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Fuori Di Qui (Out Of Here)

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Damiano whimpers when his cock drags past the soft fabric of the pillow. Again and again, under the horny gazes of his bandmates. Lovers . He’s so goddamn grateful for the rubber bone in his mouth right now to muffle his otherwise obscene moans. From the corners of his eyes, he keeps glancing at the three gorgeous beings who own his heart and soul. They’re all pleasing themselves now, looking at him putting up his little show.
“Keep going, amorino ,” Thomas groans. “Dio, fuck, I’m getting close.”
“Need a hand?” Victoria offers breathlessly, and in awe, Damiano watches how Thomas nods desperately, and how Victoria’s skillful fingers wrap around him. Thomas curses under and drops his head against the headboard of Victoria’s king-sized bed, gasping and squirming when she helps him chase his high.

Damiano has unconsciously slowed down his movements and he’s startled back to reality when Ethan gives a particularly harsh tug on his leash.
“C’mon baby, make yourself come for us.” Damiano picks up his speed right away, wanting, needing to please him so badly. He squeezes his thighs together to create more friction with the pillow and whimpers when the pleasure spikes again. 
“So slutty,” Victoria gasps. “Fuck, I’m gonna come.” Damiano struggles to keep going and look at Victoria’s face at the same time, but he manages, and the sight makes him want to finish so bad. He loves Victoria’s flustered face, her little gasps, the stocking of her breath, and the way her whole body seems to erupt in a series of trembles when she comes. “ Fuuuuuuck ,” she moans as she collapses against the headboard.

Damiano lowers his head, grunting and gasping, pressing himself against the fabric more fiercely. It’s always too little friction, those damned pillows. Never enough. Never quite scratching that itch, but he knows that’s exactly why they make him do it. You have to work for it, pup.
“Vic- Ah ,” Thomas’s voice echoes through the room. Clearly, Vic is using the magic of her hands to stroke him perfectly. God, Damiano knows how good she’s at it. How her hands always make him tremble. Thomas won’t last long. Not with her. 
“Thomas, honey, get on your hands and knees and suck Ethan off, will ya?” Victoria growls and Damiano pants, gasping surprised, head shooting up again to watch them. Shit, this is so humiliating. How’s he’s here rubbing himself like a fucking bitch in heat and they get to touch each other.
Thomas mumbles something he doesn’t catch, but it’s okay, cause the second he sees how Ethan’s eyes roll back when Thomas sucks the drummer’s cock into his mouth, Damiano knows he’s never seen something more beautiful in his entire life. There they are, his partners, gorgeous beings each. Victoria grabs Thomas’s cock again, jerking him off- and Thomas writhes under her spell. Ethan seems so out of it, his eyes squeezed shut, gripping at Thomas’s messy hair.

Victoria is still staring at Damiano, and he isn’t sure whether to look back or avert his gaze. It feels almost too powerful, almost-
Guardami, cucciolo, ” she hums, still slightly out of breath, making the choice for him. Damiano’s nostrils flare as he keeps looking at her. How her beautiful breasts move along with her movements. Dark nipples he can’t wait to kiss another time. His legs are starting to get sore, buttocks clenching again and again, and god his abdomen burns. He has no clue how long he’s already been going like this. His face contorts with pleasure when he shifts a little, and finally , it seems he’s found the right angle.

“Hhhngh!” he grunts around the gag, biting down on it harshly. It takes everything inside of him to not lower his head, but Victoria’s gaze is demanding enough. 
“Yes, Damiano, dammelo tutto! ” Damiano’s entire body tenses up. Yes, yes. He’ll give everything to her. His hips stutter, his cock throbs and his skin tingles when he finally spills all over the pillow. He trembles when the waves wash over him, every last drop spilled.

When he looks up again, he’s just in time to watch Thomas swallows Ethan’s come, only to then spill over Victoria’s bare thighs. 




Damiano enjoys the quiet. He’s at his own place for the afternoon. They’re still sleeping over at Vic’s place tonight; (For the very, very simple reason that she has a bigger bed than Damiano. Much more convenient when you want to sleep in one bed with four people. And really, Thomas moves a lot at night). But Ethan’s having a zoom call with his siblings, Thomas has a meeting and Victoria simply needed a few hours by herself. To be honest, Damiano doesn’t mind the quiet for a bit. Everything’s been intense , to put it lightly. 

