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Eirin wasn't one to frequent bars of any kind since the atmosphere wasn't for her.

Even during her years of studying when she would be dragged out by her friends on the weekend, the woman was circumspect of how much she drank.

It was less due to her profession and more of just something she personally wasn't fond of.

The doctor found it amusing how some aspects hadn't changed as Okina handed her a glass of Kyoho Nigori wine. Even now, her obdurate yet artifice friends would pull her out of her commitment to work on the scarce few days she had off such as this weekend.

"Drink up, Eirin" Kanako grinned whilst taking a satisfying sip of her own Sapporo Yebisu beer, "We have no intentions of leaving until you're seeing stars".

"While that might be your forte, I definitely cannot achieve that".

"It's a talent" the woman laughed as Okina nodded along.

Eirin wondered how she had gotten through her education with the influences of the two women but she knew she couldn't have asked for better and reliable companions.

Okina and Kanako were respective in their own fields which was a testament to itself.

And also to their livers considering their imbibing habits.

The doctor chuckled, "An unrivalled one at that. But, I appreciate you both taking me out".

"Rough day at the hospital?".

Eirin hummed at the blonde's enquiry, her eyes roaming within the vicinity of the bar, "More so than usual. However, that discussion can happen some other time. Tonight I believe I'm on orders to relax?".

Kanako smiled and raised her glass to the doctor, "Kanako's orders" she winked.

"Imagining Kanako as a doctor is frightening".

"I don't want to hear that from you, Okina".

The trio of friends dissolved into confabulation whilst drinking and simply enjoying the moment, taking their thoughts away from the meanderings of day to day life. 

Keeping up with the upscale atmosphere of the establishment which was called The Smoking Dragon, the music playing was subtle yet easy to dance to if those on the dancefloor could attest to. It was a cosy location that Kanako had found on a whim and insisted on scoping it out which turned out to be an argute decision. The low lighting provided some intimacy, the hum of conversation was comfortable and the beverages and food rounded off the aura. 

All in all, Eirin was at ease as she let Okina and Kanako converse about something in regards to Kanako's architecture firm that the blonde could aid in from a business perspective. 

She sat back, smiling fondly whilst placing her stressed up week on the back burner for a night as she drank her beverage. 

The pink wine was sweet in contrast to what she usually drank since she was still technically on call and didn't want to approach a too inebriated level. So the levels of tannin settling in her bloodstream to soothe her was enough as she watched people around her. 

A simple evening to wind down to with two of her closest friends. 

That was the plan.

Then it changed the moment Eirin's eyes found her.

The doctor was mid way to taking a sip of her wine, lips perched on the edge before she lowered it, her brain overriding any other command.

Eirin was transfixed on the woman at the bar. 

Her outfit consisted of a sleek yale blue wrap dress which left her arms bare from beneath her shoulders while the frilled skirt section of the dress stopping at her knees highlighted the length of her legs. With a v neckline plunge and the fittingly wrapped waist tie, the ensemble brought out her curvaceous frame as the outfit was accentuated with black kitten heels, a silver crescent moon necklace and bracelet set.

The lustrous blonde hair curled down her chest and back, enhanced by the colour of the dress and the crepuscular lighting of the bar which did nought to take away from her beauty, from the prevalent shade of violet that were her eyes.

She was close enough that Eirin noticed there was no ring on her finger, a thought she couldn't understand why she was relieved about.

There were two women with her, just as beautiful who seemed to be familiar as they stood at the bar whilst waiting for their drinks.

But Eirin couldn't keep her eyes off of that one woman and met eyes with her, the blonde smiling slightly before returning to the conversation with what Eirin hoped were just her friends.

A hand in her face snapped her out of her adoring and Eirin turned to see Kanako smirking at her. The smirk which often belied something impish and Eirin was correct to assume so when the woman spoke up. 

"It has been some time since I've seen you look at a woman like that, Eirin".

The doctor schooled her features back to indifference though it was too late to fool her friend, "Anyone with eyes can aver to the fact that they are beautiful".


Kanako's teasing tone made Eirin roll her eyes before she realised something, "Where did Okina go?".

