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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

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    It was a nice and calm saturday afternoon. The weather was great, a mix of sun light and cool breeze entering the penthouse through the balcony wide doors. Lucifer and Chloe were laying on the Italian leather couch, his hands pulling her close to him, her head leaning on his large and strong shoulders. It was her first day off in months and Trixie was at her father’s house so they decided to just enjoy each other this weekend. No fancy dinners, no traveling to some private island.

    Some romantic comedy was being shown on the television, Chloe was paying full attention on the happy couple of the cliche movie, meanwhile Lucifer was paying full attention on how good her neck was smelling and how beautiful she was from that angle he was watching her.

    “You know, we’re not this different from the couple on the movie.” She said still focusing on the television.

    “How so?” He said, starting to trace his fingers through her skin and taking a strand of hair out of the way and locking it behind her ear.

    “Well, they worked together. She didn’t like him at the beginning but then she realized he’s a good person, he was in love with her since day one. They got together after a long time denying their feelings for each other.”

    “Can’t say we don’t relate to that... but still, there’s a little detail that make our history unique.” His head was very close to her now, she could sense his breathing close to her neck.

    “He’s not the Devil slash Angel and she’s not God’s gift to him.”

    “True, but I wasn’t going to say that.” She finally turned around to look him straight in the eyes.

    “And what’s the difference between us and them?”

    “Well, he doesn’t look as good as me, that’s a important point for sure.” She let a soft laugh escape, of course we’d say something like that, but he kept going. “And she’s not you. She’s not as good as you, as beautiful as you, as amazing and hardworking as you. Actually, no one is incredible just like you, not even me.” She smiled, a big and bright smile, just like the stars he created billions of years ago.

    “Lucifer, that’s-“ She couldn’t finish her sentence, he putted his finger against her lips in a gesture to silence her.

    “I’m not finished yet. I love every single detail of you and I ever will... But what really makes us different from the couple in the film is that she never tried to poison him with the help of a evil priest.”

    “You-“ She tried to be mad at him but that’s impossible, both of them busted in laugh and she fake-pushed him against the pillows. “I knew something was wrong when you started complementing me like that, you had to bring something up, right?” She said in a relaxed tone. That happened years ago and both of them had overcome the feelings towards that event and it become a inside joke between the couple.

    “I’m sorry! But, my love, everything I said is the truth, you know I don’t lie and even if I didn’t I would never do this to you.”

     “Poison me or lie?”


     She leaned closer to him and kissed him, a soft and short peck on his lips.

     “Me too, I would never lie to you nor poison you, I couldn’t bring myself to hurt the man I love the most in this world.” This time he was the one pulling the other to a kiss, now a longer but still soft kiss, one that express their love for each other.

    His hands started exploring her body, from her back to her thighs. She was now laying on top of him, without separating their mouth for one slight second, like their lives depend on that moment. They kept kissing and kissing and kissing for minutes until she brought herself up and sat on his lap, he’s only using his silk pajamas pants and robe, her hands started stroking his naked chest while his hands were holding her in place by the waist. Their eyes were making direct contact, it felt like they were communicating just through looks and after years of working together and being close to each other, they knew exactly what the other was thinking. She could feel him getting hard right under her.

    “Bed?” He asked, his hoarse voz full of arousal. She looked up and made a face like she’s thinking and then looked back to him.

    “I think we never did it here on this couch, and it’s pretty comfortable here...” She was only wearing her underwear and one of the few t-shirts he own so here could feel (and see) that she was as horny as him.

    He didn’t waste any time after that. Lucifer pulled her closer to him and started kissing her, a hot and rushed kiss but still full of love and affection. The next thing he noticed he’s doing was taking her shirt off and throwing it somewhere in the floor of the penthouse. And then he’s taking one of her nipples in his mouth and massaging the other with his hand. A soft gasp escaped from her lips, he smiled when he heard the sound of satisfaction and took the other nipple while also stroking her breast. She rolled her hips against him, she could feel him getting even harder and heard him sighing.

    “Lucifer, please...” She said while grabbing the hem of his pants. He raised her just enough to her hands lower the fabric and free his hard cock. He sighted again. Just to drive him even more crazy, she took him in her hands and stroked him a bit.

    “Fuck, I can’t wait for this anymore.” He said in between hard breaths.

    When she was about to stand and take her panties off, he grabbed the soft lace fabric just like she did with his pants but instead of lowering it he just ripped it off of her.

