what he was doing, he quickly looked the other way. Although… He did the same a few times with the other girls in the classroom… "But those were unintentional as well, it was my hormones! And if anything, I mostly looked at Uraraka!" He felt the need to justify himself, it was a good thing no one noticed, apparently he was very subtle. He shook off his head to try and not think of girls, or else he'll be pinching another tent that he doubts would go under radar. And continued to eat in silence. Then a few of his friends and classmates came to greet him and take breakfast with him.

The day started as normal as any other, everybody went to class, took notes, the usual chit chat between classes, the usual.

It was the third period: Science class. It was here that things started to get not so normal… For starters, it wasn't their usual sensei teaching their class.

It was the crackle of the whip that silenced the class. The class became stunned when it was their Modern History teacher, Kayama-sensei, that stepped inside of the class.

"Afternoon, class! Don't explain to me why I am covering for Sensei, but here I am!" Kayama-sensei took a seat on top of the teacher's desk. Slowly, the promiscuous vixen crossed her legs as she situated herself to become comfortable.

"Oh no…" Izuku blushed and started to sweat in the presence of Midnight. His ears dropped down.

At the same time, each boy swallowed a lump in their throat. Even Aoyama let out a tiny star out of his eye.

"Sensei had a lesson prepared for you guys," she said. "And frankly, I didn't read nor dared to read it." She said alluringly. "Since you boys and girls are the age of legality, I think it is time to discuss something you guys may or may not have done yet...if you get what I mean." She glared at the crowd. "Any questions thus far?"

The class was momentarily silent before Iida raised his hand.

"Any questions relating to the lesson and why I am not following rules and guidelines of your education," she retorted.

Iida slowly put his hand down.

She smiled. "Good!" She used her whip to hit the desk. "Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Turn your books to Chapter 6, Section 9. We're going to discuss the proper process of mitosis and meiosis." She turned around to the class. "Also known as sexual reproduction."

"Oh no…" Izuku repeated in his mind. He was already feeling a stir...

Iida raised his hand to Kayama-sensei.

Kayama-sensei groaned internally about the bookworm. "Yes, Iida?"

"I don't want to be…" He paused as he saw the swinging of the whip. "Never mind."

The girls were groaning and moaning while the boys were high-fiving each other. Minoru rocked his fist in the air as his favorite subject was being discussed. Iida turned red and used his notebook to hide his embarrassment. Katsuki was indifferent, going back to his notebook to continue drawing his traps for that stupid shitty rabbit Deku. Izuku looked in bewilderment. "Why today, God? Thou have forsaken me? Am I being tested? If so, Midnight is making sure that I am going to fail." The emerald teen shivered, which made his tail shiver. "Why is the universe fixated on teasing me today?!" His face was turning redder and hotter, causing him to sweat more profusely.

It didn't go without notice from Ashido and Jiro.

"Well, there goes my pair of panties. Thankfully I'm wearing a pad," thought Ashido as her eyes were focusing on his swinging tail. God, that ass of his...!

Jiro cracked her mechanical pencil when seeing Deku swinging his tail. "Think of music. Which tape did my father sucked at? What would Mom do? C'mon, Kyouka! Think, think, think! Think of something because I am getting this close….God damn you, bunny boy!" She began playing with her ear jacks...a bit rougher than usual! That stupid and sexy bunny boy was making it hard for her to focus!

Asui didn't realize that her tongue was hanging out like a happy dog. "I'm skipping all after school meetings. I will have to ask Momo-chan to make me a dil...applicator. But first I need to think of something to blackmail her to make me one, ribbit!" She is grabbing a piece of that carrot pie that is Midoriya, but all in due time, for now she needs to state herself in the meantime. She feels bad for wanting to blackmail a friend, but she's in heat, goddamnit! She has needs! Don't blame her for being desperate!

Hagakure slouched at her seat. "Need Deku-kun body pillow! Must get! Must get! Tooru must get a body pillow to hump. Must hump! Must breed! " Hagakure was going native, sounding like a cavewoman in heat. Good thing no one can see her expression, or else they would have seen her heated expression. Maybe someone could tell if they have thermal vision, because boy her body was burning! Strange that she is so fucking horny right now, but how wouldn't she if the most adorable thing in the world is right here and wigging his adorable tail?!

Yaoyorozu needed a distraction. Unbeknownst to any of her friends, she got off to Deku last night. She made a makeshift dildo, dyed it green - his favorite color, and spent the night bathing in her juices. She wanted to clean her sheets that night but saw the very boy who caused her those soaked sheets in the laundry room earlier this morning. She tucked the sheets in the deepest part of the hamper. Loaded with energy drinks due to the lack of sleep, she will call Todoroki so they can have a hangout after school. She hoped that he didn't mind.

Ochako couldn't respond. She didn't know how to respond. Honestly, the teen hasn't spoken to anyone this morning. Last night, she had the wildest dream. Never did she think she would be this naughty in her sleep. "I have a dirty mouth! I gave Deku-kun a blowjob and I made him say my first name! Oh my gosh! I was being a little slut to make precious Deku-kun. I hope he forgives me!" She shouldn't be feeling so guilty and dirty, it was just a dream, but it all felt so real… Deep down she knew that if given the chance, she might actually do all of that… Maybe that dream was meant to show her how she truly is when it comes to Deku-kun… And honestly, she doesn't know what to make of that.

Izuku was tensing up at the sight of the R-rated Heroine. "Grr… Why is this so hard now?!" He tried as hard as he could to not stare at the beautiful teacher, but he couldn't, his gaze focused back on her. And that was the weird part, he had no trouble not focusing too much on Midnight, even during last week, but today he is finding it harder than before. He could only speculate that it was because his mind is being loaded with his hormones, if the bulge forming in his pants is anything to go by... "Okay, okay. Relax, Izuku. Everything's fine, just keep it cool, and don't freak out. Yes, just focus on the book and not on Midnight's boobs- NOPE! NOPE! I'm not thinking about that!" He then dropped his face into his book, using all of his mental fortitude to not think into anything arousing.


Izuku turned and saw Katsuki blow eraser shavings into his face, which made the emerald teen sneeze. As he sneezed, it sounded like a baby chick.

The boys began snickering at him while the girls were grabbing their chest, wanting to melt from hearing that cute noise.

"Are you okay, Midoriya-kun?"

Izuku turned to see Kayama-sensei standing over him. From his position, her breasts looked like mountains. "Are you okay, Midoriya-kun?"

Izuku didn't reply, only nodding instead.

"Here, let me take care of that." Kayama-sensei reached into her pocket and pulled out a dark blue handkerchief with her initials on them. She took the handkerchief and applied it to his nose.

"Blow for me," she said to him. Izuku followed her instructions and blew into the handkerchief. "There you go. Good as new!"

"Thanks, Sensei!"

"No! The pleasure is all mine, Mi-do-ri-ya-kun!"

Murmurs and whispers filled the classroom. Katsuki blew the loudest raspberry. "I just can't fucking win. Can I?" Minoru turned white-eyed. Denki's mouth went agape. Even Shoji was shocked and blushed at the sight. Sero nodded approvingly. Eijiro covered his mouth to hide his laughter.

However, the girls on the other hand, were...a bit jealous.

"Who in the hell does this skank think she is?!" thought the girls of 1-A at the same time. They were enraged alright… And possibly in a… murderous mood...

The sound of the school bell concluded the class. As they stood and bowed at Kayama-sensei, each grabbed their backpacks and headed out the classroom. Izuku was lagging behind, preferring to wait until the majority of the class departed.

He received a pat on the back from Denki. "Bad ass," he whispered as he left.

Eijiro gave him a thumbs up. "The gods are blessing you, bro!"

Iida stood there, positioning his glasses before responding. "Fate is a mystery sometimes, you know." He nodded and walked away.

"Sissy says what," replied Katsuki in a murmuring voice.

"What?" questioned Izuku. It was met with a grin as Katsuki flicked Izuku's forehead and rushed out of the classroom. Izuku dropped his frowns as he growled softly. "He's that jealous, isn't he…?" It's been years since Kacchan's been such a jerk to that extent. He might have to do something about this if this keeps up.

Izuku waited momentarily until the rest of the class departed. Once he felt the coast was cleared, he grabbed his things and walked out of the classroom.

"Oh! There you are, Midoriya-shounen!"

Izuku turned to see his mentor leaning against the wall. Why was he standing outside? Was he waiting for him? "Oh!" He bowed at him. "Afternoon, All Might!"

All Might presented a friendly smile as he slapped Izuku's shoulder. "How was Kayama-sensei's lecture?" He pressed closer. "I know you took plenty of notes." He began to laugh.

"All Might..." he groaned to All Might as he blushed.

"Sorry! Wanted to tease you a bit." He said to his successor. "Hey, seriously! Um...I need you to come with me to the teacher's room."

"What for, may I ask?"

All Might strained his collar. In a way, he, too, was looking flushed. "Remember that talk we had about letting your mother know about your condition last week?"


"'s time." He coughed to regain his composure. "She's here and she really wants to see you."

Izuku's eyes widened at this. "Oh…I see…" He muttered softly. "Then I guess we should get going." The emerald Faunus declared, his face was calm. But his heart was beating rapidly due to nervousness.

"Don't worry, I'll be right beside you. It'll be alright." All Might put his hand on his shoulder with a reassuring tone.

Deku nodded in understanding. Both mentor and student then walked down the hallway towards the teacher's room. The boy had a lot to talk with his mother…

To be continued...

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Chapter Text

Hey, guys! BD and Sora here with another installment of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, Izuku and All Might face the inevitable when Izuku's mother was informed of his being a Faunus. Meanwhile, Mina discovers something on Katsuki's phone about a certain cute bunny rabbit. Next, Izuku, as well as the girls, have been experiencing symptoms that have made them abnormally aroused. Later, Ochako receives a phone call from Izuku about an unexpected proposal. What will happen? Read and see! Enjoy!

Gravitational Attraction. (Part I) (Ochako x Izuku/ Emerald Gravity)

Deku walked alongside his mentor towards the teacher's room. None of them talked the whole way until Izuku decided to ask him something. "...How did she react?"

All Might pulled his collar causing it to strain, his expression was nervous. He knew his student would ask him that. "...She, um… Well, to be frank, it is hard to say. She didn't cry or have a heart attack or go on a fit of rage, she just remained eerily calm and asked for you to see her. She gave off a little scary vibe, to be honest…"

Izuku's face turned concerned. "...That can't be good." It was worrisome and unsettling that she didn't react as he would have expected. He was even more nervous than before.

Both mentor and successor stood in front of the door. Izuku stood still, his anxiety rendered him frozen in front of the door. He was scared of what his mother would say or think of his new self...

He felt a hand on his shoulder, he glanced to the side at his mentor. "Just remember, Midoriya-shounen, I will be there right by your side." He said to him with an assuring glint in his eyes.

"Thanks…" The Faunus nodded. "Although… I'd be less nervous if you went in first." He admitted with an anxious shudder.

"My boy, I understand that you are scared, but this is your mother, you must face her first." All Might replied with a serious expression as he put both hands on his shoulders.

"Yeah, you're right…" Deku said in understanding. "But I can tell you're scared too, your legs are shaking…" He pointed out. His mentor was shivering quite a bit, it made him think back when he told him about Gran Torino.

All Might let go of him and hit his chest. "Oh, that! I've been doing my leg presses!" He lied with a sheepish grin.

Izuku deadpanned at him. "Uh-huh." He uttered sarcastically. He knew that while he was right, he's pretty much pushing him in first. But then again, few things are scarier to face than All for One himself, and one of these things is the nearly demonic motherly rage, so he can't blame the skeleton-like man for being as scared as him.

He turned to the door again, he took a deep breath and steeled himself with courage before grabbing the handle and slid open the door.

He saw his mother, Inko, sitting on the couch with her gaze at the window. The boy stepped inside the room with his mentor behind him. Izuku gulped nervously before calling her attention. "Mom."

"Inko-san." Said All Might as he was nervously straining his collar. "What...what a...pleasant fine afternoon is that a new blouse?"

Deku's mother remained unmoved. Holding a cup of freshly made tea in her hand, she placed her lips around the rim of the cup, slurping it loudly. All the while keeping her unmoving eyes onto the boys.

Izuku and All Might shivered within, certain that they thought they both saw lightning and heard thunder on this beautiful sunny afternoon.

Izuku felt the nudge of All Might's hand to move forward. Chattering teeth and sweaty palms defined Izuku's worst fears. "M-M-Mom…." He took steady breaths. He had to remind himself that this wasn't his fault as it was technically Hatsume-san's. However, she wasn't here to defend herself and she knew that she had been worried about his well-being at this school. He prayed to God that his worst fear of being forced to leave this school wouldn't suffice. However, hell has no fury when dealing with a scorned woman...or worse, a scorned mother!

"Mom...before you become shocked (or incandescent with rage)...I am still your son," he said to her. "Still the very same Icchan you've raised, doted on, loved from the very beginning. J-J-J-Just have an affinity for carrots and my skin is fluffy...and bunny ears?!" He paused when feeling his tail shaking furiously. He turned his back from his mother, trying to look at his cotton ball tail. "Oh, my tail! My bunny tail!" He nervously smiled. "But, your same Icchan nonetheless."

Inko took steady breaths. Keeping her eyes on the boys, she slowly put her tea cup on the table beside her. Wiping any remnants of tea cake crumbs from her clothes, she stood up and steadily approached her son.

Well, Izuku! These sixteen years have been good to me. Of course, there have been things I have yet to accomplish - becoming a Symbol of Peace, receiving my first kiss, finishing the tenth grade, or getting my driver's license. Possibly having my own one hour stand up show. At least it was enjoyable! He shut his eyes, preparing for the wave of a mother's wrath coming onto him. He tightly gripped his fist and prepared for what was coming to him.

"Oh, my! Oh, my! Oh, my!"

'Wait a minute? Where's the yelling, the shouting? The tsunami of tears…' Izuku felt the strongly tight embrace of his mother as she wrapped her arms around his neck and buried him into her bosom.

"Mother of God, I knew you were my adorable Icchan. But, not this adorable." Izuku felt himself lifted off the ground as the surprising brute strength of his mother carried him around the room.

"I want to take you home and make you more adorable," she said happily. "I have so many ideas we can do as mother-and-son." She cooed loudly. "I can make some cute outfits for you. We should buy hay and carrots and make family postcards. No! I know I still have your kindergarten smock…"

"Mom," he said as he was straining from her brute strength. "I am a Faunus! Not six years old!" On one hand, he's glad that she did not flip, but on the other, he doesn't know if this is any better…

It went on deaf ears. Izuku tried to flee, but Inko's strong arms restrained him. There was no way to deny a mother's strength and love to her son. "Where's my cell phone?! I am sending this to your Auntie Mitsuki."

"Please, God, no," cried Izuku.

She cooed again. "Oh! You know who really like this?!" She yelped loudly. "My God, your Auntie Kali! She did say if you were ever a Faunus, you would be a cute bunny rabbit!" Izuku questioned how he was supposedly an Alpha Faunus, but couldn't get off his mother. Once again, the saying was true about the difference between human strength and a mother's love. "Say cheese, Icchan! Peace signs! Peace signs!"

Izuku shuddered when hearing the camera click.

"I am sending this to your Aunt Kali right now."

"No, Mom! No!" He begged her loudly.

"And send!" She stuck out her tongue. "Sorry, baby, but you know how mothers can be."

"Just kill me now, God. Well, at least, she didn't send it to Aunt Mits-"

"Mitsuki is going to love this!"


All Might softened his expression. It was safe to say that Inko-san was taking it lightly. This was better than he had…

"Ow, ow, ow!" The former Symbol of Peace felt a strong tug coming from his ear. Inko, while still, holding onto Izuku, needed to get something off her chest...ironically!

"You have some nerve to allow some random person to make my Icchan become like this," she said to All Might. "What happened to the promise you made to me that day in my apartment? Was it one of your lies?"

"No," he responded to her. All Might have dealt with bouts with many foes, but the tugging of the ear took the cake. "I made the promise that I would keep your son safe and he is safe, Inko-san!"

"Well...that didn't work out so great," she said while her cheeks were puffed. "As much as I love the idea of a little, pretty, adorable, snuggable, cuddly..." She had to maintain her composure. "He could be like this forever!"

"Inko-san! Your son is still the same! Just modified!" He gritted his teeth. "Why am I taking all the blame? Hatsume-san is responsible! Get her!" Was it low to throw the girl under the bus? Yes, but it hurts like hell to be pulled by the ear like this and be the sole target of an enraged mother. A man sometimes has to do what is necessary!

"She's not here...and she's a child for God's sake," interjected Inko. "So, it's you…."

"Mom! Mom! Please, let me...and All Might go. This isn't entirely his fault," Izuku said to his mother.

She stopped. Immediately, she let go of both Izuku and All Might.

"I'm partially responsible for this, too," he said to her. "No one forced me to go to the Support Department. Hatsume-san was trying to help me with my gloves. She wasn't trying to do any harm. It was an accident." He explained as he rubbed the back of his head. "If it makes you feel better, she has been reprimanded. And she is greatly, greatly apologetic for what she did to me."

"Hmph!" Inko puffed her cheeks as she crossed her arms. "At least she's being made responsible for it, but don't expect me to accept her if you bring her to my house! You can do better than going for the troublemaker type of girls!" She said angrily towards her son.

"Eh?! N-no, Mom! You got it wrong! She's just a friend, honest!" Izuku sputtered seriously with a burning face.

"'A friend', you say," she retorted. She gripped her fist and hit her chest. "Icchan, you didn't!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Did...did...were you forced to do something sensual in exchange for goods?"

Izuku and All Might dropped to the ground comically.

"Mom!" Izuku groaned as he stood up.

"I knew you were young, gullible, and naive, but I wouldn't think you would be exchanging your innocence for some goods." She wiped a tear from her eye. "Save it for the right person you love if you want to do some hanky panky!"

"MOM!" he blurted loudly while all red in the face. "First off: She just asked me that as a favor, I accepted because I liked helping my friends!" He barked at her, upset and embarrassed. "And second, she's not even the girl I like!"

"You don't have to lie, Icchan! You don't have to lie," she retorted. "You're sixteen, out of the house, trying to find yourself." She glared at him. "Getting in touch with yourself...and that girl." She pulled out her handkerchief as she feignedly wiped her eyes. "No longer wanting to stain the sheets…"


"Did you at least...wear a shield?"


"I need to know! I'm not ready for grandbabies. Especially little troublemakers coming from that Hatsume girl. If we need to, we can go to the pharmacy and…."

"My poor boy…" All Might felt pity for his poor successor.

"Be that as it may, just tell your 'friend' if she doesn't want to turn up missing, keep her hands on her work and off my Icchan," she said sternly. "Or else! Wakarimasu ka?!"

If she knew that it was further from the truth, but a mother was going to think whatever a mother was going to think. It was falling on deaf ears. Izuku swallowed the lump in his throat. "Wakarimasu ne!" She won't be letting this go for a while… Better keep Hatsume away from her for a long time...a very long time!

"Good!" Inko nodded.

"At least she didn't flood the place or died of a heart attack…" Izuku sighed tiredly. "Anyway, I'm glad that you're taking this well, Mom." He wore a soft smile. "You know, even if there is a way to be a human again, I am actually growing to like my new form so… If I wanna stay like this, would you be okay with it?" He put a hand on his chest.

"Of course I would, sweetie. You know that you have my full support in any decision that you take." Inko smiled warmly at him as she caressed her son's cheek. "And I told you, I love the idea of having an adorably bunny Faunus for a son." She pinched his cheek lightly. Izuku chuckled a little. "Although, in terms of your choices in women, that's where I draw the line." She let go of him, she pouted.

"Mom." Izuku frowned at her.

"As your mother, I'm concerned with which kind of girl you want to be. I'm telling you that you can do better, Icchan!" Inko put both hands on her hips with a serious frown. "Now more than ever, you can easily sweep any girl off her feet now that you're cuter than before and girls love cute guys, I know what I'm telling you, so better go for a good one!" She winked with a sly smile.

"C'mon, Mom. Don't blow it out of proportion." The emerald Faunus replied with an incredulous frown.

"Well, I don't know about your female classmates, but I do know of a certain 'Kitty Cat' that would just adore your new look!~" His mother smiled knowingly at him. Izuku looked at her in surprise. "She will be really surprised to know that now you're a Faunus just like her. If you want to be with a good woman, you should get with her when she comes around in a few months! Kali and I always thought that you and Blakey would be together from the way you were so close, you know? And she really misses you dearly, Kali always says she's asking about you. I'd say you have a good chance!" She continued.

"What's up with you and other mothers wanting to set me up," Izuku said with a bit of irritation in his voice. "It's kinda like you and Auntie Kali are purposely trying to set me up with Blakey." He raised his eyebrow. "Now I'm curious! Since you and Aunt Kali have been re-establishing bridges with each other, what have you been talking about?"

"We are not trying to set you up, honey," The mother said with a smile. "I'm just saying, just try it out with Blake for four, five, maybe even twenty years. If it doesn't work out, then you can always end it with your grandchildren after you guys depart for the heavenly gates."

"Right, you're not setting us up…" Izuku deadpanned with a sarcastic tone. He is starting to have a feeling that his Mother and Kali even planned up a wedding or something. Hopefully they didn't think of all of this ever since he and Blake were kids… No way that his mother and Kali introduced him to Blake for that purpose...right? "And anyway, I doubt that she might think of me like that." He glanced to the side with a slight dejected look.

"I think I see a little Pinocchio at the tip of the nose," she said teasingly as she flicked his nose. "Then why would you call her Blakey, Icchan?"

"..." He blushed intensely at this.

"You've caught the bug! The Faunus bug...literally," she said as she continued smiling. "Plus, a little birdie tells me that Little Miss Kitty Cat is now single."

"Wait...she and Adam…." He glanced back at her with a surprised look.

"Done! Finished! Finito! The alley cat ditched the wretched bullock, but unfortunately became a victim of being a blues' cat. She tried to go for the bad sort of boy and as expected it backfired. Sadly, girls these days have to learn first hand to not go for that kind of man..." She clutched her chest. "If only a loving green-haired rabbit savior can come and sweep her off…"

"No, Mom! I...I...was curious is all."

A few years back, he learned that Blake became Adam Taurus' girlfriend. He had met Adam, many times he and Blake played with him when they were little.

At first he was nice, actually he liked it when he was around them, because Blake played nicer when Adam was around. Izuku and Adam did get along and were friendly towards each other, however as they got older…something just changed with Adam…

Around the last few visits to Menagerie, Adam started to be more aggressive with his activism and especially towards humans, at least the ones native from Remnant. Blake often went to be with him without Izuku, it was obvious for him why that was, she never said it, but he knew it. Izuku knew Adam was one of the reasons why the seeming disinterested of Blake's and the growing gap between them, however he never blamed Adam nor was angry. He was cool, strong and confident, he was talented with his sword even at a young age of 10 and apparently his Semblance was quite deadly for it he could slice through Auras.

The times he saw Adam, he was scared of him, because of this menacing, intimidating aura about him, he thought that he could even spook Kacchan, and spooking him is not easy. He became spiteful, with a burning hatred for humans. More than seeking justice and equality for his kind like Blake, he rather sought vengeance against humans... it was as if he was no longer the Adam he knew…

The times he saw him, he was cold towards him, giving him harsh glares. But he never did anything bad towards him, nor was aggressive. But it was awkward, unnerving and it was obvious Adam didn't want him to be around.

Maybe he was jealous of him being so close to Blake…? It might be, it could also be that he was going full on racist on humans during that time, there's the chance it was both. He never understood why he became like this.

At the very start, when he was starting to get politically involved with the rallies and other sorts of demonstrations of the White Fang, he was passionate about fighting for a just cause, wanting to make a difference like Blake, he was still the Adam he once knew. However, like the White Fang, he took a turn for the worse.

Did he grow so frustrated at the lack of progress and decided to go for a more drastic approach? Did his search for equality ended up leading him down this dark path of revenge, under the guise of justice? Did something happen horribly to him in between the times he wasn't in Remnant? Or was his rage at the atrocities towards the Faunus Kind so great that it led him to outright despise the whole mankind? Simply out of immeasurable resentment and hate...?

Regardless of the reason, he was now violent and ruthless, out for blood against humans. Especially against the Schnee Dust Company, particularly the CEO, Jacques Schnee, the worst of all offenders. Most people on Earth came to that consensus, the SDC is not well seen in this world.

The Belladonnas saw the darkness within him and tried to disway their daughter to not be with him. But at the time, Blake was going through her rebellious phase, she was young and immature to really understand who he really was. And like many rebellious teenage girls, she did exactly what her parents told her not to do just to make them angry.

Izuku never understood why she was so attracted to Adam when he became like that. Sure, he was good looking, but that couldn't have just been it. Maybe it was the allure of the forbidden fruit or the thrill of going against her parents. Or maybe she was just too blinded by her affections towards him to see things for what they really were…

When they started dating, it wasn't that long before both joined the White Fang. Adam rose up through the ranks, making a name for himself for his ruthlessness and extremist methods, basically getting nearly as much respect as Sienna Khan herself, her right hand man essentially.

Adam was feared for these traits, both by humans that became his targets or Faunus who feared of getting in his way. Witnesses of his assaults paint him as a bloodthirsty, deranged psychopath…

That was the last thing he heard about Adam, before he heard of Blake abandoning the White Fang and fleeing to Beacon Academy recently.

"Hmm… In hindsight, I should have known that Blake broke up with Adam if she didn't want anything to do with terroism anymore. Given his reputation and way of being, I doubt Adam would have changed his mind, it's almost a given he's still with the White Fang, spreading terror and violence…" Izuku thought about this new information. "No offence to Kacchan, but Adam sounds like him, just worse, way worse and with no class." He had to be honest, a lot of him reminds him of Kacchan, but with less shouts and more soul piercing glares and violence and he can bet all of his All Might merch that when he says: 'Die', he means it…

"Look Icchan, I can understand if you're still a bit hurt about Blakey leaving you behind just like that, but trust me when I'm telling you she's really sorry about it. She wants to see you again and reconnect with you." Inko said to her son with an understanding tone.

She knew that it must be quite hard for him, when they became distant it really hurt him a lot, he barely ate and was with a sad expression all the time. His eyes were red and puffy due to crying in solitude.

With time he got better, but then he became indifferent about her, every now and then asking about Kali and Ghira, but never saying really much about Blake, nor caring to ask much. He didn't even want to talk to his Aunt and Uncle, of course they understood why.

But despite the seeming indifference, deep down she knew her son still cared, when Blake joined the White Fang, it clearly pained him and many times she caught him seeking information about the White Fang's activities. But then last year, he left all of that to join U.A., making him more disinterested. As if little by little he started to forget her…

"...If it is as you say, why did she never try to talk to me? She could always give me a call or even talk to you." Izuku asked him. Deep down, really deep down, he was angry at her, now that he was reconnecting with his past, he could once more feel the burning sting of her abandonment, in fact, the wound never truly closed and it has just been reopened…

He wants to see her, but at the same time he has resentment. Complex feelings like those with Kacchan. He knows he is an asshole and that they barely get along now, but he never latched on to his resentment towards him, nor let go of the friendship they shared.

He doesn't hate her or anything, he's just mad. "If she's that sorry, she could have told me herself instead of other people having to tell me." That would close it… if he could hear her apologize…

"Apologies are never easy, baby. Especially when they feel as though they are at fault." Inko put a hand on his cheek once more, her voice was compressive. "You need to understand that it was already hard to even talk to her parents again, she was wrought with guilt, shame and regret. It's because of that that she refused to go home. The same reason why she didn't want to talk to us again. She was greatly ashamed of herself, she didn't feel emotionally ready. But now she has a chance to make things right with you, to apologize in person as she wants." The mother then smiled at him. "It's hard to put past the heartbreak you went through, but she is willing to start over, give her the chance. Promise me that you will at least try." She looked him in the eye.

"..." Izuku glanced down briefly before looking back at his mother. "I promise…" He nodded at her. Inko smiled at him happily "But don't expect me to get together with her." He deadpanned at her.

"It's just a suggestion, sweetie!" She grinned at him. "For now!" She has a lot of discussions with Kali later, all for the good of their precious babies! "By the way, you mentioned earlier that there's a girl that you like." But before that, she needs to know who caught her son's eye, apart from that troublemaker.

Izuku flinched as his face turned bright red again. "Shit…!" He knew he had no way to deny this.

"Can I know who it is? You know you can tell me, right?" She said with a friendly smile. "It's one of the girls from your class, right?" How could she guess? Maternal instinct.

Izuku slumped down a little before standing up straight again. "Yeah… Her name is Ochako Uraraka. She's a brunette with rosy cheeks and padded fingers." He confessed as he bashfully glanced to the side, rubbing the back of his hair. "We've been friends since the start of the school year and we're close. You can say she's one of my best friends and she really means a lot to me. She's also really kind and cute. I like everything about her and I'm happy when I'm with her and if I can I want to make her happy too." A soft smile appeared on his face when thinking about Uraraka.

"I see. Well, I'm glad to hear that, Icchan. She sounds like a nice girl." Inko smiled happily. Especially when her son begins to ramble, then it means that he is very excited about something that interests him. Also, she could tell that her son was being honest about her, so she wasn't a troublemaker. "Would it make me a bad mother if I hope that he doesn't ask her out?" Nothing against this Uraraka girl and she trusts her son and his choices, but given his track record of getting it wrong, including hanging out with this Hatsume girl, she still thinks he should be with Blake. This Uraraka sounds like a good girl, but she doesn't know her, she does know Blake and how much she cares about her precious son.

"Well, sweetheart, I can tell that this Uraraka young lady has fancied you," she said to him.

He began to blush, putting his index fingers together. "I wouldn't say fancy...just...just caught my attention as being a special friend."

Inko nodded. "I understand, dear. But…" Her maternal instincts kicked in. "It is important that if you are going to gather feelings for this girl, you must do a few things for me."

"Sure!" Her son nodded in understanding.

"Good! One, I need to meet this young lady."

He turned beet red.

"Well, you can't have my blessing without my approval...right, Icchan?"

He nodded in understanding.

"Two, I need to know more about her family."

"Is that really necessary, Mom!?"

"Yes! Yes, it is! Have to be sure if my grandchildren have good genes and not troublemaking genes." "Plus, I have to be certain if this Uraraka girl's family has great benefits in regards to wealth. Not saying that I am greedy, I just want my son to have the finest things in life. Besides, I want to be somewhat pampered like the Belladonnas."

"Anything else, Mom?" Izuku said, trying to hide his irritation. His face was still red.

She put her finger to her lip. "Umm...that's about it...for now." She snapped her fingers, recalling what she wanted to say. "Since I am here, I was thinking of trying a nice recipe of carrot pie for you or adding carrots to your katsudon. It's the least I can do for my precious Icchan." She pinched his cheeks. "And, of course, more underwear." "And protection...and a hidden camera…"

All Might felt that this was the perfect opportunity to interject. "As you see, Inko-san, Midoriya-shounen is handling the situation very well." He crossed his arm. "Hmpf! A fine prerequisite as a hero-in-training if I might say."

Inko gave him the glare. "If you think we are finished, Yagi-san, then think again!" She turned to her son, displaying a smile. The kind of smile when seeing a bulging vein coming from her head, it meant serious trouble. "Icchan, sweetheart. I am going to need some alone time with your mentor here." She clicked her tongue. "I think he and I need to re-negotiate certain terms and conditions when it comes to taking care of you." "And a strong reminder of where he comes from."

Izuku swallowed the lump in his throat. He could recall the times as a child whenever she did that to his father. In a way, that could easily explain why he was never home. He turned to look at his mentor and he glanced back at him with slight fright.

The emerald-haired Faunus then looked back at his mother and silently nodded in understanding, before walking out. He told All Might: I'm Sorry, with his eyes as he passed him by. The boy walked out of the room and closed the door.

It wasn't even a second when he heard a strong boom in the teacher's room.

Sorry, Inko-san! Please for the love of Dio….

Save your sorries for later, Yagi-san. What did I say about protecting Icchan?!

I have! I promise! I swear!

Oh, you're going to do some swearing, Skeletor! Curious to see what your colon looks like?

I...I...I never thought about it….

Well, allow me to demonstrate….

"They'll be fine!" Izuku thought euphemistically as he departed. As long as he didn't receive a text from any news media regarding a missing mentor and an angry mother wanted for questioning, then things should be well. Right?! He's starting to question if she got that side from being around Mitsuki for so long...

Izuku and All Might stood at the front gates of the school alongside Inko. The former Symbol of Peace had bruises around his body and looked exhausted.

"Well… It went better than I expected…" Izuku thought. It could have been way worse for his mentor, way worse.

"Alright, Honey, It's time for me to get going." Inko smiled warmly at her son.

Izuku nodded at her. "I'm glad that you're fine with my new self." He smiled at her.

"Of course, sweetie. Everything's sorted out, right, Yagi-san? Cause I would be really disappointed if you break your promise again!" She glared at All Might. Even if the mother smiled a terrifying aura emanated from her.

The skeleton-like man flinched at her piercing glare. "O-of course, Inko-san…" He nodded at her with a waving grin. Izuku felt terrible for whatever pain his mentor went through.

"Good!" Inko beamed. "You know, Izuku? Now that you're a Rabbit Faunus, this now gives me the perfect change of trying out this carrot pie recipe that I wanted for a while now. I can also add a few carrot pieces to your favorite katsudon." She glanced at her son.

Izuku perked up at this. "I would like that very much. Thanks Mom." He smiled. He always loved his mother's home cooking.

"You're welcome, dear." Inko smiled warmly at him. "And don't forget to introduce me to this lady friend of yours" She said with a teasing tone and a wink.

Izuku sighed. "I will, but some other day."

"It's okay, there's no rush. And remember: Don't give me bunny grandkids until marriage!"

"Mom…" Izuku groaned as his checks heated up.

Inko giggled. "All right, goodbye." She waved at her son and his mentor before turning around and walking away.

"Bye, Mom." Izuku waved at her alongside his mentor as they watched her walk away until she was gone and as soon as she was Deku and All Might let out a sigh in exhaustion and relief. "Glad that's over with…" The boy muttered.

"Indeed…" All Might agreed. "And with fewer scratches than I thought." He wore a tired smile.

"Right. Sorry 'bout that." Izuku apologized.

"It's alright, Shounen. As scary as it was, that was just how your mother showed concern for you. What matters is that everything is alright now."

Izuku nodded. "A concern less for us. I feel like a weight is off my shoulders." He put a hand on his chest.

"My boy, I don't want to meddle in your personal manners, but your mother mentioned a young lady named Blake. She wouldn't happen to be Blake Belladonna?" All Might asked him in a more serious tone.

"..." He silently nodded as he averted his gaze. Of course his mentor would ask...

"It's a surprise that you know her and her family." Toshinori commented to his pupil.

"That… was something of my past, way before I met you. Until recently that was just a blur in my memories… The topic was never brought up so I never told you." Izuku explained with a shrug.

"I see." All Might replied calmly. "So you know Miss Belladonna is one of the exchange students coming in a few months, I suppose."

Izuku nodded. "Her mother told mine and she told me a week ago. But that's all I know and I didn't tell anyone."

"And you and her are childhood friends?" His mentor asked him.

"We were… I hadn't met her in years. We became distant." Izuku's face turned noticeably sad.

"And how do you feel about this?" All Might asked him again.

"Hard to say…"

"Are you angry with her? From the sounds of it she was the one that left you behind."

"I won't lie, I am. It hurt a lot, it still does…" Izuku averted his gaze to the side again.

"Midoriya-shounen. I believe that your mother was honest when she said Miss Belladonna would like to make amends with you." All Might put a hand on his shoulder. The OFA heir glanced at him. "From her records and word from the Beacon Staff, Miss Belladonna is a great student with a lot of talent and potential as a Huntress. They are aware of her involvement with the White Fang, but they can see that she only wants to undo her mistakes." He began his explanation. "Her team, Team RWBY, also has the tendency of getting themselves into dangerous situations just like their sister team, Team JNPR. Does that ring a bell for you?" He continued with a knowing smile.

Deku blinked twice in surprise."Really?" He asked.

"Why else do you think they were selected for this program?"

"Hmm… Sounds like a fitting match." The emerald-haired teen seems to understand why Class A was chosen to host Blake's team if they get into as much trouble as his class.

"Yes. Although I shouldn't probably be sharing this with you, I can see that the young lady is important to you. I could tell you more if you like." All Might offered with a friendly smile.

"It's fine. I would rather hear it from her own mouth. We have a lot to talk about, after all." Izuku shook his head in denial. "I promised Mom that I would give her a chance."

"Of course." All Might nodded in understanding. "I'm certain you and her might be able to reconnect, the fact that she is seeking you out to apologize must mean something." He smiled warmly at his successor.

"..." Izuku started blushing deeply.

"And the fact that you still hold onto these feelings let me know that you, too, care about her. You also wish to reconnect with her."

"...I… I hope so…" Izuku replied avoiding eye-contact. "Um, I guess I should head back." He turned around and started to walk away.

"One more thing, Shounen." His mentor called him.

"Hm?" Izuku turned to look at him with curiosity.

"I'm happy to know that Uraraka-shoujo caught your eye, she is a good choice." He smiled at him with pride.

"...!" Izuku flinched as his face turned beet red.

"If you ever need guidance there, don't be afraid to ask." All Might continued.

"Er… All Might, with all due respect… I doubt you know more about women than I do." Izuku said, trying to not sound disrespectful.

All Might felt those words hit him like an arrow, somehow making him cough blood before recomposing himself. "A-anyway, you should get going, it's getting late after all." He grinned sheepishly at the boy. The sun was starting to set in the horizon.

"He's not denying it…" Izuku sweatdropped. "Right. I'll see you later." Izuku bowed down before turning around and resumed his way.

"Oh, and call your father when you get the chance. Send him my warmest regards that he is raising a wonderful son and has a wonderful wife. Please! Say those exact words!" All Might shouted at him as the boy was walking off.

"Uh… Okay!" He replied as he walked off. "I have a feeling I don't wanna know what Mom did to him…" He shivered in fear at the thought of whatever horror his mentor went through.

Izuku returned to the dorm. He did his homework and took a shower before going to have dinner with the rest of his classmates.

"So your mother came and was informed of what happened to you." Tenya said after Midoriya told them what happened a bit ago.

"Mm-hm." He nodded in reply.

"She didn't kill All Might, did she?" Katsuki said with a bored face.

"No… But she was really angry, I dunno exactly what she did, but I know it wasn't pretty. Honestly I don't want to know either." Deku replied with a slightly scared expression.

"Hmph! That's what happens when you stick to my old hag for too long." Katsuki replied unsurprised.

"She is not the best of influences, isn't she?" Shouto commented bluntly as he ate a bowl of soba. Given that he knows that Bakugou's mother was basically the one who taught him to reply with violence in certain situations...

"Normally I would yell for you to go to hell, Shitty Halves. But you're right." Kacchan said with a plain frown. "Speaking of the old hag, she sent me this and went on and on about why I didn't tell her." He pulled out his phone and showed the selfie Auntie Inko snapped with that useless Deku. Katsuki sounded irritated.

"Sorry about that, I tried to stop her. But you know how moms get sometimes." Izuku rubbed the back of his head with an embarrassed blush. Kacchan just scoffed at him.

"At least your mom took it well, that's something." Eijiro grinned at him.

"Yeah, it is." Deku nodded with a smile. "Can't say the same for my mentor. He has texted me multiple times if I have called my father yet." Yep, he made the right call in not asking.

"So, Deku," said Sero as he was sneakily trying to take some extra soba from Todoroki's bowl. "It seems that you are adjusting, if not liking the idea of staying this way."

"It is something I am learning to accept," responded Izuku. "Just as earlier in life I accepted being quirkless, now I am adapting to this new body that makes me a Faunus."

"Good for you," replied Shouto as he slapped Hanta's hand. A noticeable smile appeared on his serene face. "I know you aren't fully ready to icon, but I highly suggest you take it one day at a time."

"Agreed, Todoroki bro," said Eijiro.

"Never truer a word spoken there, Todoroki-san," replied Tenya.

"Trying to sneak something in about your quirkless past," commented Katsuki. "Look! If you're looking for an apology, Deku, please look elsewhere."

Deku produced a smile. "No apologies needed. Just stating facts is all." He giggled as he bit into a carrot.

Katsuki blew a raspberry. "Whatever, bakas!" He scooted loudly from the chair.

"C'mon bro, you gotta at least be glad that things are looking out for Midoriya here. As his rival you should acknowledge that." Eijiro patted his back.

"Pff!" The explosive blond scoffed to the side. "You better be ready for next time we go at it, cause I'm gonna blow that cottontail off your ass, you hear?" He turned to Deku with a stern, yet determined glare.

"Don't think I'll make it easy, Kacchan. You might be surprised." Deku replied with determination in his eyes.

"Hmph! You better be ready to kiss the ground again, you shitty nerd." Kacchan replied before he stood up. "Going to the bathroom. Don't look for me!"

"Were you gonna be missed," muttered Sero under his breath.

"At least he's starting to cool down about my change, that's another good thing." Deku can tell that Kacchan is less angry than before, it's hard for the others to see it though.

Tenya gathered more wasabi to add to his meal. "More information than we needed to hear, Bakugo-kun!" Before grabbing his water glass, he saw his female counterparts. "Evening, ladies!" He then frowned. "Late as usual as always."

Ashido giggled as she took Katsuki's seat. The other girls took their seats in their respective areas. "You're such a card, Iida-kun. You know the saying, "age before beauty."

"We're the same age," interjected Iida.

"Judging by your bulky demeanor, easy agitation, and…" She took some soba from his bowl. "Absorption of these carbs, your skin is gonna become thicker than milk. So age before beauty."

"Whatever," responded Tenya.

"Hey, Deku-kun," said Mina as she winked.

Izuku turned beet red. "Hi, Ashido-san," he replied with a meek smile. He found it strange that Ashido called him like that, sure sometimes some of the others do, but never she called specifically like that. Only Uraraka does, well she and Melissa, but that's besides the point. He didn't think much about it other than she was just teasing him, Ashido is sorta like the jokester of the class.

Mina licked her lips. She wanted to be much of a tease for rabbit-kun. However, the boys were interfering and they were definitely not going to get that for free. She paused when seeing Bakugo's cell phone sitting on the table. Thinking about what he did to Deku earlier, she decided to have a little fun with the spiky-haired pomeranian.

It didn't take a genius to know Bakugo's password.

3-4-3-2-2-5-2-3-4-3 (D-I-E-B-A-K-A-D-I-E)

Once retrieving the password, she was able to get into his phone. Her mouth dropped when seeing the selfie image of Izuku and his mother.

"Ara ara~" thought Mina to herself when seeing the image that was going to be her...and her classmates' sweet dreams, tonight it will be fun!. She clicked on the image, forwarded it to her phone. She added her friends in the group text.

"And...send!" Mina giggled as she was holding her cheeks. "This will definitely make great after dinner entertainment." Why did she send it to the other girls when knowing that they want him as bad as her? Simple: they are all friends and she likes to be fair. "They can have a single picture, I am going for the real deal!" It was generosity from her part, really!

Hagakure was the first to receive the text message. "Holy Esdeath! No, no, no! Why Deku?! Why do you want to be this adorably sexy?" The invisible teen was grateful to Mina, but at the same time, felt this unsettling urge to kick her ass. "How did she get this pic? How long did she have this pic? Well, the alien girl can enjoy playing with her bubble gum. Izuku is going to have a taste of my bubble gum. Or is it a rabbit hole? I mean, he is a rabbit Faunus. So….is it getting hot in here?" Good thing she is invisible, because Tooru's body is heating up again. Surely her face was burning red

Jiro was the second to receive the text message. She became white-eyed. The rocker chick was speechless. What blasphemy this alien girl did to make her urges for Deku stronger. She was trying to resist. Even had lunch with the buffoon Kaminari to take her mind off Izuku. However, whenever he spoke, she could only hear Deku. Now, seeing a picture of her husband and future mother-in-law, she could only describe her feelings in song.

"I would die for you

I would die for you

I've been dying just to feel you by my side

To know that you're mine

I will cry for you

I will cry for you

I will wash away your pain with all my tears

And drown your fear

I will pray for you

I will pray for you

I will sell my soul for something pure and true

Someone like you."

Kyouka should be getting concerned that that song was a yandere-ish one… Thing is that the song is 100% accurate...

Asui wasn't sure if she was a frog hybrid with a sprinkle of canine because her tongue was lapping like a happy dog awaiting her owner. She had a napkin as she wiped the cell phone image every few seconds. "Majin Buu is just asking me to get this boy on the spot. I just want him to throw me on this table and slurp me like that soba he is eating. Then, when he's finished, I want that nice pink rod to tenderize that ass of mine." This was serious, especially if she doesn't add 'ribbit' at the end of her sentences. Tsuyu's getting feral…

Yaoyorozu...Momo...never did she think she would have to replace Todoroki with Midoriya under the list of emergency contacts. There was a fire alright, coming at the center of her cavern. And it was Deku's white foam that could relieve her from being hot and bothered. She gripped her chest. Sweat was dripping all throughout her body. Suddenly, to her own shock, she reached for her hair. She pulled the rubber band and pulled it from her. She tilted her hair, feeling the freedom of it being hung loose. And she couldn't wait for that hung rabbit to loosen the holy passage that she once was saving for Todoroki. Will his mother accept her as her daughter-in-law and the mother of her grandchildren?

"Hey, Todoroki-san! Are you okay," asked Izuku when hearing his chopsticks dropped.

The icy hot teen hit his chest. "I'm fine! But...for some reason, I am feeling a bit sad. "His face was calm as usual, but inside he just felt like he was hit by a truck.

"I would be too if I were the son of Endeavor," commented Katsuki as he returned from the bathroom. He kept silent as he took his phone away from Pinky. He then turned to Deku. "I'm starting to think being a sissy is becoming contagious."

"Says the son of a fashion designer," commented Fumikage.

"How dare you say that to my face," barked Katsuki.

"I would say it to your ass too but I can only afford a one way bus fare," retorted Fumikage. "Maybe your mother can loan me some money. You did say she was an old hag…."

"Eat worms and die, Birdboy!" shouted Katsuki.

"Not before your mother eats my worm...if you catch my drift," retorted Fumikage.

While Fumikage and Katsuki continued their bantering, time was standing still for the brunette herself. Ochako clutched her chest. She thought she couldn't breathe. She was in disbelief of the image that she was seeing in her very brown eyes. She took a finger, edging along the lines of her Izuku, beautiful Izuku, the boy that has captured many hearts. If the teen knew there were many after him, but his naive nature hinders him from realizing it. She saved this image under her personal gallery. It was a keepsake to add along with other things.

Her mind was thinking about their kiss the other night. She would be a liar if she said it was just a friendship kiss. She wanted that to remain in Deku's mind. However, that was her first unofficial kiss. In a way, she would have to thank Hatsume. Her carelessness set the wheels in motion and the fact that she was the first to touch his cheeks from her lips set a precedent. No one could ever say that they were the first to kiss him, but her. However, his lips must seal the deal. She needed to be strategic if she wanted Deku to steal those lips of hers. No more self denying, she wants him and she will have him!

The only thing is how? Well, it was hard to think on an empty stomach and a burning crotch. A long night awaits her…

"Okay… This is getting pretty weird." Izuku thought to himself as he walked down the hallways towards the infirmary to check on Recovery Girl. Another has passed by since he talked with his mother, she texted him that she will send him that carrot pie soon and the boy really is looking forward to that.

However, in the last few days stuff is… off, like really off. To be exact, with the girls of his class.

"First the girls start to get more physically close to me." The first thing he noticed is that when he sat somewhere on the dorms either on the common table or the couch to watch some TV, one of the girls was there to keep him company. It wouldn't be that weird if it was just Uraraka, however, it's always any of them, usually two or three. Uraraka being the only constant. The same can be said in the cafeteria, he is flanked by two of the girls and one sitting across. "Then came the names. For whatever reason they suddenly start calling me by my first name, some like Ura- Ochako, still call me Deku though. Which leads to the other weird thing, they all asked me to call them by their names, granted Tsu-chan asks that, especially to me, but it's weird that all of them want that now." He is still a little put off at how sudden this all happened a few days ago.

"Hey, Deku-kun? Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, Uraraka-san. What is it?"

"Em… W-well, you see… I-I-Is it okay i-i-if um… y-you call me O-o-ochako from now on…?

"...Huh? Uh, w-why are you asking me this all of the sudden?"

"It's just…. I dunno, we've been friends since the start of the school year and we're close so… I think we're past formalities, don't you think?"

"I… I guess so, Ura- I mean, Ochako."

"Thank you, oh and em, is it okay if I call you Izuku every now and then?"

"N-not at all!"

That one was the least weird cause it made a lot of sense coming from her, they were close friends and they went through a lot so it made sense that they drop the formalities. And Ochako smiled so cutely and adorable when he said her first name, not at all like that wet dream he had of her.

However, it didn't stop with her.


"Huh? Asui-san?"

"I told you many times to call me Tsu-chan. Ribbit."

"R-right, sorry."

"It's okay, Izu-chan."

"Em, 'Izu-chan?"

"Yeah, it's short for Izuku."

"Oh, right. But why are you calling me like that?"

"Because we're friends, Ribbit."

"Well, we are, but you never called me like that before."

"That's true. I just feel like calling you like that, that's all. You know I call my friends by their first names."


"Hope I don't have to keep reminding you how to call me."

"I won't Asu- I mean, Tsu-chan."

It was normal of Tsuyu to remind him how to call her, but the weird part was how she came up with that nickname for him. Sure, the frog girl is known for being really forward with how she talks, still, it really felt a little out of nowhere. But it did make some sense. And like with Ochako, she seemed happy when he called her like she wanted, he could even tell as she wore a noticeable smile on her usual blank face.

"Guess who is is?~"

"Um. Hagakure-san?"

"Huh? How'd you know, I thought you were distracted."

"Your voice?"

"Say, can I ask you something?"


"Can you call me Tooru from now on?"


"Yeah, you don't need to be so formal with me. It's boring!"

"Uhh… O-kay…?"

"Oh and you don't mind if I call you Izuku or Izu-kun from now on?"

"Um… No?"

"Yay! Thanks Izu-kun!~"


"*Giggles* Silly, I just said you call me Tooru~"

"S-sure, T-Tooru…"

"*Giggles* You're cute when you're flustered like that, you know?~"

"T-thanks, I guess…"

That one started with Izuku sitting on the couch of the dorms reading a bit of Remnant before going off to school, then came Tooru from behind him and covered his eyes, though apparently she forgot she was invisible. Then she jumped over the couch and sat right beside him. She just asked her like that so suddenly and he told her she could use his first name, she hugged him, making him blush deeply. He swore he could almost see a smile coming from her when he called her by her name and she sounded more happy and bubbly than normal, which she always is.

"Hey there, Deku-kun~"

"Hm? Oh, hey Ashido-san."

"Hmm, what was that? Did I just hear a certain Rabbit Faunus being unnecessarily formal with me?"

"Huh? What are you talking about, Ashido-san?"

"Hmmm? I didn't hear that. I do wonder why that boy keeps calling me like that, he doesn't have to."

"Er… M-Mina-san?"

"Hmm? I think I heard something, but maybe he is still a little too formal."


"Yes, Izuku?~"

"W-what are you doing?"

"Nothing, just chatting with you~"

That one literally came after Tooru let him go. The pink girl came up to talk to him, she playfully put a hand behind her ear and the other one on her hip. She pretended not to listen until he said her name like she wanted and when he did, she turned to him with a flirtatious expression and used his name without even asking him first. The whole time she totally ignored Tooru until she manifested herself.

Tooru sounded upset at Mina for suddenly coming in and interrupting her moment with him. Mina apologized for not noticing her.

Everything seemed fine, but there was a small tension between the two of them…

"What happened about promising each other not to interfere, Mina-chan?" Tooru and the girls have made a pact with each other since the obviosity of their liking the same guy. For the sake and the safety of our closeness in the relationship of this group, we will not and shall not pursue Izuku without informing one another first.

"Tee-hee! Funny thing about promises ..."

"Look this isn't some bubble gum you can just chew and discard, Pinky! You must treat Izuku with care if you want to make this work."

"Who in the hell are you calling Pinky?"

"Don't see any other Majin Buu rejects standing right in front of me, do I?"

"It's very convenient you are invisible. That means no one would notice, even if you take a vacation. Would you care to make that more of a permanent trip, Tooru-chan?"

Izuku thought it was best not to involve himself in this quarrel. He slowly thinned away until he was out of sight. So he didn't hear the part about pursuing him.



"Let's skip the formalities, Izu-babe! You - call me Kyouka. Me - Izuku or Izu-chan!"

"Quite blunt of you, Jir...K-k-k-youka!"

"The daughters of musicians, cutie! But, anyway, I am in a bit of a rush so here's something I want to give you."

"Wow! What is this?"

"A key to my heart!"


"A key to my! Yes! Well, it's my parents' studio. So, it really doesn't have to do anything with drawing, per se. But, heck! Isn't music art?!"

"Yeah, I believe so!"

"Whenever you want to hang out or make music, just use the key and you can 'come' anytime."


"Oh, yeah! One more thing."

"What are these?!"

"A sweets tray…"

*CHU* "Kyouka!"

"For my sweet!"

Izuku didn't have time to register the rocker chick's sudden kiss on the cheek before she skirted off out of sight. That was by far THE weirdest instance, Kyouka just came outta nowhere and started using his name. She came in very direct and blunt like Tsu-chan, which isn't that weird coming from the rocker, but also in an uncharacteristic flirtatious manner that would be more normal on Mina. She was also very bubbly like Tooru in that moment, overall very off character, she is usually on the more inward and reserved side of things, and she's also not that close to him. She was talking to him as if he was her boyfriend… He feels like maybe the key for her parent's studio was not just for making music…

"Hello, Midoriya-san. Thank you for coming."

"No problem, Yaoyorozu-san. Where's Iida-kun and Todoroki-kun? I thought we would study about Remnant together again."

"That would be later, I just called you for something else."

"Oh, I see. What's wrong? I doubt you need my help with studies."

"*Giggles* It's nothing like that, I just want to ask you something."

"Okay, what is it?"

"You see, I would like to form a closer bond with you so, Is it okay if we drop formalities for now on?"

"Don't get me wrong, that sounds nice, but why?"

"We've been spending more time together lately and I really like your company, so I thought that we should get more comfortable with each other."

"Well, that's true. But we just study and also Todoroki-kun and Iida-kun are also with us."

"Yes, that's right. But like I say, I enjoy your company and I would like to be closer to you, if it's okay with you, of course."

"Uh… Okay, I guess there's no harm in that, Momo."

"Thank you, Izuku. Oh and here, this is something I made for you."

"What's there? A doll?"

"A matryoshka doll of your image. I thought you would like a small token of friendship."

"Well, it's cute, thanks."

This one is in the middle of sensical and weird. Momo and Izuku did spend more time together studying about Remnant among other things, but Todoroki and Iida are always with them, they became a group of study. So it was weird that she asked to be closer to just him and not include Iida and Todoroki, which would have made more sense since she spent more time with those two.

She was gentle and polite, wearing a kind smile which only increased when he called her by her name. She also made him a matryoshka doll, like the ones she used in her exam with Todoroki, except made with his image, it even had bunny ears and a tail, it was a cute gift, so he accepted it and put it in his room.

But the weirdness didn't stop there. "There's also the way they smell recently, I'm certain their scent wasn't this fishy. Tsu-chan and Mina are more smelly than the rest. I can even pick up that scent even hidden within the clean smell of perfume." Most likely most of the others except maybe Shoji, couldn't tell, didn't notice, but the girls had a different smell than before, or rather a new aroma was added to their usual scent. Deku could pick this up because of his sharper sense of smell. They all smelled like shrimp or fresh squid, strangely enough… he likes that smell, but he doesn't get why though…

"And then came all those times in which one of them came out from who-knows-where to ask me to come with them to who-knows-what." Ever since his talk with his mother and the girls getting closer to him, they started to just come to him and ask them to hang out with him. And it was always just him and one of them.

"Hey, Deku-kun. Do you mind coming with me to this coffee shop nearby?" Ochako asked him this after returning from school. It was a nice afternoon he spent with her, almost like a date...

"Izu-chan. You wanna come with me to the pool?" Tsuyu asked him this last weekend. He spent hours with her by the pool, just swimming and chatting, it was nice and calm. Although he swore he saw her drooling a few times...

"Hiya Izu-kun! I'm going to the arcade to win some plushies for my room, you wanna tag along?" Tooru asked him this last Friday. He won her a pair of plushies from the claw machines and played other sorts of video games, but on the way home she clung to his arm.

"Izuku.~ I'm going to the gym to practice breakdancing, I wouldn't mind if you came to see~" Mina flirted. Even if it sounded like a suggestion, she pretty much dragged him to the gym and made him sit and watch her dance. She is amazing at it, although her moves were a little erotic...

"Hey, Izuku. Do you wanna come to my room to hear some tunes I've come up with? I need someone's opinion. Please?" Kyouka asked him. Again this is the weirdest instance, as she doesn't like to show off her musical skills, even after the Cultural Festival, she still prefers to play music on her lonesome. But Izuku still accepted and went to her room. She played the acoustic guitar and sang beautifully for him. She asked him for his opinion and he told her that he liked it. She seemed a little conflicted and went to grab a notebook with musical notes and lyrics. Apparently she isn't satisfied with the song she's making yet, but says that she nearly has it. After that, she didn't kick him out or anything, rather asked him to stay a while and listen to some of her vinyls with her.

"Hello, Izuku. Do you mind if you come to my room to study with me?" Momo asked him this politely. There was nothing weird about studying together, but the weird part was that she asked him to go to her room alone. They spent the afternoon together studying and having breaks to chat and have tea. It was nice, but a little strange. And also she sat so close to him that she rubbed shoulders with him.

So far it doesn't seem like something is wrong between the girls, which is good. Although he worries about what happened with Mina and Tooru the other day, so far nothing like that has repeated.

There is also another problem… He's been more aroused lately. He's been watching at the girls' dangerous zone when they weren't looking subconsciously and he struggled to not pinch a tent in his pants every time he catches that female scent. He even sometimes quickly glanced at any girl he passed by, like the one from Class B, Midnight-sensei, Nejire-senpai… "God, I hope I'm not turning into a pervert like Mineta-kun or Kaminari-kun… This increased libido is getting really troublesome." He figured that this particular problem has to do with his Faunus physiology. "*Groan* Who knows how many times I masturbated this week alone…?" Before he rarely, if ever played with himself, but this week, his sexual drive has been through the roof, lucky he could keep it tapped and let it out whence he reached the safeness of his room. He masturbated to… well, any girl that came, either classmate or Pro Heroine. Otherwise he would wake up with a mess in the bed. And the worst part is that one session isn't enough, in fact it takes who-knows-how-many before he goes soft!

His thoughts were becoming more troubled, perverted - things he would have never thought he would see or do with those girls. Honestly, he never gave it a thought of using his classmates as sexual relief. It wasn't that he didn't feel bad if he did, but he had never viewed them that way. Imagining Tooru wearing a nurse's outfit. He had imagined Momo wearing a Catholic schoolgirl outfit that was way above the knees and tight around her curves. He imagined Kyouka cosplaying as the main leader of the Hex Girls from the Scooby-Doo movie. He definitely didn't mind having a spell casted upon him with that outfit…

No! No! No! Stop, Izuku, stop! He leaned against the wall. More thoughts bombarding his brain. Mina on a table with desserts covering her body. Tsuyu wearing the tightest one-piece black swimsuit, soaked and moist from the pool and sweat. O-O-O-chako! The UA cheerleader outfit. She needed to wear that with some green spanks. Perform a naughty dance for him in his dorm room. Oh boy… That one nearly drove him over the edge...

There were now two options: he could go to the restroom and possibly have the hazmat team summoned after cleaning the gallons of his spunk. The possible embarrassment from the student body and there was no way Kacchan was going to live that down. He could envision him reminding him of that whenever they have class reunions. No way he could tell anyone that it was some villain that soaked him in ectoplasm.

And what way to create a ruse whenever the Beacon students arrive if that were to occur?

Second option - go and see Recovery Girl. He could already picture his next shin-kicking from the tiny Grandma. Nevertheless, face embarrassment from a woman who has probably seen thousands of boys like him back in her day or embarrassment from the student body. "Might as well go and see Granny! The lesser of two evils!" Of course, the nurse told him that if anything weird were to happen to him, he must go see her immediately. This fits that criteria 100%, even if he knew what was wrong with him, he needed to go see a professional to help him out.

Izuku sighed to himself and continued on his path. He focused on the hallways and tried to ignore every distraction.

However, there is yet another weird thing, through the week he started to notice people turning to look at him. Granted, ever since he became a Faunus people turned to look at him with curiosity and awe, it got under Deku's nerves because he didn't like the unwanted attention.

Fortunately it died down, however recently he noticed that not completely... Sometimes he caught the girls turning their heads around away from him, as if to pretend that they were looking at him.

But it wasn't just the girls from his classroom, he caught some random girls looking at him when he walked by the hallway like he is now. When he turned to look at them, they pretended that they weren't looking or giggling to themselves. The same happened in the cafeteria.

He also spotted some girls from Class B glancing at him briefly and every time in Modern Hero History class, he noticed Midnight giving quick glances at him and even discrete winks and smiles.

It unnerved him to know that every time he is walking by those girls many times turn to peek at him, he could almost feel their gazes… "The only constants in all of these strange occurrences is that it's all related to me and girls… So am I the cause of this? Maybe I am…" That was the only explanation, just a few weeks ago everything was normal, but now this weird stuff has been going on. "I really doubt that girls now look at me because I'm cuter to them. No, something else is going on and I'm gonna get some answers." If he is somehow the cause, then he needs to ask Recovery Girl, she has to have an answer for all of this.

A knock was heard on the door of Recovery Girl's door. "Come in." She bluntly replied.

Then Midoriya came in."Hello, Recovery Girl." The boy greeted her respectfully.

"Ah, Hello Midoriya." The tiny nurse greeted him back. "I'm still running some tests on your condition, it's taking longer than I suspected. Sadly the prospect is still the same." She informed him as she got off her chair and approached him.

"I understand. I've been getting ready for the possibility of staying like that and actually I am learning to like my new body, so even if I could change back, I would still choose to stay like this," Izuku replied with a smile.

"Well, I heard that you've been doing very well these last few weeks. I'm glad to know that you're taking this as a gift." Recovery Girl smiled at him. "However, since you came here, I suppose it's because something is wrong, isn't it?" She knew this was the case. Izuku sighed and nodded in confirmation. "Figured as much. Let me guess, does it have something to do with your sexual drive?" She asked him bluntly.

Izuku flinched and his face turned burning red. "H-h-h-how did you know that?!"

"After getting the results of your analysis I found out that you now have the physical properties of a rabbit, which also includes your libido. I was actually wondering when you would show up to talk about it." The nurse explained calmly.

"...I… see…" Izuku glanced down in embarrassment, his face was burning. "Yeah, I've been very… aroused lately around girls and… it's starting to drive me crazy…. At first it wasn't bad, but it got progressively worse." He explained his problem, avoiding eye contact.

"Obviously you would be, you are a Rabbit Faunus now." Recovery Girl sat back on her chair. "The libido of a Rabbit Faunus is higher than the average human, couples composed of at least one of these Faunuses have quite the active sexual lives. In other words, the stereotype of Rabbit Faunuses being always horny isn't totally baseless, of course it depends on the individual. However, as an Alpha, your libido is even higher than a normal Rabbit Faunus." She explained. "However, you said that it got progressively worse, right?"

Izuku nodded at her with embarrassment. "There are times in which I feel I could blow…"He muttered softly.

"Hmm." Recovery Girl rubbed her chin. "You are often around girls, right?" She asked him.

"More now than ever, yeah." Deku nodded in confirmation.

"Then there's only one explanation. I think you figured out yourself."

"Please don't tell me that I'm…"

"That's right, you're in heat." Recovery Girl confirmed calmly.

"..." Izuku glanced at her eye-widened.

"Since you're always around girls and you're still a teenager, you'd be more susceptible to being forced into heat, even if it's not the season. To the point of playing with yourself no longer being a suitable outlet." The nurse explained, making the boy cover his face with both hands as his face burned hotter, nearly causing vapor to come out from his rabbit ears. "And I suppose that's not the only thing you have to tell me, correct?"

Izuku looked at her again, still with a burning red blush on his cheeks. He nodded. "F-for some reason the girls from my class have been around me much more than usual and acting differently towards me…" He explained bashfully.

"Of course. The analysis also reveals that you emanate a certain type of smell, pheromones to be precise." Recovery Girl explained, still calm.

Izuku's eyes widened as he understood where this was going.

"These pheromones only affect susceptible females, it's undetectable for males. And the pheromones you gave off have an aphrodisiac effect which becomes more potent with longer exposure. In other words, the reason why your female friends suddenly act so weird is because you turn them on simply by catching your smell." She elaborated as she took a brief look at her paperweight.

"B-but why?! There's no way a Faunus does that! Even if they are an alpha!" Izuku asked in shock and panic.

"That's right, they don't." Recovery Girl maintained the calm. "You, however, are a different case. Whatever sort of Dust that you got bathed in left you with yet another mutation in your otherwise normal Faunus physiology that makes you air out that scent." She explained. "The good news is that this can be controlled like a Quirk, perhaps not totally, but enough to not make every single pantie on a mile soaked on the spot. The bad thing is that your pheromones are attracted to your libido, meaning that the more you turn on you are, the more you turn them on. The other good news is that it doesn't affect females during pre-puberty, menopause and blood relation. As in, no little girls, old ladies and no blood relatives, so you can ease yourself about that." She explained.

Izuku regained some composure as he listened. "Well, at least that's a relief…" Last thing he needs is to prove right those stereotypes about country Rabbit Faunuses or being called lolicon… Although he might have to worry when Eri-chan hits puberty, thank God that won't happen in a long time... "So, how do I make all of this stop?" He asked her.

"With time I might have medicine to temporarily make the pheromones stop, however I highly doubt there is a cure for this." Recovery Girl cupped her chin before looking at the boy. "What you can do to control it is really simple: Get a mate!" She declared bluntly.

"...Eh…?" Izuku uttered with his eyes as wide as saucers.

"You heard me, get a mate! Get a girlfriend and lose your virginity!" She declared bluntly again. "You're in heat, so your pheromones must be potent and they will get more potent as time goes, making girls around you go crazy while you go crazy as well, the only thing to stop this is that you find a female and mate with her until you are satiated, that would release your inner pressure and at the same time decrease the pheromones and their effect, which would make the overtime effects decrease as well." She explained more calmly.

Izuku stood petrified at this. "B-b-b-but…" He spew nervously as he shivered.

"There are three options: 1) You do nothing and either you turn feral with animal lust and rape every girl in sight, or cause the biggest catfight in all of U.A.'s history given that you might also have affect other girls on the school, without even mentioning Kayama. The worst scenario is both. 2) We lock you up far enough so no girl or woman can get even a whiff of your pheromones and leave you there until you go through your heat, all chained up in case you go feral. 3) You go out, get a girlfriend, have sex with her and let out all that pent up, making the pheromones decrease their effect and everything goes back to normal. It's clear cut for me."

Izuku swallowed the lump in his throat before he raised his finger. "How about a fourth option? I've studied that numbing cream or applying ice packs to my penis could reduce the swelling."

Recovery Girl took a strong sigh. "Have you ever seen a loose water hose?"

"I would like to say yes?"

"Okay! Now imagine that lose water hose as your penis, but it is continuing to spew liquid. Sorry, Midoriya, but there is no way around it. Conquer it or it will conquer you!"

After hearing this Izuku let out a sigh of defeat as he slumped his shoulder. "If you ever need a reason to get a girl and get laid, this is the one."

"Guess so…" The emerald Faunus replied as he stood straight. "I was hoping to save myself until I was of legal age, though…" He rubbed the back of his head.

"Wait?! There are people like you that still exist," questioned Recovery Girl surprisingly.

"Yeah! Is that a problem?"

"If you are a herbivore or a inceb. But I can't tell him that, can I?" "I don't like pushing boys into turning into men either, Midoriya. But these days, kids of your age got rid of their V cards, so you shouldn't concern yourself with that." Recovery Girl didn't like this idea either, but it's the best choice. "What you must keep in mind though is always have protection on hand with you, stock up on after-morning pills and condoms. Your sperm count should be higher along with your virility; the latter should be at peak potency since you're in heat. We can't have you becoming a father too soon." She instructed him. Izuku nodded in understanding.

"Also, not to hurry you up, but you should start to think about which girl you will choose and ask her out as soon as possible. Like I said before, the more you wait the worse it will get until at a certain point either you or the girls can't take it anymore."

"Keep in mind that your pheromones are very effective on females with animal traits from this world and female Faunuses from Remnant, which provokes their own heat periods. I recommend that you go for a girl that you genuinely like, not just lust."

"Is there a girl that you like here?" She asked him.

"...There's one… a friend of mine from the classroom." Izuku replied softly as he tilted his head down.

"That's ideal. The lucky girl should be very affected by your pheromones so you won't have to worry that she will say no." The nurse explained.

"..." Izuku's eyes remained fixed on the floor as he rubbed his left arm.

"If you're worried if the relationship will be purely sexual, don't. The pheromones would have also affected her feelings, so even if they are off her system, her feelings for you would be genuine. Yours are no normal pheromones after all, they also can affect the emotions of the receiver. Sadly that means that you might have to play the heartbreaker, but it's better for the other girls to go through a few days of blues and ice cream jars than going at each other's throats or worse, going yandere."

Izuku's blood froze at the prospect. His mind would break if he ends up being chased by crazy yanderes from every single corner, with that crazy of Toga is more than enough!

"The thought of attracting yanderes... Holy Dio in heaven! Well, at least there shouldn't be any concerns coming out of this….I want to hope, but highly doubt! The fallacies of being a timid shounen!"

The Faunus boy nodded at the old lady in understanding, his face was still pale from the dreadful thought. "Now then, lunch break is almost done, you should go back to your classes and don't forget everything I just told you." Recovery Girl instructed.

"Yes, I will." Izuku nodded.

"Funny how you look so pessimistic right now, any other guy would be running laps of victory around the whole campus if he heard he could ask out the girl they want and know she will say yes, on top of enjoying constant sexual activity in an all but assured loving relationship." She said to him in an attempt to cheer him up with the bright side of this.

"I won't lie, all of that sounds amazing, it's just that I never thought it would be like this, even less with the pressure of having a possibility of either yande-calipsys or me becoming a depraved rapepy animal hanging over my head." The emerald teen rubbed the back of his head, sweating a bit nervously.

"As long as you follow the steps, everything should go back to normal soon enough. It will be alright." She smiled at him.

"Yeah, you're right. Thank you, Recovery Girl." The boy bowed down in gratitude. He said his goodbyes before leaving to go to the rest of his classes.

Izuku returned to Heights Alliance a little after six in the evening. Instead of eating dinner with the others, he took his dinner-to-go and went straight to his dorm. It was fine as Kacchan and Fumikage were still debating their issues regarding strengths, weaknesses, and each other's mothers.

Eating his taiyakisoba in peace, his eyes were at his desk, looking at the blank screen on his cell phone. "So, I am gonna do this! I am gonna call Ochako. My crush, the girl I have feelings for in order to quell this tormentor in my pants? If I go through with it, Ochako becomes mine. If I don't, I am gonna be confined or held hostage by the girls until various hero agencies, the FBI, and Interpol come in. I don't know what's worse. Okay, Izuku, breathe in and out… You can do this, you can do this! I just hope we can at least go on three dates before jumping the gun, or rather jump to the bed…"

He knew prolonging the inevitable was futile. Moving his plate aside, he punched the numbers to contact Ochako. As the line trilled, he was already having second thoughts. What if I apply enhanced ingredients to that numbing cream….

"Hello? Izuku?!"

It was now zero hour. Uraraka was on the other line. "Hum...good, hey, O-O-Ochako!"

"Hey! Awesome that we are speaking on a first name basis now."

He swallowed the lump in his throat. His heart was pounding. He was feeling the sweat flowing down to his butt. His penis was hardening…. " free to t-t-talk?"

"Anything for you, Izuku." She giggled. "S-sorry! Just still getting used to saying your name."

"Y-y-yeah!" He licked his dry lips. "D-d-d-do y-y-y-you have plans t-t-this S-s-s-saturday?"

There was a pregnant pause. The emerald-haired Faunus wasn't sure if she was thinking of her options or coming up with an excuse.

"Nope," she said matter-of-factly. "I'm completely open."

"And so would that pussy of yours...what the hell am I thinking?" The sooner he makes his dream of having Ochako the sooner his normal brain functions will be restored. "Cool! I was wondering if you want to go out….for a movie or something." "So, afterwards we can make our own movie. Might be a short film...what the hell, Izuku!?" Yep, this is the right call, literally...

"Sure...I am game for a movie," replied Ochako happily.

"Great," he replied. "Then maybe afterwards, we can go and get pizza." "What I am really craving for is a piece of that hot and ready giblet pie you got there, Ochako!" Izuku reached for his hand to slap himself. "Ouch!"

"You're okay?"

"Yeah! I saw a roach and tried to smash it but instead smashed my foot against the table," he lied to her.

"Gross! Roaches are icky! It could get messy when killing them."

"Trust me we are definitely going to get messy, Ochako! Sticky, sweaty, covered in our...shut the hell up, slutty me! My God, how can Mineta-kun live like this?!" He now knows how it is to have a dirty mind like that midget and a part of him hates it while the other… actually he is scared of looking into that…

"Pizza and a movie? That sounds great! Shall we do it around seven o'clock," asked Ochako.

"That late?!"

"Is that a problem?"

"! Just wondering is all."

"It's cheap with students at the movie theatre and plus, Yanagi-san's cousin has an arcade and restaurant that makes great pizza."

"I forgot that Yanagi-san's cousin runs that arcade," thought Izuku to himself.

"Plus, it won't be as hot and it would be a lot cooler, you know," said Ochako.

"Okay! Seven o'clock Saturday. Pick you up at your dorm?"

"Let's meet outside of the common room instead."


"It's a date! Later, Deku...Izuku!"

She hung up the phone. Izuku placed the phone back on his desk. "I have a date! I have a date!" His eyes widened! "Oh, heaven's gate, I have a date!" He stood up from his chair and brought his arms up. "YEAH!" He cheered excitedly, he feels like he's a top of the freaking world!

Then reality set in. "The guys?! What would they say? What would they think? What wisecracks does Kacchan have in mind?"

Ochako was literally floating. It may not be on Cloud Nine, but it wouldn't be long before she would be floating on Izuku's fluffy cloud. She was swimming in the air, excited and ecstatic that her first date was going to be with the Faunus of her dreams. She was that excited that she used her Zero Gravity on herself by accident.

Then her eyes widened. "Oh, God! This is serious! I have a date...with Izuku! What to do!? What to do? How should I dress?!" She began to frown. "Who to tell?" Then the thought of her friend came to mind. She undid her Quirk and landed back on her bed. "Before I would go straight to the girls and ask for serious help, but now…" She knew she couldn't do that as things are now. "*Sigh* It's still hard to believe that the others also like Izuku, even less that we all had to make a pact to not intervene with each other in attempts of pursuing him and inform the others when one of us makes a move on him."

She still remembers that girl's night a week ago when everyone finally admitted their mutual feeling for Deku, of course they all knew this even before then. As a means of keeping their friendship, they had to come to this agreement, but it did not make it any less painful to see her Deku being dragged around by those bit-... the other girls. Luckily she knows none of them crossed the one line they all swore to not cross: They all have to take an oath of not forcing themselves on precious Izuku. For starters that would be rape, on top of being illegal and leave poor Izuku traumatized, it would make them yandere no better than that bitch of Toga…

"Ooh…! If that good for nothing blood sucking slut even dares to breathe the air he breathes out…!" It's no secret that Toga became enemy no.1 for Ochako and the rest of the girls, so if that Villainess tried to even touch a single strand of Izuku's hair… well, she will be the one bleeding for a change…

Speaking of enemies…

Hatsume would be another threat if she weren't still under arrest. Her 'opsie' brought a silver lining: Izuku is even cuter than before and he is doing better than ever. The very bad thing is that the other girls became Deku-sexual for some reason, they are aware, and they don't care about how or why, they just accepted it. So now she is forced to compete with her group of friends for Izuku's heart. So while Izuku gained a lot from becoming an Alpha Faunus, Ochako felt like she lost a lot. Giving her even more reasons to make that wanna-be scientist shrew floating to the freaking moon!

"Ugh…! Call yourself lucky that Izuku cares about you, bitch…" As much as her hatred for that busty slut increased, she can't do anything about her. She is friends with Izuku and he would get upset if something happens to her. Even if he gets with Ochako, there won't be any way to change his mind about Hatsume, so she just better learn to deal with it, unless she tries to do something else on what is hers…

"Don't think about those whores, Ochako. They bring out your worst side." She took a deep breath and focused on what 's important: Her date with Izuku. "*Sigh* If only I could ask Yao-momo or the others for something a little more fancy… " Her clothes were plain, the only actual dress she has is the one from that party at I-Island. Izuku loved it, but it would be too much for a simple first date. She can't ask for help from the girls because part of the pact was: Each woman for herself. No help of any kind.

"Hmph! Whatever, I will do just fine without any of them! Heh, I can almost see the look on their faces when I tell them that Izuku asked me for a date and I didn't seduce him into doing it or anything, he came to me on his own! Yeah, sure, I might have missed my chances earlier on when I had the free way, but! Even with all those other girls flocking around him, some being more forward than others, Izuku ended up going for ME, I knew he was into me all along! In your face bitches! Ohh I can't wait to rub it on their faces…! On second thought, I think I won't tell me and just have them watch in shock as I leave for the night with him for our date! Aw yeah, the look on their bitchy faces will be priceless!" A smug smile appeared on her face and her thoughts turned competitive. "Wow… Okay, that was a little too much." She blinked two, now she just realized that she got carried away with those thoughts. Sometimes her thoughts turned… yandere-ish. Mostly every time she saw Deku going off with any of the girls. Lucky that's just as far as they got, it would be concerning if her thoughts went the staby-staby-stab-stab direction, at least with her friends. "Remember, Ochako. They are your friends and this is a fair competition. Is Izuku the most perfect man in both worlds? Yes. Do you want to marry him and have many bunny babies with him? Absolutely. But is he worthy of losing your best friends forever? No, no guy is worth that much. I love hanging out with them and they feel the same. It's just jealousy, possessiveness and competitiveness speaking." She had to remind herself that they, at the end of all, are friends.

Even if they are after the same guy, they must keep their bonds of friendship they all cherish. It was about who the best woman was and right now, Ochako knew she was that woman. "Okay, I'll tell you before I go out with him. But first things first, I need clothes for the occasion. *Sigh* I didn't want to resort to this, but this is my first date for God's sake! I think Mom and Dad will understand that this is a necessary investment and hopefully one that they don't want to ask too many questions about." She decided to call her parents. Unless strictly necessary she would call them to help her with money, given that her family is still having a difficult time with their construction company. And right now she needs money to buy the right clothes for her date with her sweet bunny!

"Oh, right… I should dress up first…" She just remembered that earlier she felt really hot and bothered under the collar again, so she was 'venting the heat'. Right when she was basking in the afterglow was when Deku called her. "Heh, a few seconds earlier and he would have heard me moan. Hmm, that doesn't sound like a bad idea, something to remember me when we can't be together~" She said to herself with a seductive smile.

Ochako went to grab her clothes and dress up before calling her parents. She must be ready for the best date ever and it will be perfect!

To be continued...

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Chapter Text

Hey, guys! Sora and BD are here with the latest chapter of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, Izuku and Ochako try to find ways to keep their date private. And it doesn't exactly go so well. See what happens when both parties deal with the repercussions after getting caught. Crazy hijinks and mayhem ensues. Enjoy!

Gravitational Attraction. (Part II) (Ochako x Izuku/ Emerald Gravity)

Ochako had to be as inconspicuous as possible. It was after curfew and the last thing she wanted to do was to be caught and get a demerit. Or worse, the unsettling nosiness from her classmates. The fallacy of being the daughter of construction workers, money comes and goes. Although her parents didn't mind helping her buy a new dress for her first date, bills still needed to be paid.

"$40!" Ochako said with a blank expression. "This is barely enough to fill a tank of gas." Nevertheless, it was forty more dollars in her pocket than she had earlier, she was thankful for her parent's aid, even if it was very small. For a moment, she thought she heard the sound of lint bunnies frolicing in her pocket.

With the date in less than twenty-four hours, she needed a dress and a dress fast. However, here was the dilemma - the shopping centers wouldn't open until the following morning. If she were to leave, then her friends would want to know about her whereabouts. She was a terrible liar and the obviosity of her lies would show on her face. Even if she successfully succeeds in avoiding her friends and going shopping, she would have to use some of her dress money for bus fare. Of course, she could activate her Zero Gravity Quirk, but it could last for so long. Then, her love for sweets would make her stop by the bakery and there goes another dent into her dress money, resulting in being in the negatives.

She leaned her back against the door. The curse of being a teenager in the lower tax bracket, let alone the fondness of sweets and being considered a bag of sand filled with holes.

Despite her girlish plight, a contingency plan was made for such an occasion. However, the contingency plan wasn't any different than facing the girls. She still had to face a girl, just wouldn't be the girl she would associate herself with.

Wearing her sweatshirt and jogging pants, Ochako tiptoed to the common area. It was quiet, with the exception of a flickering light or the crackling sounds of the building settling. She edged around the corner, wanting to be as closed and discreet as possible. The last thing she wanted to do was to trigger anything that would alarm her peers.

Seeing that the coast was clear, the brunette walked through the common area. Fear was in her veins. She could feel the lump in her throat. "Take your time, Ochako old girl. You can do this! You can do this!"

Safely making it through the hallway, she made her toward the hallway that led to the exit. To think that was freedom on the other side of the….


Ochako was completely off-guard when she hit some kind of obstruction, causing her to fall. She didn't have time to activate her Quirk before falling on her butt. The impact caused to let out a tiny cry, but she covered her mouth to not alert any other students.

"Goodness! What did I hit?"

She looked around and she didn't see anything. She then turned her head forward. "Maybe I am just nervous about Saturday and I have two left feet."

"Or maybe you weren't watching where you were going?"

She backed herself away from the voice, leaping like a cat to the other side of the hallway.

