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Emerald Rabbit's Warren

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Hey, guys! This is BD (Big Diesel) and Sorasentry with our first collaboration together. Sorasentry serves as the brainchild of this project as he was the one that wanted to create a harem with Izuku and his UA/Beacon maidens. Let's say this is a story that we don't want to spoil. Read and see and enjoy the story.

This story was inspired by: All girls for one Deku, Faunus Jaune's Fuck Frenzy and Jaune the conqueror by AzureGigacyber, For the Cause by Selene_Sokal and Sweet Cute Green Obssesion by guyNumber23. Shout out to them and their amazing stories about harems!

A Rabbit's Awakening.

The sun was rising on the horizon, a new day was breaking for everyone in the U.A. High School's Alliance Heights.

The emerald child, known as Izuku Midoriya, was slowly stirring from his restful slumber. He opened his eyes and was met with the ceiling. He tried to sit up in the bed, but felt all of his limbs held down, in fact he felt weight all over him.

He moved his head up slightly and was met with the sight of a pile of girls, sleeping peacefully on top of him. Many of their dainty, feminine hands latched onto a part of his body.

Izuku slowly and gently moved his body, removing his arms from the girls' grip. He carefully removed the heads of the girls that rested in his chest and laid them down on the bed. Lastly he sat up and gently put aside the hands of the girls holding his legs and with all his limbs free, he slowly stood up from the bed, lucky the girls were too deep into sleep to notice the movement.

Once he stood up, he stretched his arms up before he let out a silent sigh in relief. The boy scratched up his emerald-colored hair with his left hand, brushing his fingers through one of the rabbit ears on top of his head as he scratched his lower back with his other hand, reaching into the cottontail above his rear.

He glanced at the floor and saw a pile of clothes scattered in the floor, many being girls' clothing. He reached through for a few minutes until he found both his boxer and black shorts and put them on. There are four things Izuku wants right now, a shower, a can of orange juice, a carrot and katsudon for breakfast.

The boy glanced back at the bed where the many girls were still sleeping happily… All naked, with white stuff gushing out from their holy passages and back doors…

As he tried tiptoeing, he heard a light smack from the lips. He carefully turned and saw it was the very woman that literally kept him from falling on the first day, Ochako Uraraka.

"Good morning, baby!" Ochako was in all smiles. She had such a glow that it was attractive to those who seek it. Grabbing the covers to hide her nakedness, she was playing shy. To think it was less than a few hours where that shyness was nonexistent. Izuku wanted to laugh, but didn't want to disturb the others.

Izuku put his finger to his lip, inciting silence. He didn't want to disturb the others. "Morning," he said in a whisper.

The brunette smiled. "What are you doing?" She was cooing happily. "Why aren't you keeping your ladies warm?"

"I wanted it to be a surprise, but I wanted to make a huge breakfast for you all." He put his hands in a pleading position. "Don't tell the girls, please? For me?"

"Mum's the word," she replied. "However, it is gonna cost you." She winked as she pulled down the covers, exposing her luscious body. Izuku blushed as she blew a kiss before turning over to the others as she wanted to return back to her slumber. He watched as Momo laced her arms and legs around Ochako. Kyoka was snoring loudly as her ear jacks were moving with the flow. Toru's head was on the floor as Mina was using Toru's leg as a pillow as a river of drool was being created.

Izuku smiled peacefully at such a beautiful sight, many beautiful girls, all naked, their assets exposed... and all were his beloved girlfriends. "Heh… Hard to believe how far I've come, sometimes I believe it's still a dream all of this. First I met All Might, my all time Hero, he made me his successor, I inherited his Quirk, One for All, I entered my dream school, made friends and grew stronger as I strived to become the greatest of all Heroes… I thought it would all be perfect if I could work up the courage to ask Ochako to be my girlfriend, well… She did become my girlfriend, just not the only one…" He thought to himself as he glanced at the pretty round face of Ochako, sleeping with a smile on her face. "Who would have thought that only  almost 3 months ago things would got even more crazy and unreal for me when I suddenly woke up as a rabbit Faunus, an alpha one at that and then not only Ochako, but all girls from my classroom, the girls from Class B, Mei, Nejire and even surprising Melissa end up becoming my girlfriends and becoming my 'Warren'... and those are only the ones right here at the moment… Life sure is full of surprises, eh?" Deku glanced up at the ceiling of Momo's room, looking back at the day that changed his life forever again…


Almost 3 months ago…

Several days after the huge success of the Cultural Festival, Principal Nezu summoned everyone to U.A.'s. auditorium.

The anthropomorphic animal stood behind the podium before he cleared his throat. "Greetings, everyone. Thank you all for coming." He acknowledged all students present in their seats, paying attention to the school principal. "I called here today to make an important announcement, in 3 months' time we'll be starting a pilot exchange student program with students from Beacon Academy, one of the most renowned Huntsmen academies in the world of Remnant." The principal announced with his ever present smile.

All alumni reacted surprised at this announcement. As it turns out, this universe wasn't the only one there is in existence, in fact there is another.

Around the Fourth Generation of Quirks, it was discovered the existence of an alternative world known as Remnant due to an unusual time space event that causes dimensional rifts in the fabric of reality, working as gateways into this new world.

The world of Remnant was totally different from Earth. Where as Earth strived from the genetic gifts known as Quirks and was protected by Pro Heroes against Villains, Remnant, instead, strived from the mystical, nearly magical gifts from the soul known as Auras and Semblances and was protected by Huntsmen and Huntresses, warriors that harness these gifts and wielders of incredible anime-like weapons, from the Grimm, soulless creatures of darkness that are drawn to the negative emotions from people.

At first glance, Semblances are not so different from Quirks. They both share similar principles, people are born with this, both can be unique for the wielder and these can be any sort of power or ability. However, Quirks originate from the genetics of people and these are physical abilities, all limited and with a flaw or setback. Semblances on the other hand can range from physical to nearly magical and these run on the Auras, the energy from the soul, being the determining limit. On top of that Auras can also be used as protection from otherwise deathly attacks and accelerate healing. Another major difference is that virtually anyone can awaken their Auras and Semblances in Remnant with the proper methods, but on Earth not everyone has a Quirk, being a now rare 20% of population, which onced included Izuku and the former Symbol of Peace himself.

In Remnant there also exist Dust, crystals of elemental properties that have many uses for the people of Remnant, and quite more valuable their currency from known as Lien, being the most common serving as ammo for Huntsmen weaponry.

