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“Miller, wake up.” Hardy shakes her gently. It's early, too early for the sun to be up, so probably a little before six, but they've got to sort things out before Fred wakes up. He remembers Daisy at that age, it probably won't be very long, kids don't care about Saturday morning lie-ins. Also, she did talk of round two, and – he's not going to lie – he wouldn't mind if they had time for it.
She's grumbling, turning around in her sleep, exposing her breasts to him, and the idea gets even more appealing.
“C'mon Miller, I'm sorry it's early, but you've got to wake up.”
“Nah.” She smirks, and he knows she's awake, can't help but smile fondly at her making fun of him.
“Yes. There's perks, though.”
She blinks her eyes open. “Oh? Perks, are there?” The eyebrow's back as well, rising sardonically into the tangle of her hair. It's glorious like that, all messed up and bushy. He likes that she's let it grow, it means she doesn't have to keep it tied back all the time, and he finds it wilder, less severe. He's starting to suspect he likes her wild side.
“Yup.” He pops the p, then leans down to kiss her.
She laughs into it, right until she slips a hand through his hair and flips them over. She's on top again, and he's not complaining. Neither of them got dressed last night, so it doesn't take too long for them to get back into the heat of things.

She's rubbing against him, working up into a rhythm that has him fear he'll come before they even get to putting on a condom, when she just stops. She rolls off him and flops onto her back, eyes closed.
Hardy freezes. He can't think of anything he's just done to make her do that and there's been no sudden noise from the kids' rooms.
“Miller?” He asks, uncertain.
“You're freaking out, aren't you?” She pops an eye open.
“'m just a bit worried, things seemed to be getting on alright...” He trails off, tries to school his erection back down. It's inappropriate to be that hard if they're going to have a serious conversation, he thinks.
“Oh yeah, they were.” She smiles, trails a hand down his arm, scratching her nails against his skin.
“But?” Hardy's confused.
“Well, Sir, I seem to be doing an awful lot of work around here, and it is very early. Also, I'd like to remind you I'm a single mother of two, and my boss kept me up indecently late last night.”
He probably doesn't look too bright right now, because she's openly laughing at him. He likes it. He's never been the most playful, but he can see that happening, given a bit more time, he could play into this, the teasing, and the poking fun at each other. She doesn't mean it maliciously or sarcastically, and that's refreshing too. Not that she can't be sarcastic, because she's about as bad as him on that front, but that's not what's happening here. What's happening is, she looks genuinely happy, and he thinks he might be, too.
“Must be a right bastard, your boss, keeping you working all night.”
“Oh, I don't know, there are perks after all.” She says, then she rolls on to her side, pushes her ass against his cock, and it's the end of that conversation.


Hardy slips an arm under her, flushes her back against his torso and starts roaming his hands on her skin. He's teasing her now, and she can't even blame him. Fair's fair, she had him on the edge and she cut him off, a little pay back was to be expected.
Still, if he doesn't get his fingers either lower down her belly or fully up on her nipples soon...
“Go on then, touch me, you absolute bastard.” She's losing it. Anticipation is building up, her nipples are hard even though he's not laid a finger on them, and she's already wet from when she's rubbed herself on him, except now she's getting desperate, she can feel the blood cursing through her, a light throbbing between her legs, and his cock against her ass, but he's not doing anything about it.
“Patience, Miller,” he rasps straight into her ear, right before he licks down her throat, biting and sucking on the flesh of her shoulder, fingers dancing on her skin, one hand playing on her hipbone and the other on the soft part of her breast. “And I am touching you.” He adds, much too smugly, she thinks.
“Do not get technical with me now, Hardy.” She bites off, grabbing his left hand and pulling it firmly down where she wants it. He chuckles a little, but complies, swipes his thumb across her clit, sending sparks coursing through her, rubbing at it as his other hand finally goes to her tits, and she stops thinking. He still takes his time with it, does not go any further down until she's shaking against him, clutching at his arm like it's a life line.
“Would you like to come now, Miller?” He whispers into her hear, voice so steady he might have been doing anything else, except she can still feel his cock against her, and he's very much not doing anything else.
She's close, she's so close it wouldn't take much more than a slight change of rhythm or pressure for her to get to orgasm, but that's not what she wants. Yet.

“I want you to fuck me into it.” She sounds spiteful to her own hears, and maybe she is a bit, because he's way too collected and that's just not fair. Her crudeness seems to work though, for Hardy bites a grunt into her shoulder before withdrawing his hands.
“Condoms are just in the drawer under the bed.” She says, so he doesn't lose time looking for them, and gets back to her soon. She can hear him getting ready, hears the drawer opening and closing, the sound of the wrapper, and then he's back against her, a little lower than he was, so he can slip his cock between her thighs.
“Yes?” he asks, even though she's just asked him to fuck her, and in those terms, too.
“Yes!! Would you stop being so fucking gentle with me?”
“Never” he says, but still pushes into her firmly, finally giving into what she wants. What they both want, if the way he's going at it now is any indication. He flips her onto her front so he can set a harder pace, and that's exactly what she's been asking for. He's not harsh, not really, just relentless.
The push and pull of his cock inside her brings her back to the brink in no time, and she pushes back into him, lifts her ass off the bed so he can slip a hand under her. The change of angle has her screaming into her pillow, legs shaking as he ruts into her a few more times before he keels over next to her. He takes care of the condom quickly and lies back, both of them breathing hard, watching as the dawn starts to light up the ceiling.