"Jesus, Ochako-chan! I am beginning to think that this Faunus thing is becoming contagious!"

Ochako immediately recognized the voice. It was the invisible moe herself. "Tooru-chan?" she asked.

"In the flesh...and in the fur," she giggled. The invisible teen was sporting her towel and carrying her toiletry bag. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

Ochako felt Tooru's hand as she helped her up. Ochako nervously smiled as she rubbed the back of her head. "Sorry, myself. What are you doing up this late by the way?"

"I've always taken late night showers," answered Tooru. "Can sing and dance freely without people being in the way and hogging all the water, you damn water hoggers! Especially you!"

Ochako nervously laughed at Tooru's reasoning for being out at this hour. "Sure, sure. Right, sorry!" "Jackass!"

"So, what about you, Ochako-chan!? Why are you up at this hour?"

Sweat began dropping down her pores. Her padded fingers were patting her pockets. She needed to come up with a lie and fast! "I'm going for a jog!"

"In sandals?"

She shook her head in disagreement. "I didn't mean to say jog. I was….um...going to look for a job!"

"At twelve at night?"

"Can never have an early start, can you. Early bird gets the worm! Plus, people like Ryukyu or Endeavor would love go-getters like me!"

Tooru was perplexed by Ochako. And by perplexing, she knew that Ochako was walking herself in a lie. However, she was going to entertain the rosy cheeked teen. "Yeah, you're right! Ryukyu or Endeavor would enjoy go-getters like us."


Tooru stretched her arms. "You know! I wouldn't mind going out with you to go on this job hunt."

Ochako began panicking. She waved her hands. "No, no worries, Tooru-chan! Don't want to interrupt your routine."

The invisible teen yawned. "No, I wouldn't mind!" She cracked her neck. "If you give me a couple of minutes, I can hurry to my dorm and find a proper change of clothes…."

"No!" She blurted to Tooru. "That's okay! I doubt they are even open!"

"Then we can sit at one of their hero agencies together until they are open in the morning. I'll even buy coffee and sweets at the diner on the way. Plus, today is technically Saturday, so I don't mind…."

"Tooru-chan, please!" A teardrop appeared on her head. She dropped her head in defeat. "Okay, okay! I was lying!"

"Duh, I knew you were lying! I may be bubbly and ridiculously cute." She folded her arms. "But, I am not stupid." She tapped her shower slippers. "Out with it, Ochako Uraraka! What are you actually doing out this late?"

The brunette pointed her index fingers together. "I guess it's now or never..." Ochako approached the inquisitive teen and wrapped her arms around her neck. "Okay, Tooru-chan! If I tell you this, would you promise not to tell anybody?"

"Depends on the severity of the promise."

"Good God, Tooru-chan!" "Please, as besties!?"

A bubbly smile appeared on Tooru's face, although Ochako couldn't see it. "We...we...we're besties?!"

"Well...haven't we always been besties, Best Friend!?"

The teen waved her hands. "Well, as a group, but...but...not like….one-on-one!"

Ochako rubbed Tooru's back. "Don't tell anyone, but you've always been my favorite!"

It appeared as though steam was coming out of Tooru's ears. "Okay, bestie! It's a promise! I won't tell anybody, in the honor of the House of Hagakure!"

Ochako pressed her lips and whispered something into Tooru's head. The invisible teen nodded in understanding, clinging to every word Uraraka told her. Once she finished, she pulled back. "So, remember what I've said and you are my number one bestie!"

"Mum's the word, Bestie!"

Ochako winked at her 'number one' best friend before exiting the dorms. Upon stepping outside, she was met with relief. "Wow! That was quite a trip. I guess Mineta-kun was right, whisper sweet nothings into a girl's ear and they melt like putty. Then why when he does it, girls vomit or he gets slapped in the face? Oh, well! Different strokes for different folks!" She whistled a pleasant tune as she was heading towards her connection with the dresses. She just received a text a few minutes prior that she was awaiting her arrival.

Tsuyu was in the middle of...tending the oven when she received a phone call. It was the middle of the night and thought she could masturbate to her loving Izu-chan in peace. In her mind, there were two reasons for late night calling - Izuku wanted a late night rendezvous or she was receiving notice that somebody was being fitted for a casket.

Turning off her handcrafted dildo that was provided from her Momo dearest, she placed it beside the bed as she reached for her phone on the nightstand. It was quite awesome of Momo to make it for her, especially when she threatened to tell Todoroki-chan about a certain name Yaomomo was spewing from her lips and it wasn't his. Low for her to play like that? Yes, but she was probably the most pent up of the group due to her heat period bubbling into the freaking stratosphere! She needed this more than the others! Although why does she care about what Todoroki-chan thinks when Izuku was clearly the alpha male here, literally? Whatever, not her problem!

She saw the phone and saw that it was Tooru calling.

"Hagakure, ribbit! You better be telling me that they've found Mineta dead in an alley somewhere, Gentle Criminal is beginning a rap career or else you and I are going to fight!" She picked up the phone. "Hello," she said as she fake yawned.

"Sorry to call you at this ungodly hour but this is an emergency!"

"I was this close to calling 911 for an emergency because I couldn't tell you how close I was to having seizures with the amount of orgasms I had, ribbit." She sat up against the bedpost. "What's up, Tooru-chan?"

"Well, for starters, I saw your so-called best friend, Ochako-chan, outside of the dorm room this morning."

"And?" "Ochako-chan? Are you sure, ribbit?"

"Hand to God. I am a raw, uncut witness! Also, did you know your so-called best friend was trying to set me up so I can be her bestie?"

Tsuyu became alert. She and Ochako have an undying bond. If Ochako was making those lies to Tooru, then it was obvious that Ochako was lying about something grave.

"Did she say what she was doing," asked Tsuyu curiously.

"She didn't! I'm actually following her right now."

Tsuyu turned on the lamp. As much as she was enjoying her late night alone time, this was now business. "Where are you in relation to where I am?"

"Not too far from campus...hold on a sec."

Tsuyu waited on Tooru as there was a pregnant pause. "Tooru-chan?!"

"I see...I that Shinsou-chan?"

"Tooru-chan! Fall back, ribbit! Assemble the others for an emergency meeting and tell them to meet at my…" She paused when seeing and smelling her juices throughout the room. "...Mina-chan's dorm."

"What's going on, Tsu-chan!?"

"Didn't you hear? A funeral, Tooru-chan, ribbit! We're planning a fucking funeral! Call me when you get the girls together so we can all be fitted for our black dresses!" Tsuyu hung up the phone. "Okay, Ochako-chan, ribbit! You wanted to play slickly. You have underestimated me, my dear friend. I know we are on our own and have to play this league to acquire Izuku! Bold, mighty bold! But, we can play bigger and badder. Are you sure we're best friends? Because there might be a vacancy opening soon!"

"Okay, Izuku, today is the day! Your first date with Ochako! And if everything works out, which is pretty much a given at this point, it won't be the last." The emerald-haired Faunus was walking towards his locker with joy in his step. "Ooh I can't wait to have a sweet piece of that pie in my hands, and I don't mean the carrot cake Mom just sent me~!" When he realized that his lust-driven side was acting out again, he shook his head off the lecherous thoughts. "...Man, keeping this in check is a chore, even if I 'let out some steam' those keep coming, at least I managed to focus solely on Ochako, so that's something." He mentally sighed. It's clear that both his heart and groin was eager for the date he will have, that much is clear given that his nightly sessions until today have been about Ochako going through the whole freaking kama sutra with many different provocative outfits, he even find it thrilling the thought of making love with her while floating, even if it sounds stupid. The good thing is that his rational mind can agree with his lustful side and hopefully keep it like this once Ochako becomes his first and only one.

Right now, however, he walked to his mailroom locker to pick up the carrot pie his Mom promised to make him. She said that he would be delighted with it, although it might be hard to tell for him since he loves to eat carrots now. It became his second favorite snack after the honey buns.

He happily hummed to the tone of Xenoblade's Beyond The Sky as he went to grab the plate of carrot pie with a note from his mother that read:

"Hope you enjoy this my Bun-Bun Icchan! I made it with all the love a mother can give! P.S: Good luck on your first date with Ochako-san! Knock her dead, baby! Love you, Mom!"

He chuckled at the pet name his Mom now uses to refer to him often. He received a few teasing texts from Auntie Mitsuki as well, however, no word from Auntie Kali though his Mom, which is weird, it's been nearly two weeks since she sent that selfie of him and herself. He expected his Mom to tell her reaction or outright skipping the middlewoman and talk to him herself and going on a tangent of how on point she was and how cute he now is, typical mom stuff.

Of course it can't be let out how she would do everything in her power to have Blake talk to him, which is something that still weighs in his mind. He doesn't know if Blake now is aware of his transformation into a Faunus. It still worries him a little bit what the black cat Faunus will think of him now that he is one of her kind, physically speaking mostly.

"No, today is not the day to dallie on that, today will be all about Ochako and make her feel like a princess!" That's right, he shouldn't be thinking about a distant friend of his past, today is all about his present and possible future that is Ochako! "I'm glad that I told Mom and All Might about my date, no way I was telling Kacchan and the others, they would make a fuss about and that's the last thing I need. Tonight it'll be just her and I spending a nice and private time together, nothing too crazy or elaborated, just a normal date. Of course after the whole thing comes the real fun~ Ahem! If she's comfortable of course! Sure, she must be sexually frustrated like I am, but I'm sure she's still in her right mind not to want to get down and dirty yet, and honestly I prefer it that way. I want to go about all of this slow and with at least a some normalcy to spend at least a few date with her before properly asking her to be my girlfriend and then we fuck hard." Izuku thought to himself as he walked back towards his dorm with the plate in hand and the note in his pocket. After asking Ochako out, the first thing he did was inform his mother and then his mentor for obvious reasons.

The boys knew that his mother let out a waterfall of pride and joy when he told her about his upcoming date with Ochako, of course she reminded him to bring her to the house to introduce her along with asking more about her family, lucky he convinced her that he would do so after sometime of being officially together.

All Might congratulated him for having the courage to ask his crush out and wished him good luck on his date. It felt good that he could trust this really personal information to two of his most significant people in his life.

Not that he didn't trust his friends, but knowing his friends, they would make a ruckus and he would rather keep this whole thing private until later on. Obviously he didn't need to hear from Kacchan how he would screw it up or outright insult Ochako. Or how Mineta and Kaminari would shout: Lucky Bastard. Or Iida going on a tangent about not indulging in sexual activities, as if he can avoid it anyway.

Izuku returned to his room, before preparing for tonight, he took a slice of the pie and ate it. And boy it was so incredibly delicious! He tastes buds flared at the sweet taste of the pie. "Mmmm~ Man, Mom outdid herself with this one!" Izuku thought utterly delighted as he finished his slice of pie. He stood up from his chair and tapped the plate once again after he clapped the remains off his hands. "I'll save the rest for another day, now time to dress up." He went to his dresser to grab tonight's outfit.

He was humble and grateful for All Might and his mother. A mentor, somewhat surrogate parent who was trying to lead his successor in the best direction of gaining a mate. However, when it came to dating advice, All Might must have been in the generation of buying dates on VHS and cassettes.

"Shounen, it's your first date, not an omiai! Keep it simple. Nothing too flashy, but nothing that says 'I'm broke and a cheapskate!'"

"All Might, I am sixteen! I am one of thousands, if not millions of teens that are under an allowance of a parent."

"I just want your date to be the best is all. Nothing too flashy, but nothing that says 'I'm a broke cheapskate!'"

"Well since you don't want me to be a broke cheapskate, you wouldn't mind contributing to this date, All Might?"

"About that. I am currently in between gigs and paychecks. The struggle is real being a former Symbol of Peace and Nezu doesn't really fund the teachers…."

Judging by the condition of how his mother handled All Might a couple of weeks prior, the former Symbol of Peace wasn't exactly winning any dating games. Plus, he didn't really explain anything significant. Plus, Izuku was thinking that All Might was talking about himself in regards to being broke and being a cheapskate. Which is highly unlikely since there are huge abundances of merchandise - toys, underwear, clothing lines, posters. So, if All Might could only be honest and did not have the means to sponsor Izuku on this date, then the Faunus was absolutely fine with that. But alas, the fallacy of male pride.

So, he tried recalling the advice his mother had told him about dating following calling his mentor….

"Nothing says simplicity by having a buttoned-down shirt and slacks. I know how you don't like dress shoes but your Chucks can do...for now! When you become serious with Blake, I expect you to dress better."

"Don't you mean Ochako?"

"I did say Ochako! Did I? yourself, be kind, treat her with respect, LISTEN, and be mannerable whenever the opportunity presents itself."

"Yes, ma'am!"

"There are no rules when it comes to dating. Just be natural...well, not too natural. And...judging by that letter I'd received by mail, I have sent you something in your mailbox. Just in case things become 'slippery when wet.'"

"I am not going to follow up on what you're implying."

"Good! Just remember to have fun, be safe, and keep it safe, wrapped and secured if you know what I mean."

"I'm hanging up, Mom!"

It was very embarrassing that Recovery Girl informed his Mom about his increased libido, thankfully she let out the part of him being a literal female magnet. So of course, Inko being a mom, sent him some condom packages, although he opted to get anti-conception pills. The reason is that he one tried using a condom and well… his flush was too much for it, so he can't count on normal condoms. Still it was thoughtful, although embarrassing, that his Mom was looking out for him.

All Might was also aware of this condition, but never said anything out of respecting his privacity.

Nevertheless, his mother loaded his debit card with sufficient funds to cover his movie, food and games at the arcade...and even a one-night stay at a love motel in case 'he and Ochako-chan needed to do some hanky panky with his little wanky.' The plight of being an only son to a loving, but over-worrying mother.

As Izuku was scruffing though his wardrobe for his clothes a thought crossed his head. "I wasn't born yesterday, I know Mom still thinks I should go for Blake. Hopefully she will change her mind when I introduce her to Ochako." He wasn't surprised when he heard that slip from his mom during that call. He loves his mom dearly, but he doesn't need her neither Auntie Kali to pick his life partner for him. Hopefully Kali isn't pestering poor Blake the same way if not worse than his mother.

He found the clothes he was looking for. It was a green plaid buttoned-down, long-sleeved shirt with khaki slacks and his green Chuck Taylors. Not too formal, not too casual, perfect for a first date.

He quickly changed and checked himself in the mirror. "Huh, not bad. Guess Mom does know best, at least in some situations." He smiled pleased with his appearance. He put on a bit of men's cologne, gifted from All Might, and went to wash his teeth. "Let's see. Clothes, check. Money, check. Rose for Ochako, check. Mints for breath just in case, check. And extra strong antifertility pills in case things do turn spicy, check. Alright, I'm ready now." He smiled to himself as he pocketed the pills and the mints and grabbed the rose for Ochako, it was just one, because a whole bouquet and chocolates would have been too cliché and too much. Maybe some other time he will buy her chocolates given her love for sweets, but tonight it has to be simple, but clean.

He and Ochako agreed that they would meet sometime around 7 o'clock. As agreed he would wait for her right outside the dorms. He checked the clock on the wall and saw that it was 6:55 PM. He took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing!" He walked out of his room.

Izuku instead took the elevator downstairs. He wanted to stay as fresh as possible without breaking a sweat. He had to be mentally prepared for whatever may come. It was a Saturday night, meaning the entire student body was freely perusing the campus. And what was he going to say whenever they saw Ochako's rose?

The elevator bell pinged for the bottom floor. His ears twitched, finally using them for their rightful purpose. As confirmed, he could hear Kaminari, Sero, Todoroki, Iida, Kacchan - the whole gang in the common area. "Dear God, it's a Saturday. I know one of you guys can go to karaoke, a drink bar. Getting your own dates. Why God? Why thou forsaken me?!" He took steady breaths. It wasn't going to do any good holding back, so he might as well face the group.

Keeping the rose in the opposite direction of his classmates, he briskly walked toward the common area with the hope that they weren't paying attention.

As he was approaching, he saw the group were on the couch playing Super Smash Bros. Melee. He saw Kaminari pull out money and slammed it on the table.

"$10 if Bakugou uses Samus to defeat Link in easy mode."

"$10, baka," retorted Katsuki. "I would place $20 and won't even use a cheat code."

Denki clicked his tongue. "I knew you never played fair."

"Says the guy that spends too much time playing with himself. Give your lil noodle time to rest for a change before talking about never playing fair."

"Alright, ladies. Enough! Everybody got their money in the pot?" It was Kirishima that was speaking. "Alright! Remember! No cheat codes! No distractions. And BakuBro, nothing sus!"

Katsuki gave Eijiro the middle finger. "Sus this, Hedgehog Hair!"

It was a load off Izuku's mind. The blessings of men, their testosterone, and their ego when it comes to gambling. He knew they were going to be heavily distracted to be worried about a little old Faunus….

"Where do you think you off to, mon ami?!"

Izuku turned to his left and saw Yuga exiting the kitchen. Holding onto a cup of tea, the French prince came with a pleasant smile on his face.

Nervously, Izuku replied. "Oh! Aoyama! Just going for a walk."

"A walk, my little biscuit?" retorted Aoyama as he approached the stunned Faunus. "A bit dressy for this kind of 'walk,' oui, oui!" He glared at the now not-so-hidden rose. "Midoriya-kun! Qu'est-ce que c'est? Is that a...a rose?!" A star came out of his eye. As if everything was making sense to the blond, his smile spread wider than the Cheshire Cat. "Is my little colt going on a-?"

Izuku pushed the blond back into the kitchen. He put his finger to his lip, inciting silence. "Listen, Aoyama! I need this favor. Please keep mum about this!"

Aoyama put his cup of tea on the counter. He crossed his arms, appearing as if he was thinking. Time was of the essence for Izuku and at any moment, Ochako will be waiting for him.

"Keeping mum, you say, my little garçon?" Aoyama walked around Izuku, as if he was detailing every single layer of him. "You know, Midoriya-kun, since you have become this lapin, you have captured the attention of a lot of people." He snickered. "Mightily impressed!"

"Thanks...I guess!" Izuku grinned slightly bashfully.

"You know, I quite admire you...inside and out, my young colt," he said. "And before you interject, relax! My admiration is like seeing my little brother becoming a man. Or in this case, a fetching, dashing bunny rabbit." He blinked quickly. "Who's the filly of the hour?"

"..." The emerald Faunus remained shut as his checks reddened.

"Can't say?"


Aoyama glared at his nails, sighing due to the lack of response. "You see, Midoriya-kun! I am afraid we are in a little dilemma."

"What do you mean?"

" want me to keep mum. But, in order for me to keep mum, you must provide a reason for keeping mum." Aoyama glared at the boys playing video games. "As much as I find roughhousing with the boys…" He shuddered. "...revolting, but seeing you twitch if they were to find out about d-d-d…"

"Don't say it!"

"Don't say what, mon petit animal?" Yuga's tone was teasing as he turned to the boys. "DDDDDDAAAATTT…."

"Please Aoyama!" Izuku begged in a praying position. "Name your price!" He knew darn well that the French Blond wanted something.

Yuga returned to his tea and sipped it. It became a bit lukewarm. "Mariage Frères!"

"Mariage Frères?" The emerald rabbit Faunus titled his head in confusion.

"It's a special brand of tea. A chocolate tea based out of Paris," he said with a snickering grin. "One of the best. However, you won't find it easily out here." He placed the tea cup down. "Well, there is a specialty shop in I-Island that imports this special drink I am sipping on." He giggled. "And it would be quite lovely of you...if you were to procure it for me."

The emerald Faunus dropped his head. Seeing that excited the blond.

"Check your text. I will give you until tomorrow." He pressed his way forward to Izuku, placing his lips onto his ear. "Or on Monday, the entire student body will know what you and that filly, Uraraka-san did," he whispered as he pulled away from him.

"How did you know…?!" he asked shockingly.

"I didn't! You just said it yourself." Yuga wore a smug grin. However, everyone suspected his crush on the gravity girl, it was a manner of putting two and two together. It was easy to make the boy admit it with just mentioning her name.

"Run along now, Midoriya-kun," said Yuga. "I can distract the boys while you're gone." He waved his hands. "C'mon! Run along now, my little bunny! Stop staring at me with those gorgeous eyes of yours!"

Izuku bowed humbly before heading out.

Yuga watched Izuku until he left the area. Once the coast was cleared, he walked toward the living area. As the guys were playing their video games, Aoyama stood in front of the television.

"What the hell, you fucking extra?!" barked Katsuki. "Get your wannabe French pretty boy ass out the way!"

Aoyama clicked his tongue. "Pauvres petits enfants!"

Katsuki cracked the controller. "I got your enfants, you bastard!"

Kirishima wasn't in the mood for a fight or involving Present Mic and Aizawa-sensei again so he told Sero to put the game on pause. Kirishima stared at Aoyama's cheeky grin. "Ok, Bro! You have our attention. What's going on?"

"Thanks, mon ami!" Aoyama stared at his peers. "Gentlemen and...Bakugou-garçon...As we speak, the eighth wonder of the world has happened."

"No time for rhetorics, Aoyama-kun," said Iida. "What are you implying?" Although Iida did not condone illegal gambling, he needed more supplies to aid him with his Remnant studies, thus wanting Aoyama to speed this up.

"Yeah, you're acting really sus here, man," Denki commented, "than usual!"

"Is it moi that is sus, OR, is our lovely lapin that is sus?"

"Lapin?" questioned Sero.

"He means rabbit, Sero-kun," replied Tenya. He then put his finger against the bridge of his glasses. "Rabbit? You mean…."

"Midoriya-kun himself," retorted Aoyama.

"What about the sissy? He finally stopped muttering?" asked Katsuki.

"I said a wonder, not a miracle, mon ami! A little birdie has told me that our garçon is becoming a monsieur," answered Yuga as he winked, causing a star to come out of his eye. "In other words, boys, he is out on a ddddaaattteeee~" he said melodically.

"Bullshit!" Kacchan shouted incredulously.

A little commotion was met when hearing fateful words.

Eijiro whistled loudly. "WHOOO! Where's the champagne?!" He grinned hypedly.

Denki nodded approvingly. "This is definitely Wabbit Season!"

"Bird finally gets the worm," commented Fumikage approvingly. "Or is it the rabbit who gets the carrot?"

Shouto remained quiet. Just nodding approvingly.

"And who is the lucky lady?" Hanta asked.

"All in due time, gentlemen! Midoriya-kun is right outside waiting for his beloved, at any moment we shall see the fair maiden cross the threshold towards the blossoms of romance!" Yuga declared over dramatically.

"It's Uraraka, right?" Shouto guessed. His tone was blunt.

"You're no fun," interjected the blond. "It's a perilous mystery of the human mind to play a wonder game of guess…."

"Time is literally money and we need to be quick before Present Mic or Aizawa-sensei shows," interjected Denki.

"As it is illegal to gamble on or near school grounds!" Iida added. "However, due to special circumstances, I don't mind making exceptions for the greater good of understanding Remnant citizens."

"Right…" Shouto rolled his eyes before turning to Aoyama. "So, it's Uraraka, right?" asked Shouto again.

"Why yes, yes she is! Quite perceptive, Todoroki-kun!" Aoyama confirmed, undisturbed.

"Pff! I'll believe it when I see it. No way he asked her out, he sucks at talking to girls!" Katsuki remained unconvinced.

"Dunno, Bakugou. He's been around the girls more lately, you all noticed." Denki commented.

Katsuki blew a raspberry. "So? He still can barely talk coherently to women." The explosive blond argued with a frown.

"Well then! If you need proof, then let's all wait until Uraraka passes through at any moment, and I assure you she will be dressed for the occasion." Yuga smiled confidently and took a seat on the couch. "Act natural, we don't want to scare the lovebirds, now don't we?" He said before drinking his tea again.

Kacchan scoffed. "This better be good." He crossed his arms.

Eijiro scratched under his chin. "Question, Aoyama! Why are you telling us this?"

Tenya raised his eyebrow, for he, too, became curious. "Yeah, Aoyama-kun! Knowing Midoriya-kun, I know he probably informed you with strict confidence."

The blond crossed his legs, grabbing his tea cup and sipped loudly. "Understand my notion when it comes to moi and loyalty." He began snickering. "Moi comes first! Moi loves himself! And plus, like Tony Montana said it best, "Moi trust moi!" He took another sip of his tea. He sighed heavily. "And, $25 saying that he is going to bomb this date!"

Katsuki reached into his pocket and slammed $50. "There isn't going to be a date because I know Uraraka isn't showing up. Point blank, period!" He smiled. "This is easy money!"

Eijiro placed $30 on the table. "I believe she will show and I think he will nail this date!"

Denki placed $20 on the table. "$20 as I bet he will be doing some nailing if you know I mean."

"You fucking extras!" Katsuki snarled. "There won't be a date because Uraraka isn't coming. And the only 'coming' I see Deku doing is on his own sheets!"

Fumikage placed $20 on the table. "$10 for Midoriya's success. The other $10 because I am smelling a lot of envy coming from the couch."

Hanta nodded in agreement. "Probably wishes he was in Deku's position."

Fumikage smiled. "Or Uraraka's." He whispered to Hanta.

"Die, bakas!" barked Katsuki.

Sometime earlier….

Ochako stood in front of the mirror. She wasn't sure if she was looking at herself or there was a model standing in her place.

She wanted to give Shinsou-san her props for getting her this dress. Only the Lord knows where she got this from, but it was worth every single cent. It was a black evening-style dress. Her shoes were black, clean, and shiny. Hitoshi was kind enough for her to borrow her pearl necklace.

As a bonus, Hitoshi even helped her with her makeup. To think that in a few minutes, she was going to bedazzle the masses. However, there was only one that she wanted to bedazzle and it was her little Rabbit-kun. A little too much maybe, but going the extra mile for her future husband and father of her children is worth it.

She just got off the phone with her parents and they wished her luck. In the future, they wanted to meet the boy who swept their daughter off their feet. Her mother was elated and her father...was a bit resistant at first but later understood the boy's pure intentions. However, he did mention to his daughter that if things were to go awry, then he wouldn't mind knocking the rabbit off his feet and into a pot and using his skin for gloves and shoes. She jested because she knew how much her father was a kidder. Oh! And how can she forget about her future mother in law? When Izuku decies to introduce her, she has to make her best impression to gain her blessing, after all she birthed the most beautiful creature in both Earth and Remnant, she has to pay her the most absolute of respects!

"Let's not get to ahead of ourselves Ochako, this is your first date with him, even if he is a man and a Faunus, I can't really expect him to 'take me home' on the first date, even if I really want- no- need that, I have to take it nice, slow and easy with him, he is precious and must be handled with care. One step at the time with my sweetie." She reminded herself of this important fact about her sweet, perfect, loveable DekuBun. "Once we officially become a couple, then we can focus on our families, for now, time to focus on the most important part, ensure I hold his heart!"

She had about an hour before the appointed time. As a surprise, neither said what they were going to wear. She pondered on what kind of outfit it would be. She often pondered if the Faunus were to dress in a tuxedo and mask like the character from one of her animes. A toss of a rose to signify his presence. The thought of coming for her heart and hymen….

"Stop, Ochako old girl. Can't get flustered...not now at least." The resourceful Hitoshi provided Ochako with breath mints, lip gloss...not lipstick (as Shinsou thinks lip gloss attracts a man better than lipstick), pepper spray (for safekeeping), and condoms. Hitoshi told her to expect the unexpected. "In case Deku-kun wants to explore your rabbit hole, make sure his Little Deku puts on a helmet. Safety first!"

A bit hypocritical since certain clinics in the Musutafu area knew Shinsou by name, nevertheless, it wasn't her business. She took a look in the mirror once more as she couldn't believe how gorgeous she was looking. Even better than Melissa Shield at the last party they attend at I-Island. Which is a total plus in her book, she is certain Deku-kun soaked in on her image, of course like the gentleman he was he didn't show it, but she knows that was the case! Just because she was blonde, smart and got along with him doesn't mean she could go flattering around her man! She may consider her a friend, but she better not show up around here until Izuku was Ochako's property!

"Now, now Ochako. No need to think of anything else except of Izuku and the night of fun we'll have~!" She thought to herself with a confident smile, she grabbed her matching purse (Given of course, by Shinsou.) which had all the essentials the purple-haired brainwasher teen gave her. Before dressing up she took a warm bath and brushed her teeth. She applied fancy perfume that was given to her by Shinso before checking herself in the mirror one more time to make sure not even a strand of hair was out of place.

"Gotta hand it to that Shinso-chan, she sure delivers…."

There was a knock at the door. Not an unusual thing as it was the weekend. However, what would be her excuse for her style of dress and departure? It took a lot to lie to Tooru about becoming her number one best friend. Although she sincerely cares for the invisible moe, there was no way on Earth or Remnant that no one could take Tsu-chan's place (despite that there is friendly fire between her and the other girls).

"Who is it?" asked Ochako aloud.

"It's Tooru-chan, Ochako…. I mean bestie!"

Ochako relaxed. She wasn't threatened. She can just say that she was going someplace and she can come up with an excuse so they can become super BFFs. "Poor, naive moe!"

She walked to the door and without even looking at the peephole, she opened the door.

"Look, Bestie…."

"You sly little bitch, ribbit!"

Ochako was stunned. Tsuyu stood in the dead center of the door. Circumventing Tsuyu were Kyouka, Tooru, and Mina.

"Shit…" Ochako knew she was screwed...

Mina hummed disappointingly. "Never abandon my sisters, she says. Never breaking the ties of a bond, she explains."

"If you were a vinyl record I didn't like, you would have been scratched, broken, or burned," said Kyoka as she stomped her foot disapprovingly.

"I don't know if I should use my tongue or my hand to slap your lying ass," said Tsuyu as she folded her arms as she looked at Ochako. "Tell me which one feels the worst!"

"H-h-h-hey, g-g-guys," said the nervous Ochako. Her body shivered slightly. "Surprised to see you all here." She was petrified. All wore the same expression - incandescent with rage. She should have known better than to trust Hagakure. Be that as it may, she was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"Nice dress," commented Mina. "Did it come from Trader Joe's Benedict Arnold collection?" She snapped her fingers. "I know! Was it the Judas Collection?"

"Uraraka's dress?" questioned Kyouka. "No way it came from that store." She scoffed. "She's broke as hell. The only way it came from that store was if she bought it at a thrift shop."

"You're giving her too much credit," retorted Hagakure. "Or is that the line that should be said from her parents' bank examiners and loan sharks?"

The daggering arrows of persecution were stunning the brunette. Guilt and conviction were clotting her veins. It didn't make sense as the girls would probably do the same thing if they were in her position. Nevertheless and undoubtedly, that was the kindness in her...even if they were acting like little cunts.

"Going somewhere, Uraraka, ribbit?" asked Tsuyu in a blunt tone. It wasn't often she would use Ochako's last name, thus showing how upset she was currently.

"Nowhere," giggled Ochako nervously. "I wasn't planning to do anything. Just trying out clothes."

The girls looked at each other before turning back to Ochako. "Liar!" the girls shouted.

"Try that again, ribbit," said Tsuyu.

"G-g-g-guys! I can explain," said Ochako panickedly. "I...I...was...was…"

"Nnnt!" barked Tooru. "Sorry, time's up! Say Tsu-chan, tell Uraraka what she's getting at door number one!"

"Guys," said Ochako. "Let me explain myself!"

"Nope! Not anymore, ribbit! We're sick of talking!" Tsuyu turned to the left. She snapped her fingers. "Moes…." Whenever Tsu-chan calls Momo 'Moes' and not the usual 'Yaomomo,' it meant that she was seriously angry, even if her face was only a small frown. Ochako did not like where this was going...

Ochako saw the girls separate when Momo entered the center, holding a fire extinguisher in her hand. She swallowed a lump in her throat. "Momo-chan? What's with the extinguisher?"

"You know Uraraka," said Momo. "The color of your dress matches very well with our aura - very ornery, angry, pissed off bitches!" She clicked on the lever of the extinguisher. Never did she think she would use vulgar words towards a dear friend. Her parents would kill her if they knew she used foul language. If they only knew her love for Izuku was deeper than the Mariana Trench. Deeper than the flames of hell. She would do anything to have Izuku's love, even if it meant ruining Ochako's chance of obtaining that love.

After all, all is fair in love and war.

"Momo, think about what you're doing!" said Ochako as she backed away.

"Moes! Cleanse this whorish wretch of her sins, ribbit," said Tsuyu.

Before Ochako could spit a vowel or a consonant, she was impacted by the force of the extinguisher as it hit her.

"Repent! Repent!" The girls cackled in haughty laughter.

Ochako fell backward to the floor. Momo continued pelting Ochako with the fire extinguisher until it was spent.

Momo clicked the lever, confirming that it was empty.

The girls coughed as they, too, were receiving the dust. After waiting for the cloud to settle, they saw that the entire room was covered.

Ochako was lying down on the ground, completely covered in dust.

"You know what, guys," said Tooru. "At least it gives her wishful thinking on what Izuku would have done to her."

Tsuyu nodded in agreement. "You're right, ribbit. On the wish and the thinking." She turned to Mina. "Got the rope, ribbit?"

"You know it," said Mina while giggling.

"Tooru-chan! Yaomomo! Get Uraraka and take her to Mina-chan's room, ribbit," said Tsuyu as she balled her fists and cracked them. "We're gonna get some answers or else we are really going to be fitted for dresses for her funeral." "You are definitely a bag of sand filled with holes. It's obvious that you're going out on a date. Thankfully, Tooru-chan was kind enough to explain to us what you were planning to do, ribbit. Sorry, Uraraka baby, but Izuku's mine and I wish skanks like you would stop me, ribbit!"

Ochako wasn't sure if she was in a dorm or at the police station. The sound of radio scanners, the scent of coffee and donuts, and the one hanging light that one would see in an interrogation room on television was present. There, sitting dead center in Mina's dorm was Ochako - dress ruined, hair ruined, and by the way the girls were going at it, her night could possibly become ruined.

They have taken her purse, apparently as evidence. She couldn't move as she was bound by rope on a chair. She wanted to speak but Yaoyorozu decided to duct tape her mouth. Now, this was becoming borderline kidnapping.

"Okay, who's going to be the good cop or bad cop?"

"I think I should be the good cop!"

"You?! You doused Uraraka! Good is definitely not in your vocabulary!"

"You're the one to talk, Stool Pigeon! Plus, snitches get stitches!"

"Or end up in ditches, ribbit!"

"So, a gal can't inform her friends when there is a traitor in the mist."

"What's the point of making that silly pact?"

"Wasn't my idea, ribbit! It was gonna be a snatch and grab!"

"Or a hit and run!"

"Whatever, ribbit! Mina-chan, good cop! Momo-chan, bad cop! Tooru-chan, hold the flashlight! Kyouka-chan, cue in suspense music whenever appropriate!"

"'Law and Order: SVU" or "CSI?""

'Whichever does that 'dun dun' sound!"

"Gotcha, Tsu-chan!"

Ochako became bewildered as the flashlight began shining on the teen, blinding her vision. She hissed in pain as the duct tape was painfully removed from her mouth."Guys, stop this!" She coughed, still coughing up dust from earlier. "This is getting ridiculous!"

"Like you don't know what being ridiculous is like, you little bitch!" It was Momo that was speaking. Obviously, she was playing the role of bad cop. The brunette was shocked that everyone was sporting police uniforms. Momo was even holding an e-cigarette in her hand.

"Excuse my partner, Uraraka." It was Mina that was speaking next. "Yaoyorozu has dealt with so much lately. Being on the beat is a real bitch. Hope you can understand."

"Guys! This is becoming, like, so weird…" Ochako was getting creeped out, more because when did all of them change? Or why are they role-playing? And did Momo always have a bitchy side or she's just good at getting into character?

Momo blew smoke in her face. "I'll be the one to ask you the questions." She blew more smoke onto her face. "There has been a lot of heat going on and I need answers, punk!"

"What?" questioned Ochako.

Momo slammed the table loudly. "I need names, you little punk!"

Mina interjected. "My partner has seen a lot. Murders, homicides, children crying and mothers dying…."

"Holy Dio," responded Tsuyu frustratingly. "Tooru-chan, hit the lights on me. Let me speak!"

Tooru did as directed. Ochako saw as Tsuyu pulled a toothpick out of her mouth as she was wearing sunglasses. She approached the table. "Alright, Uraraka, ribbit! You are in a lot of trouble."

"A lot of trouble!" shouted Momo.

"A crime was committed. A serious crime indeed," exclaimed Tsuyu.

"Serious crime!" shouted Momo, slamming the table with her fist.

" this part when I insert the 'dun dun' sound?" questioned Kyouka. She was holding her phone that was connected to a bluetooth speaker

"Ochako Uraraka, can you explain where you were earlier this morning around twelve, one o'clock? Ribbit," questioned Tsuyu.

"…" Ochako tried to speak until Momo reached over and slapped her face.

"Wrong answer, scum!"

"Ouch!" cried Ochako.

Tsuyu hissed from that. "Jesus, Momo-chan!"

Momo blushed. "Sorry, Tsu-chan! Got a little carried away."

"No! As in I am the one that slaps her! Ribbit!" Tsuyu said as she slapped Ochako's face.

"Ouch!" cried Ochako. "That really hurts!"

"Well, it hurts when you lie to the law. Now answer the question, damnit," barked Tsuyu, slamming both hands on the table.

"Holy Esdeath in heaven, they make terrible cops!" Tooru was thinking to herself as she was watching the interrogation becoming more awkward.

"Aww, poor baby! Care for a tissue?" It was Mina that was speaking. Obviously she was faking being nice.

"Care for a tissue?" questioned Momo. "She needs to tell the truth or we will give her 25 years in getting-pounded-in-the-ass prison!" She slammed the table. "Would you like that, Uraraka?!" She hissed at her.

Ochako swallowed a lump in her throat. "25 years?!"

Momo put her finger to her lip. "Did I say, 25? I meant to say 100 years. And plus, there are plenty of girls that would love to get a taste of that sweet nectar you call a pussy, Uraraka!. Pardon my blaccent, but they will definitely fuck with you the long way." She glared at her. "Do I make myself clear?"

Ochako yelped in fear until she realized that she was getting caught in this stupid game of theirs. "Okay, girls. Can you please stop with this weird game and let me go already?" She frowned impatiently at them, who knows how much she has until the appointed time to meet with Deku!

"Hmm. You sound in a hurry. What do you say gals, does she sound sus to you?" Mina glanced at Tsuyu and Momo.

"Very sus, indeed, Mina-chan." Tsuyu nodded in agreement as she lowered her sunglasses. Momo also nodded in agreement. "Where's the fire, Ochako-chan? Do you have plans for tonight, like oh I don't know... " She suddenly slammed her hands on the table and got up close to the brunette's face. "Your date with Izu-chan, maybe?!" She accused with visible anger.

"Huh?! N-no! You're wrong!" Ochako moved her head back as much as possible. She was sweating bullets.

Momo slammed her hand furiously on the table. "Liar! We know that's what you're up to! Admit it, you piece of shit!" She barked as she reached out and grabbed her and shook her.

"Calm down, partner. We don't need to get physical unless necessary." Mina put a hand on her shoulder. "We'll get the truth outta her."

Momo growled as she hashly let go of Ochako

" this part I insert the 'dun dun' sound again?" questioned Kyouka.

"Dammit, Kyouka-chan! You never saw police shows?!" Mina barked at Kyouka.

"I'm a sixteen year old Japanese teenager who engages in punk rock. What do you think?" Kyouka told Mina matter-of-factly. "I like the group the Police, not the actual bacon boys!"

"My arms are starting to hurt from holding the flashlight," cried Tooru. She turned to Kyouka. "Let's switch, Kyouka-chan!"

"Heck no," said Kyouka. "A job's a job!"

"My arms hurt," cried Tooru.

"Do you question those things whenever we are interning?"


"Then, okay! Now hold the flashlight, flashlight holder!"

"Okay, okay, fine," said Tooru. "Jackass!"

Tsuyu facepalmed. "If you two stop, can we please focus on making this cunt spill the beans?" She pointed at Ochako, who wore an annoyed frown.

"You guys suck at role-playing." Said the gravity girl.

"Hey! The suspect has no right to say that, so only speak when spoken to!" Mina shouted at her angrily.

"Mina! I'm the bad cop, remember?" Momo whispered to her.

"Right, right. Sorry, got OOC for a moment." The pink girl apologized before taking a deep breath to calm herself and taking her seat again. "Now, you say that you don't have a date with Izuku tonight, right? Then can you explain why you are fixed up for a night in the city, huh?" She asked her with an air of calm sternness.

"I told you, I was just trying out my new dress that you guys oh so kindly ruined! Can a girl dress for herself?!" Ochako was furious at how her dress got messed up.

The pink girl pursed her lips as she hummed briefly. "Really now? In that case then, you won't mind if we take a look at your purse, just to check your alibi." Mina was passed Ochako's purse by Momo, which was inside a plastic bag that read: 'Evidence #1'. Ochako paled as she swallowed the lump in her throat. "Let's see here…" She took the purse from the bag and opened and brought out the contents. "Breath mints, never hurts to have fresh breath; Lip Gloss, nothing wrong to pretty yourself a bit; Pepperspray, you never know what sort of creep might try to come at you outta nowhere; And last and most importantly…" She put out all of the items on the table before she brought out the last. "...A pack of condoms, thinking about having a fun night, are we?" She added with a frown before throwing the package near the nervous Ochako.

"Um… It's, uh, not what it looks like?"

"Then, um…. it's, uh, not what it looks like," said Momo mockingly. "A pack of gum? Hmm?"

"Rubber Bands?" asked Mina.

"Mini-gloves for your padded fingers? Ribbit," questioned Tsuyu.

"C'mon!" exclaimed Ochako. "Isn't it more important to be safe than sorry? Plus, remember what Kayama-sensei told us, 'no glove, no love!'"

"You do know you are getting advice from a woman who shops for daily specials on Adam & Eve and Victoria Secret, right?," said Kyouka plainly.

"And has Pro Hero Hawks and Aizawa-sensei as top contacts on her cell phone," said Tooru. "Under the category - Hot & Ready!"

"Wait. How do you know that?" asked Kyouka.

"Invisible, duh! I might be bubbly and cute, but I can be quite nosey," retorted Tooru with a mischievous tone.

Kyouka made a mental note to be a bit more cautious during her private time.

"Ahem!" Tsuyu fake coughed on her fist. "Anyway, before you're thinking of further denying the illicit act, we have Officer Hagakure here as an eye-witness of you trading with smuggler Hitoshi Shinso after midnight today. Ribbit."

"That's true, I saw her with Shinso-chan! The suspect gave her money in exchange for a bag with unknown contents. I also saw Shinso-chan sneaking in and out of the dorms through the suspect's balcony earlier before we apprehended her." Tooru confirmed.

"Thank you for your testimony, officer." Tsuyu nodded at her in gratitude.

"Shit, I'm in trouble now…!" Ochako cursed as she didn't count on Tooru's unparalleled stealth skills to spy on her.

"And judging by your low-budget, the obviously expensive dress, purse and perfume we found in your room, we know those were what Shinso gave you." Mina carried on as she brought in another plastic bag that read: 'Evidence #2', that had Ochako's perfume in it. The pink-skinned girl wiggled the bag teasingly.

"You searched my room?!" Ochako asked both shocked and enraged.

"Duh, ribbit. It's the crime scene." Tsuyu replied matter-of-factly.

"You didn't even ask for my consent!" shouted Ochako.

She was met with another slap from Momo. "These five fingers are my consent! And they are the law and order that runs this bureau!"

Tsuyu pulled Momo back. "Alright, let's keep it at two-slap limit. Technically, what we are doing is not legal and the louder she is, the unwanted attention we attract, ribbit!"

"Fine, fine! Sorry!" Momo said to Tsuyu. "Anyway, another piece to the puzzle. Evidence #3, the cell phone." She brought another plastic bag with Ochako's cell phone.

"No! No! That's private!" Ochako barked at the girls.

"It wasn't hard to determine her password," said Momo as she took the cell phone out of the bag. "0712. The birth months of Izuku and hers." She opened up Ochako's phone and clicked on the message app. "Ladies and ladies, these are the messages exchanged between her and Izuku!" She was humming as she read the messages."Both of them spoke of their excitement for a movie and pizza night that would start at 7 PM, which is in 15 minutes. And let's not forget the messages with an unknown number to set a time and meeting place, obviously Shinso-san." She clicked her tongue.

"I think this case is all but closed. Ribbit, that's as good as a confession to me. Now that we have confirmed what we already knew of..." Tsuyu said before slamming her hands on the table and getting up close with the guilty. "You're going to the brigg, you filth!" She shouted at her in the face. "And by that I mean leaving you tied up here as punishment for breaking the pact." She got back with a more normal tone.

"W-wait, girls! You're right, I do have a date with Deku-kun. I was going to tell you, I swear!" Ochako said with pleading eyes.

"Yeah, I bet you were. The day after so you can rub in all of our faces while you reek of your mixed up juices." Mina frowned at her.

"If only you kept our pact then we would leave you trying to win Izuku over, but no! You have to be a smug haughty slut." Kyouka also frowned at her.

"Bad, Ochako-chan, very bad." Tooru shook her head, disappointed.

"It's bad enough that you didn't trust this to us, your friends, but also that you had to betray our friendship, to me, your best friend and tried to trick poor Tooru-chan here, that's the worst part. Ribbit. That hurt me a lot, Ochako-chan." Tsuyu frowned at her as she rested her hand on her chest.

"C'mon, guys! I'm sorry! Can you please let me go? I'm gonna be late!" Ochako pleaded.

"Nope! You broke the pact, so you must pay the consequences!" Said the invisible girl

"Poor, poor Ochako! Unfortunately for you, the UA Police Department is saying your plans are permanently derailed. In other words, fucked!" Tsuyu turned to Tooru. "Tooru, make your magic on cancelling this date!"

"You wouldn't! Stop! No, don't!" Ochako cried to Momo.

"Aww, don't worry, Ochako baby," interjected Mina. "After consoling him on his cancelled date, I can swoop in and rescue him. Then later." She paused, creating fake moans. "No, Izuku! Don't stop hitting that sweet spot!"

"Hold the phone, Pinky! Why should it be you?" Kyouka asked with jealousy in her tone.

"Yeah! I'm the one who busted her and told you guys! I should be the one to have a go with Izu-kun!" Tooru injected, waving her arms frantically.

"Excuse me? Ribbit. I'm the one who planned all of this to deal with that traitorous bitch, if anyone deserves a reward it's me." Tsuyu pointed at herself with a thumb.

"Nu-uh! If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have known! I deserve this more than you!" Tooru argued back.

"Please! I'm the one who told you to tell the others, Ribbit!" The frog girl argued back.

"If anything, it should be me," said Momo. "I was the one who made the fire extinguisher, bought all of the police supplies with my money. How were you guys gonna get a confession without my funds? Plus, Izuku deserves the lavishness of a fine delectation of a meal. Not a 2 for 1 coupon at a burger joint, cheap-o's!" She argued.

"Oh. So just because you're a rich chode, you think you got privileges now, do ya?" Mina barked at her. "Besides we didn't really need all of that, this whole cop stuff was to have fun with Ochako while wasting her time and you know it!"

"Excuse me?!" Momo did not like being called like this. "Who are you calling a chode, the shit stain of Majin Buu?

"Does anybody else in here smell of seared salmon and raw shrimp? Hmm?" Mina shot back at Momo.

"Look who's talking, Miss Spare-Me-Extra-Panties-Cause-I Ruined-Mines." Kyouka interjected.

"I know Keloid Ears isn't talking shit," interjected Mina. "Don't you have a date with a notepad and a shotgun, Nirvana Killjoy?!"

"How dare you!" shouted Kyouka.

"Dare to learn how to carry a tune because what you call music, raccoons and possums in trash cans sound better than you!"

"At least I didn't make a mess in the bathroom stall so bad that a hazmat team had to take care of it!" Kyouka barked back.

"Hazmat, huh? One word. Two syllables - Den-ki!"

"What about him?"

"Don't be cute. Kaminari told me everything that happened after school that day. Does dry hump ring a bell?"

Kyouka turned beet red. The nerve of that pink bitch and the nerve of tattle-tailing bastard.

Tooru clicked her tongue. "Some popcorn is needed right now," she said while giggling.

Mina turned her head at Tooru. "I see you, Tooru-chan!"

"You see me?" questioned Tooru.

"No, I was saying you will see ICU if you continue to instigate. Because for you, disappearing is quite easy. Anybody can throw clothes on a chair and say it's you," said Mina.

"You're about to unsee a fist into your eye," shouted Tooru to Mina. "A hazmat team won't be needed, but a coroner's office will be needed to wipe and pick up your pieces!"

"Fuck you, Hagakure!" shouted Mina.

"Unfortunately, I am not one of your uncles. What's the matter? Feeling lonely," said Tooru teasingly.

"Ooh…! That's it!" Mina then shot her Acid from her right palm at the invisible girl, who ducked to avoid it. However it hits Momo in the face, lucky the potency was reduced so it was only like a goopy lemonade.

"Aah! My eyes!" The raven-haired girl cried in pain as she wiped away the goopy substance from her way, it sting a lot!

"Oh my gosh! Sorry, Yaomomo, that wasn't for you, it was for Tooru!" Mina quickly apologized.

Kyouka then burst into laughter. "I bet that's not the short of cloudy goop you were expecting, eh Yaomomo? Still, the look suits you well, the look of a slut!" She snickered at her.

Momo removed the goop from her eyes and glared as she growled enraged with her reddened eyes. She created a metal staff from her arm and rushed at her! "I got something hard and sturdy for your stinking ass!"

Kyouka was caught off guard when Momo lunged onto her at a high rate of speed, causing them to crash where Ochako was positioned.

The chair snapped from the back legs, causing her to fall on her back. However, the rope became loose enough in order to give her the advantage.

"Oh, God," she muttered as she was managing to get up. She watched as her best friends were fighting each other - Kyouka and Momo were fighting, Mina and Toru began battling; Tsuyu tried to leave before being pulled by Mina and Toru.

She looked at the clock. She was ten minutes late. Can she go like this? She was dirty, her dress was ruined, and her hair was unkempt. Nevertheless, a promise was a promise. She gathered her things from the 'evidence' table and returned them to her purse. Taking the chance that everyone was distracted, she jumped off from Mina's balcony and used her Zero Gravity to quickly return to her room.

"Okay, okay, don't panic Ochako! I'm late, but I can still make it if I hurry!" She rushed to her wardrobe. "Lucky, I'm a prepared woman. Somehow I knew I wouldn't go to my sweet DekuBun's arms without running into issues." She brought out her old dress. "I didn't want to use this one, but it'll have to do. *Groans* Maybe Mom can do something about this one?" She glanced at her ruined dress before shaking her head off. "That would be for later, gotta hurry!" She quickly changed her clothes and went to check herself in the mirror "Okay! This pretty good! *Groans* But no time to properly do my hair…!" She had shaken off the dust from the fire extinguisher and changed her dress, the problem was that her hair was a brown messy bush and she was nearly 15 minutes late! She brushed her hand over her hair, tidying it up a little. "Not much, but it'll do. The others didn't rush through the door again, so they didn't notice that I left yet, I can make it! Wait for me Izuku!" She grabbed her purse and rushed out of her room.

She hoped and prayed that he was still there.

"Hell," shouted Mina. "Sensei is gonna kick our ass." The dorm was in a disarray. Walls splattered in acid, destroyed furniture, and the door to her balcony was wide open. Mina was rubbing the soreness on her arms. She saw Tooru lying on the ground with little birds flying around her head. Momo was slumped over at the computer desk with her head against the shattered computer monitor. Tsuyu was lying on the bed with a black eye.

This was a disaster. Their interrogation caused them to turn against each other. They didn't go anywhere with the possibility of them going to see a doctor (because going to Recovery Girl would be trouble). To make matters worse, their prime suspect was gone...thanks to the opened door to the balcony as proof.

Mina approached the dazed Tsuyu on the bed. "Tsu! Tsu-chan, wake up!"

Tsuyu's tongue was lying on her face. She was panting loudly.


"How many times I have to tell you. I'm not from 63rd, ribbit!" Her eyes were swirls like in anime.

Mina felt bad for doing this, but by any means necessary.


Tsuyu immediately shot up. "Ouch! What the hell, you little bitch!"

"Sorry, Tsu-chan! You were literally out of it."

"Yeah, I was." Tsuyu punched her shoulder.

"Ouch!" Mina cried out.

"Because of you, I have a black eye, ribbit!" Tsuyu sat up on the bed. She began surveying the damage. "Man! I think now will be a good time to contact Momo-chan's people before Monday. Or else, all of us will be holding pails of water until graduation."

"Or worse, house arrest." Momo spoke as she returned to the living. She felt a sharp pain coming from the back of head. She turned to the source. Static was flying out of the computer monitor. "Damn, were we that rough toward each other?"

"Yeah, I guess so, ribbit," said Tsuyu.

"Kayama-sensei was right. Love will make anyone crazy," said Mina.

"Even to the point in which we turned against each other." It was Tooru that spoke. She stood up, still feeling the pain on her legs. "God, I need to lay off the sweets after working out."

"Is everybody okay," asked Mina.

"Yeah," said Tooru.

"Yeah, ribbit," said Tsuyu.

"Fine," said Momo.

Mina paused when she noticed something else was missing. "Hey, where's Kyouka-chan?"


Each girl turned when they noticed the huge hole in the wall, probably due to the acid from Mina. Kyouka staggered as she walked out of the hole and into the adjacent dorm, which happened to be Tooru's. "What in the Kotonoha?"

"Aww, my room!" The invisible girl wailed in dismay when seeing the damages to her stuff.

"Can't even tell you, Kyouka-chan," said Mina. She whistled as she was seeing the damage. "Yaomomo?"

"Say no more. I'll have Mom's people to come by tomorrow to survey and fix any damages. Things will be good as new before Mon…."

The sound of a damaged ceiling collapsed from the neighboring room.

"I'll call now," said Momo as she reached for the cell phone.

Mina groaned frustratingly. Not only was her room destroyed, the dorm room next door was destroyed, and the dorm room above it, which happened to belong to Mineta!

Mina panickedly looked at Momo. "Please hurry, Yaomomo!"

"On it." She made the call to her mother.

"And what if someone comes and sees all of this?" Tooru asked worriedly.

"We'll say that you guys are making renovations." Tsuyu replied, keeping her cool. "As for Mineta-chan's room we'll say that the…."

"I don't know," interjected Mina. "Did Mineta ever have a room?"

"Who is this Minoru Mineta you speak of?" asked Kyouka.

"I thought he stayed in the dumpsters beside Heights Alliance," said Momo. "Along with his rodent and vermin friends."

"You're sure it wasn't an utility closet or something?" asked Tooru.

The girls shared a laugh for a moment. "Okay, but seriously, we'll say that the renovations caused an accident, ribbit." Tsuyu said with a more serious tone.

"Sounds good." Mina and the rest nodded in agreement.

"All right, Mom says that she'll send people here soon and have everything ready in several hours." Momo informed.

"You both can tuck in with me and Yaomomo for the time being." Kyouka said to Tooru and Mina.

"Thanks guys!" Tooru thanked them cheerfully and Mina nodded with the same expression.

The pink girl then cleared her throat. "Now that everyone is accounted for and we have the damages covered, we need to address the elephant in the room or rather, the lack thereof." Mina declared. Everyone was confused for a second.

"Oh shit! Ochako escaped!" Kyouka shouted, her eyes as wide as saucers and the rest was about the same.

"Damn, she must have fled through the balcony in the middle of the tussle." Momo deduced it by looking at the open door to Mina's balcony.

"Nice work, you pink idiot!" Tooru snarled at her.


"Yeah, you! Because of you starting this whole fiasco, my room is a wreck AND Ochako-chan is probably on Izu-kun's lap about now!"

"You little-!"

"Ladies, ladies, calm down!" Tsuyu got in the middle of them. "This is not time to get at each other's throats. As we just learned, we can cause a lot of damage if we let our violent impulses take control and God knows what will happen if we let it loose again, so we all need to keep our head cool. Ribbit." She added in a stern, yet calm tone to ease them.

"...Yeah, you're right." Tooru calmed down. Mina nodded in agreement. "Sorry for accusing you, Mina-chan. I got carried away." She apologized.

"It's okay. We all got carried away." Mina shrugged it off.

"I'll say. It's unnerving, actually. We all are going yandere because of that sexy bunny." Kyouka wore a concerned look on her face.

"It'll be okay, we can worry about that later. For now let's focus on cockblocking that betraying bitch of Ochako-chan. Ribbit." Tsuyu replied.

"I agree with Tsu-chan." Momo agreed. "Fortunately it's only been 15 minutes past 7 and no way she would rush to Izuku looking like a mess. She must have gone to change and if we hurry we might catch her in time!" Her tone was hurrying.

"Then, what are we waiting for!? Let's get 'er!" Mina declared.

"Yeah!" All girls shouted in unison before rushing out of the room at high speeds.

"It's been 15 minutes. Round Face ain't showing, so pay up bitches!" Kacchan declared with a thrupham smile. All of the guys still sat on the couch and watched TV as they waited to see if Uraraka showed up.

"Impatient as always, Bakugou-kun. It's clear that you don't understand the fairer sex in terms of properly getting ready for an important event." Yuga replied as he drank his tea.

"Pff! Of course you say that, wannabe Frenchie, you're even sissier than Deku." The explosive teen insulted him.

"If me liking to take care of my own appearance makes me a sissy as you say, then I confess being guilty of the charges." The French blond was unfazed by the insult. "And as I was about to say, dear Uraraka must still be getting ready, an unexpected delay happened or she just decided to be fashionably late, to pull the heartstrings of our lapine, mon ami." He added.

"Oh please!" Kacchan frowned incredulously.

"No, no. He's got a point." Eijiro pointed at Aoyama. "Girls like to take their sweet time when getting ready."

"And women like to play with men when they want to." Said Minoru bitterly. He shivered when he remembered his internship with Mt. Lady.

Then the guys heard quick steps approaching. "Ah, look who's coming." Yuga said smugly, the rest of the boys turned and saw Ochako rushing through the living room and to the main door.

"..." There was a pregnant silence in the room.

"See? What did I tell you?" Aoyama said victoriously as he finished his cup of tea. Then the rest of the guys shot themselves at the window and saw that Uraraka was rushing towards Midoriya, who sat on a nearby bench.

Right outside….

Izuku sat down on the bench in front of Heights Alliance. The sun was beginning to set and the temperatures were cooling down. A cool breeze gave him a chill in his sweaty shirt. He received a text from Ochako about being a few minutes late, citing a wardrobe malfunction and needing a quick change of clothes. Izuku understood, recalling the umpteen times his mother would change clothes before going out with his father.

"Hey, De...Izuku! Sorry that I am late!"

Izuku looked up to see his date, she was rushing quickly. Immediately, his mouth became agape. She looked simple. She looked pretty. Just simple and pretty. He remembered that dress from the party at I-Island. He tried recalling if he had complimented her on the dress or her appearance. Either way, it didn't hurt reminding the brunette. Her hair was a little rattled up, but he didn't care. She was beautiful as she always was in his eyes.

He stood up. "Urar...Ochako!, my God, you are…."

Ochako began to blush, with her cheeks becoming a rosy red. "You're sweet. Especially when you're muttering."

"Well, eh hehe. Sorry, I get like this when I'm with the most beautiful girl in the world." Izuku replied with a shy smile as he rubbed the back of his head bashfully.

"Aww, Izuku~" She smiled happily. Izuku was so sweet with her even she's looking like a mess and she couldn't be any happier. "And you are the cutest and most handsome boy in the whole universe~!" She said bubbly.

Izuku blushed deeply at this. His ears twitched. His tail began to shake furiously. Then it hit him - the rose!

He swallowed the lump in his throat. "This is for you. A beautiful flower, for another" He extended the rose to Uraraka. He surprised himself with how that came out, but he won't complain of his sudden confidence.

Her eyes were sparkling as she accepted Izuku's gift for her. She placed it on her rose. "Smells lovely. Thank you"

"You're welcome." Izuku nodded happily.

Ochako walked over to him. She pressed her face toward him and kissed him on the cheek.

Izuku's mind was becoming like a train engine. Steam was coming out of his ears. He was riding on Cloud Nine. Ochako didn't even realize she was floating a couple of inches off the ground.

"Well, Ochako! Ready to go to the movies?"

She nodded. "Definitely. As long as it isn't a movie involving cops, kidnappings or betraying friends at all."

He laughed. "It won't. I was thinking Demon Slayer Mugen Train is up our alley." He really wanted to see that movie, it's the rage all over Japan these days.

"Ooh, I heard it's amazing!" Ochako was looking forward to that as well. "Shall we go?"

"Yeah! Let's!"

Ochako decided to take the opportunity to take his hand. "Oh, my God! It's so soft! Like a baby bunny rabbit! My baby bunny rabbit!" She was turning beet red. Out of the blue, she decided to kiss him on the cheek again.

Only this time, she wanted the entire 1-A class to witness this moment as they were heading along their way.

At the same time back inside…

Most of the guys were wide-eyed and agape. "Ahh… Young love, isn't it something beautiful?" Yuga said as he stood alongside his classmates with a pleased smile.

"He did it! Madlad went and finally did it!" Denki grinned.

"About time." Shouto wore a tiny smile. Mashirao, Rikido, Fumikage, Mezou and Minoru nodded in approval

"Woo-hoo! Let's bring out the champagne to celebrate!" Eijiro grinned hyped as he threw his arms up.

"It's happening… It's finally happening… I knew they were meant to be!" Tenya cried as he clenched his right fist dramatically. His ship is finally sailing!

"I'll be his best man and name their firstborn." Shouto said bluntly.

"Eh? No way! I'm his best and also Uraraka-kun's! I have the right to be Midoriya-kun's best man and be their child's godparent!" Tenya argued as he chopped the air.

"I'm Midoriya's best friend." Shouto argued back, not changing his expression.

"C'mon dudes! We all know BakuBro is DekuBro's best friend, he should be his best man and their little kid's godparent!" Eijiro interjected as he surrounded the explosive blond with his right arm. "Don't worry bro, I'll help you out with planning the bachelor party and everything." He turned to him with a grin.

"Ass and tities! Wet t-shirt contests at the bachelor party. Alcohol and foreign women for everybody," cried Mineta happily. "Neko babes dressed as maids!" He wiped his eyes as tears continued to fall. "God bless America!"

"We're so in for that, bros!" Denki agreed with him.

"We're in Japan, you putz," commented Fumikage. "But um...add me in...for observation!"

"Ah, Tokoyami. I knew you were one of us! A man of culture." Denki put a hand on his shoulder.

"We've been waiting for you, our broodying cultured brother." Mineta smiled pleasingly.

"Like hell I would make a shitty bachelor party for that fucking virgin!" Kacchan shouted angrily as he slapped away Kirishima's hand. "And stop acting like deranged shippers, will ya?! Besides, it's obvious that Uraraka asked him out for pity or whatever reason and more obviously that Shitty Deku will screw it over somehow!" He ranted as he was pissed off.

"I doubt it, Midoriya looks to be doing good." Fumikage pointed at the window as the others saw that Izuku wasn't shaking like a leaf like he would have normally done, or anything of his usual mannerism.

"Yeah, he even gave her a rose. Going in for those romantic points." Denki interjected as he wiggled his eyebrows.

"Pff! He couldn't be more obvious and cheesy." Kacchan argued.

"Stop all that hating, Bakugou! Mad because you got to beat your dick every night?" said Mineta.

"Yeah man, can't you be happy for him even once?!" Denki frowned.

"You're just jealous that Midoriya has a date and you don't." Shouto said serenely.

"Fuck off, Shitty Halves! I already have a girl!"

"Your hand doesn't count."

"No, you asshole! I mean Camie!" Kacchan stated.

"Wait. That Utsushimi girl, from the provisional license exam?" Shouto and the others were taken aback by this statement.

"Bullshit! No way you scored that hottie!" Mineta shouted at him incredulously.

"She may look like a bimbo, no way she ain't that stupid!" Denki did the same.

"Not that I don't believe you can get a girlfriend, but, do you have proof?" Eijiro asked him.

Katsuki smirked as he brought out his phone. "How's this for bullshit?" Wore a confident smile as he showed a picture of Camie Utsushimi coming out of the shower and with a towel covering her front, showing a lot of her cleavage. The picture read: Miss you, Kacchan baby~.

"..." There was another pregnant silence.

"Okay, spill it, Bakugou! What sort of dirty secret do you have of her?!" Denki accused her.

"You're extorting her, aren't you?! Admit it!" Minoru accused him as he cried tears of blood.

Kacchan blew a raspberry. "As if! We started dating after we retake our exam. Tell 'em Todoroki, you were there. You saw how Camie and I got along." He glanced at the icy hot teen.

"I remember she made you laugh. But that doesn't explain how it went from that to her sending you nude pics of her." Shouto replied. "How do we if you didn't pay her for that picture?"

"Hmph! That's cause you didn't see what happened after that. Don't remember that I was gone for awhile before we both came back? Guess what happened." Katsuki kept his grin.

There was yet another pregnant silence as everyone put two and two together. "...You're lying." Shouto refused to believe it.

"Yeah! now that's bullshit!" Denki shouted furiously at him.

"It's freaking impossible!" Minoru still cried tears of blood.

"Oh you don't believe me? Figured as much so I got a picture of when it happened. I can show you right now!" Kacchan replied.

"I speak for everyone when I say- OH MY GOD!" Tenya tried to stop him, but Bakugou showed them a selfie of himself receiving a blowjob from Camie. The brunette looked delighted and made peace signs. Katsuki in his picture wore a confident smirk.

"Now you believe, you fucking naysayers?" Katsuki smirked triumphantly as most of the others were jaw dropped

"She looks like she's enjoying it…" Hanta muttered.

"And she isn't puking her guts out…" Fumkage did the same.

"WHY?!" Both Denki and Minoru shouted in dismay.

"Because once Camie had a taste of all of this, she couldn't get enough! She fucking loved it and call me Daddy! She can be a bimbo when she wants and I freaking love it and lemme tell ya, those soft, plum, glossy lips of hers? Holy shit, she's a pro with those. Heh, shame you'll never feel it for yourselves, losers! Because those along with all of her are mine! We're already arranging our next date!" Bakugou replied smugly. "And if you don't believe me, I got more of these pictures of us together along with many other nude pics of her and a long text conversation, you wanna see them?" He added.

"You know what? I think you got the point across." Shouto wore a slight frown.

"Aww, what's wrong, Icy hot? Sad cause you still spend nights creaming your sheets over Ponytail?" Kacchan teased him.

Shouto flinched slightly and his cheeks barely reddened. "I don't know what you're talking about." He glanced to the side.

"Heh! Who's the jealous prick now, huh?"

"Why are we still here…? Just to suffer…?" Denki was crying as he was on all fours.

"God has abandoned us…" Minoru was the same.

"Uhh… Well then! Congrats for getting a girlfriend, bro! Huge props!" Eijiro patted his back with a happy grin. "Although, why have you never said anything about it before? You could at least tell me." He felt a little hurt that one of his best friends didn't tell him anything about this any sooner.

"Naw don't be a baby about it, Kirishima. You know I like to keep my stuff for myself. Besides, why do I need to rub off my sexy girlfriend on these extras' faces?" Bakugou replied plainly.

"Right, I get it… You'll let me be your best man and your kid's godfather, right?" The hardening teen asked him.

"We'll see 'bout that." Kacchan pocketed his hands and shrugged.

Tenya recovered from the shock and cleared his throat. "Um, now then everyone. Since we've confirmed Aoyama-kun's claim, I'd say that we should carry on with our activities, no need to eavesdrop on Midoriya-kun and Uraraka-kun's date." He said to the guys, his face still profusely red.

"Sure, but you guys gotta pay me, Kaminari, Kirishima and Tokoyami here." Hanta smirked.

"Hold on, mon ami. While it is true that the lady has shown up, meaning that Bakugou-kun's bet is lost, it's still too early to call it off. I still believe that their first date won't go as smoothly as you think." Yuga interjected confidently.

"Tsk!" Katsuki threw his head to the side.

"And also, Sero," interjected Eijiro. "You didn't put in on this! So I don't owe you anything."

"Actually, guys! We didn't really establish clear cut boundaries about this," retorted Tenya. "Yes, a bet was made about Uraraka-kun going with Midoriya-kun. However, we are not sure about the date as it is currently in progress."

"So, what are you saying?" questioned Sero.

"Call me Mr. Frizzle." Tenya took off his glasses. "For I'm thinking about conducting a little field trip...for observation and the sure safety of our dear classmates."

"What?" said the boys in a stunned voice.

"But what about not wanting to eavesdrop on their date?" Eijiro asked him, confused.

Iida put back on his glasses. "I know I said that, however! We all must go out and ensure the safety of our dear friends, we don't know if the League of Villains is just waiting for any of us to go out to attack, don't remember that same thing happened before summer break?" Tenya reminded them. "Besides, a new frontier has been established on this day. If Midoriya-kun is exploring his new horizons, then why not us? He stood by us a lot of times, so it's right that we all stand by him today! So let's explore this brand new conquest of ours and follow Midoriya-kun and Uraraka-kun to see how they are in a new environment. For once I say the bets are off!" He reached into his pocket and pulled out $45. "I bet you that Midoriya-kun will succeed!"

"It sounds to me like you just wanna make sure your ship sails, but what the hell? So do I." Shouto smiled. " $45 for me"

Mineta looked at Denki. "Can I borrow $20?" Denki didn't reply as he reached into his wallet and gave him the money.

Each of the 1-A boys contributed to the success or failure of Izuku and Ochako's date.

"Fuck it," scoffed Katsuki. "$100 if he can't kiss her on the lips. Nothing more, nothing less! Pigs are gonna fly home before he does, even less go all the way."

"Dunno, man. Stranger things happened, you for example got laid and now have a hot girlfriend." Hanta retorted.

"And she seems to genuinely like you." Fumikage added.

"Fuck you, you sad virgins! At least I can call myself a real man!"

As the boys placed their bets in cash, there were a group of their counterparts who were placing their blood.

Mina and the girls rushed through the common area, ignoring the boys as they were heading outside of the dorm.

They stopped right outside the door and they all witnessed Ochako giving Izuku a kiss on the check, a red rose was on her hair.

And boy the girls were seething with burning rage! "Dammit! Too late!" Kyouka cursed furiously.

"Oooh…! And Izuku looks so cute!" Tooru wailed in frustration.

"And he went for the romantic approach with that rose! Those are my favorites!" Momo bit her thumb.

"I should be the one kissing him!" Mina said indignantly.

"I should be the one between his legs…" Tsuyu said darkly.

"Uhh… Girls?" They all heard Sero's voice.

"Uh oh…" All the girls thought at the same time as they slowly turned to see all of the guys standing there in utter confusion.

"Um… Hey you guys, didn't see you there, hehe…" Mina greeted them with a wavering grin.

"Are you girls, all right? You seem like you went through a rough beating." Eijiro asked them with concern.

"And what's with the cop costumes? Are you all going for a costume party tonight or something?" Mashiraro asked them.

"Oh, these? Oh yeah, we were planning on going to a costume party!" Tooru lied.

"That's right, we were planning on going as police officers who received a beating, these bruises are just make-up." Momo lied as naturally as she could.

"Ribbit. This black eye is just eyeshadow, I wanted to go for the Todoroki-chan look." Tsuyu added to the lie.

"I'll take that as a compliment." Shouto replied bluntly.

"Kaminari, Mineta. If you two are thinking of snapping pictures…" Kyouka glared threatendly at them.

"Whaaaa…? We weren't doing that." Denki lied as he and Mineta both had their phones in their hands.

"Yeah, n-not at all." The midget lied as well as both of them saved their phones. "Oh, I'm so adding to the list of things to do when we get our harem! Bunny girls dressed in sexy cop uniforms!" He tried to not saliated at that thought.

"Hey, is it me or did it suddenly get hotter here?" Eijiro asked as everyone noticed the air getting a little warmer.

"It's just you." Shouto replied calmly as he put his right hand over his shoulder. He emamanted a little bit of heat from his left side when seeing his secret crush in a cop outfit. "Not gonna lie, she looks hot like that."

"Okay then, but why were you looking at Midoriya-kun and Uraraka-kun?" Tenya asked them.

"Oh that's uh…" Mina tried to come up with an excuse.

"We just wanted to see her off before going to her date with Izuku." Fortunately, Momo did it for her.

"That's right, but we took so long in getting ready that we missed her." Kyouka backed her up.

"So you know Midoriya and Uraraka had a date right now?" Hanta asked them as he signaled at said couple walking away hand in hand.

"Yep, she told us!" Tooru replied. It wasn't a total lie. "We were actually going to go after them!" However, she slipped up at the end and covered her mouth. "Oops!"

"Dammit, Hagakure!" The rest of the girls mentally facepalmed.

"Really? But weren't you going to a party?" Denki asked them, tilting his head in confusion.

"We were, ribbit. But then we thought that we should keep an eye on them, you know, in case something bad happens to them, like let's say, if Ochako-chan gets hit by a truck, or poisoned or just disappears!" Tsuyu interjected.

"It's true, the Villains could be lurking everywhere ready to strike!" Mina backed her up.

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh! It's just to make sure they are okay!" Said Tooru fervently.

"Great minds think alike! We were actually thinking the same!" Tenya smiled at the girls, who mentally sighed in relief.

"Then can we come along?" Momo asked politely.

"Certainly, the more the merrier!" The class rep accepted gladly.

"But, is it okay for all of us to leave? Wouldn't Aizawa-sensei forbid it?" Mashirao asked.

"Don't worry, I'll send him a message that we're going to have a group hangout and that we'll come back soon." Tenya replied as he pulled out his phone to start typing the text to their teacher.

"Anyway God knows he needs at least a night off from having to deal with us." Denki smirked.

"I bet he'll spend it with a certain R-Rated Heroine." Tooru whispered to Kyouka, who nodded in agreement.

"Done, he says it's alright as long as we periodically text him until we return." Tenya informed the others. "Now remember everyone, we are watching from afar, we should not interfere with the date of our friends, is that clear?" He asked with a serious tone as he chopped the air.

The boys nodded in understanding.

"Oh, we promise you, we won't interfere at all." Momo replied with a slight sinister grin, the rest of the others were about the same.

"Hey, guys. Hang back a bit," said Mineta. "I need to go to my room and grab something."

Toru waved her hands. "If it is about money, my treat!"

"Oh! Thanks," said Minoru. "Okay, let's go!"

Hopefully by the time they get back, the repairs will be complete...or at least find another dorm for him to crash. Although the dumpster sounds promising….

Meanwhile with Izuku and Ochako….

Both teens were walking as they held hands. Deku's heart soared. Ochako felt like living her happiest dream. Both glanced at each other with happy smiles and both shared the same thought. "Tonight will be perfect." Both however were unaware of the audience following them discreetly, even less of the group of girls seeking to make their night anything but perfect.

To be Continued…

SS: I know, I know guys! Sorry if we didn't get to the good stuff today, thing is we got carried away and decided to cut this even further as it was getting long. This should be the part where I promise again that next time will be the big one, but knowing us it's a safer bet to say that we'll get there eventually…

BD: We treat these chapters episodically, giving you guys the feel as if you were watching television. So, unlike my previous works, I am taking up Sora's method of treating this story as a series. But, man! A crazy ride for Ochako and her crew. Deku got away nearly scot-free compared to her.

SS: Yeah, you and GOTA can get evil when you want. And I love it! Don't worry, it won't be the last time we pull something like this, this is just the start of the madness!

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Chapter Text

Hey, guys! Sora and BD, here, with another installment of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, Izuku and Ochako are hitting it off with their first date with great results. However, their 'guardian angels' are having second thoughts to not make their night as pleasant. Meanwhile, Fumikage devises a plan to spy on Izuku and Ochako discreetly. However, there are others who are thinking of their own plans. Later, Izuku and Ochako discuss their feelings, even bringing up a topic that hits close to home for Izuku. Wacky adventures, mishaps, and mayhem ensues. Enjoy!

Gravitational Attraction. (Part 3) (Ochako x Izuku/ Emerald Gravity)

Izuku and Ochako went to the nearby movie theater after a quick ride on the train. Funny since the movie they were gonna watch was about a train.

After nearly two hours they both came out of the theater, both with watery eyes due to the emotional finale of the movie. All and all they had a great all that animation masterpiece, from the characters, story, music and most importantly those epic battle sequences. Worth the hype and a great follow up to Season 1 of the show.

"Man, Season 2 cannot come quick enough!" Izuku commented to his date, both walking hand in hand. Both were talking about what they enjoyed the most about the movie.

"Amen to that!" Ochako agreed. Both were excited to see how the rest of the Demon Slayer story continues later down this year.

"Quite surprised to see you tear up like that," commented Ochako.

He instantly turned red. "Allergy season!" Izuku said as he squeaked. "Also, the air conditioning was making things very nippy inside." He sniffled. "Plus, your perfume!"

Ochako giggled. "You know you're cute when you lie." She flicked his nose.

"I swear, Ochako!" he replied.

She giggled once more. "You're cute being a Faunus. But horrible as a Pinocchio!"

"..." The boy pouted as he glanced to the side bashfully.

Right now the couple was on their way to Yanagi's cousin's arcade - Yanagi's Games and Grub.

Ochako noticed that Izuku was staring at her as they walked. "That's a lot of staring." She wore a sly smile.

"S-sorry…" The emerald haired Faunus glanced forward with a bashful blush appearing on his face.

The gravity girl giggled. "It's okay Izuku, I actually like it. You did say that I'm the most beautiful girl in the world, remember?" She smiled at him cutely.

Izuku glanced back at her with a smile of his own before he nodded at her. Although he liked watching his, hopefully, soon-to-be-girlfriend because for him she was the most beautiful girl ever, he also was looking at her for her dress to be exact. He remembered that party at I-Island last summer. "Man… That was all something, almost like something out of a movie. Hmmm… Now that I think about it... I hadn't learned anything about Melissa-san ever since then. I wonder how she's doing these days, since Professor Shield is still fulfilling sentences because of that whole incident. Maybe I should All Might for her phone number or something, I would like to talk to her." His thoughts drifted to the blonde girl. He hadn't been in contact with her, never asked her for her email or phone number and she seemingly forgot to give him a way to keep contact with her.

He still feels bad about what happened back then, but shouldn't put guilt on himself. "Heh… Melissa-san looked like an angel with that dress and make-up." And then his hormone-fueled part of his brain acted up at the memory he has of Melissa. "No, bad Izuku! Don't think about other hot women when you're about to gain your own! Focus only on her, dammit!" He chastised himself when he realized he was thinking about Melissa in terms of her looks.

"Izuku?" He then heard the round-faced girl. He turned to look at her. "Is everything okay? You just went quiet."

"Y-yes! Just got a little lost in thought!" He grinned at her sheepishly.

"I can see that. You do that quite a lot." Ochako replied.

He scratched his cheek with his finger. "You know I can't help it. Too much of my father in me. Heh-heh." Izuku's cheeks blushed.

The gravity girl giggled. "It's okay, Izuku. That's just another part of you that I like!" Ochako smiled sweetly at him.

Izuku looked at her in awe, his heart skipped a beat. " me? M-m-more than just friends, I-I mean." He asked her as his face turned redder.

"Of course I do, dummy! Why else would I be with you on a date?" She winked at him as she hugged his strong arm. She no longer felt shy about her feelings for him, she loves him and is proud to admit it!

"..." The emerald Faunus glanced down as a smile was drawn on his face. "I like you too, Ochako." He confessed with a warm smile.

Ochako felt like she was about to explode with happiness when she heard him speak those four words she wanted to hear from his lips. "I knew it! He likes me! He likes me! I won! Take that you interloping sluts! He's as good as mine now!" The competitive part of her mind thought. Her legs quivered, thank the gods she was wearing a pat, because she almost climaxed right then and there. Her desire for him only intensified to the point of having to take all of her willpower to not lunge at him like a lioness at her prey and 'devour' him in the middle of the street.

Oooh… How much she wants to just stripped herself and give him her most precious treasure while he gave her his right this instant! But she couldn't rush it and luckily she kept it together and smiled happily at him. "I'm so happy now. More than you can imagine." She leaned her head on his shoulder.

Izuku flinched slightly and his face turned beef red. "...Me too." He smiled warmly.

What more can the emerald rabbit say? He hasn't been this happy since the time when the grocery stories were releasing the limited edition of his favorite honey buns with All Might's face on it or when he entered U.A. Despite the disruption that occurred earlier with Aoyama-kun, tonight has been great. Watching the ultimate film of the year with his crush and they were holding hands! This is the longest he has ever held hands with a girl that wasn't a relative or without fainting, mumbling, or stumbling.

Izuku and Ochako crossed the street as they were approaching the train station. The arcade was a couple stops over and he didn't want the heat to make either of them sweat. The more he observed her, the more translucent things were becoming. A wavering scent of her shampoo lingered in his nose. He could recall how her hair tickled him whenever they passed beside each other. Were her cheeks that rosy? Were her eyes that deep of pools? He wasn't sure why these things were becoming prevalent as of now, but when it's true when they say when it's your turn to fall in love, nothing can stop the feeling.

It had to be a dream. There was no way he was on a date with the most beautiful girl in the world, if not all universes. If there was any moment in a place where there was no space and time, it was God that aligned these two together. It made him reflect upon the events that led him to this moment. In the end, was it worth giving Ochako that rose?

As they were approaching the platform, that was when he decided to ask the million-dollar question. "Say, Ochako?"


"Since when do you have feelings for me?" He had to know if she liked him that way before or after his transformation. He can tell she was genuine with him, however he needed to know if such a perfect girl in his eyes would be into him because of the effect he has on women now or for something else.

The couple came to a stop as they waited for the next train to arrive shortly. "Good question." Ochako replied as she glanced up. "To be honest, I think I did ever since you saved me from that Zero Point. You were so brave and cool when you did, so much that I wanted to share some of my points with you." She looked back at him with a warm smile.

"You did?" Izuku knew that last part already, to this day it still surprises him. Most likely Ochako didn't know this so Izuku pretended to be surprised.

The brunette nodded. "I wanted you to make it, I was worried that you wouldn't because you didn't destroy any robots. It was a relief to know that you made it in because you saved me." She smiled.

"Yeah… I was surprised by that too." Izuku smiled back at her.