Remnant also has quite the different story and setting, being that of a blend of high technology that surely gives the ones from the likes of I-Island a run for their money, and mysticism, an almost fairy-tale-like vibe. It's history is also quite intriguing: The world once had a different name, but it was lost to time after a catastrophic event millenia ago that left it destroyed, a mere remnant of what once was, even the moon of the planet has been left with a massive crater, being visible at night when the moon comes out. The myths also state that the world before Remnant was created by the Gods of Light and Darkness, the brothers creators of the world.

Remnant is home of many myths and legends of many kinds, but also two species of humanoid life. There are the humans from that world, basically the same as humans from Earth, except for the obvious differences that are Quirks, Auras and Semblances. And then there are the Faunus people, these species are nearly identical to humans, however they all are born with at least one animal trait that varies depending on the parents, these can be an extra pair of ears atop of the head, a tail, horns, marking on the skin, ect. Most Faunus posses only one trait, but there are Faunus who posses more than one trait of their corresponding animal species, these are Alpha Faunus, who are usually stronger than their common place counter parts, these Alpha Faunus are uncommon occurrences, but not to the point of being completely rare.

In the long history of Remnant, there was being many instances of racism and discrimination against the Faunus all the way to present day, something that people on Earth find almost incompressible, as the concepts of discrimination and racism of old had all but died out with the coming of Quirks. Curiously enough, there can be an argument that people with animal traits on Earth, either due to a mutation-type Quirk or inherited genetics, can be seen as Faunus themselves in Remnant.

During the Fourth Generation of Quirks, first contact with Remnant and their people were performed and vice versa. After period of research and successful results, both parties from the governments of the nations of Earth as well as the four main kingdoms of Remnant came to the agreement of making the discovery public to the general populace of both worlds after successfully proving of amicable relationships between both worlds, it took a period of time for the peoples of both worlds to settled to the new reality of not being alone in all of existence, but with time it became general knowledge.

Nowadays, both Earth and Remnant act up as neighboring countries towards each other, maintaining an amicable relationship. However, there are strict rules to travel between both worlds, as both parties came to the agreement, that despite being on good terms towards each other, they must not interfere with the affairs of the other unless with expressed permission, which is why Huntsmen and Huntresses are not allowed to operate on Earth, nor can Pro Heroes in Remnant. And to travel between worlds, one must possess an especial passport that can be acquired after extensive legal processes, making it twice as long and tedious as acquiring a normal passport, unless these are requested by people of special interest such as royalties, high members of government or high class civilians, which is why it's not so commonplace seeing people from Remnant visiting Earth and the other way around.

It was believed that both worlds would remain mostly isolated from each other for a long time, with not much in terms of hope of flawless integration due to the district rules in which Huntsmen and Pro Heroes operate. Huntsmen are trained to hunt and kill their objectives in order to protect the people first and foremost, as long as the people are safe that is all that matters. Pro Heroes, on the other hand, are trained to save people from any sort of situation and apprehend the Villains that commit vicious crimes, however there are consequences for the Pro Heroes that violate such as killing and causing grave collateral damages. In short, Huntsmen have more lax sets of rules to operate while Pro Heroes have very strict rules, hence the reason as to why there aren't attempts of integration between the two, until now it seems…

Nezu let the alumni react briefly at the news before resuming his announcement. "Now, I understand that you all are surprised about this announcement as you might be under the belief that it is impossible to make true and successful integration between our world and that of Remnant, however both myself and Headmaster Ozpin, from Beacon Academy, came to the agreement to make this experiment as an attempt to make such integration in light of recent events occuring of both worlds, the escalation of Villain attacks in here on Earth and the ever increasing rate of Grimm attacks in Remnant, the hope of this experiment is that integration can be archive, bring both worlds closer together and stand together against such adversities." The principal explained. "When the exchange student program starts in a few months, we will host two teams consisting of four students each of 2nd semester as well as a team of four senior students and two teachers of Beacon's faculty in charge of watching over the teams, each team will be assigned to the dorms of the Hero Course classes. In the meantime we will prepare everything for the arrival of our guests and I hope everyone does their part to ensure the success of this experiment." Nezu elaborated on the details. "That will be everything for now, you are allowed to leave now. Thank you for your time." The principal concluded as he bowed down his head and with that the alumni stood up and left the auditorium.

A lot had to be prepared and organized before the arrival of the Beacon students on both sides of the isle. U.A. had to create spaces of the exchange students to accomodate in the dorms of Classes 1-A and 1-B, something that Cementoss can take care of without much difficulty. Beacon had to ensure the students they will send to Earth are familiarized with the culture, customs, traditions and history of Earth as well as being taught about everything related to Hero Society. U.A. also had to make sure their own students are well-educated about Remnant culture and history to make it easier to acclimate to the newcomers and vice versa. The paperwork for the people of Remnant was already in the works as well as reorganization to accommodate the Huntsmen and Huntresses in training to their usual classes schedule among other specifics that the U.A. staff as well as the Beacon staff are working for the sake of the success of this first inter-universal exchange program.

The day continued as normal for Class A, but many were talking about the exciting possibility of meeting people from Remnant and even more so about that four students of Beacon will be staying with them in their dorm. Right now the class was walking back to their dorm after classes were finished for the day.

As they walked, many were still chatting about the exchange students they will host in the upcoming months. Aizawa-sensei informed them told them about one of the teams that will be staying with them, Team RWBY (Pronounced: Ruby), as well as the teacher assigned to them, Professor Goodwitch and two members of the senior team, Team CFVY (Pronounced: Coffee), assigned in providing support to the team and teacher. However, the homeroom teacher didn't tell the Hero Students the genders of these people, apparently Principal Nezu wanted to save that until everything was set.

"Bad ass! As Tokoyami would say, this will certainly be a mad banquet of darkness." It was Denki that was whistling as he was heading back to his dorm room. Comic books, potato chips, and copious amounts of anime were calling his name. "I sure hope to God that there is a babe or two coming from that magistrate." He made kissing noises. "A great way to learn each other's culture in the ways of love."

"My goodness, Kaminari! Keep your pants on. This is a cultural exchange, not a dating pool." It was the earnest, overbearing, yet fair genius and class president, Tenya Iida as he held onto books containing Remnant history. "The purpose of this program is understanding each other, not fertilizing the gene pool."

"It can be both! We must learn how to play the system." As the two looked downward, it was the grapehead and class pervert, Minoru Mineta that spoke. Holding a handheld game, he looked at his classmates after ear hustling them about the upcoming cultural exchange. "I think somewhere in the international rules of being a playboy there is a saying that we can't beat the system, we can surely pimp it."