It’s his second nature to scribble around in his notebook whenever he has much on his mind. So that’s what he’s doing right now. He can tell there’s a song in his brain- His mind whirling around this feeling he needs to find the words for to express it. 
Slowly, his hand reaches up to touch his collar and his fingers play with the small tag dangling from it. Owned. He smiles and bows over the paper, not letting go of the engraved piece of metal.

Marlena , he writes, then hesitating. He knows what he wants to say, but it feels… Scary. Honestly. He’s never written about them before. Not this directly. He takes a deep breath and shakes his head. He knows he can do this. The gears in his brain kick in and work after hours as he keeps scribbling down.

Nelle mie avventure, ti ho trovato
E nei miei sogni, ti perseguiterò
Marlena, se mi arrendo, 
mi possiedi?

His lips move along with the words as he reads them again, and he squints his eyes. Is that clear enough? Vague enough for the fans?

Una divinità a tre facce è entrata nella mia casa
È spaventoso, ma non voglio nient'altro
Perché so per cosa combatto
E questa sensazione non finirà

Io sono tuo, e questa canzone è per te

Damiano bites down his bottom lip. That would be a great first verse, he thinks. He hums quietly, trying to find a melody that works. It shouldn’t be too slow. As much as it sounds like a love song, and it is a love song, really, it’s all about the emotions that surround it. They’re passionate and rough, and the pace of the song should reflect that.

He completely loses track of time and is only pulled out of his thoughts when Ethan calls him worried to ask why he isn’t back at Vic’s place yet. Damiano blushes, but the finished song laying there on his kitchen table will be more than enough to make up for it, he’s certain.


Taking a break had been a great idea, it seems. They’ve all had some time to wind down and get back to themselves. Damiano took a quick shower after Ethan called, telling them he’d be on his way soon. He feels energized, and it’s nice to just hang around with his partners for once. Oh, how he still can’t believe they’re really together now. Two boyfriends, one girlfriend. Damiano must’ve done something immensely heroic in his past life to have deserved this.

They hadn’t bothered cooking today, much to Damiano’s liking. He loves cooking, but he’s too excited to show them his song. To sing it for them, and see what they think. Thomas is the first to notice he’s more jittery than usual, but he just raises his eyebrows.
“What’s got you so cheery today?”
“Well, why aren’t you cheery?”
“You love me for it,” Damiano laughs and nudges his boyfriend playfully. Thomas fakes an exasperated sigh and kisses his cheek. Damiano can feel his playfulness being replaced with a soft feeling. 
“I love you, Dami.”
“I love you too, Tom.”

When Damiano’s nerves are growing, Ethan is the next to notice. Damiano knows he’s a good writer, and Ethan has told him multiple times he loves the relationship Damiano has with words, yet, Damiano can’t help feeling overcome with insecurity.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing, nothing’s wrong,” Damiano replies, probably a tad too fast. Ethan frowns. 
“Doesn’t sound like it.”
“Well, nothing’s wrong. ” Damiano takes a deep breath. He can see Victoria is listening too, as is Thomas. “But eh, I wrote a song.”
“Yes,” Damiano confirms and he smiles faintly. “That’s why I was late, I’m sorry.” Victoria tilts her head. 
“If your song’s any good I’m sure we can forgive you. Do you want to show us?”

Damiano nods silently and takes the neatly folded piece of paper from his blazer. He’s done this so often. Singing his lyrics, discussing it with them, but it’d never been about them.  

Una divinità a tre facce è entrata nella mia casa, ” he starts, his voice soft, but singing stronger when the next line starts. “ È spaventoso, ma non voglio nient'altro. ” Ethan blinks, lips parting in surprise. Thomas grabs Victoria’s arm like he can’t quite believe it. Damiano continues singing, feeling a rush, spurred on by their reaction. He pours his soul into the words, hoping they understand what he’s trying to say with each and every single reference until the very last sentence of the song. “ Marlena, se mi arrendo,  mi possiedi? ” 

Marlena, if I surrender, will you own me?

It’s silent, when he reaches the end. He feels ecstatic and scared at the same time. But he doesn’t have to be scared, and when his lovers take him in their arms he knows they love it.

“Tesoro… That was beautiful ,” Victoria says, sniffing and wiping away a stray tear rolling down her cheek. “I can’t believe you wrote that. About us.”
“It’s- It’s about the freedom I found in this,” Damiano whispers, his voice slightly breaking as well. “Through all of you.”
“Marlena would be proud,” Thomas whispers sweetly, and Damiano feels a tug on his heartstrings when he realizes how well they know him and his idea of Marlena to understand the thing he just sang to them. 
“Yeah,” he agrees. “I think she would.”
“C’mere,” Ethan chimes in and presses a soft kiss on his lips. Damiano gasps and melts into the drummer’s chest right away. “Marlena is proud,” he hums, “-but so are we. Our good boy. Making us feel loved.”

