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Go To Sleep

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While the factory was anything but quite, you managed to get enough sleep. Karl had only waved his hand, metal scraps welding together to create a giant room. He'd had his goons scrounge around, bringing back only the best things for you. Heisenberg had stolen the mattress himself, not trusting any Lycans to bring back untouched stuff.

You sat in bed, staring out the window and at the mountain ranges. It must've been the middle of the night, and the factory was still noisy below you. You groaned and tossed around, sighing heavily at the empty spot beside you. You couldn't remember the last time Karl had slept in bed, or slept at all. He had to keep working. All the time.

You started to get tired of his excuses.

So, with determination in your eyes, you got up. You knew he had to be somewhere close. He didn't like leaving you unattended in the factory, mostly because of the risk of Lycans finding you. You put on a pair of shoes, work boots you'd received upon moving to the factory. You opened the door and headed through the winding paths, ignoring the moans and groans of zombies and Lycans.

After a little searching, you found Heisenberg leaning on a railing. He looked so handsome, the fiery factory below contouring his body. A large cigar was between his lips, making his glasses shine under his hat. "Hey hun." You said, running your hand up his back.

Heisenberg jumped slightly, turning his head to you. "Oh, oh just you..." He sighed. Despite his glasses and hat, you could tell he was exhausted. He put out his cigar, tossing it over the edge and below. It disappeared into the metal and noise, never to be seen again. "I hope the noise isn't keeping you up, sweetheart.."

You shook your head, "No, not at all..." You snuggled into his side, nuzzling his shoulder. He hummed, turning to you and wrapping you in his warm arms. He smelled like burning metal and smoke, a comforting scent. You leaned into him heavier, and Karl hummed tiredly. "Aren't you tired, honey bear?"

"Don't you know it..." He growled, and you shivered.

"Come to bed then." You tapped his chest, grabbing his gloved hand. He didn't budge, making you look back at him with a sigh. "Heisenberg..."

Karl grunted and gently took his hand away, "Listen, I got work..." He gave you a quirky grin and turned back to his factory. You frowned, crossing your arms and glaring at his hat covered head. You were tired, and all you wanted was for him to come to bed already.

"The fucking factory won't fall apart without you. It'll be fine for a few hours!!" You snarled. Karl stiffened, and even the factory seemed to go silent. His hands clenched, and he spun to you.

He had a snarl on his face, his eyes glowing behind his glasses. He slammed his metal hammer on the ground, the sound making you jump. "I ain't going to bed!!" He roared, grabbing the railing and turning to the factory. The force almost made his glasses fly off, but he managed to keep them on the bridge of his nose. You shook and sniffled, and he glanced over. "...Sweetheart, I didn't mean to..." He bit his lip and sighed, "Alright...Fine."

"Fine?" You smiled softly.

Heisenberg growled and rubbed his face, his glasses now pushed up onto his forehead. His golden eyes pierced yours, heavy bags under them. "I'll go to sleep. Only for a few hours!" He stormed past you, and both of you knew you won the argument. You followed him, rubbing your eyes as your own exhaustion kicked in. You two entered your shared bedroom, Heisenberg yawning and stretching. You kicked off your boots and climbed into bed, snuggling into the thin blankets and lumpy pillows.

Heisenberg tossed off his hat, a metal hook flying across the room to catch it. It hit the wall with a thunk, and he grinned at his own entertainment. Then his boots, his belt, his coat and his glasses. He ruffled out his hair and flopped into bed beside you. You gently stroked his scruffy cheek, leaning in to kiss his forehead. "I love you, Karl."

The grumpy metal bender chuckled, pulling you in and against his chest. He kissed you gently, his beard tickling your face. "I love you to..." He grinned and pulled you tightly against him, turning on his back so you covered him. You sighed, melting into his grip. "Now then..." He yawned like a bear and got comfortable. "Lets sleep..."