"Ever since then, I fell more and more for you the more I knew how amazing you are until I realized how badly I had it for you. But… I never told you because I was scared of ruining our friendship and I didn't want to be in the way of you becoming a Hero. I tried denying this, pretending those feelings didn't exist but I couldn't… You just kept coming back to my mind with that precious smile of yours and everything else about you. You won me over just by being you, Izuku. I was stupid in trying to deny it, I should have told you ealier. But I'm happy that you know now." She glanced down with a more serious expression before looking back at him with the sweetest, most heartwarming smile he has ever seen. There was pure love reflected in her eyes.

"Ochako… I… I don't know what to say…" He uttered as a few tears of joy threatened seeping through his eyes. Izuku just fell in love with her all over again. She loved him even before turning into this. "I feel like the most blessed guy ever… Thank you…" He thanked her from the bottom of his heart as he wiped away the tears from his eyes.

Ochako shook her head in denial. "No. I should be the one to say that. I'm the one who feels blessed to have met someone like you." She smiled at him as she caressed his soft cheek with her right hand. "To be able to learn what love like this feels like."

Her words warmed Izuku's heart. "I feel the same, Ochako." He grabbed her hand, gently caressing it with his thumb. A heart warming smiled appear on his face

They stayed like this for a bit before the boy then let go of her hand as the girl smiled lovingly at him.

Then a thought crossed her head. "And since when did you like me? It's only fair for me to ask." What she cares about the most is that Izuku feels the same way as her, but she has been curious to know since when. It will be a good tale for their many children!

"Would it be weird if I said that since the first time we met?" Izuku bashfully rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish grin. "I-I mean, back then I never really talked to girls and you were so cute so…" He muttered a bit before the girl giggled.

"So love at first sight, eh?" Ochako wore a sly smirk at him.

"You can say that, on top of being one of my closest friends and with how happy I feel beside you, of course I would fall for you." Izuku replied as he rubbed his cheek with his finger bashfully.

"Then I made the right call when helping you out back then." Ochako smiled happily.

Izuku chuckled. "Yeah." He nodded at her. "And you don't have to worry about being a bother or anything like that. You'll never be a bother for me." He added.

"That's one of the things I like about you the most. You're the sweetest guy ever, Izuku." Ochako smiled happily.

Ochako leaned onto his shoulder in which he happily accepted. The train wasn't to arrive for a few more minutes. As they were waiting, there was a certain group of 'supporters' who were 'rooting' for the duo.

Across the street from the train station was a shopping center. In one of those shopping centers was a vacant storefront. As if by coincidence or through connections, Yaoyorozu's people managed the vacant storefront.

The class of 1-A sported all-black jogging suits, complementary of Katsuki's father. Sitting in the darkness, each watched with vigilance on the next move. Of course they also have parabolic microphones to listen to what the couple were saying provided by Momo. Invasive? Yes, a lot. Buuut... they could think of this as if they were practicing stakeout for when they have to do this sort of thing when working as Pro Heroes. And there was money on the line, for God's sake! At least that was for the boys, for the girls it was much more sacred than that...

This storefront was currently Central Command.

"Heh-heh! Somebody wants to die tonight!" It was Kyouka that spoke first. She hasn't been feeling well in the last few days. Either stressed nerves or being pushed to the last nerve, seeing Ochako with her muse has created a tedium in which a certain teen will be losing gravity. The rocker didn't mind if the teen left the school, the town, the prefecture, the planet...the universe.

"You've been listening to Mayhem and/or Slayer too much!" It was Sero that spoke next. Sero held the binoculars as he was scoping the scene. "They are still at the train station. Where are they heading next?" Munching on popcorn and sipping soda, he passed the binoculars to Eijiro.

"The waiting game. Smooth, DekuBro, smooth." He nodded approvingly. "He's probably just wanting some alone time. Taking his time, no rushing! Why rush if there is a comfortable pace?"

"You've been reading too many Yaomomo's romance novels, ribbit." Tsuyu snatched the binoculars from Kirishima with her tongue. Thanks to a good bag of ice, her face was back to normal. Adjusting to zoom further, she could see her resting on his shoulder. She gripped the ocular object. "She had shed plenty of tears on my shoulder."

"Shall it be blood, Tsu-chan," interjected Kyouka.

"Not quite!" Tsuyu stuck out her tongue as she continued focusing on the couple. "If things get a bit...drastic, we may have to make it look like an accident. A no-face, no-case type of ordeal, ribbit!"

"Just say the word, boss." It was Tooru that spoke. Eating on gummi bears, she sat at the end sharpening a blunt object she found on the floor of the restroom. "Closed and discreet is my middle name!" She munched and gnashed loudly on the gummi bears, particularly the brown and pink ones.

"Are you sure you're concerned for their well-being?" It was Tenya that raised that question as the girls have been quite volatile in the last couple of hours. For starters, they were unable to gain access to the movie theatre due to the film selling out. That caused a commotion after Tsuyu used her tongue to wrap the ticket cashier's throat, demanding entry. Kyouka warned the group that a silent alarm was triggered, thus making a quick escape to the empty store lot owned by Momo's family.

"Yeah, you've been acting very aggressive and on edge for quite a while now." Shouto added as he crossed his arms.

"Speaking of which, remind me again. Why did you try to choke out the life of the cashier at the theater?" Eijiro asked the frog girl.

"I told you already, I thought that he was a Villain. Sorry if my gut feeling was wrong." Tsuyu lied as she maintained her sights on the couple. Her frustration really got the best of her at that moment, so she went a 'little' too far.

"If you say so, Tsu-chan." Eijiro didn't fully buy this and neither did the other guys.

"I don't wanna say this, but you girls are giving a huge yandere vibe right now." Hanta added with slight discomfort.

"We're not! You guys must have been watching too many anime or whatever." Mina denied. "You're seeing smoke where there is no fire."

"Then why do you all like like just ready to go out and murder someone, like Asui here nearly did?" The icy-hot teen asked bluntly.

"Never heard the expression better be safe than sorry? We're only preparing in case the worst comes. It might seem paranoid to you all, but you can never be too careful with threats possible everywhere." Momo interjected, the rest of the girls nodded in agreement. This wasn't a lie, they were preparing for when a certain round-faced shrew tried to do the unspeakable to the precious Izuku.

"Right…." Tenya looked away as he turned back to the functionally sane. "So, the movie was a no-go! Thankfully Yaoyorozu-kun's people own this store lot. But, it won't do any good if we aren't making our moves strategically." He snapped his fingers gingerly. "Quite ironic if you ask me."

Meanwhile in the background, a certain perverted duo stood. "See man? I told you they were acting weird." Denki whispered to Minoru.

"Gotta admit, they are being very sus right now. But as long as we're not on their sights it won't be a major inconvenience." Minoru replied. He found it very off and a little creepy how the girls are behaving, but this doesn't affect the master plan.

"Speaking of inconvenience, what's with the delay of our 'pixie powder?' Denki questioned.

"Yeah," said Minoru nervously. "I didn't know that the $200 was a finder's fee." He chuckled. "Shinsou-chan said once we give her an additional $300, then she is able to give us our 'pixie powder.'"

Denki began to frown. "My mother is sending me the money tomorrow. She thinks these are school fees, man." He sighed heavily. "You know how I feel about lying to my mother."

"Trust me, man. This is a worthy investment. After tomorrow, you will be lying on mothers that like to…."

"'re speaking too loudly! Do you want the others to know?" said Denki frustratingly as he threw his palm into the midget's mouth to shut him up.

"Sorry," replied Minoru gingerly. After the electric blond removed his hand

Denki turned so the others wouldn't hear. "Have Shinsou-chan meet us outside of the cafeteria after curfew. She won't get the money unless she has the 'pixie powder' in hand. Understood?"

"I promise, Kaminari! I gotcha! Have I ever let you down?"

Denki declined to answer. He turned away from Minoru as he watched the others.

"So, Iida, I have been thinking on the next course of action." Fumikage stood up and approached the engine teen.

"How so?" asked Tenya inquivisitely.

The bird boy rubbed his eyes. "This large of a group is gonna attract attention. With our proclivities and the girl's...over-dedication to the job, it will make it quite obvious."

"So, what are you proposing?" asked Shouto.

"So I have a friend...well, he isn't really a friend. However, he has ways in which we can be seen without being seen. Pardon the pun." He said as he looked at Tooru.

He took out his cell phone and clicked on the text message before giving it to Iida. "ctOS?"

"Central Operating System," said Fumikage. "The ctOS is a highly advanced digital information system designed to control the infrastructure of a city. It regulates anything electronic - power grids, security cameras, trains, traffic lights. You name it, really."

Tenya was quite startled, if not surprised. As a man of knowledge, this was certainly newfound information.

Fumikage continued. "The ctOS is a very complex interconnection of electronic systems, such as computer servers, sensors, and databases, that interact to manage the city-wide infrastructure. This friend...whatever works for a private company back in Chicago. This system can track down, open, close, shut down anything or anyone."

The group began mumbling with various comments. For starters, they didn't even think Fumikage was resourceful in having this kind of information. "Tokoyami-kun, I want to say that I am impressed. However, why withhold that wealth of information?" Tenya asked as he fixed up his glasses.

"Well," he retorted. "This is technically still a demo and the company is currently running test trials out in Chicago. However, that friend…or whatever owes me a solid and I say why not use it to our advantage."

"Is it even legal? Because this sounds like the sort of thing evil corporations do in the media to try and take over the world." Shouto questioned.

"Yeah, this ctOS thingy sounds super op and super illegal sort of thing" Hanta added.

"It'll be fine as long as we only use this only in really necessary instances and not fiddle too much with anything." The bird teen replied calmly. "Right now we'll just have to connect with any sort of surveillance to get audio and visual of Midoriya and Uraraka." He added.

"And we don't have to leave this spot at all!" Tenya understood what this meant.

"Hold on, aren't we going too far with this? We're outright doing espionage on our friends, can we just go back and wait until they come back?" Mashirao interjected, having second thoughts.

"I can understand if you have doubts, Ojiro-kun. However, this is for a good cause, to know if the ship-! I mean, to ensure the safety of our friends in these times of highly active Villain activity!" Tenya replied dramatically as he flipped his right arm up. Others could tell he just wanted to see his ship sail.

"And don't forget there's a good buck on the line, bro!" Hanta surrounded him with his right arm. "Speaking of which; Bakugou, Aoyama, you guys better start saying goodbye to your allowances of the week 'cause Midoriya is killing it out there." He glanced at said duo. The french blond sat calmly drinking another cup of tea while the explosive teen leaned on the wall typing on his phone, presumably to his girlfriend, Camie.

"Au contraire, mon ami. Yes, I can admit that our dear lapine Faunus is better at romancing it than I gave him credit for, but let me ask you this: Who is killing what?" Aoyama winked as he pointed at the direction of the couple.

Hanta turned and saw dotted lines where Izuku and Ochako used to be.

"Wait a minute? Where did they go?" Hanta said as he was scratching his head. "Crap, man!" He turned to Katsuki. "Look what you did, your hating scared them away!"

"Fuck off! They took the train and left for who knows where!" The explosive teen shouted angrily.

"Fear not everyone. I know where they are going next: Yanagi's Games and Grub." Momo informed the others.

"Did Uraraka tell you?" Shouto asked her.

Momo nodded. In a sense, it wasn't a lie.

"Okay, so we have the point of destination." Tenya looked at Fumikage. "Is there a way to get the device?"

"I can get the software downloaded to my phone," answered the bird teen. "However, because my relationship with him is strictly business…."

"Say no more. How much?" Tenya looked for his wallet.

Fumikage and Tenya walked to the back to discuss business. As the boys gathered about the bets made between Deku and Ochako, with Yuga and Kacchan still adamant that somehow the date will end up bad, the girls were already plotting their next move.

Tooru whispered to Tsuyu. "I saw that look in your eye. If you're down, boss, I am with it."

Tsuyu nodded silently. "It won't be easy. Men do love their toys."

"If we're a team, then we're sharing, right?" questioned Mina.

"No, cutie," interjected Kyouka. "Tsu-chan wants to steal it so we can run our own 'surveillance.' One that might or might not end with Ochako being isseka'd by good old truck-kun!"

"Calm down, Kyouka. Nobody has to die, but we can have her suffer as painfully as possible." Momo put a hand on her shoulder.

"Here's the keikaku, ribbit," said Tsuyu as she gathered the girls in a circle. "When Tokoyami-chan receives the information, we are going to retrieve the phone. Knowing Iida-chan, he is going to be the one in charge of holding the phone since he is paying for it."

"Then how are we going to take it away from him?" asked Mina. "I don't think it would go unnoticed if we kicked him in the jewels and then made a run for it."

"I didn't say 'kick' his jewels, but his jewels can be useful, ribbit," said Tsuyu.

Mina frowned heavily. When seeing Tsuyu's face turned alluring, she knew where this was going. "Iida-kun? Really? Him?"

"Yeah, not to offend Tsu-chan, but I don't think he is the type of guy that budges for ladies." Tooru was also unconvinced.

"I can see your point. Bird Brain is a no go. Forget that, ribbit! Unless, Todoroki-chan can get the device," said Tsuyu.

"How would that work if this is between Tokoyami-kun and Iida-kun?" asked Tooru.

Momo produced a smile. She shook her head as she was pondering on a plan. "Girls, don't worry. I have a way."

"You do?" asked Kyouka.

"Remember, girls! I am a girl that can make things happen." She took hold of her shirt and hugged it in the right areas. She put on a smile that could make boys melt. "When the software downloads, give me five minutes."

The rest of the girls knew what the raven-haired teen was planning. "You know? Now that I think about this, it's a little too low, but worth it if it means getting back at that traitor, ribbit." Tsuyu commented. A moment of clarity came to her mind before switching back to unhinged. This was shared by the other girls.

"Yeah. We're really hitting the deep end here, but we can worry tomorrow about this. Tonight we need to drop being nice gals if we want to get shit done." Kyouka agreed.

"Ooh yeah baby, for once we'll be the bad girls!" Mina wore a sickening grin.

"Operation: Cockblock is a go!" Tooru announced.

"Yeah!" And so the girls set into motion their mischievous plan with aims to ruin Ochako's date!

The date was going splendidly well for both Izuku and Ochako.

The green-haired Faunus thought about trying to pull the cliche faking a yawn to surround the brunette girl with his arm during the movie, but his inner geek compelled him to soak up all the action on screen, but that's nothing in comparison of having the girl of his dreams hugging his arms with a loving smile as she leaned her head on his shoulder why on their way to the arcade.

The happy couple left the train station and walked to Yanagi's Games and Grub, which was just a small hike away. "This is going even better than I thought and it's only the date. If things keep this way then maybe... No, calm down now Deku. No need to get ahead of yourself, it's the first date, remember that no matter how much you wanna gobble up Ochako's sexy body, you need to take it slow." He stopped his forming lewd line of thought before it could wrap around his brain. "But… Wouldn't it be going too fast to at least expect a proper kiss? We pretty much confessed to each other and everything seems to point out that we might become an official couple soon so… " He has to admit that he wanted to at least kiss the girl on the lips badly, that was innocent enough, right? "One step at the time, Deku, one step at the time." He decided to put that on the backburner for a while, at least until the end of the night.

Ochako remained attached to her date's arm, refusing to let him go as she felt his strong, masculine bicep. She snuggled her head on his shoulder, enjoying the feeling of being close to him and the warmth his body gave off.

The happy couple arrived at the arcade. "Here we are. Not the most romantic place for a dinner, but I hope that we can have a good time." The emerald teen said to her with an earnest smile.

"It's okay, Izuku, I'm having the best time of my life so far. As long as I'm with you, I don't care what we do. Besides, you can never go wrong with videogames and pizza." Ochako winked at him with her usual cute smile.

"I feel the same.'' Izuku smiled back at her warmly, his cheeks turned red. "Alright, time to go in. Can't let my beautiful date get too hungry, now can I?" Izuku then went to open the door for her. "Ladies first."

Ochako giggled. "How gentlemanly. And you'll pay for dinner and win me a prize?" She teased.

"Of course! I'm the man here, it's only right to treat you the best I can."

"How sweet of you, but I can pay my share too, you know?." The girl walked in the arcade before Izuku.

"I know, but we both know that you're kinda short of money at the moment." Izuku rubbed the back of his head as he wore a sheepish grin. "No means of any disrespect!" He waved both hands in denial.

"Hmm. True." Ochako replied. Right now she didn't have much money left in her purse, she spent most of her allowance on the deal with Shinso.

"Let's not worry about that," said Izuku. "Let's have a great time, okay?" He smiled.

"Okay!" And Ochako agreed with him 100%

They didn't know where to begin. Yanagi's Games and Grub was a happening spot in Musutafu. A home for the young and the young-at-heart, a place where parents can relax with ease at the pub and the teenagers peruse the arena. Whether one wanted to sing karaoke, play at the bowling alley, ride go-karts, or play the arcade games of yesteryear, the place had a lot to offer. Honestly, Izuku looked at this place as a smorgasbord of activities and just didn't know where to pick his entree. However, that can be decided later.

His stomach was growling loudly and it felt like his stomach was touching his back. Pizza time with Ochako was in order.

Shouto was itching for a cigarette and the teenager didn't even smoke. That meant that something was troubling him close to home. It got that way whenever he was around his father. Or maybe it was due to the incident with his mother when he was a child. Oftentimes, he envied Natsuo and should have left home sooner. Or admire the naivete of his sister Fuyumi as she looked at everything through a rose-colored glass. As for Touya….


The icy hot teen lifted his head when seeing Momo at his eyesights. Outside he remained as cool as always, within, his heart was fluttering as his crush was approaching him. He wasn't sure if it was him but it seemed that Momo has been more alluring these days. As if her sex appeal has reached Plus Ultra. Words couldn't describe when he saw her sporting that cop costume. Never in his life he would have been happier than to be apprehended by her. Her sporting that jump suit didn't make his eyes avert either. He was feeling bad as lecherous thoughts were invading the brain, it has been like this ever since he realized his feelings for her, seemingly kickstarting his sexual drive and making him a bit of a closet pervert for her. Maybe he has been inhaling the air that Mineta breathes out too much. "I think it is time to install an air filter…"

"Oh! Hey, Yaoyorozu," said Shouto gingerly. He wiped the sweat on his pants. "Looking lovely as always."

"Thanks!" Before Izuku, this would have made the raven-haired teen melt. Within, she wanted to apologize but the devil on her shoulder disagreed. Her angel couldn't make it to the party as she was having too much fun with her own demons for the love of Izuku. "You ain't looking half bad yourself, Shouto!"

"Nani? Did she...did she…" He turned beet red. Was it the heat in this room or the heat coming from his loins? His left side was heating up, because boy her saying his first name sounded so hot.

She giggled. "I'm sorry, Todoroki-kun."

He shook his head in disagreement. "'s fine! I...I…." It's not usual for him to get like this, but Yaoyorozu seemed to have that effect on him.

"My deepest apologies," she said. "It has been a wacky few hours, you know?"

Shouto couldn't agree more with that. Wacky wouldn't have been the correct word of choice, it's an euphemism to say the least. In the beginning, he wanted to say it has been him, but ever since the announcement of the Beacon students arriving to UA, things have become slightly off-track. First Midoriya turns into a Faunus, then the girls start to act pretty weird, then Midoriya gets a date and lastly Bakugou seemingly got a girlfriend and got laid. What's next? Mineta stopping being a lerch or his mother being finally released from the hospital? That last one actually sounds nice, though.

"Yeah. Yeah it has," he finally answered. Keeping his cool exterior.

"Gum?" Momo asked as she pulled the pack out of her pocket. "It's spearmint, but it can still pack a punch!"

"Sure." The red-white haired teen nodded. Momo could give him pocket lint and he would cherish it with pride. God is she his weak point...

As he stuck out his hand, she placed a piece in her mouth. "Open your mouth," she told him. Shouto watched as she unwrapped the silver wrapper and slowly placed the gum into his mouth.

"Thanks," he nervously replied.

"Don't mention it, To-do-ro-ki!" The latter of which she drew a strong breath to his face. He was totally seduced by the scent of her honeydew fragrance, the secondhand taste of her gum. Did that count as an indirect kiss? He sure hopes so.

Shouto turned and briefly examined his classmates. Minoru and Denki were doing their usual antics. Tenya was on the phone with Fumikage's contact. The girls were doing their usual girlish bantering. The other guys were joking and laughing. To be a covert operation, it seemed like the usual business whenever they hung out at school or at the dorm. Good thing the place is soundproof

"All of this to watch Midoriya and Uraraka," he said to himself. He has to agree with Ojiro that it might be too much, but the curiosity to see if the obvious lovebirds get together is stronger, a sentiment that it's obviously shared with Iida.

"It's for their sake. Only for the sake of their happiness," she said with a fake smile.

"Yeah, but still invasive, don't you think?"

"C'mon, Todoroki! You're hot in one minute, cold the next. You're definitely an icy-hot," she giggled. "Pun intended!"

He blushed nervously. "Well not gonna lie, one wants to give them privacy. And yet again, one wants to see what could happen."He shrugged

"Plus that itty bitty bet you have on the line as well."

He pinched his fingers. "A little. Just a little!"

She was on the right track - getting him comfortable, yet flustered. Unsure if he had been paying attention, whenever he moved, she kept walking forward - cornering him so she could access him and he couldn't find any outlets for him. The same principle as walking into a restroom.

Shouto shrugged his shoulders. "I'm wondering what's taking so long with Tokoyami and Iida. The quicker the access, the quicker we can track the two."

"Worried about missing the action?" she asked in a giggling manner.

"Not really." "Yes, I am a bit curious! To see if I win the bet and most importantly if the ship sails! Yeah that's it!" Shouto coughed before turning back to Momo. "We can't determine how long it will take, let alone how long Uraraka and Deku are gonna be there. For what we know, they could have plans of going to a love motel or something."

"A manga cafe, a portside beach." She said to him. "We shouldn't be the one to judge." Inside she nearly snapped at the mention of her Izuku sleeping with that pauper shrew!

"We're sixteen, Yaoyorozu. Plus, it's common knowledge in anime and in manga, that's where everyone goes." The icy-hot boy said matter-of-factly.

She giggled. "So, you're saying if you and I, as an example, go out on a date, then it means that is where we would go, hmmm~?"

"No," he retorted bluntly. Although he really would love that.

"You've said it yourself. Everyone, correct?"

"I was speaking generally." He tilted his head to the side to hide the barely noticeable blush appearing on his face.

"Sure, Todoroki, sure," she said alluringly. "However, if we were talking hypothetically, I think it would be a nice gesture."

He swallowed a lump in his throat. "For what?"

"You tell me, sweetness. I've always known you were the kind of guy to come up with strong solutions at the blink of an eye." She winked at him. She heard Tsuyu call her name and decided to walk away. Not without brushing her shoulder against his.

"Okay, we're in business!" Iida and Tokoyami shook hands with each other as they returned to the center of the room.

The class of 1-A congregated to the area to meet with the class genius and bird teen.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen!" It was Fumikage that spoke next. "The good news is that we are able to have access to the ctOS software."

"That's great news," said Shouto.

"Badass. Like you would say, Revelry in the Dark," Denki grinned.

"We can finally see some action, ribbit," said Tsuyu.

"However," interjected Tenya. "Like everything in business, there is a catch!"

"Of course there is." Eijiro frowned unsurprised.

"The ctOS is only accessed in the United States. However, my associate was able to mirror it as though it appears to be in the States and not here. With that being said, we have a limited window to gain access to the lovebirds for a few hours. Four hours to be exact."

"Anything beyond that becomes a security breach," said Tenya. "And the last thing we need is Interpol, CIA, and the FBI tracking us down."

"The software is still in processing mode. In a few minutes, we will be live," said Fumikage. "So, intermission is almost over, ladies." He paused when feeling his phone vibrate. "That is probably my associate wondering if the payment has gone through." He looked at Tenya. "To think you're going to pay him in cryptocurrency."

"C'mon! Cryptocurrency is the future! To the moon!" exclaimed Tenya while chopping his arms in the air.

"Until then, he needs something tangible." He wrapped his arms around Tenya's shoulder as they walked to the back of the store lot to finish with their transaction.

"Can't those idiots be any slower? I got places to be later so we better speed things up." Katsuki commented with a frown as he crossed his arms.

"Heh. Butthurt that you're about to lose $120?" Eijiro smirked teasingly as he patted the back of the explosive blond.

"Fuck you, Kirishima." Bakugou barked with an angry vein popping up on his forehead.

"I'll take that as a yes." Hanta smirked.

"C'mon bro, learn to take in a loss in the chin like a man. You can't win them all." Eijiro grinned.

"Tsk!" The spiky blond threw his head to the side angrily. He was angry that the damned nerd was better than he thought he would be. Hell, he and Uraraka confessed in the stereotypical corny manner, for all he knew they could be kissing. "At least I still beat him in becoming a man, that shitty sissy rabbit nerd will never take that away from me and knowing him, he won't break his paintbrush in a fucking long time!" He found solace that he beat that bastard on something. It still sucks that he might have lost $120, the money would have been plenty handy.

"Ah the pain of loss, an inevitable part of life." Yuga said dramatically. He too is aware that their bet is good as lost.

"I just wanna get this done so I can hell outta here." Katsuki glanced back with a displeased frown.

"What's the rush, dude? What is this thing you got to do?" Eijiro asked him.

"Hmph! If you really want to know, Camie texted me a while ago. She's free tonight and she wants to see me and you can bet your virgin dicks I am going to my girl." Kacchan replied bluntly.

There was a brief silence in the room.

"Oh… So you have a 'date' with Utsushimi." Shouto said. Still it feels totally awkward and wrong to say that sentences when referring to Bakugou

"Hell yeah! She is waiting for me at this fancy love hotel at the red light district in about an hour and no way in hell am I missing a good fucking and neither does she."

"Is fucking the only thing you guys do, bro? Don't you guys go for walks, see a movie, go out to dinner? The normal stuff?!" Denki shouted angrily and Mineta started crying, infuriated.

"Obviously we do, Dumb Face! We just so happen to love a good romp after doing those things, so stop whining like a bitch just because you're jealous!" The explosive teen shouted back.

"Hold on, aren't you supposed to be 18 to enter into a place like that?" Hanta asked, confused.

"My girl knows someone that lets her in. Don't ask for the details." Katsuki replied bluntly. "That's where we go to have sex after a date."

"...Man, no matter how much you slice it, it's still pretty cursed the fact that you have a girlfriend just as hot as her." The tape teen said awkwardly.

"Yeah, I still think you did something shady to her!" Mineta accused him. Kaminari nodded in agreement.

"Whatever, you fucking sad virgins! Haters gonna hate!"

"Honestly, Bakugou. You must be thankful to your lucky start because you found a girl stupid enough to date you, unless if she's a masochist of something." Kyouka interjected with a snazzy grin.

"Yeah, I figured that Utsushimi girl was a total airhead bimbo." Mina did the same.

"A tasteless one at that." Said Momo.

"I heard that in her school romantic relationships are forbidden, the slut must have been that cock-deprived to take in his." Tsuyu wore a noticeable smirk.

"Or maybe the guys over there couldn't get her off!" Said Tooru.

"If they did, they were drawing blanks," said Momo.

"Ghost loads," commented Minoru.

"Little signs that come out of the penis and say, 'bang!'" Denki commented.

"Or white signs saying surrender," replied Hanta.

"Dude, if I were Utsushimi, girls would have been it before Bakugou," said Denki.

"Probably did! Girls get chaff down there from all that rubbing and scissoring," said Minoru.

"You would say that Graphead, wouldn't you?" commented Kyouka.

"Go to hell, bitches! Stop bitching on my girl or I'll kill you all!" Kacchan shouted furiously, sparks were coming from his palms. The nerve of these crazy bitches! Only he has the right to call his girl like that and the only one who would accept that!

Although Keloid Ears wasn't too off the mark... his Camie likes it rough, ass slapping and all, but no way in hell he would admit that! Eijiro was holding him back from behind from jumping and blowing the living hell out of them

"Aww. Would you look at that, you do care for someone other than yourself!" Mina sneered at him.

"But let's be frank here, maybe you do because you like your new fucktoy. Boys are very caring of their toys after all." Said Momo with a smug smirk.

"And knowing her, she probably was a hand-me-down!" Kyouka added.

"Everybody has a purpose. There wouldn't be thrift shops for a reason," said Tooru.

"Or selling used tires," replied Momo.

"Buy, sell, trade," said Kyouka. "Used goods are just any kind of goods!"

"Who doesn't love discounted merchandise, ribbit?" commented Mina. Making a good impression of Tsuyu.

"Hey, that's my line," shouted Tsuyu.

"See?! The cycle continues," said Mina.

"Who else here thinks Utsushimi is trying too hard to be like Kayama-sensei?" Kyouka commented.

"So true!" Momo agreed and the girls started to laugh. "However, she isn't rated R without reason. Utsushimi is like a video game, rated E for everyone. So, calling Utsushimi the next Pro Hero Midnight is kind of an insult. At least she has class!"

"Now you gotta be that whorish to be put below Midnight!" Mina chimed in..

"DIE YOU FUCKING CUNTS!" And Kacchan looked like wanting to chew the girls' heads off after blowing them up with a Howitzer Impact!

Fortunately Kirishima hardened his body to protect himself from the numerous explosions coming from the blond's hand. "Okay, bro, time to go out to get some fresh air!" The hardening teen said as he dragged him through the door and left the room.

The girls just laughed harder. The boys were stunned at the insane roasting that the girls just pulled off. "Oh boy, that enraged face of his is priceless!" Mina said as she held her aching stomach and wiped away a tear from her eye.

"And I thought we are the only ones that get on the rag, ribbit," commented Tsuyu as she tried (not very hard) to hide her laughter. She looked at Momo, bumping her elbow against Momo's shoulder. "Icy hot alone. Wanna continue with phase two, ribbit?"

Momo didn't even respond. She turned away from Shouto and added lip gloss onto her lips. A bit extra didn't hurt, she said to herself. She looked at the girls. "Tsu-chan, need you to handle Salaryman and Bird Boy for a bit. Can that work, sweetness?"

Without a response, Tsuyu turned to Tenya and Fumikage. "Hey, boys! Since we are planning this operation, is there a possibility we can get a reminder of what it does for future conquests?"

"I absolutely don't mind explaining it," said Fumikage pridefully. Especially since it was coming from a girl he did have admiration for. As Tenya and Fumikage came to the girls, Momo slipped away and made her move.

"Hey, Todoroki-kun. Let's step out back for a little smoke break," she said as she was approaching him.

"Alone?!" His voice squeaked. For one, it was supposed to be a thought. Momo knew how to push the right buttons. "Shit… I slipped…!"

"Hmm, hmm," she replied melodically.

"B..but...I don't smoke," he said in labored breath. He was trying his hardest to not accidentally set the room on fire or freeze up completely.

"Neither do I," she commented. She took hold of Shouto's right arm, wrapping it tightly around both of her. She was certain to press her breasts against his body. Shouto didn't know what to do. However, his little Shouto stood attentive. He was fortunate that Katsuki's father made his pants oversized.

Shouto held the door for Momo as they stepped out into the gangway behind the store lot. An alleyway for owners to park their cars or an employee can take out trash. As of now, it was a venue for Momo to commence Operation Cockblock to get their bunny rabbit. Time was already of the essence thus her patience was running thin as the clock was ticking.

Shouto found an empty crate. However, he didn't want to be rude. "Care to sit?" he asked her.

"No," she replied. "Thanks!"

Shouto sat on the crate. Momo stepped forward and stood across from him. The prowess of womanhood never looked as Shouto tried his best not to look at the mounds above him.

"We don't spend as much time lately. Just wanted to see how you have been," she said gingerly.

"Things have been much the same honestly," he replied, gathering a couple of peebles on the ground. "Preparations for the Beacon folks, our usual training, life itself." He had kept it to himself that he did feel that he and Momo have been quite distant lately. He didn't want to sound like a jealous boyfriend (if only he could become her boyfriend), but ever since Deku became a Faunus nearly three weeks ago, it seemed as though the girls have been fangirling over him. And it wasn't just 1-A. He saw it in Class 1-B, Hadou from the Big Three. The latter two seem more subtle though, with furtive glances and remaining distant. He could recall the time when Pro Hero Mount Lady visited the campus to meet with Kayama-sensei a week ago or so, strange how those two are friends if they seem to argue a lot that episode of that interview show was anything to go by. She couldn't get her eyes off him that she fell over heels...literally! She tripped at a bench and fell face forward. The boys didn't dare to laugh as her butt tilted in the air deterred any of that. He tried telling himself that everything was a coincidence, focusing on the welfare of his good friend. However, Yaoyorozu hasn't been quite attentive to him lately. He saw Midoriya going to study with her in her room, alone. That raised a huge red flag.

Plus, he still was feeling sore in his chest at dinner a couple weeks back. He felt in that moment, something severed any strings that fate offered between her and him.

"Have you been okay, Todoroki?" she asked.

He nodded in agreement. "Yeah, sure! I've been good." He was absentmindedly looking at Momo's voluminous breaths

"Todoroki, my eyes are up here!"

"Damn it!" Shouto was looking away, now staring at her feet. They have been friends long enough to pick his bad points. So, it was obvious that not only was there lust in the brain, he was also lying.

He rubbed a finger in his eye. "Sorry, Yaoyorozu," said Shouto as he bowed apologetically.

"It's okay, Shouto….I'm sorry, that's not right," she said as she slapped her thigh. "Getting a little flustered."

"You can call me Shouto if you want...!" The icy hot teen was starting to have a better understanding of how Midoriya feels with a girl.

Her eyes looked at the nervousness of his face. If Minoru was standing in his place, the smell of squid and watered chestnuts would occur. She produced a cheeky grin. "Okay! And for now on, you can call me Momo~"

A speck of blood came out of his nose. "Too soon," he waved his hands. "Momo-san would do. The same in calling me Shouto-san."

"Can I call you Shouto-kun?"

He felt the blood rushing in his body. However, it wasn't in his nose as it gathered at the very spot he feared would occur. "Is she trying to pull a move on me? Does that mean what I think it does…?!" He could tell Momo was deliberately flirting with him. He knows her well enough to know that the girl is calm, composed and with a bit of regalness. Far from how she was being with him right here and now.

"Sure, M...Momo-san!"

She smiled. "You know what, I think I am going to take your offer on that seat. If you don't mind."

Before Shouto planned to move from the crate, Momo decided to take a seat...on his lap!

"Iida-san always says that people must learn how to conserve space," she said to himself.

Shouto can smell the honeydew fragrance, the oatmeal body oil on her. Her butt was on his lap. Her booty was literally on his lap! Who needed that pesky money when true treasure was literally right in front of him?!

"You're getting quiet on me, Shouto-kun! You're okay?!"

"Momo-san. Is this wise? I mean, what if the others…."

"Shh!" She put her finger to his lips, rubbing it affectionately. "What about them? They are inside. We are outside. If I wanted others to see, then I would have done it in front of them. But not everything has to be a public display." She stroked his cheek. "Right~?"

Any logic or reasoning in his brain quickly disappeared. As the type to be calm and strategic, several chapters have been skipped when it comes to women. Shouto prayed to God, Buddha, Allah, Jah, the greek gods for situations such as this. Of course, it would have been at a beach as they were riding horses, followed by a candlelight dinner, and drinking champagne in the hot tub.

The optional handjob or dry hump was somewhere in there, but the top three goals were very important.

She scooted her butt against his lap, trying to get more comfortable. Shouto, meanwhile, was trying to think soberly to deter this hard on.

"Earlier in there, you were talking about if you and I, hypothetically, went to a love motel after a date, would you have really done it?"

In a labored breath, he said, "I don't know! I was speaking generally."

She blew onto his face, cradling his cheek. "You're cute when you lie, you know!"

"How am I lying?"

"Your words may not say it, but…." She pointed at his hands on her hips. "Your body says otherwise."

He didn't realize he was holding onto her hips. He quickly rebuffed himself. "Sorry...natural reflexes!"

She stared momentarily before she grinned again at him. "Liar!" She took hold of his hands and placed them back on her hips. "There! Within my reach!" She drew her finger, trailing from his neck onto his chin. "Shouto-kun, I can't explain why and how I am feeling this way...about you. This moment, this place in time is making me feel things I have never felt before. I've been quite out of it."

"Shit...I'm hard!" "It's okay, Momo-san. We all have been out of it. Then maybe we are not," said Shouto. "Maybe we are being sane and we are now finally acting out our true emotions."

She was becoming fickle. "You're silly! So, I am Luna Lovegood and you're Tom Riddle?"

"No," he retorted. "I wasn't thinking anything of that caliber…." She stopped by pressing her lip to his ear.

"Shh! I'm okay with that. I've always thought Luna Lovegood would be a sexy role to play. I did see the look in your eyes when you saw me in that cop outfit. Eyes don't lie, Shouto To-do-ro-ki!"

Shouto's face squenched when he felt Momo kissing his ear. "Momo…."

"Shh! Why fight it? I know you want this, Shouto." She decided to drop the honorific. It didn't matter anyway since she got him into her web. She kissed him on the ear again. "And I can give you more and more if you want to~," she whispered before blowing into his ear.


She pulled away from his ear. She took hold of his chin and her lips met with his. To him, it felt like fireworks were let off in his brain. Nothing around him mattered. This kiss...his first kiss with the girl of his dreams. She gripped his collar as she drew more into him. Shouto became shocked, especially when he felt her tongue inviting herself into his mouth. He didn't care. Nothing else mattered. This moment, this chase, this dance to be placed in this moment was worth the wait.

The kiss lasted for nearly a minute, but to Shouto, it was a millenia. She broke the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva between the two. She giggled. "Did you like it?"

"I did! I did, Momo-san!" He was panting loudly. His heart was racing. "Do you know how much I wanted this?" His usual personality utterly shattered, his normal brain functions gone.

"I know. I know," she pecked him on the nose. "And there could be a lot more of this~." The latter part of the sentence, she let out a tiny moan. She slightly unzipped her top, showing some cleavage. "My dear sweet leader."

The moment was interrupted when he saw Iida walk outside. He immediately covered his eyes. "Good Lord, hide your shame, you two! If you want some alone time, then find a love hotel or something." Part of him was surprised and another not so much, on one hand he did expect something to happen with these two, but not at all like this.

Shouto blew a raspberry. "I am not even going to argue with you, Iida!"

"The feeling is mutual," he rebuttal. "Anyway, the software is ready and we are gathering everyone to commence the plan. We're going to need you for some layout work while me and Fumikage take charge of operations."

"Got it," replied Shouto while giving him the okay sign. "Give me a minute!"

"Take five." Tenya wanted to say something at Momo but had a change of heart and closed the door.

The icy hot teen scoffed. "It would be Buzz Killington over there to break up moments." He covered his face to hide his embarrassment. He tapped Momo as a signal to get off him. "Let's head back, Momo-san!"

"You know Shouto-kun, sometimes I wonder why you put up with that," she said to him. "He's the class president! Not your father!"

"To be the son of a future paper-pushing, ass-kissing, Italian-loafer-licking-salaryman or being the son of a pompous douchebag," replied Shouto. "I don't know which one's worse. One who has a hard on for staplers or one who has a hard on for pain and torture?!" His mind was still buzzing with the feeling of a woman's affections enough for him to let out some of the stuff he usually keeps to himself.

Momo regained her composure as she straightened herself out. "You're being quite nice. Iida would be easily a puppet...with someone's hand up his ass."

"Right to the elbow!"

Shouto and Momo laughed momentarily before getting back to the matter at hand. "You know, I have respect for Iida-san. He's a great guy! However, he needs to turn it down a notch."

"Iida has turned it down a notch. He has been acting greatly out of character. However, that's none of my business!" For whatever reason Iida has been laxer than before these days, maybe he learned to let loose a little or whatever. But he is still the stiff robot-guy everyone knows him for.

"Why do I have to do layout? I am very capable of running operations. Plus, I've felt that Iida has been running the entire show since….well, as of lately!" Shouto said to Momo. "Why does he feel we have to follow everything he does?"

"I mean, he is the class president, so in a way he can and we usually do!"

"Yeah, on UA grounds. Technically, we're off-campus so all bets are off!"

"You're so cute when you get serious. A damn shame that this is gonna be a hit and run." Momo felt terrible, dirty for so many things. Like Tsuyu said, this was too low. For starters she gave up her first kiss to someone other than her precious good boy Izuku, but on the other hand it wasn't all that bad as it was to her former crush and she actually enjoyed flirting and kissing him, but this was mostly steaming from the part that for some reason still latches on to her feelings for Shouto, which are totally flooded by her far greater love for Izuku and she was manipulating poor Shouto. She begged the gods for forgiveness, for what she just did to both boys. She's been a terrible, naughty girl… But it's the price she has to pay to ensure the preservation of the carrot-laced cinnamon roll's purity. She must make it up for both of them, mostly Izuku obviously.

"Why not?"

Shouto turned his head at Momo. "Hmm?"

"Why not take charge for once! Like you've said, you are capable of running operations," said Momo. "I didn't call you a great leader for nothing."

"Well...I...I mean Iida…" Shouto was having second thoughts. Although he was speaking his true feelings, he didn't want to appear to be a bad guy.

"Every great leader has broken the rules when things are stepped out of line," she told him. "You have the charm, the moxy…" She slapped his butt. "And the sex appeal to make anyone fall in line."

He immediately blushed. "Well...I am well-liked…"

"Think about our sensei, Aizawa! Does he follow anything Nezu says?" questioned Momo.


"Exactly! He bangs by the sound of his own drum. Who else can bring a sleeping bag to class and get away with it?" asked Momo inquisitively.

"Well…" Shouto was pondering about that as Momo passed by and pecked him on the cheek.

"Think about it! Okay, Shou-to To-do-ro-ki!" She blew a kiss at him before walking back inside of the store lot.

Shouto stood alone in the alleyway with his thoughts and his no longer throbbing erection. Once again, he was fortunate that his pants were oversized. "Challenging the status quo. Should I just take the operation over? I mean, I am a leader, too, you know! I may not be in the top 5 of my class, but I have talent and moxy. Hell, I'm the son of Endeavor (and for once, I am claiming it without shame)!" As he walked inside of the store, he was considering the option of asking Tenya to be in charge of the operation. He was a fair guy. He hoped he could understand.

Izuku and Ochako spent quite a lovely time chatting as they ate pizza. They talk about pretty much everything, what their favorite colors are (Which are obviously Pink and Green respectively), about Ochako's liking for astrology and celestial bodies, Deku admitting that he has other 12 journals worth of notes on Quirks and Pro Heroes and whatever other thing that came to mind.

"And that's why pineapple on the pizza is one of mankind's worst mistakes!" Ochako declared passionately.

"Hehehe. Just because you don't like pineapples doesn't mean it's the worst topping for pizzas. It's ultimately subjective, people have different preferences." Izuku chuckled.

"So you're saying that you like the Hawaiian Pizza?" Ochako arched an eye-brown with a teasing smile.

"Errm… It's not bad, but not the type of pizza I would go for." The emerald Faunus rubbed his cheek with his finger as his smile turned sheepish.

"Then I rest my case." Ochako crossed her arms with a victorious grin.

"Speaking of Hawaii, I remember when you told me and Iida-kun about your reasons to be a Pro Heroine, you said you wanted money to take them there, right?" Izuku now brought up a more serious topic.

Ochako nodded. "My parents work very hard in our construction company, but it's still pretty hard. It's my hope that one day I can take them to Hawaii or anywhere really in this world or maybe even Remnant, so they don't have to stress about work anymore!" She said with burning determination in her brown-colored eyes.

"You're a good daughter, Ochako." Izuku smiled warmly. "You're better with your parents than I am with my own mother..." A tinge of guilt and remorse came to his mind as he put his own mother through a lot of stress through most of his life. Of course, she is a worrywart, but it still feels wrong to not tell her about his secret even if he knows he has to for everyone else's sake.

Ochako blush at the compliment. "I just want to repay them for all their love and support, I know you would do the same for your own mom." She smiled at him.

"...Yeah. I hope one day I can." He nodded with a hopeful smile. "Speaking of mom, maybe I should wait out at least until we become an official thing to introduce her to my mom. There's no way she won't accept her, Ochako is the dream daughter-in-law!" He is certain that his mother would adore her nearly as much as he adores her, he can already see the two of them having a nice chat with tea and cookies, hopefully skipping the part of mom being a mom and embarrassing him with old pictures and the like…

"My parents are gonna love Izuku, or at least mom will and she will convince dad!" Ochako could not wait to introduce Izuku to her parents, of course she can see her dad being on the fence about him, because that's how dads are, good thing mom has a way to make his mind change! "You know something Izuku?" Ochako decided to change.

"Hmm?" He hummed as he took a bit to a pizza slice.

"You remember when Aoyama-kun and I took the Final Exams?"

"Yeah, you were amazing at taking down Thirteen-sensei by using the pulling form of their Black Hole to their advantage." Izuku smiled at her. "Gunhead-san's training sure paid off, eh?"

"You can say that again. But in truth, it was actually a lucky accident that I took Thirteen by surprise."

"An accident? Really?" Izuku looked surprised.

Ochako nodded. You see, what actually happened is that I let go of the rail because Aoyama-kun caught me by surprise when asking if I liked you. I guess I was being a little obvious about it." She confessed. She was really lucky that day back then.

"Huh. I had no idea... Looking back, you acted weird after that, more than once actually." He cupped his chin, it was after the exams that he remembered Ochako acting skittish with him a few times, only now he understands why.

"Yeah. It was around that time that I became aware of my feelings for you. Way before I came to terms with them." Ochako nodded.

"I feel a little dumb for not noticing before." The emerald teen rubbed the back of his head with a sheepish smile.

"It's okay, Izuku. Boys can be quite dense even with the most obvious of girls." The brunette smiled cutely at him.

"Right." Izuku nodded. "You know? I still haven't told Iida-kun that when I saved you I had no idea about the Rescue Points." He changed the topic. "I keep forgetting to do that."

"Right, I remember when he praised you about it." Ochako nodded. "Speaking of Iida-kun, he's been hard at work, studying all sorts of subjects about Remnant, he's even learning their mother language." She changed the subject again.

"That's our diligent Class representative, alright." Izuku smiled. Ochako giggled at this.

"You know, Izuku? I've been reading about Remnant myself and to be honest I'm really curious about how it is in person."


"Yes, we're talking about a whole different universe than ours and not many people in this world can say they've been there, even so I would like to see it someday soon. You think that if this program works, maybe we can see Remnant in person one day?" She asked him with a hopeful smile.

"Hopefully. I would like to see it too." Izuku smiled at her. Within his mind however, the shift to this topic made him think back to his time in the other world. "Should I tell her that I was there, in Menagerie to be exact? She probably knows that Momo and Iida-kun have been at Atlas. Hmmm…" He was having a debate within his mind. "What would she think if I told her that I know one of the huntresses-in-training that will stay with us in our dorm and that she's a childhood friend of mine? Will she be jealous when I try to reconnect with Blake? Nah… No way she's the jealous or possessive kind." His thoughts diffeted to his long lost 'big sis'. "Well, at this rate she will be my girlfriend soon, so maybe I should tell her then. Actually, maybe I should also tell her about One for All and everything about myself and All Might. I know he might be upset at me, but he has to understand that I don't want to hide any secrets from my girlfriend, I have to be fully honest with her if I want this to work out long term. The good part is that Ochako most likely won't make All Might float to the moon or whatever." Now he realized that he has a lot to confess to her and if he wants to make this work he must be totally transparent with her and he fully intends to, however right now it's not the time. "One day, I'll take her to one of Kuo Kauna's beaches. I know she'll love the sights." He smiled at the prospect and then the image of her in a two piece, tight fitting bikini came to his mind. "Damn…" Good thing the tent he was pinching was hidden underneath the table...

"It's highly inappropriate!" Fumikage blurted out as he held onto his cell phone. He was being held back by Mashirao, Mezou, and Hanta, who on top of holding the teen back, they were also holding back his pissed off Dark Shadow. The bird teen became upset after overhearing a conversation between Shouto and Tenya earlier. While using the restroom, he was listening to the two as they were laying out options of those being in charge of operations. He was deeply offended, never having an opportunity to serve any leadership roles. Plus, it was his idea in the first place.

"Don't take offense, Tokoyami-kun," said Tenya calmly. "This isn't about who trademarked the idea or proposing the plan, it is all about experience."

"Never in my sixteen years did I have to say that is pure bullshit." He pointed at Iida. "Even for you, Iida. Hell, it shouldn't be surprising anyway since you always come to him whenever plans go awry." He clicked his tongue. "Run to the junkyard dog, Iida! If you're gonna to renege on me, at least stand on your own two feet. At least your brother had the balls to do that!"

That was met with an astounding roar of oohs and aahs! Kyouka swore she had heard a vinyl record being scratched somewhere.

Shouto decided to intervene. "Listen, Tokoyami. It was never Iida's intention to do that." He nodded affirmatively. "Experience is based on the amount of work being done. You can see that. Iida and I have put in much work throughout the course that strategy is important."

"Strategy, you say," retorted Fumikage. "You know, Todoroki. Not all ideas have to come from you or Iida! We are a class, a unit! Aizawa-sensei always told us to work as a unit."

"And we are," said Shouto. "We know that this is your idea. You're given credit and we are thankful for what you have proposed."

Tenya stepped in. "However, this is business! Plus, without my funds, this operation would not have happened!"

"Bitch please!" barked Fumikage. "You act like you are the only person that can obtain funds." He gazed at his classmates. "There are plenty in this room who would have contributed to my cause." He placed his hands on his hips. His sentient Quirk went back within his wielder. "If we are betting on games or the chance for Deku to get some, then we are freely giving with cash. But, whenever it comes to things that can be rightfully used…." He stomped his feet. "I don't know, like seeing what Dabi or Toga have plans for us. Maybe an invasion of the League of Villains as a whole or even White Fang, you don't know if they might try to make movements in this world. But, no, we are using this ctOS software to spy on our friends and your hands are empty. Now what kind of sense does that make?"

Katsuki was digging in his ear before responding. He came back after blowing up some junk in an alley a few blocks back to let out his anger. "And? What's your point?"

Tenya interjected once more. "Let's keep calm, guys! I don't want us to become hostile after we have been getting along so well." He looked at Fumikage. "You're right! This was your idea! I did volunteer myself to pay for the cost."

"Thank you," said Fumikage as he crossed his arms.

"But, Todoroki made a convincing argument with me on tactics. Quite clever, if you ask me," retorted Tenya. "Hey, look at this! Because this is a trial run, let us practice the device with Uraraka-kun and Midoriya-kun."

"Then, you can use it as it is purposely intended if White Fang or the League of Villains were to come," said Shouto.

"Yeah! And Mineta has a chance of getting laid with Mount Lady and I can kiss a girl without cutting her with my beak," said Fumikage flatly. He pointed at his cell phone. "In this place and with this phone, I am the king." He pointed at Iida. "You are the pauper!" He pointed at Shouto. "You're definitely the comedic type, so the joker you are!"

Shouto approached the angry teen. "Give us the phone."

"Kiss my bird ass," replied Fumikage.

"Give us the phone!"

"I can say no in many ways. Non, el no, iie, nein, nuh-huh, and hell naw!"

Meanwhile in the background, Momo and the girls kicked back, relaxed and enjoyed the display of testosterone. They didn't need to say a thing, just watch it all play out.

"Ah, men can be so easy sometimes. Truly a display that people are prey to their desires." Momo said with a confident smile.

"Amen to that." Kyouka agreed with her best friend with a nod.

"This must be how big brain Villains must feel when they sit and watch stuff play out as planned." Mina commented with a smirk.

"Yup. Pretty funny and thrilling." Tsuyu agreed with a tiny smirk of her own."But remember to not make this a habit, okay?" She addresses the others, this sort of scheming is a very dangerous slippery slope that leads to a very dark pit, so it couldn't be reminded enough to tread carefully when doing this sort of thing.

"Uh-huh! Only do shady stuff when absolutely necessary. Got it, boss!" Tooru replied bubbly.

Then, a sound of thunder came. "Dark Shadow!" Fumikage calls forth his shadowy familiar.

"Roger!" The shadowy creature came out flying from his master's abdomen and towards Todoroki!

Shouto dodged to the side and missed the strike, however Ojiro stood behind him so he ended up taking the hit instead, crashing hard against the wall, causing a big crack!

The crash caused Ojiro to swing his tail at Hanta by accident, which sent him flying to the other side of the store, hitting against the window. In which he went through into the street!

"Damn it, I've missed!" barked Fumikage. "Dark Shadow! Mop the floor with Todoroki until his face turns back white again!"

"Roger!" The shadowy creature tried again. However, Shouto ducked and used Minoru as a shield by tossing him in his direction. He could render the shadowy beast useless, but he can't use fire in this closed space without risking burning everyone else.

"Why me?!" The midget cried comically as he flew at the bird teen. But, Fumikage used his feet to kick Minoru, causing them to fly through the hole in the wall.

"GOAL!" Katsuki barked loudly as he stood far enough to watch the drama/hilarity unfold. Kaminari and Kirishima stood beside him.

"Mineta!" Denki cried in panic.

"Shouldn't we stop this, bros?!" Eijiro asked, also freaking out.

"Aw don't be a pussy, this is peak comedy! At least let it play out a little more before stopping those morons." The explosive blond snickered.

"Pussy?! I am not your Mama, you know!" Eijiro shot back.

"Thank god! 'Cause who knows how many dicks went through that!" Denki joined in Obviously this pissed off Bakugou.

"Or swallowed," interjected Eijiro. "Don't forget swallowing!"

"Oi! I've had it! You fucking wannabe second boys!" he shouted as he grabbed both of their heads. "Quit talking about my fucking old hag!"

As the boys continued their battle, they didn't realize that the device was taken away by the naked eye...literally!

"Boys as such brutes, tee-hee!" Tooru happily took Fumikage's phone as she approached the girls. She handed it to Tsuyu. "Here you go, boss! One cell phone containing ctOS software." She pointed at the cell phone. "Hmm! Someone's tooth got knocked loose." She flicked the tooth away from the phone.

"The plan sure came out better than expected. Two birds knocked with one stone." Kyouka smirked with pleasure.

"Literally, ribbit," said Tsuyu. "Bird Boy and his doe-does!"

"Let's get out of here! Smells like a pig pen here," Declared Mina with a smirk.

The girls commenced to walk toward the exit. However, with their new bad girl image, they decided to walk through the broken glass.

"Don't worry about the damages. I will have Mother to come through and clean it up," said Momo. "We can say that we caught some brutes trying to steal copper wire or something." As the girls were walking, Tenya ended up knocked out on the ground with spirals in his eyes after trying to stop the madness. "Hmm… You know, we could have saved a lot of time and spared the boys pain if I just created a granate with sedative gas and masks for us." The raven-haired girl realized.

"Oh dang, you're right. Why didn't we think of that before?" said Tsuyu, now feeling bad for causing unnecessary violence.

"Oh well, live and learn! Something for next time." Mina shrugged with a carefree grin.

"Probably Yaomomo here wanted to get Todoroki-kun out of her system. Te-heh!" Tooru giggled.

"T-that's not it at all! It just slipped my mind, that's all." She denied. Although that tiny part of her did want that.

"Are you sure about that? That kiss you gave him must have been a mindful to him." Tooru said teasingly.

"You were spying on me?!"

"It's not spying if I was already outside before you. Jesus, you underestimate my skills. Plus, you were giving him plenty of tongue action…" Tooru kept on teasing.

"Enough! That's enough. Let's go before Ochako does just that!" Momo shouted with a very red face. "And don't you even dare think of telling any of that to Izuku!" She pointed at the others threateningly. "I was pretending, okay?! If anything, it was a friendship kiss so it doesn't count at all!"

"Uh-huh, 'pretending'." Kyouka made air quotes.

"Hmmm. I dunno Yaomomo, maybe we need a bit of 'incentive' if you want us to keep this mum." Tsuyu smirked at her.

"'Keep this mum?' So, you must have forgotten about Mina and Tooru's rooms being destroyed as well as Mineta's, right?" Momo glared back with an icy gaze.

The rest of the girls flinched. "On second thought, we shouldn't go around saying the admittedly shady things we did tonight, ribbit." Tsuyu replied, sweating a bit. The girls nodded in agreement.

"Good, now let's move on." Momo declared as she pressed on.

The rest of the girl groaned under their breaths. There went the chance for free plushies and body pillows of Izuku.

The night was far from over, as the two newly confessed lovers enjoyed their pizza and games, the girls were having other plans to derail this date.

To be Continued...

Aizawa-sensei was making his evening rounds at Heights Alliance. After this afternoon's "remodification" session with Kayama-sensei, he needed the exercise to work out the kinks to his legs and lower back.

Craving nicotine and drinking a cup of the strongest black coffee, he made his rounds to the hallway of the 1-A boys. Earlier in the day, he received an anonymous tip that Mineta was keeping copious amounts of uncensored American porn in his room. Honestly, he wasn't surprised and felt sorry for the teen (for that was probably the closest to women he was going to get). However, rules were rules and he wasn't in the mood for another lecture from Nezu-san.

"Room check," he said as he knocked on Minoru's door. It was quite courteous of him to knock as he would normally walk in. However, what he experienced after Hawks walked in on him and Midnight, he decided that the grapehead deserved a bit of privacy.

"Room check," he said before he paused. "Shoot… Iida did say that they were out for the night." Convenient as it could be an in-and-out, grab the supplies, and take it back to his apartment (for proper disposal).

He grabbed his key and opened the door. As soon as he did, he saw an open floor space that he didn't recall seeing earlier in the week. As he looked down, he saw people entering the bottom of the hole. "Who in the hell are you guys?!"

"Oh, good evening! We are part of Yaoyorozu's Manufacturing Company," said the brown-skinned gentlemen. "Sorry we are late, but we are here for the renovations of three rooms." He looked at Aizawa. "Is this the right place?!"

Aizawa-sensei started at the man. "It is! Let's talk! I'll make us some coffee." "You brats are so in trouble!"

To be continued… For real this time!

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Chapter Text

Hey, guys! BD and Sora here with the latest installment of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, Izuku and Ochako are enjoying their date but unfortunately, the girls of 1-A have other plans. Meanwhile, the boys of 1-A have an unexpected appointment with their sensei. Later, Katsuki and Camie have alone time at their hotel, but Katsuki is met with concerns that have been bothering him for quite some time. Wacky adventures, mishaps, and mayhem ensues. Enjoy!

I want to thank magesticflame5166 for the Greenshade art. I also want to thank TheUnderMiner45 and BrendanLodden for giving him the idea. I am happy to see this and here is to more Greenshade pics! 

Gravitational Attraction. (Part 4) (Ochako x Izuku/ Emerald Gravity)

After a wonderful time at Yanagi's Games and Grub with pizza and many games, the lovey dovey couple emerged from the establishment holding hands. In the gravity girl's free arm, she was holding a stuffed rabbit that was curiously the same shade of green as her beloved Faunus guy. The plushie was seemingly female as it had a black bow at the top of its head.

"I still can't believe you really won me this cute plushie." Ochako smiled happily. "And here I thought that crane machines were rigged."

"I told you, didn't I? I wanted to make it a special night for the most special girl I've ever known." Izuku smiled happily back at her. "She wasn't lying. Normally I don't win diddly, but somehow everything was falling into place. I guess the gods are happy, or enough to make this night wonderful thus far."

"Aww, Izuku~" Ochako blushed. She is really loving this romantic side of her Deku-Bun, it makes her feel loved and womanly. Yes, she can get used to this. She giggled. "Well, I can confidently say that you're doing just that and then some. Who would have thought you knew how to make a girl feel like a princess? Or maybe… I'm not your first, hmm~?" She smiled teasingly at him, her eyes half-lidded.

"E-eh?! N-no! I'm just doing what everyone does on TV!" Izuku quickly retorted nervously. His face turned red. "Is she catching on?" At the last minute, Izuku spent part of the night on YouTube finding the best romantic scenes in anime. Of course, fiction doesn't compare to reality, but what could he expect? He was a sixteen year old teen in search of romantic guidance and the last thing he wanted to do was be cheesy in front of his crush!

Ochako giggled at him. "Just kidding, silly Deku-Bun!" She stuck out her tongue.

"Oh! Eh… Heheh… Good one, Ochako, heh…" The Faunus boy smiled bashfully as he rubbed the back of his head, he turned his gaze to the side.

"You're cute when you get skittish like that, you know?" Ochako smiled cutely at him.

"You've been calling me cute a lot tonight." "Not that I mind, just getting a little flushed!"

"It's because I'm honest and I'll keep calling you like that because you're the cutest!" She smiled with a wink.

The boy's face remained blushed. He glanced at the floor as he smiled shyly, he rubbed his cheek.

"This squishy, squishy bunny rabbit is so adorable," she said gleefully as she held the toy tightly. "And I wasn't talking about the doll."

Izuku couldn't comment. His face was redder than a hot potato on a summer fire. He wasn't used to praises, even less coming from a girl who called him 'the most handsome and cutest' at any chance she got. This didn't make them any less welcoming, just a little embarrassing and new to him. At the back of his head he wonders if Ochako would have said that even before his transformation and subsequent effect on her, a silly question obviously as the girl loved him even before that.

She planted her nose on top of the stuffed doll's head. "I am thinking of naming it…" She stopped, putting her finger to her lip as she pondered on christening the gift from her lovely date. "I am thinking of naming it Squishy!" She tightly squeezed the bunny. "And I would love it and keep it forever!"

"That's cool, Ochako!" Izuku smiled happily. "I mean, Dory!"

"Hey," she retorted embarrassingly.

"I didn't say it was a bad thing," he replied. Izuku thought it was cute whenever her face puffed like an octopus.

"Huh-huh!" She clicked her tongue as she turned away. "Nah! Too kiddish!" She giggled. "Look at me wanting to name a doll." She then turned to him. "Well, you did give me this doll. Why not name it?"

"No, no," he retorted. "I just did the work. The least you can do is give it a name."

She flicked his forehead. "Typical man to say such a thing. Tee-hee!" She flicked his nose again. "My goodness, you're so super duper adorable!" She snapped her fingers. "Why not an American name?" She yelped excitedly. "What about….oh, I know! Blake?!"

As if someone dropped a lightbulb or he had heard the sound of a derailed train, Izuku's lips quivered. His stomach dropped and his blood froze hearing those words come out of her pretty lips. "B..B...B…."

"Aoyama-kun told me that Blake means black in French and since the bow is black and gives me such a mysterious noir, why not?" she said to him adamantly.

Was this fate speaking to him? Out of all the names she could have said to him, why the very name of his former childhood friend? The bow on the stuffed animal… It might be the lighting, but he is certain that it's the same shade of black as the feline Faunus' hair… Actually, were its eyes yellow or was he seeing things...? He tried keeping his composure. However, the obviosity of sweat was apparent. It didn't go without notice from Ochako.

"Izuku, sweetie? Are you okay?" she asked, concerned. .

He wiped the sweat off his brow. "I'm fine, dandy!" The pit of his stomach felt like an overly stirred pot, just for his soul to get scooped up from the ladle. "Whatever you think it's best," he said to her. He wore a nervous, wavering grin.

"Mmm?! Nah! I think I like Squishy better!" She hugged the doll tightly. "I will keep it and love it until the end of days." She kissed the doll. "You're my new bestie, Squishy!" "As I know there might be a vacancy for my real bestie…."

Izuku remained silent as the image of the black cat girl came to his mind. "Blake… I don't think I ever saw her with something like a bow over her head, she might have looked cute with a black bow on top of her head… Nah, no way she would wear something like that without obstructing her cat ears and no way she would ever do that." He thought to himself.

One thing he remembered about Blake, at least when they were little, is that her cat ears were sensitive, a feature shared among Faunuses with animal ears as their feature, given that his own rabbit ears are sensible, and thus she dislike wearing hats and other headwear that covered the top of her head unless they were tailored made for her ears to make it comfortable.

However, Blake overall never liked covering her cat ears, for her it was a sign of covering what defined her as a Faunus. She said as much when they were little and remained true while they were growing. Knowing this, he thought it was impossible that Blake would ever do something like wearing a bow to hide her cat ears.

"Baka! Don't think about Blake, think about Ochako!" That Faunus girl and her imminent arrival are such impactful topics that it's like a switch in his mind that forces him shift his focus away from whatever he is doing. He forced himself to look back at Ochako.

The gravity girl was hugging her new plushie tighty into her breast, making it stand out. Deku's eyes nearly bulged out when seeing this. "I wanna be smothered in her breasts too…" He bit his lower lip, his rabbit ears were twitching excitedly and his tail wiggled rapidly and his erection was coming back.

That's another switch in his mind, or rather his second mind that lies on his lower regions. These days if he's not focusing on Blake, he's focusing on his raging lust. Again, he forced himself to shut down those thoughs unless he wants Ochako to see the huge sausage that he calls his sex member making a large bulge in his pants.

The boy fixed his gaze on Ochako's cute round face. He smiled warmly when seeing her being so happy, it made him feel archive and successful that he made her feel this happy.

The girl glanced back at him. "This has been a great night, Izuku. Thank you. Best first date ever." She smiled at him lovingly.

Izuku blushed. "You're welcome Ochako, I'm happy that I could make you smile like that. It was great for me as well." He smiled contentedly at her.

"Well, it's getting late. We should go back." Ochako didn't want this perfect night, the best time of her life, to end. However it was getting pretty late, it was nearly 11 PM. "Time sure flies when you're having fun with your beloved."

Izuku was about to agree and return with her to their dorm, but an idea came to his mind to truly end this date on the highest note possible. "Actually, there's one last place I want us to go to." He said with a smile.

"Oh? And where is that?" She asked, tiling her head to the side adorably.

"You'll see." The emerald Faunus extended his hand out to her with a warm, inviting smile.

Ochako blushed deeply at such a charming display. She then nodded with a lovely smile before taking his hand.

The couple then left while holding hands affectionately. Little that they knew was that they were being watched….

Something was in the air...and it certainly wasn't love. Bloodlust was clotting their veins. Their hearts felt tenderized as if it was being pounded by a meat hammer and then shredded with a jagged edge knife.

Tsuyu and the girls were following at a safe distance. Close enough to be at foresight but far away to not be discovered.

"Whose idea was to dress up like grannies?!" It was Kyouka that spoke as she was trying to pull a wedgie out of her butt. "And why are you wearing a moustache, Tooru-chan?"

Tooru put a 'finger' to her 'lip', inciting silence as they weren't that far away from the couple. "I'd told you that it isn't a moustache, but a hairy lip disorder. Hirsutism is a real disease, you know!"

"You're a real disease," interjected Kyouka as she blew a raspberry. "Oh, Holy Cobain!" She slapped herself on her forehead. "What happened to world domination at the click of a button?"

Tsuyu didn't want to respond. Although they had the ability to control any electric grid at the click of a button, the ctOS program had...some additional assembling.

"Give me some time and I promise that I can find the language settings," replied Momo as she held Fumikage's phone. The girls were startled, quite startled as the ctOS wasn't in English or Japanese. Matter of factly, it wasn't even an Earthly language.

"I know Bird Brain is probably squawking his ass off," replied Mina. She adjusted her wig, trying to make sure that the pins wouldn't slip from her hair. She felt ridiculous with their getup. Another brilliant Momo Yaoyorozu production!

"I didn't even think Squawking was considered a language." Tooru wasn't sure if it would be considered to be so as they didn't know. For all they know, it could be Mistrali and Groot and they still didn't have a clue. They could ask Tenya, but that bridge might be severed. It was their fault in the first place that caused the boys to go to war with each other. At the very least they received word that the boys were going back to the dorms, bruised, but intact. The girls replied that they carried on with the 'surveillance' and that they happened to find Fumikage's phone on their way out. This wasn't totally false so it's not a complete lie.

Temporarily deeming the device as useless, the old-fashioned way of stalk...staking out the couple through surveillance was back in effect.

Tooru glared at Ochako with strong disdain. That adorable plushie was stained and tainted by the greasy hands of a traitor. Carrying that blunt instrument she delightfully nicknamed Amazing Grace, she was ready for the words from her boss to attack on sight. She craved it, more than the plushie that she wanted to add to her collection.

If the collection can be recovered after Momo's people could find it in the rubble of their destroyed rooms.

"Slow and steady, girls! Ribbit!" A vile taste was coming out of the frog girl's throat. Watching and observing that skank who was having a good time with her...their man.

Ashido clicked her tongue distastefully. "The nerve of wearing something cheap and tawdry for our Izu-chan!"

"You know what they say: it feels good to pay less," replied Momo. "Although I was the one who gave her that dress and now I regret it so much."

"You can say that again." Kyouka agreed.

"She should be tied up, bound, gagged, and shot!" Ashido shot back at Momo.

"Ooh~ Let me be the executioner," interjected Tooru as she was swinging the blunt object around like a pendulum.

"We're not maiming anyone...yet, ribbit," returned Tsuyu.

"Ladies, remember: Don't kill her, but make her suffer. A lot! Ideally just enough to cause her to be left nearly invalid. This is a civilized society after all." Momo reminded them calmly.

"Was that your way of thinking before or after slutting it up with Todoroki-kun?" said Mina slyly.

"Pardon my language, but get off my tip," retorted Momo blushingly.

"Todoroki-kun is probably thinking the same thing after that betrayal," responded Mina.

Tsuyu snapped her fingers. "Mina-chan, stop! No time for these kinds of games. The last thing we need to do is to slip this up, ribbit. We are already being haphazardous, like that hazmat team that came and cleaned up your 'love juices!'"

It was met with oohs and ahhs from the girls. Mina didn't create a rebuttal. She went silent, of course without making expletives towards the girls in her mind.

"Anyway. Like Yaomomo said, we can't kill Ochako-chan. She's still a friend after all, but she must be punished." The frog girl said calmly.

"Hear hear! Our 'friend' is quite in need of some 'rough loving', which includes sticking this up her lecherous, dirty and traitorous ass!" Tooru chimed in, waving the blunt object in her hands.

"Exactly, Tooru-chan, ribbit! And don't forget the most important part: Under no circumstance must Izu-chan get caught in the crossfire."

"Girl, you don't need to say that twice. If anything happens to him, even if the tiniest strand of his cute messy hair is out of place, I would kill everyone and then myself (not without Izu-chan joining me in the afterlife). But seriously though, I agree." said the pink girl. "And when we are done with her maybe we should rub salt in the injury, maybe make her watch as we have our way with Izuku?" She added with a sly smile.

"Hmm… Tempting, but why give her the privilege of watching? Better leave her with the image of something she'll never ever see, Izuku's carrot." Tsuyu replied.

"What's taking so long with the ctOS software?" asked Kyouka frustratingly. Not that she didn't agree with the revenge plan, but she is getting impatient.

"Give me some time, Kyouka-chan," replied Momo. "You would think as a musician, you would understand the struggle." She continued to browse through the phone. "Looking for the right note!"

"Well, your highness, I am a girl first. And this girl has been holding back for her lovely bunny. I'm like a tea kettle ready to spout," retorted Kyouka.

"You know I don't mind checking it out, ribbit," responded Tsuyu. "Giving it a good press!"

"With your summer sausage fingers," retorted Mina. "Probably crack the phone and then crack the circuitry of the city."

"Still touchy with that sting I left, ribbit? My apologies," she responded. "To the hazmat team and the many dildos that corroded due to your acidity!"

Mina was really tempted at giving her a taste of her acid, but held it together for the sake of the operation.

Tooru looked at Momo. "What if we can find somebody else that can do it for us?"

"We can't compromise this anymore as it is, ribbit," said Tsuyu.

"What about Iida-kun?" asked Tooru.

"Wait! Why give this back to the enemy?" questioned Mina.

"Hey, I didn't say Tenya-kun," replied Tooru softly.

"Wait! You mean Tensei-kun?" Tsuyu was scratching her head when Tooru asked that question. "Tooru-chan? Heck no! Plus, him out of all people?! His Italian loafer-licking self would report this to the cops and then Sensei!"

Tooru pouted as she put her fingers together. "I was only trying to make a suggestion!"

Tsuyu turned red, feeling bad for hurting Tooru's feelings. "Sorry, Tooru-chan, ribbit! Sorry for being mean, but in all seriousness, we have prolonged this too much! If we have to put the software on hold, then on hold as it can be. Plus, at some point we have to return the phone back to Fumikage. Since he thinks we're good Samaritans!"

"Aaugh," cried Kyouka. "All the wild goose chase...for nothing?! Ochako's gonna score and we have nothing to show for it but turning on each other, wearing these ridiculous outfits, and speaking of these outfits...this wedgie might give me a yeast…."

"All ye little faith!" Momo put Fumikage's phone away and turned to the girls. "Girls, don't give up! What did Aizawa-sensei teach us about sticking together?"

Each of the girls turned to each other before looking at Momo with shrugged shoulders.

"I recall Kayama-sensei telling us that it's okay to turn underwear inside out when it's laundry day," said Kyouka.

"Besides that," said Momo. "We must use whatever resources that are available. What if we obtain something from the League of Villains. Although we don't know what to do with it, we can still study it."

"Yaomomo. No offense! When you're being philosophical, it doesn't always lead in the right direction," said Mina.

"Same as that aim in the restroom stall, too. But that's none of my business," retorted Momo. "The custodian spent all morning installing a new door."

Mina thought it was best to remain silent. Did the entire school know about the incident in the girls' restroom?

"Anyway, what I am saying is that although we don't have the key, we still have the treasure," said Momo.

The girls were giving her blank stares. They just got really confused.

"Okay, maybe you're right!" Momo began frowning. "Basically, what I am saying is that just like Fumikage's connection had the ability to send him the software, we can do the same."

"But how?" asked Tooru.

"I can think of one person right now that can assist," she said. "And I think she got some free time in her schedule before being off house arrest."

Everyone's eyes widened in shock and realization. "Really, Yaomomo!? Her!? The very same bitch that pretty much caused all of this madness!?" Kyouka protested to her best friend. None of the girls wanted anything to with that whore.

"Like it or not, she has better expertise at hacking and knowing her way around the dark web than any of us do. She's pretty much our only option here." Momo said with a frown, she wasn't any less happy about this proposal than the rest of her friends, but they really don't have any other choice if they want to go through with the operation. And she wouldn't dare solicit Hitoshi-chan for any services.

Mina pinched her temple. "Okay, let's say we go through with this. What if she says no?"

"She won't. The concept of hitting rock bottom eludes her as much as the concept of personal space, besides she is dying to get her greasy hands on anything at this point like any other addict."

"And if she starts asking questions?" Kyouka argued.

"I got leverage to make sure she keeps it shut."

"Leverage?" Tooru asked.

"Let's say that not all of her materials were obtained conventionally along with not being discreet in the dark web." Momo replied with a smug smile. "Something I 'stumbled' upon a while back." Around a week ago, she hired private investigators to look deeply into Hatsume to find some dirt to use against her in case that grease-monkey shrew ever even dared to look at the precious carrot-laced cinnamon roll. And good thing she did because this was the perfect time to use it!

Tsuyu snapped her fingers, nodding in approval. "You've got my approval! And maybe top spot for #1 best friend." She smiled pleased.

"The hell you are!" shouted Kyouka.

"Just kidding, ribbit!" Tsuyu displayed peace signs. "Peace signs, Kyouka-chan! Peace signs!"

Kyouka rolled her eyes. "Whatever! Before we really go old and gray, let's continue to follow Bitchako and our honey bun…."

The girls saw dotted lines where Izuku and Ochako used to be.

"God damn it!" barked Mina.

"Yaomomo, call that shitty wannabe scientist mophead now!" Tsuyu ordered with hurriness!

"On it!" Momo did as told.

"Damn! Where could they have gone, ribbit? Tsuyu questioned.

"Not far," responded Mina. This area is nothing but shopping centers and…."

"The beach!"

The girls turned to Tooru. Her 'hand' pointed at the vast area of sandy shores. They even saw footprints of where the couple could have gone.

"Of course!" Mina clicked her tongue. "What a cliche way to end the date!"

"But there's no way Izu-kun would do 'that', right?" Tooru questioned nervously.

"For fuck's sake, Tooru-chan! We're talking about the most perfect guy in all of freaking existence! He always goes the extra mile!" Mina shook her hysterically.

"All he needs to do is push the right buttons and then bam! Cherry pops and paintbrushes are broken, ribbit!" Tsuyu frowned angrily. "And knowing him, there is no way he won't press them, especially with how eager our dear Ochako-chan is as much as we are!"

"All I heard was the end. End means to terminate," said Kyouka, chuckling. She turned to the girls. "I say why not go down to the beach and do some investigating. Just for proof if they are or are not there. What do you say?"

"I'm down!" answered Mina.

"Count me in," said Momo as she got off the phone with Mei.

"Hai!" said Tooru.

"Let's make the move, ribbit!" Tsuyu pointed at the beach. "Operation Cockblock is back in action!"

"Yeah!" The rest of the girls raised their fists into the air.

Tonight was not exactly the most fun group hangout, if stalking two of their friends and then starting a brawl between each other that ends up with an empty store building being turned into a popsicle is any indication…

The boys were walking towards their dorm at Heights Alliance, all of them bruised and looking exhausted due to the little royale battle that Fumikage unintentionally sparked. Shouto was forced to use his ice to stop everyone, causing the already damaged property to be covered in ice.

That's when they noticed that the bird-headed teen's phone was gone along with the girls. Tenya, after recovering his consciousness, was quick to call them. They said that the girls left to avoid getting dragged into the mess and that they found Fumikage's phone while on their way out, so they left to continue with their vigilance of Midoriya and Uraraka.

And thus the guys decided to just call it a night and go back, all except for Katsuki, who left for the 'date' he had with Camie at the hotel in the red light district against Tenya's protests. Eijiro believed that the guy sure earned a break from all the bullshit that just happened tonight. The explosive teen said if someone questions why he's gone, they would have to say that he wanted to spend some time with his parents. Not the most believable excuse.

"Vous bâtards! You fucking bastards!" Yuga was in tears, cradling his cheeks as his Vega-like face was bruised. "Someone's gonna pay for that tooth I lost!" The guys knew it was serious when Aoyama completely abandoned his French idioms and wordplay.

"Calm down, Aoyama-kun. I would see to it that you get the appropriate treatment." Tenya replied as he patted the french blond's back.

"And with what? A fake tooth?! Why not throw me a pair of fake tits like Katsuki's goomah!" snapped Yuga, the latter with an Italian accent. "My tooth! My beautiful shiny teeth! Ruined!" His eyes glared at the guys. "I wanna kick ass and chew gum." He patted his pocket. "And I am all out of gum!"

"Hey, at some point we would get into a bad situation like this. It's not the end of the world." Hanta said to him.

"Yeah, dude. Many pros lose one or two teeth in the field and you don't see them whining about it like babies." Denki agreed.

"So, what was that earlier when you shouted for Mineta, eh?!" questioned Yuga. "A singsong?!" He balled his fist. "I swear on Sir Nighteye's grave. Hell, on my Mama, if I don't get restitution…"

Tenya could tell how irritated Aoyama was as he transitioned from French to Italian to Canadian to ebonics in a matter of seconds. "Aoyama-kun, calm down! Being angry won't do any good and going against each other certainly won't yield any results."

"Yeah, as we just saw, it only leads to a huge mess." Shouto agreed.

"Right," replied Tenya. It felt weird to not rub the bridge of his glasses as they were broken in the melee. Rubbing his temple and in need of a ibuprofene, he sighed heavily before speaking to his classmates. "What we failed to accomplish was learning how to cooperate under pressure. If this was a real-life situation, the League would have kicked our butts!"

"Dabi would have his foot so far up our asses that we would be licking his loafers," said Shouto. "Plus, we destroyed a storefront. Fortunately, I know Mom...Yaoyorozu-chan's mother is taking care of the damages. If this was a real life situation, we would be facing big trouble. And I am not running one-hundred laps around the school again!" Said the icy hot teen.

"We must be careful, think with clear heads, and most of all, never lose our cool,' replied Tenya. "Leave your pride, vanity, and egos at the door. Or unless you're Mount Lady. If you're Mount Lady, then you are an exception!"

"Right and if we do a stakeout operation ever again, next time we won't be bringing everyone in." replied Shouto.

"Agreed." Fumikage nodded. "Too large of a group! And again, I'm sorry for what happened back there. For some reason I just felt out of it." He apologized again.

"No need to apologize, Tokoyami-kun. We all were out of it tonight to a certain extent." Tenya smiled softly.

"Yeah. The girls most of all." Shouto nodded. "Things have just been getting weird around here more than usual ever since Midoriya became a Faunus."

"Hmm… Now that you mention it, you're right. It can't be a coincidence, can it?" Tenya cupped his chin. In the background Koji was consoling Yuga.

"Only God knows!" It was Mineta that was walking with a limp after landing through the wall...into a pile of rusty bayonets. "And trust me when I say I was this close to asking God that question."

Denki paused, deciding to give the little Gremlin support as a crutch. "You would think being around a rabbit meant good luck to all of us. If that were the case, then I would have had a better time getting phone numbers, but nope! Turns out Midoriya is only bringing good luck just for himself! Why else girls seem to be so present around him lately, hmm?"

"Fangirling it, I guess! Anything becomes a craze and in the end, it fades," said Hanta. "Deku has the looks and charms that girls go wild for. Just like any brand new sensation. Like Korean dramas, K-pop, and anything kawaii. It is a wave until it fades."

"Only this wave is more of a tsunami," replied Mineta as he pouted. "He has the golden ticket! The ultimate treasure! He literally has booty on his lap. Don't forget Kayama-sensei wiping his cheek with her handkerchief! God, do I envy that cheek. And that fabric!"

"Chill out, dudes. It'll pass, no way that DekuBro is having harem protagonistic powers now that he is a Faunus. He's not that type of guy, so don't exaggerate it." Eijiro also shrugged this off. "Unless he is Tsukune Aona, Tenchi Masaki, Negi Springfield, or Sora Aoi."

"I'll admit that the girls have been acting pretty strange. Hagakure-san hasn't come to help me with my blind fighting in these last few weeks." Said Mashirao, he felt his sparring partner's absent, which made him feel a little sad. "But, you guys know her with anything cute, so…"

"I'm just saying they're all being sus with how they're behaving with Midoriya." Denki retorted.

"Pretty sus." Minoru agreed.

"No way. I don't know about the rest, but I know that Yaoyorozu is not into Midoriya." Shouto retorted with an upset expression.

"And what makes you so certain about that, Todoroki? She's been alone with Midoriya at least once doing who knows what inside her room." Denki replied with a serious expression. The guys knew that the girls, not just Uraraka, have been hanging around the emerald rabbit Faunus a lot as of late, alone many times. With everyone living under the same roof, it's hard to keep secrets for too long.