    Oh!” Was the only thing she was able to say before straddling him again but this time letting he enter her too. Both of the groaned loudly before making any movement.

    She started riding him while he also started pushing himself inside of her. At first slowly but then increasing the pace with every second. After some time he could feel her inside walls pressing against him, she was close and so did he. His hand went directly to her clit, where he started moving his finger in the same rhythm of her movements.

    Yes! Right there!” She gasped. Both increased the pace even more, searching for their mutual release. When the waves of orgasm hit her, she clutched around him once again and this was enough to make him come too in a loud moan just like she did seconds before. She collapsed on top of him and he threw his arms around her while both of them were catching their breath.

    After a while, she rolled her body and lay down right next to him, hugging him and kissing his cheek.

    “That was... wow.” He was the first one to say something.

     “Yes, it was.”

     “Do you want a drink?”

     “Yes, I do actually.” He got up carefully and went to his wall full of expensive scotches and took one of the bottles in one hand and two fancy glasses in the other. He put everything on top of the piano and poured the drink into the two glasses. When came back to the sofa, Chloe was seated and just watching him moving around the house, before he could sit and give her the drink he stopped and took his red silk robe out, covering her shoulders with that. “Oh, thank you, honey.” He just smiled and seated next to her, his arm around her shoulders and her head leaning on his. They drank in silence for a moment, just appreciating the moment and each other company.

    “I don’t know if I ever told you this story, but some years ago I met this guy, I think it was 1966 or something like that. I was at a bar, playing the piano and singing and at the end of the show a man approached me and asked for my help in a song. Of course I said I would help, but he’d be owning me a favor from now on and this kind of thing, well, he accepted the agreement at the end. He introduced himself as Frankie.” Lucifer was looking ahead while talk and she was admiring his side profile and listen to his story. She loved when he was open like that and talked about his adventures during his time on earth. “It’s a beautiful song. One of my favorites, actually. I helped him writing some verses. He never thanked me for that though, but to be honest I don’t really care, the message behind the lyrics is what really matters. Actually, in the beginning it’s just another song that was great but without meaning to me. That changed after I met you.” He was now looking at her, eyes full of love.

    “Then sing it. Sing this song to me.” He shook his head on a positive sign and got up, standing his hand for her to follow him to piano. They sat together on the bench and he put his drink on top of it. He played a little with the keys before starting a melody she already recognized.

    “You're just too good to be true

      Can't take my eyes off of you

      You'd be like Heaven to touch

      I wanna hold you so much

     At long last, love has arrived

     And I thank God I'm alive

     You're just too good to be true

     Can't take my eyes off of you...”

He started singing, looking directly at her and smiling in between words and sentences. Oh, how she loved him.

“Pardon the way that I stare

There's nothin' else to compare

The sight of you leaves me weak

There are no words left to speak

But if you feel like I feel

Please let me know that it's real

You're just too good to be true

Can't take my eyes off of you”

He continued singing, his deep voice sounding heavenly - which is ironic since he’s the Devil himself. 

“I love you, baby

And if it's quite alright

I need you, baby

To warm the lonely night

I love you, baby

Trust in me when I say

Oh, pretty baby

Don't bring me down, I pray

Oh, pretty baby

Now that I've found you, stay

And let me love you, baby

Let me love you”

The last part he sang in a low voice, almost like a whisper that just she should listen. Like he’s making a wish to her, wishing that she stay at his side, letting him love her no matter what. It was evident in his voice and expressions that he have put his heart and soul into the song he was singing to her.

    “Lucifer... That’s.... That’s beautiful.” Her eyes were full of tears and she couldn’t bring herself to form a full sentence.

    “I love you, Chloe Decker, and I’ll forever love you. My first and only love.” He promised, holding her hands close to his beating heart. “Everything I said before, about loving every single detail about you, that’s the absolute truth. I wouldn’t change a thing about you.”

    “I love you too, Lucifer, and I would never change you. Never.”

    They hugged each other tightly, like one of them would leave at any second and they didn’t want to be apart. They loved each other more than anything and for some people it sound impossible to the Devil to find true love, but that’s just what happened. What a interesting turn of events, right?

    They stayed close to one another for several minutes before they finally broke apart, just to go to Lucifer’s bed and lay closer than before. Just cuddling and eventually kissing, but just it.  No more rush to be physically connected like before, their souls were connected from begging to end and that was enough for now. He loved her and she loved him. No need for other things beside it, pure and true love.