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It’s late when Sett gets home.

Talon watches from Sett’s bedroom window, a quiet lethargy rousing him from the bed to stalk over to the closet. Sett never leaves clothes where they belong until the morning after, and he counts on this in choosing his hiding place. Sett has a preferred style he sticks to, and it’s easy to settle in with the long abandoned garments with sleeves.

If the half vatsyayan for some reason chose to open the closet, there wouldn’t be real repercussions for Talon if he was discovered. Doesn’t matter. He won’t be.

Talon leans against the wall as Sett’s footsteps reign heavy downstairs. A kitchen cabinet. A gulp from a pitcher. The splashing of the water basin. He can picture Sett’s steps, moving around the house on a pathway Talon has heard before, yet never from anywhere but the bed where he usually waits on nights like this.

He listens patiently to Sett, silently waiting for his routine to end. Talon is early to visit, however, and the routine is leisurely. Slow. His footsteps are tired coming up the stairs, and the click of his belt is strange in this context.

He waits for the sound of fabric moving on the bed. Talon can wait for hours without making a sound, and he plans to wait for Sett to fall asleep tonight so he can slip into his space between him and the wall without fuss. Normally, that’s reserved for after Talon and Sett tangle together much more intimately. Maybe less intimately, Talon’s not sure.

He doesn’t feel like that tonight.

In the morning, he’ll pay for his night of easy sleep. Sett has him. Talon has Sett. It’s an odd thing that Sett reminds him of from time to time, in whispered confessions in the heat of the moment.

He snaps to attention at the sound of a sniff. Like a dog lifting its nose to the air. Talon eyes the door. The first time he was caught by Sett, it was because of something he’d never had to factor in before. Some sixth sense. He sours when he realizes he’s made the same mistake.

The closet opens without a creak, and Talon stills entirely.

This trick doesn’t fool Sett.

“Were you waitin’ to surprise me?” Sett’s eyes are amused, clearly happy.


“No?” Sett parrots. Talon watches his ear flick- he’s thinking. A moment passes before he continues. “You just wanted to hide tonight?”

Talon isn’t sure. No. Yes. Partially. He doesn't want to try and explain himself. Not tonight. He shifts slightly, fabric around him noisy next to his ears.


Sett tilts his head- “Hey,” his voice is gentle.

The words are not coming fast enough.

A pair of hands is at his waist, pulling him forward. He awkwardly shuffles so he isn’t dragged across the wooden floor, pulled to his feet when he doesn’t resist Sett’s touch. Sett is still looking at him, ears at attention, which means he’s still expected to speak.

“I’m tired.” Talon says, and his voice sounds like it’s still in the closet behind him. It’s too quiet. Thankfully, Sett catches it anyway.

“So you napped in my closet?”

Talon shakes his head, opening his mouth and then closing it again.

“You were going to nap in my closet.” Sett tries. Again Talon shakes, and Sett sighs the sigh he always does when Talon leaves him guessing. Talon lets himself be tugged to the bed, Sett moving to sit on top of the blankets. He expects to be pulled into a kiss, but instead the half vastayan starts to wait.

“I don’t…” Talon starts, voice still incredibly small. Ashamed. “...want to…”

Sett stays silent. His gaze is calm, entirely patient as he waits for Talon to finish.

“I... just want to sleep.” Talon finally manages.

He waits for Sett to make a move. Maybe reach for his waistband, or kiss him until they’re both warm and Talon is squirming in the sheets. It’s already Talon who doesn’t bring very much to this odd thing they have- They’re in Sett’s house. Talon eats Sett’s food. Sleeps in Sett’s bed.

Sett reaches to cup his cheek, and Talon can feel heat rush to his face. The touch is gentle. He sits still as Sett presses a kiss to his cheek and then starts to get under the covers. Watches as Sett moves to his usual spot, and then raises his arm to lift the covers.

The cave of blankets is encompassing Talon’s spot against the wall, and Talon realizes that Sett is offering. He shrugs out of his cloak, letting it fall to the floor as he moves to crawl into his place at Sett’s side.

The larger man’s arms curl around his waist, he cuddles close. It’s exactly want he wanted, yet it feels strange. There was no payment- not in this situation. Nor was Sett asking him to stay for a round the next morning.

Then there’s a slow, drawn inhale as Sett buries his nose in Talon’s hair, Sett’s body sagging into the bed like this somehow relaxed him entirely. Talon recalls that Sett loves him. The feeling is uncomfortable. Something Talon takes, and cannot return. The feeling brings more words to his throat.

“I’ll stay this morning. I won’t be tired then.” He promises.

There’s a tired grumble in his hair. “Mhm.” The arm pulls him closer, Talon’s head tucked under Sett’s chin and squished against his chest. His legs are tangled into Sett’s. There’s no afterglow to warrant the gentle treatment, so foreign to Talon.

“M’ workin’ early tomorrow. Planned to get stuff done so when you were supposed to visit tomorrow night I could sleep all next morning.” Sett says, like a tease.

“I’ll make it up to you.” Talon says, quiet.

“Make what up?”

Talon squishes his face into Sett.

“Make what up.” He can hear Sett’s throat vibrate, before the man leans away slightly. Trying to read Talon’s face.

“...we didn’t do anything tonight.”

“You’re tired.”

“I won’t be tomorrow.”

Sett pushes his bangs out of his face, kisses his forehead. Talon’s foot swishes in the sheets, as much as it can move locked against Sett. He can feel his face heating up, and shoves into a pillow to hide it.

“The door is always open for you, Talon.” Sett says it seriously, grogginess gone. He waits a moment, but Talon stays quiet. Blinking against the fabric of the pillow, trying to wrap his head around that. “I mean it, I don’t care what we do, you being here is all I want.” He insists, a hand tangling in Talon’s hair.

Talon turns to face him, and Sett’s hand moves to brush his bangs out of the way again. He mumbles an ‘okay.’ It’s the most he can say, anyways, and that’s enough to get Sett to tug him close and tuck him into his chest. Sleep always comes easier in Sett’s bed and when Talon’s eyes start to droop, he lets them.