"I know Yaoyorozu. We are thick as thieves," said Shouto defensively.

"Might be thick as thieves, but word through the grapevine says that Yaoyorozu-chan is thieving for Deku's thick…" Mineta was met with a slap to the back of his head from Denki.

Blinded tears flooded his eyes. "Why?!" cried Mineta.

Shouto cleared his throat. "Hmph, as I was saying. If you really want to know, we made out earlier tonight at the gangway outside the store and we would have gone the next step if a certain someone didn't walk in." Shouto said with a subtle sign of anger as he glanced at Tenya.

The engine teen cleared his throat with a provimet blush in his face. "I can attest that Yaoyorozu-kun has feelings for Todoroki-kun here." He replied, keeping his cool.

The perverted duo stood there jaw-dropped.

"Whoa bro! You hit the jackpot!" Eijiro grinned. "About damn time!"

"You guys always have something going on." Hanta did the same. "You have to take her out as quickly as possible!"

"That's the plan. Tomorrow I'll ask her out." Shouto wore a noticeable smile. He was looking forward to tomorrow. "You think it would be too soon to take her to meet my mother?"

"Erm… A little." Eijiro replied, making a hand gesture.

"You should take her out on a romantic fancy dinner. That's how the ladies like it." Hanta wiggled his eyebrows with a smug grin. "Make sure it's candlelit and if possible, champagne in the hot tub!"

"Hmm. Good idea, I can certainly afford that since I know my old man's credit card number." The icy hot teen replied cupping his chin.

"Just be mindful of how far you want to take things with her, okay?" Tenya said with his usual seriousness as he flipped his right arm up.

"Yes, Iida. I will." Shouto subtly rolled his eyes. "What are you, my father?"

"Oh, of course. Of fucking course!" Minoru yelled outraged. "Then you're going to say that you might get laid as well!" Minoru was still processing the information.

Shouto blushed. "Well, I didn't think that far…" However, he fantasized about it quite often.

"If not, at least a handjob or a dry hump would suffice." Denki was reflecting on the time when he and Kyouka were dry humping at his dorm. She looked seriously frustrated and tense as the teens rub each other sensually. He could recall the moment when he and Kyouka were in his dorm room. She was pulling up her skirt as Denki was lying on his bed. Undergarments were the furthest she allowed as she was in her bra and panties and he was in his undershirt and boxers. Nothing more, nothing less.

'What we did was a one-time thing, Kaminari! A mercy hump, you big lug!'

'I didn't recall you cumming five times on my leg, crotch, and stomach, a one-time thing.'

'And it might be your last time if you don't keep your mouth shut. Be grateful you felt something other than your hand. Now stay the hell away from me!'

In a way, he could say that he was a half-virgin. Be that as it may, he remained jealous as there was a woman vying for Shouto's affections and not being used as a literal humping post.

"I would keep that in mind...ahem, Kaminari," replied Shouto somewhat feverishly.

"First Midoriya gets lots of female attention and gets a date. Bakugou got laid with a smocking sexy hottie and now Todoroki scores it with Yaoyorozu! What's next?! Mount Lady actually replying to one of many of my letters? Mezou finding a girlfriend? Kirishima actually kissing a girl?!" Minoru ranted as he cried angrily.

"Oi, oi, oi there buddy! You guys know I'm into Mina so drop those jokes that I'm gay, you hear?!" Eijiro frowned angrily at them. "Why does everyone think I'm gay?!" It's not the first time people assumed he's gay and he's fed up about it.

"You spent a lot of time around Bakugou, so…" Hanta replied, scratching the back of his head.

"And quite reserved whenever boys talk explicitly about girls," added Minoru.

"Or describing your type of girl," commented Denki. "I mean you like what you like, so no judgement, man!"

"We're just bros, bro! Just because you see two guys spending a lot of time together, it doesn't mean that something else is going on, Geez! And just so you know, I'm not openly perverted as you both!" He pointed angrily at Denki and Minoru.

"Then why do you ever ask Ashido out?" Denki questioned.

"W-well… uh, you see… I just never worked out to do so…" The hardening teen blushed as and glanced to the side bashfully. "A man's greatest challenge is to work out his feelings for a girl, something I can't do yet."

"You'll get your moment, dude." Hanta patted his back. "Anyway, you guys are just jealous. Especially you, Kaminari, 'cause Jirou rejected you." He glanced back at the perverted duo.

"Wait a minute! Timeout! Why are you throwing shots at me, Sero?" questioned Denki. "Just moments ago, you were over Kirishima's case!"

"All is fair in love and war," answered Hanta. "Plus, it's after hours so this is where street rules apply here."

Denki sighed through his nose. "Okay, I'll admit it did hurt a bit. A shot at the heart, but hey I am still alive, am I? Plus, I'm over her, dude! I can do better than a mean punk that lacks good under the hood!" The electric blond retorted.

"Sure, you're over her." Sero replied sarcastically. "And we're going to pretend you weren't spooning around when Jirou-chan brought Midoriya to her room."

"How did you-?!" Denki flinched and his face turned beef red. "I-I mean, what? I dunno what you're talking about, man." He tried to correct himself nervously. "Damn, Was I spotted?! In my defense I had to know what they were up to."

"Uh-huh. Sure you don't." Hanta replied unamused.

"Why are you bugging me about it!? Do you want her?"

"Look, Kaminari. Just making observations is all. No reason to be defensive!" exclaimed Hanta.

"If that were the case, then why were you snooping in the laundry room after Jirou-chan dropped off her clothes, hmm?" Denki questioned Sero. "As I recalled, laundry day for boys wasn't on Tuesdays."

Sero flushed, deciding to refrain from any further comments.

"Besides, I had my time with Jirou and all I can say is it was okay." This could have been the perfect opportunity to spill out his little rendezvous to the guys but decided against it. He had the soiled boxers as well as the stained smear of her lipstick on his shirt to prove it. Nevertheless, a real gentleman never kisses and tells. He may like to brag and gloat, he still had his limits.

Tenya thought that this was the appropriate time to intervene. "Kaminari-kun, Sero-kun, settle down. We just had our bouts earlier this evening and we aren't going to resume a second round." He turned to Shouto. "I'm happy that you and Yaoyorozu-kun are possibly tying the knot." He looked at Eijiro. "Be comfortable with yourself and disregard what anyone thinks. Take your time and discover what you like about Ashido-kun or anyone else in that matter."

Shouto and Eijiro nodded approvingly.

"Today's operation was a bust," he continued. "People got hurt, whether physically or within their feelings. We weren't able to successfully activate the ctOS software, but we shall try again in the future." He, then, walked to the entrance of their dorm hall. "Nevertheless, lessons were learned, mistakes have happened and more importantly…." He paused momentarily. "Shit! What about the bet?!"

The 1-A boys stared at each other when suddenly realizing that they had money on the line between Ochako and Izuku. Plus, they were startled to hear Tenya curse.

"I'd say the bet is still up. The girls went off to continue the vigilance on them after all." Shouto replied matter of factly.

"Good point, Todoroki-kun. Then we shall wait until they return and ask them what happened." Tenya nodded approvingly.

"But if they also fail?" Mashirao questioned.

"Nah, they'll be fine. No way a tight group of friends like them can get in a mess like us," interjected Hanta with a smirk. "And even if they don't see anything, Uraraka might want to share with them her experiences. You know girls won't keep their mouths shut." He shrugged unconcerned

"C'est vrai, mon cher!" Yuga replied, in a much happier mood thanks to Koji's comforting. "Our young fillies love to gossip the way we tell our tales. If we can get word about the success of their date, then the bet remains." He clutched his chest. "But it means I would have lost the bet." He made a fake pout before touching his cheek, which made him actually cry. "In the next sparring lesson, someone is getting their ass whooped to the nth degree. Baise leurs sentiments, which means fuck their feelings! My beautiful teeth!"

"Yeah, bro!" said Eijiro with a grin. "Then we'll just have to sit and wait till tomorrow, right?"

The icy hot teen nodded. "I'll talk to Yaoyorozu-chan tomorrow," said Shouto. "If she can spill her lips onto me, then maybe she could spill the beans...and maybe more." He said with a tiny smug smile to his classmates.

"My God! Thou art forsaken me!" cried Mineta. "But wait, tomorrow we have a meeting with Shinsou-chan about our Dust. You know what, you can have those basic thots! Girls like Mirko, Midnight, Mount Lady, Bubble Girl, Ragdoll would be on my lap serving me like Denny's. Neko babes, bunny babes...girls dressing up like cheerleaders and maids!" A river of drool was coming from Mineta's mouth. He rubbed his hands feverishly. "Victory is mine! Victory is mine! Victory today is mine!" he began saying melodically while clapping.

"Why is Mineta singing a gospel hymn?" Hanta whispered to Denki.

"Maybe he was around Shiozaki-chan or something," replied Denki.

Tenya held the door open for the boys as they entered the dorm. As the night was concluded, many were planning to enjoy a restful sleep (or that was what they wanted to tell themselves).

"Boys, since we have another day off, why not play another round of Super Smash Bros.?" Hanta asked happily as he showed his trademark smile.

"I don't know," said Tenya as he stretched his arms. "Would like to have a restful sleep. I want to get up early and have a morning run and a balanced breakfast before heading to church for Sunday School."

The group looked at each other before they proceeded to laugh. Tenya wiped the tears with his finger. It felt good to joke with his peers ever-so-often. "Who am I kidding? It's past curfew and we are in the dorms, so why not have some fun. It isn't like we have anywhere to go in the morning."

"Dibs on the controller," barked Denki.

"I got the second," said Fumikage.

"I think you boys may want to have second thoughts as I have dibs on each and every one of you!"

Each felt a shiver going through their spines. The background faded to black as they heard a strong voice penetrating their ear drums.

They turned their heads to the common room. They saw a group of gentlemen that they didn't recognize. They looked like construction workers. As they saw one passed by them, one had a shirt that said, "Yaoyorozu Construction Company," in red letters. They turned their heads to the couch where they saw the origin of the voice - Aizawa-sensei!

"Good evening, boys!" It was Yamada-sensei, or Present Mic that spoke next. He and Aizawa-sensei were drinking a cup of coffee as it appeared they were congregating with the construction workers.

"Soup's on!"

Walking outside of the kitchen was their teacher, Kayama-sensei. Sporting her outfit while wearing an apron that tightly hugged around the right places as she held a large pot toward the construction workers.

"I don't know why you boys wanted me to cook, but who am I to kill your dreams," she said alluringly as she placed the pot on the table. The construction workers rushed to the feast as Kayama-sensei turned to the boys. She licked her lips, clicked her tongue, and shook her head. "Evening, boys. Well, not really a good evening for you guys!"

Each swallowed a lump in their throats. They were unknowingly confused about the situation.

"Gentlemen," said Aizawa-sensei as he stood up with his cup of coffee. He began slurping loudly. "How was your outing?"

The boys cowarded over each other as they pushed Tenya to the front, unofficially looking at him as the spokesperson. " was good!" Tenya managed to say as he was pelting sweat throughout his body.

"Excellent," replied Aizawa-sensei as he slurped his drink loudly. "And why do you look so battered? He questioned when looking at the rugged up appearances of the boys.

"We, um… Play wrestling and, *Ahem* you know how we teenagers are. Going too far sometimes, heh…"

"I see." Shouta replied calmly. He looked around. "The ladies?"


Present Mic accompanied Aizawa-sensei beside him. "Well, gentlemen! Tonight may not be your lucky night. It seems to me that you have some explaining to do."

"Present Mic is right," replied Aizawa-sensei. "I hope you weren't having other plans for the night. Like sleeping, reading, video game playing, masturbating to copious amounts of uncensored Ebony and interracial pornography, Mineta!"

Mineta wanted to become a mouse the way he squeaked loudly.

"What did we do?" asked Tenya inquisitively. He was left in the dark. He thought he was following protocol after telling Aizawa-sensei about their departure for the night.

Kayama-sensei intervened. "Well, boys! Let's say that somebody was literally beating and tearing down the girls' walls."

"Nani?" questioned Tenya.

Aizawa-sensei stepped beside Midnight. "Earlier this evening, I was performing my rounds when I discovered completely destroyed dorm rooms. Not one, not two, three dorms! Three dorms!"

"What do you have to say for yourselves?" asked Kayama-sensei.

The boys looked around each other, not having the slightest idea of what was going on.

"It seems to me that the boys here are lacking in communication. The boys are quickly panicking and pondering what is their next move," said Present Mic in his announcer voice. "I know one thing for certain, gentlemen, a flight to Tahiti is nowhere happening!"

"Oh, you boys can't speak English," retorted Aizawa-sensei. "Do you have any reason why those dorms were destroyed?"

"Sensei! We have no idea what you're talking about," said Tenya truthfully.

"I knew you guys were knuckleheads and troublemakers, but destroying property is a whole different thing," said Aizawa-sensei. "Anyway, three dorms were destroyed: Ashido, Hagakure, and Mineta."

"What?!" Mineta dropped to the floor. "My merchandise! My precious babies!" He cried in agony and despair. It wasn't easy obtaining the uncensored pornography. The numerous backchannels of web address, PO boxes, and anonymity without alerting his teachers and now it was all gone!

"There, there, buddy. It'll be okay." Denki patted his back in a consoling manner.

Midnight pursed her lip. "Quite the explorer, you are Mineta." She smiled as she shook her head in disapproval while clicking her tongue.

"I think your porn is the least of your concern this evening, Mineta," said Eraserhead. "My concern is the person or persons responsible. And since everyone conveniently left, there must be a reason behind this."

"Sensei, if I may, if Ashido, Hagakure, and Mineta's dorm were destroyed, then should it be asked amongst the girls as well," asked Tenya concerningly.

Eraserhead rubbed his temple. "Honestly, my mood is wrecked as I have to entertain these construction workers all evening. And judging the namesake of the company, I can already have a guess." He then stomped his foot. "Regardless of whodunit, somebody in this group was aware and didn't inform us. So, as of now, each of you is guilty. Plus, where is Midoriya? Where is Bakugo in that matter?"

"Bakugo said that he was spending the night with his parents," said Tenya.

"Impossible!" It was Kayama-sensei that interjected. "It's Fashion Week in Milan and I just saw Mr. and Mrs. Bakugo on television during an interview thus making his alibi and yours a lie."

"So that is strike two, if not three as the girls and two of the boys are missing," responded Aizawa-sensei. "So, I am going to ask again. Where are the girls and where are Midoriya and Bakugo?!"

"The girls are following Midoriya-kun and Uraraka-chan on a date."

The boys turned around as it was Ojiro that was confessing. The nervous teen held his tail as he looked apologetically to his teammates. "The girls want to see if Uraraka-chan and Midoriya-kun are okay so they are following them." He just folded under the crushing pressure imposed by the teachers.

The boys groaned as they watched him narc'd to their teachers.

"Bakugo is out on a date with Camie Utsushimi at a love motel. Bakugo made us come up with a lie so that he wouldn't get into trouble."

"Snitch!" Sero thought to himself.

"I knew Ojiro was the weak tit on Mama Faunus," Denki thought to himself.

"And I thought I was the tattletale!" Tenya thought to himself.

"Sorry, guys! Please forgive me!" Mashiro thought to himself as he could feel the burning retinas onto him.

Eraserhead didn't want to hear any more. He finished his coffee and passed it to Midnight. "Line up against the wall, gentlemen," said Aizawa-sensei. "When Present Mic, Midnight, and I finish our dinner, we are going to have a nightcap of our own. Hope you are rested because there won't be any of it tonight."

"Ladies and gentlemen, the 1-A boys are certainly in trouble this evening. Bakugo has lied, Midoriya and Uraraka are being pursued by the 1-A girls doing God-knows-what. What is going to happen to the others as the jig is up? Stay tuned for the next…."

He was met with a slap to the head by Aizawa-sensei. "Enough with the narration. Go and get the pails of water, water getter!"

"Sure, sure, no problem, Shouta-san," commented Present Mic as he walked away. "Jackass!"

Kayama-sensei, unsurprisingly due to her sadistic side, found it pleasurable to see the boys in disarray. Quite tantalizing and titillating to her as she quivered and shuffled in between her legs. However, impure thoughts filled her mind as there was a certain bunny boy that wasn't there to fill the slot.

Izuku Midoriya was the reason and the exception to violate her 18 and under rule and to get rid of all of her booty calls listed on her phone. She knew there were bylaws and stipulations but all she needed for him was to say the magic word and legality can kick in like the fertility pills she recently took before coming to the dorm, she just felt like having bunnies all of the sudden. She had plans of pulling away Midoriya into the night whenever Present Mic or Eraserhead wasn't looking. However, Pointy Eyebrows beat her to the punch! And her little concubines were pursuing what was rightfully hers. She knows what's going on with those little minxes, she noticed the glances and observed how obviously they just wanted to pull down their panties for Midoriya's carrot. She's an expert at recognizing that behavior even miles away.

As of now, she had to play it cool. She had to keep her feelings about him on ice. But when the young ladies come back, she'll have a 'chat' with them and it better not involve the revelation of a V-card being done away with!

After a quick hike, Deku and Ochako arrived at the Municipal Beach Park Dagoba.

"And this is." Deku announced with a smile. The couple came to a stop and gazed forward at the sea below the beautiful starry night sky.

Ochako's eyes widened in awe. "It's so pretty, Izuku." She smiled with a glint in her eyes. "But why are we here?" She asked him.

"I wanted to show you… The place where I started my journey. It was here, that road to become a Hero began." He replied with a reflexive smile.

"Where did you start?"

"Yeah. It feels like a whole life ago… Nearly a year ago there was where I trained for 10 months to be ready for the entrance exam. Back then the place was littered with trash to the brim so I cleaned the whole place up while exercising." He regaled her with his tale.

"Really?! You cleaned all this place, on your own?!" Ochako asked, surprised.

"Heh. Yep and as you can see, not even a spot of dust." He replied with a tinge of pride in himself. "It's actually to imagine that not long ago this whole place was full of junk."

Ochako smiled happily. "That's so you, Izuku. Always going the extra mile and over exerting yourself."

"Guess you know me pretty well now." The emerald haired Faunus smiled back at her.

"It must have been quite exhausting to move piles of junk on your own."

"Not gonna lie, it was. But I had too, I was pretty weak and skinny back then. Oftentimes, I felt I was gonna keel over. But, my mentor gave me this advice: 'a tiny speck of dust becomes a mountain!'" He smiled at the memory of the first time he ever came here with All Might. No way he would forget when he tried to drag him when he sat on top of that fridge.

"Quite proverbial!"

"Thanks!" He wanted to say more to her, tell her the whole truth, but decided against it. "Don't worry, Ochako. Soon I won't have to lie and hide secrets from you anymore, just bear with me for a little longer…"

"Do you always be this philosophical whenever you want to sway a girl?" The girl wore a teasing smile.

Izuku nervously laughed as he rubbed the back of his head. "Me? No! Unintentionally!" He looked at the site. "I try to look at things perspectively, giving it purpose and meaning. Once upon a time, this place was a mess. There wasn't any value to it, left in a disarray." He extended his hand. "Now, this place is beautiful, has value."


"My mother tells me to never judge a man's table when you haven't seen their valleys," he said to her. "Face value isn't enough to determine one's worth. It must be from within, the inner beauty that defines not what we are, but who we are." His tail began shaking. "Ochako, this place is more than just a scenic beauty. It is symbolism. It says that no matter how junky or how messy or how things look, it can always change; be wiped clean. I think what I want to say is that anything or anyone can have a chance if they want to try."

"Just like you, right?" Ochako smiled happily.

He was tickled pink. " you want to make that kind of comparison, then yeah sure, I guess!" He grinned. "I sure have come a long way from who I used to be, all thanks to people who helped me. I'm very different now, both inside and outside. And I still have a long way ahead of me and that's why I wanted to bring you, Ochako. I thought this would be the perfect place to cement my new beginning in life as Izuku Midoriya, the Alpha Rabbit Faunus, with you." He smiled warmly at her.

Ochako's eyes widened in surprise, her cheeks lit up and her heartbeat went to a hundred miles per hour.

"Ochako…" The boy grabbed both of her hands into his. "It was a blessing the day you came into my life. I can no longer see myself without you in it, you mean a lot to me, more than you can ever imagine. That's why I want to be with you, more than anything else. I know it's just the first date, but I can't help myself, so… Ochako, will you-?" He tried to push out the question he only ever dreamed of asking her.

"Yes!" However, she shouted with the happiest smile she could make before he would finish his question.


"Izuku, I know you enough to know what you want to ask me and I feel the exact same, I can't no longer see a future where you're not with me. So yes, a million times yes, I'll be your girlfriend!" She then embraced him tightly, tears of happiness were running down her cheeks.

Izuku stood frozen for a few seconds as his mind was processing the new information. He glanced down at Ochako, the girl he loves the most, surrounding him with her arms in a warm and tight embrace. His arms then moved and returned the embrace. "Ochako, I… I don't know what to say except, thank you…" He said softly as a smile was drawn in his face, a few tears of joy escaped his eyes.

"I'm so so happy… It feels like a dream come true…" Ochako replied softly.

"I feel the same…"

The newly made couple held each other, basking in the warmth and happiness of their new official relationship, not wanting to let go of each other.

"Ochako, I have something that I want to give a token of our new relationship." Izuku reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny black box. "Sorry that I didn't have time to wrap it. I wasn't expecting to give it to you right now, but still brought it with me just in case." He delicately placed it in her hand.

This night was getting better as this was unexpected from her Casanova. She gently pulled open the box and saw a tiny, shiny pink ring in there. Her eyes widened as she became shocked. "Iz...Iz...Izuku?! didn't…." She covered her mouth with her hand.

"The ring is cheap. My apologies. Mom gave me enough pocket money to cover what I can." He wasn't trying to downplay the moment, hoping that Ochako knew that it was well-intended. "Gifts aren't my strong suit as I am still trying to understand girls. But I promise once I get better, then...then...I…."

Ochako reached over and tightly squeezed Izuku. "No...this is enough! Thank you so much for this gift. For this night! Everything!" She wanted to cry, but felt it was premature. She didn't want to let go. Izuku allowed her head to rest on his shoulder. His tail began shaking furiously. His ears were twitching. Then suddenly, Ochako accidentally used her Zero Gravity Quirk. The teens were slowly lifting off.

"Without you is like no gravity, Izuku," she said as she was becoming dazed. "I don't ever want to drift away from you."

"Uh, Ochako?!" Izuku was enjoying this moment, but heights wasn't his strong suit and knowing her, they could be in Pluto. He pointed at the ground.

She blushed. "Goodness, sorry!" She lowered them back to the ground. "Caught in the moment."

He laughed. "No worries, Ochako! One of the many quirks I've found enjoyable about you." He winked. "Pun intended." Izuku took the ring from her. He used his other hand to take her left hand and put the ring on her finger.

Her hands were twitching. She now wanted to shed tears. The tears of joy of praying for this moment.

Ochako looked at the pink ring as it shined in the light. Butterflies were fluttering in her stomach. What a way to cap off a great night! "Izuku! Izuku! I don't know what more to say," she said to him.

"You don't have to," he said to her. His hand reached and caressed her soft right cheek with a smile. "Okay then, you got this. No holding back now!"

The girl shivered at the soft touch of his hand. To think that his hands are so rugged, strong and masculine, and yet so soft to touch… "I-I-Izuku~..." Her whole body was starting to burn, the heat was focusing on both her inner passage and face. Her legs shook and her breath was turning short labored.

Deku's face got closer to her. He's ready… "Can I… Kiss you?" He asked softly.

"Yes… Yes, please~" She felt like she was truly living a dream, in a trance of love and happiness as the lovers' faces slowly moved towards each other. Finally… My first kiss…" She closed her eyes, ready to accept her beloved Izuku's lips upon hers…

"Miss me with the love and happiness, you detritus bitch!"

Izuku and Ochako abruptly turned. As they looked at the moonlight, a fiery force was coming toward them. Defensively, Izuku stood in front of Ochako. However, being her man meant teamwork so she activated her Quirk, pulling them away as the force collided with the ground.

They jumped high into the sky, holding into each other. While airborne, they saw that the resulting collision created a large crate and a large cloud of smoke.

Ochako restored their weight and landed back safely on the ground.

"Ochako! Are you okay?" Izuku managed to say as he was coughing up the dust.

"Yeah! Are you okay?" she asked him.

"What in the hell was that?" he asked her.

"I don't know…" They both saw a silhouette approaching from within the fading cloud of dust. Deku stood defensively in front of her and activated his Full Cowling while Ochako also got her guard up.

"A Villain attack? Damm!" The emerald Faunus cursed. The worst moment possible!

"Damn it, I've missed!"

Both then became shocked as they recognized that voice.

"Oh no… Oh no no no…!" Ochako shook in dread and panic.

"K-Kyouka?!" Deku shouted in utter disbelief to the point of turning off his Quirk. Ochako's worst fears were confirmed when both saw the punk chick walking out from the crater. She looked furious.

"You better aim for Uraraka and not our Deku, Keloids!"

"You should be the last to judge about aiming, Pissy Pink!"

"Mina?!" questioned Izuku again.

Kyouka cracked her neck and then her knuckles. Moments later, others appeared from the settled dust. No longer wearing their granny outfits, they were sporting warpaint and their battle uniforms.

Izuku didn't know what was occurring. Why would the girls be here? Why do they look as though they are preparing for battle? Why does Kyouka have a blunt….?

Izuku was then taken off guard when feeling a force pulling him away. "What the hell-?" he shouted. "Ochako!"

"Izuku!" She cried out!

"The power of invisibility, baby!" It was the voice of Tooru that Deku heard.

"Tooru?!" he said as he was struggling. "What is going on with you?!"

"Saving you from a big mistake!" she shouted. "I've got him, boss!" She then rushed back to the rest of the hostile group of girls with the precious target in tow.

"Give him back!" shouted Ochako angrily. As she was rushing for Hagakure, she felt a force that caused her to trip.

"Hehehe! Had a nice trip?! Too bad you won't see the next fall." It was Momo that was speaking. The blessing of makeshifting within her Quirk. She had a smug grin. "Uraraka, Uraraka, Ura-rotten! Look at the mess you've made!"

"Ochako? What are they talking about? What are they doing?" Izuku asked Ochako in confusion. These were their friends and why are they attacking them? Unless… "On no… Oh no no no no no! It's happening, just like Recovery Girl said!" It then dawned on him. The effects of his pheromones! The girls are going yandere!

"Tooru-chan, take Izu-chan away, ribbit! He must not see what we have in-store for our 'friend!'" It was Tsuyu that spoke. Tsuyu slowly walked toward the site where Ochako was. "Quite a romantic spot, you got here!" She spat on the ground. "A slice of paradise on Earth. Maybe even Remnant, ribbit!"

"Tsu-chan! Think for a second. Let's talk about this," said Ochako worriedly. She got on her knees.

"No! No! Talking is done! We are sick of talking, ribbit!" Tsuyu shouted at Ochako.

"You have no idea how much hell you put us through today," said Mina with venom.

"I might have to go see my gynecologist because of you. You baka!" barked Kyouka as she still felt the aches from the wedgie earlier.

"Betrayal after betrayal after more betrayal, Ura-rotten!" It was Momo that snapped that response. "A lot of people suffered today due to your greedy hands!"

"I gotta do something!" Izuku then forced himself out of Tooru's surprisingly strong grip with his Quirk and dashed towards Ochako, getting himself between her and the jealousy-driven girls, standing in front of her in a protective position. "Don't!" He shouted at them.

"Get out the way, Izu-chan, ribbit!" shouted Tsuyu. "This isn't your fight!"

"Better do so, or else we might be forced to do the unthinkable to you!" Momo shouted.

"Please, listen to me! You're not yourselves, it's because of me that you all got like this! You gotta snap out of it! The girls I know would never dare to turn on each other!" The emerald Faunus begged them. Trying to reach out to their senses.

"Oh we know that, baby!" said Mina.

"Huh?!" Izuku was taken aback.

"We've been aware this whole time that you just got us so madly in love to drive us to this!" said Mina

"And we don't give a damn if this is not normal!" said Kyouka.

"Truthfully honest, we are doing our best to hold off," said Tooru.

"Because frankly, we can easily knock you out and then force ourselves on you, tee-hee," said Momo. "Taking away all your first in front of Ochako," she said melodically.

"All girls for one Deku," said Kyouka. "Our precious hero." She developed a smug grin. "And no one else's!"

Izuku paled in dread as Ochako behind him shivered in fear. "Dammit, they're too far gone! Deep jealousy must have driven them over the edge! Dammit, dammit!" He cursed to himself. Guilty crept into his heart, he blamed himself for his friends going crazy.

"Now, Izu-chan. Move your sexy cute ass out of the way or… We. Will. Move. You!" Tsuyu shouted in a demanding tone.

"No. I won't. Please stop this, I don't want to hurt you." Deku replied with a defining frown as he got in a battle stance. "If they won't listen to reason, I won't have any other choice but to knock them out." He hoped he didn't have to resort to that.

"Aww~ He's so cute when he's resisting!" Tooru gushed.

"Don't worry, sweetie! We'll make everything better soon." Mina said with a sinister smile as she licked her lips.

"No good!" Izuku realized they couldn't be reasoned with. "Ochako, run. Get out of here now!" He quickly looked over his shoulder at the gravity girl.

"What?!" Ochako replied in shock. "No, I won't leave you!" She quickly got off. There was defyiness in her eyes.

"It's me who they're after! Go now, quickly!" He ordered her.


"What kind of Hero am i if I can't protect my girlfriend?" Deku looked at her in the eyes, his glowing emerald eyes reflected determination and assuredness.


"Hmph! Are you really calling that your 'girlfriend'? Sweetness, she's a traitorous, malnutritioned, meager whore. You can do so much better than that!" Momo spat.

"Why settle for a hamburger when you can have prime steaks?" said Tooru.

"Okay, you guys are pretty much drugged and out of your minds. But no way in hell I'll let you insult my Ochako!" Izuku shouted as he was pissed off. His body emitted more emerald electric bolts.

"Give it a rest, Izuku! It's Wabbit Season and we're gonna take what's ours!" said Kyouka.

"I think this is the part where I step in!"

A loud thump disrupted their moment. The thump grew louder and closer before they saw a shadow casting over them.

Izuku and the others looked to the sky as they saw the person-in-question.

"M...M...Mount Lady," they all said in unison in utter disbelief. Said gigantic woman stood there, with both hands on her hips and with an unmanused expression.

"Well, look at here," said the tall blonde. "Ladies...Midoriya-kun! What are you guys doing?"

The girls shivered, shuddering in fear as they were caught by an adult.

"Silence is golden," she said. "But that isn't how I operate." She tilted over and hovered over the group. "Let's try this again! What's going on here?!" The force of her voice was like a wind, causing them to fall backward.

"We weren't doing anything!" said Mina.

"Yeah! We're just practicing," retorted Toru. "Right, boss!?"

"Yeah, ribbit! Just have a friendly bout between classmates is all, Mount Lady," said Tsuyu.

Yuu knew they were lying. She was heading back to her apartment to have a nightcap with Hawks before her best friend, Nemuri, texted her about well as the other runts that mattered not. Using her Quirk, she scaled the city until she saw them at the beach.

"Right...Anyway, I come with a message." Mount Lady pulled out her cell phone (Which somehow can turn as big as her) and looked for her text messages. "'Girls of 1-A, Midoriya, and the boy: please return back to campus immediately! You're in serious trouble!"

The girls groaned when hearing those words as they knew it was from Aizawa-sensei.

"Hell," barked Kyouka. "Who in the hell narc'd?!" She cracked her knuckles. "I swear If it was Kaminari. I bet you my guitar to know if it was that big lug that snitched. Oh when I find him-!"

"You can bitch and moan about who snitched or who didn't," responded Yuu. She took her hand and grabbed the girls. "Either way, orders are orders."

Tsuyu shook her head disapprovingly. Mina gnashed her teeth. Kyouka groaned loudly. Tooru began whimpering. Momo remained silent as her impeccable record was now tarnished. Yuu carefully gathered the girls and picked them up. She then looked at Izuku and Ochako. Both remained silent and crestfallen.

The blonde pointed at Izuku. "I didn't see you or Uraraka. You were gone before I came here."

"Yes, ma'am," answered Izuku as he nodded to her. Ochako nodded as well.

"You owe me. Now you lovebirds can continue to do whatever you were doing," said Yuu waving her hand in a dismissive manner before she turned away and walked away from the scene. "And trust me I intend to collect that with interest! You're lucky this time you round-faced, pointy-eyebrowed little slut, you better keep it SFW or else Nemuri and I will have a serious 'talk' with you about self control!" She thought to herself as she carried away the girls in her hand.

Honestly, she wanted to stomp on the little runts like the bugs they were, sadly she was asked to bring them back alive. And well, as much as she hated the thought of leaving precious Izuku with an unworthy little whore like Uraraka, it was his first date. It would be too mean to ruin such an important experience for the sweet young man. However, she's certain Nemuri has something in store for the rest of these little lunatics she's carrying in her hand...

The couple remained standing on the beach dumbfounded at what just happened as they watched blanky how Mt. Lady was walking away. Of course Deku's eyes couldn't help be difft at her enormous posterior.

"Huge… Ass…!" He thought to himself as he sweated a bit and his eyes nearly bulged out comically. He quickly shook off his head and glanced back at his new girlfriend. Ochako did the same.

"So… That happened." Said the boy.

"Yeah…" The girl replied.

They remained quiet for a long awkward minute. "I'm sorry, Izuku. I blew up our perfect night." She apologized as her head was tilted downwards.

"What? No, you did nothing wrong. It's my fault that the girls have been acting crazy. Ever since I became like this, you girls' have been chaining and I'm the one that's the cause that you guys turned on each other like. I should be the one apologizing." Izuku shook his head in denial.

"No, Izuku." Ochako looked back at him. "You did nothing wrong, it's not your fault that the others fell for you, any sane girl would. It was me who angried them, not you."


"We all made a pact to try to keep things civil when competing for you, but I ended up breaking it. Knowing that if I got caught I would provoke their ire and I still went for it." The girl continued as she hugged her arms.

"Figures that was the case, but not that it was all a competition between them" It all clicked in Deku's head. He knew that it was because of his pheromones that the girls were suddenly coming to him to earn his affections, but he was surprised to learn that his female classmates were aware of their shared feelings for him and thus competed for him.

"None of this would have happened if only I told them about tonight… I wanted to brag about having you. Really having you as my own to them after I have you. That's why I didn't tell them." She explained with regret and sadness in her voice. "I was going to share...maybe! But, he is my crush! I saw him first, so there!" She tried to excuse herself, but she still felt guilty. "Maybe I really am a greedy-"

"Don't you dare finish that line. You're not that kind of woman, so never even dare to even think of yourself as such, alright?" Izuku interrupted her. Holding both of her shoulders wearing a stern frown.

"Izuku…" Ochako looked back at him in the eyes.

"None of us could have guessed this would happen. There's no point in dwelling in what if's and regret. We can only move forward." He said this to both his girlfriend and to himself. He felt guilty, he wanted to tell her that he's new body is the cause of this madness, but can he really blame himself for something he cannot control? Besides, it might probably be better to explain to all of the girls about his condition, after the yandere-ish rage and lust has subsided enough for everyone to think straight.

"But, what about the others?" Ochako asked with concern.

"It'll be alright, we can still fix this together." He reassured her. And then he embraced her. "No matter what happens, I'll protect you, Ochako, because I love you." He whispered gently into her ear.

"..." Ochako fell silent briefly, her eyes watered. Her heart felt moved by such a selfless and caring gesture. The girl then returned the embrace. "I love you too, Izuku…" She replied softly. Snuggling her face on his shoulder.

"I'll always be there when you need me. I'll be your Hero."

"Thank you, Izuku… My Hero…" Tears, not of pain, but joy ran down her cheeks. She's blessed, truly blessed to have Izuku with her. Her brave Hero…

They remained in each others' arms for what felt like an eternity before finally letting go of each other. "Better?" Deku asked her softly.

"Yeah." Ochako nodded, a soft smile was on her face as she wiped away her tears. "You're the best boyfriend, Izuku."

"Everything to see you pretty smile." Izuku smiled warmly as his cheeks lit up.

Ochako smiled lovingly back at him.



Both felt nervously awkward about what to do next."Sorry about the...ruined scenery," said Izuku as he nervously smiled. "Maybe we should go back to the dorms now… However, I...I...well you see…." She put her finger toward his lip, inciting silence.

"I know what you wanna say and the answer is yes. It'll be totally worth the risk of getting into more trouble." She said with a suggestive smile. Izuku smiled back with excitement in his eyes.. "And oh, by the way, I'm paying this time." She winked.

"Not trying to pocket watch, Ochako, but with what money?"



She reached into her pocket and she pulled out a credit card. "According to this credit card, I am Momo Yaoyorozu."

"Wait? You had that credit card the whole time?" Izuku questioned. He would normally call out stealing the credit card of someone else, but Momo and the others intended on causing her possibly serious harm, physically and mentally so… It might be justified, just a little!

"No, but it was worth the trip!"

"Wow, I wouldn't have never taken you for being quick-handed." Izuku said impressed.

"When you practice to make stuff float as quickly as possible, you can get pretty fast with your hands." Ochako winked at him again.

"And how? I actually wouldn't mind catching dessert if you know what I mean," he said feverishly. Since it was imminent at this point, why not let his lust-driven part of his brain take over for a while?

"Izuku, you minx!" She replied playfully.

"Learned it from the best, O-cha-ko!"

"Well then, that just won't do! Can't let my strong, brave man starve, now can I? Let's call an Uber to take us. After all, it's all on Yaoyorozu!" Ochako then took Izuku's hand and they walked off happily to end the night on a high now, for real this time!

Meanwhile, somewhere else…

Katsuki didn't even have to pick up his phone because it was blowing up with messages, so he just turned it off. Although a self-proclaimed playboy and professional player, it was safe to say that the excuse crashed and burned. It mattered not as he was getting laid and another notch added to his belt. He could show the boys the empty box of condoms showing proof how many times he spurt inside of his lady afterward. Worthy whatever bullshit Aizawa wants to put him through again.

"Those bitches call me WHAT?!" It was the raging voice of Camie Utsushimi that boomed in their hotel room. "What the hell did they say about me, fam?"

She wanted a nice romantic night of rough lovemaking, just how she and her Kacchan like it, but when she saw him walk in bruised and with a black eye, she put it on hold to attend to him with ointment and a bag of ice. She also called room service to bring food for them, to have him calm and relaxed so they could go to the 'main course', but when he explained what the heck happened she got wrapped up in incandescent fury over the outrageous insults from female classmates of her boyfriend.

"I know babe! Fucking deranged cunts!" Kacchan replied, still pissed. Although for once he can say he's not the most angry person in the room. "I swear I was this close to nuking all of their asses! No one insults my girl like that!"

"Yeah, I only like it when you say those things!" She was so angry that she wasn't using her usual slang. "Ooh hoho, just tell me who those fucking cunts are and I'll kill them myself!"

"Whoa… I'm rubbing off on her… And damn it's so freaking hot…" Katsuki took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh. "Look babe. As much as I think you're sexy as fuck when you get angry and how much I also would like to see you scare them to death with you illusions, you shouldn't come to my school. Trust, you shouldn't." He said more composed, but still with a frown.

"Why the hell not?!" Camie slammed her hand into the table indignantly furious. "They insulted my friends! They called me a fucking tasetless air-head bimbo, Kacchan! And used goods! AND below freaking Midnight! I'm way classier and glamorous than that wannabe porn star!" That last one was the one that enraged her the most. Sure, she has some admiration for the R- Rated Heroine, but no way in hell she wants to be like her!

"I know that Camie, I know that! And you have the totally right to go and murder those bitches, but I'm telling you that you shouldn't go to my school, stuff has been getting too freaking weird more than usual over there and I don't want any where near it." Katsuki replied, maintaining his composure.

He is aware of the weirdness that's been going on ever since Deku turned into a Faunus, he has the gut feeling that he has something to do with it and when he has proof he'll make that shitty rabbit spill the beans! All and all, he doesn't want his girlfriend to be wrapped out in whatever bullshit is going on with the girls.

"So what?! Am I supposed to just let this slide?! Shouldn't you do something about it!?"

"Obviously, Camie. I swear I won't let this stand, I don't know when or how, but I'll get back at those whores!"

"Hmph! You better!" The glamorous girl crossed her arms in a huff. "And just so you know, I'm nothing like Midnight! And don't you dare to bring up the time when I say I love kids, you know exactly what I meant!" She pointed angrily at him.

"I wasn't going to." Katsuki deadpanned.

Camie then let out a sigh. "Sorry babe. You know how I get when I get too angry. You know me, I can get salty AF, fam." She calmed down.

"Nah, it's cool. You know I've dealt with worse." Kacchan replied.

"Now then, whatcha were sayin' again? About that bet thingy and spyin' on your nerd friend Deku and this round face girl?" She got so worked up that she lost track of the topic.

"Right. I'm not too sure what exactly happened when Kirishima dragged me out to cool down by blowing up these huge piles of junk a few blocks over, but when I came back Birdboy was pissed at Glasses and Todoroki for not letting him lead the plan or whatever. Next thing that happened he started going berserk and the whole thing quickly escalated into this big fight with all of us to the point of nearly blowing up the place before Icy Hot put us all on ice, literally!" He finished his explanation.

"And that's why ya looked like you've been run over by elephants, after rolling down a hill?" Camie asked.

"Yeah, all because everyone wanted to see what that nerd was up to with Round Face." He replied bitterly.

"And you also lost $120, right?"

"Pretty much, yeah."

"Oof, huge OOF. Poor thing." The brunette felt bad for her poor man. He had quite a rough night. "But there's something I never got about that Deku guy. You say he's your friend, but you always talk bad 'bout him. What's the deal, Kacchan? Did he pissed you off badly or somethin'?" She asked in confusion.

"It's complicated. I don't wanna talk about it right now." Katsuki replied dismissively. "Can we please talk about anything other than Deku or tonight?"

"Hmm… Looks like my Kacchan poo is down the slumps and I'm still pissed, so I think I know what we both need to feel better." She looked at him with bedroom eyes as she licked her lips. "Whaddaya say? Wanna let out frustrations with me, Daddy?"

Katsuki smirked. "You read my mind." Both stood up and embraced each other. "Been looking forward to this all night." The explosive teen said as he grabbed his lover's supple ass.

"Hmm…I can tell you are~" Camie moaned lustry as she rubbed her boyfriend's growing bulge in his pants. The couple kissed before dropping into the bed, commencing a long night of rough lovemaking.

Izuku tipped the Uber driver gratuitously as he and Ochako exited the vehicle. Of course, they knew that they were going to face a strong scolding from the raven-haired girl. Nevertheless, Izuku would have to be crafty and charming to get in her good graces, especially when discovering what makes them tick.

The love motel wasn't the highest scale, but it wasn't a seedy motel like where one would find Katsuki. At least this hotel had a jacuzzi and wa-wa beds. Also, Ochako saw on its site that it was automated, meaning no desk clerk to scan for IDs or credit card verification.

Izuku smiled as he held the door for Ochako as she entered. Neither of them could get their eyes off each other, love reflected in their eyes. Suddenly, a thought hit him. Although he had protection, did she come prepared? Something he should have thought of prior to this moment. Worst case scenario, they could stop by the pharmacy or go visit Recovery Girl on Monday. After all, these were technically doctor's orders.

He stopped at the front as it showed what kind of rooms and the duration of the stay.

"Get a room that has the deluxe - a vibrating whirlpool in the bathroom." Ochako said as she gripped his shoulder. "And definitely an overnight stay!"

"Ok,got it" he said nervously. "But we have to get back before dawn."

"Relax! We'll be okay! We are already in trouble anyway. So, why rush?" she informed him with a carefree smile.

There were no lies detected there. Knowing Aizawa-sensei, they will be carrying pails of water and/or sand until the end of term. Also, he recalled Mount Lady covering for them so he knew he had a few hours to dangle before facing the inevitable. "Okay, good point! Plus they have a vibrating bed and a mirror ceiling!"

"So you can watch yourself as you work this body of mine?" she said teasingly with a seductive smile

His tail began shaking. "Stop it, Ochako!" Deku's face turned red

"Nuh-huh! In a few minutes, you're gonna be screaming, 'No! Don't stop!'" Ochako told him teasingly as she fake moaned.

Izuku blushed before selecting the room and swiped Yaoyorozu's credit card. The emerald Faunus swallowed a lump in his throat. "Holy Dio! The moment has arrived. My paintbrush is finally being broken! Oh how long I've waited…!"

"Oh yeah, I'm so enjoying this carrot pie tonight! Time to say goodbye to my hymen!" Ochako thought excitedly. "You ready, my love?" She extended her hand toward her beloved Izuku.

"Yeah…" Izuku smiled at her before taking her hand. The couple then walked toward their room so they could finally consummate their newly-formed love…

To be continued…

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Chapter Text

Hey, guys! BD and Sora here with another installment of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, the 1-A students finally face their punishment from Aizawa-sensei and Kayama-sensei (accompanied by Mount Lady). Meanwhile, Izuku and Ochako finally consummate their relationship at the love motel...with unintended consequences. Later, Izuku dreams about a friend who hasn't left his heart or his mind. Mishaps, misadventures, and hijinks continue. Enjoy!

Gravitational Attraction. (Part 5) (Ochako x Izuku/ Emerald Gravity)

Nemuri Kayama, known as Pro Hero 18+ Midnight, waited outside the dorm of Class 1-A for her best friend Yuu Takeyama, known as Pro Hero Mount Lady, to return with the missing students. She tapped on her feet impatiently as she grew more restless by the minute as she didn't receive yet word from Yuu, making it harder and harder to keep her cool.. "Oh c'mon! How long can it take her to find a bunch of teenagers if she can grow as large as a skyscraper!?" She thought to herself.

Ever since she learned about Izuku going out on a date with Uraraka, her alarms went off, even worse when learning that the rest of the girls from the class were following them. Either to take him away from her or share, both lead to a conclusion that made her seethe on the inside. She might let pass harmless things like hugs, hand holding and kisses on the check, but she knows these girls are after all not at all harmless! "You better not be late, Yuu, 'cause I swear if those little cunts-! Okay Nemuri, calm down, getting angry will only give you wrinkles. When those little girls get here I'll get some explaining as well as letting out frustrations." The brunette woman took a deep breath and calmed herself. She glanced at the scene in front of her to keep her mind entertained for the time being.

"Oh, I am sorry, boys! Did I say you can have a five second break? Thankfully it's Sunday and we go all day with this!"

Sounds of grunts and groans filled the night sky as Aizawa-sensei and the 1-A students were outside as he was issuing out the boys' punishment. Each of them were forced to hold two filled pails of water until the sun rose. However, because this was the Aizawa-sensei they were dealing with, the degree of punishment wasn't as easy-going as they intended.

It always never was.

The 1-A students were lined up side-by-side each with their pails of water. Tears, sweat, and grime coated their faces. Eijiro was snorting loudly to keep himself from falling down. Hanta was gnashing his teeth agonally as he regretted his early morning weight-lifting and it was leg day out of all days. Shouto took it in stride. A punishment like this didn't compare to the hell he endured with his father. And since Aizawa-sensei was aware of the icy-hot teen's troubled past, his pail was filled with sand. He felt that it would build the teen character.

"Swing low! Sweet chariot!" Minoru began singing crestfallenly as his troubles worsened. A crackling fire was feet away from him. Aizawa-sensei and Present Mic thought that the night under the stars couldn't be completed without a little campfire. "Coming forth to carry me home~" His precious babies! The many months of compiling only to be smoldering into ashes in the makeshift campfire. A river of tears dripped down his cheeks, snot was caking his nose and lips. To make matters worse, his pails were filled with sand and water. What has he done in his past life to deserve this?

Meanwhile, Present Mic and Aizawa-sensei were sitting in chairs accompanying the campfire. Still drinking their strongly black coffee, the gentlemen knew that this was going to be an all-nighter.

"This is all your fault, Iida!" whispered Hanta.

"My fault?!" retorted Tenya.

"It was your curiosity that allowed us to go," he snapped back. "Where were you when you normally tell us things that were completely wrong and immoral?"

"Amazing how this is the time when my advice becomes practical and unannoying," said Tenya as he tried to get a grip on the heavy pails.

"You're the one playing following the leader," said Fumikage. "You could have stayed. No one put that battery on your back!"

"Hey, bros! It's nobody's fault, okay!" Eijiro spoke hesitantly as he tried to hold onto the pails. "We all did it! We got in trouble. That's done!"

"Why are we being punished," said Hanta. "We didn't destroy those dorms. It's the girls! They need to be dealt with!"

"Oui, mon ami," responded Yuga with a slur as his mouth became swollen. "They are responsible...for like everything!"

"That's how war starts. A girl whispers into your ear, creates lies and sweet nothings, and bam! A war!" Hanta replied to Yuga.

"Don't blame the girls. We are all taking responsibility. We're a team." It was Mashiro that was speaking.

Hanta began to laugh. "Ojiro-kun, you're hilarious! But you know what, with that long tail of yours, you fit the criteria for being a rat anyway!"

"Sorry," replied Mashiro with guilt written on his face.

"Don't worry," replied Hanta. "You're gonna be sorry. Save your sorries for later!"

"Sero! Don't be mean! And don't you dare make threats," said Shouto. His arms were screaming in agony.

"Oh, I am sorry, Zuko! Did I remember having a conversation with you," interjected Hanta. "When it involves hot tea and me shouting, 'No, Daddy, no,' I'll call you!"

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that." Shouto replied darkly. "Anyway, what makes you think it was the girls that destroyed the rooms?"

"Dude, it's obvious it was them! First it was Ashido's and Hagakure's room that got wrecked alongside Mineta's. And we all know that the girls have it against Mineta!" Denki interjected. Minoru would have also replied if he wasn't mourning his loss.

"And let's not forget that the construction workers work for Yaoyorozu's family. Pretty sus!" The tape teen added.

"Okay, those last two are valid points. But why risk getting into trouble just to get back at him? Moreover, why would they have two of their rooms?" Shouto argued.

"Maybe it was an accident?" Eijiro suggested.

"How do you destroy THREE rooms by accident?" Hanta retorted.

"Dunno, bro! I just don't think they would have done it purposely!" The hardening teen replied. "Sure, you would say Mina probably could have with her acid, but no way she would have wanted to destroy her own room and Tooru's, they're like best friends!"

"I agree with Kirishima. Hagakure-san is not the violent type." Mashirao agreed.

"And I really doubt Tsuyu would ever do such a thing." Fumikage said.

"I know Yaoyorozu would never do something like that." Shouto said with certainty.

"Okay, guys are now simping! Wake up already, they've been acting out of it and we all know it! Maybe they finally flipped and wrecked stuff just because!" Denki shouted.

"If you guys wanna play dumb, then be my guest! But I know it was them, accident or not!" Hanta agreed.

"Sero-kun and Kaminari-kun, please be quiet," grunted Tenya. "All of us should! Playing the blame game isn't making things better." Tenya snorted loudly as he felt his legs buckling.

"Somebody has to get it. I'm not taking this scot-free," retorted Hanta.

As the boys were straining and arguing, the male teachers were sitting and watching the charade. Present Mic spoke low to Eraserhead. "Shall we tell them that we can obviously hear them?"

Shouta disagreed as he sipped his coffee. "No! It's amusing! All they are doing is prolonging their time."

"Quite sadistic, don't you think?"

"Have you ever had a session with Nemuri, Hizashi?" questioned Shouta.

"Who hasn't? I am close to getting my 'buy five, get one free' card punched," answered Hizashi jokingly.

Shouta nodded, wanting to hide his laughter but needed to set an example for the boys. "All jokes aside, these boys need a reminder on communication and unity. If they are squabbling right now, then what's going to happen when the real enemy comes? The League of Villains aren't worried about petty arguments."

"I see," said Hizashi.

"It is obvious that the girls have some involvement in this. The boys stood and tried, poorly may I add, to protect them, but understand that they will appreciate me for this later. This will show endurance, agility, strength, and to never fold under pressure."

"So what does Minoru's 'babies' have to do with this campfire?"

Shouta turned and watched the magazines crackling in the fire. "Do you know firewood is expensive this time of year?"

Present Mic leaned back against his seat, nodding in comprehending Aizawa's point of view.

"I don't understand how this squabble between the class began. It is quite perplexing." Shouta said to Hizashi. "If they continue having difficulty with each other, then how's it going to look when the Beacon students come? We're hosting and must create a great first impression if they plan to return again for future semesters."

"I'm actually surprised that you give a damn!"

"Honestly, I don't," retorted Shouta. "Nezu is getting heavily funded by Ozpin and the Schnee Dust Company. Money which will help us teachers. However, reputation is everything to me and I don't need anyone or anything damaging my reputation."

"So there are feelings in that rough exterior of yours," replied Hizashi jokingly.

Meanwhile, Midnight stood there, watching with a pleased smile. Nothing like seeing naughty boys being put in line to lift her spirits! Well, nothing except getting a piece of Izuku's carrot or smoothing his adorable face in her bosom, but close enough.

She is aware of the many rumors surrounding her about giving students 'special private lessons' and those are mostly untrue, key word 'mostly' as there were a few times in which she went back on her 18 and under rule before Izuku with some senior students, 18 year old young men, so technically she didn't do anything wrong.

But with Izuku, she is quite confirming the precepting that she's into young boys, because the adorable Rabbit Faunus is screaming to her to just take him and dote him with love and pleasure. What he needs is a real woman to take care of him, not some hormone filled little girls that know nothing about taking proper care of a man. Pretty scandalous of a teacher to have romantic and sexual feelings for a minor, yes, but in all honesty she's not the only one. She remembers the day in which Yuu came to visit and tripped over that bench, quite hilarious for her, afterwards she was asking her a lot of questions about him.

Knowing that she was into him as much as Nemuri herself was and given that they fight quite a lot over a lot of stuff, which always makes her question if they are best friends, she decided to make a compromise and agree to share him with Yuu, as much as she didn't want to, but she liked her and prefered sharing with her than to lose her best friend, that and the risk of causing damages to the city if push comes to shove between them. Under the condition of having the first taste!

At first she thought she wouldn't have to worry too much about those silly girls and their silly school girl crushes over the Faunus boy, that none of them would dare to jump the gun at least in a good while, thinking that by then Izuku would be hers, and Yuu's. She was surprised that she was horribly wrong and that it was with the one girl she considered the threatething, Uraraka obviously had it bad for him for a long time, but never did anything. And it had to be the day when she was ready to make her move on him!

It was then that a loud thump was heard, making Midnight stop her train of thought. "Speaking of the devil." The woman turned around and saw Mount Lady, in her gigantic form, approaching. In her massive hand were five of the six girls, but no Bakugou and most importantly no Izuku or Uraraka. That was a bad sign.

The male teachers noticed the huge woman approaching as well. "About time." said Aizawa as he and Yamada got up from their seats and approached Midnight.

"Took you long enough! You got lost in traffic or did that huge ass of yours slowed you down?" When Mount Lady was close enough, Nemuri asked her best friend with a frown.

"Very funny, Nemuri. Hilarious as always." Yuu replied sarcastically as she lowered her hand enough for the girls to get down. "Bitch!" All were crestfallen, they were quiet and the whole way. The blonde woman then shrunk herself back to her normal size.

"Where's Bakugou?" Shouta asked her.

"Did you really expect me to search all hotels in the district? You guys know I need my twenty-three hours of beauty sleep, right?" Mount Lady replied plainly with her arms crossed. "Something you seem to not recognize!"

The Eraser Hero sighed tiredly as he pinched his temple. "I would shoot for twenty-four, but that's none of my business!"

"What about Uraraka and Midoriya?" Nemuri asked her. Her tone was calm, but her glare was intense.

"Didn't find them. Just these bra...girls over here." Yuu lied as naturally as she could.

Tooru was going to speak but Tsuyu quickly covered her mouth.

'Shush! Did you recall what Mount Lady said if we narced?,' whispered Tsuyu.

'My forehead is worth being cracked open knowing that...that...Aaugh,' said Tooru. 'Damn you, Uraraka!'

'Calm down!' Tsuyu said Tooru.

'My record! My beautiful record has been tarnished! Mom's gonna kill me!' cried Momo.

'Not because of the destruction of two buildings but your school performance,' responded Mina. 'Parent of the year,' she responded sarcastically.

'Learn to shoot for the stars and reach for the moon, Ashido,' responded Kyouka. 'Because the toilet is certainly not your best aim!'

'I think me and Kaminari are gonna find some common ground about you,' commented Mina. 'Momo, after you finish being in your feelings, can you make a shovel? Wanna make worm food for Kurt Cobain's number one fan!'

'Not before making a sledgehammer for the short bus' future number one passenger,' replied Kyouka angrily.

'Keloid Ears!'

'Majin Buu reject!'

Luckily the girls' whispered argument stopped before it could be noticed by the teachers.

"I see." Nemuri clenched her hand tightly at this, but her face remained unchanged.

"Dang it, and I don't think we need to wonder where those lovebirds went. Oh well, guess we just have to wait for them to come back." Hizashi replied with a shrug. "What's up with kids these days that they can't keep it in their pants?" He shook his head disapprovingly.

"Don't ask me, teenagers are as unreasonable as they get." Shouta replied flatly. "If the kids weren't here, I would say, 'Let's ask Nemuri!' but we are already being outlandish with our teaching as it is!"

"Can you excuse us for a moment? I need to talk something with Yuu here in private." Midnight said before grabbing her friend by the arms and dragging her away. Leaving the two men with the five girls, who remained quiet.

Shouta waved his hands. "Oi!" He looked at the girls. "Pails in the hallway. I don't even need to hear your voices." He picked up the Thermos and poured another cup of coffee. "And ladies, Monday is going to be fun as your PE time will be spent with Kayama-sensei and Takeyama-san." He clicked his tongue. "And don't worry, boys! I didn't forget about you. No good deed goes unpunished since Bakugo and Midoriya are enjoying themselves without you. Don't worry, we will be sure that they won't miss that day."

It was met with stronger groans from the boys.

'Psst!' Hanta whispered to Mashiro. 'Don't go to sleep after this for that ass is mine!'

'How about my ass?' interjected Eijiro. 'If you come for his ass, then I'm coming for yours!'

'I beat all asses!' Hanta blurted out to Eijiro.

'I am not hard as a rock for nothing,' retorted Eijiro. 'Bring it and I am sure to bring mine!"

'Sus,' thought the entire 1-A boys.

The blonde woman saw this coming. She knew she wouldn't fool Nemuri, They stopped behind the corner of the dorms and Midnight let her go. "What actually happened Yuu? You did find Izuku and Uraraka, didn't you?" Nemuri asked with dead seriousness.

Yuu could feel the furious aura coming out of the R-rated Heroine. She sighed in defeat and Mount Lady braced herself to be at the receiving end of her wrath. "Yeah, they were with those five little crazy bitches. They were pissed alright, they seemed, in my professional experience, like just about to want to gangrape Izuku after mudering that round-faced brat. Mind you that he was about to fight back, luckily I intervened before things got hairy." She explained.

"How dare they?! Fucking good-for-nothing sluts!" Nemuri was furious to hear what those little brats wanted to do to precious Izuku, but kept her composure. "And what about Izuku and Uraraka?" She gave off a dark terrifying aura that frightened the blonde woman.

Yuu swallowed nothing. "W-well…"

"You let them go, didn't you?" Nemuri narrowed her eyes on her.

I… *sigh* Yes…" Yuu admitted and glanced to the side, nonetheless she still felt Nemuri's burning gaze.

"Yuu… Do you have any idea of what you've done?" Midnight questioned with a very deep tone. "Do you know how horn...irritated I am right now?!"

"Don't you think I'm not aware? Hell, that little pointy-eyebrowed runt would be bouncing on Izuku's lap now! But what did you want me to do? You should have seen the adorable pitiful look on his face, I couldn't bring myself to cut off his first date. I'm not made of stone, girl!" Mount Lady blurted out in an attempt to excuse herself.

"But I certainly can entomb you in one!" Nemuri growled and pinched her temple. "I should have known you would fold under his cuteness! Can't blame you though, I might probably end up doing the same in your place, but that's no excuse for the fact that by tomorrow he won't be made a man by me!" She snapped at her, creating an anime-like vein popping in her forehead.

"Look, Nemu-chan. I get it, okay? I get it. But before you get even madder, I'll let you know that he owes me a solid and I intend to make him pay back with interest! I think you get where I'm going with this." Yuu replied, raising her hands up defensively as she took a step back.

"...*Sigh* Fine, but I'm the one setting the date, time and place. And obviously I'll be going first." Midnight replied sternly as she crossed her arms. "And I'll be the first to have his children!" She pointed at her.

"You're the boss. Either way I'm not ready to be a mom yet, I wanna have a few more years in my career."

"Don't think that makes us even. You owe me at least a dozen bottles of fancy and very expensive wines," said Nemuri. "Particularly from the Bella Italia collection!"

"Fine! Anything else?" Yuu asked, irritated.

"You'll be paying for my honeymoon with Remnant! They say Vale is the best of all Four Kingdoms!"

"Oh, c'mon! You can't be serious!" Yuu barked at her.

"You cost me his first time, Yuu! Be thankful that I still allow you to be with him and not leaving you unconscious, naked and tied up in the middle of a cell full of sex offenders!"

"Okay, okay, fine! Geez!" Yuu scowled at her before crossing her arms and glancing to the side.

Normally she wouldn't take this crap from her, but she admitelly screwed up deeply here and there was a reason why Midnight was the leader of this partnership, while they both have argued many times and got into the occasional cat fights, Yuu knew that in a real fight she would lose to Nemuri, she might be far stronger physically and that once transformed her Quirk has even less effect on her that it already has on women, but Nemuri somehow knocks her out before she has the chance to turn gigant, Yuu always chalk it down to Nemuri being faster and more experienced. Objectively speaking she cannot win against her, it was honestly good luck for Nemuri to share Izuku with her out of friendship even if she got the short end of the stick, because it might have been nearly impossible to get the precious carrot-laced cinnamon roll with that crazy dominatrix in the way. It could be argued who is the sexiest, but Nemuri was the bigger bitch here.

"Look. If it makes you feel better, once we're through with that cute bun he'll totally forget that little round-faced brat. A little girl like her has nothing on experienced women like us, he's as good as ours, more so yours of course. it's just a matter of time." Mount Lady said to her calmly in an attempt to make her feel better.

"Hmm… You got a point." Midnight replied in a more calmed tone.

"So we're okay now?" Yuu asked her.

Nemuri nodded, making the blonde woman sigh in relief. "But I have some pent up frustrations and I just know a good way to release them. I doubt having the girls holding up pails all night would suffice as a punishment" She wore a sadistic smile.

"Oh I'm so in!" Yuu wore a sickening grin as she rubbed her hands excitedly.

After a few moments the two women returned to see that the girls have now been lined up alongside the boys, holding pails of water as they do. The five girls' arms were straining and they looked as though they were in pain. As for Tooru, imagine red marks floating above her followed by teardrops.

As much perverse glee it brought the older women to see these little bitches suffering, it wasn't enough, not even close!

"*Ahem* Shouta." Nemuri called his attention. The homeroom teacher turned at her with slight curiosity. "Yuu and I were discussing what these five over here have been up to and we would like to ask them some questions in private, if you don't mind of course." She explained calmly.

"Yeah, there are some things that need some clearing." Yuu added. Both women glared at the five girls with dark stares.

The girls flinched and their eyes widened in horror to the point of dropping their pails. They could recognize clearly that sort of glare, it was a sight of a scorned woman that had been messed with something she considered hers. Not only that, they could feel a dark aura coming from them, they were pissed at them alright… Just when the night couldn't get any possible worse, it does!

"Please, Aizawa-sensei!" Mina got her knees in a praying position. "I am unsure if there is a god in the sky but you're omnipotent enough to say no." She let out a tiny sob. "For the love of Esdeath, I will carry two pails. No! Four pails and I will do it every day for a week if you keep me away from them."

"Us!" cried Kyouka.

"Oh, now you want me to become your savior," retorted Mina angrily.

Aizawa-sensei began yawning. He rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I got my work cut out for me. Kayama-sensei and Takeyama-san here to lessen the load." He turned as he could see the boys edging for a second round. "Plus, I need to keep an eye on this bunch and we are sure not involving the cops...again." "And I thought last year's class had issues. Just because I've turned them ALL down, never did I think it would involve the police."

"Aizawa-sensei." Momo got to her knees. "You name it, my mother can cover it. New car? A bigger office?! Maybe a better position at this school or a change of careers. At your own hero agency?"

"You know my family's in the music business. A songwriting credit with royalties of your choosing," said Kyouka pleadingly. "A record deal!" She snapped her fingers. "Of course, you do!" She was panicking as she fumbled in her pocket to call her father. "I can reach him. He should be on his private jet to Nigeria with his band…."

'Don't look at this Denki as if we are lovers. We're just two kids relieving some stress.'

'Yeah, no problem, Jirou! I'm sort of glad we can have some fun!'

'Call me Kyouka. It will cushion the blow. Okay, Denki?!'

"Gracious! Sure, K-k-kyouka!'

'All right! Pull down your pants. You can help me take off my skirt.'

Kyouka's eyes went white. When did she have her phone in recording mode? The boys looked slowly and fragilely at the blushing, white-eyed electric blond. His mouth was agape of what was currently unfolding at this current juncture.

"'Over her', eh?" Hanta arched an eyebrow at him.

"It's like I don't know you anymore." Minoru dropped his head knowing the events unfolding and not even having knowledge of it. "The worst part of a betrayal is that it never comes from an enemy…"

"We didn't do anything!" shouted Denki as he was straining to hold the pail. "We just cuddled. That's it! If anything, I am like half a virgin!" He then looked at Hanta. "Further than you!"

Aizawa-sensei whistled loudly. "Bring it back! Bring it back!" The class settled down. "I don't even know where to begin with you all. Destroying public property, sexual misconduct on campus, missing curfew, missing students and violating God-knows-what!" It was moments like this that he was itching for a cigarette. He turned to Midnight. "Do you what have to do with them and I will take care of these boys." He gave a strong sterning frown.

"Thank you, Shouta." Nemuri replied with a pleased smile. Yuu also smiled. The girls felt their hearts drop, their blood froze and they paled in total terror.

"I am highly disappointed with this class. We are going to have a lecture about this on Monday. Please be prepared as class B will be joining you. An example will be made out of you." He snapped his fingers. "Take your leave, girls!"

The five girls recoiled before looking at Kayama-sensei, shaking in fear.

"Ashido, Hagakure, Yaoyorozu, Asui, and Jirou." Each girl felt the sting as their names were called from Kayama-sensei. Sporting her infamous whip in her hand, she swung it like a pendulum. She became silent, honestly knowing not what to say. In her past, punishing girls was a rarity unless it involved some kinky fun. However, these were kids. Kids that were going to face the wrath of a scorned, horny temptress.

"You heard him, young ladies. Come along now, don't make this any worse for you." Mount Lady said, wearing a sinister smile. The girls gulped hard.

"Ochako, you little…you little…." Tsuyu groaned.

"Bitch? I can say it for you. Little bitch!" Kyouka stomped her foot harshly.

"My impeccable record," cried Momo. "Endorsements, recommendations? Gone due to that poor runt! I've made that girl...and I will surely break her down."

"Make her fade away like Tooru-chan, ribbit," said Tsuyu. "No offense, by the way." She stopped when noticing Tooru wasn't responding. Quite unusual for the invisible moe. Then she noticed that the pile of floating clothes was gone.

"What is that?" Ojiro asked as he was pointing at the moving object going away from the campus.

"Must run! Must run! Must run!" The crying invisible teen said to herself as she didn't want to face Kayama-sensei's wrath.

"Oh, for Esdeath's sake," said Kayama-sensei angrily. "Get back here, Hagakure!"

"Run Forrest run!" said the 1-A students. They were already in trouble. At least there was a student that was going to escape….

The group heard the snap of a whip.


Suddenly, it wasn't long when hearing something dragging back in their direction. "Nice try." Midnight said as she dragged back the invisible girl. Her body wrapped around the R-rated Heroine's whip. "Is somebody else feeling like taking their chances?" She glanced back at the girls coldly. The girls shook their heads in denial rapidly.

Hanta slapped himself on his forehead. "Ojiro, you weakling bastard beta cuck!"

"I said I was sorry!" Mashirao muttered as he held onto his tail.

"All those in favor of kicking his ass after this say: Aye!" asked Hanta.

"Aye!" The entire 1-A class said in unison.

"And the vote passes! Sorry, buddy, but you won't be feeling your asscheeks for a long time!" The tape teen shouted at him. "Eijiro must be rubbing off on me because I sussed myself out!"

"Aw c'mon!" The tailed teen wailed. "It was an accident!"

"Plausible," responded Fumikage. "But that ass-whooping won't be!"

Present Mic blew his whistle. "Okay, ladies and gentlemen! Nothing more to see here! Plus, we don't need to disturb others as they are sleeping."

Midnight snapped her fingers. "Ladies? As we were!" She tugged her whip as she was dragging Tooru. "Let's go, Princess. After tonight, you will definitely know the meaning of having dirt on you!" She walked away alongside Yuu as she dragged the poor invisible moe.

The girls groaned before walking after them, trying to hold back their tears. They had no other choice but to accept their grimm fate…

"And don't worry about your missing friend. I have in mind something 'very special' just for her. A 'celebration' for graduating from her virginity!" Midnight thought with a villainous smirk.

Izuku and Ochako walked to their hotel room, holding onto each other's hand. With each they the time both have been waiting for came ever closer. Their love motel was a replica of a castle in 18th century colonial England.

It was a surreal feeling for both of them, it was as if it was a dream, despite being aware that it was all very real.

The couple finally arrived at their destination.

Izuku took the keycard and slid it into the slot. The sound alerted them that they were able to gain entry into the room. Holding the door, the emerald Faunus allowed Ochako entry into the room first.

Upon entering, they were met with the sound of the humming air conditioner. The room was dark. Instinctively, Izuku used the guiding light of the hallway to find the light switch. He still hasn't figured out how to use his Night Vision, a natural Faunus ability. So far it's something that happens at random.

However, Ochako found the nearby lamp at the center of the hotel room. "There we go! And let there be light!"

Upon seeing the sight of their room, words couldn't describe their current feelings. It was beyond what they had selected earlier in the lobby. The decor was presented in a modernist fashion - a California king-sized bed that could fit Izuku and Ochako's entire family. Next to the bed were buttons selecting their options to their level of comfort. As Ochako took a seat, she lost her balance. She became giddy.

"They didn't say that it was also a waterbed," she said as she was feeling the vibrations of the water.

Upon further observation of the room, it was actually large enough to host a party for his classmate. A huge 72-inch flatscreen television with a surround sound stereo system. Above him was the mirrored ceiling that had flashing lights in assorted colors.

"Wow! Talk about an upgrade." Izuku said to himself as he closed the door. His eyes looked at Momo's credit card. "We're seriously in trouble." He shrugged his shoulders, knowing that there was no point of even battling his conscience.

"Never you worry, Izu-poo! We will give it back. Well, not after getting some room service," she said with a cheeky grin. "After all, I think it is a well-to-do makeup for what she did to me. To us!" Should I tell Izuku that she had slapped me like twice? No, I won't! He is already having doubts about the girls. Yet again, who am I to deter that doubt. He is MY boyfriend!" She internally squealed in excitement. It was such an amazing and surreal feeling that now she can call her beloved Izuku her boyfriend.

Izuku didn't respond. He sat down near the alcove and took off his shoes. While pulling them off, he could smell the sweat from his Chucks. Matter of factly, he began sniffing himself. A bit of a sour scent, he thought to himself. No way I am going to let my first time be a funky one. Before we get there, I need a shower. I think my hormones can hold off a bit longer."

Finding the pair of plastic slippers beside him, he placed them and accompanied Ochako on the bed. Unlike earlier when they were hand-in-hand, he kept his distance. It wasn't out of nervousness or fear. In a matter of minutes, he and Ochako were going to consummate their relationship. Right now, any hormonal teen would have ripped the skirt off of Ochako and blew one before he could slip her out of her panties. However, he tried maintaining self-control. He was a Faunus, but within a human. Tonight was going to be a special night and he was certain that it would be memorable for him as it would be for Ochako.

During the intermittent time between waking up and waiting for Ochako for their date, he spent time researching his first time with intimacy. All Might nor his mother knew about it as both would have deterred. Her sending condoms was more of the worst-case scenario. Nevertheless, he did research. Unlike the typical route of teenagers who sought pornography or ero-anime as a resource, he looked at medical magazines and sexual health catalogs on making sure that his first time was successful.

In the few short hours, the teen learned that whatever he had seen on television or movies, or what he read in stories or manga were fictional and fantasy. He read that his first time could be short as once his penis becomes inserted in a woman's vagina, the sensation would quickly stimulate his penis, causing him to immediately climax. He could already picture the jokes from Kacchan or Denki or Mineta about his 'shortcomings.' The more he practices with himself and the more he keeps a gradual pace, then his performance will improve in time.

Onto the factor when inserting his penis into a girl's vagina, he must understand that the girl will feel painful sensations. It could possibly be due to her hyman, his size, or both. He learned that girls that don't practice with their vagina will feel pain upon entry. However, the pain will become temporary and transcend into pleasure. However, size was important as length and depth of a girl's vagina vary. Therefore, it is important to have talks prior to this. Nevertheless, sexual communication is key whenever they are engaging. Then, came the critical factor when a girl refused to go further or wanted to stop due to the pain. If Ochako said stop, it was best to listen, or else taking the chance of rape. Although he didn't read much ero-manga and looking at poronography and hentai wasn't a huge deal until becoming a Faunus, most guys tend to overlook and ignore the girl's pleas when they say stop. So, as a promise, no matter how horny he got, if she said stop, he was going to listen. It is important that she has a say as well.

"Izuku! You're getting quiet! Nervous?" The latter of which was in a giggle. Izuku turned as he could see her planting her knees at her chest. He tried to not let his wandering eye linger onto what was under her skirt. He swallowed the lump in his dry throat. His tail began shaking. His ears were twitching.

Her panties were white and blue. "Shimapan! Well done, Ochako! Well done, Ochako!"

He cleared his throat. "Well…" He coughed again. "I was thinking about showering it!"

She had a smile that belonged to the gods. A scent of her honeydew fragrance entranced his nose. "Agreed! I mean, we have broken plenty of sweat today. If not kicking your butt at those arcade games, it was dodging the girls."

Izuku nervously chuckled. He rubbed the back of his head. " was a rush!" Despite what he had experienced and encountered tonight, it was still a great night. He took his girlfriend (can't believe he was saying that) to his favorite arcade. He shared pizza with her. They took a romantic walk on the beach. It was there where he took her to the spot where his adventures began. Izuku was grateful to God about tonight. He wasn't sure if he could top what he did tonight again?

Izuku stood up and stretched his arms. He turned around to face her. "Just realized that we don't have any spare clothes. Do you think…."

"Don't worry," she interjected. "There is a vending machine downstairs that keeps pajamas and nightgowns. Even other toiletries!" She winked. "Don't worry! It's Momo-chan's treat!" She wiggled teasing Momo's card.

Izuku grinned sheepishly as he rubbed his cheek. "Momo's gonna create belts and spank us."

"You would think of something naughty, would you," she said teasingly.

"Have you ever been spanked before? It hurts." He grabbed his butt as he tried not to call his past trauma with his mother or whenever he and Kacchan did something that warranted Aunt Mitsuki to discipline them.

"A slap to the wrist or being grounded, I am afraid," said Ochako.

"You have well-rounded parents."

"Yes and no! Yes as in they are. No as in they weren't home as much," she said. "I was more of a latchkey kid."

He touched his heart, hoping that he didn't step on a sore spot for Ochako. "Sorry if…."

"No," she said assuringly. "You're fine! You're sweet, you know. I know your heart is in the right place." She waved her hand. "Now go and shower. I go and get our things."

He gave her a thumbs up before walking toward the bathroom. Upon closing the door, Ochako dropped her head back. "Holy Dio, his scent. It was so damn hard to not keep my hands off him. The incomprehensible scent you hit our nose, you rabbit boy!"

If only Izuku knew how damped her panties became just being around him. She was already flushed and felt the heat emitting out of her body, there was something powerfully enticing about his masculine scent that nearly drove her over the edge, let it be known that she has quite the strong mental fortitude to resist. She needed to hurry up and grab their items from the downstairs vending machine. Not before going down to the gift shop and grabbing some items to enhance the mood.

She grabbed her cheeks feverishly before leaving the hotel room. She blew a kiss at her rabbit-kun through the door before hurrying out.

Taking a shower that didn't consist of sharing with his fellow classmates was quite the luxury to the emerald Faunus. The vibrating shower head with various options was quite appealing, something that needed to be added to his Christmas list whenever he returned home on holiday.

Fresh out of the shower, he stepped onto the sink area. Looking into the mirror and drying himself off, he was observing himself in the mirror. "In a few moments, I will be walking out there to face my girlfriend." The word, girlfriend, although prevalent, still left a spicy tint on his lips. He was happy, ecstatic, finally having the woman of his dreams.

'Why do you have kitty cat ears?'

'You baka!'

'Blake, stop!'

'I'm gonna catch you, Icchan! You can run, but you can't hide!'

'Leave me alone!'

'I'm your senpai. I will never leave you alone. Ever!'

'Don't say that, Icchan! I know that one day you'll be a great Hero like him, you just have to believe and you might get a Quirk one day!'

'You think so?'

'I know it! Hey, maybe one day we both can save both our worlds and bring them closer together!'

'Yeah… That would be great.'

He turned on the faucet, he held his forehead and shook his head. As the water warmed up, why would he be thinking of his childhood friend at a time like this? It didn't make any sense. As if fate still wanted to give him a reminder of a relationship that could have been, would have been, should have been. "Does it even matter? I am with Ochako now. Blake made her decision to take the route of becoming her form of a vigilante with Adam. I didn't put a gun to her head and make her run away from her parents. I didn't make her become distant towards me. She did that to herself." Bitterness and hurtfulness still settled upon his heart. He glanced to the side with an upset frown, his hand balled into tight fists. Subconsciously and within the confines of his heart, the amber-eyed Faunus remained prevalent within. She never left, just became buried in the deepest depths within him, but ever since that day a few weeks ago all that resurfaced..

Once feeling the water was warm enough, he doused his face. Blake was to be an afterthought. She was probably living her own life. No matter what parents were going to say about their children, it still didn't come from Blake's lips. As far as he was concerned, Blake probably was thinking the same thing. Because if she did care, then she would try to make an effort to call him, regardless of what his mother said, moreover that could have been an excuse to cover her up. Plus, he hasn't heard anything from Aunt Kali in response once his mother sent that embarrassing picture to her. If she did, then something would have occurred. He promised his mother that when the feline Faunus comes around, he would at least try to give her a chance. He wants to reconnect with her as the friends they used to be, but he cannot help but feel like he shouldn't get his hopes up.

He needed to stop. This wasn't about Blake. In the next room was the love of his life. And what was he supposed to do if his thoughts were on the Faunus and not on her. That wasn't fair. Not for her or for him. He looked at himself in the mirror. "Blake isn't caring and so shall I. Blake isn't caring and so shall I." He finished drying himself off and wrapped himself in a towel. With the absence of boxers, he couldn't put anything on. Like it mattered as it was going to be removed at some point in their intercourse.

The emerald-haired Faunus gave himself one final look before leaving the bathroom. The moment he put his hand on the knob as he crossed over, things were going to be different from this point on.

Izuku stepped out of the bathroom. Unlike earlier, the lights were off. Music was playing softly in the background. Decorative lights flickered from the ceiling, exchanging color by color. Glow in the dark stars accompanied the lights, giving it an otherworldly experience. It was like he was in outer space. Looking at it now, was this a form of symbolism?

He shivered and took a deep breath, feeling the contrast of the hotel room as the coolness impacted his exposed skin. His tail instantly shook, making his ears twitch. He was still learning how to master his eyesight in the darkness. Within that darkness resided his beloved.


A soft voice drifted nearby. It sounded like a whisper, penetrating his ears that it sounded like she was praying. It was music to his ear, edible chocolate serenading him. He looked forward. There she was, his Ochako!

She was sitting on the side of the bed facing the window. The view gave a lovely scene of the Musutafu skyline. Bright lights coming in and out of the arteries of the town. Only if they knew what was about to occur. No longer was she wearing her dress. Instead, it was a see-through pink nightgown. She wasn't wearing her bra or her panties. They weren't necessary. Izuku swallowed the lump in his throat.

From afar, he could smell the sweet fragrance of her perfume. Fresh as it was whenever they encountered each other earlier at the dorm. Her hair was wrapped in a ponytail. Her eyes were filled with excitement, but at the same time, worry. He wanted to let her know that the feelings were mutual. There wasn't any need to be afraid.

Both remained silent as they stared at each other. His emerald eyes locked on hers. Her skin was creamy as milk. Tiny prickles of hair situated onto her vagina. Her breasts were firm, probably soft to the touch, from the looks of things her breasts were an ample B cup. Her face burned when she realized that he was observing her body.

Immediately, Izuku rushed forward. He touched her lip, inciting silence. His heart began to beat heavily. His stomach began to swell. She wasn't resisting. Her being relaxed was the cue that she was waiting on to make the move.

His palms became sweaty as he steadily reached for her hair. He stroked it gently, feeling her breath against his arm. He used his other hand to touch her cheek. Instinctively, she rested against it. She closed her eyes as he began rubbing her cheeks fervently. A light moan emitted from her lips upon his soft touch. Izuku pressed his face closer and kissed her cheek.

Ochako moaned from the touch of his lips. She craved it, desired it. She wanted more. She didn't want to resist. Her body belonged to him as it was his playground. As long as he handled her with care, then all was well with the brunette.

Izuku stuck out his tongue as he licked under her chin. She lifted her head skyward as she was feeling as though she was melting. Izuku tasted the saltiness of her skin. The build up of the accumulation of today's events. She tasted savory. He wanted more of this taste. He wanted to make her clean as possible with his juices.

Seeing an opportunity to do so, he gently pushed her against the bed. Her body jiggled along the waterbed. Grateful to be a rabbit Faunus, his body quickly adapted to handle any kind of surroundings, therefore knowing how to be gentle as a lamb. And rough as a lion. It was half intuition and half instinct on his part.