With her glass still in her hand, Kanako indicated to the bar, "She spotted a moment and took it" she smiled as she took in one of the blonde stranger's companions, one whom had caught her crimson eyes, "While providing an opportunity for you since you evidently won't make a move".

Eirin stifled a sigh at her friend's impulses, watching the way she was shamelessly flirting with the woman with pink hair, the wavy strands falling down her arms when she moved a hand to her mouth to laugh.

Kanako wasn't fairing any better with her antics, eyes trained on the hazel pair of the other woman who completed the trio. Eirin noticed that she wasn't drinking alcohol so her interest in Kanako was going to be rather intriguing. 

"Okina has the impulse control of a shark in blood tinged waters".

"That is a comparison and a half" Kanako laughed over the music, "However, the look in your eyes resembles said shark, you know".

"Hardly" the doctor refuted weakly.

The burning in her chest indicated otherwise, diminishing her adduce.

Before she could continue her refusal, she was partially horrified to find the group coming over, led by an enthusiastic Okina who winked at Eirin.

Her plans of simply admiring the stranger had been ploughed through and Eirin couldn't quite decide if she wanted to thank Okina or kill her.

She lightly cleared her throat as they approached the booth they were seated in as Okina introduced the newcomers. 

"Eirin, Kanako, this is Yuyuko.." she motioned to the pink haired woman smiling next to her, "Byakuren" she then indicated as she slid into the booth to sit near Kanako while Okina finished the introductions, "And this is Yukari". 

Okina and Yuyuko took a seat near Byakuren while Yukari slid in next to Eirin whom was finding it somewhat problematic to think. 

"We hope you don't mind the intrusion" she smiled and glanced at Kanako who waved it off, sending a look to Eirin after. 

"Not at all, the more the merrier". 

Eirin nodded, finally getting her brain to stop short circuiting, "Indeed. It is lovely to meet you all". 

Her voice dipped slightly, like the intonation was meant for Yukari in a different way to her companions, something they all picked up on as they chuckled. 

The colloquy more or less flowed amongst the group as they became acquainted with each other, learning and sharing many anecdotes of their day. It was as if they had all met in some former life, watching over a location which was a shelter for those who needed a place to belong. 

Each woman had experienced such a feeling so conversing in the way they were doing just made sense

All the while knowing glances were being exchanged between those that the attraction had bloomed for. 

Eirin had come to find out that this bar was frequented by Yukari and her friends, that she had never seen Eirin here before hence why her violet eyes were observing her. 

Through it wasn't the only reason for Yukari's glances as her gaze swept over Eirin, their bodies close to each other in order to hear what they were saying more clearly. The nexus between them was tangible, almost bristling which caught both women off guard as the night went on. 

Right up until Yukari offered her hand, asking Eirin if she would like to dance. 

The doctor chuckled, "I cannot say you will be impressed by my moves per se since they are some what desuetude given my lack of experience". 

"Perhaps I can be the judge of that, Eirin" Yukari grinned as she stood up and extended a hand, "Please?".

Eirin's stomach twisted at the way the blonde had already wound her around her thumb. 

It wasn't a negative feeling, just nascent. 

A nudge from Kanako jolted her to act after throwing her friend a brief scowl, "Byakuren, you may have to keep your eye on this one". 

"That won't be difficult" the genial woman smiled and the comment knocked the smugness right off of Kanako's face, "She is easy on the eyes". 

Eirin chuckled and placed her hand in Yukari's as Okina spoke up, "You two have fun" the woman said, her undertone not so subtle. 

"Would I be correct in assuming that Okina usually has enough of that for you, Eirin?" Yuyuko enquired, her lashes batting innocently as Okina almost choked on her drink. 

It appeared that Byakuren and Yuyuko would have no issues dealing with the likes of Kanako and Okina which was a delightful notion as Eirin laughed softly, "I will leave them both in your capable hands". 

Yukari witnessed the exchange, thrilled that the group seemed to be on the same level as each other. 

She was looking forward to seeing what lay beneath Eirin's reserved exterior, be it physically or otherwise because the second her eyes and landed on Eirin, curiosity and desire followed swiftly. 

