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Old And New

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Daphne finishes tying her lovely green ascot and smooths it down in front of her second most favorite mirror.

“It looked fine the first five times,” Velma pipes in.

Daphne whirls around to see Velma in the doorway with an unimpressed scowl on her face. “Have you been waiting long?” she asks nervously.

“Long enough to know it's no mystery why we're visiting the airfield today.” Velma shrugs and turns. “Come on, everyone is waiting outside, and Shaggy and Scooby are threatening to eat your entire wardrobe.”

Daphne hurries to follow her, and then they're off on their latest trip! Shaggy and Scooby-Doo start chowing down right away, Scrappy is napping, Velma has her nose buried in a book, and Fred is focused on his driving. This all means Daphne is responsible for providing all of the riveting car conversation. As usual. So she settles on telling silly stories from high school.

“And then Wendy,” Daphne tries to explain past her giggles, “Wendy just stands there while everyone else falls over!”

“I remember that day,” Shaggy contributes. “Me and Scoob couldn't join in because we'd just cleared the all-you-can-eat nacho bar. It would have been a waste of good food!”

“Yeah,” Scooby-Doo echoes. “Waste!”

Daphne wipes the happy tears out of her eyes, turning her gaze back to the woods whipping past the passenger side window. “Wendy was always doing silly things like that, just so she could keep proving people wrong.”

“Who is she proving wrong now?” Fred asks.

Daphne gives a small smile that she hopes nobody sees. “Hopefully, everyone who said she could never be an award-winning stunt pilot.” Wendy has only recently landed her position at the Sky Circus Airport, and Daphne wants to support her dreams. That's why they ended things after graduation, after all, when Wendy went off to pursue pilot training and Daphne chose to remain in Coolsville.

She misses Wendy, she thinks with a sigh.

But that's all behind them! Ancient history. Daphne shakes off the nostalgia as they all pour out of the Mystery Machine and run smack into Wendy.

She doesn't look quite the same, but Daphne would recognize her anywhere. Wendy's wearing her blonde hair shorter now, and she has fewer freckles than she had in high school. But she has the same bright smile, and in the excited hug they share, Daphne recognizes the same floral perfume.

Wendy gives her a quick kiss on the cheek, only an inch from her lips, and Daphne rocks forward as Wendy steps back. She definitely does not imagine the way Wendy is looking at her.

Maybe it's not ancient history...