He took hold of her breast through the fabric. The brunette hissed as the fabric made contact with her nipples. Moans flowed gently like water as she wasn't afraid to release it to the heavens. She shut her eyes as she felt him licking her nipples through the soft, cotton fabric. She felt his tongue nibbling in light strokes. He began circling his tongue around her nipples, either going clockwise or counterclockwise. She began to grunt, feeling resistant as her body squirmed. Natural instinct, Izuku was thinking. He was contesting his penis, allowing him to be patient as it was almost time.

Ochako bit gingerly onto her rosy lips. She was squirming between her legs. She gripped her hands onto the silky sheets. Never did she think feeling like a woman could feel this invigorating.

"Let out your voice, Ochako," he whispered to her. He knew it was only so long her moans would turn into shouts. He knew she was holding back. He knew that she didn't want to appear like a slut. However, it was the two of them. No need for judgment. She could be as loud as she wanted to be. It was their love nest - there were no walls between them.

Her moans grew stronger as she knew her unspoken request was granted. Izuku took hold of her nightgown. She partially sat up as he removed the very thing that separated them from each other. Tossing the nightgown to the floor beside them, her body was completely exposed.

"My God!" He couldn't finish. The very essence of beauty was right under his nose. He felt the hardness of his cock as it was bombarding his towel. Just a little longer he said as he resumed back to taking care of her needs.

He began kissing her breast. Licking feverishly with one and squeezing tightly with the other. He could feel her feet rubbing against the silk sheets. "Hmm~" Ochako mustered.

With his tongue, he slid down from her breast to her slim abdomen. Loud smacking noises were made. "Hmm~" Ochako moaned again. She began questioning if Izuku was great for a first timer or if he had experience. Actually, she never questioned whether or not he was a virgin. It wasn't a subject of debate, just a question she never thought of asking. It wasn't like she wanted to be rude. Even if he wasn't a virgin, she didn't care. However, she hoped that she was the only woman in his life.

Izuku continued kissing her stomach, making loud smacking noises as he continued further down her navel. He kissed below her bellybutton a few times before going down to her pussy. He stuck out his tongue and began kissing the fabia. He buried his nose at the entry, planting his tongue as he began licking. Smelling her womanly scent from so close… It was almost too much for him.

Ochako jerked her head back against the pillow. "Izuku," she cried. "Hmm! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Izuku felt her juices evacuating her pussy and landing onto his tongue. It tasted funny, reminding him of a tangy fruit. Out of instinct, he continued licking her pussy. Her body gave away instinct as she became wet. Moans were turning into laughter as she was becoming ticklish. However, that changed when Izuku used his arms to wrap around her legs as a prop so he could give her the pleasure she deserved.

"Deeper," she told him, surprised by her own response. "Thrust your tongue deeper inside my pussy. Ravish it, make a mess out of me!" Izuku obliged as he continued flickering and thrusting his wettest muscle into her pussy. Instinctively, her hips began bucking, causing her to hold Izuku's head. However, she began noticing his ears twitching. Seeing this as stimulation, she instead pressed onto his ears. She remembered the soft and fluffy feeling of his adorable rabbit ears as she pressed her fingers into them, but carefully enough to not hurt him.

Izuku's toes were curled by the stimuli, pleasure came from his sensitive upper ears. He could feel his swollen cock grinding hard against the bed. He could tell that his dick was getting tired of the foreplay and was ready to pound her pussy like it was milk-fed veal.

More hot, clear juices drenched Izuku's face. The scent of womanhood was secreting and absorbing onto his skin. He was becoming more excited.

"Izuku," she cried. "Izuku! Izuku! Izuku! I am getting close!" She felt her toes curling. Her legs were scampering. She felt as though her body was becoming an entire sex organ.

"Izuku! Izuku, baby! I am there! I am there! I am cumming! I am cummingggggg!" The latter of which was a scream. Shouting like a banshee as she ejaculated her juices onto him. It felt like a clogged water fountain bombarding his face. Her juices bathed his entire face. He continued licking until the ebb and flow ceased. She was twitching and quivering, feeling like a new woman after having such an orgasm. It was far better than she could have ever possibly imagined!

Izuku wiped his face with his arm. He could only imagine how he looked. With that much juice hitting him, his face probably looked like a glazed donut.

"Oh, my God, Deku! That felt good! That felt-" Ochako was cut off when Izuku positioned himself over her.

"Damn, you're beautiful. I think there's something that I owe you." Izuku lowered himself onto her. He took hold of her cheeks, cradling it softly as his lips met with hers.

He couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe it! They finally shared their first kiss together. Izuku kept both hands on her arms as he continued to press his tongue into her mouth, creating a dance with her tongue. The combination of their saliva and her juices meshed as they sloppily kissed. To both of them, their lips were remnants of heaven.

After a few moments, the duo broke the kiss, creating a trail of saliva between the two. For a short spell, both felt like blushing newlyweds on their honeymoon.

In a way, it was their first night.

Izuku took steady breaths as the ultimate moment was drawing near. Seeing Ochako in this state was riveting in his mind. "Ochako!" He just wanted to say her name just because. The feeling to say her name without honorifics or feeling the shyness he previously had when encountered girls.

She pursed her lip. The time has come. Ochako got herself comfortable as she spread her legs. Izuku licked his lips, eagerly anticipating the moment he thrust his throbbing member into her swollen vagina. However, logic drove itself in him. "Ochako, sweetheart. Before we go any further, is this what you want?" Izuku removed his towel and tossed it to the side.

"Oh...My...God…" From Ochako's perspective, her eyes became wide as saucers and her mouth became agape when finally seeing the girth that was of Izuku.

She didn't think that his dick was as thick as a PVC and larger than a ruler. Of course, she had fantasies of what his dick could have looked like, but not like this. She always thought he would be big, but not this big! It's a goddamn 12 and a half inches long meat rod!

Ochako began fumbling at the mouth when seeing that large unearthly stature standing right before 's starting to have doubts if she can even fit that big thing inside of her, even if she practiced with bananas, sausages and carrots to loosen up her gag reflex, she was not prepared for that third leg her boyfriend calls his blessing. But she is completed and eager to try! This was certainly a jawbreaker, that was for sure.

"Talk about Plus Ultra," she said teasingly.

"Heh… Yeah, this part of my Faunus transformation." He was a bit embarrassed. Nevertheless, he knew that she meant well. "You're not having second thoughts, right?"

"No," she said timidly. "Just...surprised!"

He was having his reservation on how things should begin. Judging by the tell-tale stories of his classmates, most would want a blowjob and then sex. It seemed that Izuku went backwards as he was the one that gave Ochako cunninglingus. But that was the gentlemanly thing to do, right? Ladies first.

Ochako licked her lips. A bit fearful of his angry veiny cock, but confident enough to give it a try. The least she could do since he ate her out.

"Lie on the bed for me, Izuku," she told him adamantly. He followed suit as he got himself comfortable.

Returning the favor, the brunette licked her lips as she made gentle licks around his nipples. Upon doing so, he hissed. Precum was frothing out of his cock like a refrigerator, anticipating its release.

She then took her hand upon his swollen cock, which was too big for her hand and too heavy to carry. Nevertheless, the teen was going to do her best to make him feel good.

He closed his eyes as he seethed in the pleasure. As he lied motionlessly, he felt the pecks of Ochako's lips upon his swollen and sensitive cock. His breath began laboring as she used her hand to stimulate his shaft while continuing to kiss the phallus. This was a force by itself and honestly too much to handle. As much as he wanted to say that he wasn't in a rush or don't forced to take it on the first try, the brunette was relentless in making sure her man became satisfied.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could and welcomed his dick into her mouth. Upon entry, she felt her mouth compacted. Initially, it was feeling like a squirrel overstuffing her cheeks with nuts.

"Oh, God," cried Izuku. He felt the intensity of the heat coming from her mouth to his dick. She was putting forth much effort as she licked and slobbed over his phallus like it was a lollipop. With her free hand, she shifted it up and down his shaft, wanting to make it as sensitive as possible.

Izuku gasped loudly as he was speechless. Never did he think his first blowjob was this invigorating. The feeling is totally different from the one from that dream he had of Ochako not that long ago.

"Ochako," he cried once more as she expedited the stroking of the shaft. Izuku's toes began curling. He couldn't stop moving his legs.

"Ochako, I am feeling funny." He was feeling the tingling sensation stirring from his balls. His breath became raspy. Getting the hang of it, she began flicking her tongue on his peehole. "Ochako, Ochako, Ochako. I am going to cum! Pull out! Pull out!"

She wrapped her arms around his legs. She began thrusting her mouth on his dick at a faster rate. She used her hand to stroke his shaft feverishly.

"Ochako! Ochako! I'm cummng! I'm cumming!" Izuku felt the strong charge of his spunk impacting her mouth. The brunette got off guard, as if a water fountain burst and she was bombarded with gallons of milky fluid. She was taken aback as her boyfriend continued spurting. Izuku continued to release until his orgasm ceased.

The brunette was taken by surprise. Covered by his spunk, she took her hands and tried clearing the coat from her face. Instead of wiping it away, she used her fingers to ingest the spunk. Izuku watched in bewilderment as she was eating his sperm, licking her finger delicately as if it was a tasty treat. She, then, gave a teasing look as she swished it around her mouth before swallowing.

She released a haughty sigh before displaying a seductive look on her face. She stuck out her tongue to show proof that there wasn't anything there. "Deliciously yummy," she said flirtatiously.

Izuku didn't know what to say. Even if he did, he didn't get the chance as his hormones were taking precedence. He pulled Ochako with her legs and planted her on the bed. His dick was twitching like a pompous bull - angry, aggressive, and unsatisfied. Ochako loved this macho side of him, something she knew that he had in him.

"Ready to take this meaty cock?" he asked her excitedly.

"Of course, you silly goose," she said alluringly. "Better yet, you silly rabbit-kun!" She rubbed her pussy lips feverishly. "I have this sixteen year itch that needs to be scratched and you have just the rod to ease that itch!" She would have brought out the condoms she had with her, but after that mighty load, no way that would cut it. Anyway she wants to feel him raw! Luckily there is a pharmacy nearby.

Izuku blushed. It felt strange to hear his beloved talking dirty. It was sexy and evidently to his 'Small Might' as his rod was attentive and awaiting orders to enter Ochako's cavern.

"You know what to do. Let your instincts be your guide, I-zu-ku," she said to him without hesitation. "This is what I wanted. This moment to be with you and you alone, baby!"

"I love you, Ochako Uraraka!"

She stuck out her foot and proceeded to tugg upon his thick member. "Love me after you fuck me! Thrust that cock into my dock, my goody bag, my yum yum, my coin purse."

A teardrop appeared from his face. "Ochako, I-"

She then gave him a serious look. "Shut up and make me your woman!" Ochako grabbed him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She, then, took his left arm and placed it around her hips.

"Breathe in! Breathe out!" Izuku slowly rubbed the phallus of his cock against her pussy for lubrication. Izuku knew the moment it was in, there was no turning back.

There you go, Izuku! Fuck the shit out of her!

Fuck that bitch like you hate her!

She gave you the greenlight. Then turn that bitch's pussy red!

His animal side was screaming loudly in his mind. He was definitely feeling like a bull in heat. His angry cock had enough time to wait. It was sick of waiting. He didn't give her any warning as he thrust the entire shaft into her pussy.

Ochako shouted to the heavens as the entire girth hit her cavern at once. Hot liquid sprouted out of her pussy, coating his dick. It didn't take a genius to know that she was a virgin.

"I'm sorry!" Izuku aggressively began bucking his hips onto her swollen member. The bed creaked loudly as well as the vibrations due to the waterbed. Izuku continued to thrust. He didn't stop. He didn't want to stop. He wanted her to scream, to shout, to speak in tongues, to beg for mercy. The lust-driven animal within him took control! "How's the taste of your first man?" When she didn't answer, he slapped her ass. "Tell me!"

She couldn't respond. The piercing pain was still impacting her. She felt a ringing in her ear as she was off-guard. Nevertheless, it was finally done. No longer she was a virgin. If she had to start all over with this, then it would be all worth it.

He felt like a piston as he was stroking his member back and forth onto her throbbing membrane. As of now, he was steed hot to trot and breeding was his goal.

"You like how I am pounding this tender pussy, don't you?" he said teasingly.

Ochako was weeping. Not out of sadness as it was a joyous occasion. Despite the pain, she wanted more of his dick inside of her.

Her folds enveloped his thick cock as if they were made for each other. This was fate indeed.

"Rougher! Deeper! Dig into my pussy! Kimochi! Kimochi!" Ochako was becoming lost in the madness. The brunette looked above the mirror and could see Izuku thrusting into her like an angry steed. She could only imagine how the other girls could take such a force.

Sweat and grease surrounded the two. As the pain ceased, the pleasure began. Ochako wrapped her legs around his. It even got to the point when she dug her nails into his skin, scratching deeply and drawing blood. Izuku didn't feel pain at all, he was too lost in pleasure, relishing in the feeling of his girlfriend's tight pussy.

The sounds of the couple turned into a twisted choir of lust as their voices harked the heavens.

He stopped momentarily, flipping the teen over to her stomach. He grabbed her and had her onto her knees. Ochako was caught off guard as she felt her ass being slammed by his hips. She had her hands pressed against the headboard as the teen continued slamming his thick cock into that pussy. He went so deep that he actually breached into her cervix and hit the back of her womb!

His fingers continued to slip from the ass he was trying to grip. Ochako's eyes were rolling to the back of her head. Her tongue began sticking out like a happy dog when seeing her owner. If Deku could see her face clearly, he would be met with an ahegao face.

"Take this cock! Take this cock! Take this cock!" Izuku was now a beast in heat, wanting to breed. Ochako didn't say anything further. Even if she wanted to, it would have led to moans and screams.

Izuku began thrusting faster. He was getting close. He was ready to spurt. "I'm gonna cum!" In unison, they trembled as Izuku spurted his load inside of Ochako. As if she was giving a anal cleansing, the impact of the hot spunk compacted her womb, cramming and filling it to the brim. Jetlike streams of his cum came out of her pussy.

Ochako cried as she proceeded to climax, squirting her juices all over the sheets. Izuku continued thrusting as he was climaxing, burying his face into her neck and grabbing her titties, squeezing them tightly.

As they proceeded to ebb and flow, they were panting loudly. Ochako's voice was raspy. Izuku continued to rub his lips against her neck. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and proceeded to bite into her neck.

She let out a loud piercing cry as she felt his canines implanted into her neck, drawing out blood. She became motionless, allowing him to support her dead weight. Strangely enough, it wasn't nearly as painful as she thought it would be being bitten hard like this, in fact it only felt like a pinch and actually… It felt good!

After a few moments that felt like heavenly eternity for them, Deku separated his mouth from Ochako's neck, leaving a marking that looks like a vampire bite. The Faunus licked her neck, wiping away the dribbles of blood coming out, causing Ochako to moan softly as that felt pretty pleasurable.

As he did this, he pulled out his softening penis causing his creamy seed to seep out from Ochako's overstuffed pussy like syrup. The emerald Faunus let out a sigh in relief, his sexual hunger satisfied plenty as he cummed harder than never before.

Then he collapsed to the side, bringing Ochako down with him to the bed. The couple breath raggedly in exhaustion. After a minute of catching, Izuku opened his eyes and glanced at his beloved Ochako, who was still recovering from such an intense first love making session, he left her exhausted it seems.

"...!" His eyes then were drawn to the bite mark he left on her neck, the action finally registering now that the heat daze has been cleared from his head. He got so caught up in his heat that out of pure instinct he left a bite mark on her neck, fortunately it's not bleeding anymore, but it looks like it'll leave quite the hickey that might not leave for a long time. "Why did I…?"

'When a Faunus wants a man, she must make the mark by biting upon his neck. She must taste his blood in order to fuse it with her body. In the course of doing that, marking him as hers.'

Izuku felt the surge of guilt following the afterglow. He couldn't believe what he had done. "The Claiming mark… A Faunus tradition that spans from the start of the very species… When a Faunus, either male or female, finds a mate, they leave a mark on their partner's neck and consume their blood, thus marking them as their mate… Something that started as instinctual, with the passage of time, became a custom of importance in Faunus culture, nearly as important as a marriage proposal. Even nowadays it is still done either by choice or instinct depending on the cases." Izuku now recalled that piece of Faunus lore. "Can't believe I totally forgot that, just now it came back to me. But, where did I learn that? Who told me that? I can't remember..." He knows he heard that quote from someone, but who?

"Hmmm…" He then heard his girlfriend, snapping him out of his thoughts. He glanced at her sitting on her knees.

"Ochako!" He sat up quickly with a worried face. "Are you okay? I'm sorry, I got carried away! I don't know what came to me, I-!" He would have continued rambling, but Ochako stopped him by putting a finger on his lips.

"It's okay, baby. I'm not mad," she told him reassuringly. "You were just following instinct is all."

"Oh, so are you okay?"

"'Okay'? I'm better than okay! I just had the best experience of my life with my boyfriend! How else should I feel?!" She replied ecstatically, beaming with happiness.

Deku blinked twice in surprise before smiling in relief. "Me too, Ochako." He replied.

"Boy, you sure rocked my whole universe and I loved it! I mean, look at this! You left me as stuffed as a turkey!" She went on with an ecstatic grin as she pointed at her still leaking pussy.

"Eh...hehe… Good thing I got pills on me for that." Izuku replied with a bashful blush as he rubbed his cheek.

"Oh? So you were expecting to end the night like this all along? Izuku, you naughty boy~" Ochako eyed him teasingly.

"N-no! I just brung them with me just in case!" He replied nervously with a red face.

"Hehe. Just teasing, even after this you're easy to mess with. I'll keep in mind not to make this a habit, too much!" Ochako winked at him.

"Right…" Izuku smiled bashfully as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Although, I gotta say I was surprised when you left me with this. Never saw coming that you were the type for leaving hickeys." Ochako said as she pointed at the mark on her neck.

"Oh that… Um… Sorry about that." He apologized again. His rabbit ears withered down slightly.

"Don't. Sure, you bit me hard and it hurt, but after a few seconds it actually felt really nice." Ochako smiled cutely at him.

"Really?" Izuku replied surprised and Ochako nodded in agreement. "Huh. It must be because Faunus' saliva has aphrodisiac effects under the right circumstance, that must have numbed the pain and turned it into pleasurable sensations." He cupped his chin and muttered quickly as he recalled said information of Faunus physiology that he read not long ago.

Ochako just sat there smiling. "He's so cute when he's muttering."

Izuku then stopped his muttering train and glanced back at his girlfriend. "Well, I'm glad that I didn't hurt you. I hope that you're not mad about it."

"It's okay my love, it just took me by surprise. I would prefer it if next time you give me a heads up. Honestly I wouldn't mind if you did that again, if you're really into leaving your mark on me." Ochako winked at him again with a cute smile.

"Speaking of that.. that's not just a hickey." The emerald teen replied. "You see, Faunus have this tradition they call 'Claiming Marks', a tradition as old as their species. When a Faunus finds a mate, they must bite them in the neck, leaving the mark as they consume their blood. Signaling at the marked one as their own mate. Many Faunus do this with their partners, to mark them as their own either out their animal instinct or their own choice, it's custom to do this before a Faunus is engaged with their partner, be it human or Faunus." He explained. "So, in other words, that mark on your neck means that you're now my mate, I just marked you as my own." His cheeks lit up as he avoided eye contact with her.

"'s an honor to be your mate, Izuku. That means I'm yours and yours alone." She kissed him on the cheek. She wrapped herself tightly around him. "Let's get some sleep."

Izuku proceeded to yawn as sleep wasn't a bad idea, especially after what he and Ochako endured. He nodded at her with a smile before he reached for the covers and covered himself and Ochako. She kissed the back of his neck, rubbing her head against his back. What a perfect end for the best night in their lives, they are now together, their love consummate and most importantly is that after things things should start to go back to normal now that Deku let out all of his pent up sexual frustrations.

As he was falling asleep, his thoughts were on the events that led to this moment. Unexpected, outrageous, whimsical, and overall adventurous. A new day awaits them both tomorrow.

'Why do you have kitty cat ears?'

'You baka!'

'Blake, stop!'

'I'm gonna catch you, Icchan! You can run, but you can't hide!'

'Leave me alone!'

'I'm your senpai. I will never leave you alone. Ever!'

'Don't say that, Icchan! I know that one day you'll be a great Hero like him, you just have to believe and you might get a Quirk one day!'

'You think so?'

'I know it! Hey, maybe one day we both can save both our worlds and bring them closer together!'

'Yeah… That would be great.'

He silently mouthed Blake's name before going into his slumber. Memories of his time with her wrapped around his mind once more...

Izuku was running away from Blake because he was fed up of her dragging him to this same stupid forest to play the same stupid game so she will pin him down to the floor again.

However, she refused to let him get away, no matter how hard he ran or what he did to miss her, she kept chasing after him. Then suddenly, somehow she got ahead of him and dropped right in front of him from the tree branches above, causing the emerald child to topple backwards over his rear. "B-Blake? How did you… how…?" He stammered, perplexed as to how she got ahead of him that quickly.

"I'm like a ninja, duh!" The black haired Faunus girl snickered at the whimpering and trembling little boy, who was dragging himself backwards in a vain attempt to get away from her. "I think a punishment is in order, for making your senpai run like that…" She walked to him slowly as she eyed him like prey….

Izuku tried to get up and get to run again, but Blake quickly downed him and pinned him on the ground. She took hold of both of his arms to make sure he wouldn't escape. "There! Now you won't get away from me!" She grinned smugly at him.

The emerald child struggled, but she was far stronger than him. "Wh-wh-what are you gonna do to me?!" He asked, trembling in fear, tears were pooling in his eyes.

"Wh-wh-what are you gonna do to me?!" She repeated mockingly. "Didn't you hear me, clothy-cloth ears? I said a punishment is in order! Now close your eyes and clench your teeth, or else I will really give you something to cry about!" She got her face closer to his, their nose almost touching, her amber eyes piercing into him, her mouth twisted into a scary grin.

Izuku looked out right terrified so he just did as he was told and braced for whatever she's gonna do to him. From the sounds of it it will be worse than a kick in the shin, a wet willy or a indian burn that she sometimes does to mess around.

"You'll feel just an itty bitty peck." He heard her voice in a teasing manner. Next thing he felt is two sharp objects piercing into his neck until it broke through his skin.

He shot his eyes open, he quickly looked beside him and saw Blake's face on his neck, which only meant that… she was biting him! The little boy let out a sharp scream of pain, she was biting him hard and it hurts! It hurts a lot!

However, his voice was muffled suddenly because Blake let go of one of his arms and covered his mouth with her hand.

"Blake...Blake...Blake...Blake!" Izuku cried through his muffled voice. Tears ran out of his eyes. He then felt the piercing feeling stop only to then feel something wet running through the sore spot. He glanced and saw Blake licking his neck, cleaning the blood coming out of the biting mark she left him on his neck with her tongue.

"There! Now you won't forget what happens when you make your senpai mad!" Blake faced him with a teasing smirk.

Izuku didn't say anything, only cried. His vision blurred until everything turned black...

"Blake..." He muttered softly as he twisted and turned his head slightly. Regardless of how hard he tried to push her away, regardless of who else comes into his heart and mind… Blake Belladonna remains and refuses to leave…

To be continued…

BD: The moment we have all waited for has finally happened. Our two lovebirds finally consummated their relationship.

SS: Indeed! And let me tell you, bro, that smut was one of your finest you made to date.

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SS: And may your hearts be your guiding keys.

Chapter Text

Hey, guys! BD and Sora here with another installment of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, Izuku's happy about his new relationship with his girlfriend, Ochako. However, trouble still remains about his past with Blake. Meanwhile, the boys of 1-A are facing their punishment with Aizawa-sensei while class 1-B, 1-C, and the Big Three are their viewing audiences. Later, a chase at the train station between Katsuki and a certain old friend. Next, Midnight and Mount Lady finally get their revenge for not taking Izuku's virginity. Mishaps, misadventures, and hijinks continue. Enjoy!

Sundays Are Never Easy As They Say!

"I think a punishment is in order, for making your senpai run like that!"

"Wh-wh-what are you gonna do to me?!"

"Didn't you hear me, clothy-cloth ears? I said a punishment is in order! Now close your eyes and clench your teeth, or else I will really give you something to cry about!"


"There! Now you won't forget what happens when you make your senpai mad!"

Izuku dreamt of a memory of the feline Faunus once again. "Blake..." He muttered softly as he twisted and turned his head slightly. He didn't understand. Why now? Why at this moment? Blake was supposed to be nothing more than an aberration, an afterthought, a distant memory, someone he used to know that he won't see for a long while. It wasn't that he didn't care about the Faunus, but what value does she have since neither of them were active in their lives?

He was with Ochako. Ochako belongs to him and he belongs to Ochako. Their moment that they shared: their first kiss, their first time - passionate moments that he had prayed and envisioned since God-knows-when. Why does this Faunus continue popping up in his mind? That isn't fair, especially not to Ochako. Why…? Why does she have to haunt him like this...? Why can't she just leave his head already…? He doesn't want to think of her as constantly as he does, he should solely be thinking of his precious Ochako, he should have dreamt of her, but he didn't. Blake still popped up in his head, memories of her wrapping up his dreams… What is that supposed to mean? Blake used to mean the world for him, but now… She shouldn't mean too much to him, so why does it still feel like she still is so meaningful for him? What was his mind trying to tell him?

The rabbit Faunus slowly felt himself rousing from his sleep as he felt something warm and wet somewhere in his lower area causing a tingling feeling. He also heard faint, but still hearable, smacking noises.

"Hmm…?" One of his eyes opened slowly and lazily raised his head. When he looked down, he snapped awake fully. He saw his girlfriend, Ochako, bobbing her head up and down on his cock, only taking him a little over half way down her throat, her lips making an air seal on his length as she sucked passionately.

"O-O-Ochako?" He was taken aback. As he tried muttering, he felt his breath was taken away but the sudden surprise. It was certainly atypical of Ochako's disposition. Not that it was unwelcome, just surprising.

She made a loud popping sound, expressing her eagerness to continue, but at the same time, wanted to greet her beloved. "Good morning," she said gingerly. The brunette was turning beet red, recognizing her sudden act. "Just want to give you a rise and shiner, tee-hee!" Her hand was delicately touching his phallus. "According to your Small Might, it definitely wants to rise and shine."

Izuku would be a liar if he didn't say he found this attractive. Less than twelve hours ago, he exchanged his V-card with the girl of his dreams. Now, she was greeting him with a morning blowjob. He could imagine Kacchan, Kaminari, or Mineta praising him for this moment. He could hear Kacchan mentioning to him if Ochako could fix him a sandwich with a pickle, then he got her hooked. Kaminari and Mineta would probably want a description of said act without sparing details. And of course, Mineta wanted a 'parting gift' to add to his collection.

Be that as it may, this moment will be between him and Ochako. As he recalled All Might explaining to him, briefly, about the birds and the bees, 'a gentleman never kisses and tells.' Izuku was going to take it as though he already had the advice. Not everyone needed to know what happened with Ochako. The date happened, it was successful, and the night ended successfully. If they were to ask if anything happened, he could play coy.

It wasn't like they would believe him anyway. He was called Deku for a reason, well, by Kacchan mostly. Besides he is trusting that Aoyama is keeping his part of the deal, which reminds him to get him his tea later.

"I'm sorry if I woke you up." She giggled. She smelled sweet, like a moist flower. He could tell that she had taken a shower. He could see moisture around her smooth skin. Her hair was in a bandana. She was also wearing a bathrobe. He jokingly thought to himself that she was coated in his naturally made paste, so it wasn't surprising that it constituted a shower.

He shook his head in disagreement. "No, baby! You're good! Just surprised, that's all!" He grinned sheepishly.

"Well, I thought since you treated me last night," she said as she blew onto his cock. Her breath meshing with his dick gave a cool sensation that triggered a tingling feeling through his spine. "Just relax and let your woman take care of you, okay?" Ochako spooled drool from her mouth and coated it onto her hands. He could tell that she was probably going to use it as a lubricant of some form.

Upon her touching his cock, the strange, wet sensation returned. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling, it was something it would take some time getting used to. Her hands were meshing the saliva with his cock, making it sturdier and harder.

She proceeded to go up and down with her hands. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, just enough to not reach climax. He couldn't tell if she was teasing or pleasing. Either way, quite naughty of the teen.

Izuku watched as Ochako spooled saliva from her mouth, dribbling it over her breasts. His eyes were agape as she meshed her hot saliva in between her titties. He, then, saw her grab as much of her titties as she could as she wanted to sandwich his cock.

She grabbed her breasts and rubbed it against his cock. Upon doing so, his dick was leaking precum again. "Ochako," he said inquisitively.

"Something I was thinking of filling your childish fantasies," she said giggling. Using her breasts, she shifted it up and down his cock. His dick began leaking precum profusely, creating a river down toward her breasts.

"Ochako," he said in a raspy voice. Never did the teen think he would receive his first paizuri, or tit fuck, under these circumstances. Of course, there were thoughts but he didn't want to do anything to pressure her.

"Hmm~ Want some of this eye candy, little boy," she said teasingly as she continued shifting her breasts up and down his stiff cock. Izuku's feet and legs twitched as his dick was becoming sensitive by the touch.

"Yes! Yes!" Izuku told her. His mind was going in many directions. For a moment, he forgot that he was supposed to be back at the dorms. Yet again, he was already going to face punishment for violating curfew. Although he hasn't got in contact with his peers, he could already see Aizawa-sensei's face upon his return. It mattered not as he felt he was going to die from the intensity of her breast job.

"You think this will drive you crazy, watch this!" Ochako continued stroking his dick with her breasts before opening her mouth to ingest his phallus. Upon contact, he felt as though a vacuum caught hold of his cock. His eyes instantly rolled back and his tongue proceeded to stick out. She made circles around the phallus. She giggled while performing the wonderful, but sinful act. How was it possible for such a cute girl to be so sexy and lewd at the same time?!

Izuku was caught in the biggest rapture of love to ever occur in his life. He couldn't believe it as he watched his girlfriend sucking and playing with his dick with her tits. Occasionally, she would interchangeably massage his balls with her free hand. He never experienced that kind of pleasure in his life. To think that if Hatsume never covered him in dust, what would have happened if he never took the risk to ask Ochako out on a date? Truly, a blessing in disguise was all of this.

"Ochako! I'm getting there! I'm getting close!" He felt his stomach sinking. He felt the build up surging from his balls. The more he spoke, the faster she became with her mouth. Her head bobbed rapidly as she was sucking his dick and sandwiching her tits with it. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Like a loaded weapon, he emptied out a full clip of sperm into her mouth, instinctively bringing a hand on top of her head. With each spurt, she tightly wrapped her lips. She used her hand to get the pressure points of his dick. Once they were finished, she opened her mouth to show that she swallowed all of his contents, which totally impressed him with how fast she got used to him cumming a bucket and not failing to miss even a single drop.

"Thanks for the meal, Izuku~!" Ochako said happily. He came so much that he actually left her on a full stomach. "So much for wanting breakfast." She rubbed her belly. "For I'm stuffed!"

Izuku raised an eyebrow but decided not to rebuttal. "Heh… That was probably the best wake up call I ever had." He smiled at her as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Only the best for the love of my life." Ochako winked at him. "And seeing how much you like it, I can make this an often thing, if you want of course~" She eyed him suggestively.

"R-really?" Izuku's eyes widened like saucers at the prospect of having to wake up to Ochako's pretty face as she sucked him off…

"Mm-hm~" She nodded at him. "And in case you go the usual route of overthinking and worrying too much about the others, who cares what they think if they see me go to your room very early in the morning? Let them think what they want! It's only us that matters!" She smiled cutely at him

Deku's heart warmed with such a smile, it always made him feel this way. "Yeah, you're right." He nodded at her. He wiped the crust from his eyes. "That does sound lovely." He, then, laid back down. "Not without returning the favor, of course!"

Ochako crawled into bed and got into the covers, getting herself comfortable next to her beloved rabbit-kun. "Aren't you a gentleman! Not often when the guy wants to give me pleasure without thinking about their dicks."

Izuku wrapped himself behind her, grabbing her hips. "I'm not every guy!"

"I can already figured that more ways than one!"

Izuku kissed the back of her neck, exactly in the spot where he marked her as his own. The wound on her neck closed, leaving a scar-like black spot that won't fade for a long time, that actually brings him confort. "I've read in Men's Health that a girl can easily become aroused when a man kisses her pleasure centers." He kissed her again. "Sensitivity is the biggest pleasure than just sticking it inside of you."

"Is that so?"

"Hmm, hmm~" He said to her with a confident smile. "Of course, the infamous words of sweet nothings."

"Talking dirty?!" Ochako's eyes widened in surprise.

"You could say that!"

"You should give a lecture to these boys," she said to him as she turned over and faced him. "Give them a trick or trade on how to properly treat a woman."

"Nah! It would be a mutiny." He laid his head back on the pillow. "They would think I have fallen into the feminist's agenda."

"It's called sexual communication," she said to him as she kissed his neck. "If they listen to a girl often, then they can understand us better without assuming so much."

"As I've said, I am not like every guy," he said confidently.

She flicked his nose before pecking him on the lips. "And that I can totally agree on." She looked to the nightstand and grabbed her cell phone. She saw that it was a few minutes after eight in the morning. "Hey, what time is check-out time?"

"Around 11 o'clock," answered Izuku as he was yawning.

"We need to go on and head back to school before they send a team after us," she said half-jokingly, but at the same time, half-seriously.

Izuku nodded in agreement. "Breakfast in bed would have been nice." He stretched out his arms. "Or lay by the pool and soak up the rays!"

She kissed him again on the lips. "There will be opportunities, but we have to go." She pointed at the dresser. "I had the liberty of having our clothes dry cleaned overnight and they are ready to go."

Izuku nodded while yawning as he got out of bed. "Heh. Here I thought I was the guy that thought of everything." He smiled at her. "Should we stop by and grab breakfast before heading back to U.A.?"

"You're not in much of a hurry, aren't you?" she said as she cheekily grinned. "The old you would have panicked."

"Why rush when there are water-filled pails with our names on them?" He took hold of her chin. "And besides! Funny how things change. I'm a new man now, your man" he retorted with a wink before kissing her on the lips.

"You got it right, sweetie!" Ochako said happily. "Honestly, you're such a bad boy, you know? No one should be this cute and sexy at the same time."

"I can say the same about you." Izuku replied as he got his face closer to Ochako's once more. She giggled. "In any case. I am hungry and I think there is a stand near the train station that serves katsudon at this hour."

"Can't go a day without your ramen bowl, Bunny Boy? If it's not that then it's carrots." She smirked at him as he walked toward the dresser and grabbed his items

"I'm not gonna apologize for that." Izuku gave her the peace sign before walking into the bathroom. "Be right back." He gave her another look before closing the door.

Ochako tugged the pillows and tightened her covers. "Aww! He's so sexy! It's too bad I can't tell the girls this. Besides, none of them are taking my calls." She decided to text the least angry member of the group, Tooru. However, the response was very outlandish: "Death to Piggies!" It was a picture of a burning pig skull with her name on it. So, it was definitely safe to say that the girls were still mad about last night. Hopefully, a good night's sleep should calm them down (she hoped).

Izuku took a shower before stepping out of the glassed shower stall as he dried his hair with the towel. It was quite unfortunate that he and Ochako didn't have a chance to spend time in the jacuzzi tub, but perhaps in the near future.

He then glanced at the mirror, seeing his own reflection. A quick flash of the memory he relived in his dream passed through his mind, recalling the sensation of sharp fangs piercing through his skin… He grabbed onto his right shoulder in reaction to the phantom pain as his face turned melancholic with his gaze drifting off slightly to the side.

"..." He then came closer to the mirror and took a closer look to the right side of his neck. It was almost impossible to see it, but there he saw a barely visible tiny decolorated spot... "It's… very faded, but it's still there even after all these years… Her mark…" He ran his hand softly to the almost unnoticeable spot in his neck.

'When a Faunus wants a man, she must make the mark by biting upon his neck. She must taste his blood in order to fuse it with her body. In the course of doing that, marking him as hers.'

He then shook his head dismissively. "Don't be stupid, Izuku… We were kids when it happened, no way she would have bitten me with that intention, even if she knew about that custom back then." He thought to himself as he lowered his gaze with a frown. "Blakey…" His mind drifted off to his long lost best friend... He stopped himself when he realized what he was doing "Again… I did it again…" He leaned his hands on the sink counter. "Again your memory came to me… Again I thought of you when I shouldn't… Why…?" He clenched his fists tightly. "Why can't I stop thinking about you? Why do you keep appearing in my mind? Why are you haunting me like this?" He struggled as hard as he could to push it back, but the memories overwhelmed him, flooding his mind…

Izuku ran to the gazebo where he saw Auntie Kali drinking lemonade on the reclining lawn chair. Aunt Kali nearly spilled her drink when seeing her nephew in this crestfallen state.

"Icchan! Goodness! What happened to you?!" He was dirty as his clothes were covered in soil and dirt. Izuku covered his eyes with his arm. There was even a wet spot around his pants, indicating that he had wet himself.

*sniff* *sniff* "A-a-a bird *sniff* bit me on my neck!" He sniffled at her. Out of instinct, he ran to her. Aunt Kali cradled him like one of her own, whispering to him softly assuring that he was in safe hands.

"A bird? Goodness, sweetie! Go to the bathroom and I will clean you up!" She knew Inko was out shopping at the farmer's market to gather dinner. "Go to the bathtub and wait for me. I will be sure Uncle Ghira leaves a change of clothes on the nightstand when you get out."

"Okay, Auntie Kali!" *sniff* *sniff* She kissed him on the forehead and patted his back to go to the restroom. It didn't take a genius to know that this had her daughter's name written all over it. However, she first wanted to be subtle. A few moments later, she saw Blake entering the backyard.

"Blake, there you are! Did you see what happened to-" Kali stopped when noticing something red on her cheeks and her lips. There were even droplets of blood on the collar of her dress.

"Mom! Why are you looking at me that way?" Blake asked nervously in a high-pitched voice.

Kali put her hands to her hips. "Oh, Blakey dear, what have you done?" She clicked her tongue disapprovingly. "What on Remnant am I gonna do with you?"

Izuku snapped out of the memory, it took quite a lot to tear himself away from it. "Enough… Please, just leave me alone already, at least for just one day…" The boy brought a hand to his face. His body tensed as again the image of little Blake came to his mind, a rush of happy memories with her flashed through his mind. "Stop… No more…" His body shivered slightly, his heart rate increased dramatically.

"Icchan!" He heard her voice again. Saw her grinning at him.

The male Faunus clenched his teeth tightly. He didn't want to see more... "Ever since that day, you just keep coming back over and over again… Even after all of these years apart… I thought I was over all of this already… So why does it still hurt so much…?" He felt something he hadn't felt in a long time… Emptiness, the emptiness she left him with… And in that emptiness he only found heartbreaking pain. The same pain he went through all those years ago…

"Out of everything that I wanted to forget… you had to bring me back to this… I should hate you- no, I should have forgotten you! You shouldn't mean anything to me! You abandoned me! You just left me alone to fend for myself! Where were you this whole time when I needed you the most?! You knew how rough my life was and yet just cut me off just like that! I thought we were best friends, siblings even! I thought you would always be there just like I wanted to be there for you! I am your Icchan and you are my Blakey!"

Within, the pain then turned to anger at Blake; he has all the right to feel this. "I shouldn't be feeling like this… I was doing just fine without you, I thought I moved on…" The boy realized he was re-experiencing the same pain, sadness and anger he felt back then, feeling it in his heart again like it was the first time. It was as if he was brought back in time to that day, their last goodbye… This was wrong, just very wrong…

"What's wrong with me? I just had the best night of my life, I should be feeling good. I should be only thinking about Ochako, not you. And yet you just keep coming back, no matter how hard I try to push you away, you come back… I don't want to feel like this… I don't want to think about you this much… I thought I could forget... but I guess I just buried everything about you in the depths of the back of my mind and now… you came back… Why couldn't I forget you? I tried but I couldn't... I thought that you just became a distant memory of my past, so why am I still this much attached to you? I should be angry at you, not think of you at all, but I want to see you again… I miss you so so much… I want things to be like they used to… even if it's stupid for me to expect for something that's gone and might never comeback… I tried, but I guess deep down I couldn't truly let go of you, Blake. Why? Why couldn't I do it and move on…? When it was so easy for you to let go of me and go on your own way... Did I matter to you so little?" A swirl of memories and emotions rushed through his tumultuous mind. "Ah… Even worlds apart, even after all of these years, you're teasing me like you used to…" He then removed his hand from his face, revealing tears building up and the dam was about to break.

"Izuku?! Izuku, sweetie, are you okay?"

Izuku shot his head up with a surprised expression. He rubbed his eyes and realized that what occurred earlier was that he dived too deep into a figment of his past, caught in the moment of yesteryear and the feelings he felt, got too lost on his mind and adriffed into whatever sort of issue he has.

"Baby! Are you okay?! You have been in there for quite some time," said the worrisome Ochako as she knocked on the door.

"I am fine, Ochako," he responded to her calmly. "That vibrating showerhead was too good to resist."

She was tickled as he could hear her through the door. "Well I know what Santa is going to give you this Christmas." She tapped the door. "Hurry up, will you? I did call downstairs and check with the concierge, they do have a katsudon stand nearby the train station."

"Awesome! Let me dry off and I will be on the way," he said calmly.

"Okay!" He waited until her voice trailed away before looking at the mirror.

"I can't tell her! I can't tell Ochako about this mark on my neck. What would she think if she finds out that I bit her the same way Blake bit me?! We were kids! She didn't know what she was doing! But, the mark! The mark! The Claiming Mark! Does it count?! Well, doesn't it?!" The troubled sixteen year old felt his brain was going in eight million directions at once. Why does this urge to think about Blake getting stronger? Why was he thinking about her ever-so-often? Why does her imminent return to his life throw him off balance like this? He doesn't get it, he only knows that he misses her dearly.

He doused some water on his face before turning off the faucet. He grabbed a face towel and dried his face. His ears twitched and his tail shivered. He checked himself in the mirror. He checked the faded mark on his neck before turning at the door. "She can't know! She must not know!" Maybe he was making a big deal out of nothing and worrying too much about a tiny little spot that can hardly be seen. However, he doesn't want to take any chances and risk causing any sort of pain to Ochako. "I have to stop doing this… For my sake and Ochako's. Whatever is wrong with me, I'll keep it hidden and concealed. I have to at least try to push Blake to the furthest back of my mind again, at least until she finally rolls around."

He gave himself one final look in the mirror and ran his fingers through the mark on his neck one more time before turning off the light and putting his hand on the knob.

'When a Faunus wants a man, she must make the mark by biting upon his neck. She must taste his blood in order to fuse it with her body. In the course of doing that, marking him as hers.'

"Just who told me that and when-? No! Don't think about that! It's Ochako! It's just Ochako!" He kept telling himself that in an attempt to drown out those spontaneous flashes of memories as he opened the bathroom door. He was going to enjoy the rest of his morning before facing the inevitable.

As he was getting dressed, Ochako commented that All Might called on his phone while he was in the bathroom, so she picked up for him. His mentor wanted to know if they were fine and Ochako just told him that they were fine, somehow she knew that the former No.1 Hero was flustered the whole time as there was some slight awkwardness in his voice. It wasn't hard to guess given that the girl picked up Deku's phone. It was obvious. After that he told her that he tried to get them out of trouble with their homeroom teacher, but to no avail sadly, something about 'setting the example and not being too soft on the students'. All Might said his farewells to her and sent greetings to his successor after congratulating the two of them, saying that he always always rooted for them to get together.

Hearing this brought a happy smile to the boy, something shared with his girlfriend. It makes him feel optimistic that his mother would also accept her.

After putting on his clothes, he placed their pajamas in a plastic bag. He told her that he was going to clean it and bring it back to her.

"You know you can hold on to it," she said gingerly. "In case I spend the night." The end of the sentence, she began to become flushed.

"Well...why not?" he answered nervously.

She smiled, taking the bag back into her possession. "You're very cute when you lie." She flicked his forehead. "I will wash it and it can stay with me. Plus, don't need the nosy boys questioning your whereabouts."

He laughed half-heartedly at her words. "Kacchan and the others were going to pry anyway. No matter what I do. Also, I don't think it's a good time for me to be at your hall as well. I definitely didn't forget the beachside battle with the girls from earlier last night." Even if things are supposed to start to get back to normal now, it's naive to expect them to be normal right now, thus he is still uneasy to come close to the rest of the girls back at the dorms. "Let's play it by ear day-by-day." He took the bag away from her once more. "Let me be the gentlemen and I'll wash. Plus, there's a nearby laundromat I can use. Mom gave me a coupon!"

"Mom is always a bargain shopper," she said sheepishly.

"Mom?" questioned Izuku awkwardly.

"Auntie!" She snapped her fingers. "Auntie! Sorry, trick of the tongue!"

"Right~" Izuku shook his head as he recalled his mother doing the same thing earlier on the phone with….a distant memory. Was the universe purposefully messing with him? Nah, he shouldn't overthink this. He held the door for Ochako as she stepped out of the hotel room first. "It's all about Ochako! She's my girl! My girl! Mine and mine alone!" Even if it might be hard or even impossible, he must drown out her memories with Ochako's...

Izuku and Ochako stood outside of the train terminal as they were heading back to campus. The katsudon stand was worth the price of admission (at least for them and not for Momo). With their bellies filled and hearts warm, they were prepared for their inevitable punishment.

Hand-in-hand, they entered the ramp that led to their stop. "What do you think Aizawa-sensei would do to us?" Ochako questioned Izuku as they took a seat at a nearby bench.

"Pails of water, maybe sand." Izuku flexed his muscles. "Thankfully this rabbit works out these pythons."

The brunette giggled. "Your boa definitely cleaned me out last night. Especially with his venom."

Embarrassed, Izuku covered her mouth. "Where is the soap to clean that dirty mouth of yours?"

"Where you left the condoms, I guess," she retorted as she made a muffled laugh.

There wasn't a condom in the world to shield his Small Might. He was still bedazzled that his girth could fit inside of the teen. He didn't want to say anything, but he did see her limp slightly as they were walking along the sidewalk.

"Thankfully, I am on the pill, Mister," she said to him as she checked her cell phone. "We don't need any little Ochako's or little Izuku' least not now~" She smiled at him cutely.

Izuku declined to respond. He was sixteen and fatherhood was the last thing on his mind. He could barely pass Ectoplasm-sensei's class and he lost count of how many reprimands he received from his homeroom teacher. So, mathematics wasn't his strong suit. He doesn't even want to know how potent his sperm was or how many children he can sire at once. Normally that would depend more on the female, but still…

"God, do I feel like I've been soaked in used cooking oil." Ochako said as she stretched her arms out. "I think this girl needs a massage." "Or a chiropractor!" As much as she wants to jump to bed with him again, her body is still slightly sore from such intense lovemaking. Hopefully her body will get more adapted the more nights he sleeps with him.

"I think a mineral bath would suffice for now," he told Ochako. "I promise to save money to take you to an onsen." "It's gonna require some money-saving. Plus, we don't need to get in further trouble as we are committing fraud as we speak." On his lap was a bag containing the limited edition all-gold All Might boxer briefs. There were only seventy-five hundred made in the country and when seeing those, how could he resist?

"Oh~? A romantic night between two lovers amids warm water and steam? DekuBun, you're gonna spoil me at this rate!" Ochako replied with an excited smile.

"Only the best for my princess." Deku winked at her with a smile.

"Aww~!" She cooed as she got closer to him, hugged his arm and led her head on his shoulder. Her heart melts and turns to putty when DekuBun brings out his romantic side and she can't get enough of it!

Deku felt his arm being squeezed on her boobs, which he liked quite a bit. A pair of minutes passed and the two of them remained quiet, just relishing each other's company.

The Rabbit Faunus glanced at his girlfriend and saw a pensive look on her face. "Is something wrong?" He asked her. The gravity girl didn't reply immediately. "You know you can tell me anything." He said kindly.

Ochako raised her head up and glanced at Izuku before looking down. "I was just thinking about last night, what happened with the others."

"Oh…" That was all he replied.

"I knew that the others had it bad for you, but I never thought they would lose it like that…"

"Same, it's very scary to be honest." Izuku replied. He was very scared to see the girls just go borderline yandere. And he still feels guilty about it, but thought it wasn't yet the best of times to tell her about his pheromones.

"Yeah… It was very brave of you to face them to protect me."

"You know I'll always be there to protect you from anything that tries to harm you." Izuku said with certainty. Ochako nodded in gratitude.

"We made a pact to try to remain friends, but after what happened last night, I'm almost certain that they will never be my friends again. It makes me feel terrible, I never would have guessed that my actions would lead me to lose them." She said with sadness in her expression as she held on tightly to her boyfriend. She should be outraged about how the girls were such bitchy assholes and just went batshit crazy, but they were still her friends through it all and her stomach turns to a knot when she thinks about losing their bond.

"Don't say that, Ochako." Izuku said to her sympathetically. "Sure, it was crazy what happened with them, but let's just give it time for things to cool down before we try to fix anything. It might take a while, but I'm sure that everything will be okay again with you guys. You don't have to go it alone, I'll be there with you if you need me" Izuku felt obliged to make things right for the girls and his girlfriend. The last thing he wants is to be responsible for making Ochako lose her friends.

"I hope you're right." Ochako replied as she looked him in the eye. "Thank you, Izuku." It was heartening for her that Izuku was such a supporting and compassionate guy.

The emerald teen nodded at her. "Old friendships can never be replaced," he told her. "Don't worry! Things will work themselves out." He gripped her hand tightly. "Maybe not today! Plus, I wasn't trying to pry but Kyouka left a disturbing text on your phone. So, it's gonna take awhile." "I am not really a hip-hop fan but everybody knows when Kyouka says she wants to turn Ochako into a pack, that isn't a good sign."

"Wait. When did you check my phone?" Ochako arched an eyebrow.

"When you went to shower this morning," he replied. "I was too tired to grab it and it went to voicemail." He touched his cheek with a slight blush on his face. "I didn't listen to the voicemail but she left a text." As he dreamed of… a certain person, he flicked out briefly out of his dream due to the buzzing sound of Ochako's phone. He wasn't totally awake, but he felt the absence of Ochako in the bed and heard the sound of water running. He remembers grabbing her phone and reading the disturbing text. He was too sleepy to really react so he just put the phone away and returned to sleep.

Ochako didn't know how to respond. This process was extremely new to her. Nevertheless, boundaries must be established within their relationship when it comes to privacy. But in all fairness she did check his phone, but the point still stands

"Damn, fam! Talking about blowing my back out. You were really frustrated last night."

"Sorry, babe! I needed to blow off some steam."

"Something felt hot for sure! I felt like a brand new virgin!"

"Heh! Figured you'd like it!"

Izuku raised his head as he heard a couple talking loudly through the train corridor. He became alarmed when he saw that it was Katsuki. Seeing the blonde wearing her gyaru-style leopard clothing and the black beret over her head, he knew it was the infamous Camie Utsushimi Kacchan couldn't shut up bragging to him about.

He remembers when Kacchan came to him after the raid incident with Eight Precincts of Death and told him that he scored himself a girlfriend during his retake of the Provisional License exam he had with Todoroki. It was hard to believe at first… until he showed her the pictures he had of himself and her doing 'stuff'.

Sure he was happy that he got a girlfriend and that Kacchan seems genuinely happy about it, but many times he teased him that he was now a man and Deku wasn't.

One thing that Kacchan doesn't, and should never, know is that he technically saw Utsushimi naked during the first exam, of course now he knows that wasn't actually her, but the point still stands. If Kacchan can get jealous of him for getting better at stuff, he doesn't want to know what would happen if Deku even dares to breathe near his girlfriend.

Izuku groaned when seeing the couple, much to his chagrin. The last thing he needed this morning was a bragging contest. He knew Kacchan. The spiky pomeranian would boast about his sex-capades with Camie ranging from length of time with sex to the different positions they had experimented in the book of Kama Sutra. He doesn't want to look at himself as a hypocrite as he himself dibble-dabble in the book (for the sake of sexual health), sex shouldn't be about a conquest, but a righteous journey and enjoying it with the person that brings excitement in that journey. Unfortunately, he was a rare gem in that bunch, thus keeping his feelings and concerns about sex to himself.

And of course he doesn't want to risk 'enchanting' Kacchan's girlfriend. He might be sexually relieved, but he prefers not taking his chances for: 1) He hates the concept of NTR (netorare) and 2) He doesn't want to be blown out to a million pieces!

His pained expression didn't go without notice from Uraraka. "Sweetie, what's the matter?"

"Look at the platform a few feet forward," he said in a whisper. "Don't point, just look!"

Ochako glared at the nearby platform. "Wait! Is that Bakugou-kun and that Utsushimi girl from the license exam? What are they doing here?" Her eyes widened in surprise in seeing both of them here and that they were holding onto each other as a couple.

"It's a bit of a long story, but the gist of it is that they are an item." Deku explained. Ochako glanced at him, eyes widened in shock.

"For real?!" She replied, careful to not raise her voice too much. "Since when and why?" Not to offend him or Deku, but she just didn't believe that Bakugou could ever be the type to be in a relationship at this point in his life. Even less with a girl that seems to have nothing in common with.

"I'll tell you later." Izuku replied with an uncomfortable expression. "Since we don't need them to ask us the same question." Izuku nodded in confirmation. "I think we should go." He grabbed a map of the train route he picked up earlier to see if there was another way to get to their destination. "There is a train that can take us further north, but it will be a delay to get back on campus." "Plus, there is a side stop I need to make to get Aoyama's tea so it resolves itself with my current situation!"

"That's fine," she answered. "Let's go! I mean right now!" She had a right to become urgent, especially since the red-eyed teen locked eyes with them. The explosive teen looked surprised.

"Yo, Deku! Uraraka?!" Katsuki spoke loud enough for Izuku and Ochako to hear. "What are you guys doing here?"

The couple feigned ignorance. They grabbed their things and briskly walked to the next platform upstairs.

"Hey, where are you going!? Come back here!" Katsuki was putting two-and-two together. It was early in the morning. They both wore the same outfits from yesterday and he remembered both dorks went out on a date. They both had a look of uncertainty and nervousness. The explosive teen snickered. He knew. They had sex written all over them. "Deku and Uraraka, together?! And! They! Got! Busy!" He took Camie by the hand. "Let's hurry and catch up with my friend. I need to congratulate him on earning his stripes!" Was he mad? Not really, he was slightly glad that the rabbit nerd finally grew a pair, but he wouldn't pass the chance to compare and tease about the experiences, all to prove he is better at dicking than him. Besides, after the hot night he had, he was in good spirits this morning, so he doesn't care if he lost the silly bet he made with the other guys or that he forgot that his parents went off to Milan for Fashion Week, making his alibi worthless to avoid getting in trouble.

"Ooh, so that's your friend Deku. He's kinda cute," Camie commented, but flinched when her boyfriend glanced blanky at her. "Obviously you're better, babe!" She grinned sheepishly. Kacchan smirked at her.

"Damn right," he said as he kissed her on the lips, followed by slapping her ass. "C'mon, let's hurry!"

Izuku and Ochako looked at the platform and on the screen, they saw that their train line was boarding. They didn't have much time and needed to make haste to get to their train.

Suddenly, the pair heard the inevitable voice. "Where are you, baka? We have not finished our conversation yet!"

Ochako, instinctively, took hold of Izuku and rushed through the crowd. Despite being a Sunday, the salarymen were replaced with families who were going to their respective outings. Feeling that they were safe to hide behind the crowd, they continued their ascension.

Not until Izuku's pajama bag caught a snag on the handle of the newspaper booth. "Izuku," said Ochako.

"Hold on," he responded.

As he struggled to retrieve their bag, it left him exposed for Katsuki to see him at a distance.

"Oi! Deku! There you are! What's the rush, buddy?" he said insincerely with a smirk. "Can we have a talk between friends? Plus, you haven't even let my girl and your girl become acquaintances!"

There wasn't time to slow down. Ochako knew she shouldn't do this, but she activated her quirk to give them leverage. However, she was still exhausted from last night thus causing them to fall down.

They were panicking as he and Camie were feet away.

"Slow down, you shitty nerd!" demanded Katsuki.

"No!" Izuku took hold of Ochako to get her up as they ran further down the platform to get to their train.

"Did he just tell me what to do?" questioned Katsuki. "Now, I am definitely on the hunt!" His smirk turned into his usual maniatic smirk.

They were getting exhausted. Their bodies haven't got a chance to recover from last night's activities. Whatever strength they garnered, he sprinted to their platform. They can see the attendants getting the last of the commuters into the train.

"Baby, we aren't gonna make it!" cried Ochako. She turned to see Katsuki hot on their trail. "He's gaining on us. He's got that eye again!"

"Yes, we are!" Izuku didn't like seeing his girl worry. He was an Alpha Faunus. He should be capable of producing more strength. "I can't get her scared like that! I shouldn't be doing this to her! I am stronger! Yeah, yeah! I can do this. I can do this! I can-!"

"I can smell the grease you guys made from last night," said Katsuki as he was inches away.

"I can't do this! It's being six all over again! He always wins!" Izuku was panicking until he thought of something that was solution-oriented as well as comical by means of escape. He saw the bag of pajamas in his hand. "Sorry to waste this, baby. I can always get you new ones! Plus, these technically belong to Momo anyway! So, sorry Momo!" He reached for the pajama bag and grabbed his and tossed them at Katsuki's direction.

It missed Katsuki.

But it certainly didn't miss Camie.

"Goodness gracious, fam!"

Camie fell backward as Izuku's pajamas hit her in the face. Izuku went and tossed Ochako's negligee, which caught around his foot and caused him to trip to the ground face forward.

Katsuki felt the wincing pain coming from his mouth. He looked forward and saw the train doors closed...with Izuku and Ochako behind those doors. "Damnit!" He cursed as he slammed his fist on the ground. "Oh, your goose is cooked when I see you." His sickening grin returned. "Remain quiet, Deku...for now. It looks like I am hunting wabbits! Hehehe!"

"Baby Pop!" Katsuki heard the whining voice of his girl. "I think I broke a nail!" She sat on the ground, an anime-like tear came out of her eye as she held her hand that had the broken nail.

Katsuki decided to kick the bunny's ass later while he went to aid his girl. He got up and went to her. "Camie, I'm sorry! Are you alright?"

She nodded as she extended her hands for him to get her up. "I think my booty is going to hurt." She showed her boyfriend her nails. "And I just went to the salon yesterday!" She produced octopus lips as she pouted.

"Don't sweat it, Camie!" He reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet. "Got the black card that can take care of whatever you desire. Because you're my lady, Camie!" He knows that Camie, as the glamorous girl she is, values her appearance a lot.

The ditzy blonde wiped the tears from her eyes. "Oh, Katsuki baby! You always know the right things to make a girl feel good." She pointed at him. "In here!"

The vain blond smiled. "I know! The heart!"

"Actually your wallet!"

He began to frown.

"I am kidding," she said as she laughed as she glared at her nail. "Some kind of introduction from your friends."

"Oh, sweetheart. After today, he may not be a friend." He clenched his fists. "No one hurts my gal and makes her cry." He cracked his neck with his hands. "Let's go to the nail salon."

"Can you take me to the mall afterwards?" She gave him puppy eyes.

"Whatever your heart desires!" He has to admit that another reason why he doesn't want Camie to go to his school is because she just has a way to bring out his soft side. He never understood it, maybe it's something he got from his dad considering how giving he is with his mom. Regardless, he prefers spending time with his lady for a little longer than going straight to punishment. Yep, he's in no rush to return, no rush at all.

She reached over and wrapped her arms tightly around Katsuki's neck. "You're so good to me." She pecked him on the lips. She paused momentarily. "Do you smell a hint of oatmeal?"

The blond clicked his tongue. "Must be from the garbage the shitty nerds tossed at us." He reached over and took hold of Ochako's negligee. He proceeded to sniff...a bit too long and a chagrin to Camie.

"Ahem!" she said as she cleared her throat.

"Oops! Sorry! Just needed verification," he replied as he nervously smiled.

"Right~" Camie was going to pretend that was her boyfriend's 'true' intentions. "As you were doing that, the smell was coming from Deku's pajamas. It smells sweet! Too sweet like fresh oats and honey."

"Probably the homemade shampoo Auntie makes for him." He scoffed. "Sixteen years old and still lets his mother give him soap. She probably sends him underwear."

"Don't be mean. You know my father sends you…."

Katsuki covered her mouth. "Alright, babe! I get it!" He frowned at her. He loves her, but sometimes she can be a bit of a headache. He took his girl by the hand and walked off.

It was a few minutes after two in the afternoon when Izuku and Ochako finally arrived at Alliance Heights. As they were walking in the courtyard, Izuku was chewing on a carrot as an afternoon snack while Ochako was holding Yuga's tea from the specialty tea shop.

"Forty dollars for this?!" Ochako looked appalled. "I couldn't say it, less known pay this!" Izuku confessed to Ochako that the tea was part of Yuga's blackmailing after the self-discovery of his going on their date', he had to after she asked why he was doing 'a favor' for the French blond. She lightly scoffed. "Remind me after I take a nap to talk to Frenchie about bribing my man with this faux pas act."

Izuku disagreed as he touched her shoulder. "Sorry about him. Nevertheless, I'm a man of my word." He reached into his pocket to hand Momo's credit card back to Ochako. "I highly advise you to conspicuously put this back into her purse." He hoped against fate that Momo hadn't noticed that her card was gone, but it most likely wasn't the case.

"That's if she hasn't changed the locks or set traps to her dorm," she replied.

"You guys share keys?!" He was a bit startled when hearing that revelation.

"It's a sisterhood. It's fairly complicated." She put her finger to her lip. "And it's gonna be that way for a while."

"Okay then." The emerald rabbit may now understand more about the female body, but he still has a lot to learn when it comes to how a girl thinks."Would you care if I talk to them?" He suggested.

If he could recall the 'wisdom' of Recovery Girl, since he quelled his tensions, things should lessen. Honestly, he still had difficulty accepting what the nurse had said as that, too, was atypical and aberrant of her. Nevertheless, an opportunity must be presented as he didn't want friendships or flesh to become torned.

"Did you forget what they have wanted to do to you?"

"Uh… I mostly just paid attention to them wanting to beat you up to a pulp, to be honest." Izuku scratched the back of his head. He remembers the girls being Deku-cazed, but not the exact wording.

"They were highly excited, frantic, and amorous." She grabbed his arm. "Baby, they were hot to trot and you were looking like an entire meal to them. Which is a nice way to say that they were willing to get you forcefully, AKA, rape you!" She added with a rightfully concerned expression.

Izuku gulped. "Now that I think about it… Momo said something about: 'Taking all of my firsts in front of you'" His expression turned fearful.

"See? I prefer getting my ass handed to me than risking you getting taken advantage of like that."

"C'mon Ochako, we both know I can defend myself. It's not like I'll just let myself be at the utter mercy of a lust-driven woman just like that. I may be a gentleman, but if push comes to shove, I'll do what's necessary."

"I know that, baby. But still, I think it would be better for you not to meddle for now at least. I appreciate that you want to help me try to mend things between them, but we should do as you said and keep this on ice until things are calmed enough. If I need your help, I'll let you know, but don't try to do anything, okay?" She explained calmly. She doesn't want to drag her boyfriend into her problems more than he already is.

"Okay, if you say so." Izuku nodded. While he feels like he should do what he can to fix things with the girls, he must respect his girlfriend's decision.

Izuku placed his hands at the window of the entrance. "What are we gonna say about last night?"

She made a zipper-like sound to her lips. "What about last night?" She winked to the worried Faunus.

He clicked his tongue as he smiled sweetly at her. "You're absolutely a keeper."

"If they ask, do what the Americans do!"

"Fear the unknown, deport hardworking immigrants, and raise taxes?" He joked.

"Plead the fifth," she answered jokingly. "Something Professor Shield should have done!"

"Right…" That was another can of worms he refused to open as he held the door for her to enter. With the new context he has on Ochako, he can totally see her being jealous of Melissa, but that will be something for another day. As they were walking down the hallway, he was coming up with excuses for last night's absence - for the boys and Aizawa-sensei.

The duo approached the living room. It was the norm to see the gang hanging out here on a Sunday afternoon. Either watching television, playing video games, or planning for a group outing. However, as they entered, it was empty and quiet, eerily quiet.

"Hmm~" The emerald Faunus scratched behind his ear. "It's empty! Very empty!" It was strange that it was this quiet at this time of day.

"Maybe the guys had an outing like the girls did," she answered. "Maybe they went to the drink bar and sang karaoke!"

It was a possibility...until they recalled what Mount Lady told the girls when she approached them at the beach.

"Izuku?!" She turned to her man. This wouldn't be her first time walking into an ambush...from a villain or her friends! She could tell he was nervous as she could see his tail frantically shaking.

"Let's get you back to your dorm," he said to her. "We can figure out the rest later." It was a ghost town which was not the usual thing. Also, with him having social media, he didn't get any notifications from anyone. Plus earlier, he did notice a turned over pail or two.

He took Ochako's hand and hurried to her dorm. Hopefully, she will be safe.

A few minutes later….

Izuku made it to Ochako's dorm without incident. It was eerily quiet throughout the entire trek, almost as if there was not a single soul, which worried them.

"Just remain calm until something lets up," he told her assuringly. "Knowing Iida-kun, he will probably contact one of us about what has happened."

Ochako nodded in understanding. "What about you? Are you going to be alright going back to your dorm?"

"Don't worry about me," he replied confidently. "If it was quiet on your end, then it's probably the same." He produced a slight smile. "They are probably worn out and maybe passed out. Give it dinnertime and they will rise from the grave."

"Here's hoping," she replied. "But, anyway, thank you for...everything! Last night was wonderful!" She smiled lovingly at him as a blush appeared on her face.

Izuku smiled at his girlfriend as he blushed as well. "It was you that made it very pleasant. I hope I wasn't a spaz!"

"Even if you were," she paused as she kissed the tip of his nose. "You're my spaz!" She grabbed her keys and put her hand on the knob. "I'll call you later."

"I'm looking forward to that!" Izuku replied happily. Both shared a short, but sweet kiss.

"Later, Izuku! Oh, I love you!" She waved at him cutely

His ears began twitching. " too!" He waved back at her.

She clicked her tongue pleasantly, obviously he was too shy to say the phrase. "You're adorable when you're flustered." She blew a kiss as she entered her room and closed the door. Izuku then walked towards his room.

Ochako stepped inside of her dorm. She took deep breaths. She planted her nose onto her stuffed toy she delightfully called Squishy, which was filled with her beloved Izuku's scent.

"God, take me now because today, I have died and gone to heaven," she said in a pleasant voice.

"And by tomorrow, you will be thrown in the Lake of Fire with the sins you have done!"

Ochako became absolutely still. In her field of vision, she couldn't see anything but what's in front of her. Her eyes were at the front of her dorm - her bed, her desk, the window. The latter sounded very pleasant.

"Uraraka, Uraraka! Oh, what lies ahead for you!" She recognized that voice. Terrifying when one got caught in her enchanting spell or at the end of her whip.

Her eyes were at the front of her dorm - her bed, her desk, the window. The latter sounded very pleasant.

"If you take that window of opportunity, Uraraka, I can't promise your safety!" She recognized that voice. A voice similar to the other, but with a wicked tone. "You had your pass! And now it's time to collect your debt!"

Ochako felt her entire body shaking with dread as she knew their presence was right behind her. She slowly turned around and parted her mouth. "Good a-a-a-afternoon, Kayama-sensei!" She swallowed the lump in her throat when knowing trouble was staring dead at her. "M-M-Mount L-L-Lady! W-w-what b-brings you here?" She grinned fearfully.

The two women didn't immediately reply, just glared intensely at her. Ochako felt like they were trying to scorch her alive with just their burning glares.

"Nemuri?" Mount Lady turned to her.

"Yes, Yuu?" Midnight did the same.

"Did this...this...thing have the audacity to ask us that kind of question?" Yuu pointed at the round faced girl.

Nemuri twirled her fingers in her air. "You're very sweet!"

"For what?"

"Calling her a thing." She folded her arms. "Not a twat, a cunt, a shrew, a bitch, a skank…."

"Whoa!" Yuu interjected. "Easy with the name calling. She is your student!"

She clicked her tongue. "Hmph! A student learns and applies what the teacher says." She pushed Ochako to the bed. "Students are supposed to be obedient!"

Ochako was caught off guard when she saw the whip snapped in several places. In a matter of seconds, her dress was torn to shreds, leaving her in her panties and her bra. "And students are to be taught a lesson when they fail or disobey anything that was taught or enforced!"

"Hmm! Cute undies," said Yuu teasingly. "Somebody's been thrift shopping in the dollar bin." She looked at Midnight as she snickered.

Ochako squealed in brunette was embarrassed as she covered herself from Kayama-sensei and Mount Lady. She became startled and shaken. "W-w-why are you doing this?!"

Nemuri scanned her nails, showing carelessness of Ochako's question. "I should be asking the same thing about your whereabouts." She knew Yuu told her everything, but it was tantalizing to hear it from the jackass's mouth, humiliating makes it all the more sweeter.

Worried and scared, she looked at Yuu, hoping that she would vouch for her.

"Answer the question," replied Yuu bluntly.

"I...I...I...I…" Ochako couldn't respond. How could she tell them that she went on a date with Izuku and then spent the night at the love motel? She violated curfew and was fraternizing with a student. That alone could cause long term house arrest or a possible expulsion from school. And what could she tell her parents that she got expelled from the best school in all of Japan because she couldn't keep her pussy in her pants?! It was certainly without a doubt that Mount Lady was somewhat aware of her actions last night, but she knew the sadomasochistic nature of her teacher. She sensed it, the girls sensed it the moment she wiped her handkerchief on his face. It was a look that showed amory and allure. Like her friends, the R-rated theme Heroine was after the same goal.

"I think your sensei asked you a question!" Yuu shouted at her. "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?"

Midnight slowly walked to the stunned Ochako as she was pulling backward fearfully on the bed. An embarrassing, compromising position the brunette put herself in. She would be a liar if she didn't say that the mundane look was somewhat appealing. She could see that Izuku had great taste. Be that as it may, Izuku belonged to her. She was supposed to take his first. She had the plans to come by that night and pay him a visit. However, she had unexpected visitors like Shouta, Keigo (Hawks), and Enji (Endeavor) that wanted consultation. And who was she to not indulge in their fantasies? Her best friend Yuu was right about it pays to be beautiful.

First thing Midnight saw Ochako's toy. Eyeing it like it was prey, she took the doll off the girl's hands and placed it under her nose. "It's Izuku's! I can smell the essence of man all over it." She ignored the musk that accompanied it, but it left her feverish. "Such a pleasant offering." She snapped her fingers. "Yuu?"

"What's up!"

"Take this! It's mine now!" Midnight threw the bunny plushie at the blonde woman.

"No!" Ochako blurted out. "It's mine! It's-"

She was met with the edge of Midnight's whip against her cheek. The seductress glared and narrowed her eyes at the shrew who stole her man. "Shut up!" She pursed her lips, showing a cascading smile. Ochako did as she told as she grabbed her stinging cheek.

"Atta girl! Learn your place when you're dealing with your sensei and senpai," she said sternly. She snapped her fingers again. "Yuu! Get the rope and zip ties!"

Yuu didn't respond. She walked over to Ochako's desk and grabbed the supplies needed for the teen's punishment.

"Kayama-sensei?!" Ochako's lips were quivering. At every second, a chill went up and down her spine.

Mount Lady returned with the supplies. Midnight pointed at Ochako. Ochako knew something was going horribly wrong and yet without even an explanation of why.

"Uraraka, don't even resist!" Yuu told Ochako bluntly. "You know I can overpower you!"

"What are you guys doing?!" asked Ochako panickingly. "Why are you doing this?!"

"Like you don't know," replied Nemuri. "You may be thinking that this is because you broke curfew or about the damages to three of the dorm rooms here, which Yuu and I know was caused by the other little bitches." She said coldly.

"Which we already took care of." said Yuu also coldly.

Ochako's eyes widened in shock. "W-what did you do to my friends?" She asked fearfully.

Yuu produced a sharp haughty laugh before furrowing her eyes. "Aww! You're really still calling them your 'friends'? Bitch please! You really gotta be that stupid and naive to believe that those demented little runts would still be friends with you!"

"Indeed! While it's precious that you still care about them, we all know they were out for blood, your blood." Midnight said with a haughty smirk.

As for what we did to your 'friends'... Let's say we put in that work, work, work, work, work!" Yuu said melodically. "We put in that work, work, work, work, work! But that will be nothing compared to what we have in store for you!" She wore a sickening smirk.

"You see, Uraraka, you must be punished. And not because of those silly little things I mentioned. No no no no, what you did was something far, far worse." Midnight tensed her whip in her hands, making Ochako flinched.

"I doubt that we need to keep beating around the bush. You and those little maniacs know that Nemu-chan is after your little bunnyboy. You can add me to that list too." Yuu said bluntly as she put a hand on her hip.

Ochako gulped. She figured that Midnight-sensei had the hots for her boyfriend like her friends, but it was a surprise that Mount Lady was the same. Although given that she seemed as pissed at her as the brunette woman, it wasn't that surprising. They had the same eyes as her friends - dark as the night itself, nothing but vengeance reflected on them!

"Speaking of that precious little bun, I was surprised when I learned that he went out on a date with you last night. And here I thought you would never work out the courage to take the next step with your obvious little schoolgirl crush, I underestimated you, I'll give you that." Midnight said sternly as she crossed her arms.

"And I'll admit that he didn't make a bad pick, you're cute enough. But honestly, what does a guy such as him see in a little brat such as you? Certainly he can do much, much better than some little round-faced, pointy-eyebrowed runt." Mount Lady belittled her.

"Your 'friends' all seem to think the same as well if their 'violent' impulses towards you is anything to go by." Midnight added. "Not that we blame them, it's part of a girl's nature to be 'protective' of what she calls her own."

"True that." Yuu agreed. "Hell, if Izuku wasn't there, I would have let them tear you apart!" Mount Lady barked at her. "So be grateful that I saved both of your asses!"

"Doubtlessly the little shrews wanted to gobble poor Izuku up like the rabid animals they were and we couldn't have that, now could we? You should at least be a little happy that we 'taught' them why forcing oneself upon a poor boy is very, very heinous." Midnight said before scoffing in disgust. "Honestly, girls these days can't hold it together with those voleties hormones. All it takes is to see their crush with another girl and they totally lose it, how unfortunate and very disappointing." She shook her head disappointedly.

Yuu cackled loudly as she concurred with her deviant best friend. "Plus, Uraraka. Are you sure you stay friends with them? Because, they certainly do not want to stay friends with you." She lifted skywardly as she continued to obnoxiously cackle. "If there was one thing that stuck out to me was a comment your Nirvana-loving friend said. She said "Death to Piggies!"

"N-no…" Ochako's stomach dropped. Yuu and Nemuri noticed that crestfallen expression on her face.

"What's the matter, sweetie? Why are you giving us that face?" asked Nemuri insincerely. "What happened to that pretty smile of yours when Izuku was beating and tearing those walls of yours?" She crossed her arms. "Eyes rolled back, speaking in tongues! Crying to God. And by the way, quite a vain way to call his name especially if you're moaning in ecstasy!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Ochako shakingly. She glanced back at them, having the feeling she would not like the answer.

"What are you talking about?" replied Yuu mockingly. 'You're funny, Uraraka! Nemuri?"

Nemuri went into her leotard and pulled a cell phone from her between her breasts. It was a red and black smartphone. She recognized it as Tokoyami's phone. Why would she have a phone that belongs to her classmate?

"Let's ask this question one more time. Why are you still friends with them?" Nemuri clicked her tongue as she pushed a few buttons on the phone. "Because real friends don't watch and spy on their friends when they are doing the H!" She showed the phone to Uraraka.

Ochako watched as she was seeing herself in the video. It was coming from the love motel. She was on her knees as she was licking and sucking Izuku's engorged penis. She looked entranced, too engaged to realize how slutty she was looking. She covered her mouth in horror..

"Gonna come clean or are you still relishing from cleaning Izuku's cum?" asked Yuu as she began grinning. "Impressive you could take so much of that huge carrot of his on the first go."

"…" The gravity teen was fumbling. How and what did they get the footage from?

"Some friends they are," said Nemuri. "Lack of trust, conniving, thieving. Oh wait, that sounds like you!"

"Uraraka! At least I share with Nemuri. Even if it's sloppy seconds," said Yuu as she pointed at her best friend with her thumb.

"Look, Takeyama! I always get first dibs," retorted Midnight.

"Is that before or after leaving the crisis pregnancy center?" interjected Yuu.

Nemuri scoffed as she pointed at Yuu. "I'll deal with you later." She turned back to Ochako. "Back to you! Your so-called friends didn't even trust you in any way."

"And who can blame them with you being such a little sneaky, thieving little bitch? I should have known better than letting you and Izuku go and hope you would do the right thing and come back, you might just have gotten a slap on the wrist, but nope! You just couldn't keep your panties on, couldn't ya!?" Yuu said enragedly.

Ochako covered her face in shame as she could hear the video continue playing.

"I must say though, it's a nifty device by the way," said Yuu. "This ctOS software is quite handy when needed, especially when getting out of jams when a girlfriend or a wife comes home early and you need a quick exit." It was child's play to take the device off the girls' hands, the tricky part was to unlock it as it was in some sort of 'birds language'. Fortunately, Hawks came in handy for that, apparently he was the one who taught Fumikage that code.

"Or you could stop being a cheating slut," said Nemuri blankly.

"Married men are the best!" Yuu replied. "The trickery of thinking when their wives kissed their lips, they are tasting me!"

"Sex on the phone is the best," retorted Nemuri. "As they speak to their wives as I'm giving them that forbidden pleasu-." She paused. "Wait a minute? This isn't about us being sluts. It's about Uraraka being a slut! With my man!"

"Our man!" Yuu pointed.

"Yeah, yeah! You're in there...somewhere (maybe)." Nemuri waved dismissively before she turned her eyes back on the flustered and obviously embarrassed teen. "You stole what by right is mine, so now you. will. pay!" She furiously whipped at the girl, making the brunette flinch. A close call but enough to see strands of hair float in the air.

"Sensei, senpai! Please! I'm sorry for what I did. Is that enough!?" Ochako was honestly lost for words. There was nothing to come back from that. Her dear friends betrayed her and her teacher has her in a compromising position. She was now at the crossroads and didn't know what other options she had to get herself out.

"Nope! It's not enough. Frankly, you have filled your quota of sin for maybe a millenia!" said Yuu. "Anyway…" She reached over and took hold of Uraraka's wrist. She positioned herself on top of her back as she grabbed the zip ties and locked it with her wrist around the bedpost. She did the same with the other wrist. With the rope, she used that to bind her legs and ankles. With the zip ties, she secured the bottom of the bed.

"Secured, Nemuri," said Yuu.

"Ok! Now we can commence with the punishment!" Nemuri said feverishly as she made snapping noises with her whip.

"Please! Sensei! Senpai!" She began to panic, beginning to scream. She struggled and squirmed against her bindings.

"Nope! Nope! Yuu, shut her up!" Nemuri demanded.

Yuu went over to the dirty laundry hamper and reached for a pair of panties. Yuu began snickering. "Good God! Talk about reeking! Who knows how many times you screamed Izuku's name in these."

"And she's about to feel the opposite whenever she thinks of my honey bun." Nemuri snapped back at Yuu. "Now gag the bitch's mouth!"

Yuu did as she was told and stuff Ochako's mouth with her own panties. Ochako continued screaming, but it wasn't loud enough to cause a disturbance.

"How long ago did you see Uraraka last?" asked Nemuri.

"About 12 hours ago," answered Yuu.

"And how old is Ochako?"


"So 16 and 12 makes 28. So, 28 minutes," replied Nemuri. "So, that's how long she is going to endure this punishment." Nemuri licked her lips. "And I am going to enjoy reddening this piggie's ass!"

"And I know just the song to set the occasion!" Yuu went to her phone and went to her music gallery. She selected Rhianna's "Work!"

As the music began to play, Nemuri started to move her hips. Yuu knew that she was no longer needed as she stood back and took a seat and enjoyed the show.

The blue-haired temptress began swinging the whip as she aimed for Ochako's literal lying ass. "And in case you think that Izuku will remain your boyfriend... When we're done with him, he won't even remember your name! Hope you enjoyed your night with him, 'cause everything you'll ever have of him is ours! Now clench your teeth!"

She cracked the whip and proceeded to make contact with her ass.

It was at the track behind the main building where Aizawa-sensei, Yamada-sensei, and the boys could be found. Aizawa was standing at the bleachers with a Thermos in his hand and nicotine patches on his arm. He couldn't recall when he last slept or was he familiar with this said sleep. Present Mic was sitting beside his colleague as he was drinking lemonade and listening to Green Day. Surprisingly enough, this has been a pleasant weekend for him.

The boys continued running the track. Not only were they running, they were continuing to carry the pails with them.

"Keep running boys," shouted Aizawa-sensei as he proceeded to blow the whistle. "Do I need to call Major Payne to make you guys nice and pretty for the student body? I know class 1-B doesn't mind watching you guys fall."

If it wasn't embarrassing enough that the boys not only knew about the reference, but running around bald and wearing dresses will never cease to fade from the U.A. student body. Plus, 1-B, 1-C, and the Big Three were sitting at the bleachers watching the boys nearly fall out.

"To think I nearly miss this." It was the devil himself. A replica of Katsuki without any class, less shouts and much more obnoxiousness, it was Neito Monoma who was speaking. He was sitting with Tetsutetsu and Pony. He began hooting. "Y'all looking really sweaty, 1-A! If you can't handle a little sweat, what's gonna happen when we kick your asses in our next practice?! Haha! Best day ever!"

"You're really enjoying this too much, bro." Tetsutetsu said, sweat dripping. Last night, the class heard many noises outside and he and Neito went to check and to their surprise they saw nearly the whole class being punished with holding up pails. They didn't get all the details, but they heard about them going wild that night. Something about sexual misconduct and destroying school property and three students were still missing.

The copycat blond didn't need to hear anymore, so he called out the rest of his classmates to make them see such a humiliating display as he laughed as he always did, feeling vindicated about Class A being a bunch of simpletons that only attracts trouble. To their surprise, Class C and the Big Three also saw the whole thing as well.

"Yeah, man. Cut them some slack, they've been at it since last night." The glue teen, Yosetsu Awase said to Neito.

