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And loving you is like worship

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And wherever you are, I feel you. I feel the vibrations of your love reverberating through my soul.


Kara would feel her significant other’s presence wherever she would go. Every night she would fly up high in the sky, the wind gently brushing her skin as she soared over her beloved city underneath, twinkling stars spread across the horizon. And when doing so, Kara could feel the heartbeats.


The subtle, faint heartbeats…


The heartbeats which would lull her to sleep knowing that somewhere in National City her beloved, whoever it may be, was resting in the darkness of the night. Kryptonians had the power to sense their significant other’s heartbeats, they are able to find it out of millions of heartbeats, able to hear them even across the planets. 

Back on  Krypton, Kara never heard them- which frightened her at first. But as the years passed, she started thinking about something else. She had heard of soulmates across galaxies from her aunt Astra and the thought manifested in her mind, that she might not be able to hear them, because her soulmate wasn’t from the same planet. And she was right in her assumption. However, it became more obvious when she actually reached Earth and started catching on to the little beats of joy with every Summer passing.


But as she aged, the heartbeats lost the joy of childhood, moving onto a more complex persona. She felt the heartbeat change so many times throughout the years and her own heart ached at the pain her soulmate must have been through.


Kara knew that whoever her soulmate was, they were very sophisticated and very kind, but hid their true feelings behind walls built up around them to protect themself from other people. And she wondered just how special her soulmate would be once she actually got the chance to meet them.


And then she stumbled upon the soulmate matrix.


“It works!,” Alex exclaimed in joy, “It really, really works, Kara. And you know I've always been the sceptic, but since I found my soulmate... gosh Kara, she's just- so- so... and her name is Kelly. You should try it too, Kara. I know the matrix will be able to find yours too. You need to try it. ”


But did Kara really want to find them like that? Or would she rather wait for her life to unravel the mystery by itself? She had always dreamed of the perfect first meeting, a glance, a smile. Their eyes would lock and their hearts would stop beating only to resume its rhythm in total sync and harmony. Beating only for the other one. 


Curiosity won over in the end and she chose to use the soulmate matrix. But the events following this decision were something Kara hadn’t expected in her wildest dreams.


The works of the soulmate matrix were simple- take the biometrics of a person and it automatically searched through every database of all known species throughout the galaxies, matching them with the perfect partner.


However, in Kara’s case, the matrix did no such thing. Instead, as soon as she placed her hand on the scanner for her fingerprints, the matrix sucked her into a vortex and she disappeared in front of everybody, leaving Alex and others absolutely terrified as to what could have happened. 


Bright white swirls of light robbed Kara of her sight, she felt like flying and falling at the same time, but the sensation was over as quick as it had taken a hold of her. And as she blinked the next time, instead of the matrix matching room, she saw a warm and cozy looking bedroom. 


The night sky illuminated with the moonlight seeping in through the window as she took in the surroundings. The room was bigger than any room she had ever been in and judging from the luxurious, velvet carpet and the overall decor of the room, Kara knew there was no way she could afford all of this on her meager reporter's salary. And just as this thought crossed her mind, she realised she wasn’t alone.


Sleeping in her arms was a woman who looked ethereal in the pale moonlight. Luscious raven hair flowing in silky smooth waves across her shoulder, long lashes fluttering in deep sleep and her ruby red lips slightly apart. Her milky skin was on full display and sprinkled with freckles tracing down to her perfect, soft mounds with dark, rosy buds descending further to the thin curve of her waist and soft abdomen, so kissable finally ending with the dark curls of hair covering her folds. 


And Kara realised…


Her soulmate’s folds were still clenching onto her shaft while she was asleep. The foreskin of her cock glistening with their love juices; proof of what they did hours ago. And Kara’s eyes teared up with the overwhelming sense of love that flooded her entire system as she stared down at the angel in her arms. As her eyes continued to travel across nothing but a perfect body, her cock started getting hard inside her beloved.


The sensation caused her lover to stir in her slumber and not long after the dark eye-lashes fluttered open gently, a faint smile playing sleepily across those red lips.


Her lover’s name came rolling down on Kara’s tongue like a song, unknown up until now, but yet remembered in a quick thump of her heart... beating only for her.


Lena…. Lena... Lena... Her name is Lena...


And like a rhythm so familiar, to both of them, Lena started moving up and down Kara’s cock, taking every inch inside of her velvety warmth. Burying the throbbing member up to the hilt, only to move again so that just the tip of her cock remained inside her. Lena’s lips pressed against Kara’s, so lovingly and desperately, that Kara felt like sobbing. The taste of Lena’s mouth was so familiar yet so new to her while they kept on dancing in the throes of their desire. 


With every thrust inside Lena’s molten bliss, Kara knew she had finally found her home. Lena was her home.


Lena’s walls clenched deliciously around Kara’s shaft with every gentle roll of her hips. With the pressure building in both, the need to taste Lena’s breast was becoming an urge, so desperate to be carried out and so Kara let go and just did what her heart told her to do. 


Gently wrapping her hot mouth around Lena’s nipple, Kara started sucking while her hand grabbed the skin underneath to knead the breast as her cock was buried deep inside her, still pounding and matching with Lena’s rhythm.


Lena’s moans started getting louder with every thrust from Kara’s cock and every suck of Kara’s mouth on her nipple and before she knew it, she was coming. 


Holding Kara’s head close to her breast, her fingers scratching at Kara’s scalp while her walls squeezed Kara so dearly that Kara felt like she would die, if she ever were to part from this woman again, basking in the feeling of being enveloped by Lena so lovingly.


A silent scream escaped Lena’s mouth and her eyes clenched shut while tears streamed down her cheeks as she came. And Kara was not far behind herself.


With this beautiful sight burned into her mind forever and one last slam of her cock, Kara was gone too. Spurt after spurt of her thick come started filling Lena’s womb and Lena’s walls involuntarily squeezed out more from her shaft, intending to keep every last drop of it inside her for all eternity.


This is what love feels like....


Kara thought, as she held Lena close to her, both dizzy from the high and panting as they slowly re-entered the world of reality. The high-pitched cry of a baby made Kara lookup, the sound came from the other room.


“I’ll go and take care of her,” Lena whispered into a sweet kiss as she dismounted gently, “I hope you didn't forget to ask Alex to look after Kieran tomorrow while we celebrate our five years of marriage, love.”


And with that Lena left the room, wrapping a smooth, silky robe around her. And as she disappeared, her heartbeat growing fainter and her lingering smell leaving the room along with her, Kara felt something warm on her cheeks and that is when she realised that she was crying.


She was crying tears of joy, tears of happiness, tears of love.


This was her future. Lena was her future. Their daughter was her future.


But before she could get up and join Lena in the other room, she was pulled away. She saw the room, the cozy room getting smaller, getting fainter as she was sucked into yet another vortex.


Within another blink of an eye, she was back at the DEO, back in the Matrix Match room, with Alex looking worried sick for her.


“Where were you?! What happened?,” she almost screeched in panic as she brought Kara into a tight hug, “We were worried about you. You just... you disappeared for a few minutes there.”


When she let go of her sister, Alex took a closer look at Kara's face and the realisation that the blonde was crying confused her even more. “Kara, what happened to you?,” she whispered, trying to stop the flood of tears streaming down Kara's face. But Kara just stared at the matrix.


“I need to find her, Alex. I need to find Lena.”