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body like an hourglass (ticking like a clock)

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The crackling buzz of the TV static filled the hotel room. JJ and Elle were trying to wind down after the case they worked on that day, but the signal at the hotel was not allowing it. It kept cutting out at random points, freezing and skipping at others, and at some points, the whole audio would cut out. Elle threw the TV remote down on the bed and picked up her phone from the bedside cabinet.

“How hard is it for a five-star hotel to get a decent signal,” she groaned.

“Aw Elle, it’s the weather,” JJ said. The comment was punctuated by a flash by the window and a loud crash of thunder. She picked up the pillow that was resting in her lap and smacked Elle over the head with it. “You were on your phone half the time anyway.”

Elle re-joined the BAU about two years after she quit. It was true that when she left her mental state was continuously deteriorating. After she left it hadn’t gotten any better, but JJ insisted she started going to therapy. Elle complied, she didn’t like to see JJ worried, and eventually, she started to feel better. She no longer felt like her life was in danger or worried she would snap and take someone else’s. It took time, of course it did, but eventually, she felt fit enough to return doing what she loved. There was also a lot of pride and cockiness that resulted in her return. She knew she was damn good at her job, and there was nothing that thrilled her more than catching sexual predators and making them pay. She had found it hard to stay away from the job knowing how many creeps were out there.

The whole team were delighted with her return. Hotch tried to keep his cool and pretend like it didn’t affect him personally, but Elle noticed the smile that lingered on his face every morning when she came to the office. There was one new member, Emily Prentiss, who didn’t seem to be to be pleased to have her there. She constantly gave Elle side glances or disagreed with her when she suggested something for the profile of an unsub, and after two weeks of her back, she was fit to snap. In this latest case, Emily was especially pent up for some reason and just seemed to be taking it out on Elle. JJ insisted that Emily just wasn’t used to having Elle back, and probably felt her whole job was being threatened now that Elle was back, seen as she only started there to replace her. She probably worried she would be fired or pushed aside now that Elle was back and was marking her territory to avoid that.

Elle wanted to confront Emily about her behaviour, but JJ pleaded with her to wait it out. After Elle left and Emily joined the team, they became good friends, and JJ knew she was a good woman and just felt threatened. With JJ’s good word of Emily, Elle decided to drop it, hoping she was right.

The sky flashed with lightning again, and JJ jumped.

“You’re an FBI agent, and you’re afraid of thunder?” Elle asked. JJ shook her head.

“No of course I’m not afraid, I just don’t like it,”

“Well, you better get used to it, it’s the most entertainment it looks like we’ll have tonight.” Elle picked up the remote and switched the TV off completely. All the flickering and static was annoying her, and she would rather it off completely than struggle through the disruption.

Once the TV was off, a faint buzzing was audible in the hotel room.

“Is your phone ringing in your bag?” Elle asked. JJ got out of bed and walked to the other side of the room, but knew it wasn’t her phone because the sound got fainter the more, she walked away from the bed. She pulled her phone anyway to check the time. 11.46pm. She walked back over and sat on the end of the bed. The buzzing continued and seemed to be coming from the wall. The two women sat in silence, trying not to move so the bed wouldn’t creak. They craned their necks towards the wall trying to figure out what the noise was.

A loud, drawn-out groan came from the other side of the wall. Elle and JJ realised what was happening at the same time.

“Oh god,” JJ said blushing, “are we really sitting here and listening to someone get off- “

“Someone?” Elle said. She looked at JJ and raised her eyebrow.


“Do you not remember who’s in the room next to us?”

The realisation dawned on JJ who catapulted off the bad in shock.

“Oh my god, that’s Emily!” JJ whispered in shock. She felt herself getting more aroused by the minute. The thought of Emily in the next room getting off with a vibrator sent heat straight down to her clit, and suddenly the room was very stuffy. Elle had a wicked gleam in her eye, and JJ was reminded of their shared nights together a few years ago. They hadn’t had sex since Elle came back to the BAU. JJ was finalizing her breakup with Will, and as much as she wanted to jump on Elle the second she came back, she wanted to wait until she wasn’t tied to Will anymore.

“Oh fuck, put on some music Elle,” JJ said.

“Why? Don’t you want to listen? Are you not interested?”

“Interested in what?”

“In what Agent Prentiss sounds like when she cums,” Elle grinned.


“What! I know I am, that woman is so loud the whole time, I wonder if she’s loud in bed too when she has her fucking holes filled- “

“That’s just- Elle- she’s our team member.”

“Yes Jennifer, and you were my team member when I took you over my lap to punish you the first time,” Elle said. JJ’s cheeks burned at the memory. The first time she and Elle hooked up, it was the result of a poor decision on JJ’s part, and Elle wasn’t having it. She bent JJ over her knee and spanked her until she was red raw, and JJ thanked her for each one. That was the start of their relationship. She leaned in closer to the wall.

“She’s getting closer, she kind of sounds a lot like you when you try to hide it.”

“We can’t listen, it wrong.” JJ knew she was lying to herself.

“Don’t lie JJ, I can see you squirming, you can listen. It’s hot, I won’t lie, I’m thinking of going over there to finish herself off myself and see how smug she is with me after- “

“You can’t be serious,” JJ said.

“Well, I’m joking. But it is a possibility you know. We could go pay her a visit.”

“For what?”

“Don’t you want to touch her? I’m not stupid JJ, I can see the way you look at her out on the field. I don’t mind. As much as she gets on my nerve, she is really hot, and the thought
of getting to take you both is… well it's like a dream.”

“We… could.”

“Do you want to?”

JJ hesitated before answering. The sound of Emily’s moans through the wall was getting louder, and JJ knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. She nodded fiercely. Elle stood up quickly and grabbed JJ by the hand and pulled her to the door. She closed the door behind them, and Elle knocked on the door next to theirs. JJ stood back in the hall with her hands in her pockets. They couldn’t hear the sound of the vibrator now they were out in the hall, but the second after Elle knocked there was a very distinct voice grunting “oh fuck,” and the hurried sound of shuffling.

Emile came to the door and opened it with a dressing gown wrapped around her, holding it closed.

“Hi, is everything okay, did something happen with the case?” Emily said, glancing from Elle to JJ. There better have been something wrong, because if Elle interrupted her for just a chat, she might never play nice with her again.

“Can we come in?” Elle said.

“Yeah, I guess,” Emily said. She stepped back from the door to let them in.

When they stepped inside, Emily closed the door and looked at JJ.

“What’s going on?” Emily was starting to sound annoyed, a combination of both her unachieved orgasm and the rude interruption.

“We just came to check on you,” Elle said sweetly.

“Why are you really here?”

Elle turned and looked at JJ, clearly waiting for her to answer. JJ thought her cheeks might burn off in embarrassment.

“We heard you.”

“Heard me?”

“Yeah, you sound really pretty when you touch yourself, Emily,” Elle said.

“I- what?”

“We heard you, the vibrator, through the wall,” JJ said. She kept her eyes on the ground, ashamed.

“We thought we could help you out?”

“I mentioned it to JJ, and I can just tell she’s soaked thinking about it,”

“Is this actually happening, this isn’t some kind of sick test?”

“It’s not a test,”

Emily looked away from Elle to JJ and asked, “Do you want this,”

JJ's face made a strained expression, “Yes, Emily, god.”

“JJ is still as much of a whore as when I left it appears, and it seems like she found someone else to keep her mind busy.” There was a tinge of jealousy in her voice.

“You’re okay with this Emily?” JJ asked shyly.

Emily nodded.

She met JJ’s gaze, and slowly dropped her dressing gown to the floor with a grin.