Damiano lets himself be hugged, and kissed, by all of them. And he hums softly, gasping when he lets them claim him.
“As much as I might enjoy making love with y’all,” he mumbles. “Can we make music tonight instead?”

They all happily agree. And by the end of the evening, when Thomas is dozing off on his chair, head lolling and shooting back up, only for the same to happen again, they’ve written a pretty good first version of their song. Of course, they’ll tweak it, make changes depending on the things they run into when rehearsing it, but the basics are there, and Damiano couldn’t be more proud.


The next morning when Damiano wakes up he finds himself tangled in a messy hug with the others. His face presses into Ethan’s muscular chest. Thomas’s hand is draped across his shoulders and somehow Victoria has managed to cross her leg over both Ethan’s and Damiano’s thighs. He smiles, relishing in the feeling of being so squeezed in between them. From behind the curtains, he can see the sun’s already shining brightly, and he wonders what time it is. He’s definitely in for some breakfast that consists of a little more than just a cup of coffee. Careful not to wake them, he gently peels Thomas’s arm away from him and slides from underneath Vic’s legs. Slowly, he crawls out of the bed.
Damiano knows there’s an amazing bakery just down the street where Victoria lives, so he quickly dresses up, fixes his makeup (and switches his collar for the simpler one), and runs downtown.

When he comes back, his bandmates have come back to the world of the living too. The shower is running, and Victoria is already working on making coffee. Thomas is chilling out on the couch, strumming his guitar softly. Damiano’s heart swells when he notices the melody from ‘ Non Voglio Nient'altro’ , their new song.

“I come bearing gifts,” Damiano smiles and puts his bag on the kitchen table. He probably bought too much but Damiano doesn’t mind eating the leftovers for lunch later. He’s a simple man. He snorts at his own sarcastic thought and shakes his head, pushing it aside.
“Ooh is that from Mariella?” Thomas asks, peeking up from his position on the couch.
“Sì,” Damiano confirms, waving at his boyfriend “-Thomas, don’t be lazy and grab the plates.”
“You’re calling me lazy,” Thomas huffs, but he puts his guitar away and gets up to set the table. When Thomas walks past him, he leans in. “I’d be careful if I were you, amorino , Victoria’s up to something.”

“Hey, bad boy. Don’t spoil my surprise!” Victoria shouts as she walks towards the table with the freshly made coffee and after she put it down so swats Thomas’s ass. The boy yelps and Damiano laughs.
“That’s what you get for crossing our queen!” Damiano teases, but Thomas seems to be in a playful mood today and he grins, pushing his elbows on the table and sticking his butt out, wiggling it. Victoria snorts.
“Hit me, signora ,” and without another warning, Victoria smacks his ass again. Something dark crosses over her eyes and Thomas moans, groaning when he gets back up. “Jeez, Dam, you’re a champ for taking this.” Victoria wraps her arm around Damiano’s waist and she pulls him in close, giving him a kiss on his shoulder. He smiles. They’re all so affectionate today.
“Damiano likes a little bit of pain, mmh? Now, what’d you get for us?”

Damiano takes the different treats out of the paper bags and places them in the large bowl that Thomas placed in the middle of the table. “Brioche, croissants… And-” Damiano smiles. “-a few pastries.”
“Oh,” Ethan says from behind him. “Did you bring the almond paste brioche or the regular ones?”
“One with almond paste for you, caro.” Ethan smiles and tucks a stray hair behind his own ear, his wet hair draped on top of his head in a messy bun. Sometimes, Damiano knows, Ethan just wants a day where he doesn’t have to comb and blowdry his hair.
“Thank you, Dami, that’s sweet.”

When they’re eating their breakfast, sipping their coffees, Damiano simply sits there, enjoying the small talk and laughter. It’s so easy. So easy with them. In high school, he’s had a couple of girlfriends, a few male flings here and there, but it never felt natural. His thoughts drift off, and soon he wonders about the surprise Victoria is planning for him. Seeing Thomas’s comment, it’s probably something sexual, and he wonders what his girlfriend is about to introduce into the bedroom. But he’s not very anxious this time. She knows what he likes, and he trusts her completely.