"Amen to that," responded Kaminari with a happy grin. "I am really excited." He whistled loudly as he was becoming giddier. "To think if there are babes, there could be neko babes."

"Don't you mean a Faunus?" retorted Tenya.

"Faunus. Excuse me," replied Denki apologetically.

Mineta rubbed his stomach excitedly. "Amen to that! And better yet if it is a Faunus beauty! I mean I really don't get why people over in Remnant are racist to them, talk about uncultured!" Minoru ranted. He put his finger on his lip. "That's probably why they call it Remnant. Anything civil must have been destroyed as well. Heck, even their moon looked like it had been blasted by buckshot shells."

"Couldn't agree more, buddy." The electric blond agreed with him. "To think there is a whole race of people with animal traits, meaning neko girls and bunny girls, and people over there treat them badly? The nerve of those people!"

"Positive objectification is still objectification! You must respect others equally regardless of race!" Tenya shouted at them in his usual over seriousness. He rubbed his glasses at the bridge of his nose. "And once again, gentlemen, they are called Faunuses. Not your neko-bunny girls." He turned to Denki and Minoru. "Seriously, Kaminari. I think you have been spending time with Mineta a bit too much. Don't let him rub his shine on you and rob you of your ambition."

"Not unless my ambition is chasing ne-, I mean Faunus beauties and making them my wives," interjected Kaminari happily.

"Amen," said Minoru as he and Denki slapped hands.

"Simpletons!" Tenya knew any further arguments would end in defeat. He paced his way forward as he wanted to head back and prepare his studies for the Beacon arrivals. "It's moments like these in which I need to expand my circle of friends. Jesus!

Minoru blew a raspberry as Serious-kun darted along. He looked at Denki. "I am thinking maybe we can discuss techniques. Game plans, you know."

"Normally, I would not even give that a thought, let alone saying it to you," he said as he scratched under his chin. "But hey, this is a new adventure to embark on." He was in a cheeky grin. "Let's discuss plans over pizza at my dorm. Your treat."

"Why is it my treat?"

"Minoru. Do you want an ally or a date with aloe?"

Minoru lowered his head. "I think I can spare some cash. The cam girls won't be seeing me for quite a while." He gripped his fist and raised it high. "For the sake of neko babes, it is for a good cost!"

"Faunus," interjected Denki.

"Faunus, yes," retorted Minoru.

"And don't you mean cause?"

"Cause, cost. It's all the same. We are paying for it, aren't we?" Minoru pointed his finger toward the hallway. "Today, the dorm. Tomorrow, to places where no human has gone before."

"Bad ass!" exclaimed Denki.

As Denki and Minoru headed to his dorm, a certain group of students were trailing behind them.

"God, boys! The only time they want to think is when Uncle Willy comes to visit." It was the rocker chick, Kyoka Jiro, that was speaking. She was walking along with the pinkette Mina Ashido, class vixen Tsuyu Asui, and the adorable invisible moe, Toru Hagakure. "To think I had some kind of interest in that big lug."

"C'mon, Jiro, ribbit," said Tsuyu. "Thanks to your ear jacks, we could hear the entire conversation. You must have some kind of interest if you didn't care so much."

The purple-haired chick blushed. "No! Just wanted to be sure if there weren't any ulterior motives is all." She pointed at the hallway at Mineta. "Did you see who Kaminari is allying with?"

"Sus," commented Toru as she was playing with her cell phone.

"Sus or no sus, we can't pretend and say that the boys are the only ones speculating." Mina was leading the path as she was stretching out her arms. The girls were going to go and get frozen yogurt before heading to Yaoyorozu's dorm for girls night. "A girl can't help but be curious about the guys as well." She rubbed her hands. "Especially a guy with a certain trait like us."

"This is a cultural exchange! Not a dating pool," blurted Kyoka. "Plus, we can't be certain if it is all boys or all girls!"

"Likeability of even it out, ribbit," said Tsuyu. "We can never be too prepared." She placed her hand on her chest. "I, for one, think if there are boys in the mix, let's make them feel comfortable."

"Hear, hear," commented Mina.

"Affirmative," concurred Toru.

"Really?" said Kyoka as she was stunned by the responses of the girls. "You are not any better than the guys."

"Aw, don't play dumb, Ms. My-Panties-Look-Lacy-Although-It's-Cobwebs," interjected Mina. "We can pretend that we are looking out for the best interest in building relations."

Tsuyu wrapped her arms around Mina's arms. "However, us girls wanna have fun, too, ribbit!"

"Especially if they are brown-skinned tall drinks of water," commented Toru.

"Rabbit, tiger, lion, cats, it doesn't matter, ribbit," said Tsuyu. "This froggy is always on the prowl and on the hunt." She, then, felt her stomach growl. "But this frog needs to put some food in her system."

"Froyo on me, ladies," said Mina. "We can discuss plans on how we can prepare to have our fun for the Beacon arrivals."

Steam was appearing from Kyoka's ears. "Ignore every single thing I say, why don't you?"

"Look, you can resist or bitch," said Mina as she turned to the others. "We are going to get froyo. And you can go home with that attitude." She winked. "Positive vibes only." The girls headed for the main exit so they could get their frozen treat, leaving Kyoka alone.

She pouted. "Ever heard of turning the other cheek? I'm hungry," she shouted as she began to run after the girls.


Tenya and Momo decided to go to the library to study the books they were given about Remnant and then teach that to the others, at this point they figured it'll be easier this way for the… less studious of the bunch. Izuku and Shouto came along with them since both had no plans for the afternoon other than doing homework, but as two of the top 10 students of the class, homework was something they could do without issues.

Also they themselves also thought it would be interesting to learn more about Remnant along with the Class Rep and Vice Rep.

The group sat on the table as they went through some books with information about Remmant, going from history, geography, government system, traditions, costumes, culture, myths, legends, population, concepts about Huntsmen, Auras, Semblances and Grimm, ect.

"It's quite intriguing the history of Remnant. It's like a world of fantasy, but made real." Tenya commented as he read through the very early history of the world, it's origin.

"You can say that again. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there's another world out there." Shouto replied in his ever calm expression, he was reading about the Four Kingdoms. "The world of Remnant is almost like something out of a fairy-tale book or a fantasy JRPG or that's at least how we people of Earth might see it as. Makes you wonder what the people of Remnant see our world as." He added as he glanced at pictures Atlas, the Kingdom situated at the Solitas continent, a literal flying city.

"They would see our world as that out of a comic-book, that's for sure." Izuku said to him as he read about Beacon Academy itself. Nearby he had other books with information about other Huntsmen Academies in the rest of the world and a book focusing on Faunus history.