"Shall we go?". 

The light squeeze to her hand sent a jolt up Eirin's spine as she answered, noticing that she was a good head taller than the blonde. 

"Lead the way". 

They found a space on the dance floor where people were in the midst of moving, some in groups, others as couples with something more expedient in mind. 

It was not relevant as the gentle melody of the track playing could suit any needs. 

The delicate tempo, the evocative vocals, the light yet hypnotic percussives. 

All of those attributes were infectious. 

Eirin's earlier reservations melted away the moment Yukari moved up to her and placed one hand on her shoulder, the bare one and her other hand joining Eirin's, their fingers intertwining. 

She instinctively placed her free palm on Yukari's waist as they became accustomed to their position, moving in tandem till they found their rhythm. The fingers on her shoulder were causing havoc despite Yukari doing nothing but hold her there. Her digits were soft against the curve of her skin, as if they knew the shape of Eirin's form already. 

Yukari chuckled, tone resonant as she looked up into blue eyes, "So much for not being one to dance. Do you always feel inclined to prevaricate the truth?". 

"A prevarication isn't a full lie" Eirin smiled back, swaying gently with Yukari in her arms as their chests met. 

"If the medical profession doesn't work out for you, you would excel at my firm as a defence attorney". 

The badinage felt so natural, as if the words had already been dictated by fate itself as the two smiled at each other beneath the strobe lights. 

"I'm sure I wonder prosper under your tutelage, Yukari". 

The blonde bit down on her lip for a brief second that Eirin would have missed if she wasn't looking at her. Her tone when she said her name was intimate, like it was imparting itself into her skin, embedding itself and Yukari couldn't escape it, didn't want to. 

She enjoyed being able to make Yukari revert to such means with words alone. 

Yukari's mind in turn kept deviating to the salacious, wanting exactly that, Eirin under her. 

"That can be arranged" she whispered, face angled upwards. 

She lowered her hand and traced the edge of Eirin's gown, revelling in the silky texture which only enhanced the way it appeared on Eirin. 

Eirin's full length and shimmering iris coloured pleated gown enhanced her tall frame, the wide one shoulder strap oozing elegance as her other shoulder remained bare. The Grecian style of the bodice and waist was detailed with a touch of complexity with a draped design in the centre which in turn was complemented with beige block heeled sandals, a silver watch and a simple pendant consisting of the iris flower.

Her silver hair looked soft to touch, stylised in a tendril twist which was a low bun at the nape of the neck that allowed a strand of her curled locks to fall loosely on either side of her face, framing the refined features and entrancing blue eyes.

Eyes that Yukari barely parted from watching and Eirin was in a similar condition, ducking her head till their lips were in close vicinity, but not quite touching.

The blonde just danced with Eirin, following her movements as they floated over the dance floor, pressed together and in a world of their own.

Eirin was becoming esurient with each passing second and yearned for more so she twirled Yukari around and placed her hand on her hip, the other holding the woman's other hand which was slightly outstretched to the side.

She could feel Yukari's laugh when she pressed up against her back and the lawyer settled behind her, allowing the sway of their hips to move sensually.

They remained that way for a while as Eirin's breath ghosted Yukari's neck, the loose blonde curls allowing access. She steadied herself by moulding her hand over Eirin's that was still on her hip, pushing back slightly to fluster the tall woman.

It was a game of mutual pining and mercurial desire.

Emotions prevalent when Yukari turned again and found herself flush against Eirin, hands on her neck while the doctor's arms settled around her lower back, like they were lovers through the ages.

It just felt natural, immutable.

Yukari felt breathless, Eirin was air.

"Eirin, you're so beautiful". 

The calefaction between them amplified as Eirin smiled, feeling mischievous hands toy with her necklace but there was nothing but honesty in her companion's mannerisms. She trailed one hand up the luxurious material of Yukari's dress, over the dip of her spine, then between her shoulder blades till she could careful meld her palm over one of the blonde's shoulder, steadying her. 

"Thank you" she replied in a low hum, "Quite a compliment coming from someone as radiant as you".