"You all know why those savages need such severe discipline. Besides, you all should also be enjoying this as much as I am. Finally they get what they deserve!" The blond teen replied to his classmates with his usual condescending smile.

"Dude, just because you got a beef with them doesn't mean we all do and you know it." Juzo Honenuki said matter of factly.

"Well then, we can agree to disagree." Neito leaned on his seat, resuming to enjoy the show with a cool drink.

"Asshole…" The rest of Class B thought at the same time. The obnoxious blond never stops reminding them why he is the asshole of the class.

"Hey, now that I remember, KishiBro sent me a text last night saying that the whole of Class A went out because Midoriya and Uraraka went on a date." The steel teen commented. "They wanted to see how they were doing as they kept an eye for Villains." With everything that happened last night and today, it slipped his mind

"And you really believe that?" retorted Neito. "Midoriya is a spaz! No way he would have asked her out." He said, feeling unconvinced.

"Well… None of them have showed up since last night so…" Tetsutetsu scratched the back of his head. It was obvious what he was insinuating

"Bakugou is still gone, remember?" Neito argued. "Here's what I think: Midoriya and Bakugou live close by in this prefecture, right?" questioned Monoma. "Knowing them, they were probably peddling each other while Uraraka watched. She's so poor that she couldn't even spend a lovely evening."

"Dude… No, just no." Sen Kaibara shook his head.

"Yeah, oh my god man…" Kosei Tsubara said with a grossed out expression.

"Did you have to put such a cursed image in our heads, Monoma?" The chubby boy, Nirengeki Shoda said, also grossed out.

"What? Just saying that Bakugou is all up in the crack of Deku's ass that when Deku smiles, we can see Bakugou's eyes," said Neito. "Plus, I've heard rumors about Bakugou and Uraraka anyhow-"

"Jesus, Monoma, learn to shut up!" It was the ponytailed redhead, Itsuka Kendou that decided to join the group. She slapped him in the back of the head. "It's about time Midoriya and Uraraka tie the knot. The red string was obviously present."

"Fate never lies," replied the creepy white-haired teen Reiko Yanagi.

"Not fate, just faith!" said the green-vined teen Ibara Shiozaki.

"Yeah." Tetsutetsu agreed with Kendou, his secret crush. "Besides, Kirishima also told me, and I seriously kid you not, Bakugou has a girlfriend already." As soon as he finished the line Neito spit out his drink as the rest of his classmates glanced at him in shock.

"On all of my matryoshka dolls, you're absolutely lying." It was the quiet black-haired teen Yui Kodai that spoke. It was that shocking that the usually reserved silent beauty had to speak up.

"Look Tetsutetsu, I know you usually don't lie," Juzo put a hand on his shoulder. "But you really gotta be bullshitting us here, because Bakugou has a girlfriend? Excuse me for being a skeptic to say the least" He questioned.

"Same here! Because I've felt Neito could make sex with a girl before Bakugou finding one," said the green-haired jokester Setsuna Tokage. "But I guess every dog has its day!"

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that!" Neito replied, offended. "I got game! Bakugou comes to me for notes!"

The entire class stared at him momentarily before replying back to him. "Liar!"

"I hear you guys, I don't believe it myself, but I know my bro Kirishima and he wasn't lying. Apparently he hooked up with this chick from another school for a while now, he even has picture of them having sex and who knows how many nudes of that chick." The steel teen explained.

"Obviously he paid her for those 'services'!" Monoma shouted angrily.

"Dunno man, the guys of 1-A seemed pret-ty convinced they were legit." Tetsutetsu crossed his arms. "The only explanation to that is that this chick is either crazy or is a masochist, probably both." He shrugged.

"That's gotta be the only logical explanation." said Joruta Shishida as he fixed his glasses.

"Well then… I guess even nonsense like that can happen in this world." Neito crossed his arms with a dismissive tone.

"Don't know about you guys, but it makes more sense that Bakugou gets a girl than Monoma ever getting a girlfriend." Shihai Kuroiro said bluntly.

"The closest Monoma would ever get to a girl if it is 2-D," commented Manga Fukidashi with an exclamation mark on his face. "I bet Mineta has a chance of getting a girl before him."

Everybody outside just paused and stared at Fukidashi when he said that. Birds stopped, insects stopped chirping. Traffic stopped moving and the clouds stood still. Midnight, Mount Lady, and Ochako looked from the window. Even Mineta himself was looking at himself with a hand-held mirror.

"Yeah...Right…." Monoma crossed his legs and turned back to the track. "What are you bastards looking at? Aizawa-sensei didn't give you a break." He clapped his hands. "Chop, chop!" And then it was like time resumed.

"Too much?" Manga said, his bubble speech face turned into sweat drops.

"Pretty much, Shroom." The mushroom girl, Kinoko Kimori nodded..

"And just so you know, my ignorant friends, is that dear Pony here and I have something going on," Neito declared smugly. "Isn't that right, Pony?" He surrounded the horse girl, Pony Tsunitori with his right arm with a flirty expression.

"Uh… W-well, you seem um… nice, but sorry, you're not my type." The blonde girl replied awkwardly, trying to be as nice as possible. "Let's just be friends, okay?" She moved away the boy's arm before scurrying herself a bit away from him.

Monoma replied utterly frozen as oohs ensued from the rest of the classmates.

"OOF! Tough luck, buddy!" Setsuna made one of her hands float and patted Neito's back. "Guess it's back to the lonely nights, just you, your hand, a bottle of cream and internet access!" She snickered.

"Fuck off! All of you!" Neito frowned as he looked away. "And suck it! Suck my dick!"

"Hold on, let me get my Microscope App on my phone so I can see it," replied Itsuka, which caused the entire bleachers to roar with laughter.

Neito took sharp breaths as he tried focusing his hatred on what he hates the most. He began smiling as he was slurping his lemonade loudly to the 1-A boys.

Meanwhile, Shouto would like nothing more than to beat Monoma with a 2' x 4'. The feeling was mutual as Hanta wanted to wipe the floor with Monoma before beating him with a tire iron.

"Don't let him go to you, bros," said Eijiro as he continued running while struggling to hold onto the pails. "You know Monoma's demeanor. A born asshole!"

"The bastard is waving lemonade at our faces," retorted Hanta. He pointed at the masked teen. "He's even making Mezou cry!"

"You must have not heard the roast they gave him, mon ani," commented Yuga. "They rotisseried him!"

"See, bros?! Even his own class hates him!" Eijiro grinned.

"How long will this go on?" questioned Fumikage. He was so concerned that he was seeing everything looking like birds. "I think about it every night and day to spread my wings and fly away," he said melodically.

"He says he will stop when Midoriya and Bakugou arrive," answered Hanta.

"They're still missing?" questioned Fumikage frantically. "C'mon, I am...caw...I am..caw...caw! Where are you guys? Caw...caw!"

"Tokoyami is going native!" said Hanta.

"What do you expect? Kayama-sensei took his phone from him and threatened to involve Nezu," said Tenya. "Which is not good as it involves me!" He clenched his teeth. "Shit! My record! My impeccable record!"

"Looking on the bright side, it's good to know I'm not the only one that can go stupid around here." Denki commented with a slight smile.

"We shouldn't be worried as it is written in bird," commented Eijiro. "We're cool, bros!"

"No one knew about the ctOS until a certain rat couldn't keep his mouth shut," replied Hanta frustratingly. "Does this fat rat really want the cheese? Or face the fuzz!"

"I'm sorry! Kayama-sensei scares me," replied Mashirao worriedly.

"You're going to get scared. You just keep piling up your sins, bud! I'm not tired enough to kick your…" Hanta stopped when seeing something coming from a distance. He pointed at the courtyard. "Dude! Dude!" He began laughing. "Salvation is close!"

The boys stopped running when they saw Izuku approaching the track. He wasn't alone. All Might joined him as he and Izuku were heading to the bleachers.

Minoru dropped the pail and went to his knees. "It's over! Thank you, God! I promise not to jerk off on your holy any religious porn."

"The lapine has arrived, mon ami," said Yuga happily. "That tea better come with that charming face!"

"My body is cramp...fuck it, my ass is tired," said Tenya as he dropped to his knees.

The boys began cheering when they saw Izuku finally arriving at the track.

Meanwhile, Aizawa-sensei was noticing the commotion when he saw Izuku arriving at the track with Yagi. It was the typical troublemaker to arrive with backup. He took another cup of coffee before blowing the whistle. "Alright, boys! Take five!" As soon as he said it, the boys fell face first into the ground at the same time.

Aizawa walked down the stairs to meet with Izuku and All Might. Still carrying the smug and tired look, he glared at the boy. Izuku remained firm and confident, ready to accept whatever punishment. "Midoriya! Yagi" He greeted them.

All Might slapped his chest. "I came across Midoriya-shounen earlier and he was coming peacefully. I am just here as moral support. The boy will accept what comes to him for violating the curfew."

Izuku met up with his mentor back at the dorms, he waited for him in his dorm. He was kind enough to give him time to change before walking him to the tracks and warned him about the sort of punishment the boy must endure. Izuku was also informed that three rooms were destroyed last night, which was a surprise to him.

The whole way he expressed his pride and joy in his successor for he and Uraraka got together, but he also asked the fatherly questions such as: 'Did you use protection, right?' 'You made sure to satisfy her first and foremost, right? So on and so forth . It was an awkward conversation, but at least it was better than talking to his mom about that.

Aizawa felt he was a probation officer as Izuku and All Might looked like a parolee and lawyer. He rubbed his temple as he was tired and aggravated. "Midoriya, I can't even tell you where I should begin."

Izuku nodded. "Yes, sir!"

"Violated curfew, staying overnight off campus without notifying any faculty," said Aizawa.

"Yes, sir!"

"I was informed that you went out on a date with a female student." He glared at the teen. "Which is a violation as unsupervised minors are prohibited to go on dates."

Izuku was scared, but kept a strong stance. "Yes, sir!"

"Three dorms were destroyed last night. Two of the girls' rooms and Mineta's," replied Shouta. "Eventually, I did get the truth that the girls were responsible. Nevertheless, nobody was notified so that alone is also included as destruction of school property." He lowered his face, being inches away from Izuku. "A lot of violations." He blew his coffee breath into his face.

"I understand, Aizawa-sensei."

Shouta took a deep breath. "This kind of behavior is menacing and truthfully speaking, you can face serious trouble. I mean the possibility of expulsion."

Izuku nodded in understanding. "Yes, sir!"

The black-haired Pro Hero shut his eyes. He rubbed the bridge of his nose. He began to sigh. "Go back to your dorm room, Midoriya."

"What?" questioned Izuku surprisingly.

"What?" questioned the 1-A boys.

"What?" questioned 1-B, 1-C, and the Big Three students behind Aizawa.

"Aizawa-sensei?" questioned Izuku.

"I'd talk with All Might here this morning and he had explained everything." He took hold of Izuku's shoulder. "We will discuss reprimandations tomorrow. However, you aren't allowed to leave your dorm for the rest of the day."

Izuku nodded at his teacher. "Yes, sir!" He bowed respectfully before turning around and leaving.

All Might watched Izuku return to Heights Alliance. He nodded at his colleague. "Thanks for the solid, friend!"

Shouta punched Yagi's shoulder. "Thanks for the donation from his dear friends." Present Mic snickered as he was counting the funds of his classmates that betted on Izuku and Ochako's date. "Compliments of Mashirao Ojiro. A good friend indeed!"

"Midoriya-shounen is a good kid. Misunderstood," said Toshinori.

"And very misguided, may I add. I will definitely be keeping my eye on him from now on," replied Shouta.

All Might smiled nervously as he departed from the group.

Aizawa-sensei felt he was going soft for letting Izuku go, but nevertheless, he will find something else to get him in another pickle. He blew the whistle. "Ok, ladies! Gather your pails and go back to your dorms. You are also not allowed to leave your dorms for the rest of the day. Dinner will be provided via courier!"

The groans and moans of the group filled the air as they began straggling like zombies.

Present Mic stood up as the group behind him began to disperse. He patted Shouta's back. "I am quite surprised, Shouta."

"I've got enough energy to put you in check," replied Shouta.

Present Mic backed away. "Okay! Okay! A bit touchy! But, still, it's nice of you though...for being lenient to Midoriya!"

"Grace and mercy can come in many ways," he said to Yamada. He pointed at a certain spiky-haired blond that was sneaking back into his dorm. "And for some, grace and mercy comes too late!" He stretched his arms as he began to walk back to Alliance Heights. "There is certainly a tide in the atmosphere. Since Midoriya has become a Rabbit Faunus, a shift has changed. I may can't pick up on it, but it isn't of concern. At least for now. Izuku Midoriya, a tough road is ahead of you. You think this is challenging now, then you have no idea what you'll be facing. Enjoy this tranquil time as it won't always be like this! Be ready, boy! Time is of the essence!"

Katsuki could only delay the inevitable for so long. At least he spent time with his girl, Camie, even if it was somewhat boring with him having to sit and wait for her to be done at the nail salon and then being dragged by who knows how many stores and carrying who knows how many shopping bags, a good amount with headgear. That's one of the flaws in his otherwise ideal girl, she has a closet full of just headgear that she deems 'cool and fashionable', which are just a bunch of types of hats. Apparently she's so used to wearing her school's hat uniform that she feels naked without something on her head, be it a hat or glasses.

Another thing he doesn't like too much is him going on a shopping spree with her, he only lets himself be her cargo mule when she is either really down or gets hurt.

It's days like these that make him reconsider how he views his father in terms of weakness for the fairer sex.

At least she told him good jokes to keep from total boredom. Regardless it was worth it to make his lady feel better, can she be a bit of a whiner for the smallest things? Yes, and he would shout at anyone else like that, but not with his Camie, she really is good at bringing out his soft side out of what she calls 'his Tsundere exterior', besides she is a gaiju, obviously she would cry about something dumb like her clothes getting dirty.

Speaking of Katsuki's Tsundereness, Camie likes to tease him about it sometimes.

Overall he wouldn't exactly call Camie a 'delicate lady' because she can kick butt, but he also wouldn't say she's as tough as Uraraka in terms of combat ability. But when it comes to getting serious, she absolutely can, not to mention her temperament that he has in common with her. As the man he is obviously the one who wears the pants in the relationship, but when she wants she can take control, both in the bed and normal stuff. Good thing she only does that rarely as she prefers being a sub.

It was afternoon when he finally came back to U.A., around 3 PM. He first left Camie back at her school, she wasn't worried about getting in trouble because her friends were covering for her.

He moved quickly and sneakily through the campus to reach Alliance Heights, it might be stupid and pointless, but he'll take any chance to avoid holding pails again or worse. He managed to see from a distance the rest of the boys looking half-dead and lying on the ground from running in circles carrying those things for what he can assume were hours on end.

"Yep. Not it!" The explosive blond muttered to himself.

He managed to make it back to his dorm room. He placed the keys into the slot and entered it. A sigh of relief entered his brain. He was safe.

He walked forward to his bed as he could take off yesterday's clothes. The scent of sex was on it and he needed to get these dry cleaned. He was going to shower, grab some grub, and play video games. Knowing the entire class wasn't going to be present downstairs, he could borrow the console and take it back to his room.

He still needed to have a talk with Deku for earlier at the train station. The kind of talk in which there were no witnesses. He needed to give that shitty bunny nerd a reminder of his place.

With his clothes in the hamper, he grabbed his towel and toiletry bag as he prepared to shower.

"I wouldn't get too comfortable just yet, Bakugou!"

"Huh?" Bakugou turned around and saw Aizawa-sensei, Kayama-sensei, and Mount Lady standing at the door.

Bakugou nervously smiled as he bowed to them. "Evening, senseis! Senpai!"

Aizawa-sensei was expressionless as he took Midnight's whip from her. "Nemuri, watch the door. Yuu, grab your phone and put on Rhi...well you know the song."

"Sensei," said Bakugou nervously.

Yuu put on the song as Aizawa rushed toward Bakugou.

"NNNNOOOOO!" Bakugou cried as he faced the inevitable.

This has not been a good weekend for most of Class 1-A… Worst Sunday ever!

To be continued…

SS: Well then… Uh… That's… Okay, I'll be real here, today mostly everything sucked balls for our gang here. I dunno who had it worse!

BD: In the world of anime, even our heroes have bad days. The silver lining is that they can learn from their experience and do better as the sun rises again for another day.

SS: True that, and hey! Things can only get better from here… For the girls at least. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this 'breather' before we jump back into smut action. From this point on, it'll be quicker to get to the juicy parts!

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Chapter Text

Hey, guys! BD and Sora here with the latest installment of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, Izuku and Shouto have a chat regarding the events that unfolded over the weekend. Meanwhile, Tsuyu gets a visit from an unexpected classmate. Later, Izuku goes to check on Ochako and discovers the aftermath of her unusual punishment. Next, the girls and boys of 1-A discuss their techniques on obtaining the ctOS back from Kayama-sensei. Then, Izuku consults Recovery Girl for advice. Mishaps, misadventures, and hijinks continue. Enjoy!

Leap of Fate (Part I). (Tsuyu x Izuku/ Froggy Emerald)

Izuku laid on his bed after just finishing his dinner. He felt like he was really lucky today as he was spared from his punishment until tomorrow.

"First the girls fell in love and lust for me, then they, for some reason, destroyed Mina's, Tooru's and even Mineta-kun's room. Granted he might have had it coming, but still a little far even for him. And doesn't explain why the girls would have wrecked two of their rooms, the only explanation I have is that they must have gotten violent amongst each other and broke out in a fight, given their... 'impulses' from last night. But not only they, also the other guys got in trouble…" The boy reflected on the recent events. A concerned expression dawned on his face.

"Things nearly went out of control faster than I feared. My pheromones must have affected the girls from my class the most due to continued exposure, making the effects more potent on them on top of the pheromones being already potent, that's why things escalated this quickly with them." The emerald Rabbit Faunus analyzed as he sat on his bed.

"Fortunately I 'mated' with Ochako, which must have released all the sexual frustrations. The effects should have decreased and soon enough things should be normal again. Hopefully something like this doesn't repeat now that I can have my sexual needs under control, but maybe just in case I should talk soon with Recovery Girl and see if she might have something to help me out." The boy remembered the tiny nurse mentioning about developing a medicine to help suppress his pheromones. Something like that could come really handy for the future, so he thought it would be wise to check on that. However, it was going to take some time as the clinical trials were still in progress and the process of doing so wasn't exactly legal, let alone ethical.

"Hmmm… I know I shouldn't feel guilty, I never asked for this, I never knew this would happen and I couldn't control it, but… *Sigh*" Even if he knew all of this, he can't help but feel guilty about all of the madness caused because all of the girls were chasing the same boy to a yandere-ish degree, which caused them troubles for themselves and the whole class. Even worse, that might permanently damage the friendship Ochako has with them.

"I have to find a way to fix this so they can be friends again, when they are enough calmed down of course, I wouldn't like to alleged self-defence for a rape attempt. I know Ochako said not to do anything unless she says so, but I can't sit around and do nothing about it. At the very least I should talk to them, preferably outdoors and where there would be plenty of people walking by, just in case." It really felt very wrong and off-putting having to be this weary with his female classmates, his friends. But given the current state of affairs one couldn't be too safe. "I don't like the idea of hiding things from Ochako, but it's for the greater good, if it's for her sake as well as theirs. She'll understand, she would do the same for me. Hopefully the girls might be willing to hear me out." And so he made up his mind. He would go talk to the girls and try to ease the tensions between them and Ochako, hopefully helping them patch things up with them.

Deku heard his ringtone, he stood up and grabbed his phone from his desk. "Todoroki-kun?" On the screen he saw that the Icy hot teen was calling him, so he picked up the call.

"Todoroki-kun! If you're calling because you want to beat the yellow out of my ass, wait in line because you and many others are wanting payback." Izuku crossed his legs in bed, preparing for whatever may come tomorrow.

Text messages bombarded his phone as many immediately delved about last night's events. What began as curiosity turned into demanding a full explanation. Hanta wanted to know if Deku went second base with Ochako. Tenya wanted details of the date, including the prices of the meals, the movies, and the hotel as he wanted to explain the responsibilities of dating on a high school budget. Don't even ask Mineta as he wanted to know if Ochako's scent matched with Mina's. "Like hell do I know. Why does it matter? And actually… How does Mineta-kun know Mina's scent…? On second thought, I don't want to know."

Yuga became highly aggravated as the chocolate tea he wanted wasn't his usual 40% cacao. For the record, Izuku wasn't aware of the degree of taste. The French prince should be appreciative to receive his tea after Mashirao told him about Yuga narcing on his classmates, which frankly isn't that out of character for the French blond. It's actually on Izuku for being naive and expecting him to not out him.

As of tonight, Kacchan was on his block list. Kacchan left a message. He didn't say a word. He allowed the theme music to Halloween to describe his bloodlust. A wheezing, raspy sound was heard from the background. Word through grapevine (obviously Mashirao) was that Katsuki faced severe punishment after avoiding their punishment from earlier. Another word from the grapevine….Mashirao told Izuku that there is a video circulating showing Katsuki's punishment from Aizawa-sensei. Izuku decided that it was best not to look at the video, allowing his classmates to provide him with vivid details. It was going to be an interesting breakfast tomorrow morning. Hopefully the common room won't turn into a warzone tomorrow.

Oh and did he forget to mention that the guys made bets about how his date with Ochako would go? Because they did, even Iida! Surprisingly enough, it was Tenya who became irate after losing the funds for the bet and receiving a phone call from his parents about involving himself in illegal gambling. His allowance was withheld for a month until he can prove he could be truthful with money. Izuku could feel the sores from Mashirao's butt as the dirt continued to sink deeper. Tenya wanted retribution and would find a way to receive it, even if it meant "beating the yellow out of [his] ass" at their next practice, even if it wasn't battle training…

"Midoriya, even if I want to mop the floor with you, I can barely lift a finger," he said to his friend with stifled laughter. "Move over, Pops! Aizawa-sensei can be in the same ranking for child-rearing." Izuku can hear him clearing his throat.

"Hehe! Sorry about that. I didn't think my date became such a big deal," he replied back to him. He knows the feeling of having your body crying in agony all too well.

"You don't even know the half. It was so crazy that I still can't fully believe it happened." Shouto could have explained it, but decided against it. The silver lining when he finally kissed his crush, Momo. So, despite the hell he had encountered, that kiss was worth the price of admission. "So, I am gonna spare the gory details of that." He chuckled. "So, how was it?"

Izuku sat up against the bed. "The date went well. We went to the arcade, ate pizza, and played games. We took a walk on the beach…."

"Okay, that's kindergarten, Midoriya. What I'm talking about was it!"

"Wasn't it you that taught me that a gentleman isn't supposed to kiss and tell?"

"You don't have a driver's license and you still live off your parents," retorted Shouto. "We put our asses on the line for the sake of you." He cleared his throat, apparently that punishment left him with a sore throat or something. "I think I deserve some deets here from my best friend, Izuku!"

"W-wait! Are we best friends now?!" Izuku's eyes widened in surprise.

"Of course! After everything we've been through, why wouldn't we?" Shouto asked matter-of-factly.

"Well, when you put it like that…" Izuku scratched the back of his head. He always considered that either he and Iida could be his best friends, but never said anything.

"So will you tell me or not, Izuku?"

Izuku being called by his first name meant that Shouto meant business. The emerald Faunus clicked his tongue as he processed the information he wanted to tell Shouto. In case of prying ears, he grabbed the remote from his nightstand and turned it on to Three Days Grace. The volume was loud enough to muffle his conversation with Shouto.

"I've scored," he said matter-of-factly.

"You did it? You did it?" asked Shouto with a bit of excitement in his voice.

"Dipped my paintbrush. The submarine had docked. My nut has been busted," said Izuku. "Yes! Ochako and I had sex!"

There was a brief pause on the phone. He could hear Shouto's voice crackling in the background. He could guess that he was adamantly surprised - rather in the vulgar terms or the fact that Izuku lost his virginity. A bit of a strange sound hearing the usual Icy hot teen laughing like that.

"What can I say? Congratulations! Welcome to manhood!" Shouto said as he tried hard not to laugh. "Those cajones finally descended and you did the H with Uraraka!"

"If you want me to brag, think again," retorted Izuku. "I won't indulge further...out of respect for my girl."

"OOOOHHHH~ Your girl now," said Shouto teasingly. "Uraraka is your girl now?! I take it that you guys are something now, right?"

"You can say so, but I won't boast or brag like Kacchan," responded Izuku. He wasn't around when he heard Kacchan confessing to his classmates about Camie. But knowing his childhood friend, his bravado would exceed anything to prove his point.

"I believe you. You're not that kind," said Shouto. "But you have to admit, I am surprised that you did score. And, I am highly impressed." He began to sigh. "However, I can't say the same on the girls' end, especially when it comes to a missing credit card."

"Oh, no!" Izuku began to worry. "Does she know?!"

"Relax! Your secret is safe with me," replied Shouto. "Don't worry about the credit card. It was reported stolen, but nothing that would come back to you."

"How did she know?"

"Before going back to my dorm, I went by and saw her," said Shouto.

"How is she…?" He stopped. The emerald Faunus was aware of the girls receiving a harsher punishment than the boys. Unlike their punishment, it was so indescribable that the boys did not even want to dig further. Once again, Mashirao should consider changing classes for the time being until this snitching tangent dies down.

"She has had better days," replied Shouto, although that was saying it lightly. "I will say this, she doesn't want to physically maim Uraraka anymore."

"Wait, what?!" Izuku asked, confused and shocked. "Does he know?!"

"Don't panic, but Momo started babbling and cursing Uraraka's name a lot, so much so that maybe she might have awoken her ancestors. She didn't say why she was so upset, but I guess it might be because the other girls are very angry at her." Shouto explained calmly.

Izuku sighed mentally in relief. "Is that a fact?" He asked.

"Yeah. Turns out that the others had feelings for you and became really jealous of Uraraka."

Izuku became slightly tense. It didn't make sense. He could still recall the words that Momo said to him at the beach. Was that the truth? Or an act as she caved into peer pressure? She sounded genuine… Maybe she left herself out on purpose? DId she hide that part from him?

"I… see." He replied trying to not sound unsurprised.

"It must be quite the shocker for you, but explains why they were being so much lately."

"Yeah… I… I guess it does."

"Don't worry, I won't tell any of this to the other guys. Especially to Kirishima, Tokoyami, Ojiro and Kaminari." Shouto replied assuredly. "Especially Ojiro."

"Thanks…" Deku thanked him. Last thing he wants is to be hated by the guys.

"But none of this makes sense. Don't get me wrong, you're one of the best people I know, but why would most of our female classmates be into you seemingly all of the sudden? They never showed signs of that before." Shouto said, sounding perplexed.

"...Me neither." Izuku lied.

"In any case, back to Momo and Uraraka, I highly suggest keeping them apart for a while," said Shouto. "She may not want to harm her, but don't forget that she is rich. Dirty gloves can make clean hands."

"I will keep that in mind," said Izuku. "And the others?"

"Just say that Uraraka should get comfortable sitting alone at lunch for a while," he told Izuku. "It won't last forever, but let the madness die down and I think things will be better."

"You think so, Todoroki?" He asked. This time being genuine as this new information was lowering his spirits a bit.

"Old friendships can't be replaced, man," said Shouto. "Since the first semester, they have been inseparable, thick as thieves. From the Sports Festival to the Cultural Festival."

If only Shouto would have seen what occurred earlier at the beach, then a change of heart would have occurred. Nevertheless, Shouto had a kindred spirit and now gives people the benefit of the doubt. He guessed that he was still upset about the actions that occurred the night before. No one was going to physically and verbally attack his girl.

"Hopefully things can go back to normal soon." Izuku said with a wishful tone.

"Me too." Shouto agreed. "And I hope I didn't make things awkward between you and the girls, but I thought you needed to know."

"It's okay, thank you." Izuku replied understandingly. "And they were pretty awkward already anyway…"

"Just take care of yourself and Uraraka, okay? I said Momo might not want to be physical anymore, but I don't know if I can say the same about the others. Apparently they destroyed the rooms by accident, because of an argument that went out of control." Shouto explained with a composed, but caring tone.

The information surprised him, but he honestly half-expected this to be the case. "I see… We'll be careful." He replied soundly, slightly dejected.

"Mind you, you didn't hear anything from me."

"Don't worry, I won't say anything." Izuku replied. "Man… Things have gotten crazier than they already were." Izuku ran a hand through his hair.

"You can say that again, Izuku." Shouto agreed with his best friend. "First you change species, then most of the girls develop an attraction for you and then last night happened and now we're all in trouble. Not the best time for our class, that's for sure." He recounted the events that led them to this exact moment and predicament.

"I'm sorry…" The emerald teen apologized.

"For what? None of this is your fault. The girls acted up crazy and we guys might have earned this for trying to spy on you. We all were very stupid." The Icy hot teen assured him.

"Right…" If only Todoroki knew…

"Let's talk about something else."

"Yeah, let's." Both boys didn't need to continue on this topic.

"I'll tell you something that happened to me last night. You might have noticed that I'm sounding a little different right now." Shouto said.

"Now that you mentioned, yes. You do sound a little more cheerful even with the punishment you went through." Izuku pointed out. He didn't want to call Todoroki moody, the right word would be inward.

"Well, the reason for my good humor is that Momo and I pretty much confessed to each other. To be exact we made out." The red-white haired teen said with a more happier tone.

"Wow!" Izuku needed a moment to catch his breath. Was that the same Momo that wanted to easily knock him out and then force herself on him? The same raven-haired teen who wanted to take all of his first in front of Ochako? Momo Yaoyorozu, the girl who called Ochako a traitor and a whore? Now he is really confused, it's obvious she is into him, but now he learns that she and Todoroki made out? So is she both into him and Todoroki? Can a girl even be into two guys? "Ummm...that's….great! That's good to hear, Todoroki! You have always been pining for her." For now he decided to play it cool.

"Seems like the other way. She pulled me aside and made some sweet moves on me," said Shouto happily. "Feels out of character as if she was playing a dominant role, which is a bit off." He clicked his tongue. "Whatever! I think maybe me and her may have a connection. I never told you but, I always felt there was something going on between us since the exams last semester."

"Yeah, I thought so too." The emerald haired Faunus always noticed the closeness that Momo and Shouto had for quite a while now, of course that changed significantly since the transformation.

"Heh. Not wanting to brag or anything, but I was this close to going all the way with her… Until Iida had to walk in." His tone became slightly sour. "But in all fairness we shouldn't have tried to do anything in an alley, so I guess it's on us."

Now that was quite the surprise, the Faunus was speechless before he smiled. Izuku wouldn't mind encouraging Shouto to continue pursuing. In fact that would actually be perfect If it meant keeping Momo under the radar and away from Ochako, then by any means necessary. "So, have you guys thought of anything date wise...without telling anyone else or plans for espionage?"

"Nah! May keep it simple, you know, like you did." he told his best friend. "A movie and a dinner perhaps. Don't know, the candlelight dinner, horseback riding, and drinking champagne in the hot tub sounds awesome."

"Uh-huh. Sounds good." If that's how a 'simple' date sounded like, then how would an 'elaborated' one be. Taking Momo to Europe? The Carribean? Maybe even Remnant?

"Yup. Too bad I won't be able to ask her out for a few days at least." Shouto commented. "The rest of the guys are suspecting about the other girls having feelings for you, including Momo, but there's no way she's into you. Sure, she's been hanging around you often like them, but she made it clear she likes me, although not spoken but still with her lips. Not wanna throw dirt at the guys, but I bet they were just jealous." He added.

Izuku sweated a bit, he understands now how much Shouto is into Momo and he is aware that Denki, Mashirao and Eijiro are into Kyouka, Tooru and Mina respectively, he even noticed Fumikage showing signs of him liking Tsuyu. It makes him feel like a terrible friend to them to know that the girls are into him instead because of his damn pheromones, but in the case of Momo it makes him feel hopeful that maybe he can change her mind if she is also into Shouto. If she can get over Izuku and go to Shouto that would be perfect, for their sake and avoid the Faunus getting roasted… or frozen to death... or both! Deku can say with all certainty that he doesn't want Shouto to ever know about that side of his crush.

"I'll take your word for it, Todoroki-kun."

"Heh. I told you that we're best friends, Izuku. It's okay if you want to call me Shouto from now on." Somehow the emerald teen could tell his friend was smiling.

"Okay, Shouto." Izuku smiled.

"Well… I gotta go, I'm feeling really beat up." Shouto said as he yawned.

"I can imagine." It must have been the longest day and night Shouto and the rest of the boys must have gone through. "Might as well do the same."

"Remember what I told you, okay?" The white-red haired teen reminded him with a more serious tone.

"I will. Thanks, Shouto. Good night." Izuku said with a smile.

"Same, Izuku. Rest in peace," said Shouto.

Izuku raised his eyebrow. "Hold up, Shouto! Rest in peace?! Is that what you said?"

"Yeah! Rest in peace! What's the matter?"

"Dude! You only say that when you are talking about the dead!"

"I did die after the pain Aizawa-sensei gave us," retorted Shouto. "Because of that, I can say and do whatever I please. It means exactly what I meant! So, Izuku! Rest in peace!"

Izuku stepped out of bed and stood up. "No, no! That's inappropriate. No!"

"Are you preparing to rest?"


"Do you want it to be peaceful?"


"Then, rest in peace!"

"NO," barked the Emerald Faunus. "Did that kiss or Aizawa-sensei's punishment mushed your brain? You know you aren't supposed to say that to someone who is still living."

"Well, excuse me! You said that you were going to get some rest. I hope it will be a peaceful one, so rest in peace!"

"Holy Dio in heaven! You're only supposed to be wishing the dead a peaceful journey to the great beyond," said Izuku frantically. "Not to a guy that isn't dead."

"Are you preparing to rest?"


"Do you want it to be a peaceful rest?"


"Then, rest in peace!"

"Forget that, Shouto! I want to rest in commotion!" Izuku began pacing. "I'm gonna leave the door open so you guys can take whatever you want as retribution for this bet. I'm gonna turn the volume up loudly on my television and stereo so that it can wake up the others. I may even call the girls and let them have their way with me! You can't force the willing!" He stomped his foot loudly.

"Okay, why are you getting so worked up about wishing you to rest peacefully?" Shouto bluntly. "It ain't that deep!"

"Because you're speaking to a live person who isn't dead, dude," said Izuku. Last thing he wanted to hear was something about him getting the sweet eternal rest. Not with all possible mine traps laid ahead on him!

"So, you are not going to get any rest?" asked Shouto.

"After what you said, heck no!"

"Then peace, dude!" Shouto ended the call.

Deku growled before he snorted loudly through the nose. "Great! With that spook I won't be able to sleep!" With how much he was stressing at the moment, hearing that just made it worse. He took a moment to take a deep breath in and sit down.

"Okay, leaving that aside, I should take Shouto's advice and wait for things to cool down before I go to talk to the girls. I should tell this to Ochako as well, so she can avoid as much contact with them as possible for a few days at least. I hadn't talked to her in a while anyway and I guess she would like me to give her her goodnites." Izuku then called his girlfriend.

He waited for her to pick up but she didn't and the call went to the voicemail. "That's weird, knowing her, she should have picked up." The boy thought as he removed his phone from his ear.

Something wasn't right…

"Maybe it's nothing and she went to sleep, but…" He glanced at his door before standing up. "Hopefully I'm just being paranoid…"

Tsuyu was channel surfing and her tongue was the guiding light with the remote. In actuality, her tongue was probably the least sore muscle on her body as her entire body took a beating, and she wasn't quite sure if it was a literal or metaphorical feeling as it was hard to tell.

A block of ice was her couch as she needed it to soothe her aching body, although the numbness in her body was to the point of barely feeling the ice under her. She absolutely had no plans tonight and even if she did, she was on house arrest for a week. After the unspeakable things Kayama-sensei and Takeyama-senpai did to her and the girls, it was decided that she and the girls were grounded for the week. Everything was on restriction until the week was finished.

Of course, she felt that it wasn't fair as the fairer sex, as usual, got quite a leniency. The boys didn't receive anywhere near the type of punishment they received. Nevertheless, arguing on who had it worse or not wasn't going to solve their current problem. Their mission to obtain their rabbit-kun failed, horribly, in the worst possible way! Ochako achieved by taking what was rightfully theirs. However, in hindsight, she couldn't help but to give the brunette praise. It was true that she and the others unanimously decided to give her the silent treatment, she knew it had taken a lot of courage and guts for Ochako to perform the maneuvers on taking Izuku. If she was in that position, she would have done the same. And for that, she deserved respect and accolades (just getting the frog girl to admit that would require some time).

Also now that she is calmed enough, she can also admit that last night she and the girls really lost it a pair of times. First when they fought causing three rooms to be very damaged, which is what led them to this juncture (although it was a bit of a silver lining to know that Mineta's room was also wrecked). And they were technically the ones that provoked a battle royal amongst the boys that also left a very damaged store in its wake. And lastly what happened at the beach…

Was she and the others really willing to fight Izuku? Even worse, force themselves on him? ...As outrageous and terrifying, even if they were just mere thoughts… They actually might have gone through with it. They all must have been that crazy the moment, but in all fairness she and the others just snapped, the sheer jealousy towards Ochako and the deep love and desire for Izuku drove them all over the edge at that moment, enough to let go of all inhibitions. At least Tsuyu can admit that much now.

The feeling was hard to explain, she wouldn't say everything at that moment was like a haze or that she wasn't in control, she remembers clearly what happened and was still conscious of her actions, it's just that she and the others didn't want to stop, even if they knew they were being extreme. However, right now she feels deeply ashamed of what happened, even about what she and the others wanted to do to Ochako. It was one thing to leave her tied, another was to brutally beat her up and then make her watch as they had their way with the Rabbit Faunus.

However the worst part was the possibility that Izuku might now be afraid of all of them, even worse he might hate them now! Why wouldn't he? He was pissed at them for how they insulted Ochako, who he now calls his girlfriend, and he was willing to fight against them, obviously he was way stronger and faster than all of them and would have knocked them out without too much difficulties, but he doesn't like fighting people he considers his friends.

The idea of Izuku not wanting anything to do with Tsuyu… It makes her deeply sad, like a punch straight to her soul.

Although, now that she thought about it… There's something that's been bothering her, aside from everything else right now.

"Please, listen to me! You're not yourselves, it's because of me that you all got like this! You gotta snap out of it! The girls I know would never dare to turn on each other!"

Why would Izuku put the blame on himself for them going pretty yandere last night? Sure, they've been pretty out of character as of late because of their ever growing affections and womanly needs for him, but it's not like it's his fault. That's just how they reacted because of said feelings, and the part of going yandere? It was because of feelings of jealousy and competitiveness. So it's not really Izuku that drove them mad, it was the thought of others going after him that triggered that.

It was silly and wrong to blame sweet, precious Izuku. But as typical of the carrot-laced cinnamon roll, he would blame himself, because he is Izuku and he is selfless. If he perceives that he has something to do with the girls turning on each other, he would feel the sole responsibility. One of the many things the frog girl likes about him.

Tsuyu was beginning to get a cramp from her tongue so she let American syndicated cartoons be the show of choice. Invader Zim was playing on the television as she was thinking on what ways to properly apologize to Izuku. Maybe purchasing a bag of carrots or taking him to a katsudon stand could be a form of a peace offering. However, pride was taking precedence as she would also have to acknowledge his relationship with Ochako. They were best friends, closer than kin. However, there is a weird dance between the two. In her heart, she knew the feud wouldn't last as friendships like that weren't easily replacable. Be that as it may, her pride, let alone her ego was hurt. She could admit she was in the wrong, but once again, she wasn't ready to admit that. The silent treatment was more suitable until they could figure out a consensus with the Izuku situation. It was harsh, blunt, and cold, but in comparison what they previously did to the brunette, it would have to do until there was a change within their current situation. They all had a thing for Izuku and they weren't going to let him go anytime soon, regardless of who he is with.

Another thing was what to do with the rest of the guys. Frankly they were the least of her concerns, same is true for the rest of the girls, but doesn't make her feel any less bad because of what happened in the store. It wouldn't be a shocker if the guys might not want to talk to them for a while, they must know by now that the girls pretty much cause them to get into this mess, for now it was better to leave it be as they might get over it in a few days.

Contemplating on calling Tooru if she had any sweets she could eat, there was a knock at the door. It wasn't unusual as she would have friends that would come at this hour to have a chat or come for advice. However, her weak constitution inhibited her to move.

"The door is open," she said aloud to the visitor. While watching the scene on Invader Zim as Dib slammed the bologna to Zim's face, the door opened. Surprisingly, it was a visitor she doesn't see frequently, let alone a student on this floor.

"Asui-chan! How goes it?!" The bouncy cyan-haired teen knew how to make her presence known in the school. She was UA's eye candy, the apple of the teacher's eyes. Boys loved her, girls adored her, many wanted to be like her and become her friend. Nevertheless, if Nejire Hadou viewed a person as a friend, then that person was her friend for life. However, the frog girl was surprised to see the moe at her dorm, as it wasn't often seniors see their freshmen classmates.

"Senpai?" The blushing frog girl didn't know how to respond to the guest. For starters, she wasn't dressed up for the occasion, sporting a plain white t-shirt and a pair of green boyshorts, which she totally didn't take from Izuku's wardrobe!

"Greetings, Asui-chan!" The bouncy teen closed the door and pressed her butt against it. Her wandering eyes observed the dorm room which left her in awe and wonder. "Nice place, you got here!" She pointed at the block of ice. "Love your decor! So eccentric! Why did you get it? To make a statement?! Aren't you trying to be cool? Please tell me, I must know!"

"Lovable oaf!" One would think that Deku and Nejire were identical. Deku could ramble on about a topic that sought his interest whereas Handou-senpai would ramble on in questioning, although even Deku might struggle to keep on with Nejire's seemingly endless questioning. In their own way, it was quite adorable. Tsuyu could understand why Nejire's best friend, Haya-senpai, was her keeper. Although adorable, charming, and cute, somebody had to look after her whenever Togata-senpai and Amajaki-senpai weren't around. Lord knows what will happen if Hadou-senpai is left totally to her own devices.

Tsuyu thought it was best NOT to explain the reasoning behind the block of ice. Tsuyu had to keep a strong composure without arousing suspicion from the inquisitive teen.

"Oooohhh~!" Nejire's eyes lit brighter than a Christmas tree when seeing that the frog girl was watching Invader Zim. "It's the bologna episode! Zim is going to turn Dib into bologna." The whimsical teen hopped on Tsuyu's bed and snatched the remote from her tongue. Punching the buttons, she turned up the volume. Her eyes looked onto Tsuyu. "Do you have snacks? I love snacks!"

Tsuyu blinked twice in confusion, she had questions. Firstly, why was she on her bed? Secondly, why was she getting comfortable as she took off her skirt (fortunately, the Big 3 member was wearing spats underneath). Thirdly and most importantly, why would the reputable senior come to see her? On the flip side, it's good that Nejire's adorable childishness made her forget about the block of ice Tsuyu was sitting on.

"Umm...Hadou-senpai. Not that I mind you coming to visit me and what not, but you do know that I am under house arrest, ribbit." Tsuyu said to Nejire when she turned her head.

"Oh! That's okay! I spoke with Aizawa-sensei and said that it was an important matter about training and stuff," said the teen happily after closing the mini-fridge. Grabbing a can of soda and a bag of potato chips, she returned back to Tsu's bed. She clicked her tongue while playfully kicking her feet. "Hey, did you know that you can hold your breath until you pass out and then your body naturally breathes again?"

Tsuyu scratched her chin. "Could explain the loss of brain cells, ribbit!" "An...interesting fact!" She gave a thumb's up. "Good to know?!" She sweat-dropped with a slight awkward smile.

"Hmm-hmm!" Nejire grabbed a fistfull of chips as she compacted her mouth like a squirrel full of nuts. "Also, did you know that you can fill five Olympic-sized pools of your saliva in your lifetime?"

Another sweat drop appeared. Tsuyu nervously chuckled. " you're telling me about. Is it important to share with the others or is this a one-on-one?"

The moe turned on her back with an eye-widened expression. "Training?!" She snapped her finger. "Oh! That was a lie to convince Aizawa-sensei to let me come and see you." She feverishly covered her mouth. "Oopsie! I did a fib!" She smiled. "Was I naughty?" She tilted her head cutely

"Damn, why are you this adorable, ribbit!" It was people like Hadou that made Tsuyu think if she were into girls, then Hadou would make the perfect candidate, as tiresome she can be at times with her airheadedness. "So, if it isn't for training, then what?"

Hadou licked the crumbs and grease off her fingers before wiping it on her blouse. "For what you say...well...well." She was melodic in tone. She got like that whenever something excited her. "I came to you because I felt you can be the one to be a great keeper of information. I mean you're a frog and frogs are like princes and princesses, so loyalty and royalty." She snapped her fingers. "Hey, that rhymes - loyalty and royalty! But anyway, I felt I needed to talk to somebody about some important information. A 'Only for your eyes' kind of thing."

"Sure!" Tsuyu would have corrected her about frogs, but it's hard to argue with cuteness.

"Neat!" She turned back to her stomach. "So...I have seen the most wonderful thing in the world. So beautiful, enchanting, and charming. It's better than doggies and kitties and horses and monkeys. Although I love doggies and kitties and horsies and monkeys! Even the bracelets Yuyu and I made together!"

Tsuyu positioned herself so she could get a view of Nejire. At each angle, she felt the piercing pain on her body but continued to fight through the pain. "Oh, dear! Please don't alert the zoo keepers, they would have a fit, ribbit."

"No way! That is why I'm coming to you. You're a froggie and I love pets and cute animals and want to smother them with lots and lots and lots of love," said Nejire melodically and happily.

The cuteness was overloading Tsu's brain as a spot of blood appeared from her nose. She should be a bit offended but who could get mad at this adorable teen? It's like trying to be mad at Eri-chan, it's practically impossible!

Nejire held Tsu's body pillow of Rin Matsuoka from Free as she planted her nose onto it. "Today, I saw something so amazing, so adorable, so precious that it should be a crime for how cute I saw this adorable creature. Actually though, I saw this unique, precious and totally adorable creature from afar for a while now these last few weeks. So large, so effervescent, so enchanting!"

"You've been browsing around?" asked Tsuyu inquisitively. "I don't think large pets are allowed on campus, so I can say she was probably looking to have one when she goes to a hero agency once she finishes high school. Though Koji-chan does have a rabbit, ribbit!" thought the frog girl.

"Indeed, I have! My heart has been ensnared, caught in the rapture of what is so adorably precious that I want to drown them in my bosom forever and ever~!" Nejire hugged the body pillow tightly as she was becoming skittish and playful like a pussycat.

"That's awesome, Senpai!" As much as she enjoyed having company, especially with the last 24 hours she had, she would like nothing more than for Nejire to spill the beans already before getting herself scarce. Plus, it was close to the time to go to the bathroom to apply another ounce of medicated ointment. "So where am I placed in the grand scheme of things?" She asked politely.

"Weeell… since you're good friends with him, I thought it would be a good idea to ask you of all people." the blue-haired girl said with a adorably bashful blush on her face.

"'Him'?" Tsuyu was confused. Wasn't Hadou-senpai talking about a pet? Is she talking about a boy? But who-? "Oh no… oh no no no no no! Oh hell no…!" That's when it hit her like a bullet train.

"You see, I know it might sound a little weird since I'm a little older, but lately I couldn't stop looking at Midoriya-kun as the most absolutely most precious and cutest thing in this whole universe! He's just so adorable with his cute bunny rabbit ears and tail! I mean, he was always a cute boy, but now that he is a Rabbit Faunus, he became the cutest ever!" Nejire started gushing cutely as she hugged the pillow as if it was said emerald haired teen she was holding.

Tsuyu remained speechless as she glanced at the older girl in shock, inside she was screaming.

"Are his rabbit ears as soft as they look? How much does he like to eat carrots? How does his fluffy cotton tail feel? And most importantly, is it true that he and Uraraka-chan went out on a date yesterday? I would have gone and asked her, but she didn't pick up. She's probably asleep and she might have denied it anyway, so please, please tell me! I need to know!" As she went on her usual questioning spree, she got herself very up close to the stunned frog girl.

"W-w-wait a minute, ribbit!" Tsuyu spewed as she got a bit away from Nejire. "Are you saying that you like Izuku?" She asked, trying to regain her composure as best as she could.

"Hmmmm." The shockwave teen put her finger on her cheek, looking at the ceiling. "Well, I dunno If I have a crush on him, but I can say he did catch my eye. Besides, I just wanna hold him tight and give him lots and lots of pets!" She replied with a beaming smile. "By the way, you're calling him by his first name." She began to smile. "Are you two also close?"

Nejire put the pillow aside and crawled close to where Tsuyu was residing. "How comfortable are you with that? Does he call you by your first name? Does he blush? Do you blush?" She kicked the bed. "I want someone other than Yuyu-chan to call me by my first name." She blinked playfully. "How about it? Can I call you Tsuyu-chan and you can call me Nejire-chan? Maybe just Tsuyu and Nejire?"

The cuteness overloaded was filling to the brim. It should be a crime on how cute and adorable her senpai can be (even though she wanted to crack her forehead for liking her Izuku). She stopped, admitting that she was still tapering off the fumes of the pheromones and kept telling herself that she wasn't violent or volatile.

"Let's stick with Tsu-chan and Nejire-senpai for now, ribbit," said Tsuyu.

"Goodie," replied the happy-go-lucky cyan-haired teen. "And goodie because I am now friends with the froggie who is friends with the cute and furry bunny rabbit." She held her cheeks like a squirrel filled with nuts.

"What is it that you want me to do, Nejire-senpai, ribbit?" Tsuyu asked the Big 3 member.

Nejire put her hands together like a child in the process of asking for a favor. "Weelll...because you and Midoriya-kun are so close…I was wondering if you don't mind if I could...if I could…." She grabbed her cheeks. "Pull yourself together, Nejire!"

"Please do, or else I will do it for you, ribbit!" Tsuyu returned to her senses. Once again, it wasn't easy recognizing her volatile nature whenever thoughts of another girl were after Izuku. Nevertheless, she was working on herself to stop having those feelings.

"I wanted to see if me...and...him could...could...could…" She did a little dance. "Go out for a walk?!" Her face turned red.

"Nani?" Tsuyu raised her eyebrow to Nejire's request.

"I see the way people look at him. He's such a nice guy. I know there are so many suitors who are looking for him. I bet his locker is stuffed and overloaded with love letters, and that he might be with Uraraka-chan right now." she said to Tsuyu. "I'm fair and understand my place, but nothing brings me great joy if I can go out for a walk with him. The park, the beach, even to the end of campus. Though I need to be careful so I won't get shocked again." She pouted. "Forget my school ID that one time…"

"I don't think the beach is the right place right now." Tsuyu thought to herself, especially after what they did to crash his and Uraraka's date.

"I just want to scruff under his widdle cheeks and touch his cottontail. Just want to feed him carrots and I wonder if he could wiggle his nose like a bunny rabbit?" She looked at Tsuyu. "Could he, Tsu-chan?"

Tsuyu imagined the sound of the heart monitor going to the death tone as the cuteness overload met its capacity as her eyes were going white. "Too...much!!!" At this rate Tsuyu might have to be in a sugar coma!

The frog girl hit her chest. "I wouldn't think Izuku would mind if you guys can go on a little…." Nejire rushed herself onto the frog girl, burying her face in between her bosom.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Tsu-chan!" The cyan-haired teen kissed Tsuyu on her forehead. "I knew you were the right froggie to go to." She looked at the ceiling. "Disney was right. If you believe in magic and with a bit of pixie dust, all dreams can come true." She then pulled Tsuyu away from her. "Sorry about that, Tsu-chan!"

"You're fine, ribbit!" Tsuyu told her as she regained her composure.

"So, can I do it?"

"Of course you can!"

"Wouldn't Uraraka-chan mind? I don't wanna meddle with another girl's man. You both are my favorite kouhais and possible future sidekicks and it would make me sad if I upset any of you." Nejire said with a pure and innocent look on her face.

"Don't worry Nejire-senpai, as Ochako-chan's best friend, I can assure she won't mind at all, ribbit. She's a very understanding girl." Tsuyu was being so enchanted with the older girl's cuteness and pureness that she said that absentmindedly, making her briefly forget the issues with the gravity girl. She also looked over the 'sidekicks' part.

Nejire got on her tippy toes and began to dance like a ballerina. Tsuyu felt that the pain on her body was the least of her concern. She was close to texting a S.O.S. to her friends to get her out of her dorm. "Yay! Going on a walk with my bunny-kun! Going to buy the freshest carrot. I know it isn't Easter but can go and get him chocolate? Does he like chocolate? Oooh~ I know! I wonder if Eri-chan doesn't mind if she and I can go on a walk with Midoriya-kun! It can be a picnic! It can be…" She paused as she turned to Tsuyu. "Tsu-chan?!"

Tsuyu was lying on the ground on her back with her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Also, her legs and hands were twitching. Tsuyu was gone (cuteness overdose)!

Fifteen minutes later….

Nejire placed her hand on the door as she was preparing to take her leave. "Thank you for the advice this evening, Tsu-chan? I hope that I didn't take much of your free time."

Tsuyu's block of ice began to look like a couch as the heat Nejire emitted caused it to melt. "I'm okay, ribbit!" What more can she say? Shortly after going into a cuteness overload sugar coma, Nejire made her hot cocoa with marshmallows and placed a peppermint in her mouth in hope she would receive sweet dreams. Anyways she has free time to spare at the moment.

"You'll call me whenever Izuku gets the message?" The shockwave teen felt comfortable enough to refer to the emerald Faunus by his first name.

"I promise," she replied. "As long as you take care of the end of your bargain."

Nejire nodded gently. "I will. There wouldn't be any obstacles, wouldn't it!?"

"For that?" Tsuyu blew a raspberry. "It's foolproof. Plus, when you take care of that thing you do, then I have Izuku to have that walk and picnic with you and Eri-chan! I'm sure he would love it and Eri-chan too!"

"Goodie," replied the teen. "Give me a bit of time and it will be all set.

"I believe in you, Nejire-senpai."

"I won't fail one of my favorite kouhais/future sidekicks!" Nejire cutely saluted her."Have a good night, Tsu-chan!"

"Good night!"

And with that the older girl left her room. As soon as the door was closed Tsuyu used her tongue to reach for her phone. "Big news girls! But before I let you all know what happened, promise me you won't go into a fit of rage and that you'll hear me out until I'm done." She typed quickly on her phone and sent the text to the girls. The frog girl was expecting a long discussion with the rest of her friends.

Deku was taking quite the risk for just setting foot outside his room, but his heart was telling him to go check on his girlfriend. Maybe he was being paranoid and he's worrying over nothing, but he has to be sure.

He darted quickly though the lonely and quiet hallways as silently as possible, ever vigilant of not getting caught by Aizawa-sensei. In a few minutes he reached Ochako's door, he looked both sides before knocking on her door softly.

"Ochako?" The emerald-haired teen called her in a soft voice.

No response.

Izuku knocked on her door again, a little louder this time. "Ochako? Ochako, are you okay?" He called out to her again in a higher voice again.

Again, no response.

"Maybe she's asleep, but…" Izuku didn't have a good feeling about this. He put his head against the door and focused on his enhanced hearing. He couldn't hear anything but an eerie quietness from the other side, except… an almost unbearable sniffing… "Ochako!" He knew it was her. He knocked again, hard this time to catch her attention. "Ochako! It's me, Izuku! Are you okay?!" He called out to her once more with a deeply worried tone. He put his head against the door again, he didn't hear any sort of movement, but there was still the sniffing, this just made the young Faunus extremely more concerned as he began to fear something terrible happened to her.

Deku grabbed the doorknob and was surprised to find that the door was actually unlocked. "Ochako, I'm coming in!" He said to her as he slowly turned the knob, peering his head into the dark room, only the light from the hallway was piercing in through the small opening.

Izuku's nose twitched as it caught something off. Obviously he could smell Ochako, but it wasn't just her scent in her room, he could also catch other two scents, both belonging to females, but he couldn't put his finger on who. It wasn't from the other girls, by now he is familiarized with their scent. No, these were other people.

He didn't dwelled on this for too long as he noticed in the ground pieces of torn clothing, going off the color and the faint smell coming from them, it was Ochako's dress that was torn to pieces.

"What on…?" Izuku was bewildered, just what happened here? His ears then caught a clear sound of sniffing, snapping him back into focus.

He came into the room allowing more light to enter as well. In the bed he found Ochako, curled in a fetal position, her back to the boy shivering ever so slightly as she was clearly crying. The distraughting part wasn't that she was just in her underwear, but what he saw on her butt.

They were welts, whipping welts! It was a spreading purple with yellow blotches. It was from her butt to her legs and thighs. She was whipped brutally from the looks of things.

The boy covered his mouth in shock, his blood froze. He rushed at Ochako's side.

"Ochako!" He reached her side, but the girl remained unmoved. "Ochako…?" He reached his hand slowly to grab her shoulder, but when he touched her she cringed, her body shaking up more and her voice hitched.

"Don't," she whispered faintly. "Please don't!"

"It's okay, it's okay, I'm here now." Izuku replied gently. He could sense her shivering. His body sensed the vibration and it made his entire body twitch. Something was horribly wrong and he needed to find out what was going on. However, he would need Ochako to open up, as her boyfriend he has to help her.

"Ochako," he said, "you know that you can trust me, right?" He tried to soothe her as he refrained from touching her until she was eased enough.

She didn't answer, she didn't turn to look at him. She continued sniffling as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Ochako, my love." He was hesitant, needing to figure out the proper way to convey this. "You know I won't do anything to put you in a horrible position."

"I...I...know," she managed to say as she continued sniffling.

Izuku parted his mouth but words couldn't come out. A stream of tears continued to flow down her pretty cheeks. He was confused. He didn't understand. Who did this? Why do they do this? Who would be this heartless to do this to such a kind girl like his Ochako?

Izuku felt distraught and outraged. Furious at whoever was responsible for this and at himself for failing to protect his girlfriend.

He mustered his might to crawl into the bed. Ochako turned around and became hesitant, her eyes were red and puffy, her cheeks were tear stained and her wrists had dark markings. He knew that the last thing Ochako would want was to be touched. He reached for a blanket and gently covered her. After doing that, he leaned back and sat against the wall beside her. Upon doing so, the floodgates were released as Ochako cried to the heavens.

"It's okay! Let it out!" Izuku didn't know what was going on. The juxtaposition of tonight showed how things can be delivered to different people. He cooed and whispered softly to his beloved. "I am not going anywhere. It's okay to cry. It's okay. Just let it out! I'm not leaving you!"

Izuku looked skywardly in the darkness. Just observing the objects and the posters on the wall. His nose continued twitching. His jaw slackened before clenching his teeth and his fists began to ball. She didn't have to say anything. There was no reason for it anymore. He now recognized the very scent that was on the handkerchief he sneezed into a couple weeks prior. It was the same thing with the other scent when it lingered around his nose at the beach.

"Damn it… Not even a full day and I already screwed it… How can mighty heroes like that sink so ridiculously low?"

Monday morning came, it was 6 AM. No one, but Tsuyu, was in the common room, sitting eating breakfast alone in silence.

Not even Izuku was up, which is weird given his habit of getting up for his morning routine. Then again, yesterday was rough on the class, to put it mildly.

Besides, she actually appreciated the peace to enjoy a quiet breakfast until-


The frog girl didn't even flinch as the table was hashly slammed on. She saw it coming… the angry mob that would come demanding her head on a silver platter.

The teen calmly glanced up to be met with Mina's angry face alongside the rest of the girls, who weren't any less angry than the pink-skinned girl.

"Good morning, girls, ribbit. I'm glad to see you guys are feeling better." Tsuyu greeted them undisturbed.

"Where in the fuck do you get off on making arrangements without consulting us first?" said Mina argumentatively. "Just because we allow you to be our boss doesn't necessarily mean you're the boss!" Mina slammed the table loudly again. "If you're conducting solo missions, then you better have an Army, pal!"

Tsuyu's toast was a bit lukewarm. She should have left it unattended while poaching the eggs. It mattered not as she nevers finishes her toast. She grabbed the seasoning salt to add flavor to her eggs. "Mina, I know you're upset about what was said in the text. However, it's six in the morning and that ringing in my ear isn't helping this headache." She grabbed the blackberry jam. "So, I suggest you use your inside voice or you're going to find yourself outside." She held the jar. "Along with this jar as you and it were cascading through the walls. Do I make myself clear, ribbit?!" She opened the jar and grabbed a knife to spread the sauce on her toast.

It may not have registered through the pink alien, but Tooru, Kyouka, and Momo understood as they immediately took their seats. Mina continued standing unopposed, but only for a short while. "I'm taking a seat. Only because my butt is still sore from yesterday's punishment."

There was a reason why the group agreed on having Tsuyu take the lead, she can be authoritative and stern when it is needed. Even Momo has to agree to that, even if it's a bit of a blow to her ego, at least she's second in command.

"Thank you for meeting up with me this morning, ribbit." Tsuyu said to the others as they grabbed their toasts, eggs, and assorted meats. "This is the beginning of one of many meetings for the time being until we can get everything under control." She said in a controlled and professional manner.

"One of many meetings?" Mina blurted out. "What are we? Kayama-sensei and the other teachers?"

Tsuyu rubbed her temple with her fingers. "Apparently what you're also lacking is listening comprehension. You would think as an alien your aptness to understand should be quicker than others."

"I'm going to pretend that's Swahili for being in your feelings from last night," retorted Mina.

"Mina, please don't start this morning." It was Tooru that spoke as she grabbed a glass of orange juice. "Last night was good enough to hear you bicker and complain. That now makes sense since Momo made me switch places with you."

"Plus the last thing I want to hear is that bitch's name as well as her ball and chain." Kyouka poked at her poached eggs. Her earjacks were still radiating in pain that any vibration of sound was irritable.

"Don't I have the right to bicker? Moes, here, threw us all under the bus last night!" Mina pointed at the raven-haired girl.

"I told you I was sorry! What else could I do? I couldn't tell Shouto my feelings for Izuku, he likes me!" Momo retorted. "And I told you shouldn't worry about him telling everyone else."

"True that, he's not a loose tongue like Ojiro." Kyouka sided with her as she munched on her eggs.

"Even I have to agree to that." Tooru said as she wiggled uncomfortably as the topic of her former crush is still somewhat awkward for her.

"Regardless, that's the problem with nerdy girls like you - indecisive and unpredictable." Mina snapped back. "If you can't quit spending time cuffing these boys about your feelings, we can be in a better position. Better act like Bakugou and understand the game, chicky! Admit it! You wanna be double teamed by Izuku and Todoroki! Granted, sometimes I had fantasies of a threesome with Kirishima, but at least I set my priorities straight!"

"N-no way!" Momo's face turned deep red at this.

"Pots and kettles, calm down," interjected Tsuyu. "We're not here to discuss your fantasies of being double-teamed." Tsuyu knew that Mina and Momo had a freaky side when it came to their sexuality. Nevertheless, that was the least of her concern. "What we are here is to discuss our current situation - the Nejire situation!"

"Oh, that's right! You're referring to how you found out last night that Hadou-senpai also likes Izuku and you just let her walk away!" Mina turned to her.

"Cut her some slack, Mina-chan. We're talking about one of the Big 3, the girl that can throw down rows of buildings with her shockwaves." Tooru interjected as she put down her glass.

"Besides that, if you saw what I did then you would totally understand." Tsuyu said calmly. "It was impossible for me to bring myself to oppose such overwhelming adorableness, none of you would have either."

All looked at each other before dropping their heads. "Agreed," said the group.

Tsuyu bit into her toast. "Frankly, I think having Nejire here is going to be quite the advantage."

"And what makes you think that she would follow through on what you asked?" retorted Mina. "We made that silly pact with Ochako and you saw how that ended up."

"That was then and this is now," replied Tsuyu with a rebuttal. "It was quite evident that the pact was going to fail. I mean, we were not so hidden about our feelings, ribbit!" Tsuyu wiped the crumbs off her lips with her napkin. "Besides, what makes you think anybody can be trusted? Momo, here, told her second crush about this. What makes you think he won't go and tell Izuku?"

"Trust me, he won't," replied Momo. "Shouto likes me too much and wouldn't dare talk!"

"Look at it from this standpoint." Tsuyu looked skyward to the ceiling. "Do I trust Nejire-senpai? No! Actually, can we trust each other?" Tsuyu gauged the table and neither of them looked at each other. "We are unified for a solidary purpose. We are friends, but we are women. Women who have the thirst and lust for Izuku. We are now consciously aware of the effects he can have on us. We need to maintain this control or else things could be worse."

Each girl nodded in congruence with Tsuyu.

"I don't have to trust Nejire-senpai. But I can trust Nejire to be Nejire, ribbit!" Tsuyu continued to look at the girls.

"What do you mean?" asked Kyouka inquisitively.

"Nejire-senpai is adorable, bubbly, somewhat idiotic, and honestly downright the sweetest thing on this Earth, ribbit!" Tsuyu said to them. "She is too cute to function! She can even be her own worst enemy if it wasn't for Toogata-senpai, Amajiki-senpai, and Haya-senpai being there.

What I am saying is that her intentions for Izuku are pure. She outright said she isn't sure she likes him that way, and she looked to him like an adorable pet. All she talked about was cuddling him and holding him and going for walks and taking him out for a picnic with little Eri-chan."

Tooru became tickled pink. "Oh my gosh! That is so so cute. Kawaii!" She cooed loudly. "See Eri-chan holding their hands, that is totes adorable. A Kodak moment right there."

Mina gripped the bridge of her nose. "Please stop the thought, Tooru! It kills me to see that. Because that is too damn cute." Blood began dripping from her nose. Kyouka and Momo agreed silently, knowing that they were seeing their Deku in the eyes of someone else. But everyone has an exception.

"With that being said, I am not so worried about Nejire-senpai and Izuku," said Tsuyu.

"Why not? I agree with your assessment about Hadou-senpai and her personality, but how can we be certain that she won't become unhinged like we did?" Momo questioned.

"Yeah! I mean, look at me, I'm a cutesy bubbly moe like her and I lost it as much as you guys!" Tooru agreed with her.

"Lord knows what will happen if Hadou-senpai goes crazy, just look at what happened to us. That's stuff of nightmares." Kyouka agreed as well. The thought of a deranged Nejire went through the minds of the girls, it was a terrifying thought with plenty of destructive implications.

Tsuyu shook the thought off and cleared her throat. "I hear your concerns and I can see where you guys are coming from, but there's no need to worry yourselves on that end, ribbit."

Mina crossed her arms. "Either way, if your senpai or your boy toy flips, then there will be hell to pay." She pursed her lips as she looked at Tsuyu and Momo. "And that's all I have to say about that."

The frog girl sighed. "Look, I know we're-"

"We? Oh no no no no, cutie. You! This was your idea! So if this blows up and unleashes the armagedom on this world, it will be on you!" Mina rudely interrupted her, pointing at her.

Tsuyu took a deep breath. "I'm taking a lot of risks with this, but you gotta trust me on this one. Yes, Tooru-chan here lost it as much as we did, but Nejire is far more innocent and pure than her. I'm confident that will cancel out any yandere impulses regardless of how much amorous she turns towards Izuku. She might be childish, but knows when not to overstep her boundaries and has way better self control than we do." She explained. "If this works, which I'm confident it will, then we'll recover the ctOS and get back at Kayama-sensei. And once we have the phone back, we'll have Hatsume copy the system for all of our phones before giving Tokoyami-chan his phone back."

The rest of the girls remained silent as they pondered on this.

"If you're still uncertain, we can keep an eye on Nejire and make sure she doesn't cross the line. Although we might need to bring a lot of whole wheat food to cancel out all the excessive sweetness will be exposed, especially if we spy on her when she has her picnic with Izu-chan and Eri-chan." Tsuyu added.

"Okay, let's say we go through with this. What about Ochako? Won't she do anything if she sees her… boyfriend with another girl?" Momo asked, forcing herself to finish that line with some clear disgust in her expression. The rest of the girls turned sour not just at the mention of the round-faced traitor, but also that the two of them are together now.

"No need to sweat over that, Ochako-chan and I know Nejire pretty well and I know that she won't be able to say no to her." Tsuyu replied with certainty.

"Very well and what exactly are you planning on having Hadou-san's friends do to Kayama-sensei?" Momo asked.

"About that… well-" Tsuyu was about to explain when she noticed that the boys were coming in.

Tenya, Yuga, Fumikage, and Hanta were the first group of boys to arrive at the dining area. Each wore a look of exhaustion on their face.

"We'll continue this discussion later." Tsuyu whispered to her friends.

"Fine! You better be right about this." Mina replied. With that the girls put a pin on the topic and just eat their breakfast quietly.

"...And so I told him, screw that, I don't reward snitches!" It was Hanta that spoke as he opened the refrigerator. Instead of grabbing breakfast, he just wanted a glass of tomato juice.

"Le sigh, mon ami. Poor lad! Poor enfant indeed." Yuga had his chocolate tea in his hand as he was preparing to make a cup. "Do you think Ojiro learned his lesson?"

"If he didn't, I don't mind refreshers," said Hanta with a cheeky grin.

"Easy with him, man," said Tenya as he took a carton of tomato juice from the refrigerator. "After yesterday, I don't even want to bet, to recon, practically anything that involves me getting in trouble. Only thing I want to do is to focus on Remnant History." He took a swig of his drink. "Thanks for lending me the money to buy the supplemental materials, Tokoyami-kun."

"Don't mention it," said the bird boy as he opted for a glass of tomato juice. The boys didn't really have an appetite after the amount of exercise they received from yesterday.

"You know I will pay you back," replied Tenya.

"Let's call it even," said Fumikage as he took a seat on the counter. He felt the strange vibe as he passed the girls, so he decided not to join them at the table. "I said some things, we did some things. Water under the bridge!"

Hanta nodded gently. "You're taken this quite well, you two. It wasn't less than 48 hours ago you were kicking each other's asses."

"And it wasn't even a few hours ago when my contact told me that he had to pull a lot of strings to prevent the feds from dry docking us with their flashlights." Fumikage said bluntly. "Somebody used the ctOS and there was a breach. Fortunately, my connect performed his magic to divert any attention to us. Thank God for hacking and coding!"

Tenya appeared concerned. "Who could have used it inappropriately?" In honesty, it was obvious that the only people who obtained it were the ones who issued out their punishment. He just played coy in case there were prying ears within the area.

"For the sake of our sanity and our wellbeing, I won't say names," replied Fumikage. "But, it is advised that we get this back or else we can face serious trouble. I don't know about you guys, but I am too handsome for jail. I might be dark and moody, but I like my freedom as the next guy." He looked at the others. "We have to play it cool for now. If the old man doesn't call us to his office, then we're good. However, it doesn't solve the problem to get it back from Vicky Don't Tell Nobody and Vain's Summit!"

"Question is who decoded it," asked Hanta. "It was written in bird, right? You said only you and the guy who taught you knew how to read it."

Fumikage scanned his nails. "Boys, the prowess of a woman can drive a man crazy." He dropped his head. "I am more crushed than hurt when a certain fink who was supposed to have my back used it for the sake of...whatever he had to do." He sighed. "It's gonna be a weird dance between us for a while...a long while." The bird-headed teen felt very disillusioned with his mentor, not that he is a total fault. Hawks is a man after all.

"Oh my…" Yuga covered his mouth in surprise.

"Even the best of men have weaknesses…" Tenya dropped his head.

"Then what's the point of the phrase, 'bros before hoes?'" questioned Hanta.

"This isn't the old days anymore, man," retorted Fumikage.

"You're right, Tokoyami-kun," said Tenya. "The rise of social media, self-loathing, narcissism, and apathy paves the way for this millenia. There is no leadership, no one to guide us and steer us in the right direction." He glanced around in case an unsuspecting mentor was passing around. "No one cares what is right or wrong as long as self-gratification is achieved."

Fumikage nodded with his friend. "This generation is a free-for-all! Every man for himself. No structure, no loyalty, everybody is out to gain, regardless of who they hurt. This weekend definitely showed us what we are capable of when we don't have control."

"Mistakes were made, I can admit that," said Hanta. "But I can't say that we're a lost cause."

"Those were the words you told Ojiro after you kicked his ass last night," said Fumikage.

"What was being done was business. I care for the centaur, but I had to let him know there were consequences when folding under pressure against the enemy," retorted Hanta. "He had to pay for his sins. Somebody had to step in." The black-haired tape teen took steady breaths. "I'm gonna stop by his favorite dessert shop after school and buy him some sweets. And I will have Aoyama here hand-personally deliver it to him."

"Why moi?" asked the French prince.

Hanta wrapped his arm around Yuga's shoulder. "Because true bros look after each other. And he won't easily flinch when he sees me, so he needs a pleasant face."

Yuga snorted through his nose. "Fine!" He gathered the tea kettle as he prepared to make his morning drink.

Even if the boys were talking in secrecy, they forgot to account for a certain Earphone Jack girl's hearing range. Kyouka will share this information with the others in private, the breach part was the most important, they'll need to have Hatsume do something about it if they want to avoid getting in trouble with the feds.

However, it wasn't a mystery who used the ctOS as she and the others saw when the bitches took Tokoyami's phone, but the question is for what those two would use it, but it was of no importance for the girls. At least for now.

The alarm clock on Izuku's phone alerted the Faunus that school was to be attended. He reached into his pocket and turned off the phone. As he wiped the crust in his eyes, he turned and saw the sleeping Ochako next to him, only this time, she was in her pajamas. He knew he could face trouble as he spent the night with her, but he didn't care at all. He remained by her side until she stopped crying.

He found her pajamas and helped her put them on. He cozied up with her in bed until she fell asleep. He didn't intend to spend the night, but he didn't want to leave her alone and it was clear she didn't want him to leave. She barely uttered a word last night, but once she was soothed enough, she clinged for dear life on him, as if terrified of letting him go.

Even now he was being surrounded by her arms as she continued sleeping. The emerald child glanced at her sleeping face, he didn't want to wake her up yet so he just laid there in silence along with his thoughts, holding his girlfriend gently in his arms for a few minutes before getting himself off from the bed, careful and slowly to not wake her up.

He wanted her to get a little more sleep, so he was going to head back to his dorm and grab a shower. Plus, he wanted to make carrot and beet stir-fry for breakfast. He was going to need his energy since Aizawa-sensei was preparing the class for whatever punishment he was going to give as a whole (as if both parties didn't think giving his classmates their punishments was enough).

He reached over and grabbed his pants. While putting them on, he felt something touching his hips. He turned over and saw the waking brunette. Dry tears caked her face. Her hair was unkempt. There were bags under her eyes. He may sound a bit vain and out of place, but seeing her in this state, she was still the prettiest girl in the world. Maybe it was his love for her talking.

"Hey! I didn't wake you, did I?" Izuku asked gently, bringing himself closer again..

She shook her head in disagreement. "No! I was actually up before you. I was just resting my eyes."

He released a tiny smile. "You know you're cute when you lie."

She pursed her lips. "Sorry for keeping you last night."

He shook his head. "No! I wouldn't have it any other way. I was concerned about you last night and thought I needed to see you. The Lord knows when discernment comes in place."

Ochako lied on her back. "Last night...last night felt like hell on Earth." She wiped her cheeks with her sleeve. "You just can't describe it. The twisted parlor game Sensei and Senpai played because...because…."

"Say less! We don't need to discuss it." Izuku didn't want to relive what he had already felt. He didn't know much about yesterday. Actually, he didn't want to know the details, he didn't need to. The fallout was enough itself to indicate this was the work of the perverted teacher and the vain, mediocre Heroine, obviously out of desire for him and jealousy to her. Anger was in his mind, but disappointment resided in his heart along with guilt. Was this the price to be in love with him? Was this the consequence for those who garnered for his affection?

Ochako looked at her cell phone and realized that it was time to get up. She was careful as she didn't want to feel the aches on her body. Izuku stood up and went to her drawer. He was grabbing her delicates in one drawer. He then went into the other drawer to grab her uniform. "Izuku, you don't get that stuff for me."

"It's okay. I insist," he retorted as he placed them on the bed. "If there is anything else you want me to do, I am at your disposal."

She winced. "You're too good to me."

"We're a team, baby. We look after each other," he told her gently, carsessing one of her cheeks softly.

She rested her head on his hand. "I believe you. But…."

"But what?"

"I don't know if I can show my face at school today." Ochako gripped her hands on the bed. The thought of seeing Kayama-sensei when she got to History class, seeing her friends who probably want her dead, and the thoughts of the boys who were making allegations if she and Izuku had sex. It was all too much for her.

It was troubling her and that was part of the reason she couldn't really sleep that well. It also didn't help that Kayama-sensei and Mount Lady threatened her if she were to tell what they did to her. The wicked look on their faces showcased their severity, especially since they recorded the ordeal on Kayama-sensei's phone. She couldn't tell Izuku that. It would hurt the teen if he knew that there was a distorted side of the women. Izuku had high regards and respect for them and she didn't want him to lose his respect for them.

Ochako still feels how Midnight pulled from her head harshly as she whispered in her ear her venom laced words before she finally left her alone after the twisted punishment she endured. "Izuku is ours, Uraraka! He belongs to us! He's our bunny boy and we will be sure that he hops in our hole whenever we want. For as long as we want. Get that through your poor, thick skull! Oh, tell what we did to you to him, then we will really give you something to cry about!" She tried not to tremble in front of Izuku as those worse resonated through her mind again.

Izuku understood her plight. He knew that Kayama-sensei and Takeyama-senpai were to blame. He also knew that she didn't want to face Tsuyu and the others. He honestly didn't blame Ochako. What would All Might do if he were in this mess? One thing is certain, he would tell him to not blame himself, because yet again Izuku feels like he is the root that brought upon all of this madness. He hoped that things would be back to normal, sadly not fast enough to spare Ochako this pain.

"It's okay, Ochako. I've got your back." He stood up and walked to the door. That was the best he could say. No matter how much confidence he exuded since he became a Faunus, he was still the nervous Izuku when dealing with a crisis. "I've got your back! I'm going to change clothes. I will come back and we can go to school together. Hand-in-hand, despite what others may say." He placed his hand on the door. "You're my girl. And don't ever forget that." He forced a slight smile before closing the door.

"What can I do? Can I even do something? I can't tell this to anybody unless I get some sort of evidence, which there's not… And probably Ochako wouldn't want me to do anything out of fear of making things worse." Izuku clenched his fist tightly in frustration as he walked towards his room, his knuckles turning pale white. He felt at a dead end, no one, not even All Might, would believe him if he says that a teacher did this to a student without any proof and he feels he shouldn't tell Ochako he knows who did this, it might cause her more stress and it's obvious she didn't want to talk about it either.

"Wait…" It was then that something came to his mind. "Maybe there is someone I can talk to… But until then, I have to keep a good eye on Ochako, I have to do what I can… to protect her!" He steeled his resolve, he couldn't have predicted that these sorts of consequences would take place, but now he knows to be prudent and vigilant not just for his own sake, but also Ochako's. There's no point in looking back, he can only go forward. "Until this is over, I must protect Ochako with all I got. We must weather this storm together, for as long as it takes, hopefully it won't be for too long."

Izuku moved quickly, he took a shower, changed into his uniform and gathered his backpack before quickly returning back to Ochako's room.

Despite being hesitant, he found her sitting on her bed, dressed up in her uniform and fixed up. Her shirt neck also covered up the Claiming Mark on her neck, but that's the least of his concernings at the moment.

Izuku grabbed his girlfriend's backpack before offering up his hand, which she took a hold of. Something he noticed is that she still wears the ring he gave her at the end of their date, it made him feel a little better.

Ochako stood up from her bed, although her legs were a little shaky for obvious reasons. "You ready?" Izuku asked her.

The gravity girl glanced down at the floor, she tightened her hold on her boyfriend's hand before looking back at her with a nervous, but brave face. "Y-yeah…" She nodded. The girl didn't want to come out of her room, but she can't run away from her fears, she wants to become a Heroine, just like her Deku wants to be a great Hero. She must face her fears head on and as long as Izuku is there to support her, she is willing to go through this trail.

The couple walked out of the room. It was still an hour before having to go to classes.

Izuku sensed Ochako tensing up as they walked through the common room. The boy also got on edge as he saw the rest of the girls sitting on the table eating in silence, however they didn't turn to look at them. Maybe they were ignoring them on purpose? Or to be precise, they were ignoring Ochako? He wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

On the other hand, Tenya, Yuga, Hanta and Fumikage greeted them. The emerald Faunus would have greeted them back, but he rather not push his luck and instead simply waved at them before resuming his pace with Ochako in hand. It was better to avoid unnecessary tension for the time being as there is still the risk of sparking some sort of outburst from the girls and Ochako was in no condition to be close to them as of yet anyway.

Today will be a very difficult day...

Sometime later…

It wasn't ideal to eat breakfast from a vending machine in the school, but Izuku knew Ochako didn't want to be near the girls and prefered avoiding them if it can be helped. Besides any moment of quietness is appreciated with the day not just the two of them, but all of the Class A will have today.

"Before class, I need to go and see Recovery Girl." Izuku bit into his melon bread as he looked at Ochako.

"Any particular reason?" Ochako asked as she took the melon bread from him. Money was tight between them so they were sharing breakfast.

"I...I have some questions." "Questions that certainly need answering." Izuku replied as he took a sip from the carton of milk tea. "If you want, you can come."

She shook her head in disagreement. "I don't need to hear. Plus, I wouldn't be allowed to hear what's going on."

"You can stand outside and wait for me," he told her assuringly.

"No, I'm okay! If anything, by the time I head to class, Aizawa-sensei will be there for homeroom," she said to him. At least she could feel safe since she knew the girls wouldn't dare try anything when their teacher was present in the classroom, even if she felt anxious to be near them.

"I shouldn't be there too long," he told her. "I just need Recovery Girl to figure this out."

Ochako nodded. "I understand."

Izuku looked at the clock and figured that Recovery Girl should be in her office. "Do you want me to walk you to class?"

"I'm okay," she said with a weak smile. "I know my way."

Izuku and Ochako kissed each other on the lips. The duo held hands before they went their separate ways. Izuku prayed that today would be a better day for Ochako, especially when everything and everyone opposing her were going to be in the vicinity.

Izuku arrived at the infirmary. He knocked on the door. "Excuse me!" He said before coming in.

The boy found the tiny old nurse sitting on her chair drinking on a cup of coffee. "Ah, Midoriya, morning." She greeted him.