"You know? There is something peculiar about Remnant..." Momo called to the other boys, in her hands was a book about the Huntsmen and Huntresses.

"And what is that, Yaoyorozu-kun?" The engine teen asked her with curiosity.

"There's apparently a discrepancy between the number of Huntsmen and Huntresses. There's more Huntresses currently than Huntsmen operating." Momo pointed out.

The boys looked surprised to hear this, the class rep himself was a bit stunned.

"So there's more women in the field than men?" Todoroki asked her.

"Apparently." The mature-looking girl shrugged before giving a peace sign. "How's that for girls rule, boys drool?" She smirked at them before resuming her composure. "Sorry couldn't help the joke. All with due respect, of course." She smiled at them.

"Well it does sound like the ideal place for feminist." Shouto shrugged, his expression remained the same. Momo giggled at that.

Tenya cleared his throat, a blush of embarrassment manifested in his face. "I believe that it shows opportunities for both genders. But we should get back to the subject, shall we, everyone?" He said looking composed, but his face was still red so he hid behind his book.

"Heh. Very serious as always Iida-kun." Izuku said to him with a smile as he and the others went back to their reading. The emerald child picked up a book about Auras and Semblances and started to read it. "It's interesting to see that despite the vast differences, our worlds have things in common, just like Semblances and Quirks as well as Pro Heroes and Huntsmen." The boy commented with a bright smile, his eyes were glittering as they always do with something related to Pro Heroes.

"Yes. You have a point, Midoriya-kun." Tenya nodded at him with a smile. "At the very core, Pro Heroes and Huntsmen strive towards the same objective, save and protect people. Just like Quirks and Semblances at the end of the day are superpowers born from each and everyone of us." He continued. "It is also fascinating how they made such a vague and abstract concept like the soul into something more tangible… knowable. Making it the source of their powers unlike ours that come from our genes."

"That's true, but Huntsmen are that, huntsmen, trained to hunt and kill the enemy and they can get away with things that would be heavily chastised in our society." Shouto argued.

"While you are correct in that, Todoroki-san, they also have strict rules for the formation of these warriors. First they are to attend combat schools during middle school before they can even get enrolled in a Huntsmen Academy, they are exceptions but that it's usually how it always goes. On top of that, their entrance exam are at much more dangerous than our entrance exam as for example, in Beacon, the potential applicants are literally thrown into the forest around their perimeter, which is infested with the Grimm, so in short one might die in a entrance exam like that." Momo explained with a slightly dismayed expression as she pointed at her book.

Iida and Midoriya looked frightened while Todoroki was slightly eye-widened. "So they would laugh at our own entrance exam…" Izuku muttered.

"Pretty much, yes." Yaoyorozu nodded.

"It makes sense though, Huntsmen and Huntresses constantly face off against monsters such as the Grimm all the time, it makes sense that the formation and education of the next generations has to be way harsher than Pro Hero formation." Tenya wore a serious expression before he glanced back at his history book. "Despite it's fantastical nature, Remnant is a cruel and dangerous world…"

"Yeah… While for us it seems like Huntsmen have advantages like laxer behavior rules and more abilities like Auras and their cool weapons, in truth those are what they have to barely survive against those Grimm…" Deku said in a reflexive manner.

"The people of Remnant must think we have it better than them, we only have to deal with Villains and other types of criminals, we don't have to wall off our cities and  specially don't have to fear for being attacked by monsters." Shouto said as he glanced at the ceiling. "It should make us grateful to live in this world." He glanced at his classmates, who nodded in agreement.

There was silence for a while as they all continue with their study.

"You know, this might be the very first time ever for many of us to come into contact with people from Remnant as well as the first time the Beacon transfers might have come into our world. All the more reason to make the experience as comfortable as possible for them and memorable for us! After all, this could represent a great progress for both worlds in ways of dealing with both of our predicaments together as Principal Nezu said." Tenya said to his classmates with a smile.

"Yes. I agree with you, Iida-san." Momo nodded at him. "Speaking of which, I hope you might not think wrong of me, but I did go to Remnant a few times in the past on vacation with my family." Momo commented with a slightly shy smile and a small blush on her face.

Todoroki and Midoriya looked at her surprise.

"Really? So did I!" Tenya was pleasantly surprised. "We visited Atlas when I was younger."

"Me as well." Momo smiled back at him.

"Really? And how is it?" Shouto asked him with curiosity.

"It's a beautiful place. However it's not hard to see the cold and lack of color in the kingdom." Tenya explained to him.

"Yes. And they are very proud about their high technological advancements and militaristic nature." Momo added.

"Mind you, it was certainly a pleasant time I spent there with my family, but not the most warm and welcoming." Tenya clarified.

"I feel the same." Momo agreed. "It's a shame we never get the chance to visit the rest of the kingdoms. I would love to see Vale." Sadly due to many family manners as well as the decision of her parents, Momo never got to see other places in Remnant.

"Same here. My own family was too busy for planning vacations there." Tenya nodded. "What about you, Todoroki-kun? Surely the family of Endeavor might have got the chance to go to Remnant." He asked the icy hot teen.

"We could have… If my father cared. He was never interested in Remnant, for him, they are just neighbors, also he's a cheapskate." Shouto replied bluntly.

"That's too bad." Izuku said to him and Shouto just shrugged in response. "But it's amazing to hear that you both had experienced sights from beyond our world." He smiled at Iida and Yaoyorozu. On the outset it might look like he was acting like he is known for, but in truth he was actually keeping silent about something, playing coy about a certain experience he had when he was a child. "Good to know I'm not the only one that has been to Remnant…"

It was true, when he was 5 years old he and his mother went on vacation to visit Remnant, to land of Menagerie to be exact, unfortunately his father was too busy that one time.

A few years before he was born, after the settling period between Earth and Remnant, his mother, Inko Midoriya, met a Faunus woman who came to Japan for Honeymoon along with her newlywed husband. Her name was Kali Belladonna, she and Inko were quick to become good friends. They often hung out with or without their husbands during Kali's visit along with her husband, Ghira Belladonna.

Inko and Auntie Kali, as Deku calls her, maintained contact even after their children came. When Izuku was 5, he and Inko were invited to the Belladonnas' hometown, Kuo Kaunna at Menagerie. It was a godsend for the Midoriyas as Izuku was having a rough time after he discovered he was Quirkless, which left the child devastated and Inko herself was wrecked with guilty, something that wasn't helped at all with Hisashi's absent due to work overseas and the constant bullying little Izuku suffered at the hands of Katsuki and his lackeys. The change of scenery, of world, was in order for vacations so Inko packed up and she traveled with her cherished son to Remnant, where Kali received them with open arms, she was quick to spoil little Izuku and be the 'cool auntie' for him.