Yukari chuckled, lips just skimming over Eirin's again, "I have a feeling that it isn't just Okina and Kanako whom have to be kept vigilant of. You say the sweetest things". 

"Well, we do have different means in how we go about our ways, but I do understand their mentality" Eirin answered coyly, "Admittedly, I had no intents of anything like this occurring". 


"Indeed" the taller woman responded, her lips darting over Yukari's own, "You are mesmerising". 

Yukari tilted her head to the side a tad, voice airy, her hold behind the woman's shoulders tightening, "Again, you say the sweetest things". 

"Is that so? And what if I said that every fibre of my being yearns to kiss you, Yukari? Would that be considered sweet?". 

"Very much so" was Yukari's answer, eyelids becoming heavy when the inevitable kiss finally occurred. 

They became subsumed in the sensations of their lips brushing, light yet potent, going for another kiss, and then another. 

All the while, the two women kept moving against each other, captivated within the moment of bearing their souls to each other with just an action alone, something that neither would usually allow to occur. 

But there was just something so tangible in their connection, in the way their eyes met, feeding every cliché in the book in regards to first attraction, to romance. 

It was prevalent within the way Yukari and Eirin became immersed in their aura which had melded into one. 

Much like their fragrances, their lipstick, their tastes; all consolidating together to procure a unique scent. 

A scent which would loiter for both as they separated, but not enough to not feel the heat radiating from their faces and bodies.

It was intoxicating, addictive and both women wanted more. 

The touches were merely a tease, a lure. 

A lure which was successful. 

Yukari's hand went to Eirin's cheek, caressing her thumb over the sharp cheekbones while her other hand remained nestled behind the taller woman's shoulder. It was frightening in a sense, the way her body was reacting to Eirin with such ease, something she wasn't accustomed to. 

The woman holding her was in a similar mind frame when the back of her knuckles gently stroked over Yukari's upper arm, feeling the delicate skin kiss against her own. Her left hand remained planted on the Yukari's shoulder and Eirin could feel the subtle shudder running through it. 

Their actions spoke volumes. 

It set the cadence for the night. 

Neither wanted to leave the establishment unless it was with each other. 

Which is what occurred when they made a hasty retreat, bidding good-night to their friends whilst being on the receiving end of impish taunts and fond smiles. 


The drive back to Yukari's home was orectic yet playful, at least as much as possible if Eirin was to drive safely. 

But it felt like the norm, the back and forth between them while the thought of what was going to happen simply became imbued in the conversation. 

What they could deduce was that this was going to be much more than a one night stand. 

Their was too much friction, too much potential of something blossoming and Eirin & Yukari wanted, needed, to cultivate it. 

A point which was being made as they walked into the blonde's home, her hand in Eirin's as she led her up to her bedroom.

It was a rare occurrence for either woman to partake in a fleeting escapade, never mind it happening in their homes but there was something established between them that indicated that this was going to be something enclosed in ardour and not just sex. 

Yukari could feel the ebullition in the way Eirin touched her whilst stood near her bed as the doctor's hands made deft work of undoing the waist tie and then curving her hands behind to undo the zip, pulling it down to let the material float to the floor.

She gasped out against Eirin's exposed neck while she helped slide away the strap on the other shoulder, guiding it off the curve till Eirin pushed her dress down to meet Yukari's on the floor, along with their footwear.

Even though they were tempted to impel, to hurry, they savoured the moment.

Relish in the tender touches while undressing each other.

Actions such as Yukari sliding the tips of her fingers across Eirin's arms and then her collarbones since the strapless black bra allowed the journey.

Movements of Eirin's nails scraping up the waistband of Yukari's deep red lace underwear and up her abdomen.

All of it assembling together till Eirin found herself on Yukari's bed and resting back on her forearms as the blonde straddled her hips, throwing her a roguish smile before reaching backwards and undoing her bra. The doctor could only watch, entranced by the woman's vivacious form, committing it to memory whilst wondering what her tongue would experience as she mapped out the expanse of skin.

The flow had been set as the two women succumbed to the other; touching and tasting, giving and taking.