The emerald rabbit bowed to her respectfully. "Good morning Recovery Girl." He greeted her.

"I heard about the whole mess your class got into, you just can't get help but get into some crazy shenanigans, can you?" The nurse commented bluntly.

Deku rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. "Looks like not…"

The nurse took a sip from her cup. "I also heard you went out on a date with Ochako Uraraka on Saturday and didn't come back until the next day. It's safe to assume that you went and… 'seal the deal' with her, correct?" Recovery Girl guessed correctly.

Izuku's face lit up with embarrassment. "Y-yeah…" He nodded as he avoided eye contact with her.

"I see. Congratulations then." said the tiny old lady. "But, I assume that you didn't come this early just to inform me of that. Something else happened, correct?" She put the cup on her desk before looking back at the boy.

Izuku glanced back at Recovery Girl and nodded in confirmation. "What you told me the other day, about the effects of my pheromones… You were right. The girls in my classroom, they went crazy." He explained with a concerned expression.

"Hmmm… I feared as much. I heard it was them that caused severe damages to three rooms of your dorm, a clear sign of them going unhinged with violent impulses. Did they do something or Uraraka?" Recovery Girl asked with concern.

"Thankfully no." The emerald child shook his head in denial. "But…" He glanced briefly to the side as he rubbed his right arm.

"They weren't the only ones, am I right?" The nurse guessed what he was going to say.

Izuku nodded in confirmation. "It was… Midnight and Mount Lady."

"I see. I actually expected Kayama to get like that, but Takeyama too, eh?" Recovery Girl replied half-surprised.

Izuku then explained to her what happened in regards to Midnight and Mount Lady.

"Oh my god…" Uttered the nurse. "Now it makes sense why Kayama was the one to impart the punishment to the girls. Poor lassies, especially your girlfriend, I can't imagine what sort of hell she and Takeyama put them through." She said with sympathy.

"I can understand why Midnight-sensei would be this affected, but why Mount Lady too? Sure, she comes around here often, but I barely saw her, let alone interact with her." Izuku said, perplexed. "I just don't get it!" He glanced to the floor in frustration.

"Hmm, that doesn't sound any good at all and to be honest with you, neither do I. I'll have to look deeper into this, but there is something I can tell you right now." The nurse replied.

"Huh?" Izuku glanced back at her.

"You see, I was afraid that would happen." Recovery Girl clicked her tongue. She went to her computer and began typing on the keyboard. "Over the course of a few weeks, I have been running some tests."


"I've been concerned lately regarding one of many incidents that have occured since your transformation, young man," she said as she clicked her tongue again. "Aizawa's right about you. You can be quite the troublemaker."

Izuku paid attention to what the old nurse was about to explain to him.

To be continued….

BD: A tamer chapter from the previous couple. However, enough to create new information and to better know our characters.

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BD: She has been quite the boss and recently more level headed since she is aware of her tendencies. However, just like every suitor for Izuku, watch out!

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Chapter Text

Hey, guys! BD and Sora are here with the latest installment of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, Denki and Minoru meet with their contact, Hitoshi, for their Dust. Meanwhile, Recovery Girl reveals a revelation to Izuku regarding his condition. Later, Tsuyu makes amends with Izuku by providing him with a gift. Finally, Kayama-sensei has a date with karma. Mishaps, misadventures, and hijinks continue. Enjoy!

Leap of Fate (Part II). (Tsuyu x Izuku/ Froggy Emerald)

Before you read:  it is important to understand and clarify that NOT every character in this story is acting of a yandere nature. In shounen and seinen harems, it is common for women to be competitive when it comes to anyone dealing with their man. Due to Izuku's pheromones, the girls are currently acting possessive until it is settled in their system or undergo mating with Izuku. As for the boys, Izuku's pheromones have contributed to their aberrant behavior, which made them also competitive and challenging each other.

It was a cup of coffee and day-old chalky donuts from the downstair's refrigerator that would have to do for the time being. Minoru's lunch card was somewhere in the ruins of his dorm and Nezu wasn't going to renew it until next week. It was something that had to do with verification of proof that Minoru was an active student. According to Aizawa-sensei, the grapehead may have lost a few pounds or gotten shorter since his last ID picture.

The only silver lining to all of this was staying at his best friend's room, and said electric blond was also smart enough to have digital copies of several of his magazines on his computer, sadly not all of them, but it's better than nothing.

"Give me a day or so and I can give you some money from my allowance." It was Denki that was leaning against the wall with a cup of coffee in his hand. He wasn't hungry. How could he be? His stomach was still sore from yesterday's punishment and whenever he touched his skin, everything felt sensitive.

"You have been a pal to me, Kaminari," said Minoru humbly. "Fate hasn't been too terribly kind."

"Life happens, friend," replied Denki with his usual smile. "When life gives you lemons, we make lemonade. After this past week, we must learn how to be open-minded and take life into perspective."

"You were not the one that was tossed into a pit of rusted bayonets, a wrecked dorm, and been singled out by the entire 1-B and the Big 3 on the probability of obtaining a girl." He wiped the tears from his eyes. "The fact I am not staring at the abyss with a note in my shoe shows wonders, Kaminari. If life gives me lemons again, then they can suck…."

The conversation was interrupted when feeling his phone vibrating in his pocket. It took a lot of courage to sneak out of their dorm room at the crack of dawn. Their house arrest was still in effect for at least another hour, but their contact didn't have time as school was to be attended.

"Hello? Yeah, this is Mineta!" Minoru tapped Denki's shoulder with the back of his hand to signify that it was Hitoshi.

"We're outside of Alliance Heights. On the other end from the entrance," he replied silently. "We have the money as long as you have our pixie powder."

Denki looked skyward, pondering on the ordeals of the last few days. A part of him was telling him that these events were ominous signs of warnings. Their failures led to their punishments, being involved in something that didn't have anything to do with him. Plus, he lied to his mother. Not once, not twice, but several times to fund their dust and to support Minoru as he was crashing at his dorm until his dorm was completed. He had hopes to repay his mother once he finds a job at a hero agency, or becoming a rock star after slipping Kyouka a demo tape in her skirt pocket after they had their rendezvous (something her father may want to check out on his trips between tours).The electric teen is really re-considering the worth of this endeavor.

"Thanks, Shinsou!" Minoru hung up the phone. He turned to the electric blond. "Finally! After all of the hang ups and setbacks, the gods are finally setting us up for the greatest that is to come." He rubbed his hands feverishly. "My… I mean our harem!"

Denki pursed his lips. "That's good and all...but…" He put his hands in his pocket. "I've been thinking."

"Look, Kaminari," interjected Minoru. "Is it about the girls? I promise that you can pick and choose whichever girl you desire. Plus, the dust can make adults fall to their knees." He licked his greedy lips. "Oh, I can't wait to have Kayama-sensei and Miruko on their knees serving that sausage like it's Denny's!"

"You're such a fireball, Shinra Kakusabe!"

"I will be on fire...with the force from our Dust."

"Anyway, it's not that…." Denki sighed heavily. "What if we are making a big mistake?!"

As if someone scratched the record player, Minoru side-eyed his cohort. "Say what?"

With both hands in his pockets, he looked downward. "What if we are getting into something that isn't meant to be? You saw what happened when we stuck our noses in things that didn't belong, we got burnt!"

"Making bets and seeing if one would score is different," said Minoru as he was fidgeting his thumbs. "We are literally minutes away from obtaining this harem. That Dust is going to be such a pussy magnet. Heck, imagine if we can sell a bit on the side to other students?"

"What makes you think they will be attractive to us," questioned Denki. "You saw how the Dust affected Deku. It made the girls gravitate to him. So, what makes you think if we add this to the girls that they would go to us?" He coughed. "I mean, think about it. Dust is said to have random effects on people, what happened to Midoriya was by pure chance. What makes you certain that would happen again if we threw that stuff on the girls? Who knows what would happen if we do that!" Denki elaborated in an attempt to deter the grape-headed midget.

Minoru didn't immediately respond. He had that look as if someone had thrown a wrench into his plan, but after a few seconds he replied.

"Do you think I'm stupid? Obviously we can't use the Dust on them without being 100% sure that it will work as intended. It's only a matter of learning how to trigger the desired effect!" Minoru counter-argued. Kaminari's point was valid, but if the Dust works as intended, it wouldn't be an issue.

"But what if we can't? What if we got it wrong, huh? What if it turns the girls into actual animals? Or even worse, turn them into dudes!?"

"Look, Kaminari! I get your concerns, but it will be alright, okay? You just leave that part to me, so don't stress over it!"

The electric blond made an audible sigh as he decided to kneel. "Listen, Mineta. What if...what if...we don't need this 'Dust.' What if we just drop the act of being perverts and learn how to treat women better." Denki put a hand on his friend's shoulder. He wanted to bail from this whole 'bunnygirl business', but he felt like he couldn't backstab his midget friend after the hell he's been through and he also wanted him to spare him from further suffering.

Mineta stared precariously at him.

"Instead of pondering and wondering, what if we can get some tips of scoring, or at least get past the coffee date," said Denki. "For all we know, Midoriya might be our Obi-Wan." He produced a smile. "We can ask questions, talk to the girls, what can we do as men to treat them well or what makes them appeal to us?"

Minoru shut his eyes. A pregnant silence ensued momentarily. The wind began to pick up, giving the boys the morning chill. "Kaminari? It isn't easy being me, okay? I'm short, stubby, and smell of fermented rubber bands. I'm the bud of everyone's jokes. I'm an easy target and always, always at the end of the shit stick. Girls wouldn't even give me just a nanosecond without telling me to 'go away,' or 'go find Lost and get him for me.' If I'm trying to become a Pro Hero to have better chances with a girl, it's no use." He kicked the gravel. "The Dust is more than just gathering a harem. It's a statement! It isn't like I am forcing or kidnapping girls and making them want me while filming or blackmailing them. Having this is like an enhancement, to shake them up, hopefully giving them a feeling of being different. Hell, I don't know Kaminari, but for once, this loser wants to have his day."

"I don't think you're a loser, Mineta," said Denki consolingly.

"Well, tell that to the others," he retorted. "You're the only guy who talks to me unconditionally without a joke or an insult that comes with it."

Denki nodded to him. "Then why be friends with people like that? You should be loved and respected for not what you are, but who you are." He stood up and touched his friend's shoulder. "You're not going to be for everyone and that's okay. You have proclivities that it takes special kinds of people to understand that, man. If everybody had love for you, then you're obviously doing something wrong."

Minoru looked skyward to Denki. "Wow, Kaminari! That actually kind of made me feel better."

"I'm liked and respected, but you can't say I'm everyone's best friend," responded the electric blond. "Be you, dude! For those who don't mind matter and those who do mind don't matter at all." Denki felt in his heart what he was planning to do. Yes, he was still going against his wishes, but it was for the sake of his close friend to see him happy.

"With this Dust," said Denki. "What if we can ask somebody to check it out willingly?"

The grapehead's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. "Nani?! Sou desu ka? You mean it, Kaminari?"

Denki knew he was going to regret this, but he didn't like seeing Minoru down in the dumps. "After we get the Dust from Shinsou, we need to come up with a game plan on how to obtain this harem. If we're going to have a harem, then we have to make it right...with willing participants, of course!" He smiled as he gave a thumbs up. "Denki Kaminari is here to help you see this through!"

"Wow!" He began to hop happily. "Oh my, oh my, oh my!" He rushed and embraced the blond. "You have no idea how much this means to me, Kaminari."

"Just Denki, man! We are comfortable enough to say our first names," he replied happily.

Minoru smiled as he gripped his fist. "Stand back, Negi Springfield, Tenchi Masaki, Hiro 016, Sora Aoi, and fellow harem boys before us. Denki Kaminari and Minoru Mineta are here to create the harem of the future!" He smiled at his friend. "Does that sound great?!"

Denki tugged his own cheek. "Let's take it one moment at time, man!" "I'm gonna regret this!" What he does for friends… No turning back now, it seems!

"Wow, boys! If you are THAT excited this morning, then Lord knows what is going to happen when I give you what you have been asking for!"

The boys turned around when hearing the source of the noise. A few feet away stood a tall purple-haired teen with gray streaks in her hair. She was wearing their school uniform, but it was definitely in violation of the school bylaws and regulations. Her skirt was way above her knees. Her blouse was tight and hugged in all the right places. Her blazer was tied in a knot, showing her belly button ring. She was sporting her neon-colored bracelets. In her mouth was a cherry-flavored sucker.

The more the boys observed her, the more their mouths were agape to the girl in question.

"Hitoshi Shinsou," said the boys at the same time. Sure, they have seen her a couple of times before, in particular during the Sports Festival and that time she was off to training with Aizawa-sensei, but not like this. To begin with, back then they had no idea of who she actually is other than a girl that wants to be on their course, outside of Class-H her reputation wasn't very known until after the Sports Festival. It really flew over their heads how much of a hidden gem she was, now more than ever with her current appearance. Apparently around teachers, Aizawa-sensei to be precise, she is forced to fix up her uniform to not get into trouble, but in moments like this she lets out her style.

The eye candy of UA High and class 1-H produced a smile on her face as she let the sucker hang from her mouth freely. "At ease, fellas! Save some that drool when you spend time getting in touch with yourself," said the purple-haired teen with a cheeky grin before turning to Minoru. "And Mineta, you can keep dreaming."

Minoru raised an eyebrow. "What are you talking about?"

"Mind reader, duh," answered Hitoshi as she folded her arms. "So don't try to add me up to your 'dream harem' or whatever, unless you want me to make you run naked through all of Musutafu while singing Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy!""

Denki swallowed up nervously. "Duty noted! And anyway, it would be shtty for us to do that to you!" He wore a wavering grin.

Minoru snorted loudly, wishing for an opportunity to add Hitoshi as his personal goth chick. Nevertheless, there will be others. "Yeah...anyway, glad that we can finally put this all to rest."

Hitoshi licked her lips. "Yummy! Do you have the money?"

Minoru bumped Denki's shoulder. "Give her the money, man!"

"Not until we see the product," retorted Denki.

"What the heck, dude," said Minoru.

"Look! Last time, she promised to have the Dust, it was a finder's fee," retorted Denki. "$500 is going into her pocket and at least, I want to be certain that she physically has it and isn't pulling our chain." Denki wasn't as desperate as his friend. He may be a pervert, but he isn't stupid. He knew the stories that came with Hitoshi. She was a hustler, a flirt - rumors have that she is involved in compensation dating, selling her panties to salarymen, and even being a camgirl. Although those rumors were unconfirmed, the purple-haired mind reader neither confirmed nor denied.

"Kaminari, you can trust me," replied Hitoshi as she gave him a playful pout. "Getting this stuff isn't easy and we can ALL face trouble if we are caught. The finder's fee was just absolute certainty that you were going to do it. Plus, it wasn't easy sneaking into the Support Department to get it." She glared at the duo. "Security was like Shiozaki's hymen - hard and impenetrable! Since Hatsume caused that racocous a few weeks back, it was quite difficult to breach it. Thankfully, the silver ace in the hole happened to distract them, literally!"

Hitoshi explained how the Yaoyorozu Construction Company needed the Support Department lab. Aizawa-sensei allowed the group to use that space as their headquarters until the renovations of the three dorms were completed.

"Also, even though security was lax, those brutes weren't any better." She glared at Denki. "Fortunately, my expertise allowed me to get in without any trouble." She slapped her thighs. "So, you're welcome, boys, for aiding you in your fantasies."

"It isn't like this was a favor," retorted Denki. "This was your job, Shinsou. I've paid you half a grand that my mother thinks is school supplies! So excuse me for being questionable about your line of expertise."

Hitoshi gave an awkward expression at Minoru. She pointed at Minoru. "Is this your man?" No mind reading was necessary to indicate that she was being questioned inquisitively.

Minoru knew Hitoshi's reputation as a hustler wasn't anything to trifle. Her fierce personality even made boys like Bakugou and Monoma drop to their knees. The short grapehead needed to keep things cool as their harem was literally in her hands.

"Sorry about my friend, Shinsou," he answered. "This has been quite the weekend for him. For us, actually! My dorm got destroyed, we were severely punished…."

Hitoshi interrupted. "You're jealous because a certain rocker chick wants to get rocked and that boy isn't you," she eyed Denki with a sharp tone. "The only sentient part of her that she left was her 'love stains' on your boxer shorts and those bite marks on your chest?"

"How in the hell did you-!?" Denki reacted shockingly and his face turned bright red before correcting himself. "I-I mean, I have no idea what you are talking about." He tried to play it cool by crossing his arms and closing his eyes. However, he already gave himself away.

"Sure thing~" Hitoshi said teasingly. It was very easy for her to read his mind, especially when most of his thoughts revolve around that Jirou girl and how badly he wants her.

Minoru's eyes were wider than saucers. He knew about their dry humping in his dorm room, but not Kyouka giving him hickies. "So, when were you going to tell me this?"

"Hopefully never," retorted Denki, still blushing madly but trying to be composed. "I wasn't trying to relay every information. Plus, this doesn't have to do with me. We're here to discuss the deal of getting our Dust." He eyed Hitoshi. "Get out of my head, Shinsou!"

The goth chick mind reader clicked her tongue. "I'm closer to making it so," she said as she turned to Mineta. "If this is the kind of attitude I am getting for putting my literal sweet ass on the line, then I can go elsewhere."

"Hey, hey, hey," said Minoru. "Denki means no disrespect, Shinsou. He doesn't mean anything by it." He bumped Denki's shoulder. "Right, friend?"

"Right," he responded.

The mind reader nodded, feeling that things were calm. She reached into her skirt pocket and grabbed a purple silk handkerchief. Denki and Minoru watched as she opened the handkerchief, showcasing a tiny vial that was glowing tremendously.

"The Dust," said Denki and Minoru at the same time.

"Correct, my boys! The days of wet dreams, crusty sheets, and tissue-filled trash cans are coming slowly to a close," she said teasingly as she held the vial. "But first, business!" She extended her hands, waving her fingers. "Money? You know I am about all my paper. You would think I was working for Dunder Mifflin."

Minoru bumped Denki's shoulder again. The electric blond reached into his pocket to grab his wallet. He pulled out the $300 and walked over to give it to Hitoshi. The teen examined the bills, flicking it a couple of times before placing it in her pocket. She, then, grabbed the vial and handed it to Denki.

"Victory, thy name is Minoru!" The grapehead teen rushed over and grabbed the vial from Denki. "Ohhh~ It's mine! It's mine! Yippee! My precious! My precious!" He began kissing the vial as if it was his true love. "Babes, neko babes, usagi babes, maids, money, friends!" There were stars in his eyes.

Denki looked at him blankly before fake coughing to call his smaller friend's attention. "Oh! Eh… Heheh, forget I said just that." Minoru grinned sheepishly as he sweatdropped. "Anyway, thank you so much, Shinso! It was worth every single damned penny!"

"What he said." Denki nodded in gratitude

"Don't mention it." Hitoshi replied with a pleased smile. "Just one quick warning though. Don't sneeze close to that thing if it's open, apparently it's highly explosive so even the tiniest sneeze can trigger an explosion."

Both perverts got wide-eyed and paled significantly at this before Mineta cleared his throat. "Of course. We will handle it with extreme care." The midget replied. The electric blond nodded in agreement.

"Very well then. Until next time we do business." The brainwasher girl said as she turned around. "See ya!" And then she started to walk away. "Oh! Kaminari!"

"Yeah?" Denki said to the girl.

"You know, for a cheeky bastard, you can do better. So much better! That's all," she said to Denki.

The blond blinked twice in confusion before shrugging it off.

"Later, runts!" She turned around as she headed away from the apartment complex. The boys couldn't help but notice a slight view of her panties - black and purple striped.

"Shimapan," said the boys in unison.

"Oh yeah, baby! We're going to do so much better!" Minoru feverishly kissed the vial before tucking it securely in his pocket. "Okay then! Now that we have the key ingredient, it is time for step no.2: Figure out how to make this have the intended effect!" He declared to his friend with enthusiasm

"And you don't have any idea, do you?" Denki replied bluntly with his arms crossed.

"Hey! We can learn, can't we?!" The midget frowned. "But since you brought up a very good point earlier, the tricky part will be who to ask to test this stuff, to make sure it works. While on it we will need a failsafe, just in case we might screw up along the way." He added with a more calmed tone.

"Good call on thinking about a failsafe, cause we'll most certainly screw something up." "True that. No way can we ask Hatsume to give us a hand, today her house arrest ends and she won't risk pulling another Dust stunt, now that she's on thin ice." Denki replied.

"Agreed, from now on we need to be really careful. We need to plan out every step from now on meticulously and move at a slow, but steady pace. I know that the road ahead will be long and hard, but trust me, my friend, it will all be worth it in the end when we become harem kings!" The grape-headed teen declared with fiery determination. Flame effects appearing in his eyes.

"Right on, buddy!" The electric blond replied with an excited grin. However he still feels like he just set himself up for another epic fail. He still made a promise to see this through and he will make sure they don't mess up this time. Denki then looked at his cell phone and saw that it was drawing near for his classmates to be awake. "Let's head back to the dorms. I can make us breakfast!"

"You...cook?" Minoru asked surprisingly.

The electric blond softly karate-chopped the grapehead's forehead. "Do you want breakfast or stale donuts that came from under the refrigerator?"

Minoru's eyes widened, showing his veins. "But Sero said that the donuts were old and nobody wanted to eat them."

"And you believed that?" retorted Denki. He told Minoru that last weekend that Hanta, Fumikage, and a couple of others went to the drink bar. When coming back, they stopped by the bakery. The group became playful with the donuts and decided to play indoor disc golf with them.

A teardrop came from Minoru's forehead. "One day, as I am sitting in my office at my hero agency, I am going to look at this and laugh." "As you guys bow down to me and watch me make love to your wives!"

"A hot meal is up your alley," said Denki. "I'm thinking of poached eggs and sardines."

"Can it be salmon?!"

"Pickers can't also be choosers!"

"I picked you to join me in this harem. I got the vial!"

"And I chose to pay you with my money."

"Fine! But I got the biggest piece."

"Oi!" And with that the two of them hurried back to their dorms.

The lights were off in Shuzenji-sensei's office with the exception of flashlights shining on Izuku. She had informed other faculty and staff that she didn't need to be disturbed for the next hour or so. Aizawa-sensei was notified that Izuku was undergoing tests and if he were to be late, he would be excused.

The sound of beeping monitors filled the room as Recovery Girl was checking the equipment for assurance of accuracy. She nodded as she saw that the machines were working proficiently well.

"Continue running for about five more minutes, Midoriya!" Recovery Girl told him as she observed him. Wearing nothing but his boxers and covered in electrode stickers, the emerald-haired Faunus did as he was told.

Izuku has been running for over ten minutes. Sweat covered his entire body, which allowed his scent to permeate throughout her office. Izuku focused his mind on running and only running to deter himself from feeling embarrassment for being in just underwear, lucky he wasn't getting any tired thanks to greater stamina.. The EKG monitor continued showcasing Izuku's heartbeat as the graphs measured everything of his progress.

"I am monitoring your heart rate for any irregularity or high stress levels," said Recovery Girl. "Since you have become an uncommon alpha Faunus, I have been doing extensive research on genetic mutation between humans and Faunuses. It hasn't been easy since obtaining files of Faunus patients are strictly confidential. Fortunately, I have talked with colleagues at various hospitals and universities throughout the prefecture that were willing to give me information to better understand people like you."

She looked at him precariously as she watched the graph running from the EKG machine. "I know we have spoken about your traits being uncommon for a Faunus. For starters, you have a tail and rabbit ears when a normal Faunus tends to have only one, which is what makes you an Alpha. We have also discussed how your mutation is quite similar to those who have mutation-style quirks."

Izuku nodded as he continued running, grateful to have reminders of his current prognosis.

"The last time we spoke, we were discussing the physical properties of you being a rabbit Faunus, which affected your libido." She smiled. "And I don't think we need to thoroughly explain what side effects that led to and what you needed to do to sate it, do we?"

Izuku was grateful as she didn't need to explain that portion of it.

"However, your libido and the pheromones that you have produced have created a cause of concern. Therefore, I do have to explain the issues behind your current situation." She looked at her watch. "You may stop."

The emerald-haired Faunus pressed the machine to turn off the treadmill. Recovery Girl handed him a towel and a bottle of water. She pointed at the bed so he could sit. The elder sensei turned on the lights and raised the curtain to draw out the morning sunlight.

Walking back to the EKG machine, she looked at the graphs. "Your heart rate is normal. I don't see any indication that would warrant a coronary angiography, which is uselessly expensive. No irregular heartbeats, nothing to indicate you have heart disease." She pleasantly hummed. "So at least we don't have to worry about you keeling over anytime soon." She laughed to herself, recalling the many prior visits due to breaking bones. "However, I will say when I was examining your blood pressure, it was a bit higher than usual. You do know that stress is the real killer. Yet again, you wouldn't be here without a reason. Which is of course your concerns over recent events caused by the effect you have on susceptible women."

Izuku was putting on his pants as Recovery Girl continued to examine her notes. "A couple of days ago, you and Miss Uraraka engaged in sexual activities, am I correct?"

"Yes, ma'am!" He nodded as his face lit up again.

"As I recalled and intended, your purpose was to mate with the girl in order to sate your raging hormones. Also, it was also to sate their aggressive manners as well."

"Yes, ma'am." Izuku nodded again.

"Then by all means your sexual needs should have been met, making your hormones along with your pheromones decrease and thus returning the affected back to normal." Recovery Girl explained. "However, there are two inconveniences for that." She added and Deku paid total attention to her. "First, it should be obvious, but the effects won't wear off immediately, meaning that it has to be at least a pair of days before the sexual need from the affected females starts to calm down."

"Yeah, I know…" Izuku replied. "I'm worried about leaving Ochako alone whenever I am able to be with her." He said with concern in his expression.

"Normally that would be called being a worrywart and being overprotective, but given the recent events I don't blame you for worrying about your girlfriend." Recovery Girl nodded in understanding. "However, as it has been two full days since you've engaged in mating with Miss Uraraka, then by now the effects should have decreased enough for your female classmates to be calm and of sound mind. And either way, with Aizawa in the classroom, you shouldn't worry if any of them try to go for Uraraka's jugular."

Izuku let out a sigh in relief. "That's good to know." He muttered.

"However, that's not the end of it. For you see, the second inconvenience, that is the cause of the concern is the Dust and the pheromones that permeate within you." She decided to take a seat and rolled the chair to her desk. "Come this way!" Izuku followed her lead and walked to the table beside her. "I have been talking to various colleagues about Dust and the impact it has on humans and Faunuses. Dust is basically gunpowder if used properly and can lead to severe, if not irreversible damage on humans. Those that are born with Quirks and those who are from Remnant have their semblances and auras as aid. I will admit that you are the first reported study of Dust affecting a Quirked individual." She produced a smile. It was more for the fact that history was made and in the name of Science, she wasn't going to deny that accomplished feeling. She then returned her composure. "That's besides the point. What concerns me is how the Dust mutated you to your current form and how it is affecting you with your agility, strengths, mental health, and yes, most importantly, your sexual health."

She turned on the computer where she was showing slides showing the anatomy of humans in comparison to Faunuses.

"A Faunus' libido, particularly of the rabbit kind, is made to mate and breed. Like any human or creature, self-control is key. But, thanks to the Dust mutation, your body has undergone several changes, basically making your DNA splice and connect to whatever plug or outlet it can fit, if you know what I mean."

Izuku nodded as he continued listening to the nurse while he was putting on his shirt.

"It is human nature for any gender to become attractive to sweat. AND, also known as androstadienone, is the chief ingredient in your sweat glands that is known to influence a woman's mood. Also, it has been studied that AND can also increase a woman's sexual arousal. In other words, sweat is nature's perfume."

"I see," said Izuku. He already understood all of this, but let the nurse continue.

"A research study from ULSA in the United States noted that the chemical androstadienone in male sweat also boosts levels of the hormone cortisol in women who sniff it," said Recovery Girl. "We are aware of the girls that you have come across and the tendencies of how they want you."

Izuku nodded silently as he continued listening.

"The concern that raises me is the effect of the Dust when it impacts the androstadienone," she told him. "Here are some petri dishes I conducted when your sweat impacts others."

"Wait? Have you done tests? With others?" Izuku asked, surprised.

"Relax! It was a study with the girls outside of this campus," she said with assurance. "A fellow colleague from Seiai Academy and I conducted a research study to investigate your mutated sweat glands to a tiny group of women. They were teenagers, young adults, mothers, wives, virgins and non-virgins. They were kept in separate rooms, stayed overnight for 2 days. Half received your sweat glands, a quarter received sweat glands from a Faunus, and the remaining quarter received a placebo. And don't worry, they were greatly compensated for their time.

We continued this study over the course of a week with our subjects. Under normal circumstances, it would take weeks, but thanks to Quirks, the results are a bit faster." She stuck out her tongue as she reached into the desiccator with her gloves. "I won't bore you with microbiology or cell culture. However, the results are quite intriguing and damning." She pointed at the first petri dish. "After observing the girls undergoing the placebo, hormones were at a normal level, indicating that obviously no signs of aggression, changes in estrogen. Nothing psychological or physiological."

"Good to know," said Izuku in understanding.

She pointed to the second petri dish. "Those who have undergone the Faunus sweat glands experienced a higher level of arousal. The girls were feverishly excited, experiencing moods from euphoria to self-gratification if you know what I mean. Fortunately, these girls were all at the age of consent, so don't worry, Midoriya." She finally pointed at the third petri dish - the mutated sweat glands from Izuku himself. "These were the girls that we have kept for three days. They were actually our second group. Girls that underwent your glands experienced sexual aggression, mood changes, high level of libido, hallucinations, sexual hyperexcitability and hypersexuality. The third day was to calm them down as whenever they were in contact with other girls, they were perceived as threats."

Izuku knew there were reasons to worry. He remembered the words that the girls told him at the Municipal Beach. "The girls. Kayama-sensei and Takeyama-senpai!"

"Your mutation from the Dust has created a variant within your sweat glands, Midoriya," said Recovery Girl in a very serious tone. "What we gave them was barely a fraction of your sweat. Nevertheless, the girls were behaving menacingly and were quite amorous." She sighed through her nose. "What I am saying is that the more sweat produced, the more evolved your hormones come to others. You're a force by itself whenever you can't sate your hormones. However, with the girls, they are worse as your scent is quite distinctive."

"Observing the behavior of your female classmates through these last few weeks since the discovery of your pheromones, It has been evident that an escalation occured due to your rising sexual need. That is to say the effect of your glands varies depending on your hormones. The glands we used in our study were taken from you at your heat period, making these glands reach their highest peak. The degree of the effects ranged from the amount of exposure, since your female classmates are near you on a daily basis for at least 7 hours obviously they would have such a spike. You attend classes regularly with Kayama so she would also be one to be very exposed, as for Takeyama… She comes often, but doesn't interact near at all with your class. However there is an explanation, for you see your scent not only can travel through the air, it can also latch on to objects like bacteria, for example clothing, or even other people. In other words, anything that has any form of your scent can still be transmitted like a virus, whether it comes from you or from something like your used clothes. Knowing Kayama, it wouldn't be surprising if she took something with your scent for her pleasure and given her closeness with Takeyama, it must have been transmitted to her in a more indirect form." Recovery Girl explained calmly.

"It's...scary when you put it like that…" Izuku said as he glanced down, his expression was turning fearful.

"Indeed, but many things are transmitted like viruses." The nurse replied. "Now that you have satiated your needs for now, the effects have been decreased to a more safe state, but I can't say yet if you're out of the woods given the long exposure your classmates must have had so caution is advised for at least a few more days to be safe."

Izuku nodded. "I was planning to do so anyway."

"Good." Recovery Girl nodded in approval. "However, this is only temporary. You're a man, an Alpha male Faunus. You have needs as natural as eating, sleeping or breathing and as soon as your sexual needs surface again then it would be a rinse and repeat to prevent women around you from getting to such a high level of hypersexuality and aggressivity. Don't forget the amorous feelings steaming from the emotional effects your pheromones have on women."

"So, you're telling me that the girls who come across my scent can become...basically yandere?" Izuku was trembling, his blood got cold, his rabbit ears flopped down.

Recovery Girl was becoming selective in her next set words. "Yandere is a term created for the anime/otaku culture. I am a woman of science. Words such as yandere don't exist in my vocabulary. Can these girls become sexually aroused and come to you like a bee on honey, then yes, I'm afraid."

Izuku swallowed a lump in his throat.

"However, don't become alarmed as this same colleague and I conducted this study so we can get approval on an investigational drug being developed for the potential treatment of this," said Recovery Girl. "It's going to take some time and will require more girls to research...outside of this prefecture by the way. But for now, I have something that you can use to put this under control." Recovery Girl stood up from the chair and walked to the refrigerator. "This is a juice that I have concocted. Relax, it has ginseng, bloodroot, the basic vitamins and minerals. It tastes horrible but it is made to calm you down until we can get this under control." She grabbed the bottle and handed this to him.

"What is this?" asked Izuku. "Looks like a Bloody Mary that Mom and Auntie drink on girls night in."

"Look at it as antibiotics. It includes a bit of Dust and your glands along with other things to at least calm you down so you won't be as detectable to the others," she told him. "Like I mentioned earlier, you will still need to have sex periodically to control your hormones. I am still conducting research on what we can do to control your sexuality but that will take time. What me and my colleague are doing is creating preventative measures from the others. For now, as soon as you have any sort of sexual need, you must go straight to your girlfriend and mate with her. It wouldn't take too much to put her in the mood and I suspect that you won't be complaining too much about the thought of having sex often and whenever you want, would you?" She finished with a slight smirk.

"Eh… Hehehe… Well, that's the one part that doesn't sound so bad." The boy grinned sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head. His cheeks turned bright red. He won't lie, the new information and implications is scary, but he has to admit that he really likes the idea of being able to just walk to Ochako and ask her for sex and she will happily accept.

The nurse chuckled a bit at this.

"I appreciate the information but I have one pertinent question. We are focusing on preventive measures to keep the girls at bay. What about me? If I am the problem, then should it mean that you should go straight to the source, right?" questioned Izuku.

"You know, Midoriya," she said to him as she was putting away the petri dishes. "Very observant of you. If I would have known better, I would have thought you had attended medical school."

Dark streaks appeared on his forehead. "Okay, sensei! I get the point, stay in my place."

"Thank you," she replied as she kicked him in the shin.


"I think I am getting a liking out of you...platonically, let's make that clear." Recovery Girl crossed her arms. "This factory is closed and out of business!"

Izuku wanted to retch when she said those words. "Point taken and noted." At least the thought took away the pain he was feeling in his leg.

Five minutes later….

"Come and see me once a week." said Recovery Girl as she walked him to the door. Try to not sweat too much unless it can't be helped and try to stay as fresh as possible and be sure to not leave your used up clothes to the reach of any girl and thoroughly clean them." She instructed him. The Faunus boy nodded in understanding. "The drink I gave should be able to lessen the effects from your pheromones at least a bit, so let me know what effects come from drinking that juice. Be sure to drink at least two caps daily. Keep it refrigerated so it won't spoil. I will write a pass so you can give it to your teacher so you can drop it off at your dorm."

Izuku nodded again in understanding.

"And don't forget to tend to your sexual needs as soon as possible. Not that you won't be neglective of those anyway." She smirked teasingly at him.

Izuku's face turned red. "H-hai…" He muttered in response.

"But most importantly, I need to stress the importance of making sure that every time you have sex it has to be safe. Of course you would intend to anyway, but you need to keep in mind that we have no idea what would happen if you were to sire an offspring." Recovery Girl explained with a serious tone. "I assume you know by now that Faunus can only breed more Faunus, regardless if one of the parents is human. In your case you would most certainly sire rabbit Faunus, perhaps normal Faunus or Alphas like yourself. Not to mention that as a Rabbit Faunus, there are high possibilities of conceiving at least more than one child, of course that depends more on the mother. But that would be as much as we know what would happen if you were to have children. As of now we don't know if your mutated traits can be inherited or not, so we shouldn't risk making more sexual magnets like you." She elaborated.

Izuku tensed a little, but kept it calm. "I understand, and anyway I don't have plans to be a father until I properly settle down in the future." He replied.

"That's good to hear." She looked at her watch. "You won't be too late for Aizawa-sensei's class."

"Thank you, Sensei, for taking time for me," he said as he humbly bowed.

"It's no problem, Sonny! Just continue to follow protocol and continue to keep in touch with me," she said to him.

"Right." Izuku replied in understanding. "Oh and, if I can ask a favor. Can you please keep all of this just between us? I don't want to make my Mom and All Might worry too much for me." He asked politely.

"Don't worry, Midoriya. This will stay just between us, I wouldn't like your mother or your mentor to be paranoid of you being attacked by crazed girls either." Recovery Girl smiled at him.

"Thank you." Izuku bowed his head in gratitude.

"Don't mention it. Now you must go and while at it, take a shower. You worked quite the sweat." The tiny nurse instructed him as she waved her hand in front of her face, showing evidence of his current stench.

Izuku then smelled his armpit. "Yeah, hehe! Guess I am smelling very mature right now." Izuku grinned sheepishly with an embarrassed blush. "Excuse me. Thanks again and good day!" And with that the boy walked out the door and left.

As soon as the door closed, Recovery Girl's face turned serious. She returned to her chair and glanced at a copy of Izuku's records that she had on her desk. "Midoriya's transformation into a Faunus… It is something that has never happened before. It has been too specific for it to be mere happenstance. It may have been the Dust that activated it, but I am still unconvinced of its totality. There has to be something in his family tree that might serve as a link to the Faunus species. I might be wasting time, but I have to explore all possibilities. For now it's just conjecture, but for him to have turned into a Faunus, there must be some sort of genetic link to them in his DNA, even if a very weak one." She pondered as she cupped her chin while observing the boy's records.

Izuku walked out of the nurse's office. He could smell his own scent even out here in the hallway. "Hmm, good thing no female is here at this time. This concentration of my scent would have put any poor girl in heat." He thought to himself, he worked out quite the sweat for quite a while in an enclosed space, so it makes sense that his pheromone-laced scent would become concentrated, making it more potent. It was worrying that it leaked out of the room into the hallway, but luckily no one was around at this time and it should dissipate shortly.. Although the concentration was so strong that Deku couldn't smell anything else but his own smell.

Izuku texted Ochako and informed him of his tardiness. He prayed that no one was harassing her or doing anything else to damper her spirit. She was wearing her wounds inside and out and it was much to his disdain that he had to look at the very instructor whose role was to provide, to protect, and most importantly, to set an example.

"I don't have any words for Midnight. What she did to Ochako was crude, reckless, disgusting, and quite unacceptable. I knew you have your perverted tendencies, but not to the level it would involve abuse, especially to a girl I sincerely love. I will have to look at you and face you. Will I smile? Will I pretend? Will I show my true side? The anguishing feeling of disgust and overall disappointment. I am disappointed in you, Sensei. You and Mount Lady. I expect better when it comes to vying for my affection and love. There could have been many ways but this isn't one of them. May God have mercy on your soul. Guilt must clot your veins!" He clenched his fists in anger and frustration. He knows that he can cause quite the effect on women and that it wasn't totally their fault, but given the 'intense' nature they already had, they are not guilt-free.

He made a quick haste as he bypassed his classroom. He needed to head back to the dorms so he could shower and put up his medicine. As he departed, a shadow emerged, overlooking the now empty hallway.

"Oh, my little bunny rabbit! All alone and without someone to hold and dote you. Tee-hee! You made this a bit too easy for me. I think Class B can have a study period as there is a certain rabbit that needs some private one-on-one supplemental study."

Kayama-sensei knew it was too good to be true. His scent was permeating the entire hallway. She could smell him coming from Recovery Girl's office. What a stroke of luck for her to happen upon such a chance when she was just walking by.

Class 1-B's Ibara Shiozaki could cover the class as she needed to question Izuku on his wandering the campus without an escort. She didn't mind disciplining the lad. A reminder was needed since he was led astray from that Uraraka bitch. She didn't mind giving him pointers, even if it meant the entire day! Maybe also ask Yuu to help her out when she is off-duty for the day!

"But, first, a trip to the girl's room. The private girl's room!" What can she say? Izuku might be an adorable boy, but he is quite the young man as his manly scent left her on trembling knees and a leaking slit.

Tsuyu felt she was going to be a bat flying out the pits of hell. She should have known better than to catch a second wind before class. The frog girl was now two hours late for school and already knew she was waist deep in trouble.

"My friends didn't even wake me up or at least knock on the door to alarm me." That would be true if her friends knew her schedule. It was rare for any of her friends to alert each other as they often met during breakfast and would leave for school following their meal. However, the teen woke up hungry, too early and didn't feel like her morning routine. Plus, she had an appetite since she didn't really eat yesterday due to her punishment with Kayama-sensei. Admittedly the frog girl also forgot to set an alarm on her phone, that was on her.

Another shot to the heart, if she and Ochako were still talking, then she wouldn't be having this moment. Feeling sorrowful and remorseful was the least of her concern as she knew Aizawa-sensei would replace their feelings with pain and suffering. She remembered Kayama-sensei licking her hungry lips as she knew that they had the main course and Aizawa-sensei's morning lecture was the 'pie a la mode.'

Showering wasn't really an option. A quick wash-up at the sink would have to do. Hopefully, swimming class was today and the chlorine could kill any scent before showering again. She was a woman who believed in hygiene, but she knew that she could possibly be working up a sweat the moment she entered Homeroom.

Grabbing her toiletry bag, she rushed out of the dorm room and sprinted toward the restroom. "Amazing how my body can channel through this pain. It's like we're magical or something...oh, yeah, ribbit!" The frog girl made it to the bathroom. However, something was off.

"Urinals?! A strong smell of piss? Mushroom towers scrawled on the wall? Ojiro is a rat?" She slapped her forehead. "Crap! Went into the wrong bathroom." It wouldn't be the first time the frog girl would make an honest mistake. It mattered not as the boys should already be in class, no one would know. Placing her spare pair of panties and other toiletries on the sink beside her, she was going to do the wash-up, something she wouldn't recommend to anybody.

Before turning on the faucet, she heard the sound of water running. "Mmm...that's weird. Did someone forget to turn off the water, ribbit?!" It wouldn't surprise the teen as it was commonplace. Probably one of the boys as they could be lazy and/or forgetful. Not wanting to face trouble from Present Mic, she went to the stall to turn it off. As the teen approached the stall, she saw a pair of legs.

"When there's trouble, you know who to call

Teen Titans!

From the tower, they can see it all.

Teen Titans!"

"Izuku?!" She immediately lost her breath. One because it was Izuku. Two because his voice was quite heavenly in the shower, even if it was singing about another group of teen heroes.

Tsuyu covered her mouth. She knew she shouldn't be here. "I know I shouldn't be here!" Her eyes focused on the floor. She watched as the suds gathered at the foot of the stall, the dust collecting into the drain. Did she envy his skin, the floor and the drain, anything the teen walked on. "It's like he is making soup." She began to smell the combination of his pancake bubblegum shampoo and his sweat. "A stew! A delicious smelling stew. God, a cream of us! I would like to shower with him and see the suds rolling down the crack of his ass." She instinctively licked her lips, she rubbed her thighs together, her vagina clenched at such masculine scent coming from the male Faunus. Her mind was going in limbo, completely ignoring the fact that she was in the boys restroom. She was alone and Izuku was alone. Everyone was at school and no one was monitoring the dorms at this time. "It's like God set aside this moment for me and Izuku to have, ribbit!"

She felt the hotness in her crotch, feeling the pressure that got an itch and was longing for her hand to aid that scratch. "No, ribbit! Self-control! I must control this urge! Yet, he is alone! No one can know! I can spend all day with him. He is so adorable. He is so cute. It is like he is doing this on purpose, ribbit! I wouldn't mind him playing with my lilypad any day of the week." Then, she thought of her friends. How would they feel if she would pull a stunt like this? Mina didn't already trust her. Kyouka was growing skeptical. Momo and Tooru are hanging on by a thread. Then, there was Ochako. Despite being mad at her, that was still her boyfriend. Would it be wrong to do such a thing despite Izuku announcing to them about his feelings at the beach that night? In her heart, she still cared for Ochako, even though she still would like to give her a nice slap to the face (but she knew it was the pheromones talking).

She slowly turned around, her body was trembling slightly and biting hard on her lower lip. Using every ounce of mental fortitude to go away from Izuku. It was incredibly hard as her heat period was reignited like a raging wildfire, but she focused on her friends and not on her lust. Yes, she must think on her friends and slowly and shortly walk away-

"Okay, now onto my penis and I'll be done." Izuku said to himself.

A strong shiver ran down the girl's spine and her pussy clenched harder. Something snapped in her mind. "Nah! I can always make new friends, ribbit!" Tsuyu thought to herself as she licked her lips. Her rationality shutting down at the thought of Izuku's sex member, temptation winning out in the end.

A few minutes earlier….

Izuku rushed back into the dorm. He even used 5% of OFA to get there in a matter of minutes, there was no one looking so there was no issue using his Quirk. He darted from the door all the way to his room. Once entering his room he went to his mini-fridge and left the drink that Recovery Girl gave him.

He quickly disrobed himself and put all of his sweat clothes on his hamper. He placed his sweaty clothes in a plastic bag. He made a reminder to purchase a plastic hamper with a lid so he can conceal his scent. Although he has a laundry hamper, it doesn't have a lid. He may have to start doing laundry whenever everyone is asleep.

He wrapped his towel around himself and grabbed his toiletry bag with a clean uniform and boxers before leaving for the showers.

He hurried to the boys' bathroom, after putting down his bag nearby he went into one of the stalls and let lukewarm water run down his body, refreshing him for a few moments starting scrubbing himself thoroughly to make sure he gets rid of his sweaty smell. He took this shower as a chance to relax and disconnect his mind from his current issues at least for a few minutes and since he was alone he started to sing the Teen Titans theme to distract himself as he cleaned his body, one of his favorite songs while growing up.

After taking care of most of his body, he went on to clean his penis to finish off. As he was carefully cleaning his member he heard the door of the stall creaking. He immediately shot his head behind him as his heart hitched from the surprise.

He saw the door open slightly, but there was no one in there. Deku sighed in relief from the sudden jump scare. "I guess I let it open." He muttered to himself as he focused back on finishing his shower. However, if it weren't from the heavy sound of the running water and if he focused his enhanced smelling ability, he would have noticed that indeed he wasn't alone…

He was beginning to turn around until he lost his grip with the bar of soap. As the soap flew backward and to the ground, he heard a loud slam against the wall.

"What was that?" Immediately grabbing his towel, he rushed out of the stall and toward the urinal area. "Hello? Hello? Anyone here? Iida-kun? Kaminari-kun?" He began to frown. "Shouto? Kacchan?" There wasn't a response. He walked around the area to see if there was any presence of a person. Just for assurance, he pushed each stall door and there wasn't anything to be seen.

Izuku scratched the back of his head. "My ears must have picked up something from outside, I guess," he said as he shrugged his shoulders. "I guess Recovery Girl was right about picking up on my senses better."

Izuku resumed his shower. After singing the theme song to Steven Universe, Friends, and surprisingly CatDog, he was finished and stepped out of the shower stall. He never noticed the items on one of the sinks...

Feeling refreshed and clean, the emerald Faunus whistled as he headed back to his door. He needed to hurry so he wouldn't be further late for Homeroom. There hasn't been any chatter via text from the boys. Normally, Kirishima or Sero would inform him about any changes, but it has been eerily quiet. "Aizawa-sensei must be giving them a lesson of a lifetime. Maybe if I can be…"

He heard a knock at the door. Maybe it was Present Mic or Iida wanting to verify his whereabouts. If only they could trust him.

"Coming!" Izuku had his slacks and undershirt as he walked to the door. He pulled the door open and saw that it was Tsuyu.

"Tsuyu," said Izuku surprisingly.

She delivered the peace sign. "'Sup, Deku, ribbit!" She said with a noticeable smile and a red blush on her cheeks.

A few minutes earlier…

It was a blessing that Tsuyu recently learned to use her Frog Quirk to camouflage herself with the area like some several frog species do. Thanks to that she can be as invisible to the naked eye as Tooru.

Once she was camouflaged… and naked, she opened the door as slowly as she could to the stall where her mate and future husband was currently showering. The rabbit Faunus heard the door opening, but didn't see her. And she was lucky too that he didn't pick up on her scent.

There was some steam, but she could clearly see Izuku in all his naked glory, his toned form glistening with the water cascading on him. Tsuyu drooled at such a hot and sexy vestige of the alpha male in front of her, from both her tongue and lower lips. It took a lot of focus to maintain her camouflage.

Her gaze moved to his lower regions and…

"Oh… my ... GOD!" The frog girl nearly screamed and her focus almost broke the moment he saw the third leg that Izuku calls his sex member. It was big, like really big. And very thick as well, like a PVC pipe! And the craziest part… he wasn't even hard at the moment. "How does Izu-chan even stuff his boxer with that thing?! Did Ochako-chan really fit that inside of her…?! How was she not cleaved in half?!" Tsuyu's face turned red and her eyes widened in shock as they were fixed on the boy's blessing. Her whole body was shocked by both arousal and fear. If that's how the Rabbit Faunus is when flaccid… she was afraid of how he would be when fully erect. "Holy cow…" The frog girl glup nervously at the thought.

She steadied her breath and calmed down. "Okay, Tsuyu, calm down. He's bigger than your dildo, which is pretty big, and might as well be the width of a soda can, but you do this, ribbit. If Ochako could take that monster cock, you shouldn't have too much issue. You're a frog girl, for God's sake, ribbit! You're inhumanly flexible and you can stuff a lot of stuff in your mouth. Heh, I bet that Ochako-chan couldn't take him all the way with her mouth, but I can! And I doubt she couldn't take a full dicking in her pussy without squirting herself into unconsciousness, but my body can easily adjust!" She cheered herself on until a confident smile drew on her face and she licked her lips hungrily.

It was a shame that she didn't bring her cell phone as that gift of God belonged to an altar - her altar. That was a picture worthy being in a Smithsonian Institute or in the Louvre. A pyramid in Egypt couldn't contain such a gift that it would require a dozen servants alone to carry his tool. That was a wrench she didn't mind monkeying around until it was slick, greasy, and sticky. In other words, ribbed for her pleasure.

"Jesus, you're making my womanhood tremble, ribbit! A flash flood warning is effective immediately." More juices soaked from her cavern, creating a trail down her legs, creating a mini puddle. She was shaking and quivering, rubbing her thighs together as she tried to keep herself from playing with herself. Especially when she saw him scrubbing his penis. "Oh, yeah, I'm so eating that carrot." Honestly, this is one of the scenarios she imagined how her first time with Izuku would be. Most of her fantasies always had something to do with water, if not making love in the showers, it would be on the pool or an onsen or a beach. Well, the beach was out of the table for. "Now I just have to get a little closer and…" She moved slowly and carefully to not alert the emerald rabbit to sneak up on him and then it will be her maiden voyage!

However, Izuku's soap slipped from his hand and dropped to the ground, she stepped on it causing her to slip and fall to the ground.

"Hello? Hello? Anyone here? Iida-kun? Kaminari-kun? Shouto? Kacchan?"

Tsuyu covered her mouth as she lay sideways against the wall. Izuku was only inches away.

"My ears must have picked up something from outside, I guess. I guess Recovery Girl was right about picking up on my senses better."

The moment when Tsuyu felt it was right to leave, she did so hastily. The only downside to the ordeal was that she forgot her panties and other items. She made a mental note to return for them or else curious boys (Mineta) would add something else to his collection.

Back to the present….

"So...what brings you here?" Izuku asked her inquisitively while looking for a cleaner shirt. "Did Aizawa-sensei send you?" That is what he had hoped. Within, he was a bit hesitant as one of his 'admirers' was close to taking away his manhood from on that fateful night two days ago. He had his reservations, but wasn't being rude or aggressive towards her as she seemed calm. Fortunately, the door was ajar in case of any passersby. It may not be enough but enough to discourage Tsuyu from doing anything drastic, especially since she and the girls got into trouble for damaging dorm rooms.

"Actually, no, ribbit!" Tsuyu stuck out her tongue as she softly hit her head. "Being the genius I am, I decided to catch up on a little sleep and I have overslept." She put her back against the edge of the door. "I was getting ready to head to class but I heard a noise and decided to head to the source."

"Wait a minute? You too?" Izuku scratched the back of his head. It was good to know that he wasn't the only person who had heard that noise. "I heard it coming from the bathroom earlier. It was quite a loud bang. I initially thought that it was Bakugou-chan or Kirishima-chan pulling one of their usual stunts."

'I wouldn't put it past them, ribbit! Kirishima-chan easily falls into pressure whenever Bakugo-chan is around, ribbit," she told him.

He chuckled. "I don't know. Either way, I didn't see or hear anything further to warrant concern."

Tsuyu noticed the pregnant silence. She became a bit concerned. Her thoughts were looming onto that Saturday night with her encounter with Izuku at the beach. Feeling cautious, she backed away to give him distance.

"I came back to take care...well, it doesn't matter," said Izuku as he was buttoning his school uniform. He looked toward his window at the sunny sky. "It's pretty outside but I guarantee it is darker when I enter class." He kept telling himself not to worry, but it wasn't feasible. Grabbing his backpack, he was prepared for class. He darted his emerald eyes at the frog girl. "Since we're heading in the same direction, shall we walk together?" He knew he shouldn't trust her. He knew he should be keeping his distance. However, he knew how the vixen frog used to be. The abrasive nature from Saturday wasn't the true Tsuyu. With his forgiving spirit and being under the tutelage of All Might, he learned to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, Hero or Villain.

"I don't mind, ribbit!" Tsuyu spoke calmly. "But, there is something that I need to do...I have to tell you something."

Hearing those words were now prompts for engagement towards him. Becoming guarded, he was prepared for whatever attack or ambush the girls may have set up. Was he being paranoid? Could anyone blame him for feeling this way?

The green-haired vixen approached his chair at the front of the desk. She volunteered herself a seat. "Izuku...about the other night, ribbit…"

The million-dollar question, only a matter of time that one of the girls were to ask that question. "What about it?" asked Izuku.

Tsuyu dropped her head, showcasing guilt and remorse. "That night...the words we've said...the things we would do. You were right. That wasn't us. It was…" Her head was feeling heavier by the second. "It was atypical, didn't make any sense." She bowed apologetically. "I know I can't correct that night as well as the girls, but I would love nothing more than to have your forgiveness."

The emerald-haired Faunus wasn't surprised about the apology as he knew it was inevitable as well as any of the girls being remorseful and ashamed. However, he could handle himself. He wanted to know about her sincere apology to Ochako, that's what he cares about the most in regards to the situation.

He sat on the bed. "I don't even know where to begin. You can say I wasn't just hurt about that night. I was just surprised. That isn't like you guys. I can expect that kind of ambush from Villains, police, paperboys wanting their $2 back, Hidan and Kakuzu, but not you guys, my own friends." He stared directly at Tsuyu. "And on our first date out of all nights."

It was arrows to the chest. She wanted his attention, but not at the expense of being chastised.

"That night was a very important night to me, to Ochako and me. I went through tooth and nail to prepare it to be a light night for us," he said matter-of-factly. "Worked my fingers all the way to the bone to make that night right." He continued staring. "But then you came out of nowhere, crazed and out to hurt Ochako, calling her all sorts of berating names...That hurt me, Tsuyu. That hurt Ochako. It was childish, disrespectful, and downright wrong." He pursed his lip. "Not gonna lie, I was heavily disappointed in you guys. And Ochako… it pained her a lot. You guys are her closest friends, you, Tsuyu, are her best friend." Part of him felt bad for guilt-tripping Tsuyu for obvious reasons, but he needed to make the point across, to make her and the others reflect on what happened and make things right, not just with him, but with Ochako. If tough love is needed for the girls to make amends, so be it.

"I can understand why you got that unhinged though… You girls, all of you, now have feelings for me." Said the emerald teen, a small blush appearing in his checks, his gaze briefly went to the floor. "To be honest, it's wild that so many beautiful girls now see me like that and it flatters me a lot. But I always liked Ochako, from the very start actually and while I understand that you would compete with each other for my affections, but… the way you went about it… It's not the way." He gazed back at the frog girl with a calm yet stern look in his eyes.

She lowered her head. "I know...I know." Her eyes were looking directly at the floor. "Hearing those words isn't a band-aid. The things we did to hurt hurt Ochako-chan, ribbit! It was wrong! It was dumb, selfish, downright arrogant," she said. "I am here...because I wanted to make up for what me and the girls did to crash your date night."She went into her skirt pocket and pulled out a purple floral envelope. Izuku observed the envelope as she reached over and passed it to him.

"Really? What is it?" asked Izuku inquisitively.

"Open it and see," she answered. "I promise you that it isn't anything to trap you or ambush you, ribbit. I just wanted to repay you for crashing your date with Ochako."

He had every right to be hesitant. Nevertheless, he was going to give her the benefit of the doubt as nothing indicates that she wasn't being honest. He took hold of the envelope and broke the seal. He slowly pulled the contents contained in the envelope.

"An onsen," he read to himself. It took a moment to register in his brain. His eyes were wide as saucers. "Wait a minute?! An onsen?!" He looked at her. "Tsuyu?"

Tsuyu rubbed her shoulder. "It was actually a gift from my parents since they know I have a fondness for hot springs and mineral baths, ribbit." She pursed her lips. "I could bring myself and a friend, but I felt as a way to pay my debt, I can give it to you and Ochako."

Izuku was quite surprised. This was an unexpected surprise. Initially, he thought it was a $10 gift card to his favorite arcade or movie tickets. Either way, he was still surprised by the friendly gesture.

"Wow, Tsuyu! I...I...don't know what to say," he said to her.

"This past weekend wasn't right. It was mean and selfish to take that away from you," she said to him as she shook her head. "It can't make up for what we have done, but at least you can have a great time with Ochako. A good place for a second date in my opinion." A noticeable smile was drawn on her face as she shrugged.

"Weell… I'll admit that I was thinking in taking her to an onsen someday in near future." A smile was appearing on Izuku's face.

"Ribbit. Nothing like a romantic night between lovers amids warm water and steam, right?" The frog girl replied with slight teasing in her tone.

"Heheh… Yeah…" Izuku glanced to the side with a timid smile as he rubbed his reddening cheek."Anyways, thanks, Tsuyu! That is sweet of you." He bowed humbly. "Thank you so much!"

"You're very welcome, ribbit," responded Tsuyu with a sincere smile.

"This is great! An onsen trip with Ochako," he said happily. "I am going to be certain that this weekend is going to be great!" He stood up from his bed with an excited look on his face and a glint in his emerald eyes.


He looked at her when she said that. "Nani?"

She pulled her collar. "Yeeahhh...I should have said that earlier." She pointed at the tickets. "Look at the bottom, ribbit!"

Izuku saw the tickets and on the bottom, the expiration date to visit the onsen was today.

"My parents can be very last minute, ribbit! It wouldn't surprise me that this was for them and they forgot they already had another trip planned. They are the king and queen of double-booking, ribbit," explained Tsuyu.

He became a bit discouraged. "Very short notice." He placed the tickets aside. "No way I can make that. Maybe I can give them to All Might and…."

"No," she blurted out. "These tickets are for you and Ochako-chan, ribbit!"

"This is the last minute, Tsuyu. I can't skip school. We're already in trouble," he explained to Tsuyu. He already felt like he was pushing his luck already with their homeroom teacher for what happened on Sunday and now today. "Maybe we can save it for after class? Plus, do I need to make a reservation or something?"

"According to my parents, the onsen is very old-fashioned. Somewhere between the Edo era and the Showa era. Plus, they don't believe in technology, so the reservation has to be in-person." said Tsuyu.

"That is still a tough proposition, Tsu-chan," said Izuku. "I'm already on thin ice with Aizawa-sensei. Lord knows what he is doing to our classmates in our absence." That line of thought coupled with the radio silence on the group chat makes him concerned for the other and his girlfriend in particular.

"Izuku, I just don't want these tickets to go to waste," she said to him pleadingly. "My parents spent a pretty penny on this onsen. It also includes the richest mineral water from the springs of Musutafu, ribbit!"

"I don't know." He gripped his forehead. "I don't like whenever I get under pressure like this."

"Look, it's not like you will miss out on the whole day of classes! You could just go to the place, make the reservation and come back as quickly as possible, ribbit. In and out, simple as that, you just have to come up with some other excuse if you are asked why you didn't go to classes for a while." Tsuyu suggested in an insisting matter.

"Hmmm… I'm not sure…" The boy crossed his arms as he weighed his options. He would love for his second date with Ochako to be at some nice hot springs just for the two of them, but is it worth the risk of getting into more trouble? But then again…The idea of having hot steamy sex in such setting with his girlfriend was almost too good to pass on! The boy took a deep breath before replying. "If I go, then I have one condition."

"Yeah?" Tsuyu tilted her head slightly in confusion as she made her usual gesture.

"You must apologize and patch things up with Ochako." He crossed his arms with a stern look on his face. "All of you. Not just Momo. Not just Kyouka. All of you." His tone was calm, yet absolute. "Like I said, what happened between you guys has left her bad and I didn't like how you treated her at all either. You were treating her like a snake and all of you were mongooses!" He frowned noticeably and his voice gained an angry edge. "More than anything, I would appreciate it if you all can make up and be friends again." He concluded with a vibe that said that he wasn't changing his stance.

Tsuyu stared momentarily at the ceiling. Apologies were usually easy to the vixen, but to a girl who somewhat deserved it. But, if it was for Izuku…. "I want to stay mad at Ochako (but Izuku)! That bitch deserves everything she got (but Izuku…)! Ochako is my best friend. Even though that little slut...but she's my friend...that thieving, conniving shrew...but best friend...the lint of Abe Shinzo's dick friend!" The frog girl found herself in a mental struggle between her more normal rational mind and the side of her that is really 'amorous' for the emerald-haired rabbit boy. On one hand she wants to be on good terms with the gravity girl again, but it isn't easy when she harvours intense love and lust for Izuku. Said emerald child put her between a rock and a hard place.


The frog girl returned to reality when hearing Izuku's words. She stared at him before bowing her head. "You have a deal! I promise to make peace with Ochako, ribbit! I will even talk to the girls to make peace with her as well."

"Good!" He said with a smile. "Because that is exactly what you will be doing after school today, alright?"

The frog girl nodded in understanding. Really, it was almost as impossible for her to say 'no' to the precious carrot-laced cinnamon roll as it is to the blue-haired senpai of hers. God… she used all of her mental fortitude to not focus again on the image of Izuku and Nejire on a picnic with Eri-chan, unless she wasn't to faint again due to cuteness overload. Regardless, at some point the tensions between the girls and Ochako would have to stop anyway.

"Then, it's settled!" Deku smiled at her happily.

"So then...?"

Izuku flexed his arms as he cracked his neck. "Yep! This little time off can give me a time of reflection and it will give you better reasons for you being a not-so-crummy friend."

"So, it is safe to say that you're still…."

"Mad as hell? Not really! Still upset? Oh, yeah!" Izuku grabbed a light jacket in case of the weather change. He knew the onsen was going to be a three-hour ride by train so he just wanted to be prepared. "Just because I accepted your apology, forgave you, and delightfully accepted these tickets doesn't mean it isn't water under the bridge just yet. Healing takes a little time...but for my darling, her healing begins today." He furrowed his eyes. "Understood?"

The frog vixen couldn't be any more worried and turned on at the same time. He's always been so hot when he gets serious.

"Hmm. I guess I can simply say an emergency happened with my mom. I could give her a quick call to back me if I tell her it's for my second date with Ochako. She would understand, right? I mean, so far she's supporting me in this so far, so I guess..." The boy cupped his chin and started muttering.

At this point, Tsuyu and many of their classmates were so used to his muttering sprees that they could mostly follow him.

"Actually, Izu-chan. I can cover you up, consider it an extra." Tsuyu said with a smile.

The emerald Faunus looked back at her. Normally he would have objected to something like that, but given the circumstance he refrained from doing so. "Well, then I guess I'll take up that offer, thanks." He nodded at her in gratitude.

Izuku lightly tapped Tsuyu's shoulder as he walked past her. He reached for the door. "By the way, find something saucy and convincing to say to Sensei on why I am not in class. You guys are resourceful." He clicked his tongue. "Don't forget, you hear?" He clicked his tongue again. "Nah, you won't! After all, 'this isn't my fight!' Later, Tsu!" He delivered the peace sign as he exited out of the dorm.

Tsuyu was startled. A whirlwind of emotions collided with her womanhood. In a single loop, the Faunus went from being disappointed to openly calm to somewhat threatening, especially after he furrowed his eyes. "Wow! He became absolutely delicious, ribbit!" Alone in his dorm, she didn't want to be the rude type. "Well, time to head to class…." She paused when seeing the opening of his closet.

"Listen, Tsu! I know what you're thinking. Of course you do because I am your conscience. In that closet are things that can make you into a steamy hot mess." Heartbeats were becoming audible as she stared at the closet, sweat started running down from her face. "This is nonsense, ribbit! You have self-control! What kind of idiot pervert would go into a closet and take somebody's clothes, underwear, socks…. Stop it, ribbit!" She pulled her collar. Time was running thin and the window was closing as she was speaking. "Gotta go to Aizawa-sensei and deal with some kind of excuse for Izuku, ribbit," she said to herself.

She waltzed around his dorm room, pondering and contemplating on the next move. She knew that she had to fulfill a promise. However, his invigorating scent of his used, soiled clothes was calling her name.

"You! I call your name, girl!"

"What was that, ribbit?!" Tsuyu looked around, wondering what that sound was.

"Whenever I'm lonely, baby! I call your name!"

She turned around, going into circles. "What in the hell is that? Is somebody there?"

"When I feel the need of love!"

She looked toward the closet. "No way! My mind must be playing tricks on…."

"I think of you and it eases the pain. Take away the strain!"

Tsuyu wasn't sure what to call these surprising feelings or emotions. She felt a pressure coming from her chest, the tingling in her loins. Somewhat was calling her to walk into that closet. She followed her heart (yeah, we can say that) and went to the closet.

Inside, she saw something shining in the laundry hamper. It was coming from a plastic bag. Absent-mindedly (yeah, we can say that too), she opened the bag.

"Well I must be the daughter of Korra and Asami's cheating, lying asses, ribbit!" She slowly pulled the article of clothing one-by-one. "His workout clothes." She pressed her face into it. She inhaled sharply as if she was craving for oxygen, well, his oxygen. "Freshly used, sweaty, dripping in his juices!" Her heartbeats became rapid. Her body immediately became soaked. Her panties were now soaked. "A gold mine, a supple way in Hell would I, could I…" Her pupils turned red and heart-shaped. "Should I resist this, ribbit!"

She grabbed his shirt and wiped it throughout her face. She was absorbing the sweat onto her skin. "It is like he and I are already one, ribbit!" She saw his pants, immediately pulling them inside out and planted her face where his crotch was located.

"No, stop!" She pulled away from the pants. "I have an agenda to apologize to Ochako-chan and to provide Izuku an alibi." Her eyes lingered on the pants. "But those pants, that shirt…" She saw the boxers at the bottom of the bag. "And 'dat ass' that was in those sweet, heavenly boxers…" She shook her head. "Focus, damn it! This is a shot to earn his forgiveness and possibly go out with him. But those pants…" She slapped herself with her tongue. "Focus, Tsu, ribbit! But them pants! Focus! Dem pants! Focus! Pants! Focus! Pants! Focus! Pants, pants, pants, the pants, the pants, the pants, gotta be the pants, pants, pants…."

It was at that moment where the logic of Tsuyu dissipated and her mind receded into her most basic desires...

"Pants, pants, pants, pants, pants," she said melodically as she rubbed the pants all over herself. She began rolling on the floor. "Victory, thy name is Tsuyu Asui, ribbit!" She got up and rushed over to the window. She opened the window and shouted, "Hey, world! My name is Tsuyu Asui and I am a junkie. A junkie for Izuku's junk. And that is a large pipe that needs to be smoked." Like a hunter on the prowl, she scurried out of the dorm in search of Izuku. She didn't need much as she could follow her nose.

And she knew the location of the onsen so the actions before that moment were very unnecessary.

Izuku managed to leave the school without running into someone. He got on a train and was on his way to the onsen. Since it would be a while before he arrives, he took this chance to lean into his seat and reflect. "It was really lucky that Tsuyu came when she did, it would make things a whole lot easier for Ochako and the others to make up." He thought to himself with a smile as he glanced at the window. "If everything goes well, then soon things will be back to normal. The only difference will be that my and Ochako are together now." He was relieved that at least one issue is being resolved. Of course he must expect things to get a little bumpy, but he was feeling hopeful that everything will be okay in the end.

"The tickets to the onsen are also a godsend. I was thinking that it would be a while before I saved enough to pay for my second date with Ochako. She will be really happy and excited! I can't wait to give her that surprise." He smiled happily at the process as a blush was appearing in his face. "An afternoon just for the two of us in some nice and relaxing hot springs is exactly what both need, mostly her. Nothing like an onsen to heal the pains from the body and soul." While Deku's been going through some stressful and serious situations at the moment and the onsen would make it really good for him, he felt that poor Ochako would be the one to take the most advantage from this given her… hellish encounter she had last night.

As Izuku relaxed on his seat, his thoughts started to driff into the image of his beloved girlfriend in nothing but a towel wrapped around her beautiful form, sitting in the steamy onsen, water soaking the towel and hugging her like a second skin-

The Faunus boy opened his eyes and glanced down to find that he pitched a tent in his pants. "Aaaand the libido came back, great…" He deadpanned. "It's only been nearly two days and I'm back to square one… I hoped that it would be a little longer than that, but then again I'm an Alpha Rabbit Faunus, I guess it makes sense that my needs couldn't be taken care of for too long" He analysed, remembering that his sexual drive as a Alpha Faunus was many times stronger than that of the average human.

"Oh, well… At least it won't be too long before I can take care of this with my princess Ochako." However, he wasn't super concerned about it since he now has an adorably sexy girlfriend who will always be ready for a good time. However, something was nagging him on the back of his mind, so he cupped his chin and thought about it.

"Hmm… Now that I think about… Maybe I wasn't really fully satisfied… Looking back, everytime I 'vent out the pressure' it took many rounds, at least a dozen or so, before It would soften up, I even needed a bucket to not spur up on my whole room in white…" At this last part his face turned red of shame. "My first time with Ochako, we both went through a lot that night, so it would make sense that the afterglow combined with relaxing after all those high of emotions, it would leave us both exhausted, but the next morning I actually wanted to go for a quickie with Ochako, but decided against it because we both needed to comeback and Ochako wasn't fully recovered, I think I was still hard when I went to shower. So that means that I could keep going, even if Ochako couldn't... This could be worrisome." His mind raced through those events again and the implications were starting to concern him.

"So depending on how long I go through intercourse and home many times I, ahem, ejaculate, it would determine for how long my needs would be satiated. My first time it was only twice, giving me nearly two days. So by this logic the longer the mating is, and the more I release during it, the longer that my needs would be taken care off… The question then would be: Can Ochako take it? So far, only a round was enough to tuck her out and my load is so comically substantial that it leaves her on a full belly." He did not like where this line of logic was going.

Obviously sex with Ochako was one of the best things he experienced in his life, but beside consummating his love for her, the whole point of having an active sexual life in his relationship is to keep his libido at bay so he can keep his pheromones at bay. But what if Ochako wasn't enough to do this…?

"No. Don't think of that Izuku. It's just a matter of both of us getting practice and experience, the more we sleep together, the better and more fulfilling making love will be. There's no need to worry about that." He shook his head away from the thought. He loves Ochako and he knows in his heart that she is all he needs.

He relaxed again on his seat and watched the landscape blur by the window.

It was a quarter after three in the afternoon when Izuku arrived at the onsen. He was sitting in the Uber as it drove to the entrance of the onsen. Tsu was right about the place - a reminder of the Showa era with its shoji doors, cobblestone driveway, koi pond, zen garden and the like. He whistled softly. "Talk about going back fifty years. I bet they still have a rotary phone. Hehehe!"

"Here we are, cutie," said the Uber driver. "Sorry about the ride here! It can be a little bumpy."

Izuku waved his hands. "It's no problem. I will be sure to tip and give you five stars!"

"You're kind, cutie! It's a pleasure in itself for driving guys like you, my Shooting Star."

Izuku nodded as he stepped out of the car. As he held the door, he turned to the Uber driver-in-question. "Did anyone tell you that you look like Haruko from FLCL?"

The Uber driver looked at her guitar on the passenger seat. "Never heard of the show or this Haruko, cutie!"

"Oh! Well, thanks anyway and take it easy!" Izuku bidded the Haruko-looking Uber driver farewell when closing the door. Upon her leaving, the theme song to FLCL was playing loudly in the car. He stared momentarily before immediately shrugging it off. As he turned and faced the entrance, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the tickets. "Okay! An onsen date is on with my Ochako." He was contemplating on texting Ochako with the details but decided against it. Plus, he knew that this was her week with after-school duties.

Thirty minutes later….

"You're in for quite a treat, Midoriya-san. Asui's parents are well-honored and respected guests."

Izuku followed the hostess as she led him to his room. What Tsuyu failed to inform him was that those tickets not only gave him a visit to the onsen, it also included an overnight stay. He found it interesting how she oversaw that. There was a reason why it was important to read the fine print.

He touched his ears as he followed the hostess in the hallway. "Um… Excuse me, ma'am. I am thankful that you are being kind and cordial to me for this experience, but I wasn't expecting to stay overnight. I was just here for the onsen."

"Nonsense! This onsen has so much to offer. We have a spa where you can receive manicures and pedicures, mud baths, and very intense deep tissue massages." The hostess clapped her hands happily. "But that is one of the many features for this onsen. We have dinner and breakfast provided, we have attractions to follow…."

"The way that she is rushing these amenities, something tells me that they don't get guests often." Izuku didn't want to be rude toward the hostess. She has been friendly since his arrival. The tall purple-haired woman continued to lead the way to his room.

"Outside we have our garden where you can meditate and relax. We also have a tea room where you can drink the finest herbs from Jurai," said the hostess as she continued.

Izuku paused when she mentioned Jurai. Something about it just made it a bit peculiar. Nevertheless, he attributed it to the nervousness of his being here.

"And here we are!" The hostess slid the door open and walked into the room. Izuku proceeded to follow. Upon entry, he was amazed at the room.

"This room was packaged under the Masaki Suite. A kotatsu where you can relax and enjoy watching television. An open patio where you can relax and feel the breeze as it leads you to the onsen. If you look over here…"

"Ma'am," interjected Izuku. "Listen…."

"Call me Ayeka-san."

"Ayeka oba-san," he said as he corrected himself. "I am happy, appreciative, if you will, of you being warm and welcoming." He took steady breaths. "However, I don't think I can do this. I'm sixteen. I'm too young to stay in a hotel room without supervision."

"Nonsense, my dear. I'm an adult and I can supervise you. Plus, with my sister away and my lord in Tokyo taking care of his duties as a Shinto priest, it gets lonely. Well, if you don't include his father and my perverted half-brother. Well, there is that grey-haired demon bitch that lays around, gets drunk, and tries to steal my lord..." She clapped her hands. "Anyway, I wouldn't like seeing these tickets go to waste. The Asui family spent a pretty penny on this in which refunds are certainly improbable."

"But I don't have any clothes," said Izuku.

"No worries! Our guests will be supplied in kimonos, so it's well here, dear," she replied.

"No toiletries. I don't even have spare undies!"

"Everything is covered!"

"I may need to get my All Might doll," he said as his ears lowered and his cheeks reddened from embarrassment. "I can't sleep without it." Any excuse so he isn't forced to stay for the night...

She took his hands. "Do you want me to go to the store and purchase you one?" She got on her knees. "Please! I need this! My lord and my sister are concerned that I am not being a good hostess. That demon spawn picks on me, saying 'I will never amount to being a good wife!' 'I can never please my lordship!' 'Just because it is wrong to have these feelings for my lord isn't a bad thing. We are only related by blood, a liquid!'"

"You're sure you don't want to stop by a therapist or a pharmacy on the way to the toy store to get your Prozac?" Izuku was thinking to himself as he sweat-dropped awkwardly.

A fountain of tears splashed from her eyes. "Please! I'll do anything to have you as a guest…"

"Okay, okay! Watch the waterworks," said Izuku. "I'll stay for the night…" He dropped his head. "I hope Ochako doesn't mind doing her homework in a remote location." Not exactly how he planned his second date to go about as he thought about taking her next week, even less to staying out of school again just when he got into trouble yesterday. But, he can work with this, he just has to be smart and he will avoid trouble this time, hopefully...

She gripped his hands and kissed them. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I would kiss you but I am saving that for my lordship." She stood up and humbly bowed. "Thank you. You won't regret the time when my father tried to arrange my marriage. But I'd told him, no! I'm in charge of my life and I can pick and choose who I want. Plus, that guy was a jerk."

A teardrop appeared on his forehead. "You're welcome, oba-san!"

"Excellent! Well, sit down and relax. I will go and make tea. Would you like some crumpets?"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"No problem! I can ask that jerk my father tried to set me up with to make it for you."

"Jerk? Wait a minute?"

"That jerk is my perverted half-brother. Us Juraians are very pure when it comes to keeping the royal blood alive." The hostess bowed once again. "Anyway, relax and I will be back soon with your tea and crumpets. Enjoy your stay."

Izuku stood awkwardly as the hostess left. He looked around momentarily. "So, they are real. I guess I owe Sero that $20 for debunking that theory." In this world of quirky people, it's theoretically possible for people that existed in old anime to somehow be real. Incest issues and all.

Tsuyu didn't plan on doing this, nor did she have the intention. In fact, she just wanted to apologize to Izuku for what happened on Saturday.

The close call she had earlier in the shower was enough to shake her out of her lust-ridden heat before she could make a terrible mistake. However, she was still affected by both the masculine scent, the image of his adonis-like body and the huge meat carrot between his legs (The latter two were burned into her mind.)

These factors plus the collective intoxicating smell from Izuku's used clothes were enough to throw her back into the craze of her heat period and now she followed the Faunus to the onsen place, with only one thought in mind: Mating hard with that sexy bun-boy!.

She walked through the entrance of the onsen. At the reception area, she saw a purple-haired woman, presumably the hostess, tending to something that wasn't related to her duties.

"I'd said to never touch my butt in a million years and still you do," said the hostess as she rung the elder gentleman's neck. "You can see why my lordship is twice the main you'll ever be. It doesn't matter that he is your grandson!"

Tsuyu tapped the bell. "Umm...hello?" Her parents said that the family running the place was... 'eccentric'.

Ayeka the hostess shoved the man to the ground as he ran away. "I'm not finished with you, punk! I will be back for you later." She smiled as she approached Tsuyu. "Greetings! Welcome to our hotel! May I help you?!"

"Reservation for Asui, party of two, ribbit," said Tsuyu.

"Oh! You are the Asui's oldest child, aren't you?" replied Ayeka.

"Yes ma'am," said Tsuyu, nodding.

"Oh yes! If I recall, you have a very cute guest in the room. Boyfriend?" she asked teasingly.

"No, he is not my-" She cut herself off. A smile similar to a green curmudgeon appeared on her face.

"He is not your boyfriend?" asked Ayeka.

"," she said to her. "He isn't my boyfriend. He is actually my...fiance!"

Nemuri has kissed a lot of things in her thirty-two years of existence on this planet. Never did she think the concrete would be one of them.

Quite the derailment from her original plan she had, after taking care of her 'womanly needs' she spotted Izuku walking away from the campus, so as the responsible teacher she was she followed him to see what he was up to and then 'interrogate' him on why he was skipping classes like a bad boy

"What the hell?!" she barked loudly as she lay on the ground. Her hands were linked with handcuffs. The sea of blue and red lights covered her face. "I know my rights!"

"Shut the hell up, scum," exclaimed the female officer. Nemuri looked skyward to the two police officers standing above her - a pink-haired female officer and a raven-haired male officer. "We'll answer the questions here or else we kick you to the curb again."

"This is brutality! You pulled me over, snatched me out of the car, and tossed me to the concrete," shouted Nemuri. "I want your badge numbers!"

The officers ignored Nemuri's plea as they looked at the vehicle. The pink-haired officer approached the car and went inside. Meanwhile, the male officer stood and watched.

As the pink-haired woman searched Nemuri's car, she received a phone call. "Hello," she whispered. "Asui, this isn't a good time. We are actually making the move."

"Sorry, Haya-chan! Ribbit!" Tsuyu replied. "I need you to grab Tokoyami-chan's phone. We know it's in her purse."

"We remembered the plan," said Yuyu. "I know Nejire-chan is a, but she isn't stupid."

"She's adorable, but that's another story," replied Tsuyu. "Get Tokoyami-chan's phone and bring it to Momo's dorm as soon as possible."

"On it," replied Yuyu. "However, it's gonna cost you."

"Don't worry, I took care of it," said Tsuyu.

"No! You took care of Nejire, not me," said Yuyu.

"Can you guys wrap this up? Kayama-sensei's giving me the stink eye," said the male 'officer' standing behind her.

"In a minute, Amajiki," replied Yuyu. She got back to Tsuyu. "But we can explain the details later, ciao!" She hung up the phone. Returning back to the matter at hand, she looked inside of Nemuri's purse. Upon opening, there were things that were so indescribable that she didn't know where to begin.

"Jesus, who gave birth to this woman?" questioned Tamaki as he covered his mouth as he tried not to retch, which is quite the shocker coming from the guy who is called 'Sun-eater'.

"Right! Remind me to douse my hands in rubbing alcohol before chopping it off," replied the pinkette as she reached into the purse to see Tokoyami's phone. "Thankfully his phone is distinguishable!"

"Grab it," said Tamaki. However, he was shocked as she was still inside Nemuri's purse. "What are you doing?"

"She might have cash. Plus, plenty of black cards to exclusive host clubs!" she answered.

"You are perverts," said Tamaki.

Yuyu blew a raspberry. "Nah! Think of this as part of the senior's prank!"

"Whatever, wrap it up! I have to meet Shinsou in half an hour," said Tamaki.

"Look who's talking," said Yuyu with a sneering grin. "Wrap it up nice and tight! Never know you might get burned!"

Tamaki ignored the comment as they prepared to get back in character. He turned to the pinkette. "So, what are we gonna do with Kayama-sensei?"

"Relax, one step ahead. You know Yanagi-san's cousin, right?" asked Yuyu.