That day, Kali brought the mother and son to her household at the center of Kuo Kaunna and that was when Inko and Izuku met Kali's precious daughter…

"Why do you have ears like a kitty-cat?"

"You baka!"

"Midoriya-kun?" Izuku was snapped back to reality when he noticed Iida's hand waving in front of him.

"Y-yeah?" He asked, seeing the inquisitive looks of his classmates.

"You seemed distracted about something, is everything all right?" Tenya asked him.

"Yeah, I'm fine… Guess I was just lost in thought." The emerald haired teen responded, he got so lost in his flashback that he forgot where he was. The boy was feeling butterflies in his stomach as the memories flash through in his mind.

"Strange that you weren't muttering this time." Shouto pointed out the absence of the greenet's habit.

"Really? I guess I had to break with the habit at some point." Izuku wore a sheepish smile as he scratched the back of his hair.

"Midoriya-san?" Momo noticed that there was something weird with him all of the sudden and this was not missed with Todoroki and Iida.

"Excuse me, but I want to go back to my dorm. I can study more of Remnant later." And with that Deku got up of his chair, grabbed his yellow backpack and walked towards the exit before the others could say anything else.

"You think he is okay?" Iida asked with a bit of concern.

"Let's leave him for now, if he feels like sharing his thoughts he will do so on his own." Shouto wanted to respect his friend's privacity, if he doesn't want to talk about it that he won't pressure him about it.

"I suppose you're right." Tenya nodded in understanding.

Momo looked at her phone and saw the hour. She stood up. "Excuse me guys, but I have to go now. I agreed with the rest of the girls to have a girls' night in my dorm so I have to go now and get ready." She explained as she grabbed her bag and put some of the Remnant books inside to study later.

"Very well, then we'll continue at some other time." Tenya nodded in understanding.

The raven-haired beauty bowed in gratitude before turning around and leaving.

Izuku was walking to the entrance to Class 1-A's dorm. The whole time he had his head tilted down as he held to his bags' handles. His mind was still flashing memories of what was the silver lining of his harsh childhood.

"C'mon Izuku, don't be a scaredy cat!"

"I-I'm not!"

"Say that to your jelly legs."

"W-well… You're a neko so you should be scared too!"

"For the umptenth time, you baka, I'm a Faunus! Now c'mon!"


The emerald child walked through the hallway until he reached his door, he entered his room.

He took off his backpack, put it on the ground and sat on his bed. He let out a sigh as he still devle to those tender memories. However, this was interrupted when his phone rang.

Izuku pulled out his cellphone from his pocket. "Mom?" His mother was calling him, he picked up the call and put the phone in his ear. "Hi, Mom." He greeted.

"Hello, Izuku." Inko greeted him with a happy tone in her voice.

"What's going on? Normally you wouldn't call me this early in the week. Are you sending me more underwear again?" Izuku joked a little, but it was weird that his mother would call him all of the sudden. She usually does during weekends.

Inko giggled on the other end. "No sweetie… today, I was calling you because I have some great and exciting news." She said to him happily.

"Oh, okay. What kind of news?" Izuku was curious now.

"Well, I was talking to a dear old friend of mine…" Inko began.

"Yeah?" Izuku was getting more curious now.

"Well, this old friend of mine wanted to let me know to let you know something very important." Inko was clearing teasing him now.

Izuku didn't like how she was leading him on, he was starting to get impatient. As much as he wanted her to just spit it out already, he wouldn't dare say it to her face. "Well, what is the news, Mom?" He asked his mother again, maintaining his patience.

"Do you recall a big sis of yours that you used to call Kitty Cat?" Upon hearing those words, Izuku clamped to the phone. Sweat was quickly perfusing out of his body. His heart hitched in his chest. He nearly dropped the phone when he heard this.

He slowly put his phone back on the receiver. "Yes…" His voice strained. "I recall calling someone Kitty Cat at some point in a time that was forgotten…" He continued in a deeper tone as he glanced down. He was just remembering those times but a few minutes ago…

"Well, she certainly didn't forget about you." Inko responded happy, unaware of her son's reaction. "I just finished speaking with her mother and she told me that she is planning to come to Japan soon. Isn't that great?" She revealed in an excited tone.

Izuku froze in shock, his eyes widened like saucers and his heart started beating like a jackhammer, threatening to burst out from his chest. There were two pivotal moments in which fear struck best - When he was told to swan dive off the school roof and his first interactions with his long lost sister… "...Blake?" Izuku muttered softly as he recovered his voice.

"Yep!" Inko confirmed excitedly. "Your Auntie Kali says Blakey's going there in a few months with her teammates to U.A., you probably were told already about the exchange program you'll be having. Ooh I bet you must be surprised and happy to hear this as much as I am! It'll be the first time you'll meet each other in almost 6 years! You'll be meeting her new friends and she'll be meeting yours, let's hope she doesn't try to beat down Katsuki!" She continued happily as Izuku just stood utterly voiceless to hear this. "I might pay a visit when she arrives, I would love to see her in person again. Hopefully Kali also comes around if she's not too busy, she is dying to see her favorite nephew after all."

"...R-right…" It was all Izuku muttered, his bottom lip trembled slightly.

"Listen, darling, I have to go now. We'll talk soon, love you!" Inko said to her son happily.

"Same, bye…" Izuku ended the call and as soon as he did he dropped into his bed, his eyes fixed on his ceiling. His brain was still processing through the shock. "I'm… seeing Blake again…" He muttered to himself.

Several times he went with his family to Menagerie to spend time with the Belladonnas, several times the Belladonnas came to Japan to visit the Midoriyas. It became a tradition between the families to do this during vacations and each and every single time Izuku spent the vacation playing with his childhood friend, Blake Belladonna, the daughter of Kali and Ghira.

Izuku sat down on his bed and brought his phone closer to his face. He went to his album galler and searched through the pictures until he found the one he was looking for… It was a picture of himself, Blake and their mothers at one of the beaches at Menagerie, this was during his first time ever in Remnant, when he was 5 years old, Blake was a year older than him. For such a cute looking little cat girl with that purple sundress, bright amber eyes and black hair, she was sure a handful for him.

Many times she kicked his shin or pushed him or flicked his forehead when he called her Kitty Cat, always correcting him in the process. The little Faunus also liked to tease him and pinch his cheeks or mess with him with wet willies or indian burns.