Enraptured in a dance of the senses. 

Each one of Yukari's had been roused alive as Eirin hovered above her, silver locks now loose while she traced her fingertips against her inner thigh, inching closer and closer till Yukari felt the strength of Eirin's biceps in which her hands were clenched around. Eirin smiled over her ear, exhaling her name till the blue stud on Yukari's lobe misted over before she traced the tip of her tongue around it. 

Trapped in an alcove of pleasure. 

A position Eirin had no qualms of being in as the night went on, her hands balling up the edge of Yukari's bed as she lay on her stomach, feeling the tip of the blonde's tongue glide down her lower back. Her muffled groan told Yukari all she needed to know as she dipped lower, kissing Eirin's upper thigh whilst spreading them and ready to consume her prize. 

Consumed in the throes of passion. 

Passion which was so raw, so electrifying that Yukari felt like her mind would snap into two, much like her body when Eirin pulled her into her lap, keeping her legs apart as Yukari moved her hips to meet with the doctor's, jolts coursing whenever they brushed together. Yukari moaned as she arched her back and Eirin clamped her lips over her throat when riding out her own reprieve, her arms keeping them both upright. 

Lost to the sensation of each other. 

Up until exhaustion took over and the two women lay snuggled up with Eirin's head resting on Yukari's stomach and facing her, the blonde reclined back on the headboard.

Eirin had fallen asleep briefly which was to be expected when Yukari learned of her day and the hours she worked. Yet, the way Eirin loved her, doted on her, lavishing her with sedulous attention to satisfy her would state otherwise. 

This attentive stranger resting in her bed, on her body; the sight of this visionary woman mesmerised Yukari. 

She gently ran her fingers through Eirin's hair as the woman's light breath nestled on her skin, the flutter of her lashes joining each wisp. 

Yukari was enthralled, wondering whether luck was in her favour to stumble upon such a woman. It was as if Eirin had walked out of some legend which had been passed down from the goddesses themselves. 

How long had it been since someone had made her feel so buoyant, so attentive to the world around her?

The lawyer couldn't recall such a moment or any woman whom had ambled her way into her heart the way Eirin had done. 

It was illogical to feel this way and yet it was exactly what she was experiencing; every nerve had been lit up. 

Eirin's lashes flickered as she snuggled up Yukari's stomach further while her arm encircled her torso, the ministrations of Yukari's fingers stroking her cheek lulling her further. 

Perhaps it was something that didn't require an abundance of logic to deduce. 

Matters of the heart worked in mysterious ways, after all. 

Yukari smiled, the action feeling full and genuine, "Goodnight, Eirin". 

The woman soon followed her companion's slumber, dreaming of the morning to come, waiting for the conversation that she hoped would lead to a relationship forming between them. 


Eirin had roused earlier than should have been warranted which was out of habit if anything else. 

She wanted to savour the feeling of Yukari in her arms which were wound around the blonde's waist beneath the sheets. The warmth which exuded was anything unlike she had felt, prompting to hold onto Yukari tighter as she pondered on the conversation that would occur. 

Unfortunately for her, Eirin's profession wouldn't give her the opportunity to have that discussion. 

She had woken up to her phone beeping rapidly, the hospital dealing with an emergency so Eirin slowly disentangled herself from Yukari and quickly got dressed. 

As much as she didn't want to, duty called. 

The doctor spared herself a moment as she clutched her purse and heels in her hand, the other brushing away loose blonde wisps of hair from Yukari's forehead. There was a light twitch of her eyebrows and Eirin just about held back a laugh at the endearing visage. 

With the morning sunlight streaming through, Yukari appeared even more beautiful. 

Her head was to the side on the pillow, arms stretched out where Eirin was holding her. 

The imagery did things to Eirin who had begun the night with the intention of getting her friends off of her back. 

And now, sitting next to the erudite woman who had made her head spin through the night, a whole range of feelings infused within her. 

She wanted something more, to savour every experience with Yukari. 

Eirin leaned forward and pressed a light kiss on Yukari's cheek, eyes taking in the woman appearing so vulnerable and at ease. 

