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Second Realities

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“Just stop right there!” Nick shouted as he slowed to a stop, satisfaction and adrenaline making his heart beat faster as he took in the dead end where he had managed to corral the suspect into.

“I didn’t do anything!” the wesen’s eyes emitted a strange, silvery glow, almost like mercury.

“Then you can just stop and answer a few questions.” Nick saw the fear in his strange eyes, mixed with something raw, primal and definitely dangerous.

“You’re a Grimm.”

“I’m a cop.”

The unknown creature laughed.

“That’s a new one. And I thought I had seen them all.” He tensed as if he was getting ready to pounce, and his fingertips started glowing in the same strange, silvery way as his eyes. He raised his hands in front of his face, making some kind of gesture.

And Nick took the shot before the wesen could attack.

The creature fell to the ground, completely limp, and just as Nick knelt down next to him to check for a pulse, the silvery glow died in his eyes and his hands.