“Ethaaaaan,” Damiano whines. “Give me the remote, I can’t stand watching this show even a minute longer.”
“No, I enjoy watching this,” Ethan mumbles, eyes glued on the screen. Damiano groans. He can see why it should be interesting, but really, Damiano’s never had the patience to watch through a movie much. Damiano bites down his bottom lip and grins. From the corner of his eyes he can see how Victoria and Thomas are trying to hold back their laughter, already understanding that Damiano’s gonna act out. Ethan is still very clueless, though.
“Damiano, please,” Ethan says and blows him a kiss. “I love you, but no, we’re not watching soccer today.”
Damiano takes that as his cue and he crawls over to Ethan on the couch and straddles his lap, leaning back slightly, hands around Ethan’s neck. 
“Who says I was talking ‘bout soccer?”

Ethan licks his lips and smirks, hand reaching up for Damiano’s collar and tugging him in close. Damiano gasps, a rush of pleasure shooting down his spine. Shit, he hadn’t expected Ethan to respond like that so quickly.
“This more like it, baby?”
“Sì,” Damiano breathes, but can’t help but to push that last button. He shrugs. “Slightly better.” Ethan growls low in his throat and yanks Damiano in for a hot kiss. Damiano instantly melts into the drummer’s strong arms.
“Sweet, sweet puppy,” Ethan whispers into his mouth, his tongue licking over Damiano’s bottom lip, then gently biting on it. “You’ve been bordering naughty all day. What is it that you need, mmh?”

“You,” Damiano mumbles. “All of you. I want to be fucked. I didn’t get any yesterday.”
“Sweetheart,” Victoria laughs. “As much as we love fucking you, sometimes we like giving that sweet little hole of yours some rest.”
“Well, this little hole has had enough rest. Please?” Damiano pleads, and his eyes follow the way Ethan seems to glance at Victoria meaningfully. Thomas sits upright, grinning. Damiano’s face flushes. Oh god, what are they’re about to do?

“I think we should go to the bedroom,” Victoria hums. “Damiano, no more walking privilege.” Damiano blushes but lets Ethan help him off the couch. His knees dig into the rug, and he licks his lips. He loves it when they tower over him as he crawls.
“C’mon, boy,” Thomas says and clicks his tongue twice. Damiano follows after them, into the bedroom, and hops onto the bed, letting himself be undressed by his boyfriends while Victoria quickly goes to the bathroom to grab his other collar again. She sits in front of him, back against the headboard, and smiles.
“My boy,” she says, carefully ridding herself of his daily collar and replacing it with the heavier one again, buckling it around his throat. "I have an idea."
“An idea?” He repeats slowly, trying to not show his curiosity too much. Victoria nods, tracing his fingers past his cheek.
“Yeah,” she continues. “Ethan and Thomas got to fuck you. Multiple times.” She tilts her head, eyes glimmering dangerously. Oh god, is she…? “I think it’s my turn now.”

Ma che cazzo.

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”
“Oh tesoro mio , that totally depends on what you’re thinking about right now,” Victoria teases. She licks her lips. “Tell me.”
Tell me.
“I-” Damiano chokes out, not sure how he could possibly find the words. This is why it’s so much easier to be a puppy. No talking, just taking. But at the same time, the teasing, the play, it only adds to the mindfuck he so desperately craves.
“You. Fucking me.” Damiano rushes out. He presses his lips together when the images of exactly that fantasy flood his mind. God. Victoria would be so regal. So powerful. No longer a Queen, no. A Goddess.
“Would you like that?”

Damiano’s lips part slightly. Oh fuck, she’s serious about this. He thought about it a few times, but never truly , delved into it. He knows he wants it. Desperately.
“Yes, please?”
“Okay, baby.” Victoria waves for Ethan to grab something from the drawer of her nightstand. It’s a harness, and- Damiano’s eyes widen when he sees the huge dildo in Ethan’s hands and he squirms slightly. Holy shit, no, he thinks, no way that that fits.  
“Something wrong, baby?”
“N-no,” he chokes out, then feigning pride. “I can take it.” If she wants him to, he’ll try his very best. They’ll prep him, he knows. They won’t hurt him. He’ll please her. Victoria giggles and waves at Ethan again, this time he takes out a more decent-sized dildo and throws it on the bed in front of him. Damiano lets out a relieved sigh, looking up at Victoria guiltily.
“I admire your will to please, pup, but let’s start a little smaller, shall we?”
“Yes, thank you.”