Not only that, she was bossy, always calling out what they would play and dragging him around to places such as a dark part of the forest on Kuo Kauna where they would play 'Hunters and Grimm' and guess who was always the Grimm that always ends up pinned in the ground?

At first glance, she was barely better than Kacchan… At first… Sure she liked to play rough, but she at least said sorry, helped him up and even accepted his help when she stumbled or scraped her knees and in the end he always had a lot of fun playing with her.

The first time they met was… well, it was terrifying, as soon as Deku asked about her cat ears, she got mad and pushed him to the ground and angrily started to pinch his face to force him to apologize and boy she was very angry at him. Auntie Kali should have warned him that she hates being compared to an actual cat…

However, after that they started to get along until they became best friends.

The times they spent together were some of the best in his life, the best time he had in his childhood. The two of them were inseparable and always waited for the next time to see each other… They were…

"One day I'll become a great Huntress that will make Remnant better for Humans and Faunus and I'll lead the White Fang like my parents did!"

"Wow… That sounds amazing Blakey! ...Although I don't think I might become a Hero like All Might…

"Don't say that, Icchan! I know that one day you'll be a great Hero like him, you just have to believe and you might get a Quirk one day!"

"You think so?"

"I know it! Hey, maybe one day we both can save both our worlds and bring them closer together!"

"Yeah… That would be great."

That happened a night in which both little Izuku and Blake were gazing at her balcony at the starry night sky and talked about what they wanted to become when they are older, she even promised him that would teach Kacchan a lesson when she ever see him.

Deku let out a sad sigh as he kept looking at the picture, his eyes fixed on the smiling face of little Blake beside his younger self. "Blake…" He glanced at his ceiling again. "We really became distant, haven't we? I still wonder how we get here…"

Sadly, as they became older, they grew distant. Blake was growing out faster than him as she was older than him, she started getting involved in White Fang rallies for Faunus rights even against her parents wishes and when Izuku and his family came to visit, things just weren't the same between them anymore. Izuku was still shy and Quirkless and Blake seemed not as much interested as spending time with him as before and more focused on wanting change for her people and being more politically involved.

They still talked, hung out and played video games or watch movies and anime, but she seemed to not be completely present. Letters were lessening, emails were far in between, and phone calls were little to none.

Last time he ever saw her was in his last visit when he was 11 and by then Blake just seemed eager to join the White Fang and outright leave home even if she was 12. She wasn't cold towards him, she was nice and polite, but it was obvious that she would rather focus on her goal, she didn't need to say it, he could see it.

She still appreciated him and liked being with him, but why did she have to waste time with a Quirkless loser like him? She had a dream, a goal, and the means to get to them, he never told her any other things of course, but that's how he felt. They barely did stuff together and mostly just talked, but it felt like they were distant acquaintances…

Auntie Kalli and Uncle Ghira tried to keep this tradition going, but Blake wasn't having it. By then they felt lost and hopeless to see their daughter trailed in another direction, leaving them as well as Izuku in the dust. The visits eventually stopped after that last one, only for the Belladonnas and Midoriyas to periodically check on each other. Life just moved on and little by little, the string was lessening by the thread…

Blake just started to fade more his memory and he went his own path, which miraculously led him here, on his path to become the next Symbol of Peace… Only now is that he's starting to remember her…

"It's been almost 6 years… And now we're seeing each other again…" Izuku said to himself. During all this time, his mom kept him up to date about how the Belladonnas were doing, even now she talks constantly with Auntie Kali.

Izuku was aware of what Blake has been doing, but never paid it too much attention. So far he knows that, a few years back she fled her home, he remembers the night when his mom stood hours by the phone consoling Auntie Kali. Apparently she ended up joining the White Fang, just like she wanted, however it was no longer the peaceful organization her parents once led...

Under the new leadership of Great Leader Sienna Khan, it became a terrorist group, attacking humans, causing vandalism and stealing, things that only made the gap wider between Humans and Faunus in all of Remnant… And Blake was a part of all that… It pained him and his mother, but obviously it wreaked her parents…

But then, around the time Deku made into the U.A., Auntie Kali called his mother and told her the joyful news that Blake left the White Fang, Blake called home and apologized to her parents, expressing great regret for leaving between tears, her parents accept her apologizes and told her she was always welcome back home. However, Blake said she didn't want to return, not yet at least, she was still adamant on become a proper Huntress, so she left to join a Huntsman Academy, but didn't say where, just that she now has to atone for her misdeeds.

That was the last thing he learned about his long lost childhood friend, he hadn't heard anything from her since. But since she is now talking with her parents again, she might be aware of how he is doing, Auntie Kali always asked about him and how he was doing, he remembers the joy and excitement his mother had when she said to Kali about Izuku getting a Quirk or how extremely concern Kali and Ghira were for him after what happened at the Sports Festival or how Kali almost had a heart attack when she learned what happened during the raid at the training camp.

What would Blake think of him now? Will she clobber him for being too reckless? Will she be happy that he is on his path to archiving his dream? Can they even reconnect at all? Hell, he doesn't even know what she looks like now, he wasn't interested in knowing so he never asked. But a part of him still latched on to what both they shared, he still kept that picture in his phone after all...

"Hmm. If she's coming here, then that means she must have fled to Beacon Academy at Vale. R.W.B.Y, the 'B' must stand for 'Blake', so that means she and her team are the ones assigned to our class…" Izuku started to put the pieces together quickly in his mind, filling out the gaps with ease. "So… Blake and her teammates are coming here to the U.A. in three months… and she'll be staying here in our dorms no less!" He gulped nervously at the knowledge that Blake and her teammates would be living here with the rest of Class A for who knows how long and that only made him even more nervous of what might happen, he is seriously hoping she forgot about the part of 'teaching Kacchan a lesson' because she must have been trained like Huntress and factoring how aggressive she already was… Yeah that won't end well for his explosive friend, who seemed uncaring about the Beacon transfers as long as 'those extras remained out of his way', his words not Deku's.

Before the emerald haired teen could ponder more on the subject of his 'big sis' coming to visit, his phone vibrated in his hand. "A text from Hatsume-san?" He clicked on the notification and read the text the eccentric gadget girl sent him.

"Hey, Midoriya-kun! Come now to the support department now! I have a surprise for you!" That was what the text said with smiling emojis. Izuku cooked an eyebrow wondering what this 'surprise' was, hopefully it wasn't something that wouldn't explode in his face but knowing Hatsume's 'babies'... He wouldn't hold his breath.