“Well fuck me, Sir, that was nice.” She says, panting a little next to him.
Hardy tries and fails not to smile in satisfaction, and snakes a hand into hers, unwilling to let her go. She squeezes it.
“Maybe tonight, Miller, I'm not twenty anymore.”
“Oh don't be so smug, it's unbecoming.” She turns her head to glare at him, and she's gorgeous. Her face is flushed, her eyes are shining, and if he thought her hair was wild before, it's nothing to what it is now, loose locks falling over her face, a few strands stuck under her, the rest of it fanned out on the sheets. Hardy runs his free hand through it, ends up caressing her cheek.
“I like that you're so bossy.” He says, in a tone much too soft for what they've just done.
“See, I should have had that job.” She retorts, but she runs her fingers softly along his arm, then plants a kiss on his cheek.
“God's sake, Miller. It's been four years.”
“Seems like more, somehow. Feels like it was decades ago.” Hardy hates the quiet sadness in her voice. He knows it will never leave, knows that losing her husband that way is not something that'll ever rest easy with Miller – hopes he can help her live with it, a little better every day.
He doesn't know what to say, so he just turns to her, pulls her hand up to his lips and hopes she knows what he means.

They stay quiet for a while, holding hands in the growing daylight, and then Hardy remembers why he's gotten up so early, and how much there still is to discuss before Fred gets up and finds him naked with his mum.
“So,” he starts, “we've had round two.”
“That we have.” She smiles.
“Should we talk, then?”
“We really should, shouldn't we?” She doesn't sound very keen.
“At least a little? Before Fred gets up? I'm not asking for the drafting of a contract here, just, what do we tell your kids, if anything? And maybe what do we do at work?”
“Right. No, you're right, I just...” She snuggles up to him, and he lets his arms fall around her, automatically, like they've been doing this for years. It all feels very right.
“Just liked having you for myself.” She mumbles into his chest, and it would be excellent teasing material, but his heart is melting a little, so he just kisses her hair.
“You have me, love.”
“Good.” She hugs him a bit tighter before relaxing into him. “I think you should go before Fred gets up, give me time to talk to them before we just spring it all on them. Don't think Tom's going to be that surprised, but Fred...”


Fred is a bit unclear about his father, is what she doesn't say, because he knows she hasn't talked to him about Joe, and now might be the time to do that, because he needs to be clear on what Hardy is to him, and to her. She can't have that conversation with Hardy around, and even if Tom isn't surprised, he might not like the idea of her having someone very much. Especially not when the someone has had his father arrested for murder.
Miller sighs.
“You don't have to do it right now, you know. Take a day or two to think it over, maybe? Rehearse what you're gonna tell them?” Hardy offers, his hand softly untangling the mess of her hair.
“No. We're going to have to tell the Chief Super on Monday, and once people at work know, it might get back to Tom. He'll be properly mad if he doesn't hear it from me first.” That she's sure of. Tom and her have had it hard – he's still mad at her for smashing his phone, and she might still be mad at him for the porn. Not to mention the whole year he's refused to see her. She needs to be straight with him, establish boundaries now so it doesn't blow up in their faces later.
“Right. Okay. So, is this me off, then?” Hardy sounds quietly reluctant, and she gets it. They're very comfortable here, tangled in her sheets, his skin warm against her, and she doesn't really want him to leave, but it's important they get this right.
“Yes.” She says, and she leans up to kiss him, makes it last long enough that he'll not think she's pushing him away. “Come back tonight?”

“You just try and stop me.” He says as he slips away from her. He stands up, gloriously naked in the sunlight, stares at the room as if he hopes it can be frowned into surrendering his clothes. Miller laughs and gets up too, finds her bra first and puts it on, fishes in a drawer for a fresh pair of knickers and a clean t-shirt, and when she turns back he's half dressed. He's holding his socks in one hand and his belt in the other, and it all feels a bit clandestine, a bit forbidden, and she likes it nearly as much as she hates it. It's a nice thrill, yes, but she doesn't want him to have to sneak out in the early hours. She wants him to leave clothes in her room and a shitty plastic razor in her ensuite, so he can pretend he actually shaves everyday, when she knows he doesn't. (Not that she minds, the stubble on his jaw is very appealing, if a bit scratchy. She can't wait to feel it on her thighs.)
She walks around the bed and kisses him again, feels the muscles of his back and the smoothness of his skin, holds him close a little longer before she has to face her life again.
“Come back tonight, I'll text you when, depending on how it goes with the kids.”
“Right. I'll talk to Daisy, yeah? So maybe you can come over too, sometimes?” He looks so damn hopeful, she kisses him again. It makes him smile, and she still feels privileged about that, that he smiles for her, freely.
“You do that.” She says. “Have a nice day at Ikea.”
Hardy actually grunts. “Good luck with the boys.” He plants a kiss on the top of her head, then he walks to the door, and she hears him go down the stairs, stop midway before coming back up.
“Miller.” He says as he walks back in.
“I...” He stops, and her heart goes still. “I...” Hardy tries again, breathes in deep, shakes his head. “You've got me”, he says, then nods, and turns back.
Miller just stays there, listens to him go all the way down the stairs, and does not start moving again until she hears the front door click. She's got him.