"Who doesn't?"

"The guy got some steel cages in the back of his warehouse a few miles from his arcade."

"Oh, okay! Gotcha!"

"I think some time in the slammer can give her some time to think, or at least until Tsuyu supplies what I need." Yuyu closed the door. "You want to tease her or me?"

"Why are we doing that?" asked Tamaki.

"Don't know. Instinct is telling me to do so. Karma's a bitch and she runs on her own schedule." Yuyu reached into her pocket and grabbed the taser. "And whatever you put on this Earth shall come back to you."

"Um… You do that then." The eater teen said. The pinkette shrugged her shoulders and went to shock Midnight with the taser. Tamaki cringed as Yuyu shocked the older woman until she fell unconscious.

This is not at all how the member of the Big 3 planned to spent his afternoon, but when Neijire came last night to ask him and Yuyu a favor for her that entails dressing up as cops and pretty much kidnapping Midnight-sensei as part of a 'senior's prank'.

Nejire's exact words were: "C'mon Tamaki! Pretty please? Which senior student doesn't like to play a harmless prank before graduating? This is a right of passage for people of our age!" And of course, he ended up accepting because 1) Not even her closest friends can say no to her due to her nearly incomprehensible cuteness. And 2) Because Tamaki is weak to peer pressure anyways, since Yuyu, as Nejire's best friend, accepted.

However, many things were off about this 'prank' from the get go. A senior's prank is usually doing something like graffiti on school property or letting animals loose on school grounds or pulling some small and harmless tricks on someone like the principal. Pretending to be a police officer to kidnap a teacher for a few hours seems pretty excessive and not harmless, more so if it is to Kayama-sensei in particular.

When Nejire explained it, it was obvious this was actually a revenge on the R-rated Heroine and that it wasn't her idea. It was from one of her kuohai's from Class 1-A, Tsuyu Asui. Why did she want to do something like that to their teacher? He doesn't know. Even less why does she want to recover a phone that doesn't belong to her.

However, he will admit that it was pretty clever of her to convince Nejire to do this under the promise of a hang out with Midoriya and Eri-chan on a picnic. The frog girl must have known that no one with a heart would be able to say no to her if she asked this and of course the bubbly shockwave girl was way too naive and innocent to really see the underplay here, or maybe she did, but for whatever reason she just didn't care.

In fact, for some reason she's been going on a tangent a few times about Midoriya recently, which was a little weird since she never showed that much interest in him. But Tamaki, Mirio and Yuyu just chalked it off as Nejire just being awed by yet another cute thing as usual of her.

Regardless, now he is stuck in something most certainly illegal, inwardly panicking, instead of chilling in his room eating some of his favorite snacks while waiting for his 'date' of the afternoon. Why did Nejire have to ask him in particular?! Oh, right… Mirio would totally blow something like this up and get in serious trouble, and he is terrible at keeping secrets.

And, of course, Yuyu is always willing to do whatever Nejire askes her and she also seemed a little eager to do this to Midnight, if the way she still sticks the taser on the unconscious woman laying on the ground is any indication. Yuyu never liked the teacher…

Yuyu and Tamaki carried Kayama-sensei into their 'police cruiser.' Afterward, she got into the driver's seat and set course for Yanagi's cousin's warehouse. Tamaki could only hope they don't end up in prison for their bubbly moe friend…

To be continued...

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Hey, guys! BD and Sora here with another installment of 'Emerald Rabbit's Warren.' In this chapter, Yuyu and Tamaki follow through with the plan of kidnapping Kayama-sensei with unexpected results. Minoru has good news to share with Denki in regards to their harem. Aizawa-sensei addresses his students with very important news. Mei is met with a proposition from Momo and the girls. While at the onsen, Izuku falls prey to temptation. Mishaps, misadventures, and hijinks continue. Enjoy!

Leap of Fate (Part III). (Tsuyu x Izuku/ Froggy Emerald)

Before you read:  this chapter is extensively long due to the amount of information being placed in this story. As a reminder, it is important to understand and clarify that NOT every character in this story is acting of a yandere nature. In shounen and seinen harems, it is common for women to be competitive when it comes to anyone dealing with their man. Due to Izuku's pheromones, the girls are currently acting possessive until it is settled in their system or undergo mating with Izuku. As for the boys, Izuku's pheromones have contributed to their aberrant behavior, which made them also competitive and challenging each other.

Aizawa-sensei's homeroom was covered by Ectoplasm-sensei. Aizawa-sensei had some important matters to attend and decided to conduct their speech during their gym period. It was met with a wave of emotions from sigh of relief to audible sniffling. However, it didn't mean they went scot-free. The class was assigned to copy the U.A.'s guidelines in both English and Japanese during class. It mattered not as they rather deal with hand cramps and twitchy fingers instead of whatever Sensei had in store for them.

"Great! This would be the day I would be writing." Minoru said as he lifted his head skyward to the ceiling. "I am still cramping from 'tending' to my needs with those digital magazines." He turned to Denki who was sitting beside him. "Thanks for letting me borrow your bed by the way."

"And now that would be added to your tab." Denki slapped his forehead. No wonder he was hearing creaky noises and noises that sounded like rats in a wool sock. He just assumed that the grapehead teen was getting comfortable with his bed. Now, he needed to talk with a cafeteria worker to boil his sheets as no washing machine could get rid of those stains. "And another so I can convince Lunch Rush to do this." He gave his friend a sharp look. "When I make your life easier, why does mine become hard?"

"Relax, friend. I got you. When we get this harem kicking, you will be buying new sheets every day," replied Minoru happily. "Honestly, a new mattress, bed frame. Heck, maybe a new dorm room." He paused, reminding himself that he was temporarily homeless until his new dorm room was completed.

"You are calling it an investment. And it's the investment I have my stake in." "Not sure if that stake is compacting my heart, my brain, or my d…" His line of sight was obstructed when he saw Kyouka passing by him. She was sitting next to Momo, Tooru and Mina as they were going to work on their studies together. "Not even a passing glance. Not even a scoff or giving me the finger, anything to say that she is disgusted by me." He must be honest and admit that being utterly ignored by the punk chick hurts. It was like he didn't exist to her.

'You know, for a cheeky bastard, you can do better. So much better! That's all!'

Those words resonated in his brain for quite some time. What did Hitoshi mean when she said that? Initially, he was thinking that she was questioning his and Minoru's partnership. However, during breakfast and heading to school, he continued pondering on those words she said to him. "What does she mean that I can do better? Can I do better? Am I too good for Jirou or something? Is she too good for me? Well...she did look at me in some kind of way. Did she have the hots for…. Nah! Definitely not!" He heard the rumors and the stories. Hitoshi isn't exclusive to anyone but the love of dinero, moolah, dollars, yen, all denominations of money. Plus, he didn't need to think of her track record of men. He could ask Mineta as he was the scorekeeper of perversion. However, it was best that he didn't know. Didn't want to face further disappointment. He decided to take his mind off of Kyouka and Hitoshi and focused back on the matter at hand.

"So, do you have any girl in mind?" asked Denki to his midget friend.

Minoru displayed a smile. "Glad you've asked, my friend. But before I get to that, there is something I have to show you." He reached into his desk and pulled out his notebook. "Denki, I am glad to proudly show you this notebook. This is the notebook of dreams. The secret guidebook to success on scoring with a woman. Or in this case, women. Man, this book has been passed down from generation to generation, library to library, prefecture to prefecture, nation to nation." He grabbed the notebook and slid it on Denki's desk. "What began in the '90s in the basement library of East Great Falls High in the United States created a legacy that has been carried to this very day." He nodded approvingly. "A book made for virgins by virgins to help others score with their dream girl. Denki, this book is the Bible. The fact you are seeing this shows that you are worthy. And now, it's our turn to partake in the essence of greatness."

The electric blond glared blankly at the grape-headed teen, but still continued to humor him. "Please tell me that there isn't anything sticky on it," said Denki.

"I promise. This is sacred. It is a sin to taint this holy book," answered Minoru with uncharacteristic seriousness. "Even when I touch the book, I wear gloves." He stopped as he reached into his desk. "Here are some gloves by the way. Like I said, this is the Kaaba of books."

"And you're bringin' it up now because…?" Asked Denki as he grabbed the gloves.

"If we're going to have this harem, then we must know how to perform," he told Denki as he pressed his ears closer to him. "...sexually!"

Denki pursed his lip. "Dude! Does it really matter? Guaranteed that these girls aren't worried about performance."

"Have you been under a rock?! Better yet, did Jirou perform to your liking?" asked Minoru.

"You know, maybe your teeth and my fist can further acquaint themselves with that topic," replied Denki, thundering his knuckles as an anime vein-like mark appeared on his forehead. "Your teeth seemed pretty lonely and wouldn't mind a friend familiar with its shortcomings, if you're pining for some company."

Minoru raised his arms defensively. "Sorry! Sorry! You're still touchy. Forgive me!" He took one end of the notebook. "This book gives guidelines on how to sexually perform well with women. The important thing is to give them satisfaction, work them up from the foreplay to the climax. You know it doesn't take us long to get off, but with a woman, that is practically Physics and Biology. Maybe Geometry."

"I am not sure about that. Granted after watching many hentai and porn, my thought is honestly about putting it in and she would automatically feel pleasure," said Denki. He was lying to himself. It irked him that Minoru was right about the importance of sexual performance and understanding the importance of pleasing women. When he and Kyouka were dry humping, his focus wasn't on getting her off, but getting himself off. Fortunately, their feelings were mutual. Nevertheless, it was important to sexually communicate with his partner for the future. "Go on," he told Minoru. It never hurts to learn these things beforehand, anyway.

Minoru opened up the book. The first few pages contained names and stamps of where the book came from. Denki was amazed how this book came through the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Nigeria, the Congo, Russia, Estonia, China, Sierra Leone, all throughout the world. "Quick question: Where exactly did you get this thing?" The electric blond felt the need to ask.

"You don't find the book. The book finds you," replied Minoru confidently. "The book goes to the worthy. My blessing becomes your blessing. We must break bread with our brothers in order to thrive in thanksgiving together." His tone was magnanimous.

"I assume Shiozaki is off the list," asked Denki. Shame, because he likes her too and would have liked to pull the nun fetish with her.

Minoru nodded as he pulled his shirt up, showing the redness on his chest. "She had a religious study before class this morning. I was the only one that showed up and let's say I said something that shouldn't have been said."

Denki shook his head as he clicked his tongue. "You putz!" He then focused on the book, he scrolled through the table of contents. "Wow," he whistled. "Over 300 chapters divided into categories on how to please the woman. From her stomach to her navel. Her ears! Her knees and elbows?" He gave Minoru an awkward look.

"Kneebone fetishes are real, friend," said Minoru. "Your goal isn't just ass and tits. The idea is to treat the body as if it is one sexual organ. I even read you can give a girl an orgasm by just touching her back. The body all connects as one to the erogenous zones. And with this book, we can keep girls coming for days and weeks. Literally and metaphorically!" He continued with excitement in his eyes. "After all, being harem lords means being masters in bed."

"Right, I guess that makes sense." Denki nodded in agreement.

"Great!" Minoru said to Denki. "I was thinking after school today, we can go and study these techniques. But first we will need to go to the grocery store and purchase some peaches."

"Why peaches, Minoru?" Kaminari arched an eye-brown.

"Oddly enough, when you crack open a peach, it looks like a vagina." The grape-headed midget shrugged in response.

"Why am I still friends with you?" The electric teen pinched his temple.

"Anyway, a peach is great so we can learn to eat a girl out," he told Denki with a cheeky grin. "If you don't know, it's called cunnili-"

"Look, I get it, man. This is important stuff, but this would rather be second priority stuff, no? Shouldn't we focus on how to advance the 'you-know-what' now that we have the 'pixie powder?' All that knowledge will be useless if we don't have anything to apply it to." Denki reminded his best friend of their 'master plan'.

"Jesus, man. Can you allow a man to finish?" Minoru gave Denki a stern glare.

"Sorry, man!"

The grapehead teen sighed. "As I said, I have some good news for you." He shut his eyes momentarily. "I have found that said woman."

Denki nearly lost his breath. He almost fell out of his seat when hearing those surprised words coming from Minoru's mouth. "What?!" He shouted then covered his mouth. That alone caused the others to turn. "Sorry..." he said while nervously chuckling. He turned to Mineta, crouching low in his seat. "You found what?"

"A woman!" He said proudly while nodding his head. "Our search is almost over."

"" Denki began stuttering. He was in shock, if not disbelief. He was supporting his friend, but didn't think it was actually going to go through. He was counting his losses with his $500.

"They don't call God an on-time God without a reason, Denki," said Minoru, putting a hand on his taller friend's shoulder. "It pays to pray."

"No shit, dude..." said Denki. "Does she go here?"

"No! She doesn't go here. She attends an academy in a nearby prefecture," said Minoru. "Earlier this morning, I posted an ad on social media for a scientific experiment."

"And some poor sap….I mean, a girl actually answered the post?" Denki questioned, still in disbelief.

"Yep yep!"

"She is real? Not some catfish?"

"Nope! But, I am looking forward to the smell of fresh salmon coming soon."

"Gross," replied Denki. "Are you sure it's a woman? Not a man or a trap? Have you met?" He needed to make sure that they weren't being duped. "Not saying there's nothing wrong with traps, but I am not so really sure if I am-"

"Anyway," retorted Minoru. "We Facetime each other earlier before class. It was shortly after leaving Shiozaki's bible study. She is coming to meet us tomorrow evening at an Italian restaurant." He began to smile. "And get this, she is paying for the both of us." He tapped his feet. "Man, do I feel the gods blessing us."

It sounded too good to be true, but he decided to indulge even further to see where it leads. "And she will figure out how to make the stuff work the way we need it to?"

"I didn't give her all the details. She knows what it will encompass. And she is willing to take the risk," said Minoru.

"I can't believe this."

"What's not to believe?"

"Dude! We have a girl. girl! Just like that? Are you sure this isn't a setup? Now I am beginning to suspect that we were watched. And with Aizawa-sensei absent too, now I am more convinced that we are being watched. I wouldn't be surprised if Shinsou was probably wearing a wire," said Denki worriedly, glancing all around them, feeling as if they were indeed being watched.

Minoru grabbed Denki's shoulder. "That isn't Shinsou's nature. She's a hustler. She knows the game. What benefits does she get from being a snitch? Well unless you're a certain rapper that looks like a motif that was made by a kindergartener." Minoru took hold of the notebook and placed it on his lap. "I promise you that nothing is going to happen. Shinsou is playing safe. We are playing safe. The only people that know are us three. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Four, now," said Denki nervously.

"She doesn't know it is 'pixie powder.' And we are gonna keep it that way," said Minoru. "What do you expect when we are preparing a harem? Risks are gonna happen!"

"Ok...still, inform me in the future about this beforehand," said Denki, calming down. "I don't like being caught off-guard with this."

"Welcome to the world of Pro Heroes," said Minoru. "If everything was planned out, then Sir Nighteye would still be here." He made a sign of the cross, offering his condolences.

"Anyway. Can you tell me this girl's name? What does she look like?" Denki asked.

"She is a cute nerdy ginger girl, her name is uh… Ah! Her name is..." The perverted midget explained before facing a large figure overlooked them.

"Mineta-san and Kaminari-san!" The math professor clicked his tongue. "Why am I not surprised to hear your voices ring in the room." He glared at Minoru. "Is that book of any importance here?"

Minoru shook his head. "No, sir!"

Ectoplasm-sensei nodded at him. "Thank you. I suggest putting that away and getting back to work. I do have Aizawa-sensei's number on standby. He doesn't mind refreshers. He even gave me the authority to exercise the entire class."

All eyes were now on Denki and Minoru. The boys nervously panicked.

They both bowed apologetically. "Sorry, Sensei!"

Ectoplasm-sensei didn't say anything further as he returned back to the center of the classroom.

"I will tell you everything after school," whispered Minoru.

"Fine!" replied Denki.

Minoru grabbed his phone and tossed it on Denki's lap. "This is the picture of the girl by the way. She even timestamped it to prove her authenticity."

The electric blond glared at the image of their girl. She was a ginger who wore glasses. She appeared to be their age. Judging by her uniform, it looked as though she attended a private school. In her hand, she showed a piece of paper to confirm the time and place, showing evidence that she was real. She was also sporting headphones and the background showed multiple computer monitors, so it was safe to say that she was a nerd, an otaku, a video game enthusiast, or all of the above.

The teen swallowed a lump in his throat. She looked nerdy but was very gorgeous. "Oh, my God! She's...she', she's very pretty...for a nerdy chick and all."

'You know, for a cheeky bastard, you can do better. So much better! That's all!'

Denki decided to put those thoughts aside as their substitute teacher was giving him the stink eye. As he returned to his studies, he was sort of anticipating the meet up with this ginger teen. She had to be twice as crazy to accept Minoru's request.

Ochako was on edge, she's been through the day so far, making it hard to focus on the class. She couldn't be blamed for being tense, unease and nervous, a little paranoid even due to recent occurrences involving her friends 'violent outburst' and encounter with a certain sadistic teacher of hers and a diva Pro Heroine.

The gravity girl could feel the gazes of the other girls upon her. Burning gazes filled with deep envy and jealousy trying to burn a hole through her head. Coupling this with having to face Midnight later today in Modern Hero History Class makes for a very tense and anxiety-filled day for the shaken-up girl, it doesn't help that her backside was still tender and sensitive.

And to make matters worse, her boyfriend, Deku, was absent. Last he heard of him was almost an hour ago, explaining that his check up with Recovery Girl took longer than expected and that he would soon arrive, but the second period has passed by already and no sign of the emerald-haired Faunus.

She tried to text him again, but no response. She was growing worried and so were others such as Iida and Todoroki.

However, as of the third period, when Kayama-sensei was supposed to give her class, she didn't turn up. Apparently she left to attend a personal matter of sorts.

That gave Ochako some reprieve. But she couldn't allow herself to fully relax as she feared that at the first chance they got, the rest of the girls would pull off something on her and she just doesn't want to be near any of them. To circumvent this she stuck close to Iida and basically avoided the girls in between classes and during lunch.

However, she felt saddened when noticing how smaller the table felt, not only for the obvious lack of her precious bunny boy, but the lack of her friends also saddened. Many in the classroom noticed the distance between her and the rest of the girls.

Iida tried to ask what was wrong, but Ochako deflected each question saying that it was a 'girl's issue' and that it will sort itself out. Obviously, he remained unconvinced and concerned, but ended up dropping it out of respect for her personal space.

While eating her bowl of jasmine rice in silence, she glanced at the rest of the girls, who were sitting at a table a little away. All were eating quietly as well, there was no chit chat or bantering, nothing. It seemed for the round-faced girl that they were still affected by what happened as well.

However, it was then that she noticed that Tsuyu was missing, in fact, she's also been absent the whole day. Weird… Tsuyu would never miss classes on purpose unless she gets sick and even then, she rarely if ever gets sick… Ochako had the hunch that something was not right at all...

"Izuku is not around and neither is Tsu-chan… Could it be that…?" She then shook the notion off her head. "No, no. Calm down, Ochako, you're just being paranoid. Sure, the others want him so bad to the point of nearly forcing themselves on him, but Izuku is very fast and strong, he wouldn't let himself be taken advantage of by any of them. There's no need to worry about him." Ochako thought to herself, taking a breath to calm down. She resumed her lunch, scharching off the bad feeling she's having as merely paranoia.

The gravity girl continued eating her lunch quietly. She appreciated the small peace that lunch break offered as she was fairly away from the girls and she didn't feel the burning gazes coming her way.

After a few minutes, she finished with her bowl of rice and lunch break was almost over. She checked her phone and still nothing about her Izuku. She thought of calling him when everyone's attention was drawn to the sounds coming from the loudspeakers being turned on.

"Attention to all boys and girls from Class 1-A and 1-B! Attention to all boys and girls from Class 1-A and 1-B! Y'all need to report to the auditorium in a few minutes for a special meeting! Don't dally, that is all!" It was Present Mic's voice coming out.

The students of Class 1-A figured this was about the speech their homeroom teacher intended to give them, but since he was busy earlier, it was delayed.

Ochako sighed as she pocketed her phone and stood up from her seat along with her friends and walked towards the exit along with the rest of her classmates, alongside the students of Class B. A good bunch of the teens like Sero and Kaminari grumbled while the rest like Iida and Todoroki remained quiet, but overall they felt their mood sour significantly. It didn't help that they all could see Monoma smirking mockingly at them.

"I don't see why he's laughing," said Hanta. "Sensei said us, not just 1-A." He clicked his tongue, trying not to let Monoma irritate him.

"Hey, don't let him irritate you, bro." It was Eijiro as he produced an optimistic grin. "I am feeling like we won't have that much trouble this time." He patted Hanta's back. "I think he knows that we learned our lesson."

"Did you forget? This is the same guy who kicked out his entire class last year," retorted Hanta. "If he gave no damns then, what makes you think he won't do it now?"

"Old things have passed away, mon ami," said Yuga as he joined the group. "We are a much better class anyway. Besides, I am feeling as though fate is on our side." He looked at his teeth. "Last minute appointments at the dentists are miraculous." He produced a wink as stars came out of his eye.

"Seeing that we are getting along again, I don't think Aizawa-sensei will be as harsh." It was Mashirao that spoke as he was munching on his spicy melon bread. "Thanks for the sweets, Sero-kun!"

Hanta clicked his tongue, nodding his head in affirmation. He was thankful to Aoyama for having those sweets hand-delivered during second period. Of course, he owed Aoyama some money, but it was worth the price of admission to see the tailed teen smile after going overboard with him yesterday. Even snitches deserve second chances.

Tetsutetsu accompanied Eijiro as he wrapped his arm around him. "Hear, hear! Plus, I know that you know, but I can't wait for what Bakugou has in store tonight."

Eijiro covered his friend's mouth. "Shh! Want us to get on further house arrest?!" He also pointed at Monoma. "And we certainly don't need him to know."

Mineta chimed in. "What are you guys talking about?"

Eijiro felt a sweatdrop appear. "Nothing! Nothing! Just talking about the good vibes we are having."

Mineta stared at the rock and steel teens. "Okay!" He hummed as he went to join Denki.

Tetsutetsu whispered to Eijiro. "You didn't tell him either?"

"Mineta or Monoma doesn't know," he whispered. "Bakugou specifically said not to invite them."

"That isn't very nice, KishiBro," replied the steel teen.

"I know," he replied. "But honestly, how would you feel to miss tonight's action involving Super Soakers, gelatin, and hot, boisterous, big breasted sexy chicks dancing, wrestling, and kissing? College chicks!"

During lunch, the redhead explained that Katsuki was able to reach his parents and to let him be excused for the rest of the day, thus the reason for his absence. Bakugou told Eijiro that Camie was hosting a party and she was bringing some friends she knew at the local college. He invited the entire 1-A and 1-B boys with the exception of Neito and Minoru. He even paid a bouncer to make sure Minoru kept away from the party if he were to find out.

It was surprising that the explosive teen would do something like this, especially after the rough encounter he had yesterday. One would expect him to be bitter and angier than usual, but apparently, Camie somehow sweet talked him into bringing almost the whole hero course to the party. Even then Bakugou had to admit that his class earned to have fun after the torture they all endured. Of course one might expect him to take the chance to show off his girlfriend, but the teens wouldn't complain for that if it means a night of fun!

Kosei walked beside the two. "I'm glad just to be invited."

The chubby teen Nirengeki nodded. "Agreed! Plus, we are granted permission to watch Bakugou's girl dancing with college chicks."

"Bakugo is our Stifler! To think I might revoke his Douchebag Pass (for tonight)," said Juzo. "Where will it be?"

"Bakugou's parents have a spot downtown that they keep for guests or when family comes to town," said Eijiro. "They know Bakugou wants a day off, but they don't know that he will be using the condo for tonight's party. As we speak, he is going to procure the supplies for it. In fact, he should be calling me so I can go and meet him for assistance."

"Cool! Let me know if he needs a third wheel. I love behind-the-scenes action," said Tetsutetsu excitedly.

He paused as he saw the girls passing them. He knew it was best to remain quiet from this time forward. Eijiro put his finger to his lip. "Let's keep quiet. Everything is going down tonight. Check your phones!"

The boys silently agreed as they headed toward the auditorium. Meanwhile, the girls of 1-A were preparing for their own evening plans.

"Okay, girls. Here's the keikaku," said Momo as they were walking in close proximity. "Tsuyu is busy with some personal business with family so she has me running the show for now."

It was after the first period that the girls received a text informing why Tsuyu hasn't turned up all day. They knew that the frog girl returned to her room to get some extra shut-eye before classes earlier this morning. They knew she overslept, they didn't go to wake her up when it was time to go to classes, a bit of getting back at her for her very risky plan.

"Thanks for the update, Momo-sama," responded Mina. "Now, here's sports with Zei Roh, followed by his co-anchor Foxs Given." She added making an impression of a news reporter in lieu of jest. She was still salty about Tsuyu's plan, while understandable, it's getting annoying for the rest of the girls having to deal with the pink girl's sour and pretty much bitchy attitude.

Tooru and Kyouka thought it was best to not return a rebuttal as it was getting easier and easier to retort with Ashido. Momo looked skyward to keep her composure. "Anyway, after school, we're going to Hatsume-san's dorm. I spoke with her last night and she knows we're coming."

"I didn't see her in class today. Her 1-H classmates haven't seen her either," replied Tooru with a hint of worry in her voice. "Maybe she's doing all of her missed homework? It must be quite the tenacious endeavor to catch up with 3 weeks worth of homework, after all." She added.

"Perhaps, but I think there is another reason." replied Momo. The ponytailed teen put her finger to her lip. "Maybe she is sick. Maybe she is ashamed of the events she caused."

Kyouka tugged her ear jack. "I would be too if I've learned that I am being replaced as head student lead of the Support Department." She sighed heavily. "That sucks!"

"What?!" The girls blurted out when hearing that surprising news.

"Seriously?" asked Tooru.

Momo's mouth was agape. "I knew she was on suspension, but I didn't realize that she was being replaced."

Kyouka nodded affirmatively. "It became official this morning. What she did was too risky and could have invoked a lawsuit from Izuku's parents. It was fortunate that his mother didn't care, but that was his mother. Not every parent will think or feel the same way."

"So, she is banned completely?" asked Momo.

"Not banned, just removed from her position," replied Kyouka. "However, she won't be able to involve herself with anything dealing with Dust or Remnant weaponry unless she takes some corrective action courses. But knowing that pink-haired mophead, she won't take them, even if she really wanted to work on those."

"Stubborn as a mule," replied Momo. "But she would be dumb if she doesn't take those classes. Those toys are her children."

"I can't pretend to know the feeling if somebody were to take my babies," said Tooru as she turned to the others. "You don't think her being replaced will change things?"

"She seemed fine yesterday," answered Momo. "She said that she would look into it." She scratched her chin. "Now, I am a bit worried."

Mina slyly scoffed when hearing the not-so-surprising news. "Hmpf! Told you Froggy's plans were going to shit. Should have made me the boss!" She shouted in her head.

"Have something to say Mrs. Peabody?" said Kyouka sternly.

Mina had her arms crossed. "Nothing! Just have a bit of a cough is all."

"Got some tissues if you need it," replied Kyouka. "Even cough drops!"

"I'll keep them in mind," replied Mina with a fake smile.

"Ok! Now let's not let her forced resignation deter us," said Momo. "Hatsume has dealt with worse. She is a tough girl. Her toys wouldn't be her toys without her time, love, and dedication." She produced a smile. "I think if we remind her about this, then we can be sure she can take the classes and get her back into making her 'babies'. Besides, is it really important to have a title?"

"I hope I can understand the feeling, Boss," replied Mina with her arms crossed.

"With her current attitude, I don't mind replacing her with Kendou or Yanagi, hell even Ave Maria herself." Momo was thinking to herself about the current situation. She was amazed that the boys were able to quickly mend their troubles and move on. However, there was tension remaining with them. Although they were together, friction was present. They continued to give Ochako the silent treatment. Mina was seething in envy because Tsuyu was in charge of the operation. Kyouka and Tooru were trying their best to not get cross with Mina. She would have to conclude that attitudes vary with people when having their yandere moments. After all, Ashido was an alien.

"We'll get together after school and go straight to Hatsume-san's dorm," said Momo. "We must get that ctOS in order to move forward with our plans."

"And what are those plans again, oh fearless leader?" asked Mina insincerely.

Before she could respond, the girls arrived at the auditorium. Momo was grateful because she was close to knocking some sense into the alien.

Meanwhile, Ochako was walking alongside Tenya and Shouto. She noticed the rest of the boys perking up, even talking with some of the boys from Class 1-B. However, her thoughts dwelled more on where her caring and loving boyfriend could be. She was growing worried by the minute.

The gravity girl then felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to look at Iida. "No word on Midoriya-kun yet?" He asked with concern.

Ochako shook her head in denial. "Neither on your end?" She asked back at him.

Tenya shook his head in confirmation.

"Todoroki-kun?" Ochako turned to Shouto.

"Still radio silence." He replied serenely. "Haven't spoken to Izuku since last night."

The round-faced girl sighed in defeat as she looked down. Ever since the second period the trio tried to contact the green-haired Faunus through text out of concern, but so far nothing. They weren't the only ones that noticed Izuku's unexplained absence, but the rest of their classmates either assumed he felt sick or focused on other things.

However, Ochako, Tenya and Shouto knew better. "This is very strange, Izuku would have texted back by now." Tenya said to his friends.

"You're right, this isn't like him at all." Shouto replied as he crossed his arms.

"He was with me before classes today…" Ochako muttered softly, but audible enough for the boys to hear her. She clenched her left hand tightly, where she still wore the ring Izuku gave her on their date last Saturday. "You guys don't think that… something might have happened to him...?" Ochako asked the teenage boys with a noticeable fearful quiver in her tone.

"Don't say something like that Uraraka-kun, there has to be another logical explanation. Sure, it's very odd and concerning that Izuku is missing and not replying to our texts, but I'm certain that nothing bad would have happened to him. The whole campus is extremely safe and secure for all of us, so it's nearly impossible for something like a Villain to kidnap him to happen." Tenya explained calmly.

"But then… What if he isn't in school at all?" Ochako asked again, distress clear in her eyes.

"If so, then maybe he went out due to a personal inconvenience and maybe he either displaced his phone or is in a no-reception zone." Tenya speculated. "I understand, you're worried for him. We are as well, but there's nothing we can do for now." He said to her with an understanding and compassionate tone.

Ochako said nothing and just glanced down, not a single bit eased about the topic. "Perhaps we might have some time after the speech and go to check on the dorms to see if he's there." The glasses-wearing teen suggested.

"Okay…" Ochako simply nodded in response. Trying once again to calm herself and not focus on her worrying thoughts about Izuku.

"Look, I understand that things are very… 'different' for us these days, but I'm certain that everything will be alright. We might have a bad few days, but we'll get through this and come out stronger." Tenya smiled kindly at the girl, putting a hand gently on her shoulder. "And until you and the girls sort this 'girls issue' out, you can still hang out with us. It might not be the same, but we would never let you feel lonely." He added to lift her spirits further. Shouto also smiled at her and nodded in agreement.

Ochako looked back at him, a small smile was drawn on her face. "Right, thanks Iida-kun. Hopefully things go back to normal soon." She replied, feeling a little better now. She was grateful that she still had friends that she could rely on.

"Me too, Uraraka-kun." Tenya nodded, still smiling at her. The trio continued on their way to the auditorium along with the rest of the teens.

However, there was a reason why Shouto remained silent throughout most of the exchange for he believed that Ochako's fears were not unfounded. "Izuku is nowhere to be found, not a single reply from him and conveniently one of the girls, who happens to have deep romantic feelings for him, is missing as well. Very suspicious, but I don't want to cause more worry and stress on Uraraka. Hopefully I'm just overthinking it and it's not what I fear it is." He thought to himself, while keeping his serene expression despite being worried for his best friend on the inside.

He noticed that Asui was also missing the whole day like Izuku, however he thought it would be best to keep silent about what he knows about the girls for now and anyways he promised Izuku that he wouldn't divulge the information he gave him.

Everyone arrived at the auditorium and took their seats quietly.

Their eyes were becoming peevish as the realization that they were now at ground zero. To their left, the sharp footsteps filled the silence as they saw their sensei entering the stage. Aizawa-sensei was quiet. He didn't appear upset. It was a calm, yet blank expression as he had his hands to his back. Those who dared observe would see if there were any other faculty and staff accompanying him. However, there wasn't. In the mind of those students, that was what scared them the most. If their Literature teacher or Math teacher, even Nezu was there, then the possibilities of their consequences wouldn't be as harsh. However, it was Aizawa-sensei that stood alone and they felt they were back in the hornet's nest.

Eraserhead walked to the podium. He stared at the sheepish crowd. A few moments later, Lunch Rush entered the stage and delivered his cup of coffee. The brunet teacher nodded as the cafeteria worker departed. He took the cup and took a couple of sips. Each slurp created echoes in the room. Once placing the cup on the podium, he tapped the microphone to see if it was on.

Eraserhead cracked his neck. Then, he reached for his bandage-shaped binders. Eyes were wide as he removed the restriction weapon and placed it aside on the stand next to the podium. Murmurs filled the auditorium. Concerns were being raised. That wasn't like their teacher removing an item that was like a permanent accessory.

"Good morning!" His voice was raspy. Nevertheless, each felt it penetrating their souls. 1-A students grew nervous as they were fearing that they were getting a repeat of Sunday.

"Over the past seventy-two hours, there have been aberrant events occurring at our school. Events that have raised concern with the administration, faculty and staff, and with students. On Saturday evening, two floors in the Alliance Heights dormitory suffered a partial collapse. Three rooms were destroyed in the process. Fortunately, no one was hurt. However, the concern was raised when neither faculty or staff were notified of the incident. The total cost of damage was over $250,000. Three students are displaced and now live with fellow students until construction is complete. The Yaoyorozu Construction Company was considerate in covering the cost. However, things like this should not be occurring on our campus.

Another concern is violation of rules and regulations. I think it is imperative for prospective Heroes and Heroines to pursue non-hero related activities. It is another thing when there is a violation of curfew, altercations with fellow students, and lack of notification with dealing with the engagement of relationships, sexually and non-sexually. U.A. High doesn't condone lascivious acts as it shows misrepresentation, possibly damaging the reputation of our school. Attending this school is a privilege, not a right! There are plenty of students outside of this school who would love to take your place. And these kinds of things I do not like."

He peered over the crowd. Silence was evident. He could only hear his breath hovering the microphone.

"Students involved in the incidents over the weekend were reprimanded and punished. Let this be a warning to everyone in this room. We will not have this going on again. 1-A, I am highly disappointed in you for the actions that you have done over the weekend. A poor, poor example - lack of responsibility, lack of communication, carelessness, and most of all, selfishness. I expect better from you! I see the potential, but this isn't it. You're different from any typical teenagers. You're students with Quirks! Prospective Pro Heroes! You won't make it far if you think you are going to coast because you have the ability to use your powers. Anybody can have powers, but it takes a Hero to be a master and to be strategic.

However, what made me upset with you all was the lack of camaraderie. Pointing fingers, going against each other. What is going to happen when the League of Villains were to come? They are not worried about petty beefs. They don't care about you guys disliking each other. They are coming for blood. They want you guys to suffer. They don't discriminate. They have no problem attacking children, anybody that is standing in their way. If you guys can not recall previous engagements with the LOV, then you need a take a hard look in the mirror. Because you might as well pack your bags and leave."

Heads began dropping in the crowd. Tenya took off his glasses, trying his best not to sulk. Sero placed his hands on his lap. Momo slumped lowly in her seat. Yuga looked skyward at the ceiling. Even Monoma looked away as if he was being punished.

"I don't expect you all to get along, but you are all you got! Class 1-A and 1-B, you're a family. You don't have to like each other, but you will respect each other. I don't know the entire situation, and honestly don't care to know. But whatever trifling moments you guys are having, end it! We have a school that is expecting the best. In less than three months, our campus is going to open up its doors to these Remnant students, who have their whole core in their formation as Huntsmen is companionship and cooperation amongst each other. And what is their headmaster going to think if we can't even deal with our own problems? I am not going to get embarrassed again. I can and I will take immediate action to all of you if anything of this nature happens again. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Aizawa-sensei," said the group in a sullen voice. The words coming from the Eraser Hero were like bullets piercing them, filling them with a sense of shame, even for the students from Class 1-B.

"I am not here to pacify you. Save that for your parents. I am here to prepare you all to become the Heroes and Heroines of tomorrow. Put me out of a job so I can retire knowing I have brought up students that can keep the peace." Aizawa-sensei slammed the podium with his fist. "You're here because you are exceptionally special. You have creative gifts that will be useful in various hero agencies all over the world. Heroes are needed as we speak. Here in Japan, the United States, Africa, Europe, our whole world, and hopefully someday, in Remnant.

Let us be the foundation for why people in Remnant want to choose this school to bring up Huntsmen and Huntresses who want to become Heroes. Let's give them a reason in which we can have Heroes who want to become Huntsmen and Huntresses. But in order to do that, I need three things: cooperation, companionship, and commitment. These will be the words that I expect you all to live by from this point on. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir," replied the group in unison.

"There are going to be some changes in the next couple of weeks. I have spoken with Nezu as well as Yagi-sensei, Kayama-sensei, Ishiyama-sensei, and fellow teachers about implementation of group settings. We are going to call this RTI - Response to Intervention. We are working with Beacon faculty as we speak so we can develop an understanding in working together in groups. Because, you all will be living by the three Cs before their arrival. Which means I and fellow teachers will be assigning our homerooms into groups. These will be your partners for the remainder of the school year. For those who studied about Huntsmen formation, you would notice that this is indeed us implementing the Team System used in most Huntsmen Academies in Remnant, which consist of four students. Details will be coming soon and I will be conducting interviews with potential leaders. So check your emails whenever we need to be in touch.

Also, in unrelated news, we have a new lead with the Support Department. The Support Department has been extremely busy preparing for our Beacon arrivals. A team has been established and are currently studying Remnant weaponry and Dust. We are also planning to send these students to Beacon for a week for professional development as they can learn as much as they can. Therefore, it is crucial that we abandon these sophomoric mindsets and prepare for the best."

He took another sip of his coffee before wanting to conclude the speech.

"As you might have heard, Mei Hatsume has stepped down as the lead of the Support Department. She will remain in class 1-H where she can fully utilize her skills with fellow students. I am here to announce the new student lead of the Support Department. She is the daughter of one of the best scientists and inventors in the world. She attended a prestigious and highly demanding science/mathematics academy on I-Island before being requested to transfer to U.A. High. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like for you to please stand and meet your new student lead of the Support Department, Melissa Shield."

The class of 1-A and 1-B did as they were instructed when they saw another presence walking toward the stage. She was a woman of Caucasian descent. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes that were hiding behind her glasses. She was wearing a long white lab coat that covered her down to her ankles. Murmurs and whispers filled the room as they were surprised that their new student lead was a foreigner.

A few students from Class 1-A were utterly stunned by the surprise, as they already knew the American transferred since a certain event on an artificial island that took place last summer break.

Shouto blinked twice in surprise as Tenya smiled pleasantly at the welcoming surprise.

As for a certain perverted duo… Denki was elated as a lecherous grin appeared on Minoru's face. "See? What did I tell you? The Gods are on our side! They just sent that blonde angel back to us! This is a sign from above!" He whispered to his best friend with a pervy grin with an excited glint in his eyes.

Denki glanced at his shorter friend."I'll have to admit that we're having a good luck streak today, from we get the Dust, then a cute nerdy girl to help us out and now a fairing beauty comes along. Hopefully this lasts for a while, but anyways we shouldn't push our luck." Denki thought to himself, sweat dropping a bit when seeing the pervy expression of his friend

"Well, I'll admit it is great to see Melissa-san again. She was a total angel with that dress of hers." He replied with a happy smile and a blush on his face. God, one of the silver linings of the trip to I-Island was seeing the girls in those amazing (even Kyouka looked pretty on hers, he'll admit) dresses at that party on the Central Tower, with Melissa being at the very top. Everything else for the most part was working with Minoru to exhaustion as a waiter in a restaurant or running through the Central Tower to save the whole island from a group of Villains.

Regardless, the already pretty blonde girl looked heavenly in that dress and the electric teen certainly looks forward to seeing her wearing that again if the Harem plan works out.

"Oh ho ho ho, trust me, my friend. We'll see her wearing that and much more!" Minoru replied excitedly as he rubbed his hands. Having Melissa coming to U.A. was a godsend and he already has many ideas for her when the plan is complete.

Ochako's eyes widened in shock and surprise when she saw the blonde girl. "Melissa-san!" She shouted in her mind. Never would have she thought she would see Melissa this soon and here of all places. However, it wasn't an unwelcome surprise as the glasses-wearing blonde was a lovely person and became fast friends with her, on top of being incredibly smart and talented in terms of inventions like her father.

But then, Ochako remembered the closeness she and Izuku had during the pre-opening of the I-EXPO. It was clear for her that Izuku was having a good time with her, almost like he was having a date with her… Back then she wouldn't admit it, but she was jealous, which wasn't helped by Momo making the assumption that the emerald child was having a date with Melissa, the thought of her being close to another was something the round-faced girl didn't like at all.

Fortunately, Melissa cleared everything up and became fast friends with Momo, Kyouka and Ochako herself. However, Ochako was very relieved that nothing was going on between her and Izuku, even if it seemed like they were close and seemed to have things in common.

And of course she still remembers how Deku got flustered during the party when he saw Melissa looking like a drop dead gorgeous model.

However, all of that is in the past! Now Ochako and Izuku are together, so there's no reason for her to worry in that regard! There's no way someone as sweet and kind as Melissa would become unhinged for Izuku like her friends… Or at least she hopes it doesn't come to that.

Ochako flinched when she noticed Melissa looking directly at her and waving with a sweet smile on her face. The round-faced smiled back at her and waved. Despite everything that is happening around her, she was happy, very happy to meet with another friend. Hopefully they can talk and catch up later.

While Ochako reacted positively at the surprise arrival of Melissa. The rest of the girls on the other hand…

"Oh, you gotta be shitting me!" Kyouka cursed under her breath, her fist clenched tightly.

"Calm down, Kyouka." Momo whispered at her with a stern expression.

"Calm down?! How the heck am I supposed to when she comes around at the worst possible time!?" Kyouka shot her glare at the raven-haired girl, shouting in a hushed tone and maintaining her composure. However, her expression was outraged.

"Hold on a sec! Is that the Melissa Shield girl you met at I-Island? The same one that looks like a freaking supermodel? That Melissa Shield?" Mina chimed in as she dissimulatedly gestured at the blonde girl on the stage.

Momo sighed. "Yes, that's her." She replied calmly. Kyouka wore a deep frown on her face as she crossed her arms.

"Oh for fuck's sake! Just what we needed!" The pink-skinned girl reacted outraged, nearly shouting and throwing her arms up in frustration. Tooru also groaned in frustration.

"Look, I'm not happy about this either, but this is not the time nor the place to talk about this. For now, remain cool and collected, understand?" Momo said sternly to her friends. She was seething on the inside at the unexpected arrival of the Shield girl. Nothing personal against her, she was actually very nice and lovely with her, Ochako and Kyouka.

However, there was an obvious closeness between her and Izuku, not to mention the beauty of the blonde girl that put hers to shame. But, she kept her calm and composed.

The rocker chick sighed in resignation. "Yaomomo is right, girls. You heard Sensei, we need to get our act together and don't make a mess like last time." She said in a more controlled manner. As much as her blood boiled due to jealousy at Melissa's figure, her best friend was right, it was not the time and the place to talk about this.

"Yeah, you're right." Tooru nodded in understanding.

"Fine." Mina conceded as she crossed her arm in a huff. "But we're continuing this later." This day just got a whole lot worse for her now...

Aizawa-sensei stepped to the side as Melissa approached the podium. She bowed humbly at sensei. "Thank you." She turned to the students. "Greetings, class 1-A and 1-B. It is a pleasure, a privilege, and an honor to be the lead of the Support Department for U.A. High School." She cleared her throat. "When Principal Nezu called and recommended me to fill the vacancy, I was exuded in joy. Now, I am not trying not to take away what Hatsume has done for you guys here. Hatsume and I have spoken with each other and she was happily willing to pass the position to me." She pressed her body to the podium to speak closer to the microphone.

"Making this transition from the United States and I-Island to Japan are big shoes to fill, let alone finishing my senior year at this prestigious high school, I just want to let you know that I am here and readily available to talk with anyone who has any questions regarding weaponry, repairs, and looking for a shoulder to cry on. I am a great listener!" The latter ended in a jest, more for herself than for others. "Anyway, I am excited to participate in the pilot program we are having with Beacon. My colleagues and I have a lot of work to do to prepare for our counterparts. I still have a lot to do as I am still moving my stuff to my apartment off-campus and moving things to my office in the Support Department, but if you have any questions, please contact me via email or visit me during my office hours." She was getting ready to turn, but forgot to say something else.

"Oh, yeah! One more important thing. Due to the increase of funding and expenditures due to the Schnee Dust Company and private investors with my father, we have a slot available for anyone interested in joining the Support Department." Melissa raised her finger. "It does mean your time will be split between classes and your duties will be changed, but for those who are interested in developing a technical background as prospective Heroes, feel free to see me in my office or talk with your teacher." She produced a friendly smile before bowing. "Thanks once again and please treat me fairly well." She turned away and walked toward the stage steps.

Aizawa-sensei returned to the podium. "Thank you, Ms. Shield for that pleasant introduction." He clicked his tongue as he returned back to the matter at hand. "Your teachers and I are going to be busy conducting meetings so we are going to formally dismiss you guys for the rest of the day. However, I don't expect you all to peruse the campus. Take this opportunity to study at the library, computer center, or in your dorms. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir," said the group in unison.

"Stand," informed Aizawa-sensei. "And bow! You are dismissed!"

Aizawa-sensei stepped away from the podium and took his exit. The group was surprised by the immediate dismissal of school.

"Trust me, Sensei. We won't be perusing the campus," said Hanta as he looked at the others. "Because we're going to be perusing Bakugou's condo tonight!" He cheered for the change in their luck.

Some of the boys nodded in confidence about the things they had planned tonight.

"Alright!" said Eijiro excitedly. "Just got off the phone with Bakugou." He turned to Tetsutetsu. "Good news! He is gonna need us as we speak. We got to get the condo organized for the party. He even got two badass 808 audio speakers and even got strobe lights so we can go untz, untz, untz, untz."

"Bad ass," replied the steel teen. "This is exciting! Do you think it is legal for Utsushimi's friends to go and get liquor?"

"Here's hoping!" Eijiro pushed his friend's back. "Let's go before Aizawa-sensei changes his mind."

Kyouka stretched her arms skywardly as she led the group into the entrance of Alliance Heights. They knew the boys would be too busy focusing on their evening plans with debauchery and sin. Poor boys, Kyouka thought to herself, as they forgot that her earjacks were not for decoration. It mattered not to her as their plans were solely focused on obtaining their prized bunny rabbit. However, complications were arising as there were monkeys throwing the proverbial wrench into their operation.

"Great! Now we have two monkeys and a dirty gorilla on our backs!" Kyouka threw herself on the couch. "How in the hell does this happen?" She hit her head on the back of the couch, obviously upset due to Melissa's unexpected arrival. "I'm beginning to think we are cursed or someone within is screwing with us." Her mind was wandering in many directions. The first monkey was Ochako, having to deal with her involvement with Deku since now they were lovers. The second monkey was Mei. If it wasn't for Mei recklessly toiling with her babies and Dust onto Deku, then they wouldn't be in this position. The latter of which became uncertain if or if not was it a silver lining. Now, the dirty gorilla herself - Melissa Shield. She knew how the boys gawked at her for being a foreigner. Anything exotic outside of their culture was appealing, thus making her a threat. And now she was in charge of the Support Department, possibly derailing their plans as that department was Mei's life. Not to mention the closeness between her and Izuku, which could be highly problematic.

Mina sat beside Kyouka on the couch. She pinched her nose. "Do you now see the karma that is being pulled? Too much coincidence if you ask me." She folded her arms. "Yet again, can't say that I've told you so." The latter of which was spoken melodically.

The rocker chick grunted as she hit Mina's chest with her arm. "Jesus, get off our jocks! Since this morning, no scratch that, since this weekend, you have been such a...such a…"

"I can say it," interjected Tooru as she sat across from her. "Mina, why have you been such a bitch lately?" She picked up the remote from the coffee table and turned on the television. "I've never seen you this pessimistic."

"No lies detected, friend." Momo sat beside Tooru on the couch. In her hand, she was trying to get in contact with Mei. Since the announcement of Melissa being the new lead, she had been texting the mophead without any success. They could have immediately gone straight to her room, but wanted to give Mei time as they needed to produce a convincing argument on persuading the now-disgraced scientist-to-be.

"And plus, what karma?" retorted Kyouka. "To get dirt is to do dirt. And I feel as though we don't even have enough dirt on our boots to even feel the repercussions."

"What happened to operating on a code of womanhood?" interjected Mina. "Our goal is to obtain Deku and Deku alone. Not running favors or involving people who most likely want something in return." She crossed her legs. "So, excuse the hell outta me if you feel if I've been a Negative Nancy. But someone here has to wake up and smell the coffee. Because the coffee here certainly isn't fresh."

Momo lowered the volume on the television. "Ok, we're friends. We're in this group. Do you feel this way because of this current situation? Or, you feel that you don't have a say? Better yet, are you letting this ideation of my being placed in charge during Tsu's absence get to you?"

Mina became wide-eyed. "Not everything is about you, Yaoyorozu!" She stamped her foot. "Boss or no boss, we need to keep each other accountable for the leaks that could possibly happen." She gauged the room. "Late last night, Tsuyu decided to involve Hadou-senpai in this with Hadou's hopes of having a picnic with him and Eri-chan." She touched her chest. "Granted, adorable and cute, but we didn't have a say in approving this. That is my problem."

"People are not always going to do things for free, Mina," said Momo. "Tsuyu knew at some point, we needed to get revenge on Kayama-sensei and Takeyama-senpai. Having Hadou-senpai just happened to be a great moment of opportunity. It was basically killing two birds with one stone. Until then, we didn't have many ideas."

"That still doesn't mean she didn't have to act on it alone. I would have approved it anyway," said Mina defensively.

"Leaders at the spur of the moment would make decisions like that," said Tooru. "Aizawa-sensei told us in training. Sometimes, leaders are going to make hasty decisions without warning. So, don't look at it as though she was trying to offend us. She was looking out for us."

"Plus, we couldn't act on the operation with our limited resources," said Momo. "So, I'm not surprised about Tsuyu making the decision to involve Hadou-senpai. An outside party? Yes! Useful? Definitely! And I am not sure if your memory was deprived, but who else knew about Yanagi's cousin and his outside work?"

The alien girl began to blush. She put her fingers together. "I...I thought everyone knew about it."

"No! Better yet, it is more of a known unknown," interjected Kyouka. "Point is is that we needed them to take care of those bitches for us. Therefore I don't blame Tsu for what she did. I trust her. So, let's give Hadou-senpai a chance, okay?"

Mina bit into her lip. She didn't have the direction of the argument, but she knew it was a losing battle. "Okay," she said softly. "I know Hadou-senpai isn't doing this, so who did she solicit?"

"Amajiki-senpai and Haya-senpai," answered Momo.

"Are they resourceful?" questioned Mina.

"I trust them. Haya-senpai will kill anybody for Hadou-senpai and plus, she has a strong dislike for those Pro Heroines so knowing her, she would do it for a bag of candy and a pat on her head," answered Momo.

"That answers Haya, but not Amajiki."

"That tsundere?" Momo blew a raspberry, waving her hand unconcernedly. "He is worse than Deku when it comes to girls. I bet a tiny touch on his hand would make him shiver and run away." She clicked her tongue. "Amajiki-senpai is the last guy at school to worry about."

"Knowing Senpai, she would probably quiet him with treats and stuff," interjected Tooru.

"So, when are they going to do this?" asked Mina inquisitively.

"Tsu said that she will text me when it is done," replied Momo as she crossed her arms. "Only time will tell." She looked at the others. "And literally time is all we have. And even that is limited. So, we need to think of ways to convince Hatsume-san to take those classes."

"Please think quickly because we are hanging by a thread," said Mina.

"I don't think so," interjected Kyouka. "If anything, we're living on a prayer."

Momo nodded approvingly. "Excellent!" She hit her fist on her hand. "So, now onto new business. The obvious elephant in the room." She took a strong breath.

"Where in the hell is Izuku?" asked the group in union.

Tooru waved her hands nervously. "Good thing I wasn't the only one!"

"The bunny rabbit has been missing all day," said Kyouka. "I would have assumed that he and Ochako would have walked to school together."

While all the girls were minding the deal with Hadou and sending harsh glares at the round-faced bitch when she wasn't looking, they noticed that the emerald rabbit was MIA the whole day.

The raven-haired girl hummed in thought briefly before something came to her mind. "Wait... They did!" Momo said in a surprised tone. "I saw them leaving for school together this morning. So, it is safe to say that he was there."

"Could he have left early?" asked Tooru.

"Nuh-uh. It's not like him to skip classes on purpose." Mina shook her head in denial.

"Yes, Izuku is a dedicated student. He wouldn't have skipped classes without a good reason." Momo agreed with a nod. "Maybe that was it, since it's unlikely he suddenly got sick and no way it was a Villain kidnapping him." She cupped her chin.

"God, it sucks we can't talk to Ochako about it." Tooru gritted her teeth. "Why do we have to be mad at the round-faced twit?" She crossed her arms in a huff.

"Oh, you know why we are not talking to her." Mina said rebutally.

"The guys seem over it." Tooru informed Mina. "Just last night, Sero-kun kicked Ojiro-kun's ass. Now, they are buddy-buddy again. I even heard he bought Ojiro-kun treats to beg for his forgiveness." Tooru nodded to herself. "Plus, the boys are having a party tonight. A sure contrast to how they were behaving two days ago."

Mina dug into her ear. "So, what's your point?"

"If they can get over their behavior, then why can't we?" Tooru suggested. "I know we agreed to give her a large treatment of cold shoulder with lots of harsh glares, but I'm feeling bad for her and… I miss her." She shifted a bit on her seat, her tone was soft and slightly sad.

Mina stuck out her tongue. "Tooru, Ochako broke an oath. She abandoned her post at the line of duty. She needs to pay for her sins." She looked at Tooru. "Do I feel happy leaving our dear friend alone, shunning her, and letting her feel like crap? Of course not! I love Ochako, I care about her, I miss her too! But she needs to be taught a lesson. We're not the guys! Guys think differently than us. Men can be incredibly simple, one moment they can be punching each other's teeth out and the next, they can be drinking the night away like nothing happened! Did you forget who started their quarrels? Exactly! We are not called the fairer sex without a reason."

Kyouka nodded in agreement with Mina. "Mina's right, Tooru. As much as I don't enjoy seeing Ochako like that, I'm not ready to forgive her yet. She needs to be taught a lesson. She's a strong girl and I know she can handle it. While it's not fun to see her like this, it's going to build her character and in the end, it will make her stronger."

"You're right, I'm not ready to forgive Ochako yet either." said Momo congruently. "Izuku will be supporting her so she won't feel lonely. She is my dear friend and at the same time, my rival." She looked at Tooru. "Give us a little bit longer. That is all we ask. Before you know it, we will all go to her at lunch and eat with her like nothing has ever happened." She put a hand on Tooru's shoulder. "As much as I agree with your notion of the boys, we're not them. If they thought like us, then Shouto would not be in this position." She lowered her head. "I can honestly admit I feel stupid and dirty for using him. He's a great guy. A wonderful guy. And he definitely deserves someone better than me. I know she's out there. I just know that it's not me." She concluded solemnly.

"No wonder why you're the vice president, Yaomomo. You're probably the most mature of the group." Kyouka said to her best friend, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Thanks, Kyouka." The raven haired girl nodded at her. "In any case, I need to make it up to Shouto, perhaps looking for him a new love interest?"

Their conversation became interrupted when they heard footsteps approaching their direction. Immediately, the girls cut off their conversation until the passerby comes and leaves. They all saw Ochako walking into the dorms, briefly passing by the living room and into the rooms, with haste in her step and a worried look on her face.

Once the gravity girl was gone, the group eased up as no one else came by, possibly most of the boys went to prepare with the boys of Class B while Iida and Todoroki might have gone to the library to study, considering that they might not be interested in Bakugou's party.

"Speaking of the devil." Mina spoke. "She seemed uneased, wonder why."

"I think it's no brainer, Mina. She's been on edge all day, obviously 'cause of us." Kyouka replied matter-of-factly.

"Hmm, yes. But something tells me that's not just it." Momo said with a pensive tone. "Tooru, can you spy on her and see what she's up to?" She turned to the invisible moe.

"Huh? Why?" Tooru asked surprisedly, the other two girls cocked their eye-brows in confusion.

"We haven't seen Izuku all day and she was the last person he was with. She might know something." Momo explained. "Through classes today, she often had her phone with her, maybe she was texting him." She added.

Kyouka spoke up. "Not that I don't understand your reasons and having to keep tabs on 'the enemy' and all, but why do that?" She questioned.

"I just want to be certain of something. Something wasn't right with Ochako, she seemed worried and it might be because of Izuku. We have to be certain that he is alright, right now Ochako must have gone to his room." Momo explained. The rest of the girls seemed to understand better now.

"Hmm… Okay. I'll go take a look." After a few seconds of mulling it, Tooru accepted. "Be right back." And with that she stood up and left while the others remained sitting and waited.

Ochako hurried towards Izuku's room, she would have gotten there by now, but on her way out of the auditorium, she was called by Melissa.

They had a brief, but pleasant conversation about being happy to see each other again after so long and a quick catch up. Melissa asked about Deku, the round-faced girl figured Melissa would want to see him again. Ochako had to make up that the emerald child wasn't feeling good and was resting in his room, an excuse she used to go check on him, but promised to chat properly with her later.

Tenya and Shouto went to check on other places in the campus in case Izuku was training or studying somewhere else or if someone had seen him.

The gravity girl reached her boyfriend's door. She knocked on it three times. "Izuku? Izuku, baby? Are you there?" She called out. She knocked a few times again. "Sweetie…?"

No response.

Ochako grew even more concerned. She grabbed the doorknob and, to her surprise, found it unlocked. Once opening the door, she found his room empty, only noticed a few of what she assumed were his dirty clothes laying on the ground.

The girl walked into his room and glanced around for a possible note or whatever that might tell her where her beloved was. She stumbled upon his cellphone on top of his drawer.

Ochako grabbed the phone and saw on the screen many text notifications. "Where are you, Izuku…?" She muttered with a deeply worried look on her face, she brought the phone close to her chest.

Unbeknownst to her, a certain invisible teen had been sneaking up on Ochako and once she saw what she needed, the invisible girl silently left to re-dress and inform her friends what she had learned.

The shoji doors were opened as Izuku was welcomed into the onsen. Trailing in front of him was the hostess, Ayeka.

"And here we are, Izuku-shinshi." Ayeka announced excitedly as she led him inside of the onsen. "You're going to love the various options we have presented here for your enjoyable stay here with us."

Izuku nodded in understanding as he followed her. Wearing his hotel complimentary underwear and carrying his toiletries, he was prepared for the ultimate experience, especially since it was presented as a gift. He appreciated the hospitality Ayeka the hostess has done thus far. Still, he felt sort of sorry for her, especially when he saw her on the phone contacting nearby shopping centers in search of an All Might novelty toy.

As they were going down the hallway, Ayeka the hostess informed him that his hotel room led to an open-air onsen where he can share with his guests. They also had selective times in which there were men or women only. There was also an indoor onsen where it contained a five foot deep hot tub as wide as a standard swimming pool, individualized areas in which they can privately dress, and an open air where they can air dry. Izuku must admit that Tsuyu found a nice spot for him and Ochako.

"Wow! This place is great!" Izuku stood in awe with his mouth agape.

"I'm pleased ! You're sweet as sweet bean cakes on a Sunday afternoon, Izuku-shinshi!"

"Ayeka obasan," said Izuku as he blushed at the pretty hostess. "I said it was okay to call me by my first name, but you didn't have to include that honorific."

"Nonsense, Izuku-shinshi. In Imperial Japan, 'shinshi' means esquire. It is a respectable rank under lordship, just like my loving Lord," she replied as she clutched her chest. "Lord, do I miss him dearly." She grabbed her cheeks tenderly. "Do I miss him so, so much that I can't wait to claim him as my own." She turned to Izuku. "Do you understand the feeling, Izuku-shinshi?"

"Minus the feelings of wanting to date my own nephew. Excuse me, great nephew." The emerald-haired Faunus touched his upper set of ears as he sweat-dropped at the 'eccentric' lady. "I won't say no?"

She giggled at him. "Well, one day you will. I was your age when I felt that great feeling in my heart." She clutched onto her kimono. "That feeling of love, an insatiable thirst that once you partake, you can't get enough. Sweet as rice wine, even sweeter than chocolate."

"Right~" Izuku concluded to himself that that was a rabbit hole that he didn't want to crawl inside, given that he has his own already. Taking off his slippers, he walked into the warm tiles of the onsen. The sound of running water filled the large bathing area.

"Since it is just you...and whenever your guest arrives, treat this as your personal oasis," replied Ayeka pleasantly. "Knowing you, Izuku-shinshi, she is probably as sweet as you, if not sweeter."

He tugged his rabbit ears with his fingers. "She's very sweet. Adorable, loving, respectful, qualities of a wonderful girlfriend." A happy smile was drawn on his face, a pinkish blush manifesting on his cheeks.

She clapped her hands. "I do look forward to expecting her. Do you want to tell her of your whereabouts when she arrives?"

"Would you," he replied. "That way she won't get concerned." Izuku hoped that Shouto or Tenya relayed the message for Ochako. In the midst of getting ready to leave, he forgot his cell phone. He was distracted whenever Tsuyu pushed and nudged him to leave. What he didn't tell Ochako, better yet, was afraid to tell Ochako was that a couple of weeks ago, the invisible moe blessed him with a second cell phone. However, the phone was prepaid and only had a few minutes to spare in case of emergencies. It was good luck that he had it within his backpack. He knew Ochako would kill him if she knew about his backup phone so it was best to keep it to himself.

Nevertheless, he was actually, if not pleasantly surprised that the inn had a rotary phone. Putting his retroactive skills to work, he tried phoning Shouto, but he didn't receive a response. He even tried to phone Tenya with no luck. Knowing those two, they were probably busy and hopefully can respond back to the hotel or to Ochako in a timely manner. Until then, he would have to play the waiting game. Of course he hopes that the others wouldn't be too worried about him, given that Tsuyu was supposed to come with an excuse for his absence back at U.A.

The purple-haired hostess bowed humbly. "At your service, Izuku-shinshi." Her eyes immediately darted when she saw something coming from their sight. "Aww, what are you doing here?"

Izuku turned his head in Ayeka's direction. A creature holding a carrot in its mouth approached the hostess. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be helping Sasami-chan with dinner?"

"Nyaa," replied the creature.

Izuku noticed the creature-in question. Beady eyes, pretty coat of fur. The appearance of a cat but at the same time an appearance of a rabbit. "Nani?" said Izuku. "Sore wa nan desu ka?"

Ayeka picked up the creature and nested it in her bosom. "Oh! This is Ryo-Oh-Ki! She's a cabbit and the family pet."

"A... cabbit?" questioned Izuku.

"As in a cat-rabbit," she answered. She began to tug her kimono. "It's a long story and I don't need you to be overwhelmed with the history. Another time perhaps!"

The cabbit Ryo-Oh-Ki stared with such a keen curiosity toward Izuku. Within moments, the cabbit hopped from Ayeka and darted to Izuku. She hopped onto Izuku, which made the teen fall on his back. The emerald-haired teen became startled, if not surprised.

"Nyaa! Nyaa!" The cabbit affectionately rubbed her head against Izuku's cheek.

"Aww," said Ayeka. "She likes you. That's a great thing if you have her seal of approval."

"Nyaa! Nyaa!" The cabbit replied melodically. "Nyaa~ Nyaa~ Nyaa~ Nyaa~!" The creature hummed as she crawled on Izuku's stomach.

"She can hum notes?" Izuku asked.

"Well, yes! She's quite a gifted creature, Izuku-shinshi," replied Ayeka. "If you only knew her capabilities, but another time." She clapped her hands. "C'mon, Ryo-Oh-Ki, let him have some time to himself."

"Nyaa!" Izuku could tell by the tone of the cabbit's voice, she didn't like hearing those words. The cabbit continued nuzzling into his face. As she pressed her way onto his neck, she stared at it precariously before licking the area.

"Bwah!" responded Izuku.

Ayeka immediately rushed to Izuku's aid. She bowed apologetically as she grabbed the creature. "I'm terribly sorry, Izuku-shinshi." She took hold of the cabbit. "Now, let's go or else no carrot cake for dessert."

"Nyaa," replied the cabbit sadly.

"If you need anything, just let me know and I will be available. Have a great bath! Let's go, Ryo-Oh-Ki," she said as she closed the doors.

"Yeah...sure." Izuku continued to lie flat on the ground. His eyes were skyward at the ceiling. He couldn't move. Better yet, he wasn't sure if he could move. "Why? Why did did she...why would she…?"

Out of all the spots in his body, how did the cabbit go to the exact spot on his neck? The very spot where a certain Faunus in a not-so-distant past left him a reminder. The emerald Rabbit Faunus slowly moved his left hand up his body until it reached the spot on his neck… Where her Claiming Mark resides...

"The Claiming mark… A Faunus tradition that spans from the start of the very species… When a Faunus, either male or female, finds a mate, they leave a mark on their partner's neck and consume their blood, thus marking them as their mate… Something that started as instinctual, with the passage of time, became a custom of importance in Faunus culture, nearly as important as a marriage proposal. Even nowadays it is still done either by choice or instinct depending on the cases."

'When a Faunus wants a man, she must make the mark by biting upon his neck. She must taste his blood in order to fuse it with her body. In the course of doing that, marking him as hers.'

Izuku clenched his right shoulder tighter. "Damn…" He cursed in a soft tone. Thoughts that he tried to repress flowed into his mind without stopping… Memories of Blake Belladonna reawakening from the depths of his heart once more…

"I think a punishment is in order, for making your senpai run like that!"

"Wh-wh-what are you gonna do to me?!"

"Didn't you hear me, clothy-cloth ears? I said a punishment is in order! Now close your eyes and clench your teeth, or else I will really give you something to cry about!"


"There! Now you won't forget what happens when you make your senpai mad!"


Nearly 11 years ago….

"Here you go, Icchan sweetie. I know it's your favorite." It was shortly after eight in the evening when Aunt Kali approached Izuku outside on the balcony with his favorite chocolate/vanilla ice cream brownie, guzzled in nuts and hot chocolate syrup. "Your mother sends her love. She will be back tomorrow morning and we can all have a huge breakfast. Afterwards, we can go to the beach and collect sea shells. Would that be fun?"

Izuku was silent. The little emerald child was now clean and wearing fresh clothes after this afternoon's 'accident'. His neck still hurts, it was wrapped up by bandages. His mother wasn't here because his father made a surprise visit. Uncle Ghira told him that his parents wanted some Mommy-Daddy time, whatever that meant.

He did his best to be a big boy. However, with his mother absent and not here to tend to his wounds, it wasn't the same. It wasn't that he didn't dislike his uncle and aunt's hospitality, it just wasn't the same without his mother. Besides, he just met the Belladonnas for a week now and he still isn't very familiar with them.

Izuku nodded silently, trying his best to fight through the tears. Kali felt guilty for her nephew. She wouldn't think her daughter would go as far as biting him on his neck. The rambunctious six-year-old was outspoken and somewhat troublesome, nevertheless, an effervescent kid engaged and soughtful on any adventures she could endure. Like mother, like daughter, Kali supposed. She did reprimand her daughter - grounded for a week and no dessert either. She was to apologize to Izuku, which made the tiny Faunus mad and rushed to her room and slammed the door. The mother was heated, but Papa Faunus told her to leave Blake alone. For having Izuku here is a challenge as well as she had to be competitive for their affection.

Kali began to understand that this was much as a shocker to Blake as well. She tried telling herself that biting Izuku was nothing more than establishing territory as the queen of the pack. However, what concerned her was the location of the bite. Was it by accident? Did she know the ramifications of her actions? Did she watch, if not listen to what she and her husband discussed?

"Thank you...Auntie!" Izuku's sniffles disrupted Kali's thoughts as she decided to focus on her nephew. She handed the bowl and he placed it on his lap. She decided to sit next to him for company for a little while.

"Rough day?" she asked him gently.

"Hmm-hmm," he answered as he grabbed the spoon and stuck it into the brownie. "Why did Blakey do that to me?"

"She doesn't know her own strength. She didn't do it on purpose," replied Aunt Kali.

"I just didn't want to be the Grimm anymore," he said to her. "She always tells me what to do. She's been too mean and bossy!" Tears continued to fall down his flushed cheeks. "She is like Kacchan!"

The mother Faunus touched his hair delicately. "Forgive my daughter, Icchan! She can't help it. She isn't used to playing with others, particularly boys." She nudged his shoulder. "Take a bite of my ice cream brownie. I sprinkle a little pixie dust to take away the tears."

Izuku couldn't resist her pleasant smile. It reminded him of her mother. Listening to his aunt, he took a bite. "Wow, Auntie! It's delicious!" The little boy's eyes sparkled at the incredible taste of the treat, immediately ceasing away the tears.

The Faunus woman smiled. "See! I told you! Have another bite for me please." Izuku did what he was told and took another bite of the delicious goodness. "See, it isn't so bad. My mother did the same thing for me whenever I had the gloomies." She put her finger to her lip. "But it was goat's milk."

The five-year-old giggled when hearing that. Kali was grateful to see a smile on his face.

"Goat's milk? That's gross!" Izuku was holding onto his stomach while trying to have another spoonful of dessert.

"Enjoy dear." Kali kissed him on his cheek as she stood up and left the balcony. Kali pretended that she didn't see a certain daughter of hers standing in the corner with her head dropped. 'I have a window opened for you, Blakey. Take it while you can,' she thought to herself as she tended to her motherly/wifely duties.

Izuku continued eating his dessert as he was looking at the stars and the shattered moon. Suddenly, he heard a noise. "Hey, Auntie, did you…." Standing a few inches from him was the quiet tiny Faunus. Holding onto the hems of her sundress, eyes of a feline with direct sight at him, cat ears dropped. She stared at him as he did the same. A pregnant silence ensued between them.

"Umm...hey, you dork!" She shook her head with her mouth pursed. "I mean, hey…" She held onto the hems of her skirt tighter. " Oum, you should have not run away from me!" She stuck out her tongue and rushed away from the scene, leaving him alone.

The five-year-old emerald child kept a still face. With the bowl of dessert on his lap, he couldn't help but feel sorry for her. But why is he, if he just said that the little feline Faunus was no different from his explosive friend back home? Easily, there was something about her that Kacchan didn't have. Just now he found what it is.

Even during dinner, she wouldn't keep her eyes off him. At any moment's notice, she would draw attention by making a snarky comment under her breath or kicking his shin under the table. Kali wanted to add an extra week of grounding but Ghira discouraged her. 'Let the kids figure it out. We can't shelter them forever,' he told his wife. 'Blakey is embarking on a new adventure and needs these experiences to understand boys, a human one at that from Earth. She doesn't come across them often and she is already a handful to deal with. The neighborhood kids are scared of her and she always quarrels with the girls. Quite frankly, Icchan lasting this long without begging to go home shows that she must like him.'

Izuku wiped the remnants with his sleeve. He scooted back to the verdana. He took the bowl of dessert and placed it next to him. Using his hands, he pushed it forward a few inches. Using a spoon, he tapped the bowl. As if on cue, the amber-eyed Faunus stepped onto the balcony. She pouted her lips, continuing to look at the goofy dork.

"Don't think I am taking this means all is well, you baka. You're still a scaredy cat!" She stuck out her tongue, rushed for the bowl and darted away from the balcony. Izuku wanted to giggle, especially when she left, she left something behind on the floor.

It was a piece of paper. Written in crayon and on construction paper, the note said: 'I'm sorry for biting you, Icchan. You are still a baka, but you are my baka! Idiot!'

'Blakey might be a meanie, but she's got a good heart. And she apologized, Kacchan never did that unless forced by Auntie Mitsuki.' A warm smile was drawn on Little Izuku's face. Today might have been a bad day, but not everything was bad. In fact, he felt that his vacations would only get better from her.

Back to the present….

The emerald rabbit Faunus was brought back to reality after yet again relieving another memory of his past with… with Blake. He felt the moisture covering his body. For a moment, he had completely forgotten that he was lying on the floor in an onsen. He took hold of the wetbar and sat on it. Gratefully, the hostess left a tray of tea and water. As he took the bottled water to drink, he clutched his right shoulder tighter as sadness was reflected on his eyes.

"Blakey…" Izuku muttered softly. The emerald teen let out a sigh. "It was after that night that… we started to get along better. When we started to forge that bond of friendship we thought it would last forever... " Izuku thought to himself as his gaze drifted to the side.

"Before that, I thought she didn't like me, that maybe she didn't want me around or that she was just mean for the sake of being mean like Kacchan used to be, but somehow, deep down I know she was different from him, that night I knew she was a tsundere, pretending to be tough and cool, but she actually cared about me, that she liked being with me and that she felt really about what happened." He reflected on Blake's personality back then, how he was able to see beneath the tough exterior, to the caring and funny girl that lay within.

"Looking back… she must have been a little lonely, she didn't have many other friends back then, not many kids played with us besides Adam. Probably it wasn't that easy growing up for her to be the daughter of the chief as well as former leaders of the White Fang. Even as years went by and started to be a little less of a troublemaker, she didn't have many other friends, at least as far as I was aware off." Izuku remembered how it was usually just him and Blake, with Adam coming often. It was rare for other kids to play with them, he noticed some little boys being frightened of Blake and some girls giving her the stinking eye.

He also remembers some kids looking at him out of curiosity, human tourists apparently weren't a commonality around Menagerie.

"I guess in that sense, we weren't that different. We both felt lonely, she just dealt with it better than I did. But she needed a true friend as much as I did."

The boy put down the bottle of water as he delved deeper in his thoughts of his long-lost 'sister'. "After that night we became closer, even if Blakey was still being a total tsundere, she started to open up more with me and so I did the same. We told everything about each other, what we liked, what we disliked, our favorite things such as food, colors, movies and we also shared our dreams with each other…"

'One day I'll become a great Huntress that will make Remnant better for Humans and Faunus and I'll lead the White Fang like my parents did!"

'Wow… That sounds amazing, Blakey! ...Although I don't think I might become a Hero like All Might…'

'Don't say that, Icchan! I know that one day you'll be a great Hero like him, you just have to believe and you might get a Quirk one day!'

'You think so?'

'I know it! Hey, maybe one day we both can save both our worlds and bring them closer together!'

'Yeah… That would be great.'

"She probably didn't understand how Quirks worked back then, but even before All Might, she believed that I could be a Hero… No one else ever said that. It made me really happy that at least someone believed in my dream, if it seemed childish, silly and outright impossible at the time."

'You'll see, Icchan! You and I will be a great team and make both worlds a better place! The first-ever Team of a Hero and a Huntress! Icchan and Blakey, best friends forever against the world!'

He reminisced about the night where both his younger self and Blake stargazed on her balcony and talked about what they wanted to become when they grew up.

A tear ran down Izuku's freckled cheek. "Yeah… Icchan and Blakey, best friends forever against the world… Why couldn't it last…? It's not fair…" His hand detached from his shoulder and laid it down. A few more tears fell down from his eyes as he delved deeper through his thoughts.

"She moved on with her life, without me… She went to join the White Fang along with Adam, leaving her home and parents behind. She then left and went on to Beacon Academy to become a Huntress and atone for her mistakes. I bet she must have friends, now that she's a part of a team…"

The male Faunus then realized what he was doing and snapped out of it. "No… I'm doing it again… Just what is wrong with me…?"

"That's enough. I shouldn't be thinking about this, I can't be thinking about this. I can't delve on the past." He wiped the tears off his eyes with his right arm. "Blake isn't caring and so shall I. Blake isn't caring and so shall I. I am with Ochako and that is what all that matters." He repeated in his mind as he forced his thoughts of the Cat Faunus back to the depths of his mind once more. He must not think of this as it only brings him feelings of sadness and longing for something long gone. It doesn't do any good for him or his relationship with his loving Ochako.

No matter how much he tries to fight the feelings with his past, Blake remains as she continues to live and dwell in his mind. Was this repression? What reason does she continue to manifest inside of him?

Drinking another mouthful of water, he told himself to get it together. At any moment, his Ochako will be arriving. He turned around and doused some water on his face. He told himself to think pleasant thoughts and focused on enjoying this getaway from school.

Once feeling he was okay, he stood up and removed his towel, exposing his naked flesh to nothingless of the onsen.

Feeling a bit feverish due to being overwhelmed by his thoughts, he thought that maybe going to the outside onsen would be more suitable. Thank goodness that the outdoor onsen was separated by a hallway.

"Just focus on the nice thoughts, Izuku. You're about to have an amazing second date with your beautiful girlfriend in a romantic onsen as we make love in mists of warm water and steam. What more can a guy ask?" The emerald Faunus told himself. To think positively about his immediate future. "Couldn't hurt to chill on the onsen while I wait for her."

Grabbing his toiletries, he was heading for the hot spring until something caught him off guard.


He felt something striking the back of his neck. Whatever that force was took his breath away, he lost his balance as he fell to the ground face forward.

"Sorry, Izuku! That wasn't quite nice of me. Please forgive me, ribbit!"

"Huh?! What?!" Izuku was in a daze. There was a ringing in his ear. "That voice. Why does that voice sound like….?"


He was struck again in the neck, causing him to go into unconsciousness. As he was drifting away, he saw something appearing out of the walls.


He faded into unconsciousness.

Momo and the girls were sitting in the living room as they were waiting on Tooru. They were a bit concerned as the invisible moe was gone longer than expected. They hoped that: a) she didn't get caught by Ochako or b) she was begging for Ochako's forgiveness. Both options weren't good as they didn't need to blow anymore covers. As Mina mentioned, the operation has become bigger than expected.

Momo hung up the phone and placed it on her lap. She turned to the girls. "Okay, we have a problem. Hatsume-san isn't answering her phone. According to one of her 1-H classmates, Hatsume-san has been playing sad music all day in her room."

"Sad country ballads or poor Welshmen ballads?" asked Kyouka as she was playing with one of her ear jacks.

"The ballads in which you lost a loved one, a close friend, or a dead homie," replied Momo. "The songs in which you are staring at the moon on the balcony with a bottle of liquor or with a gun on your lap in your pickup truck on a lone country road."

Kyouka raised her eyebrow, particularly the latter part of the sentence. "Uhh…" She hissed, more so for Momo's description of music than the welfare of Mei. "It's a blessing that guns are prohibited to Japanese citizens and we are underaged to drink. However, it still raises concern as Hatsume-san never listens to ballads. It must be that bad" The rocker chick knew that the mophead scientist prefers K-pop, J-pop, and reggae, so she knew that something was extremely wrong with her. "At least she isn't playing enka."

"Let's get serious," interjected Momo. "We need Hatsume-san. We need to get her out of this funk. If she doesn't help, then we are screwed, literally!" She grabbed her fist. "God, this is like the Intelli battle all over again!"

Their current situation reminded her of her battle against the Esdeath wannabe from Seiai Academy during the Provisional License exam, except they were not trapped in a cold room and Kyouka is not just about to lose one of her earphone jacks. Thank God that the raven-haired girl outsmarted the smug bitch, even if it was by a hair's width.

"Please don't bring up that psycho," replied Kyouka "Pun intended by the way. However, we need to figure something out. Hatsume's decision impacts the entire chain we have. So, Moes, we have to do this."

Mina nodded in agreement. "Agreed. Shall we go now or wait on Tooru to come back?"

"Let's give her another five minutes," answered Momo. "If not, then we can tell her to meet us at Hatsume's dorm room."

"Girls! Girls!" And as if on cue, they all hear Tooru's voice and they all turn to see the invisible moe rushing at them. Dressed up in her uniform once more.

"About time, girl!" Mina said with a frown, her hands were on her hips.

"We have a problem!" Tooru said with a clear worried sound in her voice.

"What's wrong, Tooru?" Momo asked. "Did Izuku break a limb again?" She asked again with worry in her expression, the other two girls also started to get worried.

"No, he's gone!" The invisible girl informed her friends and the other three girls reacted in shock.

"Hold up, what do you mean? He wasn't in his room?" Kyouka asked after she recovered.

"No and Ochako found his phone, she was very worried sick. She doesn't know where he is." Tooru explained what she saw and heard when she sneaky followed Ochako to Izuku's room.

"Are you sure?" Momo asked to be certain.

"Yeah, I heard her saying as much." Tooru confirmed.

There was a pregnant silence. The group knew that Izuku rarely would forget his phone and if he was somewhere around the campus, he would have informed his friends, his girlfriend especially, it's not like him to go MIA like this. For even her to have no idea where he is and to be very worried was a huge red flag that something was very wrong.

"You girls don't think that he…?" Tooru didn't want to finish that line, but they all knew what she was meant to say.

"...It's highly probable that… That someone took him…" Momo said, trying to maintain composure, despite her blood seething at the thought.

"Shit…!" Kyouka cursed under her breath, outrage in her eyes.

Tooru grabbed the hems of her skirt tight in frustration.

Internally, Mina wanted to grab her stomach and laugh outrageously. She knew it was too much of a coincidence for Tsuyu to conveniently go missing on a school day. She had told herself that the frog girl was acting on her plans to plot revenge on Kayama-sensei and Takeyama-senpai. However, she felt that it didn't require her to leave school. If this was a covert operation, then why be in the hornet's nest if she acquired the assistance of others. Mina crossed her arms, displaying the smug expression to the girls, "I'd told you so!"

"Tsu wouldn't. She just wouldn't." Tooru had a pained expression to think if their leader was responsible for Izuku's disappearance. "We're a team!" She grabbed her cheeks. "Say it isn't so! Say it isn't so!"

"Just hope to God that this is a sheer coincidence." Kyouka replied with a stern tone. "She better be praying that this is just a coincidence. The last thing I want to do is add another foe to my list. And trust me, that list is getting fuller by the day."