The boy stood up and walked out of his room. He walked into the living room en route towards the door.

"Oh, hey Deku-kun!" He heard Uraraka's voice. He turned around and saw her approaching with her usual cute smile. "Where are you going?" She asked him.

"Hi, Uraraka-san. I'm going to see Hatsume-san at the support department now, she says she has a surprise for me." Deku explained.

"Oh… I see, so Hatsume-san has a surprise for you, huh?" Ochako replied, her tone turned ever so slightly sad and of course Deku-kun didn't notice. "Well, I hope it's a good one." She smiled at him, but inside she felt a little… bad because he was going to see Hatsume.

"Thanks, me too. I'll see you later." Izuku then resumed his way and left the dorms.

Ochako watched him leave with a slightly sad look on her face.

"Mm-mm! That ain't gonna cut it, girl!" She turned around and saw Mina, Tsuyu and Tooru. The pink-skinned girl was shaking her head at her in disapproval. Tooru was still eating froyo, the girls were on their way for girls' night at Momo's when they noticed what just happened. "At this rate you'll totally gonna get cucked by that big-breasted crazy chick, where are you balls Ochako?" Mina said to her with a serious frown.

"W-what? I don't know what you are talking about." Ochako feight confusion, but her redder cheeks were betraying her.

"Ribbit. Ochako-chan, we all know you have the hots for Midoriya-chan, everyone here knows even Bakugou-chan and Todoroki-chan." Tsuyu was blunt in her comment. "As one of your best friends, I'm telling you that you should get you man before a bitch does. It's for your own good and his." She added.

"What she said. You're lucky we respect the girl code of not going for a guy who's been called dibs and trust me when I say some of us did look at Midoriya-kun with not so 'only friends' thoughts in mind." Mina said as she put both hands on her hips. "But don't you think any of the other girls out there will respect it, especially the crazy ones like that Toga girl that tried to kill you during the raid. God knows what happens when a yandere puts her mind up to something."

"Amen to that. Ribbit." Tsuyu nodded in agreement.

"W-wait! You guys got it wrong, I don't have feelings for Deku-kun or anything like that, we're just friends!" Ochako shook her hands feverishly as his face turned redder.

Each of the girls looked at each other before turning to Ochako. "Liar!" They shouted at her at the same time.

"I'm not lying! I just like him as a friend!" Ochako insisted, but the other girls saw through her

"Uh-huh, sure… And the sky isn't blue, Earth isn't round, Bakugou-kun isn't always angry, Mineta-kun isn't a creep and Monoma isn't annoying as heck." Tooru said sarcastically.

"I'm serious!" Ochako stomped her foot down, but her face was still red.

"And we're serious that you'll regret missing out on the chances you have with Midoriya-kun now." Tooru said sounding serious as she continued to eat her froyo.

"L-let's just go to Yaomomo's to start our girls' night, shall we?" The round-faced girl suggested getting out of this embarrassing and awkward conversation.

"Don't say later that we didn't warn ya." Mina shrugged at her before she and the others walked towards the Momo's room.

Ochako sighed in relief as she slumped her shoulder. Her thoughts diffeted to Deku-kun and the time she spent with him… He saved her from that Zero Point, he was with her in the first battle training, he offered her a strategy on her match at the Sports Festival, he went to check up on her after her loss afterwards, he talked to her after the Hosu Incident… Those were some of the things he did for her… Deku-kun is truly amazing… But she promised herself that she would lock up these feelings… Deku-kun has already so much on his plate, she can't weigh him down even further, but… It gets harder and harder everyday he sees his bright emerald eyes and precious smile of his… "Stop it… Just stop it Ochako…" She shook her head off and walked after friends in hope of getting these thoughts of her head.

Izuku walked the hallways until he reached the familiar door that led to the workshop that Hatsume is constantly seen in. He knocked a few times. "I'm here, Hatsume-san." He said as he slipped the door open, finding the pinkette working on something on her work table, but he couldn't see what it was due to the angle, so he was only looking at her back.

"Oh, Midoriya-kun! You're just in time, come in!" Mei looked at him from over her shoulder, she was wearing her usual goggles over her crosshair eyes. She wore her usual grin. Izuku walked in and closed the door behind him before approaching Mei. "Okay! Are you ready for your surprise?" She asked him as she turned around, her hands behind her back, covering whatever she was working on.

"Only if you promise it won't explode all over my face." Izuku replied with a slight pan.

"It won't! Hopefully…" She muttered the last part.

"What was that, Hatsume-san?" Deku deadpanned at him. He's already regretting this…

"Nothing!" Mei grinned sheepishly at him. "Now close your eyes." Izuku did as told. "Okay, open them up." Izuku obeyed. "Ta-dah!" Mei presented her 'surprise' for him.

"My Air Force Gloves?" Izuku cocked an eyebrow seeing the case with his newest support item. "Well, thank you, but you could have just said that you fixed them." He smiled at him as he took the case off her hands. Last time he used them, they needed fixed and modifications after the whole Gentle thing during the Cultural Festival a while back.

"Ooh, I did more than fix these babies." Mei grinned at him as she removed her goggles off her eyes.

"Huh?" Izuku tilted his head in confusion.

"For you see, I outfited them… with a bit of this bad boy." She turned to her work table to grab something and turned back to the boy with a vial filled with…

"Is that… Dust?!" Izuku was shocked to see real Dust. Hatsume was wiggling the vial in front of his face.

"Pin-pon! Good thing you know what this stuff is, it spares me the effort of explaining it to you!" Mei grinned at him happily.

"Where did you get that?!" Izuku asked her still in shock, more for the fact she has in her hands magical powder that can be very lethal in the wrong hands.

"Don't worry, I didn't get it illegally or anything." Mei smiled casually at him. "You see, since we're now prepping for these Beacon folks coming here and all, we at the Support Course were being told to familiarize with construction of Huntsmen weaponry and their ammo, which is Dust. Our school just received a lot of Dust, generous gifts from Beacon, just as long as we don't use it outside the school grounds." She explained as she put back the vial on her table before looking back at him and wink. "We are allowed to experiment with Dust to learn how they work as ammo, obviously we must try to not cause a big mess, Power Loader-sensei told that to me specifically." She elaborated with a slightly annoyed face.

Deku blinked a few times. "I see…"

"Anyways, I'm really excited about all of this, because I LOVE Huntsmen weapons, they are so cool and versatile and this is finally my chance to learn how to make one and how they work! Just think of the possibilities, Midoriya-kun!" She grinned widely as she grabbed the boy's shoulders and shook him a bit. Izuku was getting scared alright… "That is the reason I called you here. As I told you, I outfited your gloves with Dusts in hopes of being able to fire element rounds just like Huntsmen guns." She explained as she then pointed at the Air Force Gloves.