“Good boy. Now turn around- get on your back, tesoro . I want Ethan and Thomas to see how pretty your hole will open up to me. And no more words, unless necessary,” Victoria commands and Damiano nods, clamping his jaws together and turning around dutifully. He spreads his legs a little, pulling up his knees, giving them the most perfect view of his hole. He shivers when he feels Victoria’s fingertips trail from his lower abdomen, lower and lower, until she teases the hole slightly. He clenches around nothing, his body desperate and ready to be filled. He wants to stop thinking. Be theirs. 
“Eh, does anyone know where the lube is?” Ethan says, clearly rummaging through the drawer but not finding any. 
“Damned lube,” Thomas laughs, “-think it’s in the bathroom.” The guitarist jumps up to go and get it. 
“Gotta wait a bit more, cucciolo,” Victoria purrs and slides her fingers up, gently cupping his balls and squeezing them very lightly. Damiano gasps, pressing his lips together. His half-hard cock springs to life, growing fast until it’s fierce and resting hard on his stomach. He already feels awfully untouched.

Thomas returns with the lube and gets back on the bed.
“Can I prep him, Vic?”
“Oh, yeah!” She agrees and shifts away, and Thomas smiles, quickly kneeling between Damiano’s legs. Damiano gasps softly when Thomas grabs his legs and drags him towards him a bit more, Damiano’s thighs now resting on Thomas’s. The boy is still fully clothed, and Damiano is naked, and the rough fabric on his skin is nice, actually. 
“Pretty boy,” Thomas hums while squirting some lube onto his fingers. “Shit, I’ve missed your heat.” Thomas carefully spreads some lube around the ring of muscle and Damiano can only lay back and watch, his cock twitching slightly every time Thomas’s fingers graze over his hole.

When he pushes in, Damiano groans, pressing his head into the mattress and licking his lips. Thomas watches him carefully and smiles smugly, slowly pushing deeper into him. He’s slow, and gently- the tease as he always is. He makes no hurry to stretch Damiano. No. He’s going to make him suffer, moan, trash in the sheets before Victoria gets her chance to rail their sub.
Damiano wants to beg him to add another finger. He can easily take two, usually. But Thomas purposefully ignores his pleading whines and keeps on going, then crooking his finger slightly. Damiano frowns, oh- dio santo. Until now, stupid enough, they’ve always only fingered him to quickly stretch him for a fuck, but he realizes what Thomas is about to do and he whimpers.

Also, where the fuck did Thomas learn this?

“Easy, pup,” Thomas shushes him, feeling around. The guitarist frowns slightly, pushing in a litte deeper, his fingertip trying to find his spot. Damiano waits eagerly, anticipating. No one has ever done this before and gosh is he ready for- 

God- Fucking- Holy fucking shit.  

Damiano whines in pleasure when everything inside him seems to catch fire.
“Oh yes, Damiano,” Thomas spurs him on. “Good boy. Good boy. Feels good, mmh? Shit, you’re so hot.” Damiano is unable to speak, his legs trembling as he tries to keep them pulled up as much as possible. Thomas drags past the spot over and over again, adding pressure, teasing it, making Damiano see stars. Soon, Damiano finally gets that second finger he’d been so desperate for earlier. Soon a third, plunging into him faster and faster and he trembles. Damiano wishes he could look at them, but his eyes stay shut on their own accord.

“Thomas,” Victoria breathes gently- her words dragging both boys back to reality. “You can’t make him come yet.” 
Damiano growls, low and deep. He knows what’s about to happen and he really, really wants that to happen, but he’d been rather close to spilling and when Thomas’s finger slips out of him he wants to curse. 
In the haze of things, Damiano hadn’t realized that Vic had undressed and slipped the harness on her body. The lavender-colored dildo bouncing up as if it were her real cock. Damiano takes a deep breath, taking in her beauty. It fits her, he thinks. She’s made to fuck me. He feels almost foolish for not suggesting this sooner. 

She carefully takes the lube and switches positions with Thomas, rubbing her cock to get it all lubed up. Then, she gently hovers over him and presses their lips together. Damiano sighs, melting, and is pleasantly surprised when Ethan and Thomas join him on either side. Their hands glide over his chest, their lips teasing his skin. His eyes flutter shut. They envelop him. They’re fucking everywhere. Their touch is everywhere.
“Puppy,” Victoria mumbles sweetly, stroking her blonde hair out of her face to keep it from falling on Damiano’s. “Do you want me?” Damiano nods, and then he feels the tip of her cock against him and when she pushes inside he wants to sob with overwhelming pleasure. It feels different, but he can’t quite explain how it feels different. It’s good, though, the decides. Very good.