A warm smile braced Eirin's lips, "Sleep well, Yukari". 

With that, she careful stood up and crept out of the room but not without giving one last longing look at the lawyer which had derailed her mind's plan. 

Changing it from its very core. 


Yukari would stir awake an hour later, reaching out for Eirin behind her but unable to touch her. 

The sleep dispersed quickly as her violet eyes widened to see the empty space next to her and the disappointment she felt pooling in her stomach couldn't be fabricated. Her smile had dropped at the sight, a million thoughts running through her head at the implications of Eirin not being in her bed still. 

Perhaps she had gotten ahead of herself in thinking of what she and Eirin could have had. 

Maybe she had been foolish to assume that the doctor would want to pursue more with her but the things she whispered, the way she touched her spoke volumes. 

Sighing, Yukari was about to lay back down on the side when she noticed something on her bedside table. 

She crawled up and reached out to collect the piece of paper that wasn't there the previous night. 

It read:


I must apologise profusely for leaving you so soon. There has been an incident at the hospital which required all personnel on call to attend, including myself. 

Please do not take this in a manner in which the night we had was all I wish for it to be. 

I'd really like to see you again and if the feeling is mutual, please do call me on the number I've left. 

Have a wonderful morning. 


Yukari laughed out loud, the sound effulgent and she felt like a teenager whom had received a confession from her crush. 

She reread the letter, taking in the immaculate handwriting which was quite the contradiction to Eirin's profession. 

So Eirin did want to see her again. 

The doubt dispersed from Yukari's mind as she flopped down onto Eirin's pillow, her arms stretched ahead. She took in the lingering scent of the woman, feeling like it was embracing her which made her body tingle again. 

To think that a night of simply wanting to wind down after work had morphed into something more. 

She couldn't wait to see Eirin again, to kiss her. 

Her hand slid above to the gap between the bedframe when something cold brushed her fingers. 

Yukari lifted her head up to see the item she had inadvertently found which turned out to be a watch.

She didn't wear one last night but Eirin did. 

The lawyer smirked, running her thumb over the stylish piece of jewellery as she placed the letter back on the bedside table and retrieved her phone. 

Even if they were going to meet up again, at least it would be happening sooner rather than later.

Back at her office, Eirin had managed to catch a break from the rush of patients that had manifested overnight. 

She leaned back on her chair and rubbed her temple before adjusting her glasses. 

Lunch was a quick sandwich and a few minutes to rest but it was enough time for her to check her phone. 

Her brows furrowed when she received a message from a number that wasn't saved to see a picture attached to it. 

The confusion quickly formed into a soft grin, a chuckle following as took in the image. 

It consisted of a wrist showcasing a very familiar watch on it, just a tad loose since the wrist in question was smaller than her own. 

The caption read:

Good morning, Eirin. 

No apology required in regards to leaving so soon. However, you must have been in quite a rush to forget this, hmm? 

It'll remain in good care and captivity until you arrange to collect it. 

Or perhaps I'll keep it and its owner?

I'm looking forward to seeing you again. 


After a stressful morning, Eirin found her features relaxing, along with the anxious feeling in her heart about leaving Yukari the way she did. 

Solace overtook it all as she took in the message and the image, noticing the marks of her teeth above the blonde's wrist where she kissed her which elicited a warmth to brace the nape of her neck.  

Eirin responded, completely aware of the numerous sets of eyes on her from the door as she laughed inwardly. 

"Do you think a body double replaced her when she want out last night?". 

Yorihime frowned at her sister leaning on the other side of the door, "Highly unlikely".

"I don't know, Yorihime" Kaguya whispered, "Look at Eirin's smile. I don't think I've ever seen it that unrestrained". 

Reisen pitched in from Toyohime's side, "I wouldn't go that far. She is friendly". 

"I guess but look, she's blushing! Maybe she has been taken over by some mystical power?" Kaguya mused.

"Power? Like what?".

Kaguya's grin made Yorihime and Reisen regret the former's question whereas Toyohime shared her glee at the insinuation before Kaguya removed all doubt of what she meant. 

"The power of getting laid, of course".

Well, she wasn't entirely wrong.