"That would actually give me a lot of advantages in any situation... It's brilliant, Hatsume-san!" Izuku smiled brightly at her as he understood the implications.

"I know, right?! If they work, then you will be able to modify your attacks by adding whatever Dust you desire, giving you ample range for any situation!" Mei grinned at him again.

"Wait… 'If they work'...?" Izuku repeated with an arched eyebrow.

"Yeah… Hehe… You see, I haven't tested yet, and you are the only one who can make them work, so that's why I need you to test them out now to see if they work." She grinned sheepishly at him, she sweatdropped as she scratched the back of her hair. Izuku deadpanned her.

"So...I am a guinea pig for a contraption that could go extremely wrong," he said with worry.

She gave him a stare. "No."

"No?" Izuku tilted his head

"No, as in I wouldn't consider you a guinea pig." She put her finger on her lip. "Maybe a hedgehog or a roadrunner or a bunny rabbit…"

He dropped to the floor.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Put them on and see if they work!" Mei told him as the boy stood back up again.

He sighed. "Fine. It might be worth the shot…" He complied with Mei's little experiment. "It's moments like these that I need to expand my circle of friends…" He thought to himself.

Izuku put on the gloves. "Okay, now follow me!" Mei ordered as she walked towards the exit and Izuku followed her. Once outside, they went towards a large pile of metal junk, it wasn't hard to guess that it was the many, many failed 'babies' of Hatsume. "Now then, try to shoot at this pile over here. I'll be nearby to watch." She pointed at the pile before walking many steps behind the boy.

"And to avoid the explosion?" Izuku deadpanned.

"It won't explode! I'm mostly sure it won't!" She shouted from where she stood.

Deku sighed. " Mostly isn't promising, Hatsume." He pointed at her failed 'babies.' "Do you care to change that probability for me?"

Mei nervously rubbed the back of her head. "Just go on with it, Midoriya-kun. I'll throw in a free dinner to your favorite katsudon stand with all of the fixings."

" A free dinner?"

"Three free dinners and I will throw a complimentary practice outfit if you do this." She put her hands in a praying position. "Please, please, please, Midoriya-kun?"

Sometimes, it pained Izuku to never deny a friend's request. Even if that friend could be a bit of a loose screw. "Alright, Hatsume-san!" He looked at the pile in question. He swallowed the lump in his throat. "Well, I guess sixteen years has been long enough." He then activated his Full Cowling and aimed his right hand forward, he held his wrist with his left hand as he charged up One for All in his ring finger. "Air Force: Smash!" He flicked his finger and…! Nothing happened… "Huh?" He blinked in confusion. He tried again but nothing happened, it was as if the gust of wind that would have normally come out was stuck. "Weird… Nothing happened." He looked at his glove until he saw it bolt. "Oh no…" He knew he was coming now… There was a sudden blast of smoke in the area!

Mei quickly approached as she coughed on her right hand and waved off the smoke with her other hands. "You okay, Midoriya-kun?!" She asked with concern. The smoke faded and revealed Izuku. He was still standing, thankfully intact but now his body was covered black dust and most importantly the magical Dust was all over him. His Air Force Gloves blew up in his face, scattering the Dust contained within all over him… The gloves themselves were now heavily damaged. Izuku opened his eyes and coughed out smoke and Dust. "Well… To be honest this came out better than I thought!" Mei grinned at him. Izuku growled at her angrily. "Hey, I make mistakes alright?!" She shouted at him. "At least now I know that the Gloves need further modifications to allow the proper exit of your guts of wind along with Dust so it's still a win!" She put her hands on her hips trying to put a positive spin on this.

Izuku then looked at his body. "Oh no! I have Dust all over me!" He entered in panic as he knows that Dust can be very dangerous even when not used as ammo.

"Calm down, Midoriya-kun. In its powder form, Dust is harmless for people if not used. You'll be okay." Mei smiled calmly at him.

Deku sighed in relief. "I'll still need a shower." He calmed down as he looked at his dirty school uniform as he dust off the Dust off his body.

"Mm-hm. You do that while I'll fix up and upgrade these babies." Mei then took the gloves from Izuku's hands.

"You better not forget your end of the deal." The emerald teen frowned at her.

"I won't, promise!" Mei winked at him. Izuku started to walk towards his dorm to get clean up. "And don't worry next time it will work! It's all part of science, trial and error!" She shouted in a happy tone as the boy walked away.

"I might need to double the deal if I have to go through this again…" He knew that would be the case so he better make it worth it for him.

Izuku walked back into his dorm with a sour look on his face, he saw some of his classmates in the living room. They looked surprised to see him coming back dirty and dusty.

"Lemme guess… Hatsume again?" Eijiro asked him.

"Yeah…" Izuku replied as he walked towards the bathroom to take a shower.

"Pay me." The hardening teen grinned as he extended his right hand.

"Damm!" Hanta pulled out a bill and handed it to Eijiro.

"Aw yeah, baby." Kirishima smirked please with the money in his hands.

After taking a warm shower and putting on a clean change of clothes, he put his dirty uniform on the washing machine and went to have dinner with everyone else.

The night continued as normal, Izuku did his homework in only half an hour and used his weights for an hour before deciding to call it a night.

He laid on his bed. "Guess I'll see you soon, Blake…" That was his last thought before he closed his eyes and let slumber take him.

While he slept soundly, his body started glowing emerald green, but not the usual glow he has when using One for All… Also he twisted in his bed as he felt discomfort on top of his head and tailbone…

The next morning…

Izuku slowly woke up from his sleep, he lazily sat up before he yawned as he stretched his arms up, he then rubbed the sleepiness off his eyes before he opened them.

He scratched the back of his head, but then he felt something else other than his hair… Izuku brought his other hand up and felt up two things on top of his head, seemingly glued to his skull… Also, he felt something on his lower back that wasn't there before…

Izuku shot out from his bed and towards his full-bodied mirror to check himself and when he did he was utterly shocked… The issue wasn't his body, that was all the same, the problem was the parts that weren't there before... Over his head was two emerald-furred rabbit ears he turned around and saw a bulge on his shorts, he pulled down a little and saw an emerald cotton-tail….

Deku looked at himself in the mirror with shock and dread "Wha-what happened to me?!"

This is the moment where Deku's life changed forever once more…

To be Continued…

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