When Damiano looks up, he can see something on Victoria’s face he’s never seen before during sex. Her eyes seem a little watery, and she looks so in love that he wants to reach out and pull her in for a hug, but at the same moment, she slowly lifts her hips, only to thrust back into him. 
Amore, ” Victoria moans, “ Il mio amore. Sì, ti amo. Cazzo, Damiano, ti amo! ” She leans back and grabs his legs, putting them on her shoulders. Damiano cries out when her next thrust is even deeper, and he’s completely overcome with the same variety of emotions. And when Ethan starts jerking him off, and Thomas whispers into his ear what a sweet little puppy he is for taking their queen so well, he’s gone. He just takes. And takes. And takes. And he feels like he can’t properly breathe, and Victoria’s hair tickles his face after all and her fingers dig into his thighs harshly. 

“You wanna know the best part, slutty thing?” Damiano’s eyes flutter open and he nods disoriented. Victoria grins.
“I can keep going, without pause. Make you forget everything you are until there’s but one thing left.” She leans in and kisses him, pounding into him harshly. “And do you know what that one thing is?” She continues. Damiano shakes his head.
“A sweet, eager whore, taking my cock so deep up his ass just to please me.” Damiano can’t help it when he opens his mouth and pleads. They should’ve gagged him, cause honestly, how could they expected anyone to stay silent when they’re getting fucked like this? Victoria’s movements are smooth- experienced. He briefly wonders whether she has fucked a man before, or a woman, for that matter.

“Victoria, please. Please! I need-” he chokes out, struggling to ask for what he wants. He desperately needs to come, the fire in his core too much to bear, but at the same time, he doesn’t want this to be over yet. Ethan’s hand seems to pick up on his silent plea, though, as his thumb flicks over the tip of his cock and Damiano shudders.

“Ask her,” Thomas breathes into his ear. His voice sweet and demanding, and Damiano nods desperately. “Ask her, Damiano. Or you’re not getting it.”
“Thomas, caro , you’re gonna make him speak too much,” Victoria grins and tilts her head slightly. Damiano wants to sob. How can he ask, if he cannot speak? “But I suppose for this once… Use your words, pup. Beg me.
“Please, Vic, signora , please. Please can I come? Così mi piace!” He looks up at her as the words spill out, but Victoria simply hums and keeps fucking him at her deadly pace. Ethan’s hands are teasing him so good, bringing him to the brink of his orgasm. 
“More,” Thomas moans. Damiano grunts, grabbing the sheets and panting harshly. He’s gonna explode. He’s gonna- Oh god. He’s not sure if he can stall it any longer.
“Voglio venire, per favore, Victoria, please?!” I want to come, please. Please!

“Ethan, do it.” Ethan’s hand picks up speed, and Victoria fucks him like there’s no tomorrow and right when Damiano’s about to spill, he hears the one command he needs, all he’ll ever need.

“Come all over yourself, pup.”

Damiano’s mouth opens with a silent scream, his body arching, thighs trembling when his cock jumps and cum rains on his stomach. His chest. His balls feel tight as his body keeps squirting, and he’s eternally grateful for Victoria’s slowed, loving thrusts.
“Bellisimo,” she whispers, looking at him, adoring him. “You’ve done amazing, baby. Bravo.
“You,” Damiano breathes out shakingly, talking to all of them. “Y-you haven’t come.”

Ethan hums gently and shifts a little so he can put his finger underneath Damiano’s chin and kiss him. Damiano is pliant, and he relaxes when Ethan’s tongue sweeps past his own. 
“Don’t worry about that honey, this was about you.”
“Yeah,” Thomas says sweetly, his arm draping over Damiano’s stained chest. Thomas doesn’t seem to mind about the cum sticking to his arm. “You and Vic.” Ethan moves away slightly so that Damiano can look up at his queen. She seems still blown away by the experience as well, and carefully, she helps him drop his legs back to the bed. She doesn’t have to speak for him to understand what they’re all saying. She needed this. He needed this, too.

Damiano winces when she pulls out of him, smiling faintly when he notices how it’s only lube making it feel sticky down there. Different too, but good. Victoria expertly takes off her harness and throws it aside, hovering over Damiano again to hug him. Cherish him. As do his boyfriends. He takes the time to catch his breath and let his mind catch up to everything that just happened. 
Victoria’s hand reaches up for his collar, and she plays with the tag while planting a kiss on his sweaty forehead.
“This what you needed, baby?”

Damiano nods. 

It’